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What’s inside The best bits


7 Complete A - Z to Parties that WOW Everything you need to know about throwing your little prince or princess the perfect party!

15 Beautiful Bedroom Interiors Release the inner designer in you

22 Parenting advice by Sue Atkins Practical tips for beating the blues of isolation

24 Getting Sporty this Summer

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Our list of Sporty Clubs and Classes

54 Top 10 Family Holiday Destinations “We’re all going on a Summer holiday”

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Goin for g Gol d Host

All the rest

ing very your ow Olym n pics

21 London Summer Camps Keep the boredom at bay this summer

28 Affordable Nursery Care


Arts & Craft Wher s e to Stay Mem orab ilia Time table



Everything you need to know about the nursery grant scheme

30 Pretty Pregnant Dress your bump, keep cool and look great this Summer

42 What´s On A comprehensive guide to keeping the whole family entertained

48 Timeless Toys Toys that never age

52 Q & A with Dr Goldstein The interesting life of a phychologist and therapist

58 Bedtime Classics Our top bedtime stories for every little rascal

59 Party Food that Wows! 4 delicious child friendly party recipes from Annabel Karmel

64 Directory & Services

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From the Edito r

One Year On


ell here I am one year on from writing my first Rascals editors notes and its hard to believe how far we have come. Over the last year we have learnt so much about what our readers want to read about and perhaps what other publications were missing, and its thanks to this that we now have a comprehensive publication for all parents with young children in and around the city. When people ask what it’s like to run my own magazine I often describe it as having a baby again, just like any baby or toddler it has been the source of many sleepless nights (especially just before press time), and has forced me to step out of my comfort zone and challenged me to keep up as it has grown. But it has also given me the joy that comes from doing what I’m passionate about. We have plenty of ideas for fun-filled family days out together in our comprehensive events section (see pages 42 - 47) and if like us you are planning a birthday party, you might want to check out our ‘A-Z Guide to Parties that WOW’. Don’t forget to join us on our facebook page ‘rascalsoflondon’ and tweet with us on twitter to be kept upto date with the latest events, news and weekly clubs and classes. I would love to hear your thoughts on our articles throughout this edition so please email me at natasha@rascalsoflondon.co.uk. Don’t waste a moment more. Happy reading,

Natasha Natasha Hewett, Editor-in-chief

Many thanks to little Reece age 2 from Eailing for being the Star of our Summer edition and to Natasha Wiening Photography for taking such fantastic shots.

6 - June 2012 l Rascals of London



to parties that


If you´re worried about organising a cool children´s party, help is on its way! To celebrate our 1st Birthday Issue, we have compiled this guide for you. Our A - Z check list gives you lots of hints and tips as well as everything you need to know about the cities best party venues, services and suppliers.


lanning parties for your children can often seem like a nightmare, especially if they´re at the tweenie stage when bouncy castles and party games just won´t cut it anymore. And with younger children, there´s always the risk of ear-splitting screams and hyperactive freak-outs and that´s just from you! So how do you start planning? Firstly, don´t panic! Find a suitably convenient time to sit down quietly

with your child to discuss what type of party it´s going to be. Chances are their little imaginations will run riot, listing a huge variety of possibilities to create the best party ever; but be realistic. Can you afford your child´s birthday dream? Will you have time to complete all the arrangements? Once you have decided on a theme or particular type of party, spend some time drawing up a count-down list to establish how much work will be involved and use our A-Z party guide to help ensure nothing is forgotten.

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 7



A good party always starts    with a good game plan and    the earlier you make arrangements the better. The most popular venues and entertainers get booked well in advance, so any early reservation will avoid disappointment.



Balloons make a wonderful, colourful addition to brighten any venue, will make a statement and will always attract attention.



Food and Drink

    Invitations       Send out the invitations in

     plenty of time, especially if      your child´s birthday falls within a school holiday. Add an RSVP as there´s nothing worse for your preparations than not knowing how many children will attend. Remember to clearly describe or supply a map of the location of the party venue (tie a couple of balloons to the door or gate to help them find you), and always include a mobile phone number so people can contact you at the party in case of an emergency.

Simple non-fussy food is always best, serve up as kids generally just graze at parties and excited younger children will often only sit for the presentation cake. Do check if any of your guests have allergies or are vegetarians.

Cake An essential addition to any child´s party is the celebratory cake. Remember to bring a Knife, candles and matches.




    This seems like an obvious     decision but sometimes     complications arise, such as other commitments or family occasions or other children having parties at around the same time.


  Entertainment   If the thought of entertaning a   room full of lively, over excited   children brings you out in a cold sweat it may be best to call in a professional! Choose from facepainters, magicians, jesters, imaginary play entertainers, fairy party entertainers, karaoke, DJs, clowns, story tellers, animal encounter experts, puppet shows, yes, the list is never ending.

8 - June 2012 l Rascals of London


Guest List

  Avoid an exhaustive guest list,   limit the numbers and let your   child decide who they want to invite.



If your party venue doesn´t supply food, write up your menu 2-4 weeks in advance and fill up your freezer. Buying party food in advance will give you the opportunity to take advantage of three for two and buy one get one free offers. The birthday feast is pretty crucial, get it right and you will have a room full of happy, contentedly-full children, get it wrong and you will be faced with a group of hungry, disgruntled youngsters.



Arm yourself with a list of mobile numbers of people you can call on should you need any extra help.

Joint Birthday Parties

To save on cost and time, a favourable option for many is to hold a joint party. This works well if both children are in the same class at school and are likely to invite the same people, On the same date.


  Keep an eye on the time

  Be very clear on your invitation    to stipulate a set start and finish    time for the party. If a child is left waiting to be collected at the end of the party they may get upset (and you certainly will).


Party Bags

   Multiplying the cost of one simple party bag by 30 will certainly push the overall price up so    if you are working to a budget, it will help to keep this in mind as you stock up on miniature    treats. Many entertainers can supply the bags for you taking yet more stress away.


  Lists    There will be plenty of them, lists    of guests, to-dos, last minute    arrangements, phone numbers.... Keep it in your bag everyday leading up to and including the party.




Makeovers and pamper parties. Big girls and little girls just love to be pampered and a makeover session or nail party with like-minded friends will be a luxurious and much welcomed treat.


Quizzes and Games

   Even if an entertainer has been    booked for the duration it´s    always best to have a back up quiz or traditional party game prepared to fill those potentially quiet or fractious moments. Pass the parcel always goes down well.




   As the big day approaches, guest numbers will fluctuate.    Dont let this worry you, but always cater more, just in case.



   It´s easy to add a    special theme to a party if your child has a particular passion about something. Many party shops sell themed items such as tableware, balloons and small token gifts.


  Matches for the birthday cake!    And the camera, washing up    liquid, tea towels, bin bags, mobile phone, parents phone numbers, table cloths, napkins, cellotape, string, scissors, sun cream, spare knickers/pants for younger children, tissues, and a first aid kit. Also make sure you have a pen and paper to hand to jot down who gave your child what gift too make thank you notes easier.



Upset Children

        Prepare yourself for the   eventuality of having an   upset child at the party so give a little thought to what you would do if this happens. Usually a big hug will sort it out!

Sports and Activities

Sports and adventure parties are a big hit with the older children.   Outside Safety The difficulty will be in whittling    Make sure that the venue is safe, down the list of activities available as there are    away from roads and make sure simply hundreds to choose from such as multi    that you have a bottle of sun cream sport activities at local sport centres, outdoor pursuits and dance parties. Bouncy Castles are for those who are lucky enough to be able to always a firm favourite and craft based activities enjoy their birthday in the great outdoors. such as pottery painting, jewellery making, cooking, painting etc, always go down a treat.


Rascals of London l June 2012 - 9



Thankfully there are plenty of venues and attractions    where birthday parties can be held. Pools, parks and    beaches are great for DIY affairs, whilst zoos, theme parks, play centres, tennis venues, dance centres and pony centres often supply the catering too. And getting to a venue can be an experience in itself if your child chooses a luxurious limousine to arrive in true celebrity style. Some restaurants also supply special Birthday party packages with everything included.


Wise Spending

It´s easy to get carried away and blow the budget on the spur of the moment, so to help keep a tighter control of the cash flow - use cash. When it´s gone, it´s gone and you will not have overspent.


Extra Party Bags Remember to make up some extra party bags for young siblings of party guests.


Amanda Action Club These parties are unique, high energy, dynamic kids parties for children aged 1-7 years, Full of funky music, fun props, lots of fun and active games.

Email: info@amandasaction club.co.uk Web: www.amandasaction club.co.uk Tel: 0189 562 3999 Where: All London areas

Beanies At Beanies they specialise in throwing great parties – they take care of everything so you don’t have to! Choose from their great range of party packages to suit your child. Parties available at weekends and during the week from 4pm.

Email: karen@beaniescafe.co.uk Web: www.beaniescafe.co.uk Tel: 0208 680 2088 Where: Croydon

Boo Productions

  Yours Truly

    It´s a near impossible task to take on a birthday party     on your own, so look after yours truly and call on friends     to help with the added extras. Obviously you want to look your best as you greet your guests, but be practical - those 6 inch heels are really not a good idea when you´re running around after 30 kids!

Party Directory


  The children have returned home, the presents opened   and the party went swimmingly. It´s time for one last     thing. Remember to give your little one an extra hug before putting them to bed and remember that you and your partner are also celebrating - this is the day that he/she was born and your lives changed forever! Enjoy a glass of wine together whilst you reminisce then - zzzzzzzzzzzz - Sleep well!

Specialists in bespoke party design, featuring stunning room transformation. They provide the entertainment making the whole day unforgettable and stress free.

Email: info@booproductions.com Web: www.booproductions.com Tel: 0208 542 1480 Where: All London areas

Dramabuds Their story adventure parties get everyone involved in the exciting action of your chosen story theme. Will you be swinging through the trees on a jungle adventure with Cheeky the Monkey? Or perhaps soaring to the moon in a hot air balloon with the magical Toytown toys? What ever party your little prince or princess require.

available from laser tag and make a bear parties to your regular soft play centre parties. There is something for everyone at Eddie Catz.

Email: info@eddiecatz.com Web: www.eddiecatz.com Tel: 0845 2011268 Where: Putney & Wimbledon

Einstein Entertainers Invite one of the mad professors to bring sciencetastic fun to your science party. They can come to your house or hired venue, you need to provide nothing but the children and some enthusiasm. The parties are safe, educational and most importantly - fun!

Email: info@e-entertainers.co.uk Web: www.e-entertainers.co.uk Tel: 0208 123 8697 Where: All London areas

Fired Treasures Why not have a crafty creative birthday party with Fired Treasures. Great fun for all children and adults.

Email: info@firedtreasures.co.uk Web: www.firedtreasures.co.uk Tel: 0208 371 67096 Where: Finchley

Gambado Give your child a party to remember by booking one of the Tiger parties. Let them do the work so you can relax and enjoy the party too.... they will even clean up the mess! They have an experienced entertainment team at each centre offering help and advice to personalise your party.

Email: party.beckenham@ gambado.com Web: www.gambado.com Tel: 0208 662 6915 Where: Beckenham

Pretend to Bee

Email: info@dramabuds.co.uk Web: www.dramabuds.co.uk Tel: 0208 669 2355 Where: All London areas

This little shop is amazing to get all the little costumes you need for the Birthday boy or girl. Don’t forget if you have a jubilee party coming up this is the place.

Eddie Catz

Email: sales@pretendtobee.co.uk Web: www.pretendtobee.co.uk Tel: 0115 984 7838 Where: Online

At both Putney and Wimbledon they offer fantastic parties for all ages with a range of party packages

Don’t Forget to tell our party experts that you saw them in Rascals and make sure you book your parties well in advance or you may just have a very unhappy birthday boy or girl on your hands!

10 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

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A variety of excellent Kidspace party packages to suit all budgets. All parties include Party invitations, party bag for every child, jugs of juice throughout plus a gift for the birthday child.

Kidspace Romford: • The Kidspace ‘Classic’ Party • The Kidspace ‘Deluxe’ Party • The Kidspace ‘Jumping Juniors’ Party (Suitable for ages 3 and under, Monday-Friday, term times only)

• The Kidspace ‘Laser Tag’ Party (Suitable for ages 7 and above, NOT AVAILABLE during February

and October half terms).

For more information call: 0170 876 8003.

Kidspace Croydon: • The Kidspace ‘Classic’ Party • The Kidspace ‘Deluxe’ Party • The Kidspace ‘Jumping Juniors’ Party (3 and under, Tuesday – Thursday before 3pm, term time only).

For more information call: 0208 686 0040.


Latino Bambino parties are high-energy, physical extravaganzas involving Latin/Tropical music, dancing games, colourful props and lots of fun. We’ll get the children up and moving with maracas, pompoms, ribbons, hula hoops, bubbles, scarves and more for a real FIESTA time!

k visit: www. latinobam ino.co.u For more info b Or call: 0796 183 8349

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 11

parties parties parties

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After-school pottery classes- new term starts After-school pottery classes- new term starts 2nd March, 4.15pm to 6pm 2nd March,classes4.15pmnew to 6pm After-school pottery term starts

2nd March, 4.15pm to 6pm

party ideas/themes party ideas/themes Art-Work Art-Work party ideas/themes www.charlottegerrard.com

www.charlottegerrard.com Art-Work (See ad page XX) (See ad page XX) www.charlottegerrard.com pary venues (See page XX) paryadvenues Fired Treasures

Fired Treasures pary venues www.firedtreasures.co.uk

Pottery Painting ages · ·Pottery Painting forforallallages Painting for all ages • Pottery · Fun enamelling, silver clay jewellery&&pottery pottery makingclasses classes Fun enamelling, silver clay jewellery · ·Pottery Painting for all ages Fun enamelling, silver clay jewellerymaking & pottery • Workshops throughout the year for adults & kids making classes Workshops throughout the year for adults & kidsmaking classes · ·Fun enamelling, silver clay jewellery & pottery undertakecommissions commissionsfor forany anyoccasion occasion ·· Workshops WeWe undertake Workshops throughout the year adults & kids • throughout the year for adults for & kids Castingservice servicetotopreserve preservethose thoseprecious preciouslittle littlehands handsand andfeet feet ·· ·We Casting We undertake commissions for any occasion commissions for any occasion • undertake Available in a range of finishes & mounted – a fabulous gift Available in a range of finishes & mounted a fabulous gift feet service preserve those–little precious · Casting service to preserve those precious handslittle and • Casting Delicious coffees & teastoand a range of refreshments · ·Available Delicious coffees & teas and a range of refreshments hands feet in aand range of finishes & mounted – a fabulous gift Dollis Road, Mill Hill, London NW7 1JX Available a range finishes & mounted 143 Dollis Road, Mill&in Hill, London NW7 1JX • ·143 Delicious coffees teas and aofrange of refreshments Tel: 020 8371 6709

fabulous Tel: 020 143 Dollis8371 Road,6709 Millgift Hill, London NW7www.firedtreasures.co.uk 1JX info@firedtreasures.co.uk Delicious coffees & teas and www.firedtreasures.co.uk a range of refreshments info@firedtreasures.co.uk • Tel: 020 8371 6709 info@firedtreasures.co.uk www.firedtreasures.co.uk

07930 463 547 07930 463 547

07930 463 547 020 8371 6709 020 8371 6709

Baby and toddler senso ry extravaganza classes a nd birthday parties in Lond on.

www.firedtreasures.co.uk Dollis Road, Mill Hill, NW7020 1J 8371 6709 Fired143 Treasures 143 Dollis Road, Mill Hill, NW7 1J www.firedtreasures.co.uk Gambado - Watford's Premier 01923 892 140 Gambado - Watford's Premier IndoorRoad, Play &Mill Party Centre 143 Dollis Hill, NW7 1J01923 892 140 Indoor Play & Party Centre www.gambado.com Gambado - Watford's Premier 01923 892 140 www.gambado.com Woodside Leisure Park, North Orbital Road, Indoor Play & Party Park, Centre Woodside Watford,Leisure Hertfordshire,North WD25Orbital 7JZ Road, www.gambado.com Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 7JZ Woodside Leisure Park, North Orbital Road, councils councils Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 7JZ 020 8379 1000 Enfield Council Enfield Council 020 8379 1000 www.enfield.gov.uk councils www.enfield.gov.uk Informed Families - Enfield's Family Enfield Council 020 8379 Informed Families - Enfield's Family 1066 Information Service - 0800 694 - 1000 www.enfield.gov.uk Information Service - 0800 694 1066 www.enfield.gov.uk/if. Informed Families - Enfield's Family www.enfield.gov.uk/if. (See ad page 39) (See ad page 39) - 0800 694 1066 Information Service www.enfield.gov.uk/if. (See ad page 39)

For more information call Amanda and her team on 01895 623999, email info@ amandasactionclub.co.uk or visit www.amandasactionclub.co.uk

12 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

The Parents’ Directories The Parents’ Directories

35 35

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Make it special

Fantastic children’s parties


Fantastic them including:

Themed entertainer Themed backdrop and props Themed party programme Music, dancing, magic, stories and songs Up to 25 party bags Up to 25 Latex helium balloons Up to 25 tables and chairs Bouncy castle OR additional props

020 8542 1480 www.booparties.com THE children’s event specialists

All this fo just £750r + VAT!

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 13

Pla y

Pla y

Eat Eat Pl ay Play

Pla y




rn Lea rn Lea



Pla y


S p hop Sho p





r Lea



s e i ackages below: rty Pn a P r u o t u a ko e Chec B p



per Pam


A mixture of ball-game based activities and competitions. Age-appropriate, and themed, party games. Sundays or after 5pm on a weekday. Free play on our play floor plus pass the parcel and a visit from our friend the Beanies Bear!

Traditional party games such as making masks, musical statues, musical cushions, parachute games and pass the parcel.

Activities include making princess tiaras, nail painting and art, fairy face painting, themed and age-appropriate games.

Music, lights and smoke machine, dance routines, competitions and games.

Making gastronomic creations! Foodthemed party games and activities.

Age-appropriate creative activities such as t-shirt design, jewellerymaking, mask-making, party bag creation.

All packages are for up to 15 children + ÂŁ10 per additional child

Email: hina@beaniescafe.co.uk Or call us on: 0208 680 2088 14 - June 2012 l Rascals of London



per Pam r mpe pPear Pam



per er Pam Pamp



s s e e i i with Beanies!! niess eaenaines B n B a e a i e Bean Be B






Bedroom Interiors

Jaffy House Bunk Bed A truly unique bunk bed. Made from high quality woods, the Jaffy Bunk Bed will provide hours of play while creating fond childhood memories. The detail to attention cannot be missed in thIS play inspired bunk bed. Price: ÂŁ1,995.00 www.punkinpatch.co.uk

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 15

3 Sprouts Pink Elephant Photo Frame This 3 Sprouts Pink Elephant Photo Frame is a funny, quirky way to display your favourite pics. With no glass to shatter and a virtually indestructible construction, it’s perfect for a playroom or bedroom. It’s elephantastic!

Price: £13.00 www.huggle.co.uk

Hand Painted High Sleeper Bed This beautiful high sleeper bed works well in a shared or single room, creating space while being practical. One unique feature is the versatility of this bed, the desk from the same collection can be placed underneath, alternatively an additional single bed can fit snugly there. Price: £2,640.00 www.punkinpatch.co.uk

Lillebro Toddler 4 Poster Bed This designer first bed is supplied with a pair of toddler side rails which double as guard rails, and the canopy frame forms a truly unique bed. Canopies are available separately in various styles. Price: £1,500.00 www.punkinpatch.co.uk

3 Sprouts Organic Peacock Storage Box Made from 100% organic cotton canvas, it’ll take whatever your kids can throw at it, but it’s not so rough on the planet. Price: £30.00 www.huggle.co.uk

16 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

Nurseryworks Tree Bookcase Inspired by the love of nature, the Tree Bookcase is a unique bookshelf that will be sure to inspire reading in your child. Price: £700.00 www.huggle.co.uk

Aeroplane Midsleeper bed Because this bed is hand painted with 3 to 4 coats of child-friendly paint, giving it’s velvety-smooth finish and the irregularities of wood means that no two pieces are identical. The Aeroplane Mid Sleeper Bed is made from high quality beech wood, with veneers providing the decorative parts. Price: £2,885.00 www.punkinpatch.co.uk

Knight’s Castle Mid Sleeper Bed Mimicking Monkey Cloud B Mimicking Monkey plays three soothing sleepy time sounds. Choose from monkey fun, angel falls or lullaby, then switch on the 30 minute timer. You can even record your own voice to reassure your baby when you’ve left the room. Comes with illustrated story book and Velcro hands to attach monkey to cot.

The Knight’s Castle Mid Sleeper Bed is made from high quality beech wood, with veneers providing the decorative parts. Price: £3,312.00 www.punkinpatch.co.uk

Price: £30.00 www.huggle.co.uk

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 17

3 Sprouts Organic Mouse Storage Caddy Practical, pretty and terrifically tough, your little ones will love this. Price: £25.00 www.huggle.co.uk

Wagon Bed A truly unique child’s bed. Made from high quality woods, the Wagon Bed will provide hours of play while creating fond childhood memories. The detail to attention cannot be missed in the wagon inspired bed.

Price: £1,995.00 www.punkinpatch.co.uk

3 Sprouts Organic Purple Cow Wall Organizer The 3 Sprouts Organic Wall Organiser is really handy for all those things you need to be able to lay your hands on in a flash, like nappy bags or the spare dummy you can never find. Price: £26.00 www.huggle.co.uk

Star Egg Nightlight

Twinkle twinkle. Hand made by J Schatz in New York, this Star Egg Nightlight will turn your child’s bedroom into a star filled night sky. The light is projected through tiny pin pricks in the polished egg shade, creating a comforting, peaceful environment for your child to fall asleep. Price: £94.99 www.huggle.co.uk

18 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

3 Sprouts Organic Owl Storage Bin With this cute and quirky storage bin you might even get them to help tidy up! Price: £40.00 www.huggle.co.uk

Pkolino Tree Table with Zebra & Giraffe Chairs This tree table provides a great work station for doing all those important jobs, like drawing, and colouring-in. Price: £160.00 www.huggle.co.uk

Manny & Simon Dino Rocker With a beautiful design and constructed using 100% postindustrial recycled wood residuals and non-toxic ultra low odour paint, this Manny & Simon Dino Rocker is safe for the environment and safe for your child. Cute, practical and fun, plus it looks good in any room. Rock on. Price:

Price: £150.00 www.huggle.co.uk

Blu Children’s Bedroom Set The Blu Children’s Bedroom Set brings you exquisitely hand painted designer finishes. The pieces are made of beach and birch. The basic colour is white. Each piece of the bedroom set will be hand-painted according to your individual wishes, resulting in a wide variety of possibilities: cars, boats, flower garlands, rose-hip wreaths, compasses, olive branches, garden flowers or even a check pattern with various pictures. Price: £6,356.00


Rascals of London l June 2012 - 19

Release the interior designer in you Children’s interiors are where you can really let your imagination run wild. Whether you’re after traditional, vintage or ultra modern, the choices are endless. More and more furniture designers are branching out into design for children. For fans of modern and contemporary, you can’t go wrong with an ultra modern design such as The Lou Lou Ghost chair. Spawned from the classic Louis Ghost chair, this mini chair will have many admiring looks whilst being practical too.

Scandinavian based Ferm Living have had huge success with their interiors accessories but their children’s designs are really where they have captured the hearts of parents all over. From their cushions and bedding to their wallpaper and lighting, the retro contemporary feel has a broad appeal and you can’t help but fall in love with their take on cute kids interiors. Wall stickers are the way to go if you’re looking for a quick fix and there are some great designs out there. New London company, Lotte Loves have gorgeous examples, both bold and fun, they will instantly brighten up any child’s room or nursery. Their babushka and dinosaurs designs are already proving very

popular in the world of kids interiors and with more designs to come, I can’t wait. Belle & Boo’s beautifully whimsical collection of homeware, including wall stickers, framed illustrations and cushions are utterly timeless, with a nod to years gone by but with a contemporary twist. The toadstool night light by White Rabbit England is a hit for grown ups as well as kids. The design is reminiscent of what a lot of adults had in their own childhood and is perfect for fairytale themed rooms. Staying with the fairytale theme, the cute Little Red Riding Hood cushions would instantly spark a bedtime story. Whatever your preference, there has never been more choice out there with many fantastic designs and creations to choose from. Written by Maritza Masiello Home & Kids

Elephant Cushion £30.00 Red Riding Hood Cushion £22.00 Toadstool Lamp £49.00 From www.homeandkids.co.uk Deer Wall Light £65.00 From www.ferm-living.com Lou Lou Ghost Chair £70.00 From www.heals.co.uk

20 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

Sport Academies

Age: 3 - 14 years

Fun, safe, active and inspirational school holiday sport camps for 3-14yrs where children will learn new sports and develop existing skills. Tennis, cricket, football, martial arts, yoga, swimming, fencing and much more! Ofsted registered. Professional, CRB cleared coaches. 10% sibling discount. For 3-14 year old girls and boys, of all abilities. Tiny Tots Sport Academies for 3-5 years. Sport Academies for 6-14 years. Tel: 0844 335 8217

Email: info@sportacademies.com

Web: www.sportacademies.com

Nesta Kids Summer Holiday Camp Age: 4 - 12 years

Barracudas Age: 4 - 16 years

Barracudas offers activity day camps in London for children aged between 4 to 16 years. They have been running the UK’s favourite activity day camps for 20 years now, and have a fantastic and experienced team who make sure your children always have a brilliant time. Tel: 0845 123 5299 Web: www.barracudas.co.uk

This popular & exciting Holiday Club is open to children aged 4-12 years in their local area. Activities are many and varied, to suit the needs of all children, whatever their interests. Where: Old Latymerians Sport Club, Wills Crescent, London TW3 2JD Tel: 0799 051 2002. Web: www.nestakids.co.uk

Dance Fusion Camp Beaumont Age: 3 – 17 years

Age: 5 – 12 years

Dance Fusion is holding a fun dance, drama and singing summer school. Kids will have a fantastic time learning songs, dances and drama scenes from well known musicals. They also get arty and make all of their props for the small show they put on at the end of the week. Parents and friends are invited to go along and watch what they have been up to during the week.

David Lloyd Kids Holiday Active Age: 5 – 13 years

Tel: 0781 317 0707 Email: info@dancefusiontwickenham.com Web: www.dancefusiontwickenham.com

Camp Beaumont is London’s No 1 and most experienced Day Camp. Children are grouped according to their age and take part in up to 40 activities throughout the week as well as theme days with special events for specific age groups such as Kiddi- Karts, Zorbing and climbing a Mobile Climbing Tower. Activities also include creative workshops, horse riding, motorsports, soccer, swimming and tennis. Their motto is simple – Strictly No Boredom!! When: Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Where: North London, Woodford Green, Blackheath, Richmond, Wimbledon, Bromley, Tunbridge Wells, Reigate, Esher, Ascot and Northwood. Tel: 0126 382 3000 Web: www.campbeaumont.co.uk

An exciting structured programme of play, sports, arts & crafts, pool fun, tennis, multi sports for children aged 5 to 13. Where: David Lloyd Leisure Centre, Kidbrooke. Tel: 0208 331 3901 Web: www.davidlloyd.co.uk

Mad Science

Age: 4 – 11 years

Are you looking for some extraordinary science and whizz-bang mad science fun for your aspiring mad scientists this Summer? Take-home gift at the end of every day! Trained, reliable instructors, all CRB checked, discount for online and group bookings! When: Monday 16th July to Friday 24th August Tel: 0208 832 7447 - Acidic Adi Web: www.madscience.org

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Practical tips For Beating the Blues of Isolation Parenting advice by Sue Atkins

22 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

Feeling isolated when you first have children is very common, as you’ve probably left a job where there was always people around to chat to, so plan ahead and talk to your friends and other parents about what they do to get out and about.

Keep the glow with your partner by going out once a week or turning off the telly to have a 10 minute chat every evening at a regular time, can work wonders for feeling connected again after having kids.

ne simple way to combat loneliness is to get into a routine about getting up and getting dressed and having a few small things planned each day. Jot down the night before some simple things that you want to achieve the next day that will take you, and your children out – simple things like going to the Post Office, getting some milk and a paper and have 3 simple things in your diary each week that gets you out meeting people.

It can be quite a daunting experience handling the transition from working to staying at home or juggling your work/life balance so make simple plans, find a new routine that suits your family and relax. Make a commitment to staying positive and deliberately mix with upbeat, like minded people to lift your spirits, and remember a smile is a curve that puts a lot of things straight!


The most obvious way to break the cycle of isolation that often comes with being a new parent is to go to places where there are other mums in the same situation, so look out for: •  Story time at the library. •  Toddler Groups at local churches. •  Activities at sports centres – with    ball pools, games, activities and    informal get togethers. •  Musical classes where your child    can learn new things and you can    meet new friends. •  There are lots of free activities if    you go to the library and look for    them, or paid classes like Tumble    Tots, Music Bugs and Talking Tots. •  Look at the website    www.whatson4.com and explore a    wide range of activities and things    for your baby, toddler, and school    aged kids to do as well as lots of    new places for you to explore too.

You will have something naturally in common with these mums straight away and can smile, strike up a conversation and if you attend regularly you build up a friendship over time, be patient, don’t be shy and just relax and you’ll find new friends. It’s about getting into a routine too, and knowing that for example, every Thursday you go to Talking Tots and on Wednesdays you meet some mums for coffee… create your own simple diary of activities to get you out and about meeting and chatting to others. Don’t be afraid to ASK! It can be strange being at home and away from colleagues, and the buzz of conversations, so ask other mums in the same situation where they go and what they do and join in.

Here are some other ideas:“Me” Time. It’s important to find a little “me” time every day to keep your confidence. Exhausted mums suffer from low self esteem trying to do it all, and being at home without the need to dress up or pop on makeup can, over time, erode your self esteem. Being with children is great but mums also need adult company and to keep their own lives going as kids do eventually leave home one day! So go out to Bingo, or go to the cinema or have a drink with a friend once a week - it helps you recharge your batteries, keep your perspective and your sense of humour so you come back to the hectic job of raising kids refreshed and upbeat. Leaving the house for even a short while every day can help to prevent isolation in new mums and can really help to minimise the risk of depression. Even simple activities like taking a walk in the park or around the block can be an uplifting experience. Plus, the fresh air and exercise will help mums stay fit and healthy. Taking up a new hobby is another excellent way for new mums to not feel isolated and alone. Join a painting class, learn how to speak French or take a salsa class as these activities will keep you motivated and help you explore other interests in your life outside of baby. But don’t join an aerobics class just to lose leftover baby weight as that can feel like a chore so do something you’re truly passionate about. Set up a babysitting network with your friends, neighbours and family; you can watch your sister’s baby when she takes photography class on Tuesdays while she can care for your newborn while you do the weekly shop or whatever frees up some time for you to have a relaxing, fun time.

Sue Atkins is a Parenting Expert, Broadcaster, Speaker and Author of the Amazon best selling book “Raising Happy Children for Dummies” one in the famous black and yellow series and the highly acclaimed Parenting Made Easy CD’s. She has also just launched her 1st Parenting Made Easy app for iPhones and iPads. Her new book “Parenting Made Easy - How to Raise Happy Children” is available to pre-order now and is published by Random House. Sue offers practical guidance for bringing up happy, confident, well behaved children from toddler to teen. She regularly appears on ITV’s This Morning, BBC Breakfast and The Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 and is the parenting expert for many BBC Radio Stations around the UK. She has a regular monthly parenting phone-in on BBC Radio Surrey & Sussex and her parenting articles are published all over the world. To receive her free ebooks bursting with practical tips and helpful advice from toddler to teen log on to www.theSueAtkins.com and download them instantly today.

Think about your life before you had children. What made you happy before your days revolved around the kids? What was most important to you? What roles did you have in life? Make a list of the things that made you happiest before you became a mum and try to bring those elements back into your life. Make time for things you used to enjoy. Join an online parenting group as these are a wonderful way to feel connected to other parents in the same boat. Let people help you – and give you time to rest or have a bath without worrying or feeling guilty! Let relatives or your partner look after the kids sometimes so you can have a rest or meet a friend to chat.

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Get Sporty this Summer in London Our list of Clubs and Classes aimed at getting you active

Anaconda Swimming Club Anaconda Swimming Club provides quality swimming lessons and club development sessions for children of all ages and abilities. Non-swimmers and beginners start in the swimming lessons at Holloway Pool, Cally Pool or Golden Lane Pool and progress into the club development sessions in the same pools. Swimmers who are keen to make progress can opt for two swimming lessons or club development sessions per week at Holloway and Cally Pools at a reduced fee.

Teddy Tennis

Teddy Tennis is a fantastic new FUN way to encourage children aged 3, 4 and 5 years to get active and learn to play tennis. It works by combining music, pictures and teddy bear stories into an interactive learning adventure that children love.

Tel: 0845 643 1173 Web: www.teddytennis.com Where: Across London

Tel: 0207 226 4384 Email: info@anacondaswimmingclub.org.uk Web: www.anacondaswimmingclub.org.uk Where: Holloway Pool, Islington Islington, London

Richmond Gymnastics Association Richmond Gymnastics Association is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the provision of professional gymnastics coaching to all our members from beginner levels through to elite competitive levels.

They offer a friendly, safe and nurturing environment for boys and girls of all ages, irrespective of ability, disability or means. In addition to their purpose built gym in Kew, they also offer classes in five local primary schools. Tel: 0208 878 8682 Email: rga@richmondgymnastics.co.uk Web: www.richmondgymnastics.co.uk Where: Townmead Road, Kew

The Musketeers Club The Musketeers Club is London’s premier fencing club for children age 6-12. The main aim of the club is to teach children and train them to acquire quality skills. Not just simply play on the bits of talent that children already have. The sessions are no doubt hard work but are also made challenging, achievable and fun. Tel: 0777 912 3715 Email: email@fencingacademy.org Web: www.musketeersclub.co.uk Where: Winchester Hall, Winchester Road,

24 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

Crouching Tiger Karate Crouching Tiger Karate offers Shotokan Karate and self-defence classes for children and adults in South-West London. These classes are a great way to exercise and learn self-defence in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. Tel: 0208 560 5267 Email: ben@crouchingtigerkarate.co.uk Web: www.crouchingtigerkarate.co.uk Where: South west London

Bray Lake Watersports Offering a variety of tuition packages to suit just about anyone who want to learn to windsurf, dinghy sail, kayak or canoe. We are here to get you started and become confident in your sport. After that we’ve got courses to help you improve and develop, we even run trips to other locations both home and abroad all of which is great for developing your skills.

Michael Vaughan Cricket

Tuition specifically aimed at under 15’s is available on specific weekends and during the school holidays (min age 8 years). Tel: 0162 863 8860 Email: info@braylake.com Web: www.braylake.com Where: Monkey Island Lane, Windsor Road, Maidenhead


Totstars have developed a unique and innovative method of enhancing children’s cognitive, social and physical development through sport. Their enthusiastic coaches do this by using fun and action packed games to challenge children in order to keep them enthused as they learn. They focus on awareness, numeracy, teamwork & sharing.

Michael Vaughan Cricket uses fun cricket games and exciting competitions to develop the skills and techniques of children wanting to learn. The programme uses a game-centred approach to coaching, helping to improve children’s batting, bowling and fielding skills.

Tel: 0845 643 5272 Email: info@kingscamps.org Web: www.kingscamps.org Where: Across London

FA Qualified coaches and enthusiastic nursery teachers provide young children between the ages of 2 and 5 an opportunity through the use of fun, action packed games and drills to engage in football and to teach them basic early learning. Babyballet is an award-winning baby ballet Song and Dance Academy with a wonderfully exciting educational movement to music programme for pre-school boys and girls from 6 months. Designed to encourage babies and young children to enjoy the benefits and joys of song and dance, baby ballet has built up a fantastic reputation for providing children with the opportunity to express themselves within a fun, safe and caring environment. Tel: 0142 232 9471 Email: info@babyballet.co.uk Web: www.babyballet.co.uk Where: Wimbledon, Putney, Hamstead, Highgate, Greenwich, Bromley, Dartford and Bexley

Tel: 0754 093 2356 Web: www.totstarsuk.com Where: Saturday Sessions - Streatham, Wallington/Hackbridge, Croydon

London Coaching Foundation The LCF works at the grass roots level sending qualified coaches and international athletes to work with schools and colleges alongside PE staff to coach track and field athletics to young people. Tel: 0208 533 1691 Email: enquiries@londoncoaching.org Web: www.londoncoaching.org Where: Queens Yard, White Post Lane, London

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Be sure to mention Rascals Of London when contacting any of our advertisers 26 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

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Rascals of London l June 2012 - 27

The Nursery Education Grant


o, your child is nearly three! You can look forward to a lot of things, but one thing that may well help in the midst of this recession is that your childcare fees are likely to go down, thanks to the Government funded Nursery Education Grant. (I use the word ‘likely’ because not all childcare providers participate in this scheme). If your child is currently at home with you, you can look forward to some free time during the week (though you may well spend much of it missing your child!) So, how does it work?

What you can expect: Your 3 or 4 year old is entitled to 15 hours of free nursery education for 38 weeks of the year. This entitlement ends in the school term following their 5th birthday (when they should be starting school. You can opt to use your 15 free hours in a variety of settings, including nursery schools, children’s centres, day nurseries, play groups, pre-schools and childminders.

When you can take this up: Child’s Birthday

Grant Applies From...

1st April – 31st August

1st September following their 3rd birthday OR the beginning of the autumn school term

1st September – 31st December

1st January following their 3rd birthday OR the beginning of the spring school term

1st January – 31st March

1 April following their third birthday OR the beginning of the summer school term

How it works in practice: Generally, from a parent/carer point of view, if your child is already in an early years setting, nothing much will change for you apart from the fact that your fees may go down. You may be required to update your child’s essential information or bring in some verification documentation, but the process should be fairly automatic – your invoice may be adjusted and your payments may be reduced. If your child is new to attending an early years setting, you will have to apply for a place. This may involve a lot of telephone calls, numerous visits to different settings, plenty of form filling and a bit of anxious waiting on standby lists! There are some complications with the way the scheme works, however and this means

28 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

that those who operate it do so in slightly different ways. Also, not all providers are part of the scheme (it can create an administrative burden on some settings and it can be a loss-making exercise as the amount paid by the local authority is sometimes less than the cost of providing the place for the child).

The effect of this is that: •  Some providers who are not part of    the scheme reduce their fees anyway    and just absorb the cost of the grant    themselves. •  Some providers only offer the 15 free    hours at very specific (and sometimes    inconvenient!) times of the day. •  Some providers have separate sessions    for children who benefit from the    grant – so this may mean that your    child is put into a different group once    he switches over to the grant scheme.

What you need to think about: 1. The grant only offers a limited number of hours of care – who will look after your child at the times in between? You may need to consider working part time or asking the Grandparents for some assistance! 2. What type of setting would you like your child to be in at age 3? For example, a school nursery can be beneficial in getting your child used to the school environment, but some schools will not change nappies and will expect you to come back to school to do so. When the session only lasts 3 hours and you have taken half an hour to get there, this can be frustrating to say the least! 3. Have you explored your options in time to get a place at your chosen setting? Many popular childminders and private day nurseries, for example, have waiting lists of many months, so start calling now!

Isabelle Parasram is the mother of four children aged 1-8. She is also a barrister, a College Assessor of Childcare and Education, an NCTtrained antenatal teacher, the Director of a large children’s day Nursery & Out of School Club in Tower Hill and a Trustee of a Community Nursery in Shadwell. She would love to answer your questions or to have your comments on her article. Please e-mail her at: myDreamMaker@me.com You can also read more about her at www.mydreammaker.co.uk/ our-ethos

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New Independent Pre-Prep Bilingual School !



u e t te s c h cho



epre cho p bilingual s

Combined French National and Early Years Curriculums Bilingual Education through Immersion (50% taught in French) An Education that focuses on developing each child's well-being Environmental Awareness Children aged 2 to 6 years old - Small class sizes - Extra Curricular Activities - Before&After School Care Facilities - School Meals

www.lachouetteschool.co.uk Tel: (+44) (0) 7557 029255


17 The Mall, London W5 2PJ

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 29

The Maternity & Nursing Wear Specialists Muted Golds and Rich Creams offer a grown up take on luxe glamour this season, whilst Burnt Orange touches in subtle prints create interest. Look for silk and draped fabrics to create a seriously luxe look.

POCKET STYLE Drape yourself in gorgeous golds with this flattering folded number The layering adds interest while the pale metallics are bang on trend.

GOLDEN GIRL Blanched Gold brings out this season’s love affair with subtle metallics perfectly.

Shop at www.prettypregnant.co.uk / 0844 579 1125/17 30 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

SHOP THE SHOOT GROWN UPSHOOT LUXE... SHOP THE GROWN LUXE... Hit fever pitchUP for Gold Tones this Hit feverand pitch Goldshimmer Tones this season addfor a little to season and add a little shimmer your summer wardrobe. Channel to a your summer Channel a metallic sheenwardrobe. to your occasion wear metallic to your occassionwear and mixsheen creams with pale golds and and creams with palepersonified. golds and softmix prints for femininity soft prints for femininity personified.

Striped Tunic £65

Keep your look luxe with the addition of lurex metallics that add a subtle shimmer to Rich Creams.

Striped Tunic £65 Striped Tunic £65

Striped Tunic £65

Striped Tunic £65 Striped Tunic £65

Paradise Rocks when you add Deep Golds to your holiday wardrobe. Gold Dress £?

Striped Tunic £65

Shop at www.prettypregnant.co.uk / 0844 579 1125/17 shop at www.prettypregnant.co.uk / 0844 579 1125 / 17 Rascals of London l June 2012 - 31


- Price: £18.95 Featuring a chin-strap and special UV coating for added SPF protection. Finished with a beautiful pale-pink silk peony and diamante embellishment.

Flora - Price: £17.95

Featuring a chin-strap and special UV coating for added SPF protection. Finished with a beautiful raspberry-pink silk peony and diamante embellishment.

Summer Headwear for Precious Little Treasures Day-tripper

- Price: £16.95 A wide-brim Bucket Sunhat in navy-blue with orange, green and baby-blue striped breathable fabric, finished with an embroidered car and surf-board

Ahoy - Price: £16.95


www.topsy toesy.co.uk

A wide-brim Bucket Sunhat in babyblue with brown, white and baby-blue striped breathable fabric, finished with an embroidered sail boat and fish.

32 - June 2012 l Rascals of London


- Price: £18.95 A wide-brim design in pink with green and orange patterned breathable fabric, finished with a eye-catching yellow silk daisy and diamante embellishment.

- Price: £16.95 A wide-brim Bucket Sunhat in orange with brown, yellow, white and babyblue stripe breathable fabric, Finished with an embroidered sail boat and fish.

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Monkeys from Heaven ‘Monkeys from Heaven’ produce Children’s and Babies’ clothes & gifts. All boutique quality and handmade from their dressmaking studios in Buckinghamshire. Their ranges are lovingly created by our In-house designer and store owner, Donna Bright. filling a gap in the market for affordable, high quality boutique Style children’s & babies clothes, Monkeys from Heaven began in 2010 as a Made in England on-line venture. They love timeless vintage-style fabrics and funky retro prints and their 2012 Summer range is Retro-Vintage inspired. For the girls, they have a gorgeous collection of partywear; hand-tied tutus & party skirts plus retro/holiday dresses, skirts & applique tops for daywear. Their ‘Applique Tie’ T-shirts are firm favourites for the boys and make great presents. Their babywear range includes cute applique rompers and bandana bibs; great new baby sets for presents! They have a wide range of unique girls’, boys’ & babies’ accessories including mitten clips, dummy clips, bandana bibs, hair accessories, nursery toys, crayon rolls and sunhats - they even make dolly tutus and hobby horses! Their clothes are boutique quality and are beautifully packaged, so they make great gifts! If you are looking for an extra-special Birthday or new baby present or would LOVE to find boutique quality childrenswear at affordable prices, please visit: www.monkeysfromheaven.co.uk. You can also join them on Facebook and Twitter. NEW IN!! JUBILEE & OLYMPICS RANGE

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 33

Toilet training pads for toilet training and beyond Dry Like Me are award-winning potty training pads that can reduce accidents within one week. Developed by two mums, they are disposable pads that fit in a child’s pants and make it easier for them to wear their own underwear while potty training – which most health professionals believe is the best and fastest way to potty train. With Dry Like Me pads, children become aware of when they have had an accident and so start to learn their body’s signals that they need to go to the loo. While they are learning, Dry like Me capture small accidents and so reduce the mess and stress. In independent research, potty training parents said their children had fewer accidents after using Dry Like Me pads and that they made potty training easier to manage and less stressful.

T he Rascals Team have been putting these fabulous Happy Hopperz to the test this week and I must say we all loved them. These XL Happy Hopperz are definitely going to be the next craze taking bouncing to a whole new level, they are sure to be a hit in nurseries and homes nation wide. With ears or horns for children to grip on to and sturdy feet to steady the bounce these colourful hopperz can be inflated and deflated in a matter of seconds making them super-portable. So, play with them indoors or in the garden, or why not take them to the park. They can even fit nicely in your suitcase so why not take them on holiday to have a super Hopperz holiday. These XL Happy Hopperz are sure to be a sell out so be sure to get yours, hope you all enjoy them as much as we did and be sure to send your photos in to info@rascalsoflondon.co.uk.

Price: £44.99

They are also perfect when you want to get out and about with your toddler. With Dry Like Me, you no longer have to be confined to your house and garden when you are potty training! They are also great as a back-up for ‘recently potty trained’ children when you are travelling and out and about. Dry Like Me are sold through supermarkets including ASDA, Sainsbury and Morrisons. They cost around £3.49 for a pack of 18.

ore For m ee: tion s a m r o inf om eme.c drylik . w w w

www.happyhopperz.co.uk 34 - June 2012 l Rascals of London




Olympic Special Get in the mood for the greatest summer sporting show on earth Arts & Crafts Where to stay Memorabilia Timetable Rascals of London l June 2012 - 35

Create your own backyard Olympic Games with

CubbyKit! Less than 100 days to go until the London 2012 Olympic Games and many fans can hardly hold their breath. If you can’t wait for the opening ceremony to begin, start your own backyard Olympic Games by creating a mini Olympic Ice Rink and Olympic Torch!

Olympic Torch What You Need Brown A3 Card

Instructions 1

Roll the A3 card into the shape of the handle and use cello-tape to keep it in place. If you don’t have A3 card, use a kitchen towel roll instead.


Fold the tissue paper in half and use your ruler to draw the shape shown below (it should be 20 cm tall and 30 cm long). Cut out the shapes. You should now have two pieces each from red, orange and yellow tissue paper.


Place the pieces of tissue paper on top of each another. Each piece will have around 0.6 cm sticking out at the bottom.


Cello-tape the bottom of the tissue paper. You may need an extra pair of hands to hold everything together.


Now, roll the tissue paper so it forms a circle with the yellow on the outside and the red on the inside. Gather them together at the bottom and cello-tape them like you would if you were making a flower bouquet.


Use a dab of glue to paste the taped end of your flame to the torch handle / kitchen towel roll. Let the glue dry. Then, fluff up and spread your flames out. You have just created your very own Olympic torch!

Tissue Paper





36 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

k n i R e c I c i p m y Ol What You Need


Cake Pan


Turn the cake pan over, place the cardboard on top of it and use your pencil to trace the shape of the cake pan (you would get a round shape). Now, cut out the shape.


Use your crayons to draw the Olympic rings. Use a paper cup to get the circles perfectly round. Place the cardboard inside the cake pan (the Olympic rings should face upwards).


Now, pour in 2 cups of water and place the pan in the freezer overnight.


Now for the fun part! Take your toys out and let them skate on the ice rink. Make sure they don’t slip and fall!

White Cardboard




Paper Cup

We hope you will have loads of fun creating these exciting activities. Visit

www.cubbykit.com for more great ideas!

Love Cubby

Find us on our blog:


Join us on Facebook:


Follow us on Twitter:


Š 2011 CubbyKit, All Rights Reserved

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 37

Memorabilia Wenlock Queen’s Guard Handmade glass decoration Price: £25.00


This highly collectable hand decorated glass figurine features Wenlock Queen’s Guard, the London 2012 Olympic mascot. Designed in the UK and beautifully crafted, the decoration comes in its own wooden keepsake box and offers you a unique and lasting memento of the London 2012 Games.

Campingninja have teamed up with Sports Clubs and Centres across London, and near to other Olympics and Paralympics Venues, to utilise the great spaces and facilities they have. They are turning their lovely green, grassy areas, into places for people to camp during the 2012 Games. So, choose your great value place to go camping and enjoy the Olympic atmosphere, all whilst supporting community and grass roots sports - what better Olympic Legacy... Tel: 0125 227 9123 Web: www.campingninja.com

The Camping and Caravanning Club

Union Jack Commemorative Teddy bear Price: £85.00 Designed and produced by Merrythought’s talented team of teddy bear artisans, using the finest golden mohair (the wool from the Angora goat), whilst a handembroidered nose gives him a unique character that can only be found in a handmade bear. He is finished with a silky satin ribbon and presented in a bespoke box.

London 2012 monopoly board game Price: £35.00

The Camping and Caravanning Club has partnered with various Borough Councils to offer event campsites during July and August. In light of the increased visitor numbers, the Club is operating and managing several campsites, ideally located with close links to London, ranging from quiet and secluded camping in relaxing surroundings, to camping with facilities to keep all the family entertained. Tel: 0845 130 7633 Web: www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk

The Olympic Games Edition of MONOPOLY is your chance to tour the games venues like never before! From the Park’s Olympic Stadium centrepiece to the distinctive Aquatics Centre.

Classic Union Jack Mini Price: £10.00 This highly collectable diecast Mini in 1:36 scale is one of a series of four great British classics inspired by the London 2012 Games.

Camp in London Camp In London, set in a lovely, 19-hectare green field in Walthamstow London, will be transformed for 19 days into one of the largest campsites that London has seen. Camp In London has 100 luxury Bell Tents with a 24-hour reception area, private lounge and luxury toilets and showers - all you have to do is arrive! Each morning you will enjoy a delicious continental breakfast then you can head to the entertainment zone to watch the Games on the large outdoor screen or simply catch some live entertainment. Tel: 0203 589 0827 Web: www.campinlondon.com

38 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

Scalextric Team GB Velodrome race set Price: £70.00 The first and only Team GB Velodrome Cycling Set. The Team GB Cycling Set follows the traditional slot racing format, but instead of using cars, there are two miniature cyclists.

All items can be found at: shop.london2012.com




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go t o th eO lymp ics!

very own timet able Cycling of O lymp Women’s Road Race, ic Ev Victory ceremony. ents Shooting outs When: 29th July ide t Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol: Time: 12pm - 4:15pm he m qualification, final, victory Where: The Mall ain s tadiu ceremony. Men’s 50m Rifle ms Prone: qualification, final, Equestrian - Eventing   Rascals pick Individual Eventing: jumping, victory ceremony. Team Eventing: jumping, victory ceremony. When: 31st July Time: 10:30am - 4:15pm Where: Greenwich Park


Rascals pick Canoe Slalom

   Men’s Canoe Single:    semi-final, final, victory    ceremony.    When: 31st July    Time: 1:30pm - 3:55pm    Where: Lee Valley White    Water Centre,    Hertfordshire

Cycling Men’s Individual Time Trial, victory ceremony. When: 1st August Time: 2:15pm - 4:05pm Where: Hampton Court Palace

Canoe Slalom Men’s Canoe Double: semi-final, final, victory ceremony. Women’s Kayak: semi-final, final, victory ceremony. When: 2nd August Time: 1:30pm - 5pm Where: Canoe Slalom Lee Valley White Water Centre, Hertfordshire

Archery Women’s Individual: quarter-finals, semi-finals, bronze medal match, gold medal match, victory ceremony. When: 2nd August Time: 2pm - 4:05pm Where: Lord’s Cricket Ground

victory ceremony.

When: 3rd August Time: 9am - 4:30pm Where: The Royal Artillery Barracks

Rowing Men’s Fours: classification, final, victory ceremony. Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls: classifications, final, victory ceremony. When: 4th August Time: 9:30am - 1:10pm Where: Eton Dorney, Buckinghamshire

Triathlon Women’s Triathlon, victory ceremony. When: 4th August Time: 9am - 11:40am Where: Hyde Park

Athletics - Race Walk Men’s 20km Race Walk. When: 4th August Time: 5pm - 6:30pm Where: The Mall

Athletics - Marathon Women’s Marathon.

     Equestrian - Dressage    Team Dressage: finals,    victory ceremony.

Athletics - Race Walk

   When: 7th August    Time: 10am - 4:55pm    Where: Greenwich Park

Men’s 50km Race Walk. When: 11th August Time: 9am - 1:20pm Where: The Mall


Cycling - Mountain Bike

Men’s Triathlon, victory ceremony.

Women’s Cross-Country: race, victory ceremony.

When: 7th August Time: 11:30am - 2pm Where: Hyde Park

When: 11th August Time: 12:30pm - 2:30pm Where: Hadleigh Farm, Essex

Canoe Sprint

Modern Pentathlon

Men’s Canoe Single 1000m: final, victory ceremony. Men’s Kayak Single 1000m: final, victory ceremony. Women’s Kayak Four 500m: final, victory ceremony.

Men’s Modern Pentathlon: riding, combined event, victory ceremony.

When: 8th August Time: 9:30am - 11:15am Where: Eton Dorney, Buckinghamshire Sailing

Athletics - Race Walk

When: 11th August Time: 3:10pm - 7:25pm Where: Greenwich Park

Women’s 20km Race Walk. When: 11th August Time: 5pm - 6:45pm Where: The Mall

  Rascals pick      Athletics - Marathon

Men’s 470, medal race & victory ceremony. Women’s Elliott 6m.

When: 5th August Time: 11am - 2pm Where: The Mall

When: 9th August Time: 12:30pm - 4:30pm Where: Weymouth and Portland, Dorset

   Men’s Marathon.


Equestrian - Dressage

Cycling - Mountain Bike

Men’s 49er, Finn medal race & victory ceremony, RS:X, Star medal race & victory ceremony,

Individual Dressage: grand prix freestyle, victory ceremony.

Men’s Cross-Country: race, victory ceremony.

When: 9th August Time: 12:30am - 4:30pm Where: Greenwich Park

When: 12th August Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm Where: Hadleigh Farm, Essex

When: 5th August Time: 12pm - 6:20pm Where: Weymouth and Portland, Dorset

Equestrian - Jumping Team Jumping: round 2, victory ceremony. When: 6th August Time: 2pm - 5:15pm Where: Greenwich Park

   When: 12th August    Time: 11am - 1:40pm    Where: The Mall


Modern Pentathlon

Women’s 470 medal race & victory ceremony.

Women’s Modern Pentathlon. victory ceremony.

When: 10th August Time: 12pm - 6:10pm Where: Weymouth and Portland, Dorset

When: 12th August Time: 2pm - 6:40pm Where: Greenwich Park

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 39

Going for Gold

Hosting your very own Olympics You don’t have to travel far or break the bank to have fun in the sun this summer. But instead of just filling the paddling pool in the garden and sitting about, why not turn the garden or your local park into your very own sporting arena?


nvite friends - get together eight to twelve children who match the ages and stages of your own family well enough to make up a fairish competition.

Create a sense of occasion. Get your children to make some medals with card, foil and ribbons. Plan out your garden or area in the park organise activities so that one can be set up while another ‘sport’ is being played. Keeping things moving will help keep the children focused. If your little ones are two young to

40 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

walk or run, then many races could be held at a crawl instead. If you have a mix of ages and capabilities then introduce handicaps for the more capable children to give the littlest ones a fair chance of winning something. Before you start it’s important to ensure that the whole family is adequately protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Keep the kids covered, it’s easy to forget practical essentials when you’re busy outdoors - make sure they wear a hat, T’shirt, and sunglasses and always make sure they get enough water.

Make up some certificates and award them at the end of each race. Medals are pretty easy: use an old cereal packet and draw around a mug to get a circle that you can cut out. Cover in foil and glue it to the card. Your odds’n’ends drawer should have some ribbon to finish the job.

Here are some great sports day games to try: Egg and Spoon Race Good old fashioned fun! Have your babies walk or run from one point to another balancing a hard boiled egg on a spoon all the way. Anyone who drops it before the finish line has to go back to the start. Afterwards if you dont drop it you can add the eggs to your picnic!

Tug Of War

Bean Bag Balance Race

Hula Hooping

Have all competitors stand on the starting mark and place the bean bags carefully on their heads. The object of the game is to get to the finish line the fastest, beating each other without letting the bean bag slide off of their head. The catch is, they can’t use their hands!

Most homes have a couple of these lying about the place. Just wiggle your bum like a mad thing to keep it spinning (this is sure to be videoed by family… especially when the grown-ups have a go) The winner is the one keeping it spinning the longest. You can also use the hula hoops as obstacles and targets in other events.

Welly Throwing Provided you have enough space, hurling a child’s boot as far as it can go is a safer alternative to javelin or discus! Make team-coloured markers for each competitor so they can plot how far they threw.

Blind Team Football Put the kids into pairs, one blindfolded player and one sighted, the blindfolded player takes directions from the sighted partner, and let the match begin.

Space Hoppers Race Three Legged Race

Find a level, grassy area to play on. Make a line on the ground with flour or paint. This will be the center line. You can put a padling pool there or, better yet, make a big mud pit for the losers to fall into. Form two teams of at least six people each. Make the largest person the anchor. Then ready steady pull!

Obstacle Race Be inventive - a small picnic table for crawling under, an old duvet cover open both ends to create a tunnel to wriggle through, put a pile of hats out half way along the route which have to be balanced on heads, make the competitors step into a zigzag of hula hoops to slow them down.

Tie one persons left leg to the other player’s right, or vise versa. Practice walking together until you get a rhythm going and then try hopping or running. This can be played as a race or just for active fun. An obstacle course can be created as well. For a real challenge if it is warm and in your own garden try adding and avoiding an oscillating sprinkler. Be sure to wear swim suits!

Wiggle Worm Relay

This might be a long shot but we reckon there must be millions of space hoppers in attics, sheds and garages. Find a couple of them for a space hopper race.

Over and Under Get your competitors to line up in two teams. At ‘go’ the teams have to pass a ball under the legs of the first person behind, who then passes the ball over their head and so on until it reaches the back of the line. The end person runs forward and starts the pattern again from the front. One team wins when their initial front person is back at the front of the line. Make it harder by getting them to sing a song one word at a time as each individual passes it over or under.

The Grown-up Race Finally, no sports day is complete until the grown-ups have had the chance to make fools of themselves. Let the kids devise something for you and get stuck in!

Form relay lines. Everyone in each line puts their left hand between their legs and the person behind grabs that hand with their right hand. Then they run at a given signal to the other end of the playing area and back. The first team to return ‘intact’ wins!

Target Range Get several sheets of an absorbent paper and draw circles with 50, 25 and 10 written in them. Each competitor gets one sheet pinned to a fence or tree and a water pistol. They fire squirts at circles to score points. Add food colouring to the water in the pistols for fun.

Flat Race Have your little ones run flat out from one tree in the park to another, or in a loop around selected trees.

Sack Race Rubble sacks, potato sacks or those super plastic strong bags from the mail room at work (shhh… perk of the job!) They’ll all be perfect for the sack race.

Water Game On a summer’s day, games that involved transporting water from one point to another are guaranteed to end in disaster. So that makes them a must for your sports day!

Remember to send us your Sports Day photos for a chance to win an Olympic Trunki (see page 4). Rascals of London l June 2012 - 41

London is great for kids! Keep th London’s kid-friendly attractions,

What’s O


North London East London

West London Central London

South London


Camden, Islington, City of Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark, City of London

June 2nd, 3rd

June 17th - 18th

Make the most of the long bank holiday weekend by heading to the Jubilee Family Festival at Hyde Park, where kids and adults alike can enjoy two days of parades, dancing and live entertainment.

Bubble has become an international reference on the trade show circuit, a must-visit event for anyone with a keen eye on the fast changing and very exciting children’s market.

Where: Hyde Park. www.viewlondon.co.uk

Where: Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington. Tel: 0148 484 6069 www.bubblelondon.com

Jubilee Family Festival at Hyde Park

June 3rd

Diamond Jubilee Festival A Diamond Jubilee Festival at Battersea Park takes place over the weekend of the Queen’s big celebrations giving residents and visitors the chance to party in true regal and retro style. Mixing up elements from the past few jubilees, you can expect a full on line up of DJ’s, live music, dancing, games, a pop up pub, makeovers and an alternative village fete. Where: Battersea Park. Tel: 0207 592 0894 www.thamesdiamondjubileepageant.org

June 4th

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert A televised Diamond Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace, organised by the BBC and Gary Barlow. Confirmed acts include Annie Lennox, Stevie Wonder, Madness, Cliff Richard, Shirley Bassey, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran and JLS.

Bubble Trade Show

June 24th

Norbury Hill Cubs Nursery - Race for kids - Supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital The Norbury Hill Cubs Children’s Nursery team will run the 5km distance and hopes to raise lots of money to help the charity. The event will be followed by a picnic and lots of fun activities and entertainment for all the family. Where: Battersea Park, Albert Bridge Road, Battersea. Tel: 0207 239 3164 www.raceforthekids.co.uk

Until July 8th

E4 Udderbelly Festival

Where: Buckingham Palace. Tel: 0207 766 7300 www.direct.gov.uk/diamondjubilee

June 9th

Boom Boom’s Bow Boom Boom’s Bow, a totally interactive Jazz musical romp for the whole family. Where did Boom Boom leave his bow? You and your little ones will help him find it. On the way you will make up a Blues, shake your Groove thing and discover that anything can Swing. Where: Hideaway, 2 Empire Mews, London. Tel: 0208 835 7070 www.hideawaylive.co.uk

42 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

There’s plenty of events for young children and families at Udderbelly, with one highlight being a stage adaptation of Julia Donaldson’s Tiddler and other terrific tales, a theatre experience perfect for kids over the age of three. There’s also the interactive Claytime show, where kids over the age of three are invited to let their imaginations run wild with clay. Other highlights for families include the return of the popular Comedy 4 Kids. Where: The South Bank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London. www.underbelly.co.uk

he whole family entertained with , events and activities.

July 22nd

Every Saturday

Head to the Innocent Fruit Sports Day to take part in the 100m kiwi and spoon race or try your hand at some peach volleyball. Taking over Regent’s Park for a weekend of fruit based fun and games, the sports day is the perfect way to get ready for the start of the Olympics in one go.

Let your kids explore their creative side at one of the free family workshops at Somerset House, running every Saturday afternoon throughout the year.

Innocent Fruit Sports Day

Where: Regents Park. Tel: 0207 993 3311 www.innocentdrinks.co.uk

July 25th

Teddy Bear’s Picnic Cookery with Cookie Crumbles The sun is shining and we’re off to create some fab picnic food. Learn how to make gingerbread teddies, teddy sandwiches, and more bear delicacies. When booking Mention Rascals Of London

Free Family Workshops at Somerset House

Where: Sumerset House, The Strand. Tel: 0871 971 4280 www.somersethouse.org.uk

Until September

Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain The Birmingham Stage Company proudly presents the world premiere of Barmy Britain, the history of Britain with all the nasty bits left in!

Where: Eddie Catz, Putney. www.cookiecrumbles.net

Where: Garrick Theatre, Charing Cross Road, St James. Times: Wednesday to Friday 1pm, Saturday 10.30am and 12pm, Sunday 3pm and 5pm Tel: 0845 434 9290 www.barmybritain.com

Until August

Until September

War Horse Exhibition London

Matilda the Musical

A stunning War Horse exhibition London event takes place from now until August 2012 as the book by Michael Morpurgo is celebrated, along with the theatrical and film adaptations. Where: National Army Museum,Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea. Tel: 0872 148 3454 www.nam.ac.uk

August 1st

Mini Football Camp with Team Eddie! Calling all our mini football fans! Join us for 3 hours of football fun including drills, skills, 5 aside games and plenty of fun! Come dressed in shorts or your favorite team’s football kit! Where: Eddie Catz Putney. www.eddiecatz.com

August 17th, 18th, 19th Lollibob Festival

Lollibop is the biggest UK festival for kids. It’s a magical land of endless fun for the under 10’s and the best summer day out for families. We’ll bring you all the thrills and excitement of a festival vibe but without the hassle of camping and long car journeys. Where: Regents Park. www.lollibopfestival.co.uk

London is the theatre capital of the world - but the West End sparkles with Broadway imports and we haven’t made a great new musical since ‘Billy Elliot’. Rejoice, then, as ‘Matilda’ is the best British musical in years. And it’s not just a kids’ show. Where: Cambridge Theatre, Earlham St. Tel: 0207 907 7071 www.matildathemusical.com

Until September

Wild Planet at Natural History Museum Wild Planet at Natural History Museum takes place this year to celebrate the best in natural images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Taking over the front lawn with a stunning selection of animals, birds, insects and sea creatures, this is your chance to see some of the most spectacular wildlife pictures taken for this annual showcase. Where: Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, South Kensington. Tel: 0871 971 6105 www.nhm.ac.uk

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 43

North London East London

West London Central London

The West Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow, Ealing, Hillingdon, Harrow, Brent

South London

June 16th

Cheeky Monkey Nearly New Baby and Children Sale Selling children and baby equipment, toys, clothes, prams/buggies, cots, moses cribs, bouncy chairs, maternity wear and much more... Where: Reigate park church urc, Park Lane east, Reigate. Time: 9am - 11am Tel: 0794 944 2627

Every Saturday Little Kickers

July 23rd - August 31st

Summer Holidays At Willows Farm Treat the kids to the ultimate Activity Day Camp at Willows Farm Village, operated jointly by Kids Play Childcare. From the moment they arrive there’s exclusive play in Woolly Jumpers indoor play barn plus the fun continues every day with scheduled visits to Willows Farm Village attractions, awesome activities in the private playroom and energetic countryside play. 100% Fun Guaranteed! Where: Willows farm Village. Tel: 0870 129 9718 www.willowsfarmvillage.com

Every Tuesday Dinky Dancers

Dance, creative movement, music and P.E. classes for pre-school boys and girls. Watch your child blossom as they develop physical confidence and ability. Where: Victoria Hall, Sheepcote Road, Harrow. Tel: 0149 487 0014 www.dinkydancers.com Make sure the little ones keep active this Summer with Little Kickers. They will have loads of fun, meet new friends and build new skills . Where: Whitmore High School, Porlock Avenue, Harrow. Tel: 0208 123 9346 www.littlekickers.co.uk

August 31st

Bat Walk for Kids at Holland Park Ecology Centre

Third Sunday each month Dusty Does Disco

Dusty Does Disco is a disco for children and their families, held in Ealing on the third Sunday in every month. Dusty the Disco Dog just loves to dance! This lovable mascot takes to the stage at various points throughout the disco to take the children through dance routines to well known classics as well as his very own song! Where: The Drayton Court Function Room, 2 The Avenue, Ealing. Time: 2:30pm - 5pm Tel: 0798 064 1380 www.visitlondon.com

44 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

Discover the dark, fascinating and secret world of bats. Learn about which bat species are found in the British Isles, their lifecycles and threats to their survival. Then head out to search for them in the park with bat detectors. There will also be bat mask masking and some games. Where: The Old Stable Yard, Holland Park, Ilchester Place. Time: 7:30pm - 9pm Tel: 0207 938 8186 www.visitlondon.com

North London East London

West London Central London

The North Barnet, Enfield, Haringey, Waltham Forest

South London

June 8th - 10th

Tiddler & Other Terrific Tales

July 16th - August 31st

Summer Olympiad of Arts & Fun Fired Treasures will be running five weeks of arts projects starting on July 16th through to August 31st. Classes will reflect the Summer season and the Olympics. Where: Fired Treasures, 143 Dollis Road, Mill Hill. Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm Tel: 0208 371 6709 www.firedtreasures.co.uk

A quartet of children’s tales from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (‘Tiddler’, ‘Monkey Puzzle’, ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ and ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’), adapted by Scamp Theatre. Where: Artsdepot, 5 Nether Street, Tally Ho Corner, North Finchley Tel: 0208 369 5454 www.artsdepot.co.uk

July 7th

Little Angel Summer Party The Summer Party is a celebration and big thank-you to all the supporters, volunteers and audience members who make the work of this truly individual theatre possible. This year they are celebrating the 350th anniversary of Punch and Judy. There will be puppet making workshops where you can make a puppet to take away with you, puppet demonstrations by professional puppeteers, a chance to meet the puppets of their current show, and backstage tours of the theatre and workshop will run throughout the day. Where: The Little Angel Theatre, 14 Dagmar Passage, Islington. Tel: 0207 226 1787 www.littleangeltheatre.com

Until July 8th

The Ugly Duckling A colourful and enchanting show, this classic Little Angel Theatre production is an audience favourite, and remains close to the spirit of Hans Anderson’s perceptive story. Where: The Little Angel Theatre, 14 Dagmar Passage, Islington. Tel: 0207 226 1787 www.littleangeltheatre.com

Every Friday

Family Fridays Family Fridays are magic at That Place on the Corner. Every Friday from 6pm there is a kids magic show and kids will eat free. Where: That place on the corner, 1 - 3 Green Lanes, Newington Green. Tel: 0207 704 0079 www.thatplaceonthecorner.co.uk

Every Friday

Tales from the Dragonfly The session consists of folk tales, poems, original silly songs and picture book reading for pre-school children. Where: That place on the corner, 1 - 3 Green Lanes, Newington Green. Time: 2:30pm Tel: 0207 704 0079 www.thatplaceonthecorner.co.uk

July 28th

Mojomums Open Day The day will incorporate ‘Buy and Sell’, Register with Mojomums, Recruitment, CV writing, competitions, Lot of talented Mojomums exhibiting their goods, soft play area, cafe, relaxation and treatment room, intro to Mojonannies and lots lots more. ALL profits will go to chairty. Where: St Lukes Church Hall, Langley Way, Watford. Time: 0192 369 9878 Tel: 11am - 3pm www.mojomums.co.uk

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 45

North London East London

West London Central London

The East Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham, Havering, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Lewisham, Greenwich, Bexley

South London

Until June 9th

In the Night Garden Live

June 16th

Circus Experience Day for Young People A range of circus skills are on offer to try - including flying and static trapeze, tightwire and diabolo. Where: Circus Space, Coronet Street, London. Tel: 0207 613 4141 www.circusspace.co.uk

July 27th - August 12th Take a spectacular journey into the magical world of “In the Night Garden” an amazing musical theatre experience for all the family. Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka are brought to life using magical puppets, full size costumes and breathtaking projections. Where: O2 Arena. Tel: 0208 463 2000 www.londondrum.com

Lewisham Big Screen

Catch all the action from the London 2012 Olympic Games on the Lewisham Big Screen, which will be showing live BBC coverage of all the sporting action. Where: Blackheath, London. Tel: 0208 314 6000 www.lewisham.gov.uk

July 27th

June - October

Olympic Opening Ceremony

Mascots of the Olympic Games is a small display showcasing over 50 mascots from past summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, including this year’s mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville. These lovable creatures illustrate the identity of the host city whilst incorporating the Olympic Games brand and the traditional spirit of the event.

August 12th

Mascots of the Olympic Games V&A Museum of Childhood

Where: Cambridge Heath Rd, Bethnal Green. www.museumofchildhood.org.uk

June 1st

London Pleasure Gardens Opening on the weekend of the Queen’s diamond jubilee, London Pleasure Gardens sees the transformation of the derelict, ex-industrial Pontoon Dock into a pleasure garden featuring around-the-clock music, arts, cafés and bars, a pop-up hotel and sculpture park. Where: Pontoon Dock, Royal Docks, London www.londonpleasuregardens.com

46 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

The Opening Ceremony is a celebration showcasing the best of the Host Nation. It also features a parade of all competing nations and the highly anticipated entrance of the Olympic Flame, which ignites the Cauldron and signals the start of the Games.

Olympic Closing Ceremony The Closing Ceremony celebrates the achievements of athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games, and includes a Handover from one Host City to the next. Where: Olympic Park, London Tel: 0207 613 4141 www.london2012.com

Every Saturday

Roller Disco Family Jam Children aged 5 - 14 can join in the fun and get their skates on at Roller Disco Family Jam, at the weekly event hosted by the Renaissance Rooms. Where: Miles Street, Vauxhall. Tel: 0207 720 9140 www.rollerdisco.com

North London East London

West London Central London

South London

The South Bromley, Croydon, Sutton, Merton, Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond Upon Thames

June 1st - June 30th

June 30th

It’s her last day at primary school and her last chance to show she’s more than just the shy new girl. If only her Mum could watch her race, but that looks about as likely as her team winning gold.

This years event is centred around a main arena where local acts will perform including a gymnastics display, zumba, street dance display and MORE..... with a kids zone, inflatables, facepainting, glitter tattoos, kids amusement rides, bumper aqua boats, lots of shopping stalls, BBQ, beer tent and lots more going on....

Polka Theatre - Run! A Sports Day Musical

Where: Polka Theatre, 240 The Broadway, Wimbledon. Tel: 0208 543 4888 www.polkatheatre.com

June 2nd - 5th

A Weekend Of Majesty and Magic Disney Store will be rolling out the red carpet and polishing their finest Disney Princess tiaras to get ready to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this summer. Guests can personalise their very own union Jack flag with a special Disney twist! Plus, kids who visit their local Disney store dressed in royal attire, will receive a free gift across the Jubilee weekend. Where: Centrale Shopping Centre, 21 North End, Croydon. Tel: 0161 749 1717 www.traffordcentre.co.uk

June 6th

Make a Jubilee Britannia Bear Workshop Join Eddie Catz to choose, stuff, fluff and adopt your

Marden Lodge School Summer Party & Pure Indulgence Event

Where: Croydon Road, Caterham. www.caterhamfestival.org

July 4th August 25th Polka Theatre - Inside Out

Edie is an explorer - she travels to all sorts of fantastic places. James is an explorer too, but prefers to stay indoors. They live in the same house, and like the same biscuits, but they’ve never ever met. Until today, that is... Playful, funny and full of surprises, Inside Out is the perfect summer treat.

very own cuddly and lovable teddy and make a commemorative Jubilee T-shirt! During this morning workshop you’ll not only have a chance to make your bear but you can also have a play

Where: Polka Theatre, 240 The Broadway, Wimbledon. Tel: 0208 543 4888 www.polkatheatre.com

at Eddie Catz and a lovely lunch.

August 6th

Where: Eddie Catz Wimbledon. www.eddiecatz.com

June 23rd

Father’s Day Model Boat Workshop A workshop for dads and kids to carve and shape a boat base, decorate it and make the sails. Materials and refreshments are included.

Mini Olympics You will be getting into the spirit of the Olympics with their own Mini Olympics games! Relays, egg & spoon races, mini obstacle course, tug-of-war and more! A fun filled active morning ending with a prize-giving and lunch. Where: Eddie Catz Wimbledon. www.eddiecatz.com

Where: Artyard Handmade, 318 Upper Richmond Rd. Tel: 0208 878 1336 www.artyard.co.uk

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 47

Sophie’s Doll House Price: £104.99

Enchanted Forest Fridge

The Le Toy Van Sophies Dolls House is fully decorated inside & out with opening windows, opening shutters, an opening front door and a removable roof with upper floor. The house has a lovely wooden staircase which can be removed to make playing in the doll house easier. The walls are decorated and feature lots of little details found in every home!

Price: £74.99 This beautiful Enchanted Forest Fridge by Teamson is wonderful for role play and keeping all your forest fruits in!! Works very well with the Enchanted Forest Cooker and Washer to make a full Enchanted Forest Kitchen.

Enchanted Forest Cooker Price: £74.99 This beautiful Enchanted Forest Cooker by Teamson is a lovely toy for role play and imaginative play with an opening oven door and knobs you can twiddle too!

Enchanted Forest Sink and Washer Price: £74.99


This beautiful Enchanted Forest Sink and Washer by Teamson is a lovely wooden toy for playing house works well with the Enchanted Forest Cooker and Fridge to create a whole kitchen selection.

imeless oys www.timelesstoysltd.co.uk

Traditional doesn’t mean boring

Rocking Dinosaur Pull Along Cow Price: £14.99 Looking very pretty in pink, this wooden pull along cow will test your child’s hand/eye coordination. Simply stack the blocks in the correct order and then your cow can be pulled along by your toddler, nodding and wobbling behind them - their very own pet!

48 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

Price: £99.99 A prehistoric alternative to a rocking horse - a delightful rocking dinosaur!

Book Buggee Price: £34.99 The P’kolino Book Buggee is a fantastic way to make books a part of everyday fun - children can select their own books from the buggee, store them away, pull them around - and there’s plenty of room for favourite toys to jump in for story time!

Basic Skills Board Price: £16.99 This wooden bear is always smiling, but he’s happiest when fully dressed! Getting dressed won’t be such a puzzle once zipping, buckling, snapping, lacing and tying, and other dressing skills are mastered. Develop fine motor and life skills with this great activity. A brilliant way to teach little fingers how to do those little fiddly jobs that are so crucial for growing up!

Magic Garden Dolls Rocking Cradle Price: £44.99 This lovely little doll’s bed gently rocks when pushed to lull dolly off to sleep. This rocking dolls cradle is a fantastic addition to any doll’s nursery

Hideaway Kitchen Price: £159.99 A lovely play kitchen including a sink, stove, oven with pull out rack, dishwasher, functioning knobs, clock and more!! And this particular children’s kitchen is ingenious in the fact that in a few simple moves it folds away to a depth of 6 inches meaning you can store it away when not in play!!

Silly Soft Seating Price: £39.99 Available in 5 different colours, pink, red, green, blue, orange. An ingenious idea from P’kolino is this fun loving combination of stuffed toy and modular toddler seating! The modular Silly Soft Seating is made up of three sturdy but light-weight pieces that can be put together in many different ways; from seats of varying heights to tiny tables.

Activity Cube Price: £43.99 This activity cube by East Coast is a fabulous first birthday or Christmas present! It has a number of traditional toys incorporated in it - a ‘learn the time’ clock, a bead maze, a xylophone, a chalk board and a finger labryinth on top. The top of the activity cube can be turned upside down in to the cube for easy storage. This wooden toy will keep any child entertained for hours and is good for little ones who are just learning to stand and play!

Rascals of London l June 2012 - 49

Camelot Castle Price: £54.99 The Camelot Castle by Le Toy Van is an exciting, medieval castle that features a breakaway wall, which will lead to imaginative battles and great knight fun! Protect the King and Queen from a fire-breathing dragon or enemy warrior knights with this four-towered Camelot Castle which comes complete with working drawbridge and crane.

Abacus Price: £9.99 This wooden “calculator” helps teach maths skills, patterning and colour recognition. Slide and count the beads with this timeless counting frame. The most traditional of wooden toys and a very educational one too!

Dylan and Boo Rocking Horse Rocker Price: £124.99 This fabulous rocking horse from A Little Bird Told Me has a wonderful stylised fabric print body - designed exclusively for Little Bird Told Me by Rosalind Maroney. Separate teddy bear toy tucks snugly inside Dylan’s pocket soft and tactile fine wale cord mane and tail detail. He is a lovely modern twist on a traditional wooden toy.

Music Play Table Price: £69.99 This wonderful play table features a drum, a cymbal and a xylophone to encourage children’s interest in music and rhythm and also has a bead maze and stacking frog for when they’ve had enough of making music! And there’s plenty of room for more than one child to play.

Pirate Ship Rocker Price: £180 A solid wood boat and rocker combined from the fantastic Teamson - the rocker comes with a foam sword, pirate’s hat as well as a pretend telescope and pirate flag! Everything you need for hours of imaginative play! .....And the pirate ship has a spinning captains wheel as well as a storage area!! As with all Teamson products this item is hand carved and hand painted to the highest quality.

50 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

Aramazu Rascals ad_NOV_89x129mm_01:Layout 1 02/11/2011 18:35 Page 1

Advertising - Rascals of London

Teach the time in a week?

delivering fun and creativity, right to your door CubbyKit is a new subscription based service offering monthly craft activities for children aged 3 - 8. Featuring a different theme each month, these boxes help children learn while having fun. It’s only £19.99 per month!


In a recent trial 85% of the children learned to tell the time within one week using Aramazu The Learn To Tell the Time Right Now Book

"very impressed" TimesOnline

free delivery! PLUS get 50% off your first month’s subscription. Enter code:


www.aramazu.com Prices from £6.99 + p&p

Discover Art at

Dove-Studios.com Dove Studios is an oasis of creativity which offers a safe and nurturing space for children to develop their creativity and skills. We provide scope for artistic continuity and growth on a short, mid and long term basis. Dove Studios is a fun learning environment to complement school. The facilitators alternate classes to share their knowledge and expertise. Dove Studios is based in the heart of Chelsea near to the capitals most wonderful museums including the magnificent V&A.

Dovehouse Street London SW3 6JZ Contact Cornelia on 0777 568 2094 email: info@dove-studios.com

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Q&A With Dr. Julie Goldstein Psychologist and therapist Acc

Julie completed her doctoral degree in psychology, looking at the incredible influence of language on perception of individuals from different cultures, also further trained as a humanistic psychologist and therapist, and has established her carreer working in the public and private sectors. Julie finds her job as a professional psychologist fulfills her on many levels and allows her to be a mum to her toddler Carla, who is now 15 months old. Julie most enjoys her therapeutic work with clients, among her other roles as lecturer and researcher, and keeps a safe haven in East Finchley for clients to come in at their convenience, for individual or group therapy.

What would you say are the main factors behind your success as a professional psychologist and therapist? Passion - I love working with people, and having that face to face contact. When I was doing academic research, I learnt how to make systematic observations of behaviour across different cultures, different ages (I worked with toddlers), and across different species. Travel was part of my work back then and I developed cross-cultural sensitivity which I cherish in my day to day. When is comes down to it, all this experience was to be channeled into working with people and maintaining intimate authentic therapeutic relationships. My training as a humainistic psychologist complemented my systematic work with empathic communication, and it’s the face-to-face contact I most enjoy in my work. Secondly, slowing down - I have learnt over the years to know how to take work and life one step at a time, progress does not happen overnight, not in my life nor my client’s lives. my work with people is about learning to take responsability for how things are right now, talk about life more consciously, and learn to appreciate progress is a process! Thirdly, as a pychologist I am faced with a more flexible time schedule, more independence than a 9-5 job would offer, which requires lots of self-discipline, organisation, and 2 eyes on my diary.

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Do you have to be in therapy yourself as a professional psychologist?

could be a place for her to talk without inhibition or limits about the things she wanted to. When I think of my daughter and my husband, I would like to be a sounding board for them, and them for me, and I know how hard it can be when some topics become quite taboo. Nothing is ever perfect and we all have blindspots in our families. The other aspect of the work is the flexibility I mentioned earlier, I can stay with Carla when she is ill, particularly on the days when I run private practice because of the added flexibility to my work, and because I am two minutes away from nursery. My husband is also really supportive of my work and so together with my daughter we form a little team, which is really fun. Of course there are ups and downs, but generally speaking, family life fits right in, and I have never felt like I wanted to pack it all in!

Any new and exciting projects you are currently involved with?

This question is one I get so often asked. One I am currently getting the ball rolling on groupof the most important aspects of therapy itself, therapy projects. Group therapy is now on offer is experience (and its link to ethics!) - experience at my private practice, my main focus at the is an important tool that I make use of when moment is on post-natal psychotherapy groups offering psychological treatment. The experience for individuals who want to bond in what can I have gained from being in therapy myself during be quite an isolating and busy time after giving training and beyond, has empowered my work birth. The groups are small, to keep an intimate with clients, brought and safe space where empathy and clarity to babies and their parents my psychological input can join in. When I had with clients. As a my child I felt I was I will be setting up small professional psychologist, connecting with Carla groups in the very near I like my work to be as on a very physical level, ethical as possible; it is food, sleep, play, and future, to provide good ethical conduct for missed the emotional support for individuals therapist to take care connection with the of their own outside, for instance who are going through emotions, this way I family, to reflect on how the process of find I am as available things were for me and childlessness, which is as possible for my my new family unit. clients. Thinking of the other often uncontrollable, polarity, infertility is a How does family and yet another one subject I hold in my private life fit in with your practice with clients too. of these incredible life job? I will be setting up small transition involving groups in the very near Quite well, a job in future, to provide the health profession losses and gains support for individuals will always be very who are going related to family life, through the process of because caring for the childlessness, which is often uncontrollable, and ones you love is what I do in my therapeutic yet another one of these incredible life relationships too. Sometimes I can be more caring transition involving losses and gains. and sometimes I need to be more challening. There are a lot of parallels between my relationship with my husband and daughter and those I have with my clients, so content wise and emotionally, not that far apart which is nice! A client recently told me that she had never spoken about herself with her family members as much as she had in therapy, she found herself to be quite family oriented in her discussion and made some interesting self-discoveries. I was glad our relationship

Where can you find me? I run a private practice in East Finchley, and would be delighted to hear from you if you were interested in some counselling or therapy. For further information, visit my website: www.deandresgoldsteinclinic.com email me at: info@deandresgoldsteinclinic.com or give me a call on: 0208 444 6831 or 0796 632 0077

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de Andrés &Goldstein Clinic

Psychology, Psychotherapy and Wellbeing

0208 444 6831 / 0796 632 0077

Postnatal Therapy & Support

Providing high quality childcare • Caring for children up to 5 years old • Full and part time sessions • Wide range of free early years funded sessions available for 3 and 4 year olds

Free Initial Session Individual and Groups Other services

Family Parenting Relationship Cultural issues Pregnancy & childbirth Adoption Transitions Trauma therapy

www.deandresgoldsteinclinic.com info@deandresgoldsteinclinic.com

Purley 2 years and above Tel: 020 8406 0080 West Croydon 6 weeks to 5 years Tel: 020 8683 2476 South Croydon 6 weeks to 5 years Tel: 020 8649 7745 email: info@little-learners.net www.little-learners.net

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Top 10

Family Holiday Destinations

Center Parcs

Longleat Forest, Wiltshire Situated in the beautiful Longleat Estate is the simply stunning, Longleat Forest. The hilly landscape is truly spectacular and you’ll see hundred-year-old Giant Redwoods. To get around, you can cycle, walk or catch the land train which is exclusive to Longleat Forest. Within the complex the Plaza and Jardin des Sports is home to a wide range of indoor activities including the subtropical swimming paradise and ten pin bowling, and outside there are a vast number of activities including zip wire, falconry and tree trekking to name a few.


  Self Catering Beach Apartment    Marbella, Spain Any closer to the sea and you’ll need to sleep on a lilo when you stay in a beach apartment in Marbella. This attractive front line beach apartment is situated halfway between Fuengirola and Marbella. It has panoramic views over the beach and the mediterranean, and direct access to the beach. Tel: +34 952 204 435 Web: www.spain-holiday.com

Tel: 0844 826 7723 Web: www.centerparcs.co.uk


Le Boat Boating holiday

Canal du Midi, South of France

Bathed in warm sunshine for most of the year, a cruise along the waterways of Canal du Midi in the South of France is a perfect family holiday choice for experienced and first-time cruisers alike. More up and enjoy the beautiful countryside on your bike or by foot, visit the impressive walled city of Carcassonne and the medieval Cathar city of Argens Minervois close to the pretty port of Homps. Tel: 0844 463 3594 Web: www.leboat.co.uk

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Mediterranean Cruise A cruise is a fun way to spend a summer holiday with the family, soaking up the sun on deck and taking in some culture at the various ports of call along the way and cruise holidays can also be more affordable than you think. All restaurants on MSC cruise ships offer early dining for families and children’s menus are available. There’s a kids club, with activities for various age groups. All the MSC club team is English speaking and when parents are out on shore excursions they can leave their children at the free kids club. The children have lunch with the staff in a dedicated area and with a special children’s menu. Tel: 0844 561 7412 Web: www.msccruises.co.uk




Normandy, France

Meet the Big Five without travelling thousands of miles or paying through the nose by taking your kids to Safari Lodge, just three hours’ drive from Calais. Twenty-six wooden bungalows overlook a small valley and lake where, among other animals, rhinoceros, antelopes and Siamang gibbons roam. A short break here makes the perfect start or finish to a holiday exploring the rural Pays d’Auge area of Normandy, with its wild flowers, hedgerow-chequered fields and cider trails. Sea France offers up to 15 sailings a day from Dover to Calais. Tel: 0113 256 4373 Web: www.fourseasonsfrance.co.uk Email: info@fourseasonsfrance.co.uk



Great Glen Water Park


Great Glen Water Park is part of the Go Active Breaks collection. Having undergone over half a million pounds worth of extensive refurbishment over the last two years this park now looks better than ever. Surrounded by magnificent scenery on the shores of Loch Oich and Loch Lochy, with the wooded hills of the Great Glen behind, this park offers an excellent variety of watersports and land based activities, together with the comfort and convenience. Facilities:   •    Indoor heated swimming pool   •    Half size tennis court   •    Table Tennis   •    Canoeing and Kayaking   •    Cro-Kick and Disc Golf   •    Short Mat Bowls and Petanque   •    Snorkelling and WaterWalkerz   •    White Water Rafting   •    Fencing and Archery   •    4x4 Driving and Quad Biking   •    Clay Pigeon Shooting   •    Mountain Biking   •    Paintball   •    Salmon and Trout Fishing   •    Body Zorbs   •    Crossbow   •    Sauna, Solarium and Jacuzzi   •    Bar, restaurant and coffee shop   •    Games room   •    Children’s play area Tel: 0844 847 1356 Web: www.hoseasons.co.uk

Windsor Park

Something a little closer to home. Bringing LEGO to life, an inspirational and family fun attraction perfect for children between 3 - 12 years old. Let your child be the Hero as they become a pirate, viking or a diver in one of over 55 rides, attractions and shows set in over 150 acres of LEGO themed Parkland. In the new Legoland Hotel they have many child friendly features, including: Child-friendly Bricks buffet restaurant, Pirate-themed indoor water play area, Swimming pool, Stunning Skyline Bar, Secret whoopee cushions, Tight-rope walking marching guards, Exploding toy boxes, Treasure trails and a full Children’s entertainment programme.

All bedrooms are themed - Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure, with interactive challenges to inspire little imaginations, separate bunk-bed areas and larger-than-life LEGO figures. Tel: 0845 373 2640 Web: www.legolandholidays.co.uk

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Pony club,

Umbria, Italy


Kinderhotels Austria

Deep in the Umbrian countryside, La Casella Hotel has an equestrian centre where 4 to 10 year-olds can learn to ride on pint-sized ponies. Older family members can also opt for tuition, try dressage or saddle up for a night-time ride with candle-lit dinner in the forest. There are also two pools, tennis court, bikes, archery, playground, beauty centre and plenty of opportunities to feast on traditional Umbrian fare.

Kinderhotels offer comfortable accommodation for a summer holiday in the Austrian mountains and they are totally dedicated to welcoming children. Some Kinderhotels are based on traditional alpine farms and the kids can help feed the animals, bake bread and make apple strudel. Enjoy gorgeous alpine scenery and clean air in an environment where children can play safely outdoors. They have English-speaking nannies, free childcare and special children’s menus. Baby-friendly holidays are also a given, with all the equipment from bibs and high chairs to buggies, bottle warmers and microwaves available. Healthy, organic food, spa and wellness centres for mum and dad, and exciting activities for older children. What more could you ask for in a family holiday?

Tel: +39 0763 86684 Web: www.lacasella.it

Tel: +43 0425 44411 Web: www.kinderhotels.com


Disneyland by Eurostar Paris, France

As a family Disneyland Paris is the most visited attraction of its kind in Europe, and is just 35 minutes from Paris. The theme park opened in 1992 so is celebrating its 20th birthday this year.

Built by The Walt Disney Company, it is Disneyworld and Disneyland USA’s little European brother. The entertainment at Disneyland boasts no fewer than 52 attractions on a 55hectare site, a 7-hotel complex, a campsite, a ranch, a golf course and gardens. Smile, and let the Disney magic take over! Tel: 0844 800 8898 Web: www.disneylandparis.co.uk

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Personalise d Hanging Sla te

orer Digital Golf Sc


A unique pe rsonalised sl ate sign hand cut from sturdy natu ral slate, the sign is fin ished with a rustic rope hanger . www.gettin gpersonal.c o.uk Price: £9.99


staying under ing score and ep ke r fo l ea Id of information up to 18 holes par! It can store four players. scores of up to and keeps the gpersonal.co.uk wwww.gettin Price: £15.99

Personalised Silver Fingerprint Key Ring

hiller Intelligent Wine C

UCH! This great big box of

Mothers Day A perfect present for daddy, doting grand-parents or ..to keep! Solid silver key ring with fin gerprints and inscribed name

is dern wine chiller This sleek and mo cool. ne wi ur yo ep to ke expertly designed ... ter wa or ice r fo There is no need nal.co.uk www.gettingperso Price: £59.99

www.notonthehighst reet.com Price: £126.72

Vintage Woollen Cufflinks

Vintage woollen covere d cuff links ideal for a gift for Dad. The red blue green tartan is a larger pattern so each pair are unique.. www.notonthehighstre et.com Price: £32.00

Elephant Wash Bag

Made from recycled cem ent bags, enough space, and wit h inner compartments from wa ter proof plastic it is a good travel compan ion

Happy Father’s Day

www.notonthehighstre et.com Price: £21.69

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The Going to Bed Book

I I am Not Sleepy and Will Not Go to Bed

By Sandra Boynton


By Lauren Child

er Lola. Charlie has this little sist and get try to Sometimes he has hard a is s Thi . her to go to bed up late. stay to s like Lola e job becaus

Bedtim Classic e sweet


A lively group of animals aboard a boat prepare for bed by doing such things as brushing their teeth, taking a bath, and putting on their pajamas.

Goodnight, Me By Andrew Daddo

Moon Rabbit


By Natalie Russ

A useful book which demonstrates a clever way to create a bedtime lit on mo r ritual in which children say he on it Follow Little Rabb re the goodnight to various parts of their ver whether adventure to disco r”. he like bodies. In the story, a sweet-faced re “just is someone out the in g yin orangutan gets comfortable and pla sic When she hears mu wn Bro on eventually falls asleep. up les the park, she stumb r. he e lik ng thi Rabbit, who is no

Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late

There’s a Cow in the Cabbage Patch

By Mo Willems

Where the Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak The story of Max, who is playing around his home making “mischief” in a wolf costume. His mother sends him to bed without supper. In his room, a mysterious, wild forest and sea grows out of his imagination.

Goodnight Moon By Margaret Wise Brown

By Stella Blackstone

Throughout the farmyard, mischievous animals pop up in unexpected places - an owl in the birdhouse, a rooster in the stable, a sheep in the pigsty. A couple of bewildered farmers spend their day chasing after the wayward creatures.

in this So although the pigeon ning yaw be to ms see y ma book y up sta even as he is begging to so ng ghi lau late, your kids will be get o wh s one the hard at being be more to say “NO!” that they’ll r. eve n tha awake

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This classic is about a child saying goodnight to everyth ing around: “Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnig ht cow jumping over the moon. Goo dnight light...

ular pop n ery re v nd eve a se a t The house ters wan est to y ou ha b in m eggie m.. If y ers its ith v the urg lined w ed like se b y firm con em to ze the n a tra ozen, fr o se ee d to fr cooke they are cling so When ually in m e do film. divid u ve th cling them in n remo as yo y e p wra can th as man You d use film. an . like

Goldfish Cupcakes

Ingredients 125g butter at room temperature 125g golden caster sugar 110g self raising flour 2 and a half tbsp cocoa powder 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1 tsp grated orange zest 50g plain chocolate chips or plain chocolate chopped into small pieces 5 tbsp Buttercream style Icing

Cheerios Chocolate Buttons M & M’s (chocolate) White Writing Icing Jelly beans Giant chocolate buttons White chocolate buttons Marshmallows Hundreds and Thousands Heat shaped chocolates

These a re fantastic to make with the make a kids, dis of them play on blue pla a te.

Directions Preheat the oven to 180 C / 350 F. Beat together the butter and sugar until fluffy and smooth. Sift together the flour and cocoa powder in a separate bowl. Add the eggs to the creamed butter mixture a little at a time, adding a tablespoon of the flour mixture with the second egg. Mix in the orange zest and the remaining flour and cocoa until blended. Finally stir in the chocolate pieces. Line a large muffin tray with 10 paper cases and fill each one until two thirds full. Bake the muffins for 20 to 22 minutes. Allow to cook for a few minutes, then remove the muffins and place on a wire cooling rack. When cool, spread a little buttercream over each of the cupcakes and then decorate to look like goldfish as in the photo.


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Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry “Buds�

Ingredients 100g (3 1/2oz) white, dark or milk chocolate, according to your preference 8 strawberries, hulled You will also need 8 wooden skewers

You cou ld also m elt a little o f a cont rasting chocola te and p ipe som swirls o e r squigg le s dipped s over the trawberr ies. Onc have drie e they d these dipped strawbe rries cou ld also b used as e a centre piece at your party.


If you like you could pipe swirls or squiggles in contrasting melted chocolate over the cooled and set strawberries.

Party planning – the chocolate coated strawberries can be made up to 2 days ahead and stored in a cool place, though not the refrigerator, until needed. The fruit for the flowers can be cut the day before and stored on plates, tightly covered, in the refrigerator until needed.. 60 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

lar ry popu are ve en These and ev house rs in my ie hate ed vegg you want If confirm best to them.. rgers its ed with to like seem ese bu lin th y e on a tra n, to freez cooked ey are froze do so th . When in cling cling film individually them em move wrap th then re u like. u can yo film. Yo any as e as m and us

Chop the chocolate and put it in a heatproof bowl and melt it over, but not in a pan of warm water, stirring occasionally. Insert the tip of a skewer into a strawberry and use the skewer to hold the strawberry over the bowl of chocolate. Spoon melted chocolate over the strawberry, turning the strawberry so that it is completely coated. Allow the excess chocolate to drip off then stand the skewer in a glass in a cool place to allow the chocolate to set. Repeat with remaining strawberries.

These are very popu lar in my ho use and even confirme d veggie seem to haters like them.. If you wa to freeze nt these bu rgers its do so co best to oked on a cling film . When the tray lined with y are fro wrap the zen, m individ ually in clin film. You can then g remove and use them as many as you like .

Annabel’s Vegetable Burgers Ingredients 350g medium potatoes skin on 1½ tbsp olive oil 150g finely chopped red onion, 150g small leek, chopped 150g grated carrot 100g brown cap mushrooms, diced 1 garlic clove, crushed 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves 1 tbsp soy sauce 40g gruyere cheese, grated 75g fresh breadcrumbs

TheTse arearveeve hese ryryppo oppu ulalarr ininmmyyhho ouus see aanndd eeve venn coco nfir nfirmmeedd vve egggie hhaate tersrs seeem se m to lik likee th theemm.. ..If Ifyo u y w o awnat nt u to to fre freeeze ese zethth esebubrguergrsers its best to soco coooked on a its best to dodoso k e d on a trtray ithith aylinlineeddww clinclginfilgmfil.mW. hWehen they ar e fro n ze th w em individuealy are frozenn,, wraprapthth e m cl g individua ly in film. Yo in cin ling filan m. You ucacannththen remolly ve d use as manen remove them and use as m y as you liketh. em any as you lik e.

2 tsp clear honey 1 small egg yolk Flour for dusting Sunflower oil for frying Salt & freshly ground black pepper

Serve in a bun a n decora d te t look like o a Rabbit.

Directions Prick the potatoes. Cook in the microwave at 800 W for about 10 minutes until soft. Alternatively boil the potatoes in a pan of water for 30 minutes with the skin on. Set aside to allow to cool. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large frying pan and sauté the onion, leek, carrot, mushrooms, garlic and thyme for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until the vegetables are soft. Make sure the mixture is quite dry and leave to become cold. Peel the potatoes and lightly mash with a fork. Add the cold vegetables and remaining ingredients except the oil and flour. Mix together and season well. Shape into 8 burgers. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. Lightly flour both sides, then fry in a little sunflower oil for about 3 to 4 minutes each side until golden and cooked through. MAKES 8 BURGERS

Rascals Rascals of London of London l December l June2011 2012- -61 61

These are very popular in my house and even confirmed veg gie haters seem to like them.. If you want to freeze thes e burgers its best to do so cooked on a tray lined with cling film. Whe n they are froze n, wrap them indiv idually in cling film. You can then remove them and use as man y as you like.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar Ingredients

2 x 500ml (18fl oz) tubs vanilla ice cream 500ml (18fl oz) tub chocolate ice cream 500ml (18fl oz) tub strawberry ice cream Very Red Raspberry sauce Butterscotch sauce Chocolate Truffle sauce 4 bananas – sliced (length ways for banana splits) 225g (4oz) Mixed berries (eg strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) 2 large chocolate brownies, crumbled 4 chocolate chip cookies, crumbled

WhaWthw atow uo lduald saoso dadafofo unuta nta bbee w inin witith ho out ann ic ic e e c c re re a a m msusnudnadea. TThheerereaare e. re m man lass ssicicss-b-baannanan hhoot tfufuddggee, str y ccla a a s sp p,lit, lit , stra awb err childrehnavheave erryy ––bbuut tI Ithth inin k k children mom st ofusnt iffun thewir ith caankemthaekire owansewleitch a s theifythcaeny m own tio e f ,icsa sfilalin ucges.sBaenlod fillin n ofleiccetiocnreaom e ucce re a m s an, d w aregs. B w a suingggre ggre esdtiieonntss for in someelosu estsioonm e s fo r , but dognre’tdle ietnth tsis, blim let th u t d o n ’t it if yisolim it y y o o u have yuoifuryou ha u own favve ouyritoeus!r own favourite s!

300ml (1/2 pint) double cream, whipped 55g (2oz) chopped toasted nuts Chocolate or coloured sprinkles 8 maraschino or glace cherries 225g (8oz) raspberries, fresh or frozen 6 tbsp raspberry jam, preferably seedless 55g (2oz) sugar, plus extra to tas

85g (3oz) milk chocolate, chopped 30g (1oz) dark chocolate, chopped 100ml (3 1/2 fl oz) double cream 2 tbsp brown sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Directions Layer your choices of fruit, brownies, cookies, ice cream and sauces in tall glasses. Top with whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles and crown with a cherry. Put the raspberries, jam and sugar in a saucepan and heat gently until the raspberries release their juices. Bring to a boil and bubble 1 minute then remove from the heat and allow to cool. Taste and add more sugar if needed then sieve to remove the seeds. Chill until needed. Put the chocolates, cream and sugar in a saucepan and heat gently, stirring, until the chocolate has melted. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla. Serve warm.

Annabel’s range of ready meals are available now in major supermarkets

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A little about MiniMe and Me..... My Name is Lena and I am a mum of a smiley two and a half year old little girl who loves Peppa pig! So as a mum I understand how stressful it can be organising the simplest of parties and as a person who loves to entertain always has an excuse to have one. I have been in childcare as a maternity nurse, early years teacher and nanny/child-minder for over 15 years as well as being a big sister to five other siblings caring and entertaining babies and children from as early as two days old upwards so strongly qualified at entertaining and bringing a smile to the little faces at parties with a rendition of Twinkle Little Star. My husband who also has a passion for food can sometimes be found helping to decorate cupcakes instead of canapés even though he wont admit it! I decided to set up Mini Me as I have always enjoyed cooking, entertaining, and most of all dressing up boring food. I believe in feeding little ones nutritional, flavoursome food from a very small age. Teasing their taste buds to try new and exciting food and learning how to make it too.. I have helped to organise many family and friends events be it small or big with great success. After many years though it would be great to turn something which we enjoyed doing into something which could fit around my family and bring much reward. Email me at: Lena@minimeevents.com Face Book: Lena’s Mini Me Events Telephone: 0776 610 1548



Plus stal shopp in l Pho s inclu g e d Han nix Tra ing d East made H ding, eav er Fora n Deligh en, and gers Fin t UK, muc e h mo st re....


Mobile Far ini Inflatables, face ter pa i n g, glit tatt o o s , M ent rides, kids' tin zon boa qua ts, a m u s em e, b om per a m s fr tics, u y a l ma DIsp ymnas ers, appeara With a sp e cial dren n c e fro cter tepp iac G ' a l Zod , star s ce, s i r T a v h h C n ba well kn o w n c Zum diddi da dge o L ir den Mar ol CHo .. Scho more.... And

A variety of Food beer tent Provided by the Coach house Pub

hook a duck, lucky dip, pic 'N' mix, raffle and more....

Sponsored by



Entry £2 for a family of 4

els Children's Kestr oudly hos centre ting s i pr lgence” available u d n I e f “Pur als, nails & much moror e.... faci , g nin n a yt : ra sp mail e

nce odgeindulge @yahoo.co.uk l n e d r ma

ce booking Indulgen and n advance mes available i ook m ra s s on Faceb og slot Follow u Pr

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Directory & Services Classes

Private schools

Day Nurseries

Club Petit Pierrot

Ashton House School

Tel: 0207 385 5565

Tel: 0208 560 3902

St Mary Magdalen Montessori Nursery School

Baby Sensory

Bassett House

Tel: 0208 878 0756

Tel: 0759 437 1664

Tel: 0208 969 0313

Baby Yoga

Channing Junior School

St Mary’s Summerstown Montessori Nursery School

Tel: 0208 968 1900

Baby Sensory

Tel: 0208 342 9862

Tel: 0208 947 7359

Ackroyd Community Nursery

Tel: 0783 417 0485

Chepstow House

Boogie Babies

Tel: 0207 243 0243

Tel: 0208 291 4933

Devonshire House Prep School

Asquith Battersea Day Nursery

Tel: 0796 049 8208

Bright Sparks Tel: 0203 194 3178

Buzy Beez Tel: 07903 813 618

Catch a Ball Tel: 0208 398 3034

Caterpillar Music

Eaton House School

Blossoms Day Nursery

Eddie Catz

Tel: 0207 924 6000

Tel: 0208 760 0540

Tel: 0845 201 1268

Eaton Square School

Blue House Day Nursery and Preschool

Funky Monkeys

Tel: 0208 681 7579

It’s a Kid’s Thing

Bluebell Nursery

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Tel: 0208 566 7876

Little Dinosaurs

Carlton Hill Community Nursery

Tel: 0208 444 1338

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Tel: 0208 527 5431

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Crafty Tales

Garden House School

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Culture Kids

Hall School

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Dance Stars

Heathfield School GDST, Pinner Tel: 0208 868 2346

Tel: 0143 871 4893

Highgate Pre-Preparatory

Discover - Story Making Centre

Knightsbridge School

Tel: 0208 340 9196

Tel: 0208 536 5555

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Jo Jingles

Lloyd Williamson Schools - Telford Road

Monkey Music Tel: 0208 438 0189

Tumble Tots Tel: 0121 585 7003

Toy Library Tel: 0207 231 3755

Footprints Playgroup Tel: 020 8305 0520

West London Tots Tel: 07939 070 773

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Francis Holland School

Latino Bambino

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Childrens play room

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Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery


Tel: 0207 373 4501

Kids Play Cafe

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Blooming Kidz

Tel: 0780 115 1968

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Matilda Day Nursery

Dallington School

Falkner House


Tel: 0170 872 2800

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Tel: 0149 477 8989

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Digswell Toddler Group

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Little Leo’s Nursery

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La Choutte School Tel: 0755 702 9255

L’Ecole Des Petits Tel: 0207 371 8350

London Christian School Tel: 0203 130 6430

Notting Hill Prep Tel: 0207 221 0727

The King Alfred Lower School Tel: 0208 457 5200

Wetherby School Tel: 0207 727 9581

Yesodey Hatorah School Tel: 0208 800 8612

Dicky Birds - Surbiton Tel: 0208 942 5779

Dreammaker Day Nursery

Tel: 0208 814 2167

Toddlers World Tumble in the Jungle Tel: 0870 626 0710

Tel: 0207 480 7166


Giggles & Wiggles

Party Magic Box

Tel: 0208 566 4774

Web: www.partymagicbox.co.uk Tel: 0791 316 8323

Goldstar Montessori Nursery


Tel: 0208 364 6876

Tel: 0207 287 9090

Green Gables

Creative Biscuit

Tel: 0207 488 2374

Tel: 0208 532 2824

Hillyfields Day nursey

Creation Station

Tel: 0208 694 1069

Tel: 0844 854 9085


Fait Maison

Tel: 0784 917 1524

Tel: 0208 222 8755

Jelli Tots Nursery

Lila’s Party

Tel: 0208 451 5477

Tel: 0772 232 0862

Jigsaw Day Nursery


Tel: 0208 646 6075

Tel: 0788 405 0954

Keiki Day Care Nursery

Perform Parties

Tel: 0208 340 3841

Tel: 0845 400 4000

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery

The Action Station

Tel: 0208 679 4009

Tel: 0870 770 2705

Little Angels

The Little Things

Tel: 0207 274 8333

Tel: 0142 487 0398

Little Elves Montessori Nursery School

Tin Pan Annie

Tel: 0792 176 1835

Violet and Lily

Tel: 0208 670 0644 Tel: 0208 946 2353

64 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

Directory & Services Half Term Camps


Health Centres


Active Sport:


Victoria Medical center

Blooming Bump

Tel: 0115 973 1676

Tel: 0208 525 1444

Tel: 0207 834 2298

Advanturous Muslim Summer Camp

Bravo Post

Waterloo Health Center

Email: info@bloomingbump.com Web: www.bloomingbump.com

Tel: 0207 287 7811

Tel: 0207 928 4049


Tel: 0207 252 0509

Clare Breheny

Birdhurst Medical Practice

Tel: 0208 299 0911

Tel: 0797 375 3636

Tel: 0208 686 2070

Blue Daisy

Garnham Photography

Bloomsbury Street Surgery

Tel: 0207 681 4144

Tel: 0771 194 1208

Tel: 0207 837 8559


Little Lookers

East Barnet health centre

Tel: 0207 409 2982

Tel: 0779 395 3610

Tel: 0208 440 1251



St James Medical center

Tel: 0207 792 2515

Tel: 0207 434 1466

Tel: 0208 684 5353


Magic Rainbow

Killick Street health centre

Tel: 0207 589 7001

Tel: 0794 638 0581

Tel: 0207 833 9939

Early Learning Centre

Murphy James

Mitchison Road surgery

Tel: 0207 581 5764

Tel: 0207 278 4770

Tel: 0207 226 6016



The London General Practice

Tel: 0871 704 1977

Tel: 0207 935 1000

Tel: 0163 529 8326


Just Williams Toys

Tel: 0207 256 8668

Tel: 0203 538 6798 ‎

Allsorts Tel: 0208 969 3249

Camp Beaumont Tel: 0126 382 3000

Crazee Kids Tel: 0208 444 5333

Creative Wiz Kids Tel: 0207 794 6797

Cross Keys Tel: 0208 371 9686

Hampstead Dyslexia Clinic Tel: 0208 455 5107

Fit For Sport Ltd Tel: 0845 456 3233


Tel: 0207 620 0844

White Todd Tel: 0207 734 9070

Tel: 0208 201 6661

Easy 2 Name Lables

Let Me Play


Dover House Surgery


Tel: 0208 735 5379

Beez Kneez

Tel: 0208 807 1888

Tel: 0207 838 1111

Jewellery Summer school

Tel: 0208 354 1583

Willow House Surgery

Mush Kids ltd

Tel: 0203 176 0546

Egoist Body Studios

Tel: 0208 363 0472

Tel: 0208 653 6635

Jonathan Markson Tennis

Tel: 0785 092 7523

The James Wigg Practice


Tel: 0207 603 2422

Good Vibes

Tel: 0203 317 2000

Tel: 0207 731 4706

Kids Theatre week

Tel: 0207 240 6111

Clein Dr Lewis

Mother Care

Tel: 0207 557 6799

Light Centre Belgravia

Tel: 0207 580 8356

Tel: 0207 581 5764

Little Actors Summer School

Tel: 0207 881 0728

Tel: 0800 389 6184

Tel: 0208 354 1583

Birthing Babies

Me and My Baby Clinic

Tel: 0779 685 0016

Little Kickers Tel: 0193 242 9602

London Childrens Ballet Tel: 0208 969 1555

Music Makers Tel: 0142 565 4819

Stage Coach Tel: 0193 225 4333

Super Camps Tel: 0123 583 2222

React Drama Workshops Tel: 0208 366 1623

Days Made Easier Tel: 0208 201 7072

Allsorts Drama Tel: 0208 969 3249

all4kids Tel: 0787 625 4691

Play five aside Tel: 0203 432 9584

Mama Sambo


Tel: 0207 751 4170

Birth Hypnosis

Pregnancy Yoga

Tel: 0774 707 5340

Tel: 0795 829 6647

Calm Birth Calm Baby

The Life Centre

Tel: 0794 976 4105

Tel: 0207 221 4602



Tel: 0208 875 1065

Tel: 0207 483 3344

Gas & Air

Yoga & Pilates London

Tel: 0797 425 3461

Tel: 0207 735 2177

Gilly Keith Antenatal


Tel: 0796 856 6396

Tel: 0795 668 1796

Inspiring Births


Tel: 0777 542 5301

Tel: 0208 923 6452


Yoga College of London

Tel: 0781 260 4405

Tel: 0207 373 7070

The Summit

Baby Massage and Yoga

Tel: 0208 340 4040

Tel: 0758 206 9378

Portland Hospital


Tel: 0207 580 4400

Mummy & Little Me Tel: 0152 254 8811

Oh Baby London Tel: 0207 247 4949

Pares Footwear Tel: 0208 297 0785

Petite Ange Tel: 0207 235 7737

Pom D Api Tel: 0207 243 0535

Please Mum Tel: 0207 486 1380

Ralph Lauren Tel: 0207 590 7990

Roobub&Custard Tel: 0779 645 1513

Rykiel Tel: 0207 493 5255

Small Print Tel: 0208 567 7871

The Cross Tel: 0207 727 6760

Tel: 0798 145 6470

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Rascals of London l June 2012 - 67

161Feb 21 Apr 12 - 30- June 2012 Polka Theatre presents

Polka Theatre presents

Adapted by Simon Reade

l a c i s u M y a D s t r A Spo Script by Lisa Evans. Songs and music by Julian Butler Co-commissioned by Polka Theatre and Royal & Derngate, Northampton

Tickets: 020 8543 4888 / www.polkatheatre.com Tickets: 020 8543 4888 / www.polkatheatre.com 240 The Broadway, Wimbledon, LondonSW19 SW191SB 1SB 240 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London Photograph by Piotr Kowalik Registered Charity No. 256979

68 - June 2012 l Rascals of London

Registered Charity No. 256979 • Illustration by Rhett Podersoo

7 9 --11 13 years

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Rascals Of London 5  

The essential London magazine for all parents with young children

Rascals Of London 5  

The essential London magazine for all parents with young children