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November 7, 2007

Patterson to appear before Academic Senate Questions linger about Clinton stop by Carrie Gunter and Joseph Rios Rampage Reporters

Photo by Joseph Rios

Living Culture: Montee Nelson performs a tribal dance at the Powwow Exhibition in the Free Speech Area on Nov 1. An inter-tribal group performed numerous times throughout the afternoon. The Painted Rock Singers provided the drum beat and native songs. See page 3


Dead The

FCC students partake in Mexican tradition by Joseph Rios Editor-In-Chief Students honored the dead in the fountain area on Nov 2. The event involved carefully constructed altars with unique treasures, foods, and flowers that the deceased would enjoy. The holiday, “Dia de los Muertos,” is an ancient tradtion practiced heavily in Mexico and carried on by the pious in the United States.

Carnen Hernandez, president of the Club de Espanol, said, “We wanted to show a little of our culture.” At Fresno City College, Spanish classes taught by Nareyda Maroot and Joyce Pinkard put together elaborate altars dedicated to their family members and deceased celebrities. Colorful plates, insense, skulls of purple, flowers of orange, and sugary treats filled the tables. The students placed

Photo by Joseph Rios

photos and items unique to their family member. Mexican folklore explains that the deceased family members return from the dead on this special day to pay their loved ones a visit. The objects placed on the altars are supposed to please the dead when they return. Items placed usually include the person’s favorite food, favorite liquor, cigarettes, and candy. Some place a walkway of flower pedals, cloth, or line them

with candles so that the dead are able to find the altar. If it is cloudy on the Day of the Dead, families burn incense to guide the dead to the altar. Unlike the fountain display, altars are usually placed in the home. However, many Mexican people erect altars at their loved one’s gravesite as well. Maroot’s Spanish five class dedicated their altar to Antonio Aguillar and Pinkard’s devoted their’s to family.

Inside - Special Section

Education is key - page 6

Men: the new women - page 9

Birth control options - page 11

Lust is not love - page 8

Teresa Patterson, Executive Director of Legislative and Public Affairs for State Center Community College District, will address the Fresno City College Academic Senate on Oct 14 to explain the decision to terminate discussions with the coordinators of Hillary Clinton’s camp about the presidential candidate’s potential visit to FCC. “I will share with Academic Senate the information regarding the Ed Code section that prohibits political rallies on campus,” Patterson said in an email interview. “I will also discuss plans to communicate to both internal and external groups what is allowed by law and what is not in terms of political policy.” According to Patterson, Education Code 7054 prevented the college from moving forward with the Clinton campaign. Patterson previously told Rampage reporters the campaign team requested a political rally on campus and she stated a rally was clearly against the law. But former Assembly member, Sarah Reyes, disagrees with Patterson’s interpretation of the Ed code. “I know this Ed Code back and forth, not just this section; show me where rally is an evil word,” said Reyes. “I will challenge [anyone] in that district or in that college. Show me in the Ed Code where “rally” is in there.” Reyes who occupied the position now held by Patterson said, “I used to work at the district, we had rallies,” Reyes said. “We had visitors come that were running for office and we called them rallies, and we never violated the law.” She continued, “How can Bill Stewart, the former chancellor of that district, make it happen and the current administration cannot? “You’ll find no violations in the Ed Code which holds a rally and nothing has ever been challenged,” she stated. Reyes said sections of the See ‘Patterson’ page 4


2 Rampage

November 7, 2007

Native-American Poetry TheRampage

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Photo by Joseph Rios

By Ebony Easter The Unity of the People


Like dew upon water

Near the banks of ever

We blend into one another

And drifting on its waters

Like a sea of daisies we appear the same

Are native spirit hosts

And are yet different Learning from one another Counseling one another Encouraging, loving; serving one another.

Meditating with their fathers With feathers from friend owl And talons from friend bear Come ancient valued insights That elders hold and share.

Reporters Leah Edwards, Joseph Rios, Eddie Ortiz, Cody Gless, Deshad Cato, Carrie Gunter, Marcell Dilworth, Alexis Abrahamson, Joseph Boone, Shirah Hopper, Ivette Lopez, Jen Langworthy, Adrine Avanesyan, Blake Gollmer, Julie Hamilton, Pedro Quintana, Jeannie Batey, Amber Donabedian, Cynthia Moreno, Matt Mendez

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November 7, 2007

Reporter’s Notebook


Rampage 3

Event offers window to the past by Joseph Rios Editor-In-Chief

The drum roared like a throbbing heart. Bum. Bum. Bum. The group of drummers in casual, contemporary dress gathered and hammered their rods down with an upbeat cadence. They watched the leader and awaited his hand signal. He sat up in his chair, stroked his throat with his free hand and let out a a high pitched yell that rang about the free speech area. After a few beats the rest of the group joined in. It is a unique cry. Mexican folk singers have a similar cry. They call it a grito. This yell, however, is distinct in its emotional undertones. It is the cry of a wounded people. It is a cry fueled by millions of deaths spanning hundreds of years. It is a cry for recognition, for understanding, for peace. The group of young musicians and singers took listeners far back to a time when two nations, one young and one ancient, warred over the land we now call free. They opened their mouths and the voices of the many who fell to colonial muskets and swords, who watched their homes burn, lands conquered, families perish, and their culture trampled came past their lips. Those who stuck around for the final song experienced community. There on the edge of a patch of grass in the free speech area, different tribes, different cultures, races, and backgrounds met around the drum. And for those few minutes the singers told a story in a language few there spoke, but everyone understood. In those moments we saw why we celebrate Native-American heritage month; we saw the beauty of their culture. We saw how, after years of violent persecution, they were able to survive.

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Photos by Joseph Rios

Above: a Native American

dancer performs in the Free

speech area. Left: A drummer/ singer from the group Painted Rock Singers pounds the

drums and lets out cries. The music from his group moved

the crowd, inspiring some of them to join the dancers on

the lawn. The group closed the afternoon with a solemn tune, echoing past pains.

4 Rampage

November 7, 2007

Patterson to negotiate all future political activities Continued from page 1 Ed Code are probably 50 years old without altercations. “It’s not new; they didn’t do that this year; they didn’t even do it six years ago when I was there,” she said. Before Clinton came to Fresno, her campaign team had made initial contact with the office of Juan Arambula on Oct 10. Reyes “took the lead” in presenting the camp with viable venues. On Oct 11, a volunteer from Reyes’s office with members of the campaign toured the venues which included FCC’s campus. Before noon on Oct 12, Michael Guerra (FCC Vice President of Administrative Services) communicated to the Clinton campaign that FCC did not wish to move forward with discussions. This timeline, presented by Reyes, raises questions in regards to previous statements by Patterson. She had previously told Rampage reporters she had offered alternatives to the campaign that would not violate the Ed Code. Patterson added, however, “Before we a chance to have dialog, I heard that they had already decided to go to Fresno High.” Reyes disagrees with Patterson’s characterization of the negotiations. “They cut us off, we didn’t cut them off,” she said, adding that the decision to end discussions was handed down in

less than 24 hours. “So, they’re saying now, ‘Well, we need more time to figure it out’…It was not going to be another week and a half before she [Clinton] even showed up,” Reyes said. Patterson stated, “I should have met with the campaign personnel myself; since the rally was a political activity, and in violation of the Education Code, I should have explained the implications of the law myself and at that time and outlined the options.” “I thought I communicated the options to FCC personnel, but the bottom line is, it is my job as the District Legislative person, and I will make sure that never happens again,” she added. The Ed Code cited by Patterson as the reason for refusing the Clinton rally of the FCC grounds does not seem to deter other community colleges from holding political rallies. Santa Barbara City College officials said that they did not violate the state wide Ed Code when they hosted Obama on Sept 8. Local papers reported more than 4,000 were in attendance on the West campus of the college. Within four days, Senator Barack Obama’s campaign was able to contact, discuss, set-up, and deliver a rally at SBCC. A collective body of the SBCC constituencies met to dis-

cuss possible hurdles regarding the rally on Sept 6. The only issues brought up had to do with facility rental, cleanup, and insurance costs was be paid by the Obama campaign without incident, college officials said. They circumvented class disruption by hosting the rally on a Saturday and shifting West campus classes to the East campus. Fresno City College, however, is still struggling to explain

to your campus, there had better not be another presidential candidate coming to your campus,’” said Reyes. “And now to have locked in a decision, that will stop your students from “ever” seeing “any” presidential candidate, is a bad thing,” Reyes added. “In my opinion, is a bad thing.” “I have learned a lot from this experience not least of which is how important it is to make sure we all understand the policies and

“This is not a partisan issue—it’s a matter of the law.” - Teresa Patterson the administrative process that resulted in a missed opportunity. “I had suggested some other events that would be allowable under the law including a forum, debate or town hall meeting to FCC personnel,” explained Patterson. The recent on-campus appearance involving a member of the Obama campaign and the subsequent denial of the Clinton camp, raised questions regarding the equity clause in thein Ed Code. “What concerns me, and what I told the Chancellor was, ‘you better be consistent on whatever you do. If you are not going to allow Senator Clinton to come

laws that we fall under,” Patterson said. “I am committed to making sure that everyone understands what we can and can’t do in the future.” “There has clearly been some miscommunication and misunderstandings regarding this issue,” she added. “This is not a partisan issue—it’s a matter of the law.” Last week, Rick Santos, President of the FCC Academic Senate, sent out an email to all senators with an attached copy of the Ed Code in question and asked them to review the material in preparation of the meeting. The material included a

copy of Ed Code sections 7050-58 and 82537-48. The most noteworthy being 7054 which states, “No school district or community college district funds, services, supplies, or equipment shall be used for the purpose of urging the support or defeat of any ballot measure or candidate, including, but not limited to, any candidate for election to the governing board of the district.” The Academic Senate is a body made up of faculty representatives that meets bi-weekly. Their primary function is to represent faculty and make recommendations to the administration of the college and to the governing board of the district regarding academic and professional matters. The initial Rampage article concerning Clinton’s campaign stop in Fresno shed light on a missed opportunity for the college community. “The biggest losers, I will say this forever, whether Hillary Clinton is president or not, the biggest losers out of all of this, have been the students,” Reyes said. Reyes added, “The students on both sides; it doesn’t matter if you support Hillary or you oppose Hillary, but to see the process in play, to see a presidential candidate, to hear a presidential candidate, that’s an opportunity of a life time, no matter what side you sit on.”

Special Section


Rampage 5

Climb In...

Let’s Talk About Sex

Photos by Blake Gollmer


Everything I needed to know... Should students learn about sex in school? —page 6

More than condoms

Learn about birth control —page 11

What’s sex got to do with it? Rampage reporters give their views on sex. — pages 7-10

Rampage 6

Special Section

Educated students make

November 7, 2007

Informed Decisions

Photo by Blake Gollmer

By Adrine Avanesyan

According to The California Department of Public HealthCommunicable Disease, there were 169,903 cases of HIV and AIDS reported in the state of CA as of Oct. 31, 2007. The death toll in California in the same month was 84,962. It is surprising that even with these shocking statistics, there is so much controversy surrounding sex education in schools. Sex education was first introduced in public schools as social hygiene education in the early 1980’s. Over the years, the curriculum of sex education has changed. In the 1950s sex education emphasized family life. By the 1980s, the curriculum had changed to raising awareness of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. It is because of this constant change in curriculum that the public is so divided on the issue. Currently, 31 states do not require sex education in schools and 18 require it. New Hampshire is the exception, where schools are required to provide information on HIV and AIDS but schools do not have general sex education programs. Moreover, opponents of sex education argue that teaching kids about sex and contraceptives only encourages them to have sex. However, I believe that in a country that has the second highest rate of teen pregnancy; public schools in the U.S. should educate their students about safe sex. The California Department of Public Health-Communicable Disease reported that the 2006 birth rate for females ages 15 to 19 in Fresno alone was 2,224. The birth rate for females ages 20-24 for Fresno in the same year was 4,992. It would be ridiculous to speculate that all these birth rates were due to girls learning about sex in school. Whether or

not kids learn about sex in school is not going to be the deciding factor in their decision to have sex or stay abstinent. Teens can learn about sex from a variety of sources including, friends, television, songs, video games, books, magazines, and the internet. No matter how much we shield our children from sex, they are bound to be exposed to it. Sex education has become even more important with the spread of AIDS, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The Department of Health and Human Services-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that there were 1,585 cases of primary and secondary syphilis in California in 2005. No one wants their child to become one of those statistics. Most parents teach their kids that abstinence until marriage is the best way to go. However, if your child did decide to have sex, would you not want them to be safe? In today’s society, both parents have to go to work. Thus, most parents can not spend every single hour with their kids. The reality is that we can not control every decision that our kids make. The thing that we can control is educating them on the issue of sex and the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. One thing that the opponents of sex education underestimate is the fact that not all teens want to have sex before marriage. Perhaps if teens were more educated on sex and the risk factors that are associated with it, they would chose to not have sex. Opponents of sex educa-

tion fail to recognize other sources that teach children about sex. These sources, unlike sex education classes, do not care about exposing the negative factors of sex. The movie industry is one of the main advertisers of sex. However, sex in the movies and on TV is all about romance and passion and less about sexually transmitted diseases or teen pregnancy. In the movies, we seldom see a man stop before having sex and put on a condom. The women in the movies do not take their birth control pills every day or worry about getting pregnant before having sex with the mysterious stranger. Most movies advocate having sex in the heat of the moment, without worrying about the consequences. These are movies that are kids are exposed to every day. Can we still argue that sex education is the only thing that promotes sex to kids? Statistics show that educating teens on sex and contraceptives has proved to be beneficial. The Guttmacher Institute reports that between 1995 and 2002, 86 percent of the decline in teen pregnancy was a result of an increase in the use of contraceptives by teens who were sexually experienced. Another thing to keep

in mind is that schools can not force kids to take a sex education class. Parental consent forms are always sent home before enrolling a student in a sex education class. I believe that sex is an issue that needs to be addressed. Unless every single parent can and will sit down with their teen and discuss sex and all the consequences that come with it, sex education needs to remain a part of the curriculum in schools. Furthermore, people need to face reality and realize that more and more kids are having sex at a younger age. Thus, they should know what they are getting into. If more teenage girls are taught that if they decide to have sex

they should be prepared to become teenage mothers , than maybe they will decide not to take that risk. If these kids were informed that one sexual encounter can expose them to AIDS, HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases, then perhaps they will decided that it is just not worth it. However, if they still decide to have sex, they will know the importance of using condoms, birth control pills, or any other form of contraceptive. Sex education raises awareness on safe sex and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy. It also helps those who decide to have sex to make smart decisions, decisions that can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

Special Section

7 Rampage

Why it’s important to wait

November 7, 2007

By Audrea Avalos

Photo Special to the Rampage

No one cares whether a person support or getting so sick from contracting is a virgin or not. It is a personal choice, an STD. It is horrible, and the hard thing and if a man or woman feels ready, then is knowing that those negative outcomes ultimately, no one is going to be able to are preventable. stop it. Regardless of what people Today, sex does not seem as if it believe or think about sex, contraception, is as sentimental as it had been in the past. and sex education, people are going to Why? It is because so many people have act on how they feel. Some people argue begun to have sex without the emotional attachment. Sex means nothing but exactly what it is, personal pleasure. Sex is supposed to be shared between two married people; it is a type of bond. But so many people do not care about that connection. It is not bad if you choose not to wait until you are married to have sex, but my experience has led me to understand why it is important to wait. I do not regret not waiting, but I am able to see why it means a lot to do so. The person I am with now was a virgin when we got together, and I wasn’t. I never thought of not being a virgin as a negative thing, and I did not think he would either. Almost three years later, he revealed that it bothered him that I was not a virgin. This is someone that I plan to be with for the rest of my life. It does hurt that something that I cannot change bothers him, because now if I could change it I would. So I wasn’t a virgin, but is that really the worst case scenario? No. I would not say that I was very smart to have had sex at a young age, but I tried my hardest to be smart about it. When I decided to have sex, I also decided to play Audrea Avalos, Rampage Reporter it safely. I am not trying to justify my actions, but I knew it was in my power to prevent a lot of negative things. One that schools should not hand out protecthing I was always sure to do was to use tion. I say that when teaching abstinence protection. I was on birth control, and I to youngsters who are not going to stay would use a condom every time. abstinent, teachers should also talk about So, not being a virgin is the only what they can use if they choose to not extra baggage I carried. I had no children wait until they are married. You cannot or any diseases that I could transmit to a teach one thing without the other, because partner. And in today’s society, the only not every person believes the same thing. thing that I can hope for is that people at Whatever you choose, make sure least use protection. I hate to see young it is a choice you are making on your own. girls having children they are unable to If you choose not to wait, be safe about it.

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8 Rampage

Special Section

ove L

November 7, 2007

Lust is not

By Ivette Lopez


Jeannie Batey, Rampage Reporter

Sex: It’s...

Photo Special to the Rampage

By Jeannie Batey

I’d have to say that I might be one of the few individuals that believe sex is overrated. Some would argue, “It’s a great thing, and maybe your not getting enough of it.” But in reality it’s just a feel good moment for your body. It’s an adrenaline rush. Sure, it’s considered necessary for the continuation of mankind, but to be obsessive over it is just wrong. Go sky diving, go to concerts, there are thousands of things to do that fizzle sex out. For me, music is my sex. I constantly update myself on the next concert and I never take headphones out of my ears. The thought of not being able to do something musical, like seeing a concert each month is scary. I have to be doing something that relates to music. Whether it’s just listening, picking apart a song with someone who’s musically inclined, or laughing about an artist who isn’t. Maybe my overall opinion about sex would change if I liked children. My response to that

would be no. Sex’s entire purpose is to have a child, a baby, a human life. And children + me = NO, in my opinion, I believe people should stop breeding. I’m the kind of person that picks up a child and says “Oh what a cute baby,” then I hand it back to it’s parents. I don’t want to go in that direction with anyone, ever. These aren’t just thoughts that I’ve had overnight, or thoughts just to finish this story. I’ve thought about never having kids since I was a little girl. Can someone avoid sex simply because they want to avoid children? Not entirely. There’s the pill, condoms, abortion, and all sorts of methods to avoid having a child. The best method is to avoid the very action which leads to pregnancy. Strangely, sex isn’t really within my thought process. So many other things come first for me. Call me crazy! But, I don’t have any desire to continue the human race. I don’t wish for any

future generations. It’s just an action to me. Now that’s talking about sex for reproductive purposes. Now, if you only view sex coming from a pleasure standpoint, then it’s great to have a hobby. You’d probably be looking at my story from a whole different perspective. If sex is your thing, that’s terrific, more power to you . I just hope you’re fit to handle the responsibilities that comes with it. Because, the fact is most of you aren’t. And odds are that your life could all ready been ruined because of it. Does this mean that I view sex as a bad thing? By reading this you may think so. But in truth, I believe sex is just an action that people go through, and it’s just something you do. Whether you’re in love when you do it, you simply do it all the time, or you are having sex for it’s sole purpose, to have a child. Sex is really something you should do for yourself.

For Your Information...

About half of all new STDs/STIs in 2000 occurred among youth ages 15 to 24. [8] The total estimated costs of these nine million new cases of these STDs/STIs was $6.5 billion, with HIV and human papillomavirus (HPV) accounting for 90% of the total burden. With more than 50 million adults in the US with genital herpes and up to 1.6 million new infections each year, some estimates suggest that by 2025 up to 40% of all men and half of all women could be infected. More than half of all people will have an STD/STI at some point in their lifetime. It is estimated that as many as one in five Americans have genital herpes, a lifelong (but manageable) infection, yet up to 90 percent of those with herpes are unaware they have it. Source: American Social Health Association (

To some, sex is something sacred; to others, sex is something natural, something that can be frequently done with multiple partners. Personally, I believe sex isn’t a simple three-lettered word that can be classified with simple words or time limits, but rather in feelings and emotions between two people. Back in high school, the rule was that after six months into a relationship, the couple generally would go and commence the socalled ritual that is sex. Back then and even more so now, I see that sex isn’t something to be taken as some sort of game or method of acceptance into a specific group or category of people, but more should be an expression of love between a couple. Knowing when to have sex can be tormenting if you are pressured by your partner and even worse if you are also pressured

Ivette Lopez, Rampage Reporter by your peers and other outside influences. Having intimate sessions with your partner shouldn’t be something that one plans out; I believe when the moment happens, it should be because both parties are ready to take that leap and take their relationship to the next plateau. Another thing about couples today is their misinterpretation of lust for love. They believe that having sex at all hours of the day is the healthiest and most effective way to show how much you love a person. In my experiences, I have learned that sex shouldn’t be the number one tie holding the relationship together, but rather the compatibility and comprehension that you have for one another. Whatever happened to courting a girl before you jumped

into bed with her? Nowadays you can go to any house party, and if you’re drunk enough, you can pretty much have any person in the room. Not only is this rather insane, but it shows multitudes about a person’s character: self-respect and consideration of both people should be taken into consideration in every intimate session. If you simply have sex, rather than make love, then you really just wasted your time and got a quickie to settle your hormones. By engaging in such acts you really aren’t doing much for your own spiritual fulfillment, but just adding another physical activity to your long list. Sex shouldn’t only be a physical connection between two people; it should also be a mental and spiritual connection between the couple. So what does my sexu-

Photo Special to the Rampage

ality have to do with myself as a person? The answer is actually very simple. Although sex is something very openly talked about in our society, I know where I stand as far as my own personal morals and beliefs. As a young woman, I know that I have more to lose than a man might; something that cannot be replaced after it is taken away. I know that I have to be wise and choose smartly, because something that sacred can’t be given up so easily. My sexuality tells me that whenever I decide to take the leap, it’s not going to be based on ridiculous time limits or as an initiation into some sort of label or category, but rather as an act of love towards my partner, not just another quick fix to a lustful night.

November 7, 2007

After School

Special Section

Rampage 9

Special By Deshad Cato

Love: it’s the one thing that every person walking this earth wants, whether they want to admit it or not. When we were younger, we were fed fairytales about how love is the one thing that will save us. We watched movies that told us that love can conquer all, and we listened to songs that told us that love was all we needed to get by. But, back then, sex was something we didn’t understand or even know about; let alone comprehend. When we finally did realize what sex was, we responded with the age appropriate giggles and snickers and went on about our business. Then, out of the blue we finally realized what sex was and oh how the snickers and giggles stopped! Gone was the childlike image we had about love and relationships, and in its place was the realization that sex was something we needed to do…and fast. Because of this, love took a back seat to sex. Love became viewed as something that can only come true in fairytales and sappy R&B songs, while sex is viewed as something easily attainable; something that anyone can do as long as they find someone willing. Love and sex have become two distinct entities so separate that it’s hard to make the connection, and that’s a big problem. It’s no ones fault, but somehow love and sex got separated. The fact that people consider sex more important than love is baffling. For me, this goes back to our youth. We were taught that sex and love had nothing to do with each other. Love was this beautiful

Deshad Cato, Rampage Reporter

and pure thing that our parents shared. Sex, on the other hand was this hidden conundrum that no one ever wanted to talk about, something that parents entrusted the school systems to teach their children about. Instead of sex being an intimate thing that two people in love did, sex became an after school special for kids to make fun of with their friends. Sex became a joke; something to do to pass the time. Something that just happened to feel really REALLY good. There was no intimacy anymore. For me sex is more than a cheap thrill to do when I’m bored. When two people say “I love you,” their relationship takes on a whole different meaning. If they really love each other those three words should mean everything to them. The same thing goes for sex. When two people decide to have sex they should know that they’re taking their relationship to a whole different level. When you have sex with someone you’re making a physical connection; just like love is an emotional connection. So, seeing as how both sex and love are connected through the things we do with our loved one, doesn’t that mean that love and sex are connected to each other through us? It would be simple to answer yes and be done with it, but some people still insist that sex and love play two different roles with one supporting and the other leading. Although, when it all comes down to it we are the directors of the two. We use these two entities as we see fit to make up our lives. Hopefully, when we look back and view our lives we’ll be happy with what we produced.

Photo Special to the Rampage


Alexis Abrahamson, Rampage Reporter

Photo by Blake Gollmer

The New Women By Alexis Abrahamson

A good friend of mine and I were talking about some guy she was seeing casually. I asked her if she thought that they would be in a relationship in the future. She looked at me and started laughing. She said “No way, He and I only use each other for casual sex. He’s not my type”. Usually you would imagine a story like this coming from a guy. But, times have changed, and so have women. Unfortunately for men, they have the stereotype of being the ones to continuously have sex on their mind, and also to be the ones to be able to have sex without becoming attached. That’s just not how it is anymore; there are so many guys that seem to be more emotional

than girls. In the past, women have always bellyached about their men not being sensitive enough or that they didn’t receive the amount of attention that they think they deserve. Well, we got what we asked for. Generally speaking, guys seem to be way more emotional than they used to be. Instead of girls being the ones calling guys begging them to call back, it’s the men that are doing it now. Maybe the roles are switching because women are acting more independent. Women approach men more often than before and that’s a good thing, but some women have taken it way too far. I have heard stories from guys about how women have even taken advantage of them

while they were drunk. This goes from strangers grabbing them unexpectedly to make out, to even taking advantage of them for sexual pleasure. Most people usually would laugh about a situation like that, because it is happening to a guy, it is taken less seriously. In actuality, guys feel just as violated as a woman would. Women are way more aggressive than they need to be. They get down to business a lot quicker, not leaving much room for romance. Casual sex may be a convenient and fun activity but it is also an emotionless act. So, ask yourself, is it really more exciting than something lasting; the butterflies in your stomach when you wonder what will happen next in the relationship?

Best sex song ever

What is the greatest sex song of all time? Is this song fast or slow? What genre is it? Who wrote it? What makes it the greatest sex song? These questions will solicit a variety of answers, many of which will be very impassioned. You have quite possibly come to a conclusion yourself already. However, in spite of the confusion there is a correct answer. To find it, one needs look no further than Blake Edward’s 1979 film titled “10”. “Bolero was the most descriptive sex music ever written,” said Jenny, the “perfect 10” played by Bo Derek. A quirky scene follows which usually manages to persuade any nonbelievers. The song is slow, around 80-100 beats per minute. It begins almost too quiet to hear--- a lone snare drum player in many rendi-

tions. Over the course of about 14 minutes the song grows slow yet steadily and defines itself as the greatest sex song of all time. The slow yet rock solid tempo made Bolero perfect for sex. Unfortunately, this tempted many conductors to spice the song up by quickening the tempo at times, a practice Ravel was vehemently opposed to. In fact, on a New York Philharmonic European tour in

1930, Ravel made his disapproval of conductor Arturo Toscanini’s increased tempo known by refusing to stand when singled out during an audience ovation. In contrast to its steady tempo, the song crescendos throughout its entirety. This and its 14-minute length leave plenty of time to build passion to the Bolero. The Bolero received its premier at the Paris Opera on November 22, 1928. Almost a year later on November 14, 1929, the U.S. premier of the song was performed by the New York Philharmonic under conductor Arturo Toscanini. The following day New York Times read, “Boléro brought shouts and cheers from the audience and delayed the performance by prolonged applause. The craft, the virtuosity are really thrilling.” By Joseph Boone

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10 Rampage

November 7, 2007

I speak from

Experience By Leah Edwards

S ex: A simple three let-

All You Need Is Love Cynthia Moreno, Rampage Reporter

Photo Special to the Rampage

By Cynthia Moreno

I’ve lived my life along one quote: “You don’t have to have sex to make love”. There is no stronger, more powerfully intimate way that love can be expressed than through the passionate art of love-making. To unfold this amorous whirlwind of emotions and feelings thoroughly and perfectly, a look at the relationship one has with the significant other must be carefully examined. The connection that one builds with a man must be solid, and through time, must grow to form a strong foundation where the interchange of feelings and emotions are free to be expressed in an atmosphere of acceptance and comfort. What defines a relationship in my book? Relationships are about connections; spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical. They are about longing, searching, and ultimately finding. To unearth a relationship is to discover the missing links between body, mind, and spirit. Such links are found in the language of the heart- the only language that can not be heard, but only felt. Such language is not what a man whispers to a woman in her ear, the promises he makes, or the immensity of his affections, but in the bond he is willing to establish with a woman before he considers making love to her. The challenge to refrain from sex has not been a difficult decision, but a conscious one,

made in an effort to discover and explore all of the beautiful manifestations that love takes, endures, and embodies. In its purest form, love is the reason for my existence, hope, and happiness. Many perceptions of love have always been linked with sex. My philosophy has viewed sex as the ultimate manifestation of love. Far too many times, people feel the need to express their “love” in only one formthrough sex. Love is not a physical behavior mutually exchanged between two people, but a journey leading to the discovery of the immense impact it can have when two individuals fall in love. Love is the devotion between two people- a devotion that embodies respect, care, faithfulness, and admiration to a degree that any one individual is able to fathom. This type of love is ignited by the invisible forces around us- the heavenly touch present throughout our existence- similar to the feeling that we experience and are often times, unable to find words to neither express nor describe. Love is not lust, nor attraction, nor a senseless infatuation. The broader the scope that it can be explored and appreciated, the more apt we are as individuals to understand its complexity and grow fond of its impact in our lives and within the relationships that we have with those around us, close to us, and more romantically attached to the beat of our very

own hearts. To love is to have a profound sense of who we are, what we truly want, and what we hope to find in another. It is a sense of appreciation that we owe to ourselves by waiting for the right individual to enter our lives and unbecomingly, kindle all of the wonderful emotions present within us; both the good and the bad. The power of its feeling cannot be summed up in any one expression, word, or phrase, but in a combination of intimate and tender thoughts that we all hope to one day completely understand and praise. My falling in love and exchange of marital vows will be with an individual whose exploration of love has gone past the earthly and the physical; it would have thoroughly explored the many avenues it can take. It will be with an individual whose very existence lies in the connections he was able to build with me- and has thoroughly shared these connections given time and space. The key to my heart lies in the commitment a man is willing to make to discover me and ultimately appreciate what I have to offer and what I stand for. I would hope that at the point that my decision to make love arises; I would have explored ‘love’ in its entirety. Love would have overwhelmed my heart, heightened my senses, and curiously lured me into taking it to its final manifestation- sex.

ter word that can mean so much. It can lead to ecstasy, or it can lead to heartache. Sex is a fundamental part of our lives and a cornerstone of our existence. Without procreation, we would not exist. Yet, sex has been twisted into a form of recreation with many forgetting the natural consequences that can follow. For those interested in sexual exploration, bi-sexuality, or multiple participants, they should stop and ask themselves if they can handle the repercussions. They may be labeled as a ‘freak’ by some. They may find themselves unable to form an intimate relationship later in life. Still others may need to seek counseling to confront their sexual orientation. And if they are insecure about their bodies or struggling with the morality of their decision they should just say no. It goes without saying that sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy and venereal diseases, but it can also lead to emotional distress. Ask anyone who has gone through an abortion, found themselves a young unmarried parent, dealt with an STD, been accused of rape, lost a close friend after sleeping with him or her, or lost out on the chance to date someone special because of their promiscuous reputation. The truth is every choice you make today will affect your choices tomorrow. There are people who will look down upon you and judge you. And honestly, if your previous lifestyle offends their sense of morality, and they are unable to see past what they consider to be a ‘flaw’, then by all means you should both move on. I can say from experience that the biggest mistake one can make concerning sex is treating it like a recreational activity. If you want a work out, go to the gym. If the sex has no emotional attachment for you, the same may not be true for your partner. You should always set the ground rules up front. Sex can change everything, and communicating your needs means far more than explaining what positions you like. I believe that each individual must make a conscious choice concerning sex. In order to do so, they must weigh the consequences of their decision. Is the immediate gratifica-

tion worth the risks? Would you make the same choice if you were sober? Are you trying to substitute sex for love? When you decide to have sex, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Is this someone I want to have a child with? The possibility is there. After all, no form of birth control is 100 percent. Another question to consider is what expectations each partner will have following the sexual encounter. Perhaps, your partner will expect a commitment that you are not ready for. Or perhaps, they will suddenly sever the connection alltogether. You have to ask yourself if a few moments of pleasure are truly worth the pain that could follow if reality falls short of your expectations. To some people, sex brings about intense jealous. Suddenly, that ‘guy or girl of your dreams’ suddenly turns intensely possessive, leaving you feeling like property rather than a person. You are expected to avoid people of the opposite sex, and account for every minute of your day. It doesn’t take long before you feel suffocated and run. Or perhaps you are the one that goes crazy with jealously. You have to recognize that all your insecurities are actually pushing your partner away. The real question concerning whether or not to have sex is about compatibility, trust, respect, communication, and whether you and your partner are both heading in the same direction. A sexual relationship should only occur between people who are mature enough to handle the consequences. I am no longer the naive girl I once was. I know that people are driven by their desires, and that for some, this system is acceptable. For myself, I want more. I would much rather have the love of one good man, but I also know that sometimes love dies and the heartache can turn you against the idea of future love and intimacy. Sex should be enjoyable for both participants. I believe that something is lost when you give yourself away to someone you don’t love. There can be an animalistic satisfaction from the act itself, but See ‘Wait’ page 15

If you want a work out, go to the gym.

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November 7, 2007

Birth Control:

More Than

Photo by Blake Gollmer

Condoms By Ivette Lopez

Pills, patches, rings and even shots can be used in today’s advanced technological world to prevent pregnancies and disease. With so many choices of birth control offered, it is quite normal to be confused and surprised at the methods doctors are coming out with to lessen the world population and make it a much healthier place. According to the California Department of Public Health, there were approximately 2,226 teen pregnancies in the Fresno County alone in the past year. Although the numbers are slowly diminishing, the Fresno County is still considered “challenging district,” in which “teen birth rates are greater than state

average, and where the declines are less than state average.” In California alone, there were also 136,123 cases of Chlamydia reported, and an estimated 5,292 of those cases were from the Fresno County. Gonorrhea cases are also high; with approximately 10,000 cases reported in California and 512 of those coming from the Fresno County in 2006. Because of these high numbers in teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), people are encouraged to use various contraceptives. The most common method of birth control is the condom, and after its use it can be approximately 86-98% effective. This

is the safest way to combat HIV and STDs, but its side effects can include latex allergies, loss of sensation and possible breakage of the condom itself. If you prefer taking your birth control orally, there are also contraceptives that are shaped just for you. Pills, taken daily, can be 95-99% effective in preventing pregnancy. These however, do not protect you against STDs, can cause nausea and spotting at first, and very rarely, may cause blood clots, heart attack or stroke. There are positive effects in taking pills: these can create more regular periods, help reduce the pain of menstrual cramps and even helps prevent ovarian and

In California alone, there were also 136,123 cases of Chlamydia reported, and an estimated 5,292 of those cases were from the Fresno County.

uterine cancer. With pills, however, you must remember to take your contraceptives daily, or else the contraceptive will not take its effect on the body. If you are quite the forgetful person, you can try and intrauterine device, also known as an IUD, to help prevent pregnancy. Once again this contraceptive does not protect you against STDs, can cause irregular or heavy periods and is not recommended if you have more than one partner. Women however, are attracted to its effectiveness, as IUD’s such as Mirena and Paragard are over 99% effective. Another alternative to the forgetful person is a patch, such as Othro Evra, and is over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. This also calls for a more stable menstrual cycle and can help prevent ovarian and uterine cancer if taken correctly. The cons to this method is the fact that the patch can fall off, may cause skin irritation, nausea and spotting, and rarely, can cause blood clots, heart attacks and stroke. If you are not afraid of a little pain, then a shot taken every three months may be the answer to your birth control needs. More commonly known as Depo Provera this shot is over 99% effective and creates for a very simple method of contraceptive use. Although it creates for irregular periods, headaches and possible weight changes, women use these shots to prevent pregnancy. Innovative methods of birth control are becoming more and more available to the public today. Rings are now becoming more popular amongst American women, and with their effectiveness of 98-99%, women are definitely satisfied. The most popular ring brand in the market today is called NuvaRing, and is placed in the vaginal area for three weeks at a time. Side effects may include irritation in vaginal areas, but the ring can prevent ovarian and uterine cancer. Keep in mind that this method of birth control does not prevent against STD’s. The latest idea in birth control, and perhaps the most odd has to be the new contraceptive implants that are being used by the public today. Also known as Implanon, this plastic rod is implanted under the skin of the upper arm and can protect against pregnancy for three years at a time. Although it is 99% effective, this method is not as used because it causes irregular menstrual cycles, nausea, possible weight gain, headaches and even sore breasts. Overall, the number of products available to people is growing as fast as the fertility and STD numbers grow. With all these methods of birth control available, the most effective of all is abstinence, but there are other products to suit every person’s needs.

Rampage 11


We’ve all heard them; you may even fell into their prey and believed them to be true. Sex myths, there are so many and some are true and some just myths. Let’s put some of these myths to bed. Condoms are 100% safe Myth! Condoms are a highly effective contraception, as well as a great way to prevent STDs. However, condoms can break. So it’s always good to use them in combination with other forms of contraception such as the pill. Women can’t get pregnant during unprotected sex if the man pull out before he ejaculates. False! Even if the man doesn’t ejaculate, sperm can still be present in his pre-cum (the clear, sticky drops that are released when he’s aroused). It takes only one sperm to get a woman pregnant, and the fluid can also contain sexually transmitted infections. Women can’t get pregnant during their period. False! The chances of a woman getting pregnant during a period are high; it’s more likely to happen towards the end of a menstrual cycle. Unprotected sex also increases the risk infection by sexually diseases (STIs/STDS). All guys hate using condoms. Not true! The only guys who won’t use condoms are those who don’t respect themselves or women. But ladies don’t rely on a guy to provide one. Take it in to your own hands. Read up on contraception and safer sex. The average erection measures isn’t 8 inches. Down boy, it’s closer to six. Women can’t pregnant while on the pill. Just a myth! A woman can get pregnant while taking a contraceptive pill; follow the instructions correctly and consistently. But if you miss pills, are on antibiotics, or having sickness and diarrhea, you need to use condoms for the next seven days. Oysters make you horny. Not True! That has been a common sex myth. You make you horny. Oysters increase the libido. But there may be a placebo effect. Green M&Ms make you horny. Well, according to Menshealth. com they don’t, unless the theory is right then it is true. Why would they? Well, she is the sexiest of the M & Ms. Size always matters: Myth. Attention to your partner’s needs in what is most important. No matter the size, you must learn what your pleases your partner. Information compiled by Eddie Ortiz, Rampage Reporter SOURCES: MENS HEALTH, COSMOPOLITAN, THESITE.ORG

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November 7, 2007

The beauty of all things female...

...and the overwhelming ignorance of her selectable male

Mun-key noun 1. Any human being with a predisposition to watching the physical or mental destruction of another living creature. 2. One who mainly concerns his or herself with frivolous life issues, and is either apathetic or oblivious to the needs of others. 3. A typical, modern-day male. 4. An incredibly promiscuous individual.

Think long and hard (lol), and be honest with yourself in determining whether you’re human or munkey. “…And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and fuuurious anger…and you will know my name is the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon you.”—Sam Jackson, Pulp Fiction. Fellas, if this echoes your attitude towards sex, at least your heart is in the right place--your penis-heart, that is. God bless him, he tries his hardest (lol) to match your ego’s expectations, but a selfish munkey makes not a great lover.

If you believe you already know what it takes to please a woman, and that full-throttle sex at maximum speed is all you need, well, all I can say is: Don’t let your girlfriend have sex with me. Sex isn’t about you, homeboy. Remember that. You can always go flag one off in the bathroom within 15 seconds if getting yours is all you’re worried about. If so, I thank you, for you have made me a very special man. Allow me to enlighten you: You’re never going to be as great as you like to think you are if you fail to cater to a woman’s emotions just as much as her desires. Make sure she is absolutely comfortable with both the environment surrounding her as well as with you. Let her know that there is nowhere on earth you would rather be than where you are right now, and that only she can make this experience special. Study the art of love making, because you have no idea how to take her where she wants to go using the navigation system you came with. Just because you inform yourself on ways to improve your sexual performance doesn’t mean your performance is suffering. Knowledge is a powerful tool. Learn how to balance the submissive and dominant roles in a timely fashion, and laying your vengeance upon her might actually make it do what it do.

by Matthew T. Mendez

in, the modern-day female can be ruthlessly mischevious. Purposely exploiting your feelings for her, a scandalous woman will go to great lengths to earn your trust, all while carying out an insidious plan to hustle you for everything your worth. In apathy, she will repeatedly neglect to answer her phone, call only when she needs a favor, then jump on the first available chance to blame you for any type of failure. Once she knows she is not in danger of physical retaliation, a scandalous woman will say whatever it takes to humilate you in public if she deems necessary. Gay men have it made. If I were gay, life would probably be much easier for me: I could watch as many back-to-back episodes of SportsCenter as I please; I wouldn’t have to listen to someone dance around the obvious while expressing their true feelings; and best of all, I’d be eligible for Sec. 8 benefits, allowing me to live off government support in a manner similar to many women that I know. Unfortunately, I find the mere thought of two hairy, grown-ass men getting close to each other disgusting. Not that I think homosexuality is treacherous or heretical (leaves more pie for me), I just find it absolutely repulsive. Thus, I’m more than happy being miserable in my heterosexual paradox. Dont let the theme of this column

The world’s most beautiful creation since the geneses of time and space is impossible to put a price on, nor will it ever be found on any clearance rack. As the sine qua non of our existence, its extinction is all but unimaginable. That is because the most blissful vision ever to be bestowed upon us by our Creator is woman. From body and mind-to sight and scent--the female gender truly is a sempiternal gift, and the single most convincing argument that perfection is possible. As a whole, women are capable of representing all that is pure within our inclement reality. (Personal experience suggests they can also be the most neurotic, deceptive, malevolent, disresp ... oops, I’ll save that thought for another time.) Seeing as how we are currently on the brighter side of the spectrum, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind all women that,

any guys who sit in front of their living room windows and habitually toss n feces at unsuspecting pedestrians. By likening men to primates, I mean our brains still haven’t evolved to the level of a human being. Therefore, we are munkeys: yet to reach the intellect of a human, but slightly beyond that of a baboon. Still confused?

you with a little sub-human mutant you secretly wish never existed. (Me too) I don’t mean to come across as insensitive to single mothers. I believe single mothers compile the backbone of our society. I’m talking about the single moms who leave their children alone with anyone dumb enough to baby-sit while they go out and accidentally conceive more “miracles”. I’m talking about the single moms who never miss an opportunity to remind you how you’ll never be as important to them as they like to think their children are. These are the bunk Biancas* who use their children as a resource for supporting their own chemical dependency. I’ve spent seven years in the “adult” world now, and here is my up-to-date sentiment on gender roles: -Men are typically womanizing--and at times violent--selfish munkeys* who recently developed the ability to speak. -And women...(sigh)...women are shallow, manipulative hypocrites capable of committing the most inglorious acts imaginable for their own benefit. Of course, these are both highly subjective classifications, each with its own exceptions. Women are easily capable of being silly munkeys (just watch MTV), while men undoubtedly have a rich history of machination. However, in the world I live

by Matthew T. Mendez

despite any reason for believing otherwise, there is absolutely nothing more desirable to a man--gay or straight--than a good lady. Why then, fellas, is it so important for us to make ourselves out to be superior to women in almost every way? You know what I’m talking about. When we get together in large groups, it’s almost like “Double Dare” meets The Discovery Channel. We boast and brag about how we know all about cars and how they will never get it; we ridicule their attempts to match our effort in any kind of physical activity (well, almost any kind); and when we’ve run out of patience and reason, too many of us resort to violence in a desperate attempt to convince ourselves of their inferiority. Notice how I am not excluding myself from any inauspiciousness, even though I have never physically attacked a woman in my life, because I believe it is pointless to separate myself from a problematic entity in order to chastise it when leading by example seems far more progressive. Sadly, a violent mindset is typical of the modern-day male, especially teenagers and young adults. Blame can be placed almost anywhere—from the media to the good ol’ American upbringing—but ultimately, we have to look in the mirror and be brutally honest with ourselves. We’re still monkeys. Well, in all fairness, I don’t know

Do NOT get me started on women. Too late, the subhead suggests that this column is about the good-for-nothing nature of scandalous women, and believe you me, I’m ready to go off about the goodfor-nothing nature of scandalous women. This is calligraphic warfare executed with extreme celerity, so things may get ugly. How come it seems like every woman I get involved with receives monthly-aide for at least one bastard-child? Where is this little chump’s father at, lady?! I’m a sexually active 24-year-old male with no kids and no history of supported abortions. I cant be the only one left out there. I cant be that great. (Well...) Don’t criticize me for being self-centered, either. It’s not my fault you were careless while doin’ the nasty in the pasty; and now, that past nastification* has burdened

Beezie (noun)- a b*tch. Beatrice (noun)- a beatch past nastification (noun)- Previously conducted sexual activity, esp. acts resulting in accidental pregnancy. Bianca (noun)- a biotch.


fool you, I loooves the ladies, but I cannot stand “chili-cut” Beezies*. I consider certain Beatrices* to be “chili-cut” because, just like chili, they 1) are cheap 2) can be found pretty much anywhere, and 3) ain’t even all that good to begin with...they are nothing but “chilicut” Beezies. This descriptive term can also be used as a noun, i.e., “I can’t stand these Chili-cuts.” As you can probably tell by now, certain Chili-cuts in my life have walked all over me with malicious intent, and I’ve just about had enough of it. Ironcially, I had been working on a column about the beauty of womankind for several months now, I just never found the movtivation to put the finishing touches on it. This column took me about two hours to complete--from start to finish. I guess I felt more strongly about this one.

Man, you just can’t stop some women from plottin’. But you can stop considering such deceitful beings as women. When the term ‘Beezie’ just isn’t enough, one must look further for the answer.

Women be plottin’,


Rampage 12

women be plottiiiin’!


November 7, 2007




DRIVING by Pedro Quintana

Rampage Reporter

Britney is back with her anticipated album of the year “Blackout,” It is sure to be a Knockout. The release of “Blackout,” Britney’s first studio album in four years, is set to release on October 30. It could draw the focus away from the singer’s personal life and back to her music. It’s a good time for her to come out with this and say, “look I am an artist on some level and I’m not just a walking train wreck.” A press release from Jive Records reveals the inspiration behind the album’s title as, blocking out negativity and embracing life fully. In “I got my eye on you,” she coos on one of the album’s best tracks “Radar,” is a sexy techno groove that you can’t help but bounce to a feeling that permeates all of “Blackout’s” tracks. You won’t find any saccharine ballads or fluffy pop on this disc, it’s all about generating heat on the dance floor (and if Spears has shown us anything in the last year, it’s that she knows how to party). It’s not all about grinding to the music, though. On rock-tinged “Piece of Me,” produced by Bloodshy & Avant, she defiantly address her critics: “I’m Mrs. Bad Media Karma, another day an-

photo provided by

photo provided by

other drama ... I’m Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I’m Mrs. ‘Oh My God That Britney’s Shameless.’” And on the slowburn, Neptunes-produced “Why Should I Be Sad,” the album’s last track, she cops to heartbreak but refuses to let it get her down, a rare vulnerable moment. Britney shows us that she still has number one hits. The fans, who already made Britney’s first single, “Gimme More,” a giant digital download, are expected to support the album in a big way during its first week. Geoff Mayfield, director of charts at Billboard, believes “Blackout” could return the pop star to the top of the charts with sales up to 300,000. The first song from “Blackout” is merely a taste of what you can expect from Britney. “The panting first single, was just a tease, because there are better if not exactly bolder tracks, like ‘Toy Soldier,’ with its fun simulated snare drums, and the cool, T-Pain-assisted “Hot as Ice.” This album is blazing hot and people need to check it out. Britney shows all the media that

Rampage 13

14 Rampage


A tale of crime and punishment by Deshad Cato

Rampage Reporter Gritty, raw, shocking, unsettling, these words and more come to mind when thinking about Ridley Scotts’ new film “American Gangster”, and all within the first couple of moments in the films lengthy viewing time. It’s not surprising that American Gangster is a good movie, it’s surprising that this movie actually managed to pull off what Scott and company envisioned. What they’ve delivered is a tightly woven picture that tells the tail of Frank Lucas, played by Denzel Washington, the infamous heroin dealer and organized crime boss who practically owned Harlem during the late 60’s and 70’s, and Richie Roberts, played by Russell Crowe the troubled but honest detective responsible for busting up Lucas’s empire. Both men play their roles so accurately that it’s easy to forget that they’ve acted together before in the 1995 action film “Virtuosity” where, ironically enough, Crowe played the bad guy and Washington played the cop. It’s never easy to forget that two major stars are in the same movie, especially when the two starts have eight Academy Award nominations between them. It all works out for the better though, because instead of having Crowe and Washington fight it out a million times before the finish they don’t meet until the very end of the film, giving both men time to build up their characters until the final face off. Both characters are so engrossing that they both stand alone without the other ones help. American

Gangster would’ve still have worked if it would’ve have just been about Lucas. Washington is truly a perfect fit as Lucas, easily shedding his heroic demeanor we’re all used to and transforming into the sinister drug kingpin. If you didn’t know any better you’d think that Denzel played nothing but bad guys throughout his entire career, oblivious to the fact that this is only his second role as the bad guy, the first being his Academy Award winning turn in 2001’s “Training Day”. While he’s never as ruthless as he could be the fact that you know that Lucas can go “Scarface” one someone gives his performance that extra punch. Everyone knows the quiet guy is always the most dangerous, and that’s exactly how Denzel approaches his portrayal of Lucas. Crowe, on the other hand could’ve carried the movie as if it was all about it his character. The story of Richie Roberts could’ve been developed far more than it was. I’m not sure if the writers downplayed Roberts’s story so it wouldn’t overshadow Lucas’s, but it’s obvious that Ridley Scott could’ve went miles with the Roberts’ character. Both characters are so strong that you become completely engrossed. You want to see Roberts (Crowe) succeed in his efforts to capture Lucas (Denzel), but at the same time you want to see Denzel make it out unscathed. It’s truly a tug of war between who you want to root for. For this reason alone I’d, say that “American Gangster” isn’t as good as it could’ve been.

November 7, 2007

As much as I felt a connection with both characters it was difficult to keep up with both of them. While this didn’t really hurt the film, it didn’t help it by any means. While Denzel is clearly the main actor, Crowe shines just as bright. Again, this is offset by the fact that they don’t share the screen. Their characters don’t even know about each other until about midway through the film. This serves as a great tension builder, but can also grow tiresome. So be forewarned, don’t go to see this movie if you’re expecting some sort of cat and mouse chase, because you will be disappointed. This movie is rooted in realism. No outlandish action sequences, no over the top death scenes, and no over blown special effects. What you get is a real movie about a real life gangster who had to face real life consequences. “American Gangster” is a fabulous film that utilizes all of its strengths. For just like we get to see Frank Lucas’s meteoric rise into power and wealth, we also get to see the downward spiral that ruined him. This time, the Godfather didn’t get to die in his mansion with his loved ones surrounding him, he didn’t go out in a blaze of glory hopped up on drugs, and he didn’t move out of the country to escape his past. Instead, he was convicted of his crimes and had to turn informant to survive. It’s a bittersweet reminder that the bigger they are the harder fall. Luckily for us, American Gangster doesn’t fall.

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November 7, 2007

Rams score big against West Hills

Wait... until it’s right

Rampage Reporter We have all heard the saying “Offense sells tickets, defense wins games.” That must be the reason why the girls’ soccer team is filling the bleachers and adding up the “W’s.” Last Friday the girls had home field advantage against West Hills College, where they fought to keep their undefeated league record. Fourteen minutes into the game Hernandez scored the first goal, with the assistance of Silva. The first half came to an end and FCC was ahead 2-0. The strong defense the girls played kept West Hills from scoring. Hanson had two saves which also helped FCC from allowing

West Hill to score. The second half was off to a slow start. Both FCC and West Hills were running up and down field in hopes of scoring. During the second half Coach Germond decided to make a few changes. “When the game came to a stand still, the subs did a great job, and were even able to score a couple more,” Germond said about his choice to put fresh feet on the field. Although the team ended up with the win, Coach says there is always room for improvement, “The pace of the game and quick passes,” those are the main points to work on. FCC girls were able to keep West Hills from scoring the whole game. The defense was a

huge part of this game, and probably a huge reason why the girls have continued to have a very successful season. The team has two more conference games, and then they are headed to playoffs. These girls have everything they need to end on the top, they are filling the seats with many supporters and they are winning games, thanks to that tight defense and great offense.

in 50 attempts. The Mustangs managed to run the ball for 165 yards and their quarterback ran for a whopping 51 yards. Even though the Rams have lost two in a row, they still have a couple of big games ahead of them. If the Rams lose in their rivalry against Reedley, their season will be over. But,

if they win the next game, they will host a bowl game at Radcliff stadium on the proceeding Saturday. The game against Reedley has a lot of tradition surrounding it. It is called, the battle of the pump. In 1972, two board members name Harry Hiroka and Lyn Ford came up with an idea on how

to rekindle an old rivalry that went away because the teams stopped playing each other. 15, 000 fans watched former Hoover High graduate, Rod Perry steal the show by making big plays, helping the Rams win that game 22 to 19. Reedley was ranked No.1 and Fresno City ranked No.3 in the nation on that day.

by Audrea Avalos

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the emotion is twisted. For many people, sex becomes an addiction that consumes them and eventually destroys them. And for others, sex is merely the means to an end. I believe that sex, in the greatest sense, can be a merging of two souls, two lives, and two individuals into one strong connection, life, and purpose. Some might consider this ideological or morally stifling. But I pity these people because they miss out on the greatest part of sex and the greatest joy in life. Possessions can never bring the same satisfaction as meaningful relationships. Lust can never bring the same fulfillment as love. In the end, all that is gained is a temporary reprieve from the utter loneliness that consumes them. And having sex just for the sake of having sex is the plight of the lonely indeed. So, the next time you debate the idea of having sex ‘just for fun,’ ask yourself this, would you rather be remembered as a person, or just a good time in the sack? Maybe it would be better to wait.

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The Rams have one more game before playoffs. Assuming they beat COS yesterday, they will be undefeated going into Friday’s game. Nov 9 - at Taft

Rams lose two, rekindle valley rivalry Photo by Joseph Rios

Lena Tovar controlled the tempo against West Hills.

by Marcell Dillworth Rampage Reporter

The Rams of Fresno City College lost their second game in a row against San Joaquin Delta 52-17 on Saturday. Caviglia, who is trying to win his 100th career JC college game, believes that his team was

out coached and outplayed by Delta. “ Anytime you lose a game you can’t fault one play, “ said Caviglia. “No one is absolved from any of the criticism.” For the second week in a row, the Rams defense struggled against the run. When they played Sierra, their running back, Camon Muldrow ran for 245 yards

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November 7, 2007

Jenifer McEntire plays soccer and runs cross country. McEntrire won her second-straight Central Valley Conference title on Oct 27 at Woodward Park.

Soccer player wins second cross country title

Photo by Joseph Rios

by Joseph Rios Editor-In-Chief There is something wrong with the system when a soccer player can show up to a championship race and leave with a title. That is exactly what Jenifer McEntire did at the Central Valley Conference Championships on Oct 27. And it is exactly what she did last season. “I feel bad,” said McEntire. “I didn’t even train for it.” Number two and three clocked in nearly 30 seconds after she did. McEntire finished with a time of 20:13. Sierra Gonzales from College of the Sequoias pulled in at 20:30 and Feliz Santilan, also from COS, came in at 20:34. McEntire did not just beat the rest of the competition, she left them choking on her dust. Head soccer coach Oliver Germond watched his player win last year’s race and showed up to see McEntire win again this season. “I’m just impressed,” Germond said. McEntire played 90 minutes on the road against Solano the day before then got up in the morning to come out the race. The CVC championship

was her second race of the season. Soccer conflicts keep her from racing more. When she does race, her joy is apparent from the smile she keeps from the start of the race. “I don’t do it all the time,” said McEntire. “When I do, it’s just fun.”

West Hills Shutout

The womens soccer team dished out a 5-0 shutout to West Hills College on Nov 2. The Rams put consistant pressure on offense and defense throughout the game. Their unmatched intensity allowed them to control the tempo from start to finish. See page 15

Men Rally for Second

The mens cross country team ran away with the CVC team title on Oct 27. Bobby Rodriguez and Cesar Rodriguez tag teamed for first and second place finishes. However, sickness rocked the boys going into the Northern California championships. Bobby wrestled with illness but went through with the race. He jumped out to the front pack in the first mile. The sickness took its toll and he fell back. His teammate, Cesar, saw him faulter and took his spot in the lead pack. Cesar eventually finished third (20:43) and Bobby finished sixth (21:03). Cesar’s extra effort helped seal the Rams’ place in second behind American River College. ARC scored the win 35-71.

Football loses two straight games After talks of state-wide ranking, records wins, and the post season, the Rams fell two in a row. Caviglia still waits for his 100th win. See page 15

Meaghan Cochran against West Hills.

Photo by Joseph Rios

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