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Each school day offers incredible possibilities. The future success of every child is in many ways determined by the time he or she reaches age 9. During those early years, how that child learns and develops—intellectually, emotionally, and socially—is critical.

hug, until they meet the afternoon’s final bell with pleas to stay for enriching after-school activities, the boys and girls attending St. Paul’s Lower School thrive during this critical period of development.

As a child’s brain undergoes rapid development in these years, more profound than at any future time, there is an explosion of activity. Children build cognitive abilities—the foundation for reading, math, science and academics. They shape their character and develop socialemotional skills that will influence everything from impulse control to problem solving.

Our students aren’t expected to conform to a pre-existing mold. Very small class sizes let us provide the customized support and encouragement that enables every child to reach his or her full potential. Caring teachers nurture the seeds of curiosity and enthusiasm that grow into a genuine love of learning. Honest and respectful classmates form playground friendships that last a lifetime.

From early morning when excited students burst through our doors to greet their teacher with a

In the St. Paul’s Lower School, extraordinary opportunities are an everyday occurrence.

An environment for intellectual awakenings Because the Lower School is establishing the foundation for our students’ academic growth, we set high standards. Equally important, we put in place the supports to ensure our students reach the level of accomplishment that will prepare them for future success.

With just eight to 12 students in core classes, our teachers work closely with every girl and boy to formulate and reach goals based on individual abilities. These begin with mastery of literacy and math skills, and grow to encompass critical thinking, adaptability, and effective written and oral communication.

The inspiration to love learning Teachers know students’ individual interests, and provide each child with opportunities for more in-depth study of topics that will engage them most, from the planets of our solar system, to the history of Maryland, to the dissection of sharks. By combining authentic academic success with joyful academic exploration, our students develop a lifelong love of learning.

Learning and growing through active exploration St. Paul’s students learn best by doing. They move, they experiment, they engage in the world around them. Science comes alive in our Community Garden, where classes incubate eggs and then tend the chicks after they hatch. Students in the Discovery Center build cardboard boats, then race classmates across the school’s pool in a regatta, having fun while participating in problem-based learning: using higher-order thinking skills; integrating information from

a variety of sources; and working collaboratively with others to solve a real-world problem. Expert physical education instructors, along with nationally renowned teachers in the arts and global languages, share the subjects they love, as students are inspired to achieve results they never dreamed possible. Best of all? These enriching activities, known as “specials” at many other schools, are nothing unusual for our students. Because at the St. Paul’s Lower School, they happen every day.

Children are hands-on thinkers. In today’s era of increased standardized testing and federal educational regulations, many elementary schools are increasing their emphasis on formal classroom instruction, with younger and younger students spending more and more time working quietly at their desks. Research indicates that such approaches, while well-intentioned, reflect a profound misunderstanding of how children learn best.

Discovery Center Students design and build their own boats for the Hurricane Rescue Unit and regatta.

Grammar Made Fun Students learn that no one will ever put asunder the joining of letters Q and U.

Science Lab By making clouds in a jar, students learn the science of weather.

Honesty. Respect. Responsibility. Posted on the wall of every classroom, these words comprise the core of the Lower School’s Character Counts program. Our students learn that being part of a community means thinking about others and understanding how your actions can affect them, positively or negatively. St. Paul’s is an Episcopal school; a values-based approach to education is integral to our mission.

This is reflected in our weekly Chapel service, which welcomes, honors, and respects the religious convictions of all members of the community, with a diverse faith experience enriching our life together. Students learn that membership in our community is both a privilege and a responsibility—that they can expect support from their peers and that, in turn, they provide support to others as well.

Your partner in a happy childhood The St. Paul’s Lower School partners with parents in educating their young children. Every day, students may arrive as early as 7:30 a.m. and stay an hour after the school day ends, until 4:30 p.m., at no charge to families. Activities continue until 6 p.m. for a nominal fee.

Students are particularly enthusiastic about the afternoon sessions, which enable them to participate in enrichment opportunities with their friends and teachers. The ever-changing array of activities offered includes sports, visual art, music and dance, karate, gardening and baking, Minecraft, and much more. Parents sometimes prefer their children to attend afternoon study hall, where teachers provide extra assistance on new concepts, or simply help students finish their homework, thus preserving the evening hours for uninterrupted family time.

Seek Truth, Knowledge and Excellence: Live by Faith, Compassion and Integrity.

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