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RAGLAN Chronicle 1

dining guide


Raglan kids trick or treating up Upper Wainui Rd, Raglan. Photo courtesy of Jen F.

Should you wish to aquire any images from this week’s Chronicle - please contact us on 825 7076 or email your request to

Burgershack. Takeaway. 35a Bow Street.................................................................... 825 8439 Jo’s Takeaways. Te Kopua Domain..................................................................................825 8761 Harbour View Hotel. Dine in & Takeaway. 14 Bow Street..............................................825 8010 Marlin Cafe & Grill. Dine in. On the Wharf.................................................................. 825 0010 Namaste Kitchen. Eat in or takeaway. 31 Bow Street....................................................825 0300


Aloha Market Place - Sushi Takeaway. 5 Bow Street..................................................... 825 7440

Nannie’s Takeaways. 35 Bow Street............................................................................ 825 8842

Sir Greetings to folk sponsoring the Raglan Christmas Lights Project. Asking for money even at the best of times is always hard. The current credit and trading situation just adds to the difficulty. Thank you for making it easy for me when I approached you on behalf of the Raglan Community Board asking for financial support towards the Raglan Christmas Lights Project. Everyone was pleasant and your collective generosity has confirmed that this project is important to Raglan. We now have well over the minimum of twenty, so more lights will be going up. A big thank you to everybody who has agreed to sponsor the Raglan Christmas Lights project. I may have missed calling on some of you. If you would still like to be included please make payment by cheque made out to Raglan Community Board at the Waikato District Council’s Raglan office and let the Council staff know it is for the Raglan Christmas Lights Project. Payments need to be made on or before the 8th November.

Raglan West Store. Takeaways.45 Wainui Rd...............................................................825 8293

Thanks again Barry Ashby for Raglan Community Board

The Shack. Dine in or Takeaway. 19 Bow Street...........................................................825 0027

Dear Editor I could have been “posted missing” recently when teetering on the brink of a massive pot hole adjacent to Lilypot and the butcher’s shop. Long standing complaints from the adjascent businesses to the powers that be, have been ignored. They have been advised that fixing the numerous deep potholes would involve redoing the whole area.

The Raglan Club. Dine in or Takeaway. 22-24 Bow Street............................................ 825 8278 Zaragoza . Restaurant. Cafe. Dine in & Takeaway. 23 Bow St.......................................825 0205

So be it.

It is bad enough for locals but shameful for the recent influx of World Cup visitors to see such apathy. Has the WeatherMap - New Zealand weather forecasts time come to picket the pot holes and march with placards to Ngaruawahia? Patsy Zohs, Raglan Weather Map

Raglan Weather & Tides

Check for latest forecasts Forecasts Forecast generated on Wednesday 2 November Max Summary Wind Waves* Tides* Sun/Moon temp (C) (km/hr) (m) (High/Low) (Rise/Set)

1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays in Raglan 2nd and 4th Saturdays in Te Mata Further information: Raglan 825 8135 Parish Priest Fr Anselm Aherne: Frankton 847 56 88


Showers with clear spells


W 25 W 30

am pm


06:13 H 05:00 am R S 07:54 L 11:10 am MR H 05:30 pm MS 01:55 02:28

am pm pm am


Sunny with some cloud


W 20 am SW 30 pm



12:00 06:20 12:20 06:40

am R 06:12 am S 07:55 pm MR 02:52 pm MS 02:57

am pm pm am




W 25 W 35

am pm



01:00 07:20 01:20 07:40

am R 06:11 am S 07:56 pm MR 03:48 pm MS 03:24

am pm pm am




SW 25 am SW 25 pm



01:50 08:10 02:10 08:20

am R 06:10 am S 07:57 pm MR 04:44 pm MS 03:51

am pm pm am


Cloud with possible showers


SW 20 am W 25 pm



02:40 08:50 03:00 09:00

am R 06:09 am S 07:58 pm MR 05:40 pm MS 04:19

am pm pm am


Mainly fine with possible showers


W 15 W 15

am pm



03:20 09:30 03:40 09:40

am R 06:08 am S 08:00 pm MR 06:36 pm MS 04:48

am pm pm am


Mainly fine with possible showers


W 25 W 25

am pm


06:07 L 03:50 am R S 08:01 H 10:00 am MR L 04:10 pm MS 07:33 05:20

am pm pm am

*Total significant wave height and *Tide times for Raglan Bar Raglan Ink Ltd home of the Raglan Chronicle Office Open Mon - Fri 9.00am - 4.00pm, Wainui Rd, Raglan Ph: (07) 825-7076 Fax: (07) 825-7078 Post: P.O. Box 234, Raglan


10am Raglan Area School 7pm Te Uku Church Pastor Roger Peart ph 07 825 5199

2 RAGLAN Chronicle

Email: Advertising & Articles The

advertising and editorial content deadline will be Monday at 12pm week of issue. DISCLAIMER

Contact: Administrator Jan Mitchell ph 825 5122

Opinions and views expressed in the Raglan Chronicle do not necessarily represent those held by the Editors or Publishers. Every care will be taken in the preparation and placement of submitted material but the Editors/Publishers shall not be liable for errors or omissions or subsequent effects due to the same. It is the submitters responsibility to ensure material is not libelous or defamatory. The Editors/Publishers reserve the right to abridge, alter or decline any material submitted to the Raglan Chronicle to meet the constraints of space and/or maintain a reasonable standard of language and decorum.

Give us our daily bread: Raglan rises to challenge Raglan Four Square purchasing manager Ross Jones said people panicked on the first day of the crisis when only 15 loaves of bread were delivered to the supermarket. It would normally have had a few hundred loaves on its shelves. On the second day there were â&#x20AC;&#x153;minimalâ&#x20AC;? deliveries, he told the Chronicle, with only a couple of trays of the cheaper, more popular brands â&#x20AC;&#x201C; like Budget and Pams â&#x20AC;&#x201C; available, and even up until Sunday the supermarket was not back to its full quota. â&#x20AC;&#x153;But we still had our speciality breads like Countrylane and MacKenzie High

Country bread,â&#x20AC;? Ross said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;And we baked more of our own bread to make up for it,â&#x20AC;? he added. He saw that as a bonus for the store, in highlighting what the on-site bakery could offer.

it was too late to give more of the milk away. And contradicting text messages on the Wednesday over whether the milk was being picked up just resulted in confusion all round.

Meantime local dairy farmers were forced to dump litres of unprocessed milk when Fonterra was unable to pick it up for treatment in its gas-run factories.

An early Thursday morning pick-up went some way towards getting the system back to normal, he said.

Te Uku farmer Ross Wallis â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with 280 cows on 115 hectares â&#x20AC;&#x201C; was able to give some of the rich unprocessed milk away to neighbours to use for themselves, but much of the 6000-litre load which wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t picked up last week went into his effluent holding pen where it gets watered down and spread on pasture. Unfortunately, he said, Fonterra couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t notify Raglan dairy farmers until quite late on the Tuesday night that it was unable to do a pick-up, by which time

Museum flags security as a priority Raglan Museum Society is taking no risks when it comes to security in the flashy new waterfront building it now shares with the relocated i-site off the end of Stewart Street. A CCTV system was to be installed this week before major artefacts are brought in, society president Pat Day told the Chronicle. Security issues in the old museum â&#x20AC;&#x201C; when a few items including a Nazi flag went missing on Anzac Day 2009 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; â&#x20AC;&#x153;made us wary,â&#x20AC;? he said.

Members of the society were to meet with Ngati Mahanga representatives on Monday to discuss this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s opening ceremony. Mayor Allan Sanson and Raglan Pipe Band will be among attendees.

Another Te Uku farmer, Grant Dickie â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with 540 cows on 225 hectares â&#x20AC;&#x201C; dumped nearly 12,000 litres of milk, to be diluted and used for irrigation of paddocks, with some shared around pigs and calves. Fonterra paid for the losses, Grant pointed out, but ultimately itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll cost the company which canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t claim insurance. Unlike in Auckland and elsewhere, the crisis caused no problem for the likes of cafes in Raglan as thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no reticulated gas here. Edith Symes

Chartered Accountants 7147948AA

Raglan area residents faced both unexpected inconvenience and the odd surprise bonus last week when the Maui gas pipeline ruptured downcountry in North Taranaki, causing a ripple effect for customers across the upper North Island.

Friendly, efficient service,in your community

Gordonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gin

carpet | vinyl | porcelain & ceramic tiles | cork floor sanding | timber flooring | concrete polishing


$32.99 Smirnoff Vodka 1ltr

Edith Symes

ARDERN FOR TARANAKI-KING COUNTRY Authorised by Shane Ardern MP, Parliament House, Parliament, Molesworth St, Wellington

13 Wallis Street, Raglan 07 825 7050



Open 5 days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday& CdYb]b[<cifg.AcbUbXHiYgUZhYfbccbg Friday 9-5pm, Sat 10 - 2pm or by appointment. KYXUbXGUhifXUmZfca%$!&dacfVmUddc]bhaYbh

kkk"fU[`UbZ`ccf]b["Wc"bn ph 825 8777 mob 027 660 9924 showroom 53 Wainui Rd, Raglan

Waikato Draught 440ml 6pk Cans

$9.99 Lion Red

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Raglan Club Entertainment Guide

4O\QgbVS ]RRUO[S]T^]]Z-

Thursday Night Roasts: Thursday Night Roasts are back! Choice of three meats plus vegetables -$10. Dessert for only $6.00 Friday November 4th. 7.30pm till late: Band â&#x20AC;&#x153;Pureâ&#x20AC;?

Check out the Raglan Club

Saturday November 12th. 7.30pm till late: Ken Hughes & Friends. Pirates and Wenches fancy dress

Ph: 825 8288

Phone: 825 8288

eeeQZcPa\hQ]\h G=C2=<¸B8CAB8=7</1:C0G=C03:=<5 RAGLAN Chronicle 3

Beach book born of two years’ life on the road Auckland was doing his head in, he was “stressing out” what to do with his life and at two, one morning – parked up outside a friend’s place in Raglan – Tim Rainger got a brainwave.

Nikau Sanctuary Specialising in:

Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage) Lomi ‘ili (Hawaiian Hot Stones) Acute/Chronic Pain Conditions Available 7 days a week & evenings

Robbyn Ho

Diploma of Therapeutic Massage (Maui, Hawaii). RMT NZ NZ Registered Nurse Certified Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM)

Mob. 027 836 774

Ph. 825 7882

He’d get in his “crappy old campervan”, drive to every beach in the North Island, take photographs, make notes and write a book. That was two years ago. And Tim, who once lived here for 10 years but is now “based nowhere”, can take a breather and be proud of ‘The New Zealand Good Beach Guide,’ his recently published work of the North Island. It’s packed with nearly 550 colour pictures, features 94 maps and charts plus useful wind and swell diagrams. “It will answer most of your questions and show you places that you may not have even known existed,” says its publicity blurb. Tim, 49 and the father of a 17-year-old, reckons he travelled round that summer of 2009-10 with a “parent’s perspective,” after having read somewhere that going to the beach was a favourite pastime for 60 percent of Kiwis. But there was no guide to the New Zealand coast, Tim told the Chronicle. He had money in the bank from selling up in Auckland, and he could camp in his van. So started Tim’s journey from one beach to another –and by the winter of 2010 he was ready to write up his notes and work on the design of the book which, he says, “celebrates the outrageous diversity we have on our back doorstep.” Tim was no stranger to the world of publishing, or to that of travelling and producing travel guides. Born and raised on the New Zealand coast, he began his working life as a commercial and advertising photographer in Auckland before moving to Europe where he honed his skills with a freelance writing course in London, then

RAGLAN TRUST HOSPITAL Caring for the ones you love 27 - 29 Manukau Road Ph. 07 825 8306 Fax: 07 825 8855 Email:

home based child care

Available in Raglan • • • •

Dr Oliver Russell Dr Gill Brady Dr Marcia Mitchley 10 Bankart Street, Raglan

Babies to 5 years Flexible hours 20 ECE hrs for 3 & 4 year olds WINZ Subsidies available

We are also seeking motivated educators to provide care in their own homes

Phone 0800 jemmas

can’t It Probably Won’t Heal In keep Time up?

4 RAGLAN Chronicle

started a publishing company producing surf and snowboard guides in the ’90s. But this beach guide is his first ever Kiwi book. And it was born from that brainwave on his return to Raglan to “recharge his batteries”, when he reckons he fell in love with the place all over again. While Tim has written, photographed, art directed and published the beach guide himself through his company Clean Media, he’s also had input from several locals including graphic designer Edith Woischin, layout assistant Kelly Clarkson and proof-reader Viv Hill “who always made me feel like this was a project worth persevering with.” Then there was Brett Beamsley from MetOcean in Raglan, responsible for all the maps plus wind and swell rose diagrams. His technical assistance and dry humour kept Tim going, he says, “in the face of adversity.” Manu Bay’s Gavin Melgren and Patti Mitchley, who made Tim “so welcome in their home over such a long period,” also get a mention in the book’s intro and acknowledgements. Tim admits he’s invested a huge amount of emotional energy into the work – but he’s not finished yet. While he’s currently driving around, retracing his steps to market and sell the book, there’s no stopping him on his quest to do it all over again in the South Island. All the while he continues to surf, fish, swim and sail on a daily basis. Edith Symes

More affordable housing After a very successful year, Whaingaroa Affordable Housing Trust (WAHT) met in October to consider where to go in 2012. A number of Raglan homes will be warmer next year, thanks to the installation of carpets, curtains and draft stoppers, and cut firewood is already being stored for next winter. WAHT has been very pleased to organise two public meetings in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, who have already bought land in Raglan, and are currently interviewing prospective families. The build, which will involve the whole Raglan community, is planned to go ahead before Easter. This is a great beginning, and hopefully Habitat’s involvement will continue to grow in Raglan, perhaps with WAHT support for other families who missed out in the first round. Another way WAHT hopes to strengthen the partnership is through Habitat’s new scheme, A Brush with Kindness, aimed at supporting people who own their own homes, but who need help with upgrading, such as repairs and insulation. WAHT members are meeting on November 17th at 11.00 a.m. in the Vestry Room at the rear of the Anglican Church in Bow St, to look at ways of working through other organisations to make rented accommodation more affordable in Raglan. This is a public meeting, and anyone who is interested in finding out more is most welcome. The Whaingaroa Affordable Housing Trust is very open to suggestions on what the next steps should be. Vin Glynn

Chamber of Commerce There have been some role changes on the Board following the resignation of Alan Vink last month. We thank Alan for his work in helping establish the organisation. Stephanie Philp has been elected Chairperson. Stephanie has a background in Human Resource Management, Training and Development. She has worked in all kinds of business settings; from heavy manufacturing, to vehicle rental and haulage, to healthcare. Stephanie was part of the Senior Management Team of a power company before starting her own business in 1994. She has studied the psychology of marketing and trains, coaches and writes. Stephanie leads the Training subcommittee and is passionate about the role of training in improving all aspects of business success. She is an accredited mentor with Business Mentors NZ. Jamie Bruce is our new Vice-Chairperson. Jamie started work in the construction industry in 1991, working for 4 different Waikato Architectural design companies before starting up Envision Architecture in 2004. Jamie’s recently completed project was the design and drawings for our new Museum and Information Centre. Jamie was treasurer for the Waikato branch of ADNZ (Architectural Designers of New Zealand) for 3 years, and is also part of the startup group of Whaingaroa Appropriate Economy (WAE) where members reciprocate the use of each other’s money instead of paying interest – an interest free solution for working with finances. Jamie has been married to Jenny for 17 years and together they’re bringing up 4 fantastic kids.

We also have 3 new members who have joined the Board:

Tu Ora If you were blown away by the beautiful work shown last year by students working for the Diploma in Maori Visual Arts, be prepared for amazing things in this year’s ‘Tu Ora’ exhibition, opening on Saturday evening at the Old School Arts Centre. Paintings, clay sculptures, weaving and multimedia works will be on show, Heeni Kerekere and her students and kaiako Heeni Kerekere individual style and confidence is growing all the says all the students will be showing work, seven from year 2 and eight time as they explore their own inner vision and creativity. The course, based at Poihakena Marae from year 3. Coming from cultures as diverse as Spanish, is done in the students own time at weekends, English and Rarotongan as well as Maori, the and is taught by Heeni herself with a variety of students spend time learning history, language guest tutors. The exhibition will run for a week and all works and tikanga to deepen their understanding of Maori visual art forms, as well as learning the will be for sale. skills and techniques. Heeni says the students’ Judith Collins

Park Drive Panel B Park Drive Panel Beaters

Colin Hodkinson has a military background having spent 24 years in the New Zealand Army, the last four serving as Director of the National Army Museum in Waiouru. He moved into the management of Retirement Villages and now manages Vision Forest Lake, in Te Rapa. Colin is married to Chrissy, the Coordinator at the Community House, Raglan, and together they operate the Inkledoo Bed and Breakfast. He is also the Vice President of the Raglan Returned Services Association. Colin has experience and strengths in all aspects of business management as well as in the tourism industry and is keen to see a continued strengthening of, and growth in, Raglan’s accommodation providers and industry generally. Geoff Kelly moved to Raglan during 2005 for a change in lifestyle. Previously he had his own business in the building industry and has the many skills needed to run a successful business. Currently he is involved in the logistics industry. Geoff lives in Raglan with his partner, Bronwyn. You can find him during holiday weekends putting his sales skills to work at The Herbal Dispensary. Geoff has been involved in sports committees for many years and looks forward to working with The Raglan Chamber of Commerce. In his spare time he enjoys fishing around Raglan and is kept busy with his family. Charlie Young first came to NZ in 1998....on a Surfing holiday with Erin. They had 1 month to see NZ and ended up spending the entire time in Raglan, specifically in Whale Bay. They fell in love with Raglan, the NZ vibe and lifestyle. They decided to sell up everything they owned - including a restaurant - and settled in Whale Bay to live their dream. They have been responsible for establishing NZ’s 1st officially sanctioned surf school,The Raglan Surfing School , and have managed the Karioi Outdoor Centre in Whale Bay, and created accommodation and property management company Sleeping Lady Lodgings Ltd. They launched the Wahine Moe Charter Boat in the Raglan Harbour at the beginning of this year. Charlie is chairing the tourism subcommittee. Raglan Chamber has taken ‘Discover Raglan’ tourism brand under its wing and is sponsoring a one page advertisement in the soon to be issued Hamilton and Waikato Regional Visitor Guide. With 100,000 copies being printed we’re confident that it will have major spinoffs for all Raglan businesses and therefore the community as a whole.

Please visit: for more information.

8 RAGLAN Chronicle

enjoy music with your

preschooler! Your local mainly music When: Mondays & Wednesdays 9.30am Where : Te Uku Church Hall When : $3.00 per family Contact : Surfside Christian Life Centre

Phone 825 5199

Raglan Kindergarten We Welcome all enquiries and enrolments We welcome all enquiries and enrolments for children 2 for Children 21/2 and over. 1/2 and over. We offer morning (8.30-12.30), afternoon We offer Morning or Afternoon sessions, (1-3) and ‘Kindergarten sessions (8.30-3.00). fully qualifiedday’ staff and a safe,We have fully qualified stafflearning and a safe,environment. fun, learning environment. fun, Using some of your child’s ‘20 free hours’ at Kindergarten could mean no fees for you!!

CALL IN ANYTIME AT: 9 STEWART STREET, RAGLAN or Phone us on 825 8674 Email


Raglan’s MP could face a tougher fight Raglan looks set to be represented in Parliament for another three years by an Opunake-based former dairy farmer, but National’s stranglehold on the seat could be loosened both by Labour’s selection of a high-profile candidate and the Greens’ strong recent polling. Up against sitting MP Shane Ardern this time around in the Taranaki-King Country electorate – which has Raglan on its northern fringes – is veteran Labour MP Rick Barker, whose 18-year parliamentary career has included two three-year terms as a Cabinet minister. While he may be regarded as something of a ring-in after spending the first four of his six terms representing voters on the other side of the island, list MP and Labour chief whip Barker could still put at least a dent in the big majorities Ardern has enjoyed since taking over the seat from former Prime Minister Jim Bolger in a by-election way back in 1988. Ardern, whose greatest political moment has been to drive a tractor up the steps of Parliament in protest at a suggested “fart” tax, has won two out of every three votes cast in Taranaki-King country electorate at the last two elections. Against that his Labour opponent last time around, Taranaki party stalwart Renee van de Weert, could attract only 19 per cent of the vote, just over double the numbers who ticked the box for a highprofile Greens candidate in Te Pahu’s Rob Hamill. The Greens field a new candidate this time, Hamilton student and union organiser Robert Moore, and there will be strong interest in whether the 23-year-old is able to capitalise on the party’s good polling.

With nominations set to close this week, the only other candidate known to be contesting the Taranaki-King Country seat was Jamie Dombroski from the Legalise Cannabis party, one that could find some empathy with Raglan voters. Meanwhile a good fight is on the cards again in the Maori seat of Hauraki-Waikato, where Raglan political rights advocate and academic Angeline Greensill squares off against Labour candidate Nanaia Mahuta. Greensill gave Mahuta a close run in 2005 and came closer still in 2008 (47.5 per cent versus 52.2 per cent of the vote). But it’s no simple rerun of the last two bouts as Greensill will be representing the breakaway Mana party, after complaining the Maori party “no longer listens to its people”. The Maori Party in turn has selected Tauhuia Bruce Martin as its candidate, and he could split the vote of either or both the traditional rivals. Mahuta has held the seat since 1996. • The general elections will be held on November 26. A.T.

Meet the candidates forum You are invited to attend this event and meet and hear the six candidates: Taranaki-King Country General Electorate Wednesday 9th November at Raglan Union Church, 3 Stewart St. @ 7.30pm. This is a public event for the Raglan community. All welcome

49 Duke Street, Cambridge

ph 07 827 1958

Dinsdale Hammer Hardware - your one stop hardware & garden centre Dinsdale Hammer Hardware is locally owned by the Jones family and we pride ourselves on giving the best advice and service to our customers. With only 8 weeks till Christmas we have stock arriving daily with the beach shelters now in stock. During the weekdays we stay open until 5.30pm and maybe this of use for those Raglan people who commute daily, for that last minute item of hardware. Gardening is in full swing now with fresh supplies of vege seedlings like beans, sweetcorn, pumpkin, leek, spring onions, capsicum, zucchini, cucumbers – crystal apple and telegraph tomato plants including Red and grafted. Don’t forget the greens: broccoli, cauli, cabbage rhubarb and of cause the herb plants.We have received our fourth shipment of seed potatoes and if you want them for the Xmas Day meal you had better get them underway. Everyday someone new to the area comes into our store in the Dinsdale Shopping Centre. Have you checked out our store yet? We are receiving compliments by pleasantly surprised customers who didn’t know that a Hammer store such as ours existed. It’s a lot bigger and a bit different from the normal. Potted colour is moving bigtime again and the garden centre is looking fresh and pretty. We have a large and varied range of seed raising mix, composts and potting mixes up to 40 litre bags. Also the smaller bags of Black Magic seed raising mix. Don’t forget your Rootblast! Have you been looking for Jeyes Fluid, Borax, Liberon Oils and Bees Wax or maybe a Salt Lamp?

Vanessa has them in stock now. People can’t find them anywhere else. Dinsdale Hammer Hardware can provide everything in basic hardware and with some nice spring days happening now customers are starting to tackle all sorts of little jobs that have been annoying them over the wintertime. We have a range of handtools, electrical, plumbing, paint and accessories, power tools or garden hardware to get that job done much easier. Get your next 9kg gas bottle filled now for the barbeque season which is getting closer all the time. Our latest addition is Swap a Gas 9kg bottle which has taken off. A simple and faster way to get your next 9kg gas bottle filled. Painting jobs around the home are being prepared and started with the warmer weather here now. We stock New Zealands top brands: Dulux, British Paints and Wattyl, and we have experienced staff, capable of tinting or matching and advising on your painting requirements. Key cutting is a specialty and the staff are all competent at cutting house and car keys and will take care of them while you wait and our prices are the lowest around town. Everyone tells us. For all hardware and gardening needs call and talk to the friendly staff at Dinsdale Hammer Hardware in the Dinsdale Shopping Centre. We are open seven days and have plenty of free parking available. Dinsdale Hammer Hardware accept Grey Power, Gold Card and AA Smartfuel loyalty cards. All credit cards are accepted, including Farmers Trading Company, Q Card and Farmacard. 387 Anglesea St, Lynden Court, Chartwell Hamilton ph 07 839 3072 ph 855 7872









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RAGLAN Chronicle 9





ALL ELECTRICAL â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

General Electrical Air Conditioning & Heating Heat Pumps Home Entertainment Security Alarms

Ph 0800 500 101 Finance available (Q Card)




â&#x20AC;˘ quality new homes â&#x20AC;˘ alterations / fencing/ decks â&#x20AC;˘ plan service available 20+ years building in Raglan


Reliable quality service Locally owned and operated PHONE ROSS 021 782 280 07 825 8678

for free quotes & quality workmanship PHONEPH MARK 0274 912912 911911 A/HA/H 825 825 00690069 MARK 0274 ROB 027 550 6080 EE PH ROB 027 550 6080












Craftsman Plumber & Gasfitter. Reg. Drainlayer



Brett Soanes Interior Plasterer / Gib Stopper Ă&#x;Ă&#x; skim coating Ă&#x;Ă&#x; cove Ă&#x;Ă&#x; square stop Ă&#x;Ă&#x; renovations or new homes


New Housing Alterations Drainlaying Solar Installations Gas Appliance Servicing Maintenance

Phone: 07 825 5251 Damon: 027 666 1318 Matt: 027 493 9502 PO Box 15477, Dinsdale, Hamilon


PROPERTY MAINTENANCE & IMPROVEMENTS â&#x20AC;˘ Concreting/ Pathways etc â&#x20AC;˘ Garden Fences â&#x20AC;˘ Landscaping â&#x20AC;˘ Garden Tidy Ups â&#x20AC;˘ Gates

â&#x20AC;˘ Tree Work Felling & Planting â&#x20AC;˘ Decking â&#x20AC;˘ Retaining Walls â&#x20AC;˘ Painting â&#x20AC;˘ General Repairs

Cliff Hosking Mob: 027 631 8677

If you become a regular advertiser...


If you become a regular advertiser... This space could be yours Contact the Raglan Chronicle on 07 825 7076 or email us at:

SUN 6 NOV @ Te Uku Church, service 7pm. MAINLY MUSIC. Monday & Wednesday 9:30am @ Te Uku Church. MON 7 NOV@ THE RAGLAN CLUB. 500 cards, 1pm.

THURS 8.00AM TE UKU BEGINNERS YOGA CLASS @ THE TE UKU HALL - opposite the Te Uku 4-Square. All welcome THURS @ Raglan Community House 10 - 1pm CV Writing Assistance. FREE. All welcome. Appts required. Ph 825 8142. SAT 5 NOV. FOUNDATION REGGAE @ POIHAKENA MARAE. 11 music students from Auckland polytechnic MAINZ and local performers play jamaica styles 10.00 - 5.00 pm everybody welcome donations to support Kaiwhakaaraara artists’ Australia trip.


CLASS @ the Te Uku Hall opposite the Te Uku 4-Square. All welcome

ZUMBA! TE UKU HALL. Monday 9.30am Tuesdays 6-7.30pm and Wednesdays 11am. Waitetuna School Wednesdays 6pm. All welcome. Sarah T 8255844. TUESDAYS @ Raglan Club -- Texas Hold’em 6.30pm. WED 9 NOV, RAGLAN RAMBLERS. Karamu Walkway 15km on top of the ridge with limestone and views to Waikato, Pirongia & Whaingaroa bring lunch. WED 9 NOV @ BLACKSAND CAFÉ. Knitting Circle from 9.30am. All welcome! THURS @ the Old School Arts Centre. Spinners and weavers. 10am – 2pm. New members welcome.


Peace -Reggae band $5 c/c.


Call Tom, 825 0404

For Sale

Services Offered


CARPET CLEANING SPECIAL, 3 Bdrm House $120 0274708481.


**New Products**  Organic  Chicken  Layer Pellets  Kitty Kibble Cat Food  Box 1 Dog Food  Calf Salts  ** Local Favourites**  Calf Milkpowder  Anlamb Lamb Milk  Calf Pellets  Horse Meal & Chaff  Layer Pellets  Pig Grower Pellets  Chook Chow  Scotties Dog Biscuits  Rabbit Pellets  Wild Bird & Aviary Mix  EFTPOS AVAILABLE 

07 825 5812 

NOW OPEN   MONDAY­ FRIDAY  9am ­ 4pm  3205 SH23, Te Uku 


email pics. Mint condition. Offers. 825574 BURTON







Are you interested in building on your children’s identity, Reo and Tikanga Maori? Are you interested in an opportunity in bridging your child into a total immersion classroom? We are taking enrolments NOW for 2012 There are opportunities for all ages between 5 and 8 years of age set on criteria.


$900. Ph 07 854 6649. PUREBRED LAB.


GOLDEN vaccinated

and neutered, 9 months old,

2 BEDROOM COTTAGE. Sunny. Close to water, school and town. Estuary views. $190 week. Ph 027 342 5278.

RETAIL SHOP Available for lease. High foot traffic. Prime location In Raglans CBD Ph 021 363465

All enquires to: Dawn Brock Ph 07 834 311




COLLECTORS U R G E N T L Y NEEDED FOR SPCA appeal, 511 Nov. Not door to door. Ph Mike 8256769.



To Let

Premises situated at 13 Bow St. (current premises of Scintilla), available from 1 November 2011.

For Hire





RAY OR TIGER 0800 668 833 027 433 3338 07 823 6500 Missing/Lost 14 YR OLD PALE BROWN CAT. Name: Monty, very friendly and talks a lot! REWARD if found. Missing from 116i Greenslade Rd. Please call Ro 0274 847985.

gun dogs. $500, ph: 07

F L O O R S A N D I N G TORTOISE-SHELL 8255104. EQUIPMENT for hire. Ph CAT lost from 76 Raglan Flooring 825 8777. Okete Rd on 21st Oct. VICTORIAN PINE COUNTRY KITCHEN BOUNCY CASTLE, Great Phone Juliet on 07 825 TABLE with drawer. Right entertainment for the kids, 5768. Very missed! call Vicki 8257575 Up





Work Wanted

Wanted to Rent

E X P E R I E N C E D 2 BEDROOM HOUSE, C H I L D M I N D E R with GORGEOUS NATURAL partly or fully furnished, AVAILABLE references. Ph Bairbre jewellery to adorne mature couple, long term. on 021 2527993 yourself, new collections Ph: 825 0958 or 022 075 AN

Robyn Mathieson, Brady, & Tigerlily new ranges instore

Lilypot Florist * Fresh flowers * Send flowers * Potted plants 021 448 104 2 Wallis Street


divided into 3. Prof built.



just arrived. Right up My Alley, Volcom Lane.

We offer a competitive payment rate with an extensive toy library, training provisions, medical insurance and on going support. Please enquire now!

THE PLANT PLACE Good value garden Centre 78 Alison St Hamilton



Do you want to work from home? Are you a parent wanting more social interaction for your preschooler? Do enjoy working with and along side children? Why not become an educarer with Bizzy Buddyz Home Based Childcare.

Te Ropu Aroha ki te Reo Raglan Area School



Interested in becoming an Educarer for Bizzy Buddyz?

Ph: Fleur 027 2068388 Mon- Sun.

pics. Offers. 825 5745.

SALE. 3m x1.8 mtres

RAGLAN ART GROUP Raffle Results: 1st – Sylvia Bowditch, 2nd – Barbara Sainsbury.

CAR POOLING pref. Female to Te Awamutu / Chartwell


Award Winner 2010. Can

TO SWAP: UNIT FOR HOUSE OR FARMLET. Are you thinking of downsizing? We own a 2 bedroom unit in Raglan: The best views, recently painted inside and outside + new carpet. Enquiries re negotiation ph: 021 119 1439.

Weeping Maples $20 & $25 Ligularia Reniformis $15

4 BEDROOM VILLA for rent Te Uku, large section, LIBTECH T.RICE spacious living. $259 p/w. SERIES SNOWBOARD. Ph 8255104. Size

One hour cardio/ strength focus. Mon-Thurs, 6-7pm Fri, 11am-12 Must Pre-Book, max 3 per class.

Public Notices

Whale Bay Fitness Studio


FRI 4 NOV @ The Raglan SAT 5TH NOV @ THE YOT Club. Band – Pure, 7.30pm CLUB. Dead Fools Fiesta. ‘til late. Live Dub & Reggae from FRIDAY 4TH NOV @ THE YOT CLUB.DOUBLE Waitakaere City.With THE BROWN.Fresh Party Beats. ACE TONES and WEST Free Entry AUCKLAND SUPER BAND. 9pm, $10 SAT 5TH @ ORCA Unknown

TRX Circuit Classes

Public Notices


0800 084 314 or (07) 960 9040


Courses, classes & workshops

If you are interested please email or phone Liz Rangiawha at: (07) 825 8140

MEET THE CANDIDATES FORUM You are invited to a public forum to meet and hear six Election candidates. Wednesday 9th November at 7.30pm Raglan Union Church,3 Stewart St. This is a community event. All welcome

GREEN PAPER FOR VULNERABLE CHILDREN New Zealand’s statistics on the abuse and neglect of our children are appalling. The Green Paper is a discussion document that outlines the ideas the Government has to improve the lives of vulnerable children. You have a chance to share your ideas and to influence what government decides to do This is something that concerns every New Zealander DON’T LEAVE IT TO “someone else” TO COMMENT....... COME ALONG AND HELP US TO GENERATE A COMMUNITY RESPONSE WHERE: Raglan Community House WHEN: Wednesday 16th November at 10am AND Tuesday 22nd November at 7pm

WHAINGAROA HARBOUR CLUSTER HUI Friday 11th October 2011 7.00pm. Poihakena Marae, Raglan Tainui Awhiro Trust (N’ Tamainupo, Nga Tokotoru, N’ Mahanga, Tainui). For apologies or agenda, contact:

or (07) 825 0259 Naumai Haere mai

Seasonal Workers Horotiu, Hamilton.

Let’s not muck around, in fact let’s cut straight to it. If you want good money, the best crew around, and genuine opportunities to up-skill and grow… it’ll definitely pay to join us at Affco. Right now we’re gearing up for a solid season, which is why we’re keen to get you in on the action (and the rewards). And it doesn’t matter if you’ve worked in the meat processing industry before or not. What we’re interested in is your good work ethic, team player approach and easy going attitude. From the stockyard to butchery, we’ve got opportunities to suit any skill or experience level. So to find the fit that’s right for you, follow the instructions below. Apply within: Affco Horotiu, Great South Road, Horotiu or phone Yvonne 07 829 9504 for further information. RAGLAN RAGLANChronicle Chronicle11 11

Raglan Real Estate Ltd Licenced (REAA 2008)

AUCTION 11.11.11 !"#$%"&'(")*+,-"./01-2"34"567"8,2"&'9:'; 6pm ber ­ "56"7 m e v ! 1 No 4(.$ Fri 1 $123$ 0 ).$/


+, A"U#$%C&'()$* !

SIZE IS NOT A PROBLEM 4 bedroom home with endless options Wonderful family home, modern new kitchen  Large double garaging and workshop  Large shade houses with irrigation throughout  1212m² of land Prior Auction offers considered.


6pm ber ­ "56"7 m e v ! 1 No 4(.$ Fri 1 $123$ 0 ).$/


+, A"U#$%C&'()$* !

ULTIMATE WATERFRONT RESIDENCE Breathtaking views from living area &  large entertainer’s deck   3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms   Fabulous composite topped kitchen   Double garage, harbour access   Situated on 1324m² Prior Auction offers considered.


OPEN HOME 4879"#$/:; <<$=2>)?7;)7($!9$

6pm ber ­ "56"7 m e v ! 1 No 4(.$ Fri 1 $123$ 0 ).$/

N CTIO*+,-

A"U#$%&'()$ !

ID#RAG20886 6pm ber ­ "56"7 m e v ! 1 No 4(.$ Fri 1 $123$ 0 .$/ +,-)


A"U#$%&'()$ !

4"(8?9"#$/:; HIJ$=?))7K6"9)$!9$

6pm ber ­ "56"7 m e v ! 1 No 4(.$ Fri 1 $123$ 0 ).$/

MAKE ME YOUR OWN – I’M RATHER SPECIAL! Four double bedroom home on 625m² Two large living areas, 2 ½  bathrooms Fantastic designer kitchen, entertainer’s oven  ./01!(+/2%34(/0!/(5*6#(*$&(&*(#$""4(7!-8(+*0( alfresco dining  93*0%*$#(:&"(;%!6#'(2/1"%,-!"&(#$"#!&# & a glimpse of the harbour. Prior Auction offers considered.

N CTIO*+,-

A"U#$%&'()$ !

6pm ber ­ "56"7 m e v ! 1 No 4(.$ Fri 1 $123$ 0 .$/ +,-)


A"U#$%&'()$ !

I$O*+N,T C AU &'() $%


4879"#$0:; /$4;'(&$4(?))(


OPEN HOME 4"(8?9"#$0:; /B"$4';27$!2"9



Sunday 12pm – 21b Long Street

Saturday 1pm – 12 Seabreeze Way

Sunday 1pm – 2 Smith Street

Saturday 1pm – 29a Simon Road

Sunday 1pm – 64 Wainui Road

Saturday 2pm – 78j Greenslade Rd

Sunday 2pm – 54 Wallis Street

Saturday 3pm – 11 Robertson St  Sunday 11am ­ 69d Otonga Valley Rd

Sunday 2pm – 55 Government Rd






WV 4 V U $

HOW CONVENIENT $289,000 NORRIE AVE north­facing 414m² section


2 storey home will maximise views of the bar & Mt Karioi  Bring your architect & make your dream a reality. 





BEACH SECTION $250,000 Large 5784m² section at Ruapuke Beach Awesome views of Mt. Karioi, see the  sand and waves on Ruapuke Beach Own water supply from fresh mountain  spring, water connected on site. Minutes drive and walk to beach, #$0,"1'(,#>%"1H Park your caravan while you build or use  as your weekend getaway.

TIMELESS CHARM $565,000 Old villas have a history and character that can never  be replicated. There’s plenty of both in this traditional  villa (built in 1906) with all the character and charm of  times gone by. Featuring 4/5 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms  and 2 living rooms plus a modern kitchen. Currently  operating as a successful B&B, this home would also  make  an  excellent  family  home.  Picturesque  water  and mountain views and only eight minutes walk to  town, shops, cafés and beaches. Plenty of off street  parking and two drive in entrances. Call to view.



Solid built large home has 2.5 brms, &  2 bthrms upstairs. Spacious separate  lounge & big views of the ocean & harbour J*6"#&/%0#(K(#L-(M?02(5/&'(>*??4(0**2'( dbl garage & internal access 1059m²­  Conveniently located to renowned surf &  swimming spots. Property on the market for  the next 4 weeks only!  Don’t delay call to view today! 4879"#$/:;



Sunday 2pm – 14 Upper Wainui Rd


Conveniently close to town, the local  school & water 



4"(8?9"#$E$4879"#$00"; FB$*(275"$G"66)#$!9

Saturday 11am ­ 69d Otonga Valley Rd


WV 4 V U $

Great family home to add your touch to! Modern 3 double bedroom, master with !"#$%&!'()(*+,-!( Low maintenance 9,547m² (Over 2 Acres) fully fenced section  All round elevated rural views  Located within easy access to Raglan & Hamilton Prior Auction offers considered.

Open Homes

LILYPOT –Florist at Raglan, $35,000 E(+$"84(5*0%#&(#!33%"1(+0!#>(5*6!0#'(#%38( 5*6!0#'(1%+&(60/==!7(=3/"&#'()(;/0%*$#(1%+&( items. Amazing seaside location with plenty  of parking. Member of Petals Worldwide  F!&6*08()(G!3!5*0/H(I$&$0!(6!77%"1( orders included with sale. Financial records  available for genuine interest. Owner retiring.



SUPERB STARTER Sun­drenched, light & bright two bedroom home Central location for swimming & walk to town Freshly painted inside & out with modern  colours Fully insulated and with a great new deck Great little starter or solid investment Prior Auction offers considered.

OPEN HOME 4879"#$0:; FC$%"'78'$!9


6pm ber ­ "56"7 m e v ! 1 No 4(.$ Fri 1 $123$ 0 ).$/

1950’s 3 bedroom character bungalow New single garage + off street parking <=/-%*$#(3%;%"1(/0!/#(6%&>(/(6**7(?$0"%"1(,0!( Ready & waiting for you to add your own  personal touches @"(/(5/&(+0!!>*37(-*0"!0(#%&!(ABC2D Prior Auction offers considered.

4"(8?9"#$0:; 0/$4)"@?))A)$%"#$






Gorgeous 2 double bedroom character cottage Veranda front entrance, high stud & =*3%#>!7(5**0?*/07#( New modern kitchen with a dining area  Good size lounge that catches all day sun New double garage ABB2D(5/&(#!-&%*" Prior Auction offers considered.







ZARAGOZA ­ BUSINESS FOR SALE PRICE BY NEGOTIATION Mediterranean themed café/restaurant Prime Main Street Raglan location Popular sunny venue Seating for 64 inside/ 28 outside Renovated approx 3yrs ago Serious sellers – All offers considered



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