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Rascals Competition


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Hawaii Midnight

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to win a Kiddy Evolution Pro Group 0+ infant carrier!

your way your way

Kiddy, award-winning manufacturer of children’s car seats, is giving away one of its brand new innovative infant carriers plus the ISOFIX base and stroller adapters worth £280.


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To enter this amazing competition, all you need to do is answer the following question:- What is the special function of the Kiddy Evolution Pro that makes it a healthier option for your baby and gives you more peace of mind? (You’ll find the answer somewhere in this copy of Rascals magazine)

Simply email the answer to Info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk with “Kiddy” in the subject box. Include your name and address and your colour choice of Kiddy Evolution Pro infant carrier. All correct answers will be put into a prize draw and a winner selected.




Racing Black

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For more information and a list of Kiddy stockists visit www.kiddy.uk.com

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What’s inside


The best bits


23 The Importance of Routine For a happy baby & a happier mum.

27 Family Fun in the Garden


Something for the whole family to enjoy in the great outdoors.

32 Summer Fashion

15 45

Keep them fresh and looking cool this summer.


Happy nd Birthday


Party Spe


70 Party Ve nu 76 Find a P e Solved a 77 Choose th rty Theme e Perfect Cak e 113 Party D irector y



Recipes on page 64

More best bits 45

Go Camping Everything you need to know before embarking on a stress-free family camping experience.


Top 10 Family Restaurants in London Voted & tested by you.


Delicious Summer Recipes from Annabel Karmel


Kitchen fun for the whole family.


Taking Care of the Summer Holidays Out of your hair and into camp.

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 5


Editors Notes

Welcome Back

From the Edito r


ell, what an edition we have for you, almost doubling in size and packed to the rafters with everything you have been asking for. I won’t lie, growing our magazine to 116 pages proved more of a task than we had anticipated, with lots of extremely long days and sleepless nights, but when you live in a city where so much is happening there is always something to write about, so for a publication as popular as ours we just had to make that step up. I don’t know about you, but I’m remaining optimistic on us having a summer this year, so that we can enjoy a bit of outdoor living. When I was young I loved nothing more than going on our annual family camping holiday, so if you are considering a weekend away with the kids and the idea of sleeping under the stars with spiders in tow doesn’t put you off too much, be sure to check out our ‘Go Camping’ feature on page 45. In this edition we aim to help you with the conundrum of juggling work, home and the kids during the summer holidays with our ‘Complete Guide to Summer Camps’ on page 83, we do love them but ‘ship then out’ that’s

1. Lilliputiens Basil Back Pack Price: £31.50 www.thetoadstool.co.uk


what I say. We also have some delicious summer recipes from Annabel Karmel (page 64), along with our ‘Top 10 London Restaurants’ for families on page 61, and If you are having problems getting into a routine with your baby then turn to page 23 where our resident expert/ super nanny Kathryn Mewes explains how.

Many thanks to little Vilma from London for being the star of our Summer edition and to Natasha Wiening Photography for taking the most fantastic shots.

As always, Rascals of London is designed for parents by parents, so we are always delighted to hear from you. Whether you have an experience to share or you’d like to tell us your top parenting tips, we will always do our best to pass your tips on to our readers. Simply get in touch. Don’t forget, Rascals of London is also available online as an easy-to-read magazine. Download you’re copy at www.rascalsoflondon.co.uk. Alternatively, you can “Like” us on Facebook and “Tweet” with us on Twitter, or why not do all three? Be sure to enjoy those sunny days when they decide to put in an appearance. Happy reading,


Natasha Hewett, Editor-in-chief

2. 1.

2. Bristle Blocks Price: £12.99 www.justwil liamstoys.com 3 Scooterheadz Price: £14.99 www.justwilliamstoys.com

6 - June 2013 l Rascals of London






Top Toys

Rascals Presents… the Fitzrovia Suite! Private Caesarean Section service in prime central London.




All the rest 9


Be Ready to Meet your Baby



83 12

An antenatal class to suit every parent to be all with amazing reviews.

12 15

Best Baby Products for 2013 We asked mums and dads to tell us about their favourite discoveries.


After Giving Birth


What every new parent needs to know to prepare them for the inevitable changes.


ABC to Potty Training Making the training process a speedy success.

41 52

Cool Camping Gear & Fun Stuff Amazing gear perfect for little campers.


Q&A by Kathryn Mewes A guide to help your kids sleep, eat and behave well..


The advantages are endless.

Clubs & Classes Find a club or class near you this Summer.

Slow to Talk Every child is different but when is the time to get that extra help.


I Love my Dad Show dad just how much you love him on the 16th June.

You & Your Rights Maternity, paternity & adoption rights for working parents - Legally….

Raising Multilingual Children


Find the Right Book for your Child. New releases, reviews and popular children’s books of 2013.

100 What´s On When Our extensive guide to keeping the whole family entertained this summer.

106 Rascals Emporium 110 Directory & Services

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 7




to your MYTH: It is good to talk “baby talk” very baby. Adults should always use the en best language and vocabulary wh baby’s r you talking to their baby, Each day nds. understanding grows in leaps and bou

Restrict the View, not your Wardrobe

Many new mums feel very self-conscious when breastfeeding their babies in public, and the last thing many of them want to do is expose their post-pregnancy tummy to the world. Breastfeeding also shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice your love for the latest fashion.

(10-12), Medium (12-14) and Large (14-16). Larger sizes will be available soon and watch this space for more colours and different styles. The vests cost £13.99 each or get a black and a white combo for £24.99 To find out more, go to www.feedmemummy.co.uk

The newly launched Feed Me Mummy breastfeeding vest helps mums with more comfortable and discreet nursing. It’s a simple innovative design, worn over your nursing bra and under your normal clothes, with no extra clips or fastenings to fiddle with. It allows easy access and leaves you feeling more relaxed and comfortable to breastfeed whilst out in public. Not only does it cover your post-pregnancy tummy, but it also covers your chest, whilst leaving enough room for baby to feed. And the great thing is you can still wear your favourite jumper or shirt over the top so you can still breastfeed in style, whilst saving a fortune on lots of specialised breastfeeding clothes. The vest currently comes in two colours, black and white, and in three sizes - Small

8 - June 2013 l Rascals of London



New Mama


It’s True! Scientists have found that parts of a woman’s brain, including those responsible for reasoning and planning, grow after childbirth, but here are some common misconceptions. MYTH: When babies pull on their ears, it means they have an ear infection.

they learn not to be able to fall asleep alone or soothe themselves.

It’s normal for kids to tug on ears! They’re floppy, fun things to grab onto, and babies are very curious and interested in ears. If an ear hurts, the baby probably won’t want to tug on it.

MYTH: A green or yellow runny nose means that your child has a sinus infection and needs antibiotics.

MYTH: Breastfeeding mums have to eat a totally bland diet. Sometimes nursing mums think they can only eat rice and pasta, no citrus or anything spicy. But babies actually get the flavours of foods their mum eats through her breast milk, and research shows that those flavours may help babies develop their palate.

MYTH: Babies can be spoiled if held too much. During those first few months, holding your baby and responding to his cries is helping him form a secure feeling about the world. It’s common for parents to be so wrapped up in our babies that they forget to put them down, which can mean

This is usually not true. A sinus infection is commonly defined as having a green or yellow runny nose that lasts for more than 10-14 days without improvement. Many other infections caused by viruses can also cause a green runny nose, but unlike a sinus infection, these infections will not respond to an antibiotic.

MYTH: Giving your infant cereal will help him to sleep through the night. This is one of the most common. When your child begins to sleep through the night has more to do with his development and having a good bedtime routine where he learns to fall asleep on his own, and not on how hungry or full he is. Remember that many children do not begin to sleep though the night until they are about 3-4 months old.




Private Caesarean Section service in prime central London location combines hotel style accommodation and world-class care -

Rascals presents… the Fitzrovia Suite! Since November 2012, UCLH has been offering private maternity patients world class maternity care, including a pre-operative scan, one consultation before the birth and after discharge, and a visit from your consultant every day during the stay.


f course, that’s not to forget a Caesarean section with one of UCLH’s selection of some of London’s most sought-after consultant Obstetricians, and up to four nights stay with dedicated midwifery care. The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and peaceful surroundings, world class doctors and midwives and the extensive facilities of one of London’s best NHS Trusts, offering ultimate reassurance. What could be a better way to introduce your newborn into the world than staying in luxurious accommodation in London’s best NHS Trust? Patients with the Fitzrovia Suite are welcome to stay for up to four nights in a deluxe room offering plenty of natural light, perfect for helping new mothers to relax following their Caesarean Section. The Fitzrovia Suite rooms, located on UCLH’s maternity ward, offer patients extra peace of mind, with all the extra expertise and facilities that an ordinary private maternity facility would not be able to offer. UCLH’s Level 3 Neo-Natal unit (recognised for its excellence) is also on hand to help, should your baby need it. Unlike other private maternity providers, this extra peace of mind comes at no extra charge. A partner or friend is invited to stay in the room overnight, on a pull-out sofa bed at no additional cost. The en-suite rooms are fully equipped with flat screen television and internet access, towels, slippers and a dressing gown, and drinks and snacks are available at all times. The Fitzrovia Suite is also pleased to offer a choice of halal, kosher, vegetarian and gluten free options alongside an extensive regular menu. Patients even get given a special treat of champagne or a luxury chocolate selection to celebrate their new arrival. Choosing a care package for a birth is a huge choice. The Fitzrovia Suite team understands this and offer the most support possible, helping mothers to come to a decision. As well as being at the other end of the phone, mothers are invited to come and see the room that they will be staying in, meet members of the Fitzrovia Suite team, and ask those all important questions.

If you’d like more information about the Fitzrovia Suite, go to www.uclh.nhs.uk/fitzrovia, email fitzroviasuite@uclh.nhs.uk, or call 020 3447 8353.

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 9




Antenatal Classes

Every new parent looks forward to the joy and ecstasy of meeting their child. Whatever happens, your birth should be a positive experience, one in which you feel you are in charge and able to make the best choices for you and your baby. Check out these Antenatal classes for more details all offering something different all with amazing reviews.

Calm Birth Calm Baby Tel: 07949 764 105 Web: www.calmbirthcalmbaby.com HypnoBirthing, offers a philosophical approach to childbirth that works with the belief that pain is not necessary, and that a woman’s body is perfectly designed to give birth to a baby. Pain is usually caused by fear and tension and this can be eliminated when the body is relaxed. The techniques taught during the course enable parents to release fears, to relax and embrace the birth of their baby, allowing them to achieve the natural, calm, easy and comfortable birth they have planned and prepared for. What Dads Say: “Attending the HypnoBirthing classes went a long way to reducing the apprehension as well as the knowledge of having our hospital located just around the corner. All fears were swept aside as soon as Zoe went into labour as I saw her get straight into her ‘zone’. She seemed so much more at ease, calm and acting instinctively having rehearsed what she had been taught”.

Attended an amazing birthing centre or antenatal class? Let us know by emailing us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk so we can tell the rest of the mums in London and all learn together.

10 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Gilly Keith Antenatal Classes

The Active Birth Centre

Tel: 07968 566 396 Web: www.antenatalclasslondon.co.uk

Tel: 020 7281 6760 ‎ Web: www.activebirthcentre.com

Qualified midwife offering antenatal classes to small groups in London for those seeking a professional and personal approach. Either group classes or private lessons are available. In a comfortable environment making it personal and relaxing. Antenatal classes with a touch of class

Complete preparation for your birth in 2 inspirational days! During this weekend, you will discover how to give birth actively and naturally. This course, taught by some amazing teachers in the uk will empower you to go through your birth calmly and with confidence.

What Mums Say: “We found it so informative and personal, delivered in a very warm, relaxed environment. We can’t recommend this course highly enough!”.

What Mums Say: “Thanks to your amazing weekend course I now have a partner who understands and is genuinely supportive of my desire for a natural birth. He was reluctant to come at first, and now feels completely prepared to support me both practically and emotionally.”.

Gas & Air Tel: 07974 253 461   Web: www.gasandair.net Sarah & Karen provide antenatal classes that do not feel like traditional antenatal classes but are women-led, enabling them to learn about their pregnancies, allay their fears, grow in confidence towards the birth and enjoy the magical journey to parenthood. What Mums Say: “Two qualified midwives giving a new approach to the old antenatal classes, making us number 1, perfectly relaxed and even making time to answer individual queries and worries”.

Birth & Baby Sofie Jacobs ltd Tel: 07960 606 863 Web: www.sofiejacobs.com The course will help you prepare for birth, baby and beyond and you will meet other pregnant women and couples in your area. Popular topics include process of labour, natural and medical forms of pain relief, breathing, early days with baby and breast feeding. What Mums Say: Yumi‘ “Her extensive knowledge gives you a much deeper in sight into what you should expect during pregnancy and labour”.

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Does your child suffer from

Flat Head Syndrome? Free assessment and scan

Using market leading scanning technology we offer a non-intrusive 3d scan, performed by highly trained Clinical Specialist Orthotists

Private Private Caesarean Caesarean Sections at University University College College London Hospitals Free advice

Every child is different, every head shape is different, every need is different.

Hassle free

We Weknow knowthat thathaving havingaababy babyisisone oneof ofthe themost most exciting moments of anyone’s life and that’s exciting moments of anyone’s life and that’swhy why we weare aredelighted delightedyou youare areconsidering consideringhaving havingyour your baby with us. If you would like to give birth via baby with us. If you would like to give birth viaaa private privateCaesarean CaesareanSection Sectionwe wewill willdo doeverything everything we wecan cantotooffer offerthe thebest bestprivate privatecare careexperience experience possible. possible.

No obligation. No pressure. No worries.

New clinic now open in City of Westminster, London

The TheFitzrovia FitzroviaSuite Suitebrings bringstogether togetherluxurious luxuriousand and peaceful peacefulsurroundings, surroundings,world worldclass classdoctors doctorsand and midwives midwivesand andall allthe thereassurance reassuranceofofthe theextensive extensive facilities facilitiesofofthe thebest bestNHS NHSTrust TrustininLondon. London.

arean Sections Private Caesarean at Sections at lege London University Hospitals College You London Hospitals You can can reach reach us us via via email email at at arean Sections Private Caesarean at Sections at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk call: 8353 call: 020 020 3447 3447 8353 lege London University Hospitals College ororLondon Hospitals

IfIfyou youwould wouldlike liketotodiscuss discussyour yourparticular particularneeds needs with withus usdirectly directlyprior priortotobooking, booking,arrange arrangeaatour tourof of the Suite, or book your private Caesarean Section, the Suite, or book your private Caesarean Section, e most We know that having a baby is one of the most please pleasedon’t don’thesitate hesitatetotocontact contactus. us.We Wewould wouldbe be at’s why exciting moments of anyone’s life and that’s why delighted delightedtotohear hearfrom fromyou. you. ing your we are delighted you are considering having your h via a baby with us. If you would like to give birth via a e most We know that having a babywe is will onedo of everything the most erything private Caesarean Section at’s why exciting moments anyone’s and that’s why erience we can to offer theofbest privatelife care experience ing your we are delighted you are considering having your possible. h via a baby with us. If you would like to give birth via a ous and The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and erything private Caesarean Section we will do everything rs and peaceful surroundings, world class doctors and erience we can to offer the best private care experience extensive midwives and all the reassurance of the extensive possible. . facilities of the best NHS Trust in London. ous and The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and r needs If you would like to discuss your particular needs rs andMaternity peaceful surroundings, world class doctors and Maternityposter posterA4.indd A4.indd 11 a tour of with us directly prior to booking, arrange a tour of extensive midwives and all the reassurance of the extensive Caesarean Sections atSection, n Section, Private the Suite, or book your private Caesarean . facilities of the best NHS Trust in London. ould be University please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be College London Hospitals r needs If you would like to discuss your particular needs delighted to hear from you. e most We know that having a baby is one of the most We We know know that that having having aa baby baby is is one one of of the the most most a tour of exciting with directly prior to booking, a tour of exciting moments moments of ofus anyone’s anyone’s life life and and that’s that’s why why at’s why exciting moments of anyone’s lifearrange and that’s why e most Weyou know that having we we are are delighted delighted you are are considering considering having having your your a baby is one of the most ning Section, the Suite, book private Caesarean Section, baby with with us. us. IfIf you you would woulddelighted like likeor to to give give birth birth via viayour your baby we are you are considering your at’s why exciting moments ofaa anyone’s life andhaving that’s why private private Caesarean Caesarean Section Section we we will will do do everything everything ould be please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be h via a baby with us. If you would like to give birth via a we can can to to offer offer theare best best private private care care experience experience ing your we wethe delighted you are considering having your possible. possible. delighted to hear from you. erything private Caesarean Section we will do everything h via a baby with us.luxurious If youand The The Fitzrovia Fitzrovia Suite Suite brings brings together together luxurious andwould like to give birth via a peaceful peaceful surroundings, surroundings, world world class class doctors doctors and andbest private care experience erience we can to offer the erything private Caesarean Section we will do everything midwives midwives and and all all the the reassurance reassurance of of the the extensive extensive possible. facilities facilities of of the the best NHS NHS Trust Trust in in London. London. erience webest can to offer the best private care experience

www.steeperclinic.com | enquiries@steeperclinic.com | 0113 207 0432

arean Sections Private Caesarean at Sections at arean Sections Private Sections You can reachCaesarean usat via email at You can reach usat via email at lege Private London University Hospitals College London Hospitals Caesarean Sections at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk lege University London University Hospitals College College London HospitalsLondon Hospitals or call: 020 3447 8353 or call: 020 3447 8353

ous and rs and ous and extensive rs and . extensive

.r needs ar needs tour of n Section, a tour of

You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk or call: 020 3447 8353

09/10/2012 15:56 15:56 09/10/2012

We know that having a baby is one of the most exciting moments of anyone’s life and that’s why we are delighted you are considering having your baby with us. If you would like to give birth via a private Caesarean Section we will do everything we can to offer the best private care experience possible.

world class doctors and midwives and all the reassurance of the extensive facilities of the best NHS Trust in London.

You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk If you would like to or call: 020 3447 8353 discuss your particular

needs with us directly prior to booking, arrange a tour of the Suite, or book your private Caesarean Section, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you. 09/10/2012 15:56

Private Caesarean Sections at University College London Hospitals

IfIf you you would would like like to to discuss discuss your your particular particular needs needs with with us us directly directly prior prior to to booking, booking, arrange arrange aa tour tour of of the the Suite, Suite, or or book book your your private private Caesarean Caesarean Section, Section, please please don’t don’t hesitate hesitate to to contact contact us. us. We We would would be be delighted delighted to to hear hear from from you. you.

possible. can reach us via and email at The Fitzrovia Suite bringsYou together luxurious FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk Youpeaceful can reach us via email at surroundings, world class doctors and The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and or call: 020 3447 8353 midwives and all the reassurance the extensive FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk peaceful surroundings, world classofdoctors and Maternity poster A4.indd 1 09/10/2012 15:56 facilities ofand the best NHS Trust in London. or call: 020 3447 midwives all the8353 reassurance of the extensive facilities of the best NHS Trust London. needs If you discuss yourinparticular Wewould knowlike thattohaving a baby is one of the most with us directly prior to booking, arrange a tour If you would like to discuss your particular needs exciting moments of anyone’s life and that’sofwhy the Suite, or book your private Caesarean Section, us are directly prior to booking, arrange ahaving tour09/10/2012 ofyour15:56 you are considering Maternity with poster we A4.indd 1 delighted

You can reach us via email at You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk

The Fitzrovia Suite brings together luxurious and peaceful surroundings,

You can reach us via emaill June at 2013 - 11 Rascals of London You can reach us via email at FitzroviaSuite@uclh.nhs.uk 09/10/2012 15:56






Xplorym Footmuff

Practical with a smart zipper solution that makes it possible to form a hood around the child’s head as protection in cold and windy weather. Perfect for keeping your little one warm when you start using the seat unit. Price: £94.00 Web: www.kiddicare.com

Baby Carrier Original

Add the Foldable Carrycot to make it the perfect pram from birth. Match it with a Maxi-Cosi baby car seat or a Bébé Confort Pebble car seat for a smooth transition from car to stroller or vice versa. Price: Base £579.00 Web: www.quinny.com

This colourful crochet elephant is made of organic cotton and is a toy your baby will feel was made just for them. Every item from Anne-Claire Petit’s range is handmade and ethically produced so each individual item is unique.

The correct room temperature is vital for creating a safe sleeping environment for a baby. Health professionals recommend that the room your baby sleeps in should be maintained at 16-20°C to help reduce the risk of cot death. The Gro-egg uses colour as a great way to show the approximate room temperature. As the temperature rises or falls, the Gro-egg changes colour, from blue through yellow to red, as a handy reminder to adjust the environment.

Price: £25.99 Web: www.borngifted.co.uk

Price: £21.99 Web: www.safetots.co.uk

Crochet Elephant

12 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Pure poetry in motion! Packing style and smart features like one-touch automatic unfolding, this compact and complete Quinny stroller offers you the flexibility to zip around the city. With a fab selection of colours too, what’s not to love!

Grobag Egg Thermometer

Baby Carrier Original is a small and easy-to-use baby carrier that is a perfect fit for your newborn baby. It fits parents securely and comfortably with only a few adjustments.

Price: £74.99 Web: www.babybjorn.co.uk

Quinny Moodd

Advertising - Rascals of London


Ready, Steady Wean! A little planning makes weaning your baby much easier, so start getting prepared with help from Annabel Karmel – the UK’s favourite feeding expert. Annabel’s easy-to-follow recipes from her bestselling weaning books and fantastic iPhone App will ensure you feel more confident about making wholesome, yet delicious, meals for your little ones.

OiOi bags are the original designer baby bag and are loved by celebrities, journalists and parents around the world. Stylish, innovative and practical, OiOi bags are known for their superb quality and reliability, vibrant prints and functional designs. To celebrate the launch of the gorgeous new Faux Buffalo Carryalls, which come in 5 fabulous colours, we have a stunning pink bag to giveaway to one lucky Rascals reader. Competition closes TBC



For your chance to win please send your details to: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk with Annabel Karmel with ‘OiOi Bag’ in the * You might not have thought of giving your baby lentils but some of my Lovelyline. Lentils subject most popular baby recipes are lentil purees. Lentils are a good source of protein, iron and fibre.

They are good for all babies and especially good to include in your baby’s diet if you are a vegetarian.

For1more information Sauté the onion, carrot and celery in the oil for about 5 tbsp sunflower oil 50g onion, finely chopped or until softened. Add the lentils and sauté for on OiOi andchopped to (100g) see theminutes 2 medium carrots, one minute. Stir in the sweet potato and pour over the 2 tbsp celery, chopped stock or water. Bring to the boil, turn down the heat and 50g split red lentils, rinsed visit: simmer covered for about 20 minutes. Puree in a blender complete range 225g sweet potato peeled & chopped and stir in the grated cheese until melted. 300 ml unsalted vegetable stock or water www.oioibaby.co.uk 30g grated Cheddar Makes: 5 portions (500ml) From: 6 months www.annabelkarmel.com

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 13




Brother Max Food Portioners

Buggy Socks Buggy Socks dress up the pushchair, turning it into a fashionable, unique pram, pleasant to hold thanks to the soft, fresh cotton feel. They also gives your pushchair a trendy, personalised look that hides the wear and tear and stands out amongst others.

The easiest way to manage homemade baby food. Deliciously simple. Fill one portioner with food straight from the pan; store in the fridge or freezer, clicking together with other pots; write on the side the description and pop out when necessary using the handy button.

Price: £14.50 Web: www.buggysocks.com

Price: £5.99 Web: www.brothermax.com

Sophie La Girafe Here’s something to chew on. Sophie the Giraffe is designed to stimulate the senses; she makes a happy sound when squeezed, and soothes teething gums. A French classic.

My Wondercube Made from organic cotton jersey, this printed My Wondercube is exceptionally soft and tactile. Machine washable, it comes with a five piece filling set of ‘Wonder’ characters. Each touchy feely square makes a sound – bell, squeaker, rattle or crinkly paper. It is presented in a stylish eco-friendly display box.


Price: £12.99 Web: www.sophiela girafe.co.uk

gs are the original designer baby bag oved by celebrities, journalists and around the world.

Price: £17.99 Web: www.mywondercube.co.uk

novative and practical, OiOi bags are or their superb quality and reliability, rints and functional designs. ate the launch of the gorgeous new alo Carryalls, which come in 5 colours, we have a stunning pink veaway to one luckyCarry RascalsAll reader. Buffalo

Wood Lounger Formed in patented stylewood and plexistyle, the coco bloom has a smooth rocking motion, soft-feel comfort seat and 5point safety harness. Belongs in contemporary living spaces with its iconic form and comfortable nest for baby.

Diaper Bag

Price: £110.00 Web: www.oioibaby.co.uk

14 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Competition closes TBC

e information and to see the e range visit: ibaby.co.uk

Price: £145.00 Web: www.boohoobaby.co.uk


chance to win Step into the cooler months with a splash nd your details to:of colour and zest with calsoflondon.co.uk this functional Oi Bag’ in thebeautiful bag. ne.*

BabaSling The BabaSling baby carrier is a revolution in design, comfort and simplicity. The hammock style baby sling is perfectly shaped to support a newborn’s developing spine, while providing essential closeness and bonding between parent and child. Price: £39.99 Web: www.thebabasling.com



Your body has spent months nurturing and growing your baby. All the changes that helped to bring your baby into the world are now abruptly reversed.


Written by Dr Goldstein, Therapist and lecturer in psychology.

After Giving Birth Changes after giving birth are inevitable. Family takes on new meaning when having had your first child, and the chances are that the way you thought before having your child does not apply so well anymore; a couple of things need to be re-thought and the chances are you may have to adopt a new way of thinking.


ssues such as your Relationship to work, family, intimacy, responsibility need to be thought through again, processed for new meaning, and value allocated to them in turn. You will often hear that priorities change... that is because they do! How this happens, and the way you (partner, family and friends) handle the process of change is important. Transitions can be daunting, and you need support in making that shift in your mind from whatever was before to what is now: you and family. Below I have described a few things that may support you in this shifting thought process, give you an idea of ‘normal’ thoughts, and help you transition at a time when certain adaptation is required.

needs a little thought to go along with informed actions. It also takes a while for grandparents to realize that they have children who have become parents (just like them!) and are not solely their children any longer.

Ask your partner for help if you feel snowed under, and convey your intentions, these actions will come a long way.

Family Relationships change drastically once you have a baby, your position in the family takes on new meaning. Relatives have different expectations of you now, to be a good parent, to contribute to the education of your baby etc. They want to be involved in family life. This can be demanding, and

These attachment bonds that went on for so long between parent-child are renewing themselves, changing for all parties involved. The realization of change can bring more loving connections or more distant ones, the ties are

generally maintained, supportive but can also be a little strenuous. Explain how you feel to your parents if you can, and find help with a friend when trying to manage other’s requests of you.

Intimacy Intimacy is an important part of your life. Your relationship to your partner is just as important as your relationship to your baby, and if you see it that way, it will allow you to at least value your relationship when there is less time to exclusively focus on it. Intimacy is sometimes hard to maintain when a baby is so dependent and needs you 24-7... How to find time with your partner and engage in loving acts whether physical or thoughtful ones? Of course taking care of your baby is taking care of your ‘couple’ and your growth together, but should not come at the expense of your relationship to your partner! The complicit care and love in your couple is what will remain once your child is all grown up, every step of their development children take more steps away from you, so you’ve got to keep it all in perspective... They will leave! Talk with your partner as much as you can and engage in compassion, passion and love.

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FAMILY Responsibility Your response-ability will now have changed, you will no longer feel responsible for yourself with a neat barrier around your actions thoughts and feelings. They will now extend to your babies actions thoughts and feelings. The physical response-ability you first feel when you have your baby is quite a change, but also so deeply felt that your body finds the ability to carry you through, after that the mind needs to start playing its part.

Their mind-body connection is at no time so sharply felt! The way you think and feel when having a baby to care for is completely different; the way you see work, outings, friends, and so on and things you previously thought such as ‘being sooo very busy’ can now be thrown out of the window. Life looks so different with another pair of lenses on! Family may become more important, going to the park or taking fresh air might also be on your priority list. Things change and your value of the world does too. Make a note of these changes, small changes of the everyday, and think about the leap of faith and courage you have to muster up to brave the stormy waters.




Eating takes a different turn now. You are feeding baby as an ‘extension-of-yourself’, and therefore will be affected; less or more hungry depending on how feeding your baby affects you. Feeding is a form of care and love, and includes the action of ‘giving’, how do you give and love yourself at this point in time, and how much are you cared for by your partner... does your partner sometimes feed you in the evenings, or make you a coffee in the mornings? Eating can be thought of as a form of ‘give and take’; you may sometimes need more care from others, and on some other days are more able to feed others and yourself.

Although there are lots of studies that show that it is the love that parents give that is of utmost importance, feeding is part of that love. Take time to eat, feed yourself the right amounts, take time to chew on food and process your day. It’s gratifying to do so.


On a positive note, it is considered a normal reaction to feel down and perhaps depressed when going through times of stress, loss, and change. If it may have been impossible to ask for help earlier in your life, now is the time to seek help and be on the receiving end! You will find empathy in places you hadn’t imagined, and as awareness grows of the difficulties starting a new family can entail, there will be different sources of help available to you. Your health visitor will be there the first few weeks, and here after if you wanted to call on the assisting team for support. Your GP is also generally quite a good source of support if feeling ill, or having concerns with regards to your baby. Other more specialised services are available such as talk therapy, or support from another mum through a mum’s online network, or foundation that specialises in supporting women and men with postnatal depression. There are also sleep specialists available to help with training baby to sleep well through the night if this is proving to be challenging, and some good books around to support you in understanding your child’s developmental stages, and tracking your baby’s growth.

Time Time flies once you have a baby. Suddenly there’s no time for doing bits of work at home, cooking or enjoying a nice diner, or calling a friend. Having a baby is time consuming and the way you organised your time before, changes drastically. It takes time to get into the flow or rhythm of time again, this time incorporating childcare. When you wake up baby has to get dressed and ready for the day – you are not alone anymore! In the early evening, baby has to get ready for bed, bath, story and so on you may have to cook something once baby is in bed, but generally speaking you will only be able to return to yourself, probably Final words being quite tired once baby is If you opt for postnatal therapy, you will generally get emotional, practical as well as educational in bed. Keep a diary with a time support in various areas to help you through this challenging time (all of the above) - and sheet to get an overview of your get the added personal relationship which can be healing in and of itself. Parenthood is a busy day, and remember; you paradox of happiness and - pain, loss, and change, take the time to care for yourself, and you’ll deserve a treat too. find some beautiful ways to live peacefully with the challenges ahead.

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Any way you want it Wayfarer is the contemporary three-in-one lightweight travel system that’s designed for ultimate flexibility and all-out fun. It includes a carrycot, and adapts from lie flat pram to easyfold pushchair, with vibrant mix and match fabrics and ingenious accessories. Personalise it to suit you – whichever way you style it, it’s an instant classic.


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with Annabel Karmel

Lovely Lentils You might not have thought of giving your baby lentils but some of my most popular baby recipes are lentil purees. Lentils are a good source of protein, iron and fibre. They are good for all babies and especially good to include in your baby’s diet if you are a vegetarian. 1 tbsp sunflower oil 50g onion, finely chopped 2 medium carrots, chopped (100g) 2 tbsp celery, chopped 50g split red lentils, rinsed 225g sweet potato peeled & chopped 300 ml unsalted vegetable stock or water 30g grated Cheddar

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SautĂŠ the onion, carrot and celery in the oil for about 5 minutes or until softened. Add the lentils and sautĂŠ for one minute. Stir in the sweet potato and pour over the stock or water. Bring to the boil, turn down the heat and simmer covered for about 20 minutes. Puree in a blender and stir in the grated cheese until melted. Makes: 5 portions (500ml) From: 6 months

Pure relaxation. For 9 months, you have chosen to do only the best for your growing baby and now you can continue! The new Kiddy Evolution Pro Group 0+ infant carrier offers you the best option! When taken out of the car, and with a simple movement of the handle, the carrier transforms into a lie-flat mode and the baby is in an ergonomic, relaxed, healthy sleeping position. The Kiddy Evolution Pro is also certified and recommended by the AGR, the Healthy Back campaign group in Germany.

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   Just as with all developmental




      milestones, Most parents          eagerly anticipate potty         training as a milestone        in their child’s development;         if for no other reason     than that it means an end to changing nappies. But few mums and dads are prepared for just how long it can take. Some children get trained within a few days but many more take several months. Here are some suggestions that might help make the training process a speedy success.


    Assess your child’s readiness Just as with all developmental milestones, when it comes to potty training, every child has his own pace. If you wait until the right time for your child, there are higher chances that he learns the tricks of the trade rapidly. Many parents begin training as soon as their child can sit on their own, but some kids may not be ready until well into their third or fourth year. Watch for the right signs, such as when your toddler starts imitating others’ bathroom habits. Pressuring him into starting early will probably make the whole process long and strenuous for both you and your child.

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Buy the right equipment

A good place to start potty training is to have a comfortable potty for your child. This means investing in a child-sized potty or a small toilet seat that latches onto your regular toilet. Most potties are designed to seat your child comfortably with his feet touching the ground. Potties have the advantage of being mobile but they have to be cleaned every time your child does a deposit. The child toilet seat latches onto your toilet so no potty cleaning is required but you will probably need a foot stool to help your child climb up and down on his own. Anchoring his feet on this stool might also help him maintain his balance when he pushes during a bowel movement. You might want to start with a potty and when your child gets the hang of it move to a toilet seat of his size. Since the potty is of your child’s size and height, it might be less intimidating than using the toilet straight away.


Create a routine

To start with, sit your child fully clothed on the potty once a day. Choose a time at which he is likely to pass stool - after breakfast, before his bath - and stick to that time every day. Toddlers like consistency so if you are regular, he will get used to the potty and accept it as part of his routine. But at this stage, don’t try to explain why he should use it; just let him get accustomed to sitting on it for some time every day. If your child refuses to sit on the potty, that’s okay. Never restrain him or physically force him to sit there especially if he seems scared. If he is fussy or scared, he might well not be ready for potty training yet. Put the potty away, or at least aside and try again after a few weeks.


Ditch the nappy

When your toddler has become familiar with the potty, remove his nappy the next time he sits on it. Let him get used to what it feels like to sit there this way. At this point you can explain to him that mummy and daddy (and any older siblings) do not wear nappies but sit on the toilet every time they need to pass urine or stool.


You can make him feel that it is the grown-up thing to do and now that he is big it is time for him to do so as well. If your toddler gets the idea and produces something, congratulate him heartily. But don’t push him to perform. He will do so when he is ready and demonstrates a clear interest in using the toilet on his own. It’s a good idea to teach your child from the very beginning to dress himself and wash his hands when he’s done, even if he hasn’t done anything. This will establish a good habit.


Excite their interest

It may help to show your child where his stools go. The next time he poos in his nappy, take him to his potty, sit him down, and empty the nappy beneath him into the bowl. This will help him make the connection between sitting and producing. After you’ve emptied his potty into the big toilet, let him flush it if he wants to so he can see where it goes. If the flush frightens him, you should skip this so that he does not get scared of the toilet.


Foster independence

Encourage your child to use his potty whenever he feels the urge to go. But make sure he knows that he can tell you, too, and that you’ll take him to the bathroom whenever he wants you to. If you can, let him run around sometimes without a nappy (or any clothing below the waist), with the potty nearby. Tell him he can use it whenever he wants to and remind him occasionally that it’s there if he needs it.


Try some training pants

To make the transition between nappies and underwear, you may want to give your toddler what are known as training pants. Some children respond well to them while others just think of them as a different type of nappy and use them as such. If the training pants work, that’s great. Otherwise, however inconvenient it may be for you, the discomfort of wet underwear can go a long way in motivating your toddler to become toilet trained.


Handle setbacks gracefully

Virtually every child will have several accidents before being completely trained during the day and at night. Don’t get angry or punish your child. After all, it’s only recently that his muscles have developed sufficiently to allow him to hold his bladder and rectum closed at all. Mastering the process will take time. When he has an accident, calmly clean it up and suggest that next time he try using his potty instead.


    Introduce    night training Even when your child is consistently clean and dry all day, it may take him several more months or years to master night training, so don’t throw away his nappies just yet. At this age, his body is still too immature to reliably wake him up in the middle of the night just to go to the bathroom. You can help cut down on wet nights by not letting him drink too much before bedtime and telling him that if he does wake up in the middle of the night he can call to you to help him get to the potty. You can also try leaving his potty near the bed in case he wants to use it.


Jump for joy you’re done!

Believe it or not, when your child is ready to learn this new grown-up skill, he will. And if you wait until he’s really ready to start, the process shouldn’t be too painful for either of you. He will eventually be trained, and you won’t have to think about it again - at least, not until the next baby...

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Out & About

launches Innovative new Group 0+ Infant Carrier! The brand name Kiddy has always been synonymous with über-safe, super-stylish Group 1, Group 1,2 3, and Group 2,3 car seats which are lightweight and easy to use. We’ve seen numerous awards for Kiddy since its launch in the UK in 2009. This family-owned German manufacturer, whose mission is to provide the world’s safest car seats for children, has rapidly become a firm favourite of parents throughout the UK. This year sees the launch of the Kiddy Evolution Pro Group 0+ infant carrier. Its most attractive feature is that it can be simply and gently transformed into a lie-flat position, with the baby in it, when taken out of the car and used on a stroller or as a rocker. Studies have proved that when a baby is lying flat, rather than in an upright position, it is healthier for his/her growing spine and for oxygen saturation levels in the blood - a better position for baby for extended periods of time, more peace of mind and freedom for a busy parent or carer.

adjustable shoulder straps and multiple positions and good padding to make it comfortable. A really clever optional accessory is the premature inlay suitable for very tiny babies offering support in the infant carrier so that the baby fits snuggly without slipping down in the seat when in the upright position. Other accessories include a gorgeous looking and practical parasol, an innovative rain-mosquito cover and special adapters so that the carrier can fit on most stroller bases.

Made to the same high safety standards and quality you’d expect from Kiddy and retailing at £150, the new Kiddy Evolution Pro is a must have for new parents! The isofix base retails at £110.

For a full demonstration you can visit any Kiddy stockist and pre-order your colour choice ready for when your baby is born. Don’t forget, if you do have a very tiny baby, you can always go back and invest in the Premature Inlay (RRP £29.99) For more information and a full list of Kiddy stockists visit www.kiddy.uk.com.

ccolour co l The Kiddy Evolution Pro can be used with the in car seat belt or with an ISOFIX base. A clever mechanism ensures that the carrier can only be used in the upright position when in a vehicle by blocking use of seat belt threads and the ISOFIX fixtures when in the lie-flat position. With the use of adapters, it clicks easily onto a number of pushchairs, prams and strollers including the new Kiddy Click’n Move 3. It’s the first infant carrier to have brightly coloured shells and it’s available in 9 different colour ways. The shell itself is egg shaped and protects the baby in the same way as a natural egg protects a growing chick. The infant carrier package includes a stylish canopy, head hugger insert, easy height

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your way



Home Life

A child relaxes with daily struture this allows them to open their mind and learn.


um M er pi ap H a & y b a B y p p a H a r o F Written by Kathryn Mewes Author of The 3 Day Nanny

When a mother sees the word ‘Routine’ she often thinks of something ridged and restricting. I will mention the word in a consultation and they will often say ‘I don’t want to be housebound and restricted to my baby having to sleep in their cot! I need to have a life! I always say ‘You will have your own life - with your babies routine running alongside yours.

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Home Life

The most important factor to a child’s life is that they have happy parents. The fact of the matter is that we all like routine. Think about the start of your day. Many of us visit the loo before doing anything else, others turn on the radio or boil the kettle ready for the first brew of the day. We take comfort in routine – children are no different. In fact routine is fundamentally important for children. They are learning each and everyday from the moment they open their eyes in the morning. They need to know that their day has structure. A child relaxes with daily structure. This allows them to open their mind and learn. Children like to know the structure of their day and what is happening next. They can become fractious and irritable if they don’t know the next activity or when they are going to next eat or sleep.

The main stages on how to develop a routine right from the start:

0 – 3 months Your main aim is to teach your baby to differentiate between day and night. This is done by feeding more in the day than at night.

3 – 6 months Your aim is to be feeding at regular times. Your baby needs to be feeding rather than snacking throughout the day. Night feeds will be reduced and you will be on your way to solid sleep at night.

6 – 9 months This is the wonderful stage where solid food is introduced and you steer your baby towards eating breakfast , lunch and dinner.

Solid food during the day can eliminate hunger at night and you can now guide your baby to sleep through the night without milk feeds.

9 – 12 months Your baby is now showing signs of being a true little girl / boy. They are eating the same foods as you. Having 3 solid meals a day and often only 2 milk feeds.

Your baby is now fully capable of sleeping from 19.00 - 07.00. Many parents ask me ‘When should my baby be in a routine?’ or ‘How long will it be until my baby sleeps through the night?’ I have my own view on a baby being born into the world. Firstly I suggest you think about yourself and what is best for you. On first coming home from the hospital with your new baby I class this as the ‘free fall’ period. The time when you focus on establishing a good feeding technique. The decision of bottle or breast is totally up to you. Your baby needs a happy Mummy. Make a decision that suits you both. Some parents like to ‘free fall’ for several months but by the time your baby is 6 months old most parents like a routine in place and some solid nights sleep. If you are wanting your child to sleep through the night – a daily routine is compulsory for this to occur. I believe that life starts to gain a little more structure when your baby reaches 6 months old. You slowly start to introduce solid foods and within a month they can be eating 3 solid meals a day. This is when routine starts to fall clearly into place.

Routine for a 6.5 - 7 month old Baby 06.30 - 07.00 Wake naturally. Solid breakfast followed by 180ml milk (You can do this the other way around if you prefer and give him his milk first. You will have to leave a 30 minute gap to ensure he eats his solids after lining his stomach with milk).

8.30 - 09.00 45 – 60 minutes morning nap. This can be taken in the pram or cot.

09.30 - 11.30 Morning Activity.

11.30 Solid Lunch.

12.00 - 14.00 2 hour midday sleep in cot.

15.00 180ml milk feed. In time your baby may reject this and it can be substituted with a beaker of water and a small snack.

15.00 - 17.00 Afternoon Activity. Around 16.30 your baby might want a 20 – 35 minute nap. This can simply be in the pram while visiting the shops etc.

17.00 Solid Dinner.

18.00 Bath Time.

18.30 210ml milk feed in the nursery. 19.00 Place in cot and leave the room closing the door behind you. Some babies are still having their dream feed around 22.30 / 23.00. When you feel confident that they are having enough solid food in the day to allow them to sleep through the night you can stop this late feed.

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Home Life

A practical 3-day guide to overcoming key parenting challen from sleeping and eating to potty training and behavioura problems

Nanny extraordinaire Kathryn Mewes helps parent common parenting challenges quickly and easily – just 3 days. With step-by-step advice for different iss ages, Kathryn will guide parents through the relevan plan to give them more confidence as a parent. Th Nanny will help parents with children aged 6 mont years to: Sleep through the night Try new foods and enjoy healthy eating Transform negative behaviours and habits Potty train with ease

'Whether it be sleep issues, thumb sucking, potty raining, food faddines general lack of routine, Mewes will swoop in and after three days your f will be harmoniously but firmly put back on track.' -The Daily Telegra

The 3 Day Nanny by Kathryn Mewes is published by Vermilion on 7 June, £12.99, and is a for pre-order and on publication from all good bookshops.

The simple way of looking at the routine for your baby once they are over 6 months old is:

The Importance of Routine with a Toddler (Age 18 months – 3 years)

3 solid meals + 3 milk feeds + a main midday sleep = A happy and content baby.

When a child reaches 18 months old they start to make the decision that they want to take charge of their own lives. It is the stage when they are likely to start saying ‘No’ more often and want to do things ‘their way’!

Eventually the milk drops and the size of the meals increase but in general the routine is formed for the rest of your child’s life. You can always be flexible with a routine. Some days you need to visit family or spend a solid amount of time at the shops. This can all be done and at times the routine can go ‘out of the window’! All I suggest is that after a day like this you aim to return to your routine. You will notice that your baby is far from happy if you don’t remain consistent and return to the routine.

In my experience during weekends we find routine becomes very flexible. Monday arrives and the routine returns!

It can be so helpful for them for you to have a clear routine in place. By remaining consistent with the routine it will cause them comfort and they are less likely to push their boundaries.

Top Tips on Routine with your Toddler Always get your child dressed in their bedroom before they come downstairs for breakfast. It prevents the ‘chase to get dressed’ routine! A child is more likely to get dressed with the prospect of breakfast waiting on the table in the kitchen. Lay out 2 outfits on the floor in your child’s bedroom at night. They choose which outfit in the morning. This solves the ‘battle of clothing’ in the morning. Have an allocated place at the table where your child sits at meal times. The chair needs to be high enough so that your child’s tummy button is resting on the table, not their chin! After bath time at night I advise you remain upstairs and then go straight into the bedroom. Once upstairs, stay upstairs. This is a clear message that bedtime is approaching. Set clear boundaries around routine so that your child knows where they stand. Eg: We only eat food at the table, no climbing on the furniture. I advise that you have ‘snack times’. Ideally at 10.30 and 15.00. When a child knows this they stop continually asking for food.

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Home Life

At the end of the day, the routine draws to a close until the next morning but just think I am sure you are in routine even once the children are in bed!

Additions to a Toddler’s Routine Children can be totally thrown if something is added to their routine that they have not been given advanced warning on. I suggest that if you are going to go to the shops straight from collecting from school or you are going to the doctors for yourself in the morning let the child know ahead of time.

Written by Kathryn Mewes author of The 3 Day Nanny. Kathryn also offers an individual practical service on how to ‘manage your children and speak in a way that they listen’. For further details contact her direct on 07787 821525 or go to her website www.bespokenanny.com to email her direct.

This gives them time to adapt to the change rather than fight it at the time due to no warning.

Bed Time Routine Finally I would like to mention the importance of a routine at bed time. It is closure to the end of the day and I strongly advise that you keep this the same where ever you go.

•  Bath •  Remain Upstairs -   no more playing with   toys •  Bottle / Breast (this    is not always the case    due to age) •  Story book www.bespokenanny.com •  Soft Song 07787 821 525 •  Bed

Weaning made easy

8 Steps

1. Choose the appropriate

time. The success you have has much to do with when you decide to wean your baby from the bottle.

2. Introduce your child

to a beaker cup. This introduction can begin as early as 6 months of age.

3. Allow the baby to

explore the cup. He or she may even “play” with it rather than drink from it during the initial introduction. You will see him or her trying to use it as he or she becomes more familiar with it.

4. Give the baby a beaker

instead of a bottle during mealtime. Begin using the cup at one meal for a means of liquid once the child is familiar with the cup. This may occur at 8-to-10 months old.

5. Use the cup instead of

a bottle during other feedings.

6. Replace your baby’s

bottle at other meals slowly until all meals are eaten with a beaker cup instead of a bottle.

7. Remain consistent

during the weaning process. Going back and forth between the bottle and beaker cup during meals will only confuse the child.

8. Offer your child a beaker cup instead of a bottle during other times of the day such as nap time, snack time and bedtime preparation. Most babies are ready to give up their bottles and formula at 12 months.

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Garden Fun



in the Garden

Jungle Gym Chalet A large tower with a sturdy wooden roof and a balcony. Under the platform there is room for a sandpit and the membrane and the cat stop net to cover it are included. Includes a bucket module, steering wheel and fun phone!

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Froggie Quoits This cheerful frog family will delight children for hours as they throw the hoops over the pegs to try to score the highest points in this traditional game of quoits. Price: £21.99 www.bigjigstoys.co.uk

Tommy Tower Playhouse With plenty of internal space, kids are sure to love this multi-level playhouse that features a staircase, veranda and balcony to make it extra special. Price: £1,163.59 www.tuin.co.uk

Kyoto Junior Playhouse What characterises the SmartPlayHouse playhouse is the large number of windows with different geometrical shapes which give it an original and futuristic look. The sun filters in through the windows creating a very cozy and special indoor atmosphere, The ideal place for children to develop their imagination. Price: £2,400.00 www.lullabuy.co.uk

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Garden Fun

Crooked Penthouse Wooden Playhouse The Crooked Penthouse is a fun and brightly coloured pre-painted playhouse that is raised on its own platform and features an access ladder and slide. The painted chimney, pretty window boxes and post box all add to the play opportunities these playhouses inspire as well as the blackboard above the door which allows the house to be named.

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Wooden Windmill Playhouse The Windmill Playhouse is a fun and new addition to any garden.

Syot Farmaster Junior Pink Pedal Tractor

Meeting European Toy Safety Standards, this playhouse comes with 2 fixed side windows and a single door with a diamond window and a large Windmill overhanging, it’s certainly a product to engage your child’s imagination.

A farmers work is never done!

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Pinnacle Wigwam Playhouse

Give your child their very own space to play and have fun. The perfect way to keep your child entertained for hours, this attractive playhouse will also look great in your garden with its unique design. Price: £497.99 www.shedsworld.co.uk

Choo Choo Train All aboard! Guaranteed to be a big hit with children, the Choo Choo Train Sandpit combines a 1.1m x 0.9m sandpit with an 0.8m long play tunnel. Hours of imaginative fun while protected from the sun. Price: £168.99 www.wayfair.co.uk

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Garden Fun

Playsam Gloss Black SAAB Roadster Make your child’s first car ride an unforgettable one with Playsam’s classic Saab Roadster, an activity toy for small children. Price: £295.95 www.lullabuy.co.uk

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The Castle Playhouse This castle playhouse has an internal play area with an external play space on top. It has various activities added to keep your children active and amused for hours. The internal area has an octagonal topped door with a cross cut out in it and 3 non opening glazed windows. The upper play area has an open doorway, a portcullis style doorway and 11 non opening unglazed windows.

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Be the King of your own Castle!

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Their Nibs London

Top left Left: Babies Silk Occasion Jacket - Pink

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This page Mimi Chiffon Ballet Dress - Pink

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This page Boys Vintage Shape Linen Jacket - Beige

Price: £69.00 Boys Vintage Shape Linen Flat Front Trouser - Beige

Price: £49.00 Boys Gingham Check Classic Shirt - Red

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Top right Gingham Baby Boys Shirt - Red

Price: £35.00 Chambray Short Dungarees

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Their Nibs London

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A 1stFone for your child. The 1stFone is the little phone that let’s your child talk to the people they need and that’s it! Peace of mind for you and a first phone for your child. Go online to order your 1stFone at www.myownfone.com

All set for a colourful summer With eye-popping colours and bold prints, me&i’s summer collection has got just what the little one’s wardrobes require. All me&i clothes are made in European factories that care for their workers and the environment. The baby range is made with organic cotton and the whole range is Öko-tex labelled, guaranteeing the clothes are free from harmful chemicals. Selling exclusively via their dedicated network of style advisors, all mums themselves, me&i brings shopping and socialising together in a relaxed, Scandinavian way while offering the perfect way to shop for busy mums who’d rather avoid having to drag the children round the shops. They are on the hunt for more fashion savvy mums around London to join their sales team so if you are looking for work that you can fit round the family or you have just fallen in love with the clothes, why not give it a try?

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For information on how to place an order, book a me&i party or joining the sales team visit www.meandi.eu

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Father’s Day  2013      Sunday  16th  June      

From £39   Personalised     Open  Disc  Bracelet   Engraved  by  hand  

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Buy it... Sell it... Suggest it! Fed up of mass produced, ‘same-y stuff’ when shopping for your baby or toddler? Buy... Giving the buyer choice and bringing products into one large on-line store. Sell... Providing a way for parents and small businesses to have an on-line

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Suggest... You can list ideas you have, someone may be willing to deliver exactly what you want or need!


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1stFone connects your child with the most important people in their life – and that’s it! The 1stFone is a brand new design of phone that connects your child with the people they need and that’s it! To make a call on a 1stFone all you have to do is press a name. You can have up to twelve names on your 1stFone and it receives calls too. There’s no text or internet - just good old-fashioned voice calls and you decide who the phone can call. Peace of mind for you and a first phone for your child.

A 1stFone for your child. The 1stFone is the little phone that let’s your child talk to the people they need and that’s it! Peace of mind for you and a first phone for your child. Go online to order your 1stFone at www.myownfone.com

www.myownfone.com 38 - June 2013 l Rascals of London




- Price: £18.95 Featuring a chin-strap and special UV coating for added SPF protection. Finished with a beautiful pale-pink silk peony and diamante embellishment.


Flora - Price: £17.95

Featuring a chin-strap and special UV coating for added SPF protection. Finished with a beautiful raspberry-pink silk peony and diamante embellishment.

Summer Headwear for Precious Little Treasures Day-tripper

- Price: £16.95 A wide-brim Bucket Sunhat in navy-blue with orange, green and baby-blue striped breathable fabric, finished with an embroidered car and surf-board

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www.topsy toesy.co.uk

A wide-brim Bucket Sunhat in baby-blue with brown, white and baby-blue striped breathable fabric, finished with an embroidered sail boat and fish.

- Price: £18.95 A wide-brim design in pink with green and orange patterned breathable fabric, finished with a eye-catching yellow silk daisy and diamante embellishment.


- Price: £16.95 A wide-brim Bucket Sunhat in orange with brown, yellow, white and baby-blue stripe breathable fabric, Finished with an embroidered sail boat and fish.

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Your Rights

You & Your Rights Maternity, Paternity & Adoption rights for working parents - Legally… So, Mum or Dad-to-be…you’re having a baby or adopting a child? Congratulations! But are you so sure that that’s how your employer will react when you tell them? Take a look at our Question and Answer interview with employment law barrister, Isabelle Parasram, Head of Greycoat Chambers in Tower Hill, London… Isabelle, you had 4 children yourself whilst managing a busy career as a Senior Prosecutor for the Department for Business, how did your employers handle it? Brilliantly! I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. My line managers were genuinely happy for me each and every time I had a baby. They supported me, even when I was signed off sick for most of my pregnancy with my last baby and also during a fifth pregnancy when I lost my daughter, Cassia. It was during my childbearing years that I was promoted, chosen to run management projects and was one of only 30

staff out of a workforce of thousands to be put on a 3-year leadership training programme. The Department for Business is a model employer, but I know, from my experience as a barrister acting for both employers and employees, that the reality for many women and men when they are about to become parents is a far cry from what I have experienced… Your husband worked for a much smaller organization - how did they react to his impending fatherhood? When we had our first baby, my husband, Clyde, worked in Islington as a Quantity

Surveyor. He worked for a small firm and the idea of paternity leave was quite a new concept at the time. Though giving paid time off to a relatively junior member of staff must have been difficult for them as a business, they handled the situation quite well. I think the hard part for them was probably the weeks after Jemima’s birth when Clyde woke several times each night tending to her (they were and still are ‘stuck at the hip’!). Clyde found it hard to function properly at work, though no one ever told us that sleepless nights would be our lot for the next decade! For my other pregnancies, Clyde was the boss (he started his own business when Jemima was 5 months old). As his own line manager, he was very unreasonable - he refused to give himself paid paternity leave! So, let’s say one of our readers is pregnant, adopting a baby or is the partner of someone who is pregnant what would you advise them to do? Let me preface what I am saying by adding that the rights and responsibilities I refer to here apply to same sex couples and single people as well as heterosexual couples. First of all, read up on your rights and responsibilities (maternity, paternity and adoption rights).

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 41

FAMILY Secondly, think about what you might want in terms of your career, both during the pregnancy and after your baby is born or you adopt (this applies to men too!) and third, gauge how your employer might react and choose a suitable time to tell them - face to face, if possible. Why do you think these 3 things are important? I am a trained antenatal teacher as well as a barrister, so I know, from my experience of preparing men and women for birth and parenting, that what we are thinking when we’re expecting a baby or adopting a child can sometimes be unrealistic - we need to prepare for the sometimes harsh reality of pregnancy and parenting whilst still enjoying the anticipation and excitement of the ‘unknown’ life that is to come. I’ll give you some examples…

In relation to maternity rights, some women are not aware that they are entitled to paid time off for antenatal appointments, yet, in the real world, what might end up happening is that the pregnant woman takes time off during the working day for her antenatal yoga class but feels she has to take work home to compensate for the ‘lost’ working time. In terms of what a father-to-be might want from his career, he might think that he will take 2 weeks’ paternity leave and then happily go straight back to work. However, in my experience, when we had our first child, I realized that my lovely, neat baby bump had transformed into a real, live miniature human being and I just didn’t know how to look after her! I had read every book and attended every antenatal class I could book us onto, I even had a private midwife and a Doula, but, could I look after a real life baby on my own – NO!!! I virtually barricaded the front door and refused to allow Clyde to go back to work after the 2-week paternity leave period. The moral of the story is, if you are a father-to-be, you might want to think about taking annual leave as well as paternity leave… If you are the lesbian partner of a pregnant woman, you might decide to apply for flexible working so that you can work part time or from home in, say, the first year after your baby is born. It would be worth giving some thought about how you might handle that discussion. Your employer might not even know that you are in a homosexual relationship

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Your Rights

and might not understand your rights as a new parent. If you can prepare a ‘business case’ which demonstrates that, giving you the chance to work part time for a year gives your employer benefits for their ‘investment’ in you (for example, your long term commitment or the company becoming a more attractive place to work for new recruits), they are more likely to say ‘Yes’ to your request. Why do you say that a mum or dadto-be should gauge how their employer might react? Of course, an employer has to treat a pregnant woman fairly and shouldn’t jump up and down in anger that she’s about to disappear for a few months, but, unfortunately, some employers do. They might not react the same way with the father-to-be (or a same sex partner) as the impact - in the employer’s eyes - is unlikely to be a significant one for their business. Just remember, an employer is a person and is (hopefully) in a long term relationship with you. In any relationship, both sides need to think about things from the other person’s perspective. Think about it - if your employer is losing clients and experiencing financial difficulties, they might not welcome your news. How would you handle a negative reaction from your employer, in the context of knowing that you will still have to work there for a few more months and might well want to return?

On a human level, you might feel hurt. On a professional level, you might immediately think, ‘Where’s my lawyer?’ Just be prepared. Why on earth would an employer react negatively to such good news? Many employers think that a pregnant employee will ‘cost’ them in terms of time off, maternity pay, having to train a replacement and the fear that they will have to treat the employee with ‘kid gloves’ in case they are sued. If you are a father-to-be or a same sex partner and you will be the one at home with the baby, you may be entitled to paid paternity leave for up to 26 weeks. Most employers haven’t even heard of these rights. If you have read up on maternity and paternity rights, you may well be in a position to separate the myths from the reality and to address any concerns that your employer might have. At the very least, if you are well prepared, nothing your employer can say or do will shock you and you may generate considerable respect from your employer if you can ‘fight your corner’ respectfully and rationally. Having said all of that, there are some really good employers out there so let’s hope that the reaction of most is to give the pregnant woman, her same sex partner or the father-to-be a hug (or a handshake if you are not in a ‘touchy feely’ workplace!), to share their delight and promise support and encouragement all the way. I am an employer myself and that’s always my reaction.

You talk about myths – what’s the biggest myth you’ve come across? That a pregnant employee cannot be made redundant – not true at all!



Your Rights The adoption process can be both full of hope and soul destroying - my husband’s family adopted no less than 5 children from the same family and, as Clyde and I were courting at the time of the adoptions, I witnessed both the joys and the challenges that adoption can bring. The emotional highs and lows can affect your work, so it is worthwhile sharing what you are going through with your employer - they might be more understanding if you sometimes have ‘off’ days for no apparent reason.

When you finally reach that wonderful day when you have been matched with a child (congratulations!), the first adoptive parent (whether male or female) may be entitled to 52 weeks adoption leave with 39 weeks of adoption pay and the second adoptive parent (whether male or female) may be entitled to paternity leave and pay. Both may be entitled to 10 paid Keeping in Touch days. What do you mean, ‘off’ days doesn’t everyone have them?

With the rise of infertility in the UK and, simply because some people decide not to bear their own children, there are now more and more people who are choosing to adopt. What about if a pregnant employee works in a hazardous environment? The employer should carry out a risk assessment of the workplace and work tasks and make accommodations for the pregnant woman wherever necessary. The risk assessment should be a continual one as the pregnancy develops and the workplace changes. Examples of what an employer might do include ensuring that a shop floor worker has a chair to sit down on in between serving customers, getting a colleague to assist a grocery store packer if she has to lift heavy objects or giving a medic alternative duties instead of doing X-rays. What about new mothers? Breastfeeding mothers who return to work but still want to continue breastfeeding should also be given a private space in

which to express milk and a fridge in which to store it. I breastfed all of my children up to the age of 1 and remember having to go on a ‘team bonding’ event overnight when my second baby was about 8 months old – we were supposed to be linking the Shakespearean play of Henry V to leadership in the workplace. It was a very interesting exercise attempting to express milk in between gathering ‘weapons’ so that I could ‘murder’ my boss… Is your advice sought about any other parenting dilemmas? Yes, one situation in particular that I’d like to mention is the situation of adoptive parents. With the rise of infertility in the UK and, simply because some people decide not to bear their own children, there are now more and more people who are choosing to adopt.

Yes, but some more than most. I’ll give you another example – IVF. If you are going through the heart wrenching process of IVF, one telephone call to say that the treatment was not successful can throw you into the depths of despair - you can have entire months at a time when you simply cannot function. We shouldn’t write off the emotional aspects of the journey to parenthood, which can be devastating. I had a member of staff who was undergoing IVF and it was sometimes really difficult for her to work with the children at our Pre School (I’m also a Director of a children’s day Nursery and Pre School). She absolutely loved the children in her care, but she sometimes needed a moment or two to shed a tear and then go back to teaching phonics or rolling around in sand and shaving foam! She ended up having twins in the end, I was so pleased for her - but the point is, because she shared her heartache with me, I could accommodate her feelings at work, which were sometimes a struggle for her.

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You’ve covered quite a lot in this interview, but I know that there is much more to know about the rights of parents and parents-to-be. How can we find out more? I’ve included a brief summary of the law in the box next to this article (correct as at April 2013), however, the law is in a state of flux in this area. You can: 1. Read the wealth of advice offered on the Internet (Citizen’s Advice Bureau, ACAS or Department for Business). 2. Ask for information from your local library, the CAB or your HR Department. 3. Contact charities for advice by telephone: Gingerbread (for single parents), IPSEA (legal advice for children with special needs) or the NCT (for everyone!) 4. If you have a quick question, feel free to email me or give me a ring – I don’t charge for initial queries.

Your Rights

Pregnant Woman

Father, Partner or Civil Partner

Adoptive Parents

You must take 2 weeks paid leave after giving birth (4 weeks for manual workers)

You may be eligible to take 2 weeks paid paternity leave

First adopter may be eligible to take up to 52 weeks maternity leave of which 39 may be paid

You may be eligible to take up to 52 weeks maternity leave of which 39 may be paid

You may be eligible to take up to 26 weeks’ additional paid paternity leave

Second adopter may be eligible to take up to 26 weeks’ additional paid paternity leave

You may be eligible to take 10 Keeping in Touch days

You may be eligible to take 10 Keeping in Touch days

You may be eligible to take 10 Keeping in Touch days

Paid time off for antenatal care

No right to time off for antenatal appointments

No right to time off for pre-adoption appointments

You have the right to apply for flexible working upon your return to work

You have the right to apply for flexible working upon your return to work

You have the right to apply for flexible working upon your return to work

You have the right to return to the same or similar job after taking maternity leave

You have the right to return to the same or similar job after taking paternity leave

You have the right to return to the same or similar job after taking maternity/paternity leave

You have the right to health and safety adjustments to workplace and duties whilst pregnant/ breastfeeding

You have the right not to be discriminated against

Adoptive mothers can breastfeed! You have the right to health and safety adjustments to workplace and duties whilst breastfeeding

You have the right not to be discriminated against

Whilst on maternity leave you have the right to most of your contractual benefits e.g. accrual of holidays

You have the right not to be discriminated against

Whilst on maternity leave you have the right to most of your contractual benefits e.g. accrual of holidays

You may be entitled to 18 weeks unpaid parental leave (may be restricted to 4 weeks per year)

Whilst on maternity leave you have the right to most of your contractual benefits e.g. accrual of holidays

You may be entitled to 18 weeks unpaid parental leave (may be restricted to 4 weeks per year)

Isabelle Parasram, a barrister of 17 years’, is the Head of Greycoat Chambers in Tower Hill, London. She is also a Director of DreamMaker Day Nursery, Pre School and Out of School Club and holds various Early Years qualifications as a trained Antenatal Teacher, a Level 3 qualified Early Years Practitioner and an AVA College Assessor. She runs the charitable Greycoat Foundation (registration pending), which gives free public speaking and University/job interview training to school children. She is married to Clyde and has 4 young children – Jemima, Carl, Zachary and Theo. (W) www.greycoatchambers.co.uk (T) 020 3174 2200 (M) 07983 356 309 (E) office@greycoatchambers.co.uk

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You may be entitled to 18 weeks unpaid parental leave (may be restricted to 4 weeks per year)




Everything you need to know before embarking on a stressfree family camping experience

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Forgewood Campsite

Camping comprises simple fun in the great outdoors! Enjoy cooking over a campfire, sleeping under canvas - letting the kids run wild with their new neighbours enjoying natural free play. Our child friendly campsites are a perfect way to remind yourself of the glories of Mother Nature and escape the stress of everyday living. We have some fantastic sites to stay at all within an hour of London; sites with luxury tents, sites with basic pitches. All guaranteed family friendly.

Forgewood ForgeWood, Sham Farm Road, Danegate, nr Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 9JD.. Tel: 07720 290 229 www.forgewoodcamping.co.uk

One of a bright young generation of new campsites, ForgeWood has taken Cool Camping principles and applied them beautifully. The site opened fully in 2010 after a low-key tryout the previous season, and it has proved to be an instant hit with that killer combination of campfires, woodland pitches, a tents-only rule (with the exception of the odd vintage campervan), and a laid-back approach. ForgeWood – in East Sussex – is a solid example of the new breed in simple yet contemporary campsites, a movement that’s been gathering momentum for a few years now. These sites totally ‘get’ that people want to let their kids roam around woods making camps and dens and getting dirty. They totally get the importance of the campfire, of providing a generous hoard of chopped wood and plentiful marshmallows. They get that people

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don’t want rules and regulations and just want to go with the flow. They get that a camping trip is about being out amid nature, immersed in the experience of the wild, and don’t spoil it all by providing rows of electric hook-ups and concrete pitches. They totally get that today’s tent campers don’t want to share these magical pockets of nature with shiny white caravans sporting satellite dishes on their roofs.

Bedgebury Camping Pattenden Farm, Goudhurst, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 2QX. Tel: 01580 213 487 www.bedgeburycamping.co.uk

You can instantly tell that more than the average amounts of thought and love have gone into Bedgebury Camping. It’s the little extras: a communal tipi for campfire gatherings and general hanging-out; the cute little wooden compost toilet blocks, hand-built by owner Jim; the campfire starter packs, which include straw bales to sit on in addition to logs, kindling and marshmallows.

All those little extras add up to big effect, the result of which is a well-tended, well-run place to camp in a really beautiful location. If you’re driving, you won’t have an opportunity to enjoy the great views across this sandstone landscape, as the road immediately plunges from the elevated ridge down into the Weald of Kent; you’ll be focused on the winding country lane, looking for the sudden sharp turn into Bedgebury. A quick right on to the campsite road, then after a few formalities at the reception hut, it’s off along the dirt track to the camping field, a very gentle slope of green nestled in the shallowest of valleys. It’s a tranquil, picturesque spot, well away from the main road and, although camping is restricted to four acres, there are another 20 acres to explore, including woodland and a small stream. You might catch the occasional glimpse of a traditional oast house beyond the trees these distinctive buildings serve as a reminder of the hop-farming heritage of the area.


Cookham Lock Odney Lane, Cookham, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 9SR. Tel: 01628 520 752 www.visitthames.co.uk



exposed, but blessed with views of a farm that appears to specialise in growing pylons. However, things do take a considerable turn for the better at the picnic lawn, a lovely sheltered area guarded by a carved wooden Green Man, while the adventure playground has the handsome black barn as a backdrop. Nearby Coalhouse Fort is an impressive stronghold completed in 1874 by Victorians living in mortal fear of French ironclad ships. You can wander around the grounds at any time, while on open and special event days there are guided tours that include the military and aviation museums. There’s also a tea room and shop.

Canfields (feather down farm) Rudgwick, West Sussex RH12 3DL. Tel: 01420 80804 www.featherdown.co.uk

Three cheers for whoever it was at the Environment Agency who thought it would be a good idea to use land at certain Thames locks for camping. This site, at picturesque Cookham, is typical in its unfussy appearance and pleasingly unsophisticated facilities. There are two areas in which to pitch tents, a sheltered one near the lock-keeper’s house, and a more scenic one on Sashes Island, wedged between the Thames and Hedsor Water. Birdlife abounds: visitors include Kingfishers, red kites, parakeets, geese of all kinds and even the occasional hobby.

Walton Hall Museum Walton Hall road, Linford, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex SS17 0RH. Tel: 01375 671 874

www.coolcamping.co.uk A rare treat of a campsite with a winning combination of entertainment and education: the Walton Hall Museum boasts its own motor roller collection; a 17th-century barn full of old domestic and farmyard utensils; a café serving drinks and sandwiches; a bakery (bake your own bread in a 100-year-old oven); a printers’ workshop; a gift shop; some rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs; a metal-detector shop (no campsite should be without one) and even its own ghost (and ghost hunting events). And if this isn’t enough, entry is free to those booking a stay of over two nights. It’s a pity the camping ground itself isn’t a little more aesthetically pleasing (though motorhomers will no doubt look fondly on all the hard standing should it rain). But if a bit of Essex shtick is your thing, you’ll be in seventh heaven. An inner enclosure (five pitches) leads to an outer field beyond, which is more

You’re not, strictly speaking, ‘camping’ at a Feather Down Farm. You’re staying in ‘tented accommodation’. It’s a small distinction, but it acts as a good indication of what you can expect at this mini-chain of boutique campsites. This is Luxury Camping, perfect for the ‘not sure about this camping lark’ section of the community, who might baulk at the idea of trying to put up a tent in the rain. Or for families looking for a good-value alternative to renting a holiday

home. Or, indeed, for just about anyone, really – these tented palaces are cool, comfortable and fun. Canfields nestles between the North and South Downs, and thrill-seekers will be glad to hear that you’re close to the 55-mile Downs Link and the Olympic cycle road race route in the Surrey Hills. The rustic playground and play pitch laid out in front of the tents make games of football, rounders, badminton and volleyball a cinch. You will be shown the fantastic bluebell woods for den-building, stream-damming and deer- butterfly- and woodpecker-spotting. The tents are sited right on the edge of this charming spot, so the children can roam in and out at will, whilst you sneak a quick recline in the king-sized deck-chairs. Canfields is also an ideal base for group outings to enjoy racing at Glorious Goodwood, Fontwell and Ascot; the opera at Glyndebourne; polo at nearby Hurstwood and Cowdray; and the wonderful summer music concerts at Petworth - and not forgetting the five golf courses within five miles of the farm. Excellent walking and cycling is on your doorstep on the South Downs Way, and scenic towpath stroll and canal boat trips can be taken locally. London is just 40 miles away, while Brighton, the cathedral towns of Guildford, Chichester and the old market town of Horsham are also within easy driving distance. The village Rudgwick boasts four local pubs headed up by the Fox just ten minutes walk away with its play-area and food served all day.

Catching your breath at the end of the day, you can slow cook and barbecue organic beef and veal at the fire-pit in front of your tent, whilst you look over the commanding views of the South Downs and the sea beyond. Rascals of London l June 2013 - 47




Bouncers Farm Bouncers Farm, Wickham Hall Lane, Wickham Bishops, Essex, CM8 3JJ. Tel: 01621 894 112


If you’ve been searching in vain for years for a campsite that offers its own pony-and-trap taxi service, then search no more. Get within a few miles of Bouncers Farm - and, for a small fee, Ann will collect you and your fellow campers and take you clip-clopping down narrow country lanes to her lovely woody site in the surprisingly bucolic Essex countryside. The campsite is spread out across Ann’s smallholding, and with just 10 pitches there’s plenty of room to sprawl. The eight acres of woods are a magnet for children, who can play on a tyre swing, climb up into the tree house Ann herself played in as a girl, make dens, or explore a little hollow of bulrushes just made for hiding from grown-ups and all their outmoded ways of being. Said grown-ups, meanwhile, might like to relax by slinging up a hammock between the 300-year-old trees. If ever out of the woods, younger children can take part in organised mini-beast hunts, or be led for a ride on a pony. Unlike most campsites in Britain, there’s a professional opera held here for two nights every July, and an art exhibition in the last week of September. And if you want to try something a little different you can book the two gypsy caravans and bender tent and cook your supper in a proper steaming cauldron over an open fire.

St Neots Camping and Caravanning Club Site Hardwick Road Eynesbury St Neots Cambridgeshire PE19 2PR. Tel: 01480 474 404 www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk

Enviably plotted on the banks of the languorous River Ouse, the Caravan and Camping Club’s St Neots site is a delightful spot made for summertime camping with the kids. As with all C&C-run sites, one expects a certain standard of service. And the St Neot’s site does ‘the friendly club’ proud with its amiable and diligent staff, high standards of cleanliness and all round air of inclusiveness. It’s these reassuring touches that make for a hassle-free holiday. The surrounding area has a great range of activities (be it cycling or walking beside the river) and day-trips further afield. This stretch of Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire hinterland is one of England’s loveliest yet overlooked stretches of countryside. Unlike many of the UKs increasingly prohibited waterways, St Neots campsite positively encourages campers to fish and enjoy other water-bound pursuits.

Yurts at Yalding Martin’s Organic Fruit Farm, Spenny Lane, Marden, Kent, TN12 9PR. Tel: 0845 867 6754 www.uk-yurt-holidays.co.uk

Gardens. Not all of us are lucky enough to have our own. So what a treat we’re in for at the Yurts at Yalding. Not only do these two eco-friendly canvas abodes (one measuring 18 feet in diameter, the other 20 feet both sleeping up to four) reside within the Garden of England (Kent); they also happen to be smack bang in the middle of The Yalding Organic Gardens. And the best bit? You don’t even need to bring along a trowel for a slice of this happy garden glamping. Everything you need is here. And we’re not just talking about beds and wood-burning stoves and cooking paraphernalia – but an onsite organic café too, for all your breakfast, lunch, and even your afternoon-tea requirements. And in the evening you can rustle up your own delicious dinners over the campfire.

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Surrey Bell Tents

From Toddlers to Teens, Safari to Surfing,

We design bespoke family adventures to destinations Around our World Create your shared memories to last a lifetime

Africa | Indian Ocean & Caribbean | Middle East | Asia Australia | USA & Canada | Latin America | Europe Contact us for a copy of our brochure and a personal, in-depth service at a competitive price

Tel: 0845 124 4455 Email: info@bushbaby.travel

www.Bushbaby.Travel BushBaby Travel_A5 Generic.indd 1

Need space for a party or family event?

A local family business providing beautiful canvas Soulpad Bell Tents for any occasion. Whether you are planning a children's party, camping holiday, barbecue or any other occasion we can deliver a memorable rental package that takes all the hassle out of your planned event at a very reasonable price. Just visit surreybelltents.co.uk to see our full range of services and prices, then call or email us to discuss your requirements and we will do the rest.

surreybelltents@rocketmail.com 020 8395 4581 07948 795 626

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Think Surrey Bell Tents.

“We’re really excited to let parents in London know that we can provide amazing party and event solutions for both children and adults over the summer,” says Steve.

Holding a party for your family, friends or children and need extra space? Think canvas, says Steve Nash from tent-hire company Surrey Bell Tents. “It’s not just tent hire – it’s being able to create your very own, intimate space that will transform your event into something really memorable,” says Steve. “Tell us the date and venue and we’ll put up the tent, supply extras such as bedding, flooring, cushions, bunting and lighting, and then collect everything at the end of the event. It’s as easy as booking a bed and breakfast and much more fun!” Surrey Bell Tents, run by Steve and Debbie, offer stunning Soulpad tents, which are renowned for their quality and beauty. The tents come in two sizes: the 4-metre which sleeps up to four adults and the 5-metre which sleeps up to six adults. Bell tents provide maximum floor space and head room and they are made from natural cotton canvas which breathes and gives a much more comfortable camping experience than modern nylon. The tents provide a perfect, no-hassle solution for parents with children who are clamouring

an entire village for such events if required. We have recently worked with corporate clients. Charlie Druce from Coasthouse Productions commented that ,”the bell tent Steve provided was in excellent condition and looked great. Very prompt, friendly and efficient service. Thank you!”

for sleep-overs and parties when there is not enough room indoors: kids just love the fun of having their own private, chill-out zone in the garden. They are ideal for adults too who like the unique space that only bell tents can create. They are also great for camping too!!

Surrey Bell Tents is extending its reach to cover most parts of London from June. So what’s so different about Surrey Bell Tents?

“Our price structure is extremely competitive and we are always happy to bundle hires together and offer discounts so our customers get the best price, even for something as unique as this,” says Steve.

“What sets us apart from everyone else is that we talk to all our customers in detail about what they need to make sure they are 100% happy before we finalise a hire agreement because plans can change right up to the last minute,” says Steve. “We approach all our commissions as if they are our own.”

As well as children’s parties, bell tents are also ideal for music festivals, stag or hen parties and are extremely popular for weddings. We can create

To find out more visit www.surreybelltents.co.uk or call 07948 795 626 and speak to Steve or Debbie.

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Gelert Tornado 5 Adventure Tent


Start Packing your Suitcase

Price: £95.00 www.campingworld.co.uk The Gelert Tornado 5 is deceptively spacious inside with large bedrooms and living space. Easy to erect the Tornado is great value for low level camping, festivals or weekends away.

Easy Camp Galaxy 600 Explorer Price: £179.00 www.campingworld.co.uk Increasing the attractions for larger families. Bedrooms are at either end of the tent (vis-à-vis), sleeping up to three people each, with generous floor space in between offering full standing height. Designed for young families with a strict budget.

Robens Vista 600 Outback Price: £850.00 www.campingworld.co.uk The room Vista 600 tent sleeps up to six people and has excellent living space, making it ideal as a base form which a larger family or social group can enjoy the outdoors.

Easy Camp Boston 600 Price: £350.00 www.campingworld.co.uk

Contact Bushbaby Travel at: www.bushbaby.travel Call: 0845 124 4455 Or for further inspiration go to: www.facebook.com/Bushbaby Travel?ref=hl.

Vango Airbeam Evoque 600 Front Canopy Iguana www.skcamping.com

The 6 birth no pole Vango AirBeam creates a strong and rigid tent structure combined with a rapid, simple pitch. Peg the corners of the tent into place and then inflate the AirBeams using the Vango AirBeam pump (Supplied) and the tent will pitch itself!

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New for 2013 are boat trips in the Galapagos especially designed for children, Elephant Hills Camp in Thailand where young travellers can help wash and feed the residents, adventures in the cloud forests of Costa Rica and releasing baby turtles in Sri Lanka. With a 10 day family holiday to South Africa including a 3 night luxury safari costing from £1,750 per adult and £750 per child, your travelling days needn’t be over just because you have youngsters in tow!

Immensely appealing to lager families, the 600 is the largest model in the Boston line-up, although living space can be extended even further with the front awning options.

Price: £329.99

Whilst the team at Bushbaby Travel are adept at arranging the ultimate beach trip, their parent experts also strive to inspire families to consider more adventurous holidays and make these a reality through tailored advice and detailed planning. How about a toddler-friendly safari or learning to be a Junior Wrangler on a ranch in Montana?

From Toddlers to Teens, Safari to Surfing,


We design bespoke family adventures to destinations Around our World Create your shared memories to last a lifetime

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Contact us:

Email: enquiries@gigwam.co.uk Tel: 01474 879630

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5. 6. 1. 2.

Cool Camping





& Fun 4.



1. Ortlieb Folding Bowl - £20.95 - www.littleadventureshop.co.uk 2. Petzl Tikkina 2 headtorch - £19.95 www.littleadventureshop.co.uk 3. Garden Boules - £36.99 - www.madfun.co.uk 4. Early Rider Classic Kids Wooden Balance Bike £109.95 - www.littleadventureshop.co.uk 5. Spork Little 3-Pack - £3.95 - www.littleadventureshop.co.uk 6. Garden Cricket Set £27.99 - www.gardengames.co.uk 7. Vaude Twinny Baby Toddlers Sleeping Bag - £53.96 - www.littleadventureshop.co.uk 8. Joules Girl’s Wellies - £22.45 - www.gooutdoors.co.uk 9. 4 Sack Race - Jumping bags - £9.99 - www.allsortsshop.co.uk

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Kiddy – safety has never been so easy The mission of Kiddy is to produce the world’s safest car seats for children. As a family owned business, Kiddy truly understand that parents want the highest level of protection for their children combined with comfort and ease of use. It’s no surprise that Kiddy has been regularly awarded outstanding ratings by recognised consumer organisations. That’s why parents all over the world are choosing the best possible safety for their children by putting their trust in Kiddy.

Groups I / II / III 9 to 36 kg / approx. 9 month to approx. 12 years

Groups I / II / III

Groups II / III

9 to 36 kg / approx. 9 month to approx. 12 years

15 to 36 kg / approx. 4 to approx. 12 years

Kiddy Original impact shield

Kiddy Original impact shield

Adjustable recline position

Kiddy K-fix Connectors for attaching to ISOFIX fittings

Adjustable in width and height

Quick retraction mechanism for K-fix Connectors

Integrated diagonal seat belt guides Extendable leg support







Kiddy K-fix Connectors for attaching to ISOFIX fittings

er r Se ats Novemb


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Ask the Expert

Questions answered by Kathryn Mewes Author of ‘The 3 Day Nanny’.

A guide on how to help your child sleep, eat and behave well My 8 month old refuses to transfer from the breast to the bottle. What can I do? I return to work in 4 weeks time! If you have been feeding exclusively from the breast it might be too late for your baby to accept a bottle. At 8 months old your baby should be eating 3 solid meals a day and having 3 breast-feeds. I suggest the 15.00 milk feed is substituted with a beaker of formula milk and a yoghurt or cheese and cracker afterwards. This milk feed is not essential if your baby has a balanced solid diet. You may well find that you need to continue with the morning and evening breast feed at 07.00 and 18.30 / 19.00 for another 4 months. On the days you cannot give these feeds a beaker of formula can be given. If it is not drunk it will not be a concern.

Once your baby is 12 months old, if not before, they can have their formula milk from a beaker. 54 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

I suggest you focus on your baby drinking from a beaker. Practice continually through the day with water. Think positively – your baby has skipped a stage for you. You can be a ‘bottle free’ house!

My daughter hates having her hair washed. She is 2 years old. Any ideas?! •    I tend to stick an interesting picture on the ceiling of     the bathroom and ask them to look up at it. •    I ask them questions about the picture and pour water     down their back at the same time. •    I then wash the ‘back of their hair’ and move onto     the top. •    Keep asking questions about the picture. •    Eventually your daughter will get the concept of tilting     her head back without having a visual aid. •    Change the picture from time to time until it eventually     isn’t needed.



Ask the Expert

My 2.5-year-old daughter will tantrum the moment she does not get her own way. What do I do when she tantrums? We cannot suppress a child’s emotions and ask them not to get cross. •    If you can see that your child needs to shout and rage     you need to ensure they are in a safe place and allow     them to ‘let off steam’.

I suggest the TV only goes on once all homework is finished. NOTE: If it is still not complete and you can see your son is tired aim to finish the homework in the morning after breakfast. I think of this as a ‘last case scenario’.

My son is aged 3 and refuses to eat any fruit or vegetables. What can I do?

•    Do not stand staring at them or continually asking     them if they have finished. •    LEAVE them to vent their emotions.

A child will continue to perform for longer if they feel they have an audience. •    Once the shouting calms and quietens simply approach     and bend down and make eye contact. •    “All the shouts are out now. All finished. Now let’s go     and find some puzzles to look at.” (Think of an activity     that would distract your child) •    Once calm and playing you can say to your child “We     must remember that Mummy does not like you     shouting. Mention the reason for the shouting and     state that you don’t think it will happen again because     ‘You are my good little girl.’ •    Continue playing and do not mention it anymore.

How can I get my 6 year old to do his homework? The only way to ensure your child does their homework is to set a routine as to when this is to be done. •    In my experience I find that it is best to give dinner     promptly at 17.00 and start homework after they have     eaten at 17.30. •    Provide them with a ‘work station’ ideally NOT the     kitchen table. •    Ensure you are accessible but not sitting on top of them. •    Start off working on the homework together so that     you know he is on the right track and then step away. •    I let them know that I will be back in a moment with     popcorn for a ‘mini break’. I tend to do this after 15     minutes (think of your child’s attention span and how     long he can concentrate for). •    If the concentration is swaying after 30 minutes we     head up for a bath and then return to the homework     with a fresh mind. •    My vision is for children under 7 years old to have no     more than 60 minutes of written homework a night. 30 minutes before bath with a ‘popcorn break’ after 15 minutes. 30 minutes after bath with a ‘popcorn break’ after 15 minutes.

NOTE: Only break with Popcorn if this is needed due to concentration slipping.

Between the ages of 2 – 5 years old all children go through the ‘fussy eating’ stage. The key is not to ‘make an issue’ of mealtimes. Continue to place vegetables on his plate. Two types each day. It is ideal to sit and eat with him but talk about topics that do not involve focusing on food. You can start a chart where each fruit or vegetable eaten is drawn on the chart and 3 vegetables tried = a small prize. The prize can be wrapped in foil and hidden somewhere in his bedroom. Do not make the prize sweets. At the end of each meal give your son a chopping board and knife and ask him to cut up some fruit. If he nibbles it, the smallest amount, it must be drawn on the chart.

Be inventive with the chart to inspire your son and give him an incentive to try new flavours. For treats you can make smoothies and ice cream together from fresh fruits and cream!

For further guidance on challenges you are having with your children you can contact Kathryn Mewes through her website www.bespokenanny.com or contact her direct on 07787 821 525.

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Ful l-ti me / part -ti me na nni es P erm ane nt / t em pora ry se rvi ce s Li ve -i n / li ve -out na nnie s H oli da y nanni e s Ba by-si tte rs

London’s premier French-speaking nanny agency

020 7313 6582 contact@ouimaman.co.uk www.ouimaman.co.uk


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07787 821 525



Clubs & Classes

A wealth of fun and educational activities in the London area for you and your child to enjoy‌

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Clubs & Classes

Art at Kite Studios A creative oasis in Shepherds Bush. Founded more than six years ago to provide quality art education for children in particular, they have since evolved into a community interest company.

Maggie & Rose The members club for families classes for your mini Mozart, juvenile Jamie Oliver or pintsized Picasso. From 6 months to 9 years, Maggie & Rose classes are lovingly designed by brilliant teachers to recognise talent and cultivate creativity.

Their aim is to make art accessible to everyone, irrespective of income, ability or age, including the early years and children with additional needs, and to involve parents in the creative learning process. They also offer bespoke workshops at beautiful premises in Kemerton, Gloucestershire, where you can book self-catering cottages or come for a day trip. Where: 2b Bassein Park, Road, Shepherds Bush. Tel: 020 8576 6278 www.kitestudios.org


Vibrant entertainers, exciting activities and yummy, fresh organic food: all the ingredients your child could wish for but without the mess or bother of doing it yourself.


Where: 58 Pembroke Road, Kensington. Tel: 0207 371 2200 www.maggieandrose.com


Babyballet is an award-winning baby ballet Song and Dance Academy with a wonderfully exciting educational movement to music programme for pre-school boys and girls from 6 months.

Established in 2005 as a means for children to learn through play, Theatrebugs carefully designs each adventure to ignite your child’s imagination and allow their confidence to bloom! They offer exciting new extracurricular activities in nurseries, schools, parties or shows. Helping your child with improved concentration, enriched vocabulary, increased selfconfidence and much, much more! But most of all, they will have so much fun!

Designed to encourage babies and young children to enjoy the benefits and joys of song and dance, baby ballet has built up a fantastic reputation for providing children with the opportunity to express themselves within a fun, safe and caring environment.

Totstars have developed a unique and innovative method of enhancing children’s cognitive, social and physical development through sport. Their enthusiastic coaches do this by using fun and action packed games to challenge children in order to keep them enthused as they learn. They focus on awareness, numeracy, teamwork & sharing. FA Qualified coaches and enthusiastic nursery teachers provide young children between the ages of 2 and 5 an opportunity through the use of fun, action packed games and drills to engage in football and to teach them basic early learning. Where: Saturday Sessions - Streatham, Wallington/Hackbridge, Croydon. Tel: 07540 932 356 www.totstarsuk.com

58 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Where: Wimbledon, Putney, Hamstead, Highgate, Greenwich, Bromley, Dartford and Bexley. Tel: 01422 329 471 www.babyballet.co.uk

Where: All areas across London. Tel: 0800 975 5290 www.theatrebugs.co.uk

The Kids’ Cookery School The Kids’ Cookery School is a unique cookery school for children and young people all over London! A registered Charity, which aims to reach out to children and young people who are most in need, empowering them to look forward to a healthier future. They have purpose-built teaching kitchens, and also have a fully equipped mobile kitchen bringing interactive cookery sessions to you. They welcome students with special needs (physical, learning or behavioural) and their premises are fully wheelchair accessible. Where: 107 Gunnersbury Lane, Acton. Tel: 020 8992 8882 www.thekidscookeryschool.co.uk



Clubs & Classes

Pineapple Performing Arts School Pineapple offers a warm and friendly environment for students to learn a variety of professional, disciplined performing arts subjects such as singing (musical theatre) dancing (street dance) and drama, and is a great place to meet new people and build confidence, whilst developing performing arts skills. Every Sunday since they opened over 11 years ago the studios have buzzed with the energy of over 250 students singing, dancing and acting. All of their tutors are widely recognised industry professionals, and have lots of teaching experience working with all age groups and levels. Students are accepted from the age of three. Where: 7 Langley Street, Covent Garden Tel: 020 8351 8839


Baby Sensory The Creation Station

Sensory Play, Baby and Child Development. Baby Sensory classes offer a musical world full of exciting sensory experiences for parents and babies from light shows to bubbles, bells, rainbows, puppets, signing, games, baby whispering & bonding activities. The possibilities for learning & fun are endless!

Creation Station aims to inspire creative thinking at an early age in a safe and nurturing environment; to stimulate children’s development in thinking and problem solving using art, craft, music and movement, and help to build essential and desirable life skills, whilst children have loads of fun. Where: Harrow, Finchley, Dulwich and Wimbledon. Tel: 08448 549 096 www.thecreationstation.co.uk

Where: All London areas Tel: 07545 247 963 www.babysensory.com

Monkey Music Monkey Music is a highly successful and innovative pre-school music group for children aged 3 months to 4 years. Based on an exciting and progressive curriculum, Monkey Music provides weekly music classes that are entertaining and educational. Teachers make full use of the lively 30 minute classes to captivate the children using a winning combination of catchy music, percussion instruments, visual props and boundless energy. Monkey Music is fun, formative and a great way of making friends. Where: All London areas. www.monkeymusic.co.uk

Tel: 01582 766 464

Diddi Dance At Diddi Dance they realise and encourage endless enthusiasm and energy in an action packed, full of fun 45 minute dance class. Using various dancing games and exercises, bells, hoops and dance ribbons to their own funky pop songs so your little one not only improves their rhythm and co-ordination but also their social and gross motor skills. Classes are ideally suited for both boys and girls between 2-4 years old, however they have had children as young as 16 months. Where: All areas across London. Tel: 07973 982 790 www.diddidance.com

Twisters Gym and Dance Twisters welcome children of all abilities and offer stimulating and fun classes for 6 months to young teens. Classes include: Twisters 1 & 2, Gymkids, Gymnastics, Ballet, Street Jazz, Tap, Dance, Drama and Art. Where: Ealing: St.John’s Church, Mattock Lane, Elthorne Sports Centre, Westlea Road, St.Thomas’s Church Hall, Boston Road. Chiswick: St Peter’s Church, Southfield Road. Tel: 020 8933 9997 www.twisters.org.uk

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Water Babies Water Babies is the UK’s leading baby swim school, teaching a core skill to hundreds of babies & children every week. The courses are very different to traditional swimming lessons. For a start, because they only use warm water pools, babies can join them from birth. And while the emphasis is on having fun, their course is carefully structured, with progressive lesson plans for each week. Where: All London areas. Tel: 01404 548 348 www.waterbabies.co.uk

Pippa’s Poppets Music & Movement Classes Join Pippa Panda and get musical with these action-packed 40 minute classes! With songs and teaching curriculum written by award-winning composer Pippa Cleary, this unique programme brings parents, carers and children together through fun and interactive learning.

Where: St Columba’s Church vestry, 30 Warwick Square, Pimlico. Beaufort House, 354 Kings Road, Chelsea. St Columba’s Church, Pont Street, Knightsbridge. Tel: 020 7193 3920 www.pippaspoppets.co.uk

Creative Fun Factory Play Yoga Baby Yoga Classes, Baby Massage & Baby Weaning Classes in North London. Eat Play Grow aims to inspire positive development in the early years that will build the foundations which last a lifetime. Where: North London. Tel: 07831 941 419 www.eatplay grow.co.uk

This class provides a variety of different activities with the essential stimulation that babies to five year olds need. It is well structured in a nurserylike setting where the children can explore, dress up, build, and create with art and craft materials. They finish the class with ‘music time’ where they use the puppet theatre to help with letter, number, shape and colour recognition.

Founded in 1983 and recognised by the French government, La Jolie Ronde has for many years been a unique centre for learning not just a second language but a platform for introducing children to the everyday realities of the country and its culture. Their programme which is structured according to age and differing levels of ability, is available in both French and Spanish for 3-11 year olds - an ideal age when children are very receptive and less inhibited. Each weekly lesson combines fun with exciting games, songs and activities. Where: All areas across London. Tel: 01949 839 715 www.lajolieronde.co.uk

Where: Harrow & Pinner, Ruislip & Chiswick. Tel: 0845 519 7882 www.creativefunfactory.co.uk

TinyTalk Half an hour of lively, interactive singing with signing. They teach about six core signs each week, with lots more signs being used in the songs. Every third week is a revision week, with a signed story book too! The second half hour is playtime for the babies and social time for the adults. They serve a range of refreshments, always chocolate biscuits and often birthday cake. Where: St Augustine’s Avenue, South Croydon & Woodside, Baptist Church, Spring Lane, South Norwood. Tel: 07594 557 846 www.tinytalk.co.uk

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Eating Out

T he Verdicts Top 10 Family Restaurants


Voted for by our readers 10 Tom’s Delicatessen

Where: 226 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 2RH. Tel: 020 7221 8818 www.tomsdeli.co.uk Don’t let the crowds deter you, once inside you will be dazzled by a Wonker-esque treasure trove choc full of sugary wonders. Rows of jars bursting with spacehoppers, candycanes and bonbons make Tom’s Delicatessen a big hit with big and little kids alike. The diner style cafe is located at the back and has a small outdoor terrace area. Be prepared to join the queue if you want to sample the Eggs Benedict served with real hollandaise sauce and Parma ham. It comes highly recommended. The deli downstairs is crammed with every fashionable culinary ingredient you can think of from organic olives to delicious - predominantly British - cheeses, fresh artisan-made bread, jams, fine meats and charcuterie. If you didn’t reach maximum sugar capacity on your way through then take your pick from the tempting cake display.

9 Tinseltown Where: 44-46 St John Street, London, EC1M 4DF. Tel: 08721 483 140 www.tinseltown.co.uk As the name suggests, Tinseltown offers all the glamour and razzmatazz of a Hollywood Diner, right in the middle of London. On the menu you will find a wide range of meals all cooked using fresh halal produce and make sure you sample one of their 60 different famous milkshakes.

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8 My Old Dutch


Eating Out

6 Benihana

Where: Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5EJ. Tel: 020 7376 5650 www.myolddutch.com

Where: 37 Sackville Street, Piccadilly, London W1S 3EH. Tel: 020 7494 2525 www.benihana.co.uk

The original pancake house was established in 1958 and situated conveniently between the West End, Covent Garden & the City.

A lovely London Japanese restaurant that the kid’s will love. The food is really fresh, and the children will love to watch the chefs in action as they show off their craftsmanship. All hot dishes are prepared on a teppan: a large hot-plate at centre stage on each table. On Sunday lunchtimes particularly, when hoards of families arrive, cooking becomes theatre.

My Old Dutch offers savoury and sweet pancakes as well as a selection of salads, traditional Dutch starters and desserts. The atmosphere is warm friendly and relaxed which makes it a great place to come for families and kids.

First, there’s an explosion of fire as the teppan is cleaned. The chefs start with an onion, which soon became a volcano. The rice becomes a beating heart, the chicken a caterpillar, then before you know it salt and pepper pots are doing somersaults around your heads. Great fun!

If you’re always looking for a good deal, then it’s even better if you make a visit on a Monday as this pancake house offers any of its menu pancakes for £5 to ease the pain of the gloomiest day of the week.

7 Sticky Fingers Where: 1a Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, London W8 7QB. Tel: 020 7938 5338 www.stickyfingers.co.uk I’ll Have a Rolling Stone, Well Done... Opened in 1989 by legendary Rolling Stones rocker Bill Wyman, Sticky Fingers is a kid-friendly restaurant with excellent food and service and tons of rock ‘n roll memorabilia that welcomes families! Wyman called his restaurant Sticky Fingers in honour of the infamous album released by the band. Bill Wyman’s Sticky Fingers remains one of London’s favourite, lively and fun restaurants featuring award-winning burgers, steaks, and what some would say are the best ribs in London.

5 Candy Cakes Where: 44-46 St John Street, London, EC1M 4DF. Tel: 020 7497 8979 www.candycakes.com For delicious home-made cakes that are brightly decorated and look amazing, Candy Cakes is the place for you. They also offer a great selection of snacks and hot drinks.

62 - June 2013 l Rascals of London


4 The Medieval Banquet


Eating Out

Where: Ivory House, St Katharine Docks, London E1W 1BP. Tel: 020 7480 5353 www.medievalbanquet.com Discover the entertainment and food that awaits you at London’s Medieval Banquet, from sword fighting knights & dancing wenches, to contortionists and minstrels. Enjoy traditional medieval fare with King Henry VIII whilst knights battle right in front of your very eyes.

3 Planet Hollywood Where: 57-60 Haymarket, St Albans House, London, SW1Y 4QX. Tel: 020 7287 1000 www.planethollywoodlondon.com

2 Giraffe Where: Spitalfields Market, London E1 6DW. Tel: 020 3116 2000 www.giraffe.net

Eat, drink and feel famous at Planet Hollywood, a unique dining experience inspired by the glamour of Hollywood with movie memorabilia on display throughout the restaurant. It’s Haymarket location makes it not only ideal for pre or post theatre dining, but also one of the West End’s trendiest restaurants.

1 The Rainforest Cafe Where: 20 Shaftesbury Ave, Piccadilly Circus, London W1D 7EU. Tel: 020 7434 3111 www.therainforestcafe.co.uk Rainforest Café, brings together the sights and sounds of the jungle in a vibrant and exciting atmosphere of fun for all the family including Animatronics and waterfalls. With a varied menu of American European dishes its great for Birthday parties or family outings. Experience something totally different and enjoy a truly unique time at London’s largest family restaurant.

Giraffe serve tasty, fresh and healthy European and African inspired food, with a fantastic range of dishes. They even have a life-sized family of giraffes in the restaurant! Check out the beach-style cafe area with a ‘fast and fresh’ menu or the Brekkie Bar for when the kids are getting impatient.

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Chicken Wraps

Kids will enjoy assembling a chicken wrap themselves. I think that being involved in making their own food can encourage fussy eaters to try something new.


Makes Portions Method Score the chicken breasts a few times with a sharp knife and season with a little salt and freshly ground black pepper. Mix together all the ingredients for the marinade and marinate the chicken for about 30 minutes. Brush a griddle pan with oil, remove the chicken from the marinade and when the griddle is hot, griddle the chicken for 3 minutes each side or until cooked through. Then cut into strips and set aside. Heat each tortilla for 10 seconds in a microwave or in a hot dry frying pan for 15 seconds, one at a time. Spread each one with 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and arrange the chicken strips in a line down on side of the tortilla, about 4 cm from the edge of the tortilla, with parallel lines of shredded lettuce down one side and tomato strips down the other. Roll up and cut each tortilla in half and wrap in foil to serve.

64 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Ingredients 2 skinned chicken breasts 1 tbsp sunflower oil, for frying 4 large flour tortillas 4 tomatoes, seeded and cut into strips A handful of shredded iceberg lettuce 4 tbsp mayonnaise Marinade Salt and freshly ground black 1 tbsp olive oil pepper, to season 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 garlic clove, lightly crushed 1 tbsp dark soy sauce dark 1 tbsp clear honey 1/2 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp sunflower oil





Raspberry Chocolate Ice


Raspberry lollies drizzled with chocolate make a summer’s day in the garden truly special. Prep time 15 minutes plus freezing time.

Ingredients 225g/8 oz fresh raspberries 100g / 4 oz caster sugar 275 ml water 1 tbsp lemon juice

Topping Method: Put the raspberries, sugar, 75 ml of the water and lemon juice into a small saucepan. Bring up to the boil and simmer for 2 to 3 minutes until the raspberries have softened. Whiz in a food processor until smooth, then sieve removing the seeds. Add the remaining water and pour into lolly moulds .Place in the freezer for 8 hours or freeze overnight. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of just simmering water until runny. Dip the lolly moulds in hot water to release the lollies from the moulds and place on a plate. Drizzle the chocolate over the lollies using a fork and quickly sprinkle with sprinkles. Turn the lollies over and repeat, then quickly return to the freezer to chill and set the chocolate.

200g / 7 oz Bournville chocolate melted Sprinkles to decorate

Fruitie licious! Makes small lollies


Rascals of London l June 2013 - 65




BLT with Maple Roasted Bacon In Canada you can get delicious maple cured bacon, it is so yummy that it inspired me to make this maple roasted bacon. I would suggest that you roast extra bacon when you make this as it keeps in the fridge for 2-3 days and is wonderful crumbled into salads or an omelette. As a variation you could add 1/2 (half) tsp of grain mustard to the mayonnaise.

Ingredients 4 rashers streaky bacon, rind removed 1/2 tbsp maple syrup 2 slices bread, lightly buttered 1 tbsp mayonnaise 2 leaves little gem lettuce, shredded 1 small tomato, sliced

D elicious! T asty and quick to make - Makes 1 portion 66 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Method: Preheat the oven to 200c/400F/Gas 6/Fan 180. Put a wire cooling rack on a baking sheet and sit the bacon on the rack. Roast for 12-13 minutes, until the bacon is starting to crisp. Carefully brush both sides of the bacon rashers with the maple syrup and roast for a further 2 minutes. Brush once more and roast for a final 2-3 minutes, watching carefully. Remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly. If making for a lunchbox then refrigerate the bacon until thoroughly chilled before making the sandwich. Spread one of the slices of bread with mayonnaise and scatter over the lettuce. Sit the tomato and bacon on top then sandwich with the second slice of bread. Cut in half diagonally and serve or wrap for the lunchbox.



Makes Portions



Ingredients 200g (7 oz) tagliatelle 2 tbsp olive oil 1 onion, finely chopped 1 clove garlic , crushed 1 small yellow pepper, cut into strips 100g broccoli florets 1 medium courgette, sliced thinly and cut in half 125 ml crème fraiche 200 ml vegetable stock 8 cherry tomatoes, halved 75g parmesan cheese, grated A little salt and freshly ground black pepper




This vegetable pasta has a lovely light sauce with vegetables which can be served with almost any kind of pasta and you can vary the vegetables according to your taste. I sometimes use peeled deseeded and chopped tomato instead of cherry tomatoes. You can make the sauce in advance and then cook the pasta just before serving.

Cook the tagliatelle in a large pan of lightly salted boiling water according to the directions on the packet. Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed frying pan and sauté the onion and garlic for 3 minutes. Add the yellow pepper, broccoli and courgette and sauté for about 7 minutes or until tender. Stir in the crème fraiche and the vegetable stock and bring to a simmer. Stir in the cherry tomatoes and simmer for 1 minute, then stir in 50g of the Parmesan cheese and season to taste. Toss the drained tagliatelle with the sauce. Serve with the extra Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on top if you wish.

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* Every week Jessica

Cook & nutritional expert

Every week Jessica and her team plan and her team plan delicious, and delicious, healthy healthy and exciting recipes exciting recipes

you have is order online. You can choose betweena a“family “familybag” bag” AllAll you have toto dodo is order online. You can choose between with4 meals 4 mealsforfor 4 peopleoror a “couplesbag” bag”with with33meals mealsfor for22people. people. with 4 people a “couples On Mondayevenings eveningsthe thebags bagsare aredelivered delivered directly directly to door. On Monday to your door. All the ingredients are fresh and come from local All the ingredients are fresh and come from local suppliers. The meat and fish has never been frozen suppliers. The meat and fish has never been frozen and and the fish is responsibly sourced taking into the fish is responsibly sourced taking into account the account the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Here is a sample recipe from Jessica’s Recipe Bag. Here is a sample recipe from Jessica’s Recipe Bag. This This warm healthy fish soup is perfect for a family warm healthy fish soup is perfect for a family meal. meal. The fresh herbs add lots of lovely flavours and The fresh herbs add lots of lovely flavours and it has it has many health benefits. It is high in protein and many health benefits. It is high in protein and antioxidants antioxidants especially vitamins A, C and B6. For especially vitamins A, C and B6. For added fibre serve with added fibre serve with crusty wholemeal bread.

crusty wholemeal bread.

Chunky Fish Fish soup withWith Warm French Bread & garlicky Fraiche Chunky Soup Warm French Bread & Garlicky Crème Crème Fraiche Preparation timetime 10 minutes Preparation 10 minutes Cooking time 30 minutes Cooking time 30 minutes Serves 4

How to cook How to cook

IngrEdIEnts Ingredients 350g cod fillets 350g cod fillets 200g king prawns 200g king prawns 200g crème fraiche 200g crème 1 fennel bulb fraiche 1 fennel bulb 1 carrot 1 carrot 1 onion 1 onion 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp sugar tomatoes 1 tin chopped 1 tinvegetable choppedstock tomatoes 800ml 800ml vegetable stock 2 garlic cloves crushed 2 garlic cloves crushed 50g chopped dill 50golive chopped 1 tbsp oil dill 1 chopped tbsp oliveparsley oil 50g 50g chopped parsley French bread French bread salt Salt Pepper


Serves 4


68 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Pre heat the oven 180C. 1 1. Pre heat the oven toto 180C 2. make the base the soup. Cut of the fennel bulb ToTo make the base ofof the soup. Cut offoff thethe toptop of the fennel bulb and remove the outer layer then slice finely. Finely chop the onion and remove the outer layer then slice finely. Finely chop the and carrot. In a large heat the olive oil, sauté onion, onion and carrot. In asaucepan large saucepan heat the olive oil,the sauté carrot and fennel for 5fennel minutes be(should soft), add the chopped the onion, carrot and for (should 5 minutes be soft), add tomatoes, crushed garlic,crushed sugar, salt andsugar, pepper toand taste and simmer the chopped tomatoes, garlic, salt pepper for 5 minutes. Add the vegetable stock and simmer for a further to taste and simmer for 5 minutes. Add the vegetable stock and 20 minutes with the lid20 on. simmer for a further minutes with the lid on

While base soup is cooking, cod into chunks 3 3. While thethe base of of thethe soup is cooking, cutcut thethe cod into chunks 2.5cm square). Finely chop the parsley and dill removing (aprox (aprox 2.5cm square). Finely chop the parsley and dill removing any In aa small small bowl bowlmix mixtogether togetherthe the anylarge largestalks, stalks, set to one side. In crème fraiche and crushed garlic. crème fraiche and crushed garlic When the basehas hasbeen beencooking cookingfor for2020minutes minutesinin total add the 4 4. When the base total add chopped dill, parsley, cod and Simmer for 3for minutes the chopped dill, parsley, codking and prawns. king prawns. Simmer until cod and areprawns cooked. 3 minutes untilprawns cod and are cooked Serve the soup a bowl with a dollop of the garlic crème fraiche 5 5. Serve the soup in in a bowl with a dollop of the garlic crème buttered warm French bread. and fraiche and buttered warm French bread




Taking the stresstheout Taking of weekday stress out cooking of weekday cooking We deliver a bag

of fresh, healthy We deliver a bag ingredients & inspiring of fresh, healthy recipes&toinspiring your door ingredients – turning dinner recipes to your door into a treat,dinner not ainto chore – turning a treat, not a chore

For more information visit

For more information visit jessicasrecipebag.co.uk


I am Jessica Andersson, a working mother with

I am Jessica Andersson, withand teenage children. Alla working recipes aremother developed teenagetested children. recipes and by me.AllI am also a are fullydeveloped qualified nutritional experienced cook, specialised in testedtherapist by me. I and am also a fully qualified nutritional mealand planning for individuals families. in therapist experienced cook,and specialised meal planning for individuals and families.

50% off your50% firstoff bag

your bag Use codefirst RASCALS Use code RASCALS

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Birthday Parties

Solved! 12 7



6 17







13 1 16

11 11


10 3



A London Duck Tour offers a truly unique way of celebrating your birthday party. The amphibious DUKWs vehicle provides a novel way to see London’s wonderful attractions. Your 70-minute adventure starts in Waterloo and takes you past London’s world famous attractions including the London Eye, past Buckingham Palace, Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey before a dramatic launch into the Thames for a sightseeing cruise.

70 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

The conspicuous yellow vehicle attracts a lot of attention making this a special adventure for kids and the tour is wonderfully complimented by the action-packed commentary of the character guides. Where: London Duck Tour, 55 York Road, Waterloo, London, SE1 7NJ. Tel: 020 7928 3132 www.londonducktours.co.uk





Various locations The most fun kids can have !

David Lloyd Kids we tailor your birthday party for your child, from small parties with close friends, to large parties for their whole class! The high energy parties are a must for parents wanting a fantastic party for all to enjoy! Giant indoor play frame, make & create, fun-filled parties and action packed Holiday Active Programmes. All ages. Non members welcome.

Once upon a time the bouncy castle reigned supreme, now children both boys and girls want a more exciting and different birthday party so enter Go Kart Party, offering a thrilling birthday party experience.

they are fitted with safety harnesses, are fully tested & certified within the last 12 months and are operated by trained professionals. Nothing is left to chance. A birthday party can last from 1 hour up to 2 hours depending on the number of children attending.

A Go Kart Party will delight your kids with Where: Various locations across the city their first real driving experience. The call for details. electric karts can travel at pre Tel: 0870 1162 000 determined speeds of between 1 & 6 MPH, Checkwww.go-kartparty.co.uk out our new go kart

track and exer-gaming zone


Where: David Lloyd, Leisure Way High Road, Finchley, London N12 0QZ. Tel: 0845 1257 023 www.davidlloyd.co.uk

If you are looking to give your Children a Birthday Party to remember you need to look at a Go Kart Birthday Party.

The Ultimate Indoor Adventure Park




s e i an


Let Kidspace take away the strain ainment for kids, whatever the weather… of entertaining kids in your own e adult admission, save to £5.50* homeup by providing the party of

Wow the party child with their funky party zones, Pod Pizzeria restaurant and, of course, one of *Terms and conditions. Only one voucher per family, the largest indoor play structures cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer valid until end of July 2011 in the UK. Croydon, The Colonnades, for more information call 020Where: 8686Kidspace 0040 619 Purley Way, Croydon CR0 4RQ. www.kidspaceadventures.com Tel: 020 8686 0040 Unit 3, The Colonnades, 619 Purley Way, Croydon, Surrey CR0 4RQ

Where: Kidspace Romford, The Brewery, Waterloo Road, Romford, Essex RM1 1AU. Tel: 01708 768 003 www.kidspaceadventures.com


They know how to throw a good party at Beanies Cafe!



per Pam

a lifetime at one of the most renowned children’s party venues in London. Kidspace parties Scan ho be specially tailored for any age pfrom tiny tots to 12 year olds.



Specialising in hosting stress-free, childrens parties that are just really well planned, organised and executed. They take care of everything from start to finish (the party food and drinks, all of the entertainment, games and activities and of course all of the tidying up!). Where: Beanies Cafe, 3 to 7 Middle Street, Croydon CR0 1RE. Tel: 020 8680 2088 www.beaniescafe.co.uk

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 71




5 Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London provides you and your party the most captivating and thought provoking back drop in London. Offering a truly spectacular birthday that is unique in every way possible, your party will experience a birthday like no other, celebrating with the world’s tallest man, genuine shrunken heads, and a six foot metal gorilla!

They have two amazing Birthday party packages for you to choose from (Ripley’s Incredible Birthday Package and Ripley’s Outrageous Birthday Package) and a dedicated team in house to help you take the hassle out of organising an unbelievable birthday party. With everything considered from entertainment to food all the way through to party bags for each member of the party, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London will ensure your child’s birthday is truly out of the ordinary.

Where: Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, The London Pavilion, 1 Piccadilly Circus, London W1J 0DA. Tel: 020 3238 0022 www.ripleyslondon.com

6 Birthday Parties are what all Wiz Kids are …. Creative! They are interactive so your kids don’t watch us entertain them. They are active participants in creating their own art projects as well as having fun with singing, dancing and party games. You may choose one, two or three individual art projects. These include t.shirt painting, hat painting, decorating plates, vases, bags, original canvases, croup banners. Face painting may be included as well. Where: Creative Wiz Kids, 92 South Hill Park, London NW3 2SN. Tel: 020 7794 6797 www.creativewizkids.com

72 - June 2013 l Rascals of London



At a Fire Treasures party you can choose a package from pottery, plaster, decopatch, make-a-bear, glass fusing and much more.

Plus mums can indulge in a delicious cake and coffee from our café to keep you going! Where: Fired Treasures Pottery and Arts Studio, 143 Dollis Road, Mill Hill, Barnet, Greater, London, NW7 1JX. Tel: 020 8371 6709 www.firedtreasures.co.uk





Snakes and Ladders is a huge indoor soft play barn filled to the brim with climbing frames, ball ponds, cargo nets and slides with a three tier playframe. Parties include 90 minutes of fun and play, hot or cold party meal, Half an hour in the party room with a party host, FREE downloadable Invitations, ‘Next visit free’ voucher for the birthday child. The play centre is based in the grounds of the beautiful Syon House, so this is the perfect opportunity to package up a little culture along with some great entertainment for the kids. Where: Syon Park, Brentford. Tel: 020 8847 0946 www.snakes-and-ladders.co.uk

9 Footie-mad kids can follow in the footsteps of their heroes with a Chelsea FC birthday. Score a hat trick with a private stadium tour; five-a-side football game; and a Chelsea gift and certificate for each child. The party package also includes invitations. Where: Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS. Tel: 0871 984 1955 www.chelseafc.com


Celebrate your childs birthday at Eddie Catz! Their two hour Eddie party allows you plenty of time to enjoy all the play facilities with friends and then you can settle down to a divine meal followed by a visit from Eddie himself! The party is suitable for children up to age 10. Where: Eddie Catz Putney, 68-70 Putney High Street, 1st Floor, London SW15 1SF. Where: Eddie Catz Wimbledon, 42 Station Road, Merton, London, SW19 2LP. Tel: 0845 201 1268 www.eddiecatz.com

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The perfect party for over 6´s. A fun filled 2 hour party including Laser games, using all facilities and their party feast.




One of the largest Indoor Activity, Party and Play Centres in North London. Facilities include the Crawlers Area, The Toddlers Area and a 3 level multi-activity frame for the more adventurous. They have increased their birthday party’s capacity and added an additional economy option for off peak weekday birthday parties making celebrating a birthday party in Clowntown affordable to anyone.

Where: Gambado Beckenham, National Westminster Bank Sports Ground, Copers Cope Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1NZ. Tel: 020 8662 6914 Where: Gambado Chelsea, 7 Station Ct, Townmead Road, Chelsea, London, Greater London SW6 2PY. Tel: 020 7384 1635 www.gambado.com


Where: ClownTown, The Coppetts Centre, Finchley, London, N12 0SH. Tel: 020 8361 6600 www.clowntown.co.uk

If you are looking for a party option for a child who loves dancing and pop music, or are looking for a baby friendly option for a 1st or 2nd birthday, where you would like as much of the emphasis on the parents being able to have a fun and sociable time, then Baby Loves Disco is perfect for you.


Party includes: Play on Dodgems, Carousel & Climbing Wall and playframe, tasty party Buffet, unlimited sugar free juice & water, exclusive use of the Laser Tag equipment, gift for the party child and medals for guests to take home, party host to help manage your party.

At all of our events we have face painting, a dressing up corner, a full spread of healthy snacks and juiceboxes for kids, a chill out area with play tents, toys etc. and arts and crafts or other quiet activities and in London we have a fantastic Saturday Night Fever flashing dancefloor that is always a HUGE hit with the little ones!

Nice little soft play centre and cafe in The Grove along with an outdoor parkland area. Enclosed area for toddlers to run arou nd in and a seperate area for younger babies. Their parties will include sole use of the dinosaur party area for 2 hrs or exclusive hire of the whole venue. Party invitations. Arrival snack of fresh fruit & pom bear crisps. Homemade dinosaur sandwiches, margarita pizza, Ice cream & sprinkles, unlimited jugs of sugar and free juice. Colouring in sheets quality themed party packs: fun, interesting and educational.

Where: Sway, 61-65 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5BZ Tel: 07986 527 947 www.babylovesdisco.co.uk

Where: The Grove, Alexandra Park. Tel: 020 8444 1338 www.littledinosaurs.co.uk

74 - June 2013 l Rascals of London




Whether your kids want to bowl, ice      skate or sing karaoke, they can do it all at Queens Ice and Bowl. Book a birthday package and enjoy one or two activities, along with a choice of pizza, sandwiches or a hamburger, with fries. Queens also provide invitations, party bags, ice cream and a party table.



Where: Queens Ice and Bowl, 17 Queensway, Bayswater, London , W2 4QP. Tel: 020 7229 0172 www.queensiceand bowl.co.uk

17 18

Venture into the London Dungeon and let your little monsters come face-to-face with London’s grisly past. Birthday packages include fast track entry, a tour, a goodie bag and a souvenir photo. You’ll also get all the usual frights, live shows, actors and special effects that make the London Dungeon famous!

Enjoy an active birthday with a children’s party at West London Stables. The kids will love making a fuss of the ponies with an hour of grooming, followed by an hour of riding games. The party is suitable for riders and non-riders as adult helpers are on hand if required. Only available on Sundays.

Where: The London Dungeon, Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road London, SE1 7PB. Tel: 0871 663 1670 www.thedungeons.com

Where: West London Stables, 20 Stable Way, London, W10 6QX. Tel: 020 8964 2140 www.westlondon stables.co.uk

“Birthday parties are good for you. Statistics show that the Hobbler who laughs the most lives the longest.” - Professor Topperpot.

High Ropes Parties have half-anhour free play or half-an-hour inside the play barn before starting the adventure on the High Ropes course.

Hobblers know a thing or two about what makes a fantastic birthday party which is why they would love you to celebrate yours at Hobbledown.

All you have to do is bring the guests… Activities include: A full fun-packed hour in the Hobblings play barn and another hour in one of their themed Hobbler rooms or themed tables in the play barn where you can enjoy your party feast.

Guests are free to arrive before their party or stay afterwards to enjoy all that Hobbledown has to offer, at no extra cost! Where: Horton Park Children’s Farm, Horton Lane, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8PT. Tel: 0843 289 4979 www.hobbledown.com

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Nutty’s Parties

Nutty´s parties offer a variety of fun-packed, exciting and original drama workshop and adventure parties for children aged 3-9. Tel: 0788 405 0954 www.nuttyschildrensparties.co.uk

Charlie the Clown


Find Theme Pyjama Party

Princess Party

There’s nothing like sitting around in your pyjamas and your favourite slippers, drinking hot chocolate, eating biscuits and sharing stories with friends. Invite everyone over for a pyjama party, an all-night sleep over to celebrate your child´s birthday.

Princess parties should be announced in a royal fashion. Send invitations that use a fancy text and glitter. They could be shaped like horses, unicorns, tiaras, glass slippers or rainbows. Speaking of tiaras, how about delivering one plastic tiara to each party guest with a tag attached that lists the who, what, where and when of the party?

Magic Party There is nothing more fascinating for children than magic. Remember when that coin was pulled from behind your ear, or when that eight of hearts card mysteriously ended up on the top of the deck? Come on, we can all admit that we marvelled!

Pirate Party

Film Star Party Make the Birthday child a film star for the party. All kids love dressing up and what better than for them to choose their favourite film star and all the guests can guess which star, character and film. Prizes could be in the style of Oscars. You could video the party interviewing guests as their film star role or acting out their favourite scene. And all for their 15 minutes of fame!

Treasure Hunt

Offering a variety of entertainment - clown and magic shows, singing, dancing, games, balloon modelling, story-telling and puppets. Tel: 0780 873 2390 www.charlietheclown.co.uk

Einstein’s Entertainers

Does your child want to be a pirate? Find the buried treasure? Discover an island? Meet Captain Hook? Well, if so this is a great party for any adventurous mate. Make an invitation and be creative. I suggest a treasure map to your house, what else? This isn´t hard to do and the whole family can get involved. Just make sure the clues aren’t too hard! Plan out your menu, and the activities that go along with it, etc. What do pirates eat? They love cake and ice cream and hot-dogs. Decorate the house with balloons and pictures of pirate ships and your table with chocolate money as treasure. Make treasure map place mats.

Safari Party Whether blasting off rockets, watching sparks fly or getting to grips with the slimy gross world of polymers, we strive for excellence and sciencetastic hilarity every time. Tel: 020 8123 8697 www.e-entertainers.co.uk

76 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Track down animals in the jungle (aka your house or garden) + when you find them, put the right name on. Other games include pin the tail on the donkey, finding pairs of animals and dressing up.

The perfect theme for a birthday treasure chests filled with sand, costume jewellery and puzzles for your guests. Attach colourful balloons if you desire. Use treasure maps as place mats on each table; put instructions on each table with clues to find treasure you have hidden in the house or garden. Fill a room with balloons to lead people to the “buried” treasure. Don’t forget “who’s a pretty boy then” (the parrot), leave clues to find the letters to spell the parrots name. And finally, list the clues as well as the “rules” on the instructions for this treasure hunt kids party inside or outside.





2. 8.


The Cake Store 0800 052 0058






Something Special


1. Gruffalo Cake - £104.50 2. Toy Story Two Tier Cake - £130.00 3. Fireman Sam and Engine Cake - £220.00 4. Thomas Tank Cake - £97.90 5. R2D2 Cake - £143.00 6. Tinkerbelle’s Castle Cake - £97.90 7. Dalmation Puppy Dog Cake - £99.00 8. Mater Cake - £209.00 9. Queen for a Day Cake - £220.00

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Indoor Activity Playground & Family CafĂŠ

020 8960 1515 www.bramleysbig.co.uk Email: enquiries@bramleysbig.co.uk

136 Bramley Road, London W10 6TJ

Fun Science Parties! Stress Free Parties Fun Science Shows Crazy Experiments CRB Checked Entertainers Relax and Enjoy Age Range: 6 - 12 Other Events Please Contact Us Rockets, Hovercraft, Slime, Candyfloss, Pink Potions, Dry Ice and other themed events.

Call or email * 020-8123-8697 * info@e-entertainers.co.uk * www.e-entertainers.co.uk 78 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

parties parties parties

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After-school pottery classes- new term starts After-school pottery classes- new term starts 2nd March, 4.15pm to 6pm 2nd March,classes4.15pmnew to 6pm After-school pottery term starts

2nd March, 4.15pm to 6pm

party ideas/themes party ideas/themes Art-Work Art-Work party ideas/themes www.charlottegerrard.com

www.charlottegerrard.com Art-Work (See ad page XX) (See ad page XX) www.charlottegerrard.com pary venues (See page XX) paryadvenues Fired Treasures

Fired Treasures pary venues www.firedtreasures.co.uk

Pottery Painting ages · ·Pottery Painting forforallallages Painting for all ages • Pottery · Fun enamelling, silver clay jewellery&&pottery pottery makingclasses classes Fun enamelling, silver clay jewellery · ·Pottery Painting for all ages Fun enamelling, silver clay jewellerymaking & pottery • Workshops throughout the year for adults & kids making classes Workshops throughout the year for adults & kidsmaking classes ·· ·Fun enamelling, silver clay jewellery & pottery undertakecommissions commissionsfor forany anyoccasion occasion ·· Workshops WeWe undertake Workshops throughout the year adults & kids • throughout the year for adults for & kids Castingservice servicetotopreserve preservethose thoseprecious preciouslittle littlehands handsand andfeet feet ·· ·We Casting We undertake commissions for any occasion commissions for any occasion • undertake Available in a range of finishes & mounted – a fabulous gift Available in a range of finishes & mounted a fabulous gift feet service preserve those–little precious · Casting service to preserve those precious handslittle and • Casting Delicious coffees & teastoand a range of refreshments · ·Available Delicious coffees & teas and a range of refreshments hands feet in aand range of finishes & mounted – a fabulous gift Dollis Road, Mill Hill, London NW7 1JX Available a range finishes & mounted 143 Dollis Road, Mill&in Hill, London NW7 1JX • ·143 Delicious coffees teas and aofrange of refreshments Tel: 020 8371 6709

fabulous Tel: 020 143 Dollis8371 Road,6709 Millgift Hill, London NW7www.firedtreasures.co.uk 1JX info@firedtreasures.co.uk Delicious coffees & teas and www.firedtreasures.co.uk a range of refreshments info@firedtreasures.co.uk • Tel: 020 8371 6709 info@firedtreasures.co.uk www.firedtreasures.co.uk

07930 463 547 07930 463 547

07930 463 547 020 8371 6709 020 8371 6709

www.firedtreasures.co.uk Dollis Road, Mill Hill, NW7020 1J 8371 6709 Fired143 Treasures 143 Dollis Road, Mill Hill, NW7 1J www.firedtreasures.co.uk Gambado - Watford's Premier 01923 892 140 Gambado - Watford's Premier IndoorRoad, Play &Mill Party Centre 143 Dollis Hill, NW7 1J01923 892 140 Indoor Play & Party Centre www.gambado.com Gambado - Watford's Premier 01923 892 140 www.gambado.com Woodside Leisure Park, North Orbital Road, Indoor Play & Party Park, Centre Woodside Watford,Leisure Hertfordshire,North WD25Orbital 7JZ Road, www.gambado.com Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 7JZ Woodside Leisure Park, North Orbital Road, councils councils Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 7JZ 020 8379 1000 Enfield Council Enfield Council 020 8379 1000 www.enfield.gov.uk councils www.enfield.gov.uk Informed Families - Enfield's Family Enfield Council 020 8379 Informed Families - Enfield's Family 1066 Information Service - 0800 694 - 1000 www.enfield.gov.uk Information Service - 0800 694 1066 www.enfield.gov.uk/if. Informed Families - Enfield's Family www.enfield.gov.uk/if. (See ad page 39) (See ad page 39) - 0800 694 1066 Information Service www.enfield.gov.uk/if. (See ad page 39)

The Parents’ Directories 35- 79 Rascals of London l June 2013

The Parents’ Directories





3. 2.



Top Toys



1. Organic Cotton Giraffe -

£14.99 - www.otoys.co.uk


2. Roar React Boris T Rex £30.00 - www.hamleys.com

3. 6 in 1 Solar Kit - £12.99 -



4. Frog Grip & Catch - £11.99 www.justwilliamstoys.com 5. Barbie Californian Dream House - £79.99 - www.smyths toys.com

6. Happy Hopperz - £24.99 www.justwilliamstoys.com

7. LEGO Star Wars Geonosian Cannon - £20.00 - www.ham leys.com


8. Go-Fish-Go Puzzle - £8.99 www.justwilliamstoys.com


80 - June 2013 l Rascals of London






9. Counting Station - £52.00 www.kindtoys.co.uk

10. Grow My First Ever Flower Garden - £15.99 www.crafts4kids.co.uk

11. Count Your Chickens Cooperative Board Game - £13.99 - www.justwilliamstoys.com

12. Kurio 7” Personal Tablet £99.99 - www.toysrus.co.uk

13. Sonic Blasting Iron Man Figure - £22.49 - www.smyth stoys.com

14. Balance Bike - £197.00 www.nicnacnoo.com

15. Franck & Fischer Gufo -


£34.99 - www.franck-fischer.co.uk

16. Moshi Monsters MICRO Silver Collector Tin Edition £10.00 - www.hamleys.com

12. 11. 13. 14.


16. Rascals of London l June 2013 - 81

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London’s most experienced Easter & Summer day camps for 3-16 year olds


mp most exciting day ca e th s ar ye 30 er For ov

in the UK!

11 Great Locations Ascot, Blackheath, Bromley, Esher, Mill Hill, Northwood, Reigate, Richmond, Tunbridge Wells, Wimbledon & Woodford Green.

Quality Assured Rest assured with over 30 years experience, OFSTED registration & independent BAHA inspection.

1. Haba Water Track - £21.40 www.thetoadstool.co.uk 2. Pretend Play American Indian Wear Brave Eagle Costume £24.80 - www.thetoadstool.co.uk


3. Haba Biofino Play Food ‘Grill Set Sizzle Expert’ - £26.00 www.thetoadstool.co.uk

4. Haba Biofino Play Food ‘Bon Appetit Pizza’ - £15.25 - www.thetoadstool.co.uk

82 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

01263 823 000

Call or visit www.campbeaumont.co.uk/daycamps




Our Top 12 Picks

Complete Guide to

s p m a C r e Summ 2013

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 83





XUK is the brand name for a number of specialised camp experiences that cater for kids from ages 3-17, covering all personality types. Within the three main focuses on Sport, Art and Drama, you’ll find a range of tailored camps that will suit your kids and give them one of the finest holidays of their lives. The Bernstein brothers, founders and directors of XUK, use their family-business ethos to create an environment that is cosy, welcoming, fun, convenient for parents and most importantly safe.

t T heir amazing se ge of activities chan each week keeping it fresh for those who are staying for more

than one.



Where: Various Locations Tel: 020 8371 9686 www.xkeys.co.uk


Wellington Riding is a full package: it is British-Horse-Society approved and highly reputable, so parents can rest assured of their children being instructed and looked after by trained professionals. And it’s based on a magnificent estate in Hampshire, where clean air and gorgeous riding terrain are in free supply. The residential riding holidays are open to all ages and experience levels – even if you have your own horse and want to bring them along. Where: Wellington Riding, Hook, Hampshire. Tel: 01189 326 308 www.wellington-riding.com


First time campers are often nervous about what they can expect at a summer camp: will I fit in? will I have fun? what will the people in charge be like? Mill On The Brue is the perfect place to settle their nerves. With over 40 activities the fun never stops.

84 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Offering single day experiences which give first timers a nice taster before committing to a week. Kids are broken up into manageable groups of 12, allowing them to make the most of the six daily activities on offer. It’s a family run business with highly trained support staff, so first-time camper parents can also relax. Confidence building, achievement, self worth, understanding of self and others is positive testament to the power of the outdoors. Where: Mill on the Brue, Trendle Farm, Somerset. Tel: 01749 812 307 www.millonthebrue.co.uk





Camp Beaumont is a summer camp institution in the UK, having been around for over 30 years. Using a balance of physical activities (in water and on land), games and team building exercises, the overall goal is give campers a “chance to build confidence, boost self-esteem and learn useful skills along the way.” ‘The House!’ is a unique concept to Camp Beaumont, specifically aimed at kids between 16 and 17 who want a fun holiday and a taste of independence.

The package is a week-long party that includes watersports, quad biking, climbing, high ropes and plenty of socialising. As fun and exciting as it is though, Camp Beaumont only employs trained staff members who are fully committed to safety 100% of the time. ‘The House’ is available at three locations across the UK: Colomendy Valley, Grosenvor Hall and The Island. Where: Various Locations Tel: 0800 655 6560 www.campbeaumont.co.uk

  Two five day intensive courses which include   a free t-shirt and a certificate. Musical Theatre    pupils take part in a demonstration for friends   and family plus a visit to see the West End      Show Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Street    Dance pupils perform their routines in an end of week spectacular at The Leicester Square Theatre, London.



Performing Arts Scho

Where: Pineapple Dance Studios, 7 Langley Street, Covent Garden. Tel: 020 7836 4004 www.pineapplearts.com

T heatre visits have included y, Legally Blonde, Hairspra Dirty Dancing, Chicago, T he Wizard of OZ and Matilda.

Music was never that much fun when I was young!


Music Makers, now in its 19th year, is directed by David Andrews GRSM LRSM ARCM, assisted by a team of specialist teachers who have become legendary for their energy, enthusiasm and ability to draw the best out of each young musician. The courses are great fun as well as educational and aim to help each young musician to develop their abilities and confidence in playing and performing. The courses are five days long, culminating in a presentation concert of some of the music rehearsed during the week. Where: King’s College School, Wimbledon. Tel: 01425 654 819 www.musicmakers.co.uk

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FUN of With a choice ns and great locatio vities, a fantastic acti holiday PGL Activity e will tick all th boxes!




Certainly one of the best when it comes to thrills, challenges and adventures - all rolled into one fantastic holiday! Children leave PGL with loads more friends, interests and feeling more confident - they’ll be counting the days until their next PGL holiday! Where: Various Locations Tel: 0844 371 0101 www.pgl.co.uk

9. 8.

Fun, safe, active and inspirational school holiday sport camps for 3-14yrs where children will learn new sports and develop existing skills. Tennis, cricket, football, martial arts, yoga, swimming,

Mad Mad Science Age: 4 – 11 years Science

fencing and much more! Ofsted registered. Professional, CRB cleared coaches. Where: Various Locations Tel: 0844 335 8217 www.sportacademies.com

86 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Are you looking for some extraordinary Science and whizz-bang Mad Science fun for your aspiring Mad Scientists this Summer? Take-home gift at the end of every day! Trained, reliable instructors, all CRB checked, Discount for online and group bookings! Where: Various Locations Tel: 020 8832 7447 www.madscience.org




Fun packed, multi-activity day camps for children aged 4 ½ to 16 years. A wide range of activities will be on offer including football, archery, trampoline, motor sports, basketball, ultimate frisbee, lab rats fun science, video making, kin-ball, arts & crafts, tennis, face painting, fencing, circus skills, dance, drama, bouncy castles plus much, much more! There really is something for everyone.


Stage Coach

Open to everyone, regardless of previous experience. Each student is given a role to play as they rehearse a popular musical or theme, and take part in singing, dancing and acting classes. Alongside the fun, discipline and effort is required for stage school students to get the most out of the

workshops: with lines, songs and dance moves to learn in a short space of time. Then at the end of the week the children get their chance to shine when they perform what they’ve learnt in front of family and friends. Building confidence and increasing self esteem, the workshops celebrate team-work at the same time as inspiring individual students to develop their performance skills. Where: Various Locations Tel: 01932 254 333 www.stagecoach.co.uk


Their roaming activities will also be visiting summer activity camps and include high adrenaline inflatable assault courses, criss cross zorbing, interactive dance mats, under pressure, rodeo bull, demolition ball and climbing wall!

Where: Various Locations Tel: 0845 1235 299 www.barracudas.co.uk

Quality Training in a Safe Environment - Dance, Drama, Stage and More

Fun packed, y multi-activit r day camps fo d 4½ children age to 16 years

Super Camps are delighted to offer inspiring programmes and activities using the resources and grounds of schools across the UK. The programmes stretch children mentally and physically, and most importantly, add to the enjoyment of the school holidays. The camps offer something for even the most discerning of young people, from small children to teenagers. Staff are qualified, and trained by Super Camps to ensure that children receive the best experience possible across a wide range of activities both outdoors and inside.


Super Camps Multi Activity Programme include up to 8 scheduled activities each day, including outdoor games, arts and crafts and sports.

For children seeking something different check out their specially designed 5 day “A Passion For...” workshops, covering Performance, Arts and Crafts and Invention. Also on offer is their ever popular RAW Adventure camp, where young explorers learn to live and survive outdoors. Tasks during the 5 day bushcraft course range from tactical evasion, trap and fire making to wilderness first aid and den building.

Where: Various Locations Tel: 01235 832 222 www.supercamps.co.uk

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Multilingual Children How can parents raise multilingual children? For Estelle Le Guillou, director of French-speaking nanny agency Oui Maman, the key is to compartmentalise languages and speakers. There are numerous advantages to raising bilingual or multilingual children. One of them is that their brain will be more often stimulated than monolingual children’s. Some studies have even shown that children who are taught more than one language from an early age benefit from a better ability to focus, better attention and better short-term memory.

It is easier for children to assimilate, understand and ultimately speak two (or more) languages if they are taught to them from birth. A child’s brain is often compared to a sponge as children effortlessly absorb enormous quantities of information. Parents should therefore take advantage of this to try and establish a second and/or third language in their children’s life sooner rather than later. It appears that the best time to learn more than one language is before the age of 3 (and in any event before the age of 7), when brain plasticity (the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of experience and learning) is at its peak. There are many ways parents can raise multilingual children. Although it helps, parents need not speak a foreign language themselves. One of the key factors for success however is to compartmentalise, meaning that one person (parent) will

1 2

88 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

speak English and another (parent or nanny) will speak a foreign language. Young children will be less confused and able to learn both languages at the same time if they understand that they can only speak English with their father and French with their mother or nanny for example. Their brain is likely to take each language on board faster and switch to auto-pilot depending on who they are talking to. This will ultimately enable them to jump from one language to another without any difficulty, which is the definition of true bilingualism. And of course, the more time the child spends with that person, the quicker he/she will learn and speak the language. Estelle confirms that parents often decide to instruct Oui Maman to hire a French-speaking nanny to complement a French-based education (which in itself may not be enough).

Oui Maman is a Londonbased specialist Frenchspeaking nanny agency dedicated to finding the perfect nanny for its clients. It provides a wide range of services (live-in, live-out, full-time, part-time and holiday nannies as well as baby-sitters). For further information, please visit www.ouimaman.co.uk.

Another very important factor is that a language should be taught by a native speaker. This enables children to initially hear and learn the right sounds and later speak the language with the right accent. This also means that they are less likely to make syntax and grammatical errors when they grow up. Motivation is a primordial factor too. Children are much more likely to learn more than one language if they are encouraged to do so by their parents-without making it akin to a laborious chore!

London’s premier French-speaking nanny agency




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An outstanding* education that goes way beyond the curriculum *Inspection Report 2012

Open Mornings Sat 28 Sept 10.00 - 13.00 Tues 8 Oct 09.30 - 11.00 Wed 6 Nov 09.30 - 11.00 Wed 13 Nov 09.30 - 11.00

020 8557 7003

www.sydenhamhighschool.gdst.net admissions@syd.gdst.net 15 Westwood Hill London SE26 6BL

g nin 0 r o .0 r M - 11 ) e d 5 st Ta 9.1 quire ion t 0 re pt Oc king e 3 o c Re urs e-bo Th (pr

Independent Pre-Prep Bilingual School Ealing Broadway



uette sch cho



epre cho p bilingual s

Combined French National and Early Years Curriculums Bilingual Education through Immersion (50% taught in French) An Education that focuses on developing each child's well-being Environmental Awareness Children aged 2 to 6 years old - Small class sizes - Extra Curricular Activities - Before&After School Care Facilities - School Meals

www.lachouetteschool.co.uk Tel: (+44) (0) 7557 029255


17 The Mall, London W5 2PJ

90 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Come and visit our fabulous nurseries in Crouch End, West Hampstead, Finchley, Southgate, Chiswick, Fulham, Kingston, Dorking and our brand new Jewish nursery opening in North West London, May 2013.


The complete solution to 11+ success

Supporting you through their 11+ journey The number one for 11+ practice for nearly 50 years, Bond has helped millions of children pass their 11+. Offering a range of practice activities for your child to build the skills needed for 11+ success.


Tests and Papers



✔ Available for ages 9–11 ✔ Includes UP TO SPEED and STRETCH editions ✔ Covers all four 11+ subjects ✔ Complements Bond Assessment Papers for the key age ranges

Bond ✔ Interactive online practice ✔ Covering all 11+ question types for the four subject areas ✔ Instant auto-marking with comprehensive question feedback ✔ Separate parent login to monitor your child’s progress and identify problem areas

Bond ✔ Summer tuition courses for Verbal Reasoning and Maths ✔ 10-week, 5-week and 2-week courses delivered online ✔ Covers all of the 11+ question types ✔ Homework and email support between lessons

www.bond11plus.co.uk Rascals of London l June 2013 - 91



Slow to

Does my child need help with their speech and language development? Written by Marianne Brown, speech and language therapist and owner of the Children’s Therapies practice in Putney.

As a parent it’s often difficult to know when a child’s development falls within the ‘normal’ range and when there is cause for concern. Just like learning to walk, children develop the ability to communicate at different speeds, and some will encounter difficulties along the way.

92 - June 2013 l Rascals of London



LEARNING What is the difference between speech and language? Speech is how we produce or articulate the sounds that form words. Language refers to the way we receive, understand and express information through all forms of communication - verbal and non-verbal. Although speech problems and language problems are different, they often overlap. A child with a language problem for example, may be good at pronouncing words but be unable to join more than two words together. A child whose speech may be difficult to understand may still use words and phrases to express ideas. And another child may speak clearly but have difficulty understanding instructions.



Early signs of social communication problems and autistic spectrum disorders We also meet many parents whose children are facing more serious difficulties. At as early as 12 months children can be observed for symptoms of autism or social communication problems. Possible signs can include (but this list is by no means exhaustive): •  A lack of early babbling •  Limited copying of speech sounds •  Limited copying of actions such as    clapping hands •  Not pointing to ask for things or to    get someone’s attention •  Lack of other gestures such as waving •  Repetitive actions or movements

Speech delay

•  Lack of shared enjoyment and rarely    smiling or laughing when playing

As a very rough guide, and remembering that each child is different, your toddler should have an expressive vocabulary of around 50 words by the time they are 2 years old, and you should be able to understand about half of what they say. If your little one only uses certain sounds or words repeatedly, and is unable to use spoken language to communicate more than their immediate needs by this age, he or she might have speech or language problems, or a combination of both.

•  Poor eye contact

Stammering and lisps Stammers and lisps are two common speech difficulties that we see here at Children’s Therapies. To help a child with a lisp, a therapist will demonstrate the correct production of the ‘s’ and ‘z’ sounds, highlighting to the child how the tongue is hiding behind the teeth. The child is given lots of opportunities to listen to the production of the correct sounds, and then helped to produce ‘s’ and ‘z’ correctly from a sound to use in conversation.

•  Limited play with toys Some parents of young children with social communication issues initially wonder if their child is hearing properly as the child does not respond to their name being called. Children with delayed language should have a hearing test to rule out a hearing problem.

However children with an autistic spectrum disorder or social communication difficulties may have problems with paying attention and understanding language, so they do not respond when their name is called even though their hearing is fine.

There are many successful communication programmes which therapists can offer children with these type of difficulties, even before they have received a confirmed diagnosis. One we recommend is the Hanen ‘More than Words’ parent course. This was designed especially for parents of children aged 5 years and under and teaches parents how to help their child reach their full communication potential.

When to seek help Parents are correct in thinking that some children do naturally grow out of some of these speech or language difficulties, but unfortunately it is impossible to predict which ones. What we do know is that the earlier parents seek help, the more successful therapy is likely to be. We also know that children entering school with a speech or language delay are much more likely to have difficulties accessing the school curriculum. If you have any concerns about your child’s communication development, contact your GP, or a speech and language therapist directly. They will either be able to reassure you that everything is fine, or assess your child and work with you on strategies and techniques to help your child’s communication.

Children’s Therapies have clinics in Putney and Clapham South, telephone 020 8673 7930 or visit www.childrenstherapies.co.uk A Hanen ‘More than Words’ course for parents will commence in June, please call Children’s Therapies on 020 8673 7930 for further details.

For children who stammer, the therapist will try to establish any factors that may be contributing to the problem, and work with the parent on strategies to help the child to talk more easily, including overcoming fear and anxiety.

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OCCASIONS The OneTM Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker Turn fitness into a lifestyle. For starters, it never rests. During the day, it tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed. Come nightfall, it measures your sleep cycle, helps you learn how to sleep better, and wakes you in the morning.

Next Edition Out 28th August

Price: £79.95 www.fitbit.com

Best of the Best We review the best buggies on the market including Icandy, Quinny and Silvercross, then give our verdict.

London Eye and Dinner for Two With the fantastic value London Eye & Dinner for Two you will enjoy a flight on the London Eye followed by dinner in a West End restaurant

Price: £75.00 www.wellwickedstuff.com

Digital Golf Distance Finder The Digital Golf Distance Finder is the perfect tool for measuring how far a golfer is from the hole. This aids performance and helps them strategise more easily while out on the course. Price: £29.99 www.getting personal.co.uk

Personalised Daddy’s Cuppa Teaspoon A lovely silver plated teaspoon with your choice of words hand stamped onto the spoon face. The perfect gift for Dad...or any tea drinker for that matter, this is the easy way to inform people how you take your tea!

Price: £17.00 www.notonthehighstreet.co

Your 12 Week Scan Tank Driving Experience

Make sure you arrive at yours knowing exactly what to expect.

Drive a Chieftain tank, an Armoured Personnel Carrier and a Quad Bike with this fantastic three and half hour driving experience. In the reassuring company of friendly and experience instructors.

Price: £169.00 www.buyagift.co.uk

Disabled Friendly

Happy Father’s Day - 16th June 94 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Our recommended places to visit that are easily accessible to everyone..


Book Forever... & Review Everything... By Emma Dodd



More books written and illustrated

by Emma Dodd

Yo u …

Emma Dodd

Published: May 2013 Price: £7.99 Padded Hardback

Reading with your little ones has never been more important, and to celebrate this special time to coincide with Fathers Day, Templar Publishing has launched two adorable picture books perfect for you to share with that special someone. Award-winning author / illustrator Emma Dodd has created two brand new stories in her bestselling foil embellished series. Emma’s clever gently rhyming stories are brought to life with exquisitely illustrated animals, including an especially cuddly polar bear and a koala in this ever-popular baby animal series. In Forever…, As a father polar bear and his cub venture together through dramatic snowstorms and across the frozen tundra the father polar bear reassures his beloved cub that he will love him forever.

Forever… and Everything … are out now and available to buy in all good book shops.

You... S o m e t i m e s… Emma Dodd

This set of picture books will make an ideal gift for new parents, a child’s first birthday or christening or even a special gift for a friend. These thoughtful and charming stories will last a lifetime, and will make an essential addition to any home library. Emma was brought up in Guildford, Surrey, in a family of artists. As a child she loved the work of Peter Firmin, John Burningham and Gerald Rose and from as far back as she can remember she wanted to be an illustrator.

Sometimes... When… Emma Dodd

Emma studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Central Saint Martin’s

Everything… follows a mother Koala and her adorable cub as they explore the eucalyptus forest as the mother Koala relays everything she loves about her beloved cub.

I LOVE MY MUMMY, written by Giles Andreae and illustrated by Emma, won the Booktrust Best Book for Babies award in 2010. Emma still lives in Surrey with her husband and two children, several chickens and their beloved occasional hat wearing Jack Russel Terrier, Bart, who keeps her fit and provides inspiration.

When... Me…

Emma Dodd

Among Emma’s favourite things in life are surfing with her kids, punctuality, red lipstick and scrabble. Things she cannot abide include heights, paté and children who complain that they are bored. ‘How can you ever be bored,’ she says, ‘when you can always draw a picture?’

Me... Rascals of London l June 2013 - 95


Book Review



There, There By Sam McBratney and Illustrated by Ivan Bates

Published: May 2013 Price: £12.99 HB / £6.99 PB

Sam McBratney, best-selling author of Guess How Much I Love You, is back with a new charmingly comforting story that both children and parents will delight in reading over and over again. Perfectly complemented with Ivan Bate’s heart-warming and gentle artwork’s Sam shows us that with a “there, there” and a hug everything turns out all right in the end. There, There is an absolute musthave in every little person’s collection! Ever come a cropper pretending to walk like a duck or digging a very deep hole, or bumped your head on a swing? Then this book will give you the kiss better you need. the multi-million selling Guess How Much I Love You which was short listed for the 1994 Kurt Maschler Award, and is now one of the world’s best-selling picture books. He lives in County Antrim, Northern Ireland with his wife and three grown-up children and a teenage tortoise.

About illustrator Ivan Bates Ivan Bates studied illustration at Manchester Polytechnic and has illustrated many books for children. Ivan has worked with Sam on numerous titles including Just You and Me and The Dark at the Top of the Stairs. The perfect Father’s Day gift – Father’s Day 2013 falls on Sunday 16th June celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and spending time with the ones you love.

About There, There - a comforting hug in book form! “There, there” – two of the most soothing words in the English language. In this story from best-selling author Sam McBratney, Meet utterly beguiling little Hansie Bear who just loves to pretend – but walking like a duck can be hazardous, especially when he falls into a deep-down-ditch and has to be helped out by his dad. With a “there, there” and a hug, Hansie is soon off to play again. So when Dad hurts his foot, Hansie knows just what to do…

About author Sam McBratney Sam McBratney was a teacher in his native Northern Ireland before he took early retirement to concentrate on his career as a full-time author. He is now a best-selling and award-winning. His children’s books include

96 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Bedtime reading with Daddy… •  Reading together creates emotional and physical (tickling, hugging, cuddling) bonds with children. Fathers who read tend to have closer relationships with their children than those who do not. •  Books keep dads involved, especially dads who are at work all day. Children often develop inside jokes and special voices through reading aloud. When dads read, they get involved in their children’s language development – and feel more included in family conversation. •  Fathers often use several voices, tones, volumes, and special sounds when they read aloud. Dads make reading fun! It’s important for children to hear several voices to increase their comprehension and be entertained by books. •  Dads are often interested in different subjects. They’re likely to choose new books that will expose children to a whole new range of topics and perspectives. Plus, reading will create common interests for the future (such as sports or cars) between a father and a child. •  Fathers who read become great role models for their sons. Boys are more likely than girls to read below grade level. Dads who read make boys want to spend more time with books. Research shows that boys with Dads who read aloud score higher in reading achievement than those who don’t.

eting Sales and Mark

el. www.annabelkarm Book Club for June el rm Ka l be e na lin An on s d review Sponsorship of the ys, competitions an including give-awa com/kids-book-club Campaign includes: The Annabel Karmel tors a month h 180,000 unique visi    •  Website wit nth mo a e impressions    •  Over 1.2m pag 00 5,0 mbers: 12    •  Registered me scribers: 190,000 sub er lett ws Ne    •  e likes: 19,900    •  Facebook pag ers: 10,250 low    •  Twitter fol and enting Press websites with trade retailers, Par run n itio pet ss pre com ’ al g to nation Exclusive ‘Build-a-Bear ive review press mailin media channels. Exclus mmys and daddy’s. mu ity ebr on the Templar social cel to ed gift pack mailing get Tar s. ine gaz ma and parenting FOLLOW US






1. Crunchy Croc By Sam Lloyd

7. Knuffle Bunny

Coco is a crocodile who loves to chomp on the wrong things. Can you help her pick good things to munch on?

By Mo Willems

2. Stitch Head By Guy Bass Poor Stitch Head has spent years vying for attention amongst a menagerie of freakish monsters.

Trixie and Knuffel’s trip to the laundromat with Dad goes terribly wrong when Trixie realises some bunny’s been left behind...!

3. The Cat in the Hat


By Dr. Seuss When the Cat in the Hat steps in on the mat, Sally and her brother are in for a roller-coaster ride of havoc and mayhem!

4. Rabbit and the Big Red Scooter Rabbit loves his blue bicycle, until her spots Hare on a big, green scooter. Envious, Rabbit buys himself a big, red scooter.


By Alison Jay In this retelling of the ever-popular tale, Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit her grandmother and finds a scary wolf in her bed!

9. The King of Space

By Mark Chambers


8. Little Red Riding Hood

By Jonny Duddle Rex looks like an average 6 year old, living on his parents’ moog farm, but he’s going to be King of Space!

10. Turtle and Me

5. Knight Night

By Robie H. Harris

By Owen Davey

A charming tale about the Going to bed is a great adventure adventures a little boy has with his for one little boy in this charming tale. cuddly toy turtle.


6. Big Scary Monster By Thomas Docherty


On top of a mountain lived a Big Scary Monster. This monster was bigger and scarier than any other creature – and he knew it.


11. I Thought I Saw a Dinosaur! By Emma Dodd Jack has convinced his cousins to go on an epic dinosaur hunt, but who is hunting whom?


12. Cinderelephant



By Emma Dodd


Prince Trunky is on the lookout for a bride and the whole kingdom is invited to a ball.

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Clare Breheny Photography www.clarebrehenyphotography.com clare@clarebrehenyphotography.com +44 (0)7973 753626

98 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

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Fun and inspirational toys and games for newborns and up...

New range of summer, sand and water toys Look out this summer for The Toadstool, and innovative new online children´s toy store bringing you an exciting range of summer toys perfect for the beach or the garden. Let your little one create their own barbeque or picnic or cook up hours of fun with the clever and diverse selection of Haba´s soft or sand play food sets. BBQ by Haba £26.00

106 Grove Vale, East Dulwich SE22 18 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill SE24 8b Balham Hill, Clapham South SW12

And there is lots for little minds to learn and explore with The Toadstool´s unique selection of water toys.

Haba Sand pit toy sets from £6.70 up The Toadstool offer free delivery on all orders of 10 or more, so go online and browse their exciting new range of summer toys today.

www.thetoadstool.co.uk Rascals of London l June 2013 - 99

North London East London

West London Central London

South London

June 7th - July 25th Zoo Lates


Camden, Islington, City of Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, City of London

July 12th

Show Jumping Clinic Back by popular demand Vauxhall City Farm will be hosting another show jumping clinic by London 2012 Olympic course designer Sue Benson. The day will be a fantastic opportunity for you to develop your skills. Where: Vauxhall City Farm, 165 Tyers Street, Lambeth. www.vauxhallcityfarm.org

Until July 13th London’s wildest night out - Every Friday night in June and July, London Zoo opens after hours and invites you to explore the wilds of the ultimate urban jungle. Where: ZSL London Zoo, Regents park. www.zsl.org.uk

June 29th

All Day Friendly Spider Programme Do you have a spider phobia? Then it’s time you joined this Friendly Spider Programme where they will help you to overcome your fears. Where: ZSL London Zoo, Regents park. www.zsl.org/zsl-london-zoo

June 13th & July 5th

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles This interactive show features bubbles of all sizes going up, down, this way, that way, and all over the place… with a little help from the audience! Find out the secret Science Museum bubble recipe and you might even get the chance to step inside their famous human bubble. Where: Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington. www.sciencemuseum.org.uk

Until June 30th

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl’s deliciously dark tale of young Charlie Bucket and the mysterious confectioner Willy Wonka comes to life in a brand new West End musical directed by Sam Mendes. Where: Theatre Royal Drury Lane. www.charlieandthechocolatefactory.com

100 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Comedy for Kids Some of the best kids’ comedians around are performing comedy and songs at the special Comedy for Kids at Southbank Centre show during the Udderbelly Festival. Where: Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road. www.southbankcentre.co.uk

July 20th - August 3rd

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland After three very successful years of presenting Tobias Picker’s opera of Fantastic Mr Fox, Opera Holland Park is pleased to announce the commissioning of a new family opera based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The production will take place in the magical surroundings of Holland Park’s gardens and will feature a live orchestra and a full cast of well loved characters from the book. Where: The Holland Park Theatre, Kensington High Street, Kensington. www.operahollandpark.com

1st Friday of each month

Dino Snores at Natural History Museum At the exciting Dino Snores sleepover events there’s lots of activities and a special show to watch before snuggling down in the shadow of the Diplodocus. Dino Snores sleepovers are suitable for children aged 8 - 11 years old. Where: Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road. www.nhm.ac.uk

What´s ON


July 3rd - September 1st

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Live on stage! Michael Rosen’s award-winning book We’re Going On A Bear Hunt is brought vividly and noisily to the stage in director Sally Cookson’s fun-filled adaptation set to Benji Bower’s versatile lively score. Where: Lyric Theatre Shaftesbury Avenue. www.bearhuntlive.com


August 7th

Butterfly Ballet Cinderella Workshop The workshop teaches children about stagecraft, mime and explores scenes from the Ballet Cinderella. The children get to dance it all out and will perform a presentation for parents at the end where costumes and basic make up are worn. Where: Eddie Catz Putney. www.eddiecatz.com

July 27th - 28th

August 27th - 30th

Visit on this weekend for a chance to see fascinating collections of military models. Enjoy recreations of key events that the British Army has been involved in and meet our curators to discover the story behind the Museum’s own and rarely seen model collection.

A Little Bit Productions Presents.....’Wicked’ Workshops! Enjoy dancing, singing and acting? Join the Little Bit team for a 4 day musical!

Toy Soldier Weekend

Where: National Army Museum, Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea. www.nam.ac.uk

July 30th

Princess & Pirate Summer Party! Join Little Bit Productions Crew for a Pirate & Princess Summer Party! Pirate Pete and Princess Pip for a magical, shiver me timbers summer party! Children will have a fun filled three hour adventure. They actively encourage imagination and confidence building whist having fun! Where: Eddie Catz Putney. www.eddiecatz.com

August 9th - September 8th Dinosaur Zoo

Wicked Workshop with A Little Bit Productions

You’ll be combining music from the new modern musical ‘WICKED’, with four famous friends, Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow! They aim to stimulate their curiosity, encourage confidence, as well as teaching them new skills in a creative imaginative way! Where: Eddie Catz Putney. www.eddiecatz.com

August 30th - September 1st

Little Creatures Family Festival ZSL London Zoo will open its doors for a weekend of big fun for your little ones. There’ll be colourful characters to meet, roving entertainers, interactive stage shows, storytelling, shadow puppetry and the magical fairy queen’s rainbow trail through the enchanted woodland walk. Where: ZSL London Zoo, Regents park. Tel: 020 7722 3333 www.zsl.org

Every Weekend

Weekend Riding at Vauxhall City Farm The farm’s riding therapy centre has been providing opportunities for all ages and abilities to learn to ride since the farm opened in 1977.

A tyrannosauric treat for all ages 3+. Direct from Australia, Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo brings these awesome pre-historic creatures to the stage as you’ve never seen them before! From cute baby dinos to teeth-gnashing giants, meet the most recent addition to the Dinosaur Zoo, a carnivorous theropod known as the Australovenator, the most complete meat-eating dinosaur skeleton yet, found in Australia. Discover all about dinosaurs in this entertaining and highly imaginative live show - plus get up close and personal with them on the picnic lawn before you go. Where: Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, Regents Park. www.openairtheatre.com

Where: Vauxhall City Farm, 165 Tyers Street, Lambeth. www.vauxhallcityfarm.org

Various Dates

Born to be Wild 3D Stunningly captured in IMAX 3D, and narrated by Morgan Freeman, this heartwarming adventure transports moviegoers into the lush rainforests of Borneo, and across the rugged Kenyan savannah with celebrated elephant authority Dame Daphne Sheldrick, as they and their team rescue, rehabilitate and return these incredible animals back to the wild. Where: Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington. www.sciencemuseum.org.uk

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 101

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The West Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow, Ealing, Hillingdon, Harrow, Brent

South London

August 2nd

Milkshake! Live

June 1st - 2nd

Adventure Trail Set in the spectacular Osterley Park Gardens, park and farmland, follow the route of the trail and win a prize. Where: Osterley Park And House, Jersey Road, Isleworth. www.nationaltrust.org.uk

June 8th

Cheeky Monkey Nearly New Baby and Children Sale Selling children and baby equipment, toys, clothes, prams/buggies, cots, moses cribs, bouncy chairs, maternity wear and much more... Where: Reigate park church, Park Lane east, Reigate. Time: 9am - 11am www.netmums.com

June 16th

Dads Come Free at Snakes & Ladders Bring Dad to us to celebrate Fathers Day together! Get your dads come free voucher from Facebook. Where: Snakes & Ladders, Syon Park, Brentford. www.snakes-and-ladders.co.uk

June 29th

Greenford Carnival A great day out for all the family, the Greenford Carnival takes place as part of the Ealing Summer Festival with live music, dance shows, sports fun and a special area for kids. Where: Ravenor Park, Greenford. www.ealing.gov.uk

July 3rd - 7th

The Gruffalo’s Child Following hot on the heels of The Gruffalo’s sell out tour and his monstrous west end success comes The Gruffalo’s Child - with attitude! Just how brave is she? One wild and windy night the Gruffalo’s child ignores her father’s warning and tiptoes out into the snow. After all, the Big Bad Mouse doesn’t really exist... does he? Where: Richmond Theatre, The Green, Richmond. www.atgtickets.com

102 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Channel 5 and Premier Stage Productions are proud to present the brand-new Milkshake! Live on Stage! The all-singing, all-dancing live stage show will star Milkshake’s favourites Little Princess and Scruff, Noddy and Tessie Bear, Roary and Big Chris, Fifi and Bumble and B1 & B2 – the Bananas in Pyjamas. Where: The Beck Theatre, Grange Road, Hayes, Middlesex. www.becktheatre.org.uk

August 21st -28th

Peter Pan The Never Ending Story See the boy who never grows up in a live adventure you’ll never forget. Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story World Arena Tour is a high-flying, hi-tech fantasy adventure that combines the drama and excitement of live theatre with the epic visuals of a blockbuster movie. Where: Wembley Arena. www.wembleyarena.co.uk

August 21st

Dusty Does Disco Dusty the Disco Dog just loves to dance! Dusty Does Disco: a real children’s disco with live DJ, fantastic lights, bubbles and great entertainment in Twickenham! By following basic instructions, children’s confidence grows and they soon learn to express themselves to the music, as well as developing a genuine affection for the lovable Dusty and his Disco Dollie friends! Where: The Winning Post Function Room, Chertsey Road, Twickenham. Tel: 07792 182 951 www.dustydoesdisco.co.uk

What´s ON


North London East London

West London Central London

South London


The North Barnet, Enfield, Haringey, Waltham Forest

July 6th

Little Angel Summer Party

June 1st

The summer party is a celebration and big thank-you to all the supporters, volunteers and audience members who make the work of this truly individual theatre possible. This year their celebrating a “Carnival of the Animals”.

Join Henry The Hedgehog and his friends on their trip to the beach, where they meet the magical wizard and help the goody pirates.

Where: Little Angel Theatre, 14 Dagmar Passage. www.littleangeltheatre.com

Where: Lauderdale House, Waterlow Park, Highgate Hill. www.lauderdalehouse.org.uk

July 13th

June 1st - 2nd

Icandance, a charity which offers dance and creative arts opportunities to children and young people with disabilities, presents their annual performance. Based on the theme of music from the movies, dancers with varying disabilities come together to share their love for dance and joy in performing in this vibrant feel-good production. A wonderful family event that will have everyone cheering and dancing in their seats.

Henry And The Lollipop Pirates

Tree Climbing

Dancing with the Stars

Where: Artsdepot, 5 Nether Street, Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley. www.artsdepot.co.uk Do something different this summer, see Alexandra Palace from a completely different perspective. From a Great Big Tree. The Great Big Tree Climbing Co are very excited to be offering exciting adventures in the trees of the world famous Ally Pally Park. Where: Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Palace Way. www.alexandrapalace.com

June 7th - 16th

Pymmes Park Family Fun Family Funfair Great value for money with a variety of family rides and attractions for all to enjoy. Where: Pymmes Park, Sterling Way, Enfield. www.london-funfairs.co.uk

June 20th - 30th

Imagine Watford Festival For two remarkable weeks, Watford Town Centre will be transformed into a hub of live art, from a range of international companies. Experience the unexpected – for free! Where: Various Watford Locations. www.imaginewatford.co.uk

July 20th - September 1st

Summer Spectacular at Willows Farm Make sure you find your way out from our A-maize-ing Maze in time to take part in the popular traditional sports day races. There’s all day family entertainment with a packed programme of activities and events. Where: Willows farm Village. Tel: 0870 129 9718 www.willowsfarmvillage.com

August 15th & 29th Puppet Making Day

In conjunction with Islington Museums from Highbury to Hollywood exhibition, the Little Angel Theatre will be delivering one day puppet making and performing workshops at the museum. Participants will make their own mini shadow box theatre screens and shadow puppets to animate and create their own mini live movies! Friends and family are invited back at the end of the day to share in their work and participants will be able to take their theatre and puppets with them at the end of the day to enjoy at home. Where: Islington Museum, 245 Saint John Street, London. www.littleangeltheatre.com

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 103

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The East Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Lewisham, Greenwich, Bexley

June 13th

Creative Kids: Brer Rabbit

June 1st

Family Disco at Stratford Circus Straford Circus and Tea Dance for Little People present Family Disco. Boogie on down to Stratford Circus’ family disco, bop along to the DJ’s mix of current chart hits and old favourites. Where: Renaissance Rooms, Miles Street, Vauxhall. Time: 2pm - 5pm www.stratford-circus.com

June 6th - 22nd

Play, make and get hands on with Creative Kids, a regular session for children under five to enjoy with their parents and carers. Make your own puppet inspired by the stories of Brer Rabbit and Morris’s much loved design. Where: William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, Forest Road, London. www.wmgallery.org.uk

July 18th - 21st Cirque Du Soleil

In the Night Garden Live The world’s only live production of the CBeebies top-rated show, In the Night Garden Live is an amazing musical theatre experience for all the family. Where: The O2 Arena, Peninsula Square. www.theo2.co.uk

Until June 7th

Become a Junior Super Hero with Iron Man 3! Disney Store is inviting all budding Iron Men to take part in the Marvel Training Academy, where they can learn to become a junior super hero ready to take on the world. Where: Disney Stores Westfield Stratford city. Time: 4pm www.westfields.com

June 7th - 22nd

Spitalfields Summer Music Festival East London’s most treasured and unexpected venues resound with classical music, contemporary music, family activities, bespoke tours and more, in an eclectic programme led by Associate Artists Early Opera Company and Scanner and showcasing a range of inspirational global and local talent. Where: Christ Church Spitalfields, Commercial Street, Spitalfields. www.spitalfieldsmusic.org.uk

Back in town with another fantastic show, these London performances are set to be just as brilliant as the previous ones. Where: The O2 Arena, Peninsula Square. www.theo2.co.uk

August 16th, 17th, 18th Lollibop Festival

Lollibop is the biggest UK festival for kids. It’s a magical land of endless fun for the under 10’s and the best summer day out for families. Bringing you all the thrills and excitement of a festival vibe but without the hassle of camping and long car journeys. This year the big bash will take place in the iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Where: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford. www.lollibopfestival.co.uk

Until September Journey to Space

Blast off with Discover’s new interactive exhibition for families, Journey to Space. Children and their families are given a vital mission to find missing astronaut Major Tom. Dare you venture into the mysterious black hole? Where: Discover story centre, 383-387 High Street, Stratford. www.discover.org.uk

104 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

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North London East London

West London Central London


The South Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Merton, Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond Upon Thames

South London

June 6th

Francesca Simon Book Signing

July 21st - September

Festival Of British Archaeology

Francesca Simon, bestselling author of Horrid Henry, will be signing at Tales on Moon Lane to celebrate the publication of the latest book in the series Horrid Henry’s Nightmare. Where: Tales on Moon Lane, 25 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill. www.francescasimon.com

June 14th - 15th

There’s A Monster In My Piano What do you do when you hear a strange munching noise inside a piano? Call the Piano Doctor of course. He might be able to help with his bag full of ears and his collection of weird and wonderful tools. Starring puppets, clowning, animation and a very highly strung monster indeed. Where: Polka Theatre, 240 The Broadway, Wimbledon. www.polkatheatre.com

June 30th

Sixties Summer at London Bus Museum Take your family to have a sixties summer at the Bus Museum and get involved with a ton of events and activities to keep all ages entertained. There will be many of the buses, taxis and cars from the 1960s on display and children can ride on the wonderful old buses. Where: London Bus Museum, Cobham Hall, Brooklands Road, Weybridge, Surrey. Time: 10am - 5pm. www.londonbusmuseum.com

Until September Meet the Otters

You can be among the first to see the Centre’s new family of Asian short-clawed otters. You can watch them play, forage, feed, swim and groom. You’ll also be able to watch them sleeping in their specially designed holt, although this type of otter is more active during the day than some of the 13 other species found worldwide.

The 22nd CBA Festival of Archaeology showcased the very best of British archaeology, with over 1000 special events organised and hosted by museums, heritage organisations, national and countryside parks, universities, local societies, and community archaeologists right across the UK. Join in! You don’t have to be an archaeologist - the Festival gives everyone the opportunity to learn about their local heritage, see archaeology in action, and get hands on with history. Where: Crofton Roman Villa, Crofton Road, Orpington. www.archaeologyfestival.org.uk

August 9th - 30th Night Safari

An evening of pond dipping, bat spotting and storytelling for children. Learn how to build a fire, and spot rare species on the bat walk. Pond dipping to see what lurks beneath. Where: London Wetland Centre, Barnes, London. www.wwt.org.uk

Until August 17th Charlie and Lola

Everyone’s favourite brother and sister are back! Based on the BBC series, created from the characters by Lauren Child and adapted by Jonathan Lloyd. Where: Polka Theatre, 240 The Broadway, Wimbledon. www.polkatheatre.com

Where: London Wetland Centre, Barnes, London. www.wwt.org.uk

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 105

Rascals Emporium

Aramazu Rascals ad_NOV_89x129mm_01:Layout 1 02/11/2011 18:35 Page 1

Teach the time in a week? Unique and Gorgeous Wooden Toys, Special Fair Trade Ragdolls, Girls Hair Accessories & lots more Find us on Facebook: Milly Moppetts

In a recent trial 85% of the children learned to tell the time within one week using Aramazu The Learn To Tell the Time Right Now Book

"very impressed" TimesOnline

www.aramazu.com Prices from ÂŁ6.99 + p&p

106 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

To appear in this Emporium contact us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk

Rascals Emporium

27 April - 17 August Polka Theatre and BBC Worldwide present

Charlie and Lola’s

extremely New play Based on the characters created by Lauren Child Adapted by Jonathan Lloyd

020 8543 4888 / www.polkatheatre.com facebook.com/polkatheatre


4 -7


Charlie and Lola TM ® and © Lauren Child 2005. Charlie and Lola is produced by Tiger Aspect Productions and distributed by BBC Worldwide Ltd. BBC logo TM & © BBC 1996 Polka Theatre is a registered charity no. 256979

Polka–Charlie & Lola Extremely new play_Poster.indd 1

20/02/2013 12:08


for families in the know

...tired of the high street?

Affordable, high quality new and nearly new clothing

...discover cool, chic & unique brands for your little rascals, all under one virtual roof.


s Gap clothe 0 .5 2 £ m o fr

Pramsuits from £5.00

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Ted Baker, Clarks, Monsoon, Next. 100% no-quibble return policy.

Tel: 01788 542198 I Email: info@gracioussouls.co.uk Visit www.gracioussouls.co.uk to see our ranges.

Wednesdays commencing July 6th 10:30 - 11:30 Mother and Baby class 11:45 - 12:45 Pregnancy class £10 adv £12 drop-in West London Tots @ The Alice House, Queens Park, NW6 6NJ info@yoga-babies.co.uk


photography by Ness Sherry

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 107

Rascals Emporium

Classes in South London Contact Lisa or Tracey on 01253 735355 or headoffice@talkingtots.info

www.talkingtots.info Available throughout the UK as a franchise opportunity

NT KICK COU 0 each £ NDS 3.5 A B T IS R W

The NICE Guidelines (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) and RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians & Gyaenecologists) recommend: Any change to regular foetal movements should be reported to your healthcare provider immediately for further assessment. Awareness Saves Lives!

for your FREE Antenatal Note sticker please visit:

www.countthekicks.org.uk Ring-Rings.com creates personalised ID armbands for your tearaway toddlers and curious kiddies. The colourful, squidgy, silicon armbands promise a little parental peace of mind; whilst maintaining an appropriate level of primary school cool!

ID armbands

‘A real-life Nanny McPhee’ –Daily Mail

for kids


Visit Ring-Rings.com and fill in your favourite colour, name and telephone number to create a fashionable ID armband that your child won’t want to take off.

Kathryn Mewes

A practical 3-day guide to overcoming key parenting challenges from sleeping and eating to potty training and behavioural problems Nanny extraordinaire Kathryn Mewes helps parents solve common parenting challenges quickly and easily – and in just 3 days. With step-by-step advice for different issues and ages, Kathryn will guide parents through the relevant 3-day plan to give them more confidence as a parent. The 3 Day Nanny will help parents with children aged 6 months to 6 years to: Sleep through the night Try new foods and enjoy healthy eating Transform negative behaviours and habits Potty train with ease 'Whether it be sleep issues, thumb sucking, potty raining, food faddiness or general lack of routine, Mewes will swoop in and after three days your family will be harmoniously but firmly put back on track.' -The Daily Telegraph

Order Now!

108 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

The 3 Day Nanny by Kathryn Mewes is published by Vermilion on 7 June, £12.99, and is available for pre-order and on publication from all good bookshops.

To appear in this Emporium contact us at: info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk

Rascals Emporium

We sell original, beautifully crafted toys and amazing prints for babies and children from ethical and sustainable sources, that you will not typically find on the high street. Take a peek and shop with confidence on our secure website

www.roobubandcustard.co.uk To keep up to date with our latest news and offers, why not become a friend on Facebook /RoobubandCustard and Twitter @RoobubCustard

Classes held all over London! For classes in SE London: Call Anne-Marie: 07973 982790

For classes in N London: Call Charlene: 07892 711162

For classes in SW London: Call Clair: 07877 664809

For classes in W London: Call Gina: 07426 009179

Plant a seed... Watch it grow... At dramabuds they specialise in early years drama exclusively for children aged 2 – 7 years. Their carefully crafted story adventures are planned to excite, engage and enthral your child.

your child to bloom as a creative thinker, to problem solve and write creatively at school.

Their classes create a positive fun environment for your child to naturally grow and blossom in confidence. Whilst their stories ignite young imaginations helping

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 109

Directory & Services Camps   Active Sport            

Kids Summer camps, sports camps, activity camps & adventure camps for children aged 5-12 Tel: 0115 973 1676 www.activesport.co.uk

Allsorts Drama

Photography Jonathan Markson Tennis

Time 4 Mums

Beez Kneez

Tel: 020 7603 2422 www.marksontennis.com

Tel: 07753 533 577 www.timeformums.com

Tel: 020 8354 1583 www.beez-kneez.co.uk

Kids Theatre Week

Bravo Post

Tel: 020 7557 6799 www.solt.co.uk

Tel: 020 7287 7811 www.bravopost.co.uk

  Little Actors Summer   School

  Clare Breheny

Tel: 01263 823 000 www.campbeaumont.co.uk


  Crazee Kids

Little Kickers

Tel: 020 8969 3249 www.allsortsdrama.com

Camp Beaumont


Crazee Kids runs regular termtime courses and themed summer workshops for children aged from 3 to 10, in London. Tel: 020 8444 5333 www.crazeekids.co.uk

Creative Wiz Kids Tel: 020 7794 6797 www.creativewizkids.com

Cross Keys Tel: 020 8371 9686 www.xkeys.co.uk

  Fit For Sport Ltd                  

We pride ourselves on our 20 year reputation for ENGAGING and EDUCATING children through activity! Your child’s experience at camp will be one they will always remember!! Tel: 0845 456 3233 www.fitforsport.co.uk

FZY Tel: 020 8201 6661 www.fzy.org.uk

Let Me Play Tel: 020 8735 5379 www.letmeplay.co.uk

Jewellery Summer School Tel: 020 3176 0546 www.londonjewellery school.co.uk

Mill on the Brue Tel: 01749 812 307 www.millonthebrue.co.uk


Little Actors Theatre Company specialises in performing arts activities for children and young people. Tel: 0800 389 6184 www.littleactorstheatre.com

Tel: 01932 429 602 www.littlekickers.co.uk

London Childrens Ballet Tel: 020 8969 1555 www.londonchildrens ballet.com

Music Makers Tel: 01425 654 819 www.musicmakers.co.uk

  Stage Coach                

At Stagecoach we teach children and teenagers how to sing, dance and act, not only to perform on stage and beyond, but more importantly to perform better in life. Tel: 01932 254 333 www.stagecoach.co.uk


London photographer of maternity photography, baby photography, child photography, family photography, wedding photography and boudoir photography. Tel: 07973 753 636 www.clarebreheny photography.com

Garnham Photography Tel: 07711 941 208 www.garnham photography.co.uk


Little Lookers Photography is a relaxed and contemporary company specialising in bumps, baby, children and family photography. Our mobile studio can easily be brought to you, so you can enjoy your photo shoot in the comfort of your own home. We also do nursery and pre-school photography, taking a range of natural poses of your children. Tel: 07793 953 610


Tel: 01235 832 222 www.supercamps.co.uk

Tel: 020 7434 1466


Providing after School Clubs and Holiday Clubs for 3- 13 years old children. Our customers are predominantly working parents. Tel: 020 8201 7072 www.daysmadeeasier.com

Allsorts Drama Tel: 020 8969 3249 www.allsortsdrama.com

All4kids Tel: 07876 254 691 www.all4kidslondon.co.uk

110 - June 2013 l Rascals of London


Egoist Body Studios is a boutique fitness studio offering a wide range of small group yoga & pilates classes. Tel: 07850 927 523 www.egoistbody.com

Good Vibes Tel: 020 7240 6111 www.goodvibesfitness.co.uk

  Light Centre Belgravia        

The Light Centre is London’s leading natural health centre, offering everything you need to create excellent health.   Tel: 020 7881 0728   www.lightcentre   belgravia.co.uk

  Little Lookers

Super Camps

  Days Made Easier

  Egoist Body Studios

     Magic Rainbow              

Beautiful Newborn , Baby and Family Photography in London. Personalised boutique photography experience. Tel: 07946 380 581 www.magicrainbow photography.com

Murphy James Tel: 020 7278 4770 www.jamesmurphyphoto.com

Silverprint Tel: 020 7620 0844 www.silverprint.co.uk

Mama Sambo Tel: 020 354 1583

Me and My Baby Clinic Tel: 020 7751 4170 www.lisabarnwell.co.uk

The Life Centre Tel: 020 7221 4602 www.thelifecentre.com

Triyoga Tel: 020 483 3344 www.triyoga.co.uk

Yoga & Pilates London Tel: 020 7735 2177 www.nordicbalance.co.uk

Baby Massage and Yoga Tel: 07582 069 378 www.babymassageandyoga.co.uk


Welcome to Yoga4Birth, the one-stop place for classes, workshops and therapies to support pregnancy, birth & beyond in a conscious and inspiring way! Tel: 020 8923 6452 yoga4birth.co.uk

Mum-me-time Tel: 07981 456 470 www.mum-me-time.co.uk

Directory & Services Health Centres



Waterloo Health Center

Birth Hypnosis

Blooming Bump

Tel: 020 7928 4049 www.waterloohealthcentre. gpsurgery.net

Tel: 07747 075 340 www.birthhypnosis.net

Email: info@bloomingbump.com Tel: 020 7731 4706 www.bloomingbump.com www.mimmo.co.uk

Birdhurst Medical Practice

Tel: 020 8875 1065 www.new.cupcakemum.com

Tel: 020 8686 2070 www.birdhurstmedicalpractice.co.uk


Bloomsbury Street Surgery

   Gas & Air

Tel: 020 7837 8559 www.bloomsburysurgery.nhs.uk


  Victoria Medical Center                  

It is the largest and oldest General Practice Surgery in the area and offers a wide range of services from a purpose built, state-of-the art premises conveniently situated in the heart of Pimlico. Tel: 020 7834 2298 www.victoriamedicalcentre.com

St James Medical Center Tel: 020 8684 5353 www.stjamesmedicalcentre.co.uk

Killick Street Health Centre Tel: 020 7833 9939 www.killickstreet.co.uk

Mitchison Road Surgery Tel: 020 7226 6016 www.mitchisonroadsurgery.nhs.uk

    The London General   Practice                  

Based in the Harley Street area of London providing patients with a comprehensive range of excellent private health care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Tel: 020 7935 1000 www.thelondongeneral practice.com

Our aim is to host sessions that do not feel like traditional antenatal classes but are women-led, enabling them to learn about their pregnancies, allay their fears, grow in confidence towards the birth and enjoy the magical journey to parenthood. Tel: 07974 253 461 www.gasandair.net

  Gilly Keith Antenatal   Classes                  

The classes are unashamedly different. They are held in my home, sitting on comfy sofas with refreshments to hand – and there’s no bias or jargon or role play. Tel: 07968 566 396 www.antenatalclassl ondon.co.uk

Inspiring Births Tel: 07775 425 301 www.inspiringbirths.com

Mybabyclass Tel: 07812 604 405 www.mybabyclass.com

Portland Hospital Tel: 020 7580 4400 www.theportlandhospital.com

  Babyconfidence CityDoc Tel: 020 7256 8668 www.moorgatemd.co.uk

Dover House Surgery Tel: 020 8807 1888 www.nhs.uk

The James Wigg Practice Tel: 020 3317 2000 www.jameswigg.co.uk

Clein Dr Lewis Tel: 020 7580 8356 www.thomsonlocal.com


New Baby Company is run by midwife Vicki Scott and offers comprehensive antenatal courses to help prepare mothers to be and their partners for the exciting weeks and months ahead. Tel: 020 8785 3528 www.newbabycompany.com

Birth & Baby - Sofie Jacobs Tel: 07960 606 863 www.sofiejacobs.com


Mother Care


Biff is a family run business established in 1993. We aim to dress children from head to toe, offering an incredible variety. You name it, we might well stock it. Tel: 020 82 99 0911 www.biffkids.com

Blue Daisy Tel: 020 7681 4144 www.blue-daisy.com


Tel: 020 7581 5764 www.mothercare.com

   Mummy & Little Me                  

A gorgeous collection of maternity wear, maternity lingerie & nursing underwear, baby changing bags, baby clothes, maternity nightwear and Bugaboo Prams as well as beautiful gifts for mum and baby. Tel: 01522 548 811 www.mummyandlittleme.co.uk

Oh Baby London

Tel: 020 7409 2982 www.boots.com

Tel: 020 7247 4949 www.ohbabylondon.com

Bonpoint Tel: 020 7792 2515 www.bonpoint.com

Pom D Api


Please Mum


Tel: 020 7486 1380 www.please-mum.co.uk

Tel: 020 7243 0535 www.pomdapi.fr

Shop caramel’s unique looks styled by designers, complete with fine knits, exclusive print dresses and playful toys and accessories. Tel: 020 7589 7001 www.caramel-shop.co.uk

  Early Learning Centre Tel: 020 7581 5764 www.elc.co.uk Tel: 0871 704 1977 www.hamleys.com

Easy 2 Name Tel: 01635 298 326 www.easy2name.com

Just Williams Toys Tel: 020 3538 6798 www.justwilliamstoys.com

  Marie-Chatal Offering fun, fresh and modern designer clothing for babies and children up to age 12. Tel: 020 7838 1111 www.mariechantal.co.uk

Mush Kids Tel: 020 8653 6635 www.mushkids.co.uk

Tel: 020 7590 7990 www.ralphlauren.co.uk

Roobub & Custard Tel: 07796 451 513 www.roobubandcustard.co.uk

  Pares Footwear



Ralph Lauren


Parés Footwear is an independent footwear retailer in the UK. We have been established for 25 years and currently operate four stores in Blackheath Village in London, Sidcup in Kent and newly opened Cockfosters in Barnet. Tel: 020 8297 0785 www.paresfootwear.co.uk

  Small Print                

The original fingerprint jewellery keepsake company captures your child’s fingerprints, hand and footprints, writing and drawings in unique silver keepsakes. Tel: 020 8567 7871 www.smallprint.com

Rascals of London l June 2013 - 111

Directory & Services Private schools


Bassett House

Club Petit Pierrot Where: Various locations Tel: 020 7385 5565 www.clubpetitpierrot.uk.com

SYC Yoga Tel: 020 8968 1900 www.specialyoga.org.uk

Baby Sensory Tel: 07834 170 485

  Culture Kids                

Messy play, Sensory play, music, cooking and art classes with a difference, throughout London, for babies, toddlers and children. From 4 weeks to 6 years. Tel: 07818 440 771 www.culture-kids.com

     Boogie Babies

Dance Stars


Tel: 07753 748 819 www.dance-stars.com

Boogie Babies is a weekly interactive music group where mothers, grandparents and nannies enjoy listening and participating in familiar nursery rhymes and songs with their little ones. Tel: 07960 498 208 www.boogiebabies.co.uk

Bright Sparks Tel: 020 3194 3178

Buzy Beez Tel: 07903 813 618 www.buzybeez.co.uk

  Catch a Ball              

Catch-a-balls provides the framework to learn a fundamental life skill; ball skills, oh and we have lots of fun doing it! Tel: 020 8398 3034 www.catch-a-balls.co.uk

Lucy Sparkles Tel: 07903 913 429 www.lucysparkles.com

Chatterbabies Tel: 07801 151 968

Childrens play room Tel: 020 7639 1812

   Discover - Story   Making Centre                

Discover Children’s Story Centre, London’s only children’s museum is a place where children and their families can enjoy playing, learning and making up stories together. Tel: 020 8536 5555 www.discover.org.uk

Jo Jingles Tel: 01494 778 989 www.jojingles.com


Toy Library Tel: 020 7231 3755 www.lewisham.gov.uk

Footprints Playgroup Tel: 020 8305 0520

Tel: 020 8342 9862 www.channing.co.uk


In a happy and purposeful family environment, where every member of the school community is important and all are valued as individuals, Chepstow House aims to discover the best in every child and challenge them to go beyond their expectations. Tel: 020 7243 0243 www.chepstowhouse school.co.uk

Devonshire House Prep School Tel: 020 7435 1916 www.devonshirehouse school.co.uk

Dallington School Tel: 020 7251 2284 www.dallingtonschool.co.uk

  Latino Bambino

Eaton Square School


Tel: 020 7931 9469 www.eatonsquareschool.com

Exercise, Keep fit, have fun and bond with your baby whilst dancing to Latin rhythms. Your baby stays right there with you, snuggled in a baby carrier, whilst you get some healthy exercise that has been devised to be safe and gentle for both you and your little one. Tel: 07961 838 349 www.latinobambino.co.uk

  Monkey Music            

At Monkey Music, we know that music is fundamental to a pre-school aged child’s development. Tel: 020 8438 0189 www.monkeymusic.co.uk

Tel: 07939 070 773

Tumble Tots

Kids Play Cafe

Tel: 01215 857 003 www.tumbletots.co.uk

112 - June 2013 l Rascals of London

Heathfield School GDST, Pinner Tel: 020 8868 2346 www.heathfield.gdst.net

Highgate Pre-Preparatory Tel: 020 8340 9196 www.highgateschool.org.uk

Knightsbridge School   Chepstow House

Eaton House School

West London Tots

Tel: 020 8655 1583

Channing Junior School

Tel: 020 8445 8889 www.gokidsn20.com

Crafty Tales Tel: 07810 596 342 www.craftytales.co.uk

Tel: 020 8969 0313 www.bassetths.org.uk

Tel: 020 7924 6000 www.eatonhouseschools.com

Falkner House Tel: 020 7373 4501 www.falknerhouse.co.uk

Francis Holland School Tel: 020 7730 2971 www.fhs-sw1.org.uk

Garden House School Tel: 020 7730 1652 www.gardenhouseschool.co.uk

  Ashton House School              

Ashton House is a small and caring school using its specialist skills to encourage children to develop, at their own pace, to their full potential. Tel: 020 8560 3902 www.ashtonhouse.com

Tel: 020 7590 9000 www.knightsbridgeschool.com

La Chouette School Tel: 07557 029 255 www.lachouetteschool.co.uk

L’Ecole Des Petits Tel: 020 7371 8350 www.lecoledespetits.co.uk

London Christian School Tel: 020 3130 6430 www.londonchristianschool.com

  Lloyd Williamson   Schools - Telford Road                      

Providing independent and progressive education in the vibrant, urban setting that is Portobello Road and Notting Hill Gate. We offer a stimulating, supportive learning environment for a diverse community of happy, confident children who are eager to learn. Tel: 020 8962 0345 www.lws.org.uk

Notting Hill Prep Tel: 020 7221 0727 www.nottinghillprep.com

The King Alfred Lower School Tel: 020 8457 5200 www.kingalfred.org.uk

  Hall School              

The Hall is one of London’s leading independent IAPS day prep schools for boys aged 4 to 13. Established in 1889 in the Belsize Park area. Tel: 020 7722 1700 www.hallschool.co.uk

Wetherby School Tel: 020 7727 9581 www.wetherbyschool.co.uk

Yesodey Hatorah School Tel: 020 8800 8612 www.learningtrust.co.uk

Directory & Services Day Nurseries

Indoor Play



Dicky Birds - Surbiton

Adventure Playzone

Rockstar Parties

Tel: 020 8642 8866 www.tinies.com

Tel: 020 8942 5779 www.dickybirds.co.uk

Tel: 020 8539 8343

Tel: 020 8767 1125 www.rockstarparties.co.uk

St Mary Magdalen Montessori Nursery School

  Dreammaker Day Nursery

Tel: 020 8878 0756

St Mary’s Summerstown Montessori Nursery School Tel: 020 8947 7359 www.stmaryssummerstown montessori.co.uk

Matilda Day Nursery Tel: 020 7480 6396 www.matildanursery.com

  Asquith Battersea Day   Nursery                  

Bright and stimulating, Battersea Day Nursery is situated in the heart of London, with the added benefits of being within walking distance of both Battersea Park and Clapham Junction Station. Tel: 01753 201 122 www.asquithnurseries.co.uk

Blooming Kidz Tel: 020 8695 9959 www.daynurseries.co.uk

  Blossoms Day Nursery              

A caring place for your child to learn and develop, grow their confidence and take part in age appropriate activities. Tel: 020 8760 0540 www.blossoms-day-nurserycroydon.co.uk

Blue House Day Nursery and Preschool


Over 20 years of outstanding childcare services in London. A family run children’s day Nursery, Pre School and Out of School Club that’s based just 5 minutes’ walk from Tower Hill and Fenchurch Street stations and 15 minutes from Liverpool Street. Tel: 020 7480 7166 www.mydreammaker.co.uk

Giggles & Wiggles Tel: 020 8566 4774 www.giggleswiggles.co.uk

  Goldstar Montessori   Nursery                        

At Goldstar we provide a carefully prepared program of education, in a happy, relaxed and caring environment, where your child can grow and gain knowledge in every area of their development, there fore, ensuring we are laying the foundations for your child’s future learning, Tel: 020 8364 6876 www.goldstarnursery.co.uk

Green Gables Tel: 020 7488 2374 www.greengablesschool.com

Hillyfields Day Nursery Tel: 020 8694 1069 www.hillyfieldsday nursery.co.uk


Tel: 020 8681 7579 www.bluehousedaynursery.com

Tel: 07849 171 524 www.jackanorynurseries.com

Carlton Hill Community Nursery

Keiki Day Care Nursery

Tel: 020 7624 3814 www.leyf.org.uk

Tel: 020 8340 3841 www.keikidaycare.co.uk

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery

Little Elves Montessori Nursery School

Tel: 020 8679 4009 www.kiddicaru.com

Tel: 07921 761 835 www.littleelvesmontessori.com

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery

Mary Poppins Day Nursery

Tel: 020 8538 3999 www.monkeypuzzleday nurseries.com

Tel: 01708 722 800 www.marypoppinsday nursery.org.uk

Eddie Catz

Party Magic Box

Tel: 0845 201 1268 www.eddiecatz.com

Tel: 07913 168 323 www.partymagicbox.co.uk

Gambado Tel: 020 7384 1635 www.gambado.com

  The Creation Station   Wimbledon


Bramley’s Big Adventure is an indoor adventure playground for children up to 11 years old. A large building under the Westway flyover. Tel: 020 8960 1515 www.bramleysbig.co.uk

Our art parties include painting, modelling, making, sculpting, crafting and of course, music, dancing and games are provided too! Tel: 0844 854 9096 www.thecreation station.co.uk


It’s a Kid’s Thing

Tel: 0788 405 0954 www.nuttyschildrens parties.co.uk

Tel: 020 8739 0909 www.itsakidsthing.co.uk

The Action Station

  Little Dinosaurs                


Little Dinosaurs indoor play centre, along with the our outdoor parkland enclosure and activities makes us a great place to bring the kids all year round. Tel: 020 8444 1338 www.littledinosaurs.co.uk

Tumble in the Jungle Tel: 0870 626 0710 www.tumbleinthejungle.co.uk

Tel: 0870 770 2705 www.theactionstation.co.uk

Boo! Tel: 020 7287 9090

  Creative Biscuit              

Creative Biscuit is a paint your own ceramics café where you can customise your own pottery to make your home an even prettier place. Tel: 020 8532 2824 www.creativebiscuit.co.uk

  Snakes and Ladders                        

Jam packed with fun, there’s something for the whole family at Snakes and Ladders. Added to the huge threetiered climbing frame, there’s slides, ball ponds, tunnels and rope climbs. Plus discover soft play areas for little ones, dedicated zones for under 5s and more. Tel: 020 8847 0946 www.snakes-and-ladders.co.uk

  Creation Station                      

Inspiring imaginations is at the heart of everything we do. So whether you are looking for an award winning children’s creative classes or an original Arty Birthday Party Entertainer, or Event entertainment you have come to the right place. Tel: 0844 854 9085 www.thecreation station.co.uk

Kidspace Tel: 020 8686 0040 www.kidspaceadventures.com

Beanies Tel: 020 8680 2088 www.beaniescafe.co.uk Pretend to Bee Tel: 01159 847 838

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