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26  DECEMBER 2012



Lamb breast, scaLLops, raisin and caper puree, aLmond cream, sherry prunes and truffLe crumbLe JOE PaVlOVICh,  lukE mangan  gROuP SERVES 6 lamb bREaSt IngREDIEntS •  1 lamb breast, rib bones removed •  150g rock salt •  2L lamb stock •  ½ bunch thyme •  2 heads whole garlic, cut in half •  Parsley stalks •  1 tbsp pepper corns   mEthOD Cure the lamb breast for 3 hours in  the rock salt, wash off and pat dry.  Cut in half. Blanch in a pot of  boiling water for 2 minutes. Place  the breast in a cryovac bag and  add the stock, thyme and garlic  and seal tight. Place in a steamer  for 3-4 hours and when tender take  out and remove the bones and the  cartilage and press between two  trays. Cut to a long rectangle shape  4.5cm by 1.5cm. RaISIn anD CaPER PuREE IngREDIEntS •  250g golden raisins •  50g capers •  50ml water •  Seasoning   mEthOD Place all of the ingredients in a pot  and bring to a boil. Slowly simmer for  5 minutes. Take off and place in a 


bar blender and blend until it is a fine  puree. Pass through a fine sieve. ShERRy PRunES IngREDIEntS •  12 prunes •  50ml Pedro Ximenez vinegar •  50ml Pedro Ximenez sherry   mEthOD Place the prunes in a saucepan  and add the vinegar and the sherry,  bring to a light simmer and cook for  about 5 minutes or until the prunes  are just tender. When cool, cut in  half and keep in a warm place.  

almOnD CREam IngREDIEntS •  50g whole blanched almonds •  250ml milk •  3g agar agar powder •  Sea salt mEthOD For the almond cream, place the  almonds on a roasting tray and  roast in a oven at 170°C for about  8-10 minutes or until golden brown.  Take out and chop roughly. Heat the  milk, just before boiling take off and  add the almonds and cover with  cling film and infuse for 30 minutes.  Sieve through cheesecloth into a 

clean saucepan and add the agar  agar, bring up to around 80°C on a  medium heat, cook for 4-5 minutes  not going over 90°C, check  seasoning. Take out and place in a  tray and cool in the fridge. When  cool blend in a bar blender and place  in a saucepan and re-heat on a  medium heat. Season. Keep warm. tRuFFlE CRumblE IngREDIEntS •  40g toasted almonds, chopped •  40g quinoa •  40g pumpkin seeds, toasted and  roughly chopped •  20g eschallots, diced finely

• 50ml extra virgin olive • 25g fresh truffle or truffle salsa • 10ml truffle oil • Vegetable oil for frying method For the truffle crumble, cook the quinoa in salted water until fully cooked, remove and drain well. Place on a tray and dry somewhere warm until the quinoa is fully dry. Place a pot of vegetable oil on the

stove and heat the oil to 180°C, place the quinoa in and cook for about 8-10 seconds, quickly remove and place on absorbent paper to cool and go crunchy. Place all the crumble ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well, check seasoning and put aside. to serve Pan fry the top of the lamb until very crispy and then place on a tray

in the oven for 2-3 minutes or until hot, season. While this is happening, in a hot pan add a little oil and place your scallops in the pan, colour one side of the scallop and then turn over and colour the other side well. Add a small knob of butter and a splash of lemon and spoon over the scallops off the heat. Place on absorbent paper. Grate a little fresh horseradish over

the scallops and season. Place the lamb on the plate and then squeeze the almond cream in five dots around the lamb and the same with the raisin and caper puree. Add 4 half prunes in between the purees, and the same with the crumble. Place the scallops on the plate and scatter the micro red mustard leaf. •

Dec 2012 lamb breast, scallops, raisin & caper puree  
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