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South Dakota Luck by Joshua Spies

I was fortunate to draw one of two sheep tags in South Dakota. The sheep in South Dakota have been devastated by disease and mountain lions. I was very lucky to locate a band of seven rams with this guy in it. He is nine years old and grosses just over 176. When I checked him in at the GF&P, I was told that it was the biggest one taken in the last several years. I am very happy with my ram, but bummed the hunt is over.

2011-2012 Membership Drive In the spirit of “Bring one” get a friend or family member to sign up for a new membership (non renewal) before our 2012 Fundraiser and they will be entered in a drawing for a Youth Whitetail Hunt in South Dakota for themselves (if they are a youth) or for them to give to one of their kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews! Wayne and Diane Henderson of Paradise Outfitters have fully donated a 4 day whitetail-upland game hunt in 2012 for a youth hunter between the ages of 12 & 18. All guiding, accommodations and meals will be included for one youth and one parent or guardian. South Dakota licenses and transportation to hunt areas are not included. Hunt will be between November 10-25, 2012. Page 10

Fall/Winter2011 Newsletter  
Fall/Winter2011 Newsletter  

Our Fall/Winter of 2011 issue.