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Where Tradition Transforms

An Education Rooted in the Life of Christ, Fostering the Pursuit of Excellence in the Whole Person

Each O’Connell student is guided by a team of faculty and clergy who are invested in their spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

Small Classes, Big Impact Our students thrive on the individual attention afforded by the smallest class sizes in our area paired with the biggest opportunities.


Small where it really matters

Average Class Size of Bishop O’Connell

Average Class Size of Other Private Schools

Average Class Size of Public Schools

Big where it really pays off

Certificate Program

In College Scholarships and Grants

AP Courses

Class of 2019

(more than any school in our area)

Sports Teams


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Cultivating the Life of the Mind Our students learn to think deeply and inquisitively, exploring complex ideas with rigor and creativity. O’Connell has established a demanding college preparatory curriculum designed to ready students for admission to the leading colleges and universities.


Mean SAT Scores for the Class of 2019 Reading & Writing


Classes at Honors Level or Higher

O’Connell Top 10%

O’Connell Top 30% Student-Faculty Ratio O’Connell

Virginia Catholic Student Body National Average

28 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses Art/Drawing


Art History



Modern European History

Calculus AB

Music Theory

Calculus BC

Physics 1


Physics 2

Comparative Political Systems

Physics C (C&M)

Computer Science

Physics C (Mechanical)

English Language


English Literature

Spanish Language

Environmental Science

Spanish Literature

French Language


Human Geography

United States Government


United States History

National Merit Finalists in the Last 15 Years

Commended Scholars in the Last 15 Years

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Building Community Through Christ Campus ministry programs help develop a practice of the faith that will carry over from high school into college years and adult life. Open Opportunities for Worship At O’Connell, Catholic traditions thrive and are complimented by customs like Café Vaticano, a lounge where students can lunch and enjoy camaraderie with our priests and faculty members. Community Mass each month Alumni Serve in the Ministry

Living Rosary Stations of the Cross Two Masses offered each day Regular confession opportunities Daily prayer Café Vaticano


Catholic co-ed School in Virginia

Retreats for the Spirit


From an on-campus retreat day for freshmen to overnight off-campus retreats for seniors, each student has the opportunity to step away from the daily routine and strengthen their personal relationship with Christ. Catholic Education Honor Roll Schools Cardinal Newman Society 2018-2023

The Bishop O’Connell community is blessed to have the services of a full-time chaplain and a community of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in residence. 2019 VIEWBOOK | 7


Fostering a Lifelong Commitment to Service The Christian Service program is designed to open students to the needs of their brothers and sisters and embrace the responsibility to personally offer help. Living Our Catholic Values Christian service is integrated into everyday life at Bishop O’Connell through direct service opportunities in our local communities and beyond. Each senior culminates their four‑year service journey with thoughtful reflection by presenting a report or video to their faculty panel.




Expanding Perspectives with Mission Trips Trips abroad provide unique opportunities for students to step outside their comfort zone, roll up their sleeves and see the face of God in those they serve.

Dominican Republic

Hours of Outside Service in 2018-2019

Serving Our Local Community Each fall, we conduct a service fair to help students hear about needs in the local area and learn how they can serve.


Enlarging a Student’s World Through a Global Perspective Participating 10th-12th grade students gain the skills, confidence and moral perspective to succeed as leaders in an international world. Global Studies participants attend after-school seminars and speaker series to complement field trips and student-planned activities. Students receive a certificate upon graduation which indicates the completion of non-GPA credit units equivalent to a ninth semester of academic work.


Global Change-Makers Speak Our program recruits speakers who are changing the world through international service.

Areas of Concentration Faith and Humanitarian Issues Global Business and Finance Language and Culture Global Health and Environmental Issues Arts and Humanities Global Politics

Ambassador James D. Nealon ‘73 speaking on the daily life of an ambassador, the role of embassies today and the importance of representing the United States in countries all around the world.

After School Seminar Topics Understanding Politics in a Globalized World Foundations of Global Business and Finance Morals and Ethics for a Globalized World

Off-Campus Enrichment Many students broaden their studies through our extended academic community Attending lectures and seminars at local universities Competing in Academic WorldQuest where O’Connell placed third regionally Internationally-focused community service Farah Pandith speaks on her experience in working with Muslim communities to help launch youth-focused initiatives to counter the influences of extremism.

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Inspiring Creativity, Problem Solving and Innovation O’Connell provides students with a curriculum abounding with choices in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Project Lead The Way Project Lead the Way (PLTW), the nation’s leading provider of STEM education programs, is founded on fundamental problem-solving and critical-thinking skills development. This network includes university, corporate, foundation and association partners. Students experience hands-on lessons, using real-world problems, supported by a state-of-the-art CAD system installed on classroom laptop computers.


STEM Courses SCIENCE • Biology • Integrated Biology & English (IBE) • Biology Honors • AP Biology • Chemistry • Chemistry Honors • AP Chemistry • Physics • Physics Honors • AP Physics 1 • AP Physics 2 • AP Physics C • Ecology • AP Environmental Science • Anatomy and Physiology • Anatomy and Physiology Honors • Forensic Science

Earning College Credit at O’Connell with Marymount University.


Dual Credit

Dual Enrollment

Marymount University offers college credit to

Seniors interested in continuing a program of study at a higher

eligible students enrolled in several courses taught

level than currently offered at O’Connell are ideal candidates

by O’Connell faculty members who have obtained

for dual enrollment. Students whose academic profiles meet

adjunct professor status at Marymount.

Marymount criteria may enroll in classes offered at the University.

TECHNOLOGY • AP Music Theory • Civil Engineering & Architecture • Multimedia and Image Management • Journalism and Newspaper Production • Yearbook Production • HTML: An Introduction to Web Page Development • Computer Science Fundamentals • AP Computer Science • Economics and Financial Management • International Business • Personal Money Management and Your Future • Digital Technology: Gateway to Tomorrow • Personal Branding and Digital Communication

• Cybersecurity 1: Introduction to Computer Security • Cybersecurity 2: Introduction to Network Security • Music and Computer Technology • Theater Technology • Audio and Video Production 1

ENGINEERING • Introduction to Engineering Design • Principles of Engineering • Civil Engineering & Architecture

• Geometry • Geometry Honors • College Math Topics • Pre-Calculus • Pre-Calculus Honors • Calculus Honors • AP Calculus AB • AP Calculus BC • Statistics & Probability • AP Statistics • Multivariate Calculus

MATH • Algebra • Algebra 2 • Algebra 2–Trig. • Algebra 2–Trig. Honors

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Our performers have competed in music festivals in locations including Boston, Montreal, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia and New Orleans.

Courses such as Survey of World and American Music and AP Music Theory provide opportunities for any student to deepen their knowledge of music. 14 | BISHOP O’CONNELL HIGH SCHOOL

Students have the opportunity to hone their acting skills as well as explore the technical aspects of stagecraft. All students are invited to audition for our shows.

Our visual arts classes are taught in a dedicated art space, which includes a darkroom, and a wealth of equipment and supplies.

Our yearly Festival of the Arts showcases our students’ talents throughout the school, including art galleries and music and dance performances.


Supporting Character Development Through Sports O’Connell builds teams as moral communities that encourage spiritual growth, intrinsic motivation and responsible decision-making. 16 | BISHOP O’CONNELL HIGH SCHOOL

Teams Girls Lacrosse JV, V

Baseball F, JV, V Boys Basketball

F, JV, V


Girls Basketball

F, JV, V

Boys Soccer JV, V

Cheerleading JV, V Boys Crew N, V Girls Crew

N, V

Boys Cross Country Girls Cross Country Royalette Dance Team Field Hockey JV, V


Girls Soccer JV, V Softball JV, V Boys Swim & Dive Girls Swim & Dive Boys Track JV, V

Conference Championships

Girls Track JV, V

Football JV, V

Boys Tennis


Girls Tennis

Ice Hockey JV, V

Volleyball F, JV, V

Boys Lacrosse JV, V


JV    Junior Varsity  V    Varsity  F    Freshman  CE    Coed  N    Novice

Bishop O’Connell has partnered with the University of Notre Dame through the Play Like a Champion Today program to make sports an integral part of our ministry.

In the last 16 years

State Championships


Reaching the Highest Academic Potential O’Connell provides students with learning disabilities the tools to thrive in a college-preparatory high school. Exploring Learning Styles The Muller Program is a dynamic resource for both students and their parents. By ensuring accommodations are in place to help students reach their academic potential, students acquire the tools they need to become effective self-advocates for their learning choices.

Daily 45-Minute Study Skills Work


Small Groups of No More Than Seven

30 Spaces Available for Freshmen


Providing Every Child an Education in Faith O’Connell allows students with disabilities to grow academically, socially and spiritually with their peers.

An Inclusive High School Environment Our students with cognitive and intellectual disabilities learn from our special education teachers in small groups and one-on-one in addition to inclusion in the general education classrooms. Assistive technology and individualized plans accommodate each student’s learning differences. Our peer mentor program brings about real-life inclusion in our school family and is a key to personal enrichment for each student participant. 2019 VIEWBOOK | 19


Shepherding Each Student Along Their Journey of Growth Each O’Connell student receives the individual attention of a counselor to provide social, emotional, spiritual and academic support.


Easing Freshmen Jitters Entering freshmen begin with a three-day orientation, including schedules, study skills lessons and team-building activities. New parents also may attend various orientation sessions to get questions answered about student life, campus ministry, school traditions, academics, counseling and more.

Knight2Knight Mentors Freshmen are connected to peer mentors, juniors and seniors, who are carefully selected based on their capacity to be positive role models. Each transfer student is paired with a senior mentor based on similar interests through the Leaders in Networking Knights (LINK) program.

Achieving College Goals Over their four years at O’Connell, students will participate in grade-level appropriate college and career counseling and learn skills to successfully matriculate to a four-year university.

Parent Information Nights on Key Topics: College admissions NCAA sports eligibility Military academies and ROTC College financial aid

Grade-Specific In-School Seminars: Study skills workshops Career-focused guest‑speakers On‑site visits by college representatives Senior seminars on preparing for college

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A Day in the Life of an O’Connell Freshman Bishop O’Connell students follow a hybrid schedule of blocks each week that allows for school gatherings, such as Mass, assemblies and prep rallies. Knight Time, a daily period of flexible instructional time, facilitates collaboration, learning beyond the classroom, extension and support work, as well as access to student support services.

Example Freshman Schedule ANCHOR SCHEDULE







7:45 - 7:55 AM Advisory

7:45 - 7:55 AM Advisory

7:45 - 8:05 AM Advisory

7:45 - 8:05 AM Advisory

7:45 - 7:55 AM Advisory

8:00 - 8:43 AM Period 1 - Algebra 1

8:00 - 8:43 AM Period 1 - Algebra 1

8:48 - 9:31 AM Period 2 - World History

8:48 - 9:31 AM Period 2 - World History

8:10 - 9:35 AM Period 1 - Algebra 1

8:10 - 9:35 AM Period 2 - World History

9:36 - 10:25 AM Knight Time

9:36 - 10:25 AM Knight Time

10:30 - 11:13 AM Period 3 - Biology

10:30 - 11:13 AM Period 3 - Biology

11:13 - 11:43 AM Lunch

11:13 - 11:43 AM Lunch

11:48 - 12:31 PM Period 4 - English Honors

11:48 - 12:31 PM Period 4 - English Honors

12:36 - 1:19 PM Period 5 - Religion

12:36 - 1:19 PM Period 5 - Religion

1:24 - 2:07 PM Period 6 - Spanish

1:24 - 2:07 PM Period 6 - Spanish

2:12 - 2:55 PM Period 7 - P.E. & Health

2:12 - 2:55 PM Period 7 - P.E. & Health



9:40 - 11:05 AM Period 3 - Biology

9:40 - 11:05 AM School Assembly

11:10 - 11:55 AM Lunch

11:10 - 11:55 AM Lunch

12:00 - 1:25 PM Period 5 - Religion

1:30 - 2:55 PM Period 7 - P.E. & Health

12:00 - 1:25 PM Period 4 - English Honors

1:30 - 2:55 PM Period 6 - Spanish


8:00 - 8:43 AM Period 1 - Algebra 1 8:48 - 9:31 AM Period 2 - World History 9:36 - 10:25 AM Knight Time 10:30 - 11:13 AM Period 3 - Biology 11:13 - 11:43 AM Lunch 11:48 - 12:31 PM Period 4 - English Honors 12:36 - 1:19 PM Period 5 - Religion 1:24 - 2:07 PM Period 6 - Spanish 2:12 - 2:55 PM Period 7 - P.E. & Health


Convenient to the Greater DC Area METRO The school is a ten minute walk (1.2 miles) from the East Falls Church Metro station. An O’Connell shuttle bus picks up students from the station each morning at 7:20 AM free of charge.

Bethesda, MD




Arlington Transit operates bus route #52 which stops in front of the school. Visit for details.



VIRGINIA SCHOOL BUS SERVICE Community pickups include Annandale, Fairfax, Sterling, Herndon, Reston, Alexandria and Arlington. 495


MARYLAND SCHOOL BUS SERVICE Community pickups include multiple locations in Prince George’s and Charles Counties.


CARPOOL INFORMATION Admitted students can join a carpool based on interests and location. Schedules, fees and registration information are available online. 23 2019 VIEWBOOK |   | 23


Making a Catholic Education More Obtainable Bishop O’Connell partners with the Diocese of Arlington and other agencies to extend as much financial assistance as possible. 24 | BISHOP O’CONNELL HIGH SCHOOL

Capital Partners for Education

Freshman Scholarship Opportunities O’CONNELL SCHOLAR AWARD

Latino Student Fund

Eligibility: Students who score 99% on the National Composite of the High School Placement Test (HSPT) may be eligible for a 50% reduction in tuition, renewable annually at the value offered when awarded.

Black Student Fund


Eligibility: Students scoring 95% or higher on the National Composite of the HSPT.

DE LA SALLE AWARD FOR VOCAL PERFORMANCE Eligibility: Incoming freshmen who demonstrate outstanding vocal performance through audition. In Assistance Was Awarded Last Year

Tuition 2018-19 Catholic Students One student $16,535/year Second student from same family $14,035/year* Third student from same family $11,535/year*

DE LA SALLE AWARD FOR INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMANCE Eligibility: Incoming freshmen who demonstrate outstanding instrumental performance through audition.

I.H.M. SERVICE AWARD Eligibility: Students in Diocesan schools who go above and beyond in their commitment to community service and helping those in need.

O’DONNELL FAMILY “MAKING A DIFFERENCE” AWARD Eligibility: Any student who made a difference in the community, going above and beyond to help those in need.

*Children must be concurrently enrolled.


Students of Other Faiths Per student $18,535/year

International Students Per student $21,200/year

Muller Academic Program Add $3,150/year to tuition per child

Eligibility: Any incoming student with at least one parent who is currently active duty U.S. Military.

ARLINGTON DIOCESE TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP Eligibility: Any incoming student with at least one parent who is currently teaching in the Arlington Diocese. 25 2019 VIEWBOOK |   | 25


New Facilities to Support Our Mission The fruits of our igKnight the Vision campaign are showing across campus as construction progresses.

“O’Connell community support of our vision for the future of the school has been amazing. We are truly humbled by the generous response that will enable— by August of 2020—a dramatic and much needed transformation of our school.” DR. JOSEPH VORBACH Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Arlington and member of the Class of 1983


SUMMER 2019 Improving the school’s appearance, circulation, security and connectivity New front entrance with atrium New central stairway and elevator Two-story passageway connecting the school New student collaboration space

2019-2020 ACADEMIC YEAR Our new three-story academic building and chapel 170 seat student chapel A campus ministry center 13 new modern and flexible learning spaces New student commons areas

2020 AND BEYOND Interior and exterior modernization of existing Trinidad Wing. Interior and exterior modernization of existing Underwood Wing.

IGKNIGHTTHEVISION.ORG If you would like more information on our capital campaign plans, please contact Kim Aubry, Director of Advancement at or 703-237-1447.

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2019 by the Numbers


Global Studies Certificates Earned

Eagle Scouts

In College Scholarships

Playing Sports at College Level

Graduates with College Credit from Marymount

Service Hours

National Merit Commended Scholars


Congratulations Class of 2019 Members of the Bishop O’Connell class of 2019 were accepted at the following colleges and universities: University of Alabama American University University of Arizona Ava Maria University Belmont Abbey College Berklee College of Music Boston University Case Western Reserve University Catholic University of America Central Michigan University College of Charleston Christopher Newport University University of Cincinnati Clemson University University of Colorado Cornell University DeSales University Dickinson College Duke University 30 | BISHOP O’CONNELL HIGH SCHOOL

East Carolina University

University of North Carolina (Pembroke)

Shenandoah University

East Tennessee State University

University of North Carolina (Wilmington)

Shippensburg University

Emory University

North Carolina Central University

University of South Carolina

Fairfield University

Northeastern University

St. Bonaventure University

Fashion Institute of Technology

Northern Virginia Community College

Suffolk University

Florida State University

Northwestern University

Fordham University

University of Tennessee

University of Notre Dame

Franciscan University of Steubenville

Towson University

Oklahoma State University

Gannon University

Trinity College

Old Dominion University

George Mason University

The American University of Paris

George Washington University

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Georgetown University Gettysburg College Hampton University Hampden-Sydney College High Point University College of the Holy Cross Indiana University Iowa Western Community College James Madison University Kent State University University of Kentucky Lebanon Valley College

Pennsylvania State University Princeton University University of Queensland Radford University Rochester Institute of Technology Royal Military College of Canada University of Rhode Island

Tulane University Villanova University University of Virginia Virginia Commonwealth University Virginia Military Institute Virginia Tech University of Washington West Virginia State University West Virginia University

Saint Joseph’s University

William & Mary

Saint Louis University

University of Wisconsin

Salisbury University

Vassar College

Seton Hall University

Xavier University

Liberty University Limestone College Long Island University Lynn University University of Mary Washington University of Maryland Marymount University McDaniel College McGill University Miami University (Ohio) University of Michigan Michigan State University Morehouse College Mount Saint Mary’s University University of Nevada, Las Vegas New York University

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To Truly Appreciate a Bishop O’Connell Education, You Have to Experience it. Like the strength of a church is not in its walls but in the members of its congregation, our strength is best witnessed in our staff and students every day. 32 | BISHOP O’CONNELL HIGH SCHOOL

In a meaningful moment as a student enjoys a break alongside one of our IHM Sisters

In the family-like ties of the members of a sports team bonding off the court

In the personal investment a teacher shows in a focused interaction with a student

In the heartfelt connection between a student with disabilities and their peer mentor

In the character-building support of a coach encouraging an athlete to push further

In that “aha� moment as a student achieves a breakthrough in creative thinking

Bishop O’Connell High School 6600 Little Falls Road Arlington, Virginia 22213

Visit Us Open House Sunday, October 13, 2019, 1:00-4:00 PM Weekly Tours Tours offered year round at 10:30 AM Shadowing Prospective students can attend a day at O’Connell to see firsthand why it’s always a great day to be a Knight! They may request to shadow a specific student, or be matched with a current student based on gender and common interests.

For details and sign-up, call our Admissions team at 703-237-1433 or visit

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