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January 2013 Issue

RAFFLES OPEN HOUSE 2013 - AVENUES OF INNOVATION, ROADS TO DISCOVERY On the rainy morning of 19 January, 2013, we opened our doors to the public so they could experience Raffles College of Higher Education firsthand.

Team-building with drinking straws drew encores from participants.

During the open house, hundreds of young visitors met with lecturers and students from various academic programmes and learnt more about the respective curriculums, skill sets and career opportunities. The guests had plenty of fun, rolling up their sleeves and participated in every activity from all the programmes. During the activities, participants learned interesting skills such as fabricating garments on a mini-doll, producing iconic figures with colour paper, making jewellery with resin, team-building with drinking straws, the know-hows of making a good mock-tail, and many more. It was the first time for many of them and they were really excited!

Learning the tricks to a really tasty and eye-catching mock-tail at the Hospitality and Tourism booth.

Though it rained throughout the day, it didn’t dampen the high-spirited event. Visitors were asking for more! If you missed our Raffles Open-House 2013, and would like to know more about our academic programmes, do not hesitate to contact our friendly education consultant at 6338 5288 or email us at

Aspiring Graphic Designers applying their creativity at making iconic figures with colour paper.

UNVEILING THE LARGEST GRADUATING COHORT FROM RAFFLES COLLEGE Prominent designers, key industry figures, foreign emissaries and numerous distinguished guests gathered at the Fairmont Singapore to witness the ‘Unveiling’ of the graduating cohort on the 13 December, 2012. The much anticipated Graduation Exhibition and Showcase of Raffles College of Higher Education wrapped up with much fanfare and compliments from guests who attended the symbolic event.

Left to right: Director of International Admission Office for Mongolia - Mr. Henry Tan, Mongolia’s Ambassador to Singapore – Mdm. Delgermaa Benzragch, and CEO of Raffles Education Corporation - Mr. Chew Hua Seng.

Visitors were enthralled by the outstanding and innovative works from a total of 476 promising young leaders, many of them award-winning designers and business graduates with remarkable portfolios. Amongst the works, there was an interactive wall of digital portfolios showcasing the creative works from Raffles Graphic Designers; individual portfolios of Raffles Interior Designers which display space planning concepts; and interactive video games developed by Raffles Game Designers which unify the interplay of characters, graphics, technology and storytelling. Also, in collaboration with DHL and Fide Fashion Weeks 2012, Raffles Fashion Designers showcased their winning collection of 8 haute couture dresses inspired by DHL’s branding. Raffles College of Higher Education is proud to unveil our graduates to the real world, equipped with knowledge and skills to pursue their dreams.

One of the highlight during the Unveil graduation was the winning designs from the ‘DHL Fashion Design Competition’.

Left to right: Vice President, South East Asia (East) at Raffles Education Corporation – Mr. Ong Kai How, The Secretary General of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (ICCS) – Mdm. Raffaella Orsini, and Principal & Programme Director of Fashion Design for Raffles College of Higher Education – Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) Spinelli.

RAFFLES WIN DHL FASHION DESIGN COMPETITION In conjunction with the much celebrated annual fashion event, Raffles College of Higher Education was the exclusive Design education partner for the ‘Fide Fashion Weeks and DHL Fashion Design Competition 2012’. Raffles Fashion Designers were given the challenge to design couture inspired garments and submit their proposals within a short time frame. Every design was then stringently evaluated by a panel formed by Raffles lecturers and DHL, and then chosen for production! Eight of the best designs were produced and submitted to an International Judging Panel consisting of renowned names in the fashion industry. The finalists’ creations were also displayed at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands throughout Fide Fashion Weeks 2012. At the finale, well-known international designers and guests witnessed the award ceremony, where Mr Didier Grumbach, the President of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, praised and complimented Raffles Fashion Designers on their remarkable works. Raffles College of Higher Education would like to congratulate the winners, Virginia Liu Killory (Grand Prize Winner), Aurelia Evelyn Santoso and Petrick (First Runner-up) and Patricia Bianca Martinez Apolo (Second Runner-up). Click here to look at their creations.

RAFFLES AT THE FIDE FASHION WEEKS – ASIAN COUTURE EVENING The Fide Fashion Weeks started off with a bang at The Pavilion, South Promenade, beside The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands! Many renowned fashion figures packed the event venue, appreciating the magnificent pieces dressed on the models walking down the fashion runway.

A fusion of Chinese influence and Western elegance from renowned Chinese Fashion Designer - Guo Pei.

At the Asian Couture Evening, there were a total of four fashion shows featuring collections from four of the most prominent Asian couturiers. The event debuted with the much celebrated Chinese hautecouture designer, Guo Pei, who showcased her elegant designs and strong foundations in traditional Chinese embroidery. Asava’s designer-owner, Polpat Asavaprapha, a renowned designer from Thailand known for his designs focusing on female individuality, showcased his stunning collections which demonstrated clean lines, classic cuts and strong colours. Thereafter, 43-year-old Barney Cheng, the couturier to the stars, or, as Michael Kors coined him, ‘The Versace of Asia’, mesmerised the audience with a design style that displays ‘extravagant simplicity’. Towards the end of the show, Ochirjantsan Bold of Torgo Fashion wooed the crowd with his ‘modern chic ethnic’ collection.

Mr. Didier Grumbach – President of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, presented the awards to the winners at the Fide Fashion Weeks 2012.



From French Couture Week to Japan Couture Evening then to the latest addition of the phenomenal Asian Couture Evening 2012, the fullfledged line-up of couture showcases in the Fide Fashion Week 2012 has undoubtedly left us breathless in awe!

At the Fide Fashion Weeks, the Principal of Raffles College of Higher Education Singapore – Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) Spinelli, and Fashion Design, Senior Lecturer of Raffles College of Higher Education – Mr. Brian Forst, met with renowned Japanese fashion icon – Mr. Kenzo Takada, and the President of Bunka Fashion College – Mr. Satoshi Onuma.

Featuring three of Japan’s most respected couturiers – Somarta by Tamae Hirokawa, Junko Shimada and Yumi Katsura – the Japan Couture evening showcase was a testament to the event’s commitment to provide an invaluable platform to Asian designers, to showcase and gain wider exposure for their creations beyond their domestic shores.

Mr. Kenzo is best known for being the founder of his eponymous label Kenzo, a worldwide brand of perfumes, skincare products and clothes. He recently collaborated with Parisian atelier 10 Royale; his first foray into the world of high-end jewellery.

Models showcase the colourful collection from Junko Shimada.

Left to right: Fashion Design, Senior Lecturer of Raffles College of Higher Education - Mr. Brian Forst, Mr. Kenzo Takada and the Principal of Raffles College of Higher Education - Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) Spinelli.

Formally trained by Issey Miyake, the lead designer of fashion label SOMARTA – Tamae Hirokawa is hailed as a voice in Japan’s new fashion industry.

Left to right:, Mr. Brian Forst, Mr. Kenzo Takada and Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) Spinelli, accompanied by the President of Bunka Fashion College - Mr. Satoshi Onuma and his guest.

RAFFLES FASHION DESIGNER SHINES AT THE JAKARTA FASHION WEEK 2012 Raffles Fashion Designer, Jessica Tjiptoning, whose collection was recently featured on contestants in the hit TV series Asia’s Next Top Model, also took part in the annual definitive fashion event in Indonesia, the Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 held between 3 and 19 November, 2012. “It was a totally amazing experience and a very exciting and hectic one!” exclaimed Jessica. Stress, time management, unforeseen situations and fatigue - Jessica had much to deal with during the event. Arriving at six in the morning, she would work as quickly as possible, complete fittings, trouble-shoot issues, only to have a no-show model - how nervewracking! It’s no wonder Jessica felt it was a hectic event.

RAFFLES FASHION DESIGNER - PETRICK SUTRISNO WINS TRIP TO JAPAN Raffles Fashion Designer, Petrick Sutrisno, who won himself a sponsored return air ticket to Japan, shared how he spent his days in the culture-rich country. nd The 2 runner-up for the JCC 2nd Sustainable Fashion Design Contest, Petrick was given the opportunity to visit the Bunka Fashion College and the Nippori fabric town in Tokyo from 29 October to 4 November 2012.

Petrick proudly poses with his winning creation and Certificate of Achievement in the JCC 2nd Sustainable Fashion Design Contest.

Jessica Tjiptoning (left) with her design (right)

Jessica’s involvement in the Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 gave her the chance to work independently and make critical decisions. At the fashion show, she worked with one of the top choreographers in Indonesia and was introduced to one of the top fashion photographers of the country. Jessica’s collection, which was showcased at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2012, was covered on web portals like Yahoo and Canada’s authoritative news website, Globe and Mail.

“I love the warm welcome here! The flight was smooth and it’s really great to be exposed to the new culture where people are well-educated, thoughtful and considerate,” Petrick shared on his first day in Japan when he visited Bunka and was introduced to many student fashion designers from the school. “Seeing the work displayed in the Bunka exhibition amazed me. The work displayed demonstrated the designers’ skills and portrayed their passion for design. I am really happy and grateful for the experience!” Petrick gained lots of insights on the fashion industry in Japan. He visited the Bunka exhibition, which was filled with many great pieces of work from students, and also attended several fashion shows, including a Harajuku fashion show.



At the recent Japan Couture evening of Fide Fashion Week 2012, Raffles Fashion Designer, Petrick, who had just returned from his visit to the Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, proved his creative aptitude on stage once again.

A burst of energy engulfs the region as the much anticipated reality television series Asia’s Next Top Model premiered globally on 25 November 2012 on StarWorld TV. The new Pan-Asian television series is a fashion-themed reality television show adapted from the original hit TV series, America's Next Top Model, created and hosted by Tyra Banks and broadcasted in over 100 countries around the world.

The second runner-up of the JCC 2nd Sustainable Fashion Design Contest 2012 had his award-winning design proudly presented before an international audience comprising many notable individuals from the fashion industry. Observing the Japanese philosophy of MONOZUKURI (craftsmanship), a long-standing tradition of producing things that are environmentally friendly, Petrick had to take into account fabric characteristics, environmental aspects and minimum wastage during the conceptualisation and production of his creation. Adding to these challenges, he also had to give details for his inspirations (from the Harajuku fashion theme), conception and fabric swatches to rationalise his design. All this he achieved through tenacity, his runway pieces showcasing his design excellence.

In its pilot episode, alluring collections produced by Fashion Designers from the Raffles College of Higher Education were carefully chosen by Singapore’s renowned Fashion Director, Mr Daniel Boey, to style the 14 Asian finalists vying for the title of Asia's Next Top Model. In addition, Raffles Alumnus Afton Chen, designer and co-owner of Reckless Ericka, also dressed the finalists in their first photo-shoot challenge with Fashion Photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler. In support of Singapore-based Fashion Designers, Daniel Boey was also dressed in Reckless Ericka by Afton Chen, and Mr Howard by Tsai Ming Hung, another Raffles Alumnus who was winner of the 29th HEP Original Fashion Contest, Japan, 2006; 2nd runner-up in the Asia Young Fashion Designer Award 2006; and also winner of the Star Creation Award 2011. Raffles College of Higher Education is proud to be part of this collaboration that could help inspire and fuel the dreams of upcoming talents in the fashion industry.



On 23 October 2012, students from the Raffles Interior Design programme attended an illuminating seminar on Sustainable Design, conducted by award-winning eco-architect, Prof. Jason Pomeroy.

Tens of thousands of Japanese pop culture fans descended on the Singapore Expo on 9 November 2012 for the fifth edition of Anime Festival Asia (AFA), the largest showcase of Japanese pop culture that featured cosplayers, concerts and exclusive merchandise. In collaboration with our key industry partner, Raffles Designers were invited to the event to paint unique caricatures using Nescafe Coffee! The initiative generated a long queue and was extremely popular among visitors, thanks to our Raffles Multimedia Designers - Cathy Zhou Ni and Raffles Alumnus Bae Ji Hyun, Programme Director - Mr. Kenji Choo, and Multimedia Design lecturer - Mr. Alexandru Ghitescu.

Prof. Pomeroy shares his views about design sustainability and the environment with Raffles Interior Designers.

Prof. Pomeroy is a well-recognised authority on the subject and he holds professorship at both the University of Nottingham and Mapua Institute of Technology. His expertise in sustainable design was demonstrated in his design of Asia’s first zero carbon house – a multi-award-winning idea house. He also published a book entitled ‘Idea House: Future Tropical Living Today’.

During the seminar, our students gained great insights from Prof. Pomeroy on various possible ways to minimise the usage of artificial lighting and artificial ventilation. A number of examples were also shown to students, enabling them to get a clear understanding on how designs can greatly affect sustainability and the environment.

This year’s Anime Festival Asia had many exciting things lined up for fans coming mainly from Asia, namely cosplay, merchandise, talk shows and DJ performances.


Another experienced lecturer specialising in the same domain is Mr. Carlos M. Diaz, who has extensive working experience in countries like Colombia, France and Spain. At the seminar, he fervently shared some of his own works and those by his students, enthralling the audience members.

In days of yore, film animation was done the oldfashioned way — with pencil and paper. That was how it was done from the very beginning, from even before Steamboat Willie (1928), the first appearance of Mickey Mouse. In the modern day context, there are people like Mr. Barry Lim, a CG Artist or an Animator, as some might call him. He works with Industrial Lights and Magic (ILM), a division of the well-known Lucasfilm Ltd, which brought you epic films like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Barry’s credits under his belt include working on recent box-office hits such as "Star Wars: Clone Wars", "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" and “Rango”. The CEO of Tiny Island Productions – Mr. David Kwok was ‘swamped’ by many aspiring animators wanting to know more of the industry and his experiences.

Spicing things up was invited guest speaker, Mr. David Kwok, the CEO of Tiny Island Productions. Better known for their 3D stereoscopic animated series “Dream Defenders Adventure” and “Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens”, a 66-minute television movie on Cartoon Network, David shared his personal experiences, from taking the road less travelled to turning his dream into reality and becoming a successful million-dollar entrepreneur. Mr. Barry Lim shares his experience with the audience.

Now an adjunct lecturer specialising in Animation and Games Design at Raffles College of Higher Education, Barry recently shared his insights with aspiring animators on valuable experiences in the industry, and how he ventured into the unchartered territory of Computer Graphics and Digital Media, during a seminar held at Raffles College of Higher Education. With much enthusiasm, he told the crowd his thoughts. “I’ve always been drawn to the magic of story-telling. Giving ‘life’ to a character tells a story. Animators are digital actors and they work closely with film directors to tell that story. Story-telling was my inspiration. The way stories can affect a person's emotion intrigues me. It can inspire, bring change or educate audiences.”

The crowd was totally engrossed with the speakers during the seminar.


A giant, rainbow-colored "Hello Design" welcomed visitors at the entrance to this year's TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2012, held at the Meiji Jingu Gaien Park in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya district. This grand annual event is the biggest design trade show in Japan and provides an excellent platform for visitors to meet like-minded people such as designers, curators and industry professionals from all over the world.

From Tokyo, Mr. Hector and the students took the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Nagoya prefecture to visit the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology – a museum in central Nagoya tracing the history of the Toyota Company and its innovations.

Raffles Product Designers observing a demonstration of the fabrication process.

The museum was established in 1994 to systematically introduce the history of Japanese manufacturing technology to those who would be responsible for its future development. With 4,000 exhibits, it showcases dynamic displays of original equipment, actual demonstrations by operators, instructive videos, and more.

Raffles College of Higher Education Programme Coordinator - Mr. Hector Salazar, took the initiative to organise a week-long field trip for Raffles Product Designers to attend this much celebrated event, and gave the students a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with many talented avant-gardes from all over the world. They interacted with designers, posed many questions and received pointers on areas dealing with design, to nurture their minds in developing a clear perspective of various design processes. Students watching the manufacturing process of steel to enhance what they learned in class.

The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology.

During their tour in the museum, our students witnessed and greatly appreciated the manufacturing process in making fabrics and automobiles (the manipulation of steel in the different steps) and the evolution of the machinery. The tour proved to be an eye opener for them and enhanced what they had been taught in school. This field trip to Japan not only gave our students great exposure to design and technological concepts outside of their classroom environments, but also allowed them to experience and understand foreign cultures as well.


A winner of numerous awards including the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award and being touted as one of Singapore’s most promising fashion designers, Sven shared his views on the local fashion scene and his advice to young, aspiring fashion designers. Recalling his times and memories as a student at Raffles College of Higher Education, he shared that his schooling experience was great and had set the foundation of his career as a fashion designer.

Principal of Raffles College of Higher Education - Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) Spinelli (centre) with his two established fashion designers – Mr. Sven Tan (left) and Mr. Kane Tan (right).

33-year-old Sven Tan and 30-year-old Kane Tan, both Star Fashion Design graduates from Raffles College of Higher Education, shared with us their vision of In Good Company. “IGC is not just another fashion label. For one, the label does not chase after international trends; neither does it follow the international seasonal calendar. The vision of IGC is to address the eternal fashion conundrum of women who can never seem to locate, or ever buy enough of everyday outfits.” Sven explained. Leaving behind eight years of career with alldressedup, a well-known international fashion label, Sven has dressed international and Asian celebrities with the likes of Fergie, Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Liu, Danni Minogue, Cheryl Cole, Zhang Ziyi and Kelly Lin. Sven fervently shared that he felt great to be able to embark on a new phase of life along with Kane and two other co-founders of In Good Company. “I came to a point where I felt there was a need to move further as a creative person. After working 16 seasons in alldressedup since my graduation from Raffles, I just felt that I had to explore new opportunities,” said Sven.

“I transferred to Raffles for my degree programme after finishing my advanced diploma. What attracted me to Raffles was really the technical strength the school has. I was a competitive student who took part in many competitions when I was schooling. Through my participation in competitions, I was exposed to the work which Raffles students produced, and there was no doubt that Raffles was always the strongest in craftsmanship and all the technical aspects in fashion, all of which I attributed to Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) Spinelli, Principal and Programme Director for Fashion Design. Thus, I set my heart on enrolling into Raffles to be an apprentice of Joe.” said Sven. Despite its being years since graduation and having established himself in the fashion design industry, Sven still holds Joe in high regard. “I am really glad I made the transfer to Raffles to become an apprentice of Joe. He did not disappoint me at all. Joe is an excellent lecturer who has a vision of how each student could be morphed into something greater, and he will go the extra mile for his students. What really impressed me was also his willingness to impart his knowledge. As a mentor, he is really selfless,” shared Sven. Raffles College of Higher Education is proud of our Raffles Alumni, Sven and Kane, who are living their passions and dreams! In Good Company womenswear and girl’s wear is currently retailing at multi-label store ‘Front Row’ located at #02-28 Raffles Hotel Arcade, Tel: 6338 2737. Their collection can also be purchased from their online store at

RAFFLES ALUMNUS, LIU WEILING TRIUMPHS WITH HER ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT Liu Weiling, Raffles Alumnus, is a true blue Singaporean with the tenacity to carry out a career switch. Armed with a degree in Computing, the 31year-old enrolled in Raffles’ Fashion Design programme with the vision of fulfilling her passion. After two years of hard work and mentorship from international lecturers in Raffles, Weiling graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design.

Liu Weiling (centre) proudly poses with modelswearing her collection at the opening of her boutique, TEZZO & trioon.

”The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” For Weiling, these words of wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt led her passion into realising her goals. “To be able to set up my own boutique is really a dream come true, and I would like to thank all my lecturers from Raffles College of Higher Education who have shared their experience and knowledge with me. I had a very enjoyable and fruitful experience in Raffles. In addition, I would like to give a special shout-out to my Principal, Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) Spinelli, and Mr. Ong Kai How, Vice President, South East Asia Operations (East) Raffles Education Corp, for their continuous encouragement and support!” TEZZO & trioon is located at the Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238897.

One of Weiling’s creation now retailing at her boutique.

“It is really challenging yet gratifying when I finally set up my own boutique! I’m really thankful for the skills I have gained in Raffles College of Higher Education. The fundamental skills of sewing, drafting, draping, designing to suit bodies’ curves, and the frequent reminders from our lecturers about the importance of good finishing and fabric quality, are really essential skills in developing a designer’s brand that can meet customer’s expectations,” said the young local designer cum entrepreneur at the opening of her new boutique, TEZZO & trioon. When asked about what inspired her collections, Weiling’s eyes brightened. She explained, “From Singapore to Mumbai to Capri, every trioon design is meant to suit the lifestyle of my customer, making her feel fabulous, effortlessly. To add on, trioon’s designs are also kept exclusive, tailoring in limited quantities.

A glimpse of TEZZO & trioon at the Mandarin Gallery.

A RISING STAR IN THE GLOBAL FASHION INDUSTRY Raffles College of Higher Education is extremely proud of Raffles Alumnus and Celebrity Fashion Designer, Alfie Leong, at Workshop Element’s recent fashion show. W.E. Workshop Element, a retail outlet which is located at Wisma Atria, had its very first fashion show recently. The fashion show showcased creative fashion pieces from various labels and attracted many photographers, designers and members of the general public.

Celebrity fashion designer and Raffles Alumnus – Mr. Alfie Leong at the launch of his new retail outlet W.E.Workshop Element.

Initiated and spearheaded by Alfie, Workshop Element carries collections from many promising local brands such as Reckless Ericka, Eve and Bargundy - labels owned by Raffles Alumnus, as well as Alfie’s very own AWOL and Mu, to name a few. The open-space concept of the outlet and the various creative pieces dressed on the statuesque models mesmerised attendees of the event. After a successful season in Paris, Alfie continued his successful streak in South Korea at the Seoul Fashion Week 2012, featuring AWOL’s Fall Winter Collections 2012/2013. While honing his skills at Raffles College of Higher Education, Alfie was one of the top students in the Fashion Design programme. His success today has made many lecturers who had guided him during his schooling days exceptionally proud of him.

Collection by AWOL

Collection by Bargundy

Collection by Reckless Ericka


As featured in National Geographic – Hershey’s work ‘Snake Eyes’.

As a leader in capturing our world through brilliant imagery, the National Geographic sets the standard for photographic excellence. Thousands of freelance and professional photographers around the world aspire to have their works featured in the National Geographic – a major milestone in every photographer’s career. Raffles Alumnus, Hershey Desai, winner of 24 international awards in photography and a Master of Design graduate from Raffles College of Design and Commerce (Australia), shared with us his achievement after his work “Snake Eyes” was featured in National Geographic – Life in Colours. “I was awestruck, proud and excited when my work got published. Having my photos featured in the National Geographic, to be seen by millions of people around the world, had been a goal in my life for the past three years,” Hershey shared. While studying in Raffles College of Design and Commerce (Australia), his photography works were exhibited twice at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia and his artwork was published in “The Type Image”, a typography collection book published across the United Kingdom. He also worked with The Salvation Army, the third largest charity organisation in the world.

When asked about the inspiration behind his featured work, Hershey replied that he was on a class photography outing with his lecturer, Mr. Alfonso Bonilla, when he captured the moment. Taking the path less travelled, Hershey explored the snake pit and was mesmerised when saw the emerald green snake, perched on a small branch, glaring at him. Mentors have also helped him to break through many creative hurdles along the way. “I am very thankful to my lecturers at Raffles College of Design and Commerce. If it wasn’t for Alfonso who consistently believed in my potential, and also the mentorship of the other lecturers, I am sure I would not have reached this level of success today. I am truly grateful for their support and enjoyed learning and debating with them during my course of study. I would also like to thank my dad, for being so supportive, without whom, none of these achievements would have been possible.” says Hershey. To aspiring photographers and designers, Hershey advised, “Have the right attitude. Be confident in your work but be humble enough to listen and rationalise the faults that others point out. Be proud of your awards and accomplishments, yet be absent-minded enough to forget the achievements the following day, and focus on pursuing your next goal. Be wise enough to shun narrow-minded critics and be alert enough to listen to those with experience.” When asked about his experience at Raffles College, Hershey described life in school as being both hectic and beautiful because of the assignments and challenges. “Raffles and I have a strong bond which cannot be forgotten easily. It is an experience which I hope to relive again one day, only this time as a lecturer. For Raffles students, your lecturers are there to guide you; they will guide you very well. There is a wide assortment of books both in the college library and the national libraries. There are many tutorials available online. So make use of these valuable resources.”



To support young researchers in their ongoing work and to facilitate dialogue in psychology, Singapore Psychological Society initiated the Student’s Research Award and held the event at Raffles College of Higher Education on 20 October, 2012.

Raffles Psychologists posed for a group photo after the talk at IMH.

It was not a typical Monday morning at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) on 12 November 2012, for the facility hosted 15 Raffles students from the Specialist Diploma of Applied Psychology (SDAP) programme who were there on a field trip to learn more about the institution’s facilities and their services. Dr. Nenna Ndukwe speaking at the Student’s Research Award 2012 in Raffles College of Higher Education.

At the event, Dr. Nenna Ndukwe, who obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Teesside, UK also shared on the topic “Do We Need Clinical Psychology in Medicine?” Students from the faculty of Applied Psychology from Raffles College of Higher Education received various awards at the event. Amanda Ong Hui Zhong’s research paper on the topic “Motivation and Decision Making among Young Adults” received the SPS Gratitude Award and was invited to share the results with Ministry of Defence. Along with Amanda, Erny’s research paper titled “Association of Adult Attachment and Big Five Personality Traits” also received the SPS Gratitude award and she was invited to share the results with Ministry of Social and Family Development.

During the visit to IMH, the students attended a talk which gave them a deeper understanding of IMH, the organisation, and its services; followed by a tour which included visits to the Woodbridge Museum, Outpatient Clinic, Job Club, OcTAVE and the patients’ activity room. Raffles SDAP students obtained more information on the services of IMH such as the OcTAVE centres, which are centres for Occupational Therapy, Activities, Vocation and Empowerment. They learnt that OcTAVE centres are outpatient rehabilitation centres which provide ongoing therapy for IMH patients on community living skills, vocational tasks, group therapy, functional re-training and supportive therapy; and there are currently three outpatient rehabilitation centres, all managed by the Occupational Therapy Department.

CEO OF HCA HOSPICE CARE CONNECTS RAFFLES PSYCHOLOGISTS Applied Psychology Student, Vanessa Emily Quek shared her opinions on improving patient treatment despite constraints in manpower and time. “For a start, we can raise awareness through word of mouth and the different media platforms to invite volunteers on board to work together with specialised healthcare professionals, towards the common goal of improvements in patients’ treatments. We can also educate and share the importance of family support, love and nurture for patients as these are strong factors which can influence the quality of the patients’ final stages of life.” CEO and Medical Director of HCA Hospice Care, Dr. R. Akhileswaran (left) hosting Raffles Psychologists during their visit.

In order for students majoring in Applied Psychology to have an in-depth understanding of providing better healthcare and patient treatment, Raffles College of Higher Education collaborated with HCA Hospice Care to give our students the opportunity to tour the hospice and its facilities on 7 November 2012. The CEO and Medical Director, Dr. R. Akhileswaran gladly hosted our students and gave a talk which provided great insights into hospice care services. In conjunction with the visit, students were tasked to submit an assignment answering two questions, which were “How can cultural variations in death and dying be translated into better health care?” and “Given constraints in manpower and time, what can be done to improve patient treatment?”

Our students gained good insights from Dr. Akhileswaran about ways on improving patient treatment.

A group shot together with Dr. Akhileswaran.

Young Raffles Psychologists eagerly learning during the visit.

LEARNING BEYOND THE CLASSROOM CREATIVELY Together with Raffles lecturer, Lawrence Sticca, the students of the Tourism and Hospitality programme visited the Singapore Science Centre. Lawrence’s objective was to create an engaging and fun learning experience to gain a deeper understanding of issues concerning the environment. Raffles Business Management student, Chan Leo Loi shares with us his experience: “I am thankful to Lawrence for giving me the opportunity to join the trip, meet new friends and gain more knowledge on the environment. It has been an awesome learning experience.” Raffles Business Management student – Chan Leo Loi

Leo, along with all his classmates from the Tourism and Hospitality programme, benefited greatly from the many intriguing exhibits with their interesting elements involving technology and arts, which illustrated the environment and its impact on our society. Currently doing his internship with Nobel Design Holdings Ltd, Leo also shared that his learning experience in Raffles College of Higher Education has been invaluable. “I’m really thankful for the knowledge gained from the various modules of my course, which has helped me put theory into practice effectively during my internship, allowing me to apply them in the real world. The lecturers not only provide us with theoretical knowledge, they also actively organise field trips for us to better understand how relevant industries actually function.”

Lecturer for the Tourism and Hospitality programme – Mr. Lawrence (left) encouraging student’s engagement during the trip to the Singapore Science Centre.

Students enthralled by their lecturer’s way of creative teaching.

Learning the fun way with a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and its origin.


CULTURAL EXCHANGE BETWEEN RAFFLES SINGAPORE AND BUNKA GAKUEN UNIVERSITY (JAPAN) Raffles College of Higher Education hosted Fashion Design students from the reputable Bunka Gakuen University (Japan), accompanied by their lecturer, Professor Zeshu Takamura. Following their first visit last year, the trip to our college this year signified the robust bilateral relations between the two wellrecognised design colleges.

Principal and Programme Director of Fashion Design for Raffles College of Higher Education - Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) Spinelli (left), explaining the intricate craftsmanship of a student’s work to the CEO of Pier Spa - Mdm. Marzia Narduzzi (centre) and, Managing Director of Treviso Technologica – Mr. Roberto Santolamzza (right).

Raffles College of Higher Education had the honour of hosting distinguished Italian delegates in our campus. The three visiting delegates comprised of Mr. Roberto Santolamazza, Managing Director of Treviso Technologia, a special non-profit agency for innovation in Italy, promoting the growth and development of businesses through innovation; Madam Marzia Narduzzi, CEO of Pier Spa, an established organisation and protagonist specialising in production for the high-end fashion industry, and Madam Raffaella Orsini, The Secretary General of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (ICCS). The guests were given a presentation and tour of the college and were extremely impressed with the brilliant fashion collections crafted by Raffles Fashion Designers when Mr. Giuseppe (Joe) Spinelli, Principal and Programme Director of Fashion Design for Raffles College of Higher Education, introduced the students’ works to the visitors. These Italian delegates were among the distinguished guests who attended the Unveil Graduation Show.

The visitors comprised of the three Japanese winners from the recently held 2nd Sustainable Fashion Design Contest 2012 organised by the JCC (Japan Creative Centre). The group was flown into Singapore for the award ceremony, and had the opportunity to exchange and promote ideas with our lecturers and students on the growing importance of sustainability and responsible design within the Fashion Industry. Students from both colleges gained insights to topics discussed and thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue sessions. We are definitely looking forward to their next visit!

Finalist of the Triumph Inspiration Award 2012 and Raffles Fashion Designer – Kwek Teck Chuan (left) with students and Prof. Zeshu Takamura (right) from the Bunka Gakuen University.

RAFFLESEDUCATIONCORP EXPANDS MARKET REACH IN ISKANDAR MALAYSIA Raffles University Iskandar (RUI) is the other prominent development in EduCity by the Group. RUI is a comprehensive, practice-oriented university approved by the local government to provide quality higher education in Malaysia. Focused on providing intensive hands-on curriculum and employer-based internships, RUI offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Design, Business Administration, Accountancy, Education Management, Applied Psychology and Information Communication Technology. Almost three times the size of Singapore, at the southern part of Johor Bahru, is the imminent metropolis of Iskandar Malaysia. Within this region, an education hub called EduCity has been developed to attract renowned academic institutions to set up their overseas campuses there. RafflesEducationCorp (the Group) was one of those international institutions convinced by the promising opportunities of Iskandar Malaysia. The Group established not one but two institutions of different kinds to expand its educational offering and institutional network. Raffles American School (RAS) is the Group’s first pre-tertiary institution and the first Americancurriculum school in Johor Bahru. RAS offers a wellrounded K-12 American education to the local and foreign youths in the region, preparing them for top universities in the US through the collaboration with International Schools Services (ISS). ISS currently works with more than 300 international schools to provide them with world-class services and solutions. Mr Chew Hua Seng, Chairman and CEO of RafflesEducationCorp, said, “RAS marks the Group’s expansion into the international school business and is yet another high point for the Group as we address the education needs of children below 19 years of age in the region. We are delighted to partner ISS to jointly develop an international school programme for RAS. With our experience as a tertiary education provider, we are confident that the Group and RAS will contribute significantly to the development of the education sector in the region.”

With much physical space and incentives from the local government to develop Iskandar Malaysia into a thriving metropolis, it does make sense and cents for RAS and RUI to build their campuses in EduCity. Nestled among the lush rolling hills of Iskandar Malaysia, the massive 45-acre RAS campus will feature educational and sports facilities, performing arts space, boarding facilities, as well as a large green space with nature trails and natural vegetation, all for the purpose of providing a holistic learning environment for the students. RAS is currently operating at a temporary site in Nusajaya. RUI is now based in Kotaraya, Johor Bahru. Its permanent campus of 65 acres will feature state-ofthe-art facilities, hostels and amenities. It enjoys a strategic location in Iskandar, where diverse culture and economic growth converge. RUI students can expect a university experience that is distinctive, challenging and fulfilling. Professor Malek Pourzanjani, President of RUI, said, “Raffles University Iskandar provides a vibrant and creative learning environment where inspiring mentors take great pride in transforming the lives of the students.” Applications to RAS and RUI have been on the rise, and enquiries are constantly flowing in. Both institutions received their first batch of students in August this year.

MAKING A SPLASH IN THE INTERNATIONAL FASHION WORLD Students from Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai have shone spectacularly on the global stage with their works and stellar participations. The Institute was handpicked by Miss Yue-Sai Kan, National Director of Miss Universe China, to collaborate with Miss Universe China on a variety of fashion initiatives. They included a fashion workshop for the pageant contestants, as well as the rare opportunity for Raffles students to work as backstage dressers at the pageant and assist in designing the complete wardrobe for Miss Universe China, who will represent her country at the world pageant contest Miss Universe 2012 - in December. Mr Michael Yap, Executive Vice Dean of Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai, said, “We are very proud to be involved in this international beauty event. At Raffles, we encourage our students to apply their international knowledge and skills to help grow and nurture the Chinese fashion industry. This is a wonderful and exciting opportunity for our students to gain international recognition for their talent and efforts.”One Raffles graduate who put into practice the invaluable training and education she received from the Institute was Miss Zoe Zhao Min. The September Special Edition of VOGUE Italia, an internationally-acclaimed fashion magazine, featured Zoe as one of 190 talented emerging designers around the world. Zoe’s minimalistic yet sophisticated designs, coupled with a neutral and elegant colour palette, have impressed the renowned VOGUE fashion editors. Zoe’s success is the Institute’s honour; while the designer’s career has elevated to an international ground, Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai has once again proven itself as a leading institute that encourages innovation and develops future creative leaders.

As icing on the cake, Raffles Privato, a fashion boutique that retails the students’ private labels, also attracted VOGUE’s interest earlier this summer, when it was named as one of Shanghai’s hot spots in its famed Fashion Night Out.

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