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16th February 2012 ­ Issue #281

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Cover: L to R: Marten Ten Broek, Mike Lee and Emily Johnson performing on the main stage at the ‘Boardies and  Bikinis’ music festival, Ruapuke Camp Ground.    image thanks to Tractor FM Should you wish to aquire any images from this week’s Chronicle ‐ please contact us on 825 7076 or email your request to


Aloha Market Place - Sushi Takeaway. 5 Bow Street..................................................... 825 7440

Dear Editor I  think  I  now  have  a  clearer  understanding  of  Galileo’s  Burgershack. Takeaway. 35a Bow Street.................................................................... 825 8439 problem  with  the  inquisition;  they  interpreted  the  word  of  !"#$%&$&%'()*$+,-$-%.+,$/%&$0%+$%)#$)"$%1"2)+$"3$-4(#-)5-$ was good enough to show it wasn’t. We seem to have the same  problem with members of the Waikato District Council, who  !"#$%&'()'*'+$,%&)%-"./'%0"1'23,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,456%4789 believe Raglan is rich and we should pay for it through our  rates. When  Rodger  Gallagher,  and  I  went  to  Ngaruawahia  recently to express our opposition to rate increases averaging  :';<23%='>)%?%@;2<<,%023)%23,%A3%BC)%DC';>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,%456%EE9E around  15%,  which  Raglan  is  about  to  face,  we  were  met  /(+,$#(&6-7(-38$#-&9(+-$2&()*$"3:5(%7$&+%+(&+(5&; <-)&2&$ :*2.-&$ &,"/$ =%*7%)$ +"$ 6-$ +,-$ &-5")#$ 9"".-&+$ town in the Waikato District (after Huntly West). I can only  F'1'$B)%-2BGC)3,%H'B%23%";%B'()'*'+,%I9%J"*%KB;))B,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,456%EIEE think of two reasons for that. Either Raglan people tell more  lies about their income than anyone else in Waikato District,  ".$ +,-$ :*2.-&$ %.-$ +.2-;$ >$ 6-7(-4-$ /-$ ,%4-$ 1".-$ 9-"97-$ "3$ principle  in  Raglan  than  average  and  I  know  the  appalling  Nannies Takeaways. 35 Bow Street............................................................................. 825 8842 deprivation revealed when the Affordable Housing Trust did  a survey, as well as the valuable work of the Food Bank. It  therefore disappointed me that our councillor, Clint Baddeley,  L'M<'3%D)$B%KB";),%&'()'*'+$,N6%D'23/2%LO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,456%45PI didn’t  offer  support  to  either  of  us.  Clint’s  response  to  my  evidence was to say he was offended that I drew attention to  +,-$5-)&2&$:*2.-&$%)#$,-$#(#)?+$%55-9+$+,%+$=%*7%)$/%&$9"".; That was in distinct contrast to the support the Franklin  &C)%KC'G(,%023)%23%";%&'()'*'+,%9P%J"*%KB;))B,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,456%EE57 councillor gave her voters. She asserted the Chief Executive  was wrong in his explanation that rural properties in Franklin  had  had  their  rates  subsidised  by  Pukekohe  (now  lost  to  &C)%L'M<'3%=</Q,%023)%23%";%&'()'*'+,%55R5N%J"*%KB;))B,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,%456%4544 Auckland).  I  think  he  is  right  and  that  the  Franklin  towns  subsidised  their  rural  areas,  just  as  Waikato  is  doing.  The  mayor  and  other  councillors  assured  me  that  wasn’t  so,  despite  graphs  in  their  own  report  and  a  very  clear,  simple  S';'M"T'%,%L)$B'/;'3B,%='>),%023)%23%?%&'()'*'+,%5I%J"*%KB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,456%E5E5 graph Rodger showed them. It  would  appear  our  councillor  has  lost  touch  with  the  realities of Raglan. It seems he won’t listen to Rodger or me.  The damage is probably done for this round and we are going  to have to face that rates rise. However, it would be good to  WeatherMap - New Zealand weather forecastshave  the  support  of  our  councillor in  future.  Could  you  all  have a word with him please? Regards  John Lawson, Raglan Weather Map

Raglan Weather & Tides

Check for latest forecasts Forecasts Forecast generated on Wednesday 15 February Max Summary Wind Waves* Tides* Sun/Moon temp (C) (km/hr) (m) (High/Low) (Rise/Set)

UH+6&J-:&0(:&E+>&Y0+8-:0TH&.(&90;<0( D(:&0(:&3+>&Y0+8-:0TH&&.(&Q%&)0+0 ,8-+>%-&.("*-10+.*(?&90;<0(&CDE&CUJE =0-.H>&=-.%H+&,-&N(H%<1&N>%-(%?&,-0(V+*(&C3A&EF&CC


Showers with possible thunder storms


E 10 am SW 20 pm



12:00 06:20 12:40 06:50

am am R 06:54 am pm S 08:14 pm pm


Mainly fine with possible showers


SE 0 am SW 25 pm



01:10 07:30 01:50 08:00

am am R 06:55 am pm S 08:12 pm pm


Sunny and clear skies


S 10 am SW 20 pm



02:10 08:30 02:50 09:00

am am R 06:57 am pm S 08:11 pm pm


Sunny with some cloud


NE 15 am W 15 pm



03:10 09:30 03:40 09:50

am am R 06:58 am pm S 08:10 pm pm


Mainly fine with possible showers


NE 15 am NW 20 pm



04:00 10:10 04:30 10:30

am am R 06:59 am pm S 08:09 pm pm


Showers with clear spells


N 20 N 20

am pm



04:40 10:50 05:10 11:10

am am R 07:00 am pm S 08:07 pm pm


Showers with clear spells


N 10 N 10

am pm


L 05:20 am R 07:01 am H 11:30 am S 08:06 pm L 05:50 pm

*Total significant wave height and *Tide times for Raglan Bar


10am Raglan Area School 7pm Te Uku Church Pastor Roger Peart ph 07 825 5199

2 RAGLAN Chronicle

Raglan Ink Ltd home of the Raglan Chronicle !"#$%&!'%(&)*(&+*&,-.&/01&2&3455'16&70.(8.&9:6&90;<0( =>?&@5AB&CDE2A5AF&&&&,0G?&@5AB&CDE2A5AC&&&&=*H+?&=4!4&I*G&DJ36&90;<0(&&&&&&&&&& K10.<?&-0;<0(4$>-*(.$<%LG+-04$*4(M N:O%-+.H.(;&P&N-+.$<%H 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


Craypots forgotten as navy boat comes close EPG Plumbing & Solar Ltd !

! !

! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Checking his  craypots  offshore  at  Manu Bay brought some unexpected  excitement  last  week  for  Edrich  Opperman  and  his  young  family  !"#$%&%'&()#%$&*+%*#,,#'%-+.$)%/"#% 01%-&)%23''#4%32%&'56,/%&'6$),.4#% their  boat  and  â&#x20AC;&#x153;anchored  upâ&#x20AC;?  for  a while.


sons, she said, could hardly  believe their eyes. 

! ! ! !

Plumbing !Gas Fitting !Drainage Solar Energy Specialists

The patrol  boat  was  in  transit  from  Wellington  back  to  Devonport  Naval  Base,  â&#x20AC;&#x153;taskingâ&#x20AC;?  with  150/&60$ -#.$ 304"+("0$ &*31"+0$ &#$ !&-+.7$ 0-(.$ -$ RNZ Navy spokesperson.


!!!!!!!67&!)8&%$,+$)9)!)&-:$%$;<!=,<+,;! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>?@!!!AB)9$;!C$++)!! M

!!!!!!!!!!"##$%&!'(''!)*+,-.!!/01230.4! !"#$%&'()*)'+,+'),+


Edrich â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  with  sons  Chester,  3,  and  Performing  border  and  Carter, 5, on board â&#x20AC;&#x201C; forgot momentarily  about his catch and motored back to shore  304(#)$ 8+&/"1/(&#$ .5/("0$ to  pick  up  wife  Amy  who  caught  the  was  standard  procedure,  she told the Chronicle. moment on her iPhone. It  is  unusual,  however,  â&#x20AC;&#x153;It went viral on Facebook,â&#x20AC;? an excited  to see a navy patrol boat so  Amy told the Chronicle.  All sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d really  !""#$%&&'(#)$*&+,-+.$/&$,-0$1+-2304$*&+$ close inshore as they patrol  New  Zealandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  15,000  dinner that night. kilometre  coastline  and  its  Edrich, Chester, and Carter with the HMNZS Rotoiti The Upper Wainui Road couple reckon  exclusive  economic  zone  the  55­metre  HMNZS  Rotoiti  couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t  out  to  200  nautical  miles.   possibly  have  anchored  any  further  in  Besides patrolling they also  The  vesselâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  no  slouch  and  can  hit  to  Manu  Bay  because  the  water  was  so  undertake surveillance, search­and­rescue  speeds  of  46  kilometres  an  hour  or  25  shallow. knots.    It  can  cover  up  to  7000  nautical  work and disaster relief operations. miles without refuelling. It  was  â&#x20AC;&#x153;really  closeâ&#x20AC;?,  said  Edrich  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  The Rotoiti, which has been in active  just a few hundred metres offshore. â&#x20AC;&#x153;How  service  since  April  2009,  typically  The  navy  says  comparing  vessels  often does that happen?â&#x20AC;? like  the  Rotoiti  with  New  Zealandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  old  operates  with  a  20­strong  navy  crew  The crew were waving from the decks,  -#.$*&5+$9&:"+#6"#/$-)"#12$&*31"+0$&#$ inshore  patrol  craft  of  the  1990s  is  â&#x20AC;&#x153;like  added Amy, who was overawed by the up­ board. It can also take up to a dozen others  comparing a Ferrari with a Toyoto Hiluxâ&#x20AC;?. close­and­personal encounter.  Her young  for general naval training or other duties.

Low tide is not the time to jump  from  the  Kopua  footbridge  into  the  estuary,  warns  St  John  Ambulance after dealing with an  incident last week that â&#x20AC;&#x153;couldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve  been avoidedâ&#x20AC;?.

He was  in  the  orthopaedic  ward  recovering  from  spinal  injuries  after  being airlifted to Waikato Hospital. Bush  concedes  people  will  continue to jump from the bridge but  says  they  need  to  do  it  safely,  which  includes  waiting  for  a  â&#x20AC;&#x153;respectableâ&#x20AC;?  tide.  Raglan  harbourmaster  Steve  Soanes also warned at the time of the  dangers of jumping off the footbridge.  â&#x20AC;&#x153;I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to stop kids having fun,  but  [they  should]  exercise  some  care  and common sense. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Safety  on  the  bridge  is  very  important.â&#x20AC;? 

;/$ ,-0$ /4"$ 3+0/$ 1-05-%/2$ *+&6$ /4"$ new bridge  completed  late  last  year,  1&#3+60$ %&1-%$ /"-6$ 6-#-)"+$ <=504>$ Barton.  He  says  the  young  man  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  visiting  Raglan  with  a  church  group  from  Hamilton  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  suffered  mid­lumbar  back pain after leaping into only about  /,&$*&&/$&*$,-/"+7$!-1'0(."$3+0/? â&#x20AC;&#x153;He got up, walked a bit, collapsed  and  then  vomited,â&#x20AC;?  Bush  says.  â&#x20AC;&#x153;We  scooped him up and sent him through  to hospital.â&#x20AC;? Edith Symes



80$"&3""#9*,#!%0(%1* ':#;<=#>?@#A==


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Low­tide leap the !"#$%&''()*+$% from new bridge

!"#$%&#'%("#)*+,#-,"%'#.*'" %#,"%/01)#201.#%#&"2#.*'"#0&# %&)#34*1555

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Barrowloads of gear help garden of Eden Two young mums can now get on  with  creating  paradise,  thanks  to  a  recent  boost  which  will  see  them  direct  their  energy  into  a  community garden they’ve called  Eden. Hayley  Vink  and  friend  Vickie  Beeby  are  delighted  with  the  donations  that  have  come  their  way  courtesy  of  hardware  chain  Bunnings  after  applying  for  a  community grant late last year.   A  wheelbarrow,  garden  spade  !"#$ %&'()$ *&+,$ -./*$ 0//."1+)$ 2!1+$ of compost and a “whole bunch of 

seeds” mean  the  garden  they  got  She  wants  to  make  good  use  going  in  October  behind  Raglan  of  the  facilities,  Hayley  told  the  Union Church hall will continue to  Chronicle.” It’s nice to see it being  3&4'.+*$5$-./*$*,67$%'&8$9&64"/,,'+$ used for more things.” and enthusiasts. Her  mother­in­law  Jeanette  A  blog  page  has  attracted  a  Vink is pastor of the church on the  few  helpers,  they  say,  and  already  corner of Stewart Street and Wainui  they’ve  had  enough  produce  to  be  Road. able to supply the local community  Keen or wannabe gardeners can  house and the foodbank. meet there on Fridays, 9­11am, and  It’s a way of using a spare patch  /*,$ 0'+/$ :4"#!;$ &%$ ,9,';$ 8&"/*)$ of  land  to  advantage,  says  Hayley,  3­5pm. who also organised four successful  Edith Symes community  sewing  sessions  in  the  church hall before Christmas.

Hayley Vink with some of the items kindly donated to the community garden by Bunnings hardware store

Artworks, mud pies and you! Artworks, mud  pies  and  YOU – is there a connection?  Certainly  there  is  and  it  will  become  obvious  if  you  make  your  way  to  the  Clay  Fiesta at the Old School Arts  Centre this weekend – or just  read on! At  the  Clay  Fiesta  you  will  see  a  gallery  exhibition  featuring  some  truly  lovely  artworks  made  by  local  ceramic  artists,  most  of  whom  have,  or  have  had,  strong  connections  to  Raglan’s  community  Clay  Shed.  Think  Susan  Flight,  Merren  Goodison,  Robyn  Lloyd,  Clare  Wimmer,  Susanne  Prinz,  Lucretia  Perkins  to name just some of those whose  work is known and loved. So  what  about  the  mud  pies?  Well,  items  made  with  raw  clay  are  basically  mud  pies,  however  7',//;)$ 4"/.6$ /*,;$ !',$ 0',#$ ."$ !$ kiln.      And  the  Clay  Shed  kiln,  which is available for a small fee  to any member of the community 

wishing to use it, needs replacing  in  the  not  too  distant  future.  Which is why we are holding the  Fiesta to fund raise for a new kiln. And  that  brings  us  to  YOU,  and  possibly  to  your  children  or  <*.6#',"$ ;&4$ ("&-$ 5$ 2,<!4+,$ !$ community  kiln  is  a  wonderful  asset  to  Raglan,  opening  up  to  you  and  your  kids  the  whole  fascinating  world  of  clay,  or  pottery  or  ceramics,  or  whatever  you  want  to  call  it.    So  we’re  asking  you  to  come  and  help  us  raise  funds  for  a  new  kiln  this  weekend, and have a whole lot of  fun doing it. =&'$,>!876,$?*!9,$!$1&@@$5$1,/$ your  hands  dirty  decorating  tiles  for a big installation to be erected  outside  the  Clay  Shed,  enjoy  the  ,>*.2./.&")$ 8!'(,/$ +/!66)$ '!%3,+$ and  silent  auction,  then  relax  at  our on­site Mexican themed café.  Open  Saturday  18th  and  Sunday  AB/*$%'&8$AC!8$5$D78E  Judith Collins

Jodi Collins and Susanne Prinz preparing for this weekend’s Clay Fiesta

Printmaking for children

Another after school class at the Old School  Arts  Centre  is  about  to  start,  with  Ruth  Ports  class  on  printmaking  on Wednesday  afternoons, from 3.30 – 5.30pm, starting on  22 February.

Dr Oliver Russell Dr Gill Brady Dr Marcia Mitchley 10 Bankart Street, Raglan

The class will include vegetable and leaf prints,  PVA  prints,  cardboard  and  lino  prints,  a  magical  process  which  can  be  a  much  more  satisfying  for  some  children  than  having  to  draw  or  paint  images free hand.  Prints can be used for cards and   wrapping  papers  as  well  as  in  making    beautiful,  original artworks. Ruth  is  herself  an  experienced  teacher,  artist  and  weaver,  so  this  is  an  opportunity  not  to  be  missed  by  children  who  would  like  to  explore  a  different way of working with colours and shapes. Ring the Old School 825 0023 to book for  this class as places are limited.  Judith Collins

4 RAGLAN Chronicle

Stone sculptures at Wainui Reserve approach 10­year anniversary Atop the  hill  looking  down  on  Wainui  Beach  !"#$%&'()&*!+&!$,&-!$,./!0),&%!1,)$.&.2'.&'()& 3#41& 521)/'2#$.& 6/4-0'41).& 7& 8#41& ./4-0'41).& /!19),&#4'&#8&:2$4)1!&.'#$)&7&!$,&;<=;&"!1>.& ')$& ?)!1.& .2$/)& '()& ./4-0'41).& @)1)& 0-!/),& !'& '()&1).)19)&2$&A!$4!1?&;<<;B

image thanks to Stuart MacKenzie

A project  that  was  originally  coordinated  by  Deborah  Fenton  along  with  Jenny  Rhodes,  Andre  Te  Wheoro  and  Wayne  Morris  from  the  Raglan  Community Board, the sculptures were born out of the  Community Employment Group’s initiative to provide  opportunities for unemployed people in Raglan. Te  Aturangi  Clamp,  a  Maori  sculptor  who  has  received  accolades  for  his  carvings  both  in  New  Zealand  and  overseas,  primarily  tutored  the  group  as  well as serving as an inspiration.

The sculpture  represents  different  directions  with each carving representing north, east, south  and  west.  What  some  may  not  know  is  that  underneath  these  sculptures  lie  four  crystals,  buried before the sculptures were placed – an extra  guitar lies under the ‘North’ stone, buried there by  Brian Ruawai, who took part in the course. Ten years on, the sculptures are still standing  strong if not a little weathered by the elements and  the people that were involved in the course have  also moved on to see various successes.

One of the ‘Four Directions’ sculptures looking over Wainui Beach

Tai Meuli, who participated in the course has  gone on to become a much acclaimed stone carver,  commissioned  to  produce  work  for  the  Vero  Excellence  in  Business Awards  and  the  winner’s  trophy for the V8 Supercars.

“I guess the main inspiration was my love for the  Revisiting  the  stone  sculpture  site  Deborah  technical  skills,  Deborah  says  that  the  ideas  for  the  Four  area, quite oddly the idea came from a dream actually  says,  “After  all  these  years  it’s  so  nice  to  watch  Directions themselves arose from a brainstorm the group had  and working with Te Aturangi – it just seemed like the right  people  enjoying  the  sculptures.  Its  crazy  to  think  that  we  discussing their perceptions of direction and their experiences  thing to do,” says Deborah. created them not realizing what a huge impact they’d have ­ I  living in Raglan. feel very proud.”      Maki Nishiyama While the tutors were there on hand to teach the necessary 

Tattoo Expo auctions art !"#$%&'()*+,%,-(").( Raglan Museum & for good cause 3#--#@2$%& -!.'& ?)!1C.& .4//)..D& '()& E$')1$!'2#$!-& F!''##& !$,& G1'& H+0#& @2--& I)& 1)'41$2$%& '#& '()&J-!4,)-!$,.C&H9)$'&J)$'1)& 2$& :!"2-'#$& '(2.& @))>)$,D& I12$%2$%&?#4&'()&I).'&#8&41I!$& .'1))'&/4-'41)&!$,&.(#@2$%&!&I2'& #8&'()21&.)$.2'29)&.2,)&'##B A weekend packed full of things  to  see  and  do,  including  access  to  some  of  the  best  domestic  and  international  tattoo  artists,  this  year  the  expo  will  be  auctioning  off  art  to  raise  money  for  10­year­old  boy  Nicholas  Brockelbank,  who  has  muscular dystrophy and needs funds  for special equipment. Expo  organizer  Chris  Preece  works  at  a  specialist  learning  school  in  Hamilton  when  not  busy  organizing  the  expo  and  has  previously  helped  the  school  raise  funds for special equipment. “Nico  crossed  my  path  through  one of the team involved in the Expo.  He is a great kid and is in need of new  equipment to make day­to­day living  easier. So here we are working with  the  family  to  help  a  very  deserving  wee man,” says Chris. The  ten­year­old  boy  from  Cambridge was born with muscular  dystrophy  –  a  disorder  that  attacks  the body’s muscles and progressively  leads  to  muscle  loss.  Despite  these  setbacks  early  in  his  life,  Nico  has  never let them hold him back. !"# $%$&'# (&# )*+"&# (%,# -*,"# cookbook  to  raise  money  for  the  Christchurch  Earthquake  Relief 

Fund and  has  also  won  the  New  Zealand  Kids  Cook  Off  on  the  Good  Morning  television  show.  Unsurprisingly, Nico was nominated  .,# .# -$./%,"# 0+*# 12345,# !""%"67&# Awards for his efforts. Nico  will  be  selling  his  own  art  and  cookbooks  at  the  Expo  as  well  as select pieces of donated art from  participants. Adding  a  Raglan  touch  to  the  event,  local  surfboard  artist  Kaya  Rayner  will  be  doing  a  surfboard  painting  demo,  showcasing  his  ,%8$."6*&#".""++#.$7#,"*&&"#%$96&$:&7# style.  And  we  may  also  be  seeing  some heavily tattooed people around  town  if  the  artists  return  to  stay  in  Raglan after the event.   “The  feedback  from  last  year  has  been  excellent  with  many  of  the  international  artists  returning.  We  took  the  artists  to  relax  at  the  tranquil  Solscape  and  that  amazing  experience left the artists wanting to  return to New Zealand,” says Chris. After  many  attended  last  year’s  expo,  this  year’s  event  is  set  to  be  bigger with some of the entertainment  lined  up  including  the  world’s  best  ;+7<# =.%$"&*,'# ".""++# .$7# 8*.0-"%# artists, skateboarding demos, Mixed  Marshall Arts  (MMA)  competitions  and a live roller derby bout. “There  have  been  a  few  more  challenges  this  year  but  there’s  a  lot  more  going  on  so  that’s  to  be  expected.  It  makes  it  all  the  more  worth while when it comes together  and  you  see  thousands  of  people  having a great time,” says Chris

Information Centre

F()&$)@&K!%-!$&!$,&52.'12/'&L4.)4"&MF)&N(!1)&F!#$%!& #&N(!2$%!1#!O&!$,&K!%-!$&E$8#1"!'2#$&J)$'1)&MF)&P4$!& Q##1)1#&#&N(!2$%!1#!O&#$&N!2$42&K#!,D&&@2--&I)&#8R/2!--?& #0)$),&#$&L#$,!?&;<&3)I14!1?&;<=;&I?&N!2>!'#&,2.'12/'& "!?#1D&G--!$&6!$.#$B The invitation­only  event  follows  a  community  open  day,  blessing  and  karakia  on  12  November  2011,  when  the  taonga  )&*&#-*,"#?+@&7#%$"+#"(&#$&)#?6,&6?A

Nicholas Brockelbank

The weekend  will  also  see  performances  by  musicians  and  tattoo  enthusiasts  Tiki  Taane  and  I  Am  Giant  as  well  as  Raglan  punk  group The Illicit Wawas playing the  +0-:%./# .*"%,"5,# .0"&*=.*"<# (&/7# +$# Sunday at Flow Bar. With  artists  from  the  USA,  Norway,  England,  Russia,  Japan,  China,  South  Africa  and  Australia  as well as crowd favourites, Dr. Rev  the  Bloodpainter,  MMA  and  Muay  1(.%#-8("&*,#.$7#"(&#;6*/&,>6&#8%*/,# attending,  the  International  Tattoo  and Art Expo is looking to be a great  weekend. The  International  Tattoo  and  Art Expo will be on at Claudelands  Event  Centre  in  Hamilton  from  the  25th  to  26th  of  February,  tickets  available from or from  the  venue  on  the  day.                Maki  Nishiyama. Image  thanks to Waikato  Independent.

The guest  list  for  Monday  includes  sponsors  and  funders,  individuals  and  organisations  involved  with  the  project,  community  representatives,  Ngaati  Maahanga,  and  members  of  the Raglan Museum Society. “The new museum is the culmination of efforts by the Raglan  and  District  Museum  Society,  Waikato  District  Council,  and  many other parties, and we certainly wouldn’t have this facility if  it was not for the sponsors and funders,” said Raglan resident and  councillor Clint Baddeley. Cr  Baddeley  has  been  a  key  advocate  in  the  long­running  campaign for a new building to house Raglan’s museum. B!;+6"#,&@&$#<&.*,#.8+#"(&#?6,&6?#).,#/+:."&7#%$#"(&#+/7#-*&# station building on Wainui Road but it was far from adequate,”  said Cr Baddeley. “The museum committee wanted a new building and I took an  interest in the project on the basis a new building would be multi­ use,  and  showcase  both  historic  and  cultural  aspects  that  make  Raglan special and unique.” After Cr Baddeley went to Wellington to meet with the then­ Minister  for Arts  and  Culture  Judith Tizard,  Mrs Tizard  visited  Raglan to see the old museum. She agreed to lend her support to  the campaign for a new building. Cr Baddeley said this was at a time when Raglan was rapidly  growing in popularity, both as a tourist destination and as a place  to live. He said it made sense to also have the information centre  in the same building as the museum. “The  idea  was  to  build  something  different  for  Raglan  and  to  show  Raglan  life.  The  new  museum  is  a  distinctly  Raglan  feature.”

RAGLAN Chronicle 5

boardies and bikinis Tractor FM 88.2 wishes to thank all the artists, helpers, staff, volunteers, Ruapuke camp ground and all who attended for making our annual fundraising event - Boardies and Bikinis such a great success.

<-:-/;' -/' @#;<#/' #/9' A8"8' =&/&5"89' %&' =#:8' .&48'&0'%=84'18"0&"4'#%'B&#"9-8.+

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tay tuned for up and coming, fun events from $&/%-/58' %&' 78' #4#?89' 76' %=8' 45.-$#<' %#<8/%' the Tractor Crew

, 16-18 Bow St, Raglan. Phone: 825 8300

Open 7.30am to 7.00pm, 7 Days a week.

Raglan Foursquare General Manager Shane Temata with the winner of the Sol Beer surfboard competition, Bruce Gabites. Raglan Foursquare would like to give a huge thanks to all the local people who supported the competition.

Summer beach toys In store  now






6 RAGLAN Chronicle

Old Mount Cider



12 99

99 Corn cobs 

79 1kg


NZ Beef Sirloin Steak

17 99


Pavillion Gluten Free  Pita Bread

6 66

Raglan   07 825 7170 

George Boyes & Co.





1 Sunshine Rise, Raglan    


 12­12:30pm Saturday 18th February 2012 

NEATLY AND AFFORDABLY YOURS                                                                           $265,000                                 So very tidy and neat as a pin 2 double bedrooms and separate lounge, bathroom with bath and shower, and separate toilets and laundry. Newly painted and beautifully presented oozing character and a low maintenance section with nice shrubs and gardens. Single garage. 5 minutes to the water.

  Kyle Leuthart B   07 825 7170 M   021 903 309           ID# SR888    

VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL LEASE 390m2 SHED &   LAND BUILD OPTIONS    !" 390m2 Industrial shed whole or partial lease !" More land /build/lease options available !" Large range of activities permitted, including depots, engineering, woodworking, panel beating, spray painting, educational retail, vet facilities, vehicle and machinery hire, self storage, boat storage, hardware, vehicle and boat repair, landscaping supplies, concrete manufacture and more...


Chrissy Cox Kyle Leuthart   

7170 825825 7170 EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST WANTED FROM ALL B   07B   07 M   027 2871804  M   021 903 309 INTERESTED PARTIES/BUSINESSES  

A/H 07 825 8982 ID# W742 





Sit on the large deck above the forest canopy, gaze out to the coast and be amazed! bedroom, 2 bathroom, office, carport, outdoor shower plus ample storage means size is not a problem. All set on a private 1368m2 native bush section ensuring   peace and tranquility. Walk to Indicators and only a few minutes drive to the Kyle Leuthart surf of Whale Bay. One of a kind property! B   07 825 7170  


M   021 903 309      ID# TUH727 



WILD COUNTRY              205 Pond Road, Te Mata, Raglan                                         $429,000               36 ACRES PRODUCTIVE TIDY FARMLET AT WAITETUNA                OFFERS>$600,000+GST    Embrace the lifestyle in this magical setting located just a short distance to seaside Raglan. Dead flat 1.75 Acres approximately of lush pasture. 3 bedroom home, HRV system and tranquil views from the kitchen bay window. Fabulous views. Subject to title.                VIEW: ANYTIME BY APPOINTMENT    ID# P770                      ID# P770   



Approximately 14.74Ha (36.3 acres) predominantly easy hay country bordered by flowing Waitetuna stream. Well fenced and troughed with 2 hay barns, small stockyards and 2.5 Skyline workshop. Modern 90’s, 4 bedroom home, master with             garaging. Well tracked and own water ensuite and internal access                         supply. This little unit has the ability to make excellent income from   Kyle Leuthart Pete Barry grazing and hay.   B   07 825 7170

       Kyle Leuthart         B   07 825 7170         M   021 903 309                      ID# TUH727 










B   07 825 7170   M   021 903 309M   021 363 465     





OPE N HO ME   65 W ain ui Rd 1 2­12:45p m  Sun/1 9Fe b 201 2                                                                   OPE N HO ME 1 Rob ertso n Rd 1­1:45p m S un/19 Feb 2 012  

DESIGNER BUNGALOW                              $365,000               JUST LIKE NEW FOR YOU                           $425,000                                             OPEN HOME                 21 Totara Grove, Raglan                    12pm Saturday 18th February 2012                                                    $339,000 Classy well presented 3 bedroom character home with 3 roomy bedrooms perfect for a family, first home buyer LUSH PRIVATE SANCTUARY                                                                                       $545,000                                  nothing to complete. Lean over and pick grapes from the or holiday getaway. Recently renovated to a high sheltered and private rear deck. Open plan modern standard by an accredited master builder with total Enter through the gates of this character lifestyle property with established trees and kitchen and dining area, large lounge with woodburner. interior and exterior refurbishment. Classy new kitchen   Beautifully presented. with open plan living leading onto sunny deck perfect park-like gardens to a spacious 1990’s 3 bedroom plus rumpus single level Kyle Leuthart   for BBQ’s. Approx: 875m2 flat site.   home with lovely contemporary feeling which exudes rustic charm. B   07 825 7170       Flat and attractive 1.3Ha (3.2 acres)     M   021 903 309    Kyle Leuthart Kyle Leuthart Kyle Leuthart     B   07 825 7170 B   07 825 7170 B   07 825 7170    ID# TG754       M   021 903 309  M   021 903 309  M   021 903 309  ID# CR748   ID# CR748    

George Boyes & Company Limited

Lic ensed Real Estate Agent ( REA A 2008) REI NZ RAGLAN Chronicle 7

Raglan calendars half price

Panorama of Raglan calendars are now  selling  for  $7.50  in  Raglan  Bookshop  and Trade Aid. Sales  this  year  have  been  lower  than  last  and  the  Friends  of  Wainui  Reserve  group  is  hoping  that  the  lower  price  will  aid  sales  of  the remaining 100 calendars. The  calendar  has  a  main  picture  for  each  month, together with the calendar, srrounded  with  smaller  photos  and  information  about  local plants and features.

Acrylics warn on water pollution Less than  two  weeks  remain  to  catch  the  month­long  Why  oh  Wai  exhibition  of  new  and  existing  artworks  by  contemporary  Maori  artist Regan Balzer.

larger, more dramatic works of art – draw  attention  to  the  Rena  disaster  on  the  east  coast and highlight the importance of clean  water for a healthy environment. Regan  is  a  multi­disciplinary  artist  working  in  New  Zealand  and  Australia,  On  display  at  Matapihi  Art  Gallery  in  predominantly  as  a  painter,  and  last  year  Bow Street, the eight acrylics on canvas –  her work featured at the Legato exhibition  ranging  from  small  sets  of  three  to  much  "#+?)*%:(+

Regan Balzer

Matapihi specialises in all New Zealand  art,  says  director Ardre  Foote  who  set  the  gallery  up  three  years  ago  and  depends  for  success  on  word­of­mouth  rather  than  advertising. Half  of  Matapihi’s  artists  come  from  Raglan while the rest are from all over the  country, she adds. Edith Symes

Club hosts multiple events for bowlers Congratulations to the winners in all events. January 28th was a sad day for our bowlers  as  we  learned  of  the  passing  of  Graham  Business  House  Bowls  is  in  full  swing  with  16 teams giving it a go... good to see new players  (Mouse) Stephens.  Also  on  Jan  28th  we  hosted  the  Waikato  5  Years  and  Under  Men’s  Champion  of  Champions  !"#$%&'(((!)*#+ ,-*#."'+ /0*%"1&2+ "#)3+ )4&+ '&.3#2+ round. Sue Russell played the Women’s event in Te  Awamutu and was runner­up. W.D. On  February  11/12th  we  hosted  the Waikato  5  Years & Under Women’s Champion of Champions  Pairs event. Beti Broome & Pim Blair represented  30-+ .%05+ "#+ )4"'+ &6&#)+ 50)+ $3)+ 5&*)&#+ "#+ )4&+ 1-')+ round.  February  4/5th  saw  our  Open  Grade  Singles  being challenged for. Three Women played  Round  Robin  games,  with  Sue  Russell  being  the  overall  winner and Queenie Tukiri being Runner­up. There were about 17 entries in the Men’s event  and  some  really  good  challenges  along  the  way.  738&6&-+)4&+1#*%+8*'+9%*:&2+5&)8&&#+;"<+=3$$"''+ and Terry Green with Terry being the victor. 

coming along and joining in. Grants Corner to Corner bowls is ticking along  too,  with  the  last  three  week’s  winners  being  Bill  Chugg, John Taylor and Terry Green. We only have  two weeks left so come and have a try for a bottle of  Grants Whiskey, 3pm Sundays. The Te Urikore Crake Memorial Trophy was re­ introduced  into  our  programmes  this  year  and  22  players  were  drawn  into  teams  that  played  2x4x2  Mixed Pairs...well... we were left wondering which  one  of  the  winners  was    going  to  wear  the  skirt...  Des Bishop  or Jim Boggiss! Congratulations. Saturday 18th  and Sunday 19th February  will  see  our  Veterans  Mixed  Singles  being  played  for.  So good luck there. Rollups are  on Wednesdays 12.45pm sharp!   Happy Bowling Eileen

Terry Green releasing his bowl, watched nervously by Jim Boggiss

Poulter named in New Zealand Raglan Lions – Best Youth Activity !"#$%&'("&)#*'+,-. Project 2010 ­ 2011 Raglan Lions  Club  was  presented  with  the  Brian  Hudson  Award  at  the  Lions  District  Convention  on  Saturday 11th February. The  award  is  open  to  all  Lions  and Lioness Clubs in District 202L  to encourage vigorous involvement,  and  friendly  competition,  in  the  youth  activities  covered  by  the  portfolios  of  the  District  Youth  Chairman. This includes; >+?#8*-2'+@30)4+&A.4*#$&

standing and  on­going  projects  '0.4+ *'+ '0993-)"#$+ )4&+ !0-1#$+ Academy  encouraging  Raglan  youth to compete in competitions,  and  the  partnership  with  the  Raglan  Surf  Lifesaving  Club.   More  recently  the  Pirates  came  to  Raglan  with  the  assistance  of  Lions to assist with the launch of  the  campaign  for  a  community  youth van.  There have also been  many  other  one­off  sponsorships  to  assist  the  youth  in  the  town  to  develop  and  achieve  in  their  .43'&#+1&%2(

?)+ 8*'+ #3)&2+ 5:+ )4&+ D*')+ District Governor that the Raglan  Club  was  a  leader  in  forming  >+?#)&-#*)"3#*%+@30)4+C*<9 community  partnerships  with  >+D&*.&+D3')&-+C3<9&)")"3# major  on­going  projects,  like  the  support to the Raglan Community  >+@30#$+!9&&.4<*E&Trust Vehicle, Raglan Community  >+!93#'3-+F&3'+C%05'( Patrol  Vehicle  Trust  and  the  Raglan  Lions  Club  won  the  Raglan  Operational  Support  Unit  award  outright  by  involving  youth  of  the  Raglan  Volunteer  Fire  in all its projects. This includes the  Brigade.  annual  New  Year’s  Eve  Parade,  Raglan  Lions  in  attendance  opportunity  shop  catering  for  the  were Lillian Bond , Genny Wilson   youth  of  Raglan  and  other  long  and President Bob MacLeod 8 RAGLAN Chronicle

!"#$%&' ()*' +),-,%.' /,0' %,1).' 2*)-3)' surfers, including  Raglan’s  own  Ben  45"-2)#6' ,0' 7,#2' 58' 2/)' 9:7' ;"#-' ()*' +),-,%.' <"%:5#' !"#$%&' =),16' */:>/' *:--' #)7#)0)%2'()*'+),-,%.',2'2/)'?@A?'B,C:%)' D!E' F5#-.' <"%:5#' !"#$%&' ;/,17:5%0/:7G' The  championship  takes  place  in  Panama  during April 2012.  

Waikato, Coromandel, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne and  Christchurch.  The team will now begin preparations  for the event with a nine week lead in where they  will run through their individual training programs  as well as meeting up as a team at the end of March  for a combined training camp.   The twelve surfers  also  have  several  major  national  events  to  attend  over the next two months as they hone their skills  for international competition.  The  team  includes  surfers  from  six  regions  !"#$%&'() throughout  New  Zealand  ­  Northland,  Auckland, 

images: PhotoCPL



University generates millions for the Waikato D/0#@E"*10#66,&$ F&,4#'',&$ G,;$ The University  of  Waikato  and  its  students  generated  $770  million  in  Crawford  says  that  the  economic  impact  the  Waikato  economy  last  year  –  study  again  underlines  the  crucial  4.5% of the region’s annual revenue. partnership between the University and the  In a newly released report commissioned  by  the  University,  independent  economist 

wider Waikato region. “Economists 



OPINION: Getting a Quote.

Getting a job done without some sort of  It  has  puzzled  me  for  years,  and  I  estimate is rather like handing out a blank  have  discussed  the  problem  with  others but am still guessing about the  cheque,  not  a  good  idea.  I  doubt  if  people  would  put  up  with  this  no  price  approach  issue. Contractors  in  Raglan  seem  very  reluctant  to  give  quotes.  On  a  number  of  occasions  when  I’ve  asked  for  some  idea  of  costs  the  contractor  was  never  seen  *7*/18$ 9$ +*662*&)$ %73&#$ .,36-$ "*:#$ +##1$ good enough. In one case I rang a secretary  once  a  week  for  5  weeks  in  the  hope  of  a  response. Nothing. I can see that it is time  consuming  to  give  a  quote  and  annoying  when  someone else  gets  the  job.  But  even  just up the road in Hamilton I never ran into  this problem.

Dr Warren Hughes analysed the University’s  H0,5531/:#&'/(;I$@$("#$2*&(1#&'"/2$*0(/:/(;$ contribution to the region and the country. The  study  shows  that  spending  by  the  University  generated  $836  million  in  the  =#.$>#*6*1-$#0,1,5;$,:#&*668$$$!"*($%73&#$ includes  direct  spending,  including  by  '(3-#1('?$*'$.#66$*'$("#$<,.@,1$#44#0($/1(,$ other  sectors,  including  retail,  transport, 

between universities and their home cities –  and clearly it is to our mutual advantage that 

The University contributes 4.4% to the  economy of the core Waikato region which  takes  in  Hamilton,  Raglan,  Cambridge, Te  Awamutu, Huntly and Ngaruawahia. 

jobs in  the  rest  of  New  Zealand  –  88%  of  them in the core Waikato economy.  

The idea is that if you ask the price of  an  item  they  can  put  their  snooty  noses  in  the  air  and  reply,  ‘if  you  have  to  ask  you  can’t  afford  it.’  Similarly,  perhaps  there  is  ',$ 530"$ 5,1#;$ <,*(/17$ *&,31-$ ("/'$ (,.1$ that enough work comes in anyway. For  those  of  us  living  on  the  edge,  dreading  the  insurance  premium  and  rates  rises  probable  this  year,  budgeting  is  essential and that includes getting quotes.


the economic,  as  well  as  the  teaching  and 


&#'#*&0"$ +#1#%('$ ("*($ ("#$ 31/:#&'/(;$ *1-$

Dear Editor

other tertiary institutes bring,” he says.

I have recently moved to Raglan with my son and am very disappointed at the amount  of  theft  that  has  happened  to  my  sons  personal  posessions  whilst  meeting  locals  at  the  beach and the skate park since we arrived only three weeks ago. Raglan appears to be a  pleasant place, but with a dark side which is unwelcoming!

“Waikato University  is  committed  to  and ensuring our teaching programmes and  research are led by the needs and priorities  of  the  region.    Our  ongoing  focus  on  enhancing  our  reputation  nationally  and  internationally  is  at  least  partially  driven 

by the advantages to the region of having a  Waikato  University  has  approximately  world class university at its doorstep.” 13,000  students  and  1500  staff.  Every  J*5/6(,1@+*'#-$ '(3-#1('$ '2#1($ *1$ dollar  generated  by  its  operations  resulted  estimated $130 million in addition to their  /1$*1,("#&$AB8CC$,4$<,.@,1$&#:#13#$*0&,''$ university fees and accommodation. the core Waikato economy while every job  at  the  University  generates  another  0.65 

when out shopping. I guess there are some  up market vendors who do not put prices on.

we continue to work together to maximise 

energy, sport  and  recreation  and  personal  working with local businesses and industries  and community services.

By Ian McKissack

Whoever stole my sons brand new skate boards from the local skate park, please return  them! !"#$%&'($')*(#$+,*&-$."/0"$.*'$+&*1-$1#.$*1-$23&0"*'#-$4&,5$("#$6,0*6$'3&4$'",2$"#&#$ in Raglan, was a present from his father. This was pinched from under a tree around the  31st Jan/2nd Feb, where my son had left it along with his clothes, to go and have a swim as  it was a very hot day. On his return, the board and his clothes were gone!  On Saturday 11th Feb, my son took his long board to the park which was a Christmas  present from me and also a new board,  and whilst sitting chatting to some new friends that  he had recently made, leaving this board at the end of the bowl, still in view of my son, the  second he looked away, it was quickly pinched from under his nose! He or his friends  did not see who took this. Someone must have seen who has pinched these boards or know  who has and we would like you to let the police know as we have  reported both these incidents to the local police. So  if  you  have  them  or  know  who  has  them,  please  drop  the  boards into the local police station. Thank you Hazel & Luke Eldridge, Raglan

raglans tourism and community website

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THURS 8.00AM TE UKU BEGINNERS YOGA CLASS @ THE TE UKU HALL - opposite the Te Uku 4-Square. All welcome.

TUESDAYS @ Raglan Club -- Texas Hold’em 6.30pm.

WED 22 FEB RAGLAN RAMBLERS - Raglan Ramblers will be the Nikau HEALING ROOMS. 1st visiting and 3rd THURS. 11- Caves and walking up 12pm. Plunket Rooms. to a waterfall. The cost for the cave visit will be THURS @ Raglan $35. Community House 10 - 1pm CV Writing WED 22 FEB @ Assistance. FREE. BLACKSAND CAFÉ. All welcome. Appts Knitting Circle from required. Ph 825 8142. 9.30am. All welcome! SAT & SUN 18-19 FEB @ Old School Arts Centre. Clay Fiesta. See under public notices. MAINLY MUSIC. Monday & Wednesday 9.30am@ Te Uku Church. RAGLAN LIGHT EXERCISE GROUP. Meets Mon & Thurs 1011am @ the Old Gospel Hall, Raglan West. MONDAYS @ THE RAGLAN CLUB. 500 cards, 1pm.

Improve your @ WEDNESDAYS paddle power! Raglan Club, Fun Quiz 6:45pm. U/'0+&%/,1(41&/,0%'#"!& +0"(#(#:&C&1!"%%,%V&

ARTS FOR ARTS +."+&2'1>%&'#&%+0,#:+.&C& SAKE. Monthly meeting 1"0)('5 for artists, painters or anyoneWhale interested. Bay Starting Tues March Fitness Studio 6thD"!!&W'7X&QRI&NYNY - 12.30 till whenever at the Old School ***5*."!,-"Z4+#,%%51'7 Art Centre. Work on own projects with own materials. Easels available. Guaranteed encouragement and fun. Ph Ro 0274 847985 or just turn up.

Courses, classes & workshops YOGA AT THE SCOUT HALL with !"#$%&"'( )*"+,-#( Yoga teacher. Yoga for body, mind and soul. Wednesday 6pm and Thursday THURS 8am TE UKU 9am. Contact corry. BEGINNERS YOGA

ZUMBA! @ Te Uku hall Monday 9.30am, Wednesday 6.30pm - ring/txt Sarah T for more info 8255844 or 0272106784

CLASS @ the Te Uku Hall opposite the Te GROUP FITNESS Uku 4-Square. All CLASSES @ welcome. Raglan Gym. PUMP: A full body workout using weights. TRX Circuit RE-BALANCE: Reveal mixture your of Pilates, yoga and Classes inner abs! Taichi focusing on core ;#,&.'>0&1"0)('[%+0,#:+.&2'1>%5 strength=,0%'#"!&+0"(#(#:& <'#\W.>0%X&S\O/7 %,%%('#%&+."+&2'1>%& SPIN: High intensity, low ]0(X&HH"7\HR '#&1'0,&%+0,#:+.5 impact cycling class. <>%+&=0,\G''9X&7"A&J&/,0& Whale Bay 1!"%%5 For times and bookings Fitness Studio Whale Bay contact Raglan Gym Fitness Studio D"!!&W'7X&QRI&NYNY on 825 0079 or visit the website www. D"!!&W'7X&QRI&NYNY ***5*."!,-"Z4+#,%%51'7 raglangym ***5*."!,-"Z4+#,%%51'7

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ONE SINGLE TRUNDLE BED (no matt/s); 2 Queen beds w matt/s (one with drawers); 1 3/4bed w matt; 2 single sofa beds (suit den or bach). Other items include side tables; bakers stand; single bike rack etc. All in good condition. Offers ph 8256838.

1 BED + SLEEPOUT c/ port-no gge. Unfurnished, refs reqd.$190/wk + bond. Ring Jock 825.7266. S/C STUDIO FLAT 5 mins walk to town $160 p/w inc broadband. Contact 0212091800. Available now.

Garage Sale FRI 17 FEB @ YOT Club, DOUBLE BROWN DOUBLE TROUBLE, Dance Beats, 9pm, $5.


**New Products**  Organic  Chicken  Layer Pellets  Kitty Kibble Cat Food  Box 1 Dog Food  Calf Salts  ** Local Favourites**  Calf Milkpowder  Anlamb Lamb Milk  Calf Pellets  Horse Meal & Chaff  Layer Pellets  Pig Grower Pellets  Chook Chow  Scotties Dog Biscuits  Rabbit Pellets  Wild Bird & Aviary Mix  EFTPOS AVAILABLE 

07 825 5812 

NOW OPEN   MONDAY­ FRIDAY  9am ­ 4pm  3205 SH23, Te Uku 

M A N U K A FIREWOOD $100 per m3, $140 per m3 delivered ph 825 0522.

For Sale INSIGHT MENS Summer on sale SABRE uni-sex Sunglasses

Flowers Lilypot Florist !""#$%&'"()*%$& !""+%,-"()*%$& !"".)//%-"012,/& 021 448 104 2 Wallis Street

ANTIQUE PINE CORNER CUPBOARD. Right Up My Alley, Volcom Lane. www. MANUKA FIREWOOD $100 per m3, $140 per m3 delivered ph 825 0522. ALLI BOAT 15FT 50 HP Johnstone power trim etc, galv trailer, $3500 o.n.o. ph 8258582. LOCAL REWA REWA HONEY. New season’s $12 per kg. Ph 8250558 or 0277676434. FREE - KID’S SWING SET. Ph to view 8255745.

2/335 WAINUI RD on Sat 25 Feb, 9am-12pm. Furniture, TV’s, kitchen equipment, children’s gear, washing machine etc. 14 TAHUNA AVE, Sat 18 Feb, 9am to 2pm.

For Hire

Public Notices

Public Notices

HOUSE WANTED - 2+ bedrooms, water views, modern / tidy. Prof couple working in ham. Ex tenants, great ref’s. PH James 021 421 455 or 825 0147.

RAGLAN GOLF CLUB &#".//'( 01+'#-%2"#34( cu.m. dry split pine delivered, $70 up to 10 km. Ph: Alex 825 0997, or Garry 825 6875.

BLACK CAT with white triangle on tummy who was lost last week has been found. Thanks to all who looked.

Public Notices WHAINGAROA KOHANGA REO AGM will be held at Whaingaroa TKR at 94 Riria Kereopa Memorial Drive. 6pmMonday 20 February 2012. Nau Mai, Haere Mai.

Need new inspiration for your !"#$%%&'()*%+ =,0%'#"!&+0"(#(#:&>%(#:& 1''!&,^>(/7,#+V&W_6&C& D0'%%'@,0&+0"(#,0%X& -"!"#1,&-'"0)%&"#)&-"!!%5

Whale Bay

Fitness Studio D"!!&W'7X&QRI&NYNY ***5*."!,-"Z4+#,%%51'7

Do you want to work from home? Are you a parent wanting more social interaction for your preschooler? Do enjoy working with and along side children? Why not become an educarer with Bizzy Buddyz Home Based Childcare. We offer a competitive payment rate with an extensive toy library, training provisions, medical insurance and on going support. Please enquire now!

VIEWS OVERLOOKING harbour, 2 bedroom + studio, spacious deck for outside entertaining, private setting. $310 pw ph Greg 0272942199.

0800 084 314 or (07) 960 9040

TOPDead CASH PAID or Alive

COMMERCIAL/RETAIL SHOP PREMISES In Raglans CBD. TWO available Ph 021 363465 or

FLOORSANDING EQUIPMENT for hire. Ph Raglan Flooring 825 Wanted to Rent 8777. BOUNCY CASTLE, Great WORKING SINGLE entertainment for the kids, DAD with baby daughter call Vicki 8257575. looking for 2-3 bedroom house. Ph 8250094 Wanted evenings or email SQUARE/RECTANGLE DINING SUITE (4), coffee table and outdoor wooden U N F U R N I S H E D furniture (4). Please HOUSE to rent beginning contact 027-287-2365. early March 2012 on long term contract, pet Found friendly desired. Tel A KITEBOARD on 062783575. Raglan Harbour. Phone with board description to LOOKING FOR 1, 2 & claim. ph/text Frank 021 3 bedroom houses in 740311. Raglan or surrounding Flatmate Wanted rural area. Quality rentals properties for ROOM AVAILABLE excellent tenants with $100 per week, includes wireless broadband, ph references – minimum 6 month terms, 0210519616. both furnished and To Let unfurnished properties – commencing March WHALE BAY 2BDRM HOUSE. Sunny bush - April. Please phone setting, large deck, Rob. 0278 200 011. private beach/Indies 1 BEDROOM NEAR access. Available 28 NEW apartment/house Feb no smokers/pets. available from April til $280 pw 021620262. end of October. Fully furnished, incl. power, House For Sale Sky tv, king size bed, LORENZEN BAY. 3bdrm en suite, laundry. $195 home. Good location weekly neg. Call Thomas close to harbour. Decks 07 8256519. for outdoor living. New carpet throughout. Ph 021 141 2441.

Interested in becoming an Educarer for Bizzy Buddyz?


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FRI 17 FEB @ Raglan Club, Michael & Ashley, fresh from success at Nashville, 7.30 ‘til late.

SUN 19 FEB, SUNDAY SESSION @ YOT Club yard, Dj JAMIN-I & GUESTS, 4pm - 9pm. Free Entry. SUN 19 FEB @ YOT Club, THE BARONS OF TANG, Live Australian Gypsy Music With a Twist Of Deathcore.9pm , $10.

Wanted to Rent

Hiace Hilux Landcruiser Corolla Townace Liteace Trucks 4WD’s Big Trucks

From $250 - $10,000 CALL NOW

Tiger or Ray 0800 668 833 027 433 3338 or 07 823 6500

0800 700 180 Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

Operations Manager Situations Vacant EXPERIENCED, PART-TIME FISH FILLETOR needed in Hamilton. Ph 078705016 after 7pm.

Raglan Walkers! <=",>%?$@*A/$%1"+,7%-/"7$% 0"%1"#$ <B$/*:$,%C%-"//$-0%DEFGDHF% -&0&/"4+$7%8I. <!&,J%81"'$J%*'0$,'$0%C% -1$$,9+/%7#*/$%,$K+*,$(

Xtreme Waste is a community organisation, who manages Rag­ !"#$%&%'!()&*"%+,&-"%,)&'#&+.,&/0(#1(/!,%&'2&3,0'&*"%+,&+'&!"#)4!!5&& 6+0,7,&8"%+,&(%&!''9(#:&2'0&"#&;/,0"+('#%&<"#":,05&&=!,"%,& 1'#+"1+&>%&2'0&"&?'-&),%10(/+('#&'0&@(,*&'#!(#,&***5A+0,7,*"%+,5 '0:5#3&&B//!(1"+('#%&C&DE&1"#&-,&%,#+&+'F Human Resources Xtreme Waste =;&G'A&HIJ Raglan K7"(!F&0(19LA+0,7,*"%+,5'0:5#3 =.'#,F&MNOP&QRI&SINT Applications Mon 13 ­ Mon 27 Feb 2012

L$$8%30%&'(%0+,'%M"+,%78&,$% 0*#$%*'0"%!NOP5

Aged 16-25yrs? Physically Fit? Hardworking? Reliable?

Q*$.%01$%:*($"%&0 ...;1"#$-&,$(*,$-0;-";'R% 01$'%&88/M%"'/*'$%",%81I0@0% FED%DEE%DSTSIFU%THS%HETD

!"#$%&'(%)"*'%"+,%-,$.%&'(%/$&,'%01$%2""3'4%0,&($5 !Must have full car license !6,&'78",0%9,"#%2&4/&'%8,":*($(; !Three month trial period applies For more information call: Ross 021 782 280 or 07 825 8678

RAGLAN RAGLANChronicle Chronicle11 11

Raglan Real Estate Ltd Licenced (REAA 2008)

AUCTION Fri 9th March 2012 !"#$%"&'(")*+,-"./01-2"34"567"8,2"&'9:'; CONTEMPORARY COUNTRY LIVING 


This contemporary two­storey house has 4  4"5(2&$,&*6'7#2&%-*&4$%/"**5(&8.,7)+9.,!& spa bath), separate laundry, dining room  & lounge plus double access garage &  additional parking bays. Enjoy the complete  privacy of the 1.5 acres of native bush,  mature, park like gardens & lawns. 15 mins  from Raglan, 25 mins  from Hamilton. 


Drive through the banana palms ­ move  in and reap the rewards.  This 3 double  bedroom home has it all – privacy, large  north facing decking, walking distance  to town and beach. A great safe family  home/holiday home/investment home.   Prior Auction offers  considered. OPEN HOME

OPEN HOME Saturday 12pm 56c Bush View Drive



A slice of Raglan’s best real estate nestled  into native bush surrounds near Whale Bay.  Master bdrm has its own private decking &  huge views. 2nd rm/ storage/ laundry/ studio.  Open plan living with cosy wood burner with  wet back & sun drenched decking enjoying  gorgeous ocean & bush views.  Hide away,  holiday ambiance. Situated on 1258m². Prior  Auction offers  considered. OPEN HOME

5 bedroom home with large 100m² shed  with 3 phase power. (Ideal workshop or  home­based business) Located 5 minutes to Raglan. Private living – offering the best of both  worlds, country living and  so close to town centre. Prior Auction offers  OPEN HOME considered.


Saturdays 2pm 151 Hills Road


Saturday 1pm 3 Cross Street


Saturday 2pm 150 Whaanga Road

FABULOUS FAMILY LIVING CLOSE  TO TOWN This 3 bdrm family home enjoys 


stunning bar views from its spacious upstairs  living area. Master has walk­in­robe and  ensuite, and there’s a 2nd bthrm downstairs  for the kids’ rooms. Sgle garage with internal  access & a 2nd garage has been converted to  a huge rumpus room for kids to play or family  to stay. Situated on approx 1135m2 section  approx. 10 mins  walk to town &  OPEN HOME school.

This lifestyle block is 5085m² and  enjoys panoramic views. Great building platform. Prior Auction offers considered.  Make an appointment to view.





:*"%/&6$7.,!2&;$%&(#7%.*,&-.%/&!"#$%&4+.)9.,!& platform, (Approx 3950m²).  <.#-(&*6&=%&0$".*.&$,9&$&3##>&*6&%/#&.,,#"& harbour.  Conveniently located to local  4#$7/2&!"#$%&'(/.,!&?&(+"',!@& Subject to title, full consents in place, services  on the boundary. Covenants may apply Prior Auction offers  OPEN HOME considered. 

The owner of this lovely family  home has enjoyed over  20yrs here. 

Sunday 11am 381 Wainui Road



C O TI n s

ON ­ 1  6pm


8 N  Sa orr t 10 ie   thM Av a e rch

Sunday 1pm 31 Norrie Ave

COME & JOIN US AT OUR  TWILIGHT OPEN HOME Prior Auction offers  considered.


OPEN HOME Saturday 7pm 18 Norrie Ave


RUSTIC CHARMER   $399,000  This 3 bedroom rustic charmer will capture  your heart. Enter this home through a cosy  !"#$%&'"(%&)*+,!#&-.%/&0#,%&(%1)#&'"#2&(%#33.,!& up to a second living area.  The home also  offers a single garage and double carport.   Large outside entertainment area with  gazebo.  Walk to the beach  and corner dairy.



If it’s quality of lifestyle and a special environment  for the children you are seeking, this is the one.  This near new family home offers, 4 double  bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large open plan living,  double garage on 8619m² land. Located only a  couple of kms away, is the well established little  country school, Waitetuna Primary  and roughly 25mins  to Hamilton. OPEN HOME Saturday 12pm 13b Bush View Drive


A warm & welcoming 3 dble bdrm,  character, family home featuring a spacious  kitchen, masport woodburner & dual  exchange unit, large living area, garage  with workshop area.  Well presented  grounds + vege garden. Added bonus ­  titled share in a large tennis & swimming  pool complex.  Enjoy living peacefully &  rurally apprx 20mins to Hamilton/20 mins to  the Raglan beaches and cafes. Situated on  7644m². The very best of all worlds

Master With Ensuite / Massive Garaging Off Street Parking / Wrap Around Decking


OPEN HOME Sunday 2pm 21b Long Street

CEDAR COTTAGE 2 bedrooms plus single garage


Quiet, idyllic, cul­de­sac location Just a few minutes walk to town

Under the hammer!

Call the team to view this  delightful home anytime.  Prior Auction offers  considered



OPEN HOMES this weekend 18th & 19th Feb Saturday 12pm ­ 13b Bushview Dr Saturday 12pm ­ 56c Bushview Dr Saturday 1pm ­ 3 Cross Street Saturday 2pm ­  151 Hills Road Saturday 2pm ­ 9c East Street Saturday 2pm ­ 150 Whaanga Road

Twilight Open Home ­ Saturday 7pm                         – 18 Norrie Avenue Sunday 11am ­ 381 Wainui Road Sunday 12pm ­ 8 Uenuku Road  Sunday 1pm ­ 31 Norrie Avenue Sunday 2pm ­ 21b Long Street Sunday 2pm ­ 69d Otonga Valley Rd

21 Bow St, Raglan  Phone: 07 825 8669  Fax: 07 825 7410   Website:  Email: 12 RAGLAN Chronicle

Sunday 12pm 8 Uenuku Road


Big Family Home / 3 Double Bedroom

BBQ Courtyard /  Stunning Views


Raglan Chronicle  

Raglan's weekly Chronicle