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Big Birthday


To celebrate our 3rd Birthday we have teamed up with some amazing brands to offer you the chance to win one of the sets of prizes below. To be in with a chance of winning simply email info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk and tell us what appears on page 72.

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What’s inside The best bits 17 Top 10 Family Days Out

Summer Recipes on page

Something for everyone this Summer.

28 Dressing your Bump


Look stylish and stay cool with Boob’s latest maternity range.

35 Could you Save your Child’s Life? Our complete guide to first aid.

56 35

More best bits 40 Family Fitness All the Latest Equipment for active new mums & dads

42 Toddler’s Tooth Care Helping your toddler have strong teeth.

56 Football Crazy With the World Cup almost upon us we help you find a football club near you.


59 Summer Camps 2014

Out of your hair and into Camp Our complete guide.

65 Be the Next Bear Grylls A selection of cool survival gear.

75 Summer Recipes with     Annabel Karmel Kitchen fun for the whole family.

65 Rascals of London l June 2014 - 5


From the Edito r


Editors Notes

Hello I

always look forward to creating our Summer edition and this year has been no exception as there is so much happening in London over the next few months. If only the rain would stop we could officially declare Summer 2014 open.

I remember being pregnant during the summer months and it feeling unbearable, with a distinct lack of stylish clothes on the market that would keep me cool and cover my huge bump. I remember getting ready to go out being such a chore, moaning and complaining to my one time skinny wardrobe. With this in mind I have made it my personal mission for this issue to help expecting mums look and feel great for the Summer months ahead, teaming up with the Swedish company Boob to bring you a selection of sassy stylish options (page 28). Often when we put features or articles together they are inspired by personal experiences, so on hearing of a friends ordeal on a plane when her son started choking on a sweet with a complete stranger having to jump in to save the day I realised we had never covered first aid in any real depth. Of course my friend’s son was absolutely fine but it got me thinking; what if help wasn’t at hand? It also made me realise how little I actually knew myself. We ask the question ‘Could you save your child’s life’ on page 35 and give a complete run down on first aid to help keep your techniques up to date. Also in this edition, with Prince George turning one very soon we have marked the occasion by putting together an amazing selection of must have gifts for any prince or princess on page 72. If you are toying with different ideas to aid your return to work after having a baby we have a great article on choosing the right child care on page 22, as well as our complete guide to shipping them off to camp this Summer (page 59) so that like me you can get some much needed work done. I hope you enjoy this edition, as always its lovely to hear your thoughts on our articles and features. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for weekly competitions and to sign up for our weekly newsletters just visit our website. Here’s hoping the sun will shine very soon so I can sit back and sip a nice cool Frappuccino whilst my nine year old son Henry continues to go World Cup mad. Happy Reading,


Many thanks to Natasha Wiening Photography for taking the most fantastic shots for our front cover.

Natasha Hewett, Editor-in-chief

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6 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

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28 65 All the rest 8

Packing your Hospital Bag Everything you should pack before the big day.


Get the Sleep you Need During Pregnancy Tips galore for getting a good nights sleep.


Rascals Reviews All the latest product reviews.


10 Reasons Age Three is More Terrible than Two Brace yourself.


Choosing the Right Childcare A parents guide.


Family Festivals A selection of the best family festivals this Summer in the city.

32 Here Comes the Sun


38 Baby Care

82 86

What’s On When Our extensive guide to keeping the whole family entertained.

How do we help our little ones to read in the midst of a busy life.

54 Understanding Dyslexia

Clubs & Classes Find a club or class near you.

Products for your babies sensitive skin.

51 Learning to Read

Gifts Fit for a Prince Check out our seven super surprises.

Children’s beachwear from Suvuna.


Directory & Services

How to identify, understand and encourage children with dyslexia.

66 Outdoor Play Keep the kids happy and playing in the fresh air this Summer.

g 8fRoreaalldin ages Whats New



40 Rascals of London l June 2014 - 7




Packing your hospital bag

e k a t o t t Wha

For labour

For the birth partner

After baby is born

• Your birth plan

• Water spray to cool down and   refresh the mum-to-be while   she’s in labour

• Going home outfit

• Dressing gown • An old nightdress or T-shirt to   wear in labour • Slippers & Socks • Massage oils or lotions • Lip balm

• Comfortable shoes - you might   be pacing the corridors! • A change of clothes, toothbrush   and deodorant

• Something to read or watch

• Watch with a second hand to   time contractions

• A hair band. If you have long hair,   you might want it tied up

• Swimwear, if you want to join   the mum-to-be in the birth pool

• Pillows • Toiletries

• Your phone, camera or   camcorder

• Music to listen to

• Snacks and drinks

• Towels, hairbrush, toothbrush   and toothpaste • Breast-feeding bras • Breast/Maternity pads • Nightdress or pyjamas • Toiletries • Old knickers/cheap knickers/   disposable knickers • Ear plugs (in case you end   up on a noisy ward) • Arnica tablets (may help   with bruising)

For your Baby Infant car seat One outfit for the trip home. All-in-one stretchy outfits are best

8 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

  Baby blanket (a warm one   if weather is cold)



   Jacket or snowsuit for    winter babies

  One pair of socks or booties

   Muslin squares




Get the Sleep you Need

During Pregnancy

How to find the right sleep position, cope with night waking (and your constant need to pee), and get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy


ure, you expected sleep deprivation to come with having a baby - but chances are you didn't expect it to come until you'd had the baby. But now you know: It's almost as hard to get a good night's sleep during pregnancy as it is when you're a new parent. And maybe harder, since there's no sweet-smelling, cooing infant in your arms to make up for the dark, puffy circles under your eyes.

Sleep Problems in the First Trimester Sleep problems during pregnancy start in the first trimester, when frequent trips to the bathroom during the night (to pee, to puke, and then to ponder) dash your sweet dreams. Then, your beauty rest starts facing a whole other cast of sleep-interrupting characters, who parade out nightly just as your spouse starts snoring: heartburn, hunger, vivid dreams and nightmares, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, anxieties.

Sleep Problems in the Third Trimester And in your third trimester, just when you need sleep the most (if only to rest up for new-parent sleep deprivation, which is right around the corner), slumber becomes even more elusive. Adding insult to injury, you can't even toss and turn comfortably (without a helping hand or a crane). Instead, you'll be hosting a repeat nocturnal guest as pregnancy draws to a close: urinary frequency. As your uterus flattens your bladder, storing an entire night's worth of urine becomes mission impossible. To make matters (and the bathroom runs) worse, your kidneys - which have to filter up to 50 percent more blood than usual - are putting out more urine than they ever did before (you're also peeing for two, if you didn't know).

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 9




Finding the Right Sleep Position

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep What can you do to solve your sleep problems during pregnancy? Here are some tried-and-true suggestions: •  Avoid caffeine (in all its forms, so put that chocolate bar    down) after noon. •  Get your eight glasses of water (or other fluids), but taper    off at night. •  Drink if you’re thirsty, but don’t down a 16-ounce water    bottle right before bedtime. •  Exercise regularly - during the day or early evening. A    daily workout will help you sleep better, but if it comes too    close to bedtime, it could actually sabotage sleep (exercise    is energising). •  Have a light snack before hitting the hay to stave off    midnight hunger pangs. Include protein and a complex    carb (think cheese and a whole-grain muffin), as well    as some warm milk (it really works!) or decaffeinated    tea. Besides the duh (avoid caffeine, again in all its    forms - sorry, no chocolate with the warm milk), stay    away from sugar, which will give you an energy boost    when you least want one, and then leave your blood    sugar levels wobbly during the night (yet another strike    against chocolate). •  Take a warm bath just before bed. The soothing and    relaxing effects of the bath should help you summon the    sandman sooner. •  Crack a window - as long as the weather’s comfortable    (which for a pregnant woman means anything from 65    degrees on down-way down). The fresh air can be    soporific. If the weather’s not cooperative, keep the room    comfortably (for you, not your spouse) chilled. Remember,    your heat’s up, the thermostat’s should be down. •  Make love, if you’re in the mood. Or at least ask your man    for a massage - both of which can relax you. •  Try some relaxation exercises - visualisation, deep    breathing, meditation, or even yoga or chanting before    hitting the sack. And actually, counting sheep can work    the same way - the monotony of watching those little    guys jump over the fence can be truly relaxing (unless you    associate them with insomnia). •  Leave a night-light on in the bathroom - switching on the    overhead is way too much of a wakeup call and will make    it much harder to fall back asleep.

10 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

You may be lacking sleep during pregnancy for another reason as well - position. For instance, inveterate stomach sleepers soon find that their favourite sleeping position is about as comfortable as balancing on a basketball during pregnancy; while back sleepers also have to search for a new path to slumber (back sleeping isn’t advised after the first trimester, since being flat on your back can put unnecessary pressure on your most important and overworked blood vessels). Sleeping on your side - your left side, if possible - makes things just that much easier on your circulatory system, though if you’re not used to the position, it can also make things just that much harder when it comes to falling asleep.

More Ways to Beat Insomnia During Pregnancy When you’re ready to climb into bed, remember: There’s no such thing as too many pillows. Use them to prop you up, rest body parts on, whatever you need them for. If at first (or second, or third) you don’t succeed, don’t sweat it (though since you’re pregnant, you probably will already be sweating - so turn the thermostat down some more). Get up, read a book, watch some TV, then try again. Stressing about shut-eye will only make it harder to grab. Sure, you expected sleep deprivation to come with having a baby - but chances are you didn’t expect it to come until you’d had the baby. But now you know: It’s almost as hard to get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy as it is when you’re a new parent. And maybe harder, since there’s no sweet-smelling, cooing infant in your arms to make up for the dark, puffy circles under your eyes.

Advertising - Rascals of London

Private Private Caesarean Caesarean Sections at University University College College London Hospitals We Weknow knowthat thathaving havingaababy babyisisone oneof ofthe themost most exciting excitingmoments momentsofofanyone’s anyone’slife lifeand andthat’s that’swhy why we weare aredelighted delightedyou youare areconsidering consideringhaving havingyour your baby with us. If you would like to give birth via baby with us. If you would like to give birth viaaa private privateCaesarean CaesareanSection Sectionwe wewill willdo doeverything everything we wecan cantotooffer offerthe thebest bestprivate privatecare careexperience experience possible. possible. The TheFitzrovia FitzroviaSuite Suitebrings bringstogether togetherluxurious luxuriousand and peaceful peacefulsurroundings, surroundings,world worldclass classdoctors doctorsand and midwives midwivesand andall allthe thereassurance reassuranceofofthe theextensive extensive facilities facilitiesofofthe thebest bestNHS NHSTrust TrustininLondon. London.

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arean Sections Private Caesarean at Sections at arean Sections Private Sections You can reachCaesarean usat via email at You can reach usat via email at llege Private London University Hospitals College London Hospitals Caesarean Sections at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk llege University London University Hospitals College College London HospitalsLondon Hospitals or call: 020 3447 8353 or call: 020 3447 8353

ous and rs and ous and extensive rs and . extensive

.r needs ar needs tour of n a Section, tour of

You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk or call: 020 3447 8353

09/10/2012 15:56 15:56 09/10/2012

We know that having a baby is one of the most exciting moments of anyone’s life and that’s why we are delighted you are considering having your baby with us. If you would like to give birth via a private Caesarean Section we will do everything we can to offer the best private care experience possible.

world class doctors and midwives and all the reassurance of the extensive facilities of the best NHS Trust in London.

You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk If you would like to or call: 020 3447 8353 discuss your particular

needs with us directly prior to booking, arrange a tour of the Suite, or book your private Caesarean Section, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you. 09/10/2012 15:56

Private Caesarean Sections at University College London Hospitals

IfIf you you would would like like to to discuss discuss your your particular particular needs needs with with us us directly directly prior prior to to booking, booking, arrange arrange aa tour tour of of the the Suite, Suite, or or book book your your private private Caesarean Caesarean Section, Section, please please don’t don’t hesitate hesitate to to contact contact us. us. We We would would be be delighted delighted to to hear hear from from you. you.

possible. can reach us via and email at The Fitzrovia Suite bringsYou together luxurious FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk Youpeaceful can reach us via email at surroundings, world class doctors and The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and or call: 020 3447 8353 midwives and all the reassurance the extensive FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk peaceful surroundings, world classofdoctors and Maternity poster A4.indd 1 09/10/2012 15:56 facilities of the best NHS Trust in London. or call: 020and 3447 midwives all the8353 reassurance of the extensive facilities of the best NHS Trust London. needs If you discuss yourinparticular Wewould knowlike thattohaving a baby is one of the most with uswould directly toofbooking, tour ofwhy If you likeprior to discuss your arrange particular needs exciting moments anyone’s life andathat’s the we Suite, or book your private Caesarean Section, us are directly prior to booking, arrange ahaving tour09/10/2012 ofyour15:56 you are considering Maternity with poster A4.indd 1 delighted

You can reach us via email at You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk

The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and peaceful surroundings,

You can reach us via emaill June at 2014 - 11 Rascals of London You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk 09/10/2012 15:56




Kiddy Click’n Move 3 The sun is shining, fresh air calls – time to go to the park! Thanks to the practical Click’n Move 3 frame, the Kiddy Evolution Pro transforms into a pushchair in a matter of seconds. Features such as the lockable front wheels and Easy-Click foot brake provide safety. The comfort suspension, height-adjustable handle and large, lockable shopping basket turn everyday situations into relaxed Sunday

strolls. Once back home, the versatile, multi-functional stroller can be simply folded up and stored with minimum space requirement. As its tasks change, so does the Kiddy Click’n Move 3: converted into a buggy, the lightweight aluminium frame becomes a long-term companion. The Kiddy Click’n Move 3 can also be combined with all Kiddy infant carriers, carrycots and seat units. www.kiddy.de

Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs Our Bandana bibs come in a range of unique designs with practicality and affordability in mind. You will not find these designs anywhere else as these truly are the genuine article. The bibs fit snugly ensuring baby feels at ease yet being secure enough so that they cannot be pulled off mid feed.

Price: £11.00 for 5 Bibs www.funkygiraffebibs.co.uk

NEW 8oz Feeding System The yoomi 3-in-1 feeding system is a premium easi-latch bottle, a travel warmer and a bedside warmer in one compact and stylish package. At the touch of a button, yoomi warms baby’s milk to the natural temperature of breastmilk in just 60 seconds. Now includes the NEW super–quick charging pod to make feeding even easier.

Price: £23.50 www.shop.yoomi.com

12 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

OiOi Mini Geo Two Pocket Changing Bag This is a great changing bag from Oi Oi. It comes with two external pockets and chocolate patent trim, a padded change mat, adjustable shoulder strap, buggy straps, wet purse and wipes case and insulated bottle holder.

Price: £99.00 www.oioibaby.co.uk




Tommy & Lottie Fox T-shirt The clothes are totally ethically produced and the cotton is grown, produced, manufactured in one place and not all over the world, plus there are no harmful chemicals or dyes used in any of the processes of production so you can guarantee that what you are putting on your little ones skin isn’t harmful in anyway.

Price: £17.99 www.tommyandlottie.com

Non-Contact Thermometer This Non-Contact Thermometer allows you to measure a person’s body temperature without touching them. This means that when your child is sick, you can take their temperature hygienically, without waking or disturbing them. It can also be used to measure the temperature of a room and other objects such as food, bath water and bottled milk.

Price: £39.99


Rascals Reviews AngelCare Digital Video & Sound Monitor

The world of parenting is just a little easier, just a little more reassuring with the AC1100. As the most versatile baby monitor by Angelcare, it combines a quality baby video and sound monitor with an under-the-mattress baby movement Sensor Pad. So now, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be alerted if no motion is detected in the crib after just 20 seconds. Ideal for a newborn infant and young baby who is starting to reach and explore.

Price: £169.99 www.angelcareuk.co.uk

Nomi Highchair Nomi is an innovative high chair with focus on functionality, ergonomics and safety. It can be used from new born to the teenage years. For infants the Nomi Baby recliner can be attached. For children at the age of 6+ months Nomi is fitted with seat, baby restraint and footrest. The restraint is easily attached and removed by hand. Also the seat height as well as the footrest is adjusted without tools and stepless.

Price: £169.00 www.evomove.com

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 13




Chicco Urban Stroller

Urban is the versatile stroller, with a reversible seat and easy transformation to a cosy pram to live city life in total freedom! Thanks to the transformable seat, the stroller can be used from the very first days with the pram configuration. Price: £349.99 www.chicco.co.uk

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine will accurately prepare your baby’s bottle at body temperature in under two minutes, ensuring you and your baby enjoy feeding. Price: £99.99 www.mothercare.com

2-In-1 Potette Plus The perfect solution to have to hand while out and about the Potette foldaway travel potty is quick and convenient to use by your potty training toddler whenever they need it.

Price: £14.99 www.mothercare.com

Plum stage 1 - first weaning bundle A perfect starting point for those that are just about to wean, but simply don’t know what to buy. This Stage 1 bundle contains our baby’s first four grain porridge, which is our nutritious gluten-free four grain alternative to baby rice, as well as a mix of our Stage 1 pouches that are packed full of organic fruit and vegetables.


14 - June 2014 l Rascals of London




Shnuggle The Cosy Baby Bath A beautiful and soft baby bath that is kinder to baby and keeps the water warmer for longer! Shnuggle Bath mixes a beautiful contemporary design with some really useful features and is available in a choice of beautiful pastel colours. Price: £30.00 www.shnuggle.com

BabaBing! RockOut

MaByLand Comfort Carrier

Price: £45.00 - www.bababing.com

Price: £84.99 - www.mabyland.com

Little ones are guaranteed a comfortable ride in the Bababing Rock Out Rocker as it features two reclining positions, so it’s suitable for lounging and feeding as the legs can be locked to stop babies rocking. The Quick Smart Supportive Harness opens out fully for no fuss entry and exit, with finite adjustment for security and comfort. While the toy bar features a host of engaging characters for hours of entertainment.

Fully supportive and comfortable baby carrier for both parent and child, allowing you to carry your child in comfort for longer. The Comfort Carrier carries baby in an ergonomic seated position from 3 months to 3 years. The Carrier includes a large storage pocket and soft attachable cotton blanket that wraps around the outside.

My Nature Pals™ Mobile My Nature Pals Mobile allows parents to easily moderate the level of stimulation. Activate the lights, movement and music all together or introduce baby to just one feature at a time.

Price: £44.99 www.tinylove.com

Animal Toddler Daysack

These cute new Toddler Daysacks add a touch of fun to the outdoors. Each of the little packs has an 8 litre capacity, and comes in a Dinosaur print. Price: £19.99 www.littlelife.co.uk

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 15


FAMILY family Parenting Health


Reasons Age T hree is e l b i r r e T e r Mo T han T wo Written by Amy Simmons

1. At two, they can barely talk. At three, they literally never shut up.

2. At two, they cry. At three, they throw temper tantrums so epic, you become convinced that they are possessed by the devil. 3. At two, they’re happy to eat anything you present to them. At three, they eat only three foods (usually consisting of a starch and processed cheese.) 4. At two, baths are a ten minute event, the result of which is a clean child. At three, baths take over an hour, and result in a drenched bathroom, sopping wet mummy and 16 used towels. 5. At two, they wear nappies that can be changed on your watch. At three, they’re potty trained and the world revolves around their bladders and bowels. 6. At two, they are distracted by a box of Gerber Puffs at the grocery store. At three, they want to dictate your entire food list. 7. At two, they let you dress them, looking innocent and adorable. At three, they insist on picking out their clothes, looking like pint sized versions of mental institution inhabitants. 8. At two, they don’t like to get dirty. At three, they thrive on it. 9. At two, you can do things for them, saving infinite amounts of time. At three, they must do everything by themselves, taking FOR-EVER. 10. At two, manipulation is the last thing on their minds. At three, they own you. And they know it.

16 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Top 10ut family



O s y a D y l Fami 1. London Zoo Find your Inner Monkey! Zoos are always a hit with the kids, and this one really tops the bill. Over 750 species of animals are on display, including the popular Blackfooted penguins and Moon jellyfish, amongst the more classic lions and giraffes. Kids can get up really close to creepy crawlies with the Megabugs presentation, or watch the penguins gulp down whole fish during feeding time, with many more daily events taking place. The brilliant ‘Meet the Monkeys’ enclosure allows visitors to walk through a recreation of a Bolivian rainforest, with no barriers between them and the animals! A specially designed play area encourages visitors to imitate the movement of monkeys and teaches them about some of the tools they use to get around. These are just some of the highlights of a truly magical day for all the family. www.zsl.org

Editors Pick

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 17





Bay Sixty6

Cool young skaters will love mooching down to Bay Sixty6 to freestyle on their skateboards. Beginners can book lessons while experts can practise their slides and grinds. Look out for amazing skateboarding demos that are sure to wow budding skaters.


Hyde Park

Visit the Serpentine Gallery, hire a pedalo, or go on Sunday morning: from around 10am the north east corner of Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner becomes a forum for would-be politicos, obsessives, ranters and humorists standing on soapboxes to put their points across.


Richmond Park

Admire the park’s 650 resident deer (but perhaps keep your dog on a lead), enjoy the views from King Henry’s Mound, take lunch and stroll through the gardens at Pembroke Lodge.

ales Diana, Princess Of W d Memorial Playgroun


little Avast me hearties! Your s for the landlubbers can be pirate huge wooden day on Captain Hook’s , Princess of pirate ship at the Diana und. Wales Memorial Playgro d ginative play area. Nestle Everyone loves this ima it’s ns, rde Ga n singto between the trees in Ken novel, Peter Pan. s rie’ Bar M J by d pire ins and inspiring, kids love Designed to be accessible g on the beach, and runnin playing in the teepees, . between the sculptures

18 - June 2014 l Rascals of London



Belmont Children’s Farm



Belmont Children’s Farm has over 30 different animal varieties, ranging from traditional farm animals such as sheep, goats, pigs and cows; typical countryside wildlife such as game birds, ducks and geese; to the more unusual storks and wallabies; mesmerising alpacas; and stunning snowy and eagle owls.


HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast, part of Imperial War Museums, tells the stories of life on board this warship during the Second World War and beyond. Imagine sleeping in one of the tightly-packed hammocks during convoy duties in Arctic waters. Explore nine decks of amazing history, from the heavily protected Shell Rooms to the sights and sounds of the interactive Operations Room. Hear veterans’ stories in the Life at Sea exhibition, and immerse yourself in the midst of a battle in the Gun Turret Experience. Don’t forget, kids aged 15 and under go free!


Hyde Park Stables

Hyde Park Stables offer a chance to ride through 8km (5 miles) of central London bridleways, including one of the most historic equestrian venues in England, Rotten Row in Hyde Park. The rides are suitable for kids aged five and above.

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Tooting Bec Lido

One of London’s best known open-air pools is Tooting Bec Lido. The 90m pool played a starring role in Guy Ritchie’s movie Snatch, and is the oldest purpose-built open-air pool in London, and one of the largest in Europe. The lido is open to the public from 19th May until 30th September, with club swimming all year round. There is a grass area for sunbathers, a paddling area for children and a café.

Rainy Days

10. Nateural

History Museum

Hundreds of exciting, interactive exhibits in one of London’s most beautiful landmark buildings. Highlights include the popular Dinosaurs gallery, Mammals with its unforgettable model blue whale and the spectacular Central Hall, home to the Museum’s iconic Diplodocus skeleton. Don’t miss the state-of-the-art Cocoon where, on a selfguided tour, you can see hundreds of fascinating specimens and look into laboratories where you can see scientists at work. The Museum offers a wide-ranging programme of temporary exhibitions and events including chances to join experts in the Darwin Centre’s high-tech Attenborough Studio in topical discussions about science and nature.

Rascals Top 3 Sun Creams for Kids As the sun comes out it's time to get slopping on the sun cream.

Banana Boat Kids Powder Dri Lotion

Garnier Ambre Solaire Resisto Swim Spray

Solait Kids Moisturising Sun Lotion

This new spray suits ultrasensitive skin and swimming pool-lovers, with its extra level of resistance. The chunky spray cap makes for easier coverage.

This lovely sun cream is enriched with antioxidants to help skin tolerate the sun and has a pleasant berry smell that should appeal to children.

This sun cream smells sensational, but it’s the powder dri formula which really makes this one a winner. Once applied its powdery rather than sticky, so there’s no worry of half the beach sticking to your child’s skin the minute they run off. Ideal for a stress-free beach day.

Price: £13.00

Price: £4.98

Price: £9.99

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Jelly Bean Ride-On’s



These cute, bright jelly bean ride-on’s are great for encouraging the development of motor skills in little ones. With easy grip handles, 4-wheels and a comfortable smooth seat, your little one will enjoy riding around on their own both indoors and out. Key Features:   • Bright, engaging colours   • Direct steering allows for sporty handling   • Contoured Seat   • Easy handle grip for maximum comfort

Price: £19.99


Ickle Bubba StompV2 The Stomp all in one travel system is our all singing, all dancing, complete package that takes the strain away from paying for all those niggly extras. Carefully designed with equal consideration for both functionality and style, the Stomp all in one travel system not only looks great but glides effortlessly around pedestrians, restricted spaces and paths. Only the finest materials have been used during the manufacturing process, with attention to detail going into every aspect. To back this up we offer a 2 year warranty as part of our quality commitment to you and your bubba.

What's Included?   • Lightweight aluminium chassis   • Pushchair seat unit   • Carrycot   • Car seat   • Car seat visor   • Car seat adapters   • Extra large shopping basket   • Flexible hood   • Cosy toes   • Rain cover   • Changing bag   • Changing mat   * Universal car seat adapters are available    to purchase seperately and can be used    with Maxi Cosi and BeSafe car seats.

Features   • Carrycot suitable from birth to 6 months - forward & rear facing option   • Pushchair suitable from 6 months to 3 years - forward & rear facing option   • Car seat maximum weight 13kgs   • Light weight aluminium frame (13.9kgs)   • 360 degree swivel front wheels (with lock function)   • Deluxe foam wheels for a smoother ride   • Adjustable handle height   • Folds quickly and easily - W61cm x L71cm x H30cm   • 5 point safety harness

Cara Says: Fantastic value for money and everything you need in one bundle. Loved how easy the Ickle Bubba folds away and fits neatly into my boot. It was very important for me to find a pram that sees us through all the stages and the Ickle Bubba does exactly that, it comes with everything you need right down to the car seat adapters, there really is no hidden costs. I love this pram but if I was to change just one thing it would be the car seat hood, It can be hard to get a firm grip of the handle bar with the fabric all the way round the handle. All it would need is a small hole so you hold onto the bar not the fabric. I give this 4 stars.

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Choosing the right

Childcare S

o, you’ve had your baby. The visitors have arrived, and left. You’ve done the feeding, the weaning and the sleep deprived nights and hopefully also enjoyed your maternity leave and if you’re a working mum, it’s about now that you’re starting to think about the inevitable return to your job - and the question of the childcare that will best suit your baby (and you!). “Focus on the positives, rather than feeling guilty for returning to work. Being back in an adult environment will be rewarding and you’ll appreciate the quality time you

22 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

have with your child even more. You’ll miss him, of course, but your child will benefit from a variety of environments, people and activities.”

Ideally, it’s best to think ahead about childcare options when you’re pregnant. Of course, everything you thought before might go out the window once you’re a mum, for example, that fun, stimulating nursery may suddenly seem too large and busy for a baby. Be aware that the cost of childcare can vary enormously depending on what sort of care it is and where you live. Other things to think about are how you can build up your child’s care bit by bit, what references are available, and what local friends would recommend.



Here are the pros and cons of each childcare choice...

Nurseries Day nurseries are registered and inspected by Ofsted and there is usually a high staff to children ratio. The standard practice is for nurseries to welcome babies right through to four years. Pros - Nurseries are lively, varied environments that are great places for your child to experience a variety of activities - and also enjoy socialising with other children. Another advantage of this type of care is that unlike a nanny or childminder, nurseries are never off sick. Nurseries are also checked frequently by your local social services department, so you can feel confident that they are performing to the required standards (you can read the relevant reports when you go for a visit). Day nurseries follow the early years foundation stage (EYFS) so you know there will be structured learning rather than just play. Cons - Some nurseries can have a high staff turnover, so ask about this when you go and visit. There can be strict opening and closing times, so if you’re running late, or need to get to work early one day, this could be a problem. Your child will be mixing with lots of children, which means a bug breeding ground! Cost - Varies on location, but around £96 a week for a full-time place. How to find one - Start by looking online at ofsted.gov.uk.

ChildCare Cost - Childminders are self-employed, so there’s no standard rate, but the annual Daycare Trust’s survey suggested the average price for a childminder is £90 a week, but it does vary on your location. How to find one - Visit The National Childminding Association at Ncma.org.uk.

Nannies A nanny will look after your child in your own home. The hours can be more extensive than nurseries and you have lots of options for the timings - some nannies leave at the end of each day, some live-in and some nanny-share with another family which can help with the costs. Pros - One of the many benefits is that you know you have experienced childcare whether your child is well or ill, and whether you have to start work early or finish late - a great solution if you have a demanding work schedule. Your child will have one-on-one attention and care during the day and can form a close bond with their nanny. Nanny sharing is a more affordable option and will give your child a playmate, too. For more information, visit www.nannyshare.co.uk. Cons - Nannies are not regulated so it is just up to you to choose one. As your nanny’s boss, you need to sort out the salary, tax and national insurance which you might rather do without. They are the most expensive childcare option.

Childminders Childminder will look after your child, or a group of children, in their own homes. They provide care and learning support throughout the day. Choose a registered childminder and you can be assured they are vetted by Ofsted and their homes safety checked. Registered childminders are allowed to care for a maximum of six children under eight years old at one time and no more than three may be under five years.

Cost - Huge regional differences, especially in London, but you can expect to pay around the £300 mark a week. How to find one - Visit Nannyjob.co.uk.

Pros - You can choose a registered childminder from a list put together by your local social services department. Many are usually mums themselves, which a lot of people see as an advantage. Using a childminder is often cheaper than putting your child in a nursery, and they will be looked after with other children so won’t miss out on the social aspect, either. Great for your child’s routine as he or she will see the same faces and places each day. Cons - If they are sick or on holiday you’ll need a back up. Some mums-to-be might worry that a childminder’s child will get special, or more, attention during the day. Be honest and open when you meet with potential childminders if this concerns you. A childminder-child-mother relationship can be fantastic and last for years - but (as with nannies) it does depend on you liking, trusting and respecting each other. If you don’t, it won’t work.

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FAMILY Au pairs Au pairs offer a cost-effective type of childcare. They are young women (and, more rarely, men) who come to the UK to learn English while living with a family, and are paid in board and lodging, plus weekly ‘pocket money’. In return, au pairs help out with housework and childcare, but they do not have the experience to be left in long term charge of a baby. Pros - Can be very helpful around the house, and can help with household chores as much as childcare. You can ask your au pair to baby sit and be around in the evenings - but remember to set this up before the evening you need to be out! Au pairs come from all over the world and this can be brilliant for your child to learn new languages and cultures. Cons - Au pairs very rarely have any formal childcare qualifications and, in some cases, much experience. Your au pair will live in your house, so you need to be comfortable with this, and budget for the increase on your living expenses. Au pairs tend to stay for one year only so your child may lack continuity of care. Cost - Depends on the area and how much you would like to pay as ‘pocket money’. Around £70 a week is the average. How to find one - Contact the British Au Pair Agencies Association at Bapaa.org.uk.



Family (your parents, in-laws, or sister) Leaving your child with their grandparents or auntie is becoming a more and more common method of childcare as nursery costs rise. You can feel comfortable knowing your children are in the best possible hands and you know the house they will be in inside out.

The Crystal Palace Overground Festival

June 26th - 29th

A bumper weekend of festival fun, including performing arts, crafts, holistic and sports activities, live music, DJs and food.

Pros - It’s a great way for them to feel at home when you’re not there and you will always be sure that your child is well-loved and cared for. Some grandparents will love to be asked and enjoy spending so much time with their grandchildren. Cons - Make sure you come to a firm agreement with regard to hours or any reimbursement to prevent family arguments. If your parents are elderly, make sure they can cope with the physical side of the job too. You might have to buy extra bits for your family member to have at home while they look after your children, which is obviously an extra cost. Think lightweight buggy or box of toys to be stored at granny’s house. Cost - Your discretion. Some families have an arrangement where they don’t pay. If this is the case, the odd bunch of flowers or framed piccie of the family never goes amiss as a thank you.

Where: Triangle and Westow Park, London SE19. www.crystalpalacefestival.org

Brentwood Festival

July 18th, 19th, 20th With over 40 bands performing on 3 stages over the weekend, they have got music for everyone. This year, there will be lots of new activities to keep youngsters (and the young at heart) entertained. Children’s entertainment includes: • Hopefield Animal Sanctuary   petting zoo • Basketball • Storytelling • Arts & crafts • Yoga • Theatre • Magic • Fencing • Funfair • Garden games • Sing-and-rhyme time • Baby & toddler chill out area

Where: Brentwood Centre, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9NN. www.brentwoodfestival.co.uk

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Festivals the Check out this selection of best family festivals this Summer in the city.

LolliBop Festival

August 15th, 16, 17th




August 16th -17th Mark your calendar for a fabulous time at Bounce Festival 2014 and get your family fun pass! More than just a festival of fun and frivolity but also an action packed educational family day out, with all the boxes ticked! Bounce 2014 will put a spring into your Summer and get your family up and at it! Catering to a range of ages up to 12 there really is something for everyone. From Street Dance, cooking workshops, a Keith Haring Cartoon

Masterclass, to Outdoor pursuits, Assault Courses, Sheep & creepy creature shows, Kaboom Labs and Big Stage Shows, you’ll feel like wanting to be a kid again! Parents can play too! Bounce is all about families, knowing how to create a good time for all ages. Whether they like joining in, getting messy, or just watching, they can Bounce their way through the whole day! Where: Old Deer Park, Richmond upon Thames. www.bouncefestival.co.uk

West End Live Festival

June 21st - 22nd

Presented by Westminster City Council and the Society of London Theatre in association with MasterCard, West End LIVE showcases the quality and diversity of entertainment on offer in the heart of London, promoting the West End as an exciting venue for all the family - all live, all for free in the iconic setting of Trafalgar Square.

Now going into its fifth year, LolliBop remains designed to delight mini festival goers, providing the best summers day out for under 10s and their families.

Featuring showcase performances from every West End musical, live bands and a wonderful array of interactive exhibits from many of London’s top museums, galleries and cultural institutions – West End LIVE is a unique event that has grown to become a hugely popular fixture in London’s entertainment calendar. Where: Trafalgar Square, Westminster London. Time: 12pm-6pm www.westendlive.co.uk

LolliBop is the perfect place to introduce your little ones to all the thrills of a festival vibe but without the hassle of long car journeys or camping. Some of the acts annonced: • Justin Fletcher • Mister Maker • Sam & Mark • Mr Bloom • Thomas & Friends • Scooby-Doo! The Mystery of the Pyramid • Postman Pat® Mini Show • Skylanders Trap Team™ • Michaela Strachan’s Really Wild Show • National Geographic Kids • Science Museum • Bear Grylls Survival Academy • The Roald Dahl Museum & Story Centre • Harry’s Wizard School • STOMP Percussive Workshops and Parade • Tottenham Hotspur FC Coaching Team

South End Green Festival

June 29th

South End Green Festival is our local community Summer festival. Its run by Hampstead Heath Community, an organisation of local residents and traders, and any profits made are donated to local good causes. With music, food, drink, craft stalls, children’s fair, dog competition and more. Organised by local traders and residents, and with all profits going to local good causes, it’s all about your local community celebrating summer together. Where: South End Green, Hampstead Heath, London NW3 Time: 10:30am to 5.30pm www.southendgreenfestival.org

Where: Hatfield House, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. www.lollibopfestival.co.uk

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Press Release


Top stroller tech for 2014: The iCandy Raspberry!

From techy to stylish T3 rounds up the best buggy you can buy. Leading British pushchair brand, iCandy have been crowned ‘Best baby pram: top stroller tech for 2014’ by the tech experts at T3 for their latest innovation, the Raspberry. Not due to launch until summer 2014, the announcement has added to the great anticipation for the latest addition to the iCandy family. Receiving various accolades in the nursery and design industry, the pioneering iCandy range has now also proven its worth to the tech jury. The UK’s leading consumer tech website, T3 has a “team of dedicated writers and tech experts who consistently scours the planet to keep you up to date with all the latest innovations in consumer tech.” In the feature T3 rounds up a variety of “hot strollers” and adds: “Buying a buggy is a lot like buying a car with a dizzying choice of hi-tech,

awesome spec’d makes, models and styles. They are the ultimate in new parent status symbol.” Style yourself with the latest Technology

According to T3, the iCandy Raspberry “is the urban yummy Mummy’s buggy of choice. Their lightest pushchair yet, the iCandy Raspberry come in 7 fabulous colours, folds easily and has a range of accessories available to add, including a cup holder – perfect for your skinny sugar-free hazelnut lattes.” The look of Modernity The iCandy range is characterised by a beautiful, clean design, combined with first-class quality and technological innovation. iCandy’s latest pushchair, the Raspberry is a perfect example - a minimalist, innovative design providing multifunction for maximum comfort for baby and parent. Conceived by consumer feedback, the pioneering designers at iCandy created the ultimate pushchair to cater for the needs of the modern day parent. The highly adaptable seat unit is luxuriously soft, with added cushioning

for a comfortable ride, made from a breathable, water resistant fabric for ease of cleaning. Styled to perfection, the Raspberry comes with a state-of-the-art wheel design to complement the innovative tyres with 4-wheel independent suspension, ensuring smooth strolling for both parent and child no matter the surface or bumps in the road. With its agile chassis, ease of fold and innovative, hidden spacious storage capsule, the quick and easy pushchair is the smart choice for urban adventures Lightweight, compact and manoeuvrable, the Raspberry is guaranteed to keep parents on the move, weighing an astonishing 8.4kg - the Raspberry is one of the lightest, most innovative pushchairs to be introduced to the market.

For more information on the iCandy Raspberry: www.icandyworld.com/uk/en/product/raspberry

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Advertising - Rascals of London

the sky is not the limit...

accepted as cabin baggage accepted as cabin baggage accepted as cabin baggage magic one-­hand folding and unfolding accepted as cabin baggage magic one-­hand folding and unfolding

accepted as cabin baggage

magic one-­hand folding and unfolding parent-­facing, suitable from birth

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parent-­facing, suitable from birth

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4-­wheel suspension

parent-­facing, suitable from birth 4-­wheel suspension

babyzen.com 4-­wheel suspension 4-­wheel suspension

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Summ er blu es

Dotted fast food bra & brief Nursing top tomika

Nursing dress manon

Knitted nursing top kate

Maternity jeans super stretch Nursing singlet lace

Nursing dress kajsa

Fast food tankini

B•Warner nursing top

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Ran ge of reds

Nursing Top Salma

Nursing Top Carmen

No Limit Dress

Fast Food Bra Double Strap

Nursing Basics

Nursing Long Dress Tomika

Nursing Camisole Juno

Nursing Dress Carmen

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s e m o C e r e H the Sun! Sunuva beach style bursts into colour

Girls Mexicana Bikini - £37.00

Girls Mexicana Swim Short - £35.00

Girls Mexicana Swimsuit - £37.00

Girls Mexicana Embroidered Dress- £42.00

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Boys Indian Headdress Swim Short - £37.00

Girls Rash Floral Vest - £34.30

Boys Indian Headdress Rash Vest - £38.00

Boys Fish Rash Vest - £18.00

Boys Indian Headdress T-Shirt - £28.00

Girls Mexicana Rash Vest - £38.00

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health & beauty


Summer collection

10% off

& free delivery* Quote RAS41 at website checkout when ordering or bring this voucher into store

Visit one of our London stores: Balham, Battersea, Blackheath, Chelsea Green, Chiswick, Crouch End, Dulwich, Muswell Hill, Putney, Notting Hill and West Hampstead *10% offer not valid on sale items, multibuys, gift vouchers or Micro Scooters. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. This voucher is valid until 01.10.2014. Free delivery to UK and Ireland. See website for full details.

Ways to keep in touch:

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First Aid

Could you save your child’s life? By Jane Baldwin from Mom with a Prep

Besides being able to kiss a boo-boo away, and put a band aid on an ouchie, and stop the rush of a nosebleed with our shirt sleeve, what first aid skills do we really have? If an emergency arose, would we be able to stand in the gap and help out, or wait silently hoping that an ambulance gets there in time? Not all of preparedness is about collecting stuff, but learning skills to take care of our families and community when we can! Make these a priority for you to learn!!

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 35

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First Aid

while back, I shared how I was heavily influenced in my early days of wanting to become a more prepared family, by Lisa Bedford’s “The Survival Mom”, and her list of first aid skills every mum should know. But since then, I’ve decided there are more skills that a parent should know. And while Mums do spend the majority of time with their kids, these are skills Dads should know as well. Not only because your kids may be in need of it one day, but someone else’s kids might, too. And before we start, I’m not a medical professional, nor do I play one on television. I’m not going to teach you how to do these skills (again, I’m not a medical professional). I will link to sources for you to gather information for yourself.

10 First Aid Skills Every Parent Should Know CPR & Infant CPR CPR training has changed in the last few years. The 3 hard puffs + 5 presses are no longer the recommended CPR tactics. Because the needs of an infant who is in respiratory distress are much different than that of an older child or an adult, be sure that you get trained in how to handle the infant as well. Check out what Julie @ HomeReadyHome.com found when she trained for the new CPR techniques. You can find training at your local recreation centers, through the Red Cross or even through programs in your town or city with the emergency response departments.

How to Clean and Dress a Wound Back in our early days, my husband cut his shin while mowing the lawn. We didn’t know that’s what it was at first, but it seemed like just a cut gone a little wrong. It was a jagged wound and little did we know that a treatment of hydrogen peroxide that we’d always used on cuts was actually bad for a cut like this one. We’ve since learned better, and have brushed up on the care and keeping of all sorts of wounds to be sure we’re giving ourselves the best leg up to fight infection and promote good healing.

How to Treat & Wrap a Sprain Is it heat or cold? Do I wrap tightly or wrap up to the knee? Knowing how to properly wrap (when to wrap), and how to treat can save your child pain and further injury until you can get medical help. Remember to use the R.I.C.E. Method correctly to treat sprains and strains (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).

How to Splint a Broken Bone Just like with sprains, knowing how to splint and treat a broken bone until you can get further help can save further damage. One thing to remember, if you don’t see evidence of lack of blood flow, it’s better not to try to reset a bone yourself, just stabilise until you’re able to get further medical help.

How to Treat a Burn Burns need special kinds of care. Can you tell the difference between a first and third degree sunburn? Was that touch on a hot stove enough to necessitate a visit to the hospital?

Heimlich Maneuver Choking in small children is an everyday occurrence, but do you know when intervention is mandatory? Do you know the signs of choking as well as how to perform this lifesaving skill? And do you do it differently for an infant vs. an older child?

36 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

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First Aid

How to Treat Diarrhea

How to Treat Shock

Dehydration from diarrhea and vomiting are some of the quickest ways a child can end up in the hospital. Being sure to understand when to give fluids, when to stop, and how to feed during times of severe intestinal issues is the job of a parent. Being familiar with the BRAT diet, re-hydration with the correct kinds of fluids, and watching for signs of dehydration and taking the next step are easy things for you to master.

Shock is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body is not getting enough blood flow. This can damage multiple organs. Shock requires immediate medical treatment and can get worse very rapidly. Treating for shock can help save a life of somone who might not otherwise die from the basic injuries.

When should you call 999? When to Intervene (Triage) Knowing when to take care of something yourself, when to seek the assistance of a doctor, or when to call 999 is hard for parents. It can be hard to separate the emotion from the situation and know how to proceed from it seeming a simple cold that just doesn’t go away to the need for intervention because it really is pneumonia. You might also find yourself in a situation where you have more than one to care for (i.e., car wreck) and need to know how to triage the situation to give help to who needs it most, and who to just maintain until help arrives because intervention might be worse.

This doesn’t mean that you need to take a special First Responder course load. You don’t have to be an EMT to learn basic first aid skills to make yourself better able to help those around you. Be mindful of those things that you CAN do and get trained, read up, watch videos, gain an understand of the level of preparedness for these situations that it would be wise to know as a parent. Besides, it might just help save a life!

How to Stop Severe Bleeding Severe bleeding doesn’t have to be restricted to severe injuries or trauma. In some people, even a simple nose bleed can become severe, especially if they are on blood-thinning agents or have hemophilia. Simple head lacerations can produce an extraordinary amount of blood for a simple cut.

If you ARE interested in taking a first aid class, you should check out The British Red Cross classes. Based around the country teaching preparednessminded folks about first aid and medical care. www.redcrossfirstaidtraining.co.uk

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Organic Babies New Baby Hamper This gift set is perfect for ‘mums to be’ or those with new arrivals and includes:


•  Scent Free Mum & Baby Rescue Balm 100ml, great for babies with dry skin and for soothing sore cracked nipples before and after breastfeeding. •  Scent Free Baby Oil 100ml perfect for a bonding baby massage, moisturising cradle cap and keeps mum’s bump supple and soft. •  Scent Free Baby Wash & Shampoo 150ml, carefully formulated for babies’ delicate and sensitive skin. •  Nappy Cream Baby Balm 40ml, protects bottoms against dampness. •  Soft and cuddly organic cotton bib with a cute picture of Budsie.

All products beautifully presented in a handy reusable wicker basket, lined with non bleached cotton.

       Price: £36.99         www.greenpeople.co.uk

Baby Care Products for your Babies Sensitive Skin

Miamoo Travel Pack A handy pack that you can’t leave home without. It’s great to pop into your handbag or nursery bag when out and about. The 30ml size allows you to take the goodies onto the plane as part of your hand luggage.

Aleva Newborn Baby Gift Set

Splashy wash, fresh locks, huggy lotion, baba oil, spritz and wipe, cheeky cream and a cotton cloth are packed in a clear plastic wallet. It’s perfect for mummy-to-be hospital bag and contains everything for both mummy and baby’s first few days in hospital.

The perfect baby Shower Gift featuring the essentials for a brand-new baby from the expert in Natural/Organic baby Skincare Aleva Naturals™

Price: £29.99 www.alevanaturals.com

Price: £15.00 www.miamoo.co.uk

Sophie La Girafe launches organic skincare collection The cult brand has now expanded into beauty with a new range, which includes a seven-piece organic skincare capsule collection. Made using gentle ingredients such as organic white tea, organic lavender water and organic jojoba oil, the range is suitable for babies with sensitive skin. www.sophielagirafe.co.uk

38 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

health & beauty


Shea Mooti Mama’s Everything Body Balm Drench yourself in this rich, versatile Omega body butter, specially formulated with mamas in mind. Made with ethically sourced, virgin Shea butter and infused with cocoa butter and nourishing Omega rich baobab and jojoba oils. This body butter is a great all rounder and can also be used to soften lips, elbows, knees and even heels!

Price: £16.99 www.sheamooti.co.uk


Waterwipes WaterWipes are a ground breaking new product, tested to ensure purity and safety. World’s purest baby wipe made using 99.9% water, 0.1% grapefruit seed extract and nothing else.

Shea Mooti Baby’s Rub-a-Bye Body & Scalp Oil

Suitable for newborns, and babies of all ages with sensitive skin. These extra soft absorbent wipes have no greasy residue.


Baby’s ‘Rub-a-Bye’ Body & Scalp Oil is an unscented blend of natural, easily absorbed oils that are rich in vitamins and minerals perfect for soothing dry delicate skin and cradle cap. Expectant mamas sensitive to scents and fragrances can also use this oil as a belly massage oil to keep skin supple and soft.

Price: £6.99 www.sheamooti.co.uk

Pampers Sensitive Wipes

All in One Baby Wipes Kit from Cheeky Wipes No more chucking endless baby wipes in the bin, no more worry about harsh chemicals on your baby’s skin. A hassle free washable cloth Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit that’ll do your bit for the environment and save you money.

Give your baby a gentle clean with New Pampers New Baby Sensitive Wipes, which are specially designed to gently clean your new baby’s skin. It is our thickest and softest wipe, now coming with the unique Soft Grip TextureTM to give your baby Pampers’ best gentle cleaning. www.pampers.co.uk

Price: £39.99 www.cheekywipes.com

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TomTom Runner Cardio TomTom’s top-end running watch has just got a makeover, with a built-in heart rate monitor meaning you no longer need to use an uncomfortable chest strap to keep an eye on your heartbeat. On top of this slick new feature, the Runner Cardio has a large screen, simple, one-touch button control and has a QuickGPSFix feature, so you won’t be skulking around at the start of a run waiting for it to work out your exact position. With eight hours of battery life, this is ideal for runners of all abilities. All the usual tracking smarts are also included.

Price: £249.99 sports.tomtom.com/en_gb

Sennheiser PMX 685i Adidas headphones The cheers of the crowds might give you a lift, but sometimes a few powerful tunes (or even a podcast or audio book) is just what’s needed to boost waning energy levels. These Sennheiser headphones, made in conjunction with Adidas, are ideal for cutting out unwanted noise while staying firmly in your ears when you’re pounding the tarmac. They have in-line controls, so there’s no need to fiddle with your music player or mobile and the sound quality is top-notch to boot. The neckband means you can easily take them out without them dangling awkwardly.

Price: £59.99 en-uk.sennheiser.com

Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo If you’ve ever turned your foot while out for a run, you’ll know it’s not much fun. These trainers are perfect for avoiding such mishaps, thanks to their Medial TPU stability bar. This is engineered to offer midfoot support and prevent rolling, giving you a more stable landing. Which you’ll be grateful for when it’s time to pound the pavements. The one-piece perforated, breathable upper sits tight to your skin, providing a snug fit. And if it’s heel support you’re after, look no further than the 3D-moulded heel cup. A 5mm full-length Ortholite Foam embedded sock liner gives additional cushioning and wicks away moisture, keeping you comfortable as you pass the runner dressed as a Dalek. They also have strategically-placed abrasion rubber where wear and tear is hardest, meaning they’ll last for years to come.

Price: £90.00


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All the Latest Equipment for active new mums & dads

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FINIS SwiMP3 Waterproof Headphones The SwiMP3 waterproof MP3 player provides the highest quality underwater sound without ear buds, thanks to the revolutionary Bone Conduction audio transmission. With 2GB of storage, aquatic athletes can listen to music, audio books,

podcasts and more, all with incredible sound. The SwiMP3 attaches securely to goggle straps and does not interfere with swimming technique.

Price: £99.98


Nike E2 Prime Performance Running Armband If you don’t fancy donning a fitness watch and are happy to stick with an iPhone or Android app, then you’re going to need a decent armband. Nike’s E2 effort is one of the best and is designed for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s owners. As well as providing protection for your phone, it also offers access to the device’s controls, so you don’t need to wrestle your blower out every time you want to change a tune or check on your progress. It’s also a lot more comfortable than cheaper alternatives.

Fitbit Flex This simple wristband is less cumbersome than a fullon timepiece, but can still tell you how many steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve covered and the calories you’ve burned in the process. It syncs up neatly with a compatible app, so you can see your stats on the screen once the race is over. Its small footprint and lightweight design means it won’t weigh you down when you hit the wall too.

Price: £79.99 www.fitbit.com

Price: £25.00 store.nike.com/gb/en_gb

Phil&Teds Sub 4 Running Stroller The world’s fastest jogger... The power and freedom to walk, run or jog. This superior jogging stroller allows your child to be part of your training regime - brilliant! With superior features and state of the art technology, the sub 4™ jogger is in a league of its own Price: £699.00 www.philandteds.com

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Caring for your

toddler's teeth How can I help my toddler to have strong teeth?

This includes dried fruits such as raisins, which are high in sugar and can stick to teeth, as well as chocolate and cakes.

You can do a lot to ensure that your toddler’s teeth are strong and will resist decay both now and in the future. Much depends on what he eats, as well as how often he eats it. Try to keep sweets and other sugary snacks between meals to a minimum.

When your child eats or drinks sugar, the bacteria in his mouth mix with the sugars to make a mild acid. This acid attacks the hard outer layer of the teeth and over time can cause cavities.

If your toddler has lots of sugary snacks, you are continually topping up the levels of acid in his mouth. Water and milk are the best drinks for your toddler between meals. Try not to give your toddler acidic, sugary or fizzy drinks between meals, or juice or squash in a bottle. If you give your toddler fruit juice, it should be well-diluted, and given only at mealtimes in a beaker or cup. Or you could encourage him to drink the juice through a straw, which is better for his teeth. To have healthy teeth your toddler should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and include calcium and vitamin D in his diet. Vitamin D helps his body to absorb calcium, which he needs to grow strong bones and teeth. Dairy products such as cheese are good sources of calcium. And there’s vitamin D in milk, oily fish, eggs, and fortified foods such as margarine and breakfast cereals. If your toddler won’t drink much milk since being weaned from the breast or bottle, make sure he has dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese instead.

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Are there treatments that will protect my toddler’s teeth? A vitamin supplement for young children which contains vitamin D may be worth considering. You can buy vitamin drops from NHS child health clinics. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and helps to resist decay. Some children are particularly prone to tooth decay, and dentists sometimes recommend fluoride supplements as well as fluoride toothpaste. Always ask your dentist for advice before giving your toddler fluoride supplements.

When there is an increased risk of decay, or early signs of decay, your dentist may consider a treatment of fluoride varnish. The dentist paints this varnish on to your child’s teeth to stop the process of decay, or at least delay potential fillings. Talk to your dentist to find out if your child would benefit from this treatment.


or a piece of chocolate to finish off a meal is less harmful to his teeth than a lollipop that your toddler sucks all afternoon. Otherwise, encourage your toddler to eat all his sweets in one short session. Give him a small piece of cheese after he has finished any sweets to neutralise the sugars, and make sure that his next teeth-cleaning session is thorough. Cakes and other high-sugar foods, even if they’re homemade, can be just as damaging as sugary sweets. Raisins, dates and other dried fruits (whether loose or in bars) can cling to and harm teeth, even though they’re a healthier option than sweets. Your toddler should also eat these as part of a meal, rather than as a snack. Chewy sweets are worst of all, as they stick to the teeth and stay in the gaps until the next thorough brushing, or sometimes longer.

Tooth-friendly snacks: Cubes or slices of cheese Plain yoghurt Plain popcorn Breadsticks Plain rice cakes Fresh fruit or vegetables

How can I minimise the damage caused by sweets? Preventive measures are always best. Take control of sweets before your toddler discovers them. If you don’t eat sweets, and your toddler’s friends don’t, he may not meet a sweet until his second birthday. If the rest of your child’s diet is healthy, even this period without sweets will help those first teeth to get a good start. If banning sweets is impossible, you can reduce how much damage is done to the enamel on your toddler’s teeth. The more times a day your toddler eats something sugary, and the longer the sugar stays in his mouth, the more likely it is that damage will occur. Try to restrict sweet food and drink to less than four times a day, as part of three meals and one snack. A small slice of cake

How can I keep my toddler's teeth clean? Cleaning your toddler's teeth should be part of his daily routine, though you may need to be persistent. But you can gradually give him more responsibility for the brushing as time goes on.

Clean your toddler's teeth twice a day, before breakfast, and after his last drink of the day. As you brush, clear all traces of food from on or between his teeth. Use a small toothbrush with soft, round-ended bristles of differing lengths, and a small, angled head. Change the brush at least every three months, or when the bristles start to spread out. Use a smear of fluoride toothpaste, or a pea-sized amount if your child is three years or older. Under-threes should use a low-fluoride toothpaste containing about 1,000ppm (parts per million) of fluoride. Brush using small circular movements. Don't saw from side-to-side, as this may damage his gums, and it won't scrub his teeth. Concentrate on one section of the teeth at a time, and don't forget the backs. If he's reluctant to have them cleaned, brush your teeth first and then let him try to copy you. Or see if he'd like to brush your teeth for you. Persuade, rather than force, your toddler to open his mouth, as he needs to learn to like the idea of brushing. Give him lots of praise and encouragement when he allows you to brush them. Letting him choose his own toothbrush may also make it more fun for him.

Supervise your child while he brushes his teeth until he is at least seven years old. By then he'll have the manual dexterity needed to clean his teeth thoroughly. When he feels ready to try, let him have a go. Show him how to brush in small circular movements, rather than from side-to-side.

Don’t wait until you see signs of tooth decay. When you go to the dentist for your own appointment, take your toddler with you.

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My toddler eats toothpaste out of the tube. Is this a problem? If your toddler makes a habit of swallowing too much fluoride toothpaste while his teeth are forming, he may develop fluorosis. Fluorosis can give your toddler’s teeth a mottled look. So encourage your toddler to spit out toothpaste after brushing. Eating too much toothpaste in one go is more likely to cause a tummy ache than anything more serious. If you suspect your child has eaten a large amount of toothpaste, take your child to your doctor or to your nearest accident and emergency department. Make sure your toddler can’t get to the toothpaste tube without you knowing. He may be more likely to swallow toothpaste if it has a sweet or fruity flavour. So try a minty or neutral flavour instead.

When do we need to visit a dentist? Take your child to the dentist when he’s about a year old. Dentists can help to prevent, as well as cure teeth problems. So


don’t wait until you see signs of tooth decay. When you go to the dentist for your own appointment, take your toddler with you. He’ll then get used to the sights, sounds and smells. Children’s health clinics make visits to the dentist fun for toddlers. If he is rewarded with stickers at the end of the appointment, it may make treatment later on more tolerable for him. These clinics also offer the opportunity for you to ask about anything you’re unsure of.

Don’t assume that you don’t need to take your toddler to the dentist because his first teeth are going to fall out anyway. A damaged baby tooth can cause pain and lead to a serious mouth infection. Most first teeth have nearly a decade of hard work in front of them. Good habits early on will lay the foundations for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Exclusively for 0-18 years old, Toothbeary has been designed specifically with children in mind - from colourful murals and child friendly benches, to the very latest in dental care technology. They work closely with parents to help them make informed decisions on behalf of their children.

Where: 358A Richmond Road, East Twickenham, Richmond-upon-Thames TW1 2DU. Where: 1 Farm Yard, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1QL.

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A gorgeous collection of UV swimwear and beachwear for boys and girls including swimsuits, bikinis, swim shorts and rash vests alongside coordinating cotton dresses, playsuits, shorts, shirts and accessories. Everything you need for their holiday wardrobe!




to shop this fab offer!

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3 years


Walter and the No-Need-to-Worry Suit By Rachel Bright We all worry, but not quite as much as Walter. As the Seriously Competitive Sports and Funday approaches, Walter’s worries begin to spiral out of control. Will his best friend Winnie and the other Woollybottomers be able to help him? A heartwarming and laugh-out-loud adventure that will relate to young children as they encounter ‘first experiences’


s e g a l l a r o f

Superworm By Julia Donaldson

This funny and fantastically-illustrated story is full of bouncy rhyming verses and has a fun chorus that is sure to have preschoolers joining in as they follow Superworm’s adventures, which include him bravely facing up to the wicked Wizard Lizard and his sinister servant Crow. When Superworm is kidnapped by them, it is up to his animal friends to save him... The quirky illustrations are full of charming details and the unlikely hero of the tale will appeal to children aged 3 and over.

Whats New


Brush of the Gods 5 years


By Lenore Look, Illustrated by Meilo So

Wu Daozi was not the best calligrapher - at least not as a kid. So instead of Chinese characters, Daozi drew horses, flying Buddhas and, eventually, a butterfly so lifelike that it flew away.

4-9 years

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Macavity: The Mystery Cat By T. S. Eliot Illustrated by Arthur Robins

The first in a series of standalone Faber heritage poetry showcased in a beautiful new picture book format this is a future classic. The most famous master criminal cat of them all is brought to life by delightfully humorous new illustrations from Arthur Robins.

Up to 5 years

Open Very Carefully

Claude in the Country By Alex T. Smith

7 years


By Nick Bromley

What would you do if you were settling down for a quiet bedtime story and you realised that a crocodile had fallen into your storybook and was not to put too fine a point on it - furious? Would you slam that book shut, cram it in the bookshelf for evermore or would you be brave enough to peek? This very grumpy crocodile has ended up in totally the wrong book, so he proceeds to eat his way out, in this fantastic debut picture book.

3 years


A quiet walk in the countryside turns into a busy day on the farm when Claude ends up mucking out the pigs, feeding the chickens, and even bravely lassoing a fearsome bull! Great for sharing with a highly lovable lead character. Claude is a rather extraordinary little dog who appeals to this age range immensely. Along with his best friend, Sir Bobblysock, the duo partake in a number of adventures that don’t always go quite to plan...

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3 years How to Hide a Lion By Helen Stephens


How does a very small girl hide a very large lion? It’s not easy, but Iris has to do her best, because mums and dads can be funny about having a lion in the house. Luckily, there are lots of good places to hide a lion - behind the shower curtain, in your bed, and even up a tree.

5 years


Squishy McFluff The Invisible Cat By Pip Jones Illustrated by Ella Okstad

Editors Pick

Brilliant new series launching for young readers in hilarious rhyming text with adorable illustrations. When Ava discovers an imaginary cat in the cabbage patch, she knows she’s found a new best friend Together, Ava and Squishy McFluff get up to all kinds of mischief.

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Harry & Lil: The tale of a hog in the fog By Julia Copus Told in fizzingly original rhymes from a rising star in the poetry world, Harry & Lil is the first brand new picture book on the Faber Children’s list.

7 years


This is the story of Candy Stripe Lil and Harry the Hog who lived over the hill. . . and a foggy March day, roundabout three, When Lil had invited Harry for tea.

Up to 5 years

The Land of Neverbelieve By Norman Messenger

Discover the extraordinary plants and animals found in the fantastical Land of Neverbelieve in this exquisitely illustrated and beautifully told story. When Norman Messenger stumbled upon the island of Neverbelieve, he couldn’t quite believe his eyes: here was a world where chocolate grew on trees, mountains whispered stories, and fish flew in the sky at night, and that’s just the beginning.

Mr Tiger goes Wild By Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger and his animal friends are very civilized: They wear top hats, throw tea parties and have incredible posture. Then one day Mr. Tiger tries something new - he starts walking on all fours and roaring like a wild animal. It isn’t long before Mr. Tiger goes too far and his classy friends banish him into the wilderness.

3-6 years

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LeA rning tO rEad Fun



We all know ho w important it is for our children but, how do we to learn to read help them do it , in the midst of a what happens if busy life? And we don’t actual ly like reading o we do like read urselves? Or, if ing, how do we share that love with our childre n?

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n our family, we are all book lovers, apart from my husband, Clyde, who doesn’t even read beyond the first line of a text message if he can avoid it! I genuinely believe that, if our children hadn’t been exposed to the environment we’ve created for them, not all of them would have become addicted to books in the way that they have done. Even though Clyde doesn’t really like reading, he knows the importance of it. We both work really hard – in two completely different ways - to ensure that our children grasp this key skill for life.

So… here’s how you can support… Your 0-2 year old:

1. Let your child see you reading - he will

copy you! My one year old, Theo, often sits on my lap whilst I’m reading and he is picking up so much just by watching me (for example, that pages are turned from left to right).

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2. Read to him - but, if you don’t like

doing this, don’t feel pressured by everyone else to do it, just because you ‘have’ to. Why not ask a family member or friend who enjoys reading out loud to stand in for you sometimes? They will probably be honoured that you asked.

3. Ensure that your baby is able to access

books easily – keep a supply of books at child height and allow them to choose their own books. We keep our children’s books in wheeled containers under their beds.

4. Offer your baby a selection of books to

read whilst you are doing your household chores. Whilst I am packing the schoolbags, Theo will often sit in his high chair reading books, throwing books, chewing books or even writing on books. The fact that he’s touching them and getting entertainment from them is the start of a good relationship with books (respect for books will come later)!

5. For babies, choose interactive books with different textures, googly eyes, flaps to lift, puppets attached etc. A book like this will meet your baby’s need for exploration and experimentation – this is a great foundation for your child to believe that books are fun.


Your 3-5 year old:


This is what I call ‘the latent phase’ of reading. It can be the most discouraging for both you and your child, but the turning point is just around the corner! During the latent phase, you may feel as if you are pouring in lots of effort, but seeing very little impact. Keep going - on that golden day that your child recognises her first word, you will see the fruit being borne from all the little seeds you have been sowing.


Play games that will teach your child phonics such as ‘I Spy’. Ask your child to look for things beginning with the phonics alphabet - instead of saying the name of the letter ‘S’, make the sound of a snake: ‘sssss’. Phonics is based on the sound of a letter, not its name.


Give your child books to read with simple words in it, but don’t expect or request that they read the words, ask them instead to look at the pictures and tell you what is happening. This is crucial in learning to read as, later on, your child will learn to guess how to read a word from looking at what is happening in the pictures.

3. Allow for very long pauses when your child

is ‘reading’ – they may spend an inordinately long period of time just looking at one page. It’s a great sign when a child spends a long time staring at a page – they are taking in the details of the pictures and looking at the shapes of the words. Your patience at this point (even if it’s pretend patience!) is demonstrating that books are to be enjoyed and savoured – slowly if need be.


As your child begins to read his first words, pick out the tricky words that can’t be ‘sounded out’, such as ‘said’, ‘they’ or ‘your’, then laminate 2 sets of them onto coloured card so you can play ‘Snap’ with your child. I do this with Carl, my 5 year old, in the 5 minutes before we walk to school or, if I’m still frantically packing my briefcase and looking for Carl’s PE kit, I bribe my 8 year old to play Snap with Carl instead!


Show your child the role that reading plays in your life so that he grasps the importance of it. A few examples of this:


Clyde will often point to road signs and then exaggerate his reading of them to show that, without reading those signs, he couldn’t figure out where he is going.

b. Carl loves baking cupcakes with me, so

I often ask him to read the recipe, ‘so that I know what ingredients to use.’ Carl will often protest that he doesn’t know how to read, then I remind him that he is fantastic at interpreting pictures, which is reading. He will often rise to my expectation of him by looking at the photo of flour and eggs and then advising me that I need 4000g of eggs and 12 bags of flour. Does it matter that he’s got the amounts wrong? No.

Reading Does it matter that he feels he has contributed to our fun by reading in the only way he knows how? Yes, yes and yes again!

c. I sometimes write little notes to my children

and put them in their school bags. For Carl, I write very simple messages in non-joined up writing. After receiving a note that says, ‘Mama loves Carl’ twenty times, Carl has finally figured out what it says and it boosts his confidence if he feels he can read it. The Star Wars picture that I paste onto the note may be the only thing that persuades him to actually open it, but who cares?

d. When we get into a lift, Clyde often asks

our 3 year old, Zachary, to press the button for the Ground floor or to open the doors. Zac is not only learning to read the symbols, Clyde also lavishes Zac with praise along the lines that, if Zac hadn’t recognised the letters and pressed the right buttons, we wouldn’t have got to our destination.

6. Encourage your child to read the same book over and over again until he can almost recite it – it is all part of building his confidence. If he chooses to read the same book over and over again and it wasn’t a part of your plan to read Mig the Pig three hundred times, remember that repetition builds confidence for your child and console yourself with the fact that your new talent may come in handy at parties someday!

Your 6 - 8 year old:

discovered that it is far quicker if Jemima fills in her own forms. In doing so, Jemima is forced to read the questions and she also learns that reading can achieve a goal e.g. getting a Trinidadian passport so we can more easily visit our relatives.

4. Encourage your child to take a book with them wherever they go – my children have learned to spend their ‘dead’ time reading.

5. Choose a school for your child that will

foster her enjoyment of reading. My daughter’s school has worked wonders in encouraging her to read – bringing in famous authors to read to the children, holding a Book Fair, running sponsored book reading challenges, giving house points for a child who reads every day in a month etc.


As for older children, I can’t yet comment on how to support them - reading is a journey, but, what I’ve discovered is, it’s as much a journey for me as it is for my children…

2. Discuss your own reading books with

Isabelle Parasram is the mother of four children aged 1-8. She is also a barrister, a College Assessor of Childcare and Education, an NCT- trained antenatal teacher, the Director of a large children’s day Nursery & Out of School Club in Tower Hill and is a Trustee of a Community Nursery in Shadwell. She would love to answer your questions or to have your comments on her article. Please e-mail her at: myDreamMaker@me.com You can also read more about her at www.mydreammaker.co.uk/our-ethos

Continue to read to her, even if she can read – I still read to my 8 year old daughter, Jemima, but now, I ask her questions about the book she is reading. She loves the fact that she’s ‘teaching’ me and that I’m genuinely interested in her thoughts and ideas on the story. Often, I have absolutely no interest in how The Famous Five solved their mystery, but I am interested in why Jemima chose that particular book.

your child – though this can be somewhat difficult, depending on your reading material!


Get your child to fill in their own forms. With four sets of forms to fill in every time I want to register my children for anything, I have

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Under standing

a i x e l s y D Reading may seem easy and automatic for people who master it without difficulty. However, reading is a complex and challenging task for our brains, so we shouldn’t be surprised that so many kids struggle with it. In fact, about 10% of the UK population has a specific reading disability called dyslexia, which is the major cause of reading failure in school. Dealing with this learning challenge can lead to frustration and self-doubt, especially when it goes undiagnosed for a long time. The good news is that dyslexia can be identified early and kids who have it can be taught to become successful readers.

Reading and Dyslexia Most kids begin learning to read by learning how speech sounds make up words (phonemic awareness) and then connecting those sounds to alphabet letters (phonics). Then they learn how to blend those sounds into words and, eventually, they can instantly recognise words they've seen many times before. Reading is a little like riding a bike: it requires doing many things at once with precise timing. With practice, typical readers gradually learn to read words automatically so they can focus their mental energy on comprehending and remembering what they've read. Kids with dyslexia, though, have trouble with phonemic awareness and phonics. Research has shown that dyslexia occurs because of subtle problems in information processing, especially in the language regions of the brain. For this reason, reading doesn't become automatic and remains slow and labored. When a child

54 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

struggles with these beginning steps in reading, comprehension is bound to suffer and frustration is likely to follow. A common assumption about dyslexia is that letters or words appear reversed; i.e., "was" appears like "saw." This type of problem can be a part of dyslexia, but reversals are very common among kids up until first or second grade, not just kids with dyslexia. The major problem for kids with dyslexia is in phonemic awareness, phonics, and rapid word recognition.




Diagnosing Dyslexia

Treating Dyslexia

Dyslexia is usually diagnosed during elementary school. In some cases, it doesn’t become apparent until a child is older and is expected to read and comprehend longer and more complex material. Continuing problems with advanced reading, spelling, and learning a foreign language may be signs that a bright teenager has dyslexia.

Fortunately, with the proper assistance and help, most kids with dyslexia are able to learn to read and develop strategies that allow them to stay in the regular classroom.

Delays in identifying kids with dyslexia can create a bigger reading problem and a drop in self-esteem. So it’s important to recognize symptoms early in elementary school and begin specialized reading instruction right away.

In preschool and elementary school kids, some signs of dyslexia include difficulty with: •  learning to talk •  pronouncing longer words •  rhyming •  learning the alphabet sequence, days of the week, colors,    shapes, and numbers •  learning letter names and sounds •  learning to read and write his or her name •  learning to identify syllables (cow-boy in cowboy) and speech    sounds (phonemes: b-a-t in bat) in words •  sounding out simple words •  reading and spelling words with the correct letter sequence    (“top” versus “pot”) •  handwriting and fine-motor coordination

They usually work with a specially trained teacher, tutor, or reading specialist to learn how to read, spell, and manage the condition. Your child’s teacher, psychologist, or pediatrician may recommend an academic therapist - also called an education therapist or an academic language therapist - who is trained to work with kids with dyslexia. In the United States, federal laws entitle kids with dyslexia (under certain circumstances) to special help in public schools, such as specialized instruction, extra time for tests or homework, or help with taking notes. Parents of kids who are diagnosed with dyslexia should discuss these laws and accommodations with school personnel.

Success Beyond Dyslexia Even with appropriate intervention, kids with dyslexia may find school a struggle. It’s important to support your child’s efforts by encouraging and assisting in reading at home. Also try to give your child opportunities to build confidence and have success in other areas, such as sports, hobbies, art, and drama.

Older kids, teenagers, and adults might have these same signs of dyslexia and probably also will:

Dyslexia doesn’t have to be a hurdle to success. It doesn’t mean that you or your child’s teachers should lower your expectations for the child. Artists, athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and statesmen all have been able to achieve great things despite trouble with reading.

•  read and spell far below grade level •  avoid reading and writing •  work slowly on reading and writing assignments and tests •  struggle with learning a foreign language

If you think your child might have dyslexia, talk with your doctor, your child’s teacher, or a reading specialist. The sooner a reading problem is addressed, the sooner your child can get the proper help.

Dyslexia runs in families. Kids of parents with a history of reading struggles are likely to have problems, too. Children who struggle with learning to talk as preschoolers also are at higher risk for dyslexia. The reading progress of kids with either or both of these factors should be closely monitored. Dyslexia can only be formally diagnosed through a comprehensive evaluation by a reading specialist or psychologist, either at school or in the community. Pediatricians often know the signs of dyslexia and can guide families to proper help. It’s important that the person who evaluates a child be properly trained and have experience with dyslexia.

The Negative Effects of Dyslexia Kids with dyslexia who see their peers reading and making progress may feel “stupid” because it’s difficult to keep up. As they move through elementary school, problems can get worse as reading becomes more important to learning. Kids who have difficulty often avoid reading because it’s hard or stressful. As a result, they end up missing out on valuable reading practice and falling further behind their classmates. And their self-esteem may take a beating.

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Football Fever

Football CRAZY?

With the excitement building about the World Cup this summer, we help you find a football club near you.

Primary Kicks

Fulham Football Club

As well as advancing football skills within a fun atmosphere, the coaches are united in their passion for the additional benefits that their training instills in children, such as encouraging team work and improving sociability.

Fulham FC run regular weekend football sessions for children aged 3 - 12 years. Just turn up and play! They also offer a range of courses during the school holidays including Mini Fun, Junior Fun, Advanced, Goalkeepers and Multisports.

Times: Saturdays and Sundays from 9am – 1pm. Where: Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, Cadogan Gardens, London SW3 2RN. Tel: 07930 823 315 www.primarykicks.com

Times: Saturday Morning Club, 10am - 12noon. Where: Bishops Park, Stevenage Road, Fulham, SW6 3LA. Tel: 0870 442 5432 www.fulhamfc.com

Sporty Champs Sporty Champs is an exciting way for children to get active and learn the basics in multiple sports. The sports include tennis, football, hockey and tag rugby. The many benefits of Sporty Champs include teaching kids essential life skills, improving co-ordination and enhancing communication while teaching the basics of all sports. Where: Various locations.

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Tel: 07507 790 938




Raging Rascals Give your children the kick start they need to keep fit and active while having fun! Here at Raging Rascals, we understand the need for kids to be able to enjoy exercise and our services offer just that! Our football coaching classes are designed for 4 - 11 year old children and are aimed at building on skills, as well as encouraging interaction and excercise. Our team of fully qualified trainers are ready to provide

Football Fever

sports coaching to your children, in a fun, friendly enjoyable environment at competitive rates. Operating on a wide variety of locations across west london, we provide everything that is required for the session including equipment & healthy snacks!

Little Kickers

Where: Holland Park, Kensington leisure centre & Kensington Memorial Park (aka St Marks park). Tel: 07518 584 812 www.ragingrascals.com

At Little Kickers the focus is very much on fun - a national network of informal yet professionally run training classes where enthusiastic boys & girls (18mths – 7th birthday) are given a helping hand to stand on their own two feet.

Small Beginnings Football A safe and fun pre-club football training programme has been professionally developed by F.A. qualified coaches and adapted to follow your children’s own pace into this great sport. Our coaches have years of experience in working with preschool and older age groups and are committed to getting each child actively involved, stimulated, confident and progressing without pressure.

Where: Various locations. Tel: 01235 859 250 www.littlekickers.co.uk

Safety is taken very seriously with regular C.R.B. checks on our staff and insistence on first aid qualifications. Each session has an active structure in which football basics are learnt through games, enhancing spatial awareness, balance and social skills for the future. Where: Hyde Park and/or Regents Park. www.smallbeginningsuk.com

Tel: 07799 760 510

Enjoyment and a pressure-free environment is the key to unlocking potential within a pre-school child. Through structured football fun we’ve developed a range of sports and social skills to provide a great experience for your child and satisfying for you to watch. Our goal is to introduce toddlers and children to sport through football using our unique, fun-learning techniques developing real football and other sports skills in a safe and creative environment that benefits every child. Our goal for school age children is to introduce match play with the emphasis on free thinking and movement, skills and ball control. Where: Various locations. Tel: 020 7937 7965 www.kiddikicks.co.uk

Bend it like Beckham! Sunday morning Mini Soccer Academies are a brilliant way for 3 – 7 year olds to develop their football skills whilst having fun. Sessions are high energy! With an emphasis on movement, Sport Academies’ expert coaches promote learning through fun, inspirational games and drills.

Where: Various locations www.sportacademies.com

Tel: 0844 335 8217

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St Benedict’s, Ealing Independent Catholic Day School

Teaching a way of living Co-education from 3 years through to 18

Independent Pre-Prep Bilingual School Ealing Broadway



uette sch cho

Combined French National and Early Years Curriculums


Bilingual Education through Immersion (50% taught in French)

‘The Nursery and Reception classes offer children an exceptionally rich, exciting and stimulating curriculum.’

An Education that focuses on developing each child's well-being

ISI Inspection Report November 2012

OPEN MORNINGS 10 June (Nursery) 26 June (Juniors)



epre cho p bilingual s

Environmental Awareness Children aged 2 to 6 years old - Small class sizes - Extra Curricular Activities - Before&After School Care Facilities - School Meals

020 8862 2254 enquiries@stbenedicts.org.uk www.stbenedicts.org.uk

www.lachouetteschool.co.uk Tel: (+44) (0) 7557 029255

We respect the dignity of all and welcome children of other faiths.


17 The Mall, London W5 2PJ

London’s premier French-speaking nanny agency  

Looking for a French-speaking nanny in London? Welcome to Oui Maman. We take the pain away from finding the perfect nanny! We offer a wide range of nanny services, including: ★ Full-time / part-time nannies ★ Permanent / temporary nannies ★ Live-in / live-out nannies ★ Holiday nannies ★ Baby-sitters

58 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

+44(0) 207 313 6582 www.ouimaman.co.uk contact@ouimaman.co.uk




Summer Camps 2014 Out of your hair and into Camp - O ur complete guide

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wickedly Wonderful Based on the South coast, in a wonderful spacious and safe environment in the heart of the beautiful Sussex countryside, 1.5 hours south of London, near the Cathedral city of Chichester and not far from the beach. We have free transport to the camp from London Wickedly Wonderful Pony Camp

Wickedly Wonderful Sailing Camp

The children will spend 5 full days having fun with “Their Own Pony” for the week. Learn stable management, how to clean the tack, muck out the stables, feeding and grooming and dressage. With lots of fun riding and jumping and treks with a mini-gymkhana at the end.

Instruction is given by qualified RYA sailors in Laser Picos. All abilities are catered for, from beginner to being the next budding Ellen MacArthur! Learn the basics of water, tides and winds or polish your racing technique all wrapped in the Wickedly Wonderful staple of fun and laughter. The children will spend the morning and afternoon sailing and in the evenings will then enjoy campfires at the beach and other fun activities.

We cater for all types, from the beginners to the experienced. The children spend from 10am to 4pm with the horses and then in the evening they enjoy a swim or a sing song around the campfire at the beach or a game of tennis or what ever takes their fancy! Where: Sounth Coast Tel: 07941 231 168


XUK is the brand name for a number of specialised camp experiences that cater for kids from ages 3-17, covering all personality types. Within the three main focuses on Sport, Art and Drama, you’ll find a range of tailored camps that will suit your kids and give them one of the finest holidays of their lives. The Bernstein brothers, founders and directors of XUK, use their family-business ethos t se ing T heir amaz to create an environment of activities change that is cosy, welcoming, fun, convenient for parents it ing ep ke ek we each and most importantly safe.

fresh for those who are staying for more than one. 60 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Where: Various Locations Tel: 020 8371 9686 www.xkeys.co.uk




First time campers are often nervous about what they can expect at a summer camp: will I fit in? will I have fun? what will the people in charge be like? Mill On The Brue is the perfect place to settle their nerves. Offering single day experiences which give first timers a nice taster before committing to a week. Kids are broken up into manageable groups of 12, allowing them to make the most of the six daily activities on offer. It’s a family run business with highly trained support staff, so first-time camper parents can also relax. Confidence building, achievement, self worth, understanding of self and others is positive testament to the power of the outdoors. Where: Mill on the Brue, Trendle Farm, Somerset. Tel: 01749 812 307 www.millonthebrue.co.uk

With over 40 activities the fun never stops.


Camp Beaumont is a summer camp institution in the UK, having been around for over 30 years. Using a balance of physical activities (in water and on land), games and team building exercises, the overall goal is give campers a “chance to build confidence, boost self-esteem and learn useful skills along the way.” ‘The House!’ is a unique concept to Camp Beaumont, specifically aimed at kids between 16 and 17 who want a fun holiday and a taste of independence. The package is a week-long party that includes watersports, quad biking, climbing, high ropes and plenty of socialising. As fun and exciting as it is though, Camp Beaumont only employs trained staff members who are fully committed to safety 100% of the time. ‘The House’ is available at three locations across the UK: Colomendy Valley, Grosenvor Hall and The Island. Where: Various Locations Tel: 0800 655 6560 www.campbeaumont.co.uk

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Fun of With a choice ns and great locatio vities, a fantastic acti holiday PGL Activity e will tick all th boxes!



Certainly one of the best when it comes to thrills, challenges and adventures - all rolled into one fantastic holiday! Children leave PGL with loads more friends, interests and feeling more confident - they’ll be counting the days until their next PGL holiday! Where: Various Locations Tel: 0844 371 0101 www.pgl.co.uk

Super Camps are delighted to offer inspiring programmes and activities using the resources and grounds of schools across the UK. The programmes stretch children mentally and physically, and most importantly, add to the enjoyment of the school holidays. The camps offer something for even the most discerning of young people, from small children to teenagers. Staff are qualified, and trained by Super Camps to ensure that children receive the best experience possible across a wide range of activities both outdoors and inside. Super Camps Multi Activity Programme include up to 8 scheduled activities each day, including outdoor games, arts and crafts and sports.

62 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

For children seeking something different check out their specially designed 5 day “A Passion For...” workshops, covering Performance, Arts and Crafts and Invention. Also on offer is their ever popular RAW Adventure camp, where young explorers learn to live and survive outdoors. Tasks during the 5 day bushcraft course range from tactical evasion, trap and fire making to wilderness first aid and den building.

Where: Various Locations Tel: 01235 832 222 www.supercamps.co.uk

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g n i d i R n o t g Wellin Wellington Riding is a full package: it is British-HorseSociety approved and highly reputable, so parents can rest assured of their children being instructed and looked after by trained professionals.

And it’s based on a magnificent estate in Hampshire, where clean air and gorgeous riding terrain are in free supply. The residential riding holidays are open to all ages and experience levels – even if you have your own horse and want to bring them along. Where: Wellington Riding, Hook, Hampshire. Tel: 0118 932 6308 www.wellington-riding.com

Music Makers, now in its 19th year, is directed by David Andrews GRSM LRSM ARCM, assisted by a team of specialist teachers who have become legendary for their energy, enthusiasm and ability to draw the best out of each young musician.

The courses are great fun as well as educational and aim to help each young musician to develop their abilities and confidence in playing and performing. The courses are five days long, culminating in a presentation concert of some of the music rehearsed during the week. Where: King’s College School, Wimbledon Tel: 01425 654 819 www.musicmakers.co.uk

Music was uch never that m as fun when I w young!

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Fun Learn & Experience



Learn & Experience offer Summer Camps for 8-14 year olds and Teen Travel Programmes for 15-16 year olds and a UK School Placement Service. At L&E we specialise in exposing children and teenagers to new and exciting experiences. By encountering these experiences this enables them to learn new skills, whether it’s social, activity based or even the English language. L&E have a simple philosophy‌ Where: Hetton, North Yorkshire, BD23 6LX. Tel: 01756 730 982 www.learnexperience.co.uk

Borrowdale Summer Camp Set up by a group of friends who work for the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, and run by the inspirational outdoor expert Jocky Sanderson, the emphasis in this camp is on old-fashioned outdoor fun. This is a very active camp with a great mixture of local children and those sent up to the camp from the south. Catering for ages from 9 to 15, all of the children sleep in tents and are encouraged to face real physical challenges throughout the week. What makes this camp stand out is that the children are also taught proper practical skills. Sanderson works closely with the National Trust and local farmers to give children the chance to learn about foraging, fly-fishing, bee-keeping and mountaineering. They also all complete a first-aid course, and at the end of the week all the children go off with Sanderson for a two-day survival expedition, camping at the top of a mountain. Where: Borrowdale, Keswick, Cumbria. Tel: 01768 774 596 www.keswickoutdoors.com

mp a C r e m m u S e g a t Centre S If the idea of acting camp conjures up nightmarish images of precocious children and pushy parents desperate to get their children on to the stage, then this camp for 8 to 18-year-olds will come as a relief. 64 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

It was established in 1983 by the Centre Stage Theatre Company and is run from an 18th-century house in the Glens of Antrim, Northern Ireland. Many of the children have never acted before, but the staff are great at bringing out the best in them and recognising their skills, even if they are shy. Over the course of a week the children put together a show, which they perform on the final night.

Music was uch never that m as fun when I w young!

Children say that they like the sense of creative anarchy, but there is also a strong emphasis on interacting with the adults and learning good manners while having a great time. Staff and children all eat together, and everyone sleeps in the big house. Where: Northern Island Tel: 028 9077 8099 www.summerdrama.co.uk



Cool Survival 1.










& Fun Stuff



8. 4. 9.



1. Petzl TIKKINA 2 Head Torch - £18.00 - www.icebear.co.uk 2. Bushnell Bear Grylls Waterproof Binoculars - £42.74 www.bushnell.com 3. Force Ten Helium Carbon 200 Lightweight Tent - £294.99 - www.completeoutdoors.co.uk 4. Vaude Twinny Baby Toddlers Sleeping Bag - £54.95 - www.littleadventureshop.co.uk 5. Mud Sweat and Tears Junior Edition £5.28 - www.bookdepository.com 6. Bear Grylls Compact Compass - £9.99 - www.menkind.co.uk 7. Survival Shelter - £30.00 - www.blacks.co.uk 8. Bear Grylls Basic Kit - £26.99 - www.beargryllsstore.com

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In the Garden

Roller Inflatable Wheel

Be the King of your own Castle!

Children of all ages will be giggling their way across the garden on this surprisingly robust, giant inflatable wheel. If you don’t have a garden, simply take it to the local park, although be warned that everyone you come across is likely to want to have a go. Price: £45.00 www.sciencemuseumshop.co.uk

Classic Castle Plum Stardust Trampoline

A garden playhouse with a medieval twist! The Little Tikes Castle is perfect for everyday play and imaginative games of princesses, knights and pirates. The durable surfaces are smooth to the touch and resist the elements.

This junior trampoline and enclosure is ideal, encouraging young children to gain confidence quickly. It’s far more durable than others on the market and doesn’t take long to set up.

Price: £349.99 www.littletikes.co.uk

Price: £160.00 www.plumproducts.com

Kyoto Junior Playhouse

Builders Bay Sand and Water Table A sand and water table with builders tools, including interactive crane system and water motion controls. Bring your child’s imagination to life with the Little Tikes Builders Bay Sand & Water Table. This realistic model harbour town can be filled with water and sand to make it even more lifelike and fun. Price: £100.00


66 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

What characterises the SmartPlayHouse playhouse is the large number of windows with different geometrical shapes which give it an original and futuristic look. The sun filters in through the windows creating a very cozy and special indoor atmosphere, The ideal place for children to develop their imagination. Price: £2,400.00 www.lullabuy.co.uk



In the Garden

Outdoor Play Centre Your little soldiers will have hours of outdoor fun and games with this wooden climbing frame. Children will enjoy hours of outdoor play with the large double play deck with cargo net, ladder, rock wall with coloured hand and foot grips, 8ft wave slide and double swings. The camouflage fabric side panels create a large secret play den area inside the pyramid, great as a rendezvous point on secret missions or as kiddies HQ! This play centre is ideal for imaginative role play games and will help children burn off energy in a fun environment. Price: £659.99 www.plumproducts.com



Keep the kids happy and playing in the fresh air this Summer with this great selection of ideas.


Like the Jumper, Rosalie has a premium look which is afforded by a sleek lightweight aluminium frame and 12-inch alloy wheels with pneumatic tyres. Price: £99.95 www.likeabike.co.uk

Wooden Windmill Playhouse The Windmill Playhouse is a fun and new addition to any garden. Meeting European Toy Safety Standards, this playhouse comes with 2 fixed side windows and a single door with a diamond window and a large Windmill overhanging. Price: £474.99 www.gardeneco.co.uk

Rascals of London l June 2013 2014 - 67

Fun Rainbow Ring Play Centre Paddling Pool


In the Garden

Includes a water slide with railing side, wading pool, water sprayer, ring toss game (with four inflatable rings), ball roller game and toss ball game with six 3 1/8” plastic play balls included. Simply attach a garden hose to the water sprayer to keep the kids cool in summer. Price: £37.99 www.splashandrelax.co.uk

Little Tikes Jelly Bean Ride-On These cute, Jelly Bean ride-ons are great for encouraging the development of motor skills in little ones. With easy grip handles, 4-wheels and a comfortable smooth seat, your little one will enjoy riding around on their own both indoors and out. Price: £19.99


Garden Quoits

Monster Water Cannon Never loose a water fight again with this powerful tripodmounted water bazooka! Just assemble the included tripod and attach your garden hose and you’ll be blasting away all summer long from the sun. Price: £24.99 www.menkind.co.uk

68 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Quick, simple and an easy garden game to set up, you can be enjoying this game of garden Quoits in no time whatsoever. A traditional and fun game, this game of garden quoits combines and tests both your throwing and accuracy skills and is something that all the family can enjoy on a relaxing summer’s day. Price: £16.99 www.foroutdoors.co.uk



In the Garden

Plum Wooden Football Goal Perfect for penalty shoot outs or for sociable football games with friends, this traditional 6 x 4ft wooden football goal will provide hours of outdoor play, encouraging children to enjoy physical exercise. Price: £129.99 www.plumproducts.com

Playsam Black SAAB Roadster Tommy Tower Playhouse

With plenty of internal space, kids are sure to love this multi-level playhouse that features a staircase, veranda and balcony to make it extra special. Price: £1,163.59 www.tuin.co.uk

Make your child’s first car ride an unforgettable one with Playsam’s classic Saab Roadster, an activity toy for small children. Price: £295.95 www.lullabuy.co.uk

INTEX Inflatable Kids Rainbow Ring Water Play Centre

Rainbow Ring Play Centre - Six Water Toys in One! - Includes water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, ring toss game, ball roller game, and ball toss game. Water sparayer attaches to garden hose to keep kids cool in summer - Landing mat for extra padding For ages 3 years and up.

Price: £119 www.fishpond.co.uk

ELC Splash Tunnel Grab the inflatable kickboard and dive on in into the tunnel to splash into the inflatable padding pool. You’ll need a garden hose pipe to make the water spray through it, but the result is a great way to cool off on a warm day. Price: £32.00 www.elc.co.uk

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Travel Accessories 1. Swimfin - £21.99 - www.swimfin.co.uk 2. Hooded Towel - £16.00 - £20.00 www.thehoodedtowel.com 3. Babyzen Yoyo - £445.00 - www.babyzen.com 4. Harry & Jack Jetpack Rucksack £29.99 - www.harryandjacks.co.uk 5. Playaway Case - £79.99 - www.playawaycase.com

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The Rainforest Café is an exciting restaurant with a faithful fan base. Recreating the Amazon forest in all its colourful glory, complete with oversized ferns, animatronics (elephants, monkeys, crocodiles oh my!) and even regular, though thankfully rain-free, ‘storms’, The Rainforest Café is a feast for young eyes.

From Toddlers to Teens, Safari to Surfing,

We design bespoke family adventures to destinations Around our World Create your shared memories to last a lifetime Diner style dishes are offered, with a wide range of children’s options which will eventually tempt them away from the lifelike creatures of the jungle and the spectacular waterfalls hidden amongst the greenery – if only for a few minutes. A major sponsor of the World Land Trust with its own Ecudorian slice of rainforest to protect, The Rainforest Café is as ethical as it is appealing.

Henry 9 Says “This is my all time favourite restaurant and I would feast here every day, my favourite part is the gorillas and elephant’s and the Sheba oreo shakes“

Africa | Indian Ocean & Caribbean | Middle East | Asia Australia | USA & Canada | Latin America | Europe Contact us for a copy of our brochure and a personal, in-depth service at a competitive price

Tel: 0845 124 4455 Email: info@bushbaby.travel

www.Bushbaby.Travel BushBaby Travel_A5 Generic.indd 1

Mum says “The rainforest café is great place to celebrate a birthday, Mother’s or Fathers day or just for an extra special treat. Great for Pre Theatre dinner. There is plenty to choose from on the menu and something for everyone. Make sure you let the friendly staff know if your celebrating a birthday and they will be sure to make a fuss of you.”

31/05/2012 09:06

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Toy Town


Top Gifts

Gifts Fit for a


Prince George is soon to celebrate his first birthday, undoubtedly he’ll have some very cool presents! If you’ve asked yourself what a one year old might like for his or her birthday check out these seven super surprises for some inspiration. The smarTrike Boutique The ultimate birthday present for any one year old is their very first tricycle! Suitable from 10 months, in the early stages parents take control with the steering handle, and as little one grows up and develops confidence they can start mastering the pedals. smarTrike’s latest model the Boutique comes complete with a patented Swivel Wheel, Touch Steering and a Magic Button to make switching between parent and child steering super quick and easy. Price: £119.99


HappyHopperz This is the perfect present to get your little one for their first birthday and they will be hoppin’ off the birthday cake in no time. The curious dogs from HappyHopperz (far left) are a fantastic take on the retro space-hopper with ears for children to grip onto and feet to steady the bounce, plus they’re great for improving balance, strength and confidence! Price: £21.99 www.happyhopperz.co.uk

Basile the Dog Beautiful French brand Vilac have lots of lovely wooden toys, including the eye catching pull toy collection including Basile the dog. It is clear that these toys have been beautifully crafted and with just one look, these adorable pull –a- long pals are sure to capture tots’ hearts in an instant. Price from: £15.00


72 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Toy Town


Top Gifts

Knitted Dinosaur Rattles Perfect for little ones who want a present with a roar, these fearsome knitted dinosaurs from Best Years appear to have walked straight out of the history books. Soft and durable, the loveable dino-pals will give your little ones years of pre-historic playtime! Price: £12.99


Skibz Bib Baby will want to ensure they stay dribble free whilst celebrating their 1st birthday, so what about a lovely Skibz bib. The 7 new designs will guarantee your tot stays stylish throughout the year. Prince George would love the London design! Price: £10.00 www.skibz.co.uk

TUMTUM Tiny Dining Set Tots will be so excited to enjoy their party food on their TUMTUM Tiny dining set. The plate and the bowl set have been designed to make eating easier and fun too. Innovative ‘scooping corners’ make it easier to load food onto forks, non-slip bases and the simple exterior means they look great on the table too. The cute characters inside also encourage tots to eat everything up in order to find them!

Price: £15.00 www.tumtumtots.com

Frugi Clothes Every one year old needs to look the bee’s knees on their first birthday! We love these party pieces from award-winning children’s wear brand Frugi. Made from organic cotton, they are soft and very smart. Little girls will adore the ice cream and lollies dress and little lads will look just the part in the checked shirt. Price: Dress £26, Shirt £20


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Competition This is a collection of our very favourite travel toys from Take Me Away Toys that we think all families should have. The items appeal to a wide range of ages and are all interesting and cool which is what you need to stop the chorus of ‘I’m bored’ and ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ The Super Deluxe Goody Bag has a value of £35 and contents include Rory's story cubes, Surprise Ink book, Woolly Willy game, Travel pop a pirate game, stretchy snake, scratch art set, flip top pens, maze puzzle, inflatable globe, wikkisticks modelling set, squashy smiler and no mess modelling foam. To enter this competition simply email info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk with your name and child’s age/s.

The Must-have App

As the days get longer, so too does the list of great ingredients on offer. For lots more spring recipe inspiration for your growing family, check out Annabel’s Essential Guide to Feeding Your Baby & Toddler app.

Annabel’s Family Cookbook (Ebury Press) is filled with cooking inspiration for the whole family and available to buy now.

Visit www.annabel karmel.com 74 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

With instant access to more than 200 delicious, easy-tofollow recipes, as well as a host of features including weekly planners, shopping lists, a kitchen timer, tips, and recipe videos, it’s the ultimate guide to help you shop for, prep and cook delicious food for your growing family. Download the new version from the App Store now Price: £3.99 or visit www.annabelkarmel.com

Food FASHION & Drink Mini Rodini Recipes LEARNING Development

** *

Apple Tart Tatin From ‘Complete Family Meal Planner’ Ebury Press

Cooking 35 -4 minutes


SUMMER Recipes

Annabel’s Family Cook book (Ebury Press) is filled with cooking ins piration for the whole family and availa ble to buy now. Visit www.annabelkarm el.com

Ingredients 100 g (31/2 oz) butter 100 g (31/2 oz) light brown sugar 5 Pink Lady apples, peeled, cored and thinly sliced Juice of 1/2 a lemon 300 g (11 oz) puff pastry vanilla ice cream, to serve (optional)

P reparation 15 minutes

Makes 6 portions

Not Suitable for Freezing

Method: 1. Preheat the oven to 220°C/430°F/Gas 7. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Add the sugar and stir until it starts to turn a golden brown (take it off the heat before it goes dark brown as this will be burnt and happens very quickly). Pour the caramel into a deep sandwich tin or tart tatin tin, 20 cm(8 in) in diameter. 2. Toss the apples in the lemon juice, then arrange on top of the caramel. 3. Roll out the pastry to make a circle slightly larger than the base of the tin. Place it on top of the apples, then trim off the excess pastry. Press down the sides.

4. Bake the tart tatin for 30–35 minutes, until the

pastry is golden and crisp. Turn upside down onto a plate, and serve with ice cream.

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 75

Food & drink


Salmon, Prawn and Dill Lasagne From ‘After School Meal Planner’ Ebury Press





Makes 4 portions

Method: 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas 6. Meltthe butter in a deep saucepan, add the leek and sauté over a low heat for 5–6 minutes, until softened. Add the vinegar, then stir in the flouruntil blended. Add the milk, bring to the boil, then stir until thickened. Add the lemon juice, spinach, dill and 50g (2 oz) of the Parmesan. Stir over the heat until the spinach has wilted. Season to taste. 2. Put a third of the salmon, prawns and broccoli into the base of a small ovenproof dish. Pour over a third of the sauce. Place 2 sheets of lasagne on top. Repeat, then finish with a layer of the fish mixture and sauce. Sprinkle with the remaining Parmesan, then put the lasagne in the oven for 30 minutes. Leave to stand for 5 minutes before serving.


Suitable for Freezing P reparation minutes


76 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

50 g (2 oz) butter 1 leek, finely chopped 11/2 teaspoons white winevinegar 50 g (2 oz) plain flour 600 ml (1 pint) milk 2 tablespoons lemon juice 100 g (31/2 oz) baby spinach 2 tablespoons chopped dill 80 g (3 oz) Parmesan cheese,grated salt and pepper 300 g (11 oz) salmon fllet, skinned and cut into 2 cm(3/4 in) cubes 225 g (8 oz) cooked king prawns 150 g (5 oz) broccoli, cut into small florets and blanched 4 sheets lasagne

Food & drink



Chicken Satay From ‘Annabel’s Family Cookbook’ Ebury Press

Ingredients 2 garlic cloves, peeled 1 tablespoon chopped freshroot ginger 3 tablespoons peanut butter 2 tablespoons rice winevinegar 3 tablespoons light soysauce 3 tablespoons dark brownsugar 1 small chilli, deseeded 3 tablespoons lime juice 1 small shallot salt and pepper 1 tablespoon groundnut oil 2 chicken breasts, cut into strips sweet chilli sauce, to serve

Method: 1. Put all the ingredients except the groundnut oil, chicken and sweet chilli sauce into a mini food processor, and blend until smooth. Transfer to a bowl, add the chicken and marinate for a minimum of 30 minutes, or up to 4 hours –the longer, the better. Heat the groundnut oil in a frying pan. Remove the chicken from the marinade and fry until it’s cooked through and the surface has caramelized. Alternatively, the chicken can be put on to skewers and barbecued. Serve with a dipping sauce, such as sweet chilli sauce.

Makes 2 portions

Not Suitable for Freezing

10 Cooking 10 minutes

P reparation minutes, plus


minutes marinating

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 77

Food & drink



Ingredients 85g fresh or frozen summer berries 1 small banana, peeled and cut into chunks 3 tbsp strawberry yoghurt 2 tsp clear honey 4 tbsp cold milk

Berry Burst Smoothie From ‘After School Meal Planner’ Ebury Press

Method: 1. If using frozen fruits leave them to defrost for about 20 minutes. 2. Put the banana, fruit/berries, yoghurt and honey into a blender and whiz for 1-2 minutes, until smooth. 3. Add the milk and whiz again until frothy. 4. Pour into a glass to serve.

P reparation minutes


78 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Makes 1 portions

Not suitable for freezing

Advertising - Rascals of London

‘Coolest moses basket on Earth’ allbabyadvice.com

buy now from www.mobauk.com Rascals_adNov13.pdf 1 11/18/2013 1:48:04 PM

Knowing how fussy little ones can be, Annabel’s range is developed tastes good and will, most importantly, be eaten! Available in supermarkets nationwide


Rascals of London l June 2014 - 79

Advertising - Rascals of London

Olé Kids Bo o you k Tri r al

bluebirds ballet school • Pre-school ballet (18 months+) and musical theatre (2.5 years+) • RAD Ballet Syllabus and Examinations • BDTA Tap and Modern Examinations • School Holiday Workshops • Ballet Birthday Parties TWO GREAT VENUES!

Maida Vale • Fernhead Road W9 3EA Queens Park • Salusbury Road NW6 6PA (new venue) For our class timetable visit our website www.bluebirdsballetschool.com call 07515522792 or email bluebirdsballetschool@gmail.com

80 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Spanish classes for children and parents Ages from 8 months to 18 years. Bilingual and beginners.

✩Group classes across London ✩Spanish in Nurseries

✩Private classes at home ✩After School Clubs

✩ Birthday parties with a latin ßavour ✩ Weekend workshops at Iberica while you eat Let us know what your Spanish language needs are and we can create that space. Our teachers are qualiÞed native Spanish speaking teachers. CRB checked and great with children. Also Adult private classes available. Contact us for more information

Telephone : 020 7386 0376 Mobile: 07734900221 Email : info@olekids.com www.olekids.com

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Fired Treasures Summer Holiday Camp Join us during the Summer Holiday for some creative Art Camps to keep the kids happy and creative. We will be doing a variety of different projects each day from making pottery, pottery painting, fabric design and tie-dye, Decopatch, Foam Clay and many other crafty arty activities. Places are limited so book your child’s place with us as soon as possible. The camps will run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.30am to 4pm for kids age 5+. For kids age 3 and 4yrs we will run a 2 hour camp every Tuesday from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Week 1: 21st, 23rd and 25th July Week 2: 28th, 30th July and 1st Aug Week 3: 4th, 6th and 8th Aug Week 4: 11th, 14th and 15th Aug 3 and 4yrs: Tuesday 22nd July, 29th July, 5th Aug and 12th Aug - Snack and drink included, pack lunch required. £35 per child per day Tuesday 3 and 4yrs. Snack and drink included £20 per session (10% off sibling) If you book all 3 days per week you will get 10% off

For More info call Ruth on 0208 371 6709 www.firedtreasures.co.uk

Softplay • Playframe Padded Baby & Toddler Areas Video Games • Disco • Café Baby & Toddler Classes

Check out our Summer Camps for 4-10yr olds in July & August Birthday Parties Laser Tag Parties Make a Bear Parties

Wimbledon Putney

42 Station Rd 68–70 Putney High St Merton, SW19 2LP London, SW15 1SF

Tel. 0203 4755 268


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Clubs & Classes Maggie & Rose

The members club for families classes for your mini Mozart, juvenile Jamie Oliver or pint-sized Picasso. From 6 months to 9 years, Maggie & Rose classes are lovingly designed by brilliant teachers to recognise talent and cultivate creativity. Vibrant entertainers, exciting activities and yummy, fresh organic food: all the ingredients your child could wish for but without the mess or bother of doing it yourself. Where: 58 Pembroke Road, Kensington. Tel: 0207 371 2200 www.maggieandrose.com


Totstars have developed a unique and innovative method of enhancing children’s cognitive, social and physical development through sport. They use fun and action packed games to challenge and keep children enthused as they learn. They focus on awareness, numeracy, teamwork & sharing. Providing young children an opportunity through the use of fun, action packed games and drills to engage in football and to teach them basic early learning. Where: Saturday Sessions - Streatham, Wallington/Hackbridge, Croydon. Tel: 07540 932 356 www.totstarsuk.com

82 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

The Creation Station

Creation Station aims to inspire creative thinking at an early age in a safe and nurturing environment; to stimulate children’s development in thinking and problem solving using art, craft, music and movement. Where: Harrow, Finchley, Dulwich and Wimbledon. Tel: 08448 549 096 www.thecreationstation.co.uk


An award-winning baby ballet Song and Dance Academy with an exciting educational movement to music programme.

Apples & Pears

Get going with Apples & Pears! Apples & Pears, operated by Mytime Active, is Camden’s free service for all the family to get you on your way to a healthier weight. We’ve got loads of classes to suit your lifestyle and interests, to help get you active and eating right. Apples & Pears is all about making exercise and good eating a fun part of your everyday routine, with like-minded people and friendly staff. There’s something to suit everyone at Apples & Pears. Whatever your age or shape, we’ll get you fitter – for free! Email: applesandpears@nhs.net Tel: 020 3688 1710 www.applesandpearscamden.co.uk www.mytimeactive.co.uk

Theatrebugs Theatrebugs carefully designs each adventure to ignite your child’s imagination and allow their confidence to bloom! They offer exciting new extracurricular activities in nurseries, schools, parties or shows. Helping your child with improved concentration, enriched vocabulary, increased selfconfidence and much, much more! But most of all, they will have so much fun!

Designed to encourage babies and young children to enjoy the joys of song and dance, baby ballet has built up a fantastic reputation for providing children with the opportunity to express themselves within a fun, safe and caring environment. Where: Wimbledon, Putney, Hamstead, Highgate, Greenwich, Bromley, Dartford and Bexley. Tel: 01422 329 471 www.babyballet.co.uk

Where: All areas across London. Tel: 0800 975 5290 www.theatrebugs.co.uk

To appear in our Clubs & Classes section contact us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk

Pineapple Performing Arts School

Pineapple offers a warm and friendly environment for students to learn a variety of professional, disciplined performing arts subjects such as singing (musical theatre) dancing (street dance) and drama, and is a great place to meet new people and build confidence, whilst developing performing arts skills.

Baby Sensory Sensory Play, Baby and Child Development. Baby Sensory classes offer a musical world full of exciting sensory experiences for parents and babies from light shows to bubbles, bells, rainbows, puppets, signing, games, baby whispering & bonding activities.

Art at Kite Studio

Mozo Island After School

Sing pop songs and jam in a band! Big Kid’s Band Intermediate/ Advanced Group. Ukulele, Guitar, Keyboard and Recorder with Singing. Age 8 - 10, Every Monday 4.45 - 5.35 Beginner’s Club Introduction to - Recorder, Ukulele, Guitar, Singing, Drumming and Art (inc. free recorder) Age 5-10, Every Monday 3.45 - 4.35 Both Clubs £9. Per session. Book Now for Jan 2014, Quote: Rascals, to get first session FREE!!

All of their tutors are widely recognised industry professionals, and have lots of teaching experience. Where: 7 Langley Street, Covent Garden Tel: 020 8351 8839 www.pineapplearts.com

Clubs & Classes

Where: All London areas Tel: 07545 247 963 www.babysensory.com

Diddi Dance

Where: Ritz Music Shop, Sheen Rd, Richmond. Email: mozoisland@gmail.com mozoislandmusicschool.blogspot.co.uk Tel: 01582 766 464 www.monkeymusic.co.uk

Twisters Gym and Dance Twisters welcome children of all abilities and offer stimulating and fun classes for 6 months to young teens. Classes include: Twisters 1 & 2, Gymkids, Gymnastics, Ballet, Street Jazz, Tap, Dance, Drama and Art.

A creative oasis in Shepherds Bush. Founded more than six years ago to provide quality art education for children. Their aim is to make art accessible to everyone, irrespective of income, ability or age, including the early years and children with additional needs, and to involve parents in the creative learning process. They also offer bespoke workshops at beautiful premises in Kemerton, Gloucestershire, where you can book self-catering cottages or come for a day trip. Where: 2b Bassein Park, Road, Shepherds Bush. Tel: 020 8576 6278 www.kitestudios.org

At Diddi Dance they realise and encourage endless enthusiasm and energy in an action packed, full of fun 45 minute dance class. Using various dancing games and exercises, bells, hoops and dance ribbons to their own funky pop songs so your little one not only improves their rhythm and co-ordination but also their social and gross motor skills. Classes are ideally suited for both boys and girls between 2-4 years old, however they have had children as young as 16 months. Where: All areas across London. Tel: 07973 982 790 www.diddidance.com

Where: Ealing: St.John’s Church, Mattock Lane, Elthorne Sports Centre, Westlea Road, St.Thomas’s Church Hall, Boston Road. Chiswick: St Peter’s Church, Southfield Road. Tel: 020 8933 9997 www.twisters.org.uk

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Clubs & Classes Water Babies

Play Yoga Baby Yoga Classes, Baby Massage & Baby Weaning Classes in North London. Eat Play Grow aims to inspire positive development in the early years that will build the foundations which last a lifetime.

Water Babies is the UK’s leading baby swim school, teaching a core skill to hundreds of babies & children every week. The courses are very different to traditional swimming lessons. For a start, because they only use warm water pools, babies can join them from birth. And while the emphasis is on having fun, their course is carefully structured, with progressive lesson plans for each week.

Where: North London. Tel: 07831 941 419 www.eatplay grow.co.uk

Providing a variety of different activities with the essential stimulation that babies to five year olds need. It is well structured in a nursery-like setting where the children can explore, dress up, build, and create with art and craft materials. They finish the class with ‘music time’ where they use the puppet theatre to help with letter, number, shape and colour recognition. Where: Harrow & Pinner, Ruislip & Chiswick. Tel: 0845 519 7882 www.creativefunfactory.co.uk

84 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Join Pippa Panda and get musical with these action-packed 40 minute classes! With songs and teaching curriculum written by award-winning composer Pippa Cleary, this unique programme brings parents, carers and children together through fun and interactive learning. Where: St Columba’s Church vestry, 30 Warwick Square, Pimlico. Beaufort House, 354 Kings Road, Chelsea. St Columba’s Church, Pont Street, Knightsbridge. Tel: 020 7193 3920 www.pippaspoppets.co.uk

Where: All London areas. Tel: 01404 548 348 www.waterbabies.co.uk

Creative Fun Factory

Pippa’s Poppets Music & Movement Classes

The Spanish Machine

TinyTalk Half an hour of lively, interactive singing with signing. They teach about six core signs each week, with lots more signs being used in the songs. Every third week is a revision week, with a signed story book too! The second half hour is playtime for the babies and social time for the adults.

Spanish tuition for children of all ages throughout London from those as young as 3 years old right through to GCSE and AS/A level. We can arrange for a qualified tutor to teach your children at your home either individually or in a group with friends which makes the lesson even more fun and interactive. Tutors will use a range of materials including games and music to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible. Where: Various locations. Tel: 0845 094 1866 www.thespanishmachine.co.uk

Where: St Augustine’s Avenue, South Croydon & Woodside, Baptist Church, Spring Lane, South Norwood. Tel: 07594 557 846 www.tinytalk.co.uk

To appear in our Clubs & Classes section contact us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk

Central London Fencing Club

Karoon Taekwondo Academy

Clubs & Classes Technokids At our computer clubs children improve their skills, develop confidence and engage in interactive learning - all in a social context.

Children learn how to hold a weapon, footwork, bladework, how to attack, how to defend, fencing tactics and international rules. All children take part in ‘electric’ fencing as soon as possible.

We bring a suite of the latest laptops or iPads into school and teach a variety of courses using the best educational software and Apps available. We aim to expand upon the ICT units that children learn in school - but it’s got to be fun!

All of our coaches working with children have DBS clearance, and the children are supervised at all times. We have dedicated coaches who supervise the children and offer individual advice on how to improve their performance.

Karoon Taekwondo Academy’s programs for kids teaches your children the skills they need to be successful! In our martial arts programs, your children learn valuable lessons in self-defence and self-discipline, giving them the confidence that helps keep them safe and excel in school in a safe, fun environment in which children can develop good quality skills.

Where: Flat 2, 7 Hide Place, London SW1P 4HD. Tel: 0776 662 3507 www.centrallondonfencingclub.com

Where: 262 Holloway Road, London, Islington N7 6NE. Tel: 020 7700 3680 www.karoontaekwondo.com

Where: Various locations. Tel: 020 8977 6768 www.technokids.co.uk

Club Petit Pierrot

London Academy of Gymnastics & Dance

Richard Weekes Chess Academy

Fun French For Children. Established in 1993, Club Petit Pierrot is London’s Premier French club and offers many fun and stimulating classes across London. There are Parent & Toddler groups from 8 months old (learning together) and drop-off classes for older children. These lessons will give your child a wonderful headstart in French. They also offer private tuition at your home, whether for a single child or a mini-group, and they teach their innovative programme in many prestigious schools across London. Small groups, excellent results, dynamic native French teachers (all CRB checked), all levels. Highly recommended by BBC, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express & Time Out. FREE trial lesson for all new children.

Whilst working on strength, flexibility and endurance. Our little ones have a lot of fun and our approach is imaginative, playful and has clear developmental goals.

Where: Many venues across London. Tel: 020 7385 5565 Email: admincpp@btconnect.com www.clubpetitpierrot.co.uk

Where: Muswell Hill Centre, Hillfield Park, London N10 3QJ. Tel: 07881 848 884 www.lagad.co.uk

The Richard Weekes Chess Academy provides chess lessons in schools and junior clubs for children and young people who are interested in learning how to play chess. Evidence shows how children who learn chess perform better in school, have improved calculating ability, are more imaginative, creative, and self-motivated. Chess challenges the minds of both girls & boys and it’s a fun game that all children can play. Where: Various locations in South East London. Tel: 07538 035896 www.chessforchildren.influencer.biz

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ON Keeping the whole family entertained this Summer


Camden, Islington, City of Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, City of London

Cirque Du Soleil O2

June 4th - 8th

Back in town with another fantastic show, these London performances are set to be just as brilliant as the previous ones, so get hold of Cirque Du Soleil O2 Tickets for Dralion now. Where: The O2 www.theo2.co.uk

Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain Part 2 Live on Stage

August 3rd - 31st

Watch out London! Battling Boudicca is back in the city! Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain Part Two! returns to The Garrick Theatre for a summer season Two millennia after she attacked the Roman city of Londinium, Queen Boudicca is poised to make another assault on the capital and reduce its citizens to helplessness - this time with laughter! Battling Boudicca is one of many historical characters who come to life on the Garrick stage when BSC’s record-breaking show Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain Part Two! returns to London’s West End for a summer season. Lining up to entertain you with gory and hilarious facts are Britain’s best, including Scottish independent William Wallace, evil Elizabeth, dastardly Dick Turpin and that party animal, groovy Queen Victoria.

Greenwich & Docklands International Festival 2014

June 20th - 28th

It’s history with the nasty bits left in!

GDIF 2014 returns with a packed programme featuring the best of UK and international outdoor arts. Upholding its reputation for delivering spectacular, thought-provoking and free events, this year transports you to unusual settings including a giant head, an island of sand, a larger-than-life house and even a flying ship..

Where: Garrick Theatre, 2 Charing Cross Road., WC2H 0HH. www.nimaxtheatres.com

Where: Canary Wharf, Tower Hamlets, E14. www.festival.org

86 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

What´s ON



Sensational Butterflies

Until September 14th

The Natural History Museum’s butterfly house returns for a sixth year in 2014 to a specially constructed tropical enclosure on the Museum’s east lawn. Visitors can come faceto-face with tropical butterflies, including the swallowtail, blue morpho, the moon moth and many others originating from Africa, South East Asia and North and South America, and take part in games, activities and challenges that teach more about the sensory world of the fluttering creatures. Where: Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD. www.nhm.ac.uk

Barclaycard British Summer Time

July 4th - 13th

Festival Of Colour

June 28th

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park hosts 2014’s Holi-inspired Festival of Colours and looks set to help revivify the feel-good vibe that permeated east London during the 2012 London Games. What you get is live bands and DJs plus booze plus licence to pelt your mates and complete strangers with coloured powder. Last year’s event took place at Battersea Power station, there the fun took place on concrete while at The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park there will be soft green grass underfoot.. Where: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. www.holifestival.com

This summer, Hyde Park is hosting an exciting programme of music and entertainment at Barclaycard British Summer Time. Arcade Fire, Black Sabbath, The Libertines, McBusted, Neil Young & Crazy Horse and Tom Jones are set to play headline sets. Where: Hyde Park. www.bst-hydepark.com

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What´s ON




Camden, Islington, City of Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, City of London

Lollibop Festival

August 15th, 16th and 17th

Wild Sleepover in the City

August 9th & 10th

Glastonbury for the under-12s, the LolliBop Festival - “the big bash for little people” - returns for another packed weekend in 2014, this time taking place at the grand Hatfield House in Hertfordshire (a 20 minute train journey from London King Cross). The festival is renowned for welcoming some of the biggest names in children’s entertainment to its live stages and this year is sure to be no different. The festival organisers are promising it will be “more diverse, exciting and extraordinary than ever before”. As well as the live acts, there will be a number of sporting activities, creative workshops, nature talks and new areas to explore. Where: Hatfield House, Great North Road, Newham, Hatfield. www.lollibopfestival.co.uk

Growing up in London doesn’t mean you can’t be outdoors-y, and this camping expedition to the wild meadows of Morden Hall Park will be a treat for kids (and their parents) who can’t get enough of the countryside. An afternoon of nature activities will be followed by a night walk, then stories and toasted marshmallows by the campfire. Tea, dinner and breakfast are provided, but adventurers should bring all their own camping gear, including walking boots. Where: Morden Hall Park, Morden Hall Rd, Morden. www.nationaltrust.org.uk

88 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Roller Disco Family Jam

Until July 1st

Children aged 5 - 14 can join in the fun and get their skates on at Roller Disco Family Jam, at the weekly event hosted by the Renaissance Rooms. Great music and a brilliant atmosphere makes for a perfect day out at Roller Disco. Family Jam is aimed at kids and teens aged 5 - 14, but parents can have a go as well, so even if you are a bit wobbly on your wheels head out onto the dance floor with the young’uns and get moving to all the disco music. Where: Renaissance Rooms, Miles Street, Vauxhall, London, SW8 1RZ. www.rollerdisco.com

What´s ON



Grand Medieval Joust

June 21st & 22nd

See sparks fly and feel the heat of the contest as magnificent knights on horseback clash at Medieval England’s greatest event. Cheer on your favourite in this thundering battle of bravery and honour and be entertained by the naughty court jester for plenty of laughs too.

The Elephantom

June 30th - September 6th

Soak up the sights, sounds and smells of medieval encampments as our knights’ supporters set up camp, cook on open fires and live life as it was 600 years ago. There’ll be music, dance, falconry and medieval games to play.

Magical entertainment for young and old, The Elephantom is a wonderfully inventive mix of puppetry, movement, dance, music – and theatrical ingenuity. This adaptation of Collins’ picture book about the little girl who is unexpectedly visited by a big blue elephant, is the perfect summer treat for all the family.

Plus, budding young knights can test their bravery in our knight’s training school and battle drills.

We have an Elephantom. He turned up on a Tuesday, just after tea-time....... Where: New London Theatre, Drury Lane, WC2B 5PW. www.nationaltheatre.org.uk

Where: Eltham Palace and Gardens. www.english-heritage.org.uk

Secret Agents Academy for Spies

February 15th - August 31st Kids will be given the chance to test their sleuth detective skills this half term at the Secret Agents Academy for Spies. The evil Dr Iscove has used the good professor Irene Bop’s mastermind to create a treasure teleporting machine, and is planning to use it to steal the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London! Through master surveillance techniques, unlocking codes and dodging laser beams, kids must try and stop him. Are your little ones brave enough to enter this labyrinth of adventures?. Where: Discover Children’s Story Centre, Stratford, London E15 4QZ. www.discover.org.uk

October 26th - November 3rd BIG Hairy Bug draw!

The Big Hairy Bug Draw is back at ZSL London Zoo for Halloween half term! Big hairy bug draw 2011. The Big Draw at ZSL London Zoo is a drawing competition for children of all ages and is run in collaboration with Cool it Schools and Great Art. The competition itself is free to enter and takes place in our BUGS! House. Where: ZSL London Zoo, Regents park. Tel: 020 7722 3333 www.zsl.org

In theOctober Night 26th Garden Live 3rd - November

Boo at Until July 5ththe Zoo

There will be some very spooky goings on at London In The Night Garden’ is a classic, up there with ‘The Magic Roundabout’, Zoo this Halloween. During half term the zoo will ‘Chorlton and the Wheelies’ and ‘Bod’. At the live show you are greeted by come creeping to life with Halloween themed events, the HaaHoos (huge full-size bouncy things) before venturing into a pristine animal demonstrations and hands on activities led by white inflatable tent where the atmosphere is cocooned and cosy, though their Grim Keepers. it’s not small. They’ve clearly spent a lot of time at Night Garden HQ Where: Zoo, Regents thinking about howZSL the London show translates on to park. the stage and they’ve opted Tel: 020 7722 3333 to have two versions of each character – one full size and one a small www.zsl.org puppet brilliantly controlled by puppeteers.. Where: The O2. www.nightgardenlive.com

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 89

Rascals Emporium

Create a stunning piece of art from your finger or handprints. Choose from canvas, perspex or glass as your finished artwork. Ideal gifts for Christmas.

www.fingerprintart.me.uk fingerprintjac@yahoo.co.uk Facebook - Fingerprint Art

Private Private Caesarean Caesarean Sections at University University College College London Hospitals We Weknow knowthat thathaving havingaababy babyisisone oneof ofthe themost most exciting excitingmoments momentsofofanyone’s anyone’slife lifeand andthat’s that’swhy why we weare aredelighted delightedyou youare areconsidering consideringhaving havingyour your baby babywith withus. us.IfIfyou youwould wouldlike liketotogive givebirth birthvia viaaa private Caesarean Section we will do everything private Caesarean Section we will do everything we wecan cantotooffer offerthe thebest bestprivate privatecare careexperience experience possible. possible. The TheFitzrovia FitzroviaSuite Suitebrings bringstogether togetherluxurious luxuriousand and peaceful peacefulsurroundings, surroundings,world worldclass classdoctors doctorsand and midwives midwivesand andall allthe thereassurance reassuranceofofthe theextensive extensive facilities facilitiesofofthe thebest bestNHS NHSTrust TrustininLondon. London.

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We know that having a baby is one of the most exciting moments of anyone’s life and that’s why we are delighted you are considering having your baby with us. If you would like to give birth via a private Caesarean Section we will do everything we can to offer the best private care experience possible.

You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk or call: 020 3447 8353

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needs with us directly prior to booking, arrange a tour of the Suite, or book your private Caesarean Section, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you. 09/10/2012 15:56

Private Caesarean Sections at University College London Hospitals

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You can reach us via email at You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk or call: 020 3447 8353 or call: 020 3447 8353

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The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and peaceful surroundings,

09/10/2012 15:56

If you would like to discuss your particular needs with us directly prior to booking, arrange a tour of the Suite, or book your private Caesarean 09/10/2012 Section, Maternity poster A4.indd 1 15:56 please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be Maternity poster A4.indd 1 09/10/2012 15:56 delighted to hear from you.

Take a peek and shop with confidence on our secure website

www.roobubandcustard.co.uk To keep up to date with our latest news and offers, why not become a friend on Facebook /RoobubandCustard and Twitter @RoobubCustard

You can reach us via email at You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk or call: 020 3447 8353 or call: 020 3447 8353

09/10/2012 15:56

09/10/2012 09/10/2012 15:56 15:56

The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and peaceful surroundings, world class doctors and midwives and all the reassurance of the extensive facilities of the best NHS Trust in London.

We sell original, beautifully crafted toys and amazing prints for babies and children from ethical and sustainable sources, that you will not typically find on the high street.

The NICE Guidelines (National Institute for Clinical You can reach via email at Excellence) andusRCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk & Gyaenecologists) recommend: Any change to regular or call: 020 3447 8353 foetal movements should be reported to your healthcare provider immediately for further assessment. Awareness Saves Lives! 09/10/2012 15:56 09/10/2012 15:56

for your FREE Antenatal Note sticker please visit: Maternity poster A4.indd 1


90 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

09/10/2012 15:56


24/09/2012 18:55 Page 1 Rascals Emporium

Scoot Starz ad_Layout 1 To appear in this Emporium contact us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk

Scoot Starz are brightly coloured, motion-sensitive lights to make your scooter sparkle. Just slot into the wheels of your Micro scooter and you are off!

Just£6.99 £8.99 a pack, Just forfor a pack, with free P&P with free P&P A perfect stocking filler!

To purchase your Scoot Starz, please visit www.scootnpull.co.uk

Scoot n Pull adjusted.indd 1

Matching shirts for father and son Also available custom-made and with a hand-embroidered message From Zurich with Love

www. asimplehug.com

Chemises assorties pour père et fils ®

for families in the know

14/07/2013 13:56

Wednesdays commencing July 6th 10:30 - 11:30 Mother and Baby class 11:45 - 12:45 Pregnancy class £10 adv £12 drop-in West London Tots @ The Alice House, Queens Park, NW6 6NJ info@yoga-babies.co.uk


photography by Ness Sherry

...tired of the high street?

...discover cool, chic & unique brands for your little rascals, all under one virtual roof.


Rascals of London l June 2014 - 91

Rascals Emporium We are Warm Worms we live in the earth, we love our planet what’s it worth? Protect our forests, save our seas by turning down a few degrees. Warm Worms are the world’s first long hotties. The perfect stocking filler. Available from 6th December, £44.

er: Reader Off

livery FREE deth Dec. until 20 e: Promo cod cals* yuyuras our *Use on website

Finally you can have something that wraps around your neck and tummy. Fill YUYU up with just one kettle and own the hottest best friend in town TODAY. View our other luxury collections on: www.yuyubottle.com

A 1stFone for your child. The 1stFone is the little phone that let’s your child talk to the people they need and that’s it! Peace of mind for you and a first phone for your child. Go online to order your 1stFone at www.myownfone.com

Plant a seed... Watch it grow... At dramabuds they specialise in early years drama exclusively for children aged 2 – 7 years. Their carefully crafted story adventures are planned to excite, engage and enthral your child.

your child to bloom as a creative thinker, to problem solve and write creatively at school.

Their classes create a positive fun environment for your child to naturally grow and blossom in confidence. Whilst their stories ignite young imaginations helping

Clare Breheny Photography www.clarebrehenyphotography.com clare@clarebrehenyphotography.com +44 (0)7973 753626

92 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

To appear in this Emporium contact us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk


Fun and inspirational toys and games

Rascals Emporium Indoor Activity Playground & Family CafĂŠ

for newborns and up...

020 8960 1515 www.bramleysbig.co.uk Email: enquiries@bramleysbig.co.uk

136 Bramley Road, London W10 6TJ

106 Grove Vale, East Dulwich SE22 18 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill SE24 8b Balham Hill, Clapham South SW12

Fingerprint Art takes a finger or handprint and creates a truly unique piece of art, from a wide palette of designs and colours that can suit your dĂŠcor and taste. For little ones under two a handprint is used, combine fingerprints with handprints using siblings, parents and even grandparents. A truly thoughtful gift for a loved one at Christmas. Please email fingerprintjac@ yahoo.co.uk, visit the website www.fingerprintart.me.uk or Facebook Fingerprint Art to see a range of ideas.

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 93

Directory & Services Camps   Active Sport            

Kids Summer camps, sports camps, activity camps & adventure camps for children aged 5-12 Tel: 0115 973 1676 www.activesport.co.uk

Allsorts Drama

Photography Jonathan Markson Tennis

Time 4 Mums

Beez Kneez

Tel: 020 7603 2422 www.marksontennis.com

Tel: 07753 533 577 www.timeformums.com

Tel: 020 8354 1583 www.beez-kneez.co.uk

Kids Theatre Week

Bravo Post

Tel: 020 7557 6799 www.solt.co.uk

Tel: 020 7287 7811 www.bravopost.co.uk

  Little Actors Summer   School

  Clare Breheny

Tel: 01263 823 000 www.campbeaumont.co.uk


  Crazee Kids

Little Kickers

Tel: 020 8969 3249 www.allsortsdrama.com

Camp Beaumont


Crazee Kids runs regular termtime courses and themed summer workshops for children aged from 3 to 10, in London. Tel: 020 8444 5333 www.crazeekids.co.uk

Creative Wiz Kids Tel: 020 7794 6797 www.creativewizkids.com

Cross Keys Tel: 020 8371 9686 www.xkeys.co.uk

  Fit For Sport Ltd                  

We pride ourselves on our 20 year reputation for ENGAGING and EDUCATING children through activity! Your child’s experience at camp will be one they will always remember!! Tel: 0845 456 3233 www.fitforsport.co.uk

FZY Tel: 020 8201 6661 www.fzy.org.uk

Let Me Play Tel: 020 8735 5379 www.letmeplay.co.uk

Jewellery Summer School Tel: 020 3176 0546 www.londonjewellery school.co.uk

Mill on the Brue Tel: 01749 812 307 www.millonthebrue.co.uk


Little Actors Theatre Company specialises in performing arts activities for children and young people. Tel: 0800 389 6184 www.littleactorstheatre.com

Tel: 01932 429 602 www.littlekickers.co.uk

London Childrens Ballet Tel: 020 8969 1555 www.londonchildrens ballet.com

Music Makers Tel: 01425 654 819 www.musicmakers.co.uk

  Stage Coach                

At Stagecoach we teach children and teenagers how to sing, dance and act, not only to perform on stage and beyond, but more importantly to perform better in life. Tel: 01932 254 333 www.stagecoach.co.uk


London photographer of maternity photography, baby photography, child photography, family photography, wedding photography and boudoir photography. Tel: 07973 753 636 www.clarebreheny photography.com

Garnham Photography Tel: 07711 941 208 www.garnham photography.co.uk


Little Lookers Photography is a relaxed and contemporary company specialising in bumps, baby, children and family photography. Our mobile studio can easily be brought to you, so you can enjoy your photo shoot in the comfort of your own home. We also do nursery and pre-school photography, taking a range of natural poses of your children. Tel: 07793 953 610


Tel: 01235 832 222 www.supercamps.co.uk

Tel: 020 7434 1466


Providing after School Clubs and Holiday Clubs for 3- 13 years old children. Our customers are predominantly working parents. Tel: 020 8201 7072 www.daysmadeeasier.com

Allsorts Drama Tel: 020 8969 3249 www.allsortsdrama.com

All4kids Tel: 07876 254 691 www.all4kidslondon.co.uk

94 - June 2014 l Rascals of London


Egoist Body Studios is a boutique fitness studio offering a wide range of small group yoga & pilates classes. Tel: 07850 927 523 www.egoistbody.com

Good Vibes Tel: 020 7240 6111 www.goodvibesfitness.co.uk

  Light Centre Belgravia        

The Light Centre is London’s leading natural health centre, offering everything you need to create excellent health.   Tel: 020 7881 0728   www.lightcentre   belgravia.co.uk

  Little Lookers

Super Camps

  Days Made Easier

  Egoist Body Studios

     Magic Rainbow              

Beautiful Newborn , Baby and Family Photography in London. Personalised boutique photography experience. Tel: 07946 380 581 www.magicrainbow photography.com

Murphy James Tel: 020 7278 4770 www.jamesmurphyphoto.com

Silverprint Tel: 020 7620 0844 www.silverprint.co.uk

Mama Sambo Tel: 020 354 1583

Me and My Baby Clinic Tel: 020 7751 4170 www.lisabarnwell.co.uk

The Life Centre Tel: 020 7221 4602 www.thelifecentre.com

Triyoga Tel: 020 483 3344 www.triyoga.co.uk

Yoga & Pilates London Tel: 020 7735 2177 www.nordicbalance.co.uk

Baby Massage and Yoga Tel: 07582 069 378 www.babymassageandyoga.co.uk


Welcome to Yoga4Birth, the one-stop place for classes, workshops and therapies to support pregnancy, birth & beyond in a conscious and inspiring way! Tel: 020 8923 6452 yoga4birth.co.uk

Mum-me-time Tel: 07981 456 470 www.mum-me-time.co.uk

Directory & Services Health Centres



Waterloo Health Center

Birth Hypnosis

Blooming Bump

Tel: 020 7928 4049 www.waterloohealthcentre. gpsurgery.net

Tel: 07747 075 340 www.birthhypnosis.net

Email: info@bloomingbump.com Tel: 020 7731 4706 www.bloomingbump.com www.mimmo.co.uk

Birdhurst Medical Practice

Tel: 020 8875 1065 www.new.cupcakemum.com

Tel: 020 8686 2070 www.birdhurstmedicalpractice.co.uk


Bloomsbury Street Surgery

   Gas & Air

Tel: 020 7837 8559 www.bloomsburysurgery.nhs.uk


  Victoria Medical Center                  

It is the largest and oldest General Practice Surgery in the area and offers a wide range of services from a purpose built, state-of-the art premises conveniently situated in the heart of Pimlico. Tel: 020 7834 2298 www.victoriamedicalcentre.com

St James Medical Center Tel: 020 8684 5353 www.stjamesmedicalcentre.co.uk

Killick Street Health Centre Tel: 020 7833 9939 www.killickstreet.co.uk

Mitchison Road Surgery Tel: 020 7226 6016 www.mitchisonroadsurgery.nhs.uk

    The London General   Practice                  

Based in the Harley Street area of London providing patients with a comprehensive range of excellent private health care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Tel: 020 7935 1000 www.thelondongeneral practice.com

Our aim is to host sessions that do not feel like traditional antenatal classes but are women-led, enabling them to learn about their pregnancies, allay their fears, grow in confidence towards the birth and enjoy the magical journey to parenthood. Tel: 07974 253 461 www.gasandair.net

  Gilly Keith Antenatal   Classes                  

The classes are unashamedly different. They are held in my home, sitting on comfy sofas with refreshments to hand – and there’s no bias or jargon or role play. Tel: 07968 566 396 www.antenatalclassl ondon.co.uk

Inspiring Births Tel: 07775 425 301 www.inspiringbirths.com

Mybabyclass Tel: 07812 604 405 www.mybabyclass.com

Portland Hospital Tel: 020 7580 4400 www.theportlandhospital.com

  Babyconfidence CityDoc Tel: 020 7256 8668 www.moorgatemd.co.uk

Dover House Surgery Tel: 020 8807 1888 www.nhs.uk

The James Wigg Practice Tel: 020 3317 2000 www.jameswigg.co.uk

Clein Dr Lewis Tel: 020 7580 8356 www.thomsonlocal.com


New Baby Company is run by midwife Vicki Scott and offers comprehensive antenatal courses to help prepare mothers to be and their partners for the exciting weeks and months ahead. Tel: 020 8785 3528 www.newbabycompany.com

Birth & Baby - Sofie Jacobs Tel: 07960 606 863 www.sofiejacobs.com


Mother Care


Biff is a family run business established in 1993. We aim to dress children from head to toe, offering an incredible variety. You name it, we might well stock it. Tel: 020 82 99 0911 www.biffkids.com

Blue Daisy Tel: 020 7681 4144 www.blue-daisy.com


Tel: 020 7581 5764 www.mothercare.com

   Mummy & Little Me                  

A gorgeous collection of maternity wear, maternity lingerie & nursing underwear, baby changing bags, baby clothes, maternity nightwear and Bugaboo Prams as well as beautiful gifts for mum and baby. Tel: 01522 548 811 www.mummyandlittleme.co.uk

Oh Baby London

Tel: 020 7409 2982 www.boots.com

Tel: 020 7247 4949 www.ohbabylondon.com

Bonpoint Tel: 020 7792 2515 www.bonpoint.com

Pom D Api


Please Mum


Tel: 020 7486 1380 www.please-mum.co.uk

Tel: 020 7243 0535 www.pomdapi.fr

Shop caramel’s unique looks styled by designers, complete with fine knits, exclusive print dresses and playful toys and accessories. Tel: 020 7589 7001 www.caramel-shop.co.uk

  Early Learning Centre Tel: 020 7581 5764 www.elc.co.uk

Easy 2 Name Tel: 01635 298 326 www.easy2name.com

Just Williams Toys Tel: 020 3538 6798 www.justwilliamstoys.com

  Marie-Chatal Offering fun, fresh and modern designer clothing for babies and children up to age 12. Tel: 020 7838 1111 www.mariechantal.co.uk

Tel: 020 8653 6635 www.mushkids.co.uk

Roobub & Custard Tel: 07796 451 513 www.roobubandcustard.co.uk


Tel: 0871 704 1977 www.hamleys.com

Mush Kids

Tel: 020 7590 7990 www.ralphlauren.co.uk

  Pares Footwear



Ralph Lauren

Parés Footwear is an independent footwear retailer in the UK. We have been established for 25 years and currently operate four stores in Blackheath Village in London, Sidcup in Kent and newly opened Cockfosters in Barnet. Tel: 020 8297 0785 www.paresfootwear.co.uk

  Small Print                

The original fingerprint jewellery keepsake company captures your child’s fingerprints, hand and footprints, writing and drawings in unique silver keepsakes. Tel: 020 8567 7871 www.smallprint.com

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 95

Directory & Services Private schools


Bassett House Club Petit Pierrot

  Culture Kids

Where: Various locations Tel: 020 7385 5565 www.clubpetitpierrot.uk.com


SYC Yoga Tel: 020 8968 1900 www.specialyoga.org.uk

Baby Sensory Tel: 07834 170 485

     Boogie Babies                  

Boogie Babies is a weekly interactive music group where mothers, grandparents and nannies enjoy listening and participating in familiar nursery rhymes and songs with their little ones. Tel: 07960 498 208 www.boogiebabies.co.uk

Bright Sparks Tel: 020 3194 3178

Buzy Beez Tel: 07903 813 618 www.buzybeez.co.uk

  Catch a Ball              

Catch-a-balls provides the framework to learn a fundamental life skill; ball skills, oh and we have lots of fun doing it! Tel: 020 8398 3034 www.catch-a-balls.co.uk

Lucy Sparkles Tel: 07903 913 429 www.lucysparkles.com

Chatterbabies Tel: 07801 151 968

Messy play, Sensory play, music, cooking and art classes with a difference, throughout London, for babies, toddlers and children. From 4 weeks to 6 years. Tel: 07818 440 771 www.culture-kids.com

Dance Stars Tel: 07753 748 819 www.dance-stars.com

   Discover - Story   Making Centre                

Discover Children’s Story Centre, London’s only children’s museum is a place where children and their families can enjoy playing, learning and making up stories together. Tel: 020 8536 5555 www.discover.org.uk

Jo Jingles Tel: 01494 778 989 www.jojingles.com


Tel: 020 8969 0313 www.bassetths.org.uk

Channing Junior School Tel: 020 8342 9862 www.channing.co.uk


In a happy and purposeful family environment, where every member of the school community is important and all are valued as individuals, Chepstow House aims to discover the best in every child and challenge them to go beyond their expectations. Tel: 020 7243 0243 www.chepstowhouse school.co.uk

Devonshire House Prep School Tel: 020 7435 1916 www.devonshirehouse school.co.uk

Dallington School Tel: 020 7251 2284 www.dallingtonschool.co.uk

Eaton House School

  Latino Bambino

Eaton Square School


Tel: 020 7931 9469 www.eatonsquareschool.com

Childrens play room

Tel: 020 7924 6000 www.eatonhouseschools.com

Falkner House Tel: 020 7373 4501 www.falknerhouse.co.uk

Francis Holland School Tel: 020 7730 2971 www.fhs-sw1.org.uk

Garden House School Tel: 020 7730 1652 www.gardenhouseschool.co.uk

Tel: 020 7639 1812

Crafty Tales Tel: 07810 596 342 www.craftytales.co.uk

Toy Library Tel: 020 7231 3755 www.lewisham.gov.uk

Footprints Playgroup Tel: 020 8305 0520

West London Tots Tel: 07939 070 773

  Monkey Music            

At Monkey Music, we know that music is fundamental to a pre-school aged child’s development. Tel: 020 8438 0189 www.monkeymusic.co.uk

Tumble Tots Tel: 01215 857 003 www.tumbletots.co.uk

96 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Tel: 020 8868 2346 www.heathfield.gdst.net

Highgate Pre-Preparatory Tel: 020 8340 9196 www.highgateschool.org.uk

Knightsbridge School   Chepstow House

Tel: 020 8445 8889 www.gokidsn20.com

Exercise, Keep fit, have fun and bond with your baby whilst dancing to Latin rhythms. Your baby stays right there with you, snuggled in a baby carrier, whilst you get some healthy exercise that has been devised to be safe and gentle for both you and your little one. Tel: 07961 838 349 www.latinobambino.co.uk

Heathfield School GDST, Pinner

  Ashton House School              

Ashton House is a small and caring school using its specialist skills to encourage children to develop, at their own pace, to their full potential. Tel: 020 8560 3902 www.ashtonhouse.com

Tel: 020 7590 9000 www.knightsbridgeschool.com

La Chouette School Tel: 07557 029 255 www.lachouetteschool.co.uk

L’Ecole Des Petits Tel: 020 7371 8350 www.lecoledespetits.co.uk

London Christian School Tel: 020 3130 6430 www.londonchristianschool.com

  Lloyd Williamson   Schools - Telford Road                      

Providing independent and progressive education in the vibrant, urban setting that is Portobello Road and Notting Hill Gate. We offer a stimulating, supportive learning environment for a diverse community of happy, confident children who are eager to learn. Tel: 020 8962 0345 www.lws.org.uk

Notting Hill Prep Tel: 020 7221 0727 www.nottinghillprep.com

The King Alfred Lower School Tel: 020 8457 5200 www.kingalfred.org.uk

  Hall School              

The Hall is one of London’s leading independent IAPS day prep schools for boys aged 4 to 13. Established in 1889 in the Belsize Park area. Tel: 020 7722 1700 www.hallschool.co.uk

Wetherby School Tel: 020 7727 9581 www.wetherbyschool.co.uk

Yesodey Hatorah School Tel: 020 8800 8612 www.learningtrust.co.uk

Directory & Services Day Nurseries

Indoor Play



Dicky Birds - Surbiton

Adventure Playzone

Rockstar Parties

Tel: 020 8642 8866 www.tinies.com

Tel: 020 8942 5779 www.dickybirds.co.uk

Tel: 020 8539 8343

Tel: 020 8767 1125 www.rockstarparties.co.uk

St Mary Magdalen Montessori Nursery School

  Dreammaker Day Nursery

Tel: 020 8878 0756

St Mary’s Summerstown Montessori Nursery School Tel: 020 8947 7359 www.stmaryssummerstown montessori.co.uk

Matilda Day Nursery Tel: 020 7480 6396 www.matildanursery.com

  Asquith Battersea Day   Nursery                  

Bright and stimulating, Battersea Day Nursery is situated in the heart of London, with the added benefits of being within walking distance of both Battersea Park and Clapham Junction Station. Tel: 01753 201 122 www.asquithnurseries.co.uk

Blooming Kidz Tel: 020 8695 9959 www.daynurseries.co.uk

  Blossoms Day Nursery              

A caring place for your child to learn and develop, grow their confidence and take part in age appropriate activities. Tel: 020 8760 0540 www.blossoms-day-nurserycroydon.co.uk

Blue House Day Nursery and Preschool


Over 20 years of outstanding childcare services in London. A family run children’s day Nursery, Pre School and Out of School Club that’s based just 5 minutes’ walk from Tower Hill and Fenchurch Street stations and 15 minutes from Liverpool Street. Tel: 020 7480 7166 www.mydreammaker.co.uk

Giggles & Wiggles Tel: 020 8566 4774 www.giggleswiggles.co.uk

  Goldstar Montessori   Nursery                        

At Goldstar we provide a carefully prepared program of education, in a happy, relaxed and caring environment, where your child can grow and gain knowledge in every area of their development, there fore, ensuring we are laying the foundations for your child’s future learning, Tel: 020 8364 6876 www.goldstarnursery.co.uk

Green Gables Tel: 020 7488 2374 www.greengablesschool.com

Hillyfields Day Nursery Tel: 020 8694 1069 www.hillyfieldsday nursery.co.uk


Tel: 020 8681 7579 www.bluehousedaynursery.com

Tel: 07849 171 524 www.jackanorynurseries.com

Carlton Hill Community Nursery

Keiki Day Care Nursery

Tel: 020 7624 3814 www.leyf.org.uk

Tel: 020 8340 3841 www.keikidaycare.co.uk

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery

Little Elves Montessori Nursery School

Tel: 020 8679 4009 www.kiddicaru.com

Tel: 07921 761 835 www.littleelvesmontessori.com

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery

Mary Poppins Day Nursery

Tel: 020 8538 3999 www.monkeypuzzleday nurseries.com

Tel: 01708 722 800 www.marypoppinsday nursery.org.uk

Eddie Catz

Party Magic Box

Tel: 0845 201 1268 www.eddiecatz.com

Tel: 07913 168 323 www.partymagicbox.co.uk

Gambado Tel: 020 7384 1635 www.gambado.com

  The Creation Station   Wimbledon


Bramley’s Big Adventure is an indoor adventure playground for children up to 11 years old. A large building under the Westway flyover. Tel: 020 8960 1515 www.bramleysbig.co.uk

Our art parties include painting, modelling, making, sculpting, crafting and of course, music, dancing and games are provided too! Tel: 0844 854 9096 www.thecreation station.co.uk


It’s a Kid’s Thing

Tel: 0788 405 0954 www.nuttyschildrens parties.co.uk

Tel: 020 8739 0909 www.itsakidsthing.co.uk

The Action Station

  Little Dinosaurs                


Little Dinosaurs indoor play centre, along with the our outdoor parkland enclosure and activities makes us a great place to bring the kids all year round. Tel: 020 8444 1338 www.littledinosaurs.co.uk

Tumble in the Jungle Tel: 0870 626 0710 www.tumbleinthejungle.co.uk

Tel: 0870 770 2705 www.theactionstation.co.uk

Boo! Tel: 020 7287 9090

  Creative Biscuit              

Creative Biscuit is a paint your own ceramics café where you can customise your own pottery to make your home an even prettier place. Tel: 020 8532 2824 www.creativebiscuit.co.uk

  Snakes and Ladders                        

Jam packed with fun, there’s something for the whole family at Snakes and Ladders. Added to the huge threetiered climbing frame, there’s slides, ball ponds, tunnels and rope climbs. Plus discover soft play areas for little ones, dedicated zones for under 5s and more. Tel: 020 8847 0946 www.snakes-and-ladders.co.uk

  Creation Station                      

Inspiring imaginations is at the heart of everything we do. So whether you are looking for an award winning children’s creative classes or an original Arty Birthday Party Entertainer, or Event entertainment you have come to the right place. Tel: 0844 854 9085 www.thecreation station.co.uk

Kidspace Tel: 020 8686 0040 www.kidspaceadventures.com

Beanies Tel: 020 8680 2088 www.beaniescafe.co.uk Pretend to Bee Tel: 01159 847 838

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 97

Advertising - Rascals of London


The complete solution to 11+ success

11+ Practice from the experts Covers all 4 11+ subjects Progressive practice from age 5 to 13 Written by tutors, recommended by parents. Available from bookshops and online.

Interactive 11+ practice Packed with 11+ practice for all question types, these auto-marked questions include full explanations.

To find out more about the 11+ visit:


98 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Now with even more questions!

Advertising - Rascals of London

Rascals of London l June 2014 - 99

EST. 1933




100 - June 2014 l Rascals of London

Profile for Project Baby/Rascals Of London

Rascals of London Summer 2014  

#summer #kids #Summercamps #health #childcare #children #Parentalmagazine #Family #maternity #babies #education #toys #outdoors #whatsoninlo...

Rascals of London Summer 2014  

#summer #kids #Summercamps #health #childcare #children #Parentalmagazine #Family #maternity #babies #education #toys #outdoors #whatsoninlo...