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3rd May 2012 ­ Issue #292

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Raglan Real Estate Ltd Licenced (REAA 2008)

10 CALVERT ROAD First time to the market in thirty years.  A once in a lifetime chance to purchase. 1141 m² with iconic Raglan Bach  and picturebook setting.  Prior Auction offers  considered.



Serving Raglan District Since 1996 Local Business supporting Local Business

Proud sponsor of Raglan Rugby

OPEN HOME Saturday 12pm 10 Calvert Rd

AUCTION !"#$%&'(")*+",-./"01)0"!"2'("34%+/"5678/ RAGLAN Chronicle 1

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Cover ANZAC service, Bow Street, Raglan. 27.4.2012  Image courtesy of Nico Peschiutta Should you wish to aquire any images from this week’s Chronicle ‐ please contact us on 825 7076 or email your request to

Burgershack. Takeaway. 35a Bow Street.................................................................... 825 8439


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Aloha Market Place - Sushi Takeaway. 5 Bow Street..................................................... 825 7440


Dear Editor It’s time to protect our reserves, especially Mt. Karioi.  In the last couple of years, I have noticed hacking of our  bush (kawa kawa etc.) especially under pungha trees. This  is illegal. Whoever is doing this in our reserves (especially  Upper Wainui, Bryant Home), stop it. This is for our native  birds (kiwi’s, fantails, insects and especially us.) And what  makes our ecosystem, if you keep hacking away, we have  lost. Please  let’s  protect  our  reserves  for  birds  and  future  generations to enjoy. The  mountain  is  all  we  have  left.  Raglan  stop  this  rape. Protect this last piece of beautiful bush on Mt. Karioi and  all reserves in NZ. Let’s replant our bush please. IJ Regnier, Raglan

F'332)#$%&'()'*'+$,%I6%J"*%KB;))B,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,%456%44L5 Dear Editor Large  numbers  of  people  turned  up  to  attend  the Anzac  Remembrance Service which included the time honoured  wreath laying, the Last Post, the Reveille and the welcome  presence of members of the161 Battery.


Sadly, the  speeches  were  completely  marred  by  a  !"#$%&'()*&)&+,-*%&.,-/-(0!1,23)-,)-,&*(,(30,45-(,()!0,(3)-, &C)%N'O<'3%=</P,%023)%23%";%&'()'*'+,%55Q5L%J"*%KB;))B,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,%456%4574 has occured. Surely this can be remedied by some one in  the community in time for next year. A loud hailer would  have been preferable to the almost total loss of words. The  highlights for me were the mounted horses and the donkey.  They didn’t have speeches. WeatherMap - New Zealand weather forecasts Patsy Zohs, Raglan

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Check for latest forecasts Forecasts Forecast generated on Wednesday 2 May Max Summary Wind Waves* Tides* Sun/Moon temp (C) (km/hr) (m) (High/Low) (Rise/Set)

UGH5&J-9&2(9&DH=&Y2H7-92TG&.(&82:;2( C(9&2(9&4H=&Y2H7-92TG&&.(&Q%&)2H2 ,7-H=%-&.("*-32H.*(>&82:;2(&BCD&BUJD <2-.G=&<-.%GH&,-&N(G%;3&N=%-(%>&,-2(VH*(&B4@&DE&BB



02:10 08:20 02:30 08:50

am am R 07:07 am pm S 05:26 pm pm

am pm



02:50 09:10 03:20 09:30

am am R 07:08 am pm S 05:25 pm pm

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03:40 09:50 04:00 10:20

am am R 07:09 am pm S 05:24 pm pm


E 25 am NE 35 pm



04:20 10:40 04:40 11:00

am am R 07:10 am pm S 05:23 pm pm

Cloudy with Showers


NE 35 am NE 25 pm



05:10 11:20 05:30 11:50

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Sunny with some cloud


W 10 W 10

am pm


L 06:00 am R 07:12 am H 12:10 pm S 05:21 pm L 06:20 pm


Sunny with some cloud


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Sunny and clear skies



Sunny and clear skies


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Sunny and clear skies


E 20 E 15




E 10 am SW 10 pm

12:30 06:50 01:00 07:00

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*Total significant wave height and *Tide times for Raglan Bar

Raglan Ink Ltd home of the Raglan Chronicle !"#$%&!'%(&)*(&+&&,-.&&/01123&+&4011'35&62.(7.&895&82:;2( <=>&?1@A&BCD+@1@E&&&&,2F>&?1@A&BCD+@1@B&&&&<*GH>&<0!0&I*F&CJ45&82:;2(&&&&&&&&&&


10am Raglan Area School 7pm Te Uku Church Pastor Roger Peart ph 07 825 5199

2 RAGLAN Chronicle

K32.;>&-2:;2(0$=-*(.$;%LFH-20$*0(M N9O%-H.G.(:&P&N-H.$;%G Q=%&&29O%-H.G.(:&2(9&%9.H*-.2;&$*(H%(H&9%29;.(%&R.;;&S%&)*(92T&2H&UC'3&R%%V&*"&.GG7%0 WXYZ[NX)K8

Contact: Administrator Jan Mitchell ph 825 5122

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

Raglan commuter intent on driving a message home And TradeMe  is  the  vehicle  by  which  Renee  Boyer­Willisson  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  desperate to give back to Hamiltonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  Topperwien  family,  who  supported  her recently through her daughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  brush  with  cancer  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  is  offering  the  whole  of  the  Cube  as  a  â&#x20AC;&#x153;travelling  advertisementâ&#x20AC;?  for  the  successful  bidder. As manager of academic admin  at  Waikato  University,  Renee  not  only  commutes  daily  between  Raglan  and  Hamilton  but  also  travels  frequently  to Auckland  and  other  parts  of  the  North  Island  so  thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plenty of potential exposure,  she says. Her  plain  grey  Cubeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  unusual  shape â&#x20AC;&#x201C; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a match with the Raglan  Clubâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  courtesy  car  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  means  â&#x20AC;&#x153;it  catches  peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  eye  anywayâ&#x20AC;?  so  itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  a  golden  opportunity  for  an  advertiser whichever way you look  at it, she reckons.

Renee admits thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not been a  lot  of  movement  on  the  Trade  Me  site yet but sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hoping a bit more  publicity will create the interest. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I  hope to raise at least $5000 for the  family.â&#x20AC;? The  Topperwiens  hit  the  headlines  recently  when  they  were  !"#$%&'("')*'("'+",&",'-.(/'(/#%%0 year­old Chace in a bid to save him  from a rare and aggressive form of  Advertising space: Reneeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Nissan Cube as seen on Trademe leukemia heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s battled now for more  than a year. CHACE  t­shirts  now  printed  and  being  sold  in  both  His  parents  found  a  promising  adults and kids sizes. new  drug  trial  in  Britain  which  Chace was due home last week in between the drug  Chace  was  accepted  onto  in  the  treatments his parents are hoping will work a miracle. hope  it  would  keep  him  alive  long  *The link for the unusual TradeMe auction  enough  for  a  second  bone  marrow  is: transplant. aspx?id=464015539           Edith Symes But  itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  â&#x20AC;&#x153;hugely  expensiveâ&#x20AC;?,  explains  Renee  on  Trade  Me.  â&#x20AC;&#x153;We  are  trying  to  raise  the  money  for  the  Topperwiens  so  they  can  concentrate  on  Chace  and  the  trial  without added stress.â&#x20AC;? Reneeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  own  daughter  Ember  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d  been  in  the  universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  15pk Stubbies Campus  Creche  with  Chace  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;also  suffered  late  last  year  from  cancer  and  had  to  have  her  right  eye  removed. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ironically this was just a couple  of  weeks  after  I  had  shaved  my  head  as  a  fundraiser  for  Chace,â&#x20AC;?  1&&2' 3%,%%4' 5+6$7.8*' /%#' (69"6#' was contained within the eye so she  hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t had to have chemotherapy or  radiation therapy. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Topperwiens were amazing  and  gave  me  lots  of  support  when  Ember was diagnosed and I met up  with  them  again  while  we  were  at  Starship last year.  â&#x20AC;&#x153;Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d really like to be able to do  something else for them.â&#x20AC;? An  extra  fundraiser  organised  by the crèche the two children have  00 99 .,' $"99",' 1#%' (/%' :;' +<=;'

Chartered Accountants 7147948AA

A quirky  little  Nissan  Cube  and a desire to help a family in  distress  are  the  driving  forces  behind  a  Raglan  residentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  plan  to  raise  $5000  by  auctioning  advertising  space  on her car.

13 Wallis Street, Raglan 07 825 7050

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A private hideaway, just 2 minutes walk to the beach, peace & tranquillity at its best. Tents, campervans or caravans, backpackers, cabins or motel units. Hosts: Mary and Rob Clark Address: Marine Parade,

Raglan Phone: (07) 825 8283 Email:

Raglan Club Entertainment Guide

4O\QgbVS ]RRUO[S]T^]]Z-

Friday 18th May. Band â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Ignitionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;7.30pm till late Sat 19th May. Mudsharks. Fundraiser. Doors open @ 6.30pm. Tickets $20 from Westpac Bank eeeQZcPa\hQ]\h

Phone: 825 8288 G=C2=<¸B8CAB8=7</1:C0G=C03:=<5 RAGLAN Chronicle 3

Newbie book illustrator draws on her childhood experiences Marge has  illustrated  in  black  ink  and  watercolour  her  sister  Latent  artistic  talent  has  come  to  light  at  last  for  Raglan  Jenny  Somervell’s  storybook  for  school­age  children  which  teacher Margery O’Connell, who returned from Christchurch  on Sunday night still heady from the launch of a children’s  is  based  on  their  own  ‘70s  upbringing  on  a  farm  at  Takapau  in  southern Hawke’s Bay. book she illustrated. !"#$%#&'()*+&,%"#-$+../$,%$0"#$12%0$,3$43$,30#3-#-$%#2,#%$#30,0&#-$ “What a blast,” the Waitetuna School deputy principal said of  ‘Tales from the Farm’. the experience – though she might equally have been referring to  Marge,  48,  vividly  remembers  the  day  her  “farmer­inventor”  the book, which is entitled ‘The Day Dad Blew up the Cowshed’. father  really  did  blow  up  the  old  milking  shed,  blasting  the  concrete  structure  to  smithereens  with  gelignite.

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Free personalised Midwifery care Experienced Midwife for expert care! Clinic and home visits I Passionate, caring and sincere I Highly experienced in all levels of care

The only  problem  was  they  forgot  to  tell  the  neighbours. Such was the boom, explains the story, the small  farming community thought their world had ended. “It’s quite a historical, cultural­based book,” says  Marge, recalling growing up with a tribe of siblings 

Home birth, birth centers, waterbirth, hospital birth, complex pregnancies...

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Babies to 5 years Flexible hours 20 ECE hrs for 3 & 4 year olds WINZ Subsidies available

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We have moved to Matapihi Gallery 34 Bow Street Raglan


To make an appointment please call 07 847 8042

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– their mother a writer, their father a storyteller full  of fun and adventure back in the day. Now  Marge  is  eagerly  working  on  illustrating  the second and third books in the series, one about  pet pig ‘Josephine’, the other about the much­loved  ‘Old Truck’ from their childhood. A brother has in fact restored the 1921 Republic  02*5/6$ 4--%$ 7428#6$ 43-$ 029$ 4%$ "#$ :,8"0$ 543;0$ 13-$ another the same anywhere. Marge meanwhile is trying to draw the truck –  which will take on a personality of its own – exactly  as the Republics really were. She admits she’s quite  excited  about  the  task.  “It’s  local,  it’s  energising,  it’s positive.” It will bring rumbling back to life another piece  of the past which both she and her sister can share  with young readers in honour of their parents. Edith Symes

Could you be a Barnardos KidStart educator? You’ll work in your own home providing care and education for up to four children !"#$%&'($&)$*%+,*"#&-$.&.%*/"/"-&*"#& -%$*.&0"-0/"-&+!110%.2 30&+.*%.&)0!%&4*%$$%&*+&*&5*%"*%#0+& 6/#7.*%.&$#!4*.0%,&4*88&9$::/$&0"& ;<&=><?;==&$@.&AAB,&0%&$C*/8& #$::/$2+*:*D:*%"*%#0+20%-2"E2

Nau Mai Haere Mai      All Welcome

Raglan, Poihakena Marae  216 Wainui Rd, Raglan  Monday, Wednesday, Friday  9.00am ­ 4.30pm  Free after hours telephone triage service  Phone: (07) 825 0197 Fax: (07) 825 0956  Email:

Dr Oliver Russell Dr Gill Brady Dr Marcia Mitchley 10 Bankart Street, Raglan

Te Kohao Health  180 Dey St, Hamilton  Monday ­ Friday 8.30 ­ 5.00pm  Saturday 8.30 ­ 12.00pm  Free after hours telephone triage service  Phone: (07) 856 1211 Dedicated in the memory of Dr Tom Ellison

Raglan Kindergarten We Welcome all enquiries and enrolments We welcome all enquiries and enrolments for children 2 for Children 21/2 and over. 1/2 and over. We offer morning (8.30-12.30), afternoon We offer Morning or Afternoon sessions, (1-3) and ‘Kindergarten day’ sessions (8.30-3.00). We have !"##$%&"'#()*+%,-'!!%'.+%'%,'!*/% !"##$%&"'#()*+%,-'!!%'.+%'%,'!*/%!"./%#*'0.(.1%*.2(03.4*.-5 fun, learning environment. !"#$%&"'()&'*&+',-&./#012"&345&*-))&/',-"2&67& 8#$1)-%6-7)$&.',01&()6$&$'&*))"&*'-&+',99

CALL IN ANYTIME AT: 9 STEWART STREET, RAGLAN or Phone&,"&'$&:4;&:<=>&&Email&-6%06$?@#$1)-%6-7)$A'-%A$B

Water Tip #20 can’t It Probably  Won’t Heal In  keep Time up?

Place a bucket in  your shower to catch  water for use in the garden! Why not try it? We’d love to hear your tip! (07)825 0480 4 RAGLAN Chronicle

All female triathlon a winning formula

Chamber of Commerce /#0"'1$)'0*!*-"2'$)3'4"(!*-". Go to

7##$.%(3,'(($-,8$,"091"&9!&"/0$"&6-,3(-03",($-&'$:'#)"2'$0"$;"3,< Contact us on email

A Collective Approach to Tourism Marketing As the last few weeks have shown, when the weather’s right, Raglan transforms into a tourist mecca. But, as the earlier “summer” season has shown, we would be unwise to rely solely on the weather to attract visitors and customers to our businesses. To change the traditionally slow periods over the winter months we need to think differently.

Girl Power: All smiles before the race

Last Sunday,  a  small  contingent  of  nine  Raglan  women  traveled  to  Auckland  to  compete  in  the  Contact  TriWomen  All  Female  Triathlon  Series  held  at  Point  Chevalier. Starting  out  as  a  new  year’s  resolution  for  !"#$%&' ()"*+,' -.' /0,-' 1.2&30' "34' 5-' "0"&367' -8,' triathlon  involved  a  300m  swim,  7.6km  bike  followed by a 3km run. “I found the website for the TriWomen series  and I thought it looked nice and not so intimidating  being an all­girls triathlon,” says Jacqui. Recruiting a group of like­minded women who  were also recent mothers like herself, Jacqui and  the  women  trained  for  around  3  months  prior  to  the event. Waking up at 5:30 in the morning, six days a  week, the women trained hard and were rewarded  by achieving what they set out to do. “Just being able to set a goal and achieve it and 

being able to achieve it with other women was a  highlight,  “  said  participant  Celeste  Duston,  “It  proved that we could do it.” With  many  of  the  group  having  had  children  in the past few years, it was a huge motivation for  them  to  get  back  into  the  routine  of  getting their  bodies really moving and working up a sweat. /' 9-:;' 4&<5#%)-' -.' =%-' >.%*;,)<' 5*;-' ?8,3' >.%' have kids so it was quite nice to just do it instead  of  making  excuses.  I  really  enjoyed  training  and  getting out of bed every morning and getting into a  routine  ­ I think the other girls pushed themselves  pretty hard too,” says Jacqui. Now that the triathlon is done and dusted, some  of  the  women  are  looking  for  another  challenge  with  some  of  the  girls  setting  their  sights  on  the  grueling Karioi Classic in July. A  big  congratulations  go  out  to  Celeste,  Rachel,  Charlene,  Angela,  Jacqui,  Tanya,  Fiona,  Tracey and Renee for their efforts at the Contact  TriWomen Triathlon.      Maki Nishiyama

Kick up your heels at Te Mata’s prom night Get on your glad rags – it’s time to party at  ‘The Prom Night’ in Te Mata. The  “feel­good”  community  event  promises  lots of fun and dancing to the sound of Hamilton  covers band Kicking Mary, says Te Mata School  PTA  member  Sue  Steedman  who’s  helping  organise the local shindig. “People  love  dressing  up,”  she  reckons,  and  anything  goes  whether  it’s  ’50s,  ’60s  or  nowadays gear.   It  can  be  fancy  dress  or  something  more  serious, she says. The venue, Te Mata Hall, will hold up to 130  and supper’s provided courtesy of the PTA. 

WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN  The Chronicle has a ‘Prom Night’ double pass  to giveaway. To be in to win simply email with your contact  details and “Prom Night” in the subject line.   Entries close 3.00pm Monday 7th May. Winner  will drawn and contacted same day. *The BYO event is Saturday May 12,  from 7pm till midnight.   Tickets, $20, available at  the school or phone  Robyn Christie on 825 8366

What can we do to smooth over these choppy and !"#!$%#&' ()!*%"!!' +),-)#-*$%!. It’s easy to shrug your shoulders and concede that you can’t control the weather and submit to the inevitable downturn. However, the Raglan Chamber and it’s members believe we can make a difference by engaging in some time proven, collective marketing activities. Rather than each business spending extraordinary amounts of money on advertising, we can !""#$"%&$&'("%&)'($("$'*'&+",'$)-,$.','/0$1&"2$-,$'11')03*'$ marketing campaign that costs very little to operate. Our new i-deal promotion is a cooperative initiative which focuses on low cost, often unconventional and creative marketing strategies. This type of marketing relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. The Chamber is now developing a cohesive marketing strategy that will promote Raglan in engaging ways that expand our traditional visitor markets domestically and internationally. We are very fortunate to have a brand new i-site located in Raglan and an i-site located in Huntly on the busiest roadway in our region, SH 1.$ 4%&$ /&(0$ )"##')03*'$ 2-&5'03,6$ effort utilises the i-sites and is the launching of the Discover Raglan i-deal campaign. The goal of the promotion is to leverage the locations and the staff expertise of the 2 Waikato Enterprise Agency backed i-sites to give visitors to the region an incentive to Discover Raglan during the traditionally quieter trading months of June -September. The incentive for travellers will be a value added Raglan Business i-deal card offering promotions and off season discounts from a wide range of participating Raglan businesses i.e. accommodation, eateries, shops, activities and studios. Businesses marketing collectively through the i-deal card will create a substantial enticement for a visitor to come to Raglan and to “stay and play” longer. This campaign will be run on a shared low cost basis - only $30 for participating businesses. A typical i-Deal business promotion can take the form of a straight % discount or an added value feature such as, ‘buy 1 get one free’ etc. You are encouraged to be creative to enhance the spend and stay of these new customers. For more information on this promotion or CoC membership go to our website at Please contact Anthea at Raglan’s i-site 825-0556 or by Email with your i-deal. Act NOW! We need your i-deal information by 11 May.

Raglan Chamber of Commerce Kicking Mar y will be rocking out at the Te Mata prom night

RAGLAN Chronicle 5

!"#$%&'"()*+&*,"-&.($/#,0*&"1+ Since taking  over  Lilypot  Florist  at  the  beginning of April Margaret Boggiss has  stamped the colourful little shop with her  own  mark,  introducing  a  cute  array  of  homecrafts and toys as well as local art  for sale.

2/3$#&*0(4)#0&)+*&1*1$%&5)6&"7& 7"(5$%8&#$*1$%

feedback from customers about them.     >*/%'$('<+;/,'(+';)$%()$%$%&'1+2/#,')('*+;/' Margaret has the following advice:

It was  your  typical  Raglan  Anzac  Day service, an odd mix of formality  and  anything  goes  in  a  town  where  casual reigns.

?' @*)%&/'2)(/#'/8/#6'(2+'!)6,')%! make sure the vase is clean.   ?' A//B'+"('+0'!$#/<(',"%.$&*('),'(*$,  will cause the water to turn green. ?' C",(')',B.),*'+0'C)%+.)'*/.B,'3//B,  the water bacteria­free. ?' 50')%')##)%&/;/%('$,'$%')%'+),$,D  make sure it is kept moist. ?' @"('./)8/,'+00',(/;,',+'(*/6')#/  not in vase water.

E*/' 1/!&.$%&' F)&.)%' G$B/' H)%!' resplendent in  their  tartans,  two  mounted  soldiers in full uniform preceding the Red  @#+,,'!+%3/6D'(*/'8/(/#)%,'I';/!).,'2+#%' B#+"!.6'I'!#/,,/!'0+#'(*/',+./;%$(6'+0'(*/' day.  Representatives of 161 Battery of the  Royal New Zealand Artillery and the Navy  in full formal dress.

Margaret has made most of the craft items  herself at home so they are really well priced.   A  special  line  of  merino  baby  knitting  ‘Tazzy  Babywear’  is  also  proving  popular  with  locals.   They  are  made  by  Margaret’s  sister  in  Otorohanga. “Making  the  toys  and  homeware  items  keeps  my  hands  busy  at  home  and  they  make  ideal little gifts”, she says. Lilypot  Florist  is  open  6  days  each  week,  Meanwhile  her  hands  are  kept  busy  including a half­day on Saturday. !"#$%&' (#)!$%&' *+"#,' -..$%&' +#!/#,' 0+#' 1+#).' Sue Russell arrangements,  gift  baskets  and  potted  plants,  something Margaret gets a great deal of pleasure  from.     “People have got used to being able to just  2).3' $%' )%!' &/(' 0#/,*' 1+2/#,4' ' 5' #/)..6' /%7+6' creating exactly what the customer wants from  (*/'2$!/'#)%&/'+0'1+2/#,'5'*)8/'$%',(+#/49 A few days before Anzac Day Margaret was  gearing up for the array of wreaths she makes  each year for Raglan organisations represented  at the community service.   The wreath building  process  begins  with  soaking  oasis  rings  and  crosses in her bath at home before attaching the  1+2/#,')%!'0+.$)&/4'' “They need a good soak so it’s much easier  to do this at home.  Each wreath then takes me  ):+"(')%'*+"#'(+';)3/'+%</'5=;'"%!/#2)649 Paintings  by  Jenny  Rhodes  and  Mary  Roberts  have  found  space  on  Lilypot’s  walls  along with an impressive stitched wall­hanging  by Anita Seddon.  A range of lavender products  from  Te  Awamutu  called  ‘Our  Patch’  have  Margaret Boggiss at work in Lilypot been  introduced  and  Margaret  is  keen  to  have 

a scripture  reading,  an  address  shared  turn­about by Raglan Area School’s head  girl  and  boy,  the  offering,  a  hymn,  the  dedication,  wreath­laying,  the  Last  Post,  the reveille, another prayer and so on. The  crowd  had  to  listen  and  watch  particularly  closely  this  year  because  the  sound  system  kept  cutting  out,  leaving  them to guess at some words or passages.   50'B)#(,'+0'(*/',/#8$</',//;/!')'.$((./'.$3/' ,+;/(*$%&' +"(' +0' E*/' A$%&=,' JB//<*D' %+' one was saying on so sombre an occasion.

As with  last  year,  the  service  was  ()3/%'7+$%(.6':6'F/8'A)(*.//%'M)8$%')%!' kaumatua  Sean  Ellison,  who  forewarned  of  one  change  in  this  year’s  format:    the  singing at the end of the ceremony of not  only  our  but  also  the Australian  national  Our  surf  lifesavers  also  scrubbed  up  anthem. for  the  occasion,  even  if  the  odd  jandal­ That  move  reinforces  on  this  side  of  wearer  served  as  a  reminder  this  is  now  the  Tasman  that  Anzac  Day  honours  the  B#/!+;$%)%(.6' )' :/)<*' )%!' ,"#-%&' (+2%4'' M)..$B+.$' <);B)$&%,' +0' (#++B,' 0#+;' :+(*' K<#+,,'0#+;'(*/'@/%+()B*D'$%'0#+%('+0'(*/' (+2%' .$:#)#6D' ,)(' +0-<$).' &"/,(,' $%' (*/$#' countries,  however odd it felt to be singing  ‘Advance  Australia  Fair’  in  downtown  Wednesday best. Raglan. As with Anzac Day services around the  The anthems and benediction over, the  country these days, there was no doubting  parade marched off to morning tea in the  the  continuing  revival  of  community  interest  and  recognition  here  of  New  F)&.)%'@.":'I'<+"#(/,6'+0'(*/'<+;;"%$(6' :+)#!'I')%!'(*/%D'%+('"%.$3/')'1),*';+:D'(*/' L/).)%!=,'2)#($;/'#+./,')%!',)<#$-</,4 crowd dispersed into another sunny Raglan  Some  complained  later  about  !)64''E*/'<+8/#'+0'(*/'+#!/#'+0',/#8$</'./)1/(' distracting  chatter  but  most  of  those  handed out among the crowd said “lest we  crowded  into  a  rough  square  around  forget”  but  well  over  90  years  on  from  (*/' @/%+()B*' 0+..+2/!' $%(/%(.6' ),' (*/' M)..$B+.$'(*/#/')BB/)#,'%+'!)%&/#'+0'(*)(4  remembrance service marched on through  A.T its  order  of  welcome,  the  Lord’s  prayer,  F)&.)%=,' /,,/%($).' ,/#8$</,D' (++' I' (*/' -#/-&*(/#,D'J('C+*%'K;:".)%</'+0-</#,D'(*/' @+),(&")#!D'/8/%'.+<).'B+.$</'I'$%'0+#;).' get­up many locals have only rarely, if ever,  seen them in.  

, 16-18 Bow St, Raglan. Phone: 825 8300

Open 7.30am to 7.00pm, 7 Days a week.

Lambskin Rugs


99 ea

White Wine Special  on selected range

9 99 ea

Bouton D’or Cheese Range


Pepsi ea Mountain Dew  and 7up 1.5ltr

3 79

M Ch a e th r ty ck is ’s o w of ut ee fe k! rs


2 00

Buttercup Pumpkins

2 for

6 RAGLAN Chronicle

10 49



NZ Beef   Blade Steak & Roast 1kg


NZ Chicken Breast  Boneless/Skinless 1kg

13 99


Wednesday 25th April 2012

TOPCUT BUTCHERY TRADING HOURS: Mon ­ Friday 7am ­ 5pm Saturday 7am ­ 2pm.

This is the first of our new monthly ‘Topcut’ columns. We aim to offer you the best deals we can on a variety of products we have in store. Check out the great specials below we have for you this month. In the coming months we will post some tasty winter recipes, advice on how to get the best out of your cuts, and cooking tips as well. At Topcut we like to ‘ham it up’ from time to time – so in the interest of keeping it fun we plan to have a different theme each month and even run a competition or two. So watch this space and thanks for supporting our local butchery. Go the Chief’s! The Team @ Topcut Butchery.

This months ‘Specials’ Top Quality 90/kg Blade Steak


Images courtesy of Nico Peschiutta


95/kg Meaty Pork Back Bones



Seasoned Beef Olives

For any advice on special cuts or if you wish to make an order please call on Richard and the friendly team at: 2 Wallis Street

825 8647 RAGLAN Chronicle 7

Permaculture enthusiasts relish opportunity to share ideas K"#$& *+#& 34*4')& -2+((/& +(/,03%-& 3& 8$(4>& (7& L38/3)M,*#-& 2()"#$8#0& 1,*+& ACJN& (*+#$& >#$'324/*4$#& #)*+4-,3-*-& ,)&F4$3)8,&*(&*3/O&36(4*&+(1&*(&+3"#&3& +,8+&P43/,*%&(7&/,7#&1,*+(4*&,*&2(-*,)8&*+#& #3$*+Q

permaculture featuring  4  days  of  speakers,  workshops and openspace offerings. 4,"+$%&$5*)'"6/7+/)*8$$9$+*)'$3)&+$6(%-*:$ in  the  1970’s  by Australian  environmentalists  Bill  Mollison  and  David  Holmgren  for  a  conscious  design  approach  that  models  itself  on  natural  ecosystems,  which  has  since  then  The  11th  Australasian  Permaculture  grown  into  a  popular  worldwide  movement  Convergence,  a  community  gathering  of  for empowering practical localised solutions to  ecological  thinkers,  was  a  learning,  sharing  global issues. Embodying a philosophy of earth  and  networking  experience  on  everything  care,  people  care  and  fair  share,  the  culture  motivates co­operation and positivity for  successful living. It is most well known  for its productive organic food growing  systems  but  encompasses  everything  from  resource/waste  management,  Interested in becoming an Educarer community  development,  architecture  for Bizzy Buddyz? and town planning to economic systems  Do you want to work from home? Are you a parent and land access strategies. wanting more social interaction for your preschooler? Do enjoy working with and along side children? Why Permaculture  offers  communities,  not become an educarer with Bizzy Buddyz Home Based Childcare. businesses and local authorities a means  We offer a competitive payment rate with an extensive of  engaging  positively  and  realistically  toy library, training provisions, medical insurance and on with the challenges of the 21st century ­  going support. the end of cheap oil, the effects of climate  Please enquire now! change  and  the  loss  of  community  0800 084 314 or (07) 960 9040 culture and resilience.  Asking  what  drew  her  to  the  convergence,  attendee  Emily  Stanford­ May said “ I wanted to hear what current  leading thinkers had to say about ‘where  we are at’, what is possible and how it can  be done.  People have been working hard  to help steer the human collective onto a  )*2*-*)"+%;*$5"+,$"-:$<$="-+*:$+($>*$377*:$

!!!!"#$%!&$'()!"#*)+!,)#-)$.! !!!!"#$%!&$'()!"#*)+!,)#-)$.!

Raglan’s permaculture enthusiasts gather in Turangi

with hope  and  motivation.    The  convergence  )*"77#$:%:$2%;*$'*$+,%&0$$<$3-:$%+$)*"77#$*?6%+%-2$ to  engage  with  the  process  of  shifting  away  from current unecological living.  Permaculture  has embodied the deep inner desires of humans  to reconnect with the earth and all living beings  in a meaningful way”. Here  in  Raglan  we  have  a  trailblazing  permaculture community, with well­established  food producers, home gardeners, business and  community  initiatives,  like  Trash  Footwear,  Oram  Park  Food  Forest  and  TimeBanking.  There have been several Permaculture Design  @*)+%36"+*$ 6(/)&*&$ ,*7:$ ,*)*$ (;*)$ +,*$ #*")&$ and currently Solscape offers P.D.Cs in Spring  and  Autumn.    We  have  also  hosted  national  Permaculture in New Zealand (PiNZ) Hui’s. Many  local  ‘permies’  believe  that  the  A"27"-$6(''/-%+#$6(/7:$*?5*)%*-6*$&%2-%36"-+$

NZ Music Month begins this week

Bowler sponsors acknowledged

!"#$%&'()*+&,-&.//#0&1,*+&/(23/&'4-,25&1#&2#/#6$3*#&*+,-&732*& 04$,)8&93%&:&;<&94-,2&9()*+

!32+&%#3$&1#&3$#&"#$%&8$3*#74/&7($&*+#&-4>>($*&(7&-('#& 8#)#$(4-&>#(>/#&3)0&,)&$#2(8),*,()&(7&*+#,$&-4>>($*&1#& +(/0&3)&3))43/&RB>()-($-&S3%QT

!"#$%&$'()*$+,"-$./&+$"-(+,*)$'(-+,0$1($'"-#$!"#$&%2-%3*&$&('*+,%-2$ special and something that is uniquely kiwi for it is NZ Music Month  –  a  month  completely  and  utterly  dedicated  to  our  local  music  and  musicians. May 2012 plays host to a huge array of gigs, showcases, record releases,  open days, seminars, exhibitions, promotions and competitions around  the country, all to celebrate our local music and those folk that create it. =#$#&3$#&-('#&#"#)*-&+3>>#),)8&,)&3)0&3$(4)0&%(4$&3$#3&*+,-& 93%? @$,5&A&93%? dDub ‘Send it on Back Tour’ at Flow, Hamilton B3*5&C&93%? The Moa Live at The Yot Club, Raglan B3*5&DE&93%? Soulsystem NZ Tour at The Yot Club, Raglan F+45&DG&93%? Shihad ­ Beautiful Machine  Documentary opens in cinemas F+45&EA&93%? Autozamm, November Zulu & Invader Cain  at Diggers Bar, Hamilton B4)5&EG&93%? Waikato Smokefree Rockquest heats H#05&IJ&93%? The Black Seeds ‘Dust & Dirt’  album release tour at Altitude, Hamilton F+45&ID&93%? Hook, Line & Sing­along in schools nationwide

This is  a  day  when  we,  as  a  club,  gather  together  to  provide  an  afternoon of fun bowls and other activities, along with some socialising  and time to relax and talk with our sponsors. Fortunately the weather was  3-*$+,%&$#*")$&($=*$6(/7:$&*+$/5$&*;*)"7$>(=7&$6,"77*-2*&$+($+*&+$(-*&$ skills. One was a mini ‘Corner to Corner’ set up with a round target mat at  +,*$(+,*)$*-:B$%-&%:*$+,*$6*-+)*$(C$+,%&$+")2*+$'"+$="&$"$3;*$:(77")$-(+*D$ if you managed to land your bowl on the note then that is what you won! Another challenge was a square target mat that looked a bit like a  ‘noughts and crosses’ design. In some of the squares were some tins of  fruit, again, if your bowl ended up in that square, then you won the fruit.  There were other such challenges to try your skills at also, and the idea  was to rotate around all the challenges to give them a go. This proved  very poplar with our sponsors and players. The afternoon was rounded off with a BBQ meal and more relaxing  times. We wish to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for their continued  support of our club; we really do appreciate your help.

8th Orcas

Our sponsors this year have been: Anexa Total Veterinary Solutions,  Century 21, D­Signs, Garret Automotive, Raglan Pharmacy, Marlin Café  & Grill, Seddon Park Funeral Home,  Raglan  Caterers,  Warren  Banks  Electrician,  Raglan  Dentist,  DB  Breweries, IGT Gaming, Clubs NZ,  RESULT PLAYERS OF THE DAY Raglan  Club  Inc.,  Norman  &  Trish  Curtis, Warehouse Building Supplies,  Won 4­1 Ethan Oetzel Top  Cut  Butchery,  Lilypot  Florist,  Won 4­2 N/A Nannies Takeaways, Jo’s Takeaways,  Bow  Street  Motors,  Essence  Hair  Won 7­6 Txema Mazet Brown &  Beauty,  PGG  Wrightsons  –  Lost 3­8 Jordan Chris  Leuthart,  Blacksand  Café,  Whaingaroa  Physiotherapy,  Raglan  Lost 1­3 Travis Stoddart Excavations, Raglan Foursquare and  Won 6­3 Jacob Kenyon Cherie Boggiss.

8th Sharks

Lost 3­4

Ngakau Bensemen

Kane Roberts, Jakob Hesketh­Dowd

9th Manta Rays

Lost 1­7

Duran Wipani

Lost 0­31

Keaton Neels

10th Seasnakes

Lost 0­15 Jackson Armstrong Mayes

Lost 0­45

Cory Gillett & Reiki Ruawai

11th Bull Sharks Lost 0­3






6th Black

Lost 30­35 Jackson Fellowes

6th Green Win 35­30


Aria McLachlan, Jasmine Single


Lost 70­75 Darryl Patterson, Hudson Bidois


Draw 50­50 Rowan McLachlan


Lost 30­40 Lucy Single


8 RAGLAN Chronicle

positive outcomes if the design approach was  embraced more widely by residents and council  decision makers.   This Sunday, May 6th, Raglan is celebrating  International  Permaculture  Day  with  local  activities  for  everyone  interested  in  learning  more and connecting.   9.30am ­ 11.30am: There will be a tour of  Liz  Stanway  and  Rick  Thorpe’s  land,  where  they grow all that divine basil which goes into  making their famous market pesto.     5pm:  Solscape is hosting a Shared Potluck  :%--*)$"-:$:(6/'*-+")#$37'$&6)**-%-20 All  are  Welcome.    Bookings  essential.  Contact  Solscape  on  8258268  or  info@  Koha will be appreciated. Emily Sandford­May



Lost 5­45

Hunter Reily, Jake Ellison



Won 44­5

12th 13th

5th Kingies 6th Stingrays 6th Penguins 7th Dolphins 7th Snappers

Shay Cornes

Once again  we  show  our  appreciation  with  grateful  thanks  and  look  forward  to  next  year’s  ‘Sponsor’s Day.’ Happy bowling,  Eileen Stephens

Opinion: Democracy and protest by Ian McKissack

Registered Valuers Property Consultants

With a  hikoi  travelling  down  the  North  Island  to  protest  against  asset  sales  and  other  ventures  like  seabed  exploration  and  drilling  it  becomes  clear  that  the  Government  is  out  of  line  with  many  in  the  electorate.  This seems odd since it is not  long  since  we  had  an  election  with  National  getting  back  in  with  a  substantial  majority  over  any  other  party.  Asset  sales  were  clearly  in  the  policy outline and none of the  seabed  issues  are  particularly  new.  One  comment  has  been  that  poor  voter  turnout  was 

an important  factor  in  the  election  result,  so  perhaps  we  are now suffering the effects of  apathy.  In  addition,  John  Key  has  developed  such  a  positive  persona  that  people  feel  he  is  a pair of safe political hands in  %'+.%.7"%$$*'(4&54$1.(':)&$8;'?(' is  certainly  worth  considering  whether our democracy is in a  safe state if too much emphasis  is placed on a leader, based on  his  public  persona.  The  path  from popular leader to tyrant is  the  policy  of  the  people  we  a well­trodden one. elected.  A  better  way  to  look  It  might  be  argued  that  at  it  is  like  a  warning  to  the  the  hikoi  is  anti  democratic  present  government  that  since it is essentially opposing  the  electorate  is  waking  up 

Hawken & Co. L.W. HAWKEN Dip. VFM; Val; Prof. Urban, ANZIV. SPINZ

P.O. Box 130 Raglan

p. 07 825 8064   fx. 07 825 8559   m 0274 968 417

enjoy music with your

from a  bit  of  doze,  no  longer  complacent  about  selling  off  their  land  above  or  below  the  low water mark.

Green technology works for ‘What does it mean to be Green’ meeting An audience  of  almost  20  at  the  Old  School on Stewart St interacted with Green  MP,  Eugenie  Sage,  for  nearly  an  hour  on  Monday  evening  discussing  the  Green  <%&(*=,'1.2"&).#1.('>)$"7*;'?.'@%/$%.=,'+&,(' use of Skype for a political meeting Eugenie  was  able  to  sit  at  home  near  Christchurch 

and answer  questions  with  only  occasional  breaks in the internet connection. Organiser,  Karen  Marshall,  said  she  was  pleased  with the way the meeting went and looked  forward  to  hearing  Catherine  Delahunty  speak on education and mining on Monday  7th at 7pm.



are available from Raglan Community House 45 Bow St P 07 825 8142


0800 OPTOMETRIST (0800 678 663) 387 Anglesea St, Hamilton & Lynden Court, Chartwell

MAINTENANCE MAY.  Gardening in all seasons is full  on ­ what you do in one season  effects  the  results  you  get  in  future seasons. After gardening  for years, your mind has a diary  of events or jobs to do. It is like  every new moon starts another  month of events in the garden. !"#"$%&' ()' #*' +,-"./0' "(' ",' the  season,  weather,  size  and  time of the tide. Gardening  is  no  different.   It is not a rush of blood in the  spring  to  get  it  all  going,  it  is  something  you  keep  working  on throughout the whole year.  May  usually  means  the  trimming  of  hedges,  bushes  and  fruit  trees  (as  the  leaves  are  lost)  and  letting more winter light and warmth into the garden.  Use  the  leaves  and  cuttings  as  compost  and  mulch.  Empty  your  compost  bins  and  dig  in  to  soil  ­  plus  don’t forget to add a bit of garden lime. Large  potted  plants  need  the  same,  repot  with  fresh soil/compost. Trim  all  your  herbs  and  lavenders  to  stop  them  growing  woody  and  encourage  fresh  new  growth.  If  you  choose  to  spray,  now  is  the  time  for  double  strength  winter  oil,  copper  and  sulphur  sprays  on  roses and fruit trees ­ but it is a personal choice.  We have heaps of praying mantises around now  doing  excellent  work  and  you  would  not  want  to  destroy these helpful insects. Cover  crops  of  oats,  lupines  and  mustard  is  advantageous at this time and needs to be dug in by  October. Divide up your strawberry plants and replant all  with black plastic or heaps of mulch. The new moon  is late every month ­ on the 21st. Seed planting is up  to  the  7th  of  each  month.  Plan  for  the  shortest  day,  (22nd June) that is garlic and shallot planting day and 

preschooler! Your local mainly music When: Mondays & Wednesdays 9.30am Where : Te Uku Church Hall When : $3.00 per family Contact : Surfside Christian Life Centre

Phone 825 5199

the real start of winter weather. Vege  gardens:  we  are  still  harvesting  beans,  lettuce,  capsicums,  chiles,  eggplants  and the last of the tomatoes and  butternuts.  Pumpkins  will  be  coming  in  for  dry  storage  and  always  test  their  skins  with  a  +./1&.%"$0'121.'"3'*)4'%'54*"./' at the fruit shop. Seeds  or  plants  of  silver  beet,  NZ  spinach,  broad  bean,  carrot,  cabbage,  broccoli,  cauli’s,  lettuce  mix  and  the  herb  rocket  can  all  be  planted  successfully.  Try  some  mini  21/1(%5$1,'$"61'(-1'7%55%/1'%.8'7%4$"9):1&0'%,'(-1*' are  slightly  quicker  in  maturing,  take  up  less  space  and feed enough for two or more.  Flowers: we do have the last of our autumn show.  Save your marigold seeds. Again dig over your beds  and plant whatever, stocks, primulas, pansies, violas,  polyanthus, poppies, lobelias and cinerarias. Look at  the Hamilton City gardens roundabouts to give you  "81%,'3)&'%',-):')3'9):1&,;  Tip of the month: if you have a rabbit problem,  plant those marigold seeds in beds and amongst your  vege’s – as rabbits do not like marigolds scent. The Raglan Wharf Seagull


The new Raglan Business and Residential Directory website

/ 12 RAGLA bu sin

get fast access to over 250 businesses online


es s & re sid www.rag en tia l dir ec to landirec z

RAGLAN Chronicle 9





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For all your electrical requirements and appliance servicing requirements

Authorised Service Centre prompt, professional, reliable service. NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL


phone 021 0824 4012 - 07 825 0214 F: 07 825 0215 PO Box 79 Raglan El:



Brett Soanes Interior Plasterer / Gib Stopper !! skim coating !! cove !! square stop !! renovations or new homes


! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

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3"(-"/ &/(*/&&3*/(-5%



!"#$%&'()*)+,-).&//&'()*)01,&',(2 34",1)5'21(6)3728&,"&-/9:2)-728&,"&-/-)-21;&8&'()<,(",' !=>)?#-/&')@&""- !"#$% 0800 solar1 (765271)  MOBILE 0212 464 264 AAAB27(-4",1B84B'C




HARLEY FIELD Greenslade Rd, Raglan PH: 021 127 5486 EMAIL: DRIPFREE@XTRA.CO.NZ





! Concreting/  Pathways etc !  Garden Fences !  Landscaping !  Garden Tidy Ups !  Gates 

! quality new homes !""#$%&'#%()*+","-&*.(*/,"0&.1+ !""2$#*"+&'3(.&"#3#($#4$& 20+ years building in Raglan for free quotes & quality workmanship PHONEPH MARK 0274 912 911  A/H 825 0069  MARK 0274 912 911 A/H 825 0069 ROB 027 550 6080 E"')4%5&46($0&'78%'#9.)9*: PH ROB 027 550 6080 E



Cliff Hosking Mob: 027 631 8677

ALL ELECTRICAL ! !  !  !  ! 


! Tree Work  Felling & Planting !  Decking !  Retaining Walls !  Painting !  General Repairs


General Electrical  Air Conditioning & Heating  Heat Pumps  Home Entertainment  Security Alarms

Ph 0800 500 101 Finance available (Q Card)




Reliable quality service Locally owned and operated PHONE ROSS 021 782 280 07 825 8678 !" !" !" !" !"

#$%&'($)$*"+,$-()&-&./ 012$'(&-3 4122$)-&., #5)., 6)12"'2.,,")$7.&)'"(1"85,,"&/'(.,,.(&1/'

9.):"9&,/$)";"<=>'7.):?@ <=>>>=>@A@ .8($)"B15)'"<>"C=@"<AD@ $,$-()&-&./DE)1-:$(2.&,3-12



i Prem


!"#$%&'#()*+,'-.")/)0#&1%%."2))3.42)5"#6(+#7." New Housing Alterations Drainlaying Solar Installations Gas Appliance Servicing Maintenance

10 RAGLAN Chronicle

Phone: 07 825 5251 Damon: 027 666 1318 Matt: 027 493 9502 PO Box 15477, Dinsdale, Hamilon


THURS @ Raglan Community House 10 - 1pm CV Writing Assistance. FREE. All welcome. Appts required. Ph 825 8142. THURS @ THE RAGLAN CLUB. Euchre. All welcome. 6pm. SUNDAYS @ Te Uku Church, evening service 7pm. MAINLY MUSIC. Monday & Wednesday 9.30am@ Te Uku Church. MON @ THE RAGLAN CLUB. 500 cards, 1pm. TUES @ Raglan Club -Texas Hold’em 6.30pm. WED @ Raglan Club, Fun Quiz 6:45pm. RAGLAN RAMBLERS WED 09 MAY: Raglan Ramblers 9am from Wainui Rd car park next to ,1') &-') +,#,%/*) 2) 31#-4) ,/) Greenslade Rd – 6km along the beaches with harbour views.

WEDNESDAYS @ BLACKSAND CAFÉ. Knitting Circle from 9.30am. Beginners welcome. THURS@ the Old School Arts Centre. Spinners and weavers. 10am – 2pm. New members welcome. WHAT DOES IT MEAN to Be Green Hear Catherine Delahunty, Green MP, speak on Education & Mining. Monday 7th May, 7pm @ Old School Arts Centre. !"#$%&"'#()*% +#(),"%&-,,-"#,%%

!"#$%&'"()$%'"(*'&+(( ,-%%'#.(-&(&+/(012(3"+##1( (

!"#$%"&'%(#)&'"% *&%+,&-)#.%% 45*#(#6(7/*(8/-1-.24%(( 6'./%&(%'.9/:;%#.9*:'&/:%(<<<( -)-='.9(9$'&-:(*#:>(<<<(( ,$."+?()-.2#1'.(<<<(( &#.9$/('.("+//>(+$)#$:(<<<(( ,1/.&?(#6(6//1'.9(@(( ABC<(D-%+(E-:! "#$!%!! &'()*+! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!


!(%+#*(6#:("+'12:/.(*'&+(( %&#:?F&/11'.9(-.2()$%'"(*'&+(( G-:>(-.2(H:/.2-<(AC( "#$!%!!!! -'()*+!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,! !"#"$%"#&'(&)*+&,,*-&

5556#"78"&"#.2-)&.#)6-,6&9& (

!! %

FRI 4th MAY @ YOT Club, LATINO NIGHT CARECASELECTOR, Latin Grooves, Live Percussion, $5 , Ladies Free Before 11pm SAT 5th MAY @ YOT Club, THE MOA, Live Original Funk, 9pm-$5

For Sale

SAT 19th MAY RAGLAN @ RAGLAN CLUB Volunteer Rescue Services Fundraiser 2012 featuring great food, auctions & the legendary mud sharks. Doors open 6:30pm, tickets $20.

For Sale

Flowers Lilypot Florist !""#$%&'"()*%$& !""+%,-"()*%$& !"".)//%-"012,/& 07 021825 4486847 104 2 Wallis Street

Love Brooke Tyson’s !""#$%&'()$*&+,)-. & Lace Tunics… ...its time to get warm!

DRY EX LOUNGE carpet & underlay ok condition, 7mX5m any offers considered. Ph Lynley 0274695162. DRY MANUKA heaped trailer load $125. Delivered in Raglan. Dave 8257270. FIREWOOD 6x6 load pine $100, macrocarpa $110 delivered. Ph 0210771524. MANUKA FIREWOOD $100 per m3, $140 per m3 delivered, 8250522. RAGLAN GOLF CLUB &-'0//() 4"*(-#%+'-56) ."575) dry split pine delivered, $70 up to 10 km. Ph: Alex 825 0997, or Garry 825 6875. DINGHY WALKER BAY 84,) 9:5;7<) &=-'>$#++) 0%,1) oars, anchor, white with blue seats, can take sail or motor, gd condition $500 ph 8255755, 021796240 GREAT LEAD REIN or keen 2nd pony 22yr, 13.2hh bay mare, ex pony club, does it all, $1500 ph 8258428.

Courses, classes & workshops ZUMBA! @ Te Uku hall Monday 9.30am, Wednesday 6.30pm - ring/txt Sarah T for more info 825 55844 or 0272106784.

TAROT INTRODUCTORY CLASS, 10 wks, $10 per class. Evening or Saturday to be determined depending on group. Please register interest with Chrissy 8256793 or text/ph 0276644261.

RAGLAN GYM Group Fitness Classes @ Raglan Gym: !"#$%SPIN&'$($)*+,",-.$/,"0,-1&$($.*2+34$53(..$5(2 6-"2$641/442$788$9:88$5(3,"*4.;$$$ ! Tuesdays<$=(>$/*1?$@(-"*4 ! Wednesdays<$A(>$/*1?$B("41? ! Thursdays<$C(>$/*1?$@(-"*4$D$C<E8F>$/*1?$ B("41? ! Fridays: A(>$/*1?$B("41? !,$6,,0$($53(..$1,G(#$F?,24 825 0079.

For Sale


WESTERN SADDLE – TOP RELIEF MILKER & CALF CONDITION 0273270800. REARER needed through FROSTPLY YACHT spring. Ph Daryl 078255033 – top condition 11” 10’ ph or 0276836839. 0273270800. CAREGIVER REQUIRED FOR disabled young DOUBLE BED FOR SALE !"#$%&'(()(*"(&+(%$(*"%&,-%./*(0&10(%23&+#*(*"(4& woman, must have rimu headboard, inner Raglan Area School ­ Te Puawaitanga sprung mattress –42 Norrie Avenue, Raglan. very tidy drivers license & ability condition $120 Ph 8257194, to swim.078250545 or 5466(2&7($/-8(9&:$)&'(9;&Consultation feedback on the draft  0212528741. must collect.

!"#$%!%&'#()*%+!&",)-&(./0)#'$)012."+%&')!&)+%!0+)&3)+%4'%52#'2e. For Hire LOST 7/*8(9&<$)&'(9;& =6466&(2&Preparations for hearing. F L=466>2&6*#%'4#"&#)7#"8&")9(.+!0")7.%)3&"):#%'.%;):#/#%'.<=)#'$) OORSANDING KITTEN 1YR OLD Burmese EQUIPMENT for hire.>4?!%)@##*#'4#A Ph (Siamese colouring) last

RaglanFor apologies or for a copy of the full programme, email:  Flooring 825 8777. seen Saturday 21st April, ?82%*%3$-($%@*&'(*("A-&B; BOUNCY CASTLE, Great Norrie Ave area. Any entertainment for the kids, info ph 8257842 or text $(%*/%(C)%-@$-/3$B)@$2(%04D@2 call Vicki 8257575. @-&E6FG&HI:&6I:5&@-&'%-@2%-@&@*&6I=&JI=&6J= 0220781569.

To Let !(/&2(%&K(A-A&2(% Situations Vacant

1 BEDROOM FLAT semi furnished $160.00 includes power. Wallis St. Aval now. No pets. 078255713/0212429818 WHALE BAY S/C studio, furnished. Clean and tidy with nice view and patio. $140pw + power. Includes broadband. Ph 8258333 or 021350845 S/C BEDSIT UNIT, rustic feel, own courtyard $130pw inc. power. Ph/text 0220267383. 2/3 BDRM SUNNY bach $280 pw ph 0272440371.

Public Notices SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING NOTICE. Attention ALL Financial Members a Special General Meeting of the Raglan Club Incorporated will be held in the clubrooms 22/24 Bow Street Raglan on Sunday May 6th, 2012 at 10am. SENIOR CITIZENS ASSOCIATION Next meeting will be held on Thursday 10th May at the Fire Brigade Hall at 11am. Guest speaker will be Ann Carter-Jones on her overseas travel. We welcome members, visitors and friends. ?%>1,) $"*.1'/*) #*() -#4@') available. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE Raglan Playcentre A#+,'-)B#4@')3%**'-+C)6+,) Lucy Howkin, 2nd Peggy King, 3rd Hayley Vink, 4th Erin Crawford and 5th Emily Hunter. Thanks to everyone who supported us, and extra warm wishes the kind gentleman who sponsored a digger! +K?L!M?NO?& K?NPOQN&1RQ7,SN&KQL 7/*8(9&<$)&'(9&I6=I 1.00pm. Raglan Area  School – Te Puawaitanga. Norrie Avenue, Raglan. ,(%*/%&?C)%-@&,-/3$ B>4?!%):#/#%'.<=;))>4?!%) @##*#'4#;):#%'.%CA) 1. Update on claims. 2. Review research and  legal team catch up. T@-&(*9&U/-$)A-&A*V/%-%A3&$@ ?82%*%3$-($%@*&'(*("A-;& $(%*/%(C)%-@$-/3$&B)@$2(%0 4D@2&@-&E6FG&HI:&6I:54

PUMP/PILATES/SPIN/ YOGA/INSTRUCTOR wanted @ Raglan Gym. Temporary cover required for 3 weeks May/June, 6 classes p/w with on call possibilities for the future. !"#$%&'()%*+,-".,/-)0#*,'() with experience. Ph Amber 8250079 or 0272946949.

SAT 5th MAY@ 121 Maungatawhiri Road, 9am12pm. SAT 5th & SUN 6th MAY@ 53 Bow Street from 8am. Something for everyone. 11 UENUKU AVE, Sat 5th May from 9am to 12pm. SUN 6th MAY @ 541 Wainui Rd. 8:30am-10am. GARAGE SALE @ 224 OKETE RD Sun 6th May from 9:30am – 3pm. Everything from kid’s clothes, toys to motoX gear, furniture & house goods.

Located on the shores of the West Coast with endless summer breezes, the Raglan Kopua Camp is looking for a highly motivated and friendly person to join their team to assist with duties as Camp Cleaner and Receptionist. This position will be on a casual basis (as and when required) over the winter period with potential to become more permanent in the busy summer season. Your key responsibilities for cleaning will include: •

Cleaning and servicing of facilities at the camp

Cleaning and servicing of the camp cabins and bunk hall

Assisting the laundering facilities of the camp

Assisting guests with any queries whilst staying at the camp

Your key responsibilities for reception will include: •

Providing prompt and effective service to all visitors to the camp

Checking in guests with our computer reservation system

Answering general enquiries

Administrative office duties

Based in Raglan, both positions require you to have: •

Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills

The ability to communicate with a wide and diverse range of people

The ability to work well as a part of a team

Previous experience in cleaning either commercially or within a hospitality environment

Basic understanding of operating a computer

Applications close: Friday, 11th May 2012.

If this opportunity sounds like you then send your CV and covering letter to: Rob Clark, Raglan Kopua Holiday Park, Marine Parade, Raglan.

SITUATIONS VACANT Science/Horticulture Teacher Short Term Vacancy !"#$%"#&''()*+#,'%#$#-.$&)/"0#12)"*2"34'%5)2.&5.%"#5"$26"%#,'%#$#7"8"*#9""(#:"%)'0#75$%5)*+# ;<#=$>#?@;?A##B,#56)7#:'7)5)'*#9'.&0#7.)5#>'.C# :&"$7"#2'*5$25#56"#D%)*2):$&C#=$&2'&E#F'GC#'*H# 825 8140; 027 488 9421 or email:

Public Notices

PARENTING THROUGH SEPARATION PROGRAMME. The number given in last week’s edition of the The Chronicle to register for the ParentCOMMERCIAL/RETAIL ing through Separation programme was incorrect. SHOP PREMISES The programme will run Raglan CBD, 84 SQM TWO available on Tuesday 22nd May and Tuesday 29th May from 7 Ph 021 363465 or - 9pm at Raglan tyHouse. To book a place COMMERCIAL BUILDING please phone Hamilton – Raglan Storage and 8393267. Industrial Park Ltd. Ph 8256560.

Garage Sale


Te Uku School Vacancy Teacher Aide - Fixed Term Position !"#$%&'#()(*$+,--"#.$'(/$"012&$'/3)()+.#'.)"($/,.)&+4$'--#"5)3'.&%6$78$9",#+$-&#$:&&;4$+.'#.)(*$/'.&$<7$='6$<87<>$$ ?9)+$-"+).)"($)+$+,).'@%&$0"#$'$-&#+"($:9"$%);&+$."$+,--"#.$ 29)%/#&($:).9$%&'#()(*$(&&/+$'(/$2'($:"#;$)(/&-&(/&(.%6$."$ 2"3-%&.&$'/3)()+.#'.)A&$.'+;+>$$B%&'+&$2"(.'2.$.9&$-#)(2)-'%$ )0$(&&/)(*$0,#.9&#$)(0"#3'.)"(>$$C0$6",$'#&$)(.&#&+.&/$)($'--%6)(*D$-%&'+&$0"#:'#/$'$EF$'(/$'$%&..&#$"0$'--%)2'.)"($."G$ The Principal, Te Uku School, C/- Te Uku Store, Te Uku PDC 3266 or Te Uku School’s Phone No: 8255815.

BYO (wine only) nt u o disc e-in Bring a bottle of % 0 wine when you 1 r din e! dine-in u with us and o off u pric we will give you men 10% off your total dining bill.

Enjoy our delicious curry this winter with your favourite wine. Ph: (07) 825 0300, 31 Bow St, Raglan Opening hours: Tuesdays through to Sundays Lunch: 11:30am - 3:30pm Dinner: 5pm - 9:30pm

Promotion valid until 30th May 2012.

Applications close on Thursday 10 May 2012.

Ng!ti Maahanga Waitangi Tribunal Claims W!nanga. Raglan Area School - Te Puawaitanga 42 Norrie Avenue, Raglan. 9.00am Saturday 5th May: Consultation feedback on the draft !"#$%!%&'#()*%+!&",)-&(./0)#'$)012."+%&')!&)+%!0+)&3)+%4'%52#'2e. Sunday 6th May: 10.00 am Preparations for hearing. 1.00pm Whaingaroa Harbor Cluster Hui for Tainui, Tamainup! and Ng"ti Maahanga.

For apologies or for a copy of the full programme, email: Administration Manager @: or (07) 825 0259 or Miromiro on 021 421 041 Nau mai Haere mai

RAGLANChronicle Chronicle11 11 RAGLAN

WHA HARBOUR Sunday 1.00pm School – T Norrie Av Tainui (Ng"ti Ta Maaha 1. Upda 2. Review legal te For any fur Administr tainuiawhi .com or

Raglan Real Estate Ltd Licenced (REAA 2008)

AUCTION - Fri 1st June 2012 !"#$%"&'(")*+,-"./01-2"34"567"8,2"&'9:';

SECTIONS Register now and get excited these sections will be someones good luck story!

4S"F$3%"B%'&&%P"@)%".      Relocaters Dream """""46"+9M$"+C$H& """"""""""4I"B&$?'&&e&"#$""""""""""""""".1"B;7)*"W)$6 """""""""""""""""""""4.":;)C&%"B%'&&% """""""""""""""""""""""""""I?"#$;M)<=$;"+C$H& CONTEMPORARY  COUNTRY  LIVING 


IO 6.


Sunday 11am 56c Bush View Drive











R=;3" H)*%&7,)'$'-" %<)\3%)'&-" =)93&" =$3" 0" ?'73P"$*")(UH&P"%<)"?$%='))73"`;*HC96;*A"3,$" ?$%=bP"3&,$'$%&"C$9*6'-P"6;*;*A"'))7">"C)9*A&" ,C93" 6)9?C&" $HH&33" A$'$A&" >" $66;%;)*$C" ,$'M;*A"?$-3Q F*f)-"%=&"H)7,C&%&",';G$H-")("%=&".QI"$H'&3" )("*$%;G&"?93=P"7$%9'&P",$'M"C;M&"A$'6&*3">" C$<*3Q".I"7;*3"(')7"W$AC$*P 4I"7;*3"(')7  8$7;C%)*Q" OPEN HOME

];'3%"%;7&"%)"%=&"7$'M&%";*"%=;'%-"-&$'3Q X")*H&";*"$"C;(&%;7&"H=$*H&"%)",9'H=$3&Q ..0."7L"<;%=";H)*;H"W$AC$*"5$H="$*6  ,;H%9'&?))M"3&%%;*AQ" +';)'"X9H%;)*")((&'3  H)*3;6&'&6Q OPEN HOME





1. ID#RAG21054


Saturday 1pm 37 Taipari Avenue








g)9"<;CC"?&";7,'&33&6"?-"%=&"3,$H;)93*&33")(" %=;3"%;6-P"('&3=C-",$;*%&6"$*6"*&<C-"H$',&%&6" S"?&6'))7"=)7&Q"]&$%9';*A"C$'A&"),&*",C$*" C;G;*A" $'&$" <;%=" '$M;*A" %;7?&'" H&;C;*A3" $*6" ,)C;3=&6" d))'3" $6f$H&*%" %)" <&CC" &T9;,,&6" A$CC&-" 3%-C&" M;%H=&*E6;*;*A" '))7Q" h&<" (9CC" C&*A%="%;7?&'"6&HM";3"$HH&33&6"?-"7)3%"'))73" ;*"%=&"=)93&"\"&OH&CC&*%";*6))'E)9%6))'"d)<Q `J1174"3&H%;)*bQ





#=&%=&'"-)92'&"C))M;*A"()'"$"39,&'?"=)C;6$-" =)7&")'"$*"&OH&CC&*%",&'7$*&*%"=)7&P"-)9" 793%"G;&<"%=;3",'),&'%-Y"@)H$%&6"$%"%=&"&*6")("$" H9C\6&\3$HP"?)$'6;*A"%=&"F3%9$'-P"C))M;*A")9%"%)" %=&"3&$"%=;3",'),&'%-")((&'3",';G$H-"$*6"39*Q"R=;3" A&*&')93"3;e&6"=)7&"=$3"),&*",C$*"C;G;*AP"4"6?C" ?6'73P"4"?%='73P"4*6"C)9*A&"$*6"6&HM3"($H;*A" *)'%="$*6"G;&<3Q"F$3-"<$CM"%)"%)<*P",$'M3P ,9?C;H"%'$*3,)'%Q"

Saturday 12pm 10 Calvert Road

OPEN HOME Saturday 11am 1a Cross Street



CT AU N 6 1. 2 .1

R=;3"=)7&"<)9C6"?&"%=&";6&$C"=)C;6$-"'&%'&$%Q c((&';*A"4"6)9?C&"?&6'))73P"4"?$%='))73P" *$%;G&"%;7?&'"d))';*AP"3;*AC&"A$'$A&"$*6"39*" 6'&*H=&6"6&HM;*A"%)"H$,%9'&")*&")("%=&"?&3%" )H&$*"$*6";**&'"=$'?)9'"G;&<3";*"W$AC$*Q #$CM"%)"%)<*P"?&$H="$*6"3H=))CQ D&*&')93"/117L"3&H%;)*Q +';)'"X9H%;)*")((&'3  H)*3;6&'&6Q OPEN HOME


Sunday 2pm 24 Norrie Avenue

DRAMATIC! Ocean, Harbour, Estuary,  Mountain, ViewsQ"R=;3"3%9**;*A"0"?6'7"

,'),&'%-"3;%3",')96C-"&C&G$%&6";*"?&$9%;(9CC-" C$*63H$,&6"A')9*63"%$M;*A";*"9*?')M&*"G;&<3"(')7" Z%"[$';);"%)"Z))*C;A=%"5$-"\"?'&$%=%$M;*AY"]&$%9';*A^" @$'A&"),&*",C$*"C)9*A&E6;*;*AP"$"<&CC"$,,);*%&6" A'$*;%&"M;%H=&*">"<))6"?9'*;*A"U'&Q"FO%'$3^"3)C$'" <$%&'"=&$%;*AP"=&$%",97,P"3,$",))C";*"7$3%&'" &*39;%&P"C$'A&"_=)??-"3=&62"`.47"O"a7"<;%="$"4Qa7" 3%96b"6)9?C&"A$'$A&"$*6 $7,C&",$'M;*A  OPEN HOME ()'"G;3;%)'3Q


Saturday  2­3pm 49b Hills Road


@)H$%;)*P"C;(&3%-C&P"C9O9'-P"3,$H&"()'"%=&"M;63" $*6" A'&$%" G;&<3" )G&'" %=&" =$'?)9'" $*6" )9%" %)"%=&"?$'Q R=;3" 6&3;'$?C&P" S" ?&6'))7" =)7&" ;3" T9;&%" $*6"'&C$O;*A"<;%="$"<))6"U'&P",';G$%&"55V" $'&$" $*6" 6)9?C&" A$'$A&" $*6" )*C-" $" 3=)'%" 3%')CC"$<$-"(')7"%=&"W$AC$*"H$(&3P"3H=))CP" 3=),3P"$*6"3$(&"3<;77;*AQ"X"793%"%)"G;&<P 3&&"-)9"$%"%=& ),&*"=)7&Y OPEN HOME


Sunday 11am 21b Long Street

AT D !" B7$CC"BC&&,)9%"E"B%96;) CE 00 I !" FC&G$%&6"3&H%;)*")(".IJK7L PR 5,0 !" B=)'%"<$CM"%)"N)O"5$W 8 ID#RAG20957 NO $5

HARBOUR THE LASTING IMPRESSION !" #$%&'(')*%"+'),&'%!" ./0123"4"5&6'))7"8)93& !" :;&<3")("#=$'(">"8$'?)9' !" @$'A&"B;*AC&"D$'$A&"9*6&'"=)93&

OPEN HOMES this weekend 5th & 6th May Saturday 11am ­ 1a Cross Street

Sunday 11am ­ 56c Bush View Drive

Saturday 12pm ­ 10 Calvert Road

Sunday 11am ­ 21b Long Street

Saturday 1pm ­ 37 Taipari Avenue

Sunday 2pm ­ 24 Norrie Avenue

Saturday 2pm ­ 3pm 49b Hills Rd

21 Bow St, Raglan  Phone: 07 825 8669  Fax: 07 825 7410   Website:  Email:

12 RAGLAN Chronicle

The Raglan Chronicle  

Raglan's weekly newspaper

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