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Natural Our materials are environment and people friendly. We care about the environment and avoid production waste creation. Valuing Handwork Most of our products are handmade. Every piece of furniture is assembled according to your wishes. Versatile Our design language is modest yet memorable. Radis furniture personalises homes and oďŹƒces. Component Strength Our furniture is produced using birch plywood which is a natural, unpretentious, durable material. As ďŹ nishing, ecological, pure oil wax is used. Your word matters All our products are made to order. You choose the colours and we combine components jointly. Only you know your preferences and we promise to act accordingly.

Range PIX - Combine cabinets and shelves You decide what to hide, what to show. It is a game of pixels where combinations are suited to the study and the child’s room. How many pixels and in what colour do you need? Challenge us!

With shelf range PIX You can change Your whole living - use it as a high book shelf in living room, smaller one for kids or wide room divider to oďŹƒce. Each shelf has also locker. H116/152/189/226/D36/W115/150cm.

Sideboard PIX Spacious, strong character which fits well into the living room, child’s room or even the office. The PIX chest is very accommodating and creates order. As the inner shelf height is 33 cm, it is also perfect for office. H76/146/D38/W142cm.

Range MAN - We give Your far-reaching thoughts space MAN embodies a minimalist, practical Scandinavian style. The narrow legs of the table and TV-stand are a unique detail. MAN is an important background force for the home or meeting room. MAN lets inspiration y!

Range MAN was selected to Estonian Design Awards Bruno 2016 2nd round by international jury (Germany, Austria, Finland, Italy, Portugal, Estonia). Design Raul Abner.

Sideboard MAN - Drawers in the middle and cabinets on the sides means the chest is strong and durable. The good character stares at you from the hall or corner of the room. The cabinet doors hide shelves. H75/W150/48cm.

Desk MAN - The dynamic desk is suitable for the home and oďŹƒce. The two spacious drawers hide candies and workbooks equally well. H75/W120/D56cm.

Extendable Dining Table NAM NAM In case of a larger get together the table length can instantly be increased by a metre. The table is conveniently used in the home and oďŹƒce as meetings and parties are best held at a table. H75/W90x120-180cm/96x144-244cm/120x120-220cm.

Range SAM - Exact curves and a stylised sinuous line The S-motive or snake line gives a directional sense to the strong bookshelf as well as the TV-stand. You do not have to love reptiles, but must be attracted to having strong, open and ingenious items in your rooms – SAM is about these values.

Shelf SAM Striking shelf highly suited to your modern living room, but is capable of creating order in a child’s room or office, too. H130/D30W120/200cm.

TV Stand SAM Vast, strong and spacious stand that accommodates films, music and video games. The TV stand SAM offers emotions a sturdy base. H50/D48/W140cm.

HUH range - Retro is the new black, retro creates moods This collection is marked by wider, oblate legs. The year 1975 is back again. People have time for books and contemplation… Choose only one – desk, night table, media stand, dining table or take them all. Play Stayin' Alive and enjoy the moment.Range HUH was nominated for Estonian design award Bruno 2014 by international jury. Design Raul Abner.

Sideboard HUH, This is a strong piece! Hides everything out of sight. The drawers on the side and central cabinet have space for surprisingly many things. H72/D48/W140cm. Rocker GEE These beautiful gliders, designed by Raul Abner feature a modern style that matchesperfectly any house. As for the cushions, they are carefully made of Nevotex, a high quality Swedish loom/fabric to provide you with the perfect spring seat.

TV-stand HUH with drawers This respectable inhabitant of your living room will take care of all your multimedia and „out-of-sight“ gadgets. Adjust the shelf to the proper height and let your eyes rest. H50/D48/W140cm.

HUH TV-stand with sliding doors A strong boned „companion“ that with unbelievable lightness withstands a large television and big emotions. Small media can be hidden behind the sliding doors. The sliding doors open to both sides. H50D36/44/W120/150cm.

Retro desk HUH Such an elegant desk will make the ink run. The middle shelf is meant for your pens and the side drawers store important papers. PS! The desk will make your pen run in your computer too. H75/D60/W130cm.

Dinner table HUH – A crowd brings joy to every home and oďŹƒce. Do you squeeze the guests around the table like sardines in a can? No! You place them carefully around the table HUH. H75/D85/90/W120/150190cm.

Wardrobe HUH This wardrobe organises all your clothes, having space for your dresses, jackets and coats, with drawers for underwear, socks and ties. H170/D60/W90/135cm.

Bed HUH Purchasing this durable bed starts a long-lasting relationship. HUH will withstand all fooling around with your children or partner. The bed is easily assembled and disassembled and is attached to a strong frame.The headrest is appropriately angled for reading comfortably in bed. For mattress 90/120/160/180x200cm.

Night table HUH Cuddled beneath the blanket with a cup of hot tea or a windable alarm clock, the night table HUH is there to support you. Your favourite book rests within the drawer. H51D35/W42cm.

Sideboard SoSixties - Sliding doors are in again! Reach behind the door to grab books or socks! The drawers can hide away your jewellery and vacation pictures. A happy chest is the heart of a home. H72/D40/48/W102/150cm.

Wardrobe 69 Such a sturdy wardrobe can accommodate everything you need – from an airy silk scarf to a heavy fur coat. Don’t restrain yourself when shopping, because these legs will not buckle under the weight. Discreet doors hide the interior of the wardrobe. H171/D60/W90cm.

A simple round table suited for the kitchen or meeting room. Table EDI supports the morning coffee cup as well as elbows of thoughtful board members. H75/D85/105/125cm. Design Sylvia-J. Annus.

Shelf Criss-Cross Alluringly playful and open-minded! Shelving that is ready to keep your secrets. Everything is accessible, but only you know where everything is. With this puzzle-like shelving you will add dazzle to your home and leave your guests gasping for breath. H223/D24/W223cm.

Shelf LIFT Build it as high and long as You want! You can ďŹ t all Your books, favorite records and owers. And extend it when needed. H230/D30/W71/121/210cm. Design Veiko Liis.

Shelf SIK-SAK The shelf SIK-SAK will not break under a heavy load. It can also be used as a dividing wall. Your books and elephant ďŹ gurines from your Asian travels need space. H136/225/D38/W148cm. Shelf SIK-SAK was nominated for Estonian design award Bruno 2014.

Shelf IVI A spacious shelf that can be converted into an interesting dividing wall. You have something to hide? IVI has clever angled surfaces for hiding things. H144/D36/W150.

Bed PIKU A special, clever bed that requires no screws for assembly. The bed sheets are stored in a separate wheeled box so children can start practicing making up the bed at an early age. For mattress sizes 70x140cm, 80x190cm and 90x200cm.

Pull-out Bed A fun multi-person bed where children will gladly go for a daytime nap. The pullout bed encourages colourful dreams and is suited for kindergartens or families with many children. At the bottom also 2 bedboxes.

Sideboard CUBE This window on the cabinet world invites you to touch it, see its secret interior. Do you want a cabinet that is both intimate and open? You’ve found it! This minimalist maximalism provides numerous open and hidden shelves. H155/D40/W145cm.

TV-stand CUBE Take a load off your feet! Let the tensions of the day flow to the centre of gravity of this lightweight TV stand. The open and closed shelves are a good hide-and- seekandreveal option. Push the cables into the cabinet and enjoy the clear eye-soothing view. H50/D40/W145. All our products are made in Tallinn Estonia from birch plywood and finished with Osmo and Treatex wood wax or are white film plywood. Door hinges and drawer rails close silently. For more information please visit or contact Mauri Abner +37255585656 Radis OÜ Vaalu 10 Tallinn 13522 Estonia

Radis Furniture Catalogue October 2017  

Furniture wizards at your service Natural - Our materials are environment and people friendly. We care about the environment and avoid prod...

Radis Furniture Catalogue October 2017  

Furniture wizards at your service Natural - Our materials are environment and people friendly. We care about the environment and avoid prod...