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By Maria Fernanda Molinari


e Our neighborhood keeps growing with new developments, restaurants, parks and entertainment options so does our magazine. Beginning this month we have the honor to have Mr. Tomas Regalado City of Miami Mayor as a columnist telling us all we want and need to know about our city and its projects, I want to say thank you to the Mayor for trusting us. Also we are expanding to the spanish market with the publication in the next couple of weeks of "Brickell Latino" the spanish/ spanglish version of our magazine but with a touch of 'azucar'!! I hope you find this issue as interesting as we did, with all the tips from make up to motherhood, real estate, health, etc.. We work hard to bring you the best but we know is always room for improvement, feel free to always give us your feedback, we love to know and to learn.








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2227 CORAL WAY Miami, Fl 33145 305. 773. 7467 305. 285. 0899

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Wich ones are the best Brushes for you? you apply your own make-up, if you like to focus more on your eyes then the eye make-up brushes are essentials. If you hardly use any make-up and only apply a light base of blush, then this type of brush is the most important to you. By Maria Laura Carrizo WEB PAGE : WWW.MLAURA.COM

There are a vast variety of brushes to be used for make-up. Each one of them has a very specific function. All brushes have diverse forms, each one of them is capable of distribute the make-up on the skin and create special effects. The quality of these brushes are also very important, the best one as usually the ones with naturals bristles, which are better for applying powder make-up, while the brushes made of synthetic bristles are better for applying oily make-up. In general, it is better to have quality instead of quantity. It also depends on how

the bush to apply blush on the cheeks is the most used. There are specific brushes for this application. The most commonly used is the medium size one. There are the ones that are almost round with the ends rounded and the very flat ones with rounded ends.

the brush to apply powder on your face is big, rounded and soft. It is used in the entire face to distribute the powder uniformly (creating a fine cape). There are also the giant brushes, but remember, if it is too big it will be difficult to apply the powder in the entire face.

this brush is not commonly used in the daily make-up routine. It is used to apply color in the contour of the face and in the tip of the nose creating the same effect the sun would produce. It is a soft medium to small sixe brush. This brush has to be the right size. Normally use to delineate the factions of the face.

in this case, it has to be a small, very soft brush, rounded so it is better for applying the light shadow on the eye (not underneath the eye). This is the first step to apply make-up on your eyes.

this is an angular brush, small, very soft to apply the shadows on the eyelid and on the line between the eyelid and the eyebrow. It helps to create effect in the eye.

this brush is necessary when liquid eyeliner is used. It is very small. For a very defined line it is better to use the thin brush, and for a thicker line it is better to apply the liquid with more pressure.

• Use the brushes, they are easy and create a more professional looking make-up. Buy the good quality brushes that will last you a very long time. It is very important to maintain them clean, and bacteria free. Normally, they could be washed with water to eliminate waste. If they need soap try to use shampoo. When you wash them, try to put them under the water flow for the pressure to wash them better. Let them dry in the air. • The use of brushes is fun; once you get use to them you will be able to experiments and create fabulous make-up.

to separate the eyelashes. Normally is a synthetic comb.

it is a small brush, normally synthetic to get the hairs of the eyebrows to go into the same direction. It is mostly we all know this kind of brush. It is, in reality, a very small comb

used to apply color to the eyebrows. it is a plain brush with straight tips. It is used to apply lip color into a more specific form. iN


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In spite of economic difficulties Miami thrives

By Mayor Tomas Regalado City of Miami


very city has its own attraction. Ours have many. For the visitors arriving via air or sea, the profile of the city alongside Biscayne Bay is marvelous and invites to rest and enjoy the beauties of this tropical city. The Brickell area is, indeed, an important component of the city profile. Brickell is an interesting combination of monumental buildings of condominiums and the largest concentration of international banks of the whole U.S. lts residents also show a harmonic mixture of middle age people, retired after a successful professional or entrepreneurial life, and young people that just begin their careers on those major fields.

The recovery of Brickell, after the collapse of the real estate industry at the end of 2007, is evident. Over 90% of the A buildings are sold out and the demand for rental apartments is larger than the available supply. Every unit offered for rental is immediately snatched out. Another good sign of the rebirth of Brickell is how busy restaurants and I entertainment places are around Mary Brickell Plaza. l welcome this success that, on our side, we have stimulated by keeping property taxes in the city low. As Mayor, I am extremely proud of the Brickell area. I also want to share my concern that so many buildings together and the increasing demand for more space to build, get away with the green areas of Brickell. Green areas are the lungs of

I also want to share my concern that so many buildings together and the increasing demand for more space to build, get away with the green areas of Brickell. Green areas are the lungs of the cities. Because of this concern, I have joined Commissioner Marc Sarnoff in the effort to create and maintain more parks with green areas in Brickell. Another of my priorities in the protection of the environment is recycling. On October 1st, we begin the "Fully Automated Recycling Collection Program" that will save energy, mitigate global warming, reduce pollution, litter illegal dumping and reduce waste products in our landfills. Fully automated recycling collection is a technologically advanced system of collection and disposal that is more costefficient and reduces job related injuries while enhancing the quality of services for our residents. Recycle cars are provided at no cost for our residents. We are also working to reduce speed limits on Brickell Avenue to protect the lives and safety in the neighborhood. Last March, we implemented a trolley bus service as an effort to improve access to and from the hospital section around Jackson Memorial Hospital and the new Marlins Stadium. Next year, we hope to open a new line alongside Brickell Avenue and Biscayne Boulevard that will substantially improve transportation capabilities for the residents of the area. lt will also reduce vehicular traffic on those usually congested avenues. The trolley bus service is free of charge and does not cost a penny to taxpayers. it


is paid by the half cent increase to sell tax approved by county residents some years ago A and by funds from the federal government and the Florida Department of Transportation. And last, but not least, we have attained contract agreements with the workers unions of the city to balance the budget for the fiscal year 2012-2013. Under the premise of not raising property taxes to the residents, negotiations were difficult, but handled under a spirit of understanding and search of solutions to the difficult economic times we are living. Once more, Miami has been able to move ahead amid the economic crisis without firing employees or reducing services to the community. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Brickell Magazine for this window to communicate with Brickell residents, and reassure them that next year 2013 is going to be a better year for all of us. iN



Monica Suleski By Simi D. Photography: Leanna K.


onica Suleski is a South Florida dynamo in full explosion of the art and design scene today. Her energy in build of her massively successful Coral Gables Interior Design Firm and furniture showroom, Eclectic Elements, is so hot, it's sending smoke signals sky high with every move she makes. As if that's not enough to cause this heat driven doctors wifer and mother of oner to cool down, she is also Founder and President of yet her other highly successful company Widebay Estates where she focuses on building and designing for sale or rent her celebrity, highly sought after, waterfront properties. Her stylistic designs have graced the homes of high profile clientele including notable celebrities such as Lebron James, Rashard Lewis, Carlos Boozer, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, and Sean Kingston in name of just a few. Though she runs a big crowd, Monica stays grounded with friends and family, proving you can successfully mix business with pleasure, as nothing to her is worth doing without the loyalty and love of both. Monica's vision sprung early as she was raised between Philadelphia and South Beach by a Polish father and Columbian mother, giving her a blend of traditional value and classical Latina style and sex appeal. She credits much all of her learn in early to her "say it how you mean it" mom Rose, who taught her the heavy draw of self motivation as a woman, and how to apply it successfully in a mans world. "I grew up watching my mother transform our home constantly. My fascination for design grew out of experiencing the power a physical space can have on our spirits and our perspective. Where and how you live shape who you are, your home is a reflection of you. This is why I love design and why it is so satisfying." Brought up with an artistic and strong goaloriented background, she attended the University of Miami

Look into the busy life of a designer

where her interest for business and design were further cultivated. Upon graduation, Monica wisely traveled globe, and studied first hand the art of furniture production and design. "Where you are in life is temporary; where you end up in life is permanent; how you get from here to there is entirely up to you. The key to success is simple... never give up!"  A day with Monica is always sure to be filled with fun and entertainment as she travels in pack of many. She has taught and composed a diverse and multi-cultural team that con-

sists of driven professional designers and architects who add to the flavor of the spicy dishes she creates for others to take

how much exercise you do. It's a combination of stress management, happiness, a good environment, good sleeping hab-

youth of her community and writes as a columnist for the luxury New York Magazine VENÜ in cover of Miami design. Her accomplishments are due to the hard work and motivation she puts in each day, not to mention her consistency in positive think. "Nothing is impossible or unachievable, only if you believe it to be." says Monica. Her zesty attitude transcends everything she does, even onto her spiritual beliefs as "peace and love" are at the heart of both her designs and her life.

its and a well balanced diet and exercise program." Aside from her fast paced and busy lifestyle, she finds time to give back to her community and shows yet another talent that she's steadily become known for over the years. Believing strongly in giving back, Monica produces charity events which she graciously hosts in her waterfront Miami Beach resident.  She also

Eclectic Elements is placed beautifully close to the ultra stylish heart of Miami, right in the vicinity of Brickell Avenue. "Out of the many places in Miami I could have opened my showroom, it seemed just right to have it here. It is the variety of cultures and mixtures of different people in this area which made me realize... This is where I want to be." With expensive residences, radiating apartments, luxurious condominiums and iconic Miami skyscrapers next to the bay; Brickell is the epicenter for the urban renaissance that Miami is currently undergoing and it's the high-end city living that draws Miami’s young upscale professionals to this side of town.  Always pushing towards the stars, it's her persistence, perseverance and vision which drives her to achieve and fulfill her ambitions and dreams. In essence, Monica's recipe of life has proven more than just delicious, as her flavor pallet shows true taste of the real success in fill of her life today! Please visit www.eemiami. net for more information. iN

enjoys visiting schools in give of motivational and inspirational speeches to the



taste of. Not unlike beautiful food and the presentation in which it's served, Monicas interior designs and style continues to draw them in for more, leaving behind a unique flavor in stand of her own.  Where does she get the energy to respectively run such companies in full of her force one may wonder??  Super powers perhaps, or just super driven in drive her life!  To date, the latter of the two holds most reasonable in pick, as she continues her career acceleration to such high speed, not even her equally successful husband Dr. Edmundo Tamayo and thirteen year old son Christian can slow the stop of her. Whether at work or on personal time, Monica stays with the consistency and strong determination needed to draw and emit confidence and success each day. "I love my profession because everyday is a new challenge and that's what inspires me to keep going."  Waking up each morning with an abundance of energy, enthusiasm and will, she starts her day motivated by a full body work out. "A healthy body is a healthy mind. In order to have everything we want in our lives, we must learn to discipline ourselves to strive only for the best." Adhering to a naturally organic diet, a strenuous exercise program and a winning "never say no" attitude gives her the non-stop energy she needs to run her business.  She carries a vision on the necessity of maintaining a positive work-life balance. "Health is equivalent to a lifestyle, not just a diet or



Lima, Peru

a vibrant South American City!!!


hen I first visited Lima, it was my first encounter with a true metropolis—an energetic cityscape whose rich history could be felt on almost every corner. I am a city person, but every time I make the 5 hour flight back to this country each time I return, I am surprised by how this urban landscape continues to change, while at the same time remaining committed to its past. There are classic centuries-old hotels still standing and new ones sprouting up in stately buildings, innovative restaurants with cutting edge chefs, and jewelry and clo-

thing boutiques merging traditional materials with modern techniques. I keep a list of my favorite spots in the city, which you’ll find in the following article, they’ll lead you from the posh San Isidro neighborhood to bohemian Barranco. The 1927 Country Club, where France’s former president Charles de Gaulle once spent the night. The colonial-style building has been converted into the 83-room Country Club Lima Hotel, filled with Peruvian art from Lima’s Museo Pedro de Osma, brocade-covered chairs, gilt mirrors, and mahogany armoires. Along the nearby malecón (boardwalk), the Oceanside Miraflores Park Hotel  has one of the city’s best

Over the years I have had my most memorable meals at the intimate, 15-table Rafael Restaurant, housed in a 1940’s mansion. Do not let the traditional atmosphere here fool you: The Asian- and Mediterranean-inflected Peruvian dishes, such as lomo salteado made with rice vinegar and pisco, are exquisitely prepared by the chef-owner Rafael Osterling Letts.When I want to taste Lima’s most daring culinary offerings, I head to Astrid y Gastón, in a rambling villa in Miraflores. Lima-born chef Gastón Acurio’s menu is full of surprises: a “shot” of sea urchin emulsion mixed with cappuccino; spicy rabbit spring rolls. Plus, it has the city’s best selection of Latin American wines (try the Uruguayan Pisano Tannat). You cannot come to Lima without sampling Peru’s most famous dish—ceviche. And La Mar Cebichería is the best place to try it in my opinion. The bamboo-roof restaurant is a hot spot for Lima’s beautiful people and does

not take reservations. But it’s worth the wait for the house specialties, such as tuna, sesame, and tamarind, or sea bass and octopus with chile. When I am in Lima, I always swing by All Alpaca to stock up on colorful and reasonably-priced sweaters, knee-length coats, and scarves, all made from downy-soft Peruvian alpaca wool sourced in the Andes. One of my favorite new jewelry designers is Anna Dannon, who creates the imaginative silver baubles sold at Ara Joyas, on the lively Álvarez Calderón. You’ll find everything from sculptural cube-shaped necklaces to thick, golddipped arm cuffs. Mario Testino’s sister, Giuliana, is one of the most talked-about designers in town. I love her hand-crocheted clothes at Giuliana Testino. If you do not like your dress hems short (and these are short), there are also plenty of delicate cardigans, shawls, and capes. In southern Lima’s up-and-coming Barranco neighborhood, Las Pallas carries traditional Peruvian crafts collected by British-born owner Mari Solari. The intricately designed Ayacucho pottery and Andean retablos are the perfect gifts to bring back. iN RLA Tourism can help you arrange your trip or vacation to Peru.

For more information you can contact them at




rooftop infinity pools and panoramic views of the Pacific from the private in-room balconies. The 33-year-old Miraflores Cesar’s Hotel was the place to stay in its heyday, but a muchneeded makeover transformed it into the more modern Casa Andina Private Collection Miraflores . Despite its new look— bold artwork; a palm-fringed indoor pool—the hotel hasn’t completely done away with tradition: Wood-beam ceilings and Peruvian ceramics decorate the rooms, and you can still hear boleros in the lobby lounge.




Birthday is always the one

which has


Bring your ID to our store the week of your Birthday and we will give you a

FREE Gift! Romanicos Chocolate

1801 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145 T:305-854-9936









amy Gicherman began to experience in the fashion world under the guardianship of his mother who was a professional in the design and making of bridal gowns in her native home Argentina. Also she was an expert in the making of women’s hats, converting this last in Samy’s additional work while studied his career of Interior Design in the “Instituto Villasmil De Leon” in Caracas Venezuela (1980- 1983) Upon being graduated at age 21, and being the fashion design his true vocation, Samy inaugurates

his first Boutique "Kays Collection" in the Shopping Center Concresa in Caracas, beginning with the elaboration of hats, and accessories of goldsmith, being emphasized in accessories for brides. In parallel, in 1998 opens his Atelier of Haute Couture under the name of "Krizia Collection", presenting its collections in "Las Tardes de Te" of the Tower Lounge of the Hotel Caracas Hilton, as well as innumerable fashion shows and showrooms in his Atelier, managing to position in the Venezuelan market with his exclusive designs.


In April 1997, Samy inaugurates his second Atelier in the shopping Center Paseo Las Mercedes, Caracas. It is here where Samy develops his maximum creativity in the goldsmith, designing tiaras and crowns with platinum and gold, combining crystals of Swarovsky, culture pearls and semiprecious stones. In the year 2002, he is invite as the representative of its native land, to the “Feria Internacional Novia España”, where Samy accompanies with his own accessories the dress that used Glory Estefan in her music video “Mi Tierra".

Fashion Week" where Rashel Díaz, Barbie Simmons, and Ana Carolina Da Fonseca emphasized his creations in the catwalk. In the 2005, Samy participates again in the Miami Fashion Week, surpassing the success of the previous year.

In July 2003, he expanded internationally opening his Haute Couture Atelier in the city of Miami. In 2004, he is invited to participate the Fashion Show "Corazones de la Moda" next to Nicolas Felizola, Franco Montoro and Hugo Espina. That same year design and create the dress with which Mónica Spears was crowned winner in the Miss Venezuela. In 2005, he participates again in the event "Corazones de la Moda" and he participates for the first time in the "Miami

With his spring-summer collection 2008, Samy dressed the finalists in one of the galas of "Nuestra Belleza Latina" of Univision where the collection received the better comments

Since then, Samy has the opportunity to dress large personalities of the Hispanic media as Lucia Méndez, Barbara Bermudo, Gabriela Spanic, Myrka Dellanos, and Giselle Blondet. Besides, he made the bridal gowns of Charityn Goico and Carolina Tejera.

Samy is now designing his new collection, which is going to iN be seen in the Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Show 2008.



Meni-ninho Meni-ninha

Inspired Practices in Early Childhood Education


f you want the best early learning education as well as a sable loving environment come visit Meni-ninho Menininha. Our focus is two challenge children ages 0-5 to their highest potential while nurturing and fulfilling their adolescent curiosity. At Meni-ninho Menininha children learn through small group activities as well as through independent play. Children learn to trust, instill independence while learning to socialize.

Library: Children are read stories and have the opportunity to view and check out their own choice of books, as well as exploring technology through computers, Ipads and phonetic equipment. Language: Students are introduced to Portuguese or Spanish (parent’s choice)

with directed practices. Promoting children to engage in exercise as a healthy fun life style. Music: Our music teacher introduces our student to a variety of different sounds and instruments. Music from Beethoven to Brazilian samba. It is a fact that music can have a tremendous impact on children's creativity and cultural awareness, as well as physical and social developmental skills.

three times a week. Children will learn basic language, songs, plays and stories. Physical education: Students enjoy fundamental movement skills at an early age

Martial Arts- Capoeira & Jujitsu Multicultural Dance Tennis Soccer





Hotel Urbano Unveils New Artwork and resident discounts

hotel artwork tour led by William Braemer himself.


otel Urbano at Brickell – Miami’s boutique “art hotel” – has unveiled their fall contemporary artwork collection for locals and hotel guests to enjoy. The new vibrant display of artwork, that includes paintings and sculptures, decorates the entire hotel including the main lobby, bar and restaurant/lounge, all hotel hallways, and meeting rooms, truly transforming the hotel into a living “art gallery.” The hotel’s magnificent artwork collections are curated quarterly by William Braemer – a celebrated Miami artist and curator of Art Fusion Galleries in Miami’s Design District. All hotel artwork is available for guests or locals to purchase, and those interested in learning more about the collection or a particular painting or artwork piece can request a

To celebrate the new hotel artwork and seasonal collection, guests and Miami locals can enjoy Hotel Urbano’s daily “Picasso’s Happy Hour” seven days a week from 4:00-7:00pm. Those who complete an “art inspired” scavenger hunt that consists of questions derived from the hotel’s new art collection, receive a complimentary glass of wine or domestic beer on the house. Once your art scavenger hunt is complete and the reward (beer or wine) has been consumed, you are encouraged to stay a while and enjoy the hotel’s outdoor free-form swimming pool, fire pit, poolside cabanas and drink and dine among the art at the lively Bistro Urbano bar. In addition to Picasso’s Happy Hour, locals can snag 2-for-1 drink specials at the Bistro Urbano Bar & poolside lounge everyday from 5:00-7:00pm. The hotel’s popular Karaoke Night is held every Friday from 6:00-9:00pm, when you can sing your


For Brickell residents planning to host their family members or friends during Miami’s beautiful fall season or for the winter holidays, Hotel Urbano offers the perfect solution to provide your out-of-town guests with an incredibly affordable and stylish place to stay, in the heart of Miami’s Downtown Brickell Neighborhood. Hotel Urbano offers a special “Neighborhood Rate” discount that is valid for hotel stays year-round, offered exclusively for residents of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. This special neighborhood rate discount can also be extended to out-of-town guests of Brickell residents – and is a great way

for locals to score some very affordable rates and stylish hotel stays for their visitors this fall. To receive the discounted rates, guests will be required to show proof of Brickell residency by presenting a valid ID upon check-in. To book the Neighborhood Rates, Brickell residents can simply visit, click “Book Now” and enter the online promotion code “NEIGH” where it prompts you to “Click here to enter special code.” Guests can also call 877-499-5265 and request the “Neighborhood Rate” discount when making hotel reservations over the phone. iN



Asian Sensation


teve Suh, Director of Worldwide Investment recently purchased property at 120 N Miami Avenue from Saybert LLC. Suh is the first Korean American to own building in main stream Miami Downtown. Back in 1999, his family company, Suh Enterprises purchased A 4, 102square-foot store building at 40 N. Miami Avenue in Downtown Miami. The property sold by the W.D. Dorothy Trust to Suh Enterprises for $1.56 million. Now, Suh steps out further in his realty investment career. He also re-opened his family’s historical Jewelry Supply business in his new building. This is a monumental achievement to many of Asian immigrants in this land as well as his individual life. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Suh grew up in immigrant family who started

their lives all over in the United States and had their share of hardship which led them to a great success. Being a traditional Korean father who was hard worker, Suh’s Father Woo Suk Suh demonstrated himself as an example of American Dream beyond pain and sacrifice. Suh’s family’s real estate company owns real estates in Florida, Massachusetts and Canada. Suh is also a Partner at The Law Offices of Adams Crouser & Suh PLLC, working with diverse clientele in immigration and international cases. Also being an active member of Korean American community, he often participates in the community as young leadership, embracing his role as a mentor to young people. Suh is also President of Korean American Foundation of Miami and Vice President of Korean American Association of South Florida. iN

MUSIC 34 34




By Leslie Ames

Pet Shop Boys B


ritpop duo Pet Shop Boys made their come back with Elysium, their eleventh studio album after a two years waiting period. Usually marketed in US as part of Gay Culture, Pet Shop Boys is well known Worldwide more for the quality of their commercial music than for their sexual orientation. Selling more than 100 million records all over the World, they are listed as the most successful duo in british musical history in the Guinness World of Records. Warm deep electronic sounds show a renovation than sometimes reminds the newer Owl City, leaving behind the style they created in the eighties and their biggest hit "West End Girls". With a soothing atmosphere, the duo demonstrates one more time that good music is sexy and sexless.

Beto Cuevas C


hilean Singer Beto Cuevas is well known in Latin America as the front man of rock band, La Ley, one of the biggest groups of latin pop during the nineties. Now based in Los Angeles, Beto shows his wonderful deep dramatic voice in the twelve tracks of his new album, Transformacion, the second one as a solo project. For this time Beto is collaborating with Detroit's based Jared Lee Gosselin, who has previously worked with Macy Gray and DMC from Run DMC in the production as well as rapper Florida in the first single "Quiero Creer"; La Oreja de Van Gogh singer, Leire  Martinez in the ballad "Goodbye"  and in "Aterrice" with ex model and singer Deborah Del Corral, the bone of contention in Soda Stereo. The collection  also includes a song composed by his son Diego, "Come and Get me",  who also plays the keyboards in his band. The album have a digital version in english with his impaccable  accent ( He was raised in Canada) as a a slightly approach to the american mainstream and not only to the latino population in US. Well Done, Beto.


Expert Advice on Internet Marketing Strategies


e all have seen the rage by social interacting websites, a platform that many across the world see as money making venture. With access to millions across the world, imagine the kind of money one would make if the marketing was done aptly and to the right people around. Any of the Internet Marketing gurus would agree with the above. When you have the right tools for marketing and distribution, then the sales would automatically grown ten fold. Sources across the world and experts from the world of Internet Marketing say that using such interactive platforms would be beneficial for individuals and small medium enterprises and some large ones as well since it enhances customer experience and builds long lasting relationships. Using the schemes under Internet Marketing one gets to know the needs and desires of the targeted audience in question. With specifications and needs of the audience in Miami, the companies now know how to market and customize their services for the group they aim at.

This form of marketing to target age groups or genres in Miami has been proved to be very beneficial in the long run and establishments swear by the results and rankings received, not to forget the mentioning of rants and raves on a positive note for the same. Sources say that Internet Marketing strategies are based on factors like the demographics and the sustenance needs of the customers across Miami.

Remember, your business is different and so would be the business strategies of your rivals, don’t fall for the whistle when it blows promises of the same equations to be applied to your ways of working. In fact nothing can be promised, what works for one may never for you or better for you, it depends on how well the organization adapts to the rules as laid by strategies of Internet Marketing.

The evaluation of business in order to have a meaningful website that caters to the people of Miami with the help of Internet Marketing deals and ways creates a purposeful business situation and blueprints for future courses.

Finally we would love to have a business that flourishes and fills our coffers, so an apt point of research is important and needs to be done to gain the best out of the market situations and involvement of Internet Marketing nuances. After all a reputation once built should be maintained com what may of the market in future, else customers would never want to trust you again with their needs and desires. iN

Never fall in traps that promise the best rate cutter applications and services with results to show in a day or a week, any child can do that by creating an account online and promising you the world. The best part would be to do your research and with the Internet Marketing ways being discussed extensively as an example all over the Internet, finding a suitable forum for the same wont be a tough catch.

Rafael Montilla has built his expertise as a knowledgeable and experienced on SEO (SearchEngine Optimization) strategist, consultant and In-House SEO for more than 10 years. He is a blogger who writes about SEO & Internet marketing.





Ingredients: o 8 pieces - A lime cut inton of - Two tablespo s white sugar cachaca - Half a glass of crushed of s - Half a glas ice s and - Glass on the rock a straw

CHEERS Caipirinha


he history of cachaรงa goes back 400 years

the American English hillbilly or the Lowland Scots

ago when plantation owners began serv-

teuchter. The word may be used as either a mas-

ing his slaves because increased physical

culine or a feminine noun, but when referring to

vigor. Over the years it was refined distil-

this drink it is only feminine (usage of diminutives is

lation and began to drink at the tables of colonial

common in Brazil).


In the Brazilian vocabulary, the word caipirinha is mostly associated with the drink itself rather than

Caipirinha is based on Poncha, an alcoholic drink

the class of person.

from Madeira, Portugal. The main ingredient is Aguardente de cana, which is made from sugar

The term caipirinha is sometimes used to describe

cane. Sugar cane production switched from Madeira

any cachaรงa-and-fruit-juice drink (a passion-

to Brazil by the Portuguese as they needed more

fruit caipirinha, kiwifruit caipirinha or

land to plant it on. Before this people in Madeira had

strawberry caipirinha).

already created Aguardente de cana (sugar cane), which was the ancestor to Cachaรงa.


Cut the lime into eight pieces The caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil, and

and place in a glass with sugar.

is enjoyed in restaurants, bars, and many house-

Crush using a wood mortar,

holds throughout the country. Once almost unknown

gently to extract the juice and

outside Brazil, the drink has become more popular

pulp of the fruit without too

and more widely available in recent years, in large

detached from your skin oils.

part due to the rising availability of first-rate brands

Add the crushed ice and cachaรงa,

of cachaรงa outside Brazil. The International Bar-

and shake, shake, shake!

tenders Association has designated it as one of their Official Cocktails.

by Carlos Bruno

The word caipirinha is the diminutive version of the word caipira, which refers to someone from the countryside, being an almost exact equivalent of

follow us online



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