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at the National Concert Hall Sunday 16th to Saturday 22nd November 2008 inclusive

Souvenir Propramme

Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society Presents the Dublin Premiere of...




Mel Erccks Creeks Musieal Musical S'-






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Gaiety Theatre, Tues 23 April 2009 to Sat 9 May inclusive (No Sunday performance on May 5) Nightly a t ftpm and matinees Sat 2nd and 9th

@ 2.30pm

Book by THOMAS MEEHAN & MEL BROOKS Music and Lyrics by MEL BROOKS H | P ! < m Director: Noel McDonough Choreographer: Marina Kealy Musical Director: GearoidGrant Chorus Director Jackie Curran-Olohan

By special arrangement with StudioCanal This amateur production is presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD. on behalf of MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL of NEW YORK.



<5aiety3oxOffice: ( 01)6771717

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lOLnninE'i DT W.5. a iD m 速 minuK suLiivnn Director: GARRY MOUNTAINE C horeographer: MARINA KEALY Musical Director: GEAROID GRANT Chorus Director: JACKIE CURRAN-OLOHAN Production Manager: NORA O'ROURKE Set Design: JOHN O'DONOGHUE S tage M anager: GERRY McKNIGHT Lighting Design: DENIS TWOMEY Sound: PAT O'BRIEN Additional Lyrics: LEWIS CLOHESSY

NATIONAL CONCERT HALL Sunday 16*^ to Saturday 22"^^ November 2008

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From the President o f Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society The Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society welcomes you to the National C oncert Hall and to our presentation of G ilbe rt & Sullivan's lolanthe, first perform ed at the Savoy Theatre London in 1882. It is extraordinary th a t W. S. G ilbert and A rth u r Sullian, w ith th e ir to tally diverging personalities, should have given us th e 'G and S' theatrical masterpieces w ith G ilbert's lyrics in p e rfe ct 'harm ony' w ith Sullivan's music. Sullivan enjoyed the g o od life and was part o f the 'in' crowd o f Victorian Britain, whereas G ilb e rt was constantly d e bunking the ruling classes. For instance, in lolanthe w e hear Lord M ountararat singing: "When Wellington thrashed Bonaparte as every child can tell The House o f Peers, throughout the war did nothing in particular and did it very well."

A n d private Willis, referring to W estm inster: "When in that house M.P.'s divide If they've a brain and cerebellum too, They've g o t to leave that brain outside, and vote just as their leaders tell'enn to."

Sullivan was knighted in 1883, bu t G ilb e rt (because o f his continual sardonic criticism o f those in authority), much to his chagrin, had to w a it a fu rth e r tw e n ty -fo u r years - 1907 - to receive his "K " which he called a " tin -p o t tw o p en n y halfpenny sort o f a d istin c tio n ". Ouch! The Society's last prod u ctio n o f this delightful com ic opera was in 1985 so its revival was w ell overdue. I hope you will enjoy our 2008 lolanthel

PAT CAMPBELL, President, R athm ines & R athgar M usical Society. N o v e m b e r 2008

2008 Autumn Production - lOLANTHE

R&R President & Executive Committee 2008-2009 (some m e m b ers missing a t tim e o f p ho to grap h)

M em be rs o f the cast rehearsing "lolanthe"


MANAGEMENT TEAM President: Pat Campbell EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS TO JULY 2009 Chairman General Secretary Treasurer

Lewis Clohessy Shay Gibson M ichael C lark

Assistant Treasurer

D o d o O 'H a g a n

Business Secretary

Liam C arroll

Booking Secretary

G arry M o u n ta in e

Press & PR

D ia rm u id O 'N e ill

M arketing Secretary Rehearsal Secretary W ardrobe Mistress

John M cC all M ichelle Foynes Denise O 'M a h o n y

Production Secretary

N ora O 'R o u rke

Block Booking Secretary

B arney G orm an

Social Secretary

Im elda B ra d le y

Associate Members' Representative Active Members' Representatives

Helen H u rle y R o b e rt D eve re u x Brendan Galvin W e n d y Thom pson

All Executive C om m ittee M em bers serve the Society in an Honorary Capacity The Committee acknowledges all those who continue to aid and serve the Society through their time and dedication. We thank them most sincerely and wish them well.

This year the Society learned o f the sad passing o f some o f its friends and supporters, Bob McKevitt and Evelyn Dowling, RIP.

2008 Autumn Production - lOLANTHE


GILBERT & SULLIVAN O ften quirky and regularly irreverent the operas of G ilb ert and Sullivan have enjoyed broad and enduring international success and are still perform ed frequently thro ugh ou t th e English-speaking w orld. The creative confluence of these theatrical heavy-weights has produced w hat is arguably the m ost popular series o f musical entertainm ents of th e Victorian era, boasting an unrivalled popularity w ith audiences young and old.


fairies rub elbows with British Lords, flirting is a capital offence, gondoliers ascend to the monarchy, and pirates turn ou t to be noblemen who have gone wrong! Sullivan, seven years younger than G ilbert, composed the music, contributing memorable melodies tha t could convey both humour and pathos.

It was the renowned theatre producer Richard D 'O yly Carte who first nurtured the collaboration of librettist W. S. G ilbert and com poser A rth u r Sullivan. Producing no fewer than fourteen comic operas between 1871 and 1896, th e pairing gave rise to the hit shows H.M.S. Pinafore, The Pirates o f Penzance, and The Mikado, among others. G ilbert, who wrote the words, created fanciful topsy-turvy worlds fo r these operas, where each absurdity is naturally taken to its logical conclusion W. S. GILBERT ( 1 8 3 6 - 191 1 )


A Collaboration of Musical Maestros

lOLANTHE A CREATIVE PINNACLE A lthough it was not as connnnercially successful as some o f their earlier works, it is widely agreed that lolanthe represented a creative zenith for the G ilbert & Sullivan, drawing the best from both com poser and author. One critic, w ritin g for the Theatre publication, even asserted "th e music o f lolanthe is Dr Sullivan's chef d'oeuvre. The


quality th ro u g h o u t is more even and maintained at a higher standard than in any o f his earlier works..." Recognising this creative mastery, D'O yly Carte built the Savoy Theatre in London in 1881 to present their jo in t works - which would later come to be known as th e Savoy Operas and also founded the D'O yly Carte Opera Company, perform ing and prom oting their works fo r over a century. Their seventh collaboration, lolanthe, or the Peer and the Peri as it was also known, opened in th e Savoy in 1882 and ran for a staggering 398 performances poking fun at English law and the House o f Lords and making much o f the war between the sexes. G ilbert had targeted the aristocracy for satiric tre a tm e n t before but in this "fairy opera" the House of Lords is lam pooned as a bastion o f th e ineffective, privileged and dim -w itted.

ARTHUR SULLIVAN ( 1 8 4 2 - 1 9 0 0 )

Political satire aside though, the opening night must have seemed a truly magical event: The Savoy Theatre was the first theatre in the w orld to be wired for electricity, clearing the way fo r such stunning special effects as sparkling fairy wands!

2008 Autumn Production -


"lOLANTHE" SYNOPSIS ACT I Twenty five years b efo re th e o p e n in g o f the opera lolanthe, once th e darling mistress o f fairy revels, was banished fro m Fairyland fo r life w hen she c o m m itte d th e capital offence o f m arrying a m ortal. Sentenced to death fo r her crim e, th e Q ueen o f the Fairies co uld n o t bear her lolanthe to be killed and so c o m m u te d her sentence to banishm ent fo r life - p ro v id e d she never again speak to her husband! The passing o f 25 long years b ro u g h t no jo y to th e fairies w ho missed th e ir beloved lolanthe so th a t they im p lo re d th e ir Q ueen to pardon her. Follow ing a full pardon by the Fairy Queen, lolanthe returns to Fairyland and announces she has a s o n :th e handsom e half-fairy, half足 human Strephon. "...he's a fairy d ow n to the waist, b u t his legs are m o r t a l. .. " The fairies laugh th a t lolanthe appears to o yo u n g to have a g ro w n son as her Fairy orig in s have th e happy advantage o f a llow ing her a pp e ar a youthful seventeen d esp ite her Arcadian shepherd son being tw e n ty-five years old!

upon his own regard fo r Phyllis' passion due to his position as her guardian. The Lords send fo r Phyllis to choose one o f them , but she declares th a t she w o n 't marry any o f them , as virtue is fou n d only in a "lo w ly " cottage. The peers are unhappy at her rejection and beg her n o t to scorn them sim ply because th e ir b lo o d is excessively blue. Strephon approaches the Lord Chancellor, pleading th a t nature bids him marry Phyllis. But the Lord Chancellor wryly notes th a t Strephon has not presented sufficient evidence th a t Nature has interested herself in th e m a tter and refuses his consent.

D espondent, Strephon calls on lolanthe for help w ho appears and promises her su p p o rt in every way. Spying on m o th e r and son, the Peers - led by the brainless and stuffy Earls Tolloller and M o u ntararat to g e th e r w ith Phyllis, see lolanthe and Strephon in a warm embrace. All three ju m p to the obvious b u t d im -w itte d conclusion since the centuries-old lolanthe appears to be a girl o f seventeen. The peers scoff at the seem ingly absurd Poor Strephon, however, is claim th a t lolanthe is love-sick! He has fallen fo r Strephon's m o the r "She is, th e beautiful Phyllis b u t has been, my m o th e r from despairs as th e y have been my b ir t h .. . " Phyllis angrily fo rb id d e n to m arry by The rejects Strephon fo r his Lord Chancellor who, along supposed in fide lity and w ith a g reat many m em bers declares th a t she will marry lolanthe either Lord Tolloller o r Lord o f th e House o f Lords, also harbours a secret desire fo r her. W h a t is M o u nta ra rat "...and I d o n 't care w hich!" S trephon, at last, calls fo r help from the p o o r Strephon to do? In tru e matriarchal style The Fairy Q ueen prom ises her fairies. They appear on cue, b u t are assistance. Soon Phyllis arrives and she and mistaken by th e Peers fo r a girls' school on an outing. G rievously o ffe n de d, the Fairy Strephon share a m o m e n t o f tenderness as Q ueen pronounces a magical sentence th e y plan th e ir futu re and possible e lo p e m e nt. upon the Peers; Strephon shall n o t only becom e a M e m b e r o f Parliament, b u t will W ith g re a t p o m p and cerem ony a cadre o f have the p o w e r to pass any bill he th e peers o f th e realm arrives. They are all proposes, including th ro w in g th e peerage sm itten w ith Phyllis, and th e y appeal to the open to c o m p e titiv e exam ination! The Lord C hancellor to d e c id e w ho will have her curtain comes dow n on A c t I w ith the fairies hand. The Lord C hancellor is hesitant to act threatening th e quaking Peers!

"lOLANTHE" SYNOPSIS ACT II A c t II opens w ith the fairies in W estm inster where th e y poke fun at the unhappy Peers fo r the resounding success o f MP Strephon. As the Fairy Queen threa ten e d in A c t I, Strephon is advancing a bill to open the peerage to c o m p e titiv e exam ination! The Peers ask the fairies to stop Strephon's mischief, m odestly acclaiming th a t the House o f Peers is sim ply "n o t susceptible to any im p ro v e m e n t". A lth o u g h th e fairies say th a t the y cannot stop Strephon, they have becom e very much a ttracte d to the Peers and a ppear to be q uite taken w ith them ! Dism ayed by this overt display o f fairy affection, The Fairy Q ueen cites Private W illis o f th e First G renadier Guards as an exam ple o f how she is able to subdue her response to the effects o f manly beauty.

Phyllis and Strephon ask lolanthe to go to th e Lord Chancellor and plead fo r him to allow th e ir marriage. Impossible! she replies, fo r th e Lord Chancellor is her husband. The Lord C hancellor believes lolanthe to have died childless, and she is b ound not to "u n d e c e iv e " him, under penalty o f death. However, to save Strephon fro m losing his love, lolanthe decides to present his case to th e Lord Chancellor in disguise.

A lth o u g h th e Lord C hancellor is visibly moved by her appeal, which evokes the m em ory o f his lost wife, he declares th a t he himself will marry Phyllis, lolanthe desperately unveils, d esp ite the warnings o f th e unseen Fairies, revealing th a t she is his long-lost wife, and th a t Strephon is his son. The Lord C hancellor is amazed to see her alive, b u t lolanthe has again broken fairy law, and th e Fairy Yet, Phyllis cannot decide Queen is now left w ith no which o f th e tw o peers, choice b u t to punish Tolloller or M ountararat, lolanthe w ith death. As she she o u g h t to marry, and so prepares to execute she leaves th e choice up to lolanthe, the Q ueen learns the m . However, Tolloller th a t th e rest o f th e fairies tells M o u nta ra rat th a t his have all now chosen fam ily's tra d itio n w o uld husbands fro m am ong the require th e tw o Earls to peers, thus also incurring duel to th e death if the death sentencesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; b u t the la tte r w ere to claim Phyllis. Q ueen blanches at the The tw o decide th a t th e ir prospect o f slaughtering frie n dsh ip is more the w h ole com pany o f im p o rta n t than love, and fairies. The Lord Chancellor renounce th e ir claims to suggests a solution: change her. M eanwhile, the Lord O riginal costume design fo r lolanthe the law by inserting a single C hancellor has a nightm are b y Wilhelm w ord: every fairy w ho d ue to his u nrequited love " d o n 't" marry a m ortal shall fo r Phyllis. The tw o peers try die. The Fairy Queen cheerfully agrees and, to cheer him up. A t th e ir urging, the Lord to save her life, the d u tifu l soldier, Private C hancellor determ ines to bravely make Willis, agrees to marry her. Likewise, seeing ano the r e ffo rt to convince him self to award no reason to stay in th e m ortal realm if Phyllis to himself! Peers are to be recruited fro m persons o f A lth o u g h Strephon now leads b oth parties intelligence, th e Peers agree to jo in the in Parliament, he is miserable at losing his fairy ranks. They all sp ro ut wings, and love. Seeing Phyllis again, he finally "a w a y [they] g o to fairyland!" explains to her th a t his m o the r is a fairy, which accounts fo r a g o o d many things!

IN INTERVIEW PAT CAMPBELL and LUCY LANE Pat C am pbell and Lucy Lane; tw o names synonymous w ith th e R&R w h o to g e th e r boast an impressive 114 years o f collective service to one o f Ireland's o lde st and m ost respected musical societies. W ith such a w ealth o f experience under th e ir belts it is no surprise both Pat and Lucy have countless m em ories, some g o o d , some n o t so g o o d , o f th e ir perform ances fo r th e R&R. Well one m ig h t w o n d e r do th e y miss the f o o t lights and fo llo w spot? Well, n o t exactly: Lucy rather happily adm its to enjoying th e fruits o f R&R p roductions fro m afar these days. Having been, as she p u t it, 'e x h u m e d ' to play alongside Pat C am pbell in a piece fro m G igi fo r th e Society's 90th B irthday C elebrations in N o ve m b e r 2003, she retired from th e stage after th e Society's su bsequent G&S season. By the n she fe lt she had "chanced it just e n o u g h " and d e cid e d it was tim e to step into the w ings fearing she could no lo ng e r sing as

Rathmines & Rathgar Musical Society

TH E MIKADO .'/I,/ f l t l f / â&#x20AC;˘ 'J if/ttt!

I 'rom [â&#x20AC;&#x2122;iicsday 19th N ovem ber to Satiirtliiy 30th N ovem ber, 1985


Lucy a n d Pat in 'The G o ndoliers' in 198 2

well as previously. Pat's way o f looking at it was som ew hat different: "Lucy was a singer - I was never a singer, therefore, my voice has n o t d e te rio ra te d !" Surprisingly, Lucy claims she felt incredibly lucky to still be able to play m ajor roles fo r the com pany at th a t tim e, a se ntim en t echoed by her youngest d a u g hte r w ho w o uld exclaim rather p ro ud ly to one and all th a t "m y m o th e r is in the National C oncert Hall and she's 66!" In G&S you have to sing! As many will attest, the re sim ply is no vocal hiding place in the music o f G ilb e rt & Sullivan. A ccording to Lucy the G&S genre brings w ith it its ow n unique style and dem ands "tw o g o o d w o rkin g fe e t and a brain in your head." Given th e Society's illustrious history with all things Savoyard, it w ould be fair to say th a t the R&R and G&S have meshed well. W h y then the p e rfe c t fit o f one musical establishm ent to the other? "F o r starts th e y [G&S shows] use so many people. There's always a big chorus and m any small parts where peo p le can start o u t and w o rk th e ir way u p " A technique Lucy e m p loye d herself throu g h many years, playing all the main fem ale roles in lolanthe (including, Fleta, Celia, th e title role, Phyllis and o f course, th e Fairy Queen) and many o th e r G&S works. Pat believes th e secret to the successful relationship betw een th e entities lies in th e loyalty o f the ensem ble who returned year on year to reprise roles and chorus perform ances fo r the ir ever-faithful audiences. Returning tim e and time again was no mean fe a t either as th e Society w ould often stage tw o operas in tandem : th e last

Two Venerable Vets o f the R&R Share Their Memories o f Shows Past O io n iso fF a iric s l.\m i JJrinajRui. Cath\ EJ>Tnc. Louise Byme. Dmnajtb Kelly, [ris Neylui, S tm lra Nlichritc O Throc. .NtkheUc O’CjttoU. O xJo O 'H ^ in . Ixm (yKcnneth', M aun S»-eeiw», Ew Sttvdey, Pauline WooJs.

T he l.xKd (JtafKcDcr fja i of M ouotannt

PaiC icn{ibell N igel WilUaOM


Paui D e c fn

Prince Wiflis

BQ1>’ Blood-Smiih


FV edG raluni

Queen of the Pasies loUnihe

Rebecca Smith


N ianih M um o’ D enite lxm)[ Sandra KelK

Reta (.hanceUar's Anrndant

‘‘.ita fen itsl.ordfy

M rianie Ryan CUcm F cm^

O ta n u ( ^ P e « n jo e B e«tn, Dorn (^arroD, Ray GiUins. Denis Deasy, Ron Elvacs, Brend4n Galvin. Sean Hogan. Joe I jn e , Mervyn G reaby, Denis l« h y . Noel Magee, Ivan .McKenna, Frank M um y, la rry SieBey, Tony Sweeny. Pa&chal Walsh.

PROGRAMME NOTES /ahmtic •'as last produced by dte Sodeiy m 1978, and has some bcauiirul music dii^icned thruu{dHAi( its a ttr a ^ 'e score. In particubr, ^ entry o f dtc fairies to the strains of cbe heait^liftiitg melody of the ordiestral ai'nMipanimcnt etudes a diriU u f h ^ ^ expectation ih ^ is fuR) realised m ihe stmy pmftrrsses to the nuresiy ofihe EVKr'schorus — I highUghiof the Rr«tacL Further lays to he cm isiged arc the fun and ematcment of the t.ord ClhancePur's delightful s o r a and performance in the sccuid act. first production o f/•<«><*(■ tonkplaceon November 25, was also the RnuCiilbert and SuUi^-an opera to be staged in Landan's Savoy Theatre. Now, w e r a century later, the droBery and quuiy nnnscivK nf the «tnryllne hrinRS a.t much liin iind vnioyineni to present-<lay audiences, as ii did to dte I .ondan patrrmt o f more than a hundred years T he kjvc story of the Arcadian ritepherd for dw |»eity Jvephcrdi-vi has h d d Itt place securely in the anectiotts <rf^its audiences in die tears betw een. -As a further tribute to its success, Sullnan kni|^ied some months atWr the openinjr nighi.

A n imupiffTwrssim ptM i''

tim e lolanthe graced the stage o f th e Gaiety Theatre, The M ikado was had closed merely days b eforehand. This sort o f gruelling perform ance schedule was only made possible by the fact that, according to Pat, "th e same g ro up stayed to g e th e r fo r 15 or 20 years, so p e o p le really knew th e ir music stra ig ht away." Lucy points out th o u g h , th a t staging the same shows tim e and again w ith th e same faces also had some artistic drawbacks, claim ing th a t it had becom e a little stayed and predictable - b u t w oe b etid e anyone w ho dared to change th e established modus o pe ra n d i "p e o p le e xpe cted to see it p erfo rm ed as it had always been - o r you w ere dea d !" So, in de e d it seems lolanthe holds a special place in th e hearts o f tru e G&S aficionados and in this regard Pat and Lucy are no exceptions. Pat's enthusiasm fo r the show seems to alm ost b u b b le over when he speaks o f lolanthe, which, he informs, was the first show that Sullivan actually sat d o w n to specifically w rite an overture for rather than patch it to g e th e r at th e end. Indeed, many regard it as th e pinnacle, th e ch ef d'oeuvre, o f th e duo's creative partnership. Lucy lauds its "w o n d e rfu l tun e s" and "fabulous a ccom pa nim e nts" which she counsels are all to o o fte n overloo ke d and really o u g h t n o t to be:

"Its music is q u ite m oving in places and is a real treasure." W ith this in m ind and our collective ears tuned and ready fo r the perform ance, any last-m inute advice fo r th e cast ton ig h t? Lucy says it's really q u ite sim ple "ju s t sing o u t and enjoy yourselves! Enjoym ent is a huge part o f lo la nth e!" Pat, how ever is a little m ore self-effacing: "This 'e n joym en t th in g ' I never really g o t - I was always frig h te n e d g o in g on b u t you g e t throu g h it th e n come o ff and then enjoy it!"


I Pat a n d Lucy

2008 Autumn Production - lOLANTHE


A t the beginning of the operetta, where is lolanthe? i Fairyland ii A t the bottom o f a stream iii The House of Lords iv Somewhere in the forest


6. Who is the only character on stage at the beginning of Act II? i ii iii iv

'To think that five-and-twenty years have elapsed since she was banished! What could she have done to have deserved to terrible a punishment?' What did lolanthe do?

7. Why do Lord Tolloller and Lord Mountararat decide that neither of them should marry Phyllis? i ii iii iv

i She refused to get married ii She insulted the fairy queen iii She married a mortal iv She had a son

Private Willis lolanthe The Lord Chancellor Strephon

Their friendship is too important They have learned that she is a fairy She has already married Strephon The Lord Chancellor has decreed that neither of them can marry her

3. Strephon, lolanthe's son, is only half a fairy. Which half?

8. The Lord Chancellor decides that it would be unethical for him to marry Phyllis, as she is his ward, and so he allows Strephon to marry her.

Left half Bottom half Top half Right half

i ii

4. Why is Phyllis unable to marry Strephon?

9. What is lolanthe's secret?


She is engaged to Lord Mountararat ii lolanthe does not want her son to marry a mortal iii Strephon is her brother iv The Lord Chancellor forbids it

i ii iii iv

5. A fter being insulted by the Lord Chancellor, the Fairy Queen sends Strephon into Parliament. W hat does she threaten to have him do there? i ii

Burn down the houses of Parliament Make the peerage open to competitive examination iii Make Britain a republic iv Make it legal fo r shepherds to marry wards in chancery '.SSd^Sip Uj d|eujdj e3AeS o; ),up|noM OL|MJ9!p|os i^spjjg eq} jo qoniu >|Ujq} },uop | 'lue.eui

';o[d ueA{||ns paqnQ p

-{dA} e SI Xj|e9j s{i|x

Strephon i Lord Tolloller ii Private Willis V Lord Mountararat

a s { e j - i | ;jd A A s u v '8

jaiueu s,diijspuaij;j a n j| aAoqe )|uej pjnoijs 3ao| uaAa ^of^, m o d u i j 00) s| djijspuau} i\m - \ uaAAsuy 'L

,'jBiJOUJ ajB s6a| stq ^nq aq; o; UMop Xiie| e s,aH, •jieq'dox s8a^ jaMsue pajioo aqj.

'suepjijjod aAijeAjasuop pue [eiaqp 0)Uj p|jOM ai|; p uoisiAjp ;uajuaA -U03 ai|) )noqe '^suieuidj dei|3 e ouo| \\i u a q ^ '6uos snoiue^ siij s6u;s a^

-si||!^ a^BAiJd - ! ;jdMSuy‘9 s,uoi|da4$ pue 'pueqsnq jaq si jo||a3uei|3 pjo] aijx juojieuiujexg aAjijiadiuo^ pueqsni^ jaij sj jo||d3ueq^ pjoi dijj, - m udMsuy aq uode^s pai|exa s,d)|n(] e puy 'uiopuaisjjij^ lij luaa; j|eqs sjaa^j, -jaij aBeujeui umo sil{ o) ,pa;uasuo3 Xq aiqeujeue uo!)eujuiexe aAjii^eduio) o) uado aSejaad aqi a>|e|^ - n ;jaM suy's

-Xpuepnjai )souj -%iiepn|aj | '||dsXaiqijMa|66nj^ aja^aseja^Jy, 'pe) u{

Phyllis is also her child Strephon isn't really her son The Lord Chancellor is her husband She is the one who killed the Lord Chancellor's wife

10. A t the end of the operetta, the Fairy Queen must marry a mortal. Who does she choose?

a3U9jU9AU03Uj 's)(es sq sy

S{||y\^aie/yjJd-!!! udMsuv'Oi

True False

,;jaA3 jo| sn pa^ejadas seq JOj|a3uei{3 pjc] aiji puB 'sn uaa/iAiaq pasodiajui seq MS'] aqi JO} 'aui daaM 'jai|ioui 'qo, Wspfqjo^ J0||a3ueq3 pJOi a q i - Aj ja M s u y 't

Iieqdo],-!! ;J9«suV‘£ ,[Uja;sXs

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'uoqda4$ 'uos jaq jeau aq pjnoD 3qs os ujeaj^s aq; )o o io p q aq; o; paqs;usq aq o) asoqo aqs pue 'j^iouj e SujAjJBiu jo} paqsiueq %maq$ l u e a j i s 8 ^0 l u o ^ o q a q } ; y « ji ;j a M s u y


Harvesting the Sea’s Renewable Resources

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Garry studied w ith Dr Veronica Dunne at the Leinster School o f Music and at the RIAM w ith Professor Paul Deegan. He appeared in Mahogany Songspiel (Opera Theatre Company, Dublin Theatre Festival) and In Company With Sondheim (Sceanario, National C oncert Hall). He has played nnany roles including Tevye in Fiddler on the R oo f (Gaiety Theatre), Ramades in Risen People (Gaiety Theatre), Emile de Becque in South Pacific (Gaiety Theatre), Joe Kellor in A ll M y Sons (Andrews Lane Theatre), Eddie Carbone in A View from the Bridge (Andrews Lane Theatre), Sam Byck in Assassins (The Beckett Theatre), Khruschev in JFK (Olympia Theatre), Dancairo in Carmen (National C oncert Hall), The Man in Buskin (Tivoli Theatre), Nathan D e tro it in Guys & Dolls (Gaiety Theatre), Prof. Henry Higgins in M y Fair Lady (Gaiety Theatre) and Honore Lachailles in Gigi (Gaiety Theatre). W ith th e D 'O yly Carte Opera C om pany he played Poo-Bah in th e ir production o f The M ikado and W ilfred Shadbolt in The Yeomen o f the Guard (Sadler's Wells Theatre, UK). Television and radio w ork include The Late Late Show, Live at 3 and Theatre Nights. He also appeared in the BBC productions o f The M ikado and The Yeomen o f the Guard. Garry directed The Yeomen o f the Guard in 2004 and co足 directed the R&R's 90th Birthday Celebration Concert in 2003, having previously directed The M ikado (2001) and The Pirates o f Penzance (2002), all at the National Concert Hall. He co-hosted From Romberg to Rodgers at the NCH in 2005 and his role as Tevye in Fiddler on the R oof at the Gaiety Theatre in 2006 won him critical acclaim. He was D irector o f The Gondoliers at the National C oncert Hall which was an astounding success and recently starred in the very successful run o f Who's A fra id o f Virginia W o o lf at the new Mill Theatre in the Dundrum Centre. Last year Garry appeared as 'M oonface M artin' in Anything Goes at the NCH and appeared m ost recently as 'Baron Zeta' in The Merry W id ow at th e Gaiety.




Marina has been involved w ith dance from an early age. She has perform ed in all the major theatres, professional cabaret and on national television. Marina's w ork has been w ide and varied. Having danced in numerous John Player Tops o f the Town finals, she was deligh te d when the show she choreographed reached the national final and was broadcast live by RTE. O ther successes include, Godspell, Chess, Guys and Dolls, Joseph and the A mazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar, Wonderful Town and many dance workshops thro u g h o ut the country. Marina's w ork received a nomination from AIMS for Grease and won Best Choreographer Award from both AIMS and the Bangor Festival fo r her w ork in Me and M y Girl. Following this Marina was asked to co足 choreograph the professional production o f Me and M y Girl at the Olympia Theatre. Marina has a long association with the R&R. Firstly as a dancer, and perform er in the role o f Liat in South Pacific. She successfully choreographed the R&R productions of The Pirates o f Penzance, the R&R 90th Birthday Celebration, M y Fair Lady, The Yeomen o f the Guard and Gigi, the very successful production o f Chess for Glasnevin Musical Society and was D irector/C horeographer fo r the R&R's Let's Celebrate the Magic o f the Musicals! and C horeographer for Anything Goes, all at the National Concert Hall. Most recently she choreographed The Merry W id ow at the Gaiety. Marina is d eligh ted to continue her association with the R&R as C horeographer fo r this season and would like to thank the entire cast fo r their very hard work and dedication over the last number o f months.

i .

GEAROID GRANT - Musical Director


G earoid Grant graduated from UCD in 1972 and since then has com bined a freelance career as conductor w ith a career in music education. He has recently retired from teaching in the FCJ School in Bunclody where over th e years he established a "school o f music" with over 250 students playing in tw o very large ensembles. Gearoid started conducting in RTE over 30 years ago and has perform ed with RTECO and RTENSO on television, in concert halls, and even in the rain with a 6,000 strong choir in Lansdowne Road. In 1990 Gearoid devised and continues to present and conduct each year the acclaimed The Irish Times/RTE series "Music in the Classroom" which introduces music to 30,000 Irish children annually, w ith 24 performances at the National Concert Hall in D ublin and in major venues around Ireland. The _ program m e is developed in conjunction w ith RTE, The Irish Times and the D epartm ent o f Education. Gearoid has conducted the National Youth Orchestra o f Ireland since its inception and has never missed a concert in nearly 30 years. The Rathmines and Rathgar music society has had similar service.

NORA O'ROURKE - Production M anager

For th e last 10 years he has conducted the Cross Border Orchestra o f Ireland (including a sell-out concert in Carnegie Hall) and he organises and conducts the Hallelujah Christmas Concert at the Point Theatre w ith over 9,000 children singing. When he has th e tim e Gearoid conducts orchestras in Europe, America and Africa in Halls from Cape Town to Boston in a w ide repertoire ranging from Mozart to Sondheim.

JOHN O'DONOGHUE - S e t Design

He has no intention o f stopping just yet!

2008 Autumn Production - lOLANTHE

R A T n n i n c s © R A T n o n R n u ^ i c n L ^ o c i e t t r R E ! > E n T S ... OR M F E E R AHD M F E R I D T m . O IL D E R T ^ A R in U R S U L L IY A n















"Tripping hither, tripping thither" (Celia, Leila, and Chorus of Fairies)


"lolanthel From thy dark exile thou art summoned" (Queen, lolanthe, Celia, Leila, and Chorus of Fairies)


"Good-morrow, good mother" (Strephon and Chorus of Fairies)


"Fare thee well, attractive stranger" (Queen and Chorus of Fairies)


"Good-morrow, good lover" (Phyllis and Strephon)


"None shall part us from each other" (Phyllis and Strephon)


"Loudly let the trumpet bray" (Chorus of Peers)


"The law is the true embodiment" (Lord Chancellor and Chorus of Peers)


"M y well-loved Lord" and Barcarole, "Of all the young ladies I know" (Phyllis, Lord Tolloller, and Lord Mountararat)


"Nay, tempt me not" (Phyllis)


10. "Spurn not the nobly born" (Lord Tolloller and Chorus of Peers) 11. "My lords, it may not be" (Phyllis, Lord Tolloller, Lord Mountararat, Strephon, Lord Chancellor, and Chorus of Peers) 12. "When I went to the Bar" (Lord Chancellor) 13. Finale Act I (Ensemble) "When darkly looms the day" "The lady of my love has caught me talking to another" "Go away, madam" "Henceforth Strephon, cast away" "With Strephon for your foe, no doubt / Young Strephon is the kind of lout"

ACT II 14. "When all night long a chap remains" (Private Willis)’


15. "Strephon's a member of Parliament" (Chorus of Fairies and Peers) 16. "When Britain really ruled the waves" (Lord Mountararat and Chorus) 17. "In vain to us you plead" (Leila, Celia, Chorus of Fairies, Mountararat, Tolloller, and Chorus of Peers)

4 Kfi ‘


18. "Oh, foolish fay" (Queen with Chorus of Fairies)

^ i *

1 *

19. "Though p'r'aps I may incur thy blame" (Phyllis, Lord Mountararat, Lord Tolloller, and Private Willis) * Is#,

20. "Love, unrequited, robs me of my rest" ... "When you're lying awake" (Lord Chancellor) 21. "If you go in you're sure to win" (Lord Tolloller, Lord Mountararat, and Lord Chancellor)


22. "If we're weak enough to tarry" (Phyllis and Strephon) 23. "My lord, a suppliant at your feet" (lolanthe) 24. "It may not be" (Lord Chancellor, lolanthe, and Chorus of Fairies) 25. "Soon as we may, off and away" (Ensemble)

ENSEMBLE LADIES & GENTLEMEN G erald B lo om er R ob ert D evereux Fergal D oyle Brendan Galvin Shay G ibson Barney G orm an N ick M ansfield John McCall A lan M ulvihill Fergal O'Sullivan G a rre t Reynolds Ian R ountree J o e Swan G areth W alker-Ayres Paschal Walsh


Kathy Byrne V ictoria Clarke Lisa C ollins Gina C on de ll M aire a d C o n n a u g h to n Kate Engelstad N icola Graham M ichali Hyams Lisanne M cC rea n or M eg an M cG rath Ritz M urray Ju lie nn e Paye Clare Treacey

ATTENDANTS TO THE PEERS Ruth Buckm aster Breifne Keogh G rainne M cK n ig h t



Jessica H olland Ruth Kearney Lily M cKeow n Leah M acM ahon Lucy N orris Eva O 'R io rd an Jenna O 'R io rd an Roisin Rigney

M ichael Cash Patrick M urray Kevin S ingleton From StarMakers

From the Star School o f Dance



Rebecca M o u n ta in e G e aroid O 'R o u rke Hannah Taylor

Emily Sm art

Jason Lane Paul Kinsella

BEHIND THE SCENES Production Manager:


Lighting Design:


Stage Manager:




Property Mistress:






Wardrobe Mistress: Assisted by:


Casting Committee:


Make-Up & Wig Design: Assisted by:


Bookings Manager:







Programme Compilation


Set Design:


Programme Layout and Printing


Set Construction:



FRONT OF HOUSE H elen Hurley, W e n d y Thom pson, Lorraine Frewen. M ichelle Foynes,


Ann Gorm an Eileen Gildea, M arian M egannety, D eird re Connolly,

Reiltin Bowes, Fidelma Allen, A o ife Byrne, D iarm uid O 'N e ill,

Lewis Clohessy, Liam Carroll, Robby Keogh, Edw ard O'Grady-W alshe



M em be rs o f the R&R Cast, Chorus and Dancers rehearsing fo r " lo la n th e "


Vocal C a c h in g Dance & Drama

STARMAKERS l i o m S L i : ' r Sc h o o l l o S U i i d c u i i

FRIDAY AFTERNOONS BOYS & GIRLS 3-6yrs 3:00 to 4:15pm (€135 per term) 7-18yrs 4:30pm to 6:30pm (€170 per term)

VENUE: RATHMINES & RATHGAR MUSICAL SOCIETY 67-69 Rathmines Road Upper, Dublin 6


Si h(k)l (o SLi rdom

2009 Term Enrolling Please Tick Preferred Venue: DUBLIN Q




Student Name(s).


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Parent Name___ Parent Contact No. (Home)


€50 Booking Deposit per student posted to 25 Tannery Road, Tannery Wharf, Rathangan, Co.Kildare For more information please email or call Audrey Nolan 087-8134272, Mary Bolger-Hinds 086-8637906, Office 045-528339



The LofU Chancellor

There is a real 'buzz' in th e air when th e R&R does G&S. G e ne ra tion s have loved th e shows, hum m ed the m usic and w e n t on th e ir way, happy. Tonight's show is no excep tion . I have been excep tion ally lucky th a t the R&R have a ffo rd e d me th e o p p o rtu n ity to play principal parts in m any o f th e ir G&S p ro d u c tio n s to date, The Usher, Pooh Bah, Dick D ead-eye, th e Pirate King and D on Alham bra in tw o d iffe re n t productions! It is a paticu la r pleasure fo r m e, as I have never seen lolanthe live, although it is w ith som e tre p id a tio n th a t I approach th is d iffic u lt role. It is a w o n d e rfu l show w ith a very strange p lo t, and I am d e lig h te d to be playing the Lord Chancellor, a Man w ith an eye fo r th e ladies!! - Young Ladies!!! Having ju s t finished playing a nasty Villain in Jeykll & H yde at the N ational C o n ce rt Hall th e lig h t h e a rte d antics o f th e Lords and Pixies are just w h a t the D o c to r o rd ered . . . A g o o d dose o f d e lig h t! â&#x20AC;˘Yes th e R&R really does G&S, and it is a pleasure to be p a rt o f it.


Earl o f M o u n ta ra ra t

M ichael is a b o u t to c o m p le te his d o c to ra l studies in UCD and cu rren tly w orks as a teach er in Ranelagh. This is his seventh show w ith the R&R, having jo in e d the society in 2004. His m ost recent roles include th e C aptain in last year's p ro d u ctio n o f 'A ny thing G o es' in th e NCH and Cascada in 'The M erry W id o w ' last A p ril in th e G a iety Theatre. M ichael is a huge fan o f G ilb e rt & Sullivan and played m in o r roles in th e Society's recent p ro d u ctio n s o f 'The Yeomen o f the G u a rd ' and 'The Gondoliers'. He has also p e rfo rm e d in th e chorus many tim e s fo r Lyric O p era in th e N ational C o n c e rt Hall, c o u n tin g 'Turandot', 'Tosca', 'I D ue Foscari', 'M a da m a B u tte rfly ' and 'N o rm a ' a m o n g his favourites. He was e le cte d to the R&R Executive C o m m itte e in 2005 and currently serves as th e Society's Treasurer. M ichael is a bso lu te ly d e lig h te d to be playing th e p a rt o f Earl o f M o u n ta ra ra t and w o u ld like to th a n k all th e cast and p ro d u c tio n te a m fo r m aking th e entire e xpe rien ce such an enjoyable one.

2008 Autumn Production - lOLANTHE


Earl Tolloller

Brian's p e rfo rm in g and singing a ctivity cam e to the fo re very much th ro u g h his in v o lve m e n t w ith First A ctive P e rform in g A rts School in N o rth D ub lin w here he p layed num erous roles in musicals such as Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar and Tony in Copacabana. The school was also responsible fo r his inv o lve m e n t as lead sing er w ith The Halleluia Gospel ch oir w ho have p e rfo rm e d at Ireland's b ig g e s t co rp o ra te venues and are busy all year rou nd as well as ta king on huge p erfo rm a n ce slots w ith th e likes o f W estlife and H o t C hocolate. He s te p p e d into The a m a te u r Irish musical society circuit at age e ig h te e n w here his perform an ces in c lu de d M arius in Les Miserables, Danny in C alamity Jane and Curly in Oklahoma!. His co lle ge music in v o lv e m e n t gave him g re a t o p p o rtu n ity to be involved in num erous o ra to rio s such as M ozart's R equiem and Haydn's The Creation in w hich he sang th e p a rt o f Uriel. It was here th a t he also g re w a huge liking to The G ilb e rt & Sullivan re p e rto ire , as he to o k on th e p a rt o f Edwin th e D e fe n d a n t in Trial b y Jury. His role as Frederic in The Pirates o f Penzance w ith Festival P roductions also gave him th e h o n o u r o f w in n in g best m ale singer and best d u e t at The G ilb e rt & Sullivan Festival in Buxton this year u n d e r th e d ire ctio n o f Vivian Coates and Tony Finnegan w h o m he owes a g re a t deal to. Brian is cu rren tly stu dyin g vo ice und er M ary Brennan p rivately in D ub lin and wishes to c o n tin ue d o in g so. He has stu die d music as p a rt o f a Bachelor o f A rts d e g re e in St. Patrick's co lle g e D ub lin and is currently stu dyin g at Trinity C olle g e fo r a H .D ip in secondary school teach ing . He wishes to return to music as an u n d e rg ra d u a te and hopes to s tu d y a B.A. in Vocal Perform ance at The Royal Irish A c a d e m y o f M usic in 2009. His musical expe rien ces have led him to constantly e xpa nd his re p e rto ire and he w o u ld love n o th in g m ore than to keep stu dyin g music and to have a full tim e career as a perform er.


P riv a te Willis

Benjamin Russell (20) is a second year music s tu de nt. He has been stu dyin g singing w ith Sylvia O 'R egan fo r th e past fo u r years and the a ccom panist Roy Holmes. C o m p e titio n successes include finalist (and "m o s t p ro m ising p e rfo rm e r" award) in th e RIAM Irene S andford A w a rd fo r Singers c o m p e titio n 2008, w in n e r o f th e B aritone Solo and Young C up as well as th e G ilb e rt & Sullvan Prize in th e Rathmines & Rathgar C up in th e Feis C eoil 2008. Also, first prize in th e A rk lo w M usic Festival 2007 M ens Solo, first prize in th e R athdow n Music Festival 2007 Popular S ong category, and second prize in th e Feis Ceoil 2007 Rathmines & Rathgar Cup. In 2006 he won th e p o p u la r song ca teg ories and overall firs t prizes in b o th th e W esley and N e w p a rk M usic Festivals. W h ile a choral and music scholar at St. C olum ba's C ollege, D ublin, he also played many leading dram a roles inclu ding M alvolio in Twelfth Night, Mr. M o o n in The Real Inspector H ound, and Stepan S tepanovitch Tschubukov in Chekov's A M arriage Proposal fo r w hich he received Best A c to r award at th e St. A n dre w 's Interschools Drama Festival. He has sung regularly in his co lle ge concerts. In a d d itio n , in March 2007 he and tw o fe llo w students p e rfo rm e d a full evening recital at R athdow n Music C entre, D ublin; and at St. C olum ba's carol service 2007 Christmas he sang th e b a rito n e solo in extracts fro m Handel's Judas Maccabeus. Last N o v e m b e r Benjamin c o m p le te d perform ances in th e title role in a new a d a p ta tio n o f Gluck's O rph eu s fo r C ork O pera W orks in C ork O pera House. O v e r th e summer, he a tte n d e d th e international O p e ra Plus singing course in Estoril, Portugal and sang fo r som e o f th e big names in singing such as A n n Murray, Graham Johnston and R obert W hite, w h o w ere all im pressed by his ta le n t and skill. W h ile th e re he sang a recital o f English songs and Lieder and also p e rfo rm e d in a co n ce rt fe aturin g m usic fro m G o un od 's Rom eo e t Julliette, Bellini's I C a p u le tti e I M ontecchi, and Bernstein's West Side Story. He is loo king fo rw a rd to pursuing an exciting singing career.

JOHN-OWEN MILEY-READ Strephon J o h n -O w e n M iley-Read is a 24-year-old bass stu d yin g p a rt-tim e w ith R obert A ld erson at the DIT C onservatory o f Music and Drama after having c o m p le te d his d e g re e w ith firs t class honours. He is currently a m e m b e r o f th e young a rtist p ro g ra m w ith th e O p era Theatre Company. His recent roles include Sarastro in M ozart's The M a g ic Flute w ith th e DIT, Salieri in th e Irish p re m ie re o f Rimsky-Korsakov's M o za rt and Salieri w ith Blackstairs O p e ra , Valens in Handel's The od ora w ith th e Yorke Trust and th e Pirate King in G ilb e rt & Sullivan's The Pirates o f Penzance w ith Festival Productions fo r which he was a w arded Best M ale P erform er at the Inte rn atio na l Buxton G & S Festival. He was a w a rd ed th e Yorke Trust Scholarship th re e tim es (in 2003, 2007 and 2008) and was th e w in n e r o f th e Royal Overseas League Christchurch Scholarship fo r perform ances in N ew Zealand in 2005. Jo h n -O w e n has p e rfo rm e d concerts, ora torios and operas in Australia, N ew Zealand, Belgium , England and Ireland, and in th e latter has w o rk e d w ith OTC, O pera Ireland, Anna Livia O p e ra , Lyric O p e ra and Festival Productions to nam e a few. U pco m in g roles include A n g e lo tti in Puccini's Tosca, and Schaunard in Puccini's La Bo he m e w ith Lyric O pera. He has given num erous o ra to rio p erform ances in Ireland, in c lu d in g M ozart's Requiem (both w ith the C a rlo w Choral Society and w ith the DIT Choral Society) and th e first half o f Messiah w ith th e C a rlo w Choral Society. He is curren tly a m em b e r o f th e Palestrina C hoir u n d e r th e d ire cto rs h ip o f Blanaid M urphy.

SARAH GUILMARTIN Phyllis Having gained an honours d e g re e in business studies from th e D ublin In stitu te o f Technology, Sarah u n d e rto o k full tim e music p erform an ce studies at The Royal Irish A ca de m y o f Music u n d e r d ire c tio n o f Philip O 'R e illy and re p e tite u r Dearbhia Collins. She is n o w co n tin u in g her vocal studies u nd er th e tu te la g e o f M ary Brennan. As th e 2006 D ublin Rose, Sarah p e rfo rm e d at th e D om e in Tralee to a w o rld w id e television audience in the International Rose o f Tralee Festival. D uring 2006 she sang Ireland's A m h ra n na bhFiann to 80,000 spectators and live on television at th e A ll Ireland fo o tb a ll q ua rte r final in Croke Park. Having made her o p e ra tic d e b u t in th e role o f Pisana in Verdi's I Due Foscari, Sarah's ope ra credits have since included; Butterfly's Cousin (M adam a Butterfly), Susanna's Bridesm aid (The M arria ge o f Figaro), L'elisir d 'a m o re , La Boheme, Tosca, Turandot, and A id a all o f w hich were p e rfo rm e d w ith Lyric O p era P ro du ction s at th e NCH. She has also p e rfo rm e d w ith O p e ra Ireland at th e G aiety Theatre in b oth D e a d Man Walking, playing th e role o f Sister C atherine and Turandot. M o st recently Sarah was accep ted o n to th e Young A rtis ts D e v e lo p m e n t Program m e w ith O p e ra Fringe 2008 and p e rfo rm e d th e role o f Nella in th e com pany's p ro d u c tio n o f Gianni Schicchi. Sarah's interests e x te n d to musical th e a tre w here her credits include; The 3 Tenors n a tio n w id e to u r (guest soprano), soloist in J o e C onlon's O ne Voice (Gaiety), soloist in Festival Production's The S o un d o f O u r M usic (NCH), Grace (Annie) a nd The Wizard o f Oz (NCH). N o w in her sixth season w ith th e Rathm ines & Rathgar Musical Society's, her credits include; Valencienne in The M e rry W idow , Casilda in The G o ndoliers (NCH), so lo ist in M a g ic o f the Musicals (NCH), soloist in R om be rg to Rodgers (NCH), Gigi and M y Fair Lady (G aiety Theatre).


2008 Autumn Production - lOLANTHE


Q u e e n o f the Fairies



Jackie has a d istin gu ishe d career as a perform er, musician, director, chorus d ire c to r and teacher. Her musical e d u ca tio n th riv e d und er Sr. Agnes N olan at St. Mary's C olleg e, A rklow , Eithne Troy at th e C olleg e o f Music and su bse qu en tly UCD fro m w hich she g ra d u a te d w ith a B Mus. (Hons.).

Rachel Kelly is a tw e n ty year o ld mezzosoprano in her th ird year o f th e Bachelor o f A rts d e g re e in th e Royal Irish A ca d e m y o f Music. She is stu dyin g voice w ith Mary Brennan and her re p e tite u r is M airead Hurley.

Jackie has been Music D ire c to r and C o n d u c to r fo r m any show prem ieres inclu ding A n y th in g Goes in 1991 w ith DAYMS d ire c te d by Brian M errim an and was a w arded Best M usic D ire ctor at th e W a te rfo rd International Festival o f Light O p e ra fo r S tephen Sondheim 's Into th e Woods. This, and co n d u c tin g her late father, Chris, in A n n ie at the O lym p ia , she regards as her hig h lig h ts to date.

Rachel is a fre q u e n t prizew inner at Feis Ceoil D ublin and has also w on prizes at A rk lo w Feis, Belfast Musical Festival, Sligo Feis and Ballymena Festival. Last year she w on th e overall cup and bursary at A rk lo w Feis, and at Feis C eoil w on th e M arg a re t Burke Sheridan C up and m edal fo r best fem ale voice overall, and th e G e og he ga n Cup and bursary. She has also w on th e Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society C up in th e Feis Ceoil and subsequently aw arded the John M cC o rm a ck Society bursary.

She is Musical D ire c to r o f M.Y.Th. Productions, W ic k lo w and has a ppeared w ith th e R&R, Glasnevin Musical Society, Jim M o llo y Productions and Festival Productions. She played Ruth in The Pirates o f Penzance and her m ost rece nt role was th a t o f Katisha in Festival Production's a w a rd -w in n in g The M ik a d o in which she received th e Best C ha ra cte r Actress at th e Buxton International Festival o f G ilb e rt & Sullivan last ye ar and re tu rn e d this year as Ruth in The Pirates o f Penzance a lo ng side Brian G illig an and J o h n -O w e n M iley-Read. Jackie enjoye d playing th e p a rt o f The Duchess o f Plaza Toro in the R&R's p ro d u c tio n o f The G o nd oliers a t th e NCH. M o st recently, she a pp e a re d as Lady Beaconsfield in Jeykll & H yde at th e N ational C o n c e rt Hall fo r th e Glasnevin Musical Society in th e ir 50th anniversary p ro d u c tio n .

Last sum m er Rachel u nd e rstu d ie d th e role o f Irene in Handel's Theodora in N orfo lk. U p c o m in g perform ances include th e role o f Ramiro in M ozart's La Finta Giardiniera w ith th e Royal Irish A c a d e m y o f Music.



Ritzy has g ro w n up w ith th e R & R, having w a tch e d every p erfo rm a n ce a tte n tiv e ly fro m the fr o n t row o f th e dress circle, since th e te n d e r age o f tw o . W h a t sta rted as a biannual o u tin g to th e G aiety and later th e N ational C o n ce rt Hall to s u p p o rt her gra nd m o th er, tu rn e d into a passion fo r music and musical theatre. Ritzy began her train in g a ge d seven in th e DIT C olleg e o f Music's ju n io r w orksho p u n d e r Ite O 'D o n o v a n , p a rticip a tin g in and w in n in g various Feiseranna and p e rfo rm in g regularly in the N ational C o n c e rt Hall. Ritzy later jo in e d th e In d e p e n d e n t Theatre W o rksh o p w he re she p e rfo rm e d such parts as Rizzo in Grease and A d e la id e in Guy's a n d Dolls. O th e r credits include Nancy in Oliver, The N a rra to r in Joseph a n d the A m a z in g Technicolor Dream coat, Carol in W illie Russell's O u r D ay Out, and M e a d b h in O ch on - an original p ro d u ctio n .




Anna is currently studying fo r a Perform er's Degree in Singing w ith Sylvia O'Regan and Mairead Hurley at th e Royal Irish A ca de m y o f Music.

Im elda is an active m e m b e r o f th e R&R, and has p e rfo rm e d in many o f th e ir p ro d u c tio n s and has enjoye d every m o m e n t o f each and every one o f them .

She was aw arded first prize in th e Soprano C o m p e titio n in the Siemens Feis Ceoil 2008 and the M ary Brennan Vocal C up in 2007. She was an award w in n e r in the recent RTE lyric fm Thom as M oo re C o m p e titio n fo r which she recorded several tracks on th e co m m em ora tive C D and has also fe atu re d as a soloist at the National Library, D ublin.

She is also a m e m b e r o f th e R&R Executive C o m m itte e , acting as Social Secretary. Imelda has been involved w ith music since an early age - having received qualifications in singing, piano and violin.

Performances include Maria in W est Side Story and IVIary M agdalen in Jesus C hrist Superstar. Recently she p e rfo rm e d in Handel's Theodore in N o rfo lk and is to a ppear alongside Benjamin Russell in St. Anne's Church, D ublin fo r a lunchtim e recital in January 2009.

Her rece nt roles w ere as Shandel in F id d le r on the Roof, Inez in The G o ndoliers and Praskovia in The M e r ry Widow. She is loo king fo rw a rd to a pp ea ring in this p ro d u c tio n o f lolanthe.

Ritzy is d e lig h te d to fo llo w her p erform an ce as Sylvia in The M e rry W id o w w ith th e R & R last season, by b eing typ eca st as a fa iry fo r her role as Leila. She w o u ld like to wish th e rest o f the cast th e b est o f luck w ith th e run, and apologises fo r upsta gin g everybody!

2008 Autumn Production - lOLANTHE




M e m b e rs o f the R&R Cast, Chorus a nd Dancers rehearsing fo r "lo la n th e "


Fou n d ed

Active Membership... W H Y N O T BECOME A N ACTIVE MEMBER? Each year auditions are held fo r new Active M em bers o f the Society. If you are interested in becom ing an Active M em ber please com plete the details below and forw ard them to the R&R Rehearsal Secretary: MICHELLE FOYNES, 4 The View, W oodpark, Ballinteer, Dublin 16. Tel. 0 8 7 -3 1 0 9207 or visit our website:

REHEARSAL SCHEDULES There is usually a nine-week rehearsal lead-in to both the Society's Annual Productions. A c o m m itm e n t is expected from all members to attend all rehearsals in preparation fo r either the Spring or Autum n Productions. Rehearsals take place tw o or three nights a week p rio r to staging a production and may also be held on Sunday afternoons as O pening N ig h t approaches!

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A lto __________



Q-or over 90years, the (Rflthmines e i <Rfithgar MusicaC Society Has grown and developed thanf{§ to the invoCvement

andfeedbackjwe receivefrom our active members, associate members and those who come to see our shows. '(4^e always welcome the letters, cards, phone calls and chats we have with everyone, as the information we receive helps us to improve how we do things. 7b maHe this easierfor you, we have designed thisfeed6acf(form to allow you to write down any thoughts and ideas you may have in one place and pass this on to us. Therefore, we w ould appreciate i f you could spend afe w minutes answering the question behw and returning it to us, either Sy post,fax^or By handing it to any member o f the society you spot in the theatre. J4s a smaCl incentive to encourage you, we will be holding a draw where 5 o f the returnedforms wiClwin a pair o f ticl{ets to our next production. ThanH^You The ‘R ^.‘R^‘M art{eting Committee

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2008 Autumn Production - lOLANTHE


G o ld e n MELODIES FR O M ^


z ”-

J o h n M o llo y

& Snllivaii




h i -L x J _ / i

I i

/ \



Tickets: T ik e ts€ ll-€ 3 8 (conc. available)

Sylvia O ’Brien soprano Nyle W olf bass-baritone Chorus o f the Glasnevin Musical Society David Brophy conductor Tickets: € ll - € 3 8 (conc. available)





RUSSELL WATSON Tickets: €30-€70 (conc. available)

6 o n Q ) fo r

6win5i’ Lover Hits made famous by Ol’ Blue Eyes, Dino and more.

M atthew Ford vocalist \ John W ilso n conductor Tickets: € l l - € 3 8 (conc. available)

BOOKING: 01 417 0000 • WWW.NCH.IE

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490 1111 Let




M em be rs o f the R&R Cast, Chorus and Dancers rehearsing for "lo la n th e "

The Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society acknowledge the work of AIMS and their Adjudication Scheme for AIMS M em b er Societies

During the Interval, why not visit our R&R Information Stand in the foyer.

2008 Autumn Production - lOLANTHE



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£ram 27th of December '08 to 3rd of January ’09 ^

Tickets from 18€. Family tickets available 2.00pm and 6.00pm

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