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E G A K C A P E CAR Date change: 11th September > 23rd October 2021

Keep the Century as your post-COVID-goal!

As ultra runners ourselves, we know that any change to your race goal is really frustrating, especially considering how much training you’ve put in and how much we were all looking forward to the event… … so as some level of compensation for the change of date from 11th September to 23rd October we have compiled the following CARE PACKAGE for entrants into the 2021 Surf Coast Century. Although the race postponement has been forced upon us by factors well beyond our control we wanted to find a way to say “we get it – this is a pain in the bum” and offer our sympathies to you as entrants of our event. Maybe it’s a reflection of the care and attention we put into all our races, or the reasons why the Surf Coast Century is the life changing event it is, but we wanted to gather some resources to help guide and motivate you during this period of uncertainty so you get to the new race day better than ever. So we encourage you to take the time to read the information below, especially Hanny’s tips for self care and mental health, because we want to make sure you stay motivated and in the best possible shape come for the new race day on 23rd October.

Sam Maffett and the Rapid Ascent Team TORQUAY



Mindset reset A change of timeframe doesn’t just mess with your physical training but also with your mental preparation. We need to reset our minds and accept the change in order to achieve our goals. So with the support of Surf Coast Shire Council we recruited Jem Fuller, a mindset and leadership coach to prepare some advice on how to reset our brains for the new race date. We think the mental side of event preparation is REALLY IMPORTANT and can make a huge difference to your race. Here is a short introductory video with an exercise to get you started: Jem has also prepared a FREE, 15min course with more terrific tips for how we can handle stress and clear our minds for any new reality – called: ‘How to thrive in change’. Check out the course here: Jem has a range of other courses on his website and is available to assist individuals and groups handle leadership, emotional and mental issues.

Physical training We are very aware that the race postponement will cause some major changes to your training with many runners thinking “gawd… what do I do now?”. So we asked our two training partners – David Eadie from The Running Man, Hanny Allston from Find Your Feet (two of the best ultra coaches in Aus) – what they recommend runners do now that we’ve got another 6 weeks until race day. There advice is quite different and lets you follow a plan that best suits you. • David says keep training and do a mock race on 11 September to test your fitness then have a break. • We suggest following his advice if you are running well now, are still motivated and want to keep going • Hanny says its perfectly fine to have a 1 week break now, to reset your body and your mind and then ramp up to the new October race date. • We suggest following her advice if you are feeling a bit flat, un-motivated and have taken the date change hard to heart Both approaches are terrific and equally valid – choose the approach that suits you and if you stick to the plan you’ll be even stronger and more motivated when race day comes.

Training advice from David Eadie – ‘The Running Man’ Yes, it is a disappointing the race date has changed again; however, these things are out of our control. Over my years of competitive running, I have experienced many hiccups in training and scheduling for various reasons. The key is to re access, regroup and re-evaluate how we are going hold our conditioning for a further 6 weeks in preparation for the new SCC 2021 race date. My first recommendation is to still lock in September 11th and prepare for that date and execute a ‘simulated much shorter race hit out’ over one of your favourite training courses. I recommend a 25km hit out for 50k SCC competitors and a 40km hit out for 100 SCC competitors. I would do both over similar terrain if possible but it won’t her if it is a flatter harder surface like a bike path or 4x4 trail. I would also be running it at the same race pace you intended for the SCC practicing your pacing, nutrition and hydration plan.

The purpose of the having a hit-out on the original SCC date is twofold. Firstly, its ideal to race throughout a training program enroute to your A race and it bring on improved conditioning and fitness. Now with the new race date in October you have a chance to have a nice sold ‘hit out’ / solid ‘race simulation’ 6 weeks before the new date in October. That leaves time to have an easier recovery week, then continue on with some further training and then taper again for the October race date. Racing is critical to improving your overall fitness and strength as you progress through a training period, otherwise our training can become stale and we lose the value of the training we have been doing. So, a nice hard ‘hit out’ / solid ‘race simulation’ is ideal 6 weeks before the big dance. This delayed race date gives you a chance to test all the training you have done so and execute the race taper you would have been doing (had the Sept 11th race date gone ahead) before you have a hit out’ / solid ‘race simulation’. If this taper doesn’t bring you up and freshen you as you expected it gives you an opportunity to adjust and apply any changes to your little block of training and taper over the next 6 week leading into the October 23rd race date. I have personally found that over my 30 years of competitive racing, just ploughing on, doing more and more training thinking I have another 6 weeks to ‘get stronger’ does not actually always help. Periodisation is important in any program period and having key hit outs and/or races along the way allowing recovery and then rebuilding up the training has proven to improve my results. This process strengthens the body and when done currently over a total program period is the one factor I have found the most beneficial to my final result, which in this program period will be the SCC100.. So, in summary I recommend you continue your training as you planned, taper for September 11, (which should now be in the taper phase) have a significant ‘hit out’ / solid ‘race simulation’ on your favourite training course, a short recovery (easier week) and then a mini reload for the new Oct 23rd date. ** If needed contact me and I can discuss any specific queries or questions or alternative approaches to the deferred Race Date. e: Aug 30- 31

Continue as you had planned heading into your Taper Phase as if the Sept 11 Race date was going to happen. Training Programs and examples of volume and intensity in the final 2 weeks can be found here: LINK Sept 1 to Sept Commence a 10 day Taper Period into SCC Race Date of Sept 11. This period should 11 be about reducing volume and intensity of a 2-week period. Week prior to SCC 11th should be max 4 x 20 Mins runs Sept 11 SCC Race Simulation – 100km SCC Competitors do a Solid 40 to 45km Race Simulation. 50km SCC Competitors do a Solid 25-30km Race Simulation Sept 12 to Sept Recovery - Post Sept 11. Take 1 Week of Active Recovery. Reduced volume and Intensi19 ty. Nothing long in terms of volume or intensity, maximum of 5 runs of 35 to 45 Sept 20 to Oct 3 Increase your training to similar training in terms of volume and intensity increasing to what you were doing in mid-August 5 weeks out from the Sept 11th Race Date. If your Sept 11 ‘Race Simulation Result’ was not quite what you expected, implement any ‘changes’ to your training to address this. (Nothing Radical and see advice from your coach, or reach out to me ‘The Running Man’ from the SCC Web Site to discuss these changes). Slightly less volume each day and some sharper speed sessions. Oct 4 to 22 3 Week Taper Period – Similar to one used into Sept 11th Race Simulation Hit Out, implementing and changes as needed if the pre-Sept 11th taper didn’t quite freshen you up as you expected for your Sept 11 ‘Race Simulation Result’ Oct 23 SCC Race Day 2021

Words of advice from Hanny Allston:

Toes are tingling, we are playing hard and the body is beginning to edge towards pre-race sparkles. Then you check your email… Surf Coast Century is postponed until 23 October?! Damn! Bummer! I just want to be here, right now, and say – not to worry! We can catch this curve ball with both hands and use the pause in our training game to be even fitter for Event Day in 54 days. So, here are my suggestions…

Start with some R&R:

We now have nearly 8 weeks until event day (6 more weeks that we’d originally planned). Wow, that is nearly 8 weeks where you can consolidate all the great playfulness & preparation that you have started. This is nearly 8 weeks of joy and an event to look forward to as you kick-start Summer! However, Covid-19 has been stressful for all of us. We are bombarded by news, our work thrown into disarray, and for many of us life has felt foreign and at times, busy-busy! So, let’s take a week to grab some extra R&Rs. Here is what I suggest this week might look like – please keep it playful & rejuvenating! MON Easy Yoga, walk or easy non-weight bearing cross-training

TUES WED Moderate Rest Easy run Rest <60mins plus 15mins core strength work

THURS Easy Gentle jog with some yoga or 30mins core strength work

FRI Mod Gentle walk

SAT Hard Mission – up to 3.5hrs in length & make it mighty joyful!

SUN Rest Rest (tomorrow you will return to training)

Return to Base Training mode:

You will be oh-so ready to return to training following this week of play and recuperation. So, ensuring you have recovered from the weekend’s mission, I then suggest you back-track 6 weeks in my program. If you need a more specific outline for your training, I suggest you return to Week 18 of my Trail Running Training Programs that many of you are already following to guide your Surf Coast Century Event preparations: • 100km Athletes – 100km Training Planner • 50km Athletes – Trail Running Marathon Training Planner • Newer to running or joining in a team? – Beginner Trail Running Training Planner Don’t forget you can download these for FREE from my website: The beauty of the human body is that no matter how great your base fitness is, it can always be refined and enhanced. Any opportunity you get to return and consolidate your training and base fitness is a godsend. Consider this, an Olympic athlete takes 4 years to prepare for their event at the Olympic Games! And look how strong our Australia Team were in Tokyo with an extra 12 months of training behind them! I write more about training and race preparation in my Trail Running Guidebook.

Training isn’t everything!

It is without a doubt that we want to be as prepared as we can for the Surf Coast Events. But this doesn’t mean training more and more and more. It is especially important to recognise that we live in turbulent times, filled with uncertainty and plenty of hidden stressors, both good and those that are not-so-good. So here are some further suggestions that I have for you.

Find quietness and playfulness amongst the ‘outside’ noise:

We are living in such a news-filled, social media-fuelled frenzy right now. But unless you have actually been ordered to quarantine I strongly suggest you keep finding quietness and playfulness outdoors. I personally suggest doing this early in the morning, when the day is at its most calm. Afterwards you will be ready to tackle anything that is thrown at you in the day! Here is what I suggest: • Rise before dawn and change into your running clothes (have these prepared the night before) • Pop your favourite pyjama pants back on over the top (this is a lovely little gift of compassion prior to exercising)

• Prepare yourself a mug of tea. I combine this with a small handful of diced organic dates for some energy. • As you drink your tea limber up your feet, calves, legs and hips. Try to avoid looking at the news, emails or social media but rather enjoy the quietness of the pre-dawn. • After 15-20 minutes, slip outside with your headtorch and run into the dawn, taking notice of the light changing, the birds’ chorus, the world awaking around you. • Change the mindset from ‘training’ to ‘playing’ or even to ‘experiencing’. The training mindset can come back when certainty returns. Instead, try to do something or notice something that you have never done or seen before. • In essence, find presence and playfulness on your runs (or walks!).

Still go for Missions!

Despite what I just said, be prepared to adapt the training to suit your humanness. If the world gets too fastpaced or you are simply just needing some out time… then do it! However, don’t miss out on the greatest joy of all – the Mission! If you need to get some extra rest & recuperation then do this in a way that helps you fill up your energy tank for the missions every 3 weeks. You may even want to incorporate a few extra shorter Missions to help you stay sane. Head out alone or with a friend. If you are alone this is either a time to enjoy the tranquillity or listen to podcasts, such as my Find Your Feet Podcast. If you are heading out solo, perhaps consider investing in a Garmin InReach Mini like I have been using on my own solo missions. If you are interested in this great safety device you can discuss this with me or my Team at Find Your Feet.

Maintain your strength at home: Whilst most gyms have reopened around Australia, in Victoria and NSW our friends are copping the full force of another lock down. Not having access to a gym does not mean we need to lose our strength. In fact, if you are going to increase your running and walking loads as race day nears, it will be important to ensure these muscles are fully activated and strengthened to cope. Here are some of the exercises that I utilise into a 1520min circuit. I love to do this workout prior to my morning harder or longer runs (ie. 2-3 days per week). You will need to pick 4-6 exercises from the list below and combine into a circuit (one to the next to the next…). I repeat the circuit 3 times or to fatigue. • • • • • • • •

Single leg glute bridges Monster walks Fitball hamstring curls Single leg balance on a cushion Lunge & Reverse Lunge Unilateral Heel Raises Fitball ‘Stir the Pot’ Planking with movement

• • • • • • • •

Side plank Deep core stability on your back Hip to wall stretch Knee to wall stretch Piriformis stretch Lunged quadricep stretch Pidgeon Stretch Any abdominal work – crunches, twists, v-sits etc.

Use walking or cycling as your cross-training:

If you need to recharge but you want some fresh air and movement then there is honestly nothing better than a solid, long walk or bike ride for cross-training. So, grab your walking shoes or dust off your bike and find solitude in these activities on your easy days (or at the end of your hard day as an unwind activity after work).

Embrace Yoga

There are so, so many YouTube options for doing yoga at home. I love to do a short 20-30min yoga workout in an evening, or even in the middle of the night if I am too awake and cannot sleep. I would start finding your favourite workouts on YouTube. I am also loving @Aaron Schultz Yoga on Facebook

Mindfulness & Meditation

I am not the individual who can crawl out of bed and sit still straight away. For me, the mornings are for playfulness and movement. However, I still fully believe in the importance of meditation, especially in these times of such chaotic news messages.

I have a few methods that I utilise: • At the end of a run I find a quiet park bench, log or boulder and sit quietly for 3-5mins, closing my eyes and listening to both my breath and the world around me. I use this time to express my gratitude to the environment, the opportunities & those individuals who I need to express gratitude towards. • At dinner time or on climbing into bed at night, my husband and I always share our highlight of the day. This is a form of mindfulness as it brings presence to those moments of the day that can otherwise get buried in the negative noise. • Every night, after reading my book and prior to falling asleep, I do a solo meditation where I focus on my breath and the relaxation of my body & mind. However, if my brain is too busy, I have found this YouTube guided meditation absolutely brilliant. It helps me get into a deeper, more dreamless sleep and awake feeling calmer & refreshed. • When I finish an important task at work I always take a moment to pause and make a cup of tea. When I am doing this simple activity, I try to be really present on the preparation of the tea. This is an act of mindfulness. • I have been really trying to master the art of Happy Heart Meditation. Have a listen to my Find Your Feet Podcast Episode recorded with Ivan Zwart. We also sell Ivan’s book at Find Your Feet.

In real lockdown? You can run on a treadmill:

Yes, it might be unpleasant but you can absolutely still exercise on a treadmill if you have one. I personally always put a treadmill at an incline of >2% and begin slowly until my core muscles begin to activate. Aim for sessions that are shorter in duration but higher in quality, such as your tempo runs or longer aerobic intervals. I write more about aerobic training ideas in my Trail Running Guidebook.

Get yourself equipped for spring & solo running:

Check out our extensive range of trail running equipment and apparel at my Find Your Feet online store. Or you can visit us in person at Hobart or Launceston! We also have a beautiful range of Find Your Feet accessories and apparel, including trail running headbands and socks which I designed myself. If you need any further assistance, I am here to help! Visit my website for lots of inspiration, tips, advice and my training planners: If you need further advice with your equipment or apparel for winter, my Team at Find Your Feet would love to help – All athletes in the Surf Coast Century events receive a 20% discount at my Find Your Feet stores by using the Discount Code: SurfCoastCentury It is now that we need to support one another even more. Keep striving to play wilder. I look forward to meeting you all at the Surf Coast Century on 23 October!

PS: In 2020 Hanny Allston released her memoir titled ‘Finding My Feet: My Story’, a luminous story of hope, determination and possibility. Hanny Allston shares her life with courageous honesty. Her goal is that her playful spirit and rise above adversity can inspire you, too, to find your feet.. It is available here

Focus on strength training Having a bit more time to train should allow us to focus on our weaknesses – and for many of us that is STRENGTH TRAINING. There is more and more evidence confirming the benefits of strength training, principally it assists with: • Injury Prevention. It allows you to train uninterrupted without interference from injury • Improved performance. It provides performance benefits such as improving running economy and delaying muscular fatigue. • It makes you a better runner. Watch Campbell’s introductory video and then click through to tap into this vast resource of information at Campbell has prepared a range of short, 20 min sessions that you can do at home in the closing 6-8 weeks before race day. For payment, he simply asks that you make a donation to our event charity One in Five and then he’ll send you the programs. Contact Campbell via:

Good luck We hope you find the resources in this CARE PACKAGE assist you as you prepare for the 2021 Surf Coast Century and the date change does not leave you lost on the trails, but with more direction and renewed motivation to succeed on 23rd October 2021 at Anglesea. The Rapid Ascent team

It’ll be worth it when you reach that elusive finish line!

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2021 Surf Coast Century - CARE PACKAGE  

We understand the commitment and sacrifice that competitors make when training for an ultra-marathon and the disappointment postponement pro...

2021 Surf Coast Century - CARE PACKAGE  

We understand the commitment and sacrifice that competitors make when training for an ultra-marathon and the disappointment postponement pro...


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