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Unleash Your Subconscious

Mind Power 8 Habits of The Mindynamics System Practitioners



First Publish 2014 Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power : 8 Habits of The Mindynamics System Practitioners ISBN : 978-981-09-1562-9 All rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means – graphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or information retrieval systems – without written permission from the author – Andy Soh. Conditions of Sale:This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the author’s consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser. While every reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information printed, no responsibility can be accepted for any loss or inconvenience caused by any error or omission.


Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

8 Habits of The Mindynamics System Practitioners

About The Author

About The Author


Andy SOH, BCOMM, C.HT.System Founder of The Mindynamics

Founder of The Mindynamics System Certified Hypnotherapist Certified Master Hypnotist Certified Master Hypnotist Certified Attraction Practitioner CertifiedLaw LawOfOf Attraction Practitioner Certified NLP Practitioner CertifiedBusiness Business NLP Practitioner Certified Hypnotherapist

AndySOH, SOH,CH., CH., Founder of Mindynamics The Mindynamics Andy Founder of The System, aSystem, certified

a certified hypnotherapist and a practitioner of subconscious mind power and law hypnotherapist and a practitioner of subconscious mind power and law of of attraction forthan more thanHe12 He istrainer a professional attraction for more 12 years. is ayears. professional and consultanttrainer and consultant and hundreds he has of conducted hundreds by profession by and profession he has conducted seminars and workshops.of seminars and workshops. Andy’s passion subconscious power Andy’s passion on subconscious mind on power has made himmind interested in has made him interested in unconventional topics such as Metaphysics, New unconventional topics such as Metaphysics, New Age Science, Hypnosis AgeAncient Science, Hypnosis andMindynamics Ancient Wisdom. With The Mindynamics and Wisdom. With The System, Andy demystified System, the power the subconscious mind and his the power Andy of the demystified subconscious mind and his of lifelong mission is to help lifelong mission is to help people to unleash their subconscious mind people to unleash their subconscious mind power and achieving mind power and achieving mind mastery. Andy is married to his beautiful mastery. Andy is married to his beautiful wife – Fanny and has a son – wife – Fanny and has a son – Bryan. He lives in Singapore. Bryan. He lives in Singapore.



Preface Why I Chose to Write This Book? This book has great significance to me since writing this book has turned from a dream to a mission. The main purpose is – To help people to Be Their Best by optimizing their subconscious mind. I have always been fascinated by the power of the subconscious mind long before I became a certified hypnotherapist and Law of Attraction (LOA) practitioner. I have been practicing the power of my subconscious mind for more than a decade. Many people have been trying to explain the power of the subconscious mind through books and seminars for more than a century. Different writers approached this subject at different angles and most of them did not achieve their expected results as most readers did not really understand the concept or were not really convinced with what they have read. Things changed when the movie “The Secret” was out and the books were published in 2006 and 2007. With the movie and the book, more people are now aware of the power of the subconscious mind. “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” (LOA) have gained great interest from millions of people around the world. Since then, the power of the subconscious mind became the hottest topic and many writers have written many new books on the topic. The words Law of Attraction (LOA) are one of the most popular keywords search on Google and many people have touched on this new interest through books, videos, audios, workshops and seminars. As a practitioner for subconscious mind power for many years, I have learned from practical experiences on what works and what doesn’t and why. Now I am very excited to share this best kept secret of mankind as I always have a vision: iv

“To help as many people as possible to grow, develop and be their best so as to maximize their potential and multiply their success.” The best way to do it is through my seminars, workshops and my books where I can reach out to many people at one time. You are going to get a lot out from this book. The more effort you put in to practice the techniques described and taught in this book, the greater your benefits of reading this book will be. By the time you’ve completed reading this book, you’ll be very much better from whom you are right now. This book comes with a unique intention of helping you to achieve anything you really want and equally important, getting rid of anything you do not want. This is done by optimizing your subconscious mind power through The Mindynamics System. What can you do with The Mindynamics System? Well, read on, you will be able to answer this question yourself after you have thoroughly read and understood this book. I will share a story about myself for a start. Here it goes… Since young, I knew the importance of Education. I received my junior academic education like most of us do – attending primary and secondary schools and getting a polytechnic engineering diploma. I thought I was not going to study anymore, so I broke the T-Square after the technical examination, which was the last exam of my last year’s semester in 1991.


I started working in 1994 after my national service and only in 1996, I realized I was interested in people rather than machines and engineering stuff. Back then, I was a trainer and so I decided to attend a part-time course in Singapore Institute of Management for my first formal training in the field of Training & Development. After the 1-year training, I was convinced that I am more interested in “People”, so I decided to go all the way out to get a formal education in Human Resources Management, hoping to know more about people. Back then, my perception was HR Management is to “manage” people effectively. During my diploma course, I was fully inspired by one of my trainers – Mr. Ling - he was my lecturer for the first module, it was Mr. Ling who showed me that being a trainer could be so inspiring and motivating. It was then I set my mind that I wanted to be a world-class trainer so as to train and develop, inspire and motivate everyone that comes to my training. One day after lecture, I approached Mr. Ling and asked him what makes him so good, and wishing to be like him, I asked Ling for his advice. Mr. Ling denied my praises humbly and said this to me. : “Andy, I took myself twelve years to become who I am today, you will be a good trainer too, just do your best and keep yourself motivated. You will get there very soon.” That was one of the best advices I have had till now. I told him I would be like him, to educate and motivate his students at the same time. With this passion, I have not changed my profession since I started it 19 years ago, even up till today. I am sure I will continue to be a trainer for the rest of my life so that I can enjoy the things I enjoy doing best– to educate and motivate others. I am aspired to be at the stage where what William Arthur Ward describes what a great teacher does - To inspire After my diploma course in Training and Development, I took an advanced diploma in HRM immediately after my course in SIM ended. I went through the grinding of having night classes 3 times a week for vi

the next 18 months. When the course came to the last semester, I was in a dilemma. Should I continue to pursue for a degree? I really wished to have the degree in Human Resources Management as I believed going through the course would help me to understand people more. But, I faced one main concern –the cost factor. I had only worked for 4 years and I had little saving. The S$21,000 course’s fee seemed so daunting. Since I wanted to know more about People, I decided to take up the course and for the next 24 months; I spent 3 nights a week attending classes and the remaining 4 nights for my assignment and reports. I graduated in 2000 with a degree in HR Management. I thought things would go the way I wanted beginning from that day and I would live happily ever after. Then, reality sets in. I slowly and painfully realized that I have made a BIG mistake. A degree in HR Management would not help me to understand very much about people and how to inspire and motivate them. No doubt I was still a trainer, but I started to lose faith that I could do a good job. I was able to educate my students and trainees, but I feel that I have not touched the essence on motivation. I was searching for the codeword for motivation. What made the situation worse was that I was on my lowest point in life. I felt lousy, I was broke and I was not happy with my work, I had no girlfriend and feeling lonely. I could not see my future. I was quite puzzled. I was a soft skills trainer and I taught topics on goal setting and motivation, but why did I feel lousy about myself? Why were all the topics I taught did not help me as I preached in my training? I started to search for the answer to this question. I saved up money to attend motivational talks and I read books on personal development. vii

But what happened was, the more I read, the more time and effort were used to try out the techniques. When the techniques did not work, I felt more disappointed and helpless. I really did not know what else I could do. Then, my subconscious mind reacted. It came to me as a big bang in 1999 when I came to know about subconscious mind. That was the first time I heard of it and I was skeptical about its power. However, I picked up books on subconscious mind to read. The more I read, the more fascinated I was. I started to pick any book on subconscious mind or related stuff to read. Within less than a year, I have read more than 100 books, articles, articles, publications and research on the topic of subconscious mind. By 2000, I was totally aware of the existence of my subconscious mind and I thought of bringing it to the next level – To practice it in my daily life. Since then, there is no turning back. During those years of application and practice, I have managed to find out more about the subconscious mind: what works and what doesn’t; and why. I have also created The Mindynamics System that explains clearly why and how the subconscious mind works. The theories and techniques I have covered in this book do aligned with what “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” teach. There may be some differences in techniques and perspectives; but the principles are the same. I have found the codeword for motivation and I am now sharing with you. With the new challenges in the 21st century, I believe the codeword for motivation – The Subconscious Mind will be the deciding factor for success as the subconscious mind does magic and create miracles. With this book, I will show you the techniques to unleash the power of your subconscious mind through The Mindynamics System. You will be able to BE YOUR BEST and achieve your goals. Be pleasantly rewarded, as the results you attain are fast, efficient and permanent. Andy Soh, May 2014 viii

Thanks and Appreciation My wife Fanny – Thanks for taking care of Bryan well so that I could concentrate in writing this book. Thanks for understanding how important this book is to me. My son Bryan – Thanks Dear, you are truly a gift from God. You are always my source of motivation. Thank you for believing me to be the best and strongest in the world. I got most of my strength from you. Mum & Dad – Thanks for your everlasting love, tolerance and more love. Your presence is always felt. My Friends – Mr. Aloysius Chiang; Mr. Jackie Teh; Mr. Chan Ngee Key; Mr. Ian Chung; Mr. Jeffrey Nicholas. Mr. Joseph Wong. Mr. Vincent Gabriel. Thanks buddies, your support and encouragement is very much appreciated. Others - Authors who have written great books and quoted great quotes and many friends who share their experiences, views and opinions with me. I am really grateful to all of you, for your love, support, guidance and believe in me. I owe it to you all. You guys make my life complete. You guys is the great reason why this book exists. Thank you. With love, Andy Soh May 2014


Introduction We often wish to have the Map to our ultimate success. Although the definition for success differs from person to person, it is commonly seen as achieving what we want in life, be it mental, financial, physical, and even spiritual. Writing this book has turned from a dream to a mission. When I discovered the power of Subconscious Mind in 1999, I was exhilarated. I felt that I have had found a treasure and I was eager to tell everyone around me…The reaction and feedback I got were mostly negative and most people thought that I was crazy and did not take me seriously as I had always behave, think and believe what normal people won’t. I was of course disappointed, but that didn’t stop me from my desire to spread the good news. I continued to tell almost every new friend I made along the way and in 2000; I conducted a seminar on it. That was one of the biggest events in my life till then. The crowd that turned out was more that I expected. I had a wonderful day. That was 14 years ago, in year 2000. Yes, I did have a wonderful start, but I did the most terrible thing I could possibly do after that – I did NOTHING! Yes, I did not follow up to have more seminars and doing something more. I went back to my primitive ways of spreading my new knowledge. – To talk to one person or a few people at a time. Along the way, I created The Mindynamics System. The Mindynamics System covers the universal laws of using the subconscious mind power. It is the core of what works and what doesn’t for the subconscious mind. In 2003, when I was in one of the largest bookstore in Singapore, an idea came into my mind – Writing a book about The Mindynamics System. I realized that I could have books to reach out to more people at one time besides conducting my seminars and workshops. As usual, whenever a new idea appears, different thoughts supporting and against this idea will emerge. As a practitioner of The Mindynamics System, I knew which thoughts were good and genuine and which were x

sabotaging and damaging. Having to write was a big thing to me. I love to talk since young, but to write a book is totally different ballgame. I had many ideas and many things to share. I started to scribble them down and on June 2003, I started to write this book. By February 2005, the book was 75% completed. Then, Bryan came into my life. Bryan is a gift from god. Although we (Me and Fanny) were anticipating his arrival, his presence changed a lot of things and had great impact on my daily schedule. Okay…I admit: I procrastinated on completing my book as I shifted my attention to Bryan…So, my book was kept incomplete in my drawer. Whenever I got a glimpse of it when I opened my drawer, It reminded me that I still had an important task left incomplete. The book was resumed in 2009 when I finally solved the Rubik cubes. The frustration of not solving the Rubik cubes always come up whenever I saw one in anywhere, be it shopping malls, friends’ house or even my own. I have bought a few throughout the years since in the 1980s and whenever I bought one, I told myself I would complete it but I always stop trying after sometime. In June 2009, I DECIDED to complete it once and for all. The process was painful and time consuming but the joy I got after completing it was really beyond what words could describe. So I told myself I need to finish another important task which I have held up for too long. – That is to finish my book on The Mindynamics System. Here it is :My initial thought has manifested to become this book. I am sure you will find my book and The Mindynamics System useful to you. Andy Soh May 2014 xi


Content Thanks and Appreciation About The Author Preface: Why I Choose to Write This Book? Introduction

Chapter 1 Get Your Goals Ready!


1a The Subconscious Mind – The New Weapon for the 21st Century 1b The World’s Greatest Magic 1c You’ve Got the Power! 1d Format for This Book 1e The Purpose of This Book 1f Raising the Awareness and Attitude 1g You Are Entitled to Success, Why Not Claim It? 1h The Definitions and Criteria For Success - To Work Effectively Towards the Goals Using Subconscious Mind Power 1i The Formula for Performance 1j Taking the First Look on the Subconscious Mind

1 4 6 9 14 20 33 36

41 43

Chapter 2 Rhythms of the Mind - Facts You Need to Know About the Brain


2a 2b 2c 2d 2e

48 49 53 55 59

The New Era of Research on Our Brains The Amazing Facts and Capabilities Of the Brain Importance of the Subconscious Mind Power The 4 States of Mind The Functions and Capabilities of the Subconscious Mind


Chapter 3 The Mindynamics System

3a Facts on The Mindynamics System 3b The Working Principles of the Subconscious Mind and The Mindynamics System 3c The 8 Pillars of The Mindynamics System Pillar 1 The Law of Infinity : Everything is Possible - The Internet Metaphor. Pillar 2 The Law of Attraction : What We Focus On, Multiplies Pillar 3 The Law of Abundance: There Is More Than Enough for Everyone Pillar 4 The Law of Unity: All Things are Interconnected Pillar 5 The Law of Manifestation: You Create Your Destiny Through Your Thoughts Pillar 6 The Law of Reciprocity: Whatever You Give, You Will Receive More Pillar 7 The Law of Concentration: Concentration Intensify Your Thoughts and Desires Pillar 8 The Law of Belief: You Will Get Whatever You Expect to Have 3d Summary Table for The Mindynamics System

Chapter 4 The Power of Concentration

4a What is Concentration? 4b Benefits and Usage of Concentration 4c Types and Levels of Concentration 4d Why Some People Fail to Concentrate? 4e What Affects Your Concentration? 4f Exercises for Building Your Concentration Power 4g Concentration and Moods 4h Creating Personal Charisma Using Concentration 4i Eliminating Bad Habits Using Concentration 4j Creating Success in Study and business Using Concentration 4k Wealth and Opportunity Creation through Concentration 4l Control Over the Power of Concentration 1 4m Last Words on Concentration xiv


61 63 65 65 68 82 84 88 91 96 99



107 110 114 118 119 121 125 127 129 135 136 140 141

Chapter 5 The Magic of Belief

5a You Get What You Believe 5b When There as a Will, There is a Way! 5c The Relationship Between Beliefs, Perception, Actions and Results 5d Animals and Their Beliefs 5e Perception is Greater Than Reality


142 144 147 150 151

Chapter 6 Introduction To Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy 154 6a Definition and Origin of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy 6b 10 Common Myths about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy …and the Truth 6c Mechanical Devices and Aids for Hypnotists 6d The Different Functions of Various Consciousnesses 6e Criteria for Having a Successful hypnosis Session 6f The Self Hypnosis Cycle 6g Writing Hypnotic Suggestions for Direct Suggestion or Self Hypnosis 6h Internalize The Mindynamics System Using Self Hypnosis

154 157

Chapter 7 Unleash Your Power Within Through The Mindynamics System


7a 7b 7c 7d 7e 7f 7g 7h 7i 7j 7k

175 178 179 183 185 190 194 204 211 213 215 218

Benefits of Using The Mindynamics System Timing for Practicing The Mindynamics System Avoiding Mind Traps Creating Sigils Creating Genies Using Colours to Enhance Your Health Using Mirrors and Affirmations Creative Visualization Book of Blessing Assemble Your Elite Team Creating Synchronicity Through Remote Influence Bibliography xv

159 160 161 163 168 171


Get Your Goals Ready !

Chapter 1

Get Your Goals Ready !

1a. The Subconscious Mind – The New Weapon for the 21st Century. Our Subconscious mind is very powerful. However, it has been a topic not many people can relate to, or accept as it is intangible. The bestseller “The Secret” has shed some light on this topic and opens up the awareness of millions people around the world on the ultimate weapon we need in the 21st century – our Subconscious Mind. I began to write this book 11 years ago in June 2003, before the Law of Attraction was made famous and it may come to you as a shocker because you may not been taught something like this in your life, even you have heard, read or doing something similar, you have not actually been taught on this subject as the way it is in this book. This book is very much different from those books you have read and found in a bookstall. In a nutshell, this book teaches you to: Be Your Best by optimizing your subconscious mind and maximizing your potential, leading to your greater success


Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

We are now in the new era, a special moment in human revolution. Everything around us seems to be different from before and we face new challenges that require new skill sets. What skills do we need to become successful? In 1970s – 1990s : Hard work In 1990s – 2000s : Hard work + Strategies In 21st Century

: Hard work+ Strategies + Subconscious Mind Power

The book aims to provide you the most important skill sets for the new era: using your subconscious mind effectively as you are now dealing with something that is invisible. Something that cannot being seen doesn’t equal to non-existence. Take frequency as an example : Can you see frequency with your naked eyes? – No. you can’t. But does frequency exist? Yes, it does. In contrast to the adage : “Seeing is believing”, there are things and forces that are invisible yet existing, and since they are invisible, they can be invincible. Similarly, whatever things that are not utilized before doesn’t mean that they cannot be used now or in the future. The saying “Never before does not equal to never ever will be.” applies to the usage of our subconscious mind. Remember this important point: Never before does NOT equal to never ever will be. 2

Get Your Goals Ready !

Open up your awareness, and you will open up your world and bring yourself closer to true happiness and success. You do not need to have any pre-requisite skills or knowledge regarding subconscious mind. This book will bring them to you. You will pick up these skills and knowledge along the way.


Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

1b. The World’s Greatest Magic. Let me show you the world greatest magic. This magic show I am going to reveal is one of the greatest magic in the history of mankind. The reasons of it being greatest are as follow: - Everybody can perform it - You can perform it anywhere in the world and anytime of the day. - It needs no explanation and it always works. - It costs nothing to perform and no amount of money can change the outcome of the magic. - It has been here since the pre historic time and it will probably be here forever. Ready for the magic show? Here it goes: I am now holding a pencil in my right hand using my thumb and my index finger; I raise it slightly above my head. I slowly release the pencil… There it goes, the pencil drops to the floor. The magic show ends. This is the world greatest magic show. Why do I say that? It is because it matches with the 5 scenarios mentioned above. “But this is the way it should be!” you may argue. “It is gravity at work.” Truth enough, Gravity is a natural phenomenon in life and you don’t need to figure out how it works, and why it works. It works anyway. The amazing fact of your subconscious mind is that it is also working on the same principles as the gravity does.


Get Your Goals Ready !

To summarize: Your subconscious mind power is always there, whether you realize it or use it or not. – Andy Soh

“What happen if I don’t use it?” Nothing will happen. But when you go against it, you are heading towards trouble. This is so true to someone who had a fall from a height. Yes, gravity pulls everything in the earth in place, but it also causes many to fall to death when they try to defy this law. Similarly, your subconscious mind can help or sabotage you. Therefore, while you carry on this journey of developing your subconscious mind power, embrace this power of your mind and set your path towards success. For a start, write down the first few goals you want to achieve. (You may add more along the way) Goal No. My Goals * 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 *

You will base on these goals for the exercises as you proceed.


Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

1c. You’ve Got The Power! Good News! You CAN now achieve your goals more easily! From now on, you can start carrying a small notebook and a pen to write down your list of goals, as you know that you have the power to achieve it. “Why should I be so sure?” you may ask. Well, because you are one of that very rare group of people who are using the lost art of optimizing your subconscious mind to achieve success. The techniques you learn in this book will definitely open up your mind to the next higher level where you will achieve your success by using the most powerful source of force in the earth – The Subconscious Mind Power. Our thoughts are so powerful because they have the power to overcome the constraint of time and space. Yes, through advancement of technology and evolution. You moved from one era to another. You are now living in a newer, bolder and faster era. You need different set of skills to excel in times of uncertainties. Using The Mindynamics System allows you to embrace change and uncertainties with much more confidence and competence. Are there concrete evidences that mind power do exist? The answer is Yes! Examples of the demonstration of our Mind power can be in the form of the following ways: i

Telepathy – Sometimes when you are thinking of calling someone urgently and just when you are panic as you have lost his telephone number, the person calls you.

The ability to perform telepathy is not exclusively for human only. Telepathy happening among animals was reported some years back in Japan. A monkey in a forest developed a certain habit of performing a 6

Get Your Goals Ready !

“hand-washing” gesture. Within a short period, all the monkeys in the forest followed it and adopting the habit of having that funny gesture. What astonished the scientists was that after sometime, monkeys from another forest few thousand miles away also developed this unique gesture. The scientists ruled out the possibility of a monkey from the forest A to travel to forest B and show the gesture to the monkeys at forest B as the distance between the two forests is too far for any of the monkeys to travel. In addition, a common experiment scientists use to demonstrate telepathy is that when a baby rabbit is facing a life threatening danger somewhere far away from the mother rabbit, the mother rabbit will panic and its brainwave varies significantly showing its awareness of the danger its baby is facing. ii. Dreams – Sometimes you dream of some events that happened while you were young and sometimes in the future where you will encounter later in your life. (This shows that our mind power’s ability to cruise through time and distance.) I have similar experience : Few months before Fanny was pregnant, I dreamed of carrying a little boy on my arms – That little boy was Bryan. iii. Hunches – Most people have, once a while depend on their guts feeling, which turns out to be useful to them. Me and my several friends have used our hunches to make some critical decisions and the decisions made turned out to be useful to us. iv. Our natural healing power - this is one of the greatest and convincing evidence of our mind power. v. Extraordinary strength / abilities demonstrated by ordinary people. For examples : • A mum had super strength to lift up a car to save her child, who was trapped under it. A coward turns into a hero when being placed in a critical condition and vice versa. 7

Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

• When you need to wake up at a particular timing, you will wake up exactly on the exact timing, without an alarm clock. • You meet someone on the road and you cannot remember his name, you pay no attention to it and a few days later, the name just pops up suddenly in your brain. It is the searching power of your subconscious mind that keeps working till the objective is achieved. All these people may amaze you, but you ARE capable of performing those tasks. You may have performed some of these tasks before, but those were mainly sporadic and you do not know when it will happen again. These are your subconscious mind power in action but usually without control, or you don’t use it consciously to your benefits. You do not lack of these skills, you were born with this ability of using your subconscious mind. You either fail to recognize, or develop it till an extent that it will serve you well. This book will harness this power of your conscious and subconscious minds and consciously put it to good use.


Get Your Goals Ready !

1d. Format for This Book This book is in two parts - The theory and the practical. The theory is to allow you to have a firm foundation before you dive into something which you may have not heard of, and probably can’t see. You need a lot understanding in order not to get lost into something that seems mysterious and unfamiliar to you and many of us. There are many books on subconscious mind spinning off after the book “The Secret” was launched in 2006. (There were actually books on the similar topic launched as early as James Allen’s As A Man Thinketh in 1900 and many books even earlier than this!) Most books are similar in content but preached at different angles. Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich had almost summarized the theory and remains a classic till today. All of those books are right and providing genuine advices and techniques which allow the readers to understand the concept of the subconscious mind power. However, some of us have missed out the key important note of getting to the roots of success – To take MASSIVE actions. And this is the reason for the 2nd portion of the book. The practical part will come after you have a solid understanding of the foundation. Exercises are added for practice. Do these exercises diligently. You will be rewarded. By doing these exercises, you will be able to : • have a better understanding of the theories • calibrate your skills accordingly • test out which techniques suit you best • find out which techniques you should make some adjustment 9

Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

• find out which techniques you should avoid using it and substitute the techniques with those you find it more suitable. The ultimate goal for this book is to allow you to be able to be your best by using your subconscious mind power at the “unconscious competence” level. What is the “Unconscious competence” level? This is the highest level of competency under the famous Conscious competence learning matrix Competence Incompetence

Unconscious Competence

Conscious Competence

“I don’t know what I know”

“I know what I know”

Stage 4 Unconscious Incompetence

Stage 3 Conscious Incompetence

“I don’t know what I don’t know”

“I know what I don’t know”

Stage 1

Stage 2



Conscious competence learning matrix (Source:Http://

This 4- Quadrant model clearly explains the process and stages of learning any new skill (or behaviors, ability, technique, etc.) and it is a useful reminder of the need to learn, and train others, in stages. We are always encouraged to begin at stage 1 - ‘Unconscious Incompetence’, and progressively going through the stage 2 and 3 before reaching stage 4 - ‘Unconscious Competence’. 10

Get Your Goals Ready !

Many authors, teachers or trainers for motivation training commonly assume trainees to be at stage 2, and focus effort towards achieving stage 3, when often trainees are still at stage 1. This is what will happen: The trainers begin their stuff at stage 2, whereby the trainees will not be able to achieve conscious competence until they’ve become consciously and fully aware of their own incompetence. This will automatically cause the readers or trainees to loose the ability to realize the relevance of the training or the reason for them to know the stuff they are going to learn. With this bad start, the effectiveness will definitely be affected, and the results are normally mediocre. This is a main reason for the failure of a lot of training and teaching on personal development. In a nutshell, if you is not aware of the deficiency of a certain skill, you will simply be ignorant to the need for learning, and you desire and willingness to learn will not emerge. As such, it is important to establish the awareness of a weakness or training need (unconscious incompetence) before you start to learn any new skill and move trainees smoothly from stage 2 to 3. You will respond to training better when you are aware of your own need for it, and the benefits you will get from achieving the new knowledge or skills will be more rewarding. Here are some points to note from this model The progression is from Stage 1 to Stage 2, then to Stage 3 and finally to Stage 4. Jumping of stages is NOT advised. Regression to previous stages (e.g. 4 to 3 or 3 to 2) is possible for some advanced skills. You must find and accept the stage you are in before you can progress to the next stage. 11

Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

People develop competence only after they recognize the relevance of their own incompetence in the skill concerned. Summary for the Conscious Competence Learning Model Stage Definition Description 1 Unconscious In this stage : Incompetence You are not aware of the existence or relevance of the skill area You are not aware that you are incompetent in certain areas or skills

Description You don’t know you can’t drive a car Or

You don’t know you As such, you might deny the relevance can’t use your or usefulness of the new skill subconscious You must be aware (conscious) of your mind power correctly and area of incompetence before you can start to develop or learn any new skill. effectively

Stage Definition Description 2 Conscious In this stage : Incompetence You become aware (conscious) of the existence and relevance of a certain skill You are aware of your deficiency in certain area You accept the fact that by learning this skill or ability, it will benefit you. You are committed to learn and practice the new skill.


Description You know you can’t drive a car safely safely (and you want to learn to drive) Or You know you don’t use your subconscious mind power correctly and effectively (and you want to use it correctly)

Get Your Goals Ready !

Stage 3

Definition Conscious Competence

Description In this stage : You reach ‘conscious competence’ in a skill as you can perform it reliably at will

Description You know you can drive a car safely Or

You will be conscious (i.e. concentrate and think) in order to perform the skill as the skill is still not your second nature. You can perform the skill independently

You know you can use your subconscious mind power correctly and effectively

You are able to demonstrate the skill confidently. Stage 4

Definition Unconscious Competence

Description In this stage :

Description You don’t know you are driving!

You have mastered the skill so well that it becomes your (Your mind drifts second nature. away as you are thinking of You are able to perform this something else, skill while doing something sometimes resulting else in you missing the exit you are supposed Examples : to go.) - Talking while driving - Listening while reading


You are using your subconscious mind all the times!

Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

1e. The Purpose Of This Book What is the purpose of this book? It depends. To some, it is another book on Personal Development. To some, it may be another book on Law of Attraction. But to others, which I know, will become a book of magic, a key to a more rewarding life. This may not be your first book on personal development but this is definitely one of the books you must have if you are serious in learning some effective ways of permanent Self Development and Mind Mastery. You will save yourself a lot of time and effort when you explore your journey to success and happiness through The Mindynamics System. This book can also prevent you from committing deadly and costly mistakes. As for practical, it is really fascinating. What I have here is a series of techniques you can use after you have the basic understanding of how subconscious mind power works. Some people believe miracles, some depend on miracles and some are cynical and doubtful against miracles, but most of us, sometimes in our lives, hope for miracles. Well, through this book, you are not only going to realize what you do not know about miracles, but also HOW to create them! The scientists have already confirmed through quantum physics that you can affect the outcomes of almost everything through your observation. This also explains why whatever you focus on, multiplies! To truly enjoy the benefits of this book, you have to DO the following diligently while reading this book. • Suspend your suspicion Hold your judgment. (At least for the time you spend reading this book) Take yourself to be a person with a blank mind and 14

Get Your Goals Ready !

start absorbing the theories and techniques I am going to reveal through these chapters. Give yourself a chance to learn what The Mindynamics System has to offer and what your subconscious mind power can do for you. • Have confidence in yourself Be fair to yourself. Give yourself some confidence that you can make it, and reasonable time to see and evaluate the results you get after you try out these techniques. (The time requires may range from instantly to a few days, sometimes a week or more.) • Don’t just read this book Don’t just study the techniques. Work on them!! The techniques may seem strange to you when you do it for the first time, but once you have picked up the habit of using them, they will become your 2nd nature, just like breathing to you. • Be more patient Things may seem confusing for you when you read something of this nature for the first time. Be patient when the book tells you to do certain exercises and write down something. Follow it, it will benefit you greatly later on.

Notice !! Do NOT use these mind power you acquire to work for you at the expense of the well-being of others.

Always be reminded that no matter how good you have developed your mind power, you should NOT use it against others, if your intention is at his or her disadvantages.


Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

One of the pillars in The Mindynamics System – The Law of Reciprocity believes that you will receive more of what you give. Similarly, it you do something evil to someone, you will get it back. It is amazing, but it works ! Now, what can you really do with the skills you acquire from this book? What The Mindynamics System can do for you is what your Subconscious mind can do for you. Having the 8 Laws of The Mindynamics System working together will help you in the following areas : • Attaining personal and mind mastery (PEM) through The Mindynamics System. • Avoid the wrong usage and deadly mistakes of misusing the subconscious mind • Having more positive energy • Having holistic and multi – dimensional success * • • • • • • •

Self Social Family Career Financial Health Others

* - The detailed description under each area are as follow : Self 1. Take full control of your life and achieve your goals much easier. 2. Inspires you and guides you, eliminating your worries and fears permanently, so you can live an enjoyable life to its fullest. 16

Get Your Goals Ready !

3. Enjoy inner peace and love. 4. Becoming truly confident & calm whenever and wherever you need to. Be it during interviews, meeting new people or even speaking to strangers 5. Increase your multiple intelligences. 6. Regain or develop your self-esteem and self-confidence 7. Take full control of your life and overcome ALL obstacles with ease. 8. GREATLY increase your personal EFFECTIVENESS & MASTERY. 9. Avoid sabotaging and hurting yourself unconsciously and /or subconsciously. Social 10. Having friends, companions and people you like to have. 11. Having your dream partner and enjoy a loving relationship. 12. Knowing who to trust and who not to. 13. Becoming more charismatic and attractive. 14. Becoming a leader among your friends and colleagues.

Family 15. Remove hatred among your family members. 16. Enjoy a harmonious relationship at home. 17. Increase the protection of your family members from illness, viruses and harm, remotely.

Work 18. Survive the interviews and get the job you want. 19. Get a MUCH BETTER job than your existing one with ease, regardless of the economics situations. 20. Improve your working relationship with your boss, colleagues and counterparts. 21. Increasing your productivity. 22. Get the recognition and respect from your boss and colleagues. 23. Reduce the chance of being back-stabbed or sabotaged in your workplace. 17

Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power

Financial 24. Create the CORRECT mindset to attract wealth. 25. Make more money than you are making now. 26. Achieve financial freedom and abundance 27. Attracting money-making opportunities to you rather than you hunting for them.

Health 28. Enjoy more health and boost your immune system. 29. Prevent sickness and disease for both yourself and your loved ones. 30. Reduce fatigue and prevent overburn 31. Cure your insomnia and other sleeping problems 32. Boost up your energy level.

7. Others (Equally Important) 33. Succeed in all areas of life – School, Work and Family, despite the economic situations. 34. Unleash the winner inside you. 35. Develop and increase your remote influence ability 36. Increase your ability to create “Miracles” 37. Getting rid of BAD habits and instilling new ones. 38. Overcome addiction, obsession, phobias and compulsive behaviors It sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? But just as common and normal as the force of gravity – Yes, IT WORKS! Now that you have known the possible usages of your subconscious mind, you will no longer worrying about whether you can achieve something or not, it is now a matter of whether you really want it or not. Take at the illustration below: If you change your thought from “Can I” to “why Not!?” Things start to get interesting. You will be presented with more choices which activate the power of your subconscious mind as you need to decide 18

Get Your Goals Ready !

“Why do I want it?” “When do I want it?” “How do I receive it?”

Can I ?


“Why do I want it?” “When do I want it?” “How do I receive it”

Choose your focus – Change your Destiny In order for you to design your destiny, you shall learn the proper techniques of unleashing the power of your subconscious mind and The Mindynamics System will teach you how. Once you learn it through The Mindynamics System, then you can decide what is the script you want in your own movie (i.e. your life) and let your subconscious mind play for you. Ready? Here we go.


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Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power: 8 Habits of The Mindynamics System Practitioners  

Many people have been trying to explain the power of the subconscious mind through books and seminars for more than a century. Different wri...

Unleash Your Subconscious Mind Power: 8 Habits of The Mindynamics System Practitioners  

Many people have been trying to explain the power of the subconscious mind through books and seminars for more than a century. Different wri...