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Rare Earth Gallery Having worked for the Department of Energy for over 20 years as a Technical Specialist in Electronics and Laser-Electro/Optics and Photographic Arts and Sciences, I have shot every type of photography you can think imaginable from Commercial, Industrial, Scientific, Public Relations, Environmental, Corporate and Family Portraits, Fashion and Glamour. This includes images for companies such as Rockwell International, Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, EG&G Services and even British Nuclear Fuels. My images have been used and published in technical journals, magazines, brochures, posters, advertizing and marketing, billboards, websites, corporate proposals, public relations and environmental impact subjects. I have had the chance to work closely with public relations, scientists and environmental scientists, including senators and governors and even the Bureau of Indian Affairs. My background in electronics and Laser Electro/optics and geometrical optics has given me the opportunity to perform everything from high-speed photography, high-speed laser photography and interferometer and holographic work. This includes high-speed photography for ballistics testing for the Department of Defense.

Rare Earth Gallery Our Philosophy 90% of everything you do in life is based upon visual impact. From the clothes your wear, the car you drive to all of your home furnishings; it is based upon how visually appealing it is to you. If a photograph attracts your attention for more than 5 seconds, then it is a successful photograph. It does not matter if it is human nature or human behavior you are not born that way. It is based upon lack of knowledge and influence. Wisdom will always be the intelligent choices you make in life based upon the Freewill as to how you use that knowledge for good or bad, where Fate and Destiny is 100% controlled by emotions. This will always be interpretation based upon individuality and is a probability just like timelines are.

Rare Earth Gallery

If you need that special one-of-a-kind visual impact for marketing, advertising or photo documentation then give me a call or email me for details. I also offer web design graphics work that includes business cards, company logos, brochures, corporate presentations, PowerPoint presentations, calendars, posters and social media graphics. I have a large library of stock images for use and contract. These are not public domain images free use. I also specialize in photo manipulation and graphics that can be used for a wide range of products that include fantasy portraits web graphics and fine art.

Rare Earth Gallery Looking for that one-of-a-kind special portrait? I specialize in fine art fantasy images and environmental portraiture. All of my fantasy and Skyclad images are my creations. No Stock images are used with the exception of some NASA images used for some of the backgrounds. All of my fantasy and Skyclad images are based upon this statement. THE ART OF BECOMING AT ONE AND AT PEACE WITH YOURSELF AND MOTHER NATURE

If you cannot accept life in the universe in its natural form without making it complicated or perverted then please do not proceed any further. The Universe is very mysterious. It is not Mythological or Mystical.


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An introduction to my artwork.