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Editorial Team Students Mention Lecturer of the Month - Miftah Zikri, M.Sc

PresUniv Events 08

- H.E. Paulo Soares becomes keynote speaker in PresUniv International Seminar


- Iftar : Charity Program - Family Gathering : Together for a Better Future

Student Info 11

- Earn Your MBA in London through PresUniv


- Chandra Steps Up as the New Rector of President University

Article 15

- President University signs MoU with Portland State University

15/16 - PresUniv sends 10 students to South Korea 20/21 - President University represents Indonesia in Beijing Sister City Youth Camp 2012


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- PresUniv goes to Macau


- Santa Claus

Student Corner 26

- Cultural Night 2012 : Steps into Harmony


- PresUniv Orientation 2012 : One Step Ahead


- PresMUN 2012


- AISEC : Summer Program - NIR(JA)VANA : Shutter Exhibiton


- SOPU - Light Optimism - Comparative Study by PUSU


- Proud to be Catholic - International Muslim Student Summit 2012

Short Story 32

- Parting

Comic “Jojo and Vivi� 34

- The Story Begins


- S(h)ocking Christmas - New Year?


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Cover story

Lecturer of the montH “Miftah Zikri, M.Sc”


UPCOMMING EVENTs IN PRESIDENT UNIVERSITY •PresUniv Idol 24 October 2012 Semi 31 October 2012 Final


•President Youth Leadership Camp 1 November–4 November 2012 •Pusu Election 22 October – 29 October 2012 •PUCatSo Youth Day 9 November-11 November 2012

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6 YOUNG on Top, Teacher and speaker

Miftah Zikri, M.Sc


>>> H.E. Paulo Soares Becomes Keynote Speaker in PresUniv’s INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR >>> Iftar

CHARITY PROGRAM VOl. VIII | Le cture of the motnh | Presuniv Magazine

Some of his latest researches include: • The Correlation between Share Price and Company Operational Performance Based Measure ment on EBIT (Earning Before Interest and Tax)


orn on January 15th 1988, Miftah Zikri is the youngest lecturer at President University. He is the alumnus of President University, major in Management (Banking and Finance). He Obtained his Masters Degree in Business with Management from Northumbria University at Newcastle, UK. Currently, he teaches several subjects at PresUniv, such as International Business, Financial Management, Global Business Communication, and Interpersonal Skills. He was often invited as a speaker in many seminars, such as “Political Policy for Small Medium Enterprises”in London, UK, and “Beyond Tsunami: Aceh Recovery Development Program” in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

• The Correlation between Number of Employee toward RoA (Return on Assets) and RoE (Returnon Equity) in Health and Banking Sector.



H.E. Paulo Soares Becomes Keynote Speaker in PresUniv



International Seminar


onday, August 13 th 2012, President University organized Iftar during the fasting month joined by all of President University’s staffs. The event was also attended the orphans around campus .The event was started at 4.30pm and was opened by Marawis group’s performance from SMAN 3 Cikarang Utara. They sang some Islamic songs. After Marawis group performed, the event was continued by Mr.Jhanghiz Syahrivar as the MC who informed the audience about the rundown of the event.

P 8

Two Emerging Powers: Brazil and Indonesia – Corporation and Partnership in the 21st Century

One of the pillars that supported ethanol production and use expansion in Brazil is the technology that is applied to sugarcane production. In effect, research carried out with new genetic varieties and new planting,

harvesting, and processing techniques allowed the use of these natural resources and infrastructure to be optimized and, thus, increase product availability. The other pillar was the development of technology to use ethanol as automotive fuel. If the same technology could be implemented in Indonesia, our Government would not be worried anymore about oil price and subsidies.The seminar concluded at 4pm with the attendees’ praise. After that, Dr. Chandra Setiawan, the newly appointed Rector of President University, gave a token of appreciation to the Ambassador before he left. The Ambassador promised to the attendees that it would not be his first and last seminar at President University as he planned to return and lecture in other occasions.

This event also invited Ust. Achmad Fudholi who gave a short talk and tausiah to the guests before the maghrib prayer, and when the maghrib prayer reverberated, attendees have a breakfasting and maghrib prayers together in the lobby of President University.


FAMILY GATHERING ToGether For A Better Future


ednesday, August 29th 2012, President University organized a Family Gathering for all President University’s staffs With the theme “Together For A Better Future”. The event was held at Puncak Pass Resort, Cianjur, West Java. Presuniv’s staffs arrived at Puncak Pass Resort around 9.00 am. The event started with a welcoming speech from Mrs. Genoveva Claudia as the chairman of Presuniv Family Gathering 2012.

After that, the welcoming speech continued by Mr. Ermaya Suradinata as the Rector of President University and a motivation speech by Mr. Chandra Setiawan. This event continued with Ice Breaking and a little game conducted by the facilitator from Puncak pass Resort. They held a yell between groups and some games like ‘the squirrel and the tree’, ‘the ant and the elephant’, and the other games. Clock showed 12.00 pm,

Vol. VIII | PresUniv Event | Presuniv Magazine

Vol. VIII | PresUniv Event | Presuniv Magazine

resident University organized an International seminar on September 19th, 2012, at President University’s Auditorium, the 5th Floor of Campus A, Cikarang, Indonesia which started at 02.00 PM with the main theme “Two Emerging Powers: Brazil and Indonesia – Corporation and Partnership in the 21st Century”. In this rare opportunity, H. E. Mr. Paulo Alberto da Silveira Soares, the Ambassador of Brazil to Indonesia, became the keynote speaker. During the seminar, the Ambassador emphasized on biorefinery; shifting from fossil fuel to biofuel, such as ethanol. Unlike oil (gasoline), ethanol is a biofuel made from renewable source of vegetal origin. It is most commonly used by the pharmaceutical industry, in products such as antiseptic compounds. However, with the increasing concern about the greenhouse effect and global warming, ethanol use as a vehicular fuel has been gaining space the world over

The Iftar was also attended by Prof. Dr. Ermaya Suradinata, SH., MH., MS. who gave the welcoming speech and then continued by Dr. Chandra Setiawan, M.M., PhD. who also gave the welcoming speech to all the staff and guests in attendance that evening. After giving the welcoming speech, Mr. Ermaya and Mr. Chandra gave 1 symbolic gifts to the orphans.


resUniv has once again proved its commitment in providing an International Standard Education not only toits existing students but also to its graduates. One such program is to tie up with London School of Commerce (LSC) in London. (LSC) offers a portfolio of graduate and postgraduate courses in subject such as Finance Management, Information Technology and Business leading to internationally recognized qualifications.

The total subsidised tuition fee for a full time MBA program in the London campus is £3950 while the living cost is estimated at £500-700 per month . The duration of the course is 1 year. All in all, we welcome our graduates who wish to pursue their Masters program in London with an affordable feewhile quality remains the top most priority. For more Information you can refer


orcontact Mr. T. Manivasugen MBA at 08126446342.

V ol. VIII | Student Info | Presuniv Magazine

Theschool is truly multicultural considering its students come from asmany as 100 countries. It has 3 main campuses in central London along side 8 campuses across the globe. With more than 10,000 students from over 100 countries, the school was regarded as the largest MBA providers across Europe as stated by the CEO of LSC, Mr Tim Andriadi known for his hard work and dedication to the education world, Mr. Tim has a notable vision of providing an affordable education for students without compromising on quality.

The cooperation between the two institutions took off when The Director Marketing and communication Mr. T. Manivasugen MBA, was invited to join the annual function of LSC inIntercontinental Hotel on 15th June 2012 in London. Participating in this prestigious event were 7 Vice Chancellors from leading state- universities in London lecturers and delegates from various countries.



ednesday, September 5th 2012, the former Rector of President University, Prof. Suradinata Ermaya, formally stepped down from his position and handed over the prestigious position to his succesor, Dr. Chandra Setiawan, PhD. The former rector was then . assumed a new position as the new chairman of the President University Foundation (YPUP) replacing Prof. Dr. Juwono Sudarsono who previously held the position.


Vol. VIII | Stusent Info | Presuniv Magazine

Dr. Drs. Chandra Setiawan, M.M., PhD,s erved as the Commissioner of the Indonesian National Commission on Human Rights (KOMNAS HAM) for 5 years (2002-2007). His experience in Higher Education has started from 1990, before he was a profesional in Business entities. He was an Executive Director of Global 2010. Peace Festival Asia Pa He was also one of the founders of th e Indonesia Conference on Religion and Peace (ICRP). t PhD degree was in Hi Education Management and then he took his second PhD in Finance, specialisation in Islamic Finance. He was a rector in a private higher institution in Jakarta for 6 years, and now he serves as the Rector of President University.

The event conducted at the Auditorium of Batavia Tower Jakarta, began promptly at 03:00 pm and was attended by the staff members and employees of PT. Jababeka Tbk., students and teachers from President High School students and professors from President University, and especially, Mr. S.D. Darmono as the founder of President University and the President Director of PT. Jababeka, Tbk.

The event was cially opened by Mr. T. Manivasugen, M BA as the Vice Rector III of President University and the MC during the occassion, and continued with the signing of handover letter by both the former Chairman of YPUP, Prof Dr. . Juwono Sudarsono, and his successor, Prof. Dr.. Ermaya Suradinata

After that, the former Rector of President University and, now the new Chairman of YPUP Prof. Ermaya Suradinata, and the newly appointed Rector Dr. Chandra Setiawan, PhD signed the handover letter. After the signing the handover letters, a short speech delivered by Mr. S.D. Darmono Prof. Dr. Juwono Sudarsono Prof. Dr. Ermaya Suradinata and Dr. Chandra Setiawan, PhD consecutively. The event was followed by the award ceremony for the most outstanding students from President University and President High School. Once the the event ceremony continued with the presentations from all representatives of YPUP such as President University, President High School, President Junior High School, President Special Needs Center, and President Flight School. At the end of the event, invited guests were entertained with gracious songs sung by the students and were welcomed to enjoy the dishes that had been served.

12 .2 0

n July 17th, Agnes A.Hoffman, the Associate Vice Provost for International Partnership of Portland State University (PSU) - USA, sent a letter to Dr. Muhammad A.S. Hikam, the Vice Rector IV of President University Indonesia, informing that the original copies of signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) had been sent to President University address.


President University signs MOU with Portland State University


In her letter Agnes proposed the inclusion of Dual Degree Program as one step forward to implement the signed MoU. At the conclusion of the academic program was 2+2 enrolled students to transfer their PSU credits back to President University and become eligible to receive a PSU degree as well as President University degree.

...Agnes proposed th e inclusion of Dual Degree Program as one step forward...


PresUniv Sends 10 Students to South Korea | by : John mewburn


three students from Dong A University in Korea who were coming to study at President University. (1) (1)

-John mewburn

Surprisingly, things went to plan. The three Korean students returned to President University with Miss Shin Da Bin and Mr Jhanghiz, and the ten PresUniv students and I boarded the plane at ten pm for the we were met by Miss Raina Oh and some students from Dong A University. We were taken by bus to one of the Dong A University campuses (There are three, two of which are situated in the mountains near Busan.) and there the students checked into the dormitory and had a well deserved rest. (to be continued, see page 15)

V ol. VIII | Article | Presuniv Magazine

n Thursday 30th August at 4pm, I left the university to go to Soekarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta. I was accompanied by Mr Jhanghiz Syahrivar from Public Relations, and one of our Korean students, Miss Shin Da Bin. We were to meet ten President University students at the airport, check

“ ... rewarding trip because I made good progress in our relationships with the Korean universities. “

For me however, there was no time for rest. I was taken to meet the President of Dong A University and some other executives, and taken on a tour of the university. We then went for a very nice Korean barbecue lunch. After lunch I was taken to my hotel, where I had time for a quick shower before meeting Professor Austin Kang from Silla University. I met with the President of Silla University Mr Jung Hong-Sub and discussed various areas that PresUniv and Silla could cooperate in. Then Professor Kang took me for dinner and drinks and we continued our

(3) (3)

They are very big in Korea. The parking. I bought some drinks to bring home and some very tasty bread and fruit for dinner, then back to the hotel for a rest.

after thirty nine hours with no sleep. Next morning (Saturday) I was picked up after breakfast, and taken for a tour of Dong A’s newest campus. This beautiful campus is also situated in the mountains and is centred around a museum. This museum is in one of the few buildings which survived the Japanese invasion of Korea during the Second World War. It is a very interesting museum to visit as there are many old Korean artifacts there. The new Dong A campus is very modern in its


for the different faculties. (4) (4)

The next day (Sunday) I left the hotel at 8am, and arrived back in Cikarang at 11pm. I was back at the university at 7am Monday morning in time for my (2) Vol. VIII | Article | Presuniv Magazine

Academic Year. A very tiring, but rewarding trip because I made good progress in our relationships with the Korean universities.

(1) Mr John Mewburn with Miss Raina Oh (2) The ten PresUniv students (3) With Professor Kang from Silla University (The right one) (4) with PreUniv Students


t was one of those wonderful moments in my life. I really wanted to tell you everything about what happened in that one amazing week. Firstly, a lot of my friends were asking me about this Camp, so I would explain it briefly. This youth Camp, co-hosted by Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing Youth Federation and Beijing Student Federation, was mainly aimed at providing opportunities for the youth from Beijing and its Sister Cities to exchange views on culture inheritance, city development and so on. Only 3 universities in Indonesia were chosen to send their representatives which were me (Iga Puspitasari) from President University, Dini from UI, and


I thought it was a very good opportunity and was still a long holiday anyway. With my parents’ agreement I could go, so I went to Jakarta directly to process my visa. I finished all the requirements in a very short time, of course with the help from Mr. T. Manivasugen, MBA, the Vice Rector III and the person in charge for this program. First time, I was a bit nervous, but I managed to calm my self down. I had to fly about 2 hours from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur for flight transit and then another 5 hours and 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China.

“ In my opinion, this event is one of those golden opportunities to open networking with students from other countries. - Iga Puspitasari

Indonesia in Beijing Sister City Youth Camp 2012 | by : Iga Puspitasari | International Relations 2011

Then they let us paint some masks, which was very famous in Beijing. And after that we visited the Capital museum, where we found lots of ancient ornaments and the history of the emperor. After visiting and having dinner, we went back to the conference room, near the hotel to do a group discussion for tomorrow’s conference. The 4th day. I was so grateful to know more about how beautiful it was in one country and jump to another country with different condition and lots more. The 5thday. We went to the Forbidden City, which was the Emperor’s house. It’s named “Forbidden City” because nobody could enter this place at that time except the Emperor family and the soldiers, scary but incredible. Iga Puspitasari dressing traditional clothes

Each group should deliver a performance and I was the main actress to do that. I was going to dance a traditional Dayak dance from Central Kalimantan. All the campers were going back to their own countries on the 19th

“ ... climb the great wall. One of the 7 wonders!...”

The museum was really huge that I couldn’t feel my legs anymore due to long walking. End of the 2nd day was just around the corner, the committee asked me and the other friends to be the representatives of our own country at the opening ceremony to do some symbolization. Anyway, perhaps it was because I was so cheerful and Indonesian. The 3rd day. We went to see the Beijing Opera at the Theater and we got to try to learn some moves with the actress.

After visiting the Forbidden City, we went to a most famous shopping mall called “Sanlitun Village” Shopping Mall. After shopping, we went to Red Theater to watch the most famous martial art in the world, Kung Fu. The 6th day. We went to 798 Art Zone, where it was full of artistic crafts for sale. I bought some cute souvenirs. We spent 2 hours in that place which I thought that 2 hours weren’t enough to explore everything.


who needed to go back at 2 a.m. It was a bit sad though as I was having alot of fun and amazing experiences at that time. Anyway, I did really enjoy the camp. In my opinion, this event is one of those golden opportunities to open networking with the students from other countries. I hope, in the future there will be many more youth camps like this. If we could exchange ideas as well as developing a good relationship, why don’t we try from a little thing such as Youth Camp like this? Becausefor me, million friends are too few and an City Youth Camp was beyond incredible.

V ol. VIII | Article | Presuniv Magazine

V ol. VIII | Article | Presuniv Magazine

In the morning, 13th August 2012 was the 1st day and not the opening yet, we were still waiting for the arrival of delegations from other countries. While waiting, we were taught by the experts on how to make a paper fan, craft and to do martial arts. I made a beautiful paper fan and painted it by my self.

PresUniver Represents

Finally, we were divided into 5 groups. We were introducing ourselves one by one and making a flag as our group’s identity. I met the other Indonesian friends and made lots of friends from other countries. The 2nd day. Many of the campers have arrived at the hotel. On that day, we were going to climb the great wall. One of the 7 wonders! I was so excited to climb it, but then were so many people that I lost my interest in it. Like it or not I had to climb and climb until the check point so all of the campers could take a picture together. But before we took some pictures, we were asked to sign the banner first. After visiting The Great Wall, we went to China Science and Technology Museum, where there were a lot of advanced technology facilities.



PresUniv goes to Macau ...Cleanliness and a healthy environment are the top most priorities of the goverment..

“Santa Claus is generally depicted as a portly, joyous, white-bearded man wearing a red coat with white collar and cuffs, white-cuffed red trousers, and black leather belt and boots” this image became popular in

US & Canada 19th century This image has been maintained and reinforced through song, radio, television, children's books and


resident University, along with 9 other major universities from Indonesia, namely: UI, SGU, UPH, Sahid, NHI ,UAI, UBM, Binus and Trisakti was invited by the MGTO (Macau Government Tourism


The visit was scheduled from 20-23 September 2012. Macau is composed of 3 Islands, they are: Macau Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane. Macau Peninsula is historical character of the Portuguese. The city is very lively in the evening, especially beautiful are the lighting effects which make it become the Las V Vegas of Asia. The remaining two isla islands are still in the development stag g Sooner or later, they will also stage. ecom the Icons of Macau. become

Macau, a former Portuguese colony, was handed over to the Chinese Government in 1999. Since then, there have been some changes in the local government policy to boost the tourism sector in particular. It is the means of subsistence for the majority of population and grows at a staggering rate every year. Apart from the gambling industry, which contributes the most money to the local government, It also has 25 world heritage sites endorsed by UNESCO as their main attractions. Therefore, Macau intends to reposition itself as a cultural city. Cleanliness and a healthy environment are the top most priorities of the goverment. One such effort made by the goverment is the “No Smoking Boards” which can be found in every nook and cranny of the city.

of Santa Claus as it developed in the 19th and 20th century in turn

Macau, though miniscule in size when compared to its neighboring countries, was able to attract approximately 28 million visitors from all around the world in 2011. As for this year, they are expecting more than 30 million visitors. Mainland China tops the list followed by Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. In contrast to the tourist numbers, the total population of Macau is less than 500 thousand people. So it’s truly a tourist destination.

of Father Christmas, Sinterklaas and Saint Nicholas in European culture [citation needed]. According to a tradition which can be traced to the 1820s, Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, with a large number of magical elves, and nine

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas

A nearly identical story is attributed by Greek and Byzantine folklore to Basil of Caesarea. Basil's feast day on January 1 is considered the time of exchanging gifts in Greece.

Illustrated by : Dito Santoso / VCD 2010

(Source : wikipedia)

Vol. VIII | Article | Presuniv Magazine

V ol. VIII | Article | Presuniv Magzine

and folkloric origins who, in many western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24.T he modern which, in turn, may have part of its basis in hagiographical tales concerning

Since the 20th century, in an idea popularized by the 1934 song "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town", Santa Claus has been believed to make a list of children throughout the world, categorizing them according to their behavior ("naughty" or "nice") and to deliver presents, including toys, and candy to all of the well-behaved children in the world, and sometimes coal to the naughty children, on the single night of Christmas Eve. He accomplishes this feat with the aid of the elves who make the toys in the workshop and the reindeer who pull his sleigh


cultural night 2012


is the night “...This when Diversity

became one Harmony...

//PR Orientation 2012

Who says having such a party on d will not be fun? the grasse Orientation Cultural Night 2012 held in Jababeka Golf Field, 31 August 2012 proved itself to be a super fun party of the year. Involving all the students of batch 2012, Orientation Committee 2012, and honorable guests such as Mr. Chandra ( Rector of PresUniv) and Mr. Vasu ( Vice Rector III of PresUniv). Orientation Cultural Night 2012 choose“Steps into Harmony” as its theme. So fortunate for us,e ven though the place was not so spacious, the performances were absolutely great! We had the cultural performances of Palegongan Dance from Bali, Bamboo Games from Vietnam, Barongsai from China, Korean dance covered by BoGe and modern mixed cultural dance by Prime.

Balinesse Dance Indonesian Traditional Dance by President University

The Orientation began with the symbolization in the morning of Day 2. We did “Pilar Kebangsaan”, a programme by the government. Pilar Kebangsaan discuss and give explanation on Pancasila, UUD 1945, NKRI, and Bhineka Tunggal Ika. We did the Pilar Kebangsaan on Day 2 and 3 along with the introduction to the organizations at President University and the students did their NAPZA (urine test). Frankly speaking, the students weren’t very amused with the Pilar Kebangsaan since they had to stay in the classroom and auditorium to listen to the lecture , but it was great to know more about what’s happening in Indonesia. Day 4 we did some activities where we transformed trashes to useful goods and we did some “Pasar Kaget” where we sold daily needs (sembako) and gave away some books and clothes to the residences around President University. We also did the audition for Cultural Night, 4 orientations group + open audition for anyone to take part in the performance at the prestige led with Cultural Night party

On the last day, we had some morning exercises with the freshmen and then we had our GR for Cultural Night and the party itself at night. It was an unforgettable end of an awesome orientation. That’s basically about it for this year’s orientation, can’t wait for a more and more blasting event like orientation program after this year. Many values were shared especially during the activities. Not only the new batch learn about new things, but the committee as well, we received the value of togetherness (teamwork) on how we must be in a team to accomplish great goals, how to be a step ahead from everyone else to take our role as leader.


Vol. VIII | Student Co rner | P resuniv Magazine

Vo l. VIII | Student Corner | Presuniv Magazine

// PR Orientation

There were Group 20 (Marc Jacobs), Group 23 (Dahlan Iskan), Group 14 (Nelson Mandela), The Magician (Rendy and Martin), E5 Boys with their hilarious Anaconda Song, BH, and The Roof Troupers. We should be proud of having fabulous and talented performers from our own family, PresUnivers. Anyway, it was not the climax yet, friends. Orientation Cultural Night 2012 had invited the Indonesian young talented band who won the global competition for youth in Singapore, Indonesian Youth Regeneration (IYR), to perform just before the committee’s last performanc as the closing of the event. Korean Dance Covered by BoGe and modern mixed cultural dance (China, Korea, and Indonesia) by PRIME, one of the communities, in PresUniv was very cool. Not only that, we were also entertained by the performances of the golden tickets holders of Cultural Night. For your information, all the golden ticket holders were batch 2012 students who had auditioned during the orientation period and who had been chosen to be some of theperformers in Cultural Night Steps Into Harmony. Can not wait for next year’s OrientationCultural Night, it must be much bigger and merrier than this!

From 26th to 31st of September 2012, President University had an orientation programme to welcome the new batch. Every year we have this programme to welcome and give the freshmen a sneak preview on what President University offers. This year orientation themed “One Step Ahead” and through this theme, we would like the new leaders of President University to be a step ahead on everything they are on. We started the Orientation at dusk of the 26th (Day 1) and it ends with a Cultural Night party on the evening of 31st (Day 6). There were about 800 participants (divided to 40 groups) of the orientation excluding the committees .

fun and games around the dormitory area and campus. We could see everyone enjoying themselves Which was then followed by Yell-Yell competition and it was great performances by some freshmen.

presmun president model united nation


President MUN (PRESMUN) 2012 was the rst national event of the year held by President University Model United Nations Club (PresUniv MUN Club) and President University Major Assosiation International Relations (PUMA IR). Came up with the theme “Fostering the World through Social Equality and Economic Stability”, PRESMUN 2012 conducted two major committees. The rst was General Assembly-ECOFIN which discussed about Eurozone Crisis in Europe, and another committee was United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) which raised the topic of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender). In the PRESMUN 2012 there were six committee sessions. Each session was the time for all delegates to represent their certain country and debate over the chosen issue to keep their country stances along with the interests. At the end of each day, the volunteered delegates would be given the time to deliver their argument about the whole day conference in the “Press Conference.”

From September 12th to September 14th Shutter Photography organized a photography exhibition entitled Nir(JA)vana. The exhibition was held in the lobby of Campus B Building of President University, Jababeka. In this exhibition, Shutterians, cial members of Shutter Photography, showcased the results of their best photos during the Gadang Trip. The trip is organized by Shutterians annually, and it is a regular activity of Shutter Photography. During the Gadang Trip, Shutterians visited several cities such as Yogyakarta, Java Karimun and Semarang. This trip itself lasted for 8 days, from August 24th to September 1st. This was satisfactory for Shutterians because51 photos were showcased by 17 of them. The showcased photos were taken directly from the photographer's camera (with no editing process). Not only showcasing their best photos, Shutterians also gave some space on a board for visitors to write their comments, and a voting box for visitors to votethe best photo. The comments and vote results were used by Shutterians todevelop greater photos and greater Shutter Photography. (k vn/sp5)

aisec summer program

Helping others while having fun at the same time? Really? Well, AIESEC EI President Universityproudly announced that during this summer holiday, we successfully sent 3 delegates to Taiwan (Yusrina – VCD 2011) and India (Muthia – IR 2010 and Imel – IB 2010) for doing social project, and spending their long holiday. Before we go too far, what is AIESEC ? AIESEC is the world’s largest student organization that presents in over 110 countries and territories. AIESEC offers young people/student the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to exchange deas to improve the world and societies. Okay, so, what were Yusrina, Muthia, and Imel doing there? There are a lot things to tell, but the most important point is they ran a social mission that had a good impact to others. Yusrina (working for Mr. Chen) and Muthia(working for Humari Kaksha in Chandigarh, India) had similar project which were teaching children Basic English alphabet, number, hygiene and academic things. While Imel was working for iteracy and consumer advocacy for Citizen Awareness Group in Chandigarh, India. She was involved in arranging conference to educate people on how they could make a good investment and how to be smart as a consumer, made a good presentation, arranged agenda, sent

monthly bulletin to the clients, and discussed the current issues. Besides doing social project, they were also travelling to some amazing places, tasting unique food, meeting with new friends around the world, and many more! :D Hmm... it seems so fun! But is it hard to run the project? Sometimes everything didn’t run well (just like when unpredictable situation happened or the children prefered to play than to study) for them and that’s how they learned new things such ashow to make a deal with your group partner which had different perspectives, to make jokes to make it more relax, to adapt with people of different culture and habit, and to face unpredictable situation, be it good or bad. From those unpredictable situations, they can improve their leadership skill, how tocontrol themself and others, and how to think out ofbox to solve the problem in a complicated situation. The most important thing is... theylearn how to be proud of being themself and who they realy are “This is me with all the culture I have", Imel said. Oow, so in the end, everything comes for a good reason ya! Since it was holiday time... Tell us more about the amazing place there!!! :D Imel and Muthia had an incredible time in India. They travelled to Shimla (the foot of Himalaya), Agra where they could see one of the world’s wonder which is Taj Mahal, Jaipur (a.k.a Pink City), Golden temple which is made purely by gold, Bhaga Border (Indian Pakistan border) where they saw the cere ial army and many more. So did Yusrina who had so much fun time in Taiwan. She went to Yehliu Geopark and Oceanpark to see beautiful shaped rocks and attractions (swimmingdance) of sea animals, Leofoo village theme park in Guanxi to play games, Ximenting, Guting, Zhongxiao rd, and Shilin Night Market for shop. So tired, but also d! :D Waaaaaaw!!! There’s so many adventures they could so sati get only by joining AIESEC summer program. How to join? Well, honestly it’s so simple. You can join our summer program for next year. You can choose what world issue that you are interested in and which country that you wish to visit. But, if you think it’s just too looong to wait until the summer holiday come, well, why don’t you just apply to us to be a host family for our winter program? You can meet our exchange participants (which are foreigners), introduce our cultures and foods to them and feel so close to them just like your own brothers or sisters. For more info, you can contact Miranti (085241266288) or Jessica (085312704318).


Vol. VIII | Student Co r ner | Presuniv Magazine

Vol. VIII | Student Corner | Pres univ Magazine

Memorable Clossing On the very last day, after going through the stressed moments and tight debates, all delegates gathered in a marveoulus “Gala Night”. All delegates who came from Padjajaran University, Gajah Mada University, Airlangga University,Brawijaya University, Diponegoro University, Parahyangan University, Al-Azhar University,Medan State University (UNM) and President University (the Host University).Several performances came from PRIME Dance, Soulsitive, and also from the committees which were represented by Andre Revian, Dennisa, and Andi Ibrahim. The most awaited part was the Announcement of the Awards which has made some of the delegates felt the pride for succesfull wonone of the awards in this prestigeous event.

nir(Ja)vana shutter photography exhibition

president university 2012

pusu to bisc

As an annual event at President University, PUSU conducted Sport Olympiad President University or SOPU for short, started from May 28th, 2012 and officially closed at July 1st, 2012. The purpose of SOPU is to enhance the solidarity and togetherness of each major. This year, there were so many competitions, such as basketball, volley, badminton, swimming, table-tennis, futsal, tug of war, running, cheerleadance, and chess. The participants of this event were PresUnivers, from Banking and Finance, International Business, Communication, Accounting, Engineeing, Marketing Hotel Tourism Human resource, Computing, and International Relations majors. All majors were very enthusiastic of this event. . The closing ceremony was held at Student Housing Area. In this closing ceremony, all majors were waiting for the announcement of the winner for each branch. This year, Communication Faculty became the general winner of SOPU 2012. And finally, SOPU 2012 was officially closed by the flash mob and fireworks. (External PUSU 2012)


light optimism up !

the First Winner : Optimism is not Prohibited Hatta Rajasa Writing Competition 2012

winner. Optimism of Indonesia as an emerging economic power in the middle of global economic crisis is necessary. The fact has been proven in international forums such as World Economic Economic Cooperation(APEC). Coincidentally the awarding night was

similar to the opening of President Model United Nations 2012 (PresMUN). Thus, she was also as Director of the United Nations of Human Rights Council of PresMUN 2012 could not attend it. The awarding held in Teater Kecil, Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta. It was reported by a lot of electronic and press media such as Jawa Pos, AnTV, TVOne, and RCTI. Ministry of Economic Coordinator of Republic of Indonesia attended this event to reward directly all six winners, three of high school category and another three of university category.

Why we choose BINUS Inter? It was because BINUS Inter is also one of the few international standard universities which has a student committee with a similar function like ourstudent union (PUSU). When we arrived there, BISC (Binus International Student Committee) members welcomed us very well; they were at their lobby and then escorting us to their class room. The comparative study started by the welcoming and introducing of each other’s, commencement of prayer, PUSU Presentation, followed by question and answer session. Then we had lunch together. After lunch, we had BINUS InterTour, saw their library, laboratory, classroom, BISC room, auditorium, fashion room, photography room, canteen, design room, etc. And then we went back to the meeting room, to continue the presentation from BISC which was also followed by question and answer session. This event was closed by exchanging souvenirs, closing pray and taking photo together. From this event, PUSU members hope that we can improve PUSU to be a better one, learn the positives from BISC, share experiences with each other, and also build a good relationship between PUSU and BISC.

and pucatso birthday celebration

“...There is no stranger

there is only a family who has not met its new members yet...

This is what PuCatSo has implemented in one of their events named ‘Proud to be Catholic’. Proud to be Catholic or PTBC was held during the weekend

of the matriculation period for the new freshmen batch 2012, 10th to 11th of August 2012. The purpose of this event is to welcome the new family from batch 2012 and to introduce PUCatSo as a Catholic family who is opened for everyone, as well as

to show their pride as a Catholic. Lots of activities done in this event from indoor activities which was held in President University’s auditorium. The activities were more likely to introduce them to PUCatSo by giving some presentations, games, sharing session, and also prayers.

Different with last year’s PTBC, this year’s was followed by celebration of the 3rd birthday of PUCatSo on the August 12th, 2012. With the theme “God’s One Family”, This celebration was opened with a mass guided by Romo Markus Yumartana,SJ from PMKAJ US.


international muslim student summit 2012

“ The good deed and the evil After sixteen years of the national forum of Islamic Da’wah in campus known as Forum Silaturahim Lembaga Dakwah Kampus Nasional (FSLDKN). This year there were Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Philippines, Senegal, and Taiwan which partisipated in the summit .Bandung Institute of Technology became the host this year on July 15th-18th, 2012.

deed cannot be equal. Repel (the evil) with one which is better (i. e. Allooh ordered the faithful believers to be patient at the time of anger, and to excuse those who treat them badly), then verily! he, between whom and you there was enmity, (will become) as though he was a close friend... (Q. S. Fussilat (41): 34)

In the international summit, there were 30 delegates of these countries. Indonesia represented by President University and Universitas Indonesia. President University represented by Isti Toq’ah as speaker. Based on her research for years in Islam as a faith of peace, she discussed “Is Islamophobia an Inextinguishable (Re) Action?” There

were three main points in her paper. First,being not fanatic, excessive, cruel, doing polite disagreement, using understandable language, and preventing to mock others. Second, analysis of Islamophobia can be as action (cause) or reaction (effect). Third, the discussion closed by result of her observation of Ahmadiyah Lahore who has the purity and sincerity to do Dakwah.

Vo l. VIII | Student Co rner | Presuniv Magazine

Vo l. VIII | Student Corner | Presuniv Magazine

Amongst 1217 papers included from Australia, People’s Republic of China, Sudan and United Kingdom, a paper written by Isti Toq’ah entitled “Extraordinary Country Risk di Sebuah Ordinary Country? Urgensi Analisis Country Risk: Krisis Ekonomi Global’ Milik

Hello PresUnivers! PUSU (President University Student Union) 2012 just conducted acomparative study to Binus International University a few weeks ago, July 7th, 2012. We, PUSU Members, gathered at Lobby A Building and departed on 8 AM.

Proud to be CATHOLIC

comparative study

sport olympiad

parting Inspired by the song “Sayonara Memories” composed by Supercell


“Clothes… check. Shoes… check. I guess everything’s in here,” With her two small but sturdy arms, Miya forced the pile of clothes into her large, pink suitcase. With a loud zip, she fastened the zippers and closed the suitcase. Miya let out a long breath of

She was anxiously looking around, expecting Taku to come any minute. It was not like Taku to be late. Could he have forgotten our appointment? Miya shook her head hard. No, Taku’sgonna come. I’m sure of it. The sun had already disappeared, its light replaced by

and stared at the ceiling. “I’m gonna miss this bed,” she whispered. Miya had just graduated from high school and tomorrow, she will be departing for the United States to pursue her bachelor’s degree in

tree. Miya was leaning on the trunk, covering her neck with a long, wool scarf. Her eyes looked distant and were watery. She occasionally bit her lip and muttered under her breath. In her right hand, a dim light from her cellphone illuminated her dejected face. Taku, where are you? Suddenly, Miya’s cellphone started ringing. Miya promptly answered it. After a few minutes, the caller hung up. Miya then pocketed her cellphone. She pulled up her scarf, gazed at the twilight sky, and started walking home.

beeps rang throughout the large room, making Miya’s hair stand on end. A tiny clock was vibrating on her desk, amidst the scattered loose-leaf and books. “Midnight already? Better get ready for bed,” she said lazily while trying to get up. She let out a large yawn and slowly walked towards the door. Her hand was just centimeters away from the doorknob when she caught a small glitter from her desk. The sounds of paper being brushed away violently continued for a couple of seconds, followed by the thumps single envelope, covered in glitter and a scribble which was supposed to be a name, was all that remained. Miya picked up the envelope and gazed at it intently. A sudden nostalgic feeling coursed through her body. Forgetting that she should be taking a hot shower and it was past midnight, she sat at her desk and stared at the envelope with a reminiscent gaze in her eyes. Two weeks ago… “Did you watch yesterday’s soccer match?” “Yeah! Madrid really rocked, didn’t they?” “Tsuchiya! The teacher’s looking for you!” Almost twenty students were in the classroom, resulting in a high degree of chatter and noise. Miya sat at her desk quietly in the back row. In her hand she held an envelope covered in glitter .

VIII | Student Corner | Presuniv Magazine

her hands. Today was the last day of classes. In two days, Miya was going to attend her graduation ceremony alongside her fellow third-years. However, Miya had one last thing to do before this day ended and it involved the envelope in her hand. Today, that envelope should be in the hands of Taku, Miya’s male friend from class 3-2. Miya had postponed this task over and over throughout her high school years.But no longer shall she delay her wish. Theletter had to be in Taku’s hands by the end of the day. Crows cawed in the crimson sky above. The cool spring breeze caused several cherry blossoms to billow away. Miya was standing under the tree; her back slouched against the tree’s hard trunk and her took a glimpse at her watch. It was almost 4 o’clock. “Where could he be?” said Miya.

Present day, 9 AM… Go say your goodbyes to friends and be back by 4 PM, kay?” Miya’s mother reminded her. Miya was just getting ready to walk to school, where all of her friends were holding her farewell party. Miya was wearing a cream-white sweater, a red pleated skirt and matching red-white sneakers tying her shoelaces and bolted out the door while shouting, “Bye, mom!” As she walked the hill road that led to school, if her mind were projecting her vivid memories onto the buildings and wallsshe passed by. As Miya passed the vacant lot near the intersection, Taku. Paper and books scattered everywhere. First-year Miya was constantly apologizing to an angered Taku, who was busy picking up the with Taku… how nostalgic. Miya saw second-year Miya chatting happily with second-year Taku as she passed the stone walls of the hill road near the school building. Compared to the curr ent Miya, second-year Miya had short hair and was slightly shorter. Ah, I remember… this was that day when I walked home together with Taku. She continued along the road and within minutes, the school building was visible. There was nobody in sight. The spring breeze whistled in Miya’s ear as she saw second-year Miya in her sports uniform; a white nylon shirt and red short sport pants; running alongside second-year Taku on the track. Second-year Miya was smiling cheerfully at Taku, who was closely behind. Suddenly, second-year Miya slipped. Second-year Taku promptly grabbed her hand, butMiya’s momentum caused both of them to crash into the brown soil with a loud “Kyaaah!” from second-year Miya. They sat

there on the track, brushing off dirt rf om their uniforms, as others passed, laughing at them. Second-year Miya and Taku’s eyes met and they both exchanged heartened laughs. Second-year Taku noticed a gash across second-year Miya’s elbow and reached into his pocket. A small Band-Aid was in his right hand. He told second-year Miya to stay still as he applied the Band-Aid onto the gash. Second-year Miya was speechless and blushing very hard. As expected from Taku, always coming prepared.Miya looked at her right elbow. The Band-Aid was gone, but a small scar remained. Miya entered the building and she saw more glimpses of her past as she approached her classroom; this time, she saw herrecent third-year memories. She saw herself frantically preparing decorations for the cultural festival with her friends. She also saw herself in the library, pondering over a mountain of textbooks accompanied by Taku. They were studying for lecturing Taku, who occasionally yawned. Ah Taku, you were never great at studying. Miya was in front of Class 3-2’s sliding door. She could hear faint sounds from inside. She reached to the door handle and slid it open. Shouts and cries of joy welcomed her, along with several hugs from Sayu and Yui, her two closest friends. Present day, 3 PM… “It’s been two weeks, huh? We shared a lot…” Miya’s eyes started to water, “…but you never told me you had a heart condition,” Miya said mournfully. In front of her, a dark and elegant gravestone stood. The sweet fragrance of incense entered Miya’s nose, giving her a relaxed feeling. Beside the incense at the base of the gravestone, a bouquet of white roses and forget-me-nots was neatly arranged. Miya crouched in front of the gravestone and put her hands together. She closed her eyes and whispered a prayer only known to her. When she pocket and produced an envelope, the same envelope which she has been holding on to.She gazed at it for a while, remembering all the memories that certain envelope contained. Her eyes started to water, but she had a sincere smile on her face. Slowly, she put the envelope at the base of the gravestone along with the her cheeks, but Miya did not wipe them. She stood up silently and turned around. “Goodbye, Taku. I’ll never forget you. Thank you for the memories you gave me,” Miya said, her high.

Dharma “Gaz” Agastia International Relation 2011 016201100044

PresUniv Magazine (Vol.VIII)  

PresUniv Magazine (Vol.VIII)

PresUniv Magazine (Vol.VIII)  

PresUniv Magazine (Vol.VIII)