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TRAIL - LOVE PACKAGE To help us handle the hiccups life is throwing us!

In challenging times we all need a bit of extra love’n – and that’s why we’ve pulled together this Trail Love Package - to help you overcome the hassle and disappointment of the recent postponement of our Trail Running Series and the ongoing COVID challenges we’re all facing. We’d all love to be bounding along the trails together, lungs filled with fresh air and mindset filled with freedom – AND WE WILL DO THIS AGAIN SOON – but in the interim here is a care package to say that we’re sorry for the changes and we can’t wait to be back together again soon.

SPONSOR OFFERS The Trail Running Series has some terrific sponsors who are also missing race day, but as a sign of their continuing support for the events and for runners like you they have provided the following discounts. Please support those who support the series:

HIT FACTORY – 50% OFF THEIR 10 SESSION PASS The HIIT Factory is providing an incredible offer that might be just what we need to get you through lockdowns. They literally come to YOU and train you #liveinyourlivingroom with their short sharp HIIT and strength workouts - With a focus on minimal equipment making it easy for anyone to join a class. We really encourage you to go for it with their #TheHIITFactoryLivestream. Book their special 10 session pass for $79 (normally $139) via this Link : This special 10 pass has 2 weeks validity with access to over 40 sessions per week including YOGA they will get you on track and working out regularly. They also have a longer term plan, 4 week superpass, check out:

FOOTPRO - $30 OFF ALL FOOTWEAR Simon and the team from Footpro hope you’re remaining active through lockdown and are happy to offer all entrants with a $30 discount off your next pair of shoes from their wide range. To claim simply enter the code TRS2021FP30 * at


$30 Off footwear online & instore code: TRS2021FP30

Footwear advice: Simon has prepared some great advice on how to ensure you’re wearing the right pair of shoes for fit and function. Read it online here. *Full priced items only. Footpro – 121 Glenferrie Rd Malvern 3144 VIC. Ph. 03 95099199

32GI NUTRITION – 21% DISCOUNT We all took a liking to the 32gi hydration products at race 1 and 2, well Magnus is providing a 21% discount on his range when shopping online (not including sale items).


Use the code ‘Lockdown2021’ to redeem online, offer expires on 1st November. Check it out at

KIESER – 50% OFF PHYSIO ASSESSMENT As part of your entry to the Trail Running Series, Kieser are providing all entrants with a 50% discount off an initial physio assessment at any of their clinics across Australia. CLICK HERE to book or call 03 9696 3599 and reference the Trail Running Series to receive the discount.

SOMMET RECOVERY – 15% OFF ALL PRODUCTS Sommet retail a range of recovery tools including Massage Guns and Recovery Boots, helping you recover faster and get back on the trails sooner. They are offering all entrants 15% off all their non-sale products using the discount code ‘TRAIL15’ at They are also offering 5% off their sister site using code ‘TRAIL5’ where they currently have a massive stock runout on their Size Small Recovery Boots, more than 50% off at $895. Sommet have also shared a great article on the 100 Point Recovery list with tips on how to ensure you’re body recovers sufficiently each week. Read it here

RECOMMENDED VIEWING ADVENTURE+ : FREE ACCESS FOR 1 MONTH ADVENTURE + is an online streaming platform with over 400 of the greatest adventure films and film festivals at your fingertips... they have your entertainment and inspiration covered during lockdown! You are also just in time for the seventh year of Run Nation Film Festival - they have released some bonus films EARLY including ‘From Sand to Snow’ that was awarded the Best Australian Feature film. You can also join the Run Nation Virtual Event streaming from October 14th with athlete interviews, Q and A with filmmakers and the chance to win some incredible prizes! ADVENTURE+ is providing 30 days FREE access to their platform, followed by the opportunity to subscribe for 12 months for the discounted rate of $29.95 for the total year. WOW!! Start streaming here:

RECOMMENDED READING I love it when people share their reading and listening list with me, so I thought I’d share some of my go-to websites when I feel like some distraction and self improvement. What’s on your list?

THE GROWTH EQUATION: With frequent blogs, podcasts and articles free online, the Growth Equation prepare wholesome content that helps you along the path of peak performance, fulfillment, and well-being.

SWEAT SCIENCE – BY ALEX HUTCHINSON: With titles like ‘Why fitter people drink more alcohol’ and ‘Howe to avoid a mid-race bathroom stop’, Alex writes some well researched and very grounded articles on general health, fitness and running.

THE CHASER - I’m sure we all saw them on TV, well here’s their website that provides a light hearted take on the current state of the nation and news headlines. A great alternative to doom-scrolling.

AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC - Writing intriguing articles about our beautiful island nation – from Australia’s endangered species to our quietest places – there is always something that makes me proud to be an Aussie.

MIND + BODY MANAGEMENT IN TIMES OF CHANGE Hanny Allston is a great friend of ours, she is also a successful trail runner + coach, business owner, mother and mentor. I’ve found her tips on how to manage your mind and body in time of change very relevant and I recommend them to many. Here are a few pointers I think we could all take on board, as written by Hanny herself:

FIND QUIETNESS AND PLAYFULNESS AMONGST THE ‘OUTSIDE’ NOISE: We are living in such a news-filled, social media-fuelled frenzy right now. But unless you have actually been ordered to quarantine I strongly suggest you keep finding quietness and playfulness outdoors. I personally suggest doing this early in the morning, when the day is at its most calm. Afterwards you will be ready to tackle anything that is thrown at you in the day! Here is what I suggest:

• Rise before dawn and change into your running clothes (have these prepared the night before) • Pop your favorite pyjama pants back on over the top (this is a lovely little gift of compassion prior to exercising) • Prepare yourself a mug of tea. I combine this with a small handful of diced organic dates for some energy. • As you drink your tea limber up your feet, calves, legs and hips. Try to avoid looking at the news, emails or social media but rather enjoy the quietness of the pre-dawn. • After 15-20 minutes, slip outside with your headtorch and run into the dawn, taking notice of the light changing, the birds’ chorus, the world awaking around you. • Change the mindset from ‘training’ to ‘playing’ or even to ‘experiencing’. The training mindset can come back when certainty returns. Instead, try to do something or notice something that you have never done or seen before. In essence, find presence and playfulness on your runs (or walks!).

MAINTAIN YOUR STRENGTH AT HOME: Gyms in Victoria and NSW are currently closed (except the awesome online calsses from ther Hiit Factory - see above), but this does not mean we need to lose our strength. Here are some of the exercises that I utilise into a 15-20min circuit. I love to do this workout prior to my morning harder or longer runs (ie. 2-3 days per week). You will need to pick 4-6 exercises from the list below and combine into a circuit (one to the next to the next…). I repeat the circuit 3 times or to fatigue. • • • • • • • •

Single leg glute bridges Monster walks Fitball hamstring curls Single leg balance on a cushion Lunge & Reverse Lunge Unilateral Heel Raises Fitball ‘Stir the Pot’ Planking with movement

• • • • • • • •

Side plank Deep core stability on your back Hip to wall stretch Knee to wall stretch Piriformis stretch Lunged quadricep stretch Pidgeon Stretch Any abdominal work – crunches, twists, v-sits etc.


Yes, it might be unpleasant but you can absolutely still exercise on a treadmill if you have one. I personally always put a treadmill at an incline of >2% and begin slowly until my core muscles begin to activate. Aim for sessions that are shorter in duration but higher in quality, such as your tempo runs or longer aerobic intervals. I write more about aerobic training ideas in my Trail Running Guidebook.

EMBRACE YOGA There are so, so many YouTube options for doing yoga at home. I love to do a short 20-30min yoga workout in an evening, or even in the middle of the night if I am too awake and cannot sleep. I would start finding your favourite workouts on YouTube. I am also loving @Aaron Schultz Yoga on Facebook Thank you Hanny! Hanny Allston owns Find Your Feet, an outdoor equipment and trail running store based in Hobart. She has a great range of resources and products on their website at MORE RECOMMENDED READING: In 2020 Hanny Allston released her memoir titled ‘Finding My Feet: My Story’, a luminous story of hope, determination and possibility. Hanny Allston shares her life with courageous honesty. Her goal is that her playful spirit and rise above adversity can inspire you, too, to find your feet.. It is available here

EVENT MERCHANDISE If you were one of the first 400 Gold Series entrants and did not have the opportunity to collect your official t-shirt, let Kate know at and she’ll put it out to you so your ready for your next run. We’ve still got plenty of race merchandise available – so shout yourself something to remain motivated for the remainder of the series. Shop online at our merchandise store and we’ll post it out to you ASAP.

I’m an off-road runner.


Made of a high performance sports fabric by Compress Sport and are great for running in. Womens, mens & kids’ sizes. Just 80 remain

Bitumen is Boring socks $25

Bitumen is Boring hoodie $75

Our new Event Hoodies are definitely a must have item with black fleecey fabric and tunnel pocket.

Running Visor $20

‘Bitumen is Boring’ is loud and proud on these high performance technical running socks by Geelong based business Steigen.

SEE YOU SOON! We hope these resources and sponsor savings help you stay engaged and motivated until we can meet again on the trails at the following events: • Sunday 14th November at Silvan – 7km / 15km / 21km / kids run (date is unchanged • Sunday 12th December at Werribee Gorge – 6km / 9km / 14km (was originally 19 September) • Sunday 6th February, 2022 at Anglesea – 4km / 8km / 14km / 22km (was originally 8 Aug then 10 Oct) Happy running!

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Trail Running Series TRAIL-LOVE PACKAGE  

In challenging times we all need a bit of extra love’n – and that’s why we’ve pulled together this Trail Love Package - to help you overcome...

Trail Running Series TRAIL-LOVE PACKAGE  

In challenging times we all need a bit of extra love’n – and that’s why we’ve pulled together this Trail Love Package - to help you overcome...


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