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September 23, 2009

FCC Celebrates Mexican Independence Day “I think it’s important to celebrate this day, because other Rampage Reporter people get to realize that the MexiThe sweet smell of tortillas, can culture is here and alive,” said and the traditional melodies of the Arturo Amaro, Chicano Studies mariachi band carried instructor at FCC. across the free speech This event area as Fresno City started off with a lecCollege celebrated ture on the history the anniversary of of Mexican Indepenthe Mexican Indedence Day and later pendence. FCC’s a club rush followed annual Mexican Inby the Mariachi, a dependence Day celtraditional Mexican ebration was held last style of band that has Wednesday at the free become very comspeech area. Several monplace in the Cencampus organizations tral Valley. The band sold Mexican food made its way from the and displayed Chifountain area to the cano artifacts to hunfree speech area dreds of students who Lino Galindo, gathered to take part historian of the Diin the event. versity Club, said, This event “Mexican Indepenkicked off the Latino -Arturo Amaro, dence was freedom to Heritage month celChicano Studies Mexicans; to us this is ebrations that started important because we on Sept. 16 and will Instructor are a club that supgo on to mid October. ports being different by Laura Solis

“It is important to celebrate this day, because other people get to realize that the Mexican culture is here and alive.”

Sonia Lupian, an EOP&S counselor, sings during Mexican Independence Day celebration.

El Mariachi Tenochtitlan performs on Mexican Independence Day celebration at FCC.

Photos by Jeremiah Henry

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FCC Ready for H1N1 by Max Rosendahl Rampage Reporter What is Fresno City College doing to combat the expected onslaught of the H1N1 virus? Everything, said Jennifer Brennan, Health Services Coordinator at Fresno City College. The college is training faculty and waging a large-scale public education to inform the FCC community and minimize the impact of a potential flu onslaught. There will be posters put up around campus to help spread further awareness, Brennan said. “Prevention is everything,” said Brennan. “The No. 1 way to stay healthy is to wash your hands.” She added that people should keep their hands away from their faces. “If you have to sneeze or cough, do it into your elbow or

sleeve. If you feel sick, stay home from school,” she said, adding that anyone with a cough and a fever of over 100 F will automatically be sent home. Presently, there is currently no vaccine available for H1N1 virus at FCC, but Brennan explained that once an expected shipment of 25,000 doses of the vaccine arrives, students, faculty and staff will be vaccinated, free of charge, on a first come, first served basis. Because of the revised CDC recommendations, the expected shipment is only a half of what was originally planned. Accord- College Nurses Jennifer Brennan and Mary Smith. Photo by Jeremiah Henry ing to the new requirements, only one dose is needed instead of vaccine before the H1N1 doses Brennan said, “I don’t think so, the two that had been previously get here. I hope not. If it’s already in 150 recommended. There will also The World Health Organi- countries, then it’s already a panbe a regular influenza vaccine for zation reported that close to 3,000 demic.” the reduced cost of $10 compared people have died from the swine It is important that as swine to $15 last year. The Health Ser- flu worldwide. On whether the flu spreads, people learn to recogvices office will be receiving this situation could get out of hand, nize the symptoms of the disease


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Scribblenauts: Imaginative puzzles See page 9

Pro/Con: Respect for the Office See page 13

ASG Leader Advocates Involvement by Marissa Villanueva

Rampage Reporter “Your name does not have to be Barack Obama to make a change or be part of policy making. You can make a change and affect decisions on the Fresno City College campus. That is why the Associated Student Government exists,” said Sergey Saluschev, president of FCC’s Associated Student government. Saluschev said during an interview on Sept. 15 that ASG is “the body that consists of students selected by students, designed to provide a bridge of communication between the students and administration.” Saluschev, who is from Russia, said students should take advantage of rights which their counterparts in other parts of the See “ASG” Page 4

Rams: Ready for the Win See page 14

News Independence Happy Minds, Healthy Bodies 2 Rampage

September 23, 2009

Although fruit juices are healthier than soft drinks; be careful, many fruit “cocktails” contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners. By Brittany Nielsen Rampage Reporter

With the current state of the economy, everyone is on a tight budget. There are many ways to help consumers cut back but one area that should receive more attention is the purchasing of food. Instead of buying snacks and lunches at school, consider doing a greater amount of shopping and taking food from home. It is a great money saver and a way to give back to the community in the long run. Another perk of cutting back on snack spending is the health conscience aspect. It is a way to control one’s daily sugar intake and a way to cut back on calories. When grocery shopping, look for foods that will be filling over a long period of time like protein bars or granola bars. Easy on the go snacks like trail mix are also a great alternative. Don’t like the standard store brand mix? Make your own! Toss

whole, unsalted almonds, dark chocolate chips, and dried cranberries into a bag for a homemade style trail mix. The almonds will provide high amounts of vitamin E while the dark chocolate will give antioxidants and the dried cranberries will give your body natural sugar. In a hurry first thing in the morning? Grab an orange or a banana on the way out the door. Bananas are rich in potassium and oranges are full of vitamin C. Actually any fruit is a great snack choice. The natural sugar in fruits can give your body the same energy boost that a candy bar can, but has none of the calories. One of the most amazing parts of living in the Central Valley is without a doubt the excess amounts of food that we get to choose from. Not only does the Valley produce food that is distributed locally, but as well as state wide and nationally. The fact that the San Joaquin Valley feeds most of the nation is something that all occupants should take pride in. Instead of complaining about the crime, the

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Michael Eagles; the rich, successful Christian Republican leader. Jerry Brown, Governor of California. God Bless America. In God We Trust. We love America. Distributor: CRYSTAL NIELSEN 559-346-7151

“Want to Feel the POWER?”

The Rampage is looking for Federal

Work Study students interested in working in the Business / Marketing / Advertising area of Journalism. If you are interested, Call Dympna Ugwu-Oju @ 442-4600 Ext. 8190 or email: (Job Interview Request in subject line)

Photo by Jeremiah Henry

pollution or any other nonsense, residents should be thankful for the fresh food we have right at our fingertips. Buying local is also a great helping hand for the local farmers by supporting the hard work they do day in and day out. Fresno is great at showcasing local foods by hosting several farmers markets across the city. If you have some time, head down to one and check it out. Not only does the food taste amazing, but you can find some great finds and local produce for a much better price than in local grocery stores. Other quick and easy snacks include (but are not by any means limited to) a handful of carrots, peanut butter and celery sticks, pumpkin seeds, and even a few pretzels. When out and about, we all know that it can be tough to not give into the convenience of fast food. But there are ways to get around all the calories and fried goodness that most restaurants offer. Look for smaller portioned meals and instead of

getting a soda, opt for water. The more opportunities to drink the daily recommended 64 ounces of water the better, so why pass up one while you are enjoying a burger and fries? The best advice that can be given to anyone looking to cut back on snack intake and help save money is portion control. Instead of eating an entire pizza, let’s just settle for a slice or two. Don’t eat the entire bag of Doritos, but a handful instead. It doesn’t take much to make a change, but cutting back on food is a drastic one. It will take time for your body to adjust to the amount of snacking done throughout the day, but the results are well worth the actions. And besides, we could all use a bit of help saving money these days.

Local Farmer Markets: Fulton Mall Farmer’s Market Tulare St. Fresno, Ca 93721 (559) 490-9966

Fresno Farmers Market 3003 N Wolters Ave Fresno, CA 93703 (559) 227-8026

The Vineyard Farmers Market Located on the Northwest Corner of Blackstone & Shaw  Wednesdays: 3 - 6pm Saturdays: 7 - Noon

continued from page one and being free to be your own person. This day promotes exactly what our club does, so we are very happy to support this day.” . The mariachi gave students an opportunity to show their talent and sing some Mexican songs. Students danced, sang and interacted with one another in the sweltering heat of the middle of the day. To finish this event, FCC’s “Grupo Folklorico” performed a dance to the cheer of the crowd. Diverse groups participated in this event; it brought together not only students of Mexican descent but other students around campus. “This day would be like an Asian festival to me. It is cool to celebrate this culture as it is to celebrate any other culture,” said Senior Fong Yang. The PUENTE club, a Latin based group, organized the grito contest which allowed students to take their best shot at delivering the “grito”, the famous yell heard in many forms of music. The mariachi was followed by more music and food. “Celebrating the different cultures at FCC is a long standing tradition. This is something we just do every year,” said Shawn Henderson, director of college activities. This Celebration also gave the different clubs around campus an opportunity to raise money by selling Mexican based foods and snacks. “This is a chance for all our student organizations to be out on a cultural celebration and support the day, the culture. Even non-Latin based club are out there supporting and being a part of this celebration,” said Henderson. The college activities office will be planning many other events throughout the month. This is also one of many other celebrations that will be taking place throughout the year, including the Asian-American month and African-American month, Henderson said. “One of the coolest things about Fresno City College is the way we celebrate the diversity of the people.”

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September 23, 2009

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts By Reonna Zakar Rampage Reporter

Do you ever wonder if you’re in style or not? Below is a fool-proof way of making sure you have the necessary items to be the envy of all at Fresno City College.

Dbuyoskinny jeans. The l

other term for them would be slimfit pants have a snug fit through the legs and end in a small leg opening. Jeans may be cut in this style, and then are often called skinny jeans. Other names for this style include carrot leg pants’ cigarette pants, drainpipes, peg leg pants, pencil pants, skinny pants, slim Jims, tapered pants, old-school hood jeans or ice-cream cone pants. More recently, the term freaks has come along, this is a case of positive discrimination, meaning they are ‘cool’. Rapper Plies in the song “wasted” states he does not wear skinny jeans, but the rapper known as Lil Wayne loves to rock the latest trend skinny jean. Skinny jeans are priced between $12 and $200, depending on the brand name and the store. lhats. For guys, fitted hats by A’s, NYC, LA, Boston are in style. For ladies, the in thing is trucker hats in plaid or different colors and styles; just try and find the one that fits you. The up side about hats is they keep you a little

bit cooler when the sun is hot. You can find these hats at a store called Lids. lhop on the sandals. Sliders/Gladiators are the trend for the ladies. They are sandals with different types of straps; you can find them at the local mall or Grand Fashion on Blackstone down the street from FCC. The sliders are quite popular at FCC; almost every woman is wearing the sliders with their outfits. Shirts l Guys cannot go wrong with a plaid shirt in any color, a coke white T-shirt or a plain black one. lLadies, try an A-line shirt, or a plaid shirt, or a cardigan. Everyone is wearing plaid shirts; it’s the in thing right now.

DON’T wear high waters. Who

what’s the point of wearing them? l the whole see-through thing. l wear a jogging suit if you’re not jogging; it’s tacky. l wear skimpy dresses unless you’re sure that you look good in it; be absolutely sure! lwear big, bulky clothes; it hides your figure and adds extra pounds to your image. lcarry more than two bags at once, and don’t over stuffing them. lwear fishnet stockings and think it is cute unless it is Halloween. l wear thong sandals with socks because sandals are made to show off your toes. One last tip: DO check yourself at the mirror before you leave home; when in doubt, ask a friend you trust if you are in style.


wants to wear pants a little bit too small or above the ankles? Shorts that are too short are not cute; you might think you look cute, but it looks trashy. Save them for the beach please. lsqueeze into jeans that are too tight on guys or girls; it shows everything. lwear too many colors at once; it makes you look like a clown. lwear uncomfortable shoes unless they’re really, really cute. If they are uncomfortable, then you can’t really walk in them. So

Ten must haves for fall

white blouse perfect dress la pleated or a-line skirt lboots tall or short l a mohair sweater-yes they’re back! lanything plaid lpea coat in navy or black l a short fitted blazer or a long tailored style ltapered trousers l pretty pastels a jacket, sweater, or skirt or all the above l l


Rampage 3

4 Rampage


September 23, 2009

Senate Notes by Mark Smith

Rampage Reporter On September 9, the Academic extension 8506 for more information. Senate met for its biweekly meeting. Here -A long discussion was held on atare a few of the key issues that were dis- tendance before and after the drop date, as cussed. well as concerns about accurate attendance -The ASG will be putting on a fall measurement for forum halls. There are carnival soon. More updates will come in many ideas on the table regarding the issue the following weeks. of students dropping out once they receive -On September 17, the ASG will their financial aid money, never to return or have a constitution day with activities sur- pay it back. One idea is to change the drop rounding America’s most sacred document. date to the 60% mark of a class’ schedule, Events like “can you pass the citizenship making it impossible to drop without an F. test” will be held. The need for attendance was also discussed. -Paul Gilmore and Wendell Ste -Because property taxes have phenson will be continuing their colloqui- dropped 2.5%, expect more budget cuts at ums throughout this semester. The first guest Fresno City. will be Cliff Garuba on Sept. 30 in LI-103. -25 $1,000 scholarships have been He will be delivering a lecture on different donated to Fresno City’s honors program. drug policies throughout the world. This This will help bring in more students to the colloquium is open only for staff. program. -Concerns were raised about -The idea in last week’s senate administrators intervening in the hiring notes about partnering with the African process and how much power the Senate American museum has been tabled indefiand general staff have. nitely by the board of directors, effectively -Adjunct professors who are wor- moving it aside for now. ried about seniority issues should contact

ASG Leader continued from page one world do not have. He explained that back in Russia, “It just does not exist, the notion of students being advocates for other students at the equal level of college administrators is something that is just not there,” leading to what he called a “culture shock” when he first arrived in the U.S. Saluschev’s life was different back in Russia, but he said that Russia isn’t that much different from the United States; “just that the poverty level was higher,” he said. “Back there, economically I was from lower middle class; we were not poor, but we were not rich. Life was a little bit more simple; for example the majority used public transportation as a means to get around the city. Here a personal vehicle is the norm, which to me was very bizarre, because back there, it was almost like a luxury.” What many see as normal, others see as a privilege; that is why it is so important for FCC students to get involved in student government and in effort to better the campus and student life. Saluschev said FCC students who have issues they want addressed should go to their representatives and expect ASG to do a great job listening and fighting to make a change. He said, “It is crucial to have students’ participation in order to be informed of what the students concerns are and have students’ perspective on different issues for proper representation.” If you ask why you should be aware of ASG and its activities, Sergey explained, “We advocate on their [students] behalf.” He added that ASG is here for students and if no students participate, how can they properly represent what students really want?

Sergey Saluschev

Photo by Jeremiah Henry

“Students who are interested in events and want to participate in one way or another can go out on campus to one particular area and see what’s happening,” Saluschev said. “It just takes a little time.” Many who know the ASG president say FCC is so lucky to have a leader who loves to dedicate his time and life to “service people”. “You do not need a title,” he said to be involved on campus. Saluschev warned students not to take their freedoms for granted. “What I want to get across to the students is to be more proactive and take responsibility for their environment. Being apathetic and indifferent will not improve their educational venues or horizons,” he said. “For the longest time during the Soviet Union, there were only specific appointed individuals who were making all the decisions and you had to go along with the policy. If you didn’t agree, you would face the consequences. You would be potentially prosecuted or jailed, or you just had to remain silent.”

“It is crucial to have students’ participation in order to be informed of what the students concerns are.” -Saluschev


September 23, 2009

Rampage 5

8 Tips to Ace Your Job Interview by Brittany Nielsen

Rampage Reporter

Even though the overall economy has been dreadfully bleak for some time now, jobs are starting to pop up all over the county of Fresno. Finding a job is a rather lengthy process and does require time and energy. After sending off a resume or filling out an application, landing an interview is the next goal in sight. The interviewing process is a way for an individual to argue a case about why he or she deserves the spot more than any other person. There are some tricks to having a great interview, and making that first impression is the key.

Be punctual

Every employer demands it. Show up on time or even earlier than the set meeting. This is a great way to show interest in the job. Employers love to find individuals who have a sense of

Ready to Battle H1N1

time and can arrive on the job in a timely manner.

(for a resume template, visit

Dress Professionally

Be Yourself

Dressing in a professionally shows that the interviewee is serious about the job. But not all work environments call for a suit and tie. Looking the part plays a big role. Men should typically wear at least a nice button down and appropriate pants. Women should wear nice dress pants and a top that isn’t too revealing. Dresses and skirts are also appropriate in most cases.

Do Your Research

Being prepared is a huge advantage. Knowing a company’s product or how they work is a plus that can get you some extra brownie points with the interviewer. If you have previous experience in the given field, don’t be afraid to speak up. Having a resume on hand not only looks professional, but gives the employer a quick background on your schooling, previous employers and possible references

toms should also wear a mask or ask for one when they arrive at the health center. Pregnant women are continued from page one especially susceptible to the virus and are also asked to wear a mask both in themselves and others at while at the health clinic. Mothers an early stage to help contain it, with babies younger than 6 months according to information on the should get immunized because of website for the Centers for Disease the risk imposed to their baby. Control and Prevention. What should FCC students How can one tell if he or do if they suspect they have the she has it? H1N1 flu? H1N1 is very similar to the Any student who has sympcommon seasonal flu. According toms of the virus should visit the to the CDC, the symptoms include campus health services center to a fever over 100 degrees, respira- check their temperature. A stutory congestion, coughing, sore dent who is sent home for high throat, body aches, and in some temperature should contact his cases, diarrhea and vomiting. Any- or her local health provider for one with these symptoms should proper testing and treatment. It is contact their local health providers also that student’s responsibility to determine if testing is needed. to contact his instructors to work People experiencing these symp- out arrangements about making up

The best advice for an interview is to just be you. As cheesy as it may be, your particular personality will win you the job. Be confident and show enthusiasm. Avoid speaking in slangs, and use proper English. Doing so shows your intelligence and allows for your potential employer to see your academic side. Making eye contact also shows assurance in yourself and interest in what the interviewer is saying to you.

Think Your Answers Through

When answering questions, make sure you give yourself time to develop a full response. Don’t jump into it too quickly. By taking some time to put together a reply, you will be more likely to answer the question fully. The hardest question tends to be, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” missed work, Brennan said. The Swine flu began in the spring of 2009 when Mexico received its first case of a novel influenza virus. Shortly after, it spread to the United States. The virus got its name, “swine flu”, after the initial reports related to a respiratory disease in pigs. The first case in the US was reported in the state of Illinois in late April. Thousands of cases have followed since. Illinois is reported to have the highest number of cases in the nation. Later named the H1N1 flu, the swine flu was spreading so quickly that by the month of June, the World Health Organization signaled a global pandemic was underway. At that time there were more than 70 countries with reported cases. Today that number has more than doubled.

Sure, we all know what our strengths are, but pointing out our weaknesses forces us to see the things that we need to improve on. Most individuals like to think that they are the spitting image of perfection, which tends to be far from the truth. Don’t hesitate to ask a family member, close friend, or teacher what they see as your weakness. It may be hard to hear, but having the ability to know what you must improve on will come across very well to an employer.

Ask Questions

Following the interview, the person may ask if you have any questions. This is the opportunity for you to ask anything to feel you need to know about the company, the work that is potentially going to be asked of you, or even when you are expected to hear back.

Allow Time before Calling Them

Give at least three days before calling back the employer to see about the position. If they

mentioned that they would be conducting interviews all week, give them the opportunity to see who else is available. Be courteous and send a quick email to say thanks; don’t be afraid to remind them of what you could potentially bring to the job.

Stay Calm

Most importantly, always remember to stay calm. Being nervous can potentially lead to a disaster. Even if you are nervous, try to conceal it by taking deep breaths or having a friend help you practice your response to interview questions (for practice interview questions, visit http:// www.jobinterviewquestions. org). There are always opportunities to find work regardless of how sluggish the economy is at the moment. Be on a constant search for employment; you may find something totally unexpected which may lead to an interview and possibly, a job. Finally, don’t let the search break you.


“Help by signing up TODAY to be an organ, eye and tissue donor.” JePaul White, FCC student & waiting for a transplant

Donate Life California Campus Challenge Fresno City College is proud of its commitment to the community and as part of that we are participating in this state wide challenge to help save lives. The college with the most registrations will be presented with the Donate Life California Campus Challenge Trophy!

JOIN US (9/23/09):  9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Student Center (Free Speech Area)  Register to be a donor today and receive a bonus appreciation gift!


6 Rampage

September 23, 2009

How to Guarantee REEL PRIDE COVERS REAL Academic Success ISSUES FACING COMMUNITY by Luis Hernandez

by Jemima Romero Rampage Reporter No more annoying bell rings to get to your next class. No more dress codes. No more detentions, and No more getting caught trying to ditch a class. High School is over, and you are in college and free. That is both the easy and difficult parts. There are no more rules and it is your decision and your choice about what your education. It’s your responsibility now to take action and stay focused to succeed. You don’t know how? Don’t worry; here are some tips for a successful semester here at Fresno City College.

1. Ask For Help:

One of the major reasons many students fail their classes is because they don’t ask for help when they need it. There is plenty of help here at FCC. The Tutorial Center offers help on pretty much every subject and it’s FREE! Some instructors even offer extra credit for going to the Tutorial Center; it’s an advantage, so use it. Sometimes, classes are so big and the instructor doesn’t have enough time to go over everything in detail. Every FCC instructor has office hours where they can work one on one with you and help you with whatever you’re struggling with. Don’t sink in and fail; ask for help if you need it.

they might know something you don’t” she said. If its possible try having more than one study buddy for subject you want to have someone you can rely on and of course that person will rely on you too.

3. Do Your Homework:

By this point I can bet that you are pretty tired of hearing everyone tell you to do your homework. I’m sorry to tell you this but do your homework! It helps you practice for upcoming test. Homework is like a study guide. Your instructors assign homework for a reason not doing it will only affect you. Also many instructors use the same homework problems and questions in exams. Doing your homework will always benefit you in a way.

4.Do Your Lab Hours On Time:

2. Get a Study Buddy:

Many of the courses offered here at FCC require you to do lab hours. I know it’s the beginning of the semester, and you don’t want to worry about it right now and you already decided to postpone your lab hours till later in the semester. BAD IDEA. Don’t wait till the end of the semester to do your lab hours. Try to do one hour a week, maybe two. Use your free time wisely; waiting till the end of the semester to do your lab hours is much more difficult because you will be studying for the finals. Too much work and too much to do will lead to too much stress and you will not be able to concentrate on finals.

A study buddy is a classmate that would try to help you catch up on notes and homework and you yourself will do the same thing for that person. Although missing class is not a good idea life happens and there is no way to prevent it. Missing class means missing information you might need for a test if you have a study buddy then that person will help you get that information you need. Sophomore Lisandra Sanchez thinks having a study buddy is a great idea “Having a study buddy is a great idea because you could test each other and it’s a good way to study with someone because

If you don’t go to class, then you don’t learn, and if you don’t learn, then you FAIL! Going to class every day on time is the key to succeed. Sometimes, missing a class is like missing a whole week of lecture; there is so much info that instructors cover in one day that it is important that you don’t miss. You can also be dropped out of the class if you miss too many times. Don’t give up and don’t get behind this would only bring your grades down. Make this semester stress free by following this guide. Now, go do your homework.


Go to All Your Classes:

may be gay or lesbian but the themes expressed are universal. Love, lose, triumph over adversity speak to everyone.” Films such as Patrik 1.5 deals with a gay couple and their anguish of trying to adopt an infant child. This feeling isn’t only shared by gay couples but by heterosexual couples as well, who for whatever reason cannot have a child as well.

are pregnant and deal with the wild ride that is pregnancy (as Rampage Reporter many mothers might know what Last week, The Reel Pride that is like). Film Festival celebrated its 20th Many of the films do push anniversary showing a variety of buttons, and emotions ran high as films, documentaries, and shorts Hannah Free came to a close. The from all over the world containing film deals with the journey of two LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/ women, madly in love, that comes Transgender) content. It has come to an end at a nursing home but are a long way since it was organized kept apart due to over-protective in 1990 and held at Fresno State. family members. The theater was Over the years filled with sobs and sniffles from “The characters of the film may be Reel Pride has relothe dramatic ending that would gay or lesbian but the themes expressed make Chuck Norris cry. cated to many places including the now are universal. Love, loss, triumph over Despite the economic adversity speak to everyone.” demolished Fig Gardownturn, and sponsorship down -Jon Carroll by 20%, Reel Pride was able to den Cinema and the Chairman of the Board of Directory open the Tower Theater doors and Veterans Memorial Auditorium. It has provide everyone with a unique made a permanent home at the The Baby Formula ex- experience. “The sponsors who Tower Theater since 2000, buying plores the idea of a child being thought it was important have a projector and retractable screen artificially made through the fu- come back but not as strong as they in order to view movies. Along sion of two egg cells so the child did in past years,” said Caroll. As with the historical ambiance that will have two biological mothers. it stands, Reel Pride will not be the Tower District, it has become Giving a comical turn when one canceled next year, and is invitone of the most renown and visible of the spouses decides to go be- ing new and returning audience LGBT film festivals. hind the others back and become members to enjoy a night of high Not only has it changed the pregnant with their second child quality production that cannot be scenery but so has its audience. by the same means. Both women experienced anywhere else. It has increased not only in size but also in diversity. According to anonymous poles taken at the end of each night over the course of the five day festival, 25% of the audience identifies as heterosexual, showing a growing acceptance of the event. Every year it has carefully chosen from a pool of 400 films and only showcases the best of the crop that make the audience laugh, cry and bring about a better understanding of the themes dealing with the LGBT community. The Board of Directors diligently work to find films that will reach out to people, looking at production value, casting, directing and plot to make their decisions. It gives an opportunity for people to see films that cannot be viewed elsewhere, because either they do not get released on DVD due to budget constraints or they aren’t big enough to make it on television. Although all of the films have a centralized theme, they do hold some universal ideas that speak to every mind. Jon Carroll, Chairman of the Board of Directors Photo by Luis Herenandez stated “The characters of the film Reel Pride has found its home at the Tower Theater since 2000.


September 23, 2009

Rampage 7

Art Space Gallery offers students artistic diversity by Jacob Espinosa Rampage Reporter

     If you’ve ever thought that there’s not much to see on campus, it’s time to think again.       One of Fresno City College’s best-kept cultural secrets is the Art Space gallery, tucked away in the corner of the Art Department building. However, most students are unaware that FCC has an Art Space gallery, let alone where to find it. Nevertheless, the Art Space gallery is not only a great place to go if you want to see unique artwork, but also if you’re looking for a cool place to have some quiet time away from the everyday commotion of campus life.       “We’re very lucky to have an art gallery,” says curator Edward Lund, “Not a lot of community colleges have galleries like here at Fresno City.” Lund, who has worked at the Fresno Metropolitan Museum, is in his fourth year as curator of the FCC art gallery.       The art gallery recently wrapped up its Faculty Art Biennial, which occurs once every two years to show artworks produced by art department instructors.  In case you missed it, this year’s faculty art exhibit showed several unique pieces ranging from pottery, wood prints, ink and pencil line drawings to traditional watercolors, ceramic and wood sculptures, and basket-weavings.  Some of the more eye-catching works included a sculpture of a head surrounded by several hanging ceramic plates, two large charcoal sketches, and a hanging display of a shirt with an atlas and photos attached.       In addition to showing the captivating and intriguing works of FCC’s  Art Department staff, the Faculty Art Biennial has also served as a source of inspiration to art students.  “Shows like these really help students learn,

The Art Space Gallery offers students a unique opportunity to show their work and diversity. and help inspire them,” explains Art Appreciation instructor Byron Russel. Russel had two standing wood sculptures on display in the exhibit.        Many teachers were excited about displaying their work. “There’s lots of diversity,” says Anne Schiede, a Drawing teacher, “It really lets the campus see [the Art Department’s] work.”       But the Art Space gallery is not just for faculty.  When the Faculty Art Biennial is not showing, the gallery is home to a wide array student artworks.  Students in FCC’s various art classes are given the unique opportunity to submit their art and potentially have it shown.  Students can submit up to three pieces of art, and faculty votes to decide which artworks will ultimately make the

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cut. “I try to find relationships and juxtaposition [in art]” says Lund.       Submissions are open to all art students, and the main criterion for a submission is that the art must have been produced at FCC for a class.  Other than that, most any medium of art can be submitted.  “I’m all for new mediums,” adds Lund enthusiastically, “I’m always looking for new types of art, types that push boundaries.”        FCC students benefit greatly from the experience of displaying their own art. For most, it is their first real world interaction with the art community as artists.  By showing their work, the creative process completes its circle, and the viewer gains a new perspective, in turn becoming inspired themselves.  The Art Space gallery truly succeeds in adding

Photos by Jeremiah Henry

exhibit opens.      If you ever hear someone complain that “there’s nothing to do on campus,” don’t hesitate to correct them.  There is indeed something to do here, and it’s right under your nose.

to the spectrum of on-campus culture at Fresno City College.      The Faculty Art Biennial exhibit closes on September 25, and the Art Space gallery shall remain closed until the student art

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Photo Illustration by David Malagon

When Our World Ended, Their Journey Began by Kyle Calvert Rampage Reporter A lot of big names got attached to ‘9’. Director Shane Acker was no doubt thoroughly excited to have that be the case. Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, and John C. Reilly, among other notable actors, were cast as voices, which is a lot of credit to an animated film like this one. Tim Burton, director of ‘Corpse Bride’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, and Timur Bekmambetov, director of ‘Wanted’, produced the film. And for something that was originally an 11-minute animated short, the cast and crew have definitely made a special film out of it. I just can’t shake the feeling it could have been so much better. The setting is Earth, in the dystopian aftermath of a devastating war between man and robots (essentially the ending to the Matrix) except that the machines killed every living thing on the planet with gas and eventually ran out of power, save for a handful. The film centers on marionettes of sorts made of burlap and simple circuitry and infused with life by the world’s last super-scientist in the last days of humanity, who gave up his life to his creations. These little abominations are called ‘stitch punks’ by Acker, but it is never brought up in the movie, and I refuse to call them as such. It’s just unnecessary. Number 9 (Wood) wakes up at the beginning of the movie, is discovered by other rag dolls with preceding numbers, and joins the struggle to save them and outlive the last robots on the planet. I haven’t actually watched the original short film that inspired the full-length one, but I get the feeling that it’s something that would be better if kept short, sweet, and with as little dialogue as necessary.

As something that’s 99 minutes long (oh, how tactful) it doesn’t seem to hold as much. But I suppose, by the very concept of the film (humanity being long dead due to greed and the comparison of cold industrialization to living things) I expected something more artsy. Visually, ‘9’ was nice to look at, but I’ve seen better detail given to animated movies of its kind. My problem isn’t really with the art direction, though, as much as it is with the intent of the movie itself. Acker could have made this full-length film a beautiful, artistic sort of movie in a somewhat dystopian way. However, ‘9’ insisted on having too much unnecessary explanation in the dialogue, sexual tension between little fake people made of thread, and a very flimsy plot that kept insisting the viewer go along with it. Any artistic attempt it might have made was crushed by the fact that it desperately wanted to tell a story that wasn’t necessary to enjoy the film to begin with. Despite the star power of the film, I really couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it, because a film’s voices and big-name producers don’t necessarily make the film good. I anticipated this movie because I thought it would become something beautiful and philosophical about what hell we put our world through and what it really means to have a soul. I thought it would tug at my heart to see something as inhuman as a toy made of burlap traverse the world as its last living creature. I yearned to be shown the melancholy of what we will leave behind long after we’re all gone from this world. I suppose all of that is in ‘9’ somewhere, but it’s overshadowed by the glaring image of just another mediocre, albeit goodlooking sci-fi adventure movie. I left the theatre content, but inevitably unimpressed.

September 23, 2009

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September 23, 2009

Scribblenauts: A World of Imagination

A puzzle-solving extravaganza from Warner Bros. Interactive

All photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

by Mark Smith Rampage Reporter It’s rare to find a video game that appeals to vocabulary and imagination. Even more extraordinary is finding one that does it as perfectly as Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS, developer 5th Cell’s latest foray into the gaming field. Everything about this game is a pure delight. Upon starting, you’re met with a screen that displays the game’s main character, Maxwell, a note pad icon, a scenery icon, and a “start” button on the DS’ touch screen. If you hadn’t researched this game before, you’d probably hit start and be on your way. However, those of us anticipating this game’s release know that within that little note pad icon lies a world of hilarity, challenge, and creativity unlike anything seen before. Tapping the icon brings up the game’s note pad

device, with either a keyboard or a pad to write on option. It is there you can type or write basically any noun, excluding obvious things like profanity, alcohol, drugs, and proper nouns. Sorry, your name doesn’t count! The game boasts a dictionary over 20,000 words, and it’s not to be taken lightly. Everything from aardvark to zygote can be written. There’s even a hilarious abundance of internet jokes, like keyboard cat and Cthulu, to satisfy everyone. Objects react to each other in ways you would expect. For example, and this is true, a pirate will battle a ninja. A liger will eat a steak. A nuke will blow up everything, including you. So, once you get over the hilarity of battling robots with zombies and using time machines to travel into the prehistoric age to ride dinosaurs, you can push start and begin the real game. Following a brief tutorial which explains how to use the note pad and tells you the purpose of

each level is to obtain the “starite”, a small star-like object, the game starts you out on the first world. There are 10 worlds, complete with 11 levels with two modes per level, making for 22 levels a world, and 220 levels total. The first mode is puzzle mode, which gives you a level and tells you what you need to do to make the starite appear. One level says “help the boy break the piñata”. So how will you do it? Use a bat to smash it down? Summon a bear to rip it apart? It’s up to you. The second mode is action mode, where the starite is already in the level but a multitude of obstacles prevent you from getting to it. It’s up to you to figure out how to get to the starite. The game awards points in the form of “ollars”, which can be used to buy new levels, costumes, and songs. Points are awarded based on whether you were over or under the level’s “par”, or limit of items to complete the level, how fast you do it, and how original you

are. For example, using a rocket bike to blow up a wall will achieve more points then a stick of dynamite. “Merits” are also awarded on a secondary basis, given out if you didn’t use weapons to get past a monster, and other such achievements. The replay value of this game is a huge bonus. Once a level is completed there’s an advanced mode, which takes away items you used in that level before. Solving every puzzle in hundreds of different ways means you’ll never get tired of this game. There’s even a level editor to make your own puzzles to boggle your friends’ minds through Nintendo Wi-Fi connection. There are a few drawbacks to an otherwise perfect game. The control system feels a little clunky at times, as having 20,000 words on a Nintendo DS game can only provide a basic system of interaction. For example, typing mechanic to fix a broken car will not work. Maxwell is also hard to

control, as moving from place to place, switching items, and jumping obstacles can feel limiting. Otherwise this is puzzle gaming at its very finest. The depth of play is unmatched in any puzzle game, as each new challenge presents a new probe at your imagination and vocabulary. It’s even more fun to challenge yourself. Instead of typing jetpack for every level where you need to fly, why not attach wings to a panda and try riding it?

Scribblenauts: The depth of play is unmatched in any puzzle game. If you own a Nintendo DS and you have 30 dollars to spare, it is absolutely recommended you buy this game. The first time you watch God and the Kraken battle each other to the death, you’ll realize this game was the best 30 dollars you ever spent.


September 23, 2009

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Director’s theatrical debut inspires audiences

Design courtesy of Audience Alliance Motion Picture Studios

Broken Hill, written and directed by Dagen Merrill, opened in select cities across the nation on Sept. 11, 2009. In his theatrical debut, Merrill aspires to captivate and motivate the audience in a touching attempt to capture the dreams of a young man who has ambitions of becoming a composer and orchestrating classical music. Rated PG for thematic elements and some language, the movie runs approximately 98 minutes. Broken Hill’s stars are Alexa Vega (Spy Kids 1, 2 & 3), Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People) and new comer Luke Arnold. In a world where imagination has no boundaries, Tommy McAlpine (Luke Arnold) dares to dream; in everything he puts his hands on and in everything he sees, Tommy can feel and hear the sound of music. From the sounds of the rushing winds and crickets chirping in the night, Tommy visualizes himself as one with his dreams. Tommy has high hopes and ambitions of attending the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, though his father George McAlpine (Timothy Hutton) opposes the idea and thinks he should focus on what is right in front of him rather than letting his imagination blind his priorities. I n a battle between what his father wants for him, and what he knows he has longed for all his years, Tommy ultimately takes his destiny into his own hands and decides to follows his passion. But he unexpectedly breaks the law – thanks to his love interest (who at this point is not considered to be) Kat Rogers (Alexa Vega), who involves him in vandalism and evasion of the authorities.

The judge sentences Tommy and Kat to community service at a local correctional facility, where they form a prison band.

contacted by the prison warden days later to let him know he had one last opportunity to ready his band for one last chance to perform at a com-

Luke Arnold as Tommy McAlpine and Alexa Vega as Kat Rogers

From then on, Tommy has one plan in mind and that is to prepare the inmates for a shot at a regional competition for his own benefit. Tommy plans to audition for the Sydney Conservatorium of Music at the competition at Broken Hill. Both natural born musicians; the two put their minds together in an attempt to raise the expectation and ready themselves for potentially the biggest event of their lives thus far. This is Tommy’s shot at everything he has ever dreamed of his entire life. In the midst of transferring the band from the prison to the competition at Broken Hill, an inmate manages to escape and the entire event becomes a hunting ground for the escaped convict. Tommy did not consider the consequences of his brave attempt to organize the inmates and believed that no one would have other motives for going along with his idea of a potential out of prison musical performance. Ultimately the show was canceled and the band was dismembered, only to be

petition in Sydney. Publication Will the showcase prove to beRAMPAGE Tommy’s masterpiece he has longed for his entire life or will Tommy find himself at square one, once again trying


by David Malagon Rampage Reporter

to establish his foundation for which his passion can shine through the cracks and touch others as it has himself. Broken Hill is a clas-

many different sounds and combinations of rhythm patterns. Instead of playing trumpets, saxophones and flutes, Merrill brought something very exciting and fun into the composition of the music played in the film such as using buckets to play an alternate version of drums, tapping on violins with their bows, clapping and banging hammers to accompany the other instruments went together very beautifully to make a magnificent music score. Broken Hill does not fail to deliver, in a world where so-called “entertainment” is based around violence, crude behavior and profanity, this film deserves a fair chance and should be watched with an open mind. Excellence is not based on attempts to wow the audience with big budgets and secular themes. It’s the imagination, importance, originalPhoto by Matt Nettheim sic in its own ity and depth that make films right, Alexa Vega and Luke like Broken hill standout with Size Run Date(s) Initial Time Arnold give spectacular per- brilliant concepts which make formances. much more than just a film. 4.9167 x 5 The on screen WEDit9.23 chemistry between the two Broken Hill is a definite must is undeniably heartwarming. see. The music in the film featured Final grade A-

at a special screening on D IE EF Thursday, October 1st in Fresno! G et Z O M BI

In a world where imagination has no boundaries, Tommy McAlpine dares to dream.



(R OOM 211



ON M ONDAY , S EPTEMBER 28 TH BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 9 AM -1 PM . Passes will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.






THIS FILM IS RATED R. Please note: Passes received through this promotion do not guarantee you a seat at the theatre. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, except for members of the reviewing press. Theatre is overbooked to ensure a full house. No admittance once screening has begun. All federal, state and local regulations apply. A recipient of tickets assumes any and all risks related to use of ticket, and accepts any restrictions required by ticket provider. Columbia Pictures, Terry Hines & Associates, Rampage, Fright Night Scream Park and their affiliates accept no responsibility or liability in connection with any loss or accident incurred in connection with use of a prize. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash, in whole or in part. We are not responsible if, for any reason, winner is unable to use his/her ticket in whole or in part. Not responsible for lost; delayed or misdirected entries. All federal and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner. Void where prohibited by law. NO PHONE CALLS!


September 23, 2009



Illustration by Kyle Calvert

Read for knowledge, entertainment Kim Hodges Rampage Reporter

“The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over These words came from American humorist and novelist, Mark Twain, best known for his writings The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Twain died in 1910, almost 100 years ago, but those words ring true now more than ever. It seems as though reading an actual book these days has taken a serious decline. Instead of picking up a classic novel such as Twain’s writings, children, teens, and adults alike are turning their eyes and minds in other directions. With instant access to anything we can imagine, thanks to society’s best friend – the Internet – it seems almost silly to rummage through pages and pages of actual books to find information we need. This is where the problem lies. Books are not just academic

and school material, only to be used when information is needed for an essay or homework assignment; reading can (and should) be a fun hobby. Cuddling up with a great book can prove to be far more beneficial to one’s mind and well-being than most recognize. It can also be more beneficial to read a book than to read pages of blogs and status updates on MySpace or Facebook. Books are able to take a reader to a world once unknown to them; to help them escape from their current state of mind. If you find yourself dwelling on a problem or simply in a bad mood, you’ll find that reading a few chapters in any book of your choice can calm you down. Instead of letting your dire frame of mind take over your day, you can embark on a journey with the characters in a story and become involved in a completely new life outside of your own.

When you set down the book, you will find yourself coming back into your own life with a different perspective on your current situation and in a better mood than before. Just like when your body’s muscles don’t work as well when unused, your brain and its functions are the same way. Our brain runs on the knowledge we feed it; humans have the capability to learn for a reason. Exercising your brain by reading a book stimulates your mind and keeps it fresh, ready to learn more. Reading is also valuable because it is a great tool for expanding o u r v o c a b u l a r y. Most readers find themselves learning new words or new ways to use words after every book they read. Besides building our own personal dictionary, reading also helps develop language skills, comprehension skills, and can

“Books are mobile and can act as your best friend and most loyal companion.”

help readers keep up to date with current language, such as slang, if reading new books. With old books, a reader is able to learn about different cultures and historical perspectives. Passing the current time is another splendid thing about books. We’ve all been in the position where we’re sitting at the doctor, on the bus, or maybe on a planter at school waiting between classes. To the right, the guy in the Michael Jackson shirt is picking his nose. To the left, a woman is screaming at her children to be quiet. Behind you, a young girl is caking on mascara, making kissy faces to herself in her compact mirror. Instead of looking around aimlessly for a source of quick amusement, you could be taking pleasure in the text of a fascinating story. Books are mobile and can act as your best friend and most loyal companion. You can hold them in your backpack, your purse, or just your hands. A book can keep you occupied so that

next time you’re riding the bus, you won’t be looking around in hopes of spotting the nose picker for entertainment. If you do happen to find yourself sitting on a planter with nothing to do except wonder why that girl is still making those silly kissy faces, pick yourself up and walk into the Fresno City College library. It’s free to get a library card from the main desk. Once you have a library card, you have access to any of the books available for checking out. The library has all kinds of literature ranging from fiction, non-fiction, biographies, science fiction—almost any book you could imagine you can probably find it there, or something close to it. The books are just sitting on the shelves, waiting for you to come get them! The library is awesome not only because of the free books, but because it is peaceful, quiet, and comfortable to be in. There are many tables all over the library available for any bottom to occupy.


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September 23, 2009

Campus Voices Do you believe President Obama gets as much respect as he deserves?

“It doesn’t seem like he’s been getting the same respect as previous presidents because he’s the first black president. Its partly our country’s resistance to change.”

“Despite what he does, you should respect the office.”

Fransisco Moreno Education

Evonne Schade Deaf Studies

“The Bottom line is the office calls for respect... you need to give the man the respect his office deserves. For the most part, he’s getting the respect, but there is always a handful of people that aren’t going to be respectful.”

“It will take some time for him to earn some respect due to the fact he is a minority.” Chris Gill Business

Pamela Parrott Music

“Because he’s black, people don’t think he can run the country and do a good job.” Breanna Barnett Graphic Design

Campus Voices by Ramiro Gudino & Louis Hernandez Photos by Ramiro Gudino

Taking Celebrities Too Seriously Mark Smith Rampage Reporter Chances are in the past week or so you’ve heard more than your fill about Kanye West’s epic failure on stage during MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs). If you haven’t, let me give you a short summary. Taylor Swift wins the award for Best Female Video. As she is giving her acceptance speech, West pops out of nowhere and says he’s happy for her but Beyonce (who was also nominated for the award) “had one of the best videos of all time” before rushing off stage. The crowd makes noises of discontent with West before giving Swift cheers and standing ovations. American youth across the country proceed to pop a collective blood vessel and log onto Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace, to tell the world “I like totally hate Kanye, OMG! Taylor you’re the best!!!” First of all, MTV’s VMAs are not a reputable depiction of what defines talent in the musical field. In case you haven’t noticed, MTV hasn’t been about music for years. If you’re looking to base awards on who makes the music that has the highest appeal for an audience comprised mostly of materialistic 15 year-old girls, then yes, the VMAs are for you. If not, I suggest you look elsewhere. MTV is simply an outlet for media giant Viacom to push a level of unadulterated stupidity and irrelevance to teenagers in the hopes of molding them into a perfect, apathetic consumer who would rather live vicariously through a glamorous television life instead of going out and making their world a better place. They would rather

have people sit in front of a flickering screen viewing commercials than volunteering for charity, connecting with their neighbors, and exchanging ideas. It’s a simple truth that the more distanced a person becomes from their surroundings, the easier they are to manipulate into unnecessary material purchases as the lack of a rewarding existence breeds the need for flashy things to fill the void. I’m not saying that just because I find MTV to be an intellect-sucking black hole that we should avoid news surrounding West being a self-righteous fool. He was rude and deserves whatever negativity he receives. The problem isn’t that we shouldn’t discuss these things, the problem is people, especially more and more young people become consumed with celebrity news to the point where they don’t care about

anything else. For example, every major news media network owned by an American company ran stories on Michael Jackson’s death for over a month, maybe even up to two, whereas the Iranian election is all but forgotten by the masses. And people are STILL talking about Michael Jackson! Was his baby birthed by semen other than his? OMFG WHAT WILL I DO UNTIL I KNOW?! Media is shaping our society into one of convenience and stupidity. We choose to pay more attention to things like West making a fool of himself because we A: are able to relate better with celebrities than a soldier or civilian being shot in Iraq because we listen to their music or see news about them all the time, and B: because it’s easier.

Kanye West grabs the microphone from Taylor Swift at the VMAs

Why choose to pay attention to depressing topics like two wars that are bankrupting our country when you can complain about Taylor Swift being dissed by Kanye West? Despite opinion, I can recognize Swift as being worthy of accolade. She can write music that people obviously like, and although I think her songs sound like monkeys smashing dental mallets into the skulls of infants, she writes her own music and that’s commendable. It’s just that I’m sure many young people will be focused on this ridiculous issue for weeks to come rather than educating themselves about real issues in the world or, I don’t know, going out and volunteering in their communities. Our generation is the future, and our future is becoming one of celebrity nonsense and irreverence to anything of importance.

Photo courtesy of


September 23, 2009



Respect for the Office Do we give President Obama enough credit? Mark Smith Rampage Reporter

A propaganda poster portraying Obama as the Joker. Brittany Nielsen Rampage Reporter It is understandable that many citizens have issues with showing respect for the president. Yet President Obama shouldn’t become the laughing stock of the internet or of our country. The truth of it all is that criticism is something that we all have to deal with. It’s human nature and could almost be considered a defense mechanism to judge one others. As a rule of thumb, people need to realize that it is not humanly possible to please every person…especially when people address you as President. Obama graced the pages of magazines, posters, web sites, and pretty much any other sort of propaganda that he and his public relations team could get their hands upon. And his campaign for change was successful beyond belief. He captured the popular vote and claimed his presidency while making history. Upon taking office, Obama and his administration have been forced to face a trillion dollar deficit and a pile of continually rising social issues. From the health care reform dilemma to the war in Iraq and the alarmingly high unemployment rate, Obama‘s hands are full. The Bush administration left a huge hole for Obama to climb out of and now he has to find a way out for the country. This is obviously going to upset millions of US citizens because of how hard he pushed the idea of change in his presidential campaign. However, it has been hard to find the “change” that has been promised thus far. Those who speak out against Obama need to take a step back and realize how much hard work and dedication it takes to hold office as president. Not only do applicants need years of experience, but they must posses poise and a calm manner to deal with the pressure that comes with sitting in the Oval office. Not just any average American could walk into the White House and take charge of the nation as well as

Photo courtesy of

deal with other countries issues and how to handle them. That in itself deserves more respect than he is receiving. The one thing that I believe Americans comprehend is that it takes time for change to occur, especially when dealing with issues on a national level. Solutions to problems need to be discussed, plans need to be outlined in full detail, and approval from many levels of government must take place in order to fix one particular problem. Unlike our previous president, Obama can speak gracefully about anything. I mean anything! I could sit down with him and talk about the poverty rate and then ten minutes later we could be talking about NCAA football and who he thinks is going to take the BCS title. I’m pretty sure that if I attempt to do something like that with Bush he would look at me with the most dumbfounded expression and say “What?” Having an intellectual leader is a great step up from what we dealt with for the last eight years. This quality in itself is something that Americans should be proud of and should boast about as opposed to not saying anything about it. Seeing distorted visuals of Obama is a popular way of expressing a point of view and many pictures circulate on the Internet and new ones appear daily. I think that people who disagree with Obama’s ideals are the ones who have the most to say about it. People who speak about or even towards the president in such a demeaning manner play a large role in why Obama has such little respect in many communities. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions regarding the president and are protected by the First Amendment to speak them freely. But in doing so it casts a dark shadow over the respect that Obama deserves. He was elected by the popular vote of the citizens of this country, thus showing that we believe he can be the leading factor in helping shape the country over the next presidential term (hopefully to be followed by another). Some would say that respect should be earned as opposed to be handed out. But is that the case when it comes to the elected leader of our nation?

In an era of instant media and feedback, it becomes harder to discern truth from fiction. None have said it better than Stephen Colbert: “Language has always been important in politics, but language is incredibly important to the present political struggle. Because if you can establish an atmosphere in which information doesn’t mean anything, then there is no objective reality…What you wish to be true is all that matters, regardless of the facts.” None have felt the effects of instant media’s influence on truth more than President Obama. It’s natural to assume with the election of a perceived liberal, half-black, eloquent, intelligent president on the heels of an administration that some argue has been the most damaging ever in terms of economics and world opinion of America, everything from overwhelming support to outright confrontation will be felt. Consequently, the media will be in lockstep with the President’s every move. But do they report truthfully on said moves? I would argue that the media represents something of a self-fulfilling prophecy in American politics. With a 24-hour news cycle and thousands of stories to choose from, it’s up to the station to pick and choose what stories to run, and as a result the information they deliver is inherently biased. Not only that, when they choose to use large blocks of time to report on, say, the recent case of Annie Le’s death, they create the news, and like I asked, do they accomplish t h i s truthfully?

The media’s support for Obama was evidenced beautifully when the administration released their military budget for 2009. Although there was actually a 5.7 percent increase in overall spending, every major media network reported sweeping, drastic cuts. Almost everyone but Fox News, which typically appeals

distinction between truth and fiction being blurred when it comes to Obama. Although some may argue he doesn’t get enough respect, as evidenced by a Senator yelling “You lie!” during his address on health care or protestors holding signs of him with a Hitler moustache, those are the cases most people see because it’s better for ratings to focus on people being loud and obnoxious. How about all the people in Obama’s town halls who treat him like a king? They toss him softball questions, praise his efforts, and giggle nervously as they stare at him like he’s an alien prince from beyond the stars. For every crazed protestor that looks like Yosemite Sam, there are at least five Obama worshippers, so pleased with his eloquence after eight years of incompetent speaking and vapid leadership that they blind themselves to the facts. As another example, did you know during Obama’s campaign he accepted $213,000 from individuals who work in the oil industry, and that he had two top oil executives who raised over $100,000 for him? All this while claiming “I don’t take oil money,” which supporters blindly believed. It’s clear that Obama receives enough respect. Certainly, he could receive more, as he hasn’t been in office very long and we haven’t begun to truly see the effect of his policies. Some may say that all the disrespect with the Hitler moustache and other such things are unprecedented, but obviously Bush faced many of the same criticisms surrounding his decisions in Iraq and at home. All Presidents have to face the mob at some point or another, because no matter what decision they make, they’ll h a v e thou-

Photo courtesy of

Bush suffered ridicule during his administration to conservative thinkers, reported that sands of upset Americans wielding signs this heralded a new era in America, where that make little to no sense as they unleash peace and rational spending would take their rage. precedence over war. Citizens across But the idea that Obama is receiving America pointed to this as the beginning of more disrespect than support is outright the end of the Iraq war. Rational spending false. His approval rating is holding a steady and the end of the war? Obama increased majority at around 55 percent and he continmilitary spending by 5.7 percent, when ues to be adored at a level of fanaticism by America already spends more than the next his supporters. There is no reason to believe four countries in line, combined! he should receive any more respect than he This is just one example of the currently does.


14 Rampage

September 23, 2009

Reaching for the Win

The 2009 Rams wrestling team

Photos by Ray Juarez

The 2009 season is a few weeks in and FCC’s head coaches are showing they’re ready for competition. by Ray Juarez Rampage Reporter

Women’s Soccer

Things have been going good so far for head coach Oliver Germond and his Lady Rams. “I was a little concerned at first because of all the new players and only having one returning starter, we were anxious early on to get our first game in just to see how we’re going to stack up” said Germond. “Being on the road has been good as well, we kicked things off by beating Bakersfield 2-0, and San Diego Mesa who is ranked 5th in the country 2-0”. Germond also says “I feel good about where we are, but we still have a long way to go.” Maghan Wright continues to show her leadership and help her team mates with

Coach Shulte and her lady Rams

what it takes to be successful at FCC. Stepping up this season, returning from an injury is Sabrina Arietta, who is working hard as a starting forward. Also, stepping up is forward Jesslyn Fagundes, she has been away for while but has been very competitive and is making a big difference since returning. The lady rams come home Friday, Sept. 25 at 4 p.m., against Mount San Antonio College. Coach Germond said “With one of the strongest teams from southern cal coming to town, it’s going to be a big battle. They beat us last year, but we beat them two years in a row before that. I want to play the best teams we can, to help us improve and know our competition; that’s what makes us better.”

Men’s Soccer

Head coach Eric Solberg said that his team is off to a

great start, “We’re playing fast and physical.” With key players Boris Beta, Trae Garton, Rory Agu, and Fabian Rangel continuing to bring home victories, come play-off time the Rams are going to be a tough team to beat. When asked how his freshmen are handling the next level of competition, Solberg says that former Clovis West star Tyler Crough has started in five games and has seen a lot of playing time. Solberg said his Rams should be undefeated; their only loss comes from finishing second in The Heartnell tournament against the defending state champs, Cerritos College.


Head coach Paul Keysaw said that his guys are ready. Keysaw said, “They’ve been working hard to get into

shape and we’re ready for our first match. Last weekend, the rams headed to a tournament hosted by Sacramento City College....and for the last five years the Rams have won that tournament.” When asked about being the defending champs, Coach Keysaw said, “We know we have a big target on our backs, but the pressure shouldn’t be a factor.” The Rams wrestling team will be on the road until the middle of October.


“We’re just getting started,” said head coach Tracey Schulte, “We’ve had a rough schedule so far but as a team we’re handling it pretty well.” Schulte also said “After a few disappointing losses, it’s back to the gym. There are a few things we still need to work on. I have a few freshmen who are still getting used to the college

level, but it seems that Tasha Greer will be leading the way this season. The lady rams are headed to the Bay for a tournament in San Jose , where they’ll meet up with five of the top teams in Nor Cal. As frustrating as it may be, I enjoy playing the tough competitive teams early on. It gives me a positive inclination for the rest of the rest of the season,” Schulte said.

Women’s Golf

“We’ve been playing well, we have our good days and our bad,” said Coach Williams. The Lady Rams are getting the job done with Peggie Adams, who has been a big impact thus far and has also lead her team to a few tournament wins. According to Coach Williams, “We need to improve on our putting and chipping game, if we want to stay on top.”


September 23, 2009

15 Rampage

2009 FRESNO CITY COLLEGE FOOTBALL Player Roddrick Hall Antoin DeWalt A.J. Caviglia DeAndre Boughton Arkeem French Keith Searcy Isiah Barton Erin Banks Eric Guy A.J. Rodriguez Corvaughn Archie Sterling Curry Emmanuel Lewis A.J. Castillo Morgan Hall Jay Ramirez Daniel Golden Rakim Dawkins Maurice Lewis Jameel Medlock Darryl Jackson Wyatt Seaman Seth Wilson Lance Harris Greg Jones Ralph Grover Anthony Elliott Josh Tobar Chris Nelson Shawn Campbell Andrew Jones Tim Adebayo Larry Reid Humberto Del Rio Derek Awohi John Lessary Alek Taliulu Dawan Marzett Christian Millard Demetrius Coleman Kevin Lynch Vincent Martinez Taylor Williams Deuntae Bryant Jordan Monga Myrick Wilson Stephen Trevino Ben Savaii Shervarius Jackson Erik Corona Toa Smith Kanoa Mokiao Adam Crenshaw Trenton Buchanan Eric Wages John Manu-Olevao Chance Sigala David Gonzales Shawn Pimentel Chris Bowie Allen Jackson Johnny Fields d’Angelo Henry J.C. Carter Zack Deges Reggie Brown Matthew Gorella Davon Walls Kenny Wallace Tony Savaii

2009 Schedule :

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2009 Roster :

Day Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday


Yr So So So So So So Fr So So So Fr Fr So Fr Fr So So So Fr So So Fr So Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr So Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr So Fr Fr Fr Fr So So So Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr So Fr So So Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr Fr So Fr Fr Fr So

Date Sept 5 Sept 12 Sept 19 Sept 26 Oct 3 Oct 10 Oct 17 * OCT 24 OCT 31 NOV 7 NOV 14

Hometown (High school) Carson (Carson) Pearl City, HI (Pearl City) Fresno (Buchanan) Fresno (Edison) Fort Valley, GA (Peach County) Fort Valley, GA (Peach County) Los Angeles (Westchester) Clovis (Clovis East) Fresno (Edison) Fresno (Hoover) Clovis (Buchanan) Fresno (Edison) Tulare (Tulare Union) Kingsburg (Kingsburg) Fresno (Clovis West) Kerman (Kerman) Clovis (Clovis East) Fresno (Central) Fresno (Edison) Sacramento (Grant) Corona (Centennial) Chowchilla (Chowchilla) Clovis (Buchanan) Berkeley (Berkeley) Moreno Valley (Canyon Springs) Tampa, FL (Tampa Catholic) Fresno (Clovis West) Eugene, OR (South Eugene) Fresno (Bullard) Fresno (Central) Moreno Valley (Canyon Springs) Clovis (Buchanan) Miami, FL (Hialeah-Miami Lakes) Dos Palos (Dos Palos) Kahuku, HI (Kahuku) Kahuku, HI (Kahuku) Tehachapi (Tehachapi) Los Angeles (Westchester) Clovis (Clovis East) Fresno (McLane) Tampa, FL (Blake) Fresno (Hoover) Everett, WA (Cascade) Tampa, FL (Gibbs) Henderson, NV (Foothill) Fresno (Edison) Putnam City, OK (Putnam City West) Taft (Taft) Fort Valley, GA (Peach County) Fresno (Hoover) Kahuku, HI (Kahuku) Honolulu, HI (Kamehameha) Clovis (Clovis) Honolulu, HI (Moanalua) Sacramento (Rio Vista) Kahuku, HI (Kahuku) Clovis (Clovis) Fresno (Central) Tehachapi (Tehachapi) Bakersfield (Stockdale) Fresno (Sunnyside) Fresno (Fresno) Moore, OK (Southmoore) Fresno (Edison) Los Banos (Los Banos) Fresno (Fresno) Fowler (Fowler) Brooklyn, NY (Abraham Lincoln) Bakersfield (Bakersfield) Taft (Taft)

FCC quarterback, sophomore Emmuel Lewis.

Opponent Bakersfield College City College of San Francisco American River College Santa Rosa Junior College Los Medanos College BYE *West Hills College *College of the Sequoias *Sierra College *San Joaquin Delta College *Reedley College


Photo courtesy FCC PIO


Bakersfield 7:00 P.M. San Francisco 7:00 p.m. Sacramento 1:00 p.m. Fresno 7:00 p.m. Pittsburg 1:00 p.m. --------- ----------- Fresno 1:00 p.m. Visalia 7:00 p.m. Fresno 1:00 p.m. Fresno 7:00 p.m. Reedley 1:00 p.m.



16 Rampage

September 23, 2009

The Rams Are Coming Home

vs. Photo Illustration by Rampage staff

by Ray Juarez Rampage Reporter

Photo courtesy of FCC PIO

Fresno City College Head Coach Tony Caviglia

The Rams are coming home, Head Coach To n y C a v i g l i a s a i d . “It is going to be exciting to come home and play in front of home fans. “We’ve been on the road for the last three weeks and it’s been rough so far.” Indeed it has been rough for the Rams as they begin the season with a two-game loss. “I think our team is get-

This degree pays dividends

ting better. We’re a young team and we haven’t played our best football,” said Caviglia, A.K.A. Coach “C.” “Our guys have been working hard, showing their skill level, so we can put them in the right spots.” It would seem that the hard work paid off over the weekend as the Rams upset American River (Sacramento) in the final 6 minutes, 23-20. Fresno City’s Isiah Barton returned a kick-off for 90-yards and the defense forced a punt by American River Community College.

Advance your career & increase your earning potential




FCC vs. Santa Rosa September 26 7 p.m. Ratcliffe Stadium

A BSN is your next step

Your bachelor’s degree from Fresno Pacific University: a smart investment that never loses value.

Quarterback Emmanuel Lewis ended the game with an 80-yard drive and a 5-yard touchdown pass to Arkeem French. The Rams will try for a victory this Saturday night against the Santa Rosa Junior College Bear cubs at Ratcliffe Stadium, 7 p.m.

Call 559-453-3440

Rampage Fall 2009 Issue 2  

Rampage Fall 2009 Issue 2

Rampage Fall 2009 Issue 2  

Rampage Fall 2009 Issue 2