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EDITOR’S LETTER Dear Aspiring PresUnivers, My team and I are so happy to be able to complete this magazine and make a short introduction about it. With very few people involved in the creation and publication of this month’s edition due to the short semester, we really had to devote countless working hours and even sacrifice our weekends just to get the right stories and have everything in place for our beloved PresUnivers. This edition’s theme is about championship because we believe that there are so many champions on our campus who deserve the spotlight in PresUniv magazine. Well, this is it! Enjoy their stories and love PresUniv :) Jhanghiz Syahrivar d

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Dr. Geraldine B. Advincula, MBA


Field of specialization Management DOCTOR IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION from Southern Luzon State University Lucban, Quezon.

Marie Ann C. Jimenea, MBA Jeaneth Michelle L. Balaba, MBA Field of specialization Management MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION from University of Negros Occidental Recoletos (UNO-R) Bacolod City

Orlando R. Santos, MBA Field of specialization Statistics MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION from Philippines School of Business Administration

Field of specialization Management MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION from De La Salle University-Dasmari単as

Dr. X. Rosario Arun Kumar, MSW., Ph.D. Field of specialization Human Resource Management DOCTORATE OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.D) in Inter- Disciplinary (Social Work and Environmental Science) from University of Madras, Tamil Nadu.

CHEC Awards

Scholarships to 15 PresUnivers

s t n e v v i n U E s Pre

During her visit, Yang Xiuping praised one of President University’s lecturers, Ms. Fransiska Wiratikusuma, who won the essay competition organized by CCTV 4(China Central Television-4).



Goes to PresUniv

1st session: Material from Mr. Gustav Aulia and Mr. Michael Tjandra In the first session, Gustav Aulia started his material by sharing his experience as a reporter in Banjir Bandang Aceh case, which happened in 2006. At that time, he was appointed to lively report the news from a village, near Langsa, 4 days after the disaster happened. He found that the village was covered with mud with the elevation reaching the roof. Banjir Bandang Aceh was caused by the illegal loggings. The falling trees were drifted through the river stream, and finally it broke through. A journalist is demanded to capture the scenes by taking pictures, even though they might beterrified. He once found a four-day-old corpse that had already turned black, swollen, and rotten. A media also intentionally reported a bad news with its every details, to get as many help as possible. When Gustav reported lively from Kuala Simpang Market, he did not have the time to edit his photos. Therefore, a good photographer had to master editing while taking a photo.


Seputar Indonesia went to President University with an event “Sindo Goes to Campus”. This event was held on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 10.00 AM at President University Charles Himawan Auditorium. “Sindo Goes to Campus” is an annual event, which has been held by Seputar Indonesia since 2011. The event was opened by the masters of ceremony, Eva Okta and Vivi Yurita, followed by the opening speech by President University Vice Rector I, Mr. Vincentius Winanto. This event was divided into two sessions, which were the material from Mr. Gustav Aulia and Mr. Michael Tjandra, the news anchors from Seputar Indonesia, and “empathy journalism on disaster” workshop by Mr. Khoiri Akhamadi, Morning Sindo Executive Producer.

Moreover, Michael Tjandra added that as journalists, we should be careful in informing or reporting something; we must never report false news or rumors to the public. For example, if we heard that there were 2 corpses, we had to prove it by colecting the appropriate sources / slash weakneses . A journalist should recheck and find out only the truth, because a journalist must be responsible for the credibility of the news. A journalist should also be ready to work 24 hours a day, without any holiday. He should be ready to be appointed to report from conflict zone areas, and also to be yelled at. Gustav also added that RCTI, implied smooth journalism, by avoiding any rectification of the news and mass hysteria.

While President University students were practicing to be live reporters, Michael Tjandra and Gustav Aulia stated that a reporter always needed to consult with the producer in the office, in order to know the list of questions that would be given in the live report. They also mentioned that a reporter needed to think of the best angle to make it as unique as possible, but still appear natural. A reporter should also master the microphone technique, how to hold the microphone in the best position. He should also master the tehnique in holding the notes, so it was only the pointer shown on the screen. A live reporter should also be aware of his or her expressions, body-language and also positions. Sources for the live reports could be the person-in-charge of the location. We should find facts in the field, sources could be taken from, for example, the head of the office. In the report, we also needed to mention the name, or at least the identity of the source, because the principle of journalism was to cover both sides. Then, Sindo played their video profile that showed that RCTI‘s tag line: “Sindo, pertama dan tetap yang terbaik”. The video was then followed by the live report (the real one), by Michael Tjandra. He reported about an event in President University held by Sindo, named “Sindo Goes to Campus”. He also reported that Gustav Aulia was training some President University students, how to do the live report. Michael also interviewed one of the students. This live report closed the first session, which would continue after lunch time.

2nd session: Workshop of Empathy Journalism by Mr. Khoiri Akhmadi The second session was delivered by the executive producer of “Seputar Indonesia Pagi”, Mr. Khoiri Akhmadi. The topic was “The Journalism of Disaster, not The Disaster of Journalism”. He opened his session by giving a statement, “Journalists’ inner-feelings: Help or Cover up”. He asked the students about their opinions and choices as journalists. A few students answered that up. Some others said that they should help and cover up at the same time. There was also a person who chose to cover up Mr. Khoiri Akhmadi, the best way that a journalist should do was to crew to cover up. Moreover, he also explained that there were a lot of things to consider before reporting something to avoid the posiblity that the news would affect the society, and to prepare the appropriate action. A journalist should be careful with the number of victims, the effect of textual and symbolic content, and they must news.

They had to be able to learn from the disaster. For instance in Japan, corpses were never published on newsletter and were never shown on screen because their motto was “Ganbaru”, which meant the best for own self, the best for family, the best for society, and the best for the state. This special event was concluded by the question and answer PM. Sindo also gave souvernirs, in forms of a book and a ballpoint for each student. This event was very good. It really gave students more knowledge related to the studied by students of the Faculty of Communication and Multimedia , both Public Relations and Visual Communication Design. (agatha)


Turkey Government Looks at the Prospect of President University

e l c i t r A

Thursday morning, December 13th, the Third Secretary of Turkish Embassy to Indonesia, Ersin ydogan, A visited President University , Indonesia, to discuss the possibility toollaborate c in certain areas of tertiary education. Ersin visited the University on behalf of the Turkish Ambassador to Indonesia who had met Dr. Chandra Setiawan, MM., PhD, the University’s rector, in several occasions.

During his short visit, Ersin offered an opportunity for continuing education under Turkey Government’s grands and would prioritize the bright students and lecturers of President University over other local universities. Some other topics being discussed with the faculty members of the University include Dual Degree program, Student Exchange Program, Lecturer Exchange Program, Cultural Exchange Program, Ersin promised that the Ambassador of Turkish Embassy to Indonesia, along with his staffs, would visit President University soon to deliver a speech and to socialize the scholarship programs and the prospects of studying in Turkey.

Ohio University to Collaborate

with President University F

riday, January 11th – Two representatives of Ohio University, Prof. J. Michael Geringer and Katy Goring, visited President University to discuss the possibility to collaborate in Cross Culture Immersion Program (CLIP) or also known as Strategic Consulting. The program will be organized for a period of 6 to 10 weeks involving several groups of students, each consists of 4 to 6 members (a mix of American and local students) with diverse backgrounds. The program aims to introduce the participants about real working environment abroad and seek to develop a project based-team which is expected to give solutions towards some of the real problems occurred in the companies.



to Collaborate with

Sastra University , Indi a O

n Monday, 27th January 2013, Dr. Vaidhya Subramaniam from Sastra University, India paid a friendly visit to President University. The meeting was held at 10 am in the conference room. It was attended by Vice rector 1, Dr. Winarto, Vice rector 3, T. Manivasugen MBA, Head of Business Administration major, Dr. Witono, Head of International Collaboration office, John Mewburn and Head of PR department, Jhanghiz Shahrivar SE, MM.


Sastra University is renowned for its engineering majors. Founded in 1984, the university has gained a respectable position especially in the engineering study programs in India. It’s an autonomous university offering courses from Bachelors to PhD programs.

As a research based university, it receives a lot of research grants from partnered companies. In return, the university also sends many of its students to be trained as interns in those companies. Finally, it was lunch time and the meeting came to an end. It was indeed a fruitful meeting. The topic of discussions was mainly about student exchange program, Internship program, lecturer exchange program, joint research, etc. Both universities agreed to share their resources to make the programs happen.

Two PresUnivers Awarded a Scholarship from Astra International

They never thought that they would win the Astra 1st scholarship because of the tightness and difficulties in the selection process. As the scholars, they had to make a project that created a positive impact for PresUniv students. Both Rosyanti and Medyana hoped that the number of Astra 1st scholars in PresUniv would increase every year. For your information, Astra International has reopened the program for this year. Every student who wants to apply must submit the requirements on 18 April 2013 at the latest. Kindly visit http://www. students_grads/arc_program_ detail/16 for more details.

PresUniv MUN Delegation in NTU Model United Nations


On February 15-17, 2013, President University Model United Nations (PresUnivMUN) sent students to attend Nanyang Technological University Model United Nations (NTU MUN) in Singapore. NTU MUN is the largest international conference hosted by the NTU Debating Society. It invites students throughout Asia to discuss, debate, and propose solutions to current international issues, such as territorial disputes, assisting the development of Africa and the Middle East, and the Eurozone crisis. Participants of this year’s NTU MUN came from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Bahrain, Italy, and Saudi Arabia, many of whom were still in high school with an abundance of MUN experience. As with any MUN that PresUnivMUN had sent a delegation to, the delegation for NTU MUN was up to the challenge. The President University delegation consisted of 11 students and were dispersed into six different councils, including press corps. General Assembly (GA) was represented by Ichwan Muttaqin and Jazmi Adlan Bohari; United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was represented by Lia Margaret Silalahi; World Bank was represented by Tifani Lusiana; Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) was represented by Rienta Primaputri and Wulandari Wardani; United Nations Envrionment Programme was represented by Andreas Pandu Wirawan and Bill Kennedy; International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT) was represented by Zivya Syifa Husnayain; and press corps was represented by Fauzia Firdanisa and Karmila Rizal Bain.

Bright and early in the morning, the delegation was eager to go to NTU MUN after three months of preparation and training to finally be put to use. At five in the morning, the delegation made their way to Soekarno Hatta International Airport to depart Indonesia and arrived in Singapore at around noon. When they first arrived, a surprise was given that Changi Airport and the NTU campus were at opposite ends of SIngapore. After making the voyage across the country, the delegation finally arrived at the Nanyang Executive Center where the delegates and confereces would take place. The delegation then registered, checked-in, and went to the opening ceremony where the council chairs were introduced and clarifications regarding to NTU MUN were explained. Following the opening ceremony, there was networking over dinner where all of the delegates got achance to socialize and get to know the other delegates in their respective councils.

It goes without saying that every MUN has its own rules of procedures, and NTU MUN was no exception. Its rules of procedures and whole system of MUN was completely different from the system of MUN applied at PresUnivMUN. On the second day of NTU MUN, the delegation were excited to finally be going into the first council session. Be that as it may, when the council session ended for lunch, all of the delegates from President Univesity were in shock that the flow of conference was completely different from the one that they were used to. Going into the second council session, they were more prepared as to what to expect regarding the procedures. That night was also the social night that took place at China One, and all of the delegates were able to enjoy the night without the stress of the conference.

The next day comprised of the last two council sessions and the closing ceremony. During the council sessions, the delegation in different councils experienced a few changes that usually did not happen. For example, draft resolutions had already been passed from early on leading to a change in topics in World Bank, and hypothetical situations where United Kingdom leaves the European Union in ECOSOC. As if the rules of procedures and system of MUN was not already different enough, these surprise changes seemed like they were made to throw the delegates off. Regardless, the President University delegates greatly contributed to the discussion and making of the resolutions in their respective councils. The resolutions were fruitful, and in some councils, it established more fun atmosphere when some delegates proposed a resolution that was not so serious to lighten up the mood of the conference, and they served their purpose well towards the end of the last council session. Later at the closing ceremony, the awards of Honorable Mentions and Best Delegate were announced. Much to disappointment of the President University delegation, no one received an award. The next day, the President University delegation had made plans to visit the Embassy of Indonesia and get a public lecture from Mr. Alan about the sociocultural aspect of Singapore and the relations between Indonesia and Singapore. The lecture was more of a sharing session between the delegation and Mr. Alan because we got the opportunity to ask questions.

The visit to the Embassy of Indonesia was worthwhile and significant because getting to know relations between countries from different perspectives and from other people broadened the perspectives and knowledge for the delegation. After visiting the Embassy of Indonesia, the delegation had the chance to travel around Singapore especially since the entire time before there was no actual leisure time for them. They went to places such as Orchard, Merlion, Chinatown, and Bugis. Being in Singapore for four days at that point, the delegation was able to taste, see, smell, and hear what Singapore was like giving them cultural experience outside the one in Indonesia in which they are used to. Finally, the flight back to Indonesia was the next day at eight in the morning, and the delegation arrived at nine in Indonesia. They arrived at President University around noon, and their journey was over. Experiencing an international MUN is an opportunity that not everyone has the chance to experience. From the place and the people, the President University delegation has created ties with people of all sorts of backgrounds and cultures while at NTU MUN and in Singapore in general. Nonetheless, even though the quality of the President University delegation may not have stood out at NTU MUN, the experience of attending such a unique MUN is invaluable knowledge to be passed on to the rest of the members of PresUnivMUN.


Summer Report The politics of Korean is also concerned by states in the world because of the separation into North Korea and South Korea. Therefore, I chose the East Asian Politics and International Relations elective course that introduced a few significant historical events in East Asia,surrounding the Korean Peninsula from the late 19th century.


Introduction Last summer, there were two reasons why I flew to Korea: to participate in the summer school and to attend the 23rd International Youth Forum. I had been accepted in Inha University to have a summer course in Korea that started on July 30th to August 17th. As for the forum, it started on August 22nd and ended on August 28th. About Summer School at Inha University Inha University is one of the most prestigious private universities in Korea, and it has been continually ranked as a top 10 college nationwide.The program lasted three weeks and was made up of 100 hours of lectures, classroom learning and field trips. There were four subjects given: Korean Language, Korean Culture, Experiencing Korean Culture, and East Asian Politics & International Relations.

Learning Korean Language or known as Hangeul is not as easy as most people think. It is not only because of the grammar, but also the formality and non-formality that make it more complicated. As we know that Korean society does care so much about the superiority and inferiority in terms of age. They use different grammar when they are talking with someone older or younger. Not only learning Korean Language, I was also given opportunities to experience the Korean Culture and tradition at first hand. We were provided with accurate and in-depth information about Korea and its past. Also, we were able to learn traditional etiquettes and history of Korea. On Aug. 9, we were able to watch a movie entitled ‘He’s on Duty’ (also called Ban-ga? Ban-ga!) directed by Professor SanghyoYook (a lecturer at Inha University). Recently, multiculturalism is one of the hottest themes in the Korean film industry. This movie brilliantly exposes racism in Korea and the life of migrant workers in a humorous way. Surprisingly, one of the main actors is Indonesian who was studying at Inha University.

The main purpose of this class was to introduce to international students the historical changes and the development of East Asian countries, particularly Korea, China, and Japan. This course strongly encouraged international students to get familiar with East Asian affairs and particularly the Korean society and people. I felt like very fortunate to have this course because I had the chance to participate in a lecture about Korea from a Korean. I knew that I had talked about Korea so much in our regular classes, but for that moment, it felt so different. I got to know what the Korean people thought about the unification of Korea, the US military in Korea, and their problems with Japan. We had hot discussions about what was the most suitable way in unifying the Korean Peninsula, and so many things. As to this elective course, we were given a field trip to Ganghwa Island, a memorable place for Korean because it was the place were Korea officially surrendered to Japan. The most exciting part of the summer school was of course the field trip. We were given the chance to have field trips to some places in Korea. We went to Gyeongbokgung Palace and watched Nanta Cooking Show. When we were at the Gyeongbokgung Palace, there was a traditional ceremony happening since it was the day of their independence, August 15th. I was so lucky that I had the chance to see the ceremony.

18 About the 23rd International Youth Forum The 23rd International Youth Forum with its selected theme "Youth and New Media" took place from 22nd to 28th of August 2012 in Seoul, Republic of Korea hosted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Affairs, the Republic of Korea and organized by the National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea (NCYOK) in cooperation with WAY (World Assembly Youth), AYC (Asian Youth Council), AUNSEC (ASEAN University Network). The forum was divided into two big topics; international youth cooperation and youth & social media. Each topic has 3 different sub topics. And I was in the sub topic of Education in the New Media Era. The group consists of 10 people. The group mostly discussed about the SWOT Analysis of education in the new media era and also the solutions. At the end of the group discussion, we brought it forward to a Plenary Session to have some debates and arguments whether it is accepted or

not. In this Plenary Session, we made the youth declaration. In the Opening Ceremony, I met the Vice President of World Assembly Youth, Mr. Ahmad Doli Kurnia. He is an Indonesian and he is also the President of IYMCC or International Youth Movement For Climate Change. He gave the Keynote lecture and also introduced the World Assembly Youth to the participants. Apart from the hectic discussion, we were also experiencing the Korean culture: we made Korean traditional food, learned how to serve tea in a traditional way, watched and learned how to play korean traditional musical intruments, also wore Korean traditional clothes and learned how to greet people. One of the most important things was that I could make new friends from other countries. Time and space was no longer a barrier for us to make new friends.

Some Published and Presented Papers by Public Relations Students and Lecturers

The 7 th Student Gatsby CMA word By : Astrid Tresna Anindita Naninda Pangestuti Dito Santoso

After the final round, we were allowed to take a break. We took this chance to meet the other participants. We made a lot of new friends, and we were so happy. After the break, it was the time for the announcement, and we were anxiously waiting for the result. We didn’t get the main award, but we got the encouragement award instead. Sometimes it made us sad, but after having a chat with the judges in the after party, we were so relieved and happy, because two judges said that the editing in our video was really good, and the level of our video qualitywas higher than others. We were lucky, because our video was selected as one of the 2% videos chosen to compete in the final round. Previously, there had been 1066 videos participating in the competition. After we finished everything in Harajuku, we went back to Shibuya to take a rest.

One of the key programs of Public Relations Study Program is to strengthen and enrich our students’ academic capabilities by attending as many international communication conferences as possible. Below are some published/presented papers:


1. “Sharing Stand-up Comedy via Twitter : A Phenomenological Approach”. Faculty of Communication, Universitas Pancasila, presented at the UP 2012 International Communication Conference, Jakarta, June 26, 2012. The international communication conference at FIKOM Pancasila University held in Bidakara Hotel Jakarta, June 26, 2012. The topic that has been presented was “ Promoting Stand-up Comedy via Twitter, 1st author: Ms. Ratih Megasari (currently pursuing MA in Communication in University of London, UK, and Mr. Raudy Gathmyr, PresUniv’s Lecturer, served as the 2nd author. This paper ended up as one of the top 5% of the best papers among almost 100 papers, which have been presented at the conference and were granted to be published in international journal. 2. “Indonesian Mainstream Media Construction of Marginalized Social Group: A Case Study on Front Pembela Islam”. The 2nd International Conference on Communication (Indo ICC), organized by the Department of Communication, The University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia. 1st author: Mr. Andi Progo and 2nd author: Mr. Raudy Gathmyr.

4. “Barrack Obama’s Rebranding in Social Media : A Case Study on U.S Presidential Election in 2012”. The 3rd International SEARCH Conference , Taylor University, Malaysia, May 3031, 2013. 1st author: Azhari Hidayatsyah, 2nd author: Mr. Murthada Muttahari and 3rd author: Mr. Raudy Gathmyr. 5. “A Political Discourse Analysis of Official Facebook Fanpage Joko Widodo and Basuki Tjahaja Purnama in Gubernatorial Election of Jakarta in 2012”. The 3rd International SEARCH Conference, Taylor University, Malaysia. 30-31 May 2013. 1st author: Mr. Murthada Muttahari, 2nd author: Mr. Azhari Hidayatsyah, and 3rd author: Mr. Raudy Gathmyr. 6. “A Critical Discourse Analysis on Cultural Diplomacy of the Jakarta Post”. The 3rd Internatonal SEARCH Conference, Taylor University, Malaysia, 30-31 May 2013. 1st author: Mr. Mohammad Rizki Syahmanda, and 2nd author: Mr. Raudy Gathmyr.

Besides those 3 presented research papers, and the other 3 that were admitted for full presentations, the Public Relations study program is currently in progress of making and modifying some 3-5 research papers, which will be submitted to international communication conference in UK (the University of Westminster, London), the European Sociological Association 2013 Conference “Communication, Crisis and Change” University of Torino, Italy, August 28-31, 2013, and ASIAN MEDIA INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION CENTRE (AMIC) 22nd INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE July 4-7, 2013 in partnership with Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. For your information, the above mentioned are collaborative researches between active students and permanent lecturers, excluding researches that have been done independently by the lecturers.

And came the day of the final judging. Being positive was the thing that motivated us the most during the event. There were so many inspiring people in the room, they were great and they were all in the same position as we were. When we were on the stage, we tried to calm down. Our team’s leader, Naninda answered all the question calmly. It was quite good, and no more worries about the final judging afterwards.

Dito and I finally arrived in Tokyo. The long-hour flight made us very tired, so the first thing we did after arriving at the Haneda Airport was searching our way to our Hostel Khaosan Tokyo Annex in Assakusa. We had to wait for the morning train because our plane landed at midnight. It took us 45 minutes to reach Assakusa, and the first thing we felt was the weather, which was totally different from Indonesia. Japan is totally different from Indonesia to its core. From toilets, the smoking time, arriving at home, quequing in some activities, to keeping your pet around the sidewalk, and some other things that made us wonder for a while. We were really surprised when we found that all the stuffs were set in high technology, and people were so responsible in using the public services.

We received a lot of supports via twitter from our friends and also people from our campus. It was a priceless moment for me. At 8 o’clock Dito and I went to Shibuya. We brought some clothes that we used as dress code, and some food for our team members. Suddenly we felt very nervous but we were still happy and excited. From Shibuya we went to Harajuku with other participants from other countries. We met many young creative people there. They were very inspiring. We had some quality chat with them in our free time. The judges were nice, and friendly. We tried to give our best. Inda as our group’s representative looked so calm and confident at that time. Everything seemed so nice and perfect. After the long waiting, finally came the announcement .


Asia n

PresUniv Finish es

p U r t s e n n u R 1

Englis h Olym pics The Asian English Olympics was held on February 17th – February 21st 2013. This event was held by Bina Nusantara University’ English Club involving more than 500 participants that came from all over Asia; Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India, Korea, and other countries. There were 6 different fields that one could compete in: Storytelling, Debate, Newscasting, Short movie making, Speech, and Scrabble. I was in the Newscasting division, competing as a News Anchor. There were six rounds to the News Casting Division;


We were truly fortunate to be judged by such experienced judges in the News Casting Field; Dalton Tanonaka, the anchor of “ASEAN Today” (international distribution), the host of “Talk Indonesia,” Metro TV, Anchor of “Indonesia Now,” Metro TV, an anchor for CNN International, Hong Kong and many more. Another judge was Rex Remitio, a Filipino who has been working with a fast-rising media outfit, Rex has been covering different beats ranging from politics, business, sports, even up to showbiz news occasionally. He had done exclusive interviews with notable personalities such as Chief Justice Renato Corona after his impeachment trial and Queen Sophia of Spain, among others. Also amongst the judges were Gustav Aulia and Michael Chandra, a senior journalist and also a news anchor at RCTI. Arief Suditomo, a journalist and chief Editor at RCTI. Beib Evan Yanes, Senior English Trainer; LEAD English Institute and Australian Government`s Overseas Aid Program, and Australian Embassy. And last but not least Irene Sugiharto, a Newscaster in TVRI for both the Indonesian and English News Programs for over 10 years.

Initially, President University had sent 6 of its students, through PACT (President Association of Critical Thinkers), to represent President University at this competition. The 6 participants were members of PACT’s News Casting and Debate clubs which had previously been auditioned and selected before representing the President University in this competition. From the News Casting Club there were 3 participants who competed; Nathasya Mentari Sitinjak, Levi Daifani Lutfillah, and myself, Melinda Situmorang. From the Debate Club there was Dharma Agastia, Elizabeth Rosali Rampis, and Andika Candra Jaya as one team. Unfortunately the Debate team did not make it past the preliminary rounds. And Nathasya and Levi from News Casting had made it as far as the top 24 (Octo Final). I was blessed to be able to make it through the 6 stages and be on the Grand Finals with such extraordinary people who had gained so many experiences in competing in the Newscasting field. I learned a lot of things from the other Grand Finalists. Being the only girl in the Grand Final and the only ‘newbie’ on the Newscasting Competition was truly a great experience! The 3 other grand finalist, who were all guys coming from Indonesia and Malaysia, had given me a lot of tips and we supported each other and motivated each other to do our very best. On the Grand Final, aside from being a news anchor reading two detailed news, we were asked to interview Dalton Tanonaka which was truly an honor.

in the Espriex International Busin ess Canvas Model Competition Two fresh-presunivers namely Ubaidillah Mughni (Ubay) and Tiraz Aulia Aminin (Tiraz) - Business Administration major Batch 2012 has well finished as the 4th winner / first runner-up from the total of 18 finalists in the Espriex International Business Plan Competition, which was held by Unibraw for celebrating their 50th anniversary.

After the four of us went and did our part, all participants from every competition joined together in a cultural performance before the Championship Announcement which would later end in a Championship Dinner. When they announced the result I was truly humbled to be the second winner (1st runner up) of the News Casting field. I didn’t expect to win anything as to how good everyone was. I joined this competition just to gain more experiences, and also to do massive networking; and I did both. I met a lot of great people, experienced a lot of things, learned a great amount of new things and as the cherry on top, I get to bring the silver medal home. The Asian English Olympics of 2013 is an experience I will never forget. – MS

The competition was opened for undergraduate and graduate students. The finalists participating in the competition came from various countries. The participants from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar with their different educational backgrounds had competed greatly. “I didn’t believe we can win the competition as the 4th winner, all of the competitors are good. God had blessed us so much at that time.” Ubay said.

Pr esUniv ers

r e t u p m o C S U Wi n BIN 2 1 0 2 p i h s n o i p m Cha

These “duo combo” PresUnivers named their team Victoris with the Artee Interior Design as their business idea. ”There are many experiences we got from this competition. Great friends, nice skills and amazing ideas, those are the best things we get”, Tiraz added. Before this event, Ubay and Tiraz had also accomplished to be the Runner-Up in the 7th Management E[x]posed: National Business Plan Competition organized by Universitas Indonesia (UI) on November the 19th and 20th 2012 consecutively. UI, as the host of the competition, managed to secure the first place followed by President University (PresUniv) as the Runner-Up and lastly, Prasetiya Mulya (PrasMul) in the third place.


THE champions What does PresUniv mean to you ?

Jonathan Davy

Tiraz Aulia Aminin Business Administration/2012

Achievements : 1st Runner-Up Espriex International Business Canvas Model

Quote : “PresUniv is a professional university that provides proper education needed for students to enter the world of professionals today. Besides, PresUniv gives us the opportunity to participate in the community of international education.”

2nd Winner of The 7th Management E[x]posed: National Business Plan Competition.

International Relations/2011

International Relations/2011

Quote: PresUniv is a university that could bring our academic and non-academic potentials to entirely new level. The collaboration of practical experience and academic knowledge fosters the students to be independent and maximizes their capacity.

Quote : “With its uniquenes, PresUniv provides great opportunity and experience, and for me, it is always beyond expectation”.

Achievement : Best Delegates in Indonesia Model United Nations (IMUN) 2012

Gilang Agam Tirta Ardana

Ubaidillah Mughni Devi Putri Audryan

Business Administration/2012 Quote: “I like the atmosphere here. The lecturers are all friendly and the students are unique.”

Visual Communication Design/2012 Muhammad Al-Ikhlas International Relations/2012 Quote: “PresUniv is a good university to improve your skill.”

Achievement : 1st Grade of China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) Scholarship Award

Quote : “I found such a crazy but talented family that is always nice and always be there for me here. At PresUniv I got everything! There’s no regret in joining PresUniv!”

Wijnand Chrisostomus Aditya Hizkia Tanasale Accounting/2011 Quote : “PresUniv is a place where I can learn new things about maturity, independence and friendship. PresUniv is forever true! ”.

Achievement : Honourable Mention in Indonesia Model United Nations (IMUN) 2012

Banking and Finance/2010 Quote : “President University lets me know how wonderful peace is, lets me get meaningful dreams, lets me ride beautiful future, lets me believe that starting from zero, we can be heroes.”

Aprodio Hutama S. Putra Vira Az-Zahra Julestica

International Relations/2011

Dawson Jovi Pangestu

Quote : “Studying at President University gives me valuable experiences from in-class lectures to student activities. As an International Relations student, I think that President University is the right place to experience the english-speaking environment.”

Accounting/2011 Quote : “There is so much to learn from President University, not only from the academic side but also from other sides like art, and many others. One day this university will become the MOST university that people want.”

Information Technology/2012

Tifani Lusiana

Quote : “PresUniv is the place for you to be a great and professional man!” Sherly Banking and Finance/2010

Quote : “A place to grow strong and big from the inside”. Achievement : Astra 1st scholarship achiever in 2012

Khairuman Information Technology/2011 Achievement : Best Delegates in International Studies Club Diplomatic Course (ISCDC III) 2012

Achievement : The Winner of BINUS IT Competition

International Relations/2010 Rosyanti

Medyana Juniarty

Business Administration/2010

Quote : “There is no place that makes me feel eager to be productive, critical, competitive but so comfortable at the same time, but President University.”

Akhmad Fuad Information Technology/2011 Andika Candra Jaya

International Business/2011 Quote : PresUniv is a nice place to grow up, to learn and to feel the experience that will be come memorable part of life.

Information Technology/2011 Andre Revian Danu

Quote : “I do believe that PresUniv could satisfy my insatiable thirst for cross-major knowledge. I love PresUniv and its seat-in system ”.

Quote : “Here, we can get many friends from different backgrounds and cultures. A suitable environment for us to learn more about diversity ”.


? ? y e h T e r a o h W

Thao Lia


Nathalia Mulijana and Nguyen Thu Thao are two gorgeous PRESUNIVERS who just happened to study in the same major (as a matter of fact, they are classmates!), which is Marketing Batch 2011. Lia (Nathalia’s nickname) is an Indonesian, whereas Thao (Nguyen Thu Thao’s nickname) is a Vietnamese. The English-hspeaking environment in PRESUNIV helps them reduce the communication barrier and makes them closer.

Thao and Lia, who just celebrated their 20th birthday on February 20th and 22nd this year, are not only pretty, but also smart and proactive in academic and non-academic activities. Lia was the Event Organizer of PUMA MHH 2012, Charity 2012 and COOL 2012 while Thao is the former member of AIESEC and Vietnamese Students Association. Both of them are the youngest in their families, but that doesn’t make them spoiled.

PresUnivers Become Runner-Up

in Shuffle Dance Competition

Even though Thao looks girly from the outside, no one ever thought that Thao is in fact a sporty girl; she enjoys doing some sports especially jogging, swimming and tennis. Meanwhile, Lia, in her sporty appearance, is much more feminine inside. For instance, she likes cooking and she is pretty good in playing some musical instruments, such as piano. So, anyone who needs a pianist, Lia will be a good candidate.

That’s a short story about our gorgeous cover girls. Surely there are a lot of interesting things about them that you’re dying to know but here is the interesting part for boys: both of them are single. So, if you want to know more about them, kindly add their Facebook accounts (Lia: Lia Mulijana, Thao: Nguyen Fit) or follow their Twitters (Lia: @liamulijana, Thao: @NguyenFit).

This accomplishment would become a motivation for the other members to obtain more achievements in various competitions. The crew said that they were all happy because they managed to secure the second place in the competition, in which there were so many good competitors participated. Before this competition, primerockers joined the Gangnam dance competition in Atrium Plaza, Senen. Hopefully Prime Dance, especially Primerockers, would be able to get more achievements and would be more famous not only at President University, but also outside of the University.

President University New Ballroom and

Library President University is constructing a new ballroom and library located behind the B building, which is expected to be available for use on July 10th, 2013. The building is expected to accommodate approximately 5000 people.


n o i t a c i d e M E E R F Gertesident Clinic at P

medical services? le to get the free Q: Who are eligib PresUniv o are studying in A: All students wh

Q: How to access the free medical services? A: You only need to show your student ID card

o f n I t n e Stud

Q: Do I need to pay for the cost of medicine or consultation with the doctors? A: It’s absolutely free

28 President Clinic was established in early 2013 to meet up with your medical needs for free. It is a member of President University Foundation. Located adjacent to the main campus, the clinic is completed with sophisticated equipment to cater to the needs of ill worsening students. It contains Observation Rooms, Consultation Rooms, Emergency Rooms, Medical Laboratories, ambulance, and Bedrooms which can accommodate up to 12 inpatients at a time. A team of highly qualified in-house doctors and nurses have been appointed to take care of the students. The health care services team is led by dr. Josh Riono alongside his colleague namely dr. Resa Agustian and dr. Welliana. Their motto is to provide students with individual attention and

Q: What if I am sick and can not go to the clinic by myself? A: President Clinic provides ambulance service (for emergency: 021-29469400)



The event conducted at Polo Club of Menara Batavia, Central Jakarta, was also attended by many businessmen and businesswomen, as well as many great entrepreneurs in Indonesia.


The Rector of President University, Dr. Chandra Setiawan, MM., Ph.D. delivered a welcoming speech in the beginning of the seminar which was then followed by another speech from President Director of PT.

The round table discussion was moderated by Dr. Chandra Setiawan, MM, PhD, the Rector of President University, and was attended by distinguished panelists such as Mr. Darmono Sudarsono, founder and president director of PT. Jababeka, tbk.; Prof. Dr. Juwono Sudarsono, former Indonesia minister of defense; Djoko Santoso, former chief commander of Indonesia; and Prof. Dr. Ermaya Suradinata, the former governor of the National Defense College.


ANWAR NASUTION DELIVERS ECONOMIC CRISIS SEMINAR Thursday, January 31st 2013 – Jababeka organized a seminar entitled “Global Economic Crisis and Its Impact on the Economy of Indonesia”. Situated at Menara Batavia, Jakarta, the seminar presented by an economist who was also an alumnus of Harvard University, Prof. Dr. Anwar Nasution. The seminar which lasted for three hours was moderated by Farida K. Ganiarto, a lecturer of President University.

hursday, December 6th, President University in collaboration with Jababeka organized a round table discussion with the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of RI, Prof. Dr. Moch. Mahfud MD. The topic being discussed at that time was about the function of the constitutional court and legal issues during the 2014 presidential election in Indonesia.


At the core of the event, Prof. Dr. Anwar Nasution explained that the economic crisis in Europe, primarily due to the banking crisis in Greece, had spread to several countries in Europe, including countries that had bilateral economic cooperation with Indonesia. It certainly could affect the economy of Indonesia in terms of the exports of natural resources such as coal, because several countries in Europe were reducing their imports of natural products in order to save their state budgets. The event was concluded by a question and answer session for 15 minutes.

Friday, January 25th – a group of professors and students from Silla University, Busan – South Korea, visited President University to socialize with the host university’s students and to further identify key areas in which the two universities can collaborate effectively. Prof. Moon Jae Hak and Prof. Cha Dong Pil, both from the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, were also interested to recruit President University’s students and lecturers to continue their PhDs at Silla University under their scholarship programs.

During their fourth visits to President University, Prof. Moon also asked if President University was willing to participate in Korean Official Development Assistance (ODA) program organized by KEDI. President University and Silla University made to the final last year after defeating around 40 international universities in the process; however, both universities have yet succeeded and secured the fund from the Korean government due to some technical reasons. Both universities are confident enough to secure the fund this year. The fund itself will be used to develop the two universities and to support the students’ educations.



r e n r o C t n e d

Pr esUniv

2 1 0 2 P M H IP CA


Leadership Training for the Next Leaders


On the first week of November 2012, from the 2nd until 4th, President University Student Union (PUSU) organized their new annual event, President University Youth Leadership Camp 2012 (PYLC 2012). This event was one of the external events from President University that invited Senior High School students from Jabodetabek to be the participants. The event consisted of some activities to train the students to be great leaders, like seminars, social projects, outbound games, and conference with Youth Desk: Indonesia National Commission for UNESCO for Indonesia and a farewell night that also involved their parents. PYLC 2012 presented a seminar with captivating speakers; they were Amli Nugraha who taught the students about ‘love language’ in organizational seminar, Mr. Wisnu Dewobroto for environmental seminar, and past-future-present seminar by PRANALA. They gave both the theory and the practical lessons to help the student develop their leadership skills. On the second day, the students were challenged to teach elementary school that didn’t get the proper education in their daily life fas their social project. They went to the slum area and taught the children basic subjects like Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesia, Citizenship and some other subjects. The students also did a scavenger hunt, and outbound games that improved their teamwork. There were 10 different games with the same idea, but different in values.

On the last day, they were introduced to the conference. They formed a delegation from 10 provinces in Indonesia and then delivered the message that was suitable with Youth Desk’s topic, which was ‘Pemuda di Kehidupan Berbangsa dan Bernegara.’ After the conference simulation, they made the resolution regarding that particular province. These resolutions had attracted positive responses from the Youth Desk, and they even said that they would wait for the prospect of that resolution. At the very last night, they had the farewell party that gathered all the committee and participants together. At the farewell party, the parents of the participants were also invited to see their developments after attending the leadership training. In this event, the participants gave various performances such as poet-recitation, drama and singing together.


FOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOO L STUDENTS For the first time, President University organized “PRECEDENT” an English Competition on Saturday and Sunday, 10 to 11 November 2012 at the main campus of President University, Jl. Ki HajarDewantara, Jababeka Cikarang. This event was initiated by the PACT (President Association of Critical Thinkers), an English Club in President University in cooperation with the Marketing Division of President University. Precedent successfully attracted more than 100 high school students inJabodetabek area. The event was enlivened with a total of Rp 5 million prize, including the second categories scholarships from President University, certificates, trophies, and amount of cash. The event was planned to be an annual event comprising several competitions such as Debate, Scrabble, and Speech with the theme “Young Spirit of Nationalism”. The event was held as a commemoration of “Hari Pahlawan” in order to build a sense of nationalism among youths. The first day of competition began with the opening ceremony, followed by the beating of gongs by Mr. Chandra Setiawan as the Rector of President University at 08.00, a sign that the competition has started. The event continued with a briefing by the PIC Competition to the participants of each competition before the knockout stage began. The remaining 6 teams from the elimination round was brought to the finals. Elimination round for debate competition was also held by having the big four to advance to the semi-final. Moreover, Speech competition’s elimination round sought for the top 10 best entries to advance to the semi-finals.

The event continued on the second day, the final round of the competitions. Scrabble competition had three scrabble teams and one person nominated as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) from 6 teams. Next, in speech competition,10 best participants were chosen to advance to the semi-final. From the ten participants, 6 participants were selected to enter the final round. The judges would then determine the winner of the speech competition. For the debate competition, there were four remaining teams as they got through the semi-finals and finals to determine the winner and the best speaker. The event ended with a closing ceremony that consisted of the announcement about the winners, the performance from PresUniv Idol finalists, and other PresUnivers performances such Saman Dance and Tor-tor Dance. The competition ended with a hit of the gong by Mr. Chandra Setiawan as the Rector of President University. After the closing ceremony, the event continued with the distribution of certificates to the participants, the winners also had the opportunity to take pictures with the Rector of President University and Adviser of PACT. One of the competition judges, Joakim Deke said, “This event is the first English competition conducted in our university, I hope that this event will not only become an annual event in our university, but also can become a national competition,” said Mr. Joakim.


International Friendshi p Week At PresUniv


President University Student Union (PUSU), one of the student organizations at President University – Indonesia, recently organized a big event called the International Friendship Week (IFW). The event was held from 9th to 14th of February 2013 using Chinese Lunar New Year as the broad theme. For the record, the Lunar New Year is also celebrated by the majority of international students who are currently enrolled at President University (PresUniv). The opening ceremony of IFW was organized by PUSU in collaboration with the Association of Vietnamese Students at PresUniv. The event conducted at the student housing area was enlivened through varieties of entertainments and music and dance performances from local and foreign students. The opening ceremony was closed with fireworks and was attended by thousands of enthusiastic students.

On the 2nd and the 3rd day of International Friendship Week, PUSU collaborated with China and Vietnam Student Associations and President University Nippon Community (PUNICO) – a small community of Japanese Culture’s lovers at PresUniv – to open booths selling traditional foods from Vietnam, Japan and China. Some games originated from Japan were showcased in the afternoon. Some of the students who participated in the event also sold movie tickets of “Chinese Zodiac”, starring Jackie Chan, to watch together at night. International Friendship Week closing ceremony was held on Thursday, February 14, 2013, at 7 pm at the student housing of PresUniv. The closing ceremony was attended by students and members of AIESEC (Association for the International Exchange of Students in Economics and Commerce) from Brazil, Russia,

Argentina, Taiwan, and China. During the closing ceremony, participants could enjoy Barongsai or Lion Dance performance, musical performances from Russia, Japan, and China, the local and foreign dances, and some ninja stunt actions. There is not much valid literature on the origin of Friendship Day and if you browse the net, you will find several versions to the story in which their validities are subjects for further investigations. According to some literature, for instance, the United States Congress, in 1935, proclaimed that first Sunday of August as the National Friendship Day. People of that era had seen the devastating effects of the First World War. They experienced increasing hostilities, mistrust and hatred between countries providing the perfect conditions for another imminent battle.

Therefore there was a greater need for friendship amongst nations as well as amongst individuals. Since then, celebration of National Friendship Day became an annual event. The noble idea of honoring the beautiful relationship of friendship caught on with the people and soon Friendship Day became a hugely popular festival. According to other literature, Friendship Day was originally proposed by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards in 1919, intended to be the first Sunday of August (other literature indicates the 2nd of August) and a day when people celebrated their friendships by sending cards. The first Sunday in August was chosen as the centre of the largest lull between holiday celebrations but it faced consumer resistance, given that it was rather too obviously a commercial gimmick to promote greetings cards. Despite the confusing origins and facts about the event, International Friendship Week at President University this year really showed the spirit of unity in cultural diversity among the local and international students.


Inauguration of

PUSU, PUSC, and PUMA ers!!

Univ s e r P o l l He


The inauguration was attended by the Rector of President University, Dr. Chandra Setiawan, Ph.D; Vice Rector III, T. Manivasugen, MBA; Dean of Management Study Program, Irfan Habsjah; and Head of Student and Alumni Bureau, Wasito, Sm. Ik. The inauguration was started with the opening by the MC, Suvi Tan Antara, followed by the speech from the Project Manager, Edwald Welton, and the speech from Rector of President University. Singing “Indonesia Raya” and President University March, the President University Choir opened the series of inauguration beautifully. After that, the event went to its main point: reading the vow of PUSC, represented by the Chairperson of PUSC, Ayu Yunia Harsari and led by Dr. Chandra Setiawan, Ph. D. The previous Chairperson of PUSC, Haryanto, symbolically handed the mandatory to the new Chairperson. After that, the new Chairperson of PUSC

Along with PUSC and PUSU, PUMA also took their vow. It was represented by the Head of PUMA Banking & Finance, Yoriko Yohanes Lampus, and led by the Dean of Management Study Program, Irfan Habsjah. The speech from PUMA was delivered by the Head of PUMA Accounting, Gideon Ericko Setiawan. After that, T. Manivasugen, MBA, the Vice Rector III, delivered his speech for the new members of PUSC, PUSU, and PUMA to work together to make the university far better for one year ahead. He also mentioned about the development that was currently constructed by President University, two new dormitory blocks and a multifunction hall that could accommodate up to 5000 students. The inauguration was closed by PUMA Award from PUSC to choose the best PUMA 2012 based on the performance in the previous year. This award went to PUMA Electrical Engineering (EE) with Alexander William as the Head of PUMA EE and Vincent Thomas Sutanto as the Vice Head of PUMA EE. That’s how the inauguration day ended. Let us pray together for the newly elected members of PUSC, PUSU, and PUMA to work harder and serve the university to be better in the next year.

38 ...New members of PUSC, PUSU, and PUMA to work together to make the university far better...

International Student Festival in Trondh eim (ISFiT) Norway 2013


Do you love dancing ?

Joining International Student Festival in Tronndheim or ISFiT 2013 was a wonderful and exciting experience for student of President University who participated and contributed as Indonesian delegates. Many students from every corner of the world came to this event, and from 5900 applicants 2 students (Septian Marhenanto from Public Relations 2009 & Lettisia Gianti from Accounting 2010) of President University were successfuly selected to be a part of the 450 participants on this prestigious event. This event was held annualy. ISFiT 2013 was held on February 7th – February 17th 2013 in Trondheim, Norway. With having differents topic for every festival, the theme for ISFiT 2013 is Global Trade. ISFiT 2013 defines global trade as trade in goods, services, labor, money and financial instruments legally and illegally. With this main theme, ISFiT 2013 presented a constructive debate with different ideology and nationalism. The participants were attending 17 different workshops, Septian joined Workshop 16 with a the sub-theme Power and Ghea joined Workshop 11 with the sub-theme Trade as aid. in our workshop, we discussed important issues, challenged each other, learned and found new solutions to problems regarding this year’s theme, global trade. Several lectures and thematic meetings were held where international speakers share their thoughts with the participants.

Join our fun & Healthy environment at WASKITA DANCE ACADEMY Waskita Dance Academy Opens Class for: Now Open in


In addition to the workshops, ISFiT highlighted the festival theme through a vast cultural program consisting of concerts, plenary sessions, art exhibitions, performing arts and ceremonies. One of the greatest speakers who attended the plenary session was an adviser of President United States of America. The culture program offered an extensive range of events for the visiting participants, but was also available for the population of Trondheim.

trade in goods, services, labor, legally and illegally...

- Traditional - Hip Hop - Popping - Krumping - Wacking - Locking - Breakdance - Ladies Style - New Style - Lyrical

Address: WASKITA NUSANTARA PRODUCTION Ruko Permata Gardenia H21 lt.2-3 Jl. Irigasi Raya, Kota Jababeka Cikarang Baru, Bekasi 17550


CP: Tama 081210903401 pin: 22D0D2AC @SanggarWaskita FB: Waskita Dance Academy

You can also share everything about dance with international dancers from many countries

Beyond the Barrier

Inspired by “Rainbow Girl” sung by HatsuneMiku

“I want to tell you something… Hello, are you there? Hello?” My words can never reach him. I really want to express my feelings for him. We’ve spent so much time together, in joy and sadness. I love him, but my voice cannot break through the barrier. He’ll never know my feelings – and I’ll never know his. He’s gone…and I’m not who I think I am… One year ago…


Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m 15 years old and yes, I’m a girl. I have turquoise hair – I’ve had it from birth; I didn’t dye it. I’m a normal teenage girl who likes singing and playing musical intruments. My favorite instrument is the keyboard. I’d say that I have a high-pitched voice. I was with my friend when I arrived. He was a normal boy, probably the same age as I was. He wore half-framed glasses and he had straight black hair and it was styled in such a way that it looked kind of messy. At first sight, I felt some sort of connection with him, because somehow I had a feeling that he also liked music. He was holding my hand, smiling. He told me to sit on the couch while he fiddled with his laptop. I waited patiently until he finished. “It’s finally done!” I jumped a little hearing him shouting like that. “Wha-what’s done?” He gave me his headset that I then put on my head. It fitted my head perfectly and the earpieces fitted smugly -- as if they were made for me.

He gave me a thumbs-up and said, “Try singing,” “O-okay…” I was flustered. I also felt that he was just teasing me at that time. But, he was my friend, so I tried to sing the first song that came to my mind. “Hajimete no kotobawa nan deshitaka? Anata no hajimete no kotoba… (The first words, what were they? The first words you spoke…) Watashiwakotobatteienai… dakarakoushiteutatteimasu… (I can’t speak those words. That’s why I’ll sing them…)” “Great!” he exclaimed. “What was that about?” I was very curious. “Here…” he showed me his laptop screen, a certain kind of software was running on it. It was like a piano…yet more sophisticated. On the bottom were lots of bars… it looked like a sci-fi starship control panel. There were lyrics placed like musical notes – wait, I just sang those lyrics! This must be a music software! “…now, try hearing your voice,” he pressed the “play” button. I was taken aback by my own voice. It came out so beautifully… I couldn’t believe that it was my own voice. I looked at him with a smile on my face, and he grinned back and gave me a thumbs-up. “My voice sucks, but I’m confident in writing songs. But, you have a beautiful voice… so why don’t you be my partner?” he extended his hand, expecting me to accept it.

“I’ll be happy to!” I exclaimed. His hand was right in front of me, but for an odd reason, I couldn’t seem to grab it. Instead, I gave him my most cheerful smile. I could finally sing to my heart’s content and with someone by my side. Nine months had passed since our first encounter. Everyday was a wonderful moment. He would write some lovely songs and spent a lot of time tuning the music software just to bring out the maximum cuteness of my voice. I would sit around and watch him while he works so hard on the lyrics. I couldn’t wait to sing the songs. His songs were never the same: sometimes they were sweet and lovely; sometimes they were dark and foreboding; and sometimes they were just plain random. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed singing all of his songs. He also gave me a lot of nice clothes to wear when singing and people all over the world enjoyed our music. He uploaded our music videos, which we made together, to YouTube. I felt overjoyed that people actually liked our music. Over the months, I thought I might have developed feelings for him, but I never had the courage to actually tell him. I had a strange feeling that I may not be who I think I really am… Eleven months had passed since we first met. He seemed so distant now, he seemed like a person who was in depression. He spent less time writing lyrics and tuning the software and more time out of the house. I hadn’t sung in days and I felt very uncomfortable… I had a bad feeling that this might be a start of something awful.

...Illustration by : Natsir...

42 11 months, 29 days had passed since our first encounter. I finally found the time to be alone with him. I wanted to talk to him about a lot of things. “Is everything okay?” I asked him. He shook his head. “I’ve lost the will to write more songs…” he said darkly. “We-well, is there anything I can do to help?” I eagerly asked. “No… I need to move on with my life,” he said, still in a dark tone. “I’m sorry… but you need to go…” I was stricken. There was a pain in my chest that emerged as he asked me to go. What was this feeling? I’d never experienced such pain before. I cried in agony, “But…why?” I saw a tear ran down on his cheek behind his messy hair. He was… crying. The tear hung from his chin and fell, followed by a steady stream of fresh tears. I could hear him saying,

“Goodbye,” and “Sorry,” repeatedly between his sniffles. His finger reached out to a button on the keyboard… “NO! NO! I still wanna sing!” I hollered at the top of my voice. I tried stopping him, but… He pressed the button. He turned around, wiped his tears, and silently walked away from me. “I STILL WANNA SING! Don’t go! Please---!” I started shouting and crying hysterically, but my voice started crackling… my body felt numb and powerless… and my head went blank. I guess we were back where we started. That’s right. I was just a program. I was never real to begin with. These feelings were just my imagination playing tricks on me. As I sat in the darkness of the Void, as my body disintegrated into millions of polygon shards, virtual tears started to flow from my half-intact eyes. There was no way my voice can reach him again. I was nearing destruction. I loved him, but I was nothing but a program.

But, it was fun while it lasted. I still remembered the cheerful days we spent together. I was sure he loved me too…in his own way. However, there was no way a bunch of data and a human can ever be together. Before my world entirely collapsed into strands of binary code and distorted polygon shards, before the uninstall bar reached its end, I uttered my final words…

“Deattekurete… hontouniarigatou… (I’m grateful we met…)

Aishitekurete… hontouniarigatou… (Thanks for loving me…)“

Dharma “Gaz” Agastia International Relation 2011

PresUniv Magazine (Vol.IX)  

PresUniv Magazine (Vol.IX)

PresUniv Magazine (Vol.IX)  

PresUniv Magazine (Vol.IX)