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Limited Edition Prints

THE NEWS PRESSED Kate Lewis Winter Lockdown ‘21 & The Four Seasons

Limited Edition Prints


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Winter Lockdown ‘21 New release from Kate Lewis

This catalogue features images & details of limited edition prints of Kate Lewis’ collages. Created over the course of the last 2 years, Kate Lewis’ meticulous collages reconfigure newspaper cuttings into beautiful botanical illustrations.

Responding to the most prevalent news stories of the day, from the comic to the tragic, these floral images make permanent a fleeting, disposable news cycle that often moves too fast for us to process. The resulting works retreat from the maelstrom of online media and, in the face of fake news and alternative facts, return to nature in full bloom.

The four Seasons are represented by intricately complex yet delicate wreath compositions, inspired by 17th century momento mori paintings and incorporating multiple news stories.

This year, Kate’s instinct for curation and design has evolved again into her most challenging piece to date, Winter Lockdown ‘21, which commemorates our shared experience of the second lockdown of 5th January to 21st April 2021.

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Winter Lockdown ‘21 5th January – 21st April 2021

The Winter Lockdown: 2nd Lockdown, 5 January - 21 April 2021

“This lockdown felt different: less anxiety of the unknown, more despair as the death toll escalated, while hope came with the vaccine. I really felt in the thick of it…clinging on to the hope of change.” —Kate Lewis

“History happens as it’s being made.” In this work, constructed from British broadsheets and tabloids, Kate Lewis combines the concept of memento mori, vanitas still life, and floriography (language of flowers) to remind the viewer of the weight of our shared experience during this era-defining and tumultuous time. The slow, meditative, months-long nature of collage allowed the time to process the events, emotionally, even as the stories themselves grew and changed in ways that were unplanned and unexpected. During this time, when mass gatherings were banned, the act of making flowers became its own powerful form of celebration, protest, and mourning. The temporal nature of the flower reminds us of the fragility of life, but also of all that is beautiful. The choice of material, newsprint, is limiting and primitive, but also readily available to all. And the stories—contradictory, evolving—become finite as their words are committed to press. The wreath, as a symbol, feels particularly fitting with this lockdown. Though distinctly not a Christmas wreath, the events depicted here fall just after a holiday season that was abruptly curtailed, leaving most shops frozen in time with decorations for a celebration that was never allowed to happen. The floral wreath traditionally indicates honour—and with this wreath honour is paid to the many forces and events that will forever define the turning of this decade.

“The removal of choice.” This wreath is not simply a metaphorical representation of the 2nd lockdown, it is a physical manifestation of it. Winter presents limited flower options under normal circumstances, but this year, it was further compounded by a lockdown forcing the closure of florists and non-essential stores to customers. “The circular nature of life.” The wreath also represents the closing of a circle: a full year of a pandemic, the full realisation of Brexit, the end of the Trump presidency. But it also represents the gentle slope into new beginnings: the hope of the new vaccines, the coming together of communities to support each other, the inauguration of Joe Biden. With close examination, the interconnectedness—the push-pull of parallel events— reveals itself: The storming of the US Capitol building days before the history-making inauguration of the first female US Vice President. The Perseverance Rover lands on Mars just as a meteorite, “nugget of space," lands on a driveway in the Cotswolds. Prince Harry and Megan give a bombshell interview to Oprah, Prince Philip dies. The UK reaches a tragic milestone, 126,000 deaths from Covid, an organist plays in Salisbury cathedral as the first vaccine jabs are administered. This wreath—created in the early months of this year— is a memorial to all the lives lost and all the potential for what is to come. It represents the beautiful and the ugly, the planned and the unexpected, control and the uncontrolled. But it all starts with the rose— the national flower of England, symbolic of deep passion: “Return to lockdown.” This is the beginning. Everything revolves out from the rose. Sloane Warren

Kate Lewis Winter Lockdown ‘21 Archival Pigment print on cotton rag paper 970 x 970 mm Edition of 20 Signed and numbered £600 Unframed

Inspired by 17th Century Memento Mori paintings, Winter Lockdown ‘21 incorporates over 30 flowers and plants to represent a diverse range of news stories curated by Kate Lewis from the period of the second Lockdown: 5th January – 21st April 2021. See the next few pages overleaf for a full list of the flowers and stories.

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Winter Lockdown ‘21 - featured Flowers & Stories in summary:

Large rose/leaves/stem: “Return to Lockdown” Reflections on the one-year anniversary. A terrible milestone: 126,00 deaths.

Winter-blooming jasmine: Newly elected President Joe Biden’s inauguration speech (in its entirety) encircles the wreath, holding it in unity, literally and symbolically. Winter poppy: “Anarchy” defines this flower. The storming of the US Senate by Trump supporters in January. Ranunculus: Sir Tom Moore, who inspired so much hope with the first lockdown, dies. Pink Poppy: The UK budget, in FT pink Anemone: Elon Musk mentions Bitcoin on the Clubhouse chat app, price spikes Blue leaves: Dognappers exploit pandemic demand for pets Anemone: The Indian farm protests Blossom spike: The UK daily death poll at its peak Daffodil/blue leaf: Mary Wilson of The Supremes has died Purple genista/rose with red royal crest: Harry and Megan’s interview with Oprah; the Palace response Winter poppy: Excerpts of Amanda Gorman’s inspiring inauguration poem appear in a poppy, signifying dreams, resilience, and remembrance.

Winter Lockdown ‘21 – featured Flowers & Stories in summary continued:

Daffodil : “No ifs, no butties” A Brexit story about ham sandwiches being confiscated from lorry drivers by Dutch customs.

Purple rose: The death of Prince Philip Genista and daffodil: The daffodil (symbolising respect) and genista (representing humility) tell of Kamala Harris’s history-making inauguration as the first woman (and woman of colour) to be elected Vice President of the United States. Leaves: “Roar heard around the world” — Rachel Blackmore makes history as the first woman to win The Grand National, taken from the pages of the Racing Post Black and purple anemone: The queen of the ravens goes missing from the Tower of London Daffodil: Sea shanties make a high-tech return among Tik Tok followers Rose leaves: "Together until the end” The tragic love story of a couple who died within days of each other in the same Covid ward in Manchester. Blossom stem: “Life is beautiful. Take the vaccine.” Pointing upward, the vaccine rollout opens with this quote among the young blooms and includes the story of the organist at Salisbury Cathedral playing while the public got their jabs there. Pink ranunculus: FT story about teams of volunteers helping, giving service, together Ranunculus: Max the Springer Spaniel, who lifted people’s spirits during lockdown, is awarded an OBE

Winter Lockdown ‘21 – featured Flowers & Stories in summary continued:

Ranunculi - A meteorite lands in the Cotswolds Anemone— “Fortress Britain” UK borders are shut Genista- Protests for the release of Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny Ranunculus—Riots in Myanmar, the shooting of protesters Leaves—After 70 years, the former Mr Potato Head becomes gender-neutral Tiny daffodil—The effect of pesticides on bees Jasmine- Bee trader attempts to import bees post-Brexit leading to their sad destruction Stem— A confused arctic walrus makes himself a new home in the UK Blue Clematis— Amid the leaves and blooms, we are reminded of Jackie Weaver? Iceland’s volcano Tiny narcissus—Trump’s second impeachment Ranunculus - Release from Lockdown

The Four Seasons Limited Edition Prints

Spring ‘19

Summer ‘19

Autumn ‘19

Winter ’19 /20

Kate Lewis Spring ‘19 Archival Pigment print on cotton rag paper 730 x 730 mm Edition of 10 Signed and numbered £600

Inspired by 17th Century Memento Mori paintings, this piece incorporates a diverse range of news stories: the D-Day commemorations and President Trump’s State Visit, the return of Love Island, the revolution in the Sudan and the killing of protestors, Liverpool’s Champions’ League win, the death of M&S Percy Pigs, the record number of cygnets born on Hampstead Heath this year, the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka, Theresa May’s resignation, the fire at Notre Dame, the Strictly romance, the Royal Baby, Greta Thunberg's school holiday tour around Europe for Climate change, Venezuela, and Rhianna’s launch of a new label with LVMH.

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Kate Lewis Summer ‘19 Archival Pigment print on cotton rag paper 730 x 730 mm Edition of 10 Signed and numbered £600

Inspired by 17th Century Memento Mori paintings, this piece incorporates a diverse range of news stories: The global protest for climate change, when kids all over the world took to the streets and David Attenborough took to the stage at Glastonbury. Also at Glastonbury, Stormzy made history being the first black British male to headline. The Revd. Rose Hudson-Wilkin became the first black female Bishop. Boris Johnson’s first day as Prime Minister. The death of Robert Mugabe. Remembrance for the 150 migrants who died off Libya's coast trying to reach Europe, for the victims of the El Paso and Dayton shootings in the US, and for the casualties of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. Europe’s heatwave and the Amazon’s fires. 50 years ago—Woodstock, the first man on the moon and the Sun newspaper was launched. Meanwhile, sheep grazed on Hampstead Heath for the first time in 60 years and wildflowers turned the A630 into a bee road.

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Kate Lewis Autumn ‘19 Archival Pigment print on cotton rag paper 730 x 730 mm Edition of 10 Signed and numbered £600

Inspired by 17th Century Memento Mori paintings, this piece incorporates a diverse range of news stories: In remembrance of the victims of the Albanian earthquake, the lives lost in the New Zealand volcano, and the 39 migrants found frozen to death in the back of a lorry in Essex. Deadly typhoon Hagibis hits Japan, Australian bushfires endanger the koala population. Tributes to broadcaster Clive James and photographer Terry O’Neill and to Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, who were killed in the London Bridge terrorist attack. India protests violence against women, France protests pension reforms. Hong Kong's protests escalate when a protestor is shot. Greta Thunberg is named Time magazine's Person of the Year. Prince Andrew steps down, Boris Johnson is elected with a majority, and Donald Trump is impeached. Astronauts make history with the first female spacewalk. Bubbles, the world's oldest donkey, turns 60 with carrots and cake.

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Kate Lewis Winter ‘19/20 Archival Pigment print on cotton rag paper 730 x 730 mm Edition of 10 Signed and numbered £600

Inspired by 17th Century Memento Mori paintings, this piece incorporates a diverse range of news stories: The assassination of Qasem Sulimani. India riots against the citizenship act. Dozens die as a second avalanche in eastern Turkey hits rescue workers. Germany mourns as 9 killed in far-right racist shooting in Hanau. The Palace event is the "Mexit bombshell”- Meg and Harry quit royal life. Obituaries are for basketball player Kobe Bryant, Python Terry Jones, actor Kirk Douglas and reality show presenter Caroline Flack. 75 Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Covid-19 spreads right across the piece with first mentions of it as a Sars like virus in China on 4th Jan (page 40 of The Times); China locking down, first UK deaths. Italy being the first European country to lock down, the financial markets plunging to their lowest since 1987, The World Health Organisation declaring Covid-19 a Global Heath Emergency March 11th while Trump plays it down saying “it will just go away".

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For the framing of Kate Lewis’ limited edition prints, we have suggested Ash wood with a natural wax finish. Other wood options are available such as Oak or Walnut (Walnut pictured on the left) and samples are available for viewing at the gallery. For the glazing, we recommend Anti-Reflective glass, which has 70% UV protective properties as well as superb anti-reflection. Standard, UV and Museum glass or acrylic glazing options are also available. Pricing for the framing of a limited edition print from the Four Seasons series, sheet size 73 x 73 cms, glazed with Anti-Reflective glass with 70% UV filter, is as follows: ASH frame: OAK frame: WALNUT frame:

£340.00 £360.00 £470.00

Pricing for the framing of a limited edition print from the Winter Lockdown ‘21 edition, sheet size 97 x 97 cms, glazed with Anti-Reflective glass with 70% UV filter, is as follows: ASH frame: OAK frame: WALNUT frame:

£415.00 £440.00 £565.00

We offer a bespoke conservation framing service and free consultations may be booked, by appointment, at our gallery in Marylebone. For further information about framing or to book a consultation at the gallery, please telephone 020 7935 1114 or email us at info@railings-gallery.com


Examples of Kate Lewis’ limited edition prints may be viewed at our gallery in Marylebone, Gloucester Room.

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Photography by Dan Kennedy

Copyright all images © 2021 Kate Lewis - All Rights Reserved

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