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special edition • 75 years and counting

Cover artwork by Lauren Lepor ‘21 created as part of an art lesson on cubist style portraiture. Purim 5772.

the ramaz school ‫תשעייג‬ fall 2012

forward Looking

‫עין צופיה קדימה‬

Looking forward



Rabbi Haskel Lookstein ’49 Principal Paul j. Shaviv, MA, M.Phil. Head of School

Kenneth F. Rochlin ’86 Director of Institutional Advancement

Don Anziska Director of Finance and Operations Rabbi Alan Berkowitz ’79 Headmaster, The Lower School/Early Childhood Center Smadar Seinfeld Headmistress, The Rabbi Haskel Lookstein Middle School

Ira M. Miller Dean, The Rabbi Joseph H. Lookstein Upper School

editorial staff

Ramaz celebrates

special section


Kristin Auerbach Director of Development Judi Resnick Director of Communications Mara Lassner Public Relations and Communications Coordinator Lauren Katz Director of Alumni Relations

photo credits 1 Message from the Principal and the Head of School Effy Braun 2 ramaz celebrates 75: Empowering the Future at the Mara Lassner Joshua Nathanson ‘89 Ramaz Annual Dinner Rachel Rabhan ‘92 Judi Resnick 4 hands-on Chesed: Ramaz Community Chesed Day Faculty and Students of the Ramaz School Meir Zavrosky 5 Schoolwide Siyyum Marks 75: Students Study Entire Tanakh 6 BLUE and white and proud: Ramaz Marches in the Celebrate Israel Parade design 7 the last survivor: Alumni Film Screening Monica vAlley 8 Israel Reunion: 300 Gather to Celebrate Ramaz at 75 Montaza Design 10 Reunions Recap: Milestone Reunions 13 Donors to the 2011-2012 Annual Campaign

18 Annual Campaign 2012-2013 20 Annual Dinner 2013 22 ramaz/kj campaign 24 donors to the ramaz/kj campaign Calendar 2012-2013

114 East 85th Street • New York, NY 10028 • 212-774-8055

‫עתיד מזהיר‬

“...forge ahead and build...”

A glorious future A Message from Principal Rabbi Haskel Lookstein As we enter our 76th year, we celebrate the fact that we were able to mark 75 years of pioneering in the field of Yeshiva Day School education. Nobody except my father, of blessed memory, thought that a Ramaz would be possible, certainly not on the Upper East Side. Thanks to his vision and planning and thanks to the faith that so many parents had in him and the trust they placed in him, Ramaz was able to be a pathfinder and pioneer throughout 75 years in which the day school population has literally exploded across the entire United States. Now we look ahead. We look to a future that includes physical rebuilding in our Lower School, turning the catastrophe of the fire of July 11, 2011, into an opportunity to provide more and better spaces for our Early Childhood Center and our Lower School, an opportunity that will include the possibility of our finding place for 100 more students whose parents, thank God, want them to have a top-flight yeshiva education. The year 5773 marks the changing of the guard in the leadership of Ramaz with the appointment of Paul Shaviv as our new Head of School. Mr. Shaviv comes to us with decades of the best possible experience. He has the highest praise and recommendations of those who know educational personnel best in North America. We are excited to anticipate the kind of leadership that we know he will bring to a school with a distinguished past, and which, with God’s help, will have a glorious future. We wish him and the entire Ramaz family the blessings of God and the strength of purpose as we move into our 76th year.

“ investment of time and thought...”

‫בית ספר בזרימה מתמדת‬


A Message from Head of School Paul J. Shaviv Ramaz is a school on the move! Last year—our 75th anniversary—was a time to look back and be proud. Now we go into the future with a clear vision, and with a flexible and proactive approach, ahead of the game and not struggling to catch up. In the roller-coaster of school life, with questions and issues coming thick and fast, it is sometimes difficult to make the time to think long-term. But just as we invested in looking back, we must make an investment of time and thought to look forward. On our agenda needs to be a series of questions, including (but not at all limited to): Our Jewish vision—How can we deliver an inspirational Jewish program to our students that meets our ambition to make them literate Jews, and meets their need for emotional experiences and spiritual searching? What is the place of parents in the Jewish vision of the school—and what is that vision in a changing Jewish community? How do we define the collective school ethos to which we expect all partners in Ramaz to subscribe? Our educational vision—What are the distinctive hallmarks of a Ramaz education? How are they applied in the K-12 spiral? In a digital age, what are the meaning and application of key categories such as “education,” “culture,” and “knowledge”? What is the future of “text”? How best do we educate students for the 21st century—and what should we be teaching them? Our organizational vision—Is there an appropriate decision-making process in the school? Without making the school a business, can we be more business-like? Do we communicate clearly? Are we “user friendly”? Are we forceful enough in our marketing and publicity? This year, we will look at these questions in two installments of the school magazine. This edition—Fall 5773—looks especially at issues of advancement, events, and our campaigns. Our Winter 5773 edition will look at school life and activities. Education, the classroom, our community, and our society are all changing rapidly. Schools are live, organic structures, and we have plenty to discuss, debate, and, if necessary, argue (respectfully!). Everyone’s voice is welcome. No organization can afford to stand still. Ramaz is developing and improving. We have a lot to do—and we will do it all, together. So the word is out—we are “a school on the move….”


Ramaz Cel

‫ חזק ואמץ‬empowering the futur

In an evening worthy of its location on Broadway, our 75th Anniversary Annual Dinner was the highlight of our 2011-2012 Annual Campaign. More than 1200 attendees enjoyed our January 2012 celebration of “Ramaz at 75,” an event filled with exciting and memorable moments that highlighted Ramaz’s history and featured the Ramaz of today. Clockwise from top right: Special video message from Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate and parent of a Ramaz alumnus, who wrote the foreword to our 75th Anniversary Book.    Ramaz Chairman of the Board Jacob Doft offering a Hakarat Hatov to those who helped Ramaz after the fire and to our teachers.    Upper School soloist.    Dancing and dessert festively closing the evening.    Rabbi Lookstein and honoree Judith H. Fagin simcha dancing.    Lower School Choir performing at the Dinner for the first time.    Rabbi Lookstein sharing remarks about Ramaz and our honoree.    A flashmob with parents, grandparents, alumni, students, parents of alumni, Ramaz administration, teachers and staff, and even our own Ramaz Ram, as a high-energy start to the evening.    Tribute to our 2012 Dinner honoree.    Ramaz Band providing a musical backdrop.    More students than ever filling the stage with unforgettable performances.


5772  ramaz at

elebrates 75

re at the ramaz annual dinner


Guest of Honor and Educator of the Year: Judith H. Fagin We honored Ms. Fagin, Ramaz’s first Head of School, during her last year at Ramaz. She was moved by our heartfelt programmatic tribute, a gift of artwork created by Ramaz students, and the renaming of our annual Educator of the Year award— The Judith H. Fagin Award for Academic Excellence.

a Special thank you

Thank You!

Our Dinner Chairs Kenneth Aschendorf, Sherry Cohen, Nina Davidson, and Ari Storch, as well as our many volunteers and participants, set the tone for a warm and celebratory atmosphere that made the Dinner—and our Annual Campaign— The Best One Ever!

a year of celebrations  5772


Chesed and menschlichkeit always have been part of the Ramaz mission.Those planning 75th anniversary events understood that a Community Chesed Day had increased significance after the devastating fire at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun and the displacement of the Lower School and Early Childhood Center at the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year. What better way to model our thanks to all those in the wider community who ensured that religious services and educational programs continued without delays than by doing chesed and giving to others less fortunate? In March 2012, more than 300 current parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and administrators joined students from all divisions on the Sunday right before Pesach to perform many acts of kindness. Gathering in the Ramaz Upper School (and in several outside locations), they cheerfully and tirelessly sorted Kosher-for-Passover and chametz food, crafted flower arrangements to grace seder tables, and decorated tzedekah boxes to bring home the day’s theme. Volunteers also wrapped prepared meals of donated food for the Met Council Food Rescue Program and baked brownies and made tea sandwiches that were served to senior residents at Met Council housing, where afternoon entertainment was provided by Ramaz’s Kol Ram Community Chorus. Others painted and beautified the Food Rescue site. We are all connected, one to the other.

‫גמילות חסדים‬ hands-on chesed Ramaz Community chesed day


5772  ramaz at

‫סיום‬ schoolwide siyyum marks 75 students study entire tanakh Parents and students in all divisions harnessed the power of technology in a year-long study of all 24 books of Tanakh that was celebrated at siyyumim held shortly before the anniversary of the Torah’s revelation, the holiday of Shavuot. Technology allowed Lower School parents to sign up via Google Docs to study several pesukim (sentences) in Bereishit with their children. Middle School students studied chevruta-style and wrote divrei Torah delivered weekly, and Upper School students advanced from lessons on the OU’s Nach Yomi website to posting their personal reflections on a communal wiki. At the special Lower School siyyum (picture bottom right), families joined in a festive meal and heard divrei Torah prepared by students in Grades 1-4 on what they studied with their familes. The siyyum held at Temple Emanu-El opened with hundreds of hands rubbing together to create the sound of wind, followed by clapping to create the rainfall, and simulating the awe-inspiring sounds and experiences surrounding the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. Evocative of the call to Mount Sinai, the shofar was sounded as part of the morning program, and a portion of the Torah relating to the Israelites’ acceptance of the Biblical commandments was read by three students in three distinct styles. Songs of praise and celebration complemented the Torah trope as more than 1000 students from all grades celebrated the anniversary of the school, focusing on the core of the school’s mission statement—our commitment to Torah study, using 21st century tools for millennia-old learning.

a year of celebrations  5772


Marching in celebration of Israel is a Ramaz tradition that began with the parade’s inception in 1964. At this year’s Celebrate Israel Parade, students and faculty from all divisions, along with family members, marched proudly and sang loudly as they made their way up Fifth Avenue. The Ramaz contingent stepped lively to the accompaniment of the Ramaz Percussion Ensemble. Once again, the Ramaz Band performed atop the El Al float. American and Israeli flags, as well as Ramaz banners, guided the hundreds of Ramaz marchers, as students held two long pieces of blue fabric on either side of the procession and took turns riding a bicycle sporting a Magen David shape. Aerial photos showed—and viewers on high saw—the Ramaz contingent configured like the Israeli flag. CELEBRATE ISRAEL PARADE “AFTER PARTY” A new tradition was born this year when alumni and their families from around the New York area gathered in the Upper School for some cooling refreshments and a light nosh after showing their support for Israel. Alumni already have put the date of next year’s march up Fifth Avenue—Sunday, June 2, 2013—on their calendars so that they won’t miss the next Ramaz Israel Parade “After Party.” Inset photos below from left: Enjoying the alumni “After Party” were Arielle (Wolfson) ’01 & Joseph Jaspan ‘01 and family with Upper School Tanakh teacher Rachel Taub Weinstein   Elizabeth & Alan Mitrani ’91 and family   Sara (Sternstein) ‘98 & Laurence Hasson ’98 and son   Sisters Tamar ’09 and Merav ’12 Gold   Daphna & David Brainson ’87 and family.

blue and

  ‫גאוה ישראלית‬ and proud

ramaz marches in the celebrate israel parade


5772  ramaz at

‫ליל סרט בוגרים‬ the last survivor alumni film screening Each year, programs are held throughout the Jewish world to commemorate the terrible events that took place in Germany on November 9, 1938, which we know as Kristallnacht, or The Night of Broken Glass. At Ramaz, too, students hear speakers recount how their families were affected or see performances that help them begin to understand the atrocities that took place under Hitler. As part of the multi-layered “Ramaz at 75” programming, more than 125 alumni and community members gathered to remember Kristallnacht by viewing a feature-length documentary, The Last Survivor, which follows the lives of survivors of four different genocides—Holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur, and Congo. The character-based, feature-length screening allowed viewers to explore the idea of genocide in the 21st century in film and in a discussion led by Upper School History Chair Dr. Jon Jucovy, with Rwandan survivor Jacqueline Murekatete, film director Michael Kleiman, and producer Sam Goldberg ’05. As Abbe Serphos ’86 shared, “What I enjoyed most about the event was the age range of alumni it attracted. It was special to see everyone gather in recognition of Ramaz’s 75th anniversary, on Kristallnacht, to support a film on an important topic produced by a fellow alumnus.” From the top: Film director Michael Kleiman, producer Sam Goldberg ’05, and Upper School History Chair Dr. Jon Jucovy explored the concept of genocide   Rwandan survivor Jacqueline Murekatete, panel participant   The Last Survivor film poster.

a year of celebrations  5772



5772 ď ź ramaz at

‫כנס בישראל‬ israel reunion 300 gather to celebrate ramaz at 75 Pride and camaraderie across the generations “We’re #2” could have been the cheer heard at our “Ramaz at 75” event in Israel. At 400 strong, Israel is our second largest alumni community outside the New York/New Jersey area, and Ramaz pride definitely showed when an overwhelming majority of Ramaz alumni from all generations (as well as former faculty members) who live in Israel came to Beit Avi Chai in Jerusalem to celebrate our milestone anniversary. “Pride” and “camaraderie across the generations” described the evening, according to Jenny Bayer-Gamulka ‘85. And with Ramaz’s commitment to the State of Israel, “it was nice to be recognized for fulfilling this part of Ramaz’s educational agenda,” she added. Recent alumni spending a gap year in Israel or serving in Tzahal joined the festivities, too. “We [members of the Class of 2011] got so excited when the video of the teachers at the [January] Dinner Dance came on” said Erica Baruch ‘11. “We [felt] so far away from Ramaz [during the 75th anniversary,] … that video, and the evening as a whole, brought us back.” Even the dessert reception had a Ramaz connection, with catering by the son of Ramaz alumna Rachel Heller Bernstein ‘70. Warmly welcoming attendees in person were Israel Reunion Chair Dr. Beverly Gribetz ‘69; Rabbi Haskel Lookstein ‘49; Director of Institutional Advancement Kenny Rochlin ’86; Director of Alumni Relations Lauren Katz; Chantal Low ‘11, who was serving in Tzahal at the time and is now studying at the University of Pennsylvania; and former faculty members Ricki and David Bernstein.

If you live in Israel and have not had an opportunity to update your contact information, please go to

a year of celebrations  5772





1961: Ian Schorr & Caryl (Reines) Herzfeld   Vivian (Eisenberg) Mann & Judy Barbanel   Marcia & Daniel Williams with Shirah Neiman & Joel Eichler.


1971 1971: Carolyn (Weiss) Folickman, Rona (Gersten) Berns & Judy Ranells   Judy (Schacter) Tykocinski & Judy (Bravmann) Kaufthal   Ken Arfa, Hillel Sternstein & Jeff Retig.

1982 1982: Jamie Lassner & Debra Kamerman   Josh Olshin & Paul Heller   (top row) US Tanakh faculty member Rachel Taub Weinstein with Daniella (Gross) Schlisser, Debbie (Low) Doppelt, Kirsten (Ginsburg) Glaubach & (bottom row) Adrienne (Miller) Cooper, Josh Kagan, Jennifer Waitman, Joy (Verschleiser) Pearl   Scot Glasberg & Diane (Zanger) Berkowitz.

1992 1992: Omri & Jackie Fine Dahan with Ari Gold   Upper School Dean Ira Miller with Suzi (Bernstein) Schwartz   Shari Teigman, Dana (Alexander) Fine, Sara (Meltzer) Shemia, Ted & Rebecca (Weiss) Stricker, & Kenny Rochlin ’86   Michal (Agus) Fox & Larry Buterman   Rachel Rabhan & Sara (Meltzer) Shemia.

2007 2007: Etana Kenter, Arielle Foni & Rachel Friedman   Rose Goldberg, David ’06 & Daniella (Neiman) Spier, & Reni Shulman   Mike Rosenberg & Tanya Low   Nicole Skydell & Abaye Steinmetz-Silber.

10 10 10

5772  ramaz at




1962: Dorothy (Adashko) Tydings & Sylvia (Leibler) Lieberman   Felice (Werdinger) & Norman Wyloge ’58   Jane (Blechner) Bressler, Rachelle Rotenberg, Steven Klein, Yettie (Garber) Ruskin, Mark Markofsky, & Rabbi Haskel Lookstein ‘49 at the 2012 commencement ceremony   Rita (Ferstenberg) Schenker & Yettie (Garber) Ruskin   Sid Ulreich & Sam (Shmuel) Bavli.

981 1981: Ben Adler, Chuck Rosenzweig, & Jonathan Reich   Leora (Sivan) Rimon, Dafna Abileah, C.B. Gast, Merryl (Bender) Levit, Danny Nir, Frannie (Robins) Goldstein, Zachary Levin, & Sharon (Goldfarb) Zimmerman at a reunion in Israel held at the same time as that in NYC   Jackie Vinar, Melanie (Goldman) Brenner, & Esther (Gold) Liesman   Zeva (Weingarten) Herman & Lori Silver.

1991 1991: Jessica Kaufman & Nina (Teicher) Sohnen   Arash Gohari & Andrew Slesinger   Elena Katzap & Adam Modlin, husband of Wendy (Kreinen) Modlin   Nicole (Papilsky) Pfefferman & Aviya (Lefkowitz) Landesberg   Ari & Nancy Weinberger.

2002 2002: Jonathan & Barrie (Jakabovics) Krause   Julie Blinbaum & Jason Gohari   Lauren Kaufman, Carly Klafter & Dafna (Hollander) Mishaan.

2011-2012 was chock-full of milestone reunions! Nine classes, and approximately 400 Ramaz alumni, enjoyed special events, each unique to the personality of the class. These fun and festive programs offered a chance to catch up, reconnect, and reminisce. Of course, everyone was amazed at how much has changed at Ramaz and with their classmates and what has stayed the same!

a year of celebrations  5772

11 11 11

 “ ‫לוח הבוגרים‬ ‫הבוגרים אומרים‬ Alumni say... Alumni Calendar

“One of the highlights of the afternoon was when we went around the room talking about how we spent the last 50 years. It was totally fascinating to hear everyone’s life stories—some had been even, smooth and successful, others filled with adversity and difficult times. We all recalled many things about our classmates and, especially, about the many ‘naughty’ things we had done during our high school years. I, for one, will never forget the day!” —Jane (Blechner) Bressler ‘62

“It was incredible; almost half of our class attended [our 40 year reunion], with people coming from Los Angeles, CA, Tampa, FL, Houston, TX, Boston, MA, Cleveland, OH and elsewhere. That kind of response really speaks to the closeness people felt to one another and the school.” —Ken Arfa ’71

“I love attending reunions! I am deeply moved by the memories they [former students] share with me—my class, how much they learned and how they can appreciate what they learned as they became older. Of course, we have good laughs about the many funny experiences that happened in class and thankfully no one ever remembers the bad days. It is always amazing to see everyone grown up!” —Rachel Taub Weinstein, faculty member since 1976 “The video put together by Dan ‘Wild Thing’ Billig was a fun aspect of the night and it was special to have such warm greetings from almost 20 of our classmates now living in Israel. It is a reflection on our class that the unity spans geography and time zones.” —Eddie Karan ’91


December 11 Real Estate Networking Event

December 15 10,15 and 20 Year Joint Reunion Classes of ’03, ’98 and ‘93

Winter Financial Services Networking Event


January 13 Annual Dinner

February Florida Alumni Event February 2 Millennium Society Winter Fundraising Event

April Marketing/PR Networking Event April 21 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 Year Joint Reunion Classes of ‘83, ‘78, ‘73, ‘68 and ‘63

May Celebrate Ramaz Alumnae Women’s Networking Event

June 2 Celebrate Israel Parade “After Party”

June 2 5 Year Reunion—Class of ‘08 June 26 Millennium Society Summer Soiree

Year-round College campus visits

“It was nice to hear what people are up to and meet their significant others in person instead of on Facebook. All of a sudden, or so it seems, we became doctors, lawyers and even parents – we’re real adults now. And then you watch the slideshow and see a picture from Pajama Day or Freshman Seminar and for a brief moment (or one night on the Terrace!), you get to be a kid again. It was a great night!” —Dahlia (Adler) Fisch ’02 “Hanging out with everybody on the third floor terrace with a hand (mouth) full of the world-famous Ramaz chocolate chip cookies, I really couldn’t believe it had already been five years. I was really happy to see all of the old faces I had missed, and even more surprised at how many of my old friends were still large parts of my life. Ramaz is an institution that stays with you wherever you go, and the event was really special.” —Mike Rosenberg ‘07

12 12 12

2 007 Alumni Becky Rubin, Jacob Holm, Ophira Platt, and Eliana Schleifer

To get involved with the Ramaz Alumni Association, contact Lauren Katz, Director of Alumni Relations, at 212-774-8054 or, or visit the Alumni Portal at

5772  ramaz at

‫תו דה‬ thank you 2011-2012 annual campaign donors $100,000 & Above Sherry & Neil Cohen Nina & Mitchell Davidson Suzanne ‘87 & Jacob Doft ‘87 The Gottesman Fund Inge & Ira Rennert Pamela ‘78 & George Rohr Tamara & Randall Winn $25,000 - $99,999 Adrienne Cooper ‘82 & Arthur Adler Nicole & Raanan Agus ‘85 Ilana ‘72 & Dan Benson Deborah & Richard Born The Carye Family Central Business Solutions Inc. Pamela & Adam Emmerich Caryl & Israel Englander Etzioni Charitable Foundation Flik International Corp. The Gruenstein Family The Herman Forbes Charitable Trust Amy & James Haber Jill & James Haber Raquel & Ezra Hamway The Elie Hirschfeld Family Jeanne & Samuel Jemal Sandra & Jeffrey Justin Ellen & Robert Kapito Joia ‘95 & Joshua Kazam Barbara Braffman & Benjamin Klapper Elena & Jay Lefkowitz Ray & Matthew Lindenbaum ‘80 Leora Mogilner & Richard Linhart Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education, Inc. Ramaz Parents Council Monique ‘96 & Andrew Rechtschaffen ‘95 Deborah ‘87 & Daniel Schwartz Jaclyn & David Sitt Judy & Michael Steinhardt Robyn ‘89 & David Stonehill ‘86 Jody & Ari Storch Sherry & Joel Wiener $18,000 - $24,999 Wilma & Kenneth Aschendorf Deborah & Isaac Ash Pauline & Solly Assa Vanessa & Raymond Chalme Checkpoint HR Diana Newman ‘87 & Isaac Corré Tamar & Eric Goldstein Audrey & Mark Goldstein The Sol Goldman Charitable Trust Nellie & David Haddad Eric Herschmann & Family Rena & Scott Hoffman Stacey & David Kanbar

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Rebecca & Laurence Grafstein Adrienne & David Greenblatt Michele ‘79 & Benjamin Hering ITW Foundation Helene & Harvey Kaminski Linda & Ilan Kaufthal Charlene Khaghan Stacey Kreinen-Klass & Richard Klass Jane & Reuben Leibowitz Jody & Elie Levine Sherri & Alexander Libin ‘92 Rena Fredman & David Lichtenstein Jean & Armand Lindenbaum Emma & Samy Mahfar Aliza & Steven Major ‘86 Caroline ‘90 & Morris Massel Yaelle & David Metzman Nicole & Tuvy Meyer Wendy ‘91 & Adam Modlin Sheera & Michael Moffson Sarina & Albert Palacci Melina & Mark Palmer Kendra Collins & Andrew Plevin Gerald Pollack ‘59 Dina & Douglas Propp Chava & Randall Rose The Sadinoff Family Sheira & Steven Schacter ‘68 Lisa & Ilan Sender Rose & Daniel Shames Sara ‘92 & Simon Shemia Sisterhood Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun Ronnie & William Slochowsky Zahava & Moshael Straus Carla & Steven Tanz ‘85 Tali & Adam Tantleff ‘93 Lisa & Mark Todes Judy Schaer Wilner & Philip Wilner ‘75 Deborah ‘88 & Marc Zimbler ‘84 $3,600 - $4,999 Ruth ‘70 & Ray Brenner Fran & Benjy Brown ‘59 Ivette & Isaac Dabah Abigail & David Doft ‘89 Debbie ‘82 & Michael Doppelt Bonnie & Joseph Fein Eleanor & David Hait Zeva ‘81 & Lawrence Herman Shaun Honig ‘95 Chani Penstein & Jonathan Hornblass ‘87 Dina & Marshall Huebner Tal Kastner ‘89 & Ivan Lehon ‘89 Karin Charnoff-Katz & Joel Katz Arielle & David Kauvar Alisa & Barry Mannis Vivian & David Mark The Menche Family Nancy Wolfson-Moche & David Moche

Nancy & Norris Nissim Wendy & Uri Ottensoser Laura & Laurence Rabinowitz Dana ‘96 & Ilan Rubinstein Susan & Martin Sanders Gabriela & Jack Shnay Sirena & Daniel Silber Bonnie & David Silvera Radine & William Spier Denise & Alan Wildes $2,500 - $3,599 Lisa & Alan Adler Myrna & Charles Alpert Lotte & Lou Bravmann Ellen Kandel-Burg ‘94 & David Burg Marcie & Kenneth Cappell Suri & Kenneth Cohen Laura & Mark Davis Elyse ‘90 & David Efron Hinda & Eugene Farber Ruth & Rafi Fouzailoff Stephanie & Jonathan Freilich ‘83 Wendy ‘72 & Sholem Greenbaum Georgie ‘65 & Steve Gross ‘64 Jan & Andrew Groveman Rae & Stanley Gurewitsch Amy & Paul Heller ‘82 Herrick Feinstein LLP Jennifer & Michael Kaplan Arlene & Michael Kleinberg Lori & Liron Kronzon Thomas Kuck Nina Kampler & Zvi Marans Anat & Louis Menaged Mindy & Fred Miller Elizabeth & Victor Mintz New York Marriott Marquis Deborah & Randy North Park East Kosher Butchers, Inc. Marilyn & Jacob Plitman Charmaine & David Rapaport Drorit ‘88 & Michael Ratzker Sylvia Ravetch Eleanore Reznik Jodi & Saul Scherl Ronnie & Andy Schonzeit Debbie & Howard Schub ‘83 Shirley & Mal Serure Esther & Marc Sholes Marilyn & James Simons Suzy & Joey Sokol ‘89 Corinne & Leonard Steel Adele & Ronald Tauber Harvey Wolinsky Barbara Zimet $1,000 - $2,499 Stacey & Harvey Abrahams Marilyn & Greg Adler


‫שלמי תודה לתורמים הנדיבים שלנו‬ Harriet & Isaac Ainetchi AKF Group Llc Wendy & Asher Alcobi Hedieh & Navid Aminzadeh Sara & Gregory Angrist Carmit & Georges Archibald Roberta ‘65 & Alan Aronoff Orley & David Benisty Eliette & Eric Bentolila Suzanne & Stuart Beretz ‘84 Nava & Daniel Bettinger Gail Billig Sarah & Leonard Bley Taryn & David Bolnick Aliza & Alvin Broome Community Counseling Service Co. Eugenia ‘83 & Ira Davis ‘78 Talia ‘03 & Isaac Dayan Nicole ‘88 & Mordi Dicker ‘81 Mike Distenfeld ‘01 Michelle Domb Claudia & Marcos Douer Sandy & Eli Dweck Nechama & Jason Fertig Foremost Caterers, Inc. Elisa & David Freilich ‘89 Hannah ‘79 & Paul Freilich Sarah & Michael Freund ‘86 FXFowle Architects Ruth Fromm Erica & Richard Gallo Naamit & Michael Gerber ‘97 Gibbs Orthodontic Associates Michelle & Elan Goldwyn ‘96 Lori & Alan Harris Linda & George Hiltzik Michael Kagan ‘99 Deborah & David Kahn ‘65 Janegail & James Kahn Stephanie & Bennett Katz ‘82 Dina & Daniel Katz ‘86 Amanda & Meir Katz Abby & Joshua Kaufthal ‘92 Miriam Silverstein & Dan Kimchi Francine & Sam Klagsbrun ‘50 Jessica Gross & Lawrence Klein Jo & John Kmetzo Gloria & Richard Kobrin ‘58 Melanie & Jason Kollander Julie & Reuben Kopel Ariella & Alex Kornfeld Phyllis & Marrick Kukin Bobbie Sue Daitch & David Landau Tse & Daniel Levy Deborah & Robert Lipner Georgie & Rabbi Josh Lookstein ‘88 Rochelle & Eugene Major ‘80 Michele & Anthony Mammon Kevin Marks Perla & Julio Messer Milrose Consultants, Inc.


Eddie Mishan Ephrat & Ron Orgel Pamela Oshry Janelle & Sheldon Pike Martha & Hugh Pollack Susan & Marlon Portes Rachel & David Quint Miera Harris-Rechtschaffen & Alan Rechtschaffen‫גכע‬ Marian & Wiliam Rosner Shira & Allen Rubinstein Esther Buterman & Kenneth Rubinstein Marcy & Cyrus Sakhai Victoria & Daryosh Sakhai Roberta Solar & Rabbi Robert Schumeister Valerie & Ted Schweitzer Sally & Elliot Shalom Robyn ‘57 & Bruce Shoulson ‘57 Nechi Shudofsky Vivian & Yale Shulman Rivka & Andrew Silverberg Lara & David Slager Beth Goldman ‘80 & Louis Solomon Sheva & Kenneth Smigel Lisa & Lee Snow Steinman Plumbing & Heating Corp. Susan & Avraham Tahari Judy Tanz Susan & Robert Taub Ellen Oppenheimer & Ken Tauber Rebecca Moshief & Harris Tilevitz Elizabeth ‘96 & Joshua Trump Phyllis & Jonathan Wagner Ellen ‘50 & Stanley Wasserman Hadassa & Andrew Waxman Linda & Bernard Weiner Carrie & Roberto Woldenberg $999 & BELOW Sydell & Arnold Aaron Esty & Mauricio Abadi Josh Abelson Sabrina & Albert Abergel Sarah & Eric Abitbol Elana & Aaron Abraham Malka & David Abrahams Helene & Ellis Abramson Blima & Joel Abramson Shayna Sarah Abramson ‘06 Julie Gans & Andrew Ackerman Renee & Leon Adams Rabbi Judith Hauptman & Milton Adesnik Moshe Adesnik ‘98 Amy & Elliott Adler ‘77 Jocelyn London ‘02 & David Adelsberg Amy & Lawrence Adolf Affiliated Adjustment Group Ellen & Mitchel Agoos Jennifer & Daniel Agus Estie & Elizur Agus ‘89 Terri & Shmuel Aharon

Alan Party Rentals Paula & Michael Altheim Batsheva & Michael Altman ‘84 Nuril Altura Bettye & Stan Altzman Elana & Jerry Altzman Kim & Armand Amzallag Ginette & Robert Ancona Judy ‘71 & Alex Angerman Enid & Don Anziska Noa Appleton ‘06 Annette & David Araten Judy & Kenneth Arfa ‘71 Benjamin Ascherman ‘10* Corinne & Jeffrey Ascherman Jonathan Ascherman ‘11* Drazie & Ben Ashkenazy Rona Woldenberg ‘79 & Ruby Askowitz ‘78 Sharon & Harold Aspis Nina ‘00 & Eliav Assouline Michelle & Jonathan Aufzien Austin & Co., Inc Ellie Ausubel Elian & Tomer Avraham Tamar Azaraf & Gedalya Shames Michelle Babbitt Beth & David Badner Debra & Jonathan Baker ‘83 Rachel & Marc Bakhchi Brian Bandler Dana & Jacob Barak Lori & Shai Barnea ‘99 Shira ‘83 & Lawrence Baruch Sharona Barzilay ‘70 Penny Basch Michal & Sasson Basha Sally & Martin Baumel Fredrick Baumgarten ‘67 Yehuda Bayme ‘02 Stacy & Thomas Behm Marcy Goldstein & Eran Bellin Norma & Victor Bellino Beth & Salomon Benalloul Ada More-Benerofe & Mitch Benerofe Beth & Marc Bengualid Michael Benichou ‘11* Lili & Paul Bensadigh Monique & Eli Benun Pearl Fisk & Abraham Berger Gayle Berger Leah & Robert Berger ‘77 Alison & Sylvain Bergfeld Rachel Pollack-Berkovits ‘00 & Binyamin Berkovitsxx Alexis & Rabbi Alan Berkowitz ‘79 Atara Berliner Gabrielle & David Berlyne Sara & David Berman Bracha & Michael Berman ‘91 Sarah & Nathaniel Berman Batzion & William Berman

Beth & Ronnie Bernard ‘68 Naomi & Jared Bernheim ‘03 Gloria Goldenberg & Joel Bernstein Gaya & Lewis Bernstein ‘65 Renee & Michael Bernstein Jessica ‘95 & Rafi Bernstein Caren & Shlomo Besharim Jean Best Naomi & Isaac Betesh Vicki & Richard Bienenfeld Esther & Nathaniel Bier Riva Alper & Joe Bierman Sarah Bierman ‘09* Yaira ‘97 & Matthew Binstock Ety & Eugene Biro Ronit Simantov & Howard Blas Karen & David Blatt Rachel & Arthur Blazer Daniele ‘96 & Steven Bleier Akiva Blickstein ‘09* Susan & Robert Blinken Deena Bloom Mark Bloom Wendy & Haim Boaron Ida Bohmstein Anne Borkowf Elvira & Sheldon Botoshansky ‘66 Jennifer & Jonathan Boyarsky ‘92 Effy Braun Goldie & Jacob Brener Marjorie & Neil Brenner ‘56 Stephanie & Marc Breslaw ‘80 Judith Abel ‘80 & Michael Brill Aliza Herzberg & Howard Brodie Harriet & David Bryk Tammy & Hillel Bryk Doina & Larry Bryskin Elias Buchwald Marlene & Lee Buchwald Gena Buchwald-Stern Karen & Ethan Budin ‘86 Karen & Joel Budin Lisa & Jacob Buksbaum Carol ‘71 & Scott Burg Marianne & Irving Buterman Claire & Isaac Cabasso Dina Cahn Jerry Cahn Esther Altmann & Richard Cantor Ronnie Caplan Alexandra Zohn & Vitor Cepelowicz Sandra & David Chabbott Debbi & Erez Chaovat Faith & Andy Charles Rebecca & Michael Chasan ‘98 Jonathan Chernow ‘86 Monique & Eli Chetrit Abigail ‘66 & Dan Chill ‘63 Beth & Elliot Chodoff ‘74 Gilda T. & Irving Chodosh Rabbi Eli Ciner ‘94

Jane Ciner ‘67 Mindy ‘79 & Jay Cinnamon Deborah & James Cleeman ‘60 Michael Cleeman Gail & Burton Cohen Jane & Daniel Cohen Gila & David Cohen Ellen & Eli Cohen Rabbi Hillel Cohen ‘59 Jordana Cohen ‘05 Larry Cohen Tova & Larry Cohen ‘79 Arleen & Matthew Cohen Miriam ‘61 & Saul Cohen Nancy Lederman ‘87 & Michael Cohen Norman Cohen Elka & Richard Cohen Tammy & Sidney Cohen Susan Cohen ‘77 & Igor Vayshenker Jana & Steven Cohn Steven Cohn Hayley & Randy Corwick Vivian ‘64 & Lawrence Creizman Ann & Jonathan Dachs Zena & Norman Dachs Peggy & Morris Dahan Lorraine ‘57 & Leonard Dauber Rochelle & Richard Davidson Gail & Michael Davis Margy-Ruth & Perry Davis Susan Davis Michelle ‘04 & Adam Dayan Janet & Rudolph de Winter Rebecca Davis & Percy Deift Zoe & Sheldon Deluty Desimone Consulting Engineers Jonathan DeSola Mendes Paul Diamond Lea & Franklin Dickstein Bobbie Dietrich Judith Dodd Arlene & Avrom Doft Nili Doft ‘96 Lisa Don Carla Ellern ‘84 & Stan Dorn Sylvia & Marvin Bruce Dratler ‘65 Elad Dror ‘99 Beverly & Andrew Druck Jan Duchon Vita & Nahum Duker ‘56 Judith & Olivier DuPont Susan & Jonathan Dzik Nadine Eckstein Sheila Eckstein Deborah & Eric Edell Nancy & Daniel Edelman Monita Buchwald & Charles Edelsburg Darren Edelstein ‘99 Linda Edelstein Linda ‘58 & Barry Eichler ‘56 Beth & David Eidman

5772  ramaz at

14 14

thank you for making our 75th year a huge success! Diane ‘76 & Steven Eidman Randi & Howard Eisenstein ‘83 Jason Eisner ‘11* Elissa Reich & Eli Eizak Talia Elefant ‘11* Sara & Elan Eliau Ellana Construction Consultants Julia Elyasheva Sarah Emmerich ‘11* Debra & Juda Engelmayer Gail & Mark Englander Melanie Englese & Steven Sisskind Rachel & Gerald Epstein Gloria & Martin Epstein Linda ‘80 & Seth Epstein Dina Erstejn Barbara & Abe Esses Linda & Jeffrey Esses ‘93 Linda & Allen Essner Linda & Jay Fabrikant ‘66 Joy Fallek Victor Fallek Rebecca & Evan Farber ‘95 Dina & Jacques Farhi Lilach Almog & Simon Farhi ‘98 Valerie & Daniel Feder Joan & Peter Feilbogen Derek Fein ‘10* Rena & Victor Fein Roslyn & Tobias Feinerman Deborah & Rabbi Menachem Feinsod ‘57 Aaron Feinstein ‘96 Margalit & Gabriel Feinstein Lauren & Michael Feit Helen Felder Chaiki & Ziel Feldman Jan & Daniel Fenster Dianne & Simeon Fensterheim William Ferer Gloria & Sidney Finkel Fredda & Rabbi George Finkelstein Tobe ‘79 & Nathaniel Fisch Susie & Kalman Fishbein Sylvia & Bert Fisher Nicole ‘90 & Jeffrey Fisher Suzanne & Lawrence Fishman ‘51 Sarah & Rocky Fishman Emily & Michael Flamenbaum Laura & Jonathan Fleischmann Malka Fleischmann ‘05 Adriana & David Foni Michal ‘92 & Natie Fox Shani ‘62 & Samuel Frank Audrey & Michael Frankel ‘99 Susan & Peter Frankel Naomi Fredman Jonathan Freedberg ‘94 Helene & Rabbi David Freedman Estelle & Dennis Freilich Estie & Rabbi Benjamin Fried

Lonni & Howard Fried Arthur Friedman Claire & Irving Friedman Danielle & Jason Friedman ‘91 Rebecca Friedman ‘09* Debra & Barry Frohlinger Ruth Frommer Miryam Silverman-Fuld & Elliot Fuld Elisa ‘90 & Avi Gage Gail Solomon Design Services Stephanie Hellmann-Gallo & Joseph Gallo Lori & Alan Garfunkel Wendy & Bryan Gartenberg Annette & Seymour Gavens Sonia & Tom Gelb Carol & Jules Gelber ‘59 Monica ‘80 & David Genet Jane & Roger Gerber Carolyn & Leonard Gero Jennifer Gersch ‘97 Mimi Gershen Sharon Rafaloff & Harvey Gersten Amanda ‘84 & Joshua Getzler Karen & Allan Gibofsky Deborah Gillman ‘88 & Daniel Kass Sarah ‘53 & Neil Gillman Sandra & Edward Ginsburg Jennifer Bernstein & Yitzhak Gitelman Chaya Glaser Jonathan Glaser ‘88 Elan Hoenig & David Glasner Baruch Glaubach Rebecca Gober ‘97 Carole & Gil Golan ‘86 Avi Gold ‘11* Ruth Gershen & Rabbi Hillel Gold Naomi & Rabbi Raphael Gold Tamar Gold ‘09* Tziporah (Ora) Gold ‘08* Deborah & Zvi Gold ‘71 Florence & Daniel Goldberg Ricky & Stanley Goldberg Ruthe & Ronald Golden Judith & David Goldfinger Mindy Goldfischer Rachel & Israel Goldman Shera & Martin Goldman Seryl & Elliot Goldofsky ‘76 Hadassah Barzilay & Sam Goldring Eve & Dan Goldschlag Leda & Gerald Goldsmith Amy & Alex Goldstein Irene & Allen Goldstein Phyllis Lefton & Frederic Goldstein ‘63 Karen & Ival Goldstein Brenda & Larry Goldwasser Jennifer Goldwasser Sophia & David Gomberg Gabrielle & Raanan Gononsky Vivian Goodstein

Elaine & Murray Goralnick Ross Goralnick Goldie & I. David Gordon Rebecca ‘00 & Elad Gordon Toni Gordon Susan & Jacques Gorlin ‘61 Paula ‘74 & Michael Gottlieb Judith & Robert Grauman Blu & Rabbi Irving Greenberg Susan ‘60 & Michael Greenberg Audrey Greenfeld Jessica ‘69 & Alan Gribetz Jonathan Gribetz ‘98 Amy & Martin Griffel Jeannette & Mikhail Grinberg Robert Grosinger Beth & Harvey Gross ‘75 Evelyn & Manny Gross ‘44 Micheal Gross Simona ‘03 & David Gross Abbe ‘69 & Michael Grosser Laura & Leonard Grossman Joseph Groveman Ken Gruen Lynnette Gruenhut Avi Grumet ‘05 Carrie Stieglitz & Maurice Grun Michael Grunfeld ‘99 Cathy & Nick Gura ‘72 Karen & Steven Gurewitsch ‘85 Michal Gursen ‘90 Elena & Vladimir Gutin Limor & Doron Gutkind Alexandra Guttman ‘11* Gilda Guttman ‘66 Debbie & Peter Gyenes ‘63 Lillian & Nathan Haber Pati & Jack Haber Nicole & Steven Haber Michelle & Yosef Hadad Anne & Donny Hadel Roberta & Robert Hadi Beth ‘87 & Brian Haimm Andrea Halbfinger Judith & Allan Halpern Tami Rock ‘91 & Joseph Halpern Wendy Halpern Dana & Eli Hamri Laura & Joseph Handlin Nathan Handlin Jacqueline & Max Harary Nava & Rabbi Jules Harlow Raymonda Rastegar & David Harnick Shirley & Stephen Harrison Helene & Michael Hartig Franci & Levi Haskell Sara ‘98 & Laurence Hasson ‘98 Miriam Hausman ‘62 Simone & Daniel Hedaya Sylvia Heiden-Prince Bernice Heller

a 15 year of celebrations  5772 15

Marni & Gary Heller Hedwig & Joseph Heller Laura ‘96 & Jonathan Heller Mildred & Alvin Hellerstein Helaine & William Helmreich Alisa & Daniel Henkin ‘85 Adam Henschel ‘71 Malka & Paul Herman Tali Herman ‘93 Janna ‘88 & Samuel Herskowitz Michelle Messer ‘98 & Jonas Heymann Emily & David Hiltzik ‘93 Dana ‘90 & Matthew Hiltzik ‘90 Rabbi Yair Hindin Susan Hirschfeld Diane Hirschfieldd Ellen Hochberg ‘93 Thelma & Sanford Hochberg Rickie & Charles Hochman Leslie & Dion Hoff Rachel & Eliot Hoff Jay Hoffer ‘73 Jessica & Ari Hoffman ‘99 Vicki & Isaac Hoffman Joshua Hoffman ‘07* Lee & Paul Holm Toby & Avraham Holtz Edith Honig Jessica Hornblass-Feingold ‘98 & Anton Feingold Olga & Laurence Horvitz Shelley & Steven Hubert Chloe Ifrah ‘11* Michele & Stephane Ifrah Independent Thinking, Inc Rabbi David Ingber ‘87 Avi Ishofsky ‘93 Masami & Marko Issever Alexander Izso ‘10* Emily Marbach ‘84 & Tim Jackson Tikva & Zalmie Jacobs Ken Jacobson ‘60 Sarah & Steven Jacoby Michele Kunowitz & Ronald Jaspan ‘75 The Jewish Center Jewish Communal Fund Lisa Joels ‘01 & Gideon Blumenthal Diane & Ashley Joffe Yoelles & Stuart Josephs Marcia ‘58 & Karl Josephy ‘57 Alison ‘00 & Isaac Judd Bernard Kabakow Kablan Plumbing & Heating Maya Kadouri Joan Kagan Naomi & Baruch Kahalon Ronit Kahanowicz ‘90 Yaffa & Zwi Kahanowicz Rosemary & Rabbi Eli Kahn Judy & Hirshel Kahn Susan Kahn

Gillian & Meir Kahtan Ruth Kalton David Kamelhar Marc Kantrowitz Karen & Jonathan Kaplan Yael Cycowicz & Matthew Kaplan Amanda Speiser & Justin Karp Eve & Marc Karstaedt Phyllis & Melvin Kass Nina & Larry Kassman Elana & Ron Kastner Ruth Kastner Annie & Avery Katz ‘02 Evelyn & Gregory Katz Harold Katz Howard Katz Lauren Katz Meredith & Michael Katz ‘85 Jane & Robert Katz Roger Katz Miriam & Spencer Katz Beverly & Stanley Katzman Charlotte Katzoff ‘60 Kaufman Bros. Printing Inc. Patricia & Mark Kaufmann ‘80 Laura ‘02 & Daniel Kaufthal ‘98 Lori & David Kaufthal ‘95 Dina & Jonathan Kaufthal ‘94 Amy & Peter Kazanoff Rona & Ira Kellman Evelyn Kenvin Vivian ‘74 & Joshua Kestenbaum Rina & Zachary Kestenbaum ‘01 Sarah Kevelson ‘98 Tineke & Steven Kevelson Shabnam & Kourosh Khaloyan Shelly & Jan Kiderman Helena & Alexander Kisch Ronit & Amir Kishon Roberta & George Klafter Deborah Kalin & Michael Klagsbrun ‘56 Julia ‘77 & David Klahr Marjorie Lehman & Ari Klapholz Leah & Henry Klapholz Elissa & Philip Klapper Jerry Klaristenfeld ‘11* Joy & Judd Kleeger Cillia & Leslie Kleiman Daniela ‘63 & Steven Klein ‘62 Ariella & Brian Kleinhaus ‘89 Emil Kleinhaus ‘95 Gilah Kletenik Jay Klotz Michelle ‘91 & Rabbi Jeffrey Kobrin ‘87 Anna ‘95 & Israel Kochin Rochelle & Levis Kochin Julie Friedman ‘85 & Alan Koffler Barbara & Fred Koffler Silvia & Manes Kogan Marika Kogan & Lars Larsen Rachael ‘96 & Alexander Kohl


‫שלמי תודה‬ Caren & Samuel Kohl Susan & Robert Kohlhagen Rachel & Gabriel Koptyev Albert Korchnoy Lucy Korchnoy Grace & Charles Korn Adina & Ronald Korn Leron Kornreich Altman ‘91 Leslie & Rabbi Jay Kornsgold Adriel Koschitzky ‘09* Amy & Absalom Kotulski Sharon & Jason Koutcher Jane & Yakov Kovler Roni & John Kraicer Morris Kraicer ‘11* Alexandra Levin Kramer & Nehemia Kramer Judi & Gary Krasna ‘78 Rebecca Krasner ‘98 & Abe Friedman Amy & Peter Kazanoff Alyson Krause ‘98 Renee Moskowitz & Stuart Krause Norma Kraut & Ron Schacht Jonathan Kremer ‘71 Judy Kress Randy & Mitchell Krevat Renee & Abraham Krieger Daniella Krieger ‘02 Susan Fader & Larry Krule Miriam Krupka Martha Kucher Dana Kukin ‘11* Sarah Kukin ‘01 Barrie & Andrew Kulak Renee & Samuel Kunowit z’l Daniele Kurzweil ‘01 Vivianne & Bob Kurzweil ‘68 Sophie Lee Landau ‘11* Andrea & Martin Landis Lee Lasher ‘81 Daniele ‘55 & Jules Lassner Herbert Latner Rachelle ‘77 & Alan Laytner Terry & Jacob Lebewohl Joshua Lebewohl ‘98 Jacqueline & Saul Lebovic Elias Lebovits ‘09* Judith & Pinkas Lebovits Sara Lebowitz Lester Lehon Jennifer Leibler ‘86 Hila Leibowitz Rebecca & Jonas Leibowitz Nancy & Samuel Leibowitz Steven Leiner Ellen & Herbert Lepor Lisa Lerer-Zahn ‘83 & Uri Lazar Maxine & Manuel Lerman ‘60 Susan ‘84 & Jack Lerner Amy Levenson Ivy ‘99 & Gregory Levi


Iris & Neria Leviav Shira ‘69 & James Levin Lisa Silverman & Josh Levin Leslie Levinson & David Chu Channa Rice & Bernard Levy Sara Kaplan & Harrison Levy ‘03 Jill & Matthew Levy ‘99 Mildred ‘71 & Larry Levy Randi & Philipp Levy Samuel Levy ‘80 Adelle & Saul Levy Rachel & Shmuel Levy Dina & Brian Lewis Deborah & Jeffrey Lewis Jodi Lewis Shira ‘86 & Eric Lewis Miriam & Rabbi Menachem Lewitin Andrea Thau & John Lieberman Cindy & Jeffrey Liebmann Esther ‘81 & Paul Liesman Ann & Mervyn Lifschitz Jeremy Lifsey Gail Linden ‘71 Rebecca & Bennett Lindenbaum ‘80 Julia & Andrew Linder Shirley & Harold Linder Jacqueline & Jeffrey Linsenbaum Edith ‘57 & Sal Lipiner Iris & Edward Lipke Daveda & Matthew Lipman Amity & Seth Lipsky Sarah & David Liska Dalia Lisker ‘90 Meirav & Robert Lobel Flore & David Locker Jo G. Loden Jessica & Stu Loeser Jonathan Lonner ‘87 Susanna & Steven Lorch Thelma & Herb Loring Lisa & Nathan Low Jay Lunzer Beth Magid Sandy & Norman Magid Tamara Chernow & David Maisel ‘71 Irene & Guilherme Malamut Linda Malamy Dara Mandle Rochelle Mann Vivian Mann ‘61 Dana Mannor Margalit & Shlomo Mannor Gabriel Marans ‘04 Margot Schacter ‘05 & Josh Marans Jane Fuerst & Lawrence Marco Livia ‘00 & Elias Marcovici Jacqueline & Jeffrey Marcus Michael Marcus ‘04 Rachel Marcus ‘10* Renata & Robert Marcus Maya & Carmi Margalit

Rachel Margolin Michelle Gavens & Brian Margolis Phyllis & Sidney Margolis Miriam & Marvin Margoshes Diane & Jeffrey Marks Sarah Marlowe ‘11* Dinah & Seth Marlowe Ann & Terry Marr Maribel & Ranulfo Martinez Tamar Masar Ron Matten Nadine & Sonny Mattout Vivian & Aranka Mauskopf Stacy & Elliot Maza Michal Medows ‘09* Robin Mehl Sydney Mehl Raquel & Jose Mehlman Mali Meisel Genevieve Blanchard & Barry Meislin ‘74 Michael Meltzer ‘97 Rebecca & Jack Menashe Carol & Marty Menashe Emily ‘00 & David Menchel Annie & Robert Mendelson Eliza Mendes Margot Small & Roy Mensch Gabriel Merkin ‘11* Cheryl & Norman Meskin Shari Messing Avraham Metal ‘93 Dina Hellerstein ‘81 & Joshua Metzger ‘82‫סס‬ Paulette & David Meyer Neil Meyer Beatrice Milberg Lee Miller Sheryl Miller Rachel & Allen Mincer Stacey Green-Mintz ‘81 & Abraham Mintzln Nani Mintz Inger Grytting & Mark Mirsky Linda & Morris Missry Sheba ‘71 & Stanley Mittelman Geraldine ‘96 & Jeffrey Mittler ‘88 Janet & Mark Mittler Ariana & Victor Mizrahi Leah & Barrie Modlin Myra ‘83 & Alon Mogilner Shifra & Nasser Mokhtarzadeh Randi ‘97 & Brian Moore Stefi & Benjamin Moskovits Janet Silverstein & Jay Moskowitz Nechama & David Moskowitz Rachel & David Mosseri Marilyn & Sheldon Muhlbauer Ilanit & Adam Mukamal Myriam & Abraham Nachimovsky Ephraim Nagar Roshelle Nagar

Laura Naim Sara & Joseph Nathanson Joshua Nathanson ‘89 Orit Nawrocki Carlota Ruiz & Martin Needelman Julian Neiditch Melanie & Moshe Neiditch Ronit & Joseph Neiman Shirah Neiman ‘61 Maureen & Moshe Nemetski Nancy ‘93 & Andrew Newhouse Douglas Newton ‘96 Amy & Dan Nissanoff Dorothy Susser & Robert Norkin Loren Norman Diane & Ira Novich Tamar Kaplan-Marans ‘99 & Joey Nussbaumxx Naomi Nussbaum-Antis Lois & Neil Nyren Hedva & Shai Ofek Esther Offer Suzanne & Shlomo Offer Judy & Donald Olenick Sara & Barry Oppenheim Evelyn & Allen Oppenheimer Linda & Roger Oppenheimer ‘69 Elisa Swiller & Richard Orbach Iris & Laurence Orbuch Elana ‘86 & Shay Oron Adina & Yakov Ostad Susan & Milton Ottensoser Michele & David Ouimet Itabella & Gene Packin ‘71 Roni Packin ‘98 Emily Katz & Marc Packles ‘91 Maia & David Palagi Molly & Nahum Palefski Barbara & Peter Paris Joanna ‘00 & David Parker ‘00 Zev Parnass ‘96 Laury & Jason Paul Marilyn ‘58 & Arthur Penn Michelle Levite & Natan Peri Gail & Berndt Perl Michele & Gary Perl Miriam ‘64 & Paul Peskowitz Haviva ‘72 & Harry Peters Ellen ‘70 & Philip Phillips Florence & Harry Pine Zina Pinkhasov Leah Pluchenik Podell Schwartz Schecter & Banfield LLPxx Samantha & Lee Podolsky Lee & Steven Polinsky Lindsey Healey & David Pollack ‘02 Mary Jane & Geoffrey Pollack Goldie Pollack Bonnie & Isaac Pollak Paula Edell & Robert Possin

Roberta & Paul Pravda Joy & Philip Pravda Suzy & Larry Present Rhoda & Stanley Presser David Prince Eve Propp ‘55 Queens Jewish Center Yossi Quint ‘11* Katia & Mitchell Raab Alexandra ‘97 & Haskel Rabbani ‘97 Hannah Rabin Lee’at Sharoni & Aharon Rabinowitz Ruth Raisner David Rand ‘10* Maggie & Jacob Rand Susan & Jeffrey Rand Sheryl Stein & Moshe Ratson Rachel & Michael Redstone Shlomit & Menashe Refael Jonathan Reich ‘81 Beth Reisman Danielle Reisman ‘10* Natalie & Yakov Rekhter Miriam Aronoff ‘93 & Michael Remez Fern ‘75 & Marvin Resmovits Judi Resnick Joyce & Jeff Retig ‘71 Harvey Rice Dena Rich Diane ‘74 & Ira Riklis Nancy & Robert Rimberg Emily & Harry Rimm Marilyn Rimm Shelley Rindner Amanda Ritz ‘78 Susan & Irwin Robins Evelyn Rochlin Caroline ‘05 & Avi Rodin ‘05 Sarah Roer Annie Rolland & Sylvia Smith Victoria Azara & Arthur Rose Judith & Phillip Rose Beth & Abraham Rosenberg Sari & Wilhelm Rosenberg Fern & Sam Rosenfeld Julie Feldman & Joshua Rosenfeld Louis Rosenfeld Karen & Nathan Rosenfeld Samuel Rosengarten ‘63 Tami & Lawrence Rosenstein Yossef Rosenstein ‘11* Adena Rosenthal ‘81 & Scott Weinberg Tzipora & Rabbi Aaron Ross Phyllis Roth Aren Gottlieb & Ram Roth Marilyn Rothschild Irving Rotter Stephanie & Daniel Rubin Deborah & Sheldon Rubin Julie & Edward Rubinchik Sabena & Sergio Rubinstein

5772  ramaz at

16 16

we could not have done it without your support! Judith Rudoff Naomi Ickovitz & Steven Rudolph Camille & Elie Saad Sharon & Jonathan Sadinoff ‘85 Pnina ‘99 & Aaron Safier Deborah & Arne Salkin Paula Gantz & Robert Salpeter Joan ‘68 & Barry Saltzman Marian Saltzman Sima Sambol Harriet & Jack Sasson Albert Sassoon Evelyn & Salomon Sassoon Etty ‘81 & Yoav Savitzky Cheryl Fishbein & Philip Schatten Jane Flechner & Ronald Schechter Adam Scheer ‘90 Carla & Jonah Schein Edith & Leo Scheiner Alice & Kalman Scheinwald Ann ‘80 & Dov Scherzer Schiffmiller Associates Elizabeth ‘00 & Jonathan Schilowitz Ilan Schimmel Shira & Rabbi Kenneth Schiowitz Sarah ‘67 & Steven Schleifer ‘67 Sue & Sandy Schneider Anita Rubin & David Schneiderman Devorah & Bentzion Schochet Eliane & Stan Schoenbach Gail & Jonathan Schorsch Yael & Michael Schreiber Frances ‘55 & Martin Schub Rebecca Schub ‘81 Howard A. Schulder Jane & Martin Schulman Erica Schultz Ellice ‘83 & Bradly Schwab Karen & Irving Schwab Jessica ‘95 & Avi Schwab Allan Schwartz ‘93 Diana ‘04 & Dan Schwartz Betty & Fred Schwartz Jacob Schwartz ‘08* Florence & Joel Schwartz Max Schwartz ‘05 Marina & Sam Schwartz Anne ‘87 & Sam Schwartz Marc Schwartzberg Rhea ‘72 & Leo Schwartzberg Robin Rothman & Lanny Schwartzfarb ‘64 Renee Koplon & Marc Schwarzschild Yvette & Jakob Schwerdt Smadar & David Seinfeld Eyal Seinfeld Tali Seinfeld Abbe ‘86 & Michael Serphos Sion Setton Joann & Isaac Shalom Gal Amir & Ronen Shalom

Venessa & Benjy Shamah ‘98 Dorit Rabbani ‘93 & Jason Shames Tamar Shames Alissa & Howard Shams Michele & Joseph Shams Deborah & Marc Shams Phyllis & Nathan Shams Dara & David Shapiro Ruth ‘58 & Irwin Shapiro Diane Sharon ‘83 Ety & Murad Shasha Michele Stein-Shaviv & Paul Shaviv Yosepha Sheinbein Shirley Sheingold Robin Shimoff Johanna Shlomovich Rachel Shnay ‘08* Sandy & Haron Shohet Angela Shohet Tracie & Sam Shore ‘80 Carol Ann Finkelstein & Morris Shoretz Rolyn & Ron Shoshany Shana & Avi Shua ‘85 Jeannette Shuck Heather & Jerry Siegelman ‘78 Jason Silber Evelyn Silber Dana & Uzi Silber ‘82 Miri & Ezri Silver Susan & Gerson Silver Lori Silver ‘81 Rebecca & Daniel Silvera ‘91 Terry & Ikie Silvera ‘86 Adrian & Leonard Silverman ‘84 Janet Heettner & Peter Silverman Alice Silverstein Allie Alperovich & Jeremy Simon ‘80 Yael ‘96 & Jeffrey Simpson Lenore & Rabbi Melvin Sirner Neila & Harvey Sisskind Aviva & Paul Sitruk Debby & Arthur Skaroff Amy Sklar Nancy ‘73 & Joseph Sklarin Rabbi Yigal Sklarin Joyce Slochower David Slodki ‘69 Jonathan Slonim ‘94 Diane & Elliot Sloyer Esther Sloyer Pearl Smiley Shirley Zajdel & Arthur Smith Daniella & Evan Smith ‘95 Jennifer & Mark Smith Tamar ‘70 & Joseph Smith ‘70 Perry Smith ‘93 Laverne Sullivan & Marc Spero Erica & Cantor Alan Sokoloff Laura Meislin ‘81 & Gary Sokolow Judy & Moshe Sokolow Rachel Somerstein ‘00

Ann & Morris Spielfogel Michelle ‘88 & William Spielfogel Deborah & Don Spilky Rena & Bruce Spinowitz Rabbi Moshe Stavsky Estera & Judka Stawski Bezalel Stechler Francine & Aaron Stein Arlene & Daniel Stein Meg Rosenblatt & David Stein Ethan Stein ‘10* Susan Stein Lawrence Steinberg Arthur Steinthal Susan Steinthal ‘88 Morris Stemp Deborah & Jay Stepelman Dalit & Harris Sterman Ann Sterman Pamela & Douglas Stern ‘86 Rabbi Ely Stern Frances Stern Jessica Stern ‘49 Roberta & Curt Stetson Diana & Howard Stevens Chani & Rabbi Shlomo Stochel Leonora & Robert Stonehill Gail Bodzin & Harvey Strauss Shiela & Leon Strauss Erica & Ronald Strauss Rebecca Weiss ‘92 & Ted Stricker Esther & Mordecai Strigler Mindy & Herb Strulowitz Caron & Michael Strulowitz Rose & Daniel Subotnik ‘59 Surie & Bob Sugarman Bonita ‘71 & Rabbi Gerald Sussman Deborah de Winter & Philip Sussman Albert Sutton Lara ‘95 & Michael Szlamkowicz Sarah & David Tabakin Sue & Arthur Talansky Daphna & Cary Tamler Leora Tanenbaum ‘87 Sheila Tanenbaum Cynthia & Alan Tarzy Danielle & Harry Tawil Sammy Tawil Barbara ‘67 & Jeff Teller Tami & Eric Teller Marcia Terner & Jaime Kopel Tillotson Design Associated Roberta & Jonathan Tischler Rachel & Craig Title Doris Travis Lisa & Alan Treitman Carol & Joseph Tuchman Katherine & Bruce Tuckman ‘80 Judy ‘71 & Mark Tykocinski Rivka & Ephraim Ullmann Chantal ‘99 & David Ulmer

a 17 year of celebrations  5772 17

Odelya & Israel Veisman Ester Fuchs & Daniel Victor Dalya & Edward Vilinsky Jacqueline Vinar ‘81 & Jay Leibowitz Mazal & Ronnie Vinnikov Rachel & David Vorchheimer Noreen Wachs Jennifer Waitman ‘82 Miriam Walden Debra & Noam Waldoks ‘99 Sandi ‘79 & Stuart Waldstreicher Roberta & Robert Wallach Leora Walter ‘01 Randi & Ari Wartelsky Diane Wassner Joyce & Michael Wechsler Elizabeth & Sanford Weinberg Naomi & Michael Weinberger Sheila & Peter Weiner Gabrielle & Howard Weinreich Barbara & Ephraim Weinstein Sara & Howard Weinstein Shira ‘75 & David Weinstein Marcia Meislin-Weinstein ‘72 & Steven Weinstein Joan & Alan Weinstock Naama & Rabbi Elie Weinstock Susan Gross & Dov Weinstock Prentise & Howard Weintraub Celia & Edward Weintrob Amy ‘92 & Noah Weisberger Holly & Michael Weiss Marion & William Weiss Alisa & Jeremy Weisser ‘99 Elyssa ‘87 & Lawrence Weissman Rhona Landau & Steven Weissman James Weitzman Chaya & Ari Weitzner Meira & Michel Werthenschlag Michal & Michael Wicentowsky Amy & Michael Wildes Raquel Wildes ‘11* Marcia & Daniel Williams ‘61 Susan & Arnold Wilson Tali & Matis Winer Malka Winkler Andrea & Rabbi Neil Winkler Joshua Wisotsky ‘94 Florence Wolf Tanya ‘98 & Darren Wolf ‘97

Rachel Wolf ‘95 Leonore & Herbert Wolff Cindy & Jacob Worenklein Carol ‘66 & Robert Wurzburger Karen & Edward Wydra Yedida & Rabbi Jordan Yasgur Jennifer & Jeremy Yashar Michael Yates Manuela & David Yedid Brenda & Ari Zak ‘98 Susan Rosen & Sol Zalcgendler Risa & Bruce Zayde Elisheva Zeira Michael Zelenetz Jill Zellmer ‘81 Michal ‘95 & Robert Zellner Ruth Zimbler Helen & Howard Zimmerman Gail Suchman & Jerald Zimmerman Andrea Zimmern ‘96 Trudy & Jay Zimmern Agnes & Kenneth Zitter Hillary & Robert Zitter Anat Zloof Nancy & Harold Zombek Stacey ‘89 & Charles Zrihen Naomi & Bernie Zweig

Some of our donors prefer to remain anonymous

This list reflects contributions made from July 1, 2011, through June 30, 2012

* Acknowledges YOUNG LEADERS CIRCLE donors—gifts of $18 or more made by alumni who have graduated in the last five years

looking forward forward looking 5773 17


‫מטביעים חותם‬

e s e h t s t r o supp az m a r f o s a key are

Academic Excellen ce helps us provide a high-quality Judaic general studies ed and ucation; prepares ou r students for a lifel love of learning an ong d their future career s; allows us to offer differentiated instru ction through learning centers and enrichm and supports us in cu ent; ltivating the finest ed ucators through professional advancem ent. Student Life and Le adership supports ou r wide selection of co-curricular activitie s and learning oppo rtunities outside the classroom that empower our studen ts to grow into the leaders of tomorro w. Religious Life and Communal Values provides our students opportunities to deep with en their commitmen t to their Jewish id and history, the St en tity ate of Israel, and ou r global community make a difference, , and to through chesed and activism. Scholarship ensure s that students, rega rdless of financial ne have access to a hig ed, h-quality Ramaz educ ation. In the 2012-201 academic year, 27% 3 of our students rece ive financial aid. The Ramaz Differen ce allows us to prov ide a well-rounded education to studen ts from across the Jewish spectrum, encourage diversity in the classroom, em phasize women’s leadership roles in Modern Orthodoxy, an d teach and model menschlichkeit in our daily lives.

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What is the need? net revenue

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To make a gift to the Ramaz 2012-2013 Annual Campaign or for more information, please contact the Ramaz Development Office at 212-774-8055 or 

1818 20

| The Ramaz School Annual Campaign 2012-2013 |

to the RAMAZ 2012-2013 ANNUAL CAMPAIGN The RamaZ Difference

Academic Excellence

Religious Life & Communal Values


Student Life & Leadership | |

19 19 21

‫עמדו לצידנו‬ stand with us ramaz annual dinner jaNUary 13, 2013

stand with us!

1.13.13 ‫בי שבט תשעייג‬ marriott marquis, nyc

Honoring an Ideal When we gather together on Sunday evening, January 13, 2013, we will be honoring the ideals of activism and advocacy and our love of and support for the State of Israel—hallmarks of a Ramaz education since our founding. Natan Sharansky is a powerful symbol of those ideals. He demonstrated it in the former Soviet Union when he stood up for the right of Jews to emigrate and for the freedom of all Soviet citizens. He manifested it in his heroic conduct during nine years in the Gulag when he refused to knuckle under to his KGB captors and interrogators. He manifested it even more dramatically when, as a minister of the government in Israel, he twice resigned over matters of principle. We also will be giving tribute to Dr. Judy Sokolow, a gifted educator in our Middle School who inspires young children to express solidarity with Jews worldwide and especially in Israel.



This year’s Dinner gives life and emphasis to the core message we hope to provide to Ramaz students today and tomorrow: Activism, Advocacy, Israel. Rabbi Haskel Lookstein

ramaz 20

ramaz  Looking forward

! w o n r ma www.ra

Ramaz inv

ites you

to stAND w ith us natan shar ansky as we ho nor


y c a c o v ad

stands for : forward looking ď ź 5773

21 21 21

Enlarged and Modernized Library

Outside Play Spaces

New Gymnasium

• • • • • Modernized Classrooms


Enlarged Chapel (lower level)

22 22 22

• Architect Rendering - chapel

ramaz  Looking forward

‫בונים את העתיד בצוותא‬ building the future together rebuilding and expanding ramaz and kj The campaign will shape the lives of the members of our community today and influence generations to come The campaign seeks to support the long-term and strategic priorities of KJ and Ramaz through the following initiatives: Restoring and renovating Restoring and renovating the main sanctuary of KJ in the aftermath of the fire and building two additional floors on top of the synagogue to provide increased space for KJ and Ramaz.

State of the Art Music Room

rebuilding Completing the rebuilding of the Ramaz Lower School and meeting the needs of an expanded student population. Strengthening the Ramaz endowment Ensuring the affordability of a Ramaz education and the excellence of our faculty.

Multi-Purpose Room

For more information, or to join us in this effort, please call Kenneth Rochlin, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 212-774-8055.



Enlarged Social Hall

forward looking  5773

23 23 23

‫הכרת הטוב‬ thank you donors to the ramaz and kj campaign S. Daniel Abraham Adrienne Cooper & Arthur Adler Nicole & Raanan Agus Myrna & Charles Alpert The Arfa and Massel Families Jonathan Art Wilma & Kenneth Aschendorf Deborah & Isaac Ash Penina & Rabbi Joshua Bakst Louise & Sidney Banon Ilana & Daniel Benson Michael & Jean Best Philanthropic Fundxx Deborah & Richard Born Elana & Aryeh Bourkoff The Braka Family Lotte & Lou Bravmann Ruthie & Ray Brenner Judith Schwartz & Michael Brizel Aliza & Alvin H. Broome Laurie & Eli Bryk Abe & Sidney Block Foundation and Morris Blockxx Elias Buchwald Marcie & Kenneth Cappell The Cayre Family The Kenneth & Lillian Carye Foundationxx Sandra & David Chabbott Vanessa & Raymond Chalme Dana & Michael Cohen Sherry & Neil Cohen Jana & Steven Cohn Diana Newman & Isaac Corré Eugenia & Ira Davis Rachel & Avi Dishi Rita & Fred Distenfeld Suzanne & Jacob Doft Arlene & Avrom Doft Sam Domb Elad Dror Fortunée & David Dushey Perah & David Dwek Ruthann & Kenneth Eckstein Jewel & Theodore Edelman Shlomit & Chaim Edelstein Diane & Steven Eidman Suzanne & Samuel Eisenstat Lilian & Elliott Eisman Karen Lehman Eisner & David Eisner Stuart S. Ellman Pamela & Adam Emmerich Caryl & Israel Englander The Epstein Family Foundation: Michael & Diana Epstein/xx Samantha & Jonathan Rubensteinxx Lionel Etra Deborah & Robert Ezrapour


Judith & Allen Fagin Miriam & Eric Feldstein Sherry & Mark Fessel Suzanne R. Fishman & Lawrence M. Fishmanxx Jerome Fortinsky Ruth & Rafael Fouzailoff Hannah & Paul Freilich Anne & Natalio Fridman Niki & Abraham Friedberg Helen & Sidney Friedman Vanessa & Joseph Gad and Irina & Michael Gadxx Ronalee & Russell Galbut Alisa & Scot Glasberg Jane & Ishaia Gol The Goldberg & Berg Families Nathan & Louise Goldsmith Foundationxx Tamar & Eric Goldstein Ruth & David S. Gottesman Trudy & Robert Gottesman Rebecca & Laurence Grafstein Wendy & Sholem Greenbaum Carin & Eric Gribetz Jessica Gribetz Georgette & Steven Gross Jan & Andrew Groveman Nicole & David Gruenstein Amy & James Haber David & Michael Haddad Lori & Alan Harris Rebecca & Isaac Herschkopf The Heyman Family The Elie Hirschfeld Family Rena & Scott Hoffman Chani Penstein & Jonathan Hornblassxx Gedale Horowitz Dina & Marshall Huebner Tikva & Zalman Jacobs Jeanne & Samuel Jemal Sandra & Jeffrey Justin Stacey & David Kanbar Ellen & Robert Kapito Jessica & Adam Kaplan Linda & Ilan Kaufthal Joia & Joshua Kazam The Keren Keshet Fund Ruth & Jerry Kestenbaum Debbi & Alan Kestenbaum Rachel & Edgard Khafif The Klapper & Ingber Families Joy & Judd Kleeger Susan & Jason Klein Mindy & Jonathan Kolatch Yvonne Koppel Faye & Hartley Koschitzky

Esther & Motti Kremer Bertha & Henry Kressel Seryl & Charles Kushner Amy & Darren Landy The Laurie Kayden Foundation The Lebensfeld Foundation Elena & Jay Lefkowitz Jane & Reuben Leibowitz Jody & Elie Levine Jane Dauber Lewittes & Michael L. Lewittesxx Leora Mogilner & Richard Linhart Janice & Saul Linzer Judith & David Lobel Audrey & Rabbi Haskel Lookstein Jonathan Lonner The Estate of Hannah Lorch Hannah & Edward Low Rachel Brody & Michael Lustig Michelle & Jack Maleh Jacqueline & Jeffrey Marcus Sara Miller Linda & Hilton Mirels Jessica & Jason Muss Nash Family Foundation The Nakash Family Stephanie & Herbert Neuman Carol & Melvin Newman Amy & Dan Nissanoff Randall & Deborah North E. Magnus Oppenheim Lisa & Edward Ostad G. L. Ostrow Judith & Daniel Ottensoser Gail & Berndt Perl Jessica & Barry Piafsky The Estate of Lea Polk Bonnie & Isaac Pollak Lauren & Mitchell Presser Gail Propp and Family The Propp Family Monique & Andrew Rechtschaffen Diane & Ira Riklis Sue & Irwin Robins Pamela & George Rohr Jane Jelenko & Abraham Rosenzweig Amy & Howard Rubenstein Deborah & Sheldon Rubin Esther & Kenneth Rubinstein Marcy & Cyrus Sakhai Carol & Lawrence Saper Sheira & Steven Schacter The Estate of Sylvia Schatzman Stacy & Ron Scheinberg Roberta Solar & Rabbi Robert Schumeisterxx Erica & Robert Schwartz Suzanne & Robert Schwartz

Chani & Mark Segall The Serure Family Alissa & Howard Shams Sara & Simon Shemia Judy & Isaac Sherman Vivian & Yale Shulman Daniel Silvera Suzy Kamali Sokol & Joseph Sokol Judy & Michael Steinhardt Robyn & David Stonehill Jody & Ari Storch Rebecca & Edward Sugar Randi & David Sultan Abigail & Shai Tambor Leora Tanenbaum Merryl & James Tisch Alfred Tuckman Rachel & David Vorchheimer Phyllis & Jonathan Wagner Diane Wassner Sherry & Joel Weiner Ariel & Joshua Weiner Holly & Michael Weiss Susan Wexner Judy Schaer Wilner & Philip Wilner Helen & Howard Zimmerman Naomi & Bernard Zweig

Some of our donors prefer to remain anonymous

ramaz  Looking forward

‫לוח‬ calendar 2012-2013 2012-2013 November 27 2 Beersheva Chumash Celebration November 28 2 Bnei Brak Chumash Celebration November 29 2 Bat Yam Chumash Celebration december 5 Upper School musical performance January 13 Ramaz Annual Dinner January 15 1 Ashkelon Siddur Celebration January 16 1 Ariel Siddur Celebration January 17 1 Efrat Siddur Celebration February 9 upper school Beit Cafe March 6 Middle School musical Performance March 19 Upper School Drama Performance April 16 Middle School Zimriah May 8 Kindergarten Zimriah May 9 Percussion ensemble May 22 Parents Council Spring Event june 3 celebrate israel parade June 4 Upper School Celebration of the Arts June 6 Friends and Family Concert June 10 Middle School Advancement June 13 Grade 4 Zimriah June 18 Upper School Commencement

forward looking  5773

Non-profit org. us postage paid ithaca, NY Permit No. 476

114 East 85th Street New York, NY 10028

r e n n i d / g r o . z a m w w w. r a R e g i s t e r n o w

w at c h

f o r

y o u r i n v i t i n t h a t i o n


Ja n ua r y 13 , 2 0 13

m a i l

Ramaz invites you

to stAND with us natan sharansky a s w e honor

7 6 t h a n n ua l d i n n e r

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