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Mike Dana is Semifinalist for National Award


Breast Cancer Awareness Promotes Prevention BY CHUEYEE YANG

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hen Mike Dana, music instructor and director of jazz studies at Fresno City College, found out he was a semifinalist for the 2016 Music Educator Award, his feelings were of incredulity. “I asked the girl that called me, ‘Did you guys make a mistake?’ Because 25 music teachers in the country, it just blew me away I kind of can’t believe it,” Dana said. “But I guess it’s true.” It is true. Dana is in the elite list

Mike Dana performing at the Jazz Ensemble at Fresno City College on Tuesday Oct. 13,2015. Photo/ Larry Valenzula

of 25 from more than 4,500 individuals nominated from across the country for the award which is presented by the Grammy Foundation and the Recording Academy. The Music Educator Award is in its third year. Dana, who has been at FCC for 26 years, credits a former student for his nomination. “I didn’t know anything about it,” Dana said until he received an email informing him he was one of 4,500 nominees vying for the award. From 4,500, the list of nom-

inees was narrowed down to 213. “It’s like winning the lottery,” Dana said. “You go, well, what are the odds?” In December, the top 10 finalists will be announced and a winner will be crowned on February 14, 2016. The winner will receive a $10,000 honorarium and flown to the Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles where they will receive their award. Finalists will each receive a $1,000 honorarium and their institutions will get matching grants.


Investigator's Report on Cuevas Matter imminent BY CRESENCIO RODRIGUEZ DELGADO Editor-in-Chief crodriguezdelgado@therampageonline.com

A finding in the investigation of allegations against Fresno City College’s dean of counseling could come by the end of this month, several sources report. The investigation by Fresno attorney Daniel Rowley is looking into the veracity of the claims in a petition filed against Dean Monica Cuevas by Carolina Ramirez, a student. In an “unlawful discrimination complaint” filed with the State Chancellor’s office on July 21, Ramirez, who is undocument-


ed, claims that Cuevas owes her money and then threatened to deport her when she asked to be paid back. Another complaint filed by Laura De Santiago, an FCC counselor, is also being looked into by the investigator, according to Diane Clerou, vice-chancellor of human resources for SCCCD. De Santiago filed a retaliation complaint, alleging that she was being targeted for helping Carolina Ramirez file her own complaint. “There should be a report in very shortly,” Bill Stewart, interim chancellor for the State Center Community College District said. “Hopefully it will be wound up this month.”

Monica Cuevas during the opening of the Fresno City College Dream Center on Sept. 29, 2015. Photo/Daisy Rodriguez


October is breast cancer awareness month, and a time to pay attention to measures that help with early detection -- self exam and mammogram -- according to Eileen Gonzalez, nursing instructor at Fresno City College. This month is dedicated to a disease that will kill approximately 40,290 women this year, according to the American Cancer Society. ”October is breast cancer awareness month, but it draws more attention to the importance of it, to having people be aware,” Crystal Colmenero, a student majoring in nursing, said. According to the American Cancer Society, of the various types of cancer, breast cancer is the second, after lung cancer, killer of women. Breast cancer awareness month encourages both men and women to self-examine their bodies, to make sure they are healthy. “The group that doesn’t check are men and there are men who have had breast cancer,” Gonzalez said. Although breast cancer is more common among women, the ACS says that men have a one to 1,000 chance of getting breast cancer. “We don’t really stop and think about the men or even young boys” having breast cancer, Gonzalez said. “We focus on the women with breast cancer so much because that’s the group that you always hear get it.” In addition to screening, breast cancer awareness month aims to support people who have or had breast cancer. “[The support] keeps your psyche from not falling into depression and being defeated,” Gonzalez said. “It tries to keep you uplifted so that you can beat something that you didn’t have to have.” According to the ACS, approximately “1 in 8 women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime” and there is a 1 to 36 chance that breast cancer will be the cause of a woman’s death. Colmenero says that breast cancer awareness month can help people such as migrants have more access to information about breast cancer that they may not have been aware of prior to moving to the U.S. The activities throughout the month allow people to participate in walks and fundraisers while showcasing the logo and its pink color. Gonzalez said when she thinks about the breast cancer awareness month, she thinks about the color pink. “Every store that I go into, I see pink,” she said. “It kind of brightens the month even though it might be a gloomy thing to find.” Residents are encouraged to participate in breast cancer awareness month activities but also to do the self-exams and go to their doctors






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Editor-in-Chief Cresencio Rodriguez Delgado


Construction Program Gives Real-Life Experience

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The Fresno City College construction program is hard at work on a small house project. Oct.14, 2015. Photo/ Larry Valenzula BY VIANEY COBIAN

Reporter vcobian@therampageonline.com

Fresno City College students in the construction program are constructing a wood building outside of their classroom and getting hands-on experience. Each year, students participate in this building to get familiar with construction tools. This year’s building will get torn down next fall semester. According to Eric Nitzsche, lead instructor for the construction program, this building is a collaboration of students enrolled in various classes.

The roofing class installs the roof, and the electrician class completes all the electrical work. “They get to make their mistakes here, and I don’t yell too loud,” Nitzsche said. “I yell a lot louder when they make mistakes on a person’s building when they are paying for the material.” Antonio Lopez, a student in the construction program, said this class activity has helped him gain the experience needed for real-work application outside of school.

Lopez recommends the class to all students interested in construction because of its helpfulness as well as the opportunity to get needed experience. Nitzsche says that the program leads to employment and that some students get great jobs afterwards. “I work in construction,” Lopez said. “And it is helping me a lot to get the actual knowledge to go out there and do the job right.”

Adjunct Faculty to Raise Awareness During Equity Week BY CHUEYEE YANG

News Editor cyang@therampageonline.com

Eight months after the National Adjunct Walkout Day, Fresno City College adjunct faculty are still striving for big changes. The National Adjunct Walkout Day on Feb. 25 provided opportunity for both full-time and parttime faculty to promote awareness about the issues that affect part-time instructors. Some of the adjunct faculty issues that were addressed were about disparity in pay between full-time and part-time instructors; having a dedicated office space; paid office hours; job security and more. Since the National Adjunct Walkout Day, only minor changes have taken place. “What I have not seen is any major changes coming down from the district or from administration,” said Kellen Prandini, parttime anthropology instructor and at-large part-time representative for the State Center Federation

of Teachers [SCFT]. “Wages are the same; working conditions are definitely the same, so that has not changed.” Prandini said he hopes that spreading awareness and getting others involved will help make changes in the future. He said that the two main things that have happened since the awareness day are: “more people are aware of the issues that affect part-time faculty and much more part-time faculty have been involved in organizing and planning ways to help solve some of our issues.” Prandini said part-time faculty met up during an adjunct faculty meet and greet at the SCFT on Oct.16 where they participated in activities as well as shared their ideas about what should be changed. The meet and greets are held every few months by the SCFT. During the meet and greet, at-

tendees also spoke about Equity Week, which will be held during the end of October. “During Equity Week we’re going to set up probably something similar to the National Adjunct Walkout Day where we had an awareness table,” Prandini said. The faculty union has created a sub-committee to address adjunct concerns, including planning the meet and greets, educational meetings for adjunct faculty and more, Prandini said. “The union is working together with part-timers to make some of these positive changes,” Prandini said. Pradini encourages the college community to commit to advancing the cause of adjuncts. He said, “I think that the more students, more part-time and full-time faculty, and any administrators can get involved, can help bring about change.”




New Chancellor Could Be Appointed by December

The Board of Trustees is scheduled to appoint a new chancellor for the State Center Community College District at their Dec. 1 meeting. Photo/Larry Valenzula

BY CRESENCIO RODRIGUEZ DELGADO Editor-in-Chief crodriguezdelgado@therampageonline.com

The State Center Community College District Board of Trustees is expected to choose a new chancellor as soon as Dec. 1, but not before allowing the final candidates to make public appearances at the district’s colleges and centers. “The week of Nov. 9, there will be public forums for the finalists around the district,” Diane Clerou, vice-chancellor of human resources for the district said. According to Lucy Ruiz, interim executive director of public and legislative relations for the district, as many as 22 candidates have been reviewed and considered for the position of chancellor at the head of a college district that serves a student population of approximately 44,000, covering an area of 5,743

square miles and one million people. According to Clerou, the official chancellor search committee met on Oct. 2 to review the applications. Clerou said that the committee will meet once again on Oct. 22 to interview the semi finalists; three to five of those candidates will be advanced as finalists for the board’s considerations. The finalists will then visit the various district campuses for open forums so students and faculty can ask questions and assess the candidates. At the same time, the board will also be meeting continuously with the finalists, according to Clerou. “If all goes well at the Dec. 1 board meeting, the board will appoint a new chancellor,” Clerou said. Clerou said that after a new chancellor is chosen, he or she is expected to assume the new role at the district between Jan. 2 and June 30. The chancellor’s seat became the focus of scrutiny after the board of

trustees abruptly canceled the contract of the last chancellor, Deborah Blue and appointed Bill Stewart, a former chancellor, as interim leader. Before the decisions that would end her tenure at the district, it became known that Blue had been a finalist for president of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. Blue did not get the Louisiana job, and in March 2014, the board voted 4-2 with one abstention to amend her contract, a decision that resulted in Blue’s exit and widespread criticism of the board’s decision by faculty across the district, according to Rampage archives. A 6-1 vote by the board of trustees in March 2014 would give way for Stewart, a former SCCCD chancellor, to step in first as deputy chancellor and eventually to become the district’s interim chancellor until a permanent chancellor was found.



l CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Fresno City College Interim President, Cynthia Azari, also said that a report on the investigation is likely by the end of October. Azari also promised to notify the Rampage when she receives it. “I have to read the report before we make any decisions; until I get the report, I can’t do anything,” Azari said. “I would be reviewing it and then talking to the chancellor.” Stewart said that the outside investigator was only given explicit directions about what to accomplish. “He is an experienced investigator; the only charge that was given was, ‘go where the facts are’,” Stewart said. “They don’t owe us anything; we want a fair and impartial report, and then once it comes in, we will make decisions on what needs to be done.” There is no clear indication of the type of discipline Cuevas could receive at this point, and Azari would not speculate on what actions, if any, she would take following the release of the investigator’s findings. She discredited rumours that there’s been a recommendation that the Cuevas go on administrative leave. “She [Cuevas] is not going to be on administrative leave,” Azari said. “She certainly has not been asked to be placed on administrative leave.” According to the district’s administrative Regulation 3435, the district is can make the decision to remove a person being investigated, pending the completion of the investigation.

“[There is] nothing that will cause us to think that we should remove anybody.” -Diane Clerou Human Resources Cuevas did not respond to an email request for a comment on the investigation. Diane Clerou, vice-chancellor of human resources for SCCCD, said that as of yet, nobody has been removed. “Those are just allegations,” Clerou said. “[There is] nothing that will cause us to think that we should remove anybody or put them on an administrative leave.”

Woods Reassigned to CTC

BY CRESENCIO RODRIGUEZ DELGADO Editor-in-Chief crodriguezdelgado@therampageonline.com

Cynthia Azari, interim president of Fresno City College, insisted last Friday that the sudden reassignment of Tim Woods, vice president of instruction, to the Career and Technology Center (CTC), was initiated by Woods himself. “He has requested a voluntary reassignment,” Azari told the Rampage. “And so I have been able to honor that.” Azari said she received a written request from Woods but could not immediately provide the date of the request. The first indication of the change came via an email from the State Center Community College District’s human resources office announcing the availability of the full-time position of interim vice president of instruction at FCC. A few hours after the announcement, the president’s office sent an email specifying that Woods asked to be reassigned and is headed to the CTC.

Azari’s email also noted that Natalie Culver Dockins, dean of Workforce Development at the CTC, will be transferred from her position at the CTC to the counseling department at FCC, at the same time that Woods is being assigned to the CTC. The circumstances that led to the sudden decisions are not clear, but Azari maintained that Wood’s reassignment was “voluntary”. “I want to thank [Woods] and thank all of you for your continued support,” Azari stated in the email sent on Oct. 14. Woods could not be reached for comments. Azari said that prior to the announcement of the transfer, she had met with the deans to notify them of the upcoming decision and the process in reassigning Woods. “I said, ‘you will be seeing a posting for an interim-vice president [of instruction]’,’” Azari said. “I wanted to directly report to the deans -- to know about this -- before the email came out.” She said that college officials re-

quest reassignments all the time for various reasons. The opening for the position for VP of Instruction was available only for five days, according to Diane Clerou, vice chancellor of human resources for SCCCD. “The process that Dr. Azari and I have talked about is that at the end of five days, she and a committee will interview those people who express an interest in the interim position,” Clerou said. The vice-president of instruction, according to the job description posted online by the human resources office, “contributes to the overall planning and decision-making processes for the campuses with regard to instruction.” Wood’s request for assignment is expected to be brought up to the SCCCD Board of Trustees at their Nov. 3 meeting. If approved by the board, it is after this, Azari said, that Woods will officially leave the main campus of FCC to his new position at the CTC. As for who will step in as a temporary vice-president of instruction until an interim is selected, Azari said she

“will do that.” “I was a vice-president of instruction for seven years,” Azari said. “I can probably handle it.”

Tim Woods, VP for Instruction, to assume new position at the Career and Technology Center, pending board approval on Nov. 3 Photo/Linkedin





Music educator earns top spot l CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

Love of Music Started Early Dana said his love of music goes back to his childhood. He got his start in music with his best friend. In the Fifth grade, the two started a band. “I remember it was really fun,” Dana recalls, and he stuck with music from that point on, saying he can’t imagine doing anything else not related to music. In addition to jazz, Dana appreciates all kinds of music. He remembers a guitar lesson and his guitar teacher playing music by Wes Montgomery, a famous jazz musician. He asked his teacher if he could learn how to play jazz and took to it only after learning a few things. “From the time that I was probably in middle school, jazz was my first love,” Dana said. He went beyond

Wes Montgomery, playing songs by the Beatles, Miles Davis and Stravinsky, artists that he credits for influencing him. In college, Dana got an opportunity to work with jazz guitar legend, Joe Pass, whom he credits as an inspiration. However, he says that a lot of the people he knows (most who teach at FCC) and area musicians are what keep him going. Most of all, he says, his students inspire him. “How many people for 26 years, get to go to a job and talk about what they love to people that love the same exact thing? That’s pretty great.” He advises young people interested in a music career to make sure they “really love it with your heart and soul.” “People always see the glamour

of it, but they don’t understand that when I was in college – I spent hours in the practice room. I focused on getting better as a musician.” Dana said. With hard work, showing up early for gigs and being nice to be around, “They’re going to get their chance.” The Award Would Shine Light on Importance of Music Dana said that winning this award and getting the recognition would mean a lot to him. “A lot of times, we kind of have to fight to justify why music is important to teach,” he said. “To get the recognition from the Grammy Foundation that these are some of the best music educators around, and one of them is at Fresno City College.”

Dana said he hopes people see the award and recognize how important music really is. “We have some really great teachers,” he says. “I’m flattered for the honor, but there’s a lot of really good music teachers on our faculty and in other schools in the area. Anything that puts the spotlight on that is great.” Dana’s dream concert would be set “someplace like New York” and he’d be playing with some of his friends. He would also love to play alongside Jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves and the Maria Schneider Orchestra, a big band from New York. “We’d be playing some amazing original music that people are just going crazy to hear,” he said. “That’d be really cool.”

Mike Dana has taught at Fresno City College for 26 years. If Dana wins, he will recieve a $10,000 honorarium and will be flown to the Grammy award ceremony in Los Angeles in the spring of 2016. Dana says that winning this award would mean a lot to him. Photos/Larry Valenzuela



Business Student Develops Parking App, Wins Competition

Fresno City College freshman, Micah Chaffin wins the Fresno State Lyles Center CCEP Pitch Competition on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. Photo/Fresno City College Public Information Office. BY RUDY PEREZ

Reporter rperez@therampageonline.com

A Fresno City College freshman is headed to Kansas after winning the Fresno State Lyles Center CCEP Pitch Competition on Sept. 25. Micah Chaffin, business administration major, won the inaugural entrepreneurial pitch competition


Reporter cmallory@therampageonline.com

As the Biology Museum opened their doors on Oct.16 to a touring class of local elementary school students, the student-tour guides quickly realized an important and very valuable display was missing. “We noticed that the leopard skin was missing,” said Carl Johansson, biology instructor in the Math, Science and Engineering Building. Johansson said the museum was locked up the night before but did not see leopard skin the next morning. The large attraction, which has been the museum since the 1940s, was gone. “I can’t even speculate, I have no idea,” Johansson said. “Who wants a ratty old leopard skin? It’s just weird.” He added that only someone who is “completely anti-education and completely selfish” would do something like this. Johansson said the leopard skin is worth up to “a couple thousand dollars.” He said the burglars who took the item could find themselves in more trouble than the leopard skin is worth. “I hope they are not planning on selling it, because if they try, more than likely they are going to end up in a federal offense,” Johansson said. Brenda Garcia, a nursing student at FCC, said she was shocked that anyone


with his idea for a college parking college campuses,” she said. app. Both Chaffin and Balakian were He first thought of this idea in delighted to give the overview of the his BA 52 class, an entrepreneurial app, but could not give out more instrategies course, taught by Amber formation due to legal matters. Balakian. “Throughout the course, they’re “Basically, it was an idea I had for developing this idea for the whole an app; it was actually a little daunt- semester and he [Chaffin] wanted ing because I came up with the idea to use that as his signature project,” only about a month before the actual Balakian said. “Then the pitch compitch (due date),” Chaffin said. “I was petition came and he was the only working really hard to get it finished one who wanted to go to that, so he up to that point, a lot of the other practiced and did really well. He put people had their ideas for years, but in a lot of work to get to that point.” for me it was this app idea that reBalakian says that Chaffin’s app volves around college students.” can benefit college students because He says that his app was born out it will be a relief to have something out necessity and is going to be an that will help students with parking. app that will solve problems for a lot “For FCC students, it [Chaffin’s of people. app] would encourage me that any“My teacher, Amber Balakian, thing’s possible as long as I have an helped me a lot,” Chaffin said. “I idea and I kind of put the footwork would go to her, and she’d help me behind it, I can make it happen,” said refine it and tell me what and what Balakian. not to put in.” As the winner of the pitch compe Balakian says that Chaffin tition, Chaffin will receive an all-ex2/3/15 developed the idea of an2-18_Distribution_final.pdf app in her pense paid trip to Wichita, 1Kansas in class for an assignment. November to attend the Collegiate Students in Balakian’s BA 52 class Entrepreneur’s Organization Nawere assigned to develop a solution tional Conference. to a problem on FCC’s campus. “They “It’s insane, honestly. I’ve never [students] walked around, talked to ever been paid to travel or ever been different people, and got a list of 10 able to do something like that, so it’s different problems,” she said. a crazy opportunity,” Chaffin said. One of the main problems stu- “I was telling people that I’m super dents had was parking, she said. stoked for the conference, but I’m “They had to develop a solution to just excited that somebody is paying the problem, so he came up with an for me to fly; it’s amazing it’s a huge app that would help make parking a blessing.” lot easier for staff and students on

Leopard Skin Missing from Biology Museum



l CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 for annual checkup or mammogram. Colmenero encourages everyone to use the buddy system, where men and women have a friend or family member remind each other to do monthly self-exams. According to the National Cancer Institute, “A mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breast.” There are two different types of mammograms; a screening mammogram and diagnostic mammogram. The NCI says that a screening mammogram takes two x-ray photos of each breast, making it possible to discover a tumor that could not be felt, whereas a diagnostic mammogram can be used to check for breast cancer after symptoms are discovered. Nursing student, Nellie Porras, said, “Every women after the age of 45 or 50 should get checked.” Early detection is vital. In a report from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, it states that when breast cancer is caught and treated at Stage 1, an early and localized stage, the 5-year survival rates are about 9:36 98 AMpercent. “There are people who have been treated for it and have been okay,” Colmenero said. “Knowing that there are other people [who have been diagnosed with cancer and survived] shows that they’re not alone, and there is help. I think that it really helps the emotional aspect of it and shows that they can get through it.” This article was contrubited by David Chavez. dchavez@therampageonline. com


www.teamamvets.com would take the item, and suggested that the museum consider more security. C “Maybe have someone in the room,” Garcia said, “someone guarding.” M Karissa Sanchez, a student, said she doesn’t understand how the leopard skin went missing. Y She said, “I think it is ridiculous that they did that.” CM




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The door to the biology museum where an antique leopard skin went missing on Oct. 16. Photo/Larry Valenzula

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Halloween Costume Ideas

Popular Costumes


Reporter vcobian@therampageonline.com

Halloween is just around the corner, and choosing the right costume is not an easy task. Here are some ideas to help you pick the right costume for you. There is nothing cuter than to match with your significant other. Some of the best options this Halloween include dressing up as your favorite superhero couples like Batman and Catwoman or Spider-Man and Mary Jane. Another good couple Halloween costume idea is dressing up like your favorite video game character couples like Mario and Princess Peach or Link and Zelda.

Dare to be sexy. Halloween is the perfect occasion to dress up like a sexy cop or a sexy firefighter. Don’t worry though; you can still be sexy and remain conservative. There are two options when it comes down to choosing a “sexy” Halloween costume. For example, you can choose to wear pants instead of a skirt on a female cop costume. Don’t be afraid to add to your Halloween costume; face painting is always a great option. Make dressing up for Halloween a fun experience with your family or friends by coordinating with your group.

If you have kids in your group, Disney characters are a great option -- characters from Disney princesses like Elsa, Cinderella and Snow White, to characters from all the different kinds of Disney films like Woody, Buzz, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tinkerbell, Ariel, Mulan and much more. Clowns are a great option when you can’t decide what you really want to be. Some of you may be afraid of clowns, but others will love your costume.

1. Couples costumes 2. Pirates 3. Police officers 4. Ninjas 5. Wolves 6. Superheroes 7. “The Walking Dead” 8. Pennywise from “IT” 9. Disney characters 10. Witches

Illustration/ www.wholelifechallenge.com

Gomez wins Mortal Kombat X Tournament BY MICHAEL FORD

Reporter mford@therampageonline.com

Chris Gomez, who was using the character Raiden, was able to grind out the victory over Logan Slaughter in a single-elimination, best-of-three Mortal Kombat X tournament on Oct. 20. Dozens had gathered in the Student Lounge to watch as 11 students took the stage for Mortal Kombat X is the latest edition of the immensely popular and incredibly violent fighting game franchise made by legendary game developer NetherRealm studios. The first place winner received a $15 gift card to GameStop; runner up received a $10 gift card to Starbucks, and third prize was a free meal coupon for In-N-Out Burger. Students Chris Gomez and Logan Slaughter both battled their way through some stiff competition to finally meet in the tournament finals.

The final round would put their skills to the test as the format was changed to best three out of five to determine a champion. The last match went down to the wire but Chris Gomez, won 3-2. Slaughter put up a valiant effort but couldn’t quite take home the victory. “I just wasn’t doing my best out there,” Slaughter said. “I just went on practice mode a lot. I’ve been playing this one for about four or five months.” Gomez spent a good amount of time beforehand preparing and said he had his strategy mapped out. “I wasn’t really thinking about counterpicking at all. I just wanted to keep my main as Raiden with the thunder god variation,” he said. “I just practiced online and offline, making sure that my combos and my execution were good.”

Photo courtesy/ deviantart.com

Caution: Man Buns Ahead BY ALBERTINA RODRIGUEZ DELGADO Opinion Editor arodriguezdelgado@therampageonline.com

Let’s talk buns...man buns to be exact. So if by now you haven’t seen a man bun on your Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, or a celebrity either giving it justice or killing it, then you are lying to yourself-because literally they are everywhere. I, of course, have absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. More power to the buns, I say. So when exactly did this “man bun” become a thing? Well, according to Vox, it became “a surge of interest

in 2014, and then an unabated rise through 2015.” According to InStyle, the best man buns are worn by Jared Leto (at the number one spot), Andrew Garfield, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harry Styles, Jake Gyllenhaal, David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth, Colin Farrell, Kit Harington, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, and lastly Joaquin Phoenix. It’s become so popular there’s even an Instagram page dedicated to it, which I would recommend following to get your daily dose of

hunks rocking some serious man buns. But like many have said before, with great power comes great responsibility. Recently there’s been a big con about having a man bun-and that is losing hair. But according to Men’s Hairstyle Trend, that is false. Although it is true you can have some loss of hair if the bun is too tight, your hair won’t start to fall just because you wear man buns everyday. Women do it all the time and they don’t become bald because

of it. Man buns are often associated with being a hipster, but that is not true...if you’re a male reading this and you’re considering going for a man bun then go right ahead. If it doesn’t suit you then it doesn’t, but you will never know unless you’re willing to experiment. Just to stay on the safe side--wear your man bun loose...unless you’re a risk taker and like to live life on the edge, then go right ahead. Do it at your own risk.

Halestorm Rocks Rainbow Ballroom





How to Kill Time Between Classes BY ROMAN ESPINOZA

Reporter respinoza@therampageonline.com

So you have a few hours between classes with nothing to do? Cheer up; there are a wide variety of things to do during breaks in your class schedule, depending on the amount of time you have. Here are the top 10 things that students do while waiting to get there learning on:

1. 2.

Eat -brain food is good but unhealthy junk tastes better.

Study -- if you have a test coming up that you’re not too sure about, studying during your break, especially when it is right before, will help you get a better score. Halestorm vocalist/guitartist Lzzy Hale and drummer Arejay Hale performing some of their hit songs live at Rainbow Ballroom, Fresno, on Oct. 13, 2015. Photo/Ryan Holquin BY RYAN HOLQUIN

Reporter rholquin@therampageonline.com

Halestorm put on a show that Fresno will definitely not forget at the Rainbow Ballroom on Oct. 13. Fans lined up, waiting to be patted down by security; others posed for selfies and talked excitedly about Halestorm; an American hard rock band from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, consisting of a strong lead vocalist Lzzy Hale, drummer Arejay Hale -Lzzy’s brother, guitarist Joe Hottinger and bassist Josh Smith. Once everyone had stampeded in, bought their merchandise and beer and got a spot on the floor, an event coordinator came on stage and announced that Jägermeister, the sponsor of the show, was giving away a shot glass set that was attached to a plastic guitar head, signed by the band. The catch? Post the best photo of the

night on social media. The crowd, from early 30-year-olds to late 50-year-olds dressed in the most heavy metal attire ever seen for that age. More power to them. As the lights dimmed, the crowd went wild. Vocalist Lzzy Hale came on stage and thanked the crowd for being there. She talked a little about their tour and how fortunate they are to have the fans they have. She said they had something special lined up for their fans. Once Hale brought out her band members, they started a very intimate set, all acoustic. Everyone in the crowd swayed and sang along to like “Parachutes” and “Mz. Hyde” -- songs they had never heard live. Hale’s vocals set the room on fire, hitting every note perfectly and looking pretty while doing so. It was hard

to believe that she sings at this level at all of their shows. Bravo, Lzzy Hale, bravo. After finishing the acoustic set, Hale thanked the crowd and said it would be a few minutes until the band came back on; sound equipment had to be plugged back in ,so the real show could start. As the lights dimmed one last time, the crowd shouted “Halestorm” over and over. The energy of the crowd was at an all-time high. “Familiar Taste of Poison” and “Apocalyptic” kept the crowd moving and guitarist Joe Hottinger kept the tempo steady. The night progressed but the crowd was not dwindling. Everyone continued to sing along and documented the night on their cell phones.


Relax, even though you need to work hard you also need rest for the mind and body to settle itself.


Do your homework -because homework counts and is a big part of your grade



Listen to music -music is known to reduce stress and center the mind.


Play on laptop -playing games on your laptop can take the edge off of a busy day.


Talking on the phone-catching up with friends and family. A two hour break is a great time to finally call your grandparents back.


Spend time with friends -- human interaction is a surefire way to wind down as long as you make sure you’re around the right people


Walk around -walking around is a good way to wind down and maybe find a nice shady spot to relax and recuperate


from campus .

(Left) Halestorm guitarist Joe Hottinger keeping up the tempo for the crowd at Rainbow Ballroom. (Right) Halestorm vocalist Lzzy Hale and bassist Josh Smith at Rainbow Ballroom, Fresno, Oct. 13 2015. Caption. Photos/Ryan Holquin

Read -- when you read for fun it’s an adventure away

If you use your time wisely by doing productive things, you can actually get a lot of work done. Rest is needed for the mind to rejuvenate, and fun is needed to keep the stress levels down. “Don’t put a letter grade above your mental health; take a break; get yourself together; then go back to what you were doing,” said Alex Rosales, a biology major. Jesus Arellano, business major, said “never take breaks lightly.”




The Big Fresno Fair 2015

(Left page) from left to right, Gloria Trevi performing on Oct. 18; a carnival game; Randy Houser performing on Oct. 14 at the Big Fresno Fair 2015. (Right page) Top from left to right: Gravitron ride; Lecrae performing on Oct. 13; Giant Wheel ride. Bottom from left to right: Paul Anka performing on Oct. 12; Diana Ross performing on Oct. 16; Gabriel Iglesias performing on Oct. 10. Photos/Daisy Rodriguez, Larry Valenzuela and Jasmine Yoro Bowles

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Your Local Health Plan.








To Tinder or Not -- Not an Easy Choice BY RYAN HOLQUIN

Reporter rholquin@therampageonline.com

Are you sure you want to download “Tinder?” I second guessed myself as I clicked ‘yes’ and watched the download of the application on my phone. Has my life really come to this -- relying on an app on my phone to find a “partner”? I guess everyone my age can relate; not everyone is looking to be committed at the moment. It is discouraging and sad. I am not embarrassed to say that I am a hopeless romantic. I know a fairy tale ending will not happen, but I am not afraid to admit that I care and that I try to make things work. For those of you who do not know what Tinder is, it is a smartphone application (iOS and Android) that is very popular in the college community. It is super simple; that is why it is the most used dating app today. After downloading the application, step two is signing in with your Facebook account. Tinder then

displays your first name, age and your most recent profile picture. All you really have to do is put a bio and set a distance and age preference of potential mates, that is if you wish to do so. After that, all you need to do is swipe left on the screen to “dislike” a person or swipe right to “like” them. I know what you are thinking, pretty harsh huh? I have not met up with any of my Tinder matches, I think it is a little nerve racking, and to be honest, you can’t trust Illustration by Bobby Brown just anyone because you share similar interests. Tinder just recently added a

feature that lets you can swipe up to “super like” someone...as if using this app was not belittling enough. Once you have “liked” someone and they have “liked” you back, a huge bold font jumps at you on the screen that screams, “it’s a match!” and you are then led to a chat box where you can privately message this person you “like.” It automatically opens a chat box, but you don’t have to chat at all if you choose not to. I have a friend who recently moved across the country for a guy she met on Tinder. I could not believe it when she told me she was moving to

Iowa less than two months after they connected, but as long as she is happy, I am happy for her. Sadly, she stopped talking to her friends, myself included, and I haven’t heard from her. Dating is difficult. I am pretty sure a lot of people my age can relate. I am 21, but I am also working part-time, going to school part-time, trying to find time to hang out with my friends, but more importantly, trying to get at least five hours of sleep each night. Dating is the least of my worries right now. Ask yourself what I ask myself all the time: are dating apps worth it? Is it possible to find “the one” over the web? Do I even have time for “the one” right now? Tell yourself what I tell myself all the time: do not lose hope; have heart; focus on yourself and your goals. The right person will be attracted to what you are actually doing with your life, not what it looks like online. Let’s all click “delete profile” soon. Let’s get out there and enjoy life, accomplish our goals. Let’s find our partner by chance, and not by design.

Women Just want to be Men's Equal BY ALEXXA LEYVA MARTINEZ Reporter amartinez@therampageonline.com

Of all the things that have become trendy this past year, feminism has been the most polarizing and, at least for me, the most influential. The whole “I am woman, hear me roar!” campaign has inspired girls and women of all ages. However, the more I dig into becoming a feminist, the more I realize how many people are intimidated by

“I don’t understand why women wear watches when there’s a perfectly good clock on the stove.” @meninistcode

the movement. The negative connotations that are attached to feminism begin with the public scrutiny the word has received. Rush Limbaugh coined the term “feminazi”. Pat Robertson (a conservative Republican) said feminism is witchcraft and influences women to murder their children. Where did they get the idea that feminists are bad? Why are some

people so insecure and unable to support the idea that women are men’s EQUALS? Of all things women deserve, being treated as equals tops the list. That is at the core of feminism; we are fighting for the equal rights we deserve. The gender pay gap is real, with women making 78 cents for every dollar earned by a man. Women of color make even less, with Hispanic women at 64 cents and black women at 53 cents for every dollar. Every one in five women has been or will be raped. Every one in four women becomes a victim of domestic violence. It’s still hard to be a woman in this society; it’s still dangerous. Yes things have gotten better, but the change has been slow. The change hasn’t been fast enough. The change hasn’t been significant enough. The renewed and strengthened feminist movement couldn’t have come at a better time. What does it mean exactly to be a feminist? No, it doesn’t mean you’ve forsaken all men or you can’t listen to Chris Brown’s music or you can’t shave your legs. It doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to not like other girls; it doesn’t mean you HAVE to vote for Hillary Clinton; it doesn’t mean you can’t watch porn.

It means you acknowledge that women deserve equal rights. It means that you support women and their fight against misogyny. It means that you won’t stand by and let a woman suffer because she’s not a man.

Illustration by Bobby Brown

Men aren’t excluded from the feminist movement either. A few men have come to the forefront to announce their allegiance to the feminist movement. That’s a brave thing to do considering all of the backlash they could and usually do receive for it.

“All men should be feminists. If men care about women’s rights, the world will be a better place... We are better off when women are empowered -it leads to a better society,” said John Legend, a stand out male feminist, singer/songwriter. Let’s be real; it’s 2015, and feminism has been polluted by various media propaganda. There is literally a twitter called Menist that is aimed at mocking feminism and promoting male supremacy, for example: “I don’t understand why women wear watches when there’s a perfectly good clock on the stove,” Menist had tweeted. The lack of creativity for their “jokes” is insulting enough but the fact that they think this is remotely clever is pathetic. That is exactly why we need feminism. Masculinity has become so fragile that the thought of feminism shakes insecure men to their core. It’s not like feminists are these big bad wolves coming to castrate opponents of feminism. Feminists are not a terrorist group. Feminism is a progressive movement. All they want is that women enjoy same rights accorded men. Nothing is wrong with that.



Guard Your Virginity Until You're Ready Reporter triley@therampageonline.com

Losing your virginity is a huge decision and not one you should take lightly. You don’t want to lose it to just anyone. Giving your body to another soul is scary. Some people say I was a late bloomer because I lost my “v-card” my freshman year of college. But I honestly wish I waited longer. I rushed it, and it was not at all what I expected. It was so casual, like it meant nothing. My boyfriend was visiting during the Thanksgiving break. I picked him up from the Greyhound station and we drove to a park, and proceeded to the backseat of the car and had sex. It was over in no time at all, and if I were not there, I would have missed it. I can’t put the blame on my boyfriend. He had never pressured me, it was something I wanted to do as well or so I thought. In the moment of truth and in the worst pain I had ever experienced, I realized I shouldn’t have done it. I should have waited. After losing my virginity, I went into shock. Did I really do this? My regret got worse when I found out about two months later that the guy I lost my precious virginity to was an a**; the fool was cheating on me. That experience has taught me a lot. I am now patiently waiting for the “one” and will not give up that easily any time soon. As women, our virginity is the most precious jewel that we have. I am not saying you have to wait until marriage, but women should be extremely picky about who they decide to gift it. I cannot emphasize that enough. There are way too many heartless guys out here who will say and do anything just to get you in bed but will feel no loyalty to you. They will probably be cheating on you with someone else at the same time they are swearing their love to you . Sometimes, when girls say they are still virgins, they sound disappointed and seem eager to lose it. They treat it like a burden. But I remind them that they should not be in a hurry to lose it because it should be something sacred. Many young women have lost the value of how precious their bodies are and how they should cherish it. If the person the woman likes cannot respect their choice to wait, then he is not the right person for her. Not everyone is going to have a bad first-time experience like I did, but I’ve learned that sharing my body with someone is a huge deal. You should find someone who knows how worthy you are. As Amelie Fisher, author of “Callum and Harper” wrote, “I have nothing to give anyone, really. It’s the one gift I can give that has any kind of value. It makes me feel worthy.”





Reporter mmorgan@therampageonline.com

ers are very busy people. If the job requires a resume then you should take the time to make sure that the resume is up-to-date. When your interviewer asks questions, you should answer them as truthfully as you can. There is nothing worse than the hiring manager discovering you lied about a previous employer.

When attending a job interview, most people are nervous and are focused on only one goal which is to land the job position. But acing a job interview is often a big hurdle and one that can doom your chances of a favorable outcome. You can have a great job search experience every time. All you need to do is follow some of these steps from Job Searching Expert, Allsion Doyle. For starters, you should always do research on the job you’re interested in as well as the company. It’s important that you ask many questions and get a clear understanding of the job’s requirements. You should always dress professionally for any type of interview. Appearance is always important. Employers look to see how nicely groomed you are. You want to show up with combed hair, and light makeup. Please be on time, you want to show up at least 15 minutes early to Illustration by Bobby Brown fill out paperwork or to beat traffic. Showing up late conveys that you are It’s also important to make eye connot serious about the job and employ- tact throughout, and keep a smile on

your face when appropriate. You want to look interested in the job position. If you look bored, your interviewers are going to think that you are uninterested and probably won’t hire you. Confidence is always key in most situations. Answer all your questions with confidence. If he or she asks what your weaknesses are, be honest, but inform them how you believe their company will improve your weaknesses and turn them into great skills. If you are super nervous, you can always ask a peer, family member or friend to help you practice for your interview. They can help you practice by asking you the basic questions you would expect in any interview. You should give them your best answer, and have them coach you throughout the practice. Before walking into the interview, take some deep breaths. You want to calm some of your nerves so that you don’t sweat or stutter during the interview. Drink plenty of water; you want to stay hydrated and healthy. It would be terrible to pass out during the interview. If you stay confident and honest and keep a smile on your face, you should ace your interview. Good luck!

Does the naked body offend you? BY ALBERTINA RODRIGUEZ DELGADO Opinion Editor arodriguezdelgado@therampageonline.com

A body-positive advertisement for LUSH Cosmetics that was designed to promote a positive body image in Australia for their “Go Naked” campaign, is apparently being deemed as “offensive” and “pornographic in nature” according to some of the complaints that the Advertising Standards Board (ABS) received. In the photo, four women can be seen naked with their backs facing the camera--the photo is untouched showing what “real” women look like. This photo, on a personal note, makes me feel comfortable with myself. It starts the conversation of how women view themselves when they see models being retouched to the point where they are unrecognizable and not humanly possible. It’s not a safe state of mind to say the least. The majority of the claims were from mothers that were angry that such a thing was exposed to their children while at the mall. While there were some complaints many were congratulating the brand and showing their appreciation on their Facebook page. What really bothered me was that this ad is being judged by women who don’t feel comfortable because they are not used to seeing this, at least from my perspective. These women

are showing all--their curves, their cellulite (and it is totally normal if you have some and not something to be ashamed of), one woman has her blue hair which is rare to see when it comes to these sort of advertising, and their perfectly imperfect bodies because not all of us are a size zero. While I do understand that to a certain level it can be inappropriate for children--but to call it offensive...why? With all of the negativity that is going towards just the ad--people are failing to realize what LUSH is doing while promoting their new campaign. LUSH responded to BuzzFeed by saying, “the campaign was meant to highlight the excessive packaging used for products in the industry, as well as promote body positivity,” the company said. “The women in the images are members of the LUSH team, who felt strongly about this issue and volunteered to be a part of our campaign for this important issue.” Courtney Frey, another LUSH employee who took part of this campaign explained that she was affected by the unrealistic beauty standards growing up. “I’ve had issues with my body for the majority of life and having the confidence to do something this far out of my comfort zone was a huge step for me. I’ve become much more accepting of my figure...” she said

while being interviewed by BuzzFeed. Peta Granger, LUSH’S Australasia Director, told BuzzFeed, “We want our messages to empower people, not make them feel awful about themselves over a body that is probably not ever real due to how much it’s been digitally ‘enhanced’.”

The ‘GoNaked’ campaign produced by LUSH focuses on a postive body image for women of all sizes. Photo/BuzzFeed




Chaz Bono Disappoints, Fails to Realize His Significance BY CALEB OWENS-GARRETT

Reporter cowensgarret@therampageonline.com

It is a myth that respect comes naturally among people with a similar lifestyle; unfortunately, that is wrong. As a trans individual, learning that someone -- not just any anyone -- but Chaz Bono, was going to be speaking at our college was quite exhilarating, up until the actual interview between Bono and Communication Instructor and LGBTQ advocate, Jerry Thurston. The interview -- a one-on-one between Bono and Thurston -- took place on Oct. 8, 2015 at Fresno City College’s Old Administration Auditorium. While Thurston effortlessly asked the questions, I found Bono to be very tight-lipped. This was very disappointing to me because it was important for Bono to allow himself to be open with the audience, but especially to other trans folks as well as their supporters in the audience. I had looked forward to this interview because of how vital it is to the FCC community to understand and expand our knowledge about trans

folks. This speech could have offered specific advice to people in the trans community on many issues, including coming out or how life is once you get your transition started. In actual reality, that is not how it went on that Thursday afternoon at all. Bono, whom I thought to be a positive advocate for the trans community, did not live up to my expectations of him, based on the information I had gathered from research. In fact, as the exchange between Bono and Thurston progressed and Thurston asked questions pertaining to Bono’s life, aside from his documentary and publications, Bono responded to every personal question with hesitation. From my perspective as a member of the audience, it felt as if Bono felt irritated at the fact that he had to speak in front of the audience. It showed in his body language and short answers. Bono was more than willing to speak on topics already widely publicized in his book, films and plays. I believe that was when he talked most freely in the course of the exchanges with Thurston. As the interview came to a close

and people in the audience had a chance to ask Bono some questions, many asked questions pertaining to coming out, Bono’s significant weight loss journey as well as the Sonny and Cher show. My impression of Bono went down south because of the way he handled the situation. I had been so excited to get up

“At that moment, I felt my heart drop into my stomach.”

there and ask a question pertaining to my previous article about Transgender Stereotypes. My question to Bono was, “Was there any specific stereotype you feared when coming out as trans*?” I had no idea what to expect, because so far, Bono had not made good impressions on me. Bono’s response to my question left me feeling uneasy and quite annoyed. His response was simply, “What do you mean by trans* stereotype?” At that moment, I felt my heart

drop into my stomach. He had made me feel so small in an auditorium filled with over 1,000 people. I began to repeat myself, and he responded with no hesitation and threw my question back in my face. “There isn’t enough that people know to even stereotype us,” he said. “Trans folks, so I am unsure of what you’re asking.” In that moment, I had realized that Bono wasn’t here to be a supportive trans* advocate, but instead, he was coming to advertise himself and his publications. It made me sad knowing that the event didn’t go as planned, but overall, I was not impressed with Chaz Bono. He didn’t leave me hopeful about our advocates. I just hope that because of Bono’s actions, that people don’t feel like trans* folks are rude and insensitive. I know now not to have high expectations from a celebrity, but I thought that one who has been through so much would be willing to give of himself, if only to encourage others. I know that trans* or not and in spite of the commonalities, people are really who they are.

During the first Democratic presidential debate, the Senator from Vermont and 2016 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders defended the former Secretary of State and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton from the media’s constant questioning about her use of a personal email server for classified material. Illustration by Bobby Brown





The Rampage at your service: An Open Letter to the College Community BY RAMPAGE EDITORIAL BOARD editorial@therampageonline.com

Dear readers, There are moments when we want nothing to do with Fresno City College. Then there are moments in our college career that we feel like this is truly where we belong. Whatever it is, we are all responsible for representing California’s premier community college, no matter who we are on campus or what our personal goals are. As a student-run newspaper, yes, student-run, the Rampage often covers stories that not everyone may find soothing or easy to digest. Nevertheless, that is exactly what we are here to do, to inform you whether you like it or not. If it impacts or reflects on Fresno City College, it is the Rampage’s business. Since it started in 1949, the Rampage has chronicled significant and, sometimes, not-so-significant events on the FCC campus and continues to do so under all types of circumstances, throughout the years. The staff at the college newspaper, all unique in their own ways, is constantly changing, from semester to semester. Some may stay for all four semesters of eligibility, but others leave after one semester. But one thing is for sure -- we are here for you. We are here to share with the 24,000 minds on this campus,

your own particular experiences -- your pride as an elected student leader or your frustrations with your classes or counseling or financial aid or any services on campus or your fears about this campus. We can give voice to your issues, whether you are a student, faculty or staff. So to the Associated Student Government representatives, who have not always had a great

you by every morning at the Student Center above the bookstore. What’s keeping us from working together? We need to get to know each other better. Our two organizations are working towards the same goal -serving the FCC community. To the average student-reader, what motivates you? What inspires you each and every day? You are not just a student here. You are beginning your life history story and doing it right w i t h here at FCC. We are here to t h e tell the world about you and Rampage, your dreams as well as your we invite you challenges. Don’t hide; we to invite us to want to know you. the table. E v e r y Give us a chance living soul to be present, in the at your weekly Rampage’s Tuesday meetings newsroom in the Senate is a Chambers located student, in the Student just like Lounge, while you. We you discuss the have the most pressing same concerns concerns on as you. We each campus. take four to Say “hi” to five classes us as we and spend pass countless Illustration by Bobby Brown

Campus Voices:

Who will be the Democratic and Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential race?

“Donald Trump, because he’s ahead in the polls, and Hillary Clinton, because I feel like she’ll eventually win.” -Santiago Licea, Business

Photo/ www.teamshatter.com

“Donald Trump, because money wins all, and Hillary Clinton because she’s the most well-known.” -Alan Lee, General Education Photos/Larry Valenzuela

“Donald Trump, because he’s getting a lot of press, and Hillary Clinton because she’s the most well-known.” -Seth Shanrock, Nursing

all-nighters studying for that political science exam, just like you. But while doing that, we also have our priorities, to which we commit to every semester. As studentjournalists, we have to get our head in the game about chronicling life at FCC. So that brings us to the great faculty on this campus. Where are you? You are not forgotten. Easily the most important aspect of this college, the faculty on this campus are of high importance to The Rampage. We want you to help us help you and your students. Let us know what you are doing. Give us a call or email; send smoke signals, anything really. Anything that will help us elevate the level of communication to better inform everyone and.transform this college. We want to know what research your class is doing, or what sort of experiments you are engaging in with your class. This letter cannot go without addressing our controversial pasts, present and what is to come. Let it be clear, we will hear about it, and when we do, we will ask about it. Be ready.

“Anybody but Trump. Hillary Clinton because it would be cool to have a female president.” -Lily Villanueva, Merchandising


“Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump because there aren’t any other good candidates, but Jeb Bush might surprise.” -Micaela Clark, Art

“It might be Donald Trump, but I’m not sure because of all the things he says, and Hillary Clinton because it’d be cool to see a female as president.” -DeMontae Cook, English




Rams beat Taft in battle for CVC Lead Rams remain undefeated in conference BY MICHAEL MENDEZ

Reporter mmendez@therampageonline.com

Freshman middle blocker Sydney Molander hits the ball over the net versus Taft, Wednesday Oct. 14 at FCC Gymnasium. Photo/Keaundrey Clark

The Fresno City College women’s volleyball team went through a hard-fought match where they would defeat Taft winning the series 3-1 to improve to a 12-4 overall record. They also have sole possession of first place in the Central Valley Conference, as well as keeping their conference winning streak alive and intact. Before the game, both FCC and Taft shared similar records. FCC was 11-4 (5-0) and had a 19-game conference winning streak on the line, Taft had an 11-8 (5-0) record with five straight conference wins. With both teams tied for first place in the conference, made this match one of the top regular seasons games to see. The series started off in a stand still as both teams were neck and neck to start off the first set in the series. The first set starts as both teams were sharing points across the board as they were both tied at 7-7 early in the first. This wouldn’t last long as the Rams would begin starting a rally against the Taft Cougars that started with a kill strike by Fresno’s Nyeisha Brown to force seven unanswered points. The Rams would win the first set 2517. This would be an ongoing

event in the game that Fresno’s Alexis March would refer to her team’s rallies as they would play a huge part in the series. “We have this thing that happens where once we get on a roll, we get on a roll,” March said. “We feed off of the energy from each other that makes us want to do better and to finish the set with everything we got”. The second set would start off the way that the first set ended as the Rams would take an 3-0 early lead. The Cougars would not go away without a fight as they turned the tide as they would tie the set 11-11. There was a point when the Cougars would take control as they would take a three point lead over the Rams 19-16 forcing the Rams to call a timeout. After the timeout, the Rams would make a complete turnaround as they would close the gap with great plays from Jenna Goldsberry and Sydney Rigby to cut the Cougar lead to one. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as the Cougars would hang on scoring six out of the last seven to win the second set 25- 20 to tie the series at one apiece. Sydney Rigby talked about how tough of a team Taft was and what their team ways

showing them on the court. “They had a lot of determination pushing us to our limit. They were scrappy, playing hard and not letting a whole lot of balls drop,” Rigby said. The third set would start off similar to how the first set did as they went back and forth off each other, not just in points as each team changing ball possession in a single set. It was after this where the Rams would find their stride by scoring four unanswered points in a 15- 11 lead midway through the third. This rally would continue as the Rams would score another 7-0 run to take the third set in dominating fashion in 25-14 set victory to take a 2-1 series lead. Rams head coach Tracy Ainger-Schulte would talk about her team’s scoring ability over the course of the game. “In some series we did well like the first one was a good series for us, we let the second one get away from us,” Ainger-Schulte said. “We also had a lopsided victory in the third and fourth to close it out, so if we do what we need to do, these things should be happening.”

Women’s Soccer Coach Says Students Are Key to His Success BY KEAUNDREY CLARK

Sports Editor kclark@therampageonline.com

Without a doubt, women’s soccer coach Oliver Germond has had a fantastic career at Fresno City College. He has accomplished a lot -- from making multiple final-four appearances to winning the National Soccer Coaches Association National Coach of the Year. Now he has another accomplishment under his belt. He’s won a career 245 games during his tenure at FCC. “I feel blessed to work for such a great school and have been able to work here for the past 15 years,” said Germond. “I’ve been lucky to have such talented, hard working student

athletes. I’m just the coach; the wins are earned by the players.” In his 15 seasons at FCC, Germond has won the Central Valley Conference title eight times. He has had more than 60 soccer players transfer to four-year colleges since his first year at FCC in 2000. “I also do everything I possibly can to give them the best opportunities to move on and give them opportunities to play at the four-year level,” he said. “I just work hard hoping our student-athletes will see that if they work hard, they will succeed at anything.” Germond’s success has come through hard work and dedication to his team, the college and most importantly his players.

The coach said his best accomplishments include each time his team has gotten to the final four, but particularly one year, early on in his career at FCC. “We beat Lassen College who was stacked with international kids and the No. 1 seed that year, going undefeated,” he said. “We beat them in the freezing weather as the No. 8 seed. I could have made a movie from that win.” He said it was such an amazing experience for his student-athletes. On his greatest failure, Germond remembers last year in the state championships. His team was up 1-0 with 8 minutes left and had absolute control of the game. Then the referee

gave Cerritos a very questionable penalty kick. “We lost 2-1 with 3 minutes left in overtime. That was our only loss all year,” he said. “I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from that game. I felt bad for our kids. They had done everything perfect all season. I couldn’t have been any prouder.” The coach said he wants to be remembered as one who worked really hard for his students. “I do everything in my power to make this the best soccer program in the state,” he said. “And I try to teach our kids the important characteristics of life outside of soccer that will help them be successful in whatever they choose.

Solberg Earns 250th Win, Applauds Players BY KEAUNDREY CLARK

Sports Editor kclark@therampageonline.com

Fresno City College men’s soccer coach won his 250th game at the college after a 1-0 victory against Cosumnes River on Oct. 13. In his 17 seasons, Eric Solberg has experienced many high and lows as the head coach of the men’s soccer team, but one thing he relishes is the environment and the culture he has built at FCC. “Winning over the years has been about getting good players and building an environment where they can succeed,” Solberg said. “That’s hard to do and we’ve

been fortunate to have built a great program here.” He has a myriad of accomplishments -- the Western Region United States Coach of the Year in 2002; winning 11 conference titles, and advancing his teams to the Final Four State Championships six times in his tenure. Solberg’s record is 250-79-67 overall and 92-19-22 in conference matches. With many wins comes crushing defeats like the 2002 loss to the defending state champions Santa Rosa College, after the Rams led 2-0 with about 8 minutes remaining. “Dec. 8, 2002 is a day I’ll always remember,” he said. “We were 10 minutes away from a state title.” Yet, he’s had victories like

upsetting the nationally ranked American River in 2002 and avenging an early season loss against Evergreen Valley College in penalty kicks after coming back from a 1 goal deficit with only minutes remaining. His team advanced in the state playoffs -employing every skill Solberg had taught them. “To keep coaching for over 17 years means you’ve won a certain amount of games per year which is hard to do.” Solberg said. “It means we’ve been a consistent team program and recruited good players. At the end of the day, coaches are in charge of the program, but the players make Fresno City College Soccer Coach Eric Solberg. Photo/ the programs.” Keaundrey Clark





Mid Season Roundup -- FCC Teams Excelling BY KEAUNDREY CLARK

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Nate Jones, running back for the Fresno City College football team. Photo/Daisy Rodriguez

Football The Fresno City College Rams football team is at 4-2 this season. The team sustained two close losses against City College of San Francisco and Butte {39-34 and 24-21, respectively). The Rams have one of the best passing offenses in the state. They are ninth in touchdown passes, 21st in passing yards, 15th in passing yards per game and 14th in yards per attempt. Quarterback Christian Rossi has looked fantastic this year with 1,677 yards,18 touchdowns to only 4 interceptions. He has completed 65.7 percent of his passes. Freshman Kailon Carter has been Rossi’s go-toguy this season with 689 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Fresno City College is at the top team in California Community College wrestling with wins at the Modesto Junior College Invitational, Santa Ana Tournament and Sacramento City College. FCC has been led by Julian Gaytan, Martine Sandoval, Mo Nasser and Jonas Gaytan. At the Santa Ana Tournament, the team overcame Mt. San Antonio College, the team the Rams defeated last fall for the state title. The Rams defeated Santa Rosa 47-0 on Oct. 7 for the first Big 8 Conference win.

Men’s Soccer The Fresno City College Rams men’s soccer team is sitting at 9-4-4. They’ve won 5 straight games. They are being led offensively by Freshman forward Jose Ramirez who leads the Rams with 7 goals. He also leads the Rams in points with 15. Sophomore midfielder Sergio Segura has 6 goals and 13 points this season.

Coach Paul Keysaw teaching proper technique to Sebastian Setowski and Amir Jon Naser. Photo/ Larry Valenzuela

Women’s Soccer

With a record of 11-0-3 and a No.1 ranking in the country, the Fresno City College Women’s soccer team is currently undefeated. Along with an undefeated record, the team has won 6 consecutive games since their tie against LA Pierce on Sept. 22. Sophomore Forward Yesseniah Delgadillo has scored 5 goals, leading the team in the number of goals this season. The team has allowed only 6 goals and shutout 8 opponents.

Volleyball The Fresno City College Rams volleyball team is 13-4 record, with a 7-0 in the Central Valley Conference. The team is on its way to clinching its eighth conference title in a row. The Rams have won 56 conference games in a row. The team is also ranked No.9 in the state. Jenna Goldsberry (4), Sydney Molander (2), and Carly Kosinski (11) celebrate on the court. Photo/ Daisy Rodriguez

Mel Harris defends against Cosumnes River. Photo/Larry Valenzuela

Rossi and Carter Connect for First Conference Win BY MICHAEL FORD

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Quarterback Christian Rossi threw the Rams to a victory versus Laney College. Photo/ Patrick Forrest

The Fresno City College Rams football team was an absolute Tour de Force in their 35-16 demolition of Laney College on Oct. 17 at Ratcliffe stadium in Fresno, officially beginning the conference season for the team. Coming off of a bye, the Rams were looking to build on their victory versus Reedley two weeks ago, this after a tough two-game losing streak to San Francisco and Butte. “Well, we knew we had to play a complete football game,” head coach Tony Caviglia said. “We weren’t playing as well as we thought we should be playing and for this team to come in here and do what they did tonight, I’m very proud of them.” Laney quarterback Stevie Farmer connected with his receiver Michael Maxwell for a 77-yard touchdown pass to take an early first-quarter lead, swinging the momentum directly to the Eagles.

“We blew a coverage,” Caviglia said. “And that stuff happens but you know what? We didn’t blink wand we responded and finished.” The Rams responded and took the ball right back down the field, capping a long drive off with a 19-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Christian Rossi to wide receiver Kailon Carter. Rams defensive back Tajhe Moore made sure that his team kept the momentum as he intercepted Farmer’s pass and returned it for a touchdown to make the score 21-6 Fresno, giving the team a nice cushion to work with. Laney players, coaches and fans alike got used to hearing the announcer say ‘Rossi to Carter for the touchdown,’ as those two Rams kept it going throughout the entire game. Rossi hooked up with Carter again twice in the third quarter, including a pair of huge passes for touchdowns, which

stretched the lead to what would be the Rams final total. Laney could only muster a single, solitary field goal in the second half. Carter said that those type of plays have a big impact on the whole team. “I think that it really brings a lot of energy. It’s like a domino effect,” he said. “We all won; we all wear Fresno across our chest. Once one person makes a good play, it’s like everyone else is making a good play. It’s just like electricity going around the stadium.” Rossi said that wins like these will help the team down the road. “It’s always good to start league off with a win. Hopefully it transfers to next week,” Rossi said. “I know that each week we are just trying to go 1-0 and trying to win every week, and now it’s back to work on Monday. We’ll prepare and it should carry over.” Rossi finished with 239

yards with three touchdowns and one interception. Carter’s final line was five receptions for 194 yards and three touchdowns. “It’s important to win that first conference game and I really feel we were playing good coming off the bye, which is something that we wanted to do,” Caviglia said. “We got healthier, and we played a complete game.” The Rams now will now focus on their game at Chabot College on Oct. 24 before returning to Fresno for homecoming week. Rossi is excited for the occasion. “Playing in front of all the former Rams is awesome,” Rossi said. “Getting to see the guys that I played with last year and also the guys in the Ram hall of fame will be an honor playing in front of them, and it should be a good game.”




Men’s Soccer on a Winning Streak

(Top) Defender Jonah Biechler has helped allow only 2 goals in last 5 games. Midfielder Johnny Navarro (Middle, Right) has help lead the Rams this season.Photos/Daisy Rodriguez BY KEAUNDREY CLARK

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The Fresno City College men’s soccer team is finally hitting their stride and on a five-game winning streak which was capped with a 2-0 win versus American River on Oct. 16 at the FCC Soccer Stadium. Andres Rios’s goal in the first minute lifted Fresno City College to a 1-0 lead against at ARC. “This win versus American River allowed us to sweep the Big 8 conference this year,” Head Coach Eric Solberg said. In the the 73rd minute, the Rams were able to get

a goal from sophomore midfielder Sergio Segura his sixth goal of the year. “With hard work and practice, and the mentality we can win that has kept us motivated,” Segura said. “Everyone has played with heart, played as a team.” The Rams also got great play from their goalkeeper Jon Pulido, who recorded his seventh clean sheet of the season. During this win streak, they have outscored their opponents by 7 goals, only allowing 2 goals, a change that wasn’t noticeable a few weeks ago especially with 22 freshmen on the team. “I think some of our players hadn’t adapted to

the game of college, since we have a lot of freshmen,” Segura said. “They had to get serious.” The team’s leading goal scorer, freshman forward Jose Ramirez, has experienced this pressure to perform at an early stage in his career. “High school was really easy to play at,” Ramirez said. “So college has been a lot harder.” Having played 11 of their 17 games on the road, the Rams have a chance to play well together. “We haven’t lost since Sept. 25. At the core of that, we’ve played excellent defense,” Solberg said. “It’s allowed for this team to gain a lot of confidence.”