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LUXURY LIVING Autumn2019|Vol.2Issue5

Inside Adare


The Emerald ISLE

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2019 Range Rover VELAR Supreme refinement, sophisticated technologies and outstanding capabilities




Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

Ra re Tr i b e Trystanne Cunningham Daniella Schoeman

CEO/Creative Director Style Curator/Founder

Alex English

Brand Contributor/Writer Pacifica, CA

Travel/Wellness Contributor South Africa

Justice Obazee

Karma Bennett

Photographer San Francisco, CA

Vanessa Ohaha

Social Media Strategist Oakland, CA

Fashion Beauty Contributor/Writer Abuja, Nigeria

Michael Daks

Photographer/Writer London, UK

Fashion Contributor/Writer Berkley, CA

Morghan Medlock Culinary Contributor Los Angeles, CA

Yasaman Khorram

Copy Editor Dallas, TX

Shaun O’Neill Web Analyst San Franciso, CA

Graphic Design Consultant San Francisco, CA

Brand Contributor/Writer Antwerp, Belgium

Assistant/Graphic Design Analyst San Francisco, CA

Jeanette Smith

Diane Presler

Lisa Winckelmans

Brett Courtright

Health/Wellness Contributor Kansas City, MO

Mathew Paul Robinson

Brian Esterle

Production Assistant Writer/Contributor San Francisco, CA

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Fall/Winter 2019 Collection

TAMBOUR HORIZON MY LV TAMBOUR Starting at $2,295 Make the Tambour watch your own. Choose an interchangeable strap from a wide range of colors and materials, and change it out quickly and easily with an additional strap to align with your own style.

J' A

AW 2019


Ambrosia Di Flori

AW2019 Collection

Photographer: Anita Sadowska, Model: Beatriz Fonseca @ Central Models Lisbon Hair/make up: Sara Fonseca Shoot location: Lisbon, Portugal Niamh O’Neill AW19


Designer Kris Turbull

Photographed By Michael Daks

72 46 Rare Luxury Living


Fifty Shades Of Green


Breaking Barriers With Old Traditions CHEF Paul Cunningham of Brunel's Irish Skincare Brands We Love



A Love Affair With Ireland

Powers Court Hotel Resort & Spa

Therapeutic Thermal Suite Spas




A select few from The Emerald Isle's Exeptional Talent Patrick Kielty

Niamh O'Neill


Judith Ritchie


Martin Lacey

Nicola Glass

Conor McGregor

Tarlach de Blácam and Áine Ní Chonghaile

4Ocean Making Waves

Ireland's Luxury Castle Hotels


Photographer: Anita Sadowska, Model: Beatriz Fonseca @ Central Models Lisbon Hair/make up: Sara Fonseca Shoot location: Lisbon, Portugal

AW2019 Collection




Contents 46

Credits 51


Fifty Shades Of Green



Irish Skincare Brands We Love


Giving Back

Our Favorite Charities


Rare Affairs

Making Waves 4Ocean

A Love Affair With Ireland 104

A Select Few Of The Emerald Isle's Best Talent

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Designer Kris Turnbull 72

Chef Paul Cunningham 88

Ireland's Luxury Castle Hotels 114

Inside Adare Manor 134

Therapeutic Thermal Suite Spas 168


Photographers Images & Content: Andrew Buchanan


Michael Daks Jernej Graj

Jack Hardy (Adare Manor) Martin Lacey


Coline Hasle

Paul Moane (Chef Paul Cunningham/Brunel's) Anita Sadowska (Niamh O'Neill) Shifaaz Shamoon Kelly Sikkema Kris Turnbull

Jennifer Cunningham Paul Cunningham Fiona Davey

Ashford Castle Hotel Adare Manor

Caslte Leslie Estate

Ballynahinch Castle Hotel Dromoland Castle

Solis Lough Eske - The Spa at Galgorm

Ballygally Castle - Farnham Estate Health Spa Solas Croci Eco Spa, Angsana Spa Powerscourt Hotel Resort Spa Judith Ritchie

Niamh O'Neill Inis Meain

Kate Spade NY Gersh Agency 4Ocean

The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection

Rare Luxury Living


Spect rum


Shades O




Written By:Trystanne Cunningham

reland is know for its warm people and culture and also as the Emerald Isle. That is due to the many shades of green throughout the year from its lush fields. We've picked our favorite interior design inspirations that helped to guide spectrum for this issue. Fifty shades of green...

ejuvation, harmony and thoughts of nature come to mind when we see the color green. It can soothe and awaken. Greens can inspire with jewel tones suggesting luxury and comfort. And, as a design canvas for 2019, it invites compliments in yellows and blues at the edges of the green spectrum. Greens surround us in nature. In small or large use, it brings new life and forest freshness to relax your mood and perception. Its broad range of tones and hues offer interior designers and their clients so many options. Green works in most environments as an accent wall, sofa and chair, throw pillows and rugs, paintings and ceramics. Brighter greens become focal points while softer tones create comfort zones. Green colors are thought to increase appetite and vitality, so designers use it in kitchens and breakfast rooms, often combined with bright yellows and oranges. If you won’t commit to green tile or flooring, you might bring it indoors with dishware, wallpaper, or stripes and prints. Because it suggests nature’s tranquility and harmony, it works well in bed, bath, or sunrooms. Regardless of the type of space you're decorating, there's nothing more important than paying attention to details. Here, we share decorating pointers from our archives and tips from top designers to help you make sense of what good design really means. If you're open to mastering a few basic decorating principles and putting your creativity to the test, you're sure to enjoy a home that's both comfortable and stylish. Continued

56 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living 57


ne of nine new paint colours

from Farrow & Ball, this green — you are seeing it here first — is called Bancha. ‘Named after Japanese tea leaves, it provides a feeling of security,’ says the firm’s head of creative, Charlie Cosby. Estate Emulsion;


ooking at your home from a holistic perspective—seeing how each room works in balance against the others—can help craft a welcome variety in your spaces, like this emerald and charcoal dining room that adds a touch of formality to an otherwise contemporary Los Angeles home. Continued

58 Rare Luxury Living



elly green is an American term. The name derives from the fact that the surname Kelly, as well as the color green, are both popular in Ireland. The first recorded

use of the term kelly green as a color name in English was in 1917.” – We love Kelly Green because of it’s bold preppy yet traditional look. Surprisingly, its elegant feel adds vibrancy to any room with it's crisp, and clean palette. It pairs beautifully with brass accents. Continued

60 Rare Luxury Living



ine green is a rich shade of spring green that resembles the color of pine trees. It is an official Crayola color (since 1903) that is this exact shade in the Crayola crayon, but in the

markers, it is known as crocodile green. We love Pine Green because it’s got an earthy feel without being dull. It brings a fresh approach to any space and pairs beautifully with maroon or burgundy. Shades of green similar to Pine Green are Teal and Myrtle Green. Continued

Rare Luxury Living


62 Rare Luxury Living



int green is a pale tint of green that resembles the color of mint green pigment, and was a popular color in the 1950s, and 1990s. We love Mint Green because it’s retro! You know a color was popular when large appliances were being made into it. That being said, we do love how it’s making a comeback, especially in the kitchen. Light shades of mint bring a

sense of freshness into a space that can’t be described and it pairs nicely with lighter woods and of course, natural light. Continued

Rare Luxury Living



ometimes called Eagles green, Midnight green is a dark shade of green. It is also a dark shade of cyan. This can be readily ascertained by noting the fact that this color’s red value is zero, and also that its green and blue values are almost equal. It’s the official primary color of the Philadelphia Eagles of the American National Football League. This is one of our favourite shades of green because it’s bold and sometimes so dark you can’t tell if it’s

green or black. It’s a great contrasting color to reds and oranges and basically matches to black because of it’s dark pigment. We think it’s simply stunning. Continued

64 Rare Luxury Living

T H G I N MID EEN GR Rare Luxury Living 65


n actuality, Olive green is really a shade of dark yellow. Olive is a kind of muddy green color. When gray or black is added to yellow, the various shades of the color olive are produced. We love Olive Green for it’s warmth and sophistication. It reads old school but if used appropriately, can be quite modern and it pairs nicely with warm wood tones. Other shades close to it include Army Green and Reseda Green. END

66 Rare Luxury Living

OLIVE GREE N Rare Luxury Living




72 Rare Luxury Living

T urnbull


Written By: Alex English

ris Turnbull is regarded as one of Ireland’s premier interior designers and leads one of the UK’s most sought after interior design studios. The company works on projects throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Kris' new brand identity is applied across his own range of exclusive giftware, textiles, rugs and accessories. It was­launched to coincide with the opening of his flagship interior design studio in the Ulsterville Church on the Lisburn Road, Belfast. Continued

Rare Luxury Living


Kris Turnbull founded his eponymous design studio in 2007

The studio exhibits more than 200 renowned suppliers including

and since then, has established it as one of the most desirable

Fendi Casa, Christopher Guy, Rubelli, Donghia New York, Giorgetti,

and esteemed interior and architectural design studios in the

Armani Casa, Minotti, Flexform, Cattelan Italia, Porada, Julian

United Kingdom. With a design team that covers a broad array of

Chichester, Poltrona Frau, Flou, Leolux & Visionnaire, all exclusively

competencies—including architecture, interior architecture, interior

showcased at Kris Turnbull Studios in Ireland. Turnbull has also created

design, and styling—Turnbull’s holistic approach has translated into

his own lifestyle brand, launching a furniture collection, candles and

designs that surprise and delight. With any project they undertake, the

carpets, as well as trimmings and textiles—a truly comprehensive and

design team aims to combine the hopes, dreams, and desires of their

coherent luxury living collection, which is now exported to fifteen

clients’ while highlighting the intrinsic beauty of their homes, holiday

countries across Europe and the Middle East. The diversity of brands,

retreats, and even special rooms.

design houses, and world influences guarantees a unique and

Kris Turnbull Studios boutique-style showroom in Belfast is set within a stunning converted church, the only one of its kind in the country.

individualized style that suits any client, from the traditional to the modern contemporary.

This spectacular space features a fashionable blend of the finest

Visit Kris Turnbull Studios online to browse and contact the studio’s

furniture, most luxurious fabrics, and thoughtful lifestyle products

design concierge service. Continued

from around the world in a series of lifestyle vignettes, rooms, and layouts.

74 Rare Luxury Living

"Every project we design reflects our clients personality and signature style. The combination of fabrics and furnishings is determined by their lifestyle and ultimately the ambience we create is a reflection of their individuality. The diversity of our clients tastes and desires and the projects we work on is just so exciting & why we love what we do!" Chris Turnbull

T U D O R A Tudor Reborn: In Portadown, Northern Ireland, Turnbull has created a true modern-historic masterpiece. The new-build home in the Irish countryside complements modern family life beautifully. With a brief to create warmth in a functional family house, all bathrooms, kitchen, and joinery have been made bespoke and were designed by Kris Turnbull Studios to combine multipurpose practicality with sophisticated elegance. Starting with a neutral color palette, Turnbull added gentle splashes of chartreuse, with plenty of quintessentially-Irish fine fabric upholstery and drapes. It’s just one of Turnbull’s many residential projects that deliver taste and style without ostentation. END

Rare Luxury Living



135 Lisburn Road, Belfast, Co. Antrim, BT9 7AG | T: +44 (0) 28 9068 8600 Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster, London, SW1W OSR

A Fairytale Setting of Beauty and Romance A Legacy of Luxury

Adare, CO. Limerick Ireland

IRISH MINERAL SEA SALT Port Oriel, Clogherhead, Co Louth

Food Tastes Better

With Oriel Sea Salt

Breaking Barriers With

Old Traditions

88 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living


Chef Paul Cunningham


Written By: Morghan Medlock

can still remember the time in culinary school when we

This broadened my horizon on the restaurants surrounding my

were told we were going on a foraging field trip. I was

neighborhood and it wasn’t until foraging for class credit did I fully

annoyed that I had to drive somewhere on my off-day

understand what a restaurant meant by “sourcing locally”.

and puzzled that we weren’t going to be in the kitchen.

Much like many restaurants in my home state California, the chefs of

I was imagining a day of wandering through farmer’s markets and

Ireland are no strangers to foraging. I can only imagine what it would

grocery stores to find food items. I sat back in my seat, rolled my

be like in the lush, wild, green fields of the Emerald Isle. Foraging

eyes, and listened as the instructor gave out the dress code for the

food at your local farmer’s market, is for amateurs. This particular

trip. My definition of foraging meant to basically wander off in places

native to Ireland, Chef Paul Cunningham is a pro at sourcing food

(farmer’s market, grocery store), and find different foods.

in the wild. Having his first experiences of foraging while hanging

I quickly learned my definition of foraging was very different. What

out with his “granda Paddy” at an early age. His love for food began

it really meant was we’d be driving to a local forest, with a foraging

to sew its roots in the young mind of Cunningham. One of his first

expert and going off into the wilderness to source food, and thats

memories with food was picking mussels on the beach with his

exactly what we did. I had no idea that one could literally find insects

grandfather. Little did Cunningham know that he’d be destined for

and random plants to eat.

an advanced palette. CONTINUED

90 Rare Luxury Living


nnovative I

92 Rare Luxury Living

He began to work in the kitchen as a dishwasher and eventually

The menus play host to local ingredients such as the toasted hay oil

transitioned into a chef. He is now the director and head chef of his

that has come with his rigatoni pasta. His use of seasonal ingredients

restaurant, "Brunel’s". This unique gem is nestled at the feet of the

creates unique, mouthwatering dishes plated in a modern-day style.

Mourne Mountains in Newcastle Co. Down, Northern Ireland. It is

Chef Cunningham’s wife, Jennifer, a local artist, designs and hand

said to be a seaside resort on the beautiful island. He has taken the

crafts the plates and bowls for the restaurant. The teamwork between a

town by storm with his foraging roots, which are responsible for the

beautiful plate and the tasty food makes for a dish to be remembered.

locally sourced menus produced at Brunel’s. The restaurant is already


up for several awards such as Best chef, best restaurant management, best cocktails, seafood experience and of course, to no surprise, best emerging Irish cuisine.

Rare Luxury Living


The new Brunel’s location was renovated by Jane Simon Design.

When the SS Great Britain was launched in 1843, she was the first iron

She is based in Belfast and a specialist in commercial design. Her

steamer to cross the Atlantic. The story goes that Brunel himself arrived

firm provides services for office, commercial, retail and exhibition

at the coast to oversee the resurrection of the ship from the dangerous

spaces. Jane redesigned the new Brunel's space with a palette that

tides of Dundrum Bay and whilst staying in the Dundrum Hotel he fell

is reminiscent of a ship with stunning navy blue walls, brass colored

in love with the scenic coastal area and decided to stay for a significant

accents throughout are a great compliment to the herringbone

time after the ship was rescued. The SS Great Britain was returned

patterned hard wood floors. They all beautifully tie in together to

to service and continued on to spend the next 30 years transporting

create a modern, warm and inviting space. The name “Brunel’s,

emigrants to Australia, bulk transportation of coal to the Falkland

bears a substantial significance and it’s history ties to Drundrum Bay

Islands and then eventually was brought back to her native shores to be

and CO. Down. “Born in 1806, Isambard Brunel became one of the

restored and can to this day be seen in Bristol Floating Harbour and it’s

most ingenious and prolific figures in engineering history, building

anchor can be seen proudly on display at the Harbour in Newcastle, Co

dockyards, railways and steamships but some of the most iconic


bridges ever seen, the Clifton Suspension Bridge & the Maidenhead


Railway Bridge. Among his most notable designs were the three steam powered, iron hulled ships, which transformed the face of naval transportation. 94 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living 95

The decision to expand to a larger space a couple of years ago to

He maintains that sustaining a healthy relationship with local

accommodate the rising tide of visitors, was a good one. But one thing

producers is imperative to creating the best possible dishes. Mourne

will always remain the same—the foraged, local-based, fresh focus

lamb is one of his favorite ingredients that he purchases locally.

of the menu. Head Chef and director Paul Cunningham alongside

Currently working on several projects coming up. This culinary genius

co-director Fiona Davey aim to continue to provide fantastic food and

is a pioneer and innovator that continues to re-invent himself through

service to their ever growing customer base.

old traditions while breaking new barriers.

The most impressive characteristic of this thriving Chef is his passion

A trip to Ireland and a stop at Brunel’s should be on everyone’s bucket

behind his roots. He believes that his country has so much richness to

list and is definitely on mine. END

offer to residents and tourists alike and Brunel’s will always make for an unforgettable dining experience.

96 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living


P rodidy Excellence


Rare Luxury Living 99

MÓINÉIR Irish Blackberry Wine Limited Edition

Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey an ultra-smooth blend of golden grain and single malt with hints of vanilla, honey and toasted wood for a rich complexity

A Love affair


With Ireland

104 Rare Luxury Living


Written By: Michael Daks Photographed By: Michael Daks Lough Corrib From The Lodge Ashford Csastle


Ah, well now boys! I can see by your attire that you’re here for the

“New pub or old?” The new pub Macs was a mere 50 feet away and the

fishing.” The landlord of O’Malley’s pub greeted us gleefully. “But, I

old one, O’Malley’s, more than a hundred yards down the street. After

have to tell you that you are too late! There were some Welsh men on

what seemed like a week cramped aboard the Land Rover, we voted for

the lake today and they have fished it dry. If I were you, I would just stay

the old pub - just to stretch our legs. It was the right decision.

here and drink.” And so we did, at least for many evenings to come.

Besides our eloquent proprietor, there was a pike on the wall about four

It had been a softly dappled morning in mid May as we four bleary-

and a half foot long that weighed 54 pounds, about half the record for

eyed young men had stowed our gear and hangovers aboard a battered

the lake.

ex-Army Land Rover and rattled our way north from London towards the

It was here that I tasted my first proper pint of Guinness. I should point

Holyhead Ferry to Dublin, Ireland.

out that Guinness in Ireland tastes completely different from anywhere

Many bone crunching hours later we arrived at our picturesque

else in the world. Some say it is the water, but it seems to me to be

cottage in Cornamona, County Galway and clambered painfully out to

thicker, creamier and slightly more bitter. Then when quaffed, it leaves

investigate our new surroundings. The first difficult question of the day

a brown residue clinging to the edge of the glass like a nicotine stain,

immediately confronted us.

and not a clear glass like in London or Paris. CONTINUED

106 Rare Luxury Living

It was at this cottage that Mark’s brother Jonathan (who later became

Board tried to introduce a Rod License and there was a general strike

an award-winning Chef at Islington’s Granita, cooking for Princess

on fishing on the Lough and neighbouring Lough Mask and Carra.

Margaret, and famously for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown while they

Livelihoods were at stake, especially as this was at the beginning of the

discussed who would be the next leader of the Labour party) cooked a

Mayfly hatch, the most profitable time for the local fishing community.

leg of Cornamona Lamb with cloves which was like going to heaven, if

Tensions were high, and tires slashed. Bishop Casey suggested a two-

we weren’t already there.

week truce, and we were soon back on the lake. CONTINUED

We were also there that year for the Bishop’s Fortnight when the Fishery

Rare Luxury Living 107

Over the years, as my fishing friends and I have become more

Trout fishing during the Mayfly hatch is what drew us initially to the

successful, Mark, who made his fortune on Wall Street, bought a plot

west coast of Ireland. Mark was the only real angler among us, and

on the lake shore and Nigel, our resident Architect, built a house for

so the thought of dapping with a live Mayfly attached to the end of a

him there from a drawing Mark had made on a napkin. Sadly, when

gossamer line with a short leader appealed to the philistines amongst

Mark moved to New York it was sold and so now we stay at the Lodge

us. My friend Andrew, who had the advantage of a public school

at Ashford Castle, one of the best resort hotels in the world, and

education followed by Trinity College Cambridge, was our early adviser

occasionally at the Castle itself.

on all things etiquette, like which wine went best with fish and chips,

Ashford Castle sits on Lough Corrib with an imposing gaze. It was

has since become quite an accomplished fisherman. Well, at least

originally built in 1228 in the Norman style by the ‘House of Burke’ and

he looks the part. As a fashion & celebrity photographer, my normal

in 1852 it was purchased by Sir Benjamin Guinness who extended it in

attire of black layered over black, with the occasional grey or if feeling

a more Victorian style. In 1939 it was sold to Noel Haggard who turned

adventurous blue, is frowned upon on a fishing boat, and so I often

it into a Hotel, and it was here that in 1951, John Ford came to film

find myself in the excellent Village tackle shops sifting through Barbour

‘The Quiet Man’ starring John Wayne and Maureen O Hara, both in the

Jackets and Hunter boots, with the ubiquitous cream cable knit sweater

Castle grounds and in the nearby village of Cong.

surreptitiously creeping closer to my basket. After fishing in Ireland for

It is a reflection of the slow pace of life in Ireland that it took the town

almost 30 years, I am beginning to get the hang of it. END

of Cong at least 20 years to catch on to the fact that American tourists were coming to Ireland looking for the idyllic setting of the film, and they eventually erected a statue and opened a Quiet Man Museum in a replica of the famous cottage.

Rare Luxury Living 109

Personalized Leather Goods Made with Care In Ireland

Th e G o l f C o u r s e a t A d a re M a n o r Designed to inspire, challenge, and captivate Proudly Hosting The

R y d e r Cu p 2 0 2 6

Dark Hedges Northern Ireland

Going Places Apply now at or call 844.LUX.CARD

Luxury Card marks are property of Black Card LLC. BLACKCARD is a registered trademark used under license. Luxury Card products are issued by Barclays Bank Delaware pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated, owner of registered trademarks MASTERCARD, WORLD ELITE MASTERCARD and the circles design. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Š 2008-2019 Black Card LLC.



Castle Hotels Written By: Daniella Schoeman


s a child, I often dreamed of living in a castle—wandering

There are literally thousands of castles and manor homes regally placed

the many halls, admiring the vast rooms, finding secret

throughout the lush green countryside of the Emerald Isle. And, luckily for

passages, and exploring the beautiful gardens or

us, some of these spectacular estates have been converted into magical,

surrounding forests. Stories from the Brothers Grimm and

luxury hotels. If you’re ready for the royal treatment, let’s head inside

other fantasy tales seemed to come alive as my parents and I visited castles during our memorable holidays in Europe. Nowhere is the history and preservation of castles more entwined with a country’s culture than in Ireland.

114 Rare Luxury Living

Ireland’s luxury castle hotels. CONTINUED

Photographed By: Michael Daks

Ashford Castle Hotel Photographed By: Michael Daks

Rare Luxury Living 115

Castle Leslie Estate

Castle Leslie Estate, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan, Ireland


lessed with serene surroundings and just 2 hours from

Guest lodging is split between the unique rooms in the castle, the

Dublin in County Monagahan, Castle Leslie Estate is

more relaxed setting of the Lodge and the charming Old Stable Mews

a firm favorite with celebrities—particularly Sir Paul

or Village Cottages. Each of the castle rooms has a unique design and

McCartney who hosted his elaborate wedding here in

multiple, fascinating tales of famous previous occupants. However,

2002. The Leslie family has owned the property since the 1650s and it

visitors can expect elegant luxury regardless of which accommodation

is (allegedly) haunted by Normal Leslie who died in WWI.

option they choose.

There is much to explore both within the castle and throughout the

Afternoon tea is served in the Blue Room of the castle. Dinner

1000-acre estate. Outside, guests have a seemingly endless supply of

at Snaffles Restaurant at The Lodge is also not to be missed. The

activities to choose from, such as horse riding or horse-drawn carriage

impressive space is open to both guests and the public. Indulge by

rides, fishing, boat rides, clay pigeon shooting, and even falconry.

selecting the nine-course tasting menu with wine pairing. Then head to

Inside, guests can tour the rooms and view the many historical artifacts

Connor’s Bar (also in The Lodge) for a nightcap. END

and unique antiques featured throughout the beautifully renovated castle. 116 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living 117

allynahinch Castle



allynahinch Castle is situated in County Galway, within the

Inside, roaring log fires, plush cushioned chairs, and cozy reading nooks

magical Connemara Park which can be found along the

welcome guests to this unique place while inspiring them to slow down and

famous Wild Atlantic Way. The rugged valleys and dramatic

get comfortable. Each luxury room or suite offers four-poster beds, walk-in

scenery of this awe-inspiring coastal route make it one of the

wardrobes, and spacious bathrooms. The large windows make use of the

most beautiful parts of the country.

natural lighting and spectacular views outside.

Dating back to the 18th century, Ballynahinch’s appeal lies in its unique

When dining at Ballynahinch Castle, be sure to drink champagne at the

blend of old and new. The rich history of the property is preserved while

afternoon tea served in the Owenmore Restaurant. Enjoy locally-sourced

modern amenities turn this castle into a luxury retreat. Guests can enjoy the

ingredients for dinner as you sample course after course of delicious

700 acres of unspoiled woodland and rivers , with outdoor activities such

creations from their talented chef. Ballynahinch Castle offers travelers a

as fly fishing at the salmon fishery, hiking, boat rides, clay shooting, cycling,

unique luxury stay in a romantic setting that truly embraces nature. END

and more.

118 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living 119

Ashford Castle Hotel Photographed By: Michael Daks

Ashford Castle Cong, County Mayo, Ireland



his luxuriously romantic hotel situated in County Mayo offers

A popular destination, Ashford Castle is often completely booked, but

350 acres of ancient woodland which only hotel guests can

guests can still snag a room in the Lodge Country House or a Hideaway


Cottage. All guests have access to the award-winning spa and fitness

Ashford Castle is one of the oldest and most famous castles


in Ireland. During their stay, guests can participate in activities such as

Dining options are plentiful. Dine like royalty at the George V diving

golf, horseback riding, or an educational falconry experience.

room, named after the Prince of Wales who visited in 1905. For a more

In this recently refurbished castle, visitors can expect unrivalled service

casual dining affair, guests can enjoy the bistro-style menu in The

coupled with warm, Irish hospitality and top-class modern amenities.

Dungeon or the relaxed atmosphere at Cullen’s at the Cottage. Private

Accommodation in any of the 82 spectacular rooms or suites offers

wine tastings are also available in The Wine Cellars. END

insights into the rich heritage of the castle. The opulent interiors are decorated with antique furniture, fine fabrics, and unique features that add to the authenticity of the experience. 122 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living 123



Newmarket-On-Fergus Co. Clare, Ireland

124 Rare Luxury Living


romoland Castle, located in County Clare, has a rich history

The stunning property encourages guests to explore and enjoy the

entwined with Irish royalty. The imposing building with its

natural surroundings. Meander through the gardens or along the bank

Gothic façade dates back to 1651 and was home to the

of the idyllic lake ,and take in the enchanted property as it transports

O’Briens of Thomond, descendants of the last High King of

you to a century long gone. Kids will love the archery lessons and go-kart

Ireland. Dromoland Castle is near the famous Wild Atlantic Way and a

track, whereas adults will enjoy the Golf Academy or falconry experience.

great stopover for popular sights like the Cliffs of Moher.

Visitors can relax and sample the various delicacies during Mrs. White’s

Over the years, a complete revamp of this property has taken place to

Afternoon Tea served in the Gallery Lounge and Cocktail Bar. Dinner

modernize the amenities while preserving the historical significance

then takes place in the Earl of Thomond Restaurant, a grand room made

of the architecture. The rooms and suites offer modern comforts with

for fine dining. For a more casual dinner, guests can try the Fig Tree

the same historic grandeur evident all throughout the castle. Grand

Restaurant located in the Country Club. Finally, the on-site spa is the

staircases, long corridors filled with antiques and paintings, large

perfect way to relax and unwind in the beautiful Irish countryside. There

chandeliers, and stained glass windows add a special touch to the

truly is something for everyone at Dromoland Castle. END


Rare Luxury Living


Lough Eske Castle, Donegal Town Co. Donegal, Ireland




olis Lough Eske Castle is a wonderfully luxurious estate

There is a wooden boardwalk which guides guests along on an walk of

situated in County Donegal, close to the Blue Stack

ultimate relaxation.

Mountains. The wild region has dramatic landscapes, rugged

Inside, the 96 guest rooms provide a comfortable stay in a luxurious

coastlines, and vast seascapes. Solis Lough Eske Castle is

setting. Rooms feature warm but neutral tones with classic furniture and

nestled into this majestic scenery and is an integral part of the local

large windows for a glimpse of the tranquil green spaces outside. Large

community. (The castle is linked to the famous O’Donnell’s who

bathrooms come complete with marble tiling, two sinks, a bath, and

founded the town of Donegal.)

separate shower.

Built in 1474, the castle fell into disrepair, and a new one was

Solis Lough Eske Castle sports one restaurant and two bars on the

constructed in the 1860s. This version, however, was destroyed by a

property. The restaurant Cedar’s Grill is a contemporary space serving

fire in 1939. The castle has since been rebuilt and renovated. These

expertly prepared dishes created by their talented chef. After a delicious

restorations allowed for the addition of modern amenities, which makes

dinner, guests can enjoy a cocktail at either Gallery Bar or Oak Bar. There

the castle a place of glamour, style, and elegance.

are also several exquisite common spaces for guests to relax by a fire or

The property features a unique sculpture garden with intricate pieces

play a game of billiards. END

that catch the eye. The 43-acre property teems with forests and trails that wind alongside the peaceful lake. 126 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living 127

Ballygally Castle, Coast Road, Ballygally, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland


allygally Castle Hotel is situated on the northern Irish

The 54 rooms and suites are each furnished in a unique way but with

coastline in County Antrim, near the top of the Giants

relaxation and comfort in mind. There are a limited number of tower

Causeway Route. The gorgeous coastline and endless

rooms also available for guests who want a more authentic castle

views over the ocean combined with the old world


charm of the building and estate results in an unforgettable experience.

Many people visit this part of Ireland for the famous Game of Thrones

Since the castle is close to numerous tourist attractions, it acts as the

tour, as parts of the award-winning show were filmed in this beautiful

perfect base from which to access the myriad of recreational activities

region. Ballygally Castle Hotel makes it even more special by offering

within the region.

Game of Thrones-themed afternoon tea for guests and the general

The dramatic castle was built in the 17th century by Lord James Shaw.

public. Breakfast and dinner are served at the Garden Restaurant where

His wife, Lady Isobella, is rumored to haunt the building and grounds.

the chefs create culinary delights from the best locally sourced produce.

Guests can learn more stories about what happened to the occupants of

For lighter meals, finger foods and snacks are available to guests from

Ballygally Castle by heading up the tower to the Ghost Room.

the Ballygally Castle lounge. END

A stay at Ballygally Castle Hotel is a wonderful experience. Although it is one of the most haunted accommodations in Ireland, the warmth and hospitality of the staff make up for any hesitations guests may have.

128 Rare Luxury Living



Rare Luxury Living 129

Crafted with Color: New Marine Twill Collection

Newcastle Co. Down





Costing an estimated $65 million, the restoration included the addition of a ball room and a 42-bedroom wing. Now fully operational as a five-star, luxury hotel with a golf course and spa, Adare Manor is Unique and special in many ways.


Inside The newly


AdareManor Written By: Vanessa Ohaha Creative Influence By: Trystanne Cunningham Photographed By: Jack Hardy

Rare Luxury Living 135

136 Rare Luxury Living


ention of a formal manor house on the banks of

Costing an estimated $65 million, the restoration included the addition

the River Maigue in the village of Adare, County

of a ball room and a 42-bedroom wing. Now fully operational as a five-

Limerick, Ireland would not typically scream

star, luxury hotel with a golf course and spa, Adare Manor is unique and

luxury retreat. But upon seeing the neo-gothic

special in many ways.

architectural masterpiece with sprawling formal gardens and a

Designated “Hotel of the Year” in 2018 at the Virtuoso Best of the

tournament worthy golf course, you’ll know that Adare Manor offers

Best Awards and the AA the manor offers guests a truly personalized

elegant accommodations fit for royalty.

experience. Visitors can design a custom itinerary of activities in and

The house—now Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort—was formerly the seat

around the hotel. Golf, falconry, archery, and fishing are available on

of the Earl of Dunraven. It was constructed in the early 19th century,

site, while horseback riding and game shooting are available within a

though retains some walls of the original 17th century structure.

short drive. CONTINUED

Following the $40 million purchase by JP McManus in 2015, the manor underwent a 21-month restoration and conservation project.

Rare Luxury Living 137

Perhaps the best features of the hotel are its five diverse dining

The Oak Room offers a variety of contemporary Irish dishes for dinner,

venues that immerse you in the decadence of delicious, innovative,

while The Carriage House features an exciting menu of locally farmed

unforgettable cuisine. Enjoy afternoon tea at The Gallery, which features

produce and artisan ingredients sourced from across Ireland by the

specially blended teas from around the world, dainty sandwiches, and

manor’s Director of Culinary, Loughlin Druhan. Lovers of fine spirits can

sweet treats courtesy of executive pastry chef Xavier Torne. The Drawing

end their night in the Tack Room, a sophisticated retreat with the finest

Room, flooded with light and overlooking the formal gardens, provides

scotch and bourbon, and a collection of 100 rare bottles of legendary

a graceful setting for pre-dinner cocktails and sparkling conversations.

Irish whiskeys. Curated by our expert mixologist, guests will also

The hotel also features an elegant private cinema and indoor pool.

indulge in a list of traditional and innovative signature cocktails. Each

Bespoke wedding packages are available to give you the wedding of

drink features specialty liquors and sophisticated flavours, giving even

your dreams.

the most classic of cocktails a fresh and subtle twist. CONTINUED

138 Rare Luxury Living

O A K R O O M Though just recently opened, the romantic Oak Room restaurant

Common to contemporary Irish food, the menu showcases an

helmed by former Ballyfin head chef Michael Tweedie is already

abundance of native ingredients, and manages to extract the most

generating local praise and early Michelin star buzz. Served in the

profound flavors. Above all else, the food seems to have been cooked

original resident family’s dining room, guests dine on bespoke wood

by a happy team. This is the main goal of Tweedie, who says, “we

and pottery dishes while attentive waitstaff explain delicately plated

hope for people to enjoy themselves and have fun. We don’t want to

food with explosive flavor. Highlights include a smooth Chicken

be this restaurant where you have to sit straight and you can’t have a

liver pâté with raisin and spiced plum compotes, scallop tartare with

laugh. We want people to enjoy themselves. We want them to leave

apple and oyster leaves, and duck served with chicory and an orange

happy with food memories.” This exemplifies the spirit of modern Irish



140 Rare Luxury Living

Adare Manor is not just a hotel but a 5-star Royal experience. The

With this extraordinary movement in Irish cuisine, will global cities start

calendar house offers a memorable culinary and beverage program in

to see modern Irish restaurants popping up in trendy neighborhoods?

which everything is made in-house with exquisite attention to detail.

Most likely not. Ireland’s stellar ingredients have a downside—they can

From whiskey cocktails in the Tack Room to afternoon tea in the elegant

be difficult to find abroad. What makes Irish food unique is its cheese

Gallery, one can just imagine the glamorous Daphne Guinness dressed

from Antrim, sea salt from the Dingle peninsula, yogurt from Kerry, or

head-to-toe in Dubarry sipping a cup of Earl Grey or Sazerac. The Gallery,

venison from Wicklow. These ingredients are creatively used all over the

a sophisticated chamber that happens to be the second longest room

country, in places like Farmgate in Cork and Wild Honey Inn in Clare. The

in Ireland, is the star setting of the hotel. Guests dine surrounded by

reclamation of Irish cuisine and newfound confidence of young chefs is

tapestries, Waterford crystal chandeliers, and blue Chantilly lace ceilings.

putting Ireland on the map as a foodie destination, no longer a stopover

Afternoon tea’s darling menu offers an extensive tea selection from

en route to continental Europe. Curious eaters will have to travel all

around the world, as well as a selection of finger sandwiches and cakes

the way to the Emerald Isle for a taste, making the cuisine all the more

straight out of an inspired confectioner’s imagination, carefully adorned

delectable. Continued

with gold leaf, white flowers, pink butterflies, and chocolate rods.

TSpa he

142 Rare Luxury Living


A truly unique experience, the Spa at Adare Manor is proud to be the first

With a unique treatment customized to your needs, featuring coveted

in Ireland to offer customised facials and body treatments featuring the

products from the legendary skin care brand.Deeply personalised

legendary skincare brand La Mer.

facials are highlighted with a pure concentration of Miracle Broth™

A marriage of luxury and tranquillity, La Mer captures the renewing

— a priceless extract exclusive to the spa experience. Signature body

energies of the sea, to create a unique sense of well-being. Leave your

treatments infuse skin with life. Mind and body harmoize with each

worries behind and sink into an experience of total indulgence and

bespoke session.

rejuvenation. Let our highly trained and attentive therapists guide you

Reward your hands and feet with Margaret Dabbs London. It is a globally

through the La Mer experience.

recognised brand specialising in luxurious hand and feet products.


Individually designed and beautifully furnished, full of personal touches and

From the marble en-suite bathrooms with rainfall showers to the lovingly-

carefully considered details, your room is the perfect retreat, a place of ease

chosen artwork, from the gorgeous Georgian-inspired furniture and

and repose where you can reflect on the joys of the day and anticipate the

welcoming king-sized bed, to the generously stocked mini-bar and luxury

adventures that await. With inviting beds, gorgeous historically-inspired art

toiletries, everything here has been hand-picked to ensure that you can relax

and furnishings, marble en-suite bathrooms, and beautiful views from every

in an ambiance of beauty and comfort.

window, your room was crafted for indulgence and relaxation.

your Stateroom invites you to stretch out and revel in the grandeur of your

The lavish Signature Suites are the pinnacle of graceful living at Adare Manor,

surroundings. Outside the windows are glorious, restful views: from the

where the aristocratic legacy of the Manor House lives on in every luxurious

gracious symmetry of the French Gardens to the rolling parkland of our

detail. As a guest in one of our opulent Signature Suites, the Manor Butler is

championship golf course, the hushed majesty of the Beechwalk or the

your dedicated personal assistant for the duration of your stay with us.

dignified elegance of the courtyard. CONTINUED

Our Deluxe Rooms are the perfect choice when you want to give yourself a little more room to enjoy the indulgences of life at Adare Manor. Signature Stateroom - Lady Augusta Sitting Room

144 Rare Luxury Living

State Room King Bedroom

GuestRooms Dunraven Stateroom Bathroom

Deluxe King Bathroom

Dunraven Stateroom

Classic King Bedroom

M anor


Adare Manor is delighted to offer two three-bedroom storybook

While the cottages are a peaceful retreat, staying connected with the

cottages on a self-catering basis. Perfectly situated right next to The

outside world is also made easy with wifi, phones, and satellite TV in the

Carriage House and only a three minute walk from the Manor House,

living room and each bedroom.

these two historic buildings are full of charm and character.

The fully-fitted kitchens makes it simple to cook, even for a crowd, with

Each cottage has been luxury finished and fitted, with the kinds of

fridge, freezer, cooker, microwave and Nespresso coffee machine at your

finishing touches you expect from Adare Manor. You will find marble-

disposal. Quick clothing touch-ups are easy with the convenient iron

floored bathrooms, cloud-soft goose down bed clothes (with foam

and ironing board. Continued

alternatives available on request), and exactly the same linens, towels, and exclusive Aqua di Parma bathroom amenities as the hotel.


Rare Luxury Living


GO l f Celebrated golf architect Tom Fazio has taken what was already an

This course is separated quite dramatically into two unique sections.

award-winning course and transformed it into a parkland paradise

The new course has been created in harmony with the outstanding

befitting a country in the top tier of global golfing destinations. As

natural beauty of its surroundings: lush, softly rolling terrain, mature

part of the total redesign of the entire property, the course underwent

tree scaping, and the sweeping banks of the River Maigue. The club

significant redevelopment across 2016 and 2017 as well.

house, a fully stocked pro shop, locker rooms and a membership office

This newly renovated, breathtaking golf course displays the true beauty

are found nearby to accommodate guests and members alike. There is

of Irish The Golf Course at Adare Manor

always a friendly welcome, a refreshing pint of Guinness and a warm

Designed to inspire, challenge, and captivate parkland scenery,

serving of Irish Stew awaiting guests as they finish eighteen holes and

while attracting golfers from around the world to its challenging

make their way back to the clubhouse. A perfect place for meetings

championship 18 holes. The orginial course built in 1995, went on

or a casual gathering of friends. The JP McManus pro-am was held in

to host the Irish Open for consecutive years in 2007 and 2008. The

2010, which saw some of the games biggest names attending, such as

grounds are something to be witnessed even for non-golfers. With a 14-

Tiger Woods, Jose Maria Olazabal, Ernie Els, Jim Furyk and many more.

acre lake dominating the majority of the front nine and the back nine


guiding golfers into the heavy wooded area of the grounds. 148 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living 149

A dare Manor H t istory

hrough The Years


dare Manor derives its name from a feudal system introduced after the Norman invasion in Ireland around 1170. Rather than referring to a house, the term “Manor” designated a local administrative landholding. The lands of a Manor were divided between rented farms and the “demesne”, a reserved area for the landholder’s house and personal use. The Manor in Adare

was granted to Geoffrey de Marisco, the king’s chief representative in Ireland. He then fell out of favour. When he died in exile his land was

1 2 0 0 -1500's

surrendered to Maurice Fitzgerald, his stepson.

For four centuries the Fitzgeralds dominated Adare, but after the Desmond Rebellions 150 Rare Luxury Living

(1569–73 and 1579–83), their castle in Adare was dismantled and their estates were divided up between existing landowners.

1 6 0 0 -1700's

In the 1600's the Quin family settles in Adare. The first recorded member of the family in the village was Donagh Quin (d. 1671) He was buried in the Franciscan Abbey, a sign that he was a highly-placed and well-respected member of the community. At the time of his death, his landholdings were relatively modest, producing about £100 a year in income. While this was a respectable living for the time, it was very far from a grand estate. Thady Quin, Donagh’s son, was urged by his father to take up a practical profession. He made his fortune as a country lawyer in Adare and by a series of financially advantageous marriages throughout his life. Over the years, he acquired large tracts of land in the area, including thousand-year leases on some of the forfeited Fitzgerald properties. Valentine Quin, Thady’s eldest son, inherited his father’s property and leased land in Adare. He built on his father’s accomplishments and followed in his footsteps, buying the leased land outright and purchasing more in the 1720s. He also married a wealthy heiress, Mary Widenham of Court, Kildimo. Valentine probably built the first documented Quin family house in Adare. Built on the former manorial demesne, it was simply named “Adare House”. The two-story house faced south, with seven bays, a three-bay pedimented breakfront, and tall chimney stacks with a steeply pitched roof. The house faced over a plain garden with strict geometric topiaries, and the surrounding estate was dominated by formally laid out avenues and tall boundaries of trees. CONTINUED

Rare Luxury Living


1 8 0 0 's

Valentine Richard Quin moved to England, leaving the estate in the hands of his eldest son, Windham Henry Quin, then 19 years old. The estate at this time was beset by heavy debts, but through strict economy and prudent management, Windham was able to slowly clear what was owed without resorting to selling off land. In 1806 he was elected MP for County Limerick, travelling often to England to fulfil his parliamentary duties. In 1822, just two years before his death Valentine Richard Quin was created Viscount Adare and the 1st Earl of Dunraven. He chose the title of Dunraven to honour his daughter in law, Caroline. The 1st Earl, Valentine Richard Quin, died, passing the title onto his son, Windham Henry Wyndham Quin, the 2nd Earl of Dunraven. CONTINUED

152 Rare Luxury Living

The 2nd Earl travelled to England and was once again inspired by the

proceeded intermittently throughout 1858 as the designs for the

sublime architecture of the country houses and towers he saw. He also

gardens kept changing month to month.

brought home advice from L.N. Cottingham, an architect who would

The 3rd Earl of Dunraven passed away. His son Windham Thomas

become one of the most important contributors to Adare Manor.

Wyndham Quin became the 4th Earl of Dunraven. Windham served as

Cottingham, like the 2nd Earl, was a member of the Oxford Society for

a Lieutenant in the 1st Life Guards, a Cavalry regiment, later becoming

Promoting the Study of Gothic Architecture. He was engaged to assist

a war correspondent for the London Newspaper: ‘The Daily Telegraph’.

with the interior design of the new building, although he had never

He married Florence March Kerr. They had three daughters: Florence,

visited Adare. By 1840, Cottingham was an integral member of the

Rachel and Aileen. Windham presided over the Land Conference in

design team.

1902, which led to the Land Act a year later, a piece of legislature which

The work on the new manor house, now known as Adare Manor,

enabled tenants to purchase land from their landlords under favourable

continued. It would be more than 30 years before it was completed.

conditions. He is shown here wearing the blue sash of the Order of St

New sections were constructed around the old family home one by one,

Patrick, painted in 1922, two years before his death. The galleon in the

until part of the original structure was encased in the new building.

background recalls his interest in sailing. He was a challenger for the

The 2nd Earl of Dunraven died, passing the Earldom onto his son,

America’s Cup in 1893 and 1895.

Edwin Richard Wyndham Quin. He married Augusta Charlotte Goold in

The most distinguished guest at Adare Manor in the nineteenth century

1836, her father was Master of Chancery in the Law Courts of Dublin.

was the Duke of York, who in 1910, became George V following the

Following his succession to the family title, Edwin saw it as a duty to

death of his father, King Edward VII. He and his wife, the Duchess of

complete the rebuilding of the family home begun by his parents.

York, were entertained at Adare Manor in August 1897. CONTINUED

There was still much work to be done to complete his father’s vision. As Lord Lieutenant from 1864 until his death in 1871, he acted as The Queen’s representative in County Limerick. The terraced lawns and large gardens located to the south of Adare Manor were created by Edwin. Work began on these in 1857 but



As the 4th Earl of Dunraven died without a male heir, the Earldom

He married his wife, Nancy Yuille in 1934 in Palm Beach where they

passed to his cousin Windham Henry Wyndham Quin, who was the

met. They had three children: Lady Melissa, Lady Caroline and Viscount

son of the 2nd Earl’s youngest son. Windham, the 5th Earl, had a


distinguished military career, serving in the first and second Boer Wars.

After the death of the 6th Earl of Dunraven, the title is inherited by

In the background of his portrait is a bronze sculpture of a mounted

his only son, Thady Windham Thomas Wyndham Quin. He married

cavalry officer. A reference to his role as Commander of the Glamorgan

Geraldine McAleer in 1969 and they have one daughter, Lady Ana.

Imperial Yeomanry: a volunteer cavalry regiment of the British Army.

He devoted his life to the running of the Estates and campaigning

Windham Henry was elected as MP for South Glamorganshire in 1895

for the disabled in Ireland; Thady had contracted poliomyelitis as an

and again in 1900. He married Eva Constance Aline Bourke in 1885

adolescent and was a wheelchair user for the rest of his life. He held the

She was the daughter of The Earl of Mayo of Palmerstown House,

honour of Patron of the Irish Wheelchair Association for twenty years.

Naas Co Kildare. They had four children: Richard, Valentine, Olein and

With no male heir, the Earldom and his other titles became extinct on


his death in March 2011.

The 5th Earl of Dunraven dies, and his eldest son Richard Southwell

At a time when there was little state support for historic houses in

Windham Robert Wyndham-Quin becomes the 6th Earl. He was born

Ireland, he made the difficult decision to sell the family seat, Adare

in the hills of Tamil Nadu, India where his father was stationed.

Manor. In 1988 Adare Manor becomes a 5 star hotel. CONTINUED

154 Rare Luxury Living

The seventh Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl has died at the age of 71 at his home in Kilgobbin, Co Limerick, and with him die the titles of one of those rare families of true Gaelic origin in the Irish peerage. His ancestors, the O'Quins, were chiefs of the Clan Hy Ifearnan in Co Clare who were driven from there by the O'Briens. Thady Quin acquired the lands at Adare towards the end of the 17th century. Thady Dunraven was educated at Ludgrove School in England and at Le Rosey in Switzerland. In the summer of 1956, he was one of the 500 people, mostly children, who contracted polio during the Cork epidemic. By the time the symptoms appeared, he had returned to school in Switzerland so he was able to benefit from the Swiss medical expertise of the disease, but he was in a wheelchair for the rest of this life. On his return to Ireland, he lived as normal a social life of a young man as possible, but he did notice few other wheelchair users were to be seen at public events. He was aware he could afford to get what he needed with regard to special equipment and full-time care, but when visiting members of the Polio Fellowship in Limerick, he realised that most people in wheelchairs were looked after by their families who were often elderly parents or were family members who were out at work all day. There was no wheelchair access to public places and no help to get it within the home. CONTINUED


The Wheelchair Association, which Lord Dunraven had joined and

This would have been an achievement except that coal had just been

became its president in 1971, found from a survey in 1976 that 35 per

found on the Wyndham estates in south Wales. The second earl had

cent of their wheelchair users were confined to their homes. Once there

married the heiress of the Wyndhams and the Quins had added her

was a film show for them at Adare Manor and for three members, this

name to their own and taken their title Dunraven from her estates.

was the first film they had ever seen because the families had difficulty

Thady Dunraven sold Adare Manor in 1984 to an American

physically getting them out of the house and also because the cinemas

businessman who has turned it into a five-star hotel where Bill Clinton

were inaccessible to them.

has stayed.

As president of the wheelchair association until 1991, he campaigned

The family continued to live nearby and have always been deeply

for more access to public places about which no one had taken much

involved in Adare and worked with the county council to develop many

interest. There were no official figures as to the number of handicapped

public facilities in this heritage town.

in Ireland or knowledge of their needs.

Lord Dunraven gave, among other things, what is now the public park

He articulated to government and local authorities the wants and needs

to the council and one of the very last things he did was to attend the

of the association and its members. Partly as a result of his efforts,

opening of the Village Hall after it had been restored.

during his term of office there were enormous changes in society and in

He was also life president of the Limerick Coursing Club. For almost

legislation in awareness and care of the handicapped.

a hundred years, the family had provided the running grounds at

When his father died in 1965, he inherited the titles and Adare Manor,

Clounanna for the Irish Cup. It was moved to a new venue in 2000, but

the remarkable Tudor-revival-style house built by the second earl.

he continued his interest in the sport and his nomination, Castle Pines,

The house contains a 132ft long and 30ft high hall which the wife of

won the Irish Cup in 2005.

the second earl had described: "Even if only one person is seated at the

In 1969, he married Geraldine, the daughter of Air Cmdr Gerald

ample fireplace, the room is so comfortable, one would not wish it in

McAleer. She survives him with their daughter, Ana. END

any way changed or diminished." There is an inscription on the house proclaiming: "This goodly house has been built without borrowing, selling or leaving debt."


Adare Manor Thyme

Quince Fruiting Hedge

Quince Fruiting Hedge

Hazel Innoculated With Truffle

Walled Garden

160 Rare Luxury Living

Adare Manor Honey

Gingko Biloba Gingko Tree


Pear Tree Lavender

Estate Grow Produce Medlar Tree

162 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living 163



Northern Europe

Northern Europe



The Neck and DĂŠcolletĂŠ Concentrate

The Emerald Isle


Thermal Suite Spas Written By: Daniella Schoeman

ESPA Powerscourt Hotel Co.Wicklow, Ireland.


trip to Ireland means stunning green landscapes,

Combining hot and cold treatments can prevent ailment and

luscious lake views, and dramatic coastlines—and of

boost overall wellbeing. Specific benefits include relief for

course evenings spent enjoying a drink (or 10) at a

aching muscles, skin detoxification, increased circulation, and an

local pub. Recovering from a late night is easy when

improved metabolism. All this results in improved mental health,

you book a day of pampering at one of these luxurious spas.

better quality sleep, and a strengthened immune system.

Although most spas have thermal suites, the spas on this list

Invigorate your body, find inner peace, and allow space for soul-

feature unique thermal facilities that set them apart and make

searching when you visit one of the incredible thermal spas of

them even more special. Spas with exceptional thermal suites

the Emerald Isle. Continued

can transform a pampering treatment into a therapeutic journey. Thermal spas date back to the ancient Romans, who valued thermal wellness benefits.

Rare Luxury Living


SolasCroiEcoSpa New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland


SolasCroi Eco Spa

his hotel in Wexford has perhaps the most

Outdoors, guests can enjoy the hydro plunge pool—a vital

intriguing spa design in all of Ireland. A central part

part of any thermal suite. Epsom salt footbaths offer a detox

of the Brandon House Hotel, the Solas Cori Eco Spa

opportunity while tropical rainforest showers help cool the

incorporates stand-alone thermal facilities that offer

body after the heat of the thermal rooms. Guests can journey

a unique and memorable experience. A plethora of diverse

through both the indoor and outdoor facilities before

treatments and therapies are offered to help visitors escape

unwinding in the spa’s alpha sphere relax mation beds.

the stress of everyday life and relax in the quiet comfort of

Specialized Ayurvedic therapies are combined with Elemis

this beautiful place.

beauty products to cater to every aspect of relaxation and

Indoor facilities include a hot tub, sauna, and an

rejuvenation. END

aromatherapy-based, eucalyptus steam room. There is also a dedicated Sanarium, a combination steam room/sauna with high temperatures.

170 Rare Luxury Living

Rare Luxury Living 171

FarnhamEstate HealthSpa Cavan,Ireland


FarnhamHealth Estate Spa

arnham Estate Health Spa in Cavan is home to the

Warm up in the laconium, a dry sweating room where heat

appealing Water Mint Thermal Suite. This mixture

radiates from the walls, floors, and benches. Then cool down

of specialized spaces takes visitors on a journey of

and drink in the beautiful view with a dip in the outdoor,

the senses. Individual rooms aim to awaken blood

infinity hydrotherapy pool. The rolling, green countryside

circulation, warm up muscles, stimulate energy flow, and

provides visitors with a peaceful haven that truly encapsulates

ultimately create a deep feeling of peace and relaxation.

the spirit of relaxation.

For the full spa experience, guests are encouraged to spend

Farnham Estate Health Spa is a space of serenity, combining

three hours or more wandering around the complementing

natural elements with modern spa facilities. During treatments,

elements of the Water Mint Thermal Suite. Some of the

world-famous products are used to further enhance the

incredible facilities include an aromatherapy steam bath, a

luxurious, pampering experience. Guests leave this estate

Finnish sauna, reflexology foot basins, and ice fountains.

having cultivated a sense of inner peace and mindfulness that

The amethyst salt inhalation room is particularly special as

has long-lasting effects on their wellbeing. END

it can assist with relieving respiratory disorders. There is also a Kneipp walk, known as “water treading,� which provides a pressure massage for your feet using warm or cold water.

172 Rare Luxury Living

Farnham Estate, Cavan, Ireland



TheBrehonHotel & AngsanaSpa Killarney,Co.Kerry,Ireland

ngsana Spa at the Brehon Hotel in Killarney is one of

a crystal steam room. The authentic Thai-designed interiors make

only two Angasana spas located in Ireland, and it is

this spa stand out amongst the competition.

currently the only spa in the country to offer a Kubel

Angsana Spa is named after the Angasana tree; a tall, tropical

Dusche. These quirky alternatives to ice fountains are

rainforest tree with fragrant flowers that bloom unexpectedly.

designed to rapidly cool the body after visiting heated facilities

Each spa therapist is specially trained at The Banyan Tree Spa

as a way to promote circulation. A literal shock to the system, a

Academy in Thailand, creating a unique fusion of East and West

Kubel Dusche is akin to a bucket of icy water being suddenly

in the treatment offerings. END

poured over you. Other special features of this spa include a vitality pool with hydrotherapy jets, an aromatic herb sauna, tropical showers, and 174 Rare Luxury Living

PowerscourtEstate,Enniskerry, Co.Wicklow,Ireland


P owerscourt Hotel Resort Spa

owerscourt Hotel in Wicklow was recently crowned as Ireland’s

This floor is open for use by spa and hotel guests. Exclusive access to the

leading hotel, so it’s no surprise that their spa ESPA is one of

second level is given to spa guests receiving treatments.

the best in the country as well. The extensive spa takes up over

In this space, you can indulge in a true thermal experience. Guests

32,000 square feet and spans two floors—highly impressive by

are invited to journey through a crystal-lit steam room and sauna

any standard.

before cooling down with a shower experience that involves cold or

On the ground floor is a Hammam suite, which is set within a quartz

tropical rain options. Each space is punctuated with subtle hints of

crystal steam room. A Hammam is a heated seating area normally used

aromatherapy essences. After treatment, visitors can unwind on the

as an introduction to a thermal experience and a comfortable space to

heated tepidarium loungers which create a pleasant feeling of constant,

enjoy between treatments. Other noteworthy facilities are the sauna,

radiant heat.

a striking but beautiful Swarovski crystal-lit heated swimming pool, a

Guests can complete their experience with a lovely dip in the Vitality

hot tub, and a bucket shower that drenches you with invigorating cold

pool while admiring the mountain views. In addition, ESPA has an ice


fountain that produces ice flakes to be rubbed on the body to stimulate

The ground floor uses twinkling lights, slate stone interiors, and a

circulation while promoting cooling. END

wealth of thermal offerings to entice your senses. 176 Rare Luxury Living





algorm Resort and Spa is located near Belfast, set within

hot tubs and heated pools both inside and outside, a laconium, an

600-acres of Ballymena countryside. The hidden oasis

enticing aroma grotto, ice fountains, and heated relaxation loungers.

reveals itself as you pass through the impressive gates.

Meditation classes are offered in the relaxation zone of the River House,

The estate features Serenity Gardens with private, wooden

which literally hangs over the Maine River. And, with world-class spa

relaxation huts, and an entire Thermal Village that lures many visitors.

facilities, guests can treat themselves to a variety of spa treatments

The Thermal Village is extensive, and the picturesque location instantly

from a comprehensive list. Experience extraordinary luxury and deep

instils a sense of peace. Visit the Snow Cabin, a below-freezing space

relaxation at the Galgorm Spa. END

designed to invigorate the body and stimulate blood circulation. Soothe aching muscles in the hydrotherapy pool. Or warm up in one of the outdoor hot tubs situated on the banks of the river. Other notable features include a Celtic sauna, an Orangery, numerous

178 Rare Luxury Living


Fall 2019

This hand-winding mechanical movement contains 108 parts and has a 42-hour power reserve. With its ostrich strap, the Reverso Classic Medium Thin watch in stainless steel reveals the pure lines and symmetry of this iconic eponymous collection

Lace up the UAHOVR Phantom SE

Warmth from the edge of the world


Select FEW From The E MERALD





Written By: Alex English, Matthew Paul Robinson, Vanessa Ohaha

Judith Ritchie

Designer Kris TurnbullPage 72

Chef Paul Cunningham Page 88

Niamh O'Neill

Tarlach de Blácam and Áine Ní Chonghaile

Patrick Kielty

Conor McGregor

Martin Lacey

Nicola Glass



g u

A a



r i







rior to joining Kate Spade New York, Nicola was Senior Vice President of Accessories Design at Michael Kors, overseeing all design and development of its three labels. In her 13 years there, holding successively more senior roles, she helped to build the brand and the business. Before Michael Kors, she was an accessories designer at Gucci. Nicola holds a Master of Arts in Fashion Accessories from the Royal College of Art in London, and a Bachelor of Arts in jewelry design from the Edinburgh College of Art. CONTINUED

Nico la’s Si gn a tu re

Written By Matthew Paul Robinson


Nicola Glass

Rare Luxury Living


How Nicola Glass Is Designing For The 21st Century’s Woman On The Go


f happiness can be found in clothing, then Nicola Glass, Creative

The accessories had her signature pop. Simple satchels in deep mauve

Director at Kate Spade New York, is the arbiter of happiness. She has

and rust paired brilliantly with soft silhouettes. The heart cutout bucket

taken the 26-year old brand from being known for its accessories

bag from spring 2019 returned; this time in grass and fruit punch.

into a space that is focused on ready to wear clothing. Her colorful

A structured bag with a round metal handle felt fresh and smart;

and whimsical collections are optimistic and, most importantly, coveted.

simplicity done right with a wink to the 1970s.

Since her spring 2019 debut, Nicola has given fashion a much-needed

In her latest collection, Glass continues to honor the brand’s original

dose of color and excitement. Her take on the KSNY woman looks as if

codes and philosophies by updating them and making them relatable

1970s Harlem and London’s swinging 60s came together to create a

to today’s woman. With a lineup of diverse models, this collection is

beautiful fashion baby. There’s something in the collection for women

her best thus far. Multiple leopard prints were at the forefront. A full,

of all ages. With a size range of 00-16, anyone from groovy party-goers

puff sleeve dress was reminiscent of the 1940s—down to the strappy

to church parishioners can don the multi-figure flattering collection.

platform sandals and Veronica Lake hair.

In her first collection, Glass used abstract florals, pops of lilac and lemon

Another standout look was the peach and eggplant dress with a

yellow, easy separates, soft A-line shapes and ruffles to demonstrate her

deep V-neck, puff sleeves, tie front bodice, and button-down skirt. The

Ready To Wear skills. Floral knits were shown in the vests, polo shirts,

functional, tie-front bodice will accommodate busts of different sizes; a

cardigans, and tees. One of the stand-out looks included an abstract,

design detail only a woman would think about.

floral rain topper paired with a floral print dress and lilac boots.

Denim was also strong. America’s go-to fabric was turned in a color-

The handbags were true to the brand’s DNA—feminine, playful and

block, midi length skirt; knee high, lace-up boots; wide trousers; a

functional—like the black and white bucket bag made up of leather

pinafore dress; and a multi-zipper, color block handbag. These pieces

heart cutouts. Any trendsetter could incorporate the new take on a

are further evidence that this British-born creative director knows where

classic shape into her wardrobe. Cross bodies and mini-totes also stood

the brand needs to go.

out in new pops of color.

As for accessories, handbags continued to be strong and modern. Long

For her sophomore, pre-fall collection, Glass kept things swinging with

chain, crossbody bags came down the runway in pop-colored leather.

looks that are perfect for the warm weather of late summer and early

Top-handle bags were made of faux snake. And the original KSNY bag

autumn. She added graphic prints and daring colors (rust, tomato,

was made into a larger tote.

grass, & fruit punch) to her abstract prints. These clothes are perfect for a

With three full collections under her belt, the former Senior Vice

garden party, picnic or the office.

President of Accessories at Michael Kors and Accessories Designer at

She favored midi-length skirts and dresses with varied degrees of

Tom Ford, has shown that ready-to-wear is in her wheelhouse. She has

volume. Standout looks included a tomato red, A-line dress with full

confidently put her stamp on an iconic brand. With nods to fashionistas

sleeves & bow belt; a green and pink, knit polo dress with short full

of yesteryear and a keen eye for the needs of today’s woman on the

sleeves & white collar; as well as a lilac and grass green print dress with

go, she has armed us with pieces true to the spirit of Kate Spade and

a center-gathered front skirt.

Nicola's own Signature. END Rare Luxury Living


Written By: Alex English


ou may not notice it at first, but after watching and listening

The comic began performing stand-up in clubs and bars while at university

to Patrick Kielty, you’ll feel his absolute magnetism. He has an

in Belfast. Eventually, he moved onto bigger venues and even television.

energy that is kind but quick and performs with an attitude of

By the mid-2000s, Kielty was appearing on BBC, ITV, ABC, and NBC hosting

cheery lightness that evades many in the stand-up comedy world.

game shows and comedy specials.

It is through this rare attitude that he is able to deliver incisive social

But Kielty isn’t just a comedian. Throughout his career, he has never

commentary without coming across as snarky, angry, sexist, racist, or

forgotten his activism. In 2007, he was invited to conduct an in-depth

classist. He primarily pokes fun at himself and his upbringing in Northern

interview with former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and Irish Taoiseach

Ireland. Now a performer on the world stage, there is plenty of international

Bertie Ahearn to discuss the Northern Ireland peace process.

fodder to go around.

Last year, he presented a documentary My Dad, the Peace Deal, and Me for

Kielty was born in 1971 to a Catholic family in the small seaside town of

BBC Two. Its release coincided with the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday

Dundrum, Ireland. His life was simple and idyllic, though a lurking divide

Agreement. In the film, he returns to Dundrum and Belfast to interview

permeated every facet of that time and place, with Catholics and Protestants

people on both sides of the conflict to see how the country has changed in

being separately schooled and socialized. Kielty only realized this was

twenty years of peace.

abnormal after growing up and traveling to other cities and countries where

In light of the recent Brexit deal, the conversation is relevant once again, as

students of different religions mixed harmoniously.

the governments of the UK and EU grapple with establishing new policies

At 16 years old, Kielty’s life was forever changed when his father was

that may once again more dramatically separate The Republic of Ireland

murdered by a loyalist paramilitary group during The Troubles. Being Irish

(EU) from Northern Ireland (UK) END

during that period meant dealing with the constant threat of violence. The majority of those killed or injured during the fighting were innocent civilians. In 1998, a cease-fire deal, the Good Friday Agreement, was brokered and relations between factions in Ireland have remained relatively stable since. Any profile of Kielty and his work must mention this period because it so centrally informs his comedic style. Living through the conflict and dealing with the tragedy of losing his father gives Kielty the ability to speak freely about his own struggles while bridging differences among audiences in the UK, Ireland, and throughout the world. 204 Rare Luxury Living

Patrick Kielty Comedian, Activist

Photographed By: Martin Lacey Skerries Co. Dublin, Ireland

208 Rare Luxury Living


MartinLacey Written By: Trystanne Cunningham

artin Lacey is a concert and editorial

I met Martin through the San Francisco Gaelic Football Ulster Club

photographer based in the San Francisco Bay

some years ago at the annual dinner dance where I had been

Area. He has a storytelling photographic style

volunteering. On a recent winter holiday in Europe with my husband,

that lends itself well to travel and editorial

it was no coincidence when we randomly ran into Martin in a bar in

photography, two of his passions. His work has been featured in Rolling

Madrid Spain in Jauncary 2019. We enjoyed watching a football

Stone, Billboard, ESPN the Magazine, The Guardian, SF Chronicle and

match (Liverpool - Man City) and decided to continue to keep in touch.

many international publications. Originally from Ireland, Martin is also

His talent and eye for the art of photogarphy is magical. END

a guitarist, singer and avid traveler. He’s happiest wandering around a foreign country with no fixed plans.


Written By: Vanessa Ohaha

CMonor B

orn and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Connor McGregor

The second business venture created by Connor McGregor is Proper No.

always had an affinity for sports. It made sense that

Twelve Irish Whiskey. Named after the Crumlin neighborhood he grew

at 18 in 2006, he began Mixed Martial Arts training

up in, Dublin 12. Proper No Twelve is a passion project for Connor. In a

alongside friend and future Ultimate Fighting

search for a place that shared Connor's love for whiskey and Ireland he

Championship fighter, Tom Egan. He then began his MMA career in

found an old distillery on the Isle of Ireland and along with his master

2008 and at age 24 he had won both the Cage Warriors Featherweight

distiller, he created a unique blend . Proper No . Twelve Irish Whiskey is a

and Lightweight Championships. By 2016 after defeating Eddie Alvarez

smooth balanced whiskey with hints of vanilla, honey like sweetness and

for the UFC Lightweight championship he became the first in UFC

toasted wood.

history to hold simultaneously the Featherweight and Lightweight

After the launch of Proper No. Twelve in September 2018, the brand

titles. As at March 2019 he is No.8 in the official UFC pound for pound

has had much success. As of October 2018, Tesco's in Ireland limited


customers to two bottles per person. The Whiskey has also had much

Aside from being an MMA champion, Connor McGregor is an

success in the U.S. with plans to restock for the holidays. There are also

entrepreneur with various endorsements and business ventures.

plans to expand to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Russia

One of such ventures is August McGregor, a luxury fashion brand in

and Canada in 2019/2020.

collaboration with custom clothier David August. August McGregor

You can purchase a bottle of Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey for $29.99

launched in October 2018 with two drops. The first which featured more

and if you want to make the most out of your whiskey, the website has

of a sports line, with knits and fleece,s tee-shirts and hoodies. The second

features a page with recipes for different cocktails or as they're called,

drop featured some more tees and hoodies but also the highlight


of August McGregor, suits. The August McGregor brand is aimed at

A young man from Crumlin, Dublin with grit and determination and

providing modern men's suits to millennials.

hard work built for himself a legacy as an athlete while building an empire. END

210 Rare Luxury Living



Written By: Alex English

Irish Designs With



212 Rare Luxury Living



nspiration can come from anywhere. Irish designer Niamh

Schooled by some of the biggest fashion houses in the world today,

O’Neill was inspired by natural references that add beauty

Niamh worked with Diane Von Furstenberg in her New York, before

and iridescence to her latest collection. The Autumn/Winter

heading to Paris to work with John Galliano and Martin Grant.

collection features unique pieces which exude both modernity

Back in 2012, Niamh returned home to Ireland where she set up shop

and classic style.

to release her debut Autumn/Winter collection. Her hard work and

The Irish born beauty looked to nature and used influences such

efforts were quickly rewarded in 2013 where she picked up the Fashion

as butterfly wings, beetles, fish scales and jellyfish. These lustrous

Designer of The Year at the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards.

references are evident in the selection of luxurious fabrics, many of

Niamh O'Neill is one of Ireland's most exciting creative talents. Niamh

which Niamh designs with her trusted fabric suppliers from Italy and

O’Neill's latest collection is available online and at selected retailers.

France. Fabrics include silk georgette with a lurex thread detail in a


rainbow of colours, subtle sequins and a hand-designed butterfly print on silk twill. For this Autumn/Winter Collection, Niamh has added a luxurious tweed, made in Paris, to the rich array of fabrics. The Anna coat, in wool and cashmere, features an integrated leather belt, making it a perfectly polished choice of outerwear this season. Another exciting addition to this collection is a tailored jumpsuit with crepe trousers and a printed silk twill top. It’s contemporary and tailored, for the women who likes to feel fashion forward, but polished at the same time. The daring designs and materials achieve an effortless autumn/ winter look that is bold and refreshing. The collection blends the best European luxurious fabrics with her elegant innovativeness, and feminine structured designs. Since graduating from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin with a First-Class Honours Degree in Fashion Design in 2008, Irish fashion designer Niamh O’Neill is continuing to impress in the world of fashion with her elegant and timeless fashion pieces that have a stunning feminine silhouette.

Rare Luxury Living


Written By: Alex English


A Box For myTreasure

Box For My Treasure is an artisanal jewelry company based

in Ireland, specializing in gold-filled jewelry with a delicate aesthetic. It was established by Judith Ritchie in 2010 when she began selling her handmade creations at local

craft markets. Today, she sells personalized, layerable gold pieces to customers all over the world. Ritchie’s jewelry is made with versatility and wearability in mind and is ideal for creating a unique look. Dainty gold filled pendants engraved with original botanical designs, minimal earrings, zodiac symbols, and individualized pieces are the designer’s most popular collections. The high quality materials are sourced sustainably and ethically to make each piece of jewelry, which is handmade and assembled in A Box For My Treasure’s Dublin studio. “I began selling my handmade creations at local fairs and soon found that doing what I loved was what I wanted to be doing everyday. Combining precious metals with semi-precious gemstones, I create jewellery with a delicate and minimal aesthetic—beautiful keepsakes to treasure.” A Box For My Treasure’s approachable, handcrafted wares are available on the brand’s website and at select boutiques across Ireland and Belgium. END

214 Rare Luxury Living

Written By: Alex English

“Warmthfrom the Edge of the World”


Inis Meáin

uthentic Persian rugs can only come from Persia. Authentic

The linen “pub jacket” cardigan is especially elegant for the mid-year

Native American turquoise can only come from the

months when the sun peeks out and the days stretch longer, but a chilly

American west. Therefore, the Aran sweater can only be

breeze persists. A new knit shirt-jacket is also on offer this year. Such

authentic when it comes from the west coast of Ireland,

pieces have become pervasive in menswear, as they blend the warmth

thirty miles out to sea on the Aran Islands.

of a jacket with the slouchy informality of an unbuttoned overshirt.

Inis Meáin is one such authentic producer of Aran sweaters. Each

Inis Meáin sources its yarns across the world from the best mills of

piece is hand-knit and finished on Inishmaan, the middle of the three

Italy and Japan. Using sustainable, traceable supply chains creates an

Aran Islands. The company was founded in 1976 by husband and

ecologically-conscious end product. While the designs may appear

wife Tarlach de Blácam and Áine Ní Chonghaile—the latter a native of

simplistic at first, knowing the history behind each understated garment

Inishmaan. The couple are committed to preserving the traditional

makes the pieces special in a new way.

knitting techniques utilized by generations of seafaring families,

The fashion world is clamoring for uniqueness and authenticity;

while exploring contemporary designs and materials for the modern

focusing on niche designers rather than products produced en-masse.


Brands that have been quietly preserving the traditions of fashion—like

The Aran sweater, characterized by its woolen construction and cable-

Inis Meáin—are now gaining prominence in today’s market.

knit patterns along the body and sleeves, was classically worn by

Inis Meáin knit sweaters, jumpers, and jackets range from $375 to

fishermen and knitted by the women of the islands. Its oily, lanolin-

$700 and are available at the brand’s online shop and many fine

rich wool yarns were both warm and water-resistant—perfect for the

retailers around the world. END

perpetual dampness of life around the sea. The quintessential example was dark in color with simplistic patterns. On land, decorative Aran sweaters in brighter white or cream with more intricate cable-knit designs were worn for formal events. The raised, dimensional nature of cable knitting makes it harder to replicate with a machine or even a 3D printer. Therefore, authentic Aran sweaters are knitted by hand. It is the delicate handiwork of an Inis Meáin knit that makes their sweaters perfectly imperfect. Their creations are crafted with genuine human-to-human interaction in mind. The resulting products are an updated version of what the Aran fishermen and Aran townspeople would wear. Inis Meáin can be found at high-profile retailers like Barneys and, as well as over 100 independent haberdasheries and fine clothiers around the world. Today, the brand follows the seasons, releasing heavier knits of wool, cashmere, and alpaca fibers for fall/winter and lighter yarns in the spring/summer.

Rare Luxury Living





Mercury In Retrograde

Written by: Trystanne Cunningham



lobally the skincare market is dominated by brand names such as Nivea, L’oreal, Olay, Neutrogena,

Clarins and many more. Skincare is the biggest segment in the beauty industry with its global sales expected to cross $130 billion by the end of 2019. Irish skincare companies have positioned themselves to become competitive players in this Billion dollar industry. They are future-focused and

are well-capitalized young businesses, using science to underpin their products. A decade ago the number of Irish skincare companies could be counted on one hand. Today there are more than 30 and about half have been set up within the last five years. Both women & Men, particularly the younger generations, are increasingly taking care of their skin at an earlier age and many want to do so with natural, organic, products. We are sharing our most adored Irish Skincare brands and products in this segment of Polished. CONTINUED

226 Rare Luxury Living

SEAVITE Seavite, the original Irish seaweed-based skin and body care range, is now celebrating over 30-years in business. Originally created by Marine Scientist, Patrick Mulrooney, in the 1980’s, in a bid to cure his daughters’ severe atopic eczema. The multi awardwinning range, was recently taken over by Patrick’s daughters, Jane and Katherine, both of whom are medical doctors, with Masters’ in Clinical Dermatology. In 2015, the doctors took on the challenge building on their father’s legacy, by improving the Seavite formulas with the latest scientific developments in skincare. The new range Super Nutrient range is so called due to the addition of clinically-proven, new organic seaweed extracts to all products face and body products. These extracts are medical grade extracts, derived from the purest and most potent seaweed, marine extracts and botanicals. While the formulas still center around bolstering skin strength, calming inflammation and slowing down the signs of aging. They’re suitable for all skin types but are particularly loved by anyone with skin concerns such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and adult onset acne.


PESTEL & MORTAR They’ve adopted a game-changing formula where all Pestle & Mortar products are formulated as stand-alone products. By doing this our formulations end up being individual and easy for our customers to use our entire range. You won’t find Hyaluronic Acid in any of our other products as there is ample amount of HA active in our serum, so we concentrate on unique actives for every product making sure your skin is benefiting from an abundance of goodness. Treat dry, parched skin to The Hydrating Duo Gift Set from Pestle & Mortar. Combining a best-selling serum and award-winning moisturiser, the kit promises to replenish and revitalise as it fights signs of ageing. Expect a smooth, radiant complexion with minimised lines and wrinkles. Rare Luxury Living


HUMAN +KIND They offer over 30 products that are all based on natural ingredient platforms. They don’t use parabens or other petrochemicals in their formulas and pride their brand on no animal testing. Their original product was their Family Remedy Cream which contains over a dozen key natural ingredients to make the product perform in a way that it promotes healthy skin… With a wide array of products they are surely keeping their vision to make the world a better place one household at a time by making products that are environmentally and socially responsible and by using the company as a platform to make a difference by giving back to communities and the environment. ing Wash can be used daily.


The founders Mary & Chris armed with knowledge and after yers of research, and lots of invaluable help from a superb chemist expert, two ancient therapies – Thalassotherapy ( use of seawater & seaweed) and Aromatherapy (use of essential oils) were integrated together in a very unique way to give a 21st Century superior range of skincare products. Using the very best quality natural raw ingredients has remained the very corner stone of their business ever since. The seaweed comes from the west coast of Ireland and is packed with vitamins, minerals, iodine, trace elements and iron and the natural essential oils are chosen for their individual qualities. Green Angel has won many industry accolades and awards and 100’s of fantastic media reviews. A huge customer following, including artists, stylists and many celebrities keeps the demand going.

228 Rare Luxury Living

KINVARA SKINCARE This delightful line prides its self on Extremely effective, Concentrated, multitasking, plant packed formulas, Certified organic plant oils. No SLS, parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, silicones, artifical colors or frangrance. Never tested on animals. Founded by Dr. Joanne Reilley she has seen rosehip oil have a meteoric rise to beauty fame in recent years but what is all the fuss about? Rosehip oil is pressed from the fruit and seeds of the rose plant and is loaded with skin-nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids. super soothing, moisturising and softening effect on the skin. It is the only vegetable oil which contains natural tretinoin, the acid form of Vitamin A also known as trans-retinoic acid. It is renowned amongst the best vegetable oil source of Omega 3 and an excellent source of Omega 6. Both are essential fatty acids regeneration which gives elasticity to the skin and helps against skin aging.


collectively known as vitamin F which is very effective for cell and tissue

Rare Luxury Living





PONANT and the MusÊe du Louvre have come together to offer two exceptional new cruises in 2020 on the themes of discovery and transmission, with the possibility to visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Following itineraries designed by the PONANT teams, these voyages interspersed with talks by curators and department directors from the Louvre will enable guests to discover some of the lands from which the museum’s collections originate.


he importance of giving to others can’t be understated and

Whether you make $30,000 a year and donate your time to

that’s because the secret to living is giving. As human beings,

volunteering at a local community center or you make $1 million

we have the innate need to contribute to those around us.

annually and are able to donate a portion of each paycheck, there are

Whether it comes in the form of something small like being

ways you can start helping others.

there for a friend in need or something massive like contributing

Start small and start today, take a minute or an hour or maybe even

financially to a worthwhile cause, we realize the importance of giving.

a day and try to do one thing that helps another. You might make

Why aren’t you already giving back? Is it because you feel that you don’t

someone’s day a little brighter or even change a life. Don’t forget,

have the time or money to do so? It’s not about a lack of resources, it’s about a lack of resourcefulness. Many people wait to give back, but the truth is, no matter what resources you have, you can start today. And the truth is, even if you have very little, if you’re not giving back now, you won’t if you become wildly successful. Contribution is a mindset that enables us to devote part of our lives to helping others – it’s not about how much you have.

244 Rare Luxury Living

helping others should be an everyday occurrence.

Giving Back



Written By: Trystanne Cunningham


n this issue's Giving back we feature 4Ocean, a 2 year old A for-

Inspired by successful lifestyle brands that were able to build passionate

profit business, that gives ocean plastic a monetary value while

followings, they decided to implement a business model that would

incentivizing people all over the world to change their behavior.

allow them to grow quickly so they could pay workers, fund cleanups, and

Founders Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper, have been around

spread the word about the ocean plastic crisis.

the ocean their entire lives. They both grew up on the Florida coast,

So they created the 4ocean bracelet and pledged to pull a pound of trash

swimming, diving, fishing, and surfing. After becoming friends in college,

from the ocean for each one purchased, using the profits to scale cleanup

they saved up their money for the surf trip of a lifetime to Bali. When they

operations, make donations to ocean-related nonprofits, and build an

arrived, they found a beach that was completely covered in plastic, with

organizational infrastructure to support future growth.

trash-filled waves delivering more garbage with each break.

Cleaning the ocean creates jobs, improves living conditions, and provides

They asked a local why such a popular, and otherwise beautiful, shoreline

new opportunities

wasn’t kept clean, and were told that the beaches had been cleaned just

We’re here to clean the ocean and coastlines while working to stop the

hours earlier. The trash they were wading through had only just washed

inflow of plastic by changing consumption habits.


The company announced the removal of two million pounds of trash and

Their eyes were immediately opened to the magnitude of the ocean

plastic from the ocean and coastlines on November 5, 2018. This came

plastic crisis, and they vowed on the spot to try to do something about it.

four months after pulling their first million pounds and less than two

Alex and Andrew decided to hire boat captains and other local workers

years after the company was founded. Over 7 Million pounds pulled to

to clean the ocean and coastlines full time. In order to make the biggest

date. END

impact on this global problem, they launched their efforts in places like Indonesia, Haiti, and others where a lot of plastic and other garbage regularly accumulates.

246 Rare Luxury Living



About 25% More Trash Is Produced During The Holiday Season

Make sustainability a new holiday tradition

Written by: Trystanne Cunningham



World's Largest Airplane - California

he white plane called Roc took off over the Mojave Desert in California this past spring, the first flight for the carbon-composite plane built by Stratolaunch Systems Corp, started by late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, as the company enters the lucrative private space market. The plane is designed to drop rockets and other space

vehicles weighing up to 500,000 pounds at an altitude of 35,000 feet and has been billed by the company as making satellite deployment as “easy as booking an airline flight.”

Full Moon On Friday The 13th

full moon is set to light up the night sky on Friday, the first time that's happened on the West Coast on a Friday the 13th since 2000. The last time there was a full moon nationwide was on Friday the 13th was Oct. 13, 2000, according to the Farmer's Almanac. The east

252 Rare Luxury Living

coast experienced one on June 13, 2014, though in all other U.S. time zones it happened on June 12. The rare occurrence won’t happen again nationwide until August 13, 2049.

Glass Winged Butterfly


he Glasswinged butterfly (Greta oto) is a beautiful brush-footed butterfly and is a member of the: subfamily Danainae, tribe Ithomiini, subtribe Godyridina. Greta oto adults exhibit a number of interesting behaviours, such as long migrations and lekking (gathering of males for competitive mating displays). The Glasswinged butterfly gets its name because the tissue between the veins of its wings

looks like glass, as it lacks the coloured scales found in other butterflies. The wings are translucent, with a wingspan of 5.6 to 6.1 cm (2.2 to 2.4 in). Its most common English name is glasswinged butterfly, and its Spanish name is “espejitos”, which means “little mirrors.”


Volcanic Lightning

olcanic lightning is an electrical discharge caused by a volcanic eruption, rather than from an ordinary thunderstorm. Volcanic lightning arises from colliding, fragmenting particles of volcanic ash, which generate static electricity within the volcanic plume.


Crooked Forest in Poland

he Crooked Forest is a neat travel destination in Poland, as all of its trees have grown at extreme

254 Rare Luxury Living

angles and seem to be "crooked". It's rumored that this happened as a natural defense against a sandstorm, but plenty of natives have other explanations as well.


Fallstreak Holes

allstreak Holes occur when conditions in the atmosphere at the cloud-level produce "holes" due to the release of


moisture content. In these "holes" you can often witness a tiny rainbow if the conditions are just right, leading to a break in the cloud formation that's filled with light and color.

Giant Sea Turtle Nesting

leatherback sea turtle gave Florida beachgoers a rare sight when she was spotted nesting in broad daylight. The Loggerhead Marinelife Center took pictures of the large female laying in the sand on Singer Island Beach in South Florida. The center said it’s not known why some turtles choose to nest during the day, noting that it’s “a rare occurrence.” Rare Luxury Living


Northern Europe




Michael B, Jordan, Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York

Manual Winding Tourbillon Split-seconds Chronograph ACJ

Limited edition of 30 pieces

Faint hint of vanilla along with some gentle, soft cream characteristics.

Profile for Rare Luxury Living Magazine

Rare Luxury Living Magazine Autumn Issue Nov2019