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TechSavvymv September 2010 Issue


You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.” - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


NDEPENDENCE IS the freedom of the soul, a perception of the mind and a feeling understood by the heart. This freedom, perception and more importantly, this feeling is that of liberation, patriotism, self-dependence and other such things. When all such terms are put together and imposed upon the majority, it is a big responsibility on the youth of that nation and on those who create it Independence for youth means their mind should be at their creative best, they should not shy away from entrepreneurship and above all they should be free from paradoxical thought and have sense of what is right and what is wrong. Today, aren’t we all slaves of stress? 10-15 years ago, the word stress was rarely used. Now even a 4 year old suffers from stress. Why are we under the stress to achieve everything sidelining basic normalcy of life. Today if a person is stress free and happy that means, he is not doing anything. It is rightly said that the independence comes with responsibility. Since every action has equal and opposite reaction, we must weigh our actions well enough to ensure that it leaves no negative by-product or end-product. In other words, we must be forever conscious that in our pursuit to happiness, we don’t jeopardize anybody else’s happiness. In short, we must make responsible use of our independence. On national level, we are independent. On personal level , we should strive for independence from social expectations and unleash our creative mind and thoughts which does not come from a pre-conditioned mind.


I - nspiration from something that doesn't belong to another. N - othing to cheat about, to lie about or cry about. D - oing it for yourself, whatever the reason. E - nduring the hurtful words - and not following them. P - enetrating the cliché's, being original and different. E - verything your own with nothing but truth. N - eeding the help of your wisdom and nothing else. D - esperate to find the courage inside yourself. E - nding what once was a group effort for what shouldn't have been. N - ot trying to fit in, having confidence in your own decisions. C - aring about the others - not being them. E - mbracing what is your own talent and knowing that you are right.

Gyan Guru

My Trainers knowledge is excellent.

I Learnt a lot during the training session.

HCNE-02 Dot Net

Facilities are up to the mark

Relative questions related books like 290,294,296 are too less. Extra time should be given for practice.

Abhishek Choudhary scored the highest percentage in the month of August 2010 in Networking Technology and Devices Exam. He is a student of CCNA and has been an active and enthusiastic student throughout his stint with HCL.

Mohit Sharma cleared the MCP global examination with 98% marks. Congratulations from Team Mayur Vihar .

Paritosh Dhama cleared the MCP global examination with 90% marks 0n 7th August 2010. Congratulations from team Mayur Vihar

Sachin Yadav, student of CCNA got placed with HCL Infosystems, and is currently working in Common Wealth Project.

Manoj Kumar student of HCE got placed in HCL Infosystem and is currently working in Common Wealth Project.

Vidushi got placed at HCL Infosystems and is currently working in Common Wealth Project.

Shiv Nadar Chairman and Strategic Manager HCL

Originally hailing from Moolaipozhi Village, Trichendur, Tutocorin District, Tamil Nadu, Shiv Nadar moved to Delhi in 1968. He worked as an engineer with DCM Ltd. But the entrepreneur in Shiv Nadar wanted to set up his own business. Therefore, he along with six of his colleagues launched a firm making office products like copiers. In late 1970s, when IBM quit India, Shiv Nadar's HCL stepped in to fill the vacuum. In 1982, HCL came out with its first computer. Today, HCL derives 80% of its revenue from computers and office equipment. HCL has also been spreading its global reach. Its Singapore subsidiary, Far East Computers, achieved a breakthrough in imaging technology, which, among other applications, enables computers to read handwritten tax returns. HCL has adopted innovative practices to achieve growth. In the U.S, a software subsidiary, HCL America, has reaped huge dividends by taking advantage of global time zones. Every morning, the company's Chennai office receives software assignments from the U.S, just after work stops there for the night. A team of Indian engineers, with salaries much lower than those of their American counterparts, complete the jobs and send them back in the evening.

In 2008, Government of India awarded Shiv Nadar with Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian award for his contribution to IT industry. In 2007, Madras University awarded him honorary doctorate degree (D Sc) for his contributions in promoting software technology. Nadar was also recognized as E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 (Services). In October 2006, Shiv Nadar received an honorary fellowship from All India Management Association - AIMA

Shiv Nadar Truly believes that : “ If

you want to empower people, give them the tools. There is enough enterprenership in this country to take care of the rest.�

TEXT EDITOR IN LINUX Vi Editor (Visual Editor) The Linux “vi” Editor is a text based editor , useful for editing configuration files or creating plain text documents. The basic syntax of vi is # vi filename If the file exits , the file is opened & contents are displayed. If the file does not exist, vi creates it when the edits are saved for the first time.

Example1: Some of the useful option that you can use with vi # vi -m myfile (file is non-modifiable) # vi -R myfile (file is only modifiable by using the exclamation point :w! ) # vi -n myfile (do not use a swap file for backup (useful for floppies) # vi -r myfile (recover data from a swap file after a crash) # vi -x myfile (encrypt file when saving, decrypt file when editing) Vi editor works in three modes

Command mode

Insert mode

cursor movement change, delete, yank, put, search

type in new text Return to command mode with <ESC>

Ex mode Configuring, exiting, saving Search and replace

When you first enter vi, you will be in command mode. This is consider the “home” mode, the mode to which you will return when are otherwise not performing the some specific action. When in command mode, the keystrokes you enter do not become part of the text, but rather are interpreted as commands as shown above in example1. In insert mode , your keystrokes are actually data entered into you document, rather than the commands. The final mode is ex mode. In this mode, you can enter extended commands. Among the extended commands are saving, exiting and search & replace commands. To enter the ex mode, type “:”while in command mode. Cursor Movement in a File

h l k j

Left Right UP down

w b ( )

word ahead word back sentence back sentence forward

{ }

paragraph above paragraph below

The commands above will move the cursor about the file. There are many more cursor movements, but these are the most important & useful ones. The h, j , k & l movements move the cursor left, down, up & right. The w & b keys move forward and backward a word at a time. Deleting the text : Inserting and appending text x---> deletes text above the text i-->inserts text to the left of cursor X-->deletes text character on right of cursor I-->inserts in the beginning of line 20d -->deletes line 20 a-->appends text to right of cursor dd -->deletes current line A-->appends to the end of line D-->delete till end of current line Copy and pasting lines Saving yy--> copys the current line into buffer. :w-->saves the text does not quit 5yy-->copies 5 lines from the current line :wq!-->saves & quit the editor p--->pastes the current buffer :ZZ --->Save :q!-->Quit without saving Searching Undo last changes :%s/<search>/<replace>/g Search & Replace u--> undo last change. :/name -->Searches for the word name in the file U-->undo changes to the current line n-->n continues search forward N--->N searches backwards

By Prabha Rajan

The center celebrated the 34th Anniversary of HCL.

Kite Flying Competition was organized on the eve of Independence Day. Students as well as staff participated in the event.

Mohammad Irfan winner of kite flying completion. He competed with Rishi, Sunil Rahul, Durgesh, Sandeep, and Amit.

300 plus candidates in and around East Delhi attended the Yuva Pratibha Scholarship Examination on 22nd August 2010.The exam started at 9:00A.M till 6:00PM. The online examination designed by Aspiring Minds , tests the candidates Aptitude in English, Quantitative Aptitude and Computer Fundamentals.


icrosoft Virtual Techday was conducted at Centre on 18th , 19th and 20th August. 2010. Techdays gives the I T professional an opportunity to learn directly from experts. Microsoft Virtual TechDays is an event where we can learn some of the new technologies directly from Microsoft professionals and yes,, Free of cost. !!

The registration is open and was free to all. The individual has to register himself/herself using â&#x20AC;&#x153;Liveâ&#x20AC;? account to get the knowledge about latest Microsoft technologies. Live meeting sessions of experts from software as well hardware fields are broadcast and can be viewed online with internet connection with download speed of 256kbps or higher. Expert speakers are there for taking the sessions. These sessions are interactive, means you can ask questions directly and can participate in other interactive events like polls, The main highlight of the session was 30 deep technical sessions for software developers, Project Managers, IT Managers and Professionals.. HCL CDC Mayur Vihar provides facility for learning from this opportunity for all the students and staff on projector screen, because most of the students don't have high speed internet connections at their home. Around 67 participants were present throughout the 3 day program.

1st Prize Winner Rahul Raj. Photo was taken from Gavi near Idukki district (Kerala) during monsoons.

2nd prize winner Amit Saxena The photo was taken at Girija Devi Temple, Ramnagar, Uttar Pradesh .

The above photograph is of an established actor and producer. Identify the person and mail your answers to Last Month's contest answer: Adolf Hitler . Correct answer guessed by Manish Joshi

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