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What’s the name of this product? FOAMULAR XPS insulation Build your reputation from the ground up. Get the job done right with Owens Corning® Enclosure Solutions. Engineered by Building Science, Owens Corning® Enclosure Solutions offers one of the largest portfolios of commercial insulation systems for walls and wall claddings, roof decks and below-grade foundations with the benefits of moisture, fire and thermal protection. All backed by the most trusted and recognized name in the business—Owens Corning.

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Who makes this product? Owens Corning

What’s the manufacturer’s part number? The most common is F250

What types of customers will buy these products? General Contractors Concrete Contractors

At what stage of the job will this product be sold? Middle

What category does this product belong in? Concrete

What Concrete subcategory does this product belong in? Waterproofing / Sealants

What questions should you ask the customer in order to sell this product? What type of insulation is specified for the perimeter foundation, under slab, plaza deck? What type of insulation is specified for the continuous insulation in the cavity wall? What is the compressive strength rating, thickness, board size and ASTM C578 type?�

Are there other complementary Ram Tool products that are sold with these products? Sometimes there is JointSealR tape used if the insulation is part of the air barrier system. There can also be fasteners and adhesives to attach the board in vertical applications.

What are the key features and benefits of the product? High compressive strength - can use under slab with high loads. Moisture resistance - can be direct buried. Long term thermal performance for the life of the building.

What are some competing products / manufacturers? Direct XPS competitors are Dow and Kingspan. Indirect competitors are EPS, polyiso, mineral wool, spray foam.

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Foamular XPS Insulation  
Foamular XPS Insulation