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I don’t know if I’m naturally optimistic but I have learned how to be optimistic. It’s a great asset and makes life easier. Your joyfully jobless future Whether you’re already self employed and want to enjoy it more or you’re preparing to break away from employment, Barbara says, “Ask yourself ‘What would it really look like if I was joyfully jobless? The reason that has got people’s attention is they’re not words that are normally put together.” According to Barbara, once you have a vision of what life and work would be like if you were doing what was coming out of your heart and soul, you’ll never settle for less again.

Re-educate yourself Barbara says, “Doing things that come out of your own passion to contribute in the world on a daily basis is so integral.” When you were growing up, what were the main messages you picked up (from your parents, siblings, teachers, other relatives, family friends, neighbours and so on) about work and money? Make a long list of everything that springs to mind. Don’t censor yourself, just write it all down. Is that belief true? How can you change it to help you more in the present and future? Barbara remembers having to unlearn messages like “If it feels good, you shouldn’t take money from it” and “You shouldn’t expect work to be a source of pleasure”.

rapport - Summer 2008

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Rapport Summer 2008  

Rapport issue 12, Summer 2008

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