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New Academy data warriors graduate ISTAR Qualified Weapons Instructors make the grade Ice hockey

Runners-up for Vulcans

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Brum, here we come

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UK airpower test as NATO looks North

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UKAFFC go close Simon Mander

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BRITISH JETS joined the Air Forces of Nato’s two newest prospective members for integrated fighter training. The deployments of the RAF’s 1 (Fighter) Squadron Typhoons and 617 (Dambusters) Squadron Lightnings to Finland and Sweden signals the strengthening of the Alliance in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Turn to page 3

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It’s fantastic to bring the Chinook display to Wales”

Tales that lift the spirit and warm the heart are a muchneeded tonic at this time”

You have to put your hand up and try new things”

Crewman Sgt Scotty Morris, who grew up near Swansea See page 15

Hayley Mills co-stars in the stage version of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel See R’n’R page 5

‘Most improved’ RAF novice wakeboarder Cpl Eloise Hall See page 28

Ukrainian soldiers arrive in UK for military training

RAF News Room 68 Lancaster Building HQ Air Command High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP14 4UE Editor: Simon Williams Email: editor@rafnews.co.uk Features Editor: Tracey Allen Email: tracey.allen@rafnews.co.uk News Editor: Simon Mander

THE FIRST Ukrainian troops to take part in a new programme to train up to 10,000 frontline fighters in the coming months have arrived in the UK. The news comes as President Zelensky is reported to have ordered the creation of a million strong fighting force to take back territory invaded by Russia. The initiative is part of a £2.3 billion British military aid package that includes sending more than 5,000 NLAW anti-tank weapons and M270 multiple launch rocket systems. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “This ambitious new training programme is the next phase in the UK’s support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their fight against Russian aggression. “Using the world-class expertise of the British Army we will help Ukraine to rebuild its forces and scale-up its resistance as they defend

their country’s sovereignty and their right to choose their own future.” Around 1,050 service personnel will run the programme at sites across the UK. Each course will last several weeks and be conducted by 11 Security Force Assistance Brigade. The training will PLEDGE: Ben Wallace give volunteer rookie recruits combat skills including weapons handling, battlefield first aid, fieldcraft, and patrol tactics. Britain trained 22,000 Ukrainians between 2015 and 2022 under Operation Orbital. The latest training programme BATTLE SKILLS: Ukrainian troops start demonstrates the UK Government’s training alongside 11 response to Ukraine’s military Security Force Assistance requirements as the war evolves, a Brigade. spokesman said.

This Week In History

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PHANTOMS FLOWN by 6 and 41 Sqn provide tactical reconnaissance support to British forces following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

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Cyprus invasion


Radar debut A BLENHEIM becomes the first aircraft to shoot down an aircraft using its own Air Interception Radar, destroying a Dornier Do17 during a night attack off Selsey Bill.


Chinook Beirut evacuation A PAIR of Chinooks evacuate 76 passengers from Beirut to RAF Akrotiri after Israel launches attacks against the Lebanese capital.

Extracts from The Royal Air Force Day By Day by Air Cdre Graham Pitchfork (The History Press)

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P3


Nato’s Northern powerhouse

BRITAIN IS to boost its military contribution to Nato and Estonia to beef up Europe’s defences after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. RAF Typhoon and F-35B Lightning fighters, Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers and brigade-sized land forces will be made available to Nato’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe as part of a New Force Model agreed at a summit in Madrid. And the UK is to enhance its

military presence in Estonia – already doubled to 1,600 personnel in two battlegroups – with helicopters and artillery. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “The New Force Model and our presence in Estonia will ensure that the Alliance is able to respond at pace, helping to determine stability across Europe in the decades to come.” Under the new arrangements Allies will declare in advance what capabilities, equipment and

forces are available to Nato so its commanders can plan for emerging threats. Britain will also contribute to a new Allied Reaction Force ready to deploy at very high readiness and respond to a range of crises. In addition, the UK has deployed hundreds of troops to Poland and sent more RAF Typhoons to conduct air policing in Romania while HMS Prince of Wales has led the Alliance’s Maritime High Readiness Force since January.

TYPHOON: Air policing in Romania


Strengthening Alliance

TRAINING: RAF Lightning and F-18 Hornet

POWER IN NUMBERS: Sqn Ldr Ben Spoor of 1(F) Sqn (centre) with Lt Col J Rohle’n 2IC of 7F Wing (right) and Gripen pilot Maj St Arbutt PHOTO: AS1 RYAN MURRAY

Continued from front page TWO F-35BS and four Typhoons conducted warfighting training with Finnish F-18 Hornets and Swedish Gripen aircraft at the request of the host nations to develop joint tactics. It follows the signing of Accession Protocols for Finland and Sweden at Nato Headquarters on July 5 after objections by Turkey were overcome by a separate deal on counter-terrorism measures. Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace said: “Finland and Sweden are important defence partners, and we welcome their applications to join Nato, which will make the Alliance stronger as we face a renewed threat in Europe. “These deployments highlight our determination to enhance that partnership and ensure our forces can work together seamlessly.”

DELEGATION: Swedish VIPs visit RAF detachment

The RAF missions are also a demonstration of Britain’s mutual security assistance declarations, signed with both Scandinavian states in May. All three countries already belong to the 10-nation UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force, which has pledged to maintain the security of Northern Europe.

The F-35 deployment to Finland was only the second time the aircraft type has landed in the country, after two US F-35As visited for an air show in June. The Finns recently agreed to buy 64 of the Lockheed jets to replace their F-18s, at a cost of $10billion. Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist said: “Joint exercises, like the one here in Såtenäs, strengthen our ability to operate together in response to a crisis in our neighbourhood. This is particularly important in today’s challenging security environment.” The fighters were backed by ground crew from Marham and Lossiemouth, a Brize-based Voyager tanker, and an A400M Atlas transporter. Further exercises are planned this year and later this month RAF Lightnings will deploy to Norway for further integration

training with its Air Force. Meanwhile, RAF Typhoons on Nato air policing duties in Romania flew to the dedicated training facility at the 3rd Main Jet Base in Konya for similar training with the Turkish Air Force, flying alongside Pakistani, Jordanian, and Azerbaijani aircraft in simulated combat scenarios. The Exercise Anatolian Eagle mission saw 3(Fighter) Squadron Typhoons employed in multiple scenarios, alongside F-16s, Azerbaijani SU-25s and Turkish UAVs, co-ordinated by a Nato E-3A. Turkish Air Force exercise director Lieutenant Colonel Turgay Tümer said: “We are very glad to see the RAF during this exercise and happy to see all Allied countries here in Konya. The exercise provides an opportunity for us to share our experiences and technologies.”

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P5


Med heat is on for Gunners ATLAS AIRCREW land on a French runway at night before testing their ability to operate on natural surfaces. Brize-based 70 and 30 Sqn crews took part in Exercise Ouranos supported by Tactical Air Traffic Controllers. PHOTO TOMAS BARNARD

Forces must stay ahead in the race for future combat kit, Air Chief says Simon Mander THE RAF needs to ‘innovate relentlessly,’ if it is to defeat its future enemies, according to Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston. Speaking ahead of a gathering of more than 50 top military commanders at the annual Air and Space Power Conference, Sir Mike said the ongoing war in Ukraine highlights how responsible nations must work together to defend their values and protect collective security in the face of sustained aggression. ACM Wigston said: “The Royal Air Force must evolve and innovate relentlessly at the cutting edge of technology, ready to face the threats of the future. “It will be our credibility and ability to fight that will underpin our ability to operate across all domains, so we must be prepared and able to defend against expectations. sophisticated threats in the But he added the role of airpower electro-magnetic spectrum, in the war was still unclear. and in cyber, air and space.” “Allies of Ukraine, and Air and Space Power especially Nato, now find Association President, themselves in a proxy war with a retired Air Marshal Greg belligerent Russia increasingly Bagwell said during six painting itself into a strategic months of brutal and corner,” he said. bloody fighting in “Despite the pleas for Ukraine Russian more air power, the tactics and West has been capability have N GSTO reluctant to meet been shown to CAS SIR MIKE WI be far short of these demands

FUTURE OF UK DEFENCE : Main, Tempest prototype under development, inset left, Titania satellite due to be launched later this year

for fear of escalation. Meanwhile, the air and space war in Ukraine has taken on a character that we do not fully recognise or yet understand; the airspace over Ukraine has not been controlled, nor has it been exploited to the full.” The Conference is delivered by the Air and Space Power Association on behalf of the RAF and features international experts from industry, technology and academia and will be live-streamed to serving personnel.

RAF REGT Gunners braved scorching summer heat and barren terrain to stage simulated section attacks in Cyprus. Personnel from 1 Sqn Force Protection – the first RAF unit to take over defending the strategically important Akrotiri airbase from the Army - have nearly completed their first deployment to the Mediterranean. Sqn Ldr Jamie Algar said: “We’ve worked hard to prepare for the deployment and since taking over have begun work to enhance the protection and defence of the station.

“We will continue look for novel ways to improve protection of the units here and train our people for contingent operations back in the UK”.’ Attack drills at flight level allow Gunners to counter combat threats and tests junior commanders leadership, logistics and decision making ability under real battlefield conditions. The unit has been working with 84 Sqn and the resident detachment from 17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC to patrol the base and it’s 17km of coastline.

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P7


Junior Ranks Revolution Staff Reporter k changed UPDATE: SAC ran

JUNIOR RANKS have been changed as part of a drive to make the Service more inclusive. Aircraftman (AC) will be replaced with Air Recruit (AR), Leading Aircraftman (LAC) will become Air Specialist (Class 2) (AS2), Senior Aircraftman (SAC) are renamed Air Specialist (Class 1) (AS1) while Senior Aircraftman Technician (SAC(T)) will be known as Air Specialist (Class 1) Technician (AS1(T)). Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston said: “The language we use matters, but some of our historic rank titles reflect a different age and they have not stood the test of time. “That is why we have made the decision to move to Air Recruits and Air Specialists, in the same way that we are transitioning away from traditional trades to professions. “These new rank titles for our junior aviators reflect much better the diversity, talent and professional skills of all our people, and the vital part you all play building the Next Generation Royal Air Force.”

RANK RETHINK: The latest RAF graduates will be the first to adopt the new system. Inset left, Chief of the Air Satff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston

Surf’s up on Commando drill Simon Mander ROYAL MARINES took a sixfoot leap of faith off the back of an RAF Chinook into the Bristol Channel to test some of their most daring skills. Taunton-based 40 Commando Charlie Company personnel were picked up by Odiham-based aircraft on the dunes of Braunton Burrows in North Devon to practise what is known as ‘helicasting’. The technique gets raiding parties into the action quickly by dropping them straight into the ocean to board high powered Zodiac craft and strike at an enemy ashore. Helicasting takes immense skill and teamwork not least from the Air Force pilots who hover just above the waves. 27 Sqn FS Ed Bailey said: “This particular mission blends search and rescue techniques and support helicopter insertion methods. “The Chinook Force now has a fully augmented autopilot which provides a stable platform. “The rear ramp is lowered, and

HELO-GOODBYE: Chinook clips the waves as Charlie Company Commandos take the plunge from the ramp.

Commandos simply stand up and walk off the back at a height of six feet. “It is a demanding skill requiring accuracy of flying to ensure the aircraft remains dry and the troops are able to deplane safely.”

The commandos were put through swim tests before the drop, leaping into water carrying webbing and rifle from high boards and treading water before swimming 200 metres wearing their full kit and boots.

Major Will Searight added: “It’s a technique best suited to small teams with a reconnaissance role, and one that both Commandos and aircrew are looking to rediscover and further develop.”

REMEMBERED: Czech crew lost during in WWII raid are laid to rest.

Dutch honour bomber crew FIVE WWII airmen killed when their Wellington bomber was shot down on their way home from a raid on Bremen have been reburied in a Dutch cemetery. Precisely 81 years after their deaths, the Czech crew of T2990 found their final resting place in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission War Cemetery in Bergen op Zoom. Only one of the airmen was able to parachute to safety and was taken as a PoW before the aircraft crashed in flames following the 70-bomber mission in June, 1941. The remains of the others were found when the 311 Squadron aircraft was recovered from a field in Nieuwe Niedorp in the Dutch municipality of Hollands Kroon in June 2021. The Royal Netherlands Air Force Aircraft Recovery Service removed the wreckage, while the Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service disposed of mounted weapons and ammunition. The Royal Netherlands Army Recovery and Identification Service subsequently confirmed that the remains were of F/Sgt Jan Hejna, P/O Vilem Konštatský, F/Sgt Alois Rozum, P/O Leonard Smrček and F/Sgt Karel Valach who are therefore no longer missing in action. More than 5,500 aircraft went missing in the Netherlands during the Second World War and parts of most of them remain hidden beneath Dutch soil. Recent research has revealed that the bodies of crews are probably still located at around 30 to 50 sites. Five aircraft have so far been recovered under the Dutch national aircraft wreckage recovery programme four of them containing missing airmen. The CWGC B ergen-op-Z o om War Cemetery contains the graves of 1,284 fallen servicemen, 1,189 of whom have been identified. Surviving relatives and dignitaries, including Czech defence minister Jana Černochová, Slovak defence minister Jaroslav Naď and Czech ambassador to the Netherlands Kateřina Sequensová attended the reburial ceremony.

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P9


Pump action

Great War pilots honoured at Ypres THE GRAVES of three RAF pilots killed in WWI have been rededicated near Ypres in Belgium more than a century after they died. Second Lt Henry Pike’s 65 Sqn Sopwith Camel failed to return after escorting DH9 aircraft operating against targets at Bruges, Ostend and Zeebrugge, in August 1918. Second Lts Alan Boswell and Robert Percy Gundill were killed two months later flying as a tandem crew on a DH9 as part of a bombing raid on Menin when they went missing. Air Force Padre Rev Adrian Klos conducted ceremonies at the graveside of Lt Pike at Larch Wood and Lt Boswell and Lt Gundill’s graves at Duhallow, both near Ypres, Belgium, attended by relatives and personnel from XI (F) Sqn. Rev Klos said: “I want to thank the researchers who were able to

SAC WARDALE prepares to top up a Typhoon policing Nato skies over the Black Sea from Mihail Kogălniceanu airbase in Romania. UK jets deployed on Operation Biloxi with 140 EAW use more than 250,000 litres of fuel a week, supplied by Wittering-based 2MT Sqn. SAC Wardale said: “We’ve been particularly busy out here, which I’ve enjoyed. A highlight is working closely with other Nato members.”

Eagles have landed

REDEDICATION: 2nd Lt Pike’s headstone at Duhallow, near Ypres.

name the remains that gave us this opportunity to bring representatives from a fighter squadron, enabling us to recognise that unbroken line from 2nd Lt Pike’s sacrifice during the Great War to their service today.”

In Brief

LOCAL LINKS: 22FP take to the streets in Richmond, North Yorks

Parade pride

Simon Mander SOUTH KOREA’S Black Eagles have arrived in Britain for a packed summer season of air displays. The team’s nine aerobatic supersonic advanced T-50B trainers arrived at MOD Boscombe Down after being disassembled and loaded onto three C-130 transports and flown to the UK via Thailand and Turkey.

After less than three weeks the jets have been reassembled, checked, certified and successfully air tested ready to fly with the Red Arrows in their first appearance in the UK since 2012. One of the Korean display pilots said: “The Black Eagles are delighted to be back in the UK and have fond memories of their 2012 visit to the Waddington Airshow. “This tour provides an opportunity for the

Republic of Korea to show their gratitude to the UK veterans who fought in the Korean war between 1950 and 1953, where many lost their lives. “The tour may be the last chance to show due respect and gratitude toward the UK veterans, who may now be in their 90s.” The Eagles’ itinerary includes the Southport Air Show, the Royal International Air Tattoo and the Farnborough International Air Show.

AIR FORCE Gunners paraded through a North Yorkshire town as the RAF Regiment continues to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of its formation. Personnel from 2 Force Protection Wing joined the Freedom of Richmond parade, which also marked 51 years since the honour was bestowed on the Corps. Also taking part were 34 Sqn, a Colour Party and The Band of the RAF Regiment. They were joined by civic leaders including Baroness Angela Harris, Madame Mayor Ann Brewer, Lord Lieutenant Deputy for North Yorkshire Mr Nigel Corner, AVM Mick Smeath and Gp Capt Jason Sutton. Parade Commander Sqn Ldr David Rayfield said: “It was a pleasure for 34 Sqn to represent the RAF Regt and a great opportunity to engage with the local community. Flight Commander (B Flt) Flt Lt Harry Kendall said: “Small acts such as this ensure our strong connection with the community and remain a big part of our Corps ethos.”

Royal R oya al Air F Force orce N News ews Fr Friday, iday, JJuly uly 15, 2022 P10


Brittish boffins British bofffins boo ost tech te ech war w boost

Cake that...

Simon S imon Mander Mander

DEFENCE D EFENCE SCIENTIS SCIENTISTS TS w working orkiing alongside alongside aerospace aerospace industry industryy experts expertts are are fu fueling eling th the he race race for for next-generation next-generation air air power power aand nd helping h lpin he i g th the UK maintain main i ta tain i a battle battle winning winning edge, edge, aair ir chi chiefs efs ssay. ay. Th Thee cclaim laim comes comess as as the the government’s government’s D Defence effeence SScience cience aand nd Technology Technology Laboratory Laboratory announced announced its its future future rresearch esearch p plans lans tto o back back up up UK mi military litary aviation. aviation. C Chief hief o off Staff Staff ffor or C Capability apability (Air) (Air) Air Air V Vice-Marshal iice-Marshal Linc Linc T Taylor aylor ssaid: aid: “Dstl “Dstl b brings rings a uniq unique ue in insight. sight. IItt brings brings de decision-quality cision-quality evidence evidence and and world-class world-class technology. technology. ““When When w wee b bring ring sscientific, cientiffiic, ic technical technical and and engineering engineerring advice advice alongside alongside the the experience experien nce of of the the war war fighter fiighter about about how how w wee aare re ggoing oing to to em employ ploy either either the the analysis, analysis, the the techniques techniques o orr the the technologies technologies behind behind tthem, hem, tthat hat sy synergy nergy is is far far b better etter than than just just tthe he ttwo wo organisations organisations o operating perating aalone. lone.” M Military ilitary ttop op brass, brass, s aaviation viation specialists and industry specialists and industry representatives at at a showcase showcase eevent vent representatives heard h ow D stl sscientists cientists hope hope tto o heard how Dstl

CHOCS A CHOCS AWAY: WAY: Defence Defence ccyclists yclists T Tom om W Ward, ard, K Karl arl SSchultze, chultze, Chris Chris Johnson Johnson and and Chris Chris Beardmore B e dmore in JJohn ear ohn O G Groats roats aft after er 900 mil m milee cchallenge. hallenge.

NEXT-GENER ATION: A NEXT-GENERATION: AVM V VM Taylor T aylor tests tests latest latest 3-D simulators simulators aatt DS DSTL TL sh showcase owcase

improve improve aair ir o operational perational analysis analysis and and decision decision support support and and ffuture uture aaviation viation concepts concepts including fflying lying in co ntested – including contested environments and and support support to to environments Apache, C hinook and and a new new Apache, Chinook

medium medium helicopter. helicopter. Other Other p projects rojects un under der development development include include co counter unter U UAV AV capabilities i combat combat air air support support to to capabilities Tyyphoon, n F-35, F-35, and and Tempest, Teempest, aand nd Typhoon, the Cutlass Cutlass aair ir co mbat sim ulator. the combat simulator.

A TEAM of of four four fundra fundraising aisin i g defence ccontractors defence ontracctors ha have ave ccompleted ompleted a 900 mi mile ile ccycle ycle cha challenge llenge acr across ro oss the th he UK - fuelled fuellled by by supplies supplies o off chocolate ch hocolate brownies. bro ownies. B Brize rize N Norton orton based based bikers bikeers Tom Tom Ward, W ard, K Karl arl SSchultze, chultze, C Chris hris Johnson Johnson aand nd C Chris hris Beardmore, Beardmore, from from defence deffeen nce ffirm irm AA AAGDS GDS completed completed the the Lands Lands End E nd tto o JJohn ohn O O’Groats ’Groats cchllenge hllenge in jjust ust sseven even d days, ayys, bbattling attling ttorrential orrential rain, ra ain, exh exhaustion austion aand nd h hypothermia yypothermia K arl ssaid: aid: ““On On o ur wa ay do wn tto o Karl our way down L ands En d tto o sstart tart w llected ttwo wo Lands End wee co collected h uge ttrays ug rayys of of chocolate chocolate brownies brownies n huge

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Royal Air Force News Friday, July 1, 2022 P13


Reaper strike blasts Iraq terror cell

Wittering logi Tracy delivers LOGISTICS FLIGHT specialist FS Tracy Marrs has won through to the finals of a national transport award backed by internet shopping giant Amazon. The Wittering based Reservist has been nominated for the UKwide indutry award for her work as a science and technology ambassador and mentor at the Cambs RAF station. She said: Mentoring is about being there to support individuals and provide the guidance and

In Brief

MODEL CITIZEN: Comedian Al Murray

Al signs up FORCES SUPPORTER Al Murray is backing a military model making charity by signing an anniversary cover produced by the British Forces Philatelic Service. The fundraising scheme was launched by the Models for Heroes group which promotes model making to help Forces veterans and emergency service workers, and is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Go to bfps.org.uk

CAMPAIGNER:: Caroline Paige

Degree honour The UK Armed Forces’ first openly openly transgender officer Caroline Paige has been awarded an honourary degree by the University of Middlesex. The veteran RAF navigator who served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan was presented with her dgeree in recognition of of her work with the LGBT+ community.

FINALIST: Logistics expert FS Tracy Marrs

expertise to help them achieve their goals.”

A REAPER aircraft fired Hellfire missiles at a group of Daesh terrorists in an area north of Tikrit. Details of the Iraqi-led operation just released say the RAF UAV joined other coalition aircraft in the attack which comes more than six months after the last strike against the terrorist group. On that occasion two Akrotiribased Typhoons on a regular patrol over the region were called to investigate and shot down a small UAV with an ASRAAM missile.

Hero Gunner’s medals smash auction target Simon Mander

FIVE WARTIME medals - one of them won on a mission that earned an RAF bomber pilot the Victoria Cross - have been sold at auction for almost twice their estimated price. The ‘VC Action’ group, including the Distinguished Flying Medal, were awarded to Stirling rear gunner WO HW ‘Pete’ Gough for his gallantry during a raid on the Fiat Works, in Turin, Italy in November 1942. They were sold by auctioneers Noonans for £11,000 - almost double their expected price of £6,000. Gough, of 149 (East India) Squadron, had already flown 32 operational sorties before the flight that won him the DFM, completing his 30-operation quota, but decided to remain with his pilot until his tour of duty was completed. A Noonans spokeswoman said: “What followed were two epic flights over the Alps in an already faulty aircraft that subsequently became riddled with flak and piloted by two gravely wounded men. “Gough, along with the remainder of his crew, baled out over England, thanks to the heroics of his pilot Flt Sgt RH Middleton, who was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross.” “Gough was unflappable, and no stranger to adversity - his first two operational sorties having

been the first 1,000 bomber raids to Cologne and Essen, earlier in the year. “After the death of his skipper and two other members of the crew, he volunteered to serve with 161 Sqn - a ‘Secret Squadron,’ and flew as an air gunner in Hudsons on at least 24 operational sorties, dropping agents and supplies all over occupied Europe. “He was forced to bale out again on his last operational sortie of the war on 11 April 1945, returning from a special operation to Germany. His logbook records the incident as ‘(Baled - Out). All In The Days Work.’” Scarborough born Gough trained as an Air Gunner at Evanton and No. 60 O.T.U. East Fortune before being posted to 256 (Night Fighter) Sqn flying Defiants in September 1941, then 149 (East India) Sqn operating Stirlings at Lakenheath in May 1942. His original recommendation for the DFM said: “Sgt Gough has left this squadron with the highest reputation for courage and devotion to duty and his example has been an inspiration to the remainder of the Air Gunners.” His medals were bought by ‘a relatively new collector of interesting historical gallantry based in the UK.’

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P15


Reds’ home among first to go in Defence sell-off Simon Mander HISTORIC RAF bases at Scampton and Lintonon-Ouse could be sold for redevelopment by next year under a Forces-wide programme to reform the UK’s defence estate. The MoD says its 25-year plan of long-term investment will deliver savings and provide a more functional structure of sites to support 21st-century military capability. Redundant sites could be converted to housing or business use to boost local economies. RAF bases at Parkway in Bristol, the former fast jet training station Linton-on-Ouse in North Yorkshire, and the WWII Dambusters and Red Arrows home at Scampton in Lincolnshire could be the first to be sold off, by 2023. They will be followed by Coleme Airfield, Henlow by 2026, Barnham near Thetford and Halton by 2027, with RAF personnel leaving HMS Sultan by 2029. Introduced in late 2016 following the Strategic Defence and Security Review, the strategy aims to release public sector land for new homes, create centres of military expertise by co-locating units and provide new and refurbished accommodation for service

ESTATE REFORMS: The Red Arrows station Scampton is among the first military sites to be sold under a 25-year MoD programme. Pictured left, Linton-on-Ouse was scheduled for closure following the retirement of the Tucano fast jet trainer

personnel and their families. Major projects include new officer and recruit training facilities and a new home for the Red Arrows.

UK Defence will also invest in more than 25,000 new and refurbished houses and single-living accommodation, contemporary

office space for over 12,000 people, and 63 specialist military workshops and garages as well as medical, dental and sports buildings. Currently new

facilities are under construction at eight defence sites, with contracts placed for further development across the UK.

Reservists high on the hog THE RAF’S Chinook display aces were caught red-handed as they delivered one of their signature moves in front of thousands of aviation fans at the Wales Air Show. The event was a home-run for crewman Sgt Scotty Morris

(pictured left) who grew up near Swansea. He said: “Having grown up in Blackwood, it is fantastic to bring the Chinook display to Wales. It is the first time I have had the chance to fly in front of my family. It is a privilege to fly for my son, Quinn.”

SQN LDR Andy Marshall handed over command of 501 Sqn by presenting the Brize-based unit’s wild boar mascot to successor Sqn Ldr Steve Jackson. The former regular, (pictured right) who is stepping down after eight years in the post said: “Taking on the challenge of creating this squadron from nothing and taking

it to where it is today has been hard work, but enjoyable at the same time, and I leave it in good hands.” Formed in 1927, the squadron became a fighter unit in 1936. More recently the squadron’s drivers and suppliers have deployed to the middle-east and to Eastern Europe supporting Nato air policing missions.

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P16

Feature Data warriors

The rising ISTARS

First graduates Waddington Aca awarded prestig Weapons Instru

PROTECTOR: Replaces Reaper


OC 54 SQUADRON: Wg Cdr Rob Evans

PROJECT MANAGER: Sqn Ldr Agatha Morrison

COMMANDER AIR WING: Gp Capt Chris Melville

HE FIRST data warriors of the future are set to graduate from the RAF’s new Advanced Air ISTAR Academy. Officers and NCOs from across the UK military and an international exchange student are currently honing their warfighting skills at the school, run by Waddington’s 54 Squadron. It was set up by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace in June 2021 as ‘a national and international centre of excellence for remotely piloted air systems and for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance’. And since then, the lies, false flags and social media disinformation campaigns unleashed in the wake Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine has made the need for accurate intelligence more important than ever.

Commander Air Wing Group Captain Christopher Melville said: “The Advanced Air ISTAR Academy will train the RAF’s air and ground crews, provide Air ISTAR training for Defence, our Allies and Partners, and provide post-graduate warfighting training for aircrew and battle staffs.”


he centre was established in the wake of the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review that also secured funding for new ISTAR Force aircraft such as Protector, P8 Poseidon and the E-7 Wedgetail. The Lossiemouth-based Poseidon filled the maritime surveillance gap left after the Nimrod upgrade was axed, while the Wedgetail, set to join it at the Scottish station next year, is the successor to the veteran E-3D Sentry. From 2024, the Protector will replace the Reaper that has conducted Operation Shader missions against Daesh in Iraq and Syria since 2014. Flown by XIII and 39 Sqn crews

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P17

by Simon Mander

S of military intel

s of new RAF ademy set to be gious Qualified uctor badges

POSEIDON: Based at Lossiemouth

ADVANCED AIR ISTAR ACADEMY: Centre of excellence

at Waddington and Creech Air Force Base in the United States, a Reaper last month destroyed a terrorist cell operating near Tikrit by firing Hellfire missiles. But the new Academy aims to ensure the Air ISTAR Force can counter emerging threats beyond 2035. And to do this it is introducing the latest technology-enhanced learning techniques and using collaborative synthetic training to maximise the talent of personnel and prepare them for frontline operational demands. Project manager Sqn Ldr Agatha Morrison said: “It is a once-in-acareer opportunity to be involved shaping the future of ISTAR training. I feel extremely proud to be part of the team that has delivered the Advanced Air ISTAR Academy.” Selection for the course is rigorous as qualified individuals are expected to provide high-level expert advice to senior military commanders. Successful students will be

EXERCISE: ISR training

awarded the coveted Qualified Weapons Instructor (ISR) title after acquiring a deep knowledge of not just RAF capabilities, but those operated by the Royal Navy, Army, other Government departments, and industry.


mong those hoping to be the first to graduate is Intelligence Analyst Flight Sergeant Thomas Evans. He said: “The intellectual challenge of matching varied ISR sensors to specific targets and successfully integrating our capabilities with those of Combat Air, Air Mobility and non-kinetic effects is a hugely rewarding experience.” Student and Royal Australian Air Force Intelligence Officer Flight Lieutenant Wright said: “It’s been an amazing opportunity to learn about the UK ISR capabilities and supporting industry. The ability to apply our skills in Composite Air Operations exercises enhances future interoperability

between coalition nations.” And Royal Artillery Officer Captain Morrow said: “My experience so far – having to learn what feels like a new language, how to operate in two new domains, and how to engage with branches of the RAF – has highlighted why a diverse range of candidates is vital if we are to get better at multi-domain operations.”


ne man who knows the value of the training they’re receiving is the Officer Commanding the ISR Warfare School, Squadron Leader Jason Murray, who served operational tours in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, before taking the QWI (ISR) course. More recently he was posted to PJHQ to design the operational level ISR plan for the Carrier Strike Group’s deployment across the globe. He said: “The qualification is highly regarded across the three services. As an expert I have advised senior commanders, steered the shape of, and had a significant impact

on, ISR operations globally. This has been hugely rewarding and exciting and I only wish I had qualified earlier.” “Air ISTAR is a critical part of any modern campaign. The reality is that in contested environments against peer level adversaries adept at counter-ISR techniques, no single sensor will provide sufficient understanding to allow senior commanders to make effective decisions,” said Sqn Ldr Murray. “Time and time again on operations, and in exercises, we have learnt that the only way to develop the required depth of understanding is to fully exploit a plethora of capabilities across all domains.” FS THOMAS EVANS: Hopeful of being one of the first to graduate from the Academy run by 54 Sqn

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P19


Win snug tent for all those wild camping adventures Win!

is ™ e r e h p s o n Io 5 2 2 £ o t p u h t wor Win!

The definitive book on the Reds… and straight from the horse’s mouth THE RED Arrows are always a star attraction at RIAT – and a handsome book by their Officer Commanding and former Red 1 Team Leader, Wg Cdr David Montenegro (inset below), is currently riding high in the bestsellers list. The Red Arrows (published by Century, rrp £20) is the first official history of the RAF’s world-famous aerobatic display team, and is full of never-before-shared tales from pilots past and present. This thrilling history is both a faithful record and a fascinating account

of not only what it takes, but what it means, to be a Red Arrow – and we have copies for lucky RAF News readers to win. For your chance to own one, simply tell us: Where is the Royal International Air Tattoo 2022 held? Email your answer, marked Red Arrows book competition, to: competitions@rafnews. co.uk or post it to: RAF News, Room 68, Lancaster Building, HQ Air Command, High Wycombe, HP14 4UE, to arrive by July 29.

RAF NEWS has teamed up with Snugpak, the UK’s leading sleeping bag and insulated clothing manufacturer, to give a lucky reader one of its popular Ionosphere tents in olive. The compact Snugpak Ionosphere™ is a two-pole, one door, easy to pitch (inner first) tent for overnight stays, wild camping and adventure racing. The inner tent is made of a NoSee-Um Mesh Mosquito Net which not only keeps out bugs and snakes but can also be used without the fly as a stand-alone mosquito shelter/ barrier in the summer months and in warmer climates.

It features a polyurethane coated flysheet with waterproof taped seams and a 5,000mm hydrostatic head to provide shelter from the worst weather. With an impressive floor space, measuring 240cm/94” long and 90cm/35” wide, there is ample room for one person with equipment and in an emergency situation, the Ionosphere™ could accommodate two people. When weight is a consideration, the tent packs down small with a light trail weight of only 1.2kg/ 2.65lbs (fly, poles and inner tent)

and doesn’t take up valuable space, making it suitable when weight and pack size are vitally important. The Ionosphere™ retails for £200-£225, is a tried and tested favourite of professional outdoor users such as hill and moorland leaders, mountain climbers and military personnel, where quality, protection, reliability and performance are vital. To try to win this fabulous prize, all you have to do is answer the following question: What is the name of the company

that produces the Ionosphere™ tent? Email your answer, marked Ionosphere™ tent competition, to: competitions@rafnews.co.uk or post it to: RAF News, Room 68, Lancaster Building, HQ Air Command, High Wycombe, HP14 4UE, to arrive by July 29. Please make sure that you include your full postal address with all competition entries. Visit snugpak.com for further information about Snugpak’s latest collection.

SMALL BUT MIGHTY: It weighs just over 1kg but the Ionosphere™ gives outstanding protection

By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Medallists Worcestershire Medal Service Ltd Worcestershire Bromsgrove

Specialists Sp ecialists in Orders Orders,s, Decorations and Medals

Suppliers of replacement and miniature miniaature medals. mouunting in Court and Ordinary Orddinary Style Medal mounting M Medals displlay. framed for display. For all your medal relat related ted needs including the su supply upply of ribbons, ribbons storage cases items. ca ases and other related item ms. Medal Manufacture B Bespoke Manufactuure

Worcestershire W or o cestershire Medal Serv Service vice Ltd Street, Sidemoor, Sidemoor, Bromsgr rove, B61 8LL 56 Broad Street, Bromsgrove, w .worcmedals.com www m www.worcmedals.com Tel: 01527 835375 8355375 email: email: sales@wo orcmedals.com Tel: sales@worcmedals.com

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P21


Sea how other half live RAF and Army experience life on the ocean Staff reporter

RAF PERSONNEL and soldiers who support the Royal Navy’s operation in the Gulf were treated to a taste of life at sea during the height of summer. Crew of minehunter HMS Middleton gave them an insight into the RN’s day-to-day mission in the region. Bahrain is a tri-service base; RAF personnel support the crucial air link with the UK and other bases in the region, while soldiers – currently 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment – help safeguard the Naval Support Facility. Sqn Ldr Steve Dixon is the RAF liaison officer at the RN headquarters in Bahrain with its RAF counterpart in neighbouring Qatar. “My role has already allowed me to understand the ways of the Royal Navy, especially its vital role in the Middle East,” he said. “Working in a headquarters it is also important to experience the RN operating in its natural environment – out at sea. It’s also helped make sense of some of the ‘Jackspeak’ thrown around the office on a daily basis.” As the Hunt-class ship left harbour, guests were able to experience all the drills which all vessels go through whilst transiting the port at Mina Salman and heading out in the Gulf, including a demonstration from the Force Protection Team who safeguard the ship in confined waters and in times of danger. Once in open water, the visitors were treated to a mix of demonstrations of minehunting activity and tours of Middleton. Elsewhere there were demonstrations of diving kit, a look inside the decompression chamber carried in case of an incident involving the dive team, and a hunt for mines using a SeaFox remote-controlled submersible, subsequently recovered by one of Middleton’s RIBs.

ON THE UP: Soldier scales ship’s ladder

ABOVE: Visitors peer into the decompression chamber LEFT: Out on the RIB MAIN PHOTO: Returning to Manama, Bahrain

GUESTS: RAF and Army personnel

with CO Lt Cdr Sam Stephens, left

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P23


Reflecting on RAF Air Power C-17 & A400M


Merlin, Puma & Chinook



IMPRESSIVE images of RAF aircraft from across Britain were captured by Brize photographers to showcase the annual Air Combat Power Visit to the station. Enterprising service cameramen hitched a lift on two of the Oxfordshire superbase’s new Oshkosh Defense Striker fire engines to capture this distinctive line-up, during the day and night. UK and International advanced command and staff course students saw demonstrations and discussed the capabilities and operations of the giant Globemaster C-17, the Atlas A400M and the Air Force’s latest multirole maritime patrol sub hunter, the Poseidon MRA1, from Lossiemouth. They also got up close and personal with a Typhoon from the Scottish station, one of Marham’s fifthgeneration F-35Bs, a Puma HC2 from Benson, a Chinook from Odiham and a Merlin from Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton provided by Joint Helicopter Command.

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 P24


Audi R8 Spyder

TIM MORRIS Motoring Correspondent LET’S BE honest here, Audi’s R8 Spyder is the most beautiful car that the German auto giant has ever made. When the original version was launched back in 2006 it was, in effect, a Lamborghini in Audi clothing. The similarities between the R8 and the Gallardo were striking. That was because Audi had been cleverly reverse engineering Lambo’s race DNA since it bought the company back in 1998. Today, the Gallardo has been replaced by the Huracan but the R8 is still closely related. Both produce a staggering 612bhp, courtesy of their V10s, they’re both mid-engined supercars and both will slingshot you from standstill to 62mph in a gut wrenching 3.2 seconds. But, you might think, why would anyone want to buy an Audi when they could have a Lamborghini? There’s strong feeling on this one, but the R8 makes a good case for supremacy. Firstly, it’s slightly faster flat out than the Huracan, at 204mph compared to the Lamborghini’s 202mph. Secondly, and this is a biggy, the Huracan Spyder’s price tag starts at £181,320, while the R8 Spyder weighs in at £165,520. That’s an instant saving of £16k and you get a faster car. The real sell for many people however is simply the matter of image. The Lambo is obvious, it’s overt and in-your-face. By contrast, the R8 is a subtle, yet an infinitely capable supercar. It’s like knowing that your low-key credit card has no limit when you throw it onto the table after a meal. The flash git opposite may chuck in his black Centurion American Express, but what will everyone else think? They’ll either earn a fortune too, in which case his show of status will go completely unnoticed, or they won’t, and if the latter is true, any friends he may have had around the table would be unlikely to remain so for much longer. You get the idea? Outside The R8 has recently undergone a facelift and Audi has pulled off a blinder. The new, sharper, bumpers

Top R8d

Audi’s Spyder soon has our man caught in its V10 web and larger exhaust pipes set the tone for a truly modern supercar. Its chiselled front grille grabs your attention instantly and, when you look closely, you realise that it’s been designed to give a gentle nod to the Quattro’s 80s race pedigree. The roof folds away neatly to give a rear view that is sleek and muscly. It’s a car that looks good from every angle. Inside The red leather sports seats are a work of art. They look amazing and they’re comfortable, even on a long drive. They hold you perfectly in place through the bends, and yet, they’re a lot easier on your back than the seats in a Huracan. It’s easier to get in and out of too. There’s plenty of head room and the

leg room isn’t bad either. The dashboard is clean and lacks a big, modern, touchscreen in the centre. Instead, every function is displayed in the instrument binnacle behind the steering wheel. You just flick through using the big rotary control on the centre console to access what you need. It can be a bit fiddly, typing in addresses with the rotary dial but, once you get used to it, it’s better than trying to poke symbols on a screen that you can’t see while you’re clinging on for dear life. On The Road With the age of electric cars looming, the Audi R8’s naturallyaspirated 5.2-litre V10 petrol

Audi R8 Spyder Pros Epic sound and power from the V10 Incredible looks and style A practical supercar that’s easy to live with Superb ride for a car in this class Nimble handling

engine appears to be an analogue watch in a digital age, and yet, it’s one of the best engines you can buy. It’s beautifully engineered and produces the kind of power that turns worlds. When petrol is eventually consigned to the dustbin of history this will be a true collector’s item, a testament to the genius of man, the perfect example of internal combustion. It sums up everything that we want a supercar to be. It’s more than noise, it’s a visceral experience that thrashes the competition. At low revs, it burbles beautifully. At mid revs, it produces the kind of V10 soundtrack that you expect to hear in the best action films and at high revs, it produces a level of noise that could drown out a Typhoon on full reheat. Driving an R8 is an adrenaline-pumping experience, for sure. Through the bends, it’s nimble and precise. The steering is wellweighted and allows a good amount of feedback to the driver. It’s never going to be as sharp as a Lotus, or a Porsche 911, but it puts almost everything else to shame. There can

Cons Will be regarded, by some, as a Lambo clone Not a no-compromise, laser-focused, supercar Expensive to buy and run – especially by Audi standards Verdict The Audi R8 is a proper supercar. It’s stonkingly quick off the mark, hits over 200mph and is stupendous fun through the bends. It has one of the best engines ever shoehorned into a 2 seater, producing a soundtrack that you can’t get enough of. It’s well-equipped and the cabin is a lovely place to be. This is a practical supercar that’s easy to live with. If you’re looking for the pinnacle of supercar purity then the Huracan still pips it, but even that’s a close run race. be a bit of understeer if you push it too hard but you have to be doing something pretty wrong to push it beyond its capabilities. It’s an amazing bit of kit to drive.

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Email: sports@rafnews.co.uk ICE HOCKEY

Vulcans soar but Aces are cut deep by Blades RAF Aces Army Blades

0 6

Daniel Abrahams THE 2022 Ice Hockey InterServices saw a changing of the guard as the RAF Aces’ crown was handed to the Army Blades following a 6-0 defeat. The championships at iceSheffield arena saw the Aces kick off their tournament against the Royal Navy Destroyers. During the tough encounter the Aces succumbed 8-0, while the Blades cut the Senior Service to the quick on their way to the final clash against the RAF hosts. In the senior championship event the RAF Vulcans A and B teams were drawn against tough opposition, as head coach Cpl Pedro Lye had to shuffle his pack with players being required for the personnel-light Aces side. Despite the hardships, the Vulcans B team made it to the Tri-Service Bowl final, losing 4-1 to an impressive RLC Chiefs A side. Lye said: “Both teams played extremely well and held their own against some hard opposition. I am really proud of how all my players performed and how both teams supported each other throughout the tournament.”

THWARTED: Aces couldn't get on the scoreboard against the Army Blades

STEEL CITY WONDERS: Vulcans in action

PROUD OF HIS CHARGES: Vulcans head coach Cpl Pedro Lye (centre)

PHOTOS: trishthompsonphotograpy.com

Against the Army, the Aces were hit with an opening period blitz. Battling hard to keep the scores level, a giveaway then saw the

Army capitalise, going on to make it 3-0 in the first period. The light blues calmed the game throughout the second period, which remained

scoreless, but any plans of a fightback were halted as the Blades upped the ante for another three-goal blast.

n Follow RAF ice hockey on Instagram @raficehockey


Victory over Dutch sets up final against French UKAFFC Dutch Forces

GOAL-MAKER: RAF's Cpl Jake Gosling on the ball

3 1

A REASONABLY comfortable 3-1 win over the Dutch Forces at Havant and Waterlooville’s The Westleigh ground was the perfect start to the centenary Kentish Cup tournament. Goals through Spr Scott McCarthy, team captain CPO Danny Kerr and ET1 Harry Girdwood proved enough to see off the Dutch and set up a grandstand decider with France after they beat Holland 4-0 two days later, thanks in the main to a Brandon Mouenza hat-trick. UKAFFC head coach FS Dyfan Pierce said: “We did well throughout, especially as we have introduced numerous new players

to the set-up, with six of our squad making their Kentish debuts. “The lads have gelled superbly well and gave their all out there, coping well with a competent Dutch side.” UKAF saw two good opening half chances go begging with Cpl Sam Rawlings having a shot cleared off the line, while Sgt Mike Campbell fired over from four yards, seeing another shot well saved and hooking over from close range, and Cpl Luke Cairney saved superbly to dent a gilt-edged chance for the visitors. McCarthy put the hosts ahead after nodding in a superb 50thminute Gosling freekick, but the Dutch weren’t going easy, levelling after 55 minutes through Vincent Hoekstra.

WE'LL TAKE THAT: Celebrating Girdwood's disputed goal

PHOTOS: SSgt Calberth Charles RAPTC

Pierce’s men retook the lead after Kerr nodded home deep into the second half, and the third – which appeared offside and had the Dutch defenders

appealing to the referee – came from Girdwood, who continued his run to slot home late on. n UKAFFC take on France in the final, see p31.

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Eloise hangs loose and is named 'most improved' CPL ELOISE HALL fell in love with a new sport after attending this year’s RAF Waterski and Wakeboard Novice event at Box End Park. Having a fear of water before she attended the week, Cpl Hall not only overcame this but was up standing on her board within a few attempts under the watchful eye of her coaches. And all of this on her way to the 'most improved wakeboarder' award at the event. She said: “The coaches were so patient with me and really helped with getting over the major hurdles of being comfortable in the water and focusing on learning the new skills. “This experience has really shown me that you have just got to put your hand up to try new things and gain new experiences to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I would have missed out on this amazing experience if I had let it get the better of me, but I refused.” n Follow RAF Waterski and Wakeboard, on Instagram @ raf_waterski_and_wakeboarding or find out more information on their MOD Net SharePoint Site, RAF Waterski & Wakeboard.


Bumper festival of sport on the water at Box End Park

AIRBORNE: Wakeboarders take off


THE NEW and improved RAF Waterski and Wakeboard Championships at Box End Park in Bedfordshire provided a bumper five days of fun and competition. Revamped as a festival of the sport from 2022, the inclusive event for all levels and interests culminated in boat and cable contests. Association spokesman Cpl Dan Wilkinson said: “The event had an incredible uptake for places and was completely full within three days of it being publicised, which shows a fantastic interest in the sport. “We chose Box End Park because it is renowned for hosting national cable competitions and Army championships and is a regular host site for the InterServices.” Sunshine greeted the field of 55 personnel, with cable riding kicking off the action. Beginners took up the early runs, while the boating training began with the five-man RAF association coaching team – FS James Cook, Sgt Ross Phillips, Sgt Richard Phillips, Cpl Matthew McCreadie and Cpl Dan Wilkinson – advising throughout. Day two saw cable and boat events in full flow, with dry land training ongoing. The morning brief on the third training

day came from Sgt Phillips – RAF men’s rider and GB team captain. On the first day of competition, cable again kicked off the action, with novice riders having two runs, with the Intermediate ladies and men next. In the Intermediates, Fg Off Aran McGuckin produced some exceptional tricks on his way to first. SAC Alex Maundrell took the novice event, while Cpl Sean Davy took the men’s and Flt Lt Carrie Sharp took the Intermediate women’s. The fifth and final day of the championships was boat day with the beginners’ category followed by Inters women and men, then advanced women and men’s disciplines. The Intermediate categories saw a frontside 360˚ seal Cpl Dexter Unwin’s first. In the Advanced Ladies Flt Lt Olivia Henderson shone on her way to first in cable and boat, producing a series of frontside and backside 180˚s, while SAC Kitty Barrett won the boat discipline. Brothers Sgts Ross (first) and Rich Phillips took centre stage in the Advanced Men with Cpl Matthew McCreadie, and Flt Lt Lee Clark also shone as the event closed out in perfect style.

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RAF Police steal cup in penalty shoot-out Free-scoring High Wycombe/Halton take the festival Plate WINDSURFING

HARD-FOUGHT: Action from the Festival of Football

HURST: RAF champ

Hurst seals late win at Rutland SAC KYLE Hurst became the new RAF Windsurfing champion at Rutland Water. The Halton surfer battled out a closely fought competition at the Midlands venue, with the title going down to the last race. After stealing an early lead Hurst managed to hold on to it, fighting his way around the course. It was a close-run competition with Hurst on equal points with Wg Cdr Simon Kent, but his win in the final race secured victory over Kent, with Flt Lt Giles Smith third. Visit rafsailing.co.uk to join or to find out more about windsurfing.

Daniel Abrahams RAFP A took no prisoners as they scooped the trophy at the RAFFA Female Festival of Football at Shrewsbury Town FC’s Hub training ground, while High Wycombe/Halton won the plate competition. The expanded tournament, in its second year, saw 14 teams including two Army sides (3 Med Regt & 34 Med Field Hospital) battle it out for the two titles. The event started with group stages, with the top seven teams going through to the trophy and the bottom seven to the plate. Strong early performances from Cosford A, Logs/Movs Lionesses, RAFP A and Coningsby set them up as potential winners, but the chasing pack were also

making things interesting with some spirited performances. The knockout stages produced a barrage of goals with Coningsby and Logs/Movs Lionesses both scoring four in the quarter finals of the Trophy and 3 Med Reg smashing in six times in the Plate. A bye saw RAFP B face High Wycombe/Halton in the Plate semifinals, losing 9-1, while Waddington/ Digby beat 3 Med Reg 4-2 in a tight affair. The final saw High Wycombe/Halton in free-scoring form once again, putting seven past Waddington/Digby to win 7-1. In the Trophy semi-finals Coningsby played a very capable and improving Cosford A, but they could not stop a 3-1 score line in favour of Coningsby. While

RAFP A won 4-1 on penalties after a 2-2 draw against Logs/Movs Lionesses. The final was a tight game, with Coningsby struggling to get into a rhythm mainly due to the hard work of the RAFP A team – who were really fired up for the match. The scores ended level 2-2 and once again penalties were called for. A missed spot kick each saw the introduction of sudden death and Coningsby blinked first for RAFP A to win the title.

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Brum, here we come


The RAF athletes and officials who'll be centre stage at Commonwealth Games Daniel Abrahams

THE BIRMINGHAM Commonwealth Games later this month will see RAF personnel on both sides of the sporting divide as they compete and officiate at the prestigious event. Guide for the visually-impaired SAC Luke Pollard and hockey star SAC Liam Sanford are both set to be in action as part of Team England, while Sqn Ldr Phil Rea officiates as a squash referee and Flt Lt Keith Sparrow and Gp Capt Jeff Brock are beach volleyball scorers. GUIDE: SAC Luke Pollard (front) with his partner, four times World Champ Dave Ellis HOCKEY STAR: SAC Liam Sanford in action for England For Brock and Sparrow the stakes could not be much The Birmingham games both and Pollard added: “We have opened doors and I am here. higher as Birmingham also provides SAC Sanford both been in the sport for a decade “I have not realised yet how big will be only the second with the chance to each, so it’s nice to be able to share an event it’s going to be, I am sure time their beloved exorcise any demons something new to both of us. As for as soon it begins I will.” sport has featured at he may have after his the competition, I think it’s Dave’s Rea, RAF volleyball stalwart Flt a Commonwealth England hockey team to lose really, there is plenty of new Lt Sparrow and Gp Capt Brock, one Games, the first at slumped out at the blood coming in, so there are plenty time RAF volleyball association the Gold Coast in quarter-final stages of unknowns.” chairman, will be present Australia in 2018. 3-1 to India in the throughout the Games. Brock's SAC Pollard, guide Olympics. Referee wife Fi will also be on scoring duty to four times World Pollard said: “We It has taken engineer Sqn Ldr (see below). FLT LT SPARROW Champion visuallyhave spoken about Toyko. Phil Rea just five years to reach a Sparrow believes the opening impaired triathlete Dave It took a while to get it out of high enough level to officiate at a ceremony will be a big moment for Ellis, is looking to lay the ghosts of our system, so we will be looking to Commonwealth Games, something him. He said: “I’ll be nervous and the Tokyo 2021 Paralympics to rest. banish it for good on home soil. As he hopes will inspire others to anxious. I am sure to be thinking Pollard and Ellis were expected far as bikes are concerned, we will follow his lead in Service sport. about the first time I was selected to produce a medal finish in be checking every nut and bolt to He said: “I never dreamed I for the RAF team, and I just triathlon, but their dreams were ensure nothing that is within our would get to this level. I thought imagine my entire volleyball career scuppered when the chain on their power can possibly go wrong.” it was a closed shop, but the skills will flash before my eyes, but then road bike broke. The Games will be the first for I have learned in the Service have it will be 'bang' and I will do my

uppermost IL REA to not allow SQN LDR PH anything else into my mind until the Games are finished. I know myself and I know that’s how I work.” Follow RAF triathlon, hockey and squash on Instagram @ raftriathlon, @rafsquash and @ RAFHockey, for information on RAF Volleyball visit: rafsportsfederation.uk/sports/ raf-volleyball-association. England men’s hockey pool games begin on Friday, July 29 at 7pm, against Ghana. SAC Luke Pollard is racing at 11am on Sunday, July 31. Beach Volleyball begins on July 30.

Gp Capt teams up with his wife GP CAPT Jeff Brock (left) will be half of a special team at the Birmingham Games, as his wife is also taking part as a volleyball scorer. The serviceman – who has a long history with RAF volleyball from playing to holding the post of Chairman for four years up to 2020 – met Fi through his beloved sport and the pair have officiated in numerous events since. Their time officiating culminated in Fi scoring the women’s gold medal match on London’s Horse Guard

Parade at the London 2012 Olympics. Birmingham will be the first Commonwealth Games for Jeff, who said: “The pair of us are qualified national referees for England and we get involved in volleyball – beach and sitting or para-volleyball – year round. We enjoy being on the UK Beach Tour and taking part in the sport in any way. To be at the same Games together will be very special.” The pair were recently invited to attend clinics and take part in workshops at the World Championships in Rome. Brock, who works out of NATO Allied Joint force

Command in Naples, said: “It was such a lovely thing to be involved in and an honour for us both to be asked.” Each host Commonwealth Games nation is asked to provide scorers, while the International Volleyball Federation provides the referees. This year’s Games will have 16 line-judges and eight scorers. Brock, who has also worked with the Battle Back programme overseeing sitting volleyball matches, added: “We may not have beach volleyball in the Service, but we do play indoors, and it is a great sport. “I hope people will see that

LIFE'S A BEACH: Fi, right, officiates on UK Beach tour PHOTOS: Steve Smith, sandsphotos.co.uk

even with a very demanding job role, you can find time for sport, whatever that is."

Beach volleyball will be held at the former Smithfield Market site in Birmingham from July 30.

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Something to build on

THE SERVICE’S cricketing ladies lost both their IST20 matches at the Arundel hosted event, but the signs are good for the future after improved displays.. After losing to the Navy by just one run in the opening clash, they posted their highest runs score ever of 80-5 against the Army in the 20 overs but still lost by 122 runs. The Army reclaimed the title after beating the RN with 14 overs left – losing only two wickets all day, both taken by RAF bowlers. Team captain Flt Lt Victoria Gledhill said: “The girls have done really well. The Army are a strong team, so to have posted a good score is something to be proud of.” In their opening match the RAF were put into bat by the Navy and despite falling to 17-3 in the rainreduced 16 over match, they posted a total of 106. Cpl Chloe Staite halted the RN run chase with a superb caught and bowled, as the Navy finally took the well-fought clash by one run. Putting the Army into bat backfired as the competition winners posted a total of 202-2, but it was the two wickets of Army team captain Lt Connie Cant (67) and her sister L/Cpl Georgie Cant (89) which proved to be one of the highlights of the game. With FS Eli Dey posting 35 and the team reaching 50 without loss, the shoots of growth were there for all to see in this RAF side. LACROSSE

Euro action for Wg Cdr

SERVICE LACROSSE referee Wg Cdr Mark Buckley was in action in Wroclaw, Poland to referee the European Qualifiers for next year’s World Championships in San Diego, USA. The former chairman of the RAF Lacrosse Association has officiated regularly in the UK this season, most recently at the British University Championships in Nottingham. Buckley officiated seven games and was the head referee for the opening game, in which Latvia beat Slovakia 10-2. Next up for Buckley (inset) will be refereeing at the U21 World Championships in Limerick, Ireland later this summer. n Anyone interested in RAF Lacrosse Association can find out more at the association’s Instagram page, @raflacrosse.




EQUALISER: L/Cpl Sam Atkinson (also inset below) levels things up for UKAFFC PHOTOS: MARTIN DENYER

Vive la difference for French Forces UKAFFC French Forces

1 1

GOAL DIFFERENCE proved enough to see the UKAF men’s footballers concede the Kentish Cup to the French at Havant and Waterlooville after a 1-1 draw. After a stuttering first half of the deciding clash, the hosts dominated after the break, with a stunning L/ Cpl Sam Atkinson goal, but late pressure and a potential late penalty that was turned down meant they could not get the vital winning goal. UKAF head coach FS Dyfan Pierce said: “France are a good team and they seemed more together as a unit than the last time we played them, as for us, we came out slowly at the start, but had a better second half, building pressure throughout. For their goal, if we stayed on our feet it is cleared. “So, it’s tough to take, the penalty looked like a clear one on the video

Better goal tally wins them the Kentish Cup play back, but I could not see from where I was at the time.” The final clash of the 2022 centenary cup tournament saw UKAF needing a win to retain the cup for an historic fifth time, after France beat the Dutch Defence Forces 4-0 two-days earlier. That win eclipsed UKAF’s tournament opening 3-1 victory which to open the tournament (see report p27). Having introduced changes to his opening line-up against the Dutch, Pierce saw his charges start well, with RAF man Cpl

Liam Corrigan rising unmarked in the box to head a Cpl Jake Gosling free kick against the bar and away after 12 minutes. The chance highlighted the weakness in the French keeper, Chopin, who was in no man’s land and looked UKAF’s best route to goal through set-pieces. Looking confident on the ball and trying to counterattack UKAF at every turn, the French took the lead on 21 minutes through Lesage, who would limp off just after the break. P i e r c e’s men struggled

to create many chances during the first half, with Cpl Luke Cairney making four big saves during the first 45 minutes to keep the score at just 1-0. With the forced removal of RAF hot shot Sgt Mike Campbell and the introduction of Cpl Sean Thomson, both sides' styles of play changed. The French, now in sight of the cup, produced just two chances after the break, while UKAF began a second half of rising pressure. Chances fell to Gosling, who saw a 49th-minute header back across the box not taken, while team captain CPO Danny Kerr also fired a good effort wide, before Atkinson netted on 64 minutes. As UKAF pressed, the French lost central midfielder Destenay for a second yellow after 85 minutes, and in the final minutes of injury time Cpl Joe Thomas appeared to be shoved by French defender Tritz, but the referee waved away a series of appeals and the cup was finally gone.

pages of the best of RAF Sport action

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Collins Aerospace’s SCi-Toolset streamlines the production of actionable

• Supports NATO EPIE and U.S. BICES intelligence sharing frameworks

intelligence and facilitates its immediate dissemination around the connected battlespace – ensuring timely and informed decision-making. Built on a real-time coherent intelligence picture. Built on data- and sensor-agnostic systems, SCi-Toolset provides a true understanding

• U.K. STANAG 4559 CSD Edition-4-compliant intelligence product library

• Supports the U.K. Royal Navy’s participation in the NATO Response Force

of the battlespace, regardless of theatre or domain.


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Announcements P6-7

Puzzles P8

Better than Bridgerton? – Mr Malcolm's List See p8


Win Bruce Willis action movies on DVD See p3

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 R'n'R 3


Jake's Footloose & fancy free Top ten films in the open air F

EATURING JAKE Quickenden (Hollyoaks) and West End star Darren Day, Footloose The Musical continues its nationwide tour until August 20. Dancing on Ice winner Jake plays Willard Hewitt and Day takes the role of Rev Moore in the classic show that tells the story of city boy Ren (Joshua Hawkins) who thinks life is bad enough when he’s forced to move to a rural backwater in America. But his world comes to a standstill when he arrives at Bomont to find dancing and rock music are banned. Taking matters into his own hands, soon Ren has all hell breaking loose and the whole town on its feet. The musical is based on the hit 1980s film of the same name, which starred Kevin Bacon as Ren. Having been previously cast in the 2020 tour which was postponed due to Covid-19, Darren said: “I


JAKE: Dancing on Ice winner

am so delighted to be able to stay with the tour of Footloose this year. I was a teenager in the 80s, which is such an impressionable age for movies and music. “This is one of the most iconic films and soundtracks from my teenage years. I can remember hearing Footloose on the radio for the first time and thinking… what a tune! I’m really looking forward

to seeing you there.” Jake added: “This show is packed full of amazing 80s hits, I can’t think of a better tonic.” The tour visits Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Torquay and London’s New Wimbledon Theatre. n Go to: footloose-musical. com for more.

EN TOP British films will be presented every Friday night after sunset at Beckenham Place Park, south east London, from July 15 to August 20. The open air Sunset Screening Sessions’ diverse programme includes comedy, horror, thriller, drama, black, LGBT movies and more, spanning from the present day to the beginning of the 20th century. A spokesperson for the event said: “Sunset Screening Sessions was a tremendous success in its first year in 2021. It showcased an unparalleled selection of vibrant and diverse British movies, including both classics and hidden gems of our cinema. We attracted an enthusiastic crowd of more than 1,200 film lovers over the course of 10 weeks. “Our 10 films paint a colourful and culturally vibrant picture of Britain, dating from 1928. “Highlights include:

A HIT: Last year's event

Charlie Chaplin’s classic Modern Times (featuring the original music score as envisioned by the Londonborn filmmaker), the musical fantasy Labyrinth (starring David Bowie) and the romcom Notting Hill (with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, in the highest-earning British film of all time).”

The programme also includes Orlando (starring Tilda Swinton), Withnail and I, Nick Park’s Early Man, The Last Tree and My Beautiful Laundrette (starring Daniel Day-Lewis). n Go to: sunsetscreening sessions.co.uk for more details.

Action… for Die Hard movie fans


OHN MCTIERNAN, the director of Die Hard, is the headline guest at the inaugural London Action Festival. The festival opens on July 28 with a special screening of what is considered one of the greatest action movies of all time – Die Hard – with a Q & A with McTiernan, plus surprise guests. And the event will set out to settle once and for all the global debate as to whether John McClane’s first adventure is a Christmas movie, said a festival spokesperson. It will also celebrate another classic title from McTiernan, the original Predator – which marks its 35th anniversary this year – in which Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on an extra-terrestrial hunter in the first instalment of the franchise. The London Action Festival, which runs until July 31, is a firstof-its-kind celebration of one of the most globally produced and commercially successful genres of

PREDATOR: Another John McTiernan classic, this time starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (left)

film and TV. Picturehouse Central, in the heart of London’s West End, will be home for the festival over its main weekend with additional events taking place at other venues in central London. The four-day festival will screen


Corrective Measures (15)

exclusive footage from Matthew Vaugh’s UK production powerhouse MARV’s latest production School Fight, marking the directorial debut of Damien Walters, who has a long association with director Vaughn as his stunt coordinator.


On DVD, Blu-ray and download now (Dazzler Media)


RUCE WILLIS (Glass, Die Hard) and Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Walking Dead) star in the scifi action thriller Corrective Measures, based on the graphic novel by Grant Chastain. When a near powerless new inmate arrives at a prison for supervillains, WAR WEARY: heSiegfried must choose his friends wisely or Sassoona pawn in the deadly game become (Jack the warden and the world’s between Lowden) greatest criminal mastermind. We have copies of the movie on

DVD up for grabs. For your chance to win one, just answer this question correctly: Who wrote the graphic novel on which the film Corrective Measures is based? Email your answer, marked Corrective Measures DVD competition, to: competitions@rafnews,co.uk or post it to: RAF News, Room 68, Lancaster Building, HQ Air Command, High Wycombe, HP14 4UE, to arrive by July 29.

ACTION ICON: Bruce Willis in Die Hard

A world-renowned free runner, Walters will talk about making the leap from stunt professional to director. Cast members Greg Townley and Bobby Holland

Fortress: Sniper's Eye (15) On digital platforms now and DVD July 18 (Signature Ents)

n WILLIS ALSO takes the lead role in the explosive, all-out-action cyber-thriller Fortress: Sniper’s Eye, also starring Jesse Metcalfe (Escape Plan II) and Chad Michael Murray (Riverdale). Weeks after the deadly assault on Fortress Camp, Robert (Willis) makes a daring rescue to save Sasha, the widow of his old nemesis Balzary (Murray). But back in the camp’s command bunker, it appears Sasha may have a devious plan of her own. As a new attack breaks out, Robert is confronted with a familiar face he thought

Hanton, highly regarded stunt professionals in their own right, will join the panel. Julian Alcantara, the festival’s codirector and founder, said: “We will be celebrating the skills and talent of those who bring action movies and TV to life. We see the festival as a way of showing far greater appreciation for those whose incredible work and achievements are rarely recognised come awards season, particularly in the areas of stunts and action design.” Visitors will be able to take a look at the world of visual effects in Jurassic World Dominion, with a masterclass from some of the leading experts in the field. The event also includes Write Club, with some of the leading writers in the industry, the session Punch Above Your Weight – How To Make Your First Action Masterpiece, and the London Action Festival Quiz. n Go to: londonactionfestival. com for more information.


he’d never see again. Fortress: Sniper’s Eye is from the producers of Lone Survivor and The Irishman and is directed by Josh Sternfeld (Meskada). To be in with a chance of winning a copy of the film on DVD, simply tell us: Who directs Fortress: Sniper’s Eye? Email your answer, or post it, to the usual addresses, see left, by July 29. Please include your full postal address with all competition entries.

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 R'n'R 4

R'n'R Music

MCC hosts live stream o

Lightning Seeds: See You in the Stars Lissie: Carving Canyons

Broudie brings new album home after 10-year hiatus I

T’S BEEN more than a decade since Lightning Seeds put out a new album – now they’ve announced the release of See You In The Stars, out on October 14. One of the highlights of the 10-track collection is Emily Smiles, co-written with Specials lead singer Terry Hall. All the songs on the album were written and recorded in short bursts over the last three years. The band’s Ian Broudie said: “I always think music’s like attack and defence in football – or like politics – or like life. It’s about balance. And achieving that is the challenge for me.” The new release’s first track is Sunshine. Broudie added: “The song is about the sun being the source of life. I’ve had many dreams worrying about the future of an uncertain world. But then the sun shines and everything feels more positive and hopeful.” In 33 years as a recording artist, the man who is Lightning Seeds has sold a lot of records, including a million copies of 1994 album Jollification. That album, alongside the anthems Pure, The Life of Riley, Lucky You, Sense and Three Lions established Broudie as a songwriter par excellence. He composed Three Lions as the official England song for Euro ’96. With lyrics by comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, the song hit number one and regained the top slot two years later, during the 1998 World Cup in France.

BROUDIE: 33 years in the business


D The band’s UK tour kicks off on October 27 in Cambridge and finishes on November 26 in Sheffield. They play London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire on

November 4. You can also catch them at various festivals throughout the summer. n Go to: lightningseeds.co.uk/live for details.

Lissie socks it to 'em after heartache of her break-up ALSO ANNOUNCING a new album is Lissie, with the countrytinged indie folk release Carving Canyons out on September 16. As the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the world, Lissie was also dealing with an impactful break-up on her Iowa farm. “It was an important period of time for me to explore some of my dark places and process it all,” she said. A break-up song is at the core of the album’s 12-track collection; Flowers explores the cycles of grief and the parallels Lissie saw in nature while gardening on her farm as she processed that grief. She said: “The prettiest blooms literally come from sh*t, it’s a fertiliser. I wanted to claim my right to feel my feelings. As I grieved – not only for a relationship, but for the world in the midst of a pandemic – I felt like my anger made people uncomfortable, but I came out the


TREAMED LIVE from the home of cricket, Lord’s in north London, on September 10, Shomit Dutta’s darkly comic new play Stumped stars Stephen Tompkinson (Brassed Off, Drop The Dead Donkey, DCI Banks, Wild at Heart) as Samuel Beckett and Andrew Lancel (Coronation Street, The Bill) as Harold Pinter. There will be a post-show discussion with renowned theatre critic Michael Billington, former England cricket captain Mike Brearley and novelist and cricket journalist Emma John, to be broadcast as part of the live stream. Before Beckett wrote his seminal works Waiting for Godot and Endgame, he was a cricketer: he is still the only Nobel prize-winner to feature in the pages of famous cricket reference book Wisden as a firstclass player. His good friend and fellow Nobel prize-winning author Harold Pinter, whose best-known works include The Birthday Party, The Dumb Waiter and The Homecoming, described cricket as ‘the greatest thing that God created’. This new play is a capricious take on what the friendship between these two great men may have looked like, as well as being a tribute to their writing and their love of the game.

LISSIE: Airing her clean socks… as well as her dirty laundry

other side empowered and ready to step back into my light. I can grow my own flowers and make my own joy.” Carving Canyons is Lissie’s first full-length album since her UK top

10 Castles in 2018. She’s on tour in Norway in September following gigs in the USA. n Go to: lissie.com for more information.

utta reviews books on cricket and classics. He has been a member of Pinter’s cricket team Gaieties CC for more than 20 years and was captain during Pinter’s final years. He proposed a blue plaque for Beckett, that was unveiled in 2016. Dutta said: “I’m thrilled that Stumped will be performed at Lord’s, the Home of Cricket, produced by the wonderful, awarding-winning Original Theatre Company. I can’t wait to see the play brought to life by two highly skilled and talented actors.” Neil Robinson, head of heritage & collections at

Marylebone Cricket Club, owners of Lord’s, said: “We are delighted to be hosting Original Theatre’s production. The play is

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 R'n'R 5

Edited by Tracey Allen

of production Stumped

AY'S E AT RD'S STUMPED: Stars Stephen Tompkinson (left) and Andrew Lancel

a witty and wonderful addition to cricket’s vast literary canon and we are sure that the performance will offer tremendous entertainment to a large and enthusiastic crowd of MCC members and guests, as well as to countless cricket and theatre fans around the world online.” Alastair Whatley, artistic director of Original Theatre Company, added: “The advent of digital theatre has allowed us to embrace completely new ways of presenting and sharing plays, making previously DIGITAL THEATRE: You can also go online to view Original Theatre productions The End of the Night (left) and Adrian Lukis in Being Mr Wickham (right)


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel UK tour

exclusive events open to all. This production represents the chance to create something truly unique and share it widely across the globe.” Following the live stream, Stumped will be available on demand from September 27 for a year.

Exotic Marigold looks set to blossom into stage hit


ou can also view Park Theatre and Original Theatre’s acclaimed recent production of Ben Brown’s The End of the Night, available until July 4, 2024. A tense and absorbing drama based on a true story, the play is set in the final days of World War II when a secret meeting takes place between a member of the World Jewish Congress and one of the most powerful Nazis in Germany – without Hitler’s knowledge. Dr Felix Kersten, Himmler’s trusted personal physiotherapist, uses his unique position of influence to facilitate a meeting between the architect of The Holocaust and Swedish Jew Norbert Masur – a meeting which could turn Himmler’s thoughts away from the downfall of the Third Reich and towards a course of action that could save thousands of lives. With battle lines crumbling and lives in the balance, the two men must try to find a way to persuade Himmler to release the last surviving concentration camp prisoners, contrary to Hitler’s orders that no Jew should outlast the regime. Ben Caplan (Call the Midwife) plays World Jewish Congress representative Masur alongside Richard Clothier (Young Wallander) as Himmler and Michael Lumsden (The Archers) as Kersten. Brown said: “Of all my plays, I think The End of the Night – which is kind of a thriller – is the most filmic.” Whatley added: “After a fantastic run at London’s Park Theatre, I’m excited to be able to share Ben Brown’s fascinating, complex and deeply emotive play with a wider audience in a brand new version captured on film.” You can watch a host of other Original Theatre Online’s productions including Into The Night about the Penlee Lifeboat Disaster, starring Robert Duncan and Susan Penhaligon; Adrian Lukis in one-man show Being Mr Wickham, about one of Jane Austen’s most charmingly roguish characters; and The Red, Marcus Brigstocke’s bittersweet drama of family and addiction, based on his own recovery. n Go to: originaltheatreonline. com for further information.




T WAS a bestselling novel, a smash hit film –that spawned a sequel – and now it’s a stage show, touring the UK starting this autumn ahead of a West End run. Deborah Moggach’s The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, that begins its tour on September 5 at Richmond Theatre, stars Oscar-winner Hayley Mills, Paul Nicholas (Just Good Friends) and Paula Wilcox (Man About The House/Coronation Street) in a feel-good tale of love, adventure and starting over. Moggach, who adapted her 2004 novel These Foolish Things for the production, said: “I’m so thrilled that my characters are stepping into a new life on the stage. They’ve been waiting impatiently for the curtain to rise, and none of them is getting any younger. So welcome again to the Marigold Hotel! We’ve assembled an amazing cast, so I hope they bring you plenty of laughs, and some warm sparks of recognition.” Mills said: “I am delighted to

join the company of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, as this beautiful story of love and the importance of new beginnings receives a new life as a fantastically feel-good stage play. “Tales that warm the heart and lift the spirit are a much-needed tonic at this time and I am thrilled to be visiting so many of the UK’s beautiful towns and cities as part of the production’s exciting journey, later this year.” Since starting her career aged nine, Mills has made 33 feature films. After starring in her first, Tiger Bay, at just 12, and winning an Academy Award aged 13 for her lead performance in Pollyanna, she went on to star in films including The Parent Trap (1961), Whistle Down the Wind (1961) and Appointment With Death (1988). Paul Nicholas became a household favourite in the role of Vince Pinner in the British sitcom Just Good Friends. He has continued to star in many TV series


Operation: Wolf Hound (15)


including as the evil Gavin Sullivan in EastEnders. His theatre success began more than 50 years ago in 1968 as Claude in the London premiere of Hair. Paula Wilcox has had an extensive career in television and theatre and can currently be seen in the role of Elaine Jones in ITV’s Coronation Street. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel takes the audience to India with an eclectic group of British retirees as they embark on a new life. The ‘luxury’ residence is far from the opulence they were promised, but as their lives begin to intertwine and they embrace the vibrancy of modern-day India, they are charmed in unexpected and lifechanging ways. The tour continues until June 2023 and visits venues including Sheffield, Brighton, Glasgow, Bromley, Milton Keynes and Birmingham. n Go to: marigoldshow.com for full details.


On digital platforms now and DVD July 25 (Signature Entertainment)

The WWII Nazi Trojan horse plot


NE OF the most shocking moments in World War II history is brought to life in action-packed thriller Operation: Wolf Hound. In 1944 German-occupied France, the Nazis developed a Trojan horse plot that aimed to incapacitate the allied forces in the skies and was the beginnings of an enemy action to level a major European city. The only resilience against this Nazi threat are those allied officers caught and captured in its web. With time running out and the plan laid out before them, it’s up to a rag-tag bunch of soldiers to put an end to this critical ambush tactic which could turn the tide of war. The film stars James Maslow (Big Time Rush), Trevor Donovan (90210) and John Turk (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Prison Break) and is directed and co-written by Michael B. Chait (B-52: Three Generations). We have copies on DVD to add to your collection. For your chance to win one, simply tell us:

STAR: James Maslow

Who directed Operation: Wolf Hound? Email your answer, marked WWII thriller competition, to: competitions@rafnews.co.uk or post it to: RAF News, Room 68, Lancaster Building, HQ Air Command, High Wycombe, HP14 4UE, to arrive by July 29. Please include your full postal address with your entry.

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 R'n'R 6

R'n'R Your Announcements

You can email photos for announcements on this page to: tracey.allen@rafnews.co.uk

Seeking CAN anyone provide information/contact details for Dick Sheasby – Solihull School 1952-58 and subsequently short service commission pilot? Please contact dskidmore@doctors. org.uk if you can help. DOES anyone know the whereabouts of Steve Welburn and Steve Butterworth? Steve Welburn was the OC RAF Swanton Morley detachment at BAe Woodford Nimrod AEW project. Steve Butterworth was on 16 Sqn Buccaneers RAF Laarbruch in the early 80s. Email: Ron ThompsonPeate: lindaro146@yahoo. co.uk LOOKING for any members of the 47th entry TG19 Hereford 62-64. Any still about? Please contact Jim Cummins on: Carol_ cummins@aol.com or: 01302 532865,07517 416702.

for that you receive three Association magazines a year called the Flashpoint, to which members are invited to contribute their stories. We meet for a reunion and AGM once a year. For more information about us and how to join visit the website: rafanddfsa.co.uk – we would love to hear from you. The RAF & DFS Association also has close links with the Museum of RAF Firefighting, visit: firemuseum.uk. Assoc RAF Women Officers ALL WRAF and RAF Women Officers are invited to the Association’s Annual Reunion Luncheon at The RAF Club, 128 Piccadilly, London on Saturday, October 22. New members of the Association are always welcome to join. Email: suearnold474@gmail.com for further details.

RAFAA Association

LOOKING for any of the class of IFN4/66, nav inst fitters course held at RAF Newton from April 1966 to March 1967. Please contact Malcolm Hodgson on: hodgson8448@gmail.com LOOKING for anyone stationed at RAF Safi, Malta and RAF Idris, Libya, between June 1963 and December 1965. Also, anyone on the RAF flight on Floriana parade ground for Independence Day in September 1964 in Malta. Please contact Geoff Stevens on: moomin33@hotmail. co.uk or (01795) 479803.

Reunions THE RAF & Defence Fire Services Association was formed in 1995 and would like to attract new members of all ranks, serving and retired. The annual subscription fee is £16 and

IF you trained as an RAF Administrative Apprentice (or are related to one) we’d be delighted to welcome you to the RAFAAA. Our aim is to promote friendship and general wellbeing among our veterans, via social gatherings and assorted activities, as devised by an elected committee, and a regular newsletter. See website: rafadappassn.org or contact Membership Secretary on: 07866 085834 or Chairman on: 01933 443673.

Catering Association RAF Catering WOs’ and Seniors’ Association (RAF CWO & SA): all serving or retired TG19 WOs or FSs and all former Catering Branch Officers are invited to join the RAF CWO & SA. We meet twice yearly. For more information please email: davescott10@hotmail. co.uk

Museum's big fun with small cars THE BRITISH Motor Museum in Gaydon, Warwickshire, is inviting families to help celebrate the 100th birthday of the Austin Seven with seven activities from July 22 to September 5. Visitors can uncover the car’s history and look at some of its exciting adventures with the exhibition Small car, Big history: 100 years of the Austin Seven. They can also have fun with new interactives, meet the Austin Adventurers for a fun family tour and even make an Austin Seven to take home. The new exhibition is a celebration of the small car that made a big impact on Britain’s motoring history. The Austin Adventurers Family Tour takes place every day at 11.30am when families can meet Adventure Annie and explorer Dr Edmund Deadrock to discover the stories of the cars in the collection that have been on exciting expeditions. The Austin Seven Jigsaw Trail runs all day, every day for children to create their own Austin Seven. They can pick up a jigsaw and explore the museum to find the different pieces. Youngsters can also make their own cardboard cut-out of an Austin Seven with lots of colours and decorations to choose from. Emma Rawlinson, the museum’s lifelong learning officer, said: “The car was produced from 1923 until 1939 and nicknamed the 'Baby Austin'. At the time it was one of the most popular cars produced for the British market. Our family tours and craft activities will help bring this special car to life for the children.” n Go to: britishmotormuseum.co.uk for details.

AUSTIN'S POWERS: Families visiting the museum can meet Adventure Annie and explorer Dr Edmund Deadrock, above, to find out about the Austin cars in its collection

Coltishall connection RAF Bellringers Guild WERE YOU stationed at RAF Coltishall, the former fighter base a few miles north of Norwich? Were you among the station’s civilian staff? Perhaps you are a historian with an interest in the RAF, a local resident or were a child of RAF personnel, lived onbase and attended the local school? The Spirit of Coltishall Association (SoCA) welcomes enquiries from people interested in joining, whatever their connection to the station. SoCA was formed in 2007, shortly after RAF Coltishall closed. The Association’s objectives are to foster the memory of this unique establishment which remained a fighter base throughout its 66year operational existence,

How to use our service There is no charge for conventionally-worded birth, engagement, marriage, anniversary, death, in memoriam seeking and reunion notices. For commercial small ads contact Edwin Rodrigues on: 07482 571535. We cannot, under any circumstances, take announcements over the telephone. They can be sent by email to: tracey.allen@rafnews.co.uk. Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic we are currently unable to accept notices submitted by post.

Important Notice The publishers of RAF News cannot accept responsibility for the quality, safe delivery or operation of any products advertised or mentioned in this publication. Reasonable precautions are taken before advertisements are accepted but such acceptance does not imply any form of approval or recommendation. Advertisements (or other inserted material) are accepted subject to the approval of the publishers and their current terms and conditions. The publishers will accept an advertisement or other inserted material only on the condition that the advertiser warrants that such advertisement does not in any way contravene the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act. All copy is subject to the approval of the publishers, who reserve the right to refuse, amend, withdraw or otherwise deal with advertisements submitted to them at their absolute discretion and without explanation. All advertisements must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice. Mail order advertisers are required to state in advertisements their true surname or full company name, together with an address from which the business is managed.

to ensure its heritage is respected, and to maintain the station’s renowned spirit through providing members with social and other occasions to celebrate comradeship through their connection with the station. The Association holds formal and informal functions throughout the year and organises coach trips and overnight stays to places of interest across the country. Its volunteers act as guides in the Coltishall Rooms housed in the Air Defence Radar Museum at Neatishead and also take an original Jaguar aircraft cockpit to shows in Norfolk and Suffolk. n If you are interested in joining SoCA, or would like more information, email: spiritofcoltishall.com or call: 07930739166.

seeks new members

THE RAF Guild of Bellringers is always keen to see new members join, whether still serving or retired, or who have a close relative who has served with the RAF. We also welcome members from the Army or Naval Guilds to join us at our meetings. The next meeting is the three-day Battle of Britain meet on September 15-17 on the Essex/ Hertfordshire border. n Go to: rafgb.co.uk or email: Secretary@rafgb.co.uk for more information.

Duxford hosts air shows IWM DUXFORD’s Battle of Britain Air Show takes place this year over the weekend of September 10-11. One of the museum’s most popular events of the year, it offers visitors an immersion into the 1940s when RAF Duxford played a pivotal role in the Battle of Britain, helping to defend the United Kingdom against Nazi air attacks. The IWM Duxford Air Show team will also be welcoming visitors to its Flying Evening on August 27 to catch spectacular aircraft in flight as dusk descends over the airfield. n Go to: iwm.org.uk/airshows for full details.

Battle of Britain memorial service

THE ROYAL Air Force commemorates the Battle of Britain each year at a service in Westminster Abbey. We would very much like to hear from the widows, family descendants and any other family members of those who participated in the Battle. We are seeking to improve our knowledge of this unique demographic and to offer places at the formal Battle of Britain Thanksgiving Service, this year on Sunday, September 18, and in subsequent years. If you are a family member, or know someone who is, please write to: Mrs Michèle Small (RAF Ceremonial Office, Bentley Priory Building, RAF Northolt, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 6NG), providing details of your relationship to your relative who served in the Royal Air Force between July and October 1940 and your email address and a contact phone number. Additionally, for the purpose of allocating tickets, please send your full name, home address, date and place of birth and passport or driving licence number. This information is also required for any additional guests who wish to attend the service with you.

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Food F ood fest feest back bac b ck at at Cosford Cosfo orrd FANCY A CUPPA?: Take part in Brew For Two

Make M ake ttime i e ffor im or ttea e ea THE ROYAL ROYA AL Star Star & Garter Gartter charity charitty tha thatt ccares ares ffor or mi military illittar y vveterans eterans and and their their partners parttners living living with witth disability disabiliity or or dementia d ementia has llaunched aunched a fundraising fundraising init initiative tiative aaiming im ming tto o help he lp p people eople rreconnect. econnect. B Brew reew F For or Two Two is encouraging encouraging participants particip pants to to invite invite a friend, frriend, family family member member or or neighbour neighbour ffor or a ccuppa uppa and and ccatch-up. atch-up. A B Brew rew ffor or T Two wo pack pack that that costs costs £5 includes includes e two two quality q ualiity teabags, teabags, an an invitation invittation card card d to to write write aand nd a stamped staamped eenvelope. nvelope. S Sophie ophie F Fanning-Tichbourne, anning-Tich c bourne, the charity’s chariity’s partnerships parttnershiip ps ma nager, ssaid: aid: ““Community Comm muniity aand nd ssupport upport ne tworks aare re sso o manager, networks im porttant ffor or o ur wellbeing. wellbeing. N ow is the p erffect ttime i ime tto o important our Now perfect in vitte a friend, frriend, family familyy member m mber or me or neighbour neigghbour tto o jjo in yyou ou ffor or invite join a ccup up of of tea tea over over a ccatch-up, atch h-up, w hille ssupporting upportting the vveterans eterans while in o ur ccare.” aree.” our Q Go Go to: to: starandgarter.org/brew-for-two starandgarter..org/brew-ffor--two

IIT’S T’S BACK BACK – the Cosford Cosford Food Food F Festival estival rreturns re eturns to to the R RAF AF Museum Museum Midlands Midlands o on n JJuly uly 23-24. The weekend weekend p promises ro omises to to be be packed packed full full of of artisan arttisan food food sstalls, t lls, ta l and and d sstreet treet ffood ood and and drin drink, k, ac accompanied compani n ed b byy a programme programme of of live live m music usic and and ffamily amily entertainment. enterttainm ment. Thee sstreet Th treet ffood ood lin line-up e-up iiss sset et tto o ttempt empt ffoodies oodiees w with ith a diverse diverse menu menu o off ffl flavours lavours from from around around tthe he world, world, to to be be enjoyed en njoyed alongside alongside a glass glass of of fizz fiizz or or a summer summer co cocktail ocktail from from one one of of the the many many b bars. ars. A bustling bustling food food market markeet full full of of award-winning aw ward-winnin ng local local food food and and drink drink will will be be available avvailable for for festival feestival goers goers to to sample sample and and buy. buy. Many Many popular popular stallholders stallholders are are returning returning to to the the festival, feestival, alongside alongside new new exhibitors, exh hibitors, selling selling everything everytthing from from cheese, cheese, wine wine and and bread, bread, to to pies, pies, cakes, cakees, and and preserves preser e ves – more than than 100 producers producer u s in more total, said said a spokesperson spokeesperrson for for total, the event. event. the Some of of the the region’s regio on’s top top Some chefs will will be be appearing appearin i g live live chefs on on the the demo demo stage stage co ccooking okin i g

FOODIE HEAVEN: More than 100 producers will be selling their wares at the Cosford Food Festival over the weekend of July 23-24, which also features live music, inset

speciality speciality dishes dishes and and sharing sharing their their years years of of experience. exp perience. Festival-goers Festivaal-goers can can also also enjoy en njoy live live performances performances ffrom rom b bands ands and and acoustic acoustic performers perrformers playing throughout througghout tthe he d ay playing day on the the music music stage. stage. on range of of children’s children’s A range activities will will keep keep youngsters youngsters activities entertained, in ncluding entertained, including wartime wartime cookery cookeery classes, classes,

circus circus sskills, kiills, face p painting, ainting, storytelling storytelling and and sand sand art. art. The The ffestival eestival is is offering offeering rum rum and and whisky whisky fa fans ns tthe he opportunity opportunity to to enjoy en njoy a unique unique tasting experience experience o nb oard tasting on board the VC10 VC10 aircraft. aircraft. During During the this light-hearted ligght-hearted 45-minute 4 45-min ute this masterclass, aattendees ttende d es w ill masterclass, will en njoy four four samples samp ples and and learn learn enjoy more more aabout bout tthe he spirits. spirrits.

The The ffestival es e tivaal is is open open from from 10am 10am to to 5pm 5pm on on both both days, dayys, with with tickets tickeets priced priced at at £7 for for adults, adults, £4 for for children child dren (aged (aged 5–15/under 5–15/under 5s ffree) ree) e and and £18 for a family family (two (two adults, ad dults, three three for children). children). Discounted Discounted early early bird bird rates raates aare re aavailable vvailable un until til July July 15. Q G Go o tto: o: rafmuseums.org/ rafm mu useums.org/ midands midands for for more more details. details.

Royal Air Force News Friday, July 15, 2022 R'n'R 8

R'n'R Crossword

Su Doku

No. 320

No. 330

Solve the crossword, then rearrange the eight letters in yellow squares to find an RAF word

Fill in all the squares in the grid so that each row, each column and each 3x3 square contains all the digits from 1 to 9.

Across 6. Obsolete vault from excellent century (7) 7. You French take Rod back to Henry’s house (5) 9. Foreign Office beginners question, we hear, this lunacy (5) 10. See 20 Down 12. See 3 Down 14. Some loutish disturbance at station (11) 18. Southern fish for man who catches them (7) 19. Vegetable cleaner at start of day (5) 21. Band of volunteers have disrupted IRA (5) 22. Second to groom supporter (4,3)

Down 1. During war, gone looking for gas (5) 2. It sounds cool but spices things up (6) 3. And 12 Across. Ravel’s ‘Mariachi’ adapted by RAF officer (3,4-7) 4. Instruments annoy the French (6) 5. Cover Tory lace in stitches (7) 8. Average score earlier for northern model (7) 11. Not an odd way to take revenge? (3,4) 13. Pick cot up in pilot’s place (7) 15. Wonderful Botticelli head, really wonderful (6) 16. Originally tested and heard in the isolated South Pacific island (6) 17. Target medic, squeamish at heart (5) 20. And 10 Across. Enable claw to be used by our secretary (3,7)

Solution to Su Doku No: 329

Solution to Crossword No 319: Across – 7. Island 8. Willow 10. Amphora 11. Heron 12. Easy 13. Ached 17. First 18. Role 22. Atlas 23. Easeful 24. Barrow 25. Warren Down – 1. Citadel 2. Flypast 3. Envoy 4. Fighter 5. Flora 6. Swing 9. Lancaster 14. Air Show 15. Cosford 16. Decline 19. Maybe 20. Alarm 21. Essay Aircraft – Biplane

Story of Thai soccer team cave rescue T

HIRTEEN LIVES (PG-13), the new film by Ron Howard (Apollo 13, Frost/Nixon), is in cinemas from July 29 and on Prime Video from August 5. It recounts the incredible true story of the tremendous global effort to rescue a Thai soccer team who become trapped in the Tham Luang cave during an unexpected rainstorm. Faced with insurmountable odds, a team of the world’s most skilled and experienced divers – uniquely able to navigate the maze of flooded, narrow cave tunnels – join Thai forces and more than 10,000 volunteers to attempt a harrowing rescue of the 12 boys and their coach. With impossibly high stakes and the entire world watching, the group embarks on their most challenging dive yet. The cast is headed by Viggo Mortensen, Colin Farrell and Joel Edgerton. n OSCAR-WINNER Olivia Coleman’s latest big screen title, Joyride, is also in cinemas in the UK and Ireland on July 29, in which she plays solicitor Joy who didn’t expect to get pregnant or hijacked in a taxi stolen by a 12-year-old boy. Fleeing from his father, young Mully (Charlie Reid) steals a taxi and is shocked to find a woman, Joy, in the back seat with a baby. Joy is on her way to an important meeting, and Mully needs to get some distance from his dad, who is after the cash Mully has with him. The unlikely pair go on a

the Regency-era romantic comedy is based on the bestselling book by Suzanne Allain. The film stars Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire), Zawe Ashton (Nocturnal Animals, Fresh Meat), Sopé Dìrísù (Gangs of London) and Ashley Park (Emily in Paris). When she fails to meet an item on his list of requirements for a bride, Julia Thistlewaite (Ashton) is jilted by London’s most eligible bachelor, Mr Malcolm (Dìrísù). Feeling humiliated and determined to exact revenge, she convinces her friend Selina Dalton (Pinto) to play the role of his ideal match. Soon, Mr Malcolm wonders whether he’s found the perfect woman… or the perfect hoax.

THIRTEEN LIVES: (l-r) Thira ‘Aum’ Chutikul as Commander Kiet, Popetorn ‘Two’ Soonthornyanakij as Dr Karn, Joel Edgerton as Harry Harris, Colin Farrell as John Volanthen and Viggo Mortenson as Rick Stanton (Photo: Vince Valitutti © 2022 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc)

JOYRIDE: Olivia Colman and Charlie Reid

MR MALCOLM'S LIST: Pinto and Ashton

MY POLICEMAN: Dawson, Corrin & Styles

journey across Ireland, gradually finding the friendship, love and learning they never knew they needed, in each other.

n The UK cinema release date for period comedy drama Mr Malcolm’s List has been announced – it will be shown in more than

200 cinemas nationwide from August 26. Described as a playful mix of Bridgerton and Pride and Prejudice,

n FIRST-LOOK images have been released of My Policeman, starring Harry Styles, based on the book by Bethan Roberts. A story of forbidden love and changing social conventions, the film follows three young people – policeman Tom (Harry Styles), teacher Marion (Emma Corrin), and museum curator Patrick (David Dawson)– as they embark on an emotional journey in 1950s Britain. Flashing forward to the 1990s, Tom (Linus Roache), Marion (Gina McKee), and Patrick (Rupert Everett) are still reeling with longing and regret, but now they have one last chance to repair the damage of the past. My Policeman is due for release in cinemas on October 21 and on Prime Video from November 4.