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ANT!'RACISM NEWSLETTER People Against Racist Terror (PART) P.O. Box 1990, Burbank CA 91507

Volume Four, #5


November-December 1991





in State House?

Faces Slammer

By the time you read these words,

Tom Metzger, after more than a decade of promoting racist "levolutiontsm" and violence, is finaDy fadng

Sept 14, PART sponsored a demonstration at the Hastings Ranch

jail for his crimes, after being convicted of misdemeanor unlawful assembly for his involvement in burning three crosses in a radalty-mized San Fer nando Valley neighborhood in Dec. 1983. He got a hung jury on two other

a gathering of the racist Populist Party,

"former** Klan Vt^zard David Duke

may be governor elect of T/wfaiafia, Even if he is defeated in the run-ofl; Duke is ciearfy not going away. He will

almost certainly run for Congress from

an almost entirety white district, and very likely win. If he doesn't challenge Bush in the Republican primaries next year, he will be a serious contender in 1996.

Anti-klan and anti-nazi organizers in Louisiana who have been seeking to mobilize a critical element of the white

community against Duke have been the target of death threats and other harassment We the prospea of the most substantial electoral victory

by a racist and fiudst in this country since World War IL Yet all George Bush and most of the Republican Party can do is lament the "horrible choice"

facing Louisianans ~ as if the re election of a "good times" former incumbent governor is the equivalent of the degree of legitimacy that has been conferred on naked white supre macy Duke's political gains. This immoral and politically bank

rupt line, which has also been echoed in the press, in editorials, cartoons,and columns 1^ the likes of William F. Buckley, feeds right into Duke's stra tegy of describing his long and sordid histoiy of nazi/Klan organizing and criminality as a "youthful indiscretion" — something like smoking marijuana in college. As if Duke was not still circulating neo-nazi literature and

aligning himself with the other "ex"

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Fronts for


public library in Pasadena, CA outside the group which ran klan leader David Duke for President in 1988. About

thirty protesters pidceted, mar^ of them local residents.

The Populists, sriio are rurming


ex-Green Beret "Bo" Gritz for Pre

The mealy-mouthed Metzger managed to manipulate and mislead members of the jury at the trial, which finally took place in LJL 8 years after the crossburning the leader of WAR (White Aryan Resistance) took part in along

sident this time, were meeting to plan

with fellow neo-nazis Richard Butler of

a '*Borderwatch" demonstration for

later in the month. They had a speaker from a group called "Stop hnmigration

Now," whi^ has been involved with "Light Up the Border" demonstrations

in San Diego. Another plaimed

the Aryan Nations, Stan Witek of the Nazi party, Frank Silva of the KKK, his son John Metzger of the White

speaker,an Arab doctor who went on a

Student Union, and

lina who was opposed to the Gulf War, canceled after PART erposed the

Mike Canale

(actually a spy for the racist Jewish Defense League). Swallowing his aryan pride and his alleged "convictions," Metzger presented himself in his testimoiqr as a victim of both his fellow nazu - who he claimed deceived him

that the cross-burning would be legal, and duped him Into participating by agreeing to let him make a speech criticizing cross-burnings as passe and of political persecution the DJL, Ira Reiner, who insisted on pursuing the cross-burning case through the courts for almost a decade.

Metzger*s attempt to distance himself from his pgyi cohorts was at least

partially successful The jury dead locked on two more serious counts

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deleption to Jordan led by Nord Davis, a white racist from North Caro

meeting and the racist nature of the Populists.

We expressed outrage that the Populists would be promoting antiimmigrant hysteria on the eve of Mexi can independence day, and propagating antisemitism in the midst of the Jewish

high holidays.

The head of the LA. County chapter of the Populists, who chaired the meeting,is Joe Fields. Helds has been a nazi activist of

long-standing in the Harbor area. While a student at LA. Harbor Col

lege, Fields ran a series of articles in

the student newspaper calling the Holocaust a hoax, some taken without

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letters to PART:

Dear PART,

I was so happy to hear fron you. I'd secretary of ARA/SHARP here in Big "D*, and keep in touch with our other neabers. Being a hard-core punk, I'n very anti-

Dear TTT:

01, fellotf anti-racist brothers and sisters! Hy

racist and have been active in ARA for over 6 lonths.

nane is Shadow, and I'n a 20-year-old sldnhead girl fron San Antonio, TX. I've read a lot of your newsletters and

Bere, we're all a big fanily, and I'n in charge of

I'B interested in receiving sore. Down here in San

growing, but we also have (urcblas with Me teve to Bake sore soaeone's not a spy jEor C.H.S. or

planning "neetings* every two weeks. Me'r^cgnstantly

Antone, bone-heads are starting to sake an ig>rise. I don't want any nore of their b.s. to happen, like when


they tried to jiap a 16-year-old rude boy for his braces, or held a knife to another skin's neck, trying to get a

They were supp^edly anti-racist; but it turns out a lot

bunch of anti-racists' addresses!

were really nainly closet nazis.

There used to be an organization called D.S.B.

I travel and network around Texas, and I also

The Bain reason I'n writing is to keep in touch

network out of the Texas area. I'l in ne^ of support

with other groups. I write to people all over the world telling then about fitting racisn. I'n detemined to get ny point aaoss. Me even got our chapter on a teen talk

and infomation A.S.A.P.! All you anti-racists, please

write as soon as you can. Anot^ problen is, I'n literally a two-tone skin in boots and braces, and that

doesn't coincide very well with all the confederate flags

show here u Dallas, sponsored by the Art Institute. They're going to flln a one-hour show on Dallas ARA/SHARP

and cowboy boots and hats down here in the southern and southwestern states. So your support is mich needed.

on network TV on BOv. 5. .

A friend of nine recently noved fron Texas to Calexico CA and has already been brutally beaten up by sone nazi/jocks who operate around there. They told bin

Write soon!


2 2 2 Tone!

P.O. Box 100994 San Antonio TX 7g2oi

"unity suds," and to go back to Mexico, and c^ed bin a "wetback." Here in TX, I was junped by three nazibwieheads because I vis wearing a patch that said "united and strong." They shaved the back of ny head. But it still loote pretty cool. I'n 17 years old, still in high school. I pass

Dear folks.

Just received the latest issue, and thought it was high tine I told you I'n getting then regularly, and

out^flyers all the tine. The P.O. Box below is our

gladly so. They get passed throughout the control Unit

pihlic address for anyone to write to. I strongly urge other neobers to pass out flyers, and we sem to getting


There is an ever increasing racial and political repression here at Trenton State Prison, and it's vitally

our point across — FIGHT RACISM!

inportant that we have access to infomation that nakes

sone stanps for nore issues.

Thanks for reading. Ke^ in touch. Enclosed are

it clear our situation isn't isolated fron what's going

lo nazis, Bb KKK!

on outside, nationwide.



Bew Jersey has increased tbe control units fron one to 3 in the past year. Qf'the 72 prisoners in these

P.O. Box 810745 DaUas n 75381

units, all are Black except for 4 white and 3 Spanishspeaking innates (a Kexican and two Puerto Ricans). HJ

Dear PART —

also op^ another control unit at Rahaay Prison in the

Thanks for publishing ny last letter. Recently, wie of the leaders of the Boricuan Popular^Aray for Puerto Rican indepmdence (nicknaied "Los Hacheteros"),

eastern part of the state. They're building a fourth uaxinuB security facility at Hannington in the south. Add to that vroon, a 're-adjustnent" center on the grounds of the state hospital that is run like Karion Prison which you reported on.

Fpiberto Ojeda Rios, idio was accused of stealing several nillion dollars rton Hells Fargo and is now wanted by the F.B.I., was interviared by a local mws r^rter. Bie F.B.I, is trying to force her to tflii then Ojeda Rite is located. Even thou^ die's protected by the institution, the F.B.I. is threatening her with prison

Oklahoaa just built a control unit that is

entirely underground except for the adninistration offices. Massachusetts just opened a naxi-naxi unit like

the one at Pelican Bay CA, where prisoners are conpletely isolated fron each other, and only noved individually hy

if she doesn't talk and reveal his whereabouts. I hope that by your publishing ny letter, nore

three guards at a tine.

people in the O.S. becone aware of things that h^pen

Just as the Black liberation struggle was coupled with the anti-war novenent in the 60's and early 70's, I think people should realize that an anti-prison novment

here that go unnoticed in the nainland. Blanks,

needs to cone into existence and align itself with antiracists. We need to recognize the nexus and fom a

Daniel Rivera

united front.

Ton Manning, political prisoner Trenton NJ 08625




In recent months in southern

California, the Populists have brought .



JX •.

Fronts for Nazis

John l^dall, the head of the Uritish

neo-nazi National Front, out to speak in Orange County. Hiey also spon

sored a conference which featured 9* • fro™ P^gC 1 Evan Mecham, the impeached gover at^bution from right-wing publica- nor of Arizona who refused to accept

tions/^e met on campus with Tom the Martin Luther King holiday. Metzger to plan the distribution of

"holo-hoax** material.

Later, openly acknowledging his nazi affiliation, Heids joined three other nazi party members in wearing swas

Mecham has joined forces with backers of fundamentalist televangelist Pat

RobertSbn to take over the Republican

tikas into an Oktoberfest celebration at

borders to "halt the illegal and legal immigration that is turning America into a Third World country." This is openly racist anti-immig^t hysteria.

referring to his defenders as the **ACL-

He demands an end tc> affirmative action, and uses the same anti-Black code words as David Duke in denounc


ing "illegitimate welfire childreit" Cal

One of Fields' oo-plaintlSfr in the

ling Jesus Christ our "Sovereign,"

swastika case, nazi par^ chieftain Stan

associated with the Institute for His

torical Review,set up to cast doubt on

Hitler's genodde

WDlis Carto, pub

lisher of the Spotlight and founder of the Populist Par^.

Fields is not the only open white

Party in his state. Among the partici pants at that Populist parlay was Kim Badynski, head of the virulent North west Knights of the Ku Klux Klan based in Washington State. Robert Weems, the first national chair of the Populists and a former Missis

continue meeting at the Pasadena Libr ary. Gritz has been getting a lot of air

structure while running candidates in

both the Democratic and Republican prinmries as opportunity presents

National Democratic Front in the

Populist paper.

Dennis Hilligoss, a former Klan

semitic and racist violence.

bed as similar to that of Lyndon LaRouche (another neo-nazi suppor ted by Carto): maintain their own party


strings with Carto, reprinted xadst material from the white supremacist

militaristic rhetoric demanding an end to "this country's decadent, degenerate ways," Bo Gritz's campaign propoganda and his Candida^ is an in vitation to anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-

PART is platming a continuing cam paign against Gritz and the Populists,

the Populists. National director Don

Wassail, currently engaged in a faction

Gritz issues a call to revive America as a "great Christian Nation!" FuU of

have a tripartite policy which he descri

sippi Klan orator, says the Populists

supremacist in the leadership ranks of

fight for control of the party's purse-

his home state of Nevada, but he told

the Populists he would cany their

ists." He calls fer control of the

Jew" and. admitting his admiration for Hitler, calling Jews parasites who '^deserve anything they get,'* even

''leaving'* the nazis. Fields was closely

heroin trade, actually accepted the Populists' vice-presidential nomiiution in 1988. Then he dropped off to run in Republican congressional primaiy in

such neo-nazi code words for Jews as

worL* PART has a tape of Fields

in 1988 on the swastika case. After

exposes of CIA involvement in the

"seditious bankers and (satanic) global-

vandalized the bathroom with nazi grafitti on a previous visit). Fields sued, represented by the ACLU, and

Fields himself got into a brawl with Jewish activists at a City Council aaion

a substantial following and a measure of credibility on the left with his

Populists despite their nazi taint In his campaign Uterature, Gritz uses

were expelled after refusing to remove the nazi regalia (and because th^ had

of burning three crosses in LA. with Tom Metzger.

iionunee, appears to have followed a

similar strategy. Gritz, who has gained

platform into the electioiL Now he has cemented his open association with the

a German restanrant When the nazig

Witek, has a record for weapons and assault charges and was Just conviaed

"Bo" Gritz, the party's current

This is exactly the strategy followed by Klan leader Duke, who preceeded his Populist run with a stint in the Demo cratic primaries, then followed it with

his successful capture of the Republi can nomination and a seat in the

leader in the San Fernando Valley,

Louisiana state legislature and is now in a position to become governor of

became the contact person for the Populists in the San Femando/Simi

Louisiana. The Pasadena demonstra tors pointed out that Duke got more

area, where last year the Populists conducted a party meeting in celeb ration of Hitler's birthday.

than 10% of his funding for the Louisiana run from California, based

on the support he built through the Populist candidacy. -3-

who have armounced their intention to

time on KPFK here in LA and other Pacifica stations and his material has

been reprinted and promoted by the progressive oriented conspiracy catalog from Prevailing Winds Research in Santa Barbara. The PWR promo for Grit^s literature includes a pamphlet by Eustice Mullins, a long-time antiSemite and one-time supporter of the Italian frucist connections of Ezra Pound.

For more information about the cam

paign to oppose Gritz and the Popul ists, contact PART, People Against

Racist Terror, P.O. Box 19^, Burbank CA 91507;(818)509-3435.

Hate Crime Update: "Strong Queers United In Stopping Simi Valley,June:

San Bernardino,September

Heterosexism." The flyers offer^ to

The Canoga Park Alabama gang of 20 nazi boneheads attacked a 16 year old who tried to stop them from harassing a friend,according to Klanwatch.

TJ. Leyden, an ex-marine associated with the Nationalist Skinhead Knights in Yucaipa, tried to put Tom Metzger's

bashing. Other recent hate^^^pmes on

"Race and Reason** show on cable-tv.

swastikas on a Jewish shelter in Sep


A gay teacher and a handicapped

tember and defacing of Chicano studies bulletin boards earlier in the year. Stanton, October

An inter-racial couple's home was

Yucaipa High, and racist flyers stuffed into lockers.


Sylmar, October

When authorities allowed a Euro-

A Jewish woman's home was vandal

American Qub to form, white supre macists sent congratulatory messages.

ized and spray-painted with anti-semitic grafitti, provoking. neighbors and concerned groups in the north San Fernando Vall^ to mobilize against

But the dub is in &ct multi-racial; its

Canoga Park,September

An off-duty LA.cop shot and killed a 25-year-old construction after a brawl outside a party that had been disrupted by fighting involving members of the Mickey Mouse Club, a white gang that

A gay man was stabb^ leaving a gay bar, and "Kill Homos" was spray-

painted on its outside walL

time for the attack.

Tujunga, October


L.A., September

^agogue was damaged, and spraypainted with swastikas and the slogan

harass an anti-racist organizer leafleting the crowd.

re-sentenced to 4+ years with the California Youth Authority. Eight other members of the Crazy Fucking Aryans/Confederate Front of America nari-bonehead gang are also doing


The Verdugo Hills Hebrew Center

ist presidential can^date Bo Gritz,

A 17-year-old nari bonehead who was guilty of a brutal attack on an Asian student in July, broke out of Los Pinos Forestry Camp, where he was serving a nine-month juvenile sentence. He stole a truck but was captured after a chase by the CHP and LA Sheriffs. He was

hate crimes.

used to rumble with the Reich Skins.

Membeis of the racist Populist Party, running a table distributing neo-nari propaganda at an appearance of Ppul-

the campus include the' placing of

student were attacked last year at

extensivefy vandalized.

leader is half-Arab, and the group wants nothing to do with the radsts.

pass out free baseball bats for gay-

"have a nazi day!"

Northridge, October

Two different flyers threatening vio lence against gay men and lesbians who had recently organized SQUISH -

Deputy Sheriff Brian Kazmierski, who was reinstated to the department by Sheriff Sherman Block after burning a cross inside the county jail, was let off the hook again when the DA decided not to press charges against him for killing a Mexican national who had been shooting off a gun to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Christian Right Clout at California GOP Convention The California Republican State convention in Anaheim in September was a clear-cut demonstration of the clout that the Christian Right now wields in the party.

Syndicated columnists Evans and Novak had billed the event as a potential

"GOP Armageddon" as the f^ right promised "blood on the floor."The Right is angry at moderate Republican Gov. Pete Wilson because he raised taxes to

fmance a massive budget deficit, and is supportive of abortion rights and gay rights.Evans and Novak felt that party unity could be destroyed to the point that the Democrats wuld win both of the U.S.Senate seats in 1992.

In alhance with other conservative groups and leaders, the Christian Right has largely taken over the party apparatus. They now control over half of the County Republican Central Committees, as well as the State Committee. The

Right, which had the votes to rule the convention, was determined to push through its agenda, and to humiliate Wilson. It took the intervention of White

House Chief of Staff John Sununu to fashion an uneasy peace.The convention

rejected an effort to strip Wilson of his ri^t to appoint delegates to the

Republican National Convention. However, it did pass resolutions opposing abortion,and urging Wilson to veto a gay rights bill that had passed the legislature (which would bar discrimination in employment). Also, when U.S. Sen. John

Seymour's(R-Ca) turn to speak came, almost half of the 600 delegates got up ^d left. And when Gov. Wilson spoke at the nearby Nixon Library, he was hung in efflgy outside, and tSOTed and feathered by "conservative activists." Meanwhile,the Christian Right promises to field primary challenges in 1992 against moderate Republicans who do not conform to their views. „ . . — Frederick Clarkson

Freedom Wnter,PO Box 589, Great Harrington MA 01230


Grand Theft, Genocide, Racism, Initiating the Destmctlon of a Culture, Rape, Torture, and Maiming of Indigenous People and Inatigator ol the Big Lie.



continued from page 1 against him, incloding a felony con spiracy charge, while conviaing his

In &ct. Metier at that time was daixning to have abandoned the Klan, and had run for Congress in San Diego

remaining co-defendants on all counts.

(winning the Democratic nominatioQ) and the U.S. Senate in CA, winning 84JXX) votes statewide in the primary in 1982. He was in the process of

Stan Wiiek, Brad Kelly and Erich Schmidt face up to four years in prison; Metzger at this point is only

converting those electoral advances

looking at six months in jail.

into a state-wide and national racist

LA. law enforcement had some of the

apparatus, WAR, through his newslet

biggest fish of the white supiemacist

ter and cable TV show "Race and

movement in the U.S. in their hands in

Reason." He was also cementing his "third position" neo-nazi ideology,

December 1983, following the LA. cross-buming, which united the Klan,

the Aryan Nations, and the nant along with Meizger's WAR organization, in a criminal conspiracy. Yet the Dj\., who refused to press charges, the cups, who

which called for a violent takeover of

Photo-montage byPART'

botched the arrest reports, and a of crosfr-burrings, when in foct he was

This shameful refusal to enforce the

against race traitors and the 'Zionist CXxupationai Goveniment,* should be

least four participants In the cross-

burning, who became part of the underground para-militaiy "Bruder

Scfaweigen" (Silent Broiherhood), a clandestine racist group nicknamed the Order after a similar group in a racist novel. The Turner Diaries'.

promoting race war and 'Tevolution"

closely examined for the possibility of a perjury prosecution. Charges against Richard Butler, which have long been pending, should be pressed in the wake of the generally successful prosecution of the remaining at-large cross-burners. As came out in the trial, the KKK

under Frank Silva bad been agitating

The Order killed a Jewish radio host,

in the area for months

and robbed banks and Brink's trucks.

cross-burning, leafletting on the street

They plotted other assassinations and destruction of the power grid in the

In their robes. Siiva had been denied

northwest to foment chaos and race

war. One of Metzgeris original codefendants, David Tate, lolled a state

"kosher ranservatives."

The impetus to cause him to blow the cover of his three-piece suit by partici

couple of misguided judges who dis missed the charges let them swim away. law against racist terror led directly to the reign of tenor carried out at

power by "racially-consdous Aryans" opposed to both the left and the

yefore the

fire permits at least twice before the cross-burning, for which he used a permit for a barbecue. (The crossburners had a single pork chop avail

trooper while a fugitive from federal ^larges after he was let oft the bcx)k

able for

for the cross-burning. Metzger and his


son John (who got released to his


purpose.) Anti-klan

demonstiatioQS were held outside the





pating in a triple aoss-buming with robed Klansmen and open nazis must

have been very strong indeed. And what brought "Pastor^ Butler back down to L.A. from his para-miiitary compound in Idaho? It is within the

realm of possibility that the LA. cross-bunimg represented the cement

ing of the alliance that gave birth to the Order and its reign of terror. At

least four of the cross-burners partici pated actively in the Order's crimes and are serving long prison sentences. A b(x>k about the Order based on

lengthy interviews with participants, attributes its "declaration of war" to the concern of founder Robert Mathews over the arrests of Butler and

Metzger at the LA. cross-burning. A central participant in the Order gave a depositfon that some of the mcaey they stole, never recovered, went to

Metzger and a few other public white

mother as a minor after participating

Tujunga municipal building to make sure that no permit was granted. (At

in the L.A. cross-burning) were even

one of these, widely publicized at the

tually found liable for civil damages in

time in

Call Assistant District Attorney Dale

some of their nazi bonefaead followers.

November 1983, prior to the crossburning, the JDL showed up, alened

Davidson, 213-974-3797, and urge that all remaining charges be pressed

So these conviaions are long overdue.

by their plant inside the nazw, axtd

the IdUing of an Ethiopian refugee by

attacked the anti-klan demonstration,

For Metzger, in particular, the single misdemeanor count is too little, too

shouting radal slurs at African Ameri can protesters while Silva, Canale and

supremacuts (an admission he later recanted).

against Metzger and Butler. Justice can

best be served by putting these racist terrorists behind

bars where they


late. The D.A.'s office should refile the

their klan-nazi followers stood laugh

two counts on which the jury dead locked and seek a new trial. Metzgeris

ing). It's ludicrous to believe that

disingenuous testimony, in which he

ties to C^nale's leader, Stan Witek,and

noon, to demand the maximum sen

pretended to have been urging young

a long-standing feud with the JDL's Irv

tence for all the racists involved, and a

whites to panicpate in politics instead

Rubin, was unaware of these develop-

Metzger, who had long standing close

PART will be holding a rally at the LA Criminal Courts Bldg on I>ecember 2, the day of the sentencing, at 12:00

retrial of Metzger on the felony con spiracy charge. JOIN USI



If anything exposes the inadequacy of the Christopher CommissioD report, it's the recent racist killings by the L.A.


Sheriffs. Sherman Block, the eleaed




sheriff, tried to defuse community out rage at a heated hearing called by the

Th£ R£.sr OF you rR££ TO GO

Board of Supervisors, by announcing that he was planning a study to imple

ment the reforms propos^ by the Christopher




L.AP.D. and had appointed his own civilian commission to look into the

process. His promises didn't satisfy angiy residents at the m'^i^ting, who called the deputies liars and murderers.

They continued to demand an indepen dent'commission, as did recently elec ted Latina Supervisor Gloria Molina,

the first woman and first minority group member elected to the Board in this century.

The circumstances of all the killings have proved particularly damning to the sheriffs department. In the first killing, the deputies were outside their

jurisdiction in a housing project in the city of L.A One of the deputies involved was a member of a white supremacist gang within the Sheriffs

Depanment, called the Vikings. In the second case, two Hispanic deputies shot and killed an unarmed 15-year-oId

Latino who had been running away after the deputies chased the stolen car

in which he had been a passenger and it crashed. In the third incident, two while deputies shot a mentally distur


The FBI is investigating the last three Idllings, which brought the total by the sherifft for 8-1/2 months to a higher level than any full year in the past decade. Amnesty International has announced that it is also conducting an investigation of the LA.P.D. and Sheriffs Department, and Sheriff Block and Chief Gates have both

duty. How much more evidence do we need before the community rises up and does something about these racist, sexist gangsters in blue (LAPD) or brown (sheriffs)?

One particularly nasty piece of

propaganda ^ing put out by the pigs, not only in LA but as &r off as San

Diego, is that the continuing increase in police abuse and brutality complaints this year is a result of lieight-

bed Black man nine times in the back

promised to cooperate.

while he was lying face down on the

Yet in the wake of these highly

ground, after his mother called for

ened awareness and senstivity' in the

publicized killings, the LARD, and

community because of the Rodney King beating. Isn't a more obvious explanation for the persistent growth in complaints an actual increase in

assistance in calming him down. On

Labor Day, deputies entered a park on the Black and Latino south side in response to a call of a disturbance.

When a man ran away as their car

approached a picnic area, one deputy gave chase on foot and the other

followed in the car. The victim was

shot in the back as he was throwing something into the lake. Most wit

nesses thought it was a beer bottle.

The sheriffs claimed it was a gun, and a gun was eventually recovered by

the sheriff, as well as other local

police departments, have continued to

kill and maim others with impunity. Just the other day, two sheriff's depu ties beat a man to death with their fists

police abuse? As economic conditions continue to worsen, no matter what

and fiashligbts, while mounted LAPD

rhetoric or reforms the top cops adopt,

officers, and others with batons, brutal

the 'thin blue line" is going to crack

ly attacked a peaceful gay rights demonstration in Century Qty outside

down on the oppressed and exploited, especially Blacks and Latinos, to keep

an appearance by Pete Wilson. At the

them in line. Isn't the real reason for

Temple City station, one sheriff was recently arrested for a series of rapes he's accused of committing while on

fuse the community about the real nature of this repression?

the Christopher Commission to con



... continued from page 1 nazis and Klansmen in tbe Populist Party as recently as two years ago, after

his election as a Republican to the Louisiana legislature. Bush is not only politically respon sible for nurturing Duke's ascent into political legitimaqr through his coded anti-Black campaigns against Willie

Horton and "quotas." The Republican party is directly responsible for Duke

reaching the run-oft by running their own candidate against bom-again Republican governor Buddy Roemer, thereby siphoning oft enough votes to allow Duke to slip past him into second place.

Despite their hand-wringing, the Republicans don't realty consider Duke and his racist appeal a problem. Their

only problem is how to embrace him without being too open about it The Republicans understand that with the "red scare" as dead as the Soviet


Union, white supremacy and sexist

bigotry Is the new glue holding the conservative coalition together.

This is why even a "moderate" like Pete WQson caved in to the bigots and

vetoed the gay job rights bill in Cali fornia.

The Republicans are hoping that they will be able to do with the racists on the right what the Democrats did in

the do's and 7G*s to the peace move ment on the left: ensnare them in

business as usual electoral politics and make sure that they are unable to pose a real threat to the powers that be, by incorporating their rhetoric in such a w^ that it functions as a kind of killed

virus vaccine, inoculating people against the real thing. Unfortunately, because racism and sexism are much more deeply rooted in UJS. material reality and consciousness than was the call for peace,justice and equality, the Republicans are playing

with fink This GOP effort will only serve to confer still greater legitimaqr on the naked racists.

The Louisiana results have

already showed the GOP that without David Duke and his supporters, it will be doomed to minority party status.



The richer people get, the less they give to tbe needy. That's one sad con clusion drawn from Intonal Revenue Service data on charitable giving. The most wealthy Americans—those who benefited the most from Reagan-Bush


tax breaks—^contribute less m charitable cmises today than they did in 1980. In sharp contrast, middle-incmne American workers have dramadcally increased their contributions over the past decade. Taxpayers with adjusted gross incomes of S2S.000 to 530,000 raised their average dcmaiimis to chari^ 62 percent between 1980 and 1988—fiom $665 to Sl,075. Over the same period, those Americans with incomes between $500,000 and SI million cut their charitable donadtms by more than 66

Silvia Baiaidini is an Italian citizen held as a political prisoner here in the U.S. since 1982.

A target ofthu adminisoaooo's hanh treatment of political prisonerL she is serving 43 years for conspiracy,a crime that usually gen no more than 12 years. Her dorges included conspiracy to commn a bank rabbeiy that never hmened and conspiracy to liee prominent Black Panther leader Assata Shakur fiom prison.Ftx two years,she.Susan Rosenberg and Alejandma Torres were subject to psyctaotogicai tonuie in the Leatngton Cbntrol Unit. She has been refused tepatriatioa n Italy,in spite of her sister's tragic death m 1990 and

.'ler ewn bout wiibadeadly utenne cancer. In order m defend her nghtsand save her life,

percent—&om an average of$47,432 to just $16,062. And people with

we are joining Italian ftriiamenianans and activists w build a campaign for Silvia's immediaie transfer to Italy.

incomes over SI millimi slashed their charitable omtributions by 65 percent—fiom an average of$207,089 to $72,784. "We're seeing a new spirit of giving and caring across the nation." says Brian O'Connell, who heads a coalition of corporate and private foundations

Silvia's enraging and painful eanenence is pan ofa larger picture.TTie past decade has seen

a near total eiosioo of basic ovii rights in the criminal justice system,led by the Supreme CourL George Bush's'kinder, gentler new world order'is intendol for ody a few people. This administration,in reality,creates wv.violence,and povsty and in nnn criminalizes

the vicums.panicularlypeo^ofcolor and the poor, ft

and voluntary groups."But the sad thing is thm most of^truly wealthy


are proving to be downright stingy.**

A dissenter for ail ttf her adult life.SiMaBanldini has fiought for human rights in many ways. As a snident in the !76ffs.she was a stauneii opponent of die war in Vietnam. By the 197US.Silvia orgamied among whhspeopie to combat tukikui and suppcnths rights ofcolonized people to self-defimse and armed souggle. She worked in community groups for women's and lesbian/gay libcniion. She Rxinded a material aid campaign for

coniritmtions made by working pet^le each year. UAW members,for ex ample,take a leading role in United Way campaigns in their workplaces and

Zimbabwe,a refleetion of her deep conecra for mtcnaiionallibefatioo movements. In

cmnmunities. UAW members and other American workers aimually provide

liiat "spirit of giving and caring** best expresses itself in the charitable

recogninon of this woric.she was mvited bjf ZANU.the victonous ruling piny,to be an

well over SU billion to United Way. That's in addition u> the unrold mil

intemauonal observer in their elecaons firindependence.

lions they contribute to workers on strike, and to mher charities. America's workers provided a "thousand points of light" long before

For these twenty years of political over 100other political prisonss.

has been labelled a letrarist by the U.S.piveremem. Despite her exemplary prison record,

George Bush turned it inro a cheap campaign slogan. Itoiucally, it's those

the Bureau of Msoosconstantly increases her secuntyleviel. denies her ongoing medical

who benefit the most fiom Bush's policies who have turned their lights out

care and refuses to repatiiaie her to prisoo in Italy. Repatriation is provided fir by the Strsusbcursh intemsmwal inaiy ngneo by the U.S.and Iialv.among uiher countnes.

Even though the Italian Govemmen.90% ofthe Italian Rarliatnem.and a coalinon of women's orgamzanons in Italy petitiooed the U.S. for Silvia's return,the Jusace

tVmwl Ifag mqiieB in rknrmhrf 1990.refusing to tionnrtlwtrgaiy. TheJiUlice


Departmem cited'Ms. Baialifini'a continued refusal to cooperate'and'her oftemone for any of her crimes'as the reason. Silvia hasstated'what the governmemuuitertstedui is a public condemnatiao on my put ofthe political behefs which have motivated my life

AND WMtTEOOWT uNOeasnse a.

forihe past twenty five yeui. In December. 1991.the Atrerney Gcecrel will again review Silvia's case,and decide

whethertohonortheStrasbourghTreaty with Italy. We ask you ui join in a campaign to stop her vindiciive persecution.

Demand the repatriation of SUvIa Baraldini to Italy.


_jurr HBw 129 wt/ffSEsr VDUR SUaoQOwMIES A«W y/nu um-MNTEO saaMLJMeoKBS^

^winiour IT BEiNd ooNSioEaeo sexual AMftAUMENT 7


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This full-length report incorporates PARTs research on the ^cist links of the English Only movement, and includes infortnation on KKK Borderwatch activity and anti-im migrant violence in OA, CO, TX, and the southeast It analyzes the development of an inter-locking strategy among



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Profile for Arm The Spirit

Turning The Tide, Vol. 4, No. 5, November - December 1991  

Turning The Tide, Vol. 4, No. 5, November - December 1991 Anti-Racism Newsletter People Against Racist Terror

Turning The Tide, Vol. 4, No. 5, November - December 1991  

Turning The Tide, Vol. 4, No. 5, November - December 1991 Anti-Racism Newsletter People Against Racist Terror