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Is moving to the country going to be the right thing for you? A move from city to country can be a large, emotional and rather daunting decision but the fact that you are even considering making the move generally means that you have a yearning for a change. I don’t know about you but I dread listening to the daily news! There’s always someone being shot or stabbed or little children being taken. It’s truly heartbreaking for these families who have to endure this in their lives and I find myself thanking my lucky stars that I live where I do. In our regional area we still have tragedies and the occasional small crime but as a community everyone pulls together to help each other out and thankfully it is certainly the exception rather than a daily occurrence.

It is said that Stress is one of the 3 major killers! We are finding every day we have calls, emails and visits from frazzled city dwellers seeking solace in a better life, both for themselves and their families. Freshly grown food, no traffic jams and a generally slower pace can

be good for both your health and soul. Even if you still have to travel for work, it is largely along pretty country roads not stuck in grid lock. I always find travelling along our roads a great time for listening to podcasts, thinking out any problems or just reflection. You may also find that you have more time to spend with your family due to less time spent in traffic jams!

#JustLetKidsBeKids We love this hashtag! It pretty much sums up what we’re about. Even though we have people from all ages and backgrounds purchasing in our area, we love nothing more than to see young children so excited about their new property. The excitement on their little faces when they can run around kicking balls, collecting sticks

and feathers, swimming in creeks and rivers makes it all worthwhile. It is so much healthier than being stuck inside watching TV or gaming. And that doesn’t even cover motorbikes and ponies!

So where to start? Based on our combined personal experiences and the frequently asked questions that we receive, here are a few tips from The R & R Property Team on what to consider in a possible move to a regional area:

A great start to getting to know the area you like best is to: • Have a weekend or two away in your chosen shortlist of locations • Once there, frequent the cafes, restaurants and businesses. • Chat to the locals and call in to the visitors information centre. • Check about the climate, lifestyle, events etc. • Check out the schools, pre-schools, day care centres if you have a family

• Does the area have the values, like-minded people, qualities you are seeking? • Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to. The R & R Property Team have pretty much heard them all and aren’t daunted or won’t think you are being silly. It is much better to ask and feel comfortable than to worry about an unknown. • Try to narrow down what you are seeking in a property. For example do you love nature, like bush walks, need cleared land to run livestock? Are you wanting to grow your own vege’s, collect fresh eggs from your very own chicken coop on your hobby farm? • What’s your budget? There is no point seeking a particular type of

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to. The R & R Property Team have pretty much heard them all...

property within an area that you can’t afford. Either change your criteria or change your area. • There are a few things to consider and you may not know the answers straight away. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you are seeking select a diversity of properties to view, let the agent know your situation and then inspect each one, speak to your agent about it and sit down afterward and note the pros and cons of each property’s size and location. • Do you have time to look after a large acreage? Would a smaller acreage be far more practical? You will still have your space and serenity but won’t spend all your spare time maintaining it.

• Check what each areas facilities are. For example do you need to be close to medical services? If so does the area you are interested in have these services? Here’s a link to our local business directory: index.cfm?pagecall=content& contentId=125020 • Is internet and mobile service crucial to you? There are varying services available to suit your needs and the property location.

• Some properties have no town services which you may take for granted where you currently live. In some locations you will require rainwater tanks for catchment from house and shed roofs. Once you live with this you get quite used to it and even if you do run out of water there are water delivery services available. • Sewer mains may not be connected, so some properties have a septic system and these

if they are feeling unsure about a regional move then it is not such a big step. • If requiring a loan to purchase there are certain financial institutions who are better to deal with than others. Be aware that not all of them are used to loaning for rural properties.

vary in types as well and again the agent can briefly explain which type the property has. • If purchasing vacant land always check the zoning and land size and whether or not the property has building entitlement. For example in some areas you must have a minimum of 40ha to gain building entitlement. • Renting first. Sometimes we have clients who decide to rent in our area prior to purchasing, that way

In summary we find that families absolutely love the move they have made and their only regret is that they didn’t make the move sooner. Children although possibly initially worried about making new friends and what they will do in the country soon adapt and find that they make lifelong friends. It is quite common for us to sell properties to adults that grew up in the country as children and find that they can’t get that country blood out of their veins. There seems to be an innate yearning to return. Please note that The R & R Property Team have put this material together as a guide only and encourage all clients to do their own research before making any decisions.

Talk to us today for a friendly chat about making a move for a better life. Call 02 4994 5766.