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Offers available from October 1st until October 31st 2011

October 2011 Promotion

October sees the ground filling up with golden leaves, and us grabbing a coat on the way out the door in the morning. Summer is a long distant memory with the half term holiday coming at the end of the month and the clocks going back, your customers will be looking for hearty foods that warm them from the inside and so we have a range of them on offer in our October promotion as well as something for Halloween themes and bonfire nights.

Low Cost Catering High quality ready made meals - perfect for Care Homes and Schools. Followed by a classic Wafer Biscuit.


L amb Hotpo

Also great for busy pubs and cafes serving hot food as well as specials boards.

Chicken Curry Pieces of chicken breast in a gently spiced sauce of ginger, lemon juice, tomatoes, onions and pure coconut cream.

2x1.4kg £12.99

32160 Lamb Hotpot Prime minced lamb cooked in a savoury gravy with onion, carrots and peas, and topped with sautéed potatoes.

2x1.4kg £11.99

35359 Lasagne Multi Portion Prime ground beef in a tomato, carrot herb & garlic flavoured sauce, layered with fresh pasta and topped with a creamy, cheesy béchamel sauce.

2x1.4kg £9.99

68672 Shepherds Pie Multi Portion Prime minced Lamb cooked in a savoury lamb & veg gravy flavoured with chopped herbs and covered with fresh mashed potato.

2x1.4kg £9.99

31192 Wafers-Chocolate

12x100g £8.76


Chicken Curry



Wafers-Pink Raspberry

12x100g £8.76


37811 Wafers-Vanilla 12x100g £8.76 Buy mea 2 mult i-po ls an rti d Ask about o wafe get a pa on ur rs F range of fro REE ck of zen ve





lock in the vitamins!

Please note, all deals and savings are as shown based on list pricing and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or Special Pricing. Images are for product illustration only. Some products may vary from the image shown and images do not necessarily depict the menu offer itself but an alternate serving suggestion. All offers available during the specified period and while stocks last. E&OE.

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GLUTEN FREE Something Sw eet These traditional coconut macaroons make the perfect teatime treat and because they happen to be gluten-free they can be enjoyed by everyone including coeliacs! Portion Price

70845 72491

Giant Choc Macaroon Jam & Coconut Ring

1x20 1x24

£8.62 £10.34

£0.43p £0.43p

We have an ever growing range of GLUTEN FREE products. Here are some of our best selling lines.

ausages Gluten Free S

Perfect bangers, hand made from rare breed pork flavoured with herbs and spices. Serve with the GF bread for a GF sausage butty, or the GF pasta for the perfect GF sausage pasta bake. 39915 71185

Sausage Lincoln-[app.6 per pack] 1x300gm £2.94 Sausage Cajun-[app.6 per pack] 1x300gm £2.94

Gluten Free Pasta

reads For Gluten Frese &B Toasting Sandwiche

Great tasting breads that everyone can enjoy.These are all gluten, wheat, dairy and soya free and packaged in environmentally friendly packaging to prevent cross contamination.

37945 54215

Gluten Free-Corn & Rice Spirals 1x250gm £1.99 Made from Gluten Free buckwheat, corn and rice making a quality pasta spiral. Gluten Free-Quinoa Rice Penne 1x250gm £2.36 Made from Gluten Free Quinoa & rice to make a quality penne pasta .

Portion Price

43915 84230 96914

Baguette-White-[150gm] 12x150gm £14.40 £1.20 Sandwich Loaf-Dark Fibre-[400gm] 6x400gm £12.24 £2.04 per loaf A rich flavour of lingonberries and a slight sourness from linseed. Sandwich Loaf-White-[400gm] 6x400gm £12.24 £2.04 per loaf A light, open texture, perfect for sandwiches or toasting.

Sweet Treats


to wrap your cold hands around

8171 Caramel Apple Pie 1x14 Ptn £10.22 Smooth custard laced with juicy bramley apples encased in a delicious short crust pastry, topped with crumble and flooded with caramel. 6393 Pecan Pie 1x12 Ptn £14.04 A sweet short crust pastry case with a caramelised filling topped with pecan nut pieces. 90952 Lemon Meringue Pie 1x12 Ptn £10.44 A sweet short crust pastry case with a tangy lemon filling, topped with a generous helping of hand paletted meringue, then baked to a golden brown.




Ge mer t the l em in whe gue pi on e FR n yo EE u bu o AV ther 2. y the


A traditional hot chocolate or for the more adventurous this 99% caffeine free Chai drink is the perfect drink for warming up during the colder months. Made with a fragrant blend of sweetened tea, skimmed milk and warming spices. Simply add milk or water. 36854 7893

Holy Cow Sauces

Chai Latte-Spiced Cadbury Drinking Chocolate

1x1kg 1x2kg

£10.90 £17.76

Don't forget

Lemp peronportionMwheern inbuyinggudeae l Pie

A delicious & wholesome bagel bar packed with cranberries, raisins & dried apricots, recommended served warm. The perfect accompanim to our hot drinks!


Pecan Pie 64p per portion when buy ing



Bagels-Energy Bar-[55gm]




Buy an of T y 3 of o otal ly D ur ran sau g e 2 Pe sages a licious e ka M nd g et ash FRE E A




Pumpkin Soup

VE £





bowl Served in a rustic bread

Cut off the top and scrape out the middle of these delicious part-baked rustic rolls to make a fun and hearty way of enjoying this warming and seasonal creamy pumpkin soup which has a spicy chilli back note.

63268 45113

6. 8 0

BaBnganegerrssand&MaM sh as


Gourmet Sausages made from only the finest cuts of naturally reared, farm assured meats. AQA Beef and Lamb are matured on the bone in a traditional manner and then prepared by our team of specialist butchers.The time and passion we apply in creating these products must be experienced by tasting the flavour and tenderness of the meat. Perfect served with this creamy mashed potato.

Pumpkin Soup Approx.80p per portion

Zesty Pumpkin Soup 1x4kg White Rustic Rolls 1x50

£11.13 £17.00

81790 Sausage-Pork, Apple & Black Pudding-IQF-[6’s] 1x4kg £18.10 49964 Sausage-Lamb & Rosemary-IQF Natural Skin-[6’s] 1x4kg £19.98 73506 Sausage-Pork, Honey & Mustard-IQF Natural Skin-[6’s] 1x4kg £19.98 69105 Sausage-Mexican Beef-IQF Natural Skin-[6’s] 1x4kg £19.98 7004 Potato-Mashed 1x2kg £3.40

Recommended Menu Price £3.50

ight BBQ’s BonfiorreHeaNrt y Menus

THAT’S £2.70 GP!

Portion Price

NEW 18464 Beef Burger with Dewlay Garstang Blue Cheese 12x227gm £19.68 £1.64 8oz 100% beef content burgers made with a handmade effect for a rustic appearance ensuring a natural looking product every time. NEW 86911 Beef Burger with Red Onion, Coriander & Garlic 12x227gm £17.89 £1.49 NEW 27973 100% Beef Patties-Approx 2oz 1x2 kg £16.72 Small, hand formed, quality beef patties. Ideal for buffets, lunch dishes, conferences and children’s meals. 88912 Pork Hammers-in BBQ Sauce 1x10 £25.40 £2.54 Three pork tibia shanks, cooked and smothered with BBQ sauce. 1199 Potato Longboats-[Scooped potato skins] 4x20 £26.96 £0.34 Jacket potatoes halved with centre flesh removed can be oven baked, deep fried or microwaved 3663 Potato Skins-[Strips] 4x60 £24.24 £0.30 Scooped baked jackets cut into strips. 7166 Jacket Potato-Medium-[200-255gm] 1x40 £18.80 £0.47 Perfect Jackets every time. Can be microwaved or oven cooked. 7009 Potato-Table 1x2kg £2.63 Regular size potatoes ready cooked for reheating in a microwave, steamer, water or roasting. NEW 73283 Mini Potato Skins-filled with Cheese & Bacon 2x1.9kg £29.00 Try these sauces to bring NEW 82203 Mini Potato Skins-filled with Cheese & Jalapeno 2x1.9kg £29.00 NEW 29891 Potato Gratin-Mediterranean 1x2kg £6.17 a spark to your BBQ Sliced potatoes in a lightly spicy creamy sauce Perfect for Gratin or Dauphinoise. Holy Cow sauces can be used as a dip, marinade, NEW 68590 Potato-Mexican Style 1x2kg £4.75 Potatoes with skins in a Mexican spicy sauce with tomato, peppers, garlic, onions and spices. stir fry, table sauce, cooking ingredient, cocktail

Gourmet Beef Burg





ingredient. Ask your rep for our menu ideas!

All the ingredients you need to make your own Bonfire toffee.

9024 Demerara 4709 Butter-Slightly Salted 2969 Golden Syrup-Jar 4170 Black Treacle

1x3kg 1x250gm 1x680gm 1x680gm

£6.33 £1.55 £2.07 £1.99


Get th whe e Syru n yo p FR u E oth buy th E er 3 e


& ment

Halloween & deas I BWonfire W A




8737 92595 63349 67788

Seasoning-Barbecue-[Dry] Ketchup-Spicy Bombay Sauce-Himalayan Hot Garlic Sauce-Mango & Chilli BBQ

1x2kg 1x2.3kg 1x2.3kg 1x2.3kg

£6.83 £9.49 £9.49 £9.49


FROM Delphis Eco has spent four years in Research and Development to bring to us this totally environmentally friendly product range, which addresses today’s ecological challenges, delivers major health and safety benefits, as well as long term financial savings. 35691 68008

Washing Up Liquid- Ecological 1x5ltr Washing Up Liquid- Ecological 1x1ltr

£12.76 £3.15

Specially formaulated with natural active ingredients to give sparkling clean results every time. Highly concentrated, high foaming liquid performs with excellent grease busting action.


Toilet Cleaner-Liquid



Used only once daily this toilet cleaner’s super thick formula cleans and deodorises all toilets and urinals,including stainless steel leaving long lasting fragrance and cleanliness.


Anti Bacterial Sanitizer-RTU



Anti bacterial & anti-viral this sanitiser cleans & protects all hard surfaces and stops the spread of harmful infection at source,including MRSA.

• Accredited - Eco-Label and DEFRA • Food Safe & Environmental • Proven Performance • Cost Effective • Renewable • Recyclable • Compliant



How to Order

You can place your order quickly and with the minimum of fuss using any of the following methods: Telephone Huddersfield Sales Office: Answerphone*:

01484 536 688 08:30 - 17:00 (Mon- Fri) 17:00 - 22:00 (Mon - Fri) 08:00 Sat - 22:00 Sun

Clitheroe Sales Office: Answerphone*:

01200 441 260 08:30 - 17:00 (Mon- Fri) 17:00 - 21.45 (Mon- Fri) 08:00 Sat - 21:45 Sun

We are pleased to schedule a telesales call from our office on the day prior to your delivery at a time convenient to yourself. * The Answerphone service is available to place orders for scheduled next day deliveries. Please ensure that you ring before the stated close time to avoid disappointment as there is no service after this time.

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Tel Huddersfield: 01484 53 66 88

Through your Representative Your representative will be able to support you with the very latest information, offers and where possible, samples of products. He or she will be happy to talk through your requirements. Fax Huddersfield FAX: Clitheroe FAX:

01484 435 071 01200 440 084

Quality Assurance

All our products are sourced from Total Foodservice approved suppliers following our stringent quality assessment.


All goods are supplied cash on delivery except where credit facilities have been arranged. Monthly accounts are due for payment by the 15th day of each month.

Pricing Minimum delivery: £50.00 (inclusive of grocery, chilled, frozen and non-food products) All items featured in this brochure are subject to availability. Sizes and product information are quoted as approximate and for guidance only. Some products illustrated may not be current stock items, but we will make every effort to obtain stock, if items are commercially viable to source. All alcoholic beverages are stocked and sold for culinary purposes only.

The prices are correct at the time of printing but may alter without notice. The effective price is that ruling at the time of dispatch. Some products are subject to significant price fluctuation caused by market supply and demand, seasonality and current exchange rates. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the rate current at time of order where applicable.

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Please note, all deals and savings are as shown based on list pricing and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or Special Pricing. Images are for product illustration only. Some products may vary from the image shown and images do not necessarily depict the menu offer itself but an alternate serving suggestion. All offers available during the specified period and while stocks last. E&OE.

October Promotion  

October 2011 Promotion

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