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5 Most Popular Kids Rakhi this Season for your Kiddo Brother Get ready to prepare for upcoming celebration of euphoria with all your little brothers! Since the festival of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is just a few weeks to go, buckle up to make the celebration a big hit. Preparation for this auspicious yet fun-filled festival is in full swing, I know but I also know you all would be scratching your head out for some cool kids rakhi for all your younger brothers, right?

The market is filled with colorful rakhis, chocolates, sweets and all. However, if you are having issues picking right Online rakhi gifts for your kiddo brother, take a look at below given suggestions. When it comes to Raksha Bandhan festival, kids are the one who get excited more. List of top 5 rakhis for kids are as follows: Bal Gopal or Krishna Rakhi: This auspicious thread has been made exquisite with the figure of bal gopal posing with makhan handi ona flat surface. Adding to it the glamour of the image, that is decked magnificently with beads and stone work of light blue shade, dark blue & red colors. Even the thread or the string of the rakhi is attractively made of zari cum smooth satin base with a little embroidery on it. If your bro is an avid fan of Bal Krishna, there is nothing which could please him more than this beautiful rakhi. Buy kids rakhi online especially this one to give your brother a pleasing surprise.

Angry Bird Rakhi: angry bird rakhis are one of the hot sensations of the year for this fun-filled celebration. Available in a rainbow of colors, angry bird threads can easily be found in different designs too. The unique potpourri of colors gives it a contrasting look with beak being of one shade, eyes another and whole body of other shade. Tie this rakhi onto your kiddo brother’s wrist and see his hilarity on its peak!

Zoo Zoo Rakhi: Is your little bro a big fan of Zoo Zoo? Make him go gaga with zoo zoo rakhi! What makes this thread stand out is the figure having a red cap. As your bro just sees this creature on TV ads or in paper, a real thread made especially with this figure will add to his joy for sure. Doraemon Rakhi: At present, Kids are strongly attached with cartoon characters. They see themselves as part of these cartoons. Hence, if you are on the way to find a rakhi for kids in your family, then send him this striking Doraemon rakhi. Every kid love to watch this particular cartoon, and a rakhi made especially with his favorite cartoon will excel miles to bring jollity to him. As you can see, this rakhi features a blue shaded figure of the popular Doraemon with a colorful string. As the string is made of cotton threads, this rakhi will go well fitting on your bro’s wrist. Bal Hanuman Rakhi: It’s a quite popular cartoon almost liked by every child. Therefore, make your brother giggle in joy on this auspicious day by tying Bal Hanuman rakhi. The traditional yet adorable look of Bal hanuman is sure to charm your little bro and avid fan of bal hanuman. Hope you have better options now to choose rakhi for your kid brother. Visit:-

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Get ready to prepare for upcoming celebration of euphoria with all your little brothers! Visit -

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