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Say Hello to RapidScale

Our Employees Are What Make RapidScale Great RapidScale would like to thank you for your interest in joining one of the fastest-growing managed cloud services providers in the U.S. We are a culture-first focused company dedicated to our employees and clients. We continuously strive to ensure that every new team member is aptly suited for the rapid growth and new challenges that make RapidScale such an exciting company to work for. We look for individuals that are hardworking, self-driven, committed to learning innovative new technologies, and willing to take on new tasks to grow within their roles. Our company goal is to empower our employees and provide our clients with the benefits of an empowered workforce. We have found that empowering our people to be great and innovative leaders is what has shaped our company to also be great. We offer awards for fully paid vacations, contributions toward medical and dental coverage, Friday lunches, and an unmatched commitment to being a great place to work. We hope you’ll find RapidScale’s Company Prospectus to be helpful as you move to make a decision on where to further grow your career. Please call or email me if you have any questions about the company as I am committed to hiring exceptional people. Great people are what make companies successful!

Randy Jeter Co-Founder and CEO (949) 769-2203

Our Vision Our vision is to provide personalized cloud solutions to businesses across the globe. RapidScale strives to be the most customer-oriented managed cloud services provider in the industry. Our objective is to understand your organization’s long-term goals around delivering, supporting, and managing IT. Our personalized cloud solutions reflect the understanding that no two businesses are the same and their cloud solutions shouldn’t be either. 3

Company Overview RapidScale








delivers world-class, secure, and reliable cloud computing solutions to businesses of all sizes across the globe. Our

Headquarters - Irvine, CA Founded - 2008

state-of-the-art CloudDesktop platform and market-leading cloud solutions are the reasons we are the provider of choice for leading cable companies, VARs, MSPs, and Master Agents across North








service, but also innovates advanced solutions and applications for the cloud computing space. Our managed cloud solutions include CloudServer, CloudDesktop, CloudOffice, CloudBackup, CloudMail, CloudRecovery, CloudApps, and more.

Partnerships RapidScale has been working with some of the largest carrier








RapidScale has gone to market with both a white-label and “Powered by” approach with multiple of these Carriers. This business strategy has positioned RapidScale to be one of the first cloud companies to launch a national managed cloud solution

Products • CloudDesktop • CloudServer • CloudRecovery • CloudBackup • CloudMail • CloudOffice • CloudApps Key Differentiators • Managed Cloud Services • 100% uptime SLAs • 24x7x365 Support • Commitment to an exceptional client experience • Tier 3 Data Centers

with multiple top Carriers. Furthermore, it has put RapidScale








RapidScale Data Centers


Meet Our Investors

Jim Patterson

Kevin Costello

Drew Graham

James Perry

Former President of Sprint Wholesale

Former President of Ariba Networks and SAP

Partner at Ballast Point Ventures

Managing Director at Madison Dearborn Partners

Marvin Wheeler

Zaid Alsikafi

Scott Luttrell

Paul Johan

Former COO at Terremark and President of Cybraics

Managing Director at Madison Dearborn Partners

LCM Group

Partner at Ballast Point Ventures

RapidScale Growth 2012








2016 Growth

100% + 5

New Headquarters RapidScale has relocated its corporate headquarters to the new Intersect campus in Irvine, California. This transition illustrates RapidScale’s year-over-year revenue growth and projections, and has provided a collaborative, innovative atmosphere for our employees, partners and clients. We have also implemented office locations in both the Central and East regions of the U.S., as well as the Philippines.

Built for Collaboration RapidScale’s new office is an open, high-tech space encouraging cross-department interaction, innovation and efficiency. The amenity-rich upgrades the new office and fosters a great sense of community among RapidScale employees. The new space is the extension of the RapidScale brand and serves as a reflection of our company culture. The space ties into business development, engagement, retentin, recruitment, and community.


Workplace + Wellness Intersect is the only campus-style office project located in the heart of Orange County’s Airport Area. With a progressive design and particular focus on workplace and wellness, Intersect has offered a truly unique experience through its amenity program, which includes indoor/outdoor work spaces, private tenant terraces, fitness center, campus walking trails, yoga lawns, event gardens, and much more. Combining workplace and wellness has helped companies heighten employee productivity and retention, reduce health-related absences, and improve employee morale.

Project Features • 16 acre, Class A office campus • Up to 374,000 sq. ft. available in 3 fully-vacant contiguous buildings • Floor sizes ranging from 22,000 to 33,000 sq. ft. • Convenient access to John Wayne Airport and Orange County freeways • Over 4/1,000 parking ratio • Three distinctive parking areas: subterranean, structured, and surface

• Newly renovated lobbies, common areas and elevators • Progressive, sustainable features: private tenant terraces, gardens, large outdoor meeting areas • On-site fitness center with outdoor yoga studio and basketball 1/2 court • Walking trails with exercise stations • Conference center facility • On-site retail amenities including food trucks 7

Cloud Support RapidScale understands the importance of customer service, and we continue to excel in client experience by recruiting the finest Cloud Support Engineers. Cloud Support Engineers at RapidScale are the backbone of our continued success, as shown by our ever-growing client satisfaction rating. We foster growth and knowledge through internal training, shadowing, and new learning opportunities. The goal of Cloud Support is to be a stepping stone to the Cloud Engineering team. Together, Cloud Support and Cloud Engineering make up RapidScale’s Cloud Service Delivery department.

Level 1 Cloud Support Engineer

Level 2 Cloud Support Engineer

Senior Cloud Support Engineer

Our entry-level support position gets your foot in the door.

Level 2 emphasizes admin, provisioning, and completing 90% of all escalations.

The senior support position works hand in hand with Cloud Engineering.

Career Growth Level 1 Cloud Support Engineer - Our Level 1 Cloud Support Engineer position is great for individuals looking to get their foot in the door with a flourishing IT company. Level 1 Cloud Support Engineer team members are taught basic network troubleshooting, Active Directory administration, functionality of Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix Studio, and Citrix Director, and support of the latest in Microsoft Exchange. Level 1 Cloud Support Engineers receive first contact from our clients either by phone or triaging and assigning support tickets that come in via email. After honing these skills and displaying the drive and desire to further their career, there are opportunities to advance within RapidScale. The Level 1 Cloud Support Engineer role is the gateway to a prominent and successful cloud engineering career. 8

Level 2 Cloud Support Engineer - The second position in support is a Level 2 Cloud Support Engineer. This position overlaps everything covered within Level 1 but with a greater emphasis on Citrix provisioning services and Windows Server administration. Level 2 Cloud Support Engineers work hand in hand with clients and keep their existing environments up to date. This includes, but is not limited to, running updates in their environments, packaging new applications for their virtual desktops and troubleshooting VPNs. On top of working with our multi-tenant CloudMail platform, Level 2 Cloud Support Engineers also support our clients’ dedicated Microsoft Exchange platforms. Level 2 Cloud Support Engineers are the direct escalation from Level 1 Cloud Support Engineers, and are able to complete 90% of all escalations before escalating to a Senior Cloud Support Engineer.

Senior Cloud Support Engineer - The Senior Cloud Support Engineer is the third tier in RapidScale’s Cloud Support. Senior Cloud Support Engineers not only handle escalations from Level 1 and Level 2 Cloud Support Engineers, but they also have the opportunity to work hand in hand with our Cloud Engineering team. This position is tailored for those engineers with superior customer service skills, as well as the aptitude to complete the most difficult tasks. Senior Cloud Support Engineers are able to apply their years of experience to not only support RapidScale’s clients, but also to train and mentor the Level 1 and Level 2 employees. For Cloud Support Engineers looking to grow past support roles, there are more opportunities available within our Cloud Engineering team.

Path to Success Role Responsibilities

A Good Fit

• Support client environments

• Customer service oriented

• Virtual Desktop configuration

• Dependable

• Remote troubleshooting

• Expedient

• Active Directory administration

• Patient

• LAN testing and troubleshooting

• Enthusiastic

• Client training

• Assertive • Committed • Confident 9

Cloud Engineering The engineering team prides itself on providing the ultimate client experience through end-to-end fully managed cloud solutions. The team’s primary focus is to assist clients in transitioning to the right cloud solution (private, hybrid, or shared) in a timely manner with little to no impact, and provide support and guidance along the way. Engineering is the front-facing touchpoint to the client experience and is key in achieving RapidScale’s “customer first” vision. Within the department, there are opportunities for growth and development. We always encourage employees to grow within their roles. You’ll be surrounded by a team of intelligent engineers with years of experience from different industries and backgrounds. Our engineers also work with cutting-edge technology, like Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) computing. The department culture is fun, collaborative, and supportive with knowledge sharing and mentoring.

Cloud Engineer

Senior Cloud Engineer

Cloud Architect

Our entry-level engineering position requires a desire to learn and grow.

This role is key in building, deploying, and supporting our core infrastructure.

The Cloud Architect role requires an advanced IT mind and leader.

Career Growth Cloud Engineer - The Cloud Engineer role is an entry-level engineering position, as our platform spans multiple layers of knowledge in order to successfully manage our clients. While we have specialists in areas of engineering, the entry-level Cloud Engineer must have the aptitude to navigate and grow into a Senior Cloud Engineer. This is a stepping-stone role, as each engineer must either be an expert in one area of what we deliver (example: Microsoft Exchange), or deliver very robust cloud solutions to our clients. The key for a Cloud Engineer is a desire to grow and expand knowledge across all facets of cloud. 10

Senior Cloud Engineer - The Senior Cloud Engineer is responsible for providing operational support, which includes cloud service development, advanced troubleshooting, architectural design, and management of the overall health of services running on RapidScale’s internally managed cloud. The position is key in building, deploying, and supporting our core infrastructure throughout multiple data centers. Senior Cloud Engineers review the entire environment, execute initiatives to reduce failures and defects, and improve overall performance.

Cloud Architect - This role requires an advanced IT mind and leader in the areas of infrastructure and cloud services. A Cloud Architect must have advanced security knowledge and be able to troubleshoot an entire technology stack, design cloud platforms, document processes and procedures, and work with our platform partners that are launching innovative technology that might benefit RapidScale and our clients. While this is a desireable position for any engineer, it requires the highest level of knowledge. One must display advanced skills and communication abilities to become a Cloud Architect. This is a persistent learner and leader, as our clients depend on our platform to be up 100% of the time.

Path to Success Role Responsibilities

A Good Fit

• Architecture, Implementation, and Support

• Client experience focused

of core cloud infrastructure (IaaS, DaaS) • Configuring customer environments to

• Passionate about learning and improving • Takes initiative and is self-motivated

replicate to the RapidScale cloud for disaster

• Intelligent


• Takes ownership

• Configuring virtual desktops for a seamless user experience • Migrations from clients’ environments to

• Strong work ethic • Sense of urgency • Flexible and adaptable

RapidScale’s cloud environment

• Ambitious

• Email, file data, Active Directory and

• Committed

application migrations • Escalation support

• Confident 11

The Company Culture

Company Culture RapidScale employees are the backbone of the company. Each department can only function when the entire team works together. When our employees are happy, in turn our clients are taken care of and have better experiences. RapidScale’s philosophy is to offer our employees a place to call home and to grow professionally. We pride ourselves in having one of the most talented cloud teams in the industry and we keep that intact by only hiring the best of the best. By surrounding the company with the best and brightest minds, we can challenge each other and strive to develop the most innovative solutions at market.

Client Experience RapidScale’s goal is to create an exceptional client experience with our managed cloud solutions. RapidScale offers a unique managed cloud solution that complements any organization’s current IT efforts. With a global presence, enterprise-grade infrastructure, and a team of highly knowledgable cloud experts, RapidScale provides the most comprehensive cloud solutions available in the industry. RapidScale’s team of experts is available at every stage of the process, from designing a custom cloud roadmap to complete account management. Our white-glove service is second to none. RapidScale’s Cloud Support doesn’t just focus on the client’s cloud solution, but also on their overall environment and how it affects their business. Our CloudCare methodology focuses on two things: 24x7x365 “We Care” Support and complete management and monitoring of a client’s environment. RapidScale’s commitment to our clients is unique. We believe that it’s not enough to just provide a great solution, but to also provide IT teams with a resource for anything from server patches to end-user troubleshooting to full environment integrations.


The Benefits of Working for RapidScale RapidScale leads the cloud computing industry in providing a superior employee environment and experience. We treat our employees like part of the family and take pride in being able to reward them for hard work and dedication.

We appreciate our team! Employee Health Benefits - Our health benefits program is part of our commitment to our employees and their families. We offer competitive healthcare benefits, which include medical and dental. We also contribute to the employees’ chosen plan and have a great team in place to support any unexpected needs. We truly care about our employees and their families’ health.

Employee of the Half - Travel anywhere in the world! Every other quarter, the chosen Employee of the Half receives five full days of Paid Time Off and $5,000 toward their travel expenses, accommodations, and activities.

RapidScale Points Program - Every day is an opportunity to earn CloudPoints, which can be redeemed throughout the year on prizes including gift cards, electronics, activities, and more. Earn points by completing a task on time with accuracy, getting a Weekly High Five from the executive team, helping out around the office, receiving client compliments, and more.

Corporate Events and Outings - We get our company together for corporate events and outings throughout the year, from winter to summer events, President’s Club, family outings, and more.

Education Program - We are committed to any opportunity that allows our employees the chance to grow and develop within their positions through an investment in education. We encourage our team to partake in certifications, higher-level degrees, training courses, etc.

Weekly High Fives - During our weekly company-wide call, hosted each Friday by our CEO, notable employees receive “High Fives” to show our appreciation of their exceptional work that week. Those employees earn CloudPoints and are personally acknowledged on the calls.


RapidScale 17872 Gillette Ave. Suite 450 | Irvine, CA 92614 (949) 236-7007

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