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When Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined his grand vision for skill enablement of around 20 lakh youths by the year 2022 via the Skill India program, many took it with a pinch of salt. The challenge of skill enablement and that too at a scale unknown till now sounded outlandish. The plethora of jobs that are about to be available in the coming days make it imperative that more and more youth are empowered with different skills and having a strong area of expertise and are kept posted via the Skill India news updates. While there are many who maybe waiting for that “Perfect” opportunity to arise, you can work on creating yours from today itself.

There’s a school of thought that recommends following your talent to succeed in life. While true to every word, this thought must be put into action in the real world. As the legendary Hollywood star Will Smith once remarked, “Talent is some natural ability that you have; Skill is what you become after practicing your craft day after day”. Nothing else could sum it up more aptly and we at Skill India consultants believe every word of it. While talent may be endowed in arbitrary quantities, the amount of time spent by a person mastering his skill is the one that actually counts in the end. To do that though, many factors are necessary. Hard Work may be the one that gets the majority of attention and rightly so, but having the right people guide you is equally important, even though underrated. If you are surrounded by people who share the same passion as yours. Because when you have the people who share the same vision as yours, the experience they possess makes a huge difference.

Another factor that comes into play is the guidance provided. Having the correct guidance will help you in choosing the career that appreciates and enhances your skills, your interests and most importantly, your inborn talent, a quality unparalleled and not found in any other human. Choosing to do something that you excel in is the most important of decisions. Next comes training. Though guidance is being provided and the promise is there, to achieve your dream, you must have a proper training, a training to sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge, a training to impart you with all the there is to know about the job that you have to do, a training akin to this is very important. Thus, it is needless to say that a flexible training program is the need of the hour in the present day scenario. Proper training, coupled with proper facilities and regimens to shape your thinking has a big impact on the psyche of the individual. Thus, a good infrastructure, a capable trainer and specifically designed training facilities form a formidable combination to take you to the next level and help you achieve the goals you may have set out long ago. Our Prime Minister is a man of vision and bold ideas. Having inspired a generation with his own life, he has set out to help the youth of India achieve the dreams as he has in his life. And we, at Skill India Consultants believe that the target of 20 lakh youths is just another number.

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