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30th June 2011 - Issue #250

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Aloha Market Place - Sushi Takeaway. 5 Bow Street..................................................... 825 7440


Dear editor,

Costas Licensed Pizzeria. Dine in, Takeaway & Delivery. 2 Bow Street.......................... 825 0976

Te Kopua Camp Store. Takeaway.Te Kopua Domain......................................................825 8761

Harbour View Hotel. Dine in & Takeaway. 14 Bow Street..............................................825 8010

We respond to the article in last week’s Chronicle page 5 headed “Thinktank hints Raglan Foreshore “up for grabs” in which it reports the concerns of a right wing organisation who espouses that everyday “kiwis” may lose the right to their foreshore and seabed. As an organisation “Kiwis Against Seabed Mining” (KASM) is of the opinion that the real concern should be the continued interest in our foreshore and seabed by global mining companies, one poised ready to strip mine the sand on the seabed off our Raglan coast.

Marlin Cafe & Grill. Dine in. On the Wharf.................................................................. 825 0010

For those who are not aware, there are currently more permits to mine the New Zealand seabed going through the meagre tick the box exercise of the Crown Minerals Department than the total dry land area of New Zealand.

Nannie’s Takeaways. 35 Bow Street............................................................................ 825 8842

The permits run from the low tide mark out to 18 km off shore. The disruption to the fragile marine and Raglan West Store. Takeaways.45 Wainui Rd...............................................................825 8293 coastal margin ecosystems, changes to the seafloor with the potential to destroy the waves Raglan is famous for, destruction of recreational and commercial fishing, and The Shack. Dine in or Takeaway. 19 Bow Street...........................................................825 0027 increased erosion are just some of the real consequences our seaside village may face. Let’s not be distracted by this political red herring again, let us not be drawn into this racist attempt to turn our eyes from the very activities that The Raglan Club. Dine in or Takeaway. 22-24 Bow Street............................................ 825 8278 will target our beaches, stealing our sand, leaving them not at all popular for anyone. It is the politicians in Government who have put our valuable natural resources up for grabs Zaragoza . Restaurant. Cafe. Dine in & Takeaway. 23 Bow St.......................................825 0205 by courting global corporate mining companies. We need WeatherMap - New Zealand weather forecasts to elect our politicians wisely.


Stephen Frew, KASM, Raglan

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Chamber may help pull leases into line Right around the country commercial leases are coming down, he insists, when tenants take a tough line and say they can’t afford to operate. “Our (Raglan business) people are not doing that.” More often than not, he adds, landlords will accept a lower offer, rather than have an empty building. Leases are no different to any other product or service, Alan says, in that they are driven by supply and demand. “More empty buildings (in town) will drive leases down. Not a preferable option, but probably unavoidable.” He believes local business owners’ distress at their high overheads has now turned to anger with the recent closure of several Bow Street shops, and he has emailed chamber members asking them to consider a “pro-active response” by helping businesses in town negotiate their leases. “We want to provide for incoming businesses,” he says. But he concedes that not everyone agrees it’s the chamber’s business to mediate between tenants and landlords, and says that as a business consultant himself he’s fully prepared to help out independently. Business owners too need to be proactive and seek advice, he says. “We’re building the fence at the top the cliff. We’re somebody independent, we’ll help them negotiate their lease if they need someone to do it for them. It’s no good just sitting there asking what the Chamber of Commerce is going to do about it (the situation). My question to business owners is: How well have you done your research before opening a new business?” Alan claims the landlords and property owners in the town talk to each other. He is calling on the business community to unite because he says the leases per square metre rate are “way too high” for a town of this size with limited foot traffic outside of the six-week summertime tourist trade.

16-18 Bow St, Raglan

8 Bow St, Raglan. Ph: 825 Phone: 825 8300 8300 NZ Beef topside steak and roasts 1kg

10 99 ea

Added to that the economy is not going to get better in the foreseeable future, he warns. Alan also says he doesn’t understand why lessees of old harbour board land downtown have accepted Waikato District Council’s recent doubling of rents. He suspects the hikes may eventually be passed on to tenants – and “nudge” a few over the edge and out of business at high social and financial cost to Raglan. Raglan Community Board was not consulted, he says. As board deputy chairman he believes it’s a “very unfortunate” turn of events in such a tough economic climate.

I’m really scared “ Raglan will end up with more empty shops. ” Meantime a property manager with commercial properties downtown, who did not wish to named, maintains Raglan business has been driven by supply and demand, and suggests retailers take a “look at themselves” in these tough times globally. “We don’t and never have got involved in rent-setting. We use valuers and they (tenants) have a right to get a valuer too.” “Rents ride the market,” he adds, and are based on valuations in a “totally arbitrary” process. He says it is “untrue” to suggest, as some people have, that a few landlords have a monopoly over the town’s high rents.

Another dissatisfied retailer, Veronica Russell – who has run Costa’s Pizza for a decade but has been in business here for 20 years – says she too pays dearly for her prime position downtown and is now only “hanging on by my fingernails”. With her rent having risen “dramatically” during the past decade, and with what she describes as little chance of negotiation, Veronica admits she’s now “going backwards” and wonders how other retailers can survive in the current economic climate. “I’m really scared Raglan will end up with more empty shops,” she told the Chronicle early this week. The Herbal Dispensary’s Bronwyn Lowe, who shifted her business from the top end of Bow Street around the corner into her own premises in Wallis Street a couple of years ago in a bid to free herself up from a rent that doubled told the Chronicle hers was a “fantastic” move and she has no regrets at all. “The mortgage is less than the rent that I would’ve had up the road,” she says.


Retailers in town need to play “much harder ball” when it comes to renewal of leases, says Raglan Chamber of Commerce chairman Alan Vink, who this week was hatching a plan to help business owners take control of crippling increases and avoid more shop closures in the CBD.

Chartered Accountants 13 Wallis Street, Raglan 07 825 7050

Friendly, efficient service,in your community

carpet | vinyl | porcelain & ceramic tiles | cork floor sanding | timber flooring | concrete polishing

Opening Hours: Mon, Wed 9-4pm, Tues afternoons, CdYb]b[<cifg.AcbUbXHiYgUZhYfbccbg  KYXUbXGUhifXUmZfca%$!&dacfVmUddc]bhaYbh Sat 10-2pm or by appointment

kkk"fU[`UbZ`ccf]b["Wc"bn ph 825 8777 mob 027 660 9924 9924 showroom 53 Wainui Rd, Raglan

Commercial landlord Tony Bruce told the Chronicle this week that rents around town are private business between parties and should be no more public than, for example, the individual cost of people’s groceries. “It’s a commercial consideration, not a public thing.” Commercial rents however, he adds, are set by registered valuers and agreed to by tenants who need to raise any issues they may have on review or renewal of the lease Edith Symes

But Warehouse Building Supplies’ operator Grant Houghton, says rents have doubled in his 12 years there, and “current lease values can be justified if naive tenants keep signing and then only whining. If new businesses sign up and agree to a lease without doing the research then that contributes to the overall inflated rent values throughout town”. And to imply that rents are negotiable midway through a lease in tougher economic times is “just a load of rubbish”, adds Grant. He is skeptical that the Chamber can make a difference and assist business owners throughout a negotiation process.

Open 7.30am - 7pm

, Red Kumara 1kg

Opena 7am 7 Days 100% NZ Kiwi Bacon

7pm 7 Days

Old Coach Road Pinot Noir



6 99

1489 RAGLAN Chronicle 3

Yoga poses no threat for all ages Te Uku’s Joan Vanhoutte prides herself on her ability to hold a good yoga pose – and at more than three score years and ten is not at all fazed by those half her age practising Iyengar yoga weekly with her in the old Scout Hall along Cliff Street. Her soft grey hair held back off her face with a wide turquoise band – reminiscent of the Jackie bands of the 60s – adds an air of youthfulness to Joan’s not informidable presence. And she defies her age throughout the 60-90-minute stretching and balancing classes in which some dozen women and two men were last week contorting their bodies into intriguing positions for the good of their physical and mental health. Joan’s followed local Iyengar yoga teacher Corry Regnier around from Hamilton to Raglan for her weekly fitness fix since 1996, and says she has no intention of stopping anytime soon. “It was a bad back that brought me,” explains Joan, “but you should start earlier (younger) because it seems so much easier then.”


Account Credit for new childcare enrolments

CAll uS todAy!

Making friends at the Bizzy Buddyz Making friends at the Bizzy Buddyz 3 & 4 year old programme. 3 & 4 year old programme.

Practising yoga fixed her back, says Joan without a hint of doubt. “That’s why I kept coming.”

There’s been a broken ankle since – from walking over the farm that’s been home to her and hubby Maurice or Maurie as he’s affectionately known – and Joan says that injury’s also benefited from Corry’s TLC even though she gets a touch of osteo-arthritis now and again. Yoga, she’s adamant, keeps her from “getting decrepit”. “You should see my husband – he’s a mess,” says Joan of her apparently “stooped” partner. “But then he’s got the brain and I’ve got the legs,” she laughs. Joan has an unblinding loyalty to Corry who’s taken her from would-be decrepit to agile yogi. “I wouldn’t go to anybody else … she’s my mentor and my friend.” While Joan admits she gets a bit lazy on the yoga at home, she still walks the hills of their large sheep and beef farm regularly and can “dig up a plot of land” for a garden. Joan did everything including backbends when she started yoga in her 60s, recalls Corry. Now the moves are a little gentler, because as you get older you become less secure. Joan, she explains, will now often balance while stabilising herself against

the wall or will do sitting poses, still with forward rolls or twists. “I have to recognise when it’s enough.” Even so, Joan still does headstands or inversions as they’re called in yoga. “I like those because they get the blood to your brain,” she says. Joan Vanhoutte holding yoga poses, with teacher Corry She also does “dogposts” – a crouching pose included in yoga’s ancient “salute to the sun” sequence which Joan finds a bit tricky to keep up with. And she does a “dynamic” warrior pose, interjects Corry. “Because I’m a Celt,” says Joan. “It brings out the fighter in me.” Corry, in her mid-50s, has been practising yoga now for 33 years, having started as a teen and gone to India later to study the discipline founded in her students who, in turn, “inspire me to by renowned master BKS create a sequence of poses so they (continue to) Iyengar who, at age 93, is still teaching. develop”. Edith Symes She qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher 23 See ‘Courses, Classes and Workshops’ on years ago and says she couldn’t keep teaching if it weren’t for the “transformation” she sees page 11 to find out about Yoga with Corry

Raffle turns out to be win for all After weeks on display at Blacksand Café, the raffle for the hand-pieced pure wool blanket happened last weekend, coinciding with the last day of St John’s Ambulance national appeal week. Proceeds from the raffle were always ‘destined’ for

Raglan’s Ambulance service but what was surprising was how much was made from the simple task of piecing together hand knitted blocks. “We had a tremendous response for purchase of raffle tickets and made $335 for St John’s. That was much more than we thought we would do”, said Virginia Gallagher from

Home Based Childcare & Education Service

Phone 0800 084 314 Waikato office 960 9040

the knitting circle. Virginia met ambulance staff last weekend outside The Raglan Club, where they were set up promoting St John’s and selling sausages as a fundraiser, to present them the cheque from the raffle. At the same time, the raffle was drawn, with the lucky ticket (No. 52) belonging to Luise Esterbauer, who works at Tonic Hair Salon. “I’m never lucky and this is such a lovely surprise”, said Luise when she was given the rug.

can’t keep up?

Dr Oliver Russell Dr Gill Brady Dr Marcia Mitchley 10 Bankart Street, Raglan

4 RAGLAN Chronicle

Jan Tapp, Area Executive Officer for the Raglan St John’s area committee and one of 14 members of our local St John’s group said the unexpected donation would be put to very “good use”. “On behalf of Raglan St John’s , thanks very much to the knitting circle and all those who purchased tickets”. Knitting Circle members would especially like to thank Blacksand staff for managing the raffle during the many weeks the rug was on display. Sue Russell

Top: Virginia Gallagher from knitting circle hands raffle donation to Jan Tapp, from Raglan St John’s. Bottom: Lucky Luise Esterbauer with her rug

Country singing brightens bleak Raglan day Three score and ten plus years each has not diminished the Rowe brothers’ enjoyment of getting together to sing a country song or two and that’s just what they were doing on a cold and wet Raglan afternoon last week.

Tena Koutou Katoa ki nga whanau o te Rohe o Whaingaroa me nga manuhiri i tae mai. INCIDENTS: We have been very busy, being one member down, and it’s been a couple of weeks since our last report. Here’s some of what we’ve been up to.

Alan and his younger brother Des sing whenever they manage to catch up with each other. Des, better known as Slim Rowe hails from Ruawai, though originally farmed at Hunua near Papakura. Alan has lived in Raglan for the last 15 years and before this farmed at Waitoa. Slim started playing the ukulele at the tender age of 8 and switched to guitar at 16.

Alan and Slim (Des) Rowe mid-yodel

“I was determined to learn how to yodel so I used to listen to Tex William’s records. Eventually I figured it out” says Slim.

first big competition in a programme called ‘Have a Shot’ at the Radio Theatre in Auckland about the time when TV’s were just coming out.

“That’s all a few years ago now but once you know the songs you don’t forget them”, says Slim.

Now the Rowe brothers just enjoy getting together from time to time and singing the old tunes.

To put his career into perspective, Slim won his

Sue Russell

Long days to get pipe through Contractors have made good progress installing Raglan’s new 1.6 km long polyethalene waste water pipe along Wainui Road, over the bridge and to Nihinihi Road in Raglan West.

The new sewer pipe extending into the darkness under the bridge footpath

Greetings Whaingaroa and Visitors.

Despite what project supervisor Steve Eldin from HEB Construction Ltd describes as ‘challenging’ ground conditions work was expected to be completed in a couple of days. When the Chronicle caught up with the team of workers, working under floodlight, a large pipe fitting had been successfully installed and connected to

pipe straddling the one-way bridge under the footpath. Rain-saturated soil and sticky clay had to be dug out so the fitting (pictured) could be settled at just under 1 metre below the road surface. The rising sewer main project has increased Raglan’s waste water capacity substantially. “The old asbestos pipes needed replacing. The pipe and system we’ve installed has a much larger capacity and will serve Raglan’s needs for years to come ”, said Robert Morton, from Ike Stephens & Co., one of the projects subcontractors. Sue Russell

Serving Trespass Notices x 6 Burglaries: West Coast Health & Whaingaroa Physiotherapy, Greenslade Rd, Wallis Street, Thefts x 6 Family Violence x 4 : Pokohui Ave, Government Road, Norrie Avenue, Okete Road, Taipari Avenue. Sexual Assaults x 3 Threats & Intimidation x 2 Unlawful Taking of Motor Vehicle x 1 Endangering Traffic with green Laser light x 1 Assist Member of the Public x 4 Intoxicated Persons x 5 Access Computer for Dishonest Purpose x 1 ARRESTS: Family Violence related Wilful Damage Breach of Bail Conditions Sexual Assault TRAFFIC: Drive to the conditions! Winter weather brings its own special motoring conditions - wet or foggy roads, strong winds, heavy storms, longer hours of darkness. All these factors need to be taken into account each time you get behind the wheel - as does the condition of your vehicle. FOUND PROPERTY: Jewellery (watches, bangle), sunglasses, prescription glasses, cash, leather jacket, child’s scooter. LOST PROPERTY: Cash, wallets, passports, Malaysian Identity card, I-Pod Touch Pad, cellphones, cameras, bikes, women’s wetsuit. MESSAGE OF THE WEEK: We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our newly appointed third Constable. Kevin Bailey will be joining us from August. Kevin is a British cop. He’s been working more recently in Te Kuiti. He is keen to start here in Raglan. For your information - while the Raglan Police Station is not a 24hour station, we are on-call when we have finished our late shift. After hours calls to 111 are assessed by the Police Communications Centre and if it is deemed a priority incident requiring immediate attendance, then the on-call staff member will be called out. If you are not sure if an incident is an emergency or not, contact 111 and let them decide. Look after each other and stay warm and dry. Raglan Police Team. If anyone has any information on any of the above incidents, or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 825 8200. Any information received can be treated as anonymous.


MAKE THIS THE YEAR THAT YOU – TAKE THE PLUNGE! 9.30am Saturday 2nd July Kopua Domain Boat Ramp Entry: gold coin donation to be collected on the day. Prizes will be awarded + many spot prizes. All monies to Raglan Sea Rescue & Surf Lifesaving Club A great activity to tick off that ‘Bucket List’

Supported by: Raglan Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) and Raglan Chamber of Commerce.

If you’ve just made the move to a new farm, welcome to the area, here’s a name and number to keep handy. He’s your local AFFCO buyer and he can help make all your livestock decisions easier. Call today to talk through your needs for the coming season.

Paul Cadogan

Mob: 021 947 321 A/H: 0800 249 475

RAGLAN Chronicle 5

Plenty of writing in the old seadog yet He may be something of an old seadog but it’s a cat rather than a parrot who keeps prolific columnist and letterwriter Ian McKissack company in his Cambrae Road home.

A self-confessed loner, the forthright and outspoken Raglan Chronicle contributor shares his modest digs with Lionel – a “totally neurotic cat”, he explains, though quickly absolving himself of that responsibility.“It’s not my fault,” he insists as the long-haired ginger moggy looks disdainfully in at us from outside the glass doors one wintry day last week. Despite Lionel’s idiosyncrasies the two seem to co-exist happily enough. And Ian, at 78, admits that with his declining health and stamina these days running a house takes up quite a stretch of time, as do the thinking and the writing that goes into the regular opinion columns that have become something of an institution in the local rag over the past five years or so. “I like writing,” says Ian simply. He’s certainly made quite a dent with his opinions in the Waikato Times’ correspondence columns over the years. In fact the Chronicle column itself started out with a long letter and expanded, he thinks. “It takes up most of my energy now.” Thinking the topic over takes quite a long time, he reckons, but then he can write the 400 words in about an hour. Though he tends to “weed it” many times before actually submitting it, he adds.

“I like doing it – it’s part of the community sort of thing,” says Ian, often referring to his work as reflections.

And yes, he has been described as a bit of an old cynic on occasion, Ian admits, but very rarely gets any flak. People are more likely to stop him in the street and say something positive, he says, which is a bonus. Ian’s also had some success as a short story writer, with one story sold to National Radio and one which “did okay” in a Katherine Mansfield competition. But he’s an old English sea-dog from way back, having learnt to sail small boats as a youngster living next to Portland Harbour, a big naval base. Sailing was a much riskier business in those days, says Ian, with nothing like life-jackets or buoyancy tanks around. At 16, Ian started his working life as an apprentice deck officer on board the HMS Conway, a wooden warship based between Anglesea and North Wales. And after nine years at sea on various types of ships, working towards tickets and masters qualifications, he noticed that those who got to be skippers too young had a tendency to turn to the bottle. “So I thought I’d do something else with my life.” Having done a lot of reading and philosophy at sea Ian, at 25, went to Bristol University where he acquired not only a BSc with honours in psychology but also a wife. He worked with delinquents in Bristol, graduating to lecturing in Glasgow and then in Ghana, then headed back to his family home in Devon.

It was 1970, but Ian says he didn’t want to stay in England so penned a “hastily-written ink letter” to Raglan’s late Professor James Ritchie at Waikato University, who had advertised in the New Statesman for a psychology lecturer.

Several years later, when his marriage ended and he’d lost interest in lecturing, Ian went back to sea for a few years, based mainly out of British ports. But life on board ship at that stage – with bars and whatnot – had become more like a floating Coronation Street to Ian. He moved on. It was 1980 and Ian extended his studies to clinical psychology, working for five years in the first therapeutic community ward at Tokanui Psychiatric Hospital which closed down the following decade. Then he set up in private practice in Hamilton, mainly freelancing with the justice department and Waikeria Prison. It was 1999 when Ian made the move to Raglan, after visiting his old friend and student Wanda Barker here. “Quite a few of my students are scattered around here,” he says, counting musician Dave Maybee and lawyer Jon Webb among them. Apart from his Chronicle columns, Ian’s been involved over the years in the local writers’ group and also worked downtown at Trade Aid for a few years. And he had a little trailer sailer yacht at Lorenzen Bay for most of his time here which he used to get around the harbour in and go fishing, he says. Ian sold the trailer sailer recently, he adds

Ian McKissack at home

regretfully. “I miss it but I was running out of stamina by then.” Edith Symes

New waste and landfill charges from July 1st

Xtreme Waste has reviewed the fees and charges for its waste and landfill charges. New fees come into effect on 1 July 2011.

Balewrap & Silage Sheet Recycling BRING CLEAN BALEWRAP & SILAGE SHEET TO: Raglan Recycle & Refuse Transfer Station 186 Te Hutewai Rd, Raglan • Recycling costs just $10/m3 • Balewrap & Silage Sheet can be stored in a wool fadge x Ensure items are clean or the landfill rate of $43/m3 will be charged x Please NO bale net, twine or foreign objects. Prizes sponsored by:

"Best in the west"

Over the next 3 months ALL participants will automatically go in the draw to win a free meal at: ORCA RESTAURANT & BAR. Plus one lucky farmer will win 2 Nights stay for 2 people at: The JOURNEY'S END ACCOMMODATION (continental breakfasts included) For more information please contact Xtreme Waste: 825-6509

6 RAGLAN Chronicle

This will affect the prices of prepaid bags and landfill charges. Prepaid bags increase by 10c to $2.60 and the cost to drop off waste at the transfer station by $2 to $43 per cubic metre. Background The costs of waste to landfill fees were last increased on 1 July 2009. However ongoing increase in fuel costs and wages, has resulted in the potential for under recovery of costs. Each year Xtreme Waste reviews its fees and charges to ensure costs are fully recovered. This review has been carried out in consultation with Waikato District Council and Raglan Community Board who have approved the increases. The increases have been made based on information obtained from the salary and wages rates index and producers price index along with increases in the fuel prices over the past year. Transportation of waste to landfill is expensive due to the fact that we are located 85km from the landfill site at Hampton Downs For more information on how to reduce waste please contact us directly education@xtremewaste. or refer to information on our website

Community House - Temporary closure of the Bargain Basement

Some of you may have noticed the building works going on behind the Raglan Community House over the past few weeks.

This work is to improve the existing facilities in our Bargain Basement and to the rear fire escape staircase. We now have a new garage store for our Bargain Basement stock and the existing staircase has had a much needed roof built over it to protect it from the weather. We now need to complete the refurbishment works to the Bargain Basement shop and we will be closing the Bargain Basement at 3pm on Friday 8th July and it will not reopen until 10am on Monday 25th July. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause to our Bargain Basement customers while we carry out these much needed improvements. The Community House will be operating as normal during this period and we will still be offering a full range of services including Work and Income (Tuesdays only), “Souper” Tuesdays, Drop in Lounge, Counseling and Budget Service.

Free drapes programme beats the cold

You don’t need to be without a warm zone in your house. The Curtain Bank has a free supply of winter drapes for you, to help you keep out the cold. Our programme is anonymous; a telephone call to Julia at 825 8028 is all that’s needed to get some free drapes for your lounge. The programme which is the brainchild of Huntly Energy Efficiency Trust (HEET) was started up in Raglan two winters ago and has been quietly successful. It receives and distributes free drapes, to aid heat loss in cold draughty homes. It is implemented by Raglan Christian Fellowship in conjunction with the Whaingaroa Affordable Housing Trust.

  

 



 






 



            




        

                               

   



            



     






         




         


         




  

 

   


 



       


         

       

        

 



   

 

           


   


           

 


RAGLAN Chronicle 7

--= =-!

Enviro Matters


firewood ad filling you in each month with the green-goings-on This month: Identify and deal with invasive weeds

Wicked Weeds Weeds are one of the biggest threats to biodiversity worldwide. Here’s a shocking fact: Auckland is the weediest city in the world, with over 220 environmental weeds. Each year another four garden plants jump the fence to become weeds in the wild. Raglan is also very weedy – but we can all do our bit to help. Come into WEC and get info on how to control weeds in your backyard. Pick up “Plant me instead”, full of great alternatives to weedy plants for your garden.

Herbicides and Bio-Control

Ligustrum lucidum (Tree privet) Ligustrum sinense (Chinese privet or hedge privet) Lots of Raglan’s hedges are Chinese privet. Privet is also poisonous and may cause breathing problems. Privet is very tolerant to shade, frost, damage, grazing, high temperatures, damp or drought conditions, salt, and wind – a real survivor. This pops up everywhere, and likes to disguise itself among natives until suddenly it gets noticed – “where did that huge privet come from?” Treat all cut stumps with herbicide to prevent re-growth.

Climbing Asparagus

There are several herbicides available for home use. Come in to WEC and we can discuss various effective treatment options. Always use herbicides sparingly and only as directed.

Asparagus scandens This will quickly climb up through established gardens and bush, smothering its host plants. It grows from tubers so it’s a real pig to get rid of. Spraying foliage will slow it down but the tubers must be dug to remove it completely. Careful disposal is required. Tubers should be burnt or placed in a sealed black plastic bag and left to rot in the sun. Stems do not require this treatment.

There are no bio-control agents for privet and climbing asparagus yet in New Zealand, but a lacewing insect has recently been released at Port Waikato to control Woolly Nightshade. Hopefully it will spread south as the numbers build up.

Win moneyur for yool! scho

Weed Busters 2-Minute Film Challenge 2011

Vege of the Month:


Woolly Nightshade

Solanum mauritianum

Teachers, your students could win $1000 for your school with the Weedbusters 2-minute Film Challenge for Year 1-8 students. Get creative, learn heaps, and help save the environment

What’s the challenge about? Students need to create a short clip (up to 2 minutes long) that tells a story about ornamental garden plants that have ‘jumped the fence’ and are now causing environmental damage in natural areas of New Zealand. Find out more and enter online at weedbusters. schools/2minute_film_ challenge

Woolly Nightshade is poisonous and can irritate skin, nose, eyes, and throat. This wicked weed is spreading through Raglan fast. Woolly nightshade is just coming in to flower now. If you can’t cut the plant down, break off the flower buds so it won’t seed. Pull out any seedlings you find, and don’t let it set seed.

Weed websites to check out • • • •


Hardy, almost bombproof, leeks should be in every winter garden. Leeks can cope with wet ground, heavy frost and even be totally buried under snow and keep growing. Leeks are full of good stuff to build your immune system against winter bugs – they contain manganese, vitamins C & B6, folate and iron, and they are packed with antioxidants. The small ones are sweeter. Don’t cut all the green leaves off as retailers do – it’s a waste of good winter greens. The seed bank has Leek Carentan Giant for sowing in punnets in spring, to be planted out in summer and autumn. Leek seedlings planted now will not grow very big over winter, but they can be eaten from spring onion size. Don’t forget to plant your garlic!

Other News... Come into WEC if you want more info on submitting to the DOC (Department of Conservation) Conservation Management Strategy Review, or check out: WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) have a new fund for community groups to try out new and innovative projects or approaches which are not easily funded from other sources. Your group may meet the criteria – check out or come into WEC Ruapuke Beachcare Planting Day: Saturday 20th August at 10.30am - 12.00 midday – meet at the north end carpark, Ruapuke Beach. After the planting there will be a shared lunch at Parito (1574 Whaanga Road). There will be a big warm organic soup to share with everyone. Please invite any friends and whanau to join the planting and the lunch and let us know if you are able to come to the planting and/or the shared lunch. All are welcome. Please bring a spade or trowel and a plate of food to share. Contact Pete or Atmavidya 825 8993 or email

Thank you to our EnviroMatters sponsors:

simplistic to luxurious eco accommodation

Send comments and contributions to Kimberley at Whaingaroa Environment Centre:

8 RAGLAN Chronicle


June 2011

Winter bowls proves a winner with visitors

Winners from Blockhouse Bay L-R: Geoff Trainer, Geoff Edwards and Skip Georg Weller holding their â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;mascotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.

Thanks to our June sponsor, Warehouse Building Supplies, we were able to provide a splendid day for our visiting bowlers. There were two teams from Taumarunui, four teams from Blockhouse Bay, three from Claudlandsone, Frankton Junction, Leamington, and Pirongia - plus our four local teams. Enjoyment is what it is all about, yes indeed it is. That is certainly what one could see on Saturday 25th June down on the Greens, lots and lots of enjoyment. To say nothing of the merriment and bantering that went on...if you stopped to listen a moment you would hear it all right... laughter, jovial growling, singing and swaying to the music, encouragements to have a go at a particular shot, or

destruct the head! Whatever it took to gain shot... just do it! Our June 25th winners were from Blockhouse Bay - George Weller, Geoff Edwards and Geoff Trainer with 3 wins and 50 points. 2nd were Ross Turner, Graham (Mouse) Stephens and Eileen Stephens with 3 wins and 45 points, and 3rd was Vic Readâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team from Leamington, with 3 wins but with 42 points. It was pretty close indeed! Three other teams had 3 wins also, but their points â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;gainedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; were not enough to score a prize. Better luck in our next tournament on 16 July. Roll on till next time. Happy bowling. Eileen Stephens

Raglan Junior Rugby

Kia ora koutou katoa â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Well we havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really had too much action happening with junior rugby lately due to heaps of rain which has kept most of the fields within the Hamilton region soggy and closed. So therefore the decision to cancel the games is made by the Hamilton City Council, in conjunction with the Waikato Rugby Union. Although the 7th grade green team managed to squeeze a friendly game with Te Kowhai on Saturday and the two players of the day were Daz and Peatariki Patterson. Kia ora korua! Those who have continued playing in the rain were our representative players. For the past two Sundays, our representative players played for the Southern Reds and ended up overall runners-up in the tournament. From this tournament, Cullen Robertson, Sam Robertson, Sam Armory, Joshua Diprose and Tom Wallace were selected to play further in the Bowers Cup tournament later in July/ August - so choice one you guys â&#x20AC;&#x201C; keep up the good work and hard training! Also the Gwynne Shield

Tournament is coming up in the first week of the July school holidays and we are pleased that another five of our Raglan players made it into the Panthers squad who will be playing in this tournament - Trent Robin, Leroy Neels, Mitchell Robertson, Nicholas Jeffcoat and Reiki Ruawai. Kia kaha koutou! The Raglan Junior Rugby Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors who continue to support our club - Chris Leuthart of PGG Wrightson Livestock and Kyle Leuthart of Century 21, along with Raglan Earthmovers (Hayden & Jolene Robbs), Emblems NZ, Direct Group, Raglan Pharmacy and Top Cut Butchery. And of course our Player of the Day vouchers which are sponsored by Raglan Bakery. Thank you for sponsoring our teams â&#x20AC;&#x201C; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s awesome to have such amazing support from our community. So this weekend (fingers crossed that our games will still be on), 6 of our 8 teams have home games starting with the 6th and 11th grades both kicking off at 9.00 am. Niki Maniapoto Secretary, Raglan Junior Rugby Committee









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Thursday Night Roasts: Thursday Night Roasts are back! Choice of two meats plus vegetables.Two sizes - Large $12.00 Medium $10.00 add Apple Pie for only $5.00 Friday 8th July: Jerry Lee - 7.30pm till late!

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Friday 15th July: Tasty Brown - 8.00pm till late!

Friday 29th July: Champagne Sisters -7.30pm Ph: 825 8288

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eeeQZcPa\hQ]\h eeeQZcPa\hQ]\h G=C2=<¸B8CAB8=7</1:C0G=C03:=<5 G=C2=<¸B8CAB8=7</1:C0G=C03:=<5




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SAT 2 JULY MID WINTER SWIM @ Kopua Domain Boat Ramp. Entry gold coin donation raising money for Raglan Sea Rescue & Surf Lifesaving club. SUN 3 JULY @ Te Uku Church, service 7pm.

MAINLY MUSIC. Monday & Wednesday 9:30am @ Te Uku Church.

MAMA’S MONDAY 4th of July Come join us to learn and share stories of natural birthing, breastfeeding and parenting.

Free, fun & informative discussions with other mama’s and midwives Karin, Penny & Melanie. 1st Mon of every month, 11am @ the Environment Centre Babes in arms welcome MON 4 JULY, FRIENDS OF WAINUI RESERVE, walk from the Bush Park carpark 11am, then AGM and shared lunch at 368 Wainui Rd. All welcome.

MON 4 JULY @ THE RAGLAN CLUB. 500 cards, 1pm. TUESDAYS @ Raglan Club -- Texas Hold’em 6.30pm.

FRI 1 JUL @ YOT CLUB, CHIMPS TEA PARTY. DJ Chimpster & Guests 9pm, $5. SAT 2 JUL @ YOT CLUB, 100% MASH UP. DJ’s Jamin-i & Dubsonic.Free Entry, 8pm.

CHILDS PLAY HOUSE, good condition. Please phone 8256799 or 0276100667.

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THURS 7 JULY @ THE RAGLAN CLUB. Euchre. All welcome. 6pm. TUES 12 JUL @ RAGLAN COMMUNITY HOUSE, 7pm -9pm Women’s Clothing Swap, All sizes welcome.

SAT 2 JUL @ VINNIES, ROSY TIN TEACADDY @ Bond Street Bridge, with Karin Bettley. 9pm. $10 cover. FRI 8 JUL @ RAGLAN CLUB, JERRY LEE, 7.30pm.

QIGONG CLASSES. Monday 9am/ Tuesday 6.30pm. $8. Call Kirsten: 8256890 / 0210761429. LAUREN HAYNES S I LV E R S M I T H I N G CLASSES. Beginners & intermediate classes set for July. Starting this Saturday the 2nd. For more info please Ph 021 617791 or email laurenhaynes@

YOGA FOR ALL LEVELS, Wednesday 6pm and Thursday 9am, Scout Hall, with full-time, qualified teacher. Contact corry.

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FLOORSANDING EQUIPMENT for hire. Ph Raglan Flooring 825 8777. BOUNCY CASTLE FOR HIRE, entertainment for the kids. Vicki 825 7575.

Garage Sale SUNDAY 3 JULY. 10am12noon. Solscape. Wainui Road.

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Whaingaroa Environment Centre (WEC) has the following position available:

WEC Educator contract position

Key tasks include: deliver and expand CarbonWise school education programme, develop ecological monitoring programme, design and run workshops, and deliver environmental education to community and schools. Six month contract of 100 hours. The contractor is responsible for their own tax, GST and ACC. Job description and application details available from: or phone 825 0480 Applications close 14th July

To Let

FURNISHED FLAT to rent, power and SKY included. Raglan West. $200p/w. Vacant from 30th June. Dave 825 7270.

Check out our video competition on our website COMPETITION! at...

1 BEDROOM FURNISHED FLAT. Self contained. Non smoking.. is hosting a monthly video competition! Vacancy at the Power & B/band Each included. month, a winning video will be chosen Environment Centre for ‘video of the month’, and featured on the homepage. Open to all ages, this is your chance to get creative and 825 7442. inventive with the moving image. will be centred around representing the many WEC EducatorThemes contract position


Whaingaroa Environment Centre (WEC) has the following position available:

facets of Raglan, it’s people, key places, activities, etc... Key tasks include: deliver and expand CarbonWise school education programme, develop ecological monitoring programme, design and run workshops, and deliver environmental education to community and schools. Six month contract of 100 hours. The contractor is responsible for their own tax, GST and ACC.

HOUSE MODERN, Not only is it a great way for each months’s winner to warm 1 bedroom with Raglan, and gain some coverage and help promote recognitionF/ on ‘Raglan’s leading Tourism website’ loft and carport. - (Lonely Planet), but the winner will also receive prizes from the competition sponsors, with an overall furnished. Woodburner winner to be chosen at the end of 6 months. & SKY inc. $230.00. ph Go to to find out full RSA 2011 0210352775. details on howRAGLAN to enter... Elected Committee: 3 BEDROOM HOUSE 4RENT. $320 a Patron - Max Spooner. Wayne week. West Raglan. President Ph: 092336550 or Gadsby. Vice-President - Colin Hodkinson. Past 0272406563. President - Andy Millar. Welfare Officer - Richard RETAIL SHOP Lorigan. Secretary/ becoming available Treasurer Noleen High foot traffic, McCathie. Committee Prime downtown - Reg Blackwell, Roy CBD. Devlyn, John Harding, Ph 021 363465 Raewyn Lorigan. Applications close 14th July


Lilypot Florist * Fresh flowers * Send flowers * Potted plants 021 448 104 2 Wallis Street

FIREWOOD Dry 6 x 6 trailer load. Pine for $90, delivered. RELIEF PADDOCK 0210771524. FOR TWO HORSES to FIREWOOD T-TREE / Manuka. $140 delivered give my own paddock per m3. $100. Ex yard. a much needed rest. Preferably near Houchen Ph 825 0522. road te Mata but I am able NEW MIXED METAL to transport the horses if RINGS, rose gold, needed. If you have one silver and yellow gold. Handcrafted in Israel. available for a small fee Right Up My Alley, I’d be very appreciative. number: 07Volcom Lane. www. Phone 8250928. BLISS COLLECTION, an eclectic range of necklaces & earings. Handsewn embroidered beads, lush velvets & polished gems create statement pieces. Right Up My Alley, Volcom Lane.

RAY OR TIGER 0800 668 833 027 433 3338 07 823 6500

Job description and application details available from: or phone 825 0480


THRIVING ON A SHOESTRING. Free Workshops at Raglan Community House. 9.30am to 12noon Ph: 8258142. - Wed 6 July - Basic Home Maintenance.

CALL IN ANYTIME AT: 9 STEWART STREET, RAGLAN or Phone us on 825 8674 Email


ZUMBA! Waitetuna School Wednesdays 6pm Te Uku Hall, starts Tuesday May 3rd 7.30pm, Sarah T 8255844.

HEALING ROOMS. 1st and 3rd THURS. 11-12pm. Plunket Rooms.

We Welcome all enquiries and enrolments We welcome all enquiries and enrolments for children 2 for Children 21/2 and over. 1/2 and over. We offer morning (8.30-12.30), afternoon We offer Morning or Afternoon sessions, (1-3) and ‘Kindergarten sessions (8.30-3.00). fully qualifiedday’ staff and a safe,We have fully qualified stafflearning and a safe,environment. fun, learning environment. fun, Using some of your child’s ‘20 free hours’ at Kindergarten could mean no fees for you!!

WED 6 JULY @ BLACKSAND CAFÉ. Knitting Circle from 9.30am. All welcome!

THURSDAYS @ Raglan Community House 10 - 1pm CV Writing Assistance. FREE. All welcome.. Appts required. Ph 825 8142.

Raglan Kindergarten

DRY STORAGE. At least 3 x 3. Ph Kath 825 7272.

NANNY WANTED for 15month old twin boys. 12 hours over 2 days. Ph 0210338961 or 825 8571.

Wanted To Buy LARGE SECTION, NO COVENANTS, under100k, Cash Buyer. No Agents! 0211606022

Public Notices

CARE & CRAFT will be closed from 27th June until August the 1st, for our mid year break. MOBILE HAIDRESSER. Haircuts or blowdrys from $10. Roller sets from $12. Phone Julie 825 8187 or 027 2786811. RAGLAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (Inc). Notice of Annual General Meeting. Wednesday 26th July 2011 – 7.30pm. Raglan Sunset Motel, Kariori Conference Room. Contact: info@

SENIOR CITIZENS MEETING on 7th July 2011 at 11.00am at the Raglan Fire Station. Guest speaker is Kathleen Gavin on her trip to India. Lunch available, all Welcome. KIWIS AGAINST SEABED MINING. Issue Update and AGM. Sunday 3rd July. 2pm.

Inika Cosmetics In-Store Learn tips on makeup application

Try our natural organic range

One on one consults

7th July

Bookings Ph: 825 7444

Herbal Dispensary 6 Wallis Street

Lost SMALL BLACK ZIP-UP FIN BAG containing 3 K2.1 fins and 2 M3s. Reward. Ph 825 7045.


Community House.

Organic Juicing Apples and Carrots

Great Prices

Herbal Dispensary 6 Wallis Street

Ph 825 7444

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