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Hi and welcome to issue two of Radiant Magazine...

Email us any questions you have about Mind, Body, Spirit and we’ll get one of our experts to reply.

Welcome to our second issue of RADIANT magazine. Thank you all for your amazing feedback and support. Issue 2 has been even more exciting to compile. With so many ideas and inspirations the magazine could quite easily double in size! But sometimes, less is more. As we approach countdown to the end of 2012, the ancient clocks are ticking – is it the end of the world as we know it? Or is it a much needed change in perception? This has been such a challenging year with the energies in constant flux. We have two fabulous features to shed a spiritual light on these inspirational times of change – Ascension and Awakening on p60 and 12.12.12 on p16. A warm welcome to our new resident Wiccan Sorceress – Sharon Kidd who will be sharing the mysteries of The Craft p26, with insights into the cyclical rituals and celebrations. Our featured Retreat this issue is Breathing Space, nestled in the beautiful Norfolk countryside, p18. Also a Sound Practitioner at Breathing Space is our incredibly talented featured artist Paulina Jones p32. Read Gharib Desouky’s fascinating feature on Egyptian Massage on p30, I for one will definitely be booking an appointment with Mr Desouky! Because I’m worth it! And so, whether you’re hibernating for winter or polishing your jingle bells ready for the festive season. Dawn and I would like to wish you all a Magical Christmas and an inspirational New Year filled with abundant blessings xxx

Samantha x Editor

Radiant Magazine is owned and published by Flush Design. No part of this electronic magazine may be reproduced without the written consent of Radiant Magazine. 2 Old Bank House, Acle, Norfolk NR13 3DY © Radiant Magazine 2012 All rights reserved.

OUR CONTRIBUTORS Corinne Bryant Graeme Kidd Kimberley Dawn Carpenter Gillian MacDonald Paulina Jones Rainbow in my clouds

Sandra Boatman Sarah McRobert Sharon Kidd Shelly Coles Vikki Fosdal


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ANGE Anger is, quite simply, a part of life, like happiness and memory. We all have the capacity for it, we recognise it in others, and are exposed to it every day...

We all want and expect certain things in life - fairness, appreciation, respect, co-operation - and are naturally frustrated, disappointed and hurt when we don’t get them. This can lead to anger. Anger ranges from mild annoyance to full-blown rage, but at whatever level, a hormonal stress-reaction is triggered which, if allowed to continue beyond 25 minutes, is physically and emotionally damaging, with potentially lethal results, as it primarily affects Anger used the cardiovascular properly is valid and system. Anger today has necessary for us to moved beyond its defend ourselves. It original role as a causes us to act. survival mechanism, protecting us by forcing us into fight or flight mode, where we decide to stand and fight for our beliefs, or make a quick escape! In Western society it has evolved into something we experience too easily, too quickly, too often, and more importantly, inappropriately. The adrenaline-driven energy, surging through our bodies when we are provoked, has no means of


release in the way nature intended. We have been taught that it is better to repress, and so we tend to stay on hyper-alert. Anger has other toxic effects on our lives. It can poison relationships and negatively affect work and finances, pleasure, and our outlook on life. Sadly, we can be totally unaware of our deep, hidden anger as irritation and annoyance are so much a habit that we accept them as the norm (perhaps not thinking of them as anger) but that internal frustration seeps out, becoming visible to others. It is not pleasant to be around! Our lifestyles, people we meet, expectations (ours and, and those of others), the daily pressures we experience all serve to provoke the anger reflex. When we feel hard done by, unfairly treated, hurt, or threatened, potentially damaging hormones start to take over our bodies and minds. Anger is just a built in reactionary emotion under subconscious control. However, anger used properly is valid and necessary for us to defend ourselves. It causes us to act. The secret is managing and controlling


Exploring anger allows us to understand our sense of entitlement, and uncover and heal past hurts and traumas that can, unbeknownst to us, be causing today’s anger. the episode so that there is a positive, useful ending to any confrontation. There are many gifts we can receive from our anger, if we choose to look. The first step is to own it, accepting that our anger is all about us. Then it can be seen as a signpost to our lives, telling us when something is wrong. Anger is a “can-do” emotion - we can use the burst of energy constructively, to motivate us and find solutions. We learn to communicate better and respond, not react, when provoked. Exploring anger allows us to understand our sense of entitlement, and uncover and heal past hurts and traumas that can, unbeknownst to us, be causing today’s anger. It offers us the opportunity to forgive. Anger has nearly outlived its usefulness as a protective mechanism and has just become a nasty bad habit. Being aware of what we are inside, and what we give out to the world and why, helps us harness this incredibly powerful emotion, which we cannot help but experience, and put it to its best use. Let’s have less toxic and unnecessary anger in the world and more peace and forgiveness. It starts, as always, with us. Sandra Boatman Insights and Inspirations 01953 455500


GOOD VIBR Modern physics tells us that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration whether or not we can visually or audibly perceive it. Only sound frequencies between 16 and 20,000 Hertz can be heard by human ears but the body still senses sounds outside this range by feeling their vibrations.


he only bones fully formed when a child is born are those of the middle ear and a foetus of only 4 ½ months old can hear sound from its mother and from beyond the womb. The act of hearing is actually that of feeling vibration through these bones of the ear and this sense is not only the first to develop but also is believed to be the last sense that disappears at death and one that is maintained through states of coma. Physically sound can change the form of matter – a singer singing at the right frequency can shatter a glass; but sound does not have to be purely destructive. Other sounds can decrease heart rate and respiration eliciting a relaxation response. Emotionally sound affects us in different ways, often using the memory response: The sound of a car crash or squealing brakes may bring memories of another incident; the sounds from a children’s playground may take us back to our own childhood. As our emotions also affect our physical being, we can see that using sound in a therapeutic way can work for us on many levels. Sound Therapy (in the way I practise it) uses the sounds of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls plus the tones and overtones of my voice to effect change in the body in order to bring


RATIONS A Sound Bath, however, is a group session allowing many people the chance to experience the relaxing effect of being ‘bathed’ in therapeutic sounds.

about harmony and balance. In a one-to-one therapy session, energy imbalances are detected using the pure notes of a Balinese bell and then appropriate notes of the singing bowls and tones of the voice are used to lead the body back to wellness. Afterwards another sound scan of the chakras and aura is performed to find out what has changed during the session. A Sound Bath, however, is a group session allowing many people the chance to experience the relaxing effect of being ‘bathed’ in therapeutic sounds. Although not tailored to individual needs, the session allows your body to choose and use the sounds it requires for its own selfhealing. A therapeutic energy shift still occurs but sound baths are used on the whole more as a relaxing treat rather than as a distinct therapy session. Many sound therapists will only use the voice or one instrument such as a drum or gong as their therapeutic tool. However, in my work, I find the therapeutic journey from Tibetan bowl through voice to crystal bowl is more harmonious and enjoyable. The session ends with grounding by way of chimes, shakers and rainstick which

allows a gentle grounding from the healing journey. You will hear more and more about sound therapy, and rightly so, as it takes its place in the vast therapeutic arsenal. It is a powerful therapy and one which we can all use to help ourselves a little too. If there are times when external sound and noise irritate you (a pneumatic drill outside for instance) then just hum to yourself. Hum anything at all and this will draw your sensory focus away from the source of irritation and you will be creating a more harmonious sound for your body to react to, so reclaiming the power from that external source. Sound Baths are available to groups on request in and around the Norfolk/ Suffolk area and one-to-one treatments in Gorleston-on-Sea. Contact: Corinne Bryant 01493 442063


HYPNOTHERAPY The perfect partnership In this second of six “Radiant” articles Integrated Therapist Sarah McRobert describes a positive model for a successful client/therapist relationship...



ome time ago a colleague gave me as a ‘thank you’, a card featuring black & white drawings that I framed to hang in my therapy room. In the first a drowning man waves to a dog standing on the shore with a speech bubble saying, “Quick, Lassie – get help!” In the second the same dog is pictured lying on a couch with a therapist listening intently & making notes as (no doubt!) the poor creature relives the trauma witnessed in the previous cartoon...! In this second of six “Radiant” articles Integrated Therapist Sarah McRobert describes a positive model for a successful client/therapist relationship. Maybe for some time now, you’ve been thinking of how you can stop smoking, lose weight, rid yourself of that unwanted fear, phobia, anxiety, depression or PTSD, improve your relationship, enhance your work (or play!) performance, become more motivated, stop procrastinating, manage your health or just, de-stress, relax & enjoy a really good night’s sleep... Whatever the cause (whether fully known to you or not), you’ve decided you want your life to be different & now is the time to find a qualified, experienced practitioner registered with a nationally recognised professional body, to help you move forward into a brighter, happier future. You may already have a preference as to how that might best work for you - perhaps you’re particularly drawn towards hypnosis, TFT “tapping”, NLP, CBT, counselling or an Integrated Therapist who will offer a combination of all these techniques & more. So, you do your research, send some emails or make some calls to check them out, because you want to be sure that you have found someone you feel you can trust. Some therapists offer “free” initial consultations – you may like this idea as an opportunity for you to test them

out before committing (especially financially!) However, a good therapist will be working with you from very first contact & certainly from the moment you actually meet - to ensure you will gain maximum benefit from the time (& money) you’ll be spending with them. You’ll know, possibly even from your first email or phone call as they’ll immediately make you feel at ease & dispel any concerns, by answering your queries & asking the right questions of you to find out what will work best to meet your needs. I once had a client tell me they’d been seeing a counsellor once every week for twelve years – my immediate response was, “So, it’s not working for you then?!” Of course, the therapist was serving a purpose - by allowing them to talk through & so leave behind all the emotional baggage they’d built up in the preceding seven days. My role in just five sessions was to help them to finally remove the “rucksack” they’d been putting it in for all those years! Remember, some practitioners will rely on repeat business, maintaining long term relationships I once had a client seeing clients over tell me they’d been multiple sessions so although hourly seeing a counsellor rates may appear once every week for cheaper at first twelve years – my look, over time they’re certainly immediate response not offering best was, “So, it’s not value. Beware working for you then?!” the therapist who suggests a more open ended arrangement as their agenda may be motivated more by their need to income generate rather than your welfare – well qualified & experienced practitioners will happily provide an estimated time scale prior to your first visit. Perhaps you, like me, want to see real results in as short a time as possible


– remaining realistic that depending on the nature of your problem & remembering that, although many concerns do respond in minutes to some techniques, with longer-term deep seated issues there may be no “quick fixes”. A good therapist will allow you to engage in mutually setting the pace to meet your needs as they arise. A professional therapist will want to set up a “contract” with you to outline what you can reasonably expect from them & vice versa! You will agree hourly rates beforehand & as soon as they have a good understanding of the nature of your issue, how many sessions it is likely to take for you to resolve things together – unless in the meantime other areas for intervention arise, in which case you can agree to re-negotiate your time together. Most presenting problems are easily managed in a fairly short number of sessions – maybe half a dozen or less. Any pre-planned programmes (e.g. Stop Smoking or Weight Control) will be paid in advance – to ensure your on-going commitment to complete your course of “treatment” to its best advantage. Both you & your therapist will know when you have completed your time together – because you’ve achieved exactly what you wanted from the outset or because you feel empowered & equipped to return to managing your life for yourself – master of your own destiny! Only very occasionally have clients terminated the sessions before time & interestingly several have subsequently returned to complete at a later point. A supportive therapist will always leave the door open – should life throw you an unexpected curved ball... Q: “How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb? ... A: ...“Only one - but the light bulb’s got to really want to change!” If you can really trust your therapist the time you have with them may well prove to be the most personally


empowering & enriching of your life. As important as the time spent in therapy with your chosen practitioner is the space between sessions. This can allow you to reflect, learn & grow - as you build on the previous session & identify areas for development for your next. You can agree with your therapist the length between sessions – as you make positive progress this may increase e.g. from weekly to fortnightly, monthly & so on. For example some of my HypnoBandTM clients who had higher amounts of weight to lose elect to have “post-op check- ups” Q: “How many at six weekly intervals to therapists does it take ensure they’re to change a light continuing to bulb? ... succeed. Any A: ...“Only one - but techniques or tasks e.g. the light bulb’s got self-hypnosis, to really want to listening to change!” relaxation CD’s, keeping personal “diaries” etc. maintained between sessions will help to enhance & increase your confidence in & aptitude with the therapeutic tools employed in sessions. In a nutshell, you’ll want to work with your practitioner as an individual so check out that they do offer a specific, tailored approach that will work for you personally. That’s as close as any of us can ever get to a “guarantee” - which no therapist can honestly offer; but if you really are willing to allow them as your chosen professional to take the lead, agree to follow their guidance & keep up any inter-sessional tasks, you will find that you can achieve what you wish for & make those positive desired changes - for good! Sarah McRobert B.Ed. (Hons) Hyp.Dip. (Adv.) MNLP TFT (Adv.) 07733 024235

RADIANT magazine in conjuction with Road to Freedom

An evening of Mediumship with Shirley Cimelli in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support was presented at The Bridge Inn, Acle, Norfolk on Friday 19th october.

Everyone has experienced Cancer in some way, shape or form. Whether personally, through family members, freinds or aquaitances, the ripples of this awful disease are widespread. The aim of the evening was to raise an awareness of the essential and inspirational service provided by Macmillan Cancer Support. I know first hand how important it is to be offered a life-line, an understanding of the disease and the help available during the dark days and beyond to the lantern of hope and recovery. Macmillan are there every step of the way offering practical help , emotional support and anything advice needed during such a challenging journey. Vanessa and Phil Hannan provided the venue, a beautiful setting complete with balloons and candles to set the scene for what was a magical evening. Shirley was at her very best delivering accurate and specific messages from spirit. Most recipients shed a few tears of joy, sadness, relief and comfort: receiving confirmation that their loved ones are still present in their lives, aware of all the trials and tribulations on this journey of physical life. Some guests had not witnessed a Mediumship demonstration before, but were left in no doubt that life is eternal, with only a gossamer curtain separating this physical world and the spirit realm. It was more than obvious that Shirley works from the heart and truly loves to share her gift: offering messages of comfort and guidance for two and a half hours - the audience hanging on her every word

and all hoping for contact with a loved one. She is a remarkable lady! There was a raffle prize drawer at the end of the evening with 23 gifts donated by: Vanessa and Phil Hannan - The Bridge Inn, Acle Janet Emery - Yesterdays’ World, Great Yarmouth Sue Telford - Fairhaven Water Gardens, Salhouse Beth Hollis - Benefits Cosmetics, Debenhams, Norwich Gemma Buck - Ann Summers Melanie Harris - Holisitic Therapist Linda Bunting - Living Beauty, Acle Dunston hall - Norwich Yioda Dunkley Selina Haynes Sam Barford Ruth - All Home Creations ( delicious cupcakes!) The evening was a huge success and a wonderful night was had by all.

We raised an amazing £904 ! Thank you to all the prize contributors and for the generosity of the ladies and gentlemen that attended.

Rainbow Blessings Samantha and Dawn RADIANT magazine



2012 as a year, resonates with the energy of the number five which is the number of change and of expansion. It brings opportunities to face our fears and to work our way through these fears in order to grow and to be ready to embrace the changes which are predicted this year. Five is the number of balance between the masculine and the feminine parts of ourselves... 12.12.2012 reduces to 11 which is the number of cathartic change. This often brings about change forcing us to look at things from a different perspective. Many people, myself included , believe that we pre arrange these trials before we are born as part of our life path. It is thought that 12.12.2012 opens a portal to higher universal energies which allows us to begin to work with these energies as we move into 2013.12 reduces to 3 so this date also brings opportunities to truly begin to manifest the life we wish to have. Quantum physics is proving scientifically that everything is made of energy and everything is inter-connected. Dr. Masaru Emoto published photographs of frozen water molecules and the changes that could be made simply by thinking in a certain way or by writing words on paper and taping the word to a glass of water. His work proves that our thoughts really do shape our world. This concept was known to and taught by indigenous tribe’s peoples for centuries. If we are open to the possibilities of becoming aware of a higher consciousness, then simply by thinking it, by willing it, we can bring it into being. The Maya conceived of time as moving in cycles and used a variety of calendars the long count calendar being one of them. It began in 3114 B.C. and will complete its full cycle on December 21st 2012.This date corresponds to a

major alignment, one between the winter solstice and the Galactic centre which the Mayans considered important for spiritual rebirth. It also completes the great Zodiac procession cycle of 26000 years. Mayan prophesy suggests that the birth of a new world consciousness began as Venus passed in front of the Sun on June 6th 2012.This was the second transit in eight years the first being on 8th June 2004. This eight year period of time brought opportunities for new ideas and world change. On another level The Sun can be seen as masculine energy or the vital life force. Venus is the feminine love principle aligned with harmony and Goddess energy bringing opportunities for powerful transformation. The Inca refer to this time as the coming of the Sixth Sun a move away from the masculine and the return of the feminine power and energy. Certainly as the Earth shakes and shifts in response to the changes in her magnetic field our compassion shines through. We have the opportunity here to become true Human Beings, to share and to love one another. We are being reminded that we are One Race and that we all share One Home, the Earth. If we work together we can make incredible

As in every generation there are those who have chosen to incarnate at this time to light the way.


changes for the good. This for me is what the 2012 changes are all about. It is a chance to evolve as Human beings, to take Humanity to the next level. This is or should be a natural process. As in every generation there are those who have chosen to incarnate at this time to light the way. These are the people who stand up and allow their light to shine and in doing so encourage others to follow. Whilst these light workers are following their pre ordained Karmic path we should remember that no one person is better than another. We are Human not Gods, although we all carry the spark of the Divine within us and each have our own unique part to play. So what is Ascension? Well the dictionary deďŹ nition is belief in some religions that certain individuals have ascended into heaven without going through physical death ďŹ rst.It can mean spiritual enlightenment. For me it is simply about striving to be the best Human Being that we can be. I believe that as Human beings we all have the ability to make choices, and, if we

choose to evolve we can do so. As a numerologist I personally believe in re-incarnation. I believe that each soul comes here with a pre agreed plan of work and that when we remember our mission and walk our true path then our light begins to shine. We become illumined ones, shining ones. This does not apply only to the chosen few. This is available to each and every one of us if we are prepared to put the work in. I believe that if our intentions are born of love then we will be drawn to where we are supposed to be. I believe that we all have a part to play and that each part is simply a part of the whole. We simply need to have faith in ourselves, in the universe and in humanity and to follow our heart and let our light shine. For more information about the author Vikki Fosdal, or to get a personal reading go to:



BREATHING SPACE Lessingham, Norfolk

Women often feel they need to get away by themselves or with female friends and take time to reflect, recharge and escape the stresses of everyday life. By just having freedom and space, time to breathe and time to feel, Breathing Space can help to discover their true authentic selves and their passions. Breathing Space is an award winning retreat/B&B for women set in a beautiful converted barn in the tranquil rural surroundings of North Norfolk offering delicious, healthy home-made food and holistic therapies. For many years Mags ran a successful catering business in Essex, until she had a serious car accident in 2003. Doctors said she would never walk again. but after working with alternative therapists, Mags became healthy again. Mags was inspired to create the retreat after realising that a complete lifestyle change was essential. After selling her catering business, she opened Breathing Space, and against all odds, Mags is now happy and healthy and able to help other women to embrace change and move forward. NLP coaching and EFT training (emotional freedom technique) have also enhanced Mags’ understanding, and allowed her to help people. When you are stuck, thinking about what you can and can’t achieve, they give you a new language to talk to yourself, to help you gain inner confidence, self-awareness, curiosity and excitement –

“What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Mags realised that offering Career Retreats is a next step in the work she has been doing for four years – providing space and support for women who need a break. “With the sea, beaches and beautiful countryside all around, I soon realised what a special and healing place Norfolk is.”

>> 19

Breathing space have some fantastic breaks: Mother and Daughter breaks, pre-wedding pamper breaks. Bed and breakfast is available all year even when workshops are on.

Indulgance Break From a broad list of specially chosen therapists: reflexology, reiki, facials, body massage, head massage, sound healing, art, meditation, dance and many others.

Walking, Wildlife and Wellbeing Break Discover the power of the natural world to inspire and uplift you, with Ian Rowlands. With 2 morning meditations, spend 2 days walking, watching and reconnecting with nature through Ian’s eyes.

Refresh your Image Break Sarah Morgan can show how to revamp your wardrobe, for a better, more gorgeous you! Colour swatch and style workbook included.

The Re-energising Weekend 2 night’s bed and breakfast, 2 evening meals and 1 lunch. 1 unique guided meditation, and one 1-hour vibrational


healing session with Paulina Dixon working with sound and colour. 1 therapy of your choice. This will give you a calm mind and body, relaxed easing away everyday stresses.

Wellbeing Weekend with an Introduction to Living Foods Includes 2 night’s bed and breakfast, 2 evening meals, 1 lunch, and workshop with Mags, creating, highly nutritious and delicious raw living foods. Feel more energised, alive, have brighter skin, and achieve your natural weight. Also includes a therapy of your choice.

Fun and Creativity Weekend 2 night’s bed and breakfast, 2 evening meals and 2 lunch. Two days of art to music/meditation; creativity with acrylics and sound; dance workshop; Salsa steps, body isolation/exercise and freedom to express yourself with music. There is an artist and dancer in us all - tap into the creative side of your brain.

Yoga Weekend - you don’t have to be bendy to do yoga! Explore yoga, whether you are an absolute beginner, or an old hand. British wheel of yoga teacher Carol will tailor make her sessions to suit your specific needs, combat a stressful lifestyle, ease aching neck and shoulders, or weight loss. Carol will develop

an advice sheet with home practice suggestions to use in your everyday life.

Longevity Workshops Liliana runs 2-day Longevity workshops at Beathing Space several times a year. The light of life energy workshops have many health benefits.

Reiki Training Courses Includes 2 night’s bed and breakfast, 2 evening meals and 1 lunch

For more informationL www.


Tarot The

The history and origin of the Tarot is shrouded in mystery. Some believe the Tarot deck was created in Italy in the fourteenth century, whilst others believe their origins lie in the religious rituals and symbols of the Ancient Egyptians. However, both historical information and Romany myths describe the cards as originally from India... What is certainly true, is that the striking tarot cards, rich in symbolism and imagery are a collective blend of sacred knowledge taken from ancient myths, cultures and religions. With a desire to acknowledge ourselves on an inner Soul level by tapping into our subconscious minds, interest in this ancient divination tool is at an all time high. The wisdom of the Tarot allows us to bridge psychic intuition and age old knowledge. To gain insights, purpose and guidance into all areas of our lives above and beyond the basic interpretations of the cards. A traditional Tarot deck consists of 78 cards – 22 Major Arcana ( greater secrets) and 56 Minor Arcana ( lesser secrets). The Major Arcana represent a symbolic story of the journey of the Soul through all the phases of life that we experience. The journey encompasses spiritual lessons, major life changes and feelings of considerable importance. The journey begins:

The Fool

The number 0 Representing the never ending circle of life, the inocence from which we are born and to which we return after


death. The Fool is the beginning of the journey of life, a fresh chapter about to unfold, a new door is opening. The time has come to close the door on the past,begin anew and embrace the important choices and changes that need to be made. The image on the card portrays the innocent, full of potential, excited at the prospect of a new adventure. The Fools bag/sack represents the knowledge and intuition gained in life and the dog, his trusty companion, symbolizes his conscience. There is a need to take a brave leap of faith, taking a risk with child-like optimism and naivete but caution is warranted. Look before you leap! Watch your step and all will be well. This card uaually appears when there is significant inner change happening, it signifies a need to go with the flow. It is natural to feel lost and confused as you step into the unknown, by embracing your fears, trusting in a higher power and believing in yourself you will gain the courage to face the challenges of life. You are an independant, free spirit, capable of much originality - be true to yourself! An unexpected opportunity may appear out of the blue.

The Magician

The number 1 The fool learns to focus his creative energy and use all of the tools, instruments and abilities to guide, direct and achieve his goals in the material physical world. He uses the elements of the Tarot (wands, swords, pentacles and cups) for the manifestation of his desires. This card reminds you that you already possess – wisdom, inuition, willpower, psychic ability, self-motivation, love and courage – they are all an inherent part of you. By learning to tap into your abilities and use them, you will be amazed by the power and effect they can have. Knowledge is power and can lead to success. You have the confidence and determination to work with the Universe to manifest change and a positive outcome. This is the perfect time to set ideas into motion, to switch direction, start a new project or change careers. The Magician card urges you to keep your willpower strong and directed, to use visulisation and affirmations to enable you to accomplish anything and everything you set out to do. You have the ability to master new situations, realize your potential and create your own reality. Success or failure depends on you! Use your charm and charisma to win others over, and promote yourself to those interested in making use of your special skills and Knowledge. This card symbolizes the green light for a new business or an opportunity to create something new and of lasting value. In money questions, financial success is likely.



Craft In the ďŹ rst of our series of features on Wicca our resident Wiccan Sorceress Sharon Kidd dispels the myths and offers an insight into Witchcraft in the present day.


Merry we meet.

“Witchcraft” conjures up so many different images in peoples minds. Women and men dancing naked, chanting around a bonfire calling upon the devil, or old bent over women huddled over a cauldron making potions to curse the people who have crossed them. In today’s modern world nothing could be further from the truth. Witches or Wiccans live in modern houses juggling busy lives, trying to pay the bills just like everybody else does. No cauldrons !! Just cookers and microwaves. As with most things, we have to move with the times and use what is available to us. Although we try to keep the old traditions alive, we must acknowledge the world in which we live in and how our “craft” and “beliefs” can fit. Witchcraft or the popular term Wicca is one of the many branches that stem from the pagan path. The “craft” , like most pagan paths, is a nature based faith or religion. It helps teach its practitioners that nature has within it a broad spectrum of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states and helps us to find our place within the universe by exploring those states. The craft in general recognises deity as dual, the God and Goddess. These are not separate from us but are found within, they are equal and omnipresent throughout the universe. We do not believe in a “Satan” or “Devil” type figure, that is a more modern concept! But we do accept polarity of shadow and light that exists in all things for balance. The moral concept for most that

walk the path is “do as you will, but harm to none”. Here we see Karma, or the law of cause and effect coming into play and it helps to keep the crafter on their toes. Covens exist and can work very well with the right people involved. But more so today the path of the solitary practitioner is sought. We can fit our faith and workings into our lives, being totally in charge of our beliefs and how to practise them. Most pagans, druids, solitary

“People who practise their craft do so with respect for others and nature itself - we know that our way is not the only way - there are many colours that make a rainbow!” practitioners and covens celebrate the ancient festivals. The “wheel of the year” comprises of these festivals - the winter and summer solstice and the spring and autumn equinox. There are a further four celebrations - Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain (traditionally the witches new year, better known as Day of the Dead in Mexico, or All Hallows Eve elsewhere) giving us a total of eight. At these times nature’s seasons are celebrated with ritual, food and drink to honour what and who has gone and what is yet to come. The aim of the craft is to empower the witch/wiccan in whatever way that will help them to move forward in their life with whatever tools they have at their disposal. We do not blame others or deities for our problems or misgivings, we are free souls with free thinking to make our own choices. We take



full responsibility for our actions and what happens to us within our lives. Anybody can fall into the trap of thinking that change can not be made and here lies our first choice. How can we change things. We may request help from the God or Goddess in a form of meditation or ritual, consulting a form of divination such as the Tarot, tea leaves or runes. If the help is for healing we may take herbs or flower essences or seek out a good therapist to help us with what we need. Or we may consider using Spellcraft to work its magick. Whichever method we use we do so with responsibility to ourselves and others - Magick is a powerful part of the craft and must be used with respect. A witch or wiccan may or may not use spell work within their own “craft”. Also, you do not have to follow the path of the old ones to perform this work. Spell casting is an art form within itself and a practitioner may well call themselves a “Spell caster”- but there are universal spiritual laws to abide within. The history of the craft is long and varied. Just like the people who engage in it. These people who practise their craft do so with respect for others and nature itself - we know that our way is not the only way - there are many colours that make a rainbow! Recently I was at a pagan gathering in Norwich sitting in on a fantastic talk. There we were, reminded that the clue to “witchcraft” was in the title…“craft“… we make - whether it is from harvesting the fruit of the trees to make jam, spinning yarn to making clothes or blending potions and lotions from natural ingredients

to use in ritual and spell work. We use what is around us and if that is a cooker and saucepan rather than a cauldron, then so be it. There are still so many who quietly work behind the scenes and are, even now, still in the ‘broom closet’. And who can blame them! Persecution and prejudice unfortunately still exist today. But many blessings go out to those who have pioneered the way forward for those of us who wish to practise the “old ways” in today’s very modern world. Hopefully this article can give a little bit more clarity. Those who

“There are still so many who quietly work behind the scenes and are, even now, still in the ‘broom closet’. And who can blame them! Persecution and prejudice unfortunately still exist today.” practise the “craft” are “normal” people. Mums, dads, shop assistants, lawyers and people who want to help to look after the earth and its mysteries. The pagan pathway is open to all those who wish to follow it and it has many twists and turns and surprises. It is a great teacher.

Merry we part. Sharon, otherwise known as Enchanted, is a practising Witch and Tarot reader. She makes Headdresses, Hats, Altar displays, Incenses and Witch/Wiccan inspired jewellery working from home and also Spirit Haven in Great Yarmouth.


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Bach Flower Remedies

A natural way to help you deal with any stress and emotional imbalances in your life. Helps bring in balance, renewed confidence, motivation and a new sense of direction.

Reiki Healing

If you body is under pressure and feeling weary Reiki is gentle way to bring your body back into harmony and balance, easing pain and discomfort.

Reiki Attunements Reiki 1 for self healing

Reiki 2 to learn distant healing and healing for others using the Reiki symbols. Reiki 3 & Masters is for mastery of yourself and how to teach Reiki to others.

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Clairvoyance Readings ● Tarot Readings Hopi Ear Candling ● Malay navel candling & detox massage Reflexology ● Indian Head Massage ● Hot Stones Regression & Past Life Clearing ● SoulRetrieval Spiritual Healing ● Crystal Healing ● Aura Soma

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“The jovial, cheerful, humorous people who love peace and are distressed by argument or quarrel, to avoid which they will agree to give up much. Though generally they have troubles and are tormented and restless and worried in mind or in body, they hide their cares behind their humour and jesting and are considered very good friends to know. They often take alcohol or drugs in excess, to stimulate themselves and help themselves bear their trials with cheerfulness.”.

Dr Edward Bach

“Oversensitive to Influences and Ideas” Agrimony personality: ■ Agrimony types are sensitive and need harmony. They go out of their way to be kind to others and downplay any problems in their lives. ■ May worry about illness, finances, or problems with their work life. But will appear cheerful and carefree. ■ They fear confronting their own feelings, and can often turn to alcohol or drugs to drown their sorrows and avoid facing problems. ■ They appear to be the life and soul of the party as they hide deep anxiety. ■ They can throw themsleves into activity to avoid being alone, as this causes them to think about themselves and their situations.

Agrimony positive state Inner harmony Agrimony restores the ability to express true feelings and emotions, leading to feelings of real inner harmony and peace. It also provides relief to people who are suffering from extreme anxiety disorders and even disorders such as post-traumatic stress syndrome. As a mood remedy, Agrimony helps anyone who is trying not to face up to troubles and avoids painful realities.



Gharib Desouky has been practicing Egytian Massage for over 19 years. He is one of only fourteen Egyptian men in the world practising this unique therapy to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.


rowing up in Suez, Egypt it seemed a natural progression to follow in the foot-steps of his father and become an Egyptian masseur. Gharib’s father originaly a sports masseur encouraged his son to gain qualifications at college where he completed his training for both sports and Holistic massage. It was during this time that ancient scriptures were recovered and diciphered, the secrets of Egyptian Massage were unveiled. King Amenhotep was 26 years old when he passed to the world of spirit in 1826 with a head tumour. His son King Akhenaten inherited his fathers disease. In a bid to prolong his life, he embarked on a journey to discover a cure for this fatal condition. After trying every possible offering of a cure from herbal medicine to magic, the tumour continued to grow. At 16 years of age, the young king The king was told that his feared that the legacy father died because the body of disease would end cannot support the soul when his life prematuely. In the body has degenerated a bid of desperation physically and the soul he allowed his subjects has to leave the body. to offer suggestions for possible cures, the king was asked “Why do you want to be healed”? “Because my father died of the same condition but I do not want to die” he replied.The king was told that his father died because the body cannot support the soul when the body has degenerated physically and the soul has to leave the body. If he would


allow his body to regenerate and rejuvenate it would become stronger and it was possible to heal himself. By accomplishing and maintaining balance between his mind and his body – connecting the brain and the body to work together in unison, there was hope for a cure. Having lost all hope this was the kings last resort. By draining the lymphatic system to improve the blood circulation in the body and clean between the muscles,

allowing the body a clean environment funded by the Egyptian Government for to heal itself. After 4 years the tumour 2 years, whilst establishing his business. had not disappeared but the treatment He then moved to the present more had succeeded in preventing further luxurious premises in late 2009. After growth. The King decreed that all his practicing Egyptian massage for twenty subjects were to learn Egytian Massage years Gharib will, in 2013, be able to and perform this miraculous therapy on teach this wonderful healing mode eachother daily. This improved family to others and share the sectets of relationships, values and assisted the his ancestors. Egyptian people to maintain optimum After an initial consultation in the healthg of mind, body and soul. beautiful Egyptian room, Gharib will Gharib combines the ancient begin the Egyptian Massage at the Egyptian teachings with the more feet, being intuitively guided to any traditional massage therapy to areas where the energy flow may offer a unique, intuitive tailor made be blocked. Gharib believes that programme to the body has a The King decreed that suit an individuals door which needs all his subjects were to learn to be open to personal needs. Egytian Massage and perform receive treatment ‘An MOT for the this miraculous therapy on body’ is how Gharib – the door is each other daily. describes Egyptian opened at the feet Massage. It treats the to allow healing to root-cause rather than the symptom commence. Each massage is as allowing true healing to take place by individual as the client themselves, balancing the chakras throughout the there are no standard procedures. body. Gharib also explained that by Gharibs’ passion is very obvious. treating your body as your best freind, He describes the physical body having respect for ones physical body as a beautiful machine that and encorporating relaxation into your needs love,care and respect for daily routine you body will respond maximum output. accordingly by staying strong and Gharib’s vision is to create a healthy. space filled with an array of holistic Being one of only two practising therapies, working with a team Egyptian masseurs in the Uk, Gharib who are as passionate as gharib established The Pharaon in 2003 – himself. A haven of tranquility to rejuvenate mind, body and soul for everyone willing to open the door to a more balanced and happy life-style. Pharaon Hair & Wellbeing 12/14 Bishops Bridge Road Norwich, NR1 4ET Tel: 01603 622 955

Divine Inspiration Psychic and Spiritual Art by Paulina inspired by spirit, colour, nature and universal energies to create original pieces of work. Paulina’s art is imbued with healing energies. Working in freestyle method, starting with a blank canvas, Paulina allows spirit to guide her creativity. The Artwork reects the energies that touch the planet. The changes have begun to bring through universal energies of unconditional love. As the viewer connects to the work, these energies transfer into the heart of their inner self helping them on this journey to enlightenment, empowerment and healing. Love and Rainbow Blessings Paulina xx















Paulina Jones



Mind your language! NLP - Defined and demystified Neuro Linguistic Programming was created in the mid 70s by a computer programmer and a linguist. As a therapy it is neither widely recognised nor understood. It is shrouded in academic language and terminology that can be confusing and intimidating - indeed the name itself can conjure up images of ‘mind control’. Also, sadly, because it is a powerful communication tool practitioners often focus on more commercial applications such as sales and marketing. What NLP does that is radically different from other ‘talking therapies’ is that it presents a model for how we think, feel and behave - this model is based on the computer. It is best defined by breaking it down.

N is for NEURO – this is the computer, but it is not simply the brain. Advances in science now prove that our neurology is spread throughout the body – in NLP we work with a complete mindbody connection.

L is for LINGUISTIC – and this is where NLP departs radically from ‘talking therapies’ – this is the software language which is not just about words - language is made up of all our senses sight, sound, taste, smell and feeling/emotion.

P is for PROGRAMMING – our lives are stored in our neurology – everything we experience is filed as memories in our mind-body and it is made up, as established above, of not just words, but also sights, sounds, tastes, smells feelings and emotions. We make sense of new experience by checking it against the software already installed – we then think, feel and act accordingly.


So how does it work? The programs we run are often unconscious we think, feel and act on our programming - so often we respond automatically without ‘thinking’. This is our map of the world and it is influenced by our upbringing, culture, education, genes as well as our experience. This map is our internal reference point. It is not what happens to us that really drives our thoughts, feelings and actions - it is how we interpret experience internally and we do not always have conscious control over this. This can not only cause great distress, it can also cause people to get stuck and stagnate. As an NLP coach I guide people to change this internal map. The first stage is to focus on what language (software) is being used and gain understanding of where any unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviour come from. The “reprogramming” is then done by the client( guided by the coach) we use our creative imagination to tell our neurology what we want from life - we tell it what we want to see, hear and feel. And, like any good computer, our body-mind will then give us exactly what has been programmed into it. Now we’re talking!

Graeme is an NLP Wellbeing Coach. He is also a trauma therapist employing the technique Eye Movement Integration. Graeme can be contacted via his website or Email: Tel: 07810 403439


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The Aztecs knew avocados as the ‘Fruit of the Gods’, and as well as being packed with vitamins and minerals, they contain no cholesterol or solid fats, but do contain monosaturates that helps to lower ‘bad’ cholestorol. Here are some avocado facts:

The avocado contains 60 percent more potassium than a banana. The potassium content in avocados regulates blood pressure and can guard against heart disease and strokes, as well as aiding digestion and helping the body flush out toxins

When eaten with other foods, avocados enable the body to better absorb cancer-fighting nutrients, such as carotenoids, found in vegetables that include spinach and carrots.

A large avocado can contain as many as 400 calories.

Avocados are native to Central America and were a favorite food of the Aztecs.

Avocados provide nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins and folic acid.


ROASTED BEETROOT SOUP WITH FETA YOGURT DRESSING A delicious beetroot soup recipe, perfect for entertaining friends Serves 4 Prep Time: 10 mins Cooking Time: 40 mins Ingredients 600g beetroot, medium sized, washed and chopped into pieces 500g cherry tomatoes 2 cloves of garlic 1 onion, peeled and finely chopped Handful of fresh thyme 2 tbsp olive oil 500ml beef stock Salt & pepper 125g feta cheese 100g Greek Style Natural Yogurt

Method 1. Pre-heat oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5. 2. Place the beetroot and cherry tomatoes in an ovenproof roasting pan. Next, throw in the garlic, onion and thyme and drizzle over the olive oil. 3. Roast for 25 – 30 minutes until the beetroot is soft and pulpy. Remove from the oven. 4. Transfer the beetroot to a large sauce pan and add the stock, simmer gently for 10 minutes, season and taste. 5. Using a hand blender or food processor blend until completely smooth. If you like your soup thick leave as it is, otherwise use a sieve and push through the beetroot and vegetables to make the soup smooth and glossy. 6. To serve, divide between bowls and crumble a little feta into each bowl and drizzle some yogurt over the top. Serve with crusty bread.

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“Always look on the Adversity / prosperity is all a matter of perspective! Some of the hardest crosses we have to bear in life can teach us the most about who we are and what we want out of life... Kimberley Dawn Carpenter describes her personal journey of discovery into alternative therapies whilst coping with ME.


y own personal story has been a long and winding road. At the age of 27, I feel I have learned a lot about the mind/body link and want to share this information with others. I hope to raise awareness that we are responsible for our own thoughts and feelings, by raising our happiness levels we can prevent illness by staying healthy! I believe illness is simply your body’s way of communicating that something is wrong. By reconnecting your mind and emotions to the body, you can identify and control imbalances long before they have time to manifest. Suffering myself from a health condition that has many names – M.E /Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, whatever label you put on it, it all boils down to the same thing – a sign that the body is out of balance. I find it helpful not to dwell on the label, but look at the individual symptoms to interpret what our bodies are trying to tell us! My experience with conventional western medicine proved to be a very frustrating and disheartening affair. My GP at the time didn’t seem to believe me and dismissed my symptoms as psychosomatic! I’ve heard similar stories from many people. Sometimes the people you turn to for help just dismiss you as wasting time or just wanting sympathy. When your family and friends do this it hurts, but when it’s your doctor as well, it seems as though there is


nowhere to turn. You start to question yourself – Is it all in my head? Can I just pull myself together? You try much too hard to get back to normal too quickly and end up causing a relapse. This cycle can be very distressing at any age or time of life. It was clear that I had to take matters into my own hands. First steps I re-educated myself about food and the effect it was having on my body. At my worst, I remember feeling sick all day, so not being able to face eating until late afternoon. Then all I could muster was a milky coffee and half a packet of custard creams. Then a few choc ices later in the evening after a small amount of ‘a proper meal’. I think about that now and have to laugh. How can anyone feel good on that kind of diet. ‘You are what you eat!’. Tiredness was another unwelcome effect of my illness, ironically called ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’! This didn’t mean I was asleep all the time. No. The long days of inactivity of both mind and body left me restless and prone to insomnia, not being able to doze off until the early hours of the next morning, sometimes 2 - 3am – staying in bed until 2 - 3pm the following afternoon. At my grandmothers suggestion, I tried Lavender oil to help me to sleep. I found Aromatherapy to be a very

bright side of life�


“Always look on the bright side of life” cheap, easy way of helping myself. I researched the essential oils and the effects they claimed to have on the mind, body and spirit. I started using Lavender in baths and dropped onto my pillow at night. Such a wonderful all-rounder, it eased the aches of my muscles and pains of my joints, lulling me into a state of rest that in time brought about a peaceful sleep. I then looked into finding other oils that where said to have beneficial effects on my other symptoms. Some that would boost the immune system to help my body get back to being fighting fit, help with concentration as I was soon to be taking my GCSEs and uplift the mood which as a hormonal teenager would benefit everyone else as well! Passing my exams was a sign that I was getting better, that I hadn’t lost all hope. I could see something worth getting better for. A life I wanted and believed I could acheive. Going to college gave me the independence I craved. Meeting new friends who didn’t know of my condition unless I chose to tell them. I was just Kim again not the ‘ILL GIRL’! Appearing to others as just ‘one of them’ felt great. Doing art and psychology A levels sparked my creativity and interest. New beginnings Getting into Art school felt like a long awaited achievement. A sign that things were going to be OK. Starting in September, I quickly found that the 9-5 schedule was hard for me. My energy levels rapidly running down along with my creativity, I managed to hold it together until the Xmas holidays and had a full blown relapse. Feeling totally useless, uncreative and numb made me dispare at the world. I broke down. All that I thought I wanted to be and held dear was clear that it was not


going to happen. Did you ever play the HOT/COLD game as a child? Hide an object in a room and describing to others how to find the object by merely saying how near they are to it with the phrase ‘hotter or colder’. I see this as a good metaphor for life. We all want to be in that hot spot. A healthy, vibrant and happy being. The further away from this state we become, the ‘colder’ we get. Listening to others, doubting ourselves and ultimately becoming ill. So, lets aim to get everyone inspired by life, to be confident enough to go out there and get what they want. To shine their own inner light! Two steps back Having a relapse was my bodies way of showing me that something was amiss in my new life. I needed to come up with a way I could become a fully functioning member of society – to earn my own living and have a purpose in life. At the time, to go onto disability living allowance, would feel like I had given up, I’d have no reason to be alive. At the time it seemed like an attractive alternative to the bleak future I could see. I needed a job that was creative, not physically demanding and flexible enough to fit around my variable energy levels. A trip to back to the

I studied – Aromatherapy, Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, non-medical Nutritional Advice and extensive Anatomy and Physiology.

college and I had my light bulb moment! They had a Holistic Therapy course. I had struck gold. Only having to be in college two days a week meant I could rest as much as I needed and keep up with course work. I soon felt well again and got a few regular short shifts at my local pub. More independence. I was able to save money for my ‘just in case’ fund – allowing for a time I may have a relapse and not be able to work. I felt so empowered, tapping into a seemingly bottomless pit of knowledge and natural therapies, applying what I was learning to myself along the way.

Success at last Once I had passed with flying colours, it seemed clear, that the best way forward, was to be my own boss. I could work when I wanted, be creative with the design of marketing and decorating my treatment room. Most importantly, being able to share my knowledge with others. To open peoples eyes to how they can take back control of their lives by learning to listen to their own bodies and its individual needs. I now work from a clinics in Norwich and Norfolk. I even have a low cost clinic available for those on limited income. in a way, place, time and price that suits them. My energy still fluctuates but I see it differently now, it is simply my signal as to how I am feeling. It guides me. I don’t allow myself to stray too far into the ‘cold’! I use the techniques I’ve learned to balance myself daily, I drink plenty of water, eat regularly, get outside everyday, surround myself with people I love and do enjoy things that make me smile, laugh or cry ‘in a good way’ as much as possible! My recipe for a fulfilled life! For more information or to contact Kimberley Dawn Carpenter, Holistic Therapist email: info@kimberleydawn


A Metaphor for by Rainbow in my clouds


hinese bamboo shoots, when first planted, require patience, faith, and nurturing. This is because the bamboo won’t even start to sprout roots in the first year, nor the second year, nor the third, not even in the fourth year. It takes the bamboo until the fifth year to grow 90 feet within a space of six weeks. Do you think the bamboo grew 90 feet in six weeks, or do you think it grew 90 feet in five years? Your answer may reveal something about how you approach your life, goals, and dreams. It is often the littlest of changes and actions that creates a snowball effect in our lives. This snowball effect can either be positive helping us move towards our life intentions and purpose in a healthy and abundant way, or be negative making our journey and transition unnecessarily harder.


Patience equates silence. Our inner world is our natural, homeostasis, support system, it is the one true constant in our lives and our most important and sacred relationship we possess. Connecting with our inner being can be accomplished in various ways; different ways will resonate with different people. Examples are through meditation, guided imagery, walking in nature, talking to a tree, gardening, breathing exercises, yoga, martial arts, dancing... the list is endless. The key is to get to a place inside where you are at peace and in flow with the universe, where your mind chatter has slowed down and preferably ceased, in order to get to a


place of feeling rather than thinking; a place where we feel and see from the heart, a place where we become the observer without an agenda. Here, we focus on our breath and allow feelings to arise, and observe, trusting that your inner wisdom is always present and will guide you through what you are feeling. In this sacred place we find clarity. Clarity means being honest to ourselves about how we really feel without trying to judge or change it. We need silence for clarity to arise and we need patience with our daily practice of silence, to allow time to feel our way through our emotions rather than repress them which hinders our progress as they hide themselves away in our subconscious which means they can be triggered at any time and unconsciously these repressed emotions seep their way out into our behaviour, which in turn affects our relationships and habits in a negative way. As our silent connection with our inner self deepens, our inner wisdom comes forward to guide us towards our authentic self and true path in life. This in turn leads us to faith.


Faith is surrender. From the clarity we have gained from being still, silent and at one with our inner being, we surrender to what is. At first this may feel absurd or difficult, because it feels counterintuitive. We fear this will make us passive and a failure. However, we’ve all heard the adage by Carl Jung: what we resist persists. Wise people who fought against injustice such as Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther

Life King recognized that they needed to work with their enemy in a peaceful and respectful way. You only have to look to nature to see the wisdom in this. Nothing is forced in nature, you can’t force a tree to grow more rapidly, or the sun to shine where and when you want it to. When we work with the situation or person, we are connecting and transforming energy into something new, essentially we are evolving, but when we go against the situation to try and change it to how we want it to be, (even when you are ďŹ ghting for justice) the energy from both sides is

forced into a battle which creates more negative energy. A battle of energy isn’t about justice or who is right, it just becomes a pool of negative, stagnant, dead energy that serves no one for their highest good and often there are severe consequences to pay for this type of action. Faith helps us to envision what we want whilst simultaneously beginning to take small daily action steps in the present moment, working with the situation to get where we want to be in a more peaceful and calm way.


A Metaphor for Life Whenever discomfort arises from this process, we always return to our daily practice of patience in silence, where we connect with our inner wisdom to make us aware of how we truly are feeling and to help release and move through the feeling with patience, always being guided by our inner wisdom. As my spiritual mentor always tells me, spirit meets us at the point of action, and this is where we need to have faith and surrender knowing we are doing the best we can do each day and that at the same time we have to surrender to a higher power, a higher intelligence to work some miracles and guides us to where we need to go and grow within us. All experience provides us with an opportunity to learn, grow and expand, then share it with the rest of the world. In order to fulfil our potential, our life purpose and to be of any benefit to loved ones, friends, work, the world at large, we need to nurture ourselves with self-love.

Self-love is about self-forgiveness, allowing ourselves to make mistakes without regrets, to love all parts of ourselves and love ourselves enough to be honest and transform anything about ourselves or situation or relationships that don �t serve our highest good any more. This process is interwoven with our daily practice of being patient which will help us to forgive and love more. Self-love is about loving what is, loving your unique, authentic self in all its light and glory and celebrating and honouring that with nurturing practices like meditation, being active, eating a balanced diet, healing our bodies through touch and massage, immersing ourselves in nature, being kind with our words to ourselves, being kind to others, radiating love and light out of each cell of our body to everyone we encounter along our journey. This process is interwoven with the process of having faith, surrendering to what is, whilst taking small nurturing NURTURING action steps each day towards our Nurturing is self-love. Just like we water a renewal of loving energy. plant and place it towards the sunlight, Notice how being patient, having we need to nurture our mind and faith and being nurturing is a cyclical body in the same way. We are the process, each feeding the next step in sun in our own life, meaning that we the process and it is ongoing and a lifeare responsible for our own happiness long process, helping you reach newer and joy that cultivates itself from within heights in your evolution here on earth. and eventually manifesting into the The golden thread that weaves this physical realm. We water ourselves by all together is gratitude: ■ When we are being patient in silence feeding our mind and body nourishing food, nourishing material for our mind, we are grateful to our inner wisdom our consciousness (i.e., watching and for being honest, self-aware and reading inspiring, positive and life accepting, allowing to breathe into affirming material), nourish our body and lean into this feeling in order for our by being active and flexible, and most inner wisdom to whisper to us. important of all we send every cell in our ■ When we are grateful for what is, what body love and light and seek only to do we already have, we open our hearts to and say what is for our highest good and receive and give more, we recognise all concerned. opportunities when they arise, where


spirit meets us at the point of action, increasing our abundance of gratitude; thus the cycle continues infinitely. ■ When we give ourselves self-love we can be grateful for who we are and how we act and witness the many blessings this manifests into the lives of loved ones and anyone we meet, thus creating rippling waves of gratitude, love and kindness around the world. Just like the Chinese bamboo shoots, the more we practice connecting with our inner wisdom, working with our environment and nurturing ourselves with healthy, loving practices and small daily nurturing action steps, eventually we will grow and expand in our own authentic way guided along by our joy path. Why did the Chinese bamboo

shoots grow 90 feet in six weeks? Because it �s the journey that counts not the destination; it �s how you get there that is truly important and where all the joy and happiness lies, in the lessons and pathways life takes you on. The Chinese bamboo shoots grew during five years and even though you couldn �t see the growth above the ground in the physical realm, it all began within, underneath the earth, from inside by being patient, having faith and nurturing the process on a daily basis in the present moment.

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Keep a twinkle in your wrinkle!

At forty something... I’m no spring chick, more of a perky hen. Life certainly began at 40 for me, the year I gave birth to my special girl. My six pack and hours spent pounding the treadmill in the gym are long gone...


hen I was younger I spent so much time trying to perfect my physical body, neglecting my inner self. I looked fabulous but had nothing to say, I felt empty on the inside. I see my body changing and I see the wrinkles on my face as the map of my life. I’m not perfect - far from it! I have no desire to be.� �With age comes acceptance and contentment. The years of personal and spiritual development have paid dividends. I don’t wish to be younger or look like anyone else - I’m happy in my own skin, in this moment right here, right now. I like myself and feel absolutely blessed.� �I find it incredibly sad the way women constantly put themselves down, compare themselves to others and are unaware of their own inner beauty. The media has a lot to answer for: using wrinkle-free teenage models to advertise wrinkle cream is just one ridiculous example. We are constantly bombarded with perceived images of perfection. �So many people are on the constant tread-mill to the unachievable beauty goal of perfection. On the ‘I’ll be happy when’ journey, so focused on the destination that they lose the sight of the present moment and the blessings in their lives.�Who says we need to be perfect to be beautiful?


There is a fountain of youth; It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age. Sophia Loren

Everyone is the age of their heart

Simple tips to uncover the Goddess within; Begin by exercising: start at a level that is suitable to you and is something that you enjoy. Even if it’s just walking, step up the pace and breath some fresh air into your lungs to get the circulation going and some colour in your cheeks! Or if you are in a relationship, have more sex! It’s free, no special clothing required (well that’s optional) and you don’t even need to leave the house.Sex is so

Wrinkles...the service stripes of life much better with age, you’re able to reach new depths of personal expressioin. Wear clothes that suit your present body shape – anything too small or old, donate it to charity. If you keep clothes that you can’t fit into you will constantly feel like a failure when you can’t squeeze into them. Accentuate your best asset, whatever that may be. Ask a freind if your not sure, someone that will give you kind, honest feedback - not criticism. Wear clothes that you feel good in! Invest in new lingerie – the sexier the better. You will feel like a goddess and have a twinkle in your eye. Eat healthily – feed yourself nutritious food that you would be happy to give to an honoured guest in your home. Affirmations – create affirmations to manifest whatever you would like in your life. Believe that anything is possible.� Read – educate yourself, knowledge is power! My first spiritual book was ‘Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know’ by Barbara De Angelis. An increbible book that helped me to put my life in perspective and gain clarity.� Consult a colour therapist – discover which colours to wear and which compliment your skin tone and eyes. Relationships – surround yourself with people that support and inspire you to be the best that you can be. Not everyone in our lives are meant to be there forever. Learn when to release people that no longer serve your highest good. Be thankfull for the lessons you have learnt and let them go with love.�As human beings we come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We are all unique and that’s the way we are supposed to be. Beauty comes from within, it shines like a beacon from the very depths of your Soul. Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself and fan the goddess flame until it becomes a raging inferno! You are perfect and beautiful... just the way you are!


ASCENSION AWAKENING A personal experience and perspective

Although all of humanity and our dear Gaia/Mother Earth is ascending, there are varying prospective and perceptions of all that is transpiring. That is as it should be for as individual souls, travelling our unique journey on Earth this lifetime, a path is encoded within each blueprint as our soul essence joins our physical form. I believe this merging takes place around the second trimester of each pregnancy, so between three to six months. Having studied, researched and trained in Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Shamanic Energy Medicine and as a Soul Midwife, I have come to understand that it is both a challenging and exciting time to have chosen to live in ‘human form’ on planet Earth. We are entering a new cycle; I like to refer to as ‘The Golden Age’. I have been on a ‘known’ spiritual path for twenty one years but of course in reality my spiritual journey began as soon as I was born. I do remember as a young girl, of around eight years old, playing ball against a wall one Saturday morning. It was during summer school holidays whereby I had some unusual thoughts for such a young age; floating around my mind were words and sentences such as, “there has to be more to this world than this”, “what in the world am I doing here”, “where are my people”, “craziness”, “things don’t add up”, “lonely”, “waiting to get picked up”, feeling cold and empty, feelings of ‘not belonging’, and a scared feeling playing around in my


tummy (that butterfly sensation). As we grow we become conditioned and indoctrinated with others’ belief systems, are own becoming buried within our subconscious. I have spent many years uncovering those innate truths and still continue to do so, layer upon layer! During the course of my research it has been confirmed to me that it is of great importance to clear the Pineal gland as this is our ‘personal assistant’ into other dimensions and varying states of consciousness. It has come to my attention that many substances within the food and water that we have consumed have dumbed down the Pineal gland, which sits directly behind the ‘third eye’ within the human brain. Once such substance being fluoride I noticed was even in a certain brand of teabags whilst doing my unloved weekly shop. (I find crowded places quite challenging due to the mix of energies, some quite toxic with emotions such as sadness, anger and depression, being sensitive and empathic, I find I have to protect my auric field to guard

no uncertain terms what would nourish me rather than make me ‘sick’. Our bodies are changing from dense third dimensional energy to fifth dimensional ‘crystalline light bodies’. To assist this process our diets need to be lighter i.e. fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, natural dressings, all as fresh as possible. I have experienced a wide variety of ascension symptoms since the year 2000, this is when I believe Mother Earth was edging her way out of the ‘Age of Pieces’, readying herself to break into the ‘Age of Aquarius’. This is where I feel we will enter at the end of 2012 and into 2013. The last few years have been ‘the In-between Times’. During the last twelve years my personal accession/awakening has travelled quite a bumpy rollercoaster ride. Here is a portion of these experiences; you may resonate with some:


against recurring illness). Many types of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the food we consume can cause the Pineal gland to calcify. This is the result of toxins building up in our physical body. There are many ways to decalcify this important gland; I personally have detoxed by cutting out all known foods with any GMOs and chemicals of any kind. It’s not for everyone, but I found my body would communicate to me in

Expansion from the physical body into auric field: ● Acute temperature changes from hot to cold, a little like ‘flu symptoms’ ● Headaches – especially around the ‘third eye’. ● Dizziness. ● Frenetic sleep patterns – sleeping too much, or total insomnia. ● General fatigue – aching joints muscles and bones especially around the neck, shoulders and lower back. ● Ringing in the ears – high pitched tones and drones. ● Tingling and numbness in the extremities – fingers, toes and top of head around the crown chakra. Four years ago I awoke in the middle of one night with numbness and tingling down the full length of the left side of my body, I thought I experienced a stroke! I became well again over a period of time with the assistance of a wonderful homeopath.




ASCENSION AWAKENING A personal experience and perspective

Mental ● Difficulty

in holding onto clarity of short term memory ● Expansion within the mind ● Foggy and clouded mind ● Negative mind chatter ● Confusion ● Loss

Emotional ● Lots

of crying, whaling and moaning – releasing personal tears and those for the collective consciousness. ● Feelings of loneliness and yet desperate to have copious time for solitude. ● Shedding the past from this life time and past lives. ● Letting go of all that has attached to negative ego. ● Feelings of deep centred compassion for all living beings and creatures including plants, tress, oceans, field, mountains and all of nature. ● Forgiveness in all relationships, situations and circumstances that have caused distress of any description. ● Forgiveness of ‘self’ in any areas of shame, guilt, blame and judgement.

Spiritual ● Opening

up to other dimensions and states of consciousness as the veils become thinner and finer. ● Giving permission for ‘Six Sense’ to deepen so it becomes a way of everyday life in readiness for telepathic communication for all (Soul Language). If anyone is ever concerned about their health it is always wise and does no harm to get a check up with a GP they

have a good rapport with. Another vast experience I have had has been in the area of relationships of every kind; friends, family and acquaintances. These have dissolved there connections, this of course can be disconcerting and quite painful. However I have learnt that it is only the personality fused upon the ego that is affected not who I really am. I have been shown time and time again that those who are choosing to leave my side and do not wish to share my journey, have made ‘Soul Contracts’ with me to do just that; long before we incarnated onto the earth plane. I am eternally grateful to them and continue to love and cherish their ‘soul essence’. When I look back I understand all as been, is and will continue be in ‘divine order’ for the rest of my mission on earth. Many humans are already living consciously from the heart centre and are vibrating within the third-forth dimensional reality. Some even into fifth, sixth and higher. As we near the end of this year pertinent dates, being 12-12-12 and 21-12-12 more will find their vibrations resonating as collective consciousness is harmoniously raised in divine love and service to each other. We all have an extra special purpose to be here at this time so it is important to clear as much as possible from that ego that enjoys trying to be in charge of our lives. I know it is possible to make the shift with hard work and commitment. Believe me, the gold is there at the very core in each and every one of us. Glinting and glistening. Waiting with open arms to grant love, grace and infinite joy, as we all travel the wave of this glorious process. May you all have inspirational transitions full of magic and joy. Shelly Coles


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Created by Mary Maddux, MS, HTP and Richard Maddux, best known for their popular Meditation Oasis podcast and and CDs. Mary and Richard bring over 30 years of meditation practice and teaching to the creation of their guided meditations and music. The Simply Being meditation is useful for beginners and experienced meditators alike. Let go of the mind and “simply be”. Choose a 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute meditation with the Simply Being theme. The app allows you to listen to the meditations with or without music or nature sounds. You can adjust the voice and music/nature sounds volumes separately. In addition to having just the right mix for you, this allows you to listen with or without music, and to listen to the music alone. With this App you can: ● Meditate easily as you are voice-guided step by step ● Choose a meditation length of 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes ● Listen to the meditation with or without music/nature sounds ● Read instructions to support and enhance your meditation ● Relax deeply and experience the present moment completely ● Enjoy the benefits of meditation easily ● Links to support on the Meditation Oasis website ● Separate Volume Controls for voice and music/nature sounds


Past Life Regression can allow us to explore and gain insight into our most intimate fears ,phobias and patterns of behaviour that may be soul scars aquired in a previous physical life.



or those of us who believe in past lives an awareness of how they affect the karmic pattern of future lives becomes apparent and holds a deep fascination. Many of the things we are either drawn to or put off by are due to past life experiences. Often people try and either recreate aspects of previous lives in order to duplicate positive experiences or we avoid similar situations in an effort to protect ourselves from negative ones repeating themselves. Once someone comes to me for a past life regression all I ask is that they keep an open mind. I aid them into a state of deep relaxation but I do not employ hypnotic techniques as I am not a hypnotist. This is made very clear on my web site. As it is impossible to gain insurance for regression, whether hypnotic or not, I ask clients to sign a disclaimer after they have read the information sheet I provide about the process I use. My tried and tested method is a form of guided path working. Many people are familiar with this as a form of guided meditation technique. This begins with visualising a mutually prearranged ‘safe place’ and then progresses with taking the client on the journey towards which ever life is having the most profound effect on this one. Once a client arrives in this life they are merely a watcher and cannot be seen or interacted with. Nor can they affect that which they view. If they are upset or disturbed by anything they

see they can instantly return to the safe place. I do not put any suggestions in the client’s mind all that is witnessed is accessed by the clients deeply buried ancestral spirit memory. I simply ask questions about what the client is seeing and sensing on all levels available. Only one life is explored in each session and we discuss anything the client wishes to share afterwards. I will take notes for the client but normally people remember everything very clearly. It can be described as a ‘waking dream’. By utilising the stage we go into just before sleep we are at our most relaxed and visually open to inner planes. A session normally takes about an hour and clients will need to fully ground themselves afterwards with a drink and something to eat. I have found travelling back to a few of my own past lives very rewarding and enlightening. It has helped me to release some prejudices, let go of some irrational neurosis and understand better why I am the person I have become in this life. Past life regression can be very therapeutic and help heal wounds that perhaps normal counselling might not ever get to or really connect with.

Gillian MacDonald Tarot and Healing Tel: 01284 728761 or 07707759051 Email: Web:


THE POWER of 12 Ariel












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