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6 Tiffany Johnson



KC Kick-off

Above: Leslie Victorino, Henderson freshman, happily waits as her snow cone is being made by a Charlie’s Sno-balls employee.

The annual KC Kickoff is in full force where students receive free food, snow cones, and entertainment from DJ KC.


E’lexus Hodge

Tiffany Johnson

Left (from left) The Twirling Line, including drum major, Darian Duke, and twirlers, Alex Bridges, Leslie Becerra, Sarah Buckner, Tarah Duncan, Kacey Lowe, Ahley Doan, Breanne Largent, Dominque Rasberry and Christina Lloyd represent one of the groups introduced at KC-Kickoff. Below (from left): Freshman Rangerettes Kyla Drake, Emily Posey, Emma Cox, Maddie Minser, Megan Roberts, and Autumn Fleet pose with the signs they made in support of the Rangers. E’lexus Hodge

Tiffany Johnson

Left: Head football coach, JJ Eckert, praises his team for its early season accomplishments. Right: Tyga Singleton, Shreveport, Louisiana freshman, displays his moves on the dance floor.

E’lexus Hodge

E’lexus Hodge


2015 Block Party

Students gathered in front of the Devall Student Center dance to Silento’s “Watch Me.”


Christian hip-hop recording artist Derek Minor perfoms at the Back-to-School Block Party.

Photographs by Tiffany Johnson

Taylor Sieber, Forney freshman, tries to walk a straight line while wearing “drunk goggles” as a KCPD officer oversees her attempt.

Josh Cortez, White Oak freshman, takes a selfie with Christian hip-hop artist Derek Minor.

Freshmen Allison Eigsti, Shawnee, Kansas, and MacKenzie Cumpian, Beaumont, sing along with DJ rapper “CedEnough” Hardimon from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He opened for Derek Minor at the KC Bible chairs’ back-to-school bash.


Homecoming Pep Rally

Darian Duke, Ranger Band drum major, directs the band during the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner.


Tiffani Branch

Tiffani Branch

Top Left: Rowdy the Ranger returns as the KC mascot fires up the crowd. Above: Asael Ovalle, Longview sophomore, holds the music folder while playing at the homecoming pep rally. Left: The Swingsters, a select group of Rangerettes, perfom a routine to several popular hip-hop hits.

Tiffany Johnson

Dominique Thomas, Tyler freshman, enjoys a snow cone at the homecoming pep rally.

Richard Nguyen

Nick Gaviria, White Oak freshman, dances with Jeannie Butler, KC support specialist, while the band plays.


Homecoming Events

Top: Sophomores Alex Bridges, Rockwall, and Richard Nguyen, Longview, pose for a shot after being crowned Homecoming Queen and King. Right: Representing the Homecoming Court are sophomores, from left: Christina Lloyd, Mexia; Richard Nguyen, Alex Bridges, Cornelius Garab, Houston; Darian Duke, Gladewater; and Aseal Ovalle, Longview, enjoy a moment together before the pre-game announcement.


Left: Wide receiver, Jaylen Fails, Grand Prairie freshman, runs for a touchdown at the homecoming game against Tyler Junior College. Bottom left: Feature twirler, Alex Bridges, takes her place on the field for a halftime performance accompanied by the Ranger Band. Below: A crowd member takes a photo of the Rangerettes’ performance during the rainy halftime show.

Tiffany Johnson


Homecoming Game

Martinez Syria, a Aldine sophomore, fights to hold onto the ball while TJC player pile on.

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson

Above: Sophomore Jaylen Fails, from Grand Prairie, charges into the endzone for another touchdown. Left: Rangerette Captian Brooke Luna, a Pflugerville sophomore , leads her team onto the rain soked feild for the halftime show.


Tiffany Johnson

Tina Marie Reed

Lt. Mary Williford, Beaumont, and Captain Brooke Luna, Pflugerville, watch with interest as the football team pummels the Apaches.

Jaylen Fails looks for an open lane to take the ball in against the Apaches.

Tina Marie Reed


Miller Plaza

Tina Marie Reed

Omar Briseno, Longview freshman, relaxes and catches up on reading for his classes on a new bench in the recently opened Mike Miller Plaza.

Tiffani Branch

Above: Students participate in a game of bubble soccer, sponsored by a college student group. Right: (from left) Jeremy Powell, Longview freshman, and Rundy Williams, Fort Eustis, Virginia, freshman, duck and dodge during a game of laser tag at Miller Plaza.

Victoria Gilchrist


Left: Austin Freidline, Gladewater freshman, throws a flying disk on the recently opened sodded Plaza.

Tiffany Johnson

Below: A student crosses the Plaza on the way to KC’s annual Crawfish Boil. An exceptionally rainy spring semester helped the grass fill in quickly.

Tiffany Johnson


Spring Pep Rally

Twirler Gloria Becerra, Henderson freshman, performs a routine during the Spring Pep Rally in Mike Miller Plaza.

Tiffany Johnson

Victoria Gilchrist

The Rangerette line marks time and waits for the musical cue to begin their routine on the center star of Mike Miller Plaza. The area opened mid-spring and bears the name of a long-time Rangerette supporter.


Left: Triston Adkins, Gladewater freshman, enjoys hot dogs donated by the Baptist Student Ministry and Mobberly Baptist Church. Bottom left: Alex Bridges, feature twirler, juggles multiple batons during her Spring Pep Rall performance.

Jodi Dosier

Tiffany Johnson

Tina Marie Reed

Top right: David Berbruggen, a volunteer from Mobberly Baptist Church in Longview, grills and serves food to KC students and staff.

Bottom left: The Swingsters perform a high kick routine for the crowd at the Spring Pep Rally event.

Lacey Bunn


Crawfish Boil

Above right: Yasmine Wilson, Kilgore freshman, happily accepts her snowcone from Charlie’s Sno Balls at the annual KC crawfish boil. Right center: With orange, seasoned hands, Jessica Carrington, Gilmer sophomore, prepares to eat a crawfish. Right: From among the crowd Meaghan Morton, Trinidad freshman, reveals her crawfish-stained hands.


Tina Marie Reed

Victoria Gilchrist

Lacey Bunn

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson

Top left: KC students and faculty enjoy the annual crawfish boil sponsored by the college. Food is provided by Circle M in Big Sandy. Center (from left): Dominique Thomas, Tyler freshman, shows off dance moves with Jasmine Reynolds, Grand Prairie freshman. Above right (from left): Hannah Sanders, and Annalise Wisdom, both Henderson sophomores, enjoy a plate of crawfish.

Tiffany Johnson


Rangerettes’ 75th Birthday

The famous dance-drill team line celebrated their true birthday on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015 — 75 years to the day after taking the field for a Thursday night football game in 1940. The Rangerettes were originally founded by Gussie Nell Davis as a way to keep spectators in their seats during halftime of KC football games. Along that journey, they have traveled the world entertaining millions with their unique performances, legendary highkicks and red, white and blue signature look.

Photographs by Tiffany Johnson




Tina Marie Reed

Dancers enter and exit through the stage wings during rehearsals. Bottom right: Madeline Doerr, Frisco sophomore, performs “Be Italian� for the off-Broadway routine.


The Show Must Go On

Lauren LaBoyteau

Tina Marie Reed

Left: Bravisimo! Rangerettes twirl with gusto during an Italian-styled dance. Above: Kelsey Moore, Plano sophomore, tops a techno number. Right: Jenna Gerwels, Austin sophomore, strikes a pose during a spirited dance.

Richard Nguyen

Tiffani Branch


Left: Lt. Madeline Doerr, from Frisco, takes the stage with her broadway inspired routine. Center: Britney Gardner, Fort Worth sophomore, shakes and takes on the top routine during the tap act. Right: Emily Shymkiw, Austin sophomore, leaps into the spotlight during her ballet routine.


Tiffani Branch

Heels up! The Rangerettes close Revels with their boots in the air.


Tiffany Johnson

Richard Nguyen

Victoria Gilchrist

Paulin Libebele

Keilin Jeter, Tyler freshman, gets her kicks to hat level during the final act of Revels.


Tiffany Johnson

Freshmen Emily Posey, Rowlett, and Mackenzie Cumpain, Beaumont, leap and shine in a Disney-inspired musical mashup, commemorating their trip to the Magic Kingdom over Spring Break.


Kristen Crawford, Texarka routine.

Far left: The 75th Rangerette Line’s graduating officers perform “Time for Change” to Stevie Nicks’ “Landslide.” Left: Officer Lainey Bergen-Henengouwen, Beaumont, performs the famous strut during the closing number of Revels.

Richard Nguyen

Tiffany Johnson

ana, stands front and center during the sophomore

Tiffany Johnson


Baylor Roberson

Rangerettes celebrate power with “A Great Piece of Music” during one of dances.


Above: The Rangerettes perform their trademark jump split routine during halftime of the Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium. Right: Madison Minser, Whitehouse freshman, performs the rockin’ horseshoe routine in front of a packed crowd on December 31.


Rangerette’s 66th Cotton Bowl Photographs by Tiffany Johnson

Above: Lieutenant Kelsey Moore, Plano, leads the Rangerettes during the world-famous Twist Fall routine. Bottom: Samantha Stapper, Belton sophomore, tips her hat in honor of Texas traditions.



Jason Richard charms the audience as “The Nerd.”

The cast of “Twelfth Night” dance onstage during a performance.


Carley Cornelius and Matthew Simpson in “A Midsummer Night’s Drea


Shakespeare Festival

Marian Van Noppen stars in “The Princess and the Players”

Above: Theatre faculty members Meaghan Sullivan and Micah Goodding perform a scene from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.” Left: Jeff Raab entertains as “The Man of La Mancha.” Photos special to the Ranger


Spring Graduates ASSOCIATE OF ARTS

Jon P. Abel Diana G. Aguilar-Zarate Leah Paige Anderson Staci M. Anderson Isamade C. Anthony Gladis Arce’ Tonya Therese Ashmore Tiphany L. Baker Hunter R. Barr Jerri R. Bass Sable Dawn Bass Timothy M. Bauman Erin M. Beaver Jennifer M. Bedair Noor R. Bilal Kelci Bjornlie Tori L. Boaze Camory Bolton Rudolph J. Bourgeois III James T. Bray Hatti A. Bridges Taylor L. Briggs Kelsea N. Briscoe Johnny A. Brown Kiska S. Caldwell Laura B. Cammack Rosalinda Campozano Solis Laura Cardenas Larry J. Carroll Sandra Mariela Chavez Nikki Nichole Clark Aubria Denishia Lynell Clifton Marcus J. Collins Joseph M. Collum Jordan M. Conley Nick R. Crossland Jacob Cameron Culberson Damian V. Delgado Ben E. Dickey Emily Rose Diehl Ryan W. Dixon Pre’Franz N. Dominick Mike Downing Macee T. Duncan Michael Lee Elliott Jese M. Epa Yasmine Naomi Escobedo


Krysti L. Fleck Ginny Marie Fredenburg Carey N. Fry Giselle S. Galvan Cortney G. Gelpi Lacey LeAnn Granger John M. Greeson Denver Addam Harcum Joseph D. Hart Valerie S. Hatcher Elsi M. Hernandez Ernest G. Hernandez Regina Holland Kody A. Hughes Sarah A. Jalomo Tyler L. Jones Cristina P. Juarez Stephanie E. Juarez Damond D. King Garrett Lamar Klein Abake C. Koukpoliyi Evelyn Y. Landaverde Leanna R. Latham Timothy B. Leadon Brianna S. Lutrell Cindy Lux Marissa D. Madding Dalton M. May Sadrina S. McAlister Andrea M. McIntyre Amber N. McMillan Meaghan G. McNamara Ana G. Melara Marsha R. Miller Keatin B. Mitcham Carly M. Morgan Joshua Daniel Newsham Chloe K. Nisbett Elisha M. Otis Daniel Joseph Parker Dallas A. Peoples Juanita A. Perez Andrew B. Peterson Linda J. Polk Andrew Joseph Procell Sierra C. Rangel Rain G. Rieke Leslie A. Rowe Dequann D. Ruffin

Rosalinda Campozano Solis Sandra Mariela Chavez Nikki Nichole Clark Jacob Cameron Culberson Christina D. Daughtry Kellsie C. Ruiz Ryan W. Dixon Misty L. Sawyer April D. Edmondson Philip A. Schluter Jayden N. Fernandez Katelin L. Seesselberg Bradford C. Fulbright Allison C. Simmons Alexa M. Garza Brenda C. Smith Lacey LeAnn Granger Timothy L. Stuckey Lukas R. Green Shelby Paige Sturrock Ania C. Haas Sarah Meria Sullivan Denn-Warren Tanga Tafah Kody A. Hughes Brandy N. Hunter Oliver L. Tan Clayton S. Hunter Tunga T. Tatum Tyler L. Jones Cera Breonna Taylor Jericha Karinn Elwell Lisa L. Taylor Cristina P. Juarez Alyssa Marie Toland Stephanie E. Juarez Hannah N. Tomme David W. Kelm Gerron L. Walker Marisa J. Ledkins Taylor R. Walker Cody W. Lennox Kimberly A. Walton Laura Crystal Lewis Taylor Kileen Weaver Dalton M. May Brandon J. Welborn Jesse A. Miller Emilee J. Whatley Amy E. Myers Shelby Lynn White Reve Gaelle Ndoumfa Antoinette V. Wilson Abbey R. Nunley Dominique S. Harnage Chidinma F. Nwadialo Bianca R. Woolridge Addason R. Olvera ASSOCIATE OF Juanita A. Perez SCIENCE Rebecca Lee Robert Warren E. Robert Leah Paige Anderson Allison C. Simmons Gladis Arce’ Yannick A. Sinte Tiphany L. Baker Meagan G. Snow Kristy R. Benge Richard B. Starks Noor R. Bilal Brett E. Steed Camory Bolton Shelby Paige Sturrock Audreanna N. Boseman

Ashton N. Terry Alicia M. Thomas Taylor Kileen Weaver Bianca R. Woolridge

ASSOCIATE OF ARTS IN TEACHING Rachael Maze Castillo Nikki Nichole Clark Regina M. Nester Shelby Paige Sturrock

ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE Cedric D. Acy Byron C. Adams Mary O. Adeeko Adrian Amaro Kyle R. Arrington Jay K. Arthur Christina M. Ashley Michelle Lee Ayres Siera N. Baird Kathryn K. Baker Rachel Michelle Barr Adriana Barrios Delynnderick O. Beasley Vanesa D. Blackshire Benjamin Nathan Boney Audreanna N. Boseman Winnie J. Bosire Megan L. Bradshaw Taylor L. Briggs Cody L. Brinson Daniel W. Brown Iris D. Brown Myriah A. Brown

Thomas L. Brown Richard Ryan Browning II Angela Y. Buchanan Matthew C. Burke James P. Burns Josh S. Caldwell Cameron M. Carlson Daiquiri L. Carter Kyra L. Clark Taylor R. Clawson Jessica P. Clutts Hunter M. Cochran Joshua G. Cohen Carrie A. Coker Casen A. Coker John A. Collard Samantha N. Collier Brandon M. Compton Raymond M. Copeland Melissa D. Crockett Katie E. Cummins Kayla N. Davenport Kevin L. Davis Kristy A. Day Jared H. Deen Shelby L. Dillard Jesse J. Dominguez Asenath S. Downs Bernardo Antonio Escobedo Thomas D. Ewing Jamal H. Farhoud Dalton L. Fenton Karina Lynn Figueroa Michael D. Finnegan Amanda N. Fitch Christopher V. Fleck Daunte L. Ford Casee Renae Forman Carolyn R. Franco Nicholas Taylor Fuller Samaura J. Furlong Chelsea N. Gaddis Amanda Marie Gomez Dawn E. Goodeman Ian P. Gray Jordan N. Gray Whitney P. Green Colton J. Greene Garrett V. Gunter Kathy E. Haas Lacy S. Hale April Dee Hall Curstyn L. Hammer Zachary S. Hartfiel Jacob T. Hartill Jerica D. Harville April A. Eubanks Christine S. Hernandez Matthew W. Hicks David C. Hight Chad L. Hitt Haden N. Hobbs Rhalston B. Hoffman

Clarissa D. Howell Karah Mackenzie Humphries Cassandra D. Ingram Adria Jackson James L. Jordan III Sarah P. Key Kyle W. Kirkland Brenda N. Kiyingi Clint J. LeBlanc Thomas L. Lewis Dylan T. Longhofer Ana-Marisa Loredo Hayden H. Lowe Jeanette V. Macias Erika L. Mallard Kathryn J. Maples Ashley B. Mathis Klinton H. McCown Cassie C. McKean Michael A. McKerley Hunter L. McMillon Arthur L. Medford Adam D. Miles Katie M. Milner Kaylee Ashtin Mitcham Barbara D. Montoya Melissa A. Munoz LaTuria S. Nelson Sisopher Nop Cevin M. Oney Audrey I. Otondi Aaron S. Owens Cynthia M. Owens Kelly L. Owens Lillie Michelle Pepper April R. Phelps Brandon G. Phillips Michael D. Phillips Aide L. Prado Rukayat Quadree John A. Rainer Yesenia Ramirez Michelle L. Rasnake Victoria Frances Ray Matthew S. Reddin Gunnar A. Reeves Shelly A. Renfro Sergio Reyes Daniel J. Riley Alejandro Rojas Kameron D. Russey Teodoso Salinas Jared Michael Sanders Kelly D. Sanders Ryan K. Seymour Adolphus J. Sheffield Beatriz C. Sherrow Alexandra W. Smith Lekitha S. Stephenson Sarah J. Stevens Brandi J. Stewart Rebecca L. Taylor Rachel E. Thomas

Shanacia K. Tyiska Danny T. Underwood Sr Pablo Vazquez Aaron Villalobos Rena Kay Gage Warlick Taniqua Mashay Warren Samuel J. Wearden Robert T. Weed Ashley R. West Michelle D. White Laketa M. Wiggins Roland R. Williams III Ronald Williams Zachary S. Williams Katie Lee Willsie Louis W. Wilson Brent C. Winters Amy R. Wood Bianca Rochelle Woolridge

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION Kimberly E. Aguilar Terry T. Allison Kevin P. Alston Jesica A. Anderson Krysta D. Arbuckle Victoria Yamel Avila Castaneda Halie S. Barnhart Jay F. Baxter Delynnderick O. Beasley Jessica R. Bickley Kelsey M. Bowdoin Trashuna M. Bridges Taylor L. Briggs Cody L. Brinson Richard Ryan Browning II Lisa M. Burns Blair D. Bush Isabel Carranza Leoncio Cazares Kyra L. Clark Taylor R. Clawson Curtis J. Close John A. Collard randon M. Compton David Cook Quentin B. Cook Raymond M. Copeland Junko K. Cox Kristina N. Daniels Brooklyn Elise Davis Kathryn E. Davis Brandon E. Dixon Jose S. Escamilla Alejandro Estrella Joseph L. Ethridge Dillon B. Eudy BJamal H. Farhoud Cutler B. Flanakin James T. Fleet Kelly A. Flint

Christy L. Ford Nicholas Taylor Fuller Roxanne Godair Martin Gonzalez Barraza Jordan N. Gray Addison Mackenzie Green Kendal J. Green Colton J. Greene Jonahtan J. Guevara Jessica I. Hermida Michael S. Hewitt Robert E. Hicks David C. Hight Connor P. Hollis Jordan J. Hranowsky Nicholas J. Huval Adria Jackson Gabriela I. Jones Kirby E. Kelly Melodi R. King Misty L. King Sherry R. Knott Tanner M. Lane Thomas L. Lewis Brendell S. Lilly Austin P. Lynch Brigida J. Romano Diego A. Martinez Gerardo Martinez Kennedy A. McAlister David C. McBride Adam D. Miles Lizbeth Moreno Mary Ann Murlin Cassandra M. Nichols Derick J. Oubre

Kelly L. Owens Kelley C. Poole Andrea B. Price Travis Purcell Yesenia Ramirez Daniel J. Riley Dulce B. Rivera Deric W. Roberts Alejandro Rojas

Devon B. Rushing Karl E. Schmitt Brianna D. Scott Timothy M. Shiflet II Breanna K. Simmons Joshua D. Smith Taylor A. Stoll Abigail A. Strohschein Jeremy H. Taylor Mitzi W. Thompson Sheila R. Throckmorton Jennifer D. Turner Pablo Vazquez Liliana Vazquez Anthony T. Vu Rena Kay Gage Warlick William Z. Wells Amanda M. Wheeler Jason A. Williams Stacey E. Williams Robbie L. Williamson Heather D. Winfrey Amy L. Wolcott Lance J. Woodruff


Summer Graduates ASSOCIATE OF ARTS

Ivon Abeldano Tony G. Addie Imaobong E. Akpan Gerald M. Allen Yasmine M. Aouad Shasta D. Bailey Daniel R. Beard Garrett D. Bickerton Brenna N. Boudreaux Corey L. Brooks Varissee D. Brown James P. Brumley Anthony B. Chadwick Tobi N. Chandler Hamza Hussain Choudhry Laura J. Christian Landon Shawn Clayton Tristan B. Clements Mindy D. Coleman Leeann Coons Bakari A. Copeland Callie L. Corbell Dawn M. Cornelius Cara Nicole Davidson Morgan D. Davis Dawn K. Dearion Alphonse Essoh Ndalle Brittany A. Fajardo Mallory E. Ford Heather L. Furguson Anna E. Gage Christian M. Gill Macy M. Grimes Brandie I. Hammonds Matthew Guy Hardin Meshell T. Horton Anesha C. Jennings Hannah K. Juarez Charley S. Keen Grace Kristen Deshaun Kennedy Vincent A. Luna Sean G. Maples Emilio E. Martinez Torres Danya N. Mason Kelly R. McFarland Jonathan L. Milligan Brandon J. Pearl Shenikia E. Powell Jessica B. Pye Sha’Traven R. Ransom


Jennifer L. Ratley Jacob W. Reed Kayla A. Reesor Regina J. Reynolds Kamisha N. Richardson Jeremy D. Riddles Whitney N. Scarborough Keandra M. Scott Rosa C. Silva Virginia L. Smith Dustin N. Smith Abygail N. Sobrevilla-Miller Richard B. Starks Richard Alexander Stolle Jacee Lea Stuart Heather M. Swingler Cheyenne H. Truitt Matthew A. Tune Victorya B. Van Blarcum Bianca L. Van Vlerah Atteona A. Ware Caleb R. Warren Tyrone C. Watson Jr. Heath W. Webb Shelby K. Westover Robbie Lee Whiting Zachary S. Williams Lindsay N. Winchell

ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE Heather Rose Anderson Adam William Barrett Daniel R. Beard Viviana C. Berrios Savannah C. Bobbitt Kiska S. Caldwell Brittany A. Fajardo Ashlee R. Green Denver Addam Harcum Chandra L. Hawley KeAmbria C. Hunter Lowell Ray Jackson II Hannah K. Juarez Michael A. Kayne Charley S. Keen Sean G. Maples Sequoia L. Marshall Allissa S. McClain Mandy M. McFall Keatin B. Mitcham Jasmine S. Moore Misty N. Palmer Tedra N. Parker Valerie I. Pellegalle

Jessica B. Pye Melanie S. Ramirez Raul Ramos Sha’Traven R. Ransom Jennifer L. Ratley Monique A. Rivera Alexa L. Seidel Rosa C. Silva Catherine J. Smithson Heather M. Swingler Cheyenne H. Truitt Robbie Lee Whiting Raven F. Wiley

ASSOCIATE OF ART IN TEACHING Melisa Aguilar Chelsey L. Alexander Corniece R. Ballard Elizabeth Anne Howell Amy M. Ibarra Maria S. Medrano Jose Fidencio Ruiz Jacee Lea Stuart

ASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCE Sayra Viviana Arriaga Goodwin G. Balderree Daniel J. Barrientos Jay F. Baxter Alexis Berumen Christopher W. Bess Elizabeth Bradshaw Amy J. Bright Duane A. Burk Kristin Kay Calvert

Jacob Rex Carpenter Azucena Chavez Joshua A. Diaz Matthew D. Ellis Emilee Kathryn Engel Richard E. Fegan II William C. Fish Tamara M. Frazier Lindy M. Glenn Braxton K. Glezen Nancy Gonzales Carlos A. Gonzalez Yovana Gonzalez Christopher W. Green Madison T. Harvick Marilyn J. Hawkins Alberto G. Hinojosa Mallory C. Holcomb Connor P. Hollis Chelsea L. Hough Jenny K. Hudson Nicholas J. Huval Lorena Jaimes Brittany D. Johnson Joshua D. Johnson Greg F. Kendrick Young-il Kim Brittney N. Lane Lanetra P. Lawson Mathew G. Lewis Dena N. Mahan Linda Delfina Martinez Christopher D. McDaniel Miranda M. McGee Bobbie J. Moore Amanda M. Myers

Jon Vashey

Isaac Q. Neal Bettina List Nixon Taylor B. Oswalt Ricardo Perez Dedric A. Peterson Thelma M. Porter Alejandro R. Rabadan Lisa A. Reep Cassandra Reynaga Joshua M. Roberts Jessica M. Robles Colin F. Rosser Devon B. Rushing Whitney T. Sowell Shannon K. Sullivan Lynna V. Tomlin Lacresha Shanail Tyeskie Kellen B. Welch Stephen F. Williams Robbie Lenell Williamson Dakota G. Wills


Darcy S. Alderson Genesis A. Andrade Sharday M. Asbell Shajuana S. Austin Tynisha N. Banks Jennifer Nicole Bassett Gloria Y. Bazaldua

Eugina E. Bell Anup Bhandari Amber D. Bradshaw Lacey N. Brooks Lyudmyla O. Burgess Ricky L. Canup Kenneth D. Caraway Jamal D. Carter Leoncio Cazares Baudel Ceballos J. Taylor Clapper Michele L. Cloer Kyle A. Crawford Carla V. Cruz Alison C. Curlee Cortney R. Dennis Daniel C. Dudley Jeremy C. Duvall Alejandro Estrella Brian N. Evans Morgause R. Fishburn Larry F. Ford Jerardo O. Garcia Christin L. Garner Kelly M. Gonzalez Kendal J. Green Darrius J. Griffith Kathy Guerrero Jonahtan J. Guevara Mark E. Hall

Cierra A. Harris Preverties O. Harris Marilyn J. Hawkins Juan L. Hernandez Marques D. Hicks Felisha F. Hines E’Lexus S. Hodge Miranda M. Hogue Nathaniel C. Hollis Landon S. Howell Nicholas J. Huval Zikra Imtiaz Bennie R. Jackson Miesha N. Jackson Emily M. Jennings Devetrick T. Johnson Lauren E. Johnston Kaitlin A. Karney Heather Lea Kidd Ashley P. LaPrairie Mathew G. Lewis Jaketha S. Linthecome Donameque D. Macon Lourdes P. Martinez Kristen E. McDonald Ashley E. McMurray Briana Le’ Morris Jennifer S. Morris Billy F. Morrow Toni S. Murphy Isaac Q. Neal

Leonidah S. Ombongi Christopher W. Parrish Toni N. Perry Tikara N. Pinson Andrea B. Price Daniela Pulido Travis Purcell Haley A. Rawls Lauren H. Richardson Jessica C. Richardson-Sollars Lauren J. Rios Deric W. Roberts Ronecia D. Robinson Colby L. Roddam Victoriana Rojas Ryan R. Ruiz Lacy J. Shillings Alaina M. Smith Andree DeSean Smith Joshua D. Smith Nikkia Nikole Smith Jones Payton L. Stanley Kaci L. Stoker LaTonya R. White Toliver Lynna V. Tomlin Ayla I. Trejo Thomas R. Upton Victorya B. Van Blarcum Pedro E. Vazquez Rojas Jacobie K. Vidal Rodolphine A. Wanan Daniel W. Welch

Jon Vashey


Fall Graduates

Jon Vashey


Bobbie J. Axelson Miles Banks Ruangrong Barclay Valeria Jocelyn Barrera Manzo Sonia Ann Beck Matthew Anthony Bell Anna Nicole Bickerton Beverly Joyce Blanton Devin J. Brooks Leticia Cadenas Kaevaughn DeAngelo Caldwell Tevin Caldwell Karina Lizbeth Castillo Debra Roberts Cazares Talyn Drew Cellucci Katelyn Elise Clements Christi A. Collier Jennifer Denise Collins Erin Conrad Madison K. Cross Brittany A. Devaux Demi R. Dudley Rhonda Enox Patricia Renee Fields Latoya R. Fleming Brooke LeAnne Flowers Caitlin D. Follingstad Mark A. Ford Juston Gage Allison DeWoody Galeano Shannon Denae Gibbons Diana Gonzalez Whitney P. Grant David Aaron Harriss


Faith Dalynn Hart John Paul Harvey Jonas Hilario Hernandez Caballero Logan P. Holloway Albert Jim Howard Monika Sue Hunt Jaqueline Ibarra Dalton Hunter Jeffers Matthew M. Jordan Cameron Michael Kelley Naina Kishore George A. Kotchev Justice M. Lewis Arliss Wesley Malcolm Ebonique Micole Mapps Cierra Olivia Marshall Mason A. Maurer Todd A. McDonald Ashley D. McGee Candice Rae Meadows Kelsey C. Miles Natalie D. Mixon Hannah Mclayne Mock Kyle Evan Molpus Lisa Marie Monteagudo Daniel Moreno Melissa G. Moreno Jacoby Keon Neal Addason Romana Olvera Crystal B. Ottwell Sarina B. Patel Alexander Hilburn Pearson Alexanderia N. Perez Diana Pipak Phillips Courtney Denise Portley

Deborah L. Pryor-Fuller Maria R. Ramirez Barbara-Jean Rathbun J’Marcus T. Rhodes Kale Dyson Rives Yoleyne Romero April Ross Aaron Lance Schooley Jessica Schultz Jennifer A. Scott Mandi L. Seals Shane A. Shaw Carmen Nicole Silos Felix Krystal Priscilla Sosa Jacob Stossel Matthew P. Sullivan Ciera L. Swan Dustin E. Taylor Linda S. Thomas Warren C. Thompson Cheyenne M. Tucker Pien Vanderlaan Marissa Alyce Weber David Earl Wilkerson Jazmyn N. Woods Rylee N. Yates


Marilyn Alvarado Ruangrong Barclay Valeria Jocelyn Barrera Manzo Lindsey A. Bennett Beverly Joyce Blanton Alana W. Brown Talyn Drew Cellucci Hailey D. Daniel

Jese M. Epa Noor Faisal Patrice LaShawn Flournoy Brooke LeAnne Flowers Caitlin D. Follingstad Meredith L. Gregg Matthew A. Hamilton Olivia Hernandez-Rodriguez Kayli Elizabeth Herring Eric R. Jacobs Sarah M. Jewett Omeed Kianizadeh Naina Kishore Jessie Ross Lowe Sebastian Magaña Cierra Olivia Marshall Hannah Mclayne Mock Seth J. Moore Dora Nellie Morales Melissa G. Moreno Temishia Allen Norris Brittany L. Parker Sarina B. Patel Alexanderia N. Perez Taylor Davis Rushing Jacob Stossel Trevor Van Doren Tennie Lynn Whyte Rylee N. Yates


Monaliza Seid Abdela Tyler Franklin Abramski Crystal DawnAkers Ayman A. Al Harthi Beatrice A. Alvarez Adrian Amaro Shelby Lane Anderson Jesica Anderson-Singleton Payton R. Bednarz Randall S. Bernethy Brian Bowens Savanah N. Boyd Marsha L. Bridges Ashley E. Brown Audrey James Burke James P. Burns Jody Lee Bush Haley D. Caldwell Teresa L. Carr Pattie Carroll Jennifer Carter Rosemary Sue Caviness Anthony B. Chadwick Kenneth DeWayne Clark Ta’Chada Shante’ CobbMcDonald Billy W. Cockrum Michael Alexander Cortez Kimberly A. Crawford Carl Crockett

Joshua David Dalby Kristina N. Daniels Joseph Louis Dehoyos Jazmin Diaz Randi Gayle Dippold Laura L. Donaghy Jason Uriah Ducote James O. Edmond Alma Delia Elizalde Hunter D. Ellison Bobbie J. Ennis Cory Dalton Evers James Taylor Fleet Julie Anne Foster-Slocum Jacob Paul Francis Ian A. Geiger Yuquechessia Rashinique Golston Kawandria Kach’e Gonzalez Ana M. Guerrero Deborah Kay Crump Hamilton Andrew W. Haught Krystina M. Head Juan L. Hernandez Mark Shepard Hill Bobby D. Holly Joseph Aaron Hosak Colby Martin House Landon L. House Michael D. Hughes Luke Ian Hyde Prestina R. Johnson Tracy D. Jones Ryan Adam Keller Shawn Travis Kennair Melissa A. Kilgore Melodi R. King Jeffrey N. Kirkpatrick Steven Paul Landry Hollie S. Langford John J. London Heidi R. Lybarger Deborah A. Mayfield Jeannette Meredith Roy C. Metcalf Charity L. Mezzell Hannah Mclayne Mock Claudia J. Monsisvais Michael A. Montandon Gianni M. Morales Nathaniel Muller Omar Muniz Carrie Nelson Grayson Nash North Christopher Siko Ongechi Brittany L. Parker Lauren J. Parks Roy Luke Pasche Brittini LaNelle Penney Brian David Pirtle Megan Leigh Poe Jacqueline Nicole Ramirez Cleola O. Reeves Keri Renner Shana Renee Reynolds Melanie A. Rieger Kale Dyson Rives

Dennis Ray Roach II Wanza Marie Robbins Kenzi L. Rogers Brigida J. Romano Charles W. Schafer Joseph Schultz Agustin Serafin Saroj Shrestha Melisa K. Simpson Melinda Singleton Flor G. Slemons Kenneth L. Smith Lora L. Smith Crystal L. Snow Ashley N. Sparks Samantha R. Spiro Jami B. Stevenson Evelyn J. Stoker-Sparks Brady Clyde Streetman Joey R. Stroman Justin N. Vanderwater Liliana Vazquez Loren Rene Vazquez Megan Nicole Washburn Anna Monique Washington Cynthia L. Whipkey Clay B. White Buren James Wilder Jr. Jennifer L. Williams Patrick Carl Williams Aaron S. Wilson ASSOCIATE OF ARTS IN TEACHING Kristi Lynn Bates Ashley A. Coplan Chelsea R. Jones Dana Lynn Kirk CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION Albert A. Adams Gabriel Alvarez-Navarro Jesica Anderson-Singleton Anna L. Barron Christopher E. Beaty Michelle R. Beloney Tiffany D. Bess

Emily Blake Michelle Bowlden Brandon J. Brookins Derek J. Brown Robert T. Brown Lisa Burns Reagan Byrd Rachel Cadenas David L. Campbell Vianney Castañeda Romel Cawich Gabriel Centers Allyson Clark Cody L. Cobb Billy W. Cockrum Michael D. Colvin Junko Katagiri Cox Colton C. Crump Kristina N. Daniels Taylor J. Dawson Randi Gayle Dippold Michael A. Dorsey Jennifer L. Edmond Suzette Morgan Edwards Alma Delia Elizalde Cory Dalton Evers Zachery A. Fisher Cheyenne N. Fleet Jacob Paul Francis William H. French Jr Cesar Garay La’Tameshia Gibson Devonie L.Gloden Mary Graham Brandon Gray Samantha Griffith Ashlynn B. Hamessley Deborah Kay Crump Hamilton Mark Shepard Hill Crystal D. Honzell Michael D. Hughes Eliud Jaimes Ashanti Jimerson Jonn B. Jones Lindsey Michale Kornegay Hunter Martin Kovar Terry Austin Gentry Lee Keyaria NaKeyah Lewis

Fernando Lopez Jerry W. Milam Nicholas V. Mitchell Suni Monrroy Ellen B. Moore Crispin Garcia Morales Tony C. Naranjo Leather M.Nix Taylor A.Nixon David Owens Grafton Page Jr. Chanda Denese Parker Brittini LaNelle Penney Jeffery L. Phillips Courtney Denise Portley Carley D. Pruitt Lavarra Raspberry Ashley Ray Samantha Robinson Sarah Ann Rolling Lonnette M. Ross Julia Sanchez Gregorio Sanchez Jr. Taylor Rene Sanders Charles W. Schafer Caleb V. Schneider Jason W. Sechler Trevin D. Sechler Saroj Shrestha Melinda Singleton Crystal L. Snow Kenneth R. Spivey Autumn Beth Stephens Otto Sudduth Erika Leann Tanksley Yolanda E. Taylor Kristine Tessier-Closner Morrigan Tolleson Donni Shea Tomerlin Hector Torres Hector Torres Jacqueline D. Vasquez Liliana Vazquez Rosaline R. Venters Maria Isabel Villa Del Rio Chase Aaron Ward Larenda J. Warren William Z. Wells Wendell J. Whitten Buren James Wilder Jr.

Outgoing KC president Dr. Bill Holda congratulates students as they cross the stage at Fall 15 graduation. Commencement speaker was one of Holda’s last official acts of his 40year career at KC.


Library Renewed Come Check Us Out!

Tina Marie Reed



he Randolph C. Watson Library turned a new page this year in the chapter of its life on campus.

Victoria Gilchrist

After more than 50 years of pushing books, the library will now be pushing volts as well. Deemed “a library for today’s learners,” by Dr. Mike Turpin, vice president of instruction, the renovated interior now features an electrical overhaul necessary to support more technology. New features include restrooms on each floor, computer/meeting classrooms and a coffee shop, KC Brew. The Bone Learning Center will return to the second floor, but in a larger space. The library relocated its belongings to the Applied Technology Center in the summer of 2015, but expect to make a grand flourish by Fall 2016. According to Dr. Turpin in a February 2015 edition of The Flare, heating, air conditioning, and electrical installation for the computers was projected to be the most expensive part of the renovation. The library’s namesake, Dr. Watson, served as KC’s fourth president from 1964 to 1978. He was instrumental in the development of much of today’s campus. Facilities added during his term include: the Demonstration Farm, as well as the Business Administration, Applied Arts, Technical and Vocational, Administration, Library, and Engineering-Science buildings. He also implemented the addition of dormitories, the Physical Education Building, the Rangerette Showcase, and the East Texas Oil Museum. -30-

Tiffany Johnson

Victoria Gilchrist

Tina Marie Reed


Anne Dean Turk Gallery

Kilgore sophomore Rachel Armour’s painting, “Behemoth,” finds new life in the halls of the Student Art Exhibit held in April.


Tiffani Branch

Students pass by artist Peggy Epner’s show featured in the fall at the Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center’s Gallery. Kaelie Wike

KC Photography graduate Jamie Maldonado displays his exhibition, “Mirror Universe.” Jamie Maldonado

Artist Rachel Gardner’s exhibit, “Rewilding,” explores themes such as nature and the environment, and seeks to capture ‘not only our enviroment, but the human soul.’

Tiffany Johnson


46 Tiffany Johnson




Duane McNaney, vice president Dr. Michael Turpin, vice president of instruction and chief academic officer of finances and chief financial officer

Dr. Brenda Kays, president

Tina Marie Reed

Dr. Julie Fowler, executive dean of KCLongview Becky Johnson, dean of liberal and fine arts Randy Lewellen, dean of business, technology and language development Louise Wiley, dean of science, math and health sciences Leah Gorman, director of development and executive director of the KC Foundation Tony Johnson, director of human resources F. Dan Beach, liaison to the Board for administrative services


Dr. Mike Jenkins, vice president of Dr. Stacy Martin, vice president of student development and chief student institutional planning and director of quality enhancement plan affairs officer

Board of Trustees

Larry Woodfin, president

James N. Walker, vice president

Karol Pruett, secretary

Scott Andrews

Joe Carrington

Cecilia Sanders

Bob Heath

Brian Nutt

Lon Ford



Farewell Dr. Holda

As quoted by Dr. Bill Holda in his last interview with The Flare: “I stayed here 40 years and worked my way down to president,” Holda jokes “When I became president, I was the fourth president in seven years. This institution needed stability and continuity. It needed for things to calm down and I provided that, but it’s time for the institution to have a jolt, to have some good healthy, electroshock therapy.” Richard Nguyen

“I hope that who I have been is what has been more important for Kilgore College than what I have done.” “Live a life of commitment, of excellence, of imagination and passion, connected and serving with faith. In so doing, you will actually lead us up the mountain.”

Tina Marie Reed

Richard Nguyen Wike


Most Outstanding Students

Seated (from left): Amanda Trubey (philosophy), Jenna Gerwels (government) and Tara King (occupational safety and health). Standing (from left): Linda Thomas (social work), Emily Bovshow (history/government), Gloria Caballero (education), Zachary Schaetz (math) and Shelby Martin (art).

Seated (from left): Sandy Bass (advertising/graphic design), Glen Meredith (radiologic science), Sherri Kicks (business). Standing (from left): Alan Stokely (accounting) and Caleb Hahn (business).


From left to right: Richard Nguyen (journalism), Tina Marie Reed (photography), Tiffany Johnson (Ranger Yearbook).

From left to right: Macee Duncan (surgical technology), Tanisha Wright Fortuer (psychology), Gary Nealy (computer science), Judith Nwosu (vocational nursing).


Most Outstanding Students

From left: Jennifer Patterson (diesel technology) and Albert A. Adams (air conditioning and refrigeration technology).


Most Representative/Leaders

From left: Richard Nguyen (Most Representative male student), Pedro Robles (Leadership in Excellence Award), and Judith Nwosu (Most Representative female student) were voted on by their peers and KC faculty members.


Outstanding Employees


Dr. Bill Holda - Administration

E’lexus Hodge

he Outstanding Employee awards are coordinated by the KC Employee Association to recognize employees who have consistently exhibited “Emphasis Excellence” in their work. Voted on my their peers each year.


Lonnie Ross

Brandon Walker - Faculty

Kathy Knighton - Support Specialist

Marie Smith

Randy Callaway -Physical Plant

Jessica Carrington


Crowd Faces

In The

Tina Marie Reed Longview 58

Kaelie Wike


Trevor Newlin Kilgore

Holly Patterson Longview

Tiffani Branch

t any given moment, you may find hundreds to thousands of students roaming around campus. It’s easy to overlook the walk between classes or the moments spent hanging out in Miller Plaza, but even these seemingly mundane moments are an important part of the KC experience. It is in these moments that the people who comprise KC’s rich tapestry of personalities are in action. These are the moments where, if you focus, you can see the faces in the crowd.

MacKenzie Cumpian Beaumont

Marie Smith


Crowd Faces

In The


Brooke McNatt Kilgore

Tina Marie Reed

Shelly Lindsey Kilgore

Marie Smith

Troy Townsend Kilgore Jessica Carrington


Crowd Faces

In The


Daniel Biggs Longview

Tiffani Branch

Kayla Terrazas Tatum

Elijah Banks Pleasant Grove

Tiffany Johnson

Samrawit Gebrehiowt Ethiopia Victoria Gilchrist







Seated (from left): Ronda Ferguson (executive assistant), Dr. Staci Martin (vice president of institutional planning), Nancy Law (assistant to the president), and Kristi Powers (payroll manager). Standing (from left): Duane McNaney (vice president of administrative services), Rene´ Wiley (executive assistant), Tony Johnson (director of human resources), Jerri Saenz (human resources assistant/ benefits coordinator), December Hill (support specialist-accounts payable), Tammie Pascoe (purchasing agent), and Kathy Knighton (support specialist-purchasing).

Seated (from left): Tashauna Morris (Bone Learning Center coordinator), Susan Black (public services librarian). Standing: Gail Cerliano (support specialist), Susan Wilson (public services librarian), Andy Tang (systems/electronic resources librarian), Tony Addie (support specialist). Not pictured: Kathy Fair (director- Randolph C. Watson Library), Melanie Magness (technical services coordinator).







Seated (from left): Pam Gatton (director), and Jeanette Miller (adviser). Standing (from left): Laura Mulanax (adviser), Hollyann Davis (counselor), Kory Kimble (special populations assistant) and Deborah Metcalf (professional support assistant).

Seated: Clint Fultner. Standing (from left): Corrie Thibodeaux (bookstore manager), Micah Ruddell (assistant manager)

Seated: Sara Lugeanbeal (assistant director - East Texas Oil Museum). Standing (from left): Merlyn Holmes (director -ETOM), and Russell Turner (maintenance- ETOM).







Seated (from left): Michelle Wilder (English instructor), Ingo Stoehr (English instructor), Carol Gibson (English instructor), Gwen Winters (English instructor) and Portia Scott (English instructor). Standing (from left): Jason Graves (department chair, English), Karen Johnson (reading instructor), and Gus Lafosse (English instructor).

Seated (from left): Rick Moser (government instructor), Donny Seals (department chair/history instructor), Martha Deen (psychology instructor), Jeff Stanglin (government instructor), and Carla Szafran (history/government instructor). Standing (from left): David Stroud (history instructor), John Raulston (government instructor), Preston Lewis (history/government), Rob Williams (psychology instructor), Paul Wills (psychology instructor), Charles Taylor (history/government instructor), Derek Hunter (government instructor), Terri York (history instructor), and Tina Rushing (sociology instructor).







Seated (from left): Mary Martin (professional support assistant), Julian Redfearn (management instructor), and Michael Kusheba (computer science instructor). Standing (from left): Hugh Wink (business/accounting/economics instructor), Michael Ferguson (criminal justice instructor/ chair, public services department), Ginger Dennis (computer science instructor), Chris Reed (OSHA instructor), John Whitehead (legal assisting instructor), Richard Crutcher (department chair/ business and accounting instructor) and Chris Marshall (CISCO instructor).

Seated (from left): Nina Verheyden (math instructor), Susan Yellott (math instructor), Ann Thrower (math instructor), Mary Kates (math lab coordinator), and Mariann Baker (department chair/ math instructor). Standing (from left): Sarah Booker (math instructor), Paige Wood (math instructor), Julie Lewis (math instructor), Dann McDonald (math instructor), Brandon Walker (math instructor), Stephanie Walker (math instructor), Nate Whitten (math instructor), Matt Wickes (math instructor), and Elizabeth Johnson (math instructor).






From left: Larry Kitchen (program director/instructor), Coy Lothrop (advertising/graphic design instructor) and Carolyn Fox-Hearne (art instructor).

Front (from left): Raymond Caldwell (Texas Shakespeare Festival director), Meaghan Simpson (artistic associate). Back (from left): John Dodd (TSF manager), Matthew Simpson (artistic associate).








Seated (from left): Laura Langham (adjunct music instructor), Sherry Poteet (adjunct music instructor), Cathy Waggoner (adjunct music instructor), and Jeanne Johnson (department chair/music instructor). Standing (from left): Renee Golden (support specialist), Kevin Kelley (music instructor), Dr. Mike Turpin (vice president of instruction and chief academic officer), Sandra Siler (music instructor), Glenn Wells (Ranger Band director), Dr. Jim Taylor (chorale director), Don Lawler (percussion instructor) and Melanie Sullivan (music instructor).

From left: Michele Daniels (speech instructor), Matthew Simpson (theatre instructor) Micah Goodding (theatre instructor), Anna Caldwell (speech instructor), Ann Gerrity (speech instructor), Jeanine Tagg (department chair/speech instructor), Michael Atkins (theatre instructor), Rachel Stallard (journalism instructor/The Flare/The Ranger). Not Pictured: O. Rufus Lovett (photography instructor/ The Ranger).







Seated (from left): Nancy Lamouroux (radiologic technology instructor), Carla Gleaton (department chair/physical therapist assistant instructor), and Kristi Kleinig (physical therapist assistant instructor). Back row (from left): Paula Carter (program director/surgical technology instructor), Ursula Dyer (program director/radiologic technology instructor)

Seated (from left): Tabitha Robertson (lab manager), Tracey Maples (lab manager), Karl Steddom (biology instructor), Samantha Molesky (biology lab instructor), and William Stowe (biology instructor). Standing (from left): Lynn McCutchen (department chair/biology instructor), Aimee Law (agriculture instructor), Leon Wooten (biology instructor), Jesse James (biology instructor), Debbie Williams (biology instructor), Dorothy Puckett (biology instructor) and Jennifer Hudnall (biology instructor).







Seated (from left): Tabitha Robertson (lab manager), Dr. Paul Buchanan (geology instructor), Elena Ignatchenko (chemistry instructor), and Brandi Baricza. Standing (from left): Catherine Elueze (chemistry instructor), Dr. Joe Merkley (adjunct lab supervisor), and Ronda Howe (chemistry instructor).

Seated (from left): Starla Lumpkin (skills lab), Dayna Davidson (program director/Associate Degree Nursing instructor), Donna Evans (ADN instructor), and Janette Karling (ADN instructor). Standing (from left): Dawn Bahr, Terri Peerenboom (ADN instructor), Julia Schneider (ADN instructor), David Adamson (ADN instructor), Mariane Hastie (ADN instructor), Kathy Stone (support specialist), and Kevin Powers (computer lab).







Tiffani Branch

Above, from left: Lara Pauley (director and coordinator, early childhood instructor), Janet Baxter (support specialist, earlychildhood), Dora Owens (early childhood), Debbie Muklewicz), Katie Moses (early childhood, CDEC instructor). Top right, seated (from left): Rosemary Owens (support specialist) and Sabrina Washington (office assistant). Standing: Tony Means (captain), Heath Cariker (chief of police), and Sammy Wagner (sergeant). Right, from left: Jeff Bock, administrative coordinator; Virgel Conner (master level business advisor), Brad Bunt (director/ master level business advisor), Ken Estes (senior level business advisor)

Seated (from left): Brandon Belken (automotive technology instructor), Renee Golden (support specialist), Bonnie Burgess (corrosion), Josh Bernethy (welding instructor). Standing (from left): D’Wayne Shaw (department chair/ automotive tech instructor), Bobby Key (process technology instructor), Joel Laws (auto body tech instructor), Mahesh Galal (corrosion), Cody Edwards (welding instructor), Tracy Atkins (process tech instructor), Kenya Ray (corrosion technology instructor), Karen Dilday (drafting instructor) and Dewey Greer (process tech instructor).







Seated (from left): Kasey Nisbett (learning specialist), Bindy Tice (TRIO director), Angela Falcone (dance instructor). Standing (from left): Heidi Everett (learning specialist), Lakendra Woods (Upward Bound project adviser), Gail Jackson (professional support assistant director).

Seated (from left): Jane Hanlon (professional support specialist), Estonia Graves (professional support specialist), and Wade Cates (admissions counselor). Standing (from left): Yvonne Bethune (professional support specialist), Kristie Seward (records specialist), Chris Gore (director of admissions and registrar), Alex Knox (admissions counselor), Falecia Halton (support specialist), and Pam Davis (assistant registrar).

From left: Shalie Day (Nolen Street hall coordinator), Jon Vashey (graphic designer/campus photographer), Manny Almanza (marketing), Edward Williams (residential life director), Mike Ford (print shop supervisor), Trey Hattaway (marketing director), Kelly Thompson (copy technician), Chris Craddock (public and sports information), Jeannie Butler (support specialist), Judy DeRouen (support specialist), Ashley Benningfield (support specialist) and Ethan Herring (media specialist/event service coordinator).







Front Row: (from left): Betsy Rodriguez (adult education and literacy), Ebony Allison-Dennis (director of instructional student support), and Jody Bush (industrial maintenance technology instructor). Second Row: from left: Sandy Teel (assistant coordinator- special populations), Charmyn Tumey (adult education and literacy), Kelly Kaemmerling (industrial maintenance technology instructor), and Mary Stephens (assistant coordinator- instructional student support).

Front (from left): Angela Starling (switchboard operator), Rhonda Ainsworth-Ellington (media/distance learning/computer technician), Dennis Gronewald (counselor), Monica Brock (EMT clinical coordinator), Melissa Dobbs (counseling), Diane Perkins (evening/continuing ed) and Mike Smith (EMT instructor). Second Row: Scott Rice (EMS instructor), Dr. Julie Fowler (executive dean), Eddie Bernaldez (program director/EMT instructor), Evelyn Sparks (EMS support specialist), and Tim Bright (AC/refrigeration instructor).







Front Row (from left): Kat Jackson (culinary arts instructor), Nicole Ham (vocational nursing instructor), Lametra Barnes (front office- KCLongview), and Toledo Montgomery (vocational nursing instructor). Back Row (from left): Barker Hale (continuing ed- KC-Longview), Michaelle Green (vocational nursing instructor), Penny Attaway (LVN instructor), Laura Bogenschutz (Coordinator of Administrative and Student Services), Candace Dotson (vocational nursing instructor), David Belanger (culinary arts instructor), Deborah Bump (vocational nursing instructor), Liela Letourneau (LVN instructor), Kay Neal (vocational nursing instructor), Kim Reese (LVN instructor), and Adrienne Jackson (health careers- KC-Longview).

Front Row (from left): Lillian Jackson (cosmetology instructor), Molly Reavis (program director/office professional instructor), Traci Thompson (office professional instructor), Wesley Brasher (cosmetology instructor), Sheri Burlingame (office professional instructor), Chrissandril Lilly (cosmetology instructor), Joyce Sperlich (program director/ cosmetology instructor), Linda Moody (cosmetology instructor), and Glenda Ford (esthetician instructor).


Welcome Dr. Brenda Kays

Dr. Peggy Coghlan and Howard Coghlan are greeted by Dr. Brenda Kays Kilgore Colleges first female president in its 80 year history at the welcome recep


ption for the public.

Tiffany Johnson

Dr. Brenda Kays cheers on the Ranger Basketball team.

Tina Marie Reed

Tina Marie Reed

Dr. Brenda Kays and her husband Dennis Kays greet Randy Lewellen (Dean of Business, Technology & Public Service) and Nate Whitten (Math Instructor) at the KC employee and student recepction.


78 Tiffany Johnson



Piper Award Nominee

Jeanne Johnson, music instructor, was selected as KC’s Piper Professor nominee. The Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation honors 15 Texas professors for their dedication to education and for their outstanding scientific, academic and scholarly achievements every year. Each of the 15 honored instructors will receive “Piper Professor of 2016” certificates, a gold commemorative pin and $2,500.


Excellence in Teaching

Ronda Howe (left) chemistry, math - science and health sciences instructor, Tina Rushing (bottom left) sociology, social work humanities, social-behavioral sciences instructor, and Julie Lewis (below) mathematics instructor, are the winners of this year’s “Excellence in Teaching” award sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa. Winners were determined by a committee, based on the number of votes casted by students, as well as additional criteria. Tina Marie Reed

Tina Marie Reed

Tiffany Johnson


Kilgore College Theatre

Almost Maine Above: East (played by Judah Armour) and Glory (Hannah Sanders) find themselves in a clandestine meet cute situation. Right: KC Theatre department captures the stages of grief in a small Southern town. Far right: The cast of “Our Town� sends the recently married couple off with a fond farewell.

Dearly Departed 82

Micah Goodding

Our Town

Below: Ginette (played by Christina Lloyd) crosses the world to be next to Pete (Travis Noriega). Bottom: The cast of “The Diary of Anne Frank” transports the audience back to the Holocaust era to highlight young Anne’s struggles with adolescence, heightened by the threat of invading Nazis.

Almost Maine

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson

Tina Marie Reed

The Diary of Anne Frank

Tiffany Johnson



Tiffany Johnson

Sam Rodriguez

Top right: Kilgore freshmen Chris Beaty and Derek Brown, test AC equipment to ensure proper calibration during class. Above: Ashlen Marshall, Mount Enterprise sophomore, listens for a heartbeat on her model. Right: Margie McAnear, Jefferson sophomore, along with Perla Reyes, Henderson sophomore, practice proper place for chest x-rays.


Tiffany Johnson

al Education

Left: Culinary Arts student Jennifer Bassett, Longview sophomore, prepares pastries.

Tiffani Branch

Above: Automotive students Danny Dominguez, Marshall freshmen, and Guillermo Aguilar, Henderson sophomore, practice using jumper cables under the hood of an SUV during a class assignment. Left: Welding student Faith Lansdale, Gladewater sophomore, lights her torch to finish soldering a project during lab time. Victoria Gilchrist


Liberal / Fine Arts

Lataveous Braxton, Longview sophomore, puts the final strokes on a project in the upstairs art lab of the Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Center.

Baylor Roberson

Ingo Stoehr, English instructor, uses technology in the classroom to enhance his lecture on proper e-mailing techniques.


Tiffany Johnson

Judah Armour leads theatre students in a relaxation exercise before additions.

Math / Science Right: Nursing student William Diankam, from Cameroon, Africa, identifies bacteria using the “Unknown� process. Below: Diana engineering student, Isaac Stakley, takes advantage of the study lounge at the Canterbury Engineering and Science Building.

Tina Marie Reed

Kiana Rose

Tina Marie Reed

Above: Mathematics instructor, Sarah Booker, helps students review for a test. Right: Samitha Woods, Gilmer sophomore, invokes a chemical reaction during a lab experiment in class.

Victoria Gilchrist


Parks Fitness Center

Lacey Bunn

Clarissa Lopez, Gilmer freshman, walks off stress at the end of the day. The fitness center machines get a regular workout.


Victoria Gilchrist

Ben Bagle, Kilgore sophomore, jogs indoors at Parks Fitness Center.

Derrick McDowell, Gladewater sophomore, squats in the free weight room of Parks Fitness Center.

Tiffani Branch


Jon Vashey

Front Row (from left): Jenny Spearman (graduate assistant), Katie Thompson, Krystina Moore, Isela Guerrero, Dora Morales and Courtney Jenkins (head Athletic Trainer); Back Row(from left): Grace Kennedy, Chance Ridgway, Kasie Bell, Bianca Watts and Shelby Carmichael.

Trainer Isela Guerrero, Chandler freshman, wraps the arm of Damion Collins, Livingston sophomore, so he can return to action in a Saturday afternoon football game.


Early Childhood Center

Above: Gabe Arp shares his sack lunch with his aunt Tracy Herron and his baby-sitter Susie Halbert during the ECC Picnic held each fall for grandparents and honored guests.

Tina Marie Reed

Right: Nursing student Joey Stroman, White Oak sophomore, explains the differences between good and bad bacteria after taking hand cultures to grow germs in a petri dish.


Tiffany Johnson

Kiana Rose

Above: Firefighters visited the Early Childhood Center as part of “Week of the Young Child” held April 11-15. In addition to educating the young students about fire safety in the home, the fire fighters also brought one of the station’s engines to explore.

Sam Rodriguez

Tina Marie Reed

Firemen Brandon Miller helps an excited Lucas Hardemon down from exploring the Kilgore Fire Engine.

Harper Warner shows her grandmother her hand-made art.



Cosmetology Juniors: Seated (from left): Khesleigh Posey, Rikki Bailey, Deidra Pettit, Emily Brister, Nicole Thomas, Erica Laminack and Amber Norman. Standing (from left): Tamara Richardson, Kayla Jones, Marilyn Barnes, Teresa Ephraim, Nicole Roberts, Adam Smith, Jamie Odum, Whitney George, Madison Pierce and Caitlyn Dees.

Cosmetology Nails: Seated (from left): Erika Tanksley, Julia Sanchez, Sarah Rolling and Suni Monrroy. Standing (from left): Autumn Stephens, Ashley Ray and La’Tameshia Gibson.

Cosmetology Seniors: Seated (from left): Logan Davis, Kaitlynn Lavender, Mackenzie Perry, Alexus Green, Chelsie Germano, Jennifer Alvarez. Standing (from left): Elizabeth Alcantar, Amber Merrill, Alexandria Gaul, Ciara Herrin, Sherry Hester, Stephen McCormick, Chanta Jackson.

Cosmetology Advanced Seniors: Seated (from left): Suzette Edwards, Anna Barron, Morrigan Tolleson, Lorie Slauson and Samantha Hicks. Standing (from left): Porscha Carpenter, Kristine Closner, Allyson Allen, Gabriel Centers, Reagan Byrd and Emily Blake.

Cosmetology Aesthetics: Seated (from left): Cathy Harrington, Kylie Boyce, Sonia Martinez. Standing (from left): Ragan Pierce, Reno Whalen, Chrissandril Lilly, (instructor) and Erin Wren (not pictured: SaraKate Jenkins).


AC Refrigeration

Front Row (from left): Kenneth Spirey, Brandon Brookins, Taylor Nixon, Al Adams, Caleb Schneider, Lyle Owens, David Campbell and Brandon Gray. Second Row (from left): Derek Brown, Cody Cobb, Zachery Fisher, Romel Cawich, Jerry Milam, John Jones, Taylor Dawson, Chris Beaty, Michael Dorsey, Robert Brown, Fernando Lopez, Colton Crump and Zack Wells.

Diesel Mechanics

Front Row (from left): Hernan Lozano, Carlos Hernandez, Javarri Kelly, Ryan Wilcoxson, David Harnson, Brandon Armstron, Taylor Bratord, Sabino Landaverde. Second Row (from left): Gabriel Alvarez-Navarro, Michael Jones, Jack Kinney, Jason York, Dann Caffey, Elijah Morrison, Richard Sylres, Ryan Conway, Wesley Wynne, Sean Conway, Tanner Copeland, Andrew Lehman, Brian Earl, Jennifer Patterson, Brennan Mumphrey and Ezequrel Ybarra.


Industrial Maintenance

Front Row (from left): Mitchell White, Kendric Frazier, Austin Middaugh, Jason Banner, Ladearan Beecham, Derrick Carter, Corderius Head, Joshua Smith, Christian Loyd, Ethan Tillery. Second Row (from left): Jody Bush (instructor), Derrick Jackson, Hunter Smith, Nathan Jones, Chicko Ray, Bryan Gomez, Jason Huck, Jonathan Morey, Andrew Williamson, Austin Jalomo, Guillermo Mendiola, Bryant Nichols, Emamezi Wisdom, Ricky Chambliss, Greggory Lebus, Romeo Williams, Dennis Avery and Kelly Kaemmerling (instructor).

Office Professionals

Front Row (from left): Ashanti Jimerson, Lisa Burns, Carla Cazares, Larenda Warren, Melinda Singleton, Veronica Fierros, Michael Bryson, Jennifer Blackwell and Larry Hill. Second Row (from left): Traci Thompson (instructor), Sheri Burlingame (instructor), Rachel Cadenas, Meyika Farmet, Lavarra Raspberry, Tracy Borden, Melinda Butler, Mary Graham, Keanna Spruell, Liliana Vazquez, Lee Thomas, Smanatha Hall, Gloria Morgan, Paola Vazquez, Lashena Abron, Autumn Foster, Tesla Black, Amy Edwards, Perla Vazques, Annita Bates, Beneffie Curtis, Molly Reavis (insturctor), Askley Reedy.


Jr. Vocational Nursing

Front Row (from left): Shelly Small, Curteen Jones, Brandy Ford, Tammy Foulman, Brandon Reyna, Hannah Miller, Grethel May, Judith Nwosu, Crystal Barnes, Cashara Davis and Kaitlin Camp. Second Row (from left): April Holmgrew, Cynthia Gilmore, Shadarryl Ingram, Hermelinda Moore, Desiree Smith, Brittany Lister, Bliss Cox and Erica Hill. Back Row (from left): Heather Salter, Melissa Arteaga, Mildreth Colis , Alexandria Baker, Destiny Hammett, Emily Darmer, Isaac Atei, Jacoby Jimmerson, Esther Adeeko, Lakeisha Joseph, Brittany Roberts, Courtney Nesbitt, Ransom Shatori and Yasmin Tennison.

Sr. Vocational Nursing

Front Row (from left): Rosaline Venters, Devonie Gloden, Ellen Moore, Kimberly Brown, Leather Nix, Brooke Hamessley, Keyaria Lewis and Taylor Sanders. Second Row (from left): Dana Mpofu, Maria Villa del Rio, Shea Tomerlin, Cheyenne Fleet, Jackie Vasquez, Carley Pruitt, Jenifer Edmond, Tiffany Bess, Michelle Beloney, Crystal Honzell, Chanda Parker, Courtney Portley, Kimberly Serrano and Ashley Lovely.



Front Row (from left): Tiffany McKittrick, Jenna Forbes, Lorena Berrospe, Michael Haley, Phillip McKinney, Kaisee Henry, Jeffery Banga and Rachel Quintanilla. Second Row (from left): Niki Bell, Vyctorriya Anthony, Taylor Rushing, Christopher Warren, Lucas Hallmark, Brian Thomas, Franciso Barron, Willis Kornman, Calvin Stamper, Logan Waite, Bryan McLaughlin, Halee Powell and Shiloh Edwards.



Standing (from left): Amber Bradshaw, Alex Phillips, Taylor Ragen, Joseph McGaughey, DJ Griffith, Ralph Selda, Billy Morrow, Haley Rawls, Justin Klink. Seated: Kat Jackson (instructor) and Jennifer Bassett.


ry Arts

Standing (from left): Tina Wilson (pullman), Taylor Johnson, John Allred, Johnny Martin, Shamocka Green, Darren Crain, Bryan Bingham, Annecia Davis-Parkman, Brian Price, Samantha Mathias, Tytus Griego, Jarvis Rutherford, Carla Martin, Angel Hults. Sitting: David Belanger (instructor) and Kimberly Wood.


Fire Academy

Above (from left): Captin Ben Harris, Devon Patton (Wayrock, BC), Kaisee Henry (Kilgore), and Christopher Thamathitikhum (Coliney) go over a final drill for the day. Right & Below (from left): Trent Lee from Saint John’s Newfoundland, Kasiee Henry (Kilgore), Christopher Thamathitikhum (Coliney), perform a firemen rescue.

Photographs by Tiffany Johnson


Police Academy

Instructor Dan Reigstad assists Shakami Manning and Shelley Avery on how to correctly lift prints off a vehicle.

Above: Jose Montez (Dallas) correct stance while his firearm. Left: Instructor Reigstad instucts Shakami Manning on the correct way to inspect her sidearm to insure it’s clear.



Ages: Under 18: 1104 18-21: 2,387 22-24: 586 25-30: 635 31-35: 348 36-45: 484 51-64: 106 65 and over:16 102

Fall 2015 Total: 5,666 Males: 2,397 Females: 3,269

Residence: Texas: 5,570 Out of State/ International: 96

Ethnicity: Multi-Racial: 162 White: 3,236 Black:1,072 Hispanic:1,014 Asian:61 American Indian/ Alaskan Only:30 Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 2 Unknown/Not Reported: 89

Ages: Under 18: 898 18-21: 2,193 22-24: 518 25-30: 585 31-35: 290 36-45: 418 51-64: 90 65 and over: 11

Spring 2016 Total: 5,006 Males: 2,124 Females: 2,897 Unofficial

Residence: Texas: 4,889 Out of State/ International: 117

Ethnicity: Multi-Racial: 148 White: 2,801 Black: 948 Hispanic: 900 Asian: 62 American Indian/ Alaskan only: 24 Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 3 Unknown/Not Reported: 120 103 Tiffany Johnson

104 Tiffany Johnson

Spor ts


2015 Ranger Football

Freshmen wide receiver, ReShod Williams, from Pineland, leans forward for extra yards.

Journey to Champions Arkansas Baptist — W, 54-14 Georgia Military — L, 42-28 Texas A&T— W, 49-14 Trinity Valley CC — L, 61-32 Navarro College — L, 36-17 Northeastern Okla. A&M — W, 21-14 Cisco College — L, 20-12 Blinn College — W, 17-9 Tyler Junior College — W, 23-17 (2 OT) Trinity Valley CC — W, 24-21 (1 OT) SWJCFC Championship Game Navarro College — W, 42-28 Heart of Texas Bowl Game East Central CC- Mississippi — L- 35-21


KC fans cheer on the Ranger football team.

Tiffany Johnson

Running back, Martinez Syria, Humble freshman, stretches for a touchdown against Tyler Junior College.

Tiffany Johnson

Above: Wide receiver, Jaylen Fails, Grand Prairie freshman, charges through an open space in the defense. Left: Running back Markell Spigner, Emory freshman, sprints through a pair of Cisco tacklers.


2015 Ranger Football

Jaylen Fails, a Grand Prairie freshman, slams through a Navarro defender in the Region XIV Championship game.

Richard Nguyen

Wide receiver Joe Lewis, Houston freshman, soars by a Texas A&T defender for a touchdown.


Richard Nguyen

Micheal Brown

Runningback Martinez Syria, Humble freshman, punishes a would-be tackler with a positive run.

Runningback Damion Collins, Livingston sophomore, breaks past the Cisco defense.

Tiffany Johnson

Running back Markell Spigner, Emory freshmen, evades the Cardinal defenders by twisting and dancing between attempted tackles.


Bowl Game 2015

Richard Nguyen

Jaylen Fails, Grand Prairie freshman, jukes around an East Central Community College player.

The Rangerettes perform their high kick routine, during the halftime at the Heart of Texas Bowl in Copperas Cove.


Left: Head Coach JJ Eckert addresses the team, after a 35-21 loss in the Heart of Texas Bowl. Far Left: Jarod Wood, a Kilgore freshmen, stretches for a touchdown grab. Below: The Ranger Band and twirlers begin their performance at halftime.

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson

Tina Marie Reed

Tina Marie Reed


Ranger Basketball

Jon Vashey

Front row (from left): Jordan Martin, Gregg Session, Alassane Kah, Tye Wilburn, Antonio Moore, Jaleel Wheeler, Cheikh “CB” Diallo. Second row (from left): Johnny Price, Wilton Johnson, Radwan Bakkali, JT Allen, Ndene Gueye, Trez O’Quine, Cheikh Fail.

2015-2016 Statistical Leaders Field Goal Percentage- Antonio Moore 56.7 5% Three point percentage- Alassane Kah 43.7% Free Throw Percentage- Jaleel Wheeler 80.7% Total Points- Jaleel Wheeler 22.3% Rebounds- Antonio Moore 5.3 Assist- Ty Wilburn 4.1 Blocks- Ndene Gueye Steals- Ty Wilburn 1.4 Tina Marie Reed


Freshmen Ndene Gueye, Senegal Africa, jumps past a Tyler Junior College Apache for two points.

Tiffany Johnson

All-American Newark, New Jersey sophomore Jaleel Wheeler executes a slamdunk.

Cheikh “CB� Diallo, Senegal, Africa freshmen, drives to the basket.

Tye Wilburn, Schereville, Indiana freshman, drives past a Trinity Valley Community College defender.

Richard Nguyen


Mens Basketball


Jaleel Wheeler, Newark, New Jersey sophomore hangs in the air as he goes up against a TJC defender.

Tiffany Johnson

Trez O’Quinn, Longview freshman, searches for room to slide past defenders.

Richard Nguyen

Jon Vashey

Above: Ndene Gueye, Senegal Africa freshman, brings a slam dunk down against Blinn in the Region XIV Tournament held at Angelina College.

Left: Cheikh “CB” Diallo, Senegal Africa freshman, is fouled while going for a layup.


Lady Ranger Basketball

Jon Vashey

Front row (from left): Lauren Carroll, Lyrik Williams, Ke’Asha Oliver, Aliyah Bernard, Christine Smith, Mercedes Busby. Second row (from left): Kiera Tate, Robbin Smith, Adrianna Edwards, Shantrice Picking, KeKe Barber, Da’Jah Thompson, Dominique Thomas.

2015-2016 Statistical Leader • Field Goal Percentage- Lyrik Williams 43.8 % • Three Point Percentage- Lauren Carroll 26.2% • Free Throw Percentage- Robbin Smith 85.0 % • Total Points- Lauren Carroll 16.8 • Rebounds- Lyrik Williams 7.7 • Assists- Lauren Carroll 3.6 • Blocks- Dominique Thomas 0.5 • Steals- Lauren Carroll 2.3 Tiffany Johnson


Ke’Asha Oliver, Karnack freshman, goes up for a shot.

Top left: Kiera Tate, Murrieta, California freshman, jumps to shoot. Left: Lyrik Williams, Crystal, Minnesota freshman, drives through the opposing team toward the basket.

Tina Marie Reed

Above: Lauren Carroll, Bryan freshman, leaps above her defender to score a basket.


Lady Ranger Basketball

Houston freshmen, Shantrice Picking, goes up strong against a host of Bossier Parrish Community College defenders.


Richard Nguyen

Adrianna Edwards, Houston sophomore, looks for an opening through the Trinity Valley Community College’s defense.

Richard Nguyen

Above: Freshmen forward from Crystal, Minnesota, Lyrik Williams, looks for an open teammate as she splits Lady Cardinals defenders.

Left: KeKe Barber, Gainesville, Florida freshmen, scores a jump shot amidst Paris defenders.

Tiffany Johnson



Jon Vashey

Back Row: Manda Wilmoth, Kristen Terry, Angelica Gonzales, Brianna Davis, Hallee Carter, Adriana Mosley, Hallie Zimmerman, Ali Modisette, Ryanne Lunceford, Blake Bennett, Amber Williams, Madison Goolsby. Middlie Row: Taylor Sieber, Cheyanne Phillips, Keke Johnson, Braden Barnes (Student Manager), Coach Frazier, Coach Messina, Coach Day, Alicia Davila, Lana Bennett, Hayley Vavra. Front Row: Jordyn Rogers, Hayley McCullers, Kelsye Ancelot, Jenna JohnsonÂ

Shortstop Angelica Gonzales, Dickinson sophomore, secures the ball for the out.


Tiffany Johnson

Ryanne Lunceford, Port Neches sophomore, makes contact with a pitch against Crowder College at KC Invitational.

Richard Nguyen

Tiffany Johnson

Above: First baseman Hayley Vavra, Spring sophomore, catches the throw for an out during KC vs. Eastern Oklahoma State College.

Left: Hayley McCullers, Burleson sophomore, waits for the pitch to lead off second base.

Tina Marie Reed



Jordyn Rogers, Groveton sophomore, winds up for a pitch during a tournament at Lear Park in Longview.

Tiffany Johnson

Hallee Carter, Canton freshman, makes contact with the ball and advances to first base.


Tina Marie Reed

Tina Marie Reed

Hayley Vavra, Spring sophomore, throws a pitch while a Trinity Valley Community College Lady Cardinal makes a break to steal third base.

2015-2016 Statistical Leaders • Batting Average - Hayley McCullers, .406 overall • Hits - Hayley McCullers, 63 • Home Runs - 9 each (Hayley McCullers, Taylor Sieber, Brianna Davis) • Walks -Hayley McCullers, 21 • Steals - Kelsey Ancelot, 3 • ERA- Ali Modisette, 8.81 • Wins- Hayley Vavra, 6 Keke Johnson, Longview freshman, slides into third base for a safe call. Tiffany Johnson

Brianna Davis, Sugar Land freshman, connects with the ball to advance the runner.

Tiffany Johnson


Coaches’ Corner

Tiffany Johnson

J.J. Eckert - Football Head Coach

Dale Vogel - Linebackers Coach

Richard Nguyen

Tiffany Johnson


Gary Wade - Special Teams Football Coach

Left: Keith Browning Defensive Line Coach

Richard Nguyen

Above: Willie Gooden Football Offensive Coordinator Left: Nick Dobler Defensive Coordinator

Richard Nguyen


Coaches’ Corner

Brian Hoberecht - Head Basketball Coach

Mike Brown - Lady Rangers Assistant Basketball Coach 126

Anna Nimz - Lady Rangers Head Basketball Coach

Richard Nguyen

Richard Nguyen

Tiffany Johnson

Devon Frazier - Assistant Softball Coach

Leslie Messina - Softball Head Coach

Shalie Day - Assistant Softball Coach

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson


128 Tiffany Johnson



Agriculture Student Association

Front Row: Bekah Kay and Whittney King. Back Row, from left: Martin Moreno, Karl Steddom (ag/biology instructor), Jalen Henson, Sidney Boyd, Christina Daughtery, Dustin Law (demo farm manager), Caitlyn Vickers, Caleb Schneider, and Travis Sowash. Bottom right: In the fall KC Ag students, along with other area organizations, design catapults to compete in the annual Chunkapalooza, where they show off their skills by smashing pumpkins.

Jessica Carrinton



Tina Marie Reed

Front row: Sayaka Komoriya, Alejandra Jacobo, Noor Faisal and Daniel Horn. Back row: Macy McAnally, Adan Aguinaga, Lorena Acobo, Jose Ramirez, Jeremy Swingler, David Degrasse, Daniel Degrasse, Courtney Hortman and Pedro Robles.


Physical Therapy

Freshmen Front Row (from left): Miriah Humphreys, Kristi Kleining (faculty sponsor), Alexis Garmo, Victoria Gallegos and Heather Swingler. Second Row: Maggy Martin, Karley Ritchie, Sara Whitehead and Mandy McFall. Third row (from left): Jessica Currie, Lee Webber, Scott Walton, Morgan McDonald, Heather Tolar, Sam Patterson and Ashley Davis.


Sophomore Front row (from left): Grace Crawford, Tiffany Goodwyn, Laurie Lake and Carla Gleaton (faculty adviser). Second row: Erica Goss, Cindy Perez, Paul Johnston, Tiffany Hughes. Third row (from left): Amanda Jordan, Sheena Tilbury, Obed Gaspar and Ashley Woodley. Fourth row (from left): James Webster, Lori Lewis and Ryan Albertson

Radiologic Science

Front Row (from left): Jill Morton, Brooke Towe, Kelly McBride; Second Row (from left): Nancy Lamouroux, (Instructor/ CoSponsor), Margie McAnear, Gina Banda, Jayden Oden, Locki Bell, Lori Rodriguez, Emilee Whatley, Perla Reyes; Third Row (from left): Sky Waller, Stacie Etheridge, Jenna Stewart, Becky Bell, Kyle McBride, Allie McDonald, Ken Anderson, Preston Evans, Tyler Davis, Stephanie Hunt, Phyllis Alexander, Simone Weaver, Glen Meredith, Alicia Payne, Patrick McCall, Shelby Crittenden, and Ursula Dyer (Instructor/Co-Sponsor).

Surgical Tech

Front row (from left):, Jessica Parker, Vanessa Gonzalez, Krista Wallis, Ashley Fischer, Kelly McFarland, Andrea McIntyre. Second row (from left): Macee Duncan, Ann York, Alfredo Olivas and Paula Carter (Program Director).


Associate Nursing

Front Row (from left): Hollie Langford, Kawandria Gonzales, Marsha Bridges, Shant’e McDonald, Ashley Brown, Monaliza Abdela, Haley Caldwell, Megan Washburn, Beatrice Alvaraz, Joey Stroman and Loren Vazquez. Second Row (from left): Omar Maniz, Melanie Rieger, Krystina Head, Kenzi Rogers, Megan Poe, Juzmin Diaz, Yuquechessia Golston, Ashley Sparls, Tracy Jones, William Calico,Melisa Kilgore, Samantha Spiro and Steven Laundry. Third Row (from left): Rosemary Sue Caviness, Kimberly Crawford, Hannah Mock, Jami Stevenson, Teresa Carr, Cynthia Whipkey, Jeannette Meredith, Lora Smith, Shana Reynolds, Brittany Suarez, Bobby Holly, Christopher Ongechi, Michael Montandon, Deborah Mayfield, Claudia Monsisvais and Ian Geiger.


Radiologic Science

From left: Glen Meredith, Jill Morton, Stephanie Hunt, Kelly McBride, Jenna Stewart, Simone Davis, Phyllis Alexander, Brooke Towe, Patrick McCall and Sky Waller.

Residential Assistants

From left: Deborah Nwadiola, Cherry He, Jasmine Woods, Sawyer Eberhart, Mastor Bellony, Lakin Stubblefield and Kelsey Miles.


Flare Staff

Front Row (from left): Lucia Lopez, Max Cervantes, Kat Agee and Richard Nguyen Second Row: Rachel Stallard (instructor), Kayla Terrazas, Madeline Greene, Taylor Stewart, Elijah Banks, Nick Shelley, Hunter Lohr, Meaghan Morton and Alex Jacobo

Yearbook and Magazine


Front Row (from left): Alexandra Bridges, Meaghan Morton, Tina Marie Reed, Richard Nguyen Second Row: Samantha Rodriguez , Kayla Terrazas, Taylor Stewart, Tiffany Johnson, Nick Shelley and Elijah Banks

Photography Society Left (from left): Jodi Dosier, Kiana Rose, Samantha Rodriguez, Victoria Gilchrist, Lacey Bunn, Baylor Roberson, Tiffani Branch, Tina Marie Reed and Richard Nguyen. Center (from left): Jessica Carrington, Victoria Gilchrist, E’lexus Hodge, Tina Marie Reed, Tiffani Branch. Below (from left): Alma Cedillo, Paulin Libebele, Natsha Eberhart, Tina Marie Reed, Kaelie Wike, Tiffany Johnson and Kyleen Hunter.

Front row (from left): Diana Castillo, Lauren Laboyteaux, Meaghan Morton, Morgan Miller and Madeleine Wisenbaker. Back row (from left): Dalton Rogers, Terence Jackson, Brandon Fleet, Taylor Stewart, Summer McCarthy, Victoria Clifton, Cheyene Huntsman, Kiana Rose, Alma Cedillo and Justin Bechard.



Front Row: Jessica King, Vanesu Blackshire, Marlo Thompson and Jeffery McKinney. Second Row: Ana Guerrero, Brannon Beck, Jana Crosby, Marco Solis, Patricia Forrest, Jerri Fort, Julian Redfearn (Instructor) and Nolan Howell.

Auto Mechanics

First row (from left): Amado Orazco, Alberto Ramirez, Jimmie Ironcloud, Chris Parrish, Melanie Dean and Blake Hooten. Second row (from left): Courtney Mitchell, Lonnie Conner, Suzanne Engeman, JaHaveion Jones, Alvin Brown, Guillermo Aguilar, Danny Domiguez, Deborah Young, Hayden Craft, Vontrele Rushing, Gary Boone, Zachary Russell, Luke rowe, Kenneth Washburn,Hunter Mullins, Koel Laws, D’Wayne Shaw and Brandon Belken. Third row (from left): Adrian Delgado, James George,Samuel Brown,Angel Garza, Cody Wills, Juan Hernandez and Arron Deslatte.


Corrosion Technology

Front Row: Kenya Ray (Instructor of Corrosion Technology), Shanna Schluter and Cora Countryman. Socond Row: Brian Jones, Will Frazer, Doug Lee, Rich Yaddaw, Eric Imordi, Robert Ham, Mark Sellers and James Richardson.


Front Row: Tara King, Krystial Elam, Lisa Parks, Caleb Carrett, Seth Deese and Chris Reed. Second Row: Eva Arzate, Chelsea Turner, Nancy Garza, Jackqutine McDaniel, Stormi Mason, Tovert diehl, Michael Suddeth, Christopher Hood, Frank Rule, Gerardo Landuerde and Triston LaFrance. Third Row: James Buckner, Bobby West, Cannon Elfarrius, Kris Breed, Lakin Stubblefield, Joshua Wyscuruer, Sammy Upton and Cody Mahaffey.


Orientation Leaders

Front Row: Angelina Mitchell, Ginny Fredenburg, Caprice Mbang-Mboro, Josh Newsham, Anthony Stewart and Chloe Nisbett. Second Row: Aikohoshi Orozco, Alacia Rhodes, Kris Crittendon, Jacoby Rhodes, Jacob Culberson, Kenneth Rhodes Brooke Rieves and Richard Nguyen.


Ranger Ambassadors

From left: Meaghan Morton, Richard Nguyen, Pedro Robles, Alex Bridges, Austin Freidline, Adan Aguinaga, Glorra Beccera and Nicolas Gaviria.


KC Chorale

The Camerata Singer (from left): Jenna Mortenson, Brooke Cottrell, Mackenzie Mullins, Stayce Waldow, Cheyenne Dickerson, Myranda Feagin, Jessica Baker, Jennifer Bassett, Amber Poe, Makayla Means and Brenna Toole.

The KC Chorale (from left): Dr. Jim Taylor, Carlie Modisette, Lisa Parks, Stayce Waldow, Emilee Harris, Jennifer Bassett, Mr. Bill Bane. Second Row: Cheyenne Dickerson, Jessica Baker, Brianna Copeland, Makayla Means. Third Row (from left): Christina Lloyd, Mackenzie Mullins, Victoria Gregston, Thomas Snodgrass, Joshua Blalock, Justin Bechard, John Morris, Victoria Gannon, Alissa McClain. Fourth Row: Jenna Mortenson, Brooke Cottrell, Victoria Gregston, Myranda Feagin, Kip Frazier, Joshua Cortez, Zackary Hison, Jacob Cartwright, Janice Martinez, Amber Poe


Tiffany Johnson

Above (left): Kip Frazier, Kilgore sophomore, and Joshua Blalock, Hallsville freshman, perform at Trinity Episcopal Church during the final chorale concert of the spring. Left (from left): Jenna Mortensen (middle), a Rock Springs, Wyoming freshman, joins her voice with the others during the Masterworks performance of “Mozart’s Great Mass in C Minor.”

Tiffany Johnson


Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction

Above front row(from left): Isaac Burris (Texas Redional District III VP from Norhteast Texas Community College), Dr. Paul Buchanan (Adviser), Kip F dylan Custer, Cherry He, Daniel Horn, Josh Shuptrine, Troy Townsend, Denise Bazaldua, Dera Cardozo, Ms. Michele Daniels (Adviser), Jason Avelson Regional President from Weatherford College). Second row: Alexzandra Stoldt, Tina Reed, Tana Dukes, Jade Mayfield, Sandra Hooks, Audra Andrews, Sam Phrumjuntun, Hannah Morton, Austin Word, Krystal Fountain. Third row: Sema Mevo, Deborah Nwadialo, Amanda Trubey, John Dorman, Jennifer Yates Watkins, Miranda Havner, Emily Brown, Jacob Castillo. Fourth row: David Degrasse, Tristan Bennett, Keeley Simpson, Seth Whiteley, Oscar Martin, Maberry. Not Pictured: Jonathan Morey, Leticia Cadenaz, Angelica Sanchez, Adell Murphy, Brandy Lachney, Brian Jones and Billy Baldwin.

Right front row (from left): Dr. Paul Buchanan (adviser), Cherry He, Kip Frazier, Dylan Custer, Troy Townsend, Josh Shuptrine, Horn, Dera Cardozo, Olivia Wynn, Michele Daniels (adviser) Second row (from left): Kassey McDonald, Amairany Martinez, Tamm ris, Johnny Martin, Annalise Powell, Tara King, Sierra Shanafelt, Amber Soliz, Danielle Shraer, Jose Ramirez, Destiny Camacho, Lauren Jessica Scheid, Andi Keys, Shelby Lambert, Brooke Rieves. Not Pictured: Tammae Rogers, Adam S


Frazier, (Texas mantha s, Alisa , Joeph

PTK members are officially sworn in at the induction ceremony.

Jon Vashey

Spring Induction Jon Vashey

Daniel my Morn Metz, Sanchez

Jon Vashey



Front Row, from left: Monica McCarson, Danielle Shrager, Samantha Fink, Shivani Naik, Elsi Hernandez, Alex Marin, Marelle Stephenson, Askley Hibbs, Samantha Wafer. Second Row: Sierra Shanefelt, Lauren Ligon, Emily Bovshow, Brooke Luna, Emily Hawk, Mille Funk, Kyley Kornegay, Brianna Georgie, Kelsey Moore. Third row: Emily Shymkiw, Juliana Yolland, Jadyn Champalny, Lauren Kite, Alaina Bergen, Sarah Higgins, Maddie Cothrun, Samantha Stapper, Madeline Doerr, Bess Detar.


Top: Korinne Manjarres (left) and Gabby Azios, Madison Cashion and Ramsey Shobe (right) prepare for the Spring Dance Concert, Origin. Industry Dance Company (from left): Brooke Luna, Lainey Bergen-Henengouwen, Madeline Doerr, Mary Williford, Kelsey Moore, Samantha Wafer, Sarah Higgins


Ranger Band

Tiffany Johnson

The Ranger Band performs their final song, closing their part of the halftime show.

Tiffany Johnson

Drum Major Darian Duke, Gladewater sophomore, from leads the band during halftime.


The Ranger Band stands at attention in their opening position.

Tina Marie Reed


Percussion Brian Grinstead, DeVincent Hoyt, Andrew Rios, Manuel Cazares, Taylor Farrell, JKorrie Centers, Miranda Higginbotham, Tristan Carter, Tristin Sechrist, Miriam Newman, Jacob Cartwright, Ricky Alexander, Joshua Wigand, Zack Russell

Woodwinds Front Row: Eihridian Castro, Haley Russell, Charlsie Webb, Caitlin Pritcett, Bryanna King, Faith Landsdale, Denise Matay, Hannah Sanders, Christie Fererson, Emily Ward, Dana Hillin, Morgan Furguson, Irene Kennedy, Morgan Langston, Monica Wilson, Trystan Deason, Don Blackmon, A.J. Blaylock Second Row: Charry Daniel, Ambe Cain, Shelly Lindsey, Taylor Ragan, Jenny Henderson, Ginny Davis, Mary Davis, Cara Fletcher, Alexis Bailey, Clayton Stiles, Sahamanta Rodriguez, Darian Dulxe, Chandler Bowen, Aaron Dejlatte, Jamie King, Edgar Ayala.

Brass Front Row: Pedro Robles, Koehler Munoz, Daniel Webb, Alan Faircloth, Luis Hernandez, Dylan Custer, Tony Maldonado, Zane Brannon, Samantha Mathieas, Emily Gibbs, Summer McCarthy, Miriam Navarro. Devom Gentry, Tate Nicks, Jacob Castillo, Asael Ovalle,Juan Loy, Rebecca Cornett, Eli Nicks. Second Row: Joseph Saxon, Keivontay Numphrey, Logan Gilbreath, Michael Henry, Anthony Brooks, Luis Saldana, Alden Utzman, Hugo Rodriquez, Arnold Fuentes, Kyle Hathaway, Nathan Trichel, Carmen Dunnavant, Jonathan Frazier, Nathan Arias, Petar Badzic, John Morris, Triston Adkins, Brian Cobb, Donnie Noe, Caleb Bristow, Leslie Victorino, Blaine Weems. Third Row: Paxton Jones, Brandon Jackson, Kalvin Fitzpatrick, Tyler Andrews, Clake Warren, Bradley Edwards.


Kilgore College Band Director Glenn Wells, directs the Ranger Band into another marching season.


Jazz Band

Above: Monica Wilson, Hallsville sophomore, reads her music, as band director Glenn Wells conducts the Jazz Band. Right: Gilmer freshman Jamie King, and Gladewater freshman Don Blackman, perform at the Jazz Band concert. Below: Preston Morris, a Kilgore freshman, entertains the crowd with a trumpet solo in Downtown Kilgore.


Trumpeteers Dylan Custer (sophomore), Daniel Webb (sophomore) and Luis Hernandez (freshman) play a smooth jazz tune at their annual concert.

Photographs by Tiffany Johnson Above: Sabine High School band instructor Ronny Godfrey, accompanies the Ranger Band during the Relay for Life rally, in downtown Kilgore. Left: Former KC student Matt Jackson performs “Dancing in the Street� with the Jazz Band at their downtown Relay for Life concert.



Twirlers, from left: Kacey Loe, Caitlin Archer, Ashley Doan, Tarah Duncan, Alex Bridges, Sarah Buckner, Dominique Rasberry, Breann Largent, Christina Lloyd and Leslie Becerra. Not pictured: Paige Keitt (sponsor).

Twirlers lead the Ranger Band during a halftime performance.


Tina Marie Reed

Left: Twirlers perform at the fall pep rally to “Give Me Everything.� Below: Kacey Loe, Longview sophomore, hits her finishing pose of a halftime routine.

Tiffany Johnson

Tina Marie Reed

Tina Marie Reed

Twirlers (from left): Kacey Loe, Longview sophomore, Caitlin Archer, Longview freshman and Tarah Duncan, Henderson freshman, stand at attention, while the Ranger Band performs a fanfare.



Directors: Shelley Wayne and Dana Blair. Managers: Spencer Nestleroad, Carter Tackett, Francisco Sanchez, Salvador Lamas. Denise Macon


Jon Vashey

Officers Capt. Brooke Luna Lt. Lainey Bergen-Henengouwen Lt. Madeline Doerr Lt. Kelsey Moore Lt. Mary Williford

Sophomo Emily Bov Maddie C Kristen Cr Bess Deta Kierstin D Samantha Camille F


ores vshow Cothrum rawford ar Dornak a Fink Funk

Breanne Gardner Brianna Georgie Jenna Gerwells Emily Hawk Elsi Hernandez Ashley Hibbs Sarah Higgins Daniela Kayser

Kyley Kornegay Morgan London Korinne Manjarres Alexandrea marin Hannah Marucci Shivani Naik Katharine Parkhurst Emily Shymkiw Haley Spencer Samantha Stapper Maryell Stephenson Haley Thompson Meloni True

Morgan Van Dresar Samantha Wafer Freshmen Gabriela Azios Hannah Burns Madison Cashion Mckenna Cook Morgan Covin Emma Cox MacKenzie Cumpain Kyla Drake Allison Eigsti Debra Elliott

Autumn Fleet Taylor Gallaway Tea’ Jaime Keillin Jeter Lauren Kite Payton Kornegay Lauren Ligon Caroline Lucke Cameron Maldonado Monica McCarson Maddie Minser Skylar Morgan Elise Padilla

Holly Patterson Abby Penprase Erin Phillips Emily Posey Shaena Rinehart Megan Roberts Annie Rojas Ramsey Shobe Emma Soard Barbara Vega Emma Walls Olivia Westmoreland Juliana Yolland


Sigma Kappa Delta

Jon Vashey

The Upsilon Delta, the Kilgore College chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta, the national English honor society for two-year colleges, inducted 34 KC students at a ceremony April 14. Front row (from left): Diana Aguilar-Zarate, Krista Chandler, Destiny Camacho, Kaitlin Smith and Mikayla Patterson. Back row (from left): Cruz Mendez, Jamie Baber, Leonardo Vielma, Caleb Bristow, Da’Jah Thompson and Derrell Tucker.


Keyboard Orchestra

Front Row: Synnamon Ferguson, Macy McAnally, Sarah Buckner. Second Row: Mario Sandoral, Thomas Savage, Corey Daniels, John Dorman.

Jon Vashey


Wesley Foundation Front Row (from left): Austin Freidline, Caitlin Pritchett, Adam Cartwright and Leandra Gilbert Seated: Sharon Westbrook, (Administrative Assistant), Rev. Karen Bright, Campus Pastor/ Director)

Christian Campus Crusade

The Christian Campus Center, Tri-C, is a place where everyone is welcome. It is a place where we meet students just where they are. Tri-C’s Campus Minister, Director Britt Davis, Assistant Director Jan Norris (our Mama Jan) are familiar faces students have come to know.


KC Canterbury Espiscopal Church

From Left: Diane Buffington, Brandone McBride, Dealomoney Johnson, Sabrina Washington, Maya Sheppard and Turel Merrills

Baptist Student Ministry

Back row (from left): Cori Conrad, unknown, Jennifer Quin, Nick Shelley, Asael Ovalle, Juan Loy, Caleigh Challis, Willie Edwards, Samantha Mathias, Rian, Monica Wilson, unknown, Mariela Lopez, unknown, Sam Rodriguez, Brooke Harris, Elijah Banks, Breann Largent, Christie Fergerson, Preston Lewis, Petar Badzic, Jordan Baker, unknown and Tiffani Thompson. Front row (from left): Jaymi Blankenship, Kirsten Blankenship, Luis Hernandez, Enrique De La Fuente, Austin Lee, Danny Calvillo, Don Blackmon, Edgar Ayala and Chad Campodonico.



Front Row: Brianna Copeland, Hollie Berry, Christina Lloyd, Kami Pack, Hannah Sanders, Nikki Newman, Second Row: Michael Murry, Leisa Jenkins, Taylor Freeman, Wyatt Roberts, Victoria Smith, Brett Lee, James Helpenstill, Colton Askew, Jacob Johnson, Travis Noriega, Taylor Farrell, Tristan Carter, Isaac Stokley. Third Row: Judah Armour, Trevor Newlin, Brandon Dupre´, Niko Fookes, Annalise Wisdom, Karlee Hall, Brittney Crane, Morgan Kidwell.


Art Club

Front row (from left): Dustin Craine, Sarah Hooten, Cherry He, Shelby Martin. Second row (from left): John Greeson, Michael Williamg, Jaime Barnnet, Irene Heartley, unknown.


Trio Club

Front Row: Raashi Kishore, Naina Kishore and Shelly Lindsey. Second Row: Heidi Everett (Learning Specialist), Lori Jacobo, Valleria Barrea-Manzo, Alex Nelson, Allen Allbee, Bindy Tice (Director), Alex Perez, Dassey McDonald and Diovanni Espinosa. Third Row: Dontarius Haynes, Dennis Cliborn (Asst. Director), Jose Ramirez, Ashley Benningfield-Dinley and Keith Wolcott


Latino Club

Tiffany Johnson

Front row (from left): Sherry Huerta, Manny Almanza and Aiko Orozco. Second row (from left): Elvira Gallardo, Karen Rea, Adan Aguinaga, Isela Guerrero and David DeGrasse. Third row (from left): Janet Gonzalez (seated), Nick Gaviria, Angela Arredondo, Steve Mena and Daniel DeGrasse.

Lacey Bunn

Richard Nguyen

KC students celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with traditional foods, drinks and decorations.


166 Tiffany Johnson

Ads & Index


Index A Abdela, Monaliza 134, 40 Abel, Jon P. 36 Abramski, Tyler Franklin 40 Abron, Lashena 95 Acobo, Lorena 131 Acy, Cedric D. 36 Adams, Al 94 Adams, Albert A. 41 Adams, Byron C. 36 Adamson, David 71 Addie, Tony 64 Adeeko, Esther 96 Adeeko, Mary O. 36 Adkins, Triston 21, 150 Aguilar, Guillermo 138 Aguilar, Kimberly E. 37 Aguilar-Zarate, Diana G. 36, 158 Aguinaga, Adan 131, 141, 165 Alexander, Phyllis 133, 135 Alexander, Ricky 150 Allbee, Allen 164 Allen, Allyson 93 Allen, JT 114 Allison, Terry T. 37 Allred, John 99 Almanza, Manny 73, 165 Alston, Kevin P. 37 Alvarado, Marilyn 40 Alvarez, Beatrice A. 40, 134 Alvarez., Jennifer 93 Alvarez-Navarro, Gabriel 41 Amaro, Adrian 36 Ancelot, Kelsye 120 Anderson, Jesica A. 37 Anderson, Ken 133 Anderson, Leah Paige 36 Anderson, Shelby Lane 40 Anderson-Singleton, Jesica 40, 41 Anderson, Staci M. 36 Andrews, Audra 144 Andrews, Scott 49 Andrews, Tyler 150 Anthony, Isamade C. 36 Anthony, Vyctorriya 97 Arbuckle, Krysta D. 37 Arce’, Gladis 36 Archer, Caitlin 154, 155 Arias, Nathan 150 168

Armour, Judah 82, 86, 162 Armour, Rachel 44 Armstron, Brandon 94 Arredondo, Angela 165 Arrington, Kyle R. 36 Arteaga, Melissa 96 Arthur, Jay K. 36 Ashley, Christina M. 36 Ashmore, Tonya Therese 36 Askew, Colton 162 Atei, Isaac 96 Atkins, Michael 69 Atkins, Tracy 72 Attaway, Penny 75 Avelson, Jason 144 Avery, Dennis 95 Avery, Shelley 101 Axelson, Bobbie J. 40 Ayala., Edgar 150, 161 Ayres, Michelle Lee 36 Azios, Gabriela 147, 157

B Baber, Jamie 158 Badzic, Petar 150, 161 Bagle, Ben 88 Bahr, Dawn 71 Bailey, Alexis 150 Bailey, Rikki 92 Baird, Siera N. 36 Baker, Alexandria 96 Baker, Jessica 142 Baker, Jordan 161 Baker, Kathryn K. 36 Baker, Mariann 67 Baker, Tiphany L. 36 Bakkali, Radwan 114 Baldwin., Brian Jones and Billy 144 Banda, Gina 133 Bane, Bill 142 Banga, Jeffery 97 Banks, Elijah 63, 136, 161 Banks, Miles 40 Banner, Jason 95 Barber, KeKe 118, 119 Barclay, Ruangrong 40 Baricza, Brandi 71 Barnes, Braden 120 Barnes, Crystal 96 Barnes, Lametra

Barnes, Marilyn 92 Barnhart, Halie S. 37 Barnnet, Jaime 163 Barraza, Martin Gonzalez 37 Barrea-Manzo, Valleria 164 Barr, Hunter R. 36 Barrios, Adriana 36 Barron, Anna 41, 93 Barron, Franciso 97 Barr, Rachel Michelle 36 Bassett, Jennifer 85, 98, 142 Bass, Jerri R. 36 Bass, Sable Dawn 36 Bass, Sandy 52 Bates, Annita 95 Bates, Kristi Lynn 41 Bauman, Timothy M. 36 Baxter, Jay F. 37 Bazaldua, Denise 144 Beach, F. Dan 48 Beasley, Delynnderick O. 36, 37 Beaty, Christopher E. 41, 84, 94 Beaver, Erin M. 36 Becerra, Leslie 9, 20, 141, 154 Bechard, Justin 137, 142 Beck, Brannon 138 Beck, Sonia Ann 40 Bedair, Jennifer M. 36 Beecham, Ladearan 95 Belanger, David 75 Belken, Brandon 72, 138 Bell, Becky 133 Bell, Niki 97 Bell, Kasie 89 Bell, Locki 133 Bell, Matthew Anthony 40 Bellony, Mastor 135 Beloney, Michelle R. 41, 96 Benge, Kristy R. 36 Bennett, Blake 120 Bennett, Lana 120 Bennett, Lindsey A. 40 Bennett, Tristan 144 Benningfield, Ashley 73 Berbruggen, David 21 Bergen, Alaina 146 Bergen-Henengouwen, Lainey 31, 147, 156 Bernaldez, Eddie 74 Bernard, Aliyah 118 Bernethy, Josh 72

Bernethy, Randall S. 40 Berrospe, Lorena 97 Berry, Hollie 162 Bess, Tiffany D. 41, 96 Bickerton, Anna Nicole 40 Bickley, Jessica R. 37 Biggs, Daniel 62 Bilal, Noor R. 36 Bingham, Bryan 99 Bjornlie, Kelci 36 Blackmon, Don 150, 161, 152 Blackshire, Vanesa D. 36, 138 Black, Tesla 95 Blackwell, Jennifer 95 Blair, Dana 156 Blake, Emily 41, 93 Blalock, Joshua 142, 143 Blankenship, Jaymi 161 Blankenship, Kirsten 161 Blanton, Beverly Joyce 40 Blaylock, A.J. 150 Boaze, Tori L. 36 Bock, Jeff 72 Bolton, Camory 36 Boney, Benjamin Nathan 36 Booker, Sarah 67, 87 Boone, Gary 138 Borden, Tracy 95 Boseman, Audreanna N. 36 Bosire, Winnie J. 36 Bourgeois, Rudolph J. III, 36 Bovshow, Emily 52, 146, 157 Bowdoin, Kelsey M. 37 Bowen, Chandler 150 Bowens, Brian 40 Bowlden, Michelle 41 Boyce, Kylie 93 Boyd, Savanah N. 40 Boyd, Sidney 130 Bradshaw, Amber 98 Bradshaw, Megan L. 36 Branch, Tiffani 137 Brannon, Zane 150 Brasher, Wesley 75 Bratord, Taylor 94 Braxton, Lataveous 86 Bray, James T. 36 Breed, Kris 139 Bridges, Alex 9, 14, 15, 21, 136, 141, 154 Bridges, Hatti A. 36 Bridges, Marsha L. 40, 134 Bridges, Trashuna M. 37

Briggs, Taylor L. 36, 37 Bright, Rev. Karen 160 Bright, Tim 74 Brinson, Cody L. 36, 37 Briscoe, Kelsea N. 36 Briseno, Omar 18 Brister, Emily 92 Bristow, Caleb 150, 158 Brock, Monica 74 Brookins, Brandon J. 41, 94 Brooks, Anthony 150 Brooks, Devin J. 40 Brown, Alana W. 40 Brown, Alvin 138 Brown, Ashley E. 40, 134 Brown, Derek 41, 84, 94 Brown, Daniel W. 36 Brown, Emily 144 Brown, Iris D. 36 Brown, Johnny A. 36 Brown, Kimberly 96 Brown, Mike 126 Brown, Myriah A. 36 Brown, Robert T. 41, 94 Brown, Samuel 138 Brown, Thomas L. 37 Browning, Richard Ryan II 37 Bryson, Michael 95 Buchanan, Angela Y. 37 Buchanan, Dr. Paul 144, 77 Buckner, Sarah 9, 154 Buckner, James 139 Buffington, Diane 161 Bump, Deborah 75 Bunn, Lacey 137 Bunt, Brad 72 Burgess, Bonnie 72 Burke, Audrey James 40 Burke, Matthew C. 37 Burlingame, Sheri 95, 75 Burns, Hannah 157 Burns, James P. 37, 40 Burns, Lisa M. 37, 41, 95 Burris, Isaac 144 Bush, Blair D. 37 Bush, Jody Lee 40, 95, 74 Butler, Jeannie 13 Butler, Melinda 95 Byrd, Reagan 41, 93

C Caballero, Gloria 52 Caballero, Jonas Hilario Hernandez 40 Cadenas, Leticia 40 Cadenas, Rachel 41, 95 Cadenaz, Leticia 144 Caffey, Dann 94

Cain, Ambe 150 Caldwell, Anna 69 Caldwell, Haley D. 40, 134 Caldwell, Josh S. 37 Caldwell, Kaevaughn DeAngelo 40 Caldwell, Kiska S. 36 Caldwell, Raymond 68 Caldwell, Tevin 40 Callaway, Randy 57 Calico, William 134 Calvillo, Danny 161 Camacho, Destiny 144, 158 Cammack, Laura B. 36 Camp, Kaitlin 96 Campbell, David L. 41, 94 Campodonico., Chad 161 Cardenas, Laura 36 Cardozo, Dera 144 Cariker, Heath 72 Carlson, Cameron M. 37 Carmichael, Shelby 89 Carpenter, Porscha 93 Carranza, Isabel 37 Carrett, Caleb 139 Carrington, Jessica , 22, 22 Carrington, Joe 49 Carroll, Larry J. 36 Carroll, Lauren 118, 119 Carroll, Pattie 40 Carr, Teresa L. 40, 134 Carter, Daiquiri L. 37 Carter, Derrick 95 Carter, Hallee 120, 122 Carter, Jennifer 40 Carter, Paula 133, 70 Carter, Tristan 150, 162 Cartwright, Adam 160 Cartwright, Jacob 142, 150 Cashion, Madison 147, 157 Casta単eda, Vianney 41 Castaneda, Victoria Yamel Avila 37 Castillo, Diana 137 Castillo, Jacob 144, 150 Castillo, Karina Lizbeth 40 Castillo, Rachael Maze 36 Castro, Eihridian 150 Caviness, Rosemary Sue 40, 134 Cawich, Romel 41, 94 Cazares, Carla 95 Cazares, Debra Roberts 40 Cazares, Leoncio 37 Cazares, Manuel 150 Cedillo, Alma 137 Cellucci, Talyn Drew 40 Centers, Gabriel 41, 93 Centers, JKorrie 150 Cervantes, Max 136

Larry Woodfin 903-983-2277 2402 N. Longview St. Kilgore, Texas 75662


Index Chambliss, Ricky 95 Champalny, Jadyn 146 Chandler, Krista 158 Chavez, Sandra Mariela 36 Clark, Allyson 41 Clark, Kenneth DeWayne 40 Clark, Kyra L. 37 Clark, Nikki Nichole 36 Clawson, Taylor R. 37 Clements, Katelyn Elise 40 Cliburn, Dennis 164 Clifton, Aubria Denishia Lynell 36 Clifton, Victoria 137 Close, Curtis J. 37 Closner, Kristine 93 Clutts, Jessica P. 37 Cobb, Brian 150 Cobb, Cody 41, 94 Cobb-McDonald, Ta’Chada Shante’ 40 Cochran, Hunter M. 37 Cockrum, Billy W. 40, 41 Coghlan, Peggy 76 Coghlan, Howard 76 Cohen, Joshua G. 37 Coker, Carrie A. 37 Coker, Casen A. 37 Colis, Mildreth 96 Collard, John A. 37 Collier, Christi A. 40 Collier, Samantha N. 37 Collins, Damion 89, 109 Collins, Jennifer Denise 40 Collins, Marcus J. 36 Collum, Joseph M. 36 Colvin, Michael D. 41 Compton, Brandon M. 37 Conley, Jordan M. 36 Conner, Lonnie 138 Conner, Virgel 72 Conrad, Cori 161 Conrad, Erin 40 Conway, Ryan 94 Conway, Sean 94 Cook, David 37 Cook, Mckenna 157 Cook, Quentin B. 37 Copeland, Brianna 142, 162 Copeland, Raymond M. 37 Copeland, Tanner 94 Coplan, Ashley A. 41 Cornett, Rebecca 150 Cortez, Joshua 11, 142 170

Cortez, Michael Alexander 40 Cothrum, Maddie 146, 157 Cottrell, Brooke 142 Countryman, Cora 139 Covin, Morgan 157 Cox, Emma 9, 157 Cox, Junko Katagiri 37, 41 Craddock, Chris 73 Craft, Hayden 138 Crain, Darren 99 Craine, Dustin 163 Crane, Brittney 162 Crawford, Grace 132 Crawford, Kimberly A. 40, 134 Crawford, Kristen 31, 157 Crittenden, Shelby 133 Crittendon, Kris 140 Crockett, Carl 40 Crockett, Melissa D. 37 Crosby, Jana 138 Crossland, Nick R. 36 Cross, Madison K. 40 Crump, Colton C. 41 Crutcher, Richard 67 Culberson, Jacob Cameron 36, 140 Cummins, Katie E. 37 Cumpain, MacKenzie 11, 30, 59, 157 Currie, Jessica 132 Curtis, Beneffie 95 Custer, Dylan 144, 150, 153

D Dalby, Joshua David 41 Daniels, Corey 159 Daniels, Michele 69, 144 Daniels, Kristina N. 37, 41 Darmer, Emily 96 Daughtry, Christina D. 36, 130 Davenport, Kayla N. 37 Davidson, Dayna 71 Davila, Alicia 120 Davis, Brianna 120, 123 Davis, Britt 160 Davis, Brooklyn Elise 37 Davis, Cashara 96 Davis, Ginny 150 Davis, Hollyann 65 Davis, Kathryn E. 37 Davis, Kevin L. 37 Davis, Logan 93

Davis, Mary 150 Davis-Parkman, Annecia 99 Davis, Ashley 132 Davis, Pam 73 Davis, Simone 135 Davis, Tyler 133 Dawson, Taylor J. 41, 94 Day, Kristy A. 37 Day, Shalie 73, 120, 127 Deason, Trystan 150 Deen, Jared H. 37 Deen, Martha 66 Dees, Caitlyn 92 Dees, Seth 139 Degrasse, Daniel 131, 165 Degrasse, David 131, 144, 165 Dehoyos, Joseph Louis 41 DelaFuente Enrique, 61 Dejlatte, Aaron 150 Delgado, Damian V. 36 Delgado, Adrian 138 Dennis, Ginger 67 Deslatte, Arron 138 Detar, Bess 146, 157

Devaux, Brittany A. 40 Diallo, Cheikh “CB” 114, 115, 117 Diankam, William 87 Diaz, Jazmin 41, 134 Dickerson, Cheyenne 142 Dickey, Ben E. 36 Diehl, Emily Rose 36 Diehl, Tovert 139 Dilday, Karen 72 Dillard, Shelby L. 37 Dippold, Randi Gayle 41 Dixon, Brandon E. 37 Dixon, Ryan W. 36 Doan, Ashley 9, 154 Dobbs, Melissa 74 Dobler, Nick 125 Doerr, Madeline 26, 146, 147, 156 Dominguez, Danny 85, 138 Dominguez, Jesse J. 37 Dominick, Pre’Franz N. 36 Donaghy, Laura L. 41 Doren, Trevor Van 40


1905 W. Loop 281 Longview, TX (903) 295-3535 www.alliedtrophy.com

Dorman, John 144, 159 Dornak, Kierstin 157 Dorsey, Michael A. 41, 94 Dosier, Jodi 137 Dotson, Candace 75 Downing, Mike 36 Downs, Asenath S. 37 Drake, Kyla 9, 157 Dresar, Morgan Van 157 Ducote, Jason Uriah 41 Dudley, Demi R. 40 Duke, Darian 9, 12, 14, 148, 150 Dukes, Tana 144 Duncan, Macee 36, 53, 133 Duncan, Tarah 9, 154, 155 Dunnavant, Carmen 150 Dupre´, Brandon 162 Dyer, Ursula 70, 133

E Earl, Brian 94

Eberhart, Natsha 137 Eberhart, Sawyer 135 Eckert, JJ 9, 111, 124 Edmond, James O. 41 Edmond, Jennifer L. 41, 96 Edmondson, April D. 36 Edwards, Adrianna 118, 119 Edwards, Amy 95 Edwards, Bradley 150 Edwards, Cody 72 Edwards, Shiloh 97 Edwards, Suzette Morgan 41, 93 Edwards, Willie 161 Eigsti, Allison 11, 157 Elam, Krystial 139 Elfarrius, Cannon 139 Elizalde, Alma Delia 41 Elliott, Debra 157 Elliott, Michael Lee 36 Ellison, Hunter D. 41 Elueze, Catherine 71 Elwell, Jericha Karinn 36 Engeman, Suzanne 138 Ennis, Bobbie J. 41

Enox, Rhonda 40 Epa, Jese M. 36, 40 Ephraim, Teresa 92 Epner, Peggy 45 Escamilla, Jose S. 37 Escobedo, Bernardo Antonio 37 Escobedo, Yasmine Naomi 36 Espinosa, Diovanni 164 Estes, Ken 72 Estrella, Alejandro 37 Etheridge, Stacie 133 Ethridge, Joseph L. 37 Eubanks, April A. 37 Eudy, Dillon B. 37 Evans, Donna 71 Evans, Preston 133 Evers, Cory Dalton 41 Ewing, Thomas D. 37

F Fails, Jaylen 15, 16, 17, 107, 108, 110 Fair, Kathy 64 Faircloth, Alan 150 Faisal, Noor 40

Fall, Cheikh 114 Farhoud, Jamal H. 37 Farmet, Meyika 95 Farrell, Taylor 150, 162 Feagin, Myranda 142 Felix, Carmen Nicole Silos 40 Fenton, Dalton L. 37 Fergerson, Christie 161 Ferguson, Michael 67, 150 Ferguson, Synnamon 159 Ferguson, Ronda 64 Fernandez, Jayden N. 36 Fields, Patricia Renee 40 Fierros, Veronica 95 Figueroa, Karina Lynn 37 Fink, Samantha 146, 157 Finnegan, Michael D. 37 Fischer, Ashley 133 Fisher, Zachery A. 41, 94 Fitch, Amanda N. 37

Fitzpatrick, Kalvin 150 Flanakin, Cutler B. 37 Fleck, Christopher V. 37 Fleck, Krysti L. 36 Fleet, Autumn 9, 157 Fleet, Brandon 137 Fleet, Cheyenne N. 41, 96 Fleet, James Taylor 37, 41 Fleming, Latoya R. 40 Fletcher, Cara 150 Flint, Kelly A. 37 Flournoy, Patrice LaShawn 40 Flowers, Brooke LeAnne 40 Follingstad, Caitlin D. 40 Fookes, Niko 162 Forbes, Jenna 97 Ford, Brandy 96 Ford, Christy L. 37 Ford, Daunte L. 37 Ford, Glenda 75 Ford, Lon 49 Ford, Mark A. 40 Forman, Casee Renae 37


Forrest, Patricia 138 Fort, Jerri 138 Fortner, Tanisha Wright Foster, Autumn 95 Foster-Slocum, Julie Anne 41 Foulman, Tammy 96 Fountain, Krystal 144 Fowler, Dr. Julie 48, 74 Fox-Hearne, Carolyn 68 Francis, Jacob Paul 41 Franco, Carolyn R. 37 Frazer, Will 139 Frazier, Devon 127 Frazier, Jonathan 150 Frazier, Kendric 95 Frazier, Kip 142, 143, 144 Fredenburg, Ginny Marie 36, 140 Freeman, Taylor 162 Freidline, Austin 19, 141, 160 Fry, Carey N. 36 Fuentes, Arnold 150 Fulbright, Bradford C. 36 Fuller, Nicholas Taylor 37 Fultner, Clint 165 Funk, Camille 157 Funk, Mille 146 Furguson, Morgan 150 Furlong, Samaura J. 37

G Gaddis, Chelsea N. 37 Gage, Juston 40 Galal, Mahesh 72 Galeano, Allison DeWoody 40 Gallardo, Elvira 165 Gallaway, Taylor 157 Galvan, Giselle S. 36 Gannon, Victoria 142 Garab, Cornelius 14 Garay, Cesar 41 Gardner, Breanne 157 Gardner, Rachel 45 Garmo, Alexis 132 Garza, Alexa M. 36 Garza, Angel 138 Garza, Nancy 139 Gatton, Pam 65 Gaul, Alexandria 93 Gaviria, Nick 13, 141, 165 Gebrehiowt, Samrawit 63 Geiger, Ian A. 41, 134 Gelpi, Cortney G. 36 Gentry, Devon 150 George, James 138 George, Whitney 92 Georgie, Brianna 146, 157 Germano, Chelsie 93 Gerwels, Jenna 27, 157

Gerrity, Ann 69 Gibbons, Shannon Denae 40 Gibbs, Emily 150 Gibson, Carol 66 Gibson, La’Tameshia 41, 92 Gilbert, Leandra 160 Gilbreath, Logan 150 Gilchrist, Victoria 137 Gilmore, Cynthia 96 Gleaton, Carla 70, 132 Gloden, Devonie 96 Godair, Roxanne 37 Godfrey, Ronny 153 Golston, Yuquechessia Rashinique 41, 134 Gomez, Amanda Marie 37 Gomez, Bryan 95 Gonzales, Angelica 120 Gonzales, Janet 165 Gonzales, Kawandria 134 Gonzalez, Diana 40 Gonzalez, Kawandria Kach’e 41 Gonzalez, Vanessa 133 Goodeman, Dawn E. 37 Gooden, Willie 125 Goodwyn, Tiffany 132 Gore, Chris 73 Gorman, Leah 48 Goss, Erica 132 Graham, Mary 41, 95

Granger, Lacey LeAnn 36 Grant, Whitney P. 40 Graves, Jason 66 Gray, Brandon 41, 94 Gray, Ian P. 37 Gray, Jordan N. 37 Green, Addison Mackenzie 37 Green, Alexus 93 Greene, Colton J. 37 Greene, Madeline 136 Green, Kendal J. 37 Green, Lukas R. 36 Green, Michaelle 75 Green, Shamocka 99 Green, Whitney P. 37 Greer, Dewey 72 Greeson, John 36, 163 Gregg, Meredith L. 40 Gregston, Victoria 142 Griego, Tytus 99 Griffith, DJ 98 Griffith, Samantha 41 Grinstead, Brian 150 Gronewald, Dennis 74 Guerrero, Ana 41, 138 Guerrero, Isela 89, 165 Guevara, Jonahtan J. 37 Gueye, Ndene 114, 117 Gunter, Garrett V. 37



601A EAST MAIN 903.983.1480 172

H Haas, Ania C. 36 Haas, Kathy E. 37 Hahn, Caleb 52 Halbert, Susie 90 Hale, Barker 75 Hale, Lacy S. 37 Haley, Michael 97 Hall, April Dee 37 Hall, Karlee 162 Hall, Smanatha 95 Hallmark, Lucas 97 Hamessley, Ashlynn B. 41 Hamessley, Brooke 96 Hamilton, Deborah Kay Crump 41 Hamilton, Matthew A. 40 Hammer, Curstyn L. 37 Hammett, Destiny 96 Ham, Nicole 75 Ham, Robert 139 Harcum, Denver Addam 36 Hardemon, Lucas 91 Harnage, Dominique S. 36 Harnson, David 94 Harrington, Cathy 93 Harris, Brooke 161 Harris, Ben 100 Harris, Emilee 142 Harriss, David Aaron 40 Hart, Faith Dalynn 40

Hartfiel, Zachary S. 37 Harthi, Ayman A. Al 40 Hartill, Jacob T. 37 Hart, Joseph D. 36 Harvey, John Paul 40 Harville, Jerica D. 37 Hastie, Mariane 71 Hatcher, Valerie S. 36 Hathaway, Kyle 150 Hathaway, Trey 73 Haught, Andrew W. 41 Havner, Miranda 144 Hawk, Emily 146, 157 Haynes, Dontarius 164 Head, Corderius 95 Head, Krystina M. 41, 134 Heartley, Irene 163 Heath, Bob 49 He, Cherry 135, 144, 163 Helpenstill, James 162 Henderson, Jenny 150 Henry, Kaisee 97, 100 Henry, Michael 150 Henson, Jalen 130 Hermida, Jessica I. 37 Hernandez, Carlos 94 Hernandez, Christine S. 37 Hernandez, Luis 153 Hernandez, Elsi 146, 157 Hernandez, Elsi M. 36 Hernandez, Ernest G. 36 Hernandez, Juan L. 41, 138

Hernandez, Luis 150, 161 Hernandez-Rodriguez, Olivia 40 Herrin, Ciara 93 Herring, Ethan 73 Herring, Kayli Elizabeth 40 Herron, Tracy 90 Hester, Sherry 93 Hewitt, Michael S. 37 Hibbs, Ashley 157, 146 Hicks, Matthew W. 37 Hicks, Robert E. 37 Hicks, Samantha 93 Higginbotham, Miranda 150 Higgins, Sarah 146, 147, 157 Hight, David C. 37 Hill, Larry 95 Hill, Mark Shepard 41 Hill, December 64 Hillin, Dana 150 Hison, Zackary 142 Hitt, Chad L. 37 Hobbs, Haden N. 37 Hoberecht, Brian 126 Hodge, E’lexus 137 Hoffman, Rhalston B. 37 Holda, Dr. Bill 51, 56 Holland, Regina 36 Hollis, Connor P. 37 Holloway, Logan P. 40 Holly, Bobby D. 41, 134 Holmes, Merlyn 65 Holmgrew, April 96

Honzell, Crystal D. 41, 96 Hood, Christopher 139 Hooks, Sandra 144 Hooten, Blake 138 Hooten, Sarah 163 Horn, Daniel 131, 144 Hortman, Courtney 131 Hosak, Joseph Aaron 41 House, Colby Martin 41 House, Landon L. 41 Howard, Albert Jim 40 Howe, Ronda 71 Howell, Clarissa D. 37 Howell, Nolan 138 Howe, Ronda 81 Hoyt, DeVincent 150 Hranowsky, Jordan J. 37 Huck, Jason 95 Hudnall, Jennifer 70 Huerta, Sherry 165 Hughes, Kody A. 36 Hughes, Michael D. 41 Humphreys, Miriah 132 Humphries, Karah Mackenzie 37 Hunter, Brandy N. 36 Hunter, Clayton S. 36 Hunter, Derek 66 Hunter, Kyleen 137 Hunt, Monika Sue 40 Huntsman, Cheyene 137 Hunt, Stephanie 133,


Huval, Nicholas J. 37 Hyde, Luke Ian 41

I Ibarra, Jaqueline 40 Ignatchenko, Elena 71 Imordi, Eric 139 Ingram, Cassandra D. 37 Ingram, Shadarryl 96 Ironcloud, Jimmie 138

J Jackson, Adria 37 Jackson, Brandon 150 Jackson, Chanta 93 Jackson, Derrick 95 Jackson, Gail 73 Jackson, Lilliah 75 Jackson, Kat 75, 98 Jackson, Terence 137 Jacobo, Alejandra 131 Jacobo, Lori 164 Jacobo, Alex 136 Jacobs, Eric R. 40 Jaimes, Eliud 41 Jaime, Tea’ 157


James, Jesse 70 Jalomo, Austin 95 Jalomo, Sarah A. 36 Jeffers, Dalton Hunter 40 Jenkins, Dr. Mike 48 Jenkins, SaraKate 93 Jenkins, Leisa 162 Jeter, Keilin 29, 157 Jewett, Sarah M. 40 Jimerson, Ashanti 41, 95 Jimmerson, Jacoby 96 Johnson, Becky 48 Johnson, Dealomoney 161 Johnson, Elizabeth 67 Johnson, Jacob 162 Johnson, Jeanne 80 Johnson, Jenna 120 Johnson, Karen 66 Johnson, Keke 120, 123 Johnson, Prestina R. 41 Johnson, Taylor 99 Johnson, Tiffany 53, 136, 137 Johnson, Tony 48, 64 Johnson, Wilton 114 Johnston, Paul 132 Jones, Brian 144 Jones, Chelsea R. 41 Jones, Curteen 96 Jones, Gabriela I. 37

Jones, JaHaveion 138 Jones, Jonn B. 41, 94 Jones, Kayla 92 Jones, Michael 94 Jones, Nathan 95 Jones, Nikkia Nikole Smith 39 Jones, Brian 139 Jones, Paxton 150 Jones, Tracy D. 41, 134 Jones, Tyler L. 36 Jordan, Matthew M. 40 Jordan, Amanda 132 Jordan, James L III, 37 Joseph, Lakeisha 96 Juarez, Cristina P. 36 Juarez, Stephanie E. 36

K Kaemmerling, Kelly 74, 95 Kah, Alassane 114 Karling, Janette 71 Kates, Mary 67 Kays, Dr. Brenda 48, 76 Kays, Dennis 77 Kayser, Daniela 157 Keitt, Paige 154 Keller, Ryan Adam 41

Kelley, Cameron Michael 40 Kelley, Kevin 69 Kelly, Javarri 94 Kelly, Kirby E. 37 Kelm, David W. 36 Kennair, Shawn Travis 41 Kennedy, Grace 89 Kennedy, Irene 150 Key, Bobby 72 Keys, Andi 144 Key, Sarah P. 37 Kianizadeh, Omeed 40 Kicks, Sherri 52 Kidwell., Morgan 162 Kilgore, Melissa A. 41, 134 Kimble, Kory 65 King, Bryanna 150 King, Damond D. 36 King, Tara 52, 139, 144 King, Jamie 150 King, Jessica 138 King, Melodi R. 37, 41 King, Misty L. 37 King, Jamie 152 Kinney, Jack 94 Kirk, Dana Lynn 41 Kirkland, Kyle W. 37 Kirkpatrick, Jeffrey N. 41 Kishore, Naina 40

INDEX Kishore, Raashi 164 Kitchen, Larry 68 Kite, Lauren 146, 157 Kiyingi, Brenda N. 37 Klein, Garrett Lamar 36 Kleinig, Kristi 70 Klink, Justin 98 Knott, Sherry R. 37 Knox, Alex 73 Komoriya, Sayaka 131 Kornegay, Kyley 146, 157 Kornegay, Lindsey Michale 41 Kornegay, Payton 157 Kornman, Willis 97 Kotchev, George A. 40 Koukpoliyi, Abake C. 36 Kovar, Hunter Martin 41 Kusheba, Michael 67

L Laboyteaux, Lauren 137 Lachney, Brandy 144 Lafosse, Gus 66 LaFrance, Triston 139 Lake, Laurie 132 Lamas, Salvador 156 Lambert, Shelby 144 Laminack, Erica 92 Lamouroux, Nancy 70, 133 Landaverde, Evelyn Y. 36 Landuerde, Gerardo 139 Landry, Steven Paul 41 Landsdale, Faith 150 Lane, Tanner M. 37 Langford, Hollie 41, 134 Langham, Lauren 69 Langston, Morgan 150 Lansdale, Faith 85 Largent, Breanne 9, 154, 161 Latham, Leanna R. 36 Laundry, Steven 134 Lavender, Kaitlynn 93 Law, Aimee 70 Law, Dustin 130 Law, Nancy 64 Laws, Joel 72, 138 Leadon, Timothy B. 36 LeBlanc, Clint J. 37 Lebus, Greggory 95 Ledkins, Marisa J. 36 Lee, Austin 161 Lee, Brett 162 Lee, Doug 139 Lee, Terry 137 Lehman, Andrew 94

Lennox, Cody W. 36 Letourneau, Leila 75 Lewellen, Randy 48, 77 Lewis, Joe 108 Lewis, Julie 67, 81 Lewis, Justice M. 40 Lewis, Keyaria NaKeyah 41, 96 Lewis, Laura Crystal 36 Lewis, Lori 132 Lewis, Preston 66, 161 Lewis, Thomas L. 37 Libebele, Paulin 137 Ligon, Lauren 146, 157 Lilly, Brendell S. 37 Lilly, Chrissandril 7593 Lindsey, Shelly 61, 150 Lister, Brittany 96 Lloyd, Christina 9, 14, 83, 142, 154, 162 Loe, Kacey 154, 155 Lohr, Hunter 136 London, John J. 41 London, Morgan 157 Longhofer, Dylan T. 37 Lopez, Clarissa 88 Lopez, Fernando 41, 94 Lopez, Lucia 136 Lopez, Mariela 161 Loredo, Ana-Marisa 37 Lothrop, Coy 68 Lovely, Ashley 96 Lovett, O. Rufus 69 Lowe, Hayden H. 37 Lowe, Jessie Ross 40 Lowe, Kacey 9 Loyd, Christian 95 Loy, Juan 150, 161 Lozano, Hernan 94 Lucke, Caroline 157 Lugeanbeal, Sara 65 Lumpkin, Starla 71 Luna, Brooke 16, 17, 146, 147, 156 Lunceford, Ryanne 120, 121 Lutrell, Brianna S. 36 Lux, Cindy 36 Lybarger, Heidi R. 41 Lynch, Austin P. 37

M Macias, Jeanette V. 37 Madding, Marissa D. 36 MagaĂąa, Sebastian 40 Magness, Melanie 64 Mahaffey, Sammy Upton and

Cody 139 Malcolm, Arliss Wesley 40 Maldonado, Cameron 157 Maldonado, Jamie 45 Maldonado, Tony 150 Mallard, Erika L. 37 Maples, Tracey 70 Maniz, Omar 134 Manjarres, Korinne 147, 157 Manning, Shakami 101 Manzo, Valeria Jocelyn Barrera 40 Maples, Kathryn J. 37 Maples, Tracy 70 Mapps, Ebonique Micole 40 Marin, Alexandrea 146, 157 Marshall, Ashlen 84 Marshall, Chris 67 Marshall, Cierra Olivia 40 Martin, Carla 99 Martin, Johnny 99, 144 Martin, Jordan 114 Martin, Maggy 132 Martin, Mary 67 Martin, Oscar 144 Martin, Shelby 52, 163 Martin, Dr. Stacy 48, 64 Martinez, Amairany 144 Martinez, Diego A. 37 Martinez, Gerardo 37 Martinez, Janice 142 Martinez., Sonia 93 Marucci, Hannah 157 Mason, Stormi 139 Matay, Denise 150 Mathias, Samantha 99, 150, 161 Mathis, Ashley B. 37 Maurer, Mason A. 40 May, Dalton M. 36 Mayfield, Deborah A. 41, 134 Mayfield, Jade 144 May, Grethel 96 Mbang-Mboro, Caprice 140 McAlister, Kennedy A. 37 McAlister, Sadrina S. 36 McAnally, Macy 131, 159 McAnear, Margie 84, 133 McBride, Brandone 161 McBride, David C. 37 McBride, Kelly 133, 135 McBride, Kyle 133 McCall, Patrick 133 McCarson, Monica 146, 157 McCarthy, Summer 137, 150 McClain, Alissa 142 McCormick, Stephen 93 McCown, Klinton H. 37 McCullers, Hayley 120, 121, 122

McCutchen, Lynn 70 McDaniel, Jackqutine 139 McDonald, Allie 133 McDonald, Dann 67 McDonald, Kassey 144, 164 McDonald, Morgan 132 McDonald, Shant’e 134 McDonald, Todd A. 40 McDowell, Derrick 88 McFall, Mandy 132 McFarland, Kelly 133 McGaughey, Joseph 98 McGee, Ashley D. 40 McIntyre, Andrea M. 36, 133 McKean, Cassie C. 37 McKerley, Michael A. 37 McKinney, Jeffrey 38 McKinney, Phillip 97 McKittrick, Tiffany 97 McLaughlin, Bryan 97 McMillan, Amber N. 36 McMillon, Hunter L. 37 McNamara, Meaghan G. 36 McNaney, Duane 48, 64 McNatt, Brooke 60 Meadows, Candice Rae 40 Means, Makayla 142 Means, Tony 72 Medford, Arthur L. 37 Melara, Ana G. 36 Mena, Steve 165 Mendez, Cruz 158 Mendiola, Guillermo 95 Meredith, Glen 133, 135 Meredith, Jeannette 41, 134 Merrill, Amber 93 Merrills, Turel 161 Messina, Leslie 120, 127 Metcalf, Deborah 65 Metcalf, Roy C. 41 Metz, Lauren 144 Mevo, Sema 144 Mezzell, Charity L. 41 Middaugh, Austin 95 Milam, Jerry W. 41, 94 Miles, Adam D. 37 Miles, Kelsey C. 40, 135 Miller, Brandon 91 Miller, Hannah 96 Miller, Jesse A. 36 Miller, Jeanette 65 Miller, Marsha R. 36 Milner, Katie M. 37 Minser, Maddie 9, 32, 157 Mitcham, Kaylee Ashtin 37 Mitcham, Keatin B. 36 Moody, Linda 75


Mitcham, Keatin B. 36 Mitchell, Angelina 140 Mitchell, Courtney 138 Mitchell, Nicholas V. 41 Mixon, Natalie D. 40 Mock, Hannah Mclayne 40, 41, 134 Modisette, Ali 120 Modisette, Carlie 142 Molesky, Samantha 70 Molpus, Kyle Evan 40 Monrroy, Suni 41, 92 Monsisvais, Claudia J. 41 Montandon, Michael A. 41, 134 Monteagudo, Lisa Marie 40 Montgomery, Toledo 75 Montoya, Barbara D. 37 Montez, Jose 101 Moody, Linda 75 Moore, Antonio 114 Moore, Ellen B. 41, 96 Moore, Hermelinda 96 Moore, Kelsey 27, 147 Moore, Krystina 89 Moore, Lt. Kelsey 33, 156 Moore, Seth J. 40 Morales, Crispin Garcia 41 Morales, Dora Nellie 40 Morales, Gianni M. 41 Moreno, Daniel 40 Moreno, Martin 130 Moreno, Lizbeth 37 Moreno, Melissa G. 40 Morey, Jonathan 95, 144 Morgan, Carly M. 36 Morgan, Gloria 95 Morgan, Skylar 157 Morris, Preston 152 Morris, John 142, 150 Morrison, Elijah 94 Morris, Tammy 144 Morris, Tashauna 64 Morrow, Billy 98 Mortensen, Jenna 142, 143 Morton, Hannah 144 Morton, Jill 133, 135 Morton, Meaghan 22, 136, 137, 141 Moser, Rick 66 Moses, Katie 72 Mosley, Adriana 120 Mpofu, Dana 96 Muklewicz, Debbie 72 Mulanax, Laura 65 Muller, Nathaniel 41 Mullins, Hunter 138 Mullins, Mackenzie 142 Muniz, Omar 41 Munoz, Koehler 150 176

Munoz, Melissa A. 37 Murlin, Mary Ann 37 Murphy, Adell 144 Murry, Michael 162 Myers, Amy E. 36

N Naik, Shivani 146, 157 Naranjo, Tony C. 41 Navarro, Mariam 150 Ndoumfa, Reve Gaelle 36 Neal, Jacoby Keon 40 Neal, Kay 75 Nelson, Alex 164 Nelson, Carrie 41 Nelson, LaTuria S. 37 Nesbitt, Courtney 96 Nester, Regina M. 36 Nestleroad, Spencer 156 Newlin, Trevor 59, 162 Newman, Miriam 150 Newman, Nikki 162 Newsham, Joshua Daniel 36, 140 Nguyen, Richard 14, 53, 136, 137, 140,141 Nichols, Bryant 95 Nichols, Cassandra M. 37 Nicks, Eli 150 Nicks, Tate 150 Nimz, Anna 126 Nisbett, Chloe 36, 140 Nix, Leather 41, 96 Nixon, Taylor 41, 94 Noe, Donnie 150 Noor, Faisal 131 Nop, Sisopher 37 Noriega, Travis 83, 162 Norman, Amber 192 Norris, Jan 160 Norris, Temishia Allen 40 North, Grayson Nash 41 Numphrey, Keivontay 150 Nunley, Abbey R. 36 Nutt, Brian 49 Nwadialo, Chidinma F. 36 Nwadialo, Deborah 135, 144 Nwosu, Judith 53, 55, 96

O Oden, Jayden 133 Odum, Jamie 92 Olivas, Alfredo 133 Oliver, Ke’Asha 118 Olvera, Addason R. 36, 40 Ombongi, Leonidah S. 39 Oney, Cevin M. 37

Ongechi, Christopher Siko 41, 134 O’Quine, Trez 114 Orazco, Amado 138 Orozco, Aikohoshi 140, 165 Otis, Elisha M. 36 Otondi, Audrey I. 37 Ottwell, Crystal B. 40 Oubre, Derick J. 37 Ovalle, Asael 13, 14, 150, 161 Owens, Aaron S. 37 Owens, Cynthia M. 37 Owens, David 41 Owens, Dora 72 Owens, Rosemary 72 Owens, Kelly L. 37 Owens, Lyle 94

P Pack, Kami 162 Padilla, Elise 157 Parker, Brittany L. 40, 41 Parker, Chanda Denese 41, 96 Parker, Daniel Joseph 36 Parker, Jessica 133 Parkhurst, Katharine 157 Parks, Lauren J. 41 Parks, Lisa 139, 142 Parrish, Chris 39, 135, 138 Pasche, Roy Luke 41 Pascoe, Tammie 64 Patel, Sarina B. 40 Patterson, Holly 59, 157 Patterson, Jennifer 54, 94 Patterson, Mikayla 158 Patterson, Sam 132 Payne, Alicia 133 Pearson, Alexander Hilburn 40 Peerenboom, Terri 71 Penney, Brittini LaNelle 41 Penprase, Abby 157 Peoples, Dallas A. 36 Pepper, Lillie Michelle 37 Perez, Alexanderia N. 40, 164 Perez, Cindy 132 Perez, Juanita A. 36 Perkins, Diane 74 Perry, Mackenzie 93 Perry, Toni N. 39 Peterson, Andrew B. 36 Pettit, Deidra 92 Phelps, April R. 37 Phillips, Brandon G. 37 Phillips, Cheyanne 120 Phillips, Diana Pipak 40 Phillips, Erin 157 Phillips, Jeffery L. 41

Phillips, Michael D. 37 Phrumjuntun, Samantha 144 Picking, Shantrice 118, 118 Pierce, Madison 92 Pierce, Ragan 93 Pinson, Tikara N. 39 Pirtle, Brian David 41 Poe, Amber 142 Poe, Megan Leigh 41, 134 Polk, Linda J. 36 Poole, Kelley C. 37 Portley, Courtney Denise 40, 41, 96 Posey, Emily 9, 30, 157 Posey, Khesleigh 92 Poteet, Sherry 69 Powell, Annalise 144 Powell, Halee 97 Powell, Jeremy 18 Powers, Kevin 71 Powers, Kristi 64 Prado, Aide L. 37 Price, Andrea B. 37, 39 Price, Brian 99 Price, Johnny 114 Pritchett, Caitlin 150, 160 Procell, Andrew Joseph 36 Pruett, Karol 49 Pruitt, Carley D. 41, 96 Pryor-Fuller, Deborah L. 40 Puckett, Dorothy 70 Pulido, Daniela 39 Purcell, Travis 37, 39

Q Quadree, Rukayat 37 Quine, Jennifer 161 Quintanilla, Rachel 97

R Ragan, Taylor 98, 150 Rainer, John A. 37 Ramirez, Alberto 138 Ramirez, Jacqueline Nicole 41 Ramirez, Jose 131, 144, 164 Ramirez, Maria R. 40 Ramirez, Yesenia 37 Rangel, Sierra C. 36 Rasberry, Dominique 9, 154 Rasnake, Michelle L. 37 Raspberry, Lavarra 41, 95 Rathbun, Barbara-Jean 40 Raulston, John 66 Rawls, Haley A. 39, 98 Ray, Ashley 41, 92 Ray, Chicko 95 Ray, Kenya 72 ,139

INDEX Ray, Victoria Frances 37 Rea, Karen 165 Reavis, Molly 75, 95 Reddin, Matthew S. 37 Redfearn, Julian 67, 138 Reed, Chris 67, 139 Reed, Tina Marie 58, 136, 137, 144 Reedy, Askley 95 Reeves, Cleola O. 41 Reeves, Gunnar A. 37 Reigstad, Dan 101 Renfro, Shelly A. 37 Renner, Keri 41 Reyes, Perla 84, 133 Reyes, Sergio 37 Reyna, Brandon 96 Reynolds, Shana 134 Reynolds, Shana Renee 41 Rhodes, Alacia 140 Rhodes, Jacoby 140 Rhodes, J’Marcus T. 40 Rhodes, Kenneth 140 Rice, Scott 74 Richardson, Tamara 92 Richardson, Lauren H. 39 Richardson, James 139

Richardson-Sollars, Jessica C. 39 Ridgway, Chance 89 Rieger, Melanie A. 41, 134 Rieke, Rain G. 36 Rieves, Brooke 140, 144 Riley, Daniel J. 37 Rinehart, Shaena 157 Rio, Maria Isabel Villa Del 41, 96 Rios, Andrew 150 Rios, Lauren J. 39 Ritchie, Karley 132 Rivera, Dulce B. 37 Rives, Kale Dyson 40, 41 Roach, Dennis Ray II 41 Robbins, Wanza Marie 41 Roberson, Baylor 137 Robert, Rebecca Lee 36 Roberts, Brittany 96 Roberts, Deric W. 37, 39 Roberts, Megan 9, 157 Roberts, Nicole 92 Roberts, Wyatt 162 Robert, Warren E. 36 Robertson, Tabitha 70, 71 Robinson, Ronecia D. 39 Robinson, Samantha 41 Robles, Pedro 55, 131, 141, 150

Roddam, Colby L. 39 Rodriguez, Lori 133 Rodriguez, Betsy 74 Rodriquez, Hugo 150 Rodriguez, Sahamanta 136, 137, 150, 161 Rogers, Dalton 137 Rogers, Tammae 144 Rogers, Jordyn 120, 122 Rogers, Kenzi L. 41, 134 Rojas, Alejandro 37 Rojas, Annie 157 Rojas, Pedro E. Vazquez 39 Rojas, Victoriana 39 Rolling, Sarah Ann 41, 92 Romano, Brigida J. 37, 41 Romero, Yoleyne 40 Rose, Kiana 137 Ross, April 40 Ross, Lonnette M. 41 Rowe, Leslie A. 36 Rowe, Luke 138 Ruddell, Micah 65 Ruffin, Dequann D. 36 Ruiz, Kellsie C. 36 Ruiz, Ryan R. 39 Rule, Frank 139 Rushing, Devon B. 37 Rushing, Taylor Davis 40, 97

Rushing, Tina 66, 81 Rushing, Vontrele 138 Russell, Haley 150 Russell, Zachary 138, 150 Russey, Kameron D. 37 Rutherford, Jarvis 99

S Saenz, Jerri 64 Saldana, Luis 150 Salinas, Teodoso 37 Salter, Heather 96 Sanchez, Adam 144 Sanchez, Angelica 144 Sanchez, Francisco 156 Sanchez, Julia 41, 92 Sanders, Cecilia 49 Sanders, Hannah 23, 82, 150, 162 Sanders, Jared Michael 37 Sanders, Kelly D. 37 Sanders, Taylor Rene 41, 96 Sandoval, Mario 159 Savage, Thomas 159 Sawyer, Misty L. 36 Saxon, Joseph 150 Schaetz, Zachary 52 Schafer, Charles W. 41


Scheid, Jessica 144 Schluter, Philip A. 36 Schluter, Shanna 139 Schmitt, Karl E. 37 Schneider, Caleb V. 41, 94, 130 Schneider, Julia 71 Schooley, Aaron Lance 40 Schultz, Jessica 40 Schultz, Joseph 41 Scott, Brianna D. 37 Scott, Jennifer A. 40 Scott, Portia 66 Seals, Donny 66 Seals, Mandi L. 40 Sechler, Jason W. 41 Sechler, Trevin D. 41 Sechrist, Tristin 150 Seesselberg, Katelin L. 36 Selda, Ralph 98 Sellers, Mark 139 Serafin, Agustin 41 Serrano, Kimberly 96 Session, Gregg 114 Seward, Kristie 73 Seymour, Ryan K. 37 Shanafelt, Sierra 144, 146 Shaw, D’Wayne 72, 138 Shaw, Shane A. 40 Sheffield, Adolphus J. 37 Shelley, Nick 136, 161 Shepperd, Maya 161 Sherrow, Beatriz C. 37 Shiflet, Timothy II 37 Shillings, Lacy J. 39 Shobe, Ramsey 147, 157 Shraer, Danielle 144, 146 Shrestha, Saroj 41 Shuptrine, Josh 144 Shymkiw, Emily 146, 157 Sieber, Taylor 11, 120 Siler, Sandra 69 Simmons, Allison C. 36 Simmons, Breanna K. 37 Simpson, Keeley 144 Simpson, Matthew 68 Simpson, Meaghan 68 Simpson, Melisa K. 41 Singleton, Melinda 41, 95 Singleton, Tyga 9 Sinte, Yannick A. 36 Slauson, Lorie 93 Slemons, Flor G. 41 Small, Shelly 96 Smith, Adam 92 Smith, Alaina M. 39 Smith, Alexandra W. 37 Smith, Andree DeSean 39 Smith, Brenda C. 36 Smith, Christine 118 Smith, Desiree 96 178

Smith, Hunter 95 Smith, Joshua 95 Smith, Joshua D. 37, 39 Smith, Kaitlin 158 Smith, Kenneth L. 41 Smith, Lora 41, 134 Smith, Mike 74 Smith, Robbin 118 Smith, Victoria 162 Snodgrass, Thomas 142 Snow, Crystal L. 41 Snow, Meagan G. 36 Soard, Emma 157 Solis, Marco 138 Solis, Rosalinda Campozano 36 Soliz, Amber 144 Sosa, Krystal Priscilla 40 Sowash, Travis 130 Sparks, Ashley N. 41, 134 Sparks, Evelyn 74 Spearman, Jenny 89 Spencer, Haley 157 Sperlich, Joyce 75 Spigner, Markell 107, 109 Spirey, Kenneth 94 Spiro, Samantha R. 41, 134 Spivey, Kenneth R. 41 Spruell, Keanna 95 Stakley, Isaac 87 Stallard, Rachel 69, 136 Stamper, Calvin 97 Stanglin, Jeff 66 Stanley, Payton L. 39 Stapper, Samantha 33, 146, 157 Starks, Richard B. 36 Starling, Angela 74 Steddom, Karl 70, 130 Steed, Brett E. 36 Stephens, Autumn Beth 41, 92 Stephens, Mary 74 Stephenson, Lekitha S. 37 Stephenson, Maryell 146, 157 Stevenson, Jami 41, 134 Stevens, Sarah J. 37 Stewart, Anthony 140 Stewart, Brandi J. 37 Stewart, Jenna 133, 135 Stewart, Taylor 136, 137 Stiles, Clayton 150 Stoehr, Ingo 66, 86 Stokely, Alan 52 Stoker, Kaci L. 39 Stoker-Sparks, Evelyn J. 41 Stokley, Isaac 162 Stoldt, Alexzandra 144 Stoll, Taylor A. 37 Stone, Kathy 71 Stossel, Jacob 40 Stowe, William 70

Streetman, Brady Clyde 41 Strohschein, Abigail A. 37 Stroman, Joey R. 41, 90 Stroud, David 66 Stubblefield, Lakin 135, 139 Stuckey, Timothy L. 36 Sturrock, Shelby Paige 36 Suarez, Brittany 134 Suddeth, Michael 139 Sudduth, Otto 41 Sullivan, Melanie 69 Sullivan, Matthew P. 40 Sullivan, Sarah Meria 36 Swan, Ciera L. 40 Swingler, Heather 132 Swingler, Jeremy 131 Sylres, Richard 94 Syria, Martinez 16, 107, 108 Szafran, Carla 66

T Tackett, Carter 156 Tafah, Denn-Warren Tanga 36 Tagg, Jeanine 69 Tang, Andy 64 Tanksley, Erika 92 Tanksley, Erika Leann 41 Tan, Oliver L. 36 Tate, Kiera 118, 119 Tatum, Tunga T. 36 Taylor, Cera Breonna 36 Taylor, Charles 66 Taylor, Dr. Jim 69, 142 Taylor, Dustin E. 40 Taylor, Jeremy H. 37 Taylor, Lisa L. 36 Taylor, Rebecca L. 37 Taylor, Yolanda E. 41 Teel, Sandy 74 Tennison, Yasmin 96 Terrazas, Kayla 63, 136 Terry, Ashton N. 36 Terry, Kristen 120 Tessier-Closner, Kristine 41 Thamathitikham, Christopher 100 Thibodeaux, Corrie 65 Thomas, Alicia M. 36 Thomas, Brian 97 Thomas, Dominique 13, 23, 118 Thomas, Lee 95 Thomas, Linda S. 40, 52 Thomas, Nicole 92 Thomas, Rachel E. 37 Thompson, Da’Jah 118, 158 Thompson, Haley 157

Thompson, Katie 89 Thompson, Kelly 73 Thompson, Marlo 138 Thompson, Mitzi W. 37 Thompson, Tiffani 161 Thompson, Traci 75, 95 Thompson, Warren C. 40 Throckmorton, Sheila R. 37 Thrower, Ann 67 Tice, Bindy 73, 167 Tilbury, Sheena 132 Tillery, Ethan 95 Toland, Alyssa Marie 36 Tolar, Heather 132 Toliver, LaTonya R. White 39 Tolleson, Morrigan 41, 93 Tomerlin, Donni Shea 41, 96 Tomlin, Lynna V. 39 Tomme, Hannah N. 36 Toole, Brenna 142 Torres, Hector 41 Towe, Brooke 133, 135 Townsend, Troy 61, 144 Trejo, Ayla I. 39 Trichel, Nathan 150 Trubey, Amanda 52, 144 True, Meloni 157 Tucker, Cheyenne M. 40 Tucker, Derrell 158 Tumey, Charmyn 74 Turner, Russell 65 Turner, Chelsea 139 Turner, Jennifer D. 37 Turpin, Dr. Michael 48, 69 Tyiska, Shanacia K. 37

U Upton, Thomas R. 39 Utzman, Alden 150

V Vanderlaan, Pien 40 Vanderwater, Justin N. 41 Vashey, Jon 73 Vasquez, Jackie 41, 96 Vavra, Hayley 120, 121 Vazques, Perla 95 Vazquez., Loren 41, 134 Vazquez, Liliana 37, 41, 95 Vazquez, Pablo 37 Vazquez, Paola 95 Vega, Barbara 157 Venters, Rosaline R. 41, 96 Verheyden, Nina 67 Vickers, Caitlyn 130 Victorino, Leslie 8, 150 Vidal, Jacobie K. 39

INDEX Vielma, Leonardo 158 Villalobos, Aaron 37 Vogel, Dale 124 Vu, Anthony T. 37

W Wade, Gary 124 Wafer, Samantha 147, 157 Waggoneer, Cathy 69 Wagner, Sammy 72 Waite, Logan 97 Waldow, Stayce 142 Walker, Brandon 57, 67 Walker, Gerron L. 36 Walker, James N. 49 Walker, Stephanie 67 Walker, Taylor R. 36 Waller, Sky 133, 135 Wallis, Krista 133 Walls, Emma 157 Walton, Kimberly A. 36 Walton, Scott 132 Wanan, Rodolphine A. 39 Ward, Chase Aaron 41 Ward, Emily 150 Warlick, Rena Kay Gage 37 Warner, Harper 91 Warren, Christopher 97 Warren, Clake 150 Warren, Larenda J. 41, 95 Warren, Taniqua Mashay 37 Washburn, Kenneth 138 Washburn, Megan Nicole 41, 134 Washington, Anna Monique 41 Washington, Sabrina 72, 161 Watkins, Alisa 144 Watts, Bianca 89 Wayne, Shelley 156

Wayrock, Devon Patton 100 Wearden, Samuel J. 37 Weaver, Simone 133 Weaver, Taylor Kileen 36 Webb, Charlsie 150 Webb, Daniel 150, 153 Webber, Lee 132 Weber, Marissa Alyce 40 Webster, James 132 Weed, Robert T. 37 Weems., Blaine 150 Welborn, Brandon J. 36 Welch, Daniel W. 39 Wells, Zack 94 Wells, Glenn 69, 151, 152 Wells, William Z. 37, 41 West, Ashley R. 37 West, Bobby 139 Westbrook, Seated: Sharon 160 Westmoreland, Olivia 157 Whalen, Reno 93 Whatley, Emilee 36, 133 Wheeler, Amanda M. 37 Wheeler, Jaleel 114, 115, 116 Whipkey, Cynthia L. 41, 134 White, Clay B. 41 Whiteley, Seth 144 White, Michelle D. 37 White, Mitchell 95 White, Shelby Lynn 36 Whitehead, John 67 Whitehead, Sara 132 Whitten, Nate 67, 77 Whitten, Wendell J. 41 Whyte, Tennie Lynn 40 Wickes, Matt 67 Wigand, Joshua 150 Wiggins, Laketa M. 37 Wike, Kaelie 137 Wilburn, Tye 114, 115 Wilcoxson, Ryan 94

Wilder, Buren James 41 Wilder, Michelle 66 Wiley, Louise 48 Wiley, RenĂŠ 64 Wilkerson, David Earl 40 Williams, Debbie 70 Williams, Amber 120 Williams, Edward 73 Williams, Jason A. 37 Williams, Jennifer L. 41 Williams, Lyrik 118, 119 Williams, Michael 163 Williams, Patrick Carl 41 Williams, ReShod 106 Williams, Rob 66 Williams, Roland III 37 Williams, Romeo 95 Williams, Ronald 37 Williams, Rundy 18 Williams, Stacey E. 37 Williams, Zachary S. 37 Williamson, Andrew 95 Williamson, Robbie L. 37 Williford, Mary 17, 147, 156 Wills, Cody 138 Wills, Dakota G. Wills, Paul 66 Willsie, Katie Lee 37 Wilmoth, Manda 120 Wilson, Aaron S. 41 Wilson, Antoinette V. 36 Wilson, Louis W. 37 Wilson, Monica 150, 152, 161 Wilson, Susan 64 Wilson, Tina 99 Wilson, Yasmine , 22 Winfrey, Heather D. 37 Wink, Hugh 67 Winters, Brent C. 37 Winters, Gwen 66 Wisdom, Annalise 23, 162

Wisdom, Emamezi 95 Wisenbakers, Madeleine 137 Wolcott, Amy L. 37 Wolcott, Keith 164 Wood, Amy R. 37 Wood, Kimberly 99 Woodfin, Larry 49 Wood, Jarod 111 Wood, Paige 67 Woodruff, Lance J. 37 Woods, Jazmyn N. 40, 135 Woods, Lakendra 73 Woods, Samitha 87 Woolridge, Bianca R. 36, 37 Wooten, Leon 70 Word, Austin 144 Wren, Erin 93 Wycoff, Kristin S. Wynne, Wesley 94 Wynn, Olivia 144 Wyscuruer, Joshua 139

Y Yaddaw, Rich 139 Yates, Jennifer 144 Yates, Rylee N. 40 Ybarra, Ezequrel 94 Yeager, Joshua B. Yellott, Susan 67 Yolland, Juliana 146, 157 York, Ann 133 York, Jason 94 York, Terri 66 Young, Deborah 138

Z Zimmerman, Hallie 120


The Book June 2015-May 2016 Volume 79 Published by KC Ranger Yearbook Staff All Digital Yearbook Available online via Kilgore College Homepage: www.kilgore.edu and through: http://issuu.com/kcstudentpublications/docs/ranger2015

180 pages Digital Photographs Adobe Photoshop CS6 Adobe InDesign CS6

O. Rufus Lovett & Rachel Stallard Co-advisers Tiffany Johnson Editor Fonts: Times and Arial Black iMac Computers 6 Sections 7 staff members 11 photographers Photographs without credit lines are by O. Rufus Lovett Kilgore College • Kilgore, Texas Communications-Automotive Building Room 125

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