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CONCEPTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY People images, Commercial, Scientific, Public Relations, Conceptual, Modeling, Family Portraits, Environmental Portraiture, Story Telling, Industrial and Product Photography When it comes to photographing people there is only two ways to perform this. You either pose them for a specific look, or your capture them naturally. The only time I will strike the pose on people is when a specific look, theme, or story needs to be told. 70% of my images involving people are when they are able to just be themselves. It requires split second timing where if you even blink, then the ultimate moment in capturing emotion can be lost. This ability is extremely valuable in any type of public relations photography and can make or break an image. If you cannot photograph people as they really are, then who are they? Visual impact is successful if an image attracts your attention for more that 5 seconds. Not only are you dealing with capturing emotions of people through photography, but empathic responses from anyone who views your work.

This is why my philosophy on photography is this. 90% of everything you do in life is based upon how visually appealing it is to you. From the clothes you wear to the car you drive, and all of your home furnishings. Like anything else in your three dimensional realm it will be interpretation based upon individuality. It does not matter if it is human nature or human behavior. You are not born that way. It is created by lack of knowledge and influence. Wisdom will always be the intelligent choices you make in life based upon the Freewill as to how you use that knowledge for good or evil, where fate and destiny is 100% controlled by emotions. This will always be a probability just like timelines are. Only some of these images are available for sale. Most of these images are for portfolio use or are personal reference to events that have taken place in my life. Some of these images fall under the category of press release and public relations. Copyright laws will be enforced.


Contains conceptual, commercial, portraiture, scientific and public relations and fashion images,