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Apr il 2015

SNAPSHOT: Pal m Beach I nternati onal Fi l m Festi v al M arch 26-A pri l 2 By Rachel Galvin

OPENI NG NI GHT City Place's Muvico Parisian 20, in West Palm Beach, FL, was the locale of the opening night film, "Welcome to Me." (See more Pg. 16). It was followed by a party at Revolutions across the street.

Ocho"), (Bottom, L to R): actor Ellar Coltrane ("Boyhood"), I.S. Founder Rachel Galvin with producer Gregory Ratner, Galvin with actor Udi Persi ("10% My Child") and Galvin with writer Michael Chasin ("Greater Goode)."

Pictured: (Top, L to R): Director Janice Villarosa ("Shunned") being interviewed, Director Kazuko Golden ("A Song For Manzanar"), Director Famor Botero ("Los


These are pictures of just a few of the events at this jam-packed fun-filled film festival. More info.: www.pbifilmfest.org or see the March issue of I.S.


Apr il 2015

VI P Par t y


On March 28, filmmakers, celebs and film lovers gathered at the home of Joyce and Marty Kobak in Boca Raton, FL , who generously offered their home for a "disco" party, complete with performances by George McRae, Jimmy ?Bo? Horne, Charlotte McKinnon and the Derek Mack Band. Singer Connie Francis made an appearance. Actor Tom Arnold ("Any Day") was given the Showmanship Award and actor Ellar Coltrane ("Boyhood") was given a Shooting Star Award.

Following the closing night film, "While We're Young," the wrap party was held at Yoko-San Fusion Restaurant in Boca Raton, FL. Hungry guests dug into sushi, crowded the bar or listened to the music outside. Awards were also given this night. (Find this mag. on Facebook for list of winners). Pictured (Top): Voices of Local Film's Elizabeth Dashiell & Dir. Matt Florio ("Mama Needs a Ride"), Yvonne Boice (Chair Emeritus), Dir. John Rowe (?Omo Child: The River and the Bush? ); (Bottom), producer Max Montel ("Natural Inseminaton"); writer Diane Gold, Janice Villarosa ("Shunned"), radio host Brit Somers and I.S. founder Rachel Galvin.

Pictured: (L): Actors Tom Arnold and Ellar Coltrane, (middle): Director/ actress Jacqueline Journey ("Hidden Assets"), (Bottom left): Jon Brewer ("Nat King Cole: Afraid of the Dark"), (right): Connie Francis with Tony Ferretti, Marty & Joyce Kobak and (far right) Jack McDermott.



TheLost Key By Rachel Galvin Would you take advice about sex from a rabbi? Maybe you should. In the documentary "The Lost Key," director Ricardo Adler discovers that rabbis are more sage than he expected in this arena and that Judaism may have gems of knowledge about sexuality he never expected, or at least about intimacy. This film not only follows the director's journey, after attempting to rediscover himself following a divorce, but also questions others with man- (or woman-) on-the-street interviews. Rabbi Manis Friedman, a world-renowned author, marriage counselor and lecturer, along with leading sexologists, Western and Chinese medical doctors and media experts, add modern insight into the subject.

Through an in depth discussion of what intimacy is and is not, myths are busted. Rabbis normally reserve talks about this topic only with two to three people at a time so being able to see it in a film is rare. The film was shown at the Palm Beach International Film Festival (PBIFF) on March 31 and April 1. Adler came from the computer science and technology world 3

Apr il 2015 and switched over into film a few years ago. "My first documentary was on marriage (in Spanish), 'Lo Que No Sabias de Matrimonio Judio.' Because of that, I came up with doing a film on the subject of sex. I spoke to several rabbis. Rabbi Friedman was the best option. I sent out emails to Chabad rabbis. They helped a lot in finding the couples. I had to convince the couples [to speak]," said Adler, who added he also had a casting director. Adler filmed the movie in Miami, Florida, Caracas, Venezuela and New York. "I wanted it to have an international look and feel, convey a universal message [whether religious or secular]," added Adler, who lives in Venezuela. One of the most challenging parts of doing the film was editing. He shot about 90 hours worth and ended up with 1 1/ 2 hours. The next stop on the festival circuit is the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival Sunday, April 12 at 5 p.m. and Wednesday, April 15 at 7 p.m. Pictured: (L) Rabbi Friedman, (R) Director Ricardo Adler and Rabbi Friedman.


Apr il 2015

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Apr il 2015

Letter from the Publisher Do April showers bring May flowers? Are you planting seeds today that will bloom in the near future? There is no time like today to start planning for tomorrow. What can you do today to set the foundation for the next step in your life? What should you do next month that will help you achieve that 6-month goal? What can you do in 6 months that will help you get what you want a year from now. If you haven't thought about what you want in the future. Sit down and write things down, brainstorm. Even if it is a word or a phrase, it is a gem of an idea, a spark that can inspire and lead you on your next path.

Break a leg! --Rachel Galvin



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Apr il 2015

Jordan A lfonzo is "Caught in the M iddle" Teen turns short film into feature By Rachel Galvin

15-year-old Jordan Alfonzo is working on his first feature film, "Caught in the Middle." Alfonzo wrote a short film by the same name and had it screened in Florida. Now, this writer/ actor has completely revamped the script and plans to shoot the new feature soon. Alfonzo originally wrote the first script at the age of 12 with his friend, Shane Meredith. The pair played the main characters in a film that dealt with everything from bullying to tween romance. Alfonzo played Milt and Shayne played Herb. Of that role, Alfonzo said, ?Milt is totally based on me! We are both total dorks and not afraid to be ourselves. But he's clumsy and I'm athletic so that's one way we are not alike.? Alfonzo, who has been homeschooled, has been acting since he was 10. Besides working with the crew on the new film, he also has done some acting in other films, including "Jersey Shore Massacre" and "Polk County." "Caught in the middle is my baby. I have been diligently

working with [Director] Talina Adamo and [Assistant Director] John Hamblin to take the story from short to feature," he said. Adamo added, "Right now, we are pitching to A-list actors and investors. We have one A-list attached so far and we are very excited. At this current time, [we] are working on budget details, location scouting, casting and such." Due to lack of film incentives, the crew has decided to film this feature in Georgia. Find the film on Facebook. Keep reading Independent Streak to find out more! (Below): Jordan Alfonzo poses with Shane Meredith, Mia Evans and Allie Marie, with director Talina Adamo.



Apr il 2015

"Lion Ark " is People's Choice at Boulder Intl. Film Fest Last month (March 5-8), the audience at Boulder International Film Festival, in Boulder, CO, voted "Lion Ark," directed by Tim Phillips, as the People's Choice Award winner. This film won Best Documentary last year at Palm Beach International Film Festival (PBIFF). The film focuses on the rescue of 25 lions from Bolivian circuses by a team from Animal Defenders International (ADI). The lions are taken out of deplorable conditions and sent to a new home, the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, where they still live today. Lion Ark filmmakers Tim Phillips, ADI Vice President and Jan Creamer, ADI president, left the Boulder film festival to head straight for their next rescue operation, this time in Peru and Colombia, where over 60 animals are being saved from traveling circuses and the illegal wildlife trade. Over 30 lions from this rescue will be flown by ADI to The Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) in Colorado ? just like the lions. New habitats are being built by ADI in the Amazon to home the native wild animals including several species of monkeys, 7 kinkajous, coatis and others.

"Lion Ark" has signed a worldwide TV, VOD, DVD and airline distribution deal with ITV Global Entertainment and will be available to mass audiences in 2015, as well as a US theatrical tour lined up for the spring and summer. For more information, visit www.lionarkthemovie.com. Pictured: Director Tim Phillips and I.S. founder Rachel Galvin at PBIFF 2014.

Film Carpet 3.0 April 9, 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Cinema Paradiso 503 SE 6th St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Meet filmmakers and watch films; bring your business cards! See "Every 58 Hours!" (which was featured in last issue) & others.

Tickets: www.eventbrite.com/ e/ film-carpet-30-tickets-14080149105

Florida Film Fest April 10-19 www.floridafilmfestival.com

Sarasota Film Fest April 10-19 http:/ / www.sarasotafilmfestival.com/


Apr il 2015

C eleb r it y S ight ingsGianni Russo Gianni Russo visited his nephew's grand opening of his restaurant Godfather Authentic Subs in Deerfield Beach, FL on March 7. Russo played Carlo Rizzi in "The Godfather." Russo not only signed autographs and posed for pictures at the grand opening, he also provided tastings of his wine.

Kathie Lee Gifford Kathie Lee Gifford, TV host, actress, singer and author, hosted a Gifft wine bottle signing at Whole Foods in Boca Raton on March 28. Gifford recently partnered with California?s Scheid Family Wines to craft a 2011 Red Blend and a 2012 Chardonnay. For more information, visit: www.gifftwines.com or www.kathieleegifford.com.

Pictured above: I.S. founder Rachel Galvin with Gianni Russo.

For more information, visit: www.godfatherssubs.com or http:/ / giannirusso.com.

Pictured: (Top): I.S. founder Rachel Galvin with Kathie Lee Gifford. (Right): Florida journalist Joanie Cox Henry with her son, Jack, and Kathie Lee.



Apr il 2015

Dan Aykroyd


On March 20, Dan Akyroyd made several appearances (at ABC Fine Wine Full-Service investigative and management consulting firm & Spirits in Sunrise, FL & Stache in Ft. Lauderdale, FL) in South Florida Confidential service, quick response promoting his Crystal Head Vodka. Let us help you with: Pictured at ABC Sunrise: Dan Aykroyd with actor - Civil, Criminal & Asset Investigations Jamil Malik and actress - Background Checks, and Criminal Records, DMV Checks Michelle Millett - Polygraph Service Malik said, "I went to talk up 'Every 58 Hours.'" - New Client Sign-Ups ("Every 58 Hours" is a - Witness statements & locates documentary Malik - Counter Intelligence starred in that was featured in the March - Surveillance issue of I.S.).

The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, from The "Dog Whisperer" TV show, on National Geographic, chose Pompano Beach, FL's Milo's Dog Rescue of South Florida to be part of their live show March 27 at Broward Center of the Performing Arts. Pictured: Stacy Billingslea and Cesar Millan.



Trial Prep Scene Investigations/ Photographic and/ or Video Notary Public: 24/ 7/ 365 (See more, Pg. XX) K-9 Narcotic & Explosive Detection

954-274-5107 www.char lesbr eadinvestigations.com


Apr il 2015

"Orange is the New Black"

Fear Nat i o n Scream Queen Linnea Quigley has been cast as host and producer of an upcoming television show "Fear Nation," which will be directed by Ken Wns and filmed in Florida. Tamara Moore White is also a producer on the show. In this SAG New Media series, Quigley and Wns will be joined by a group of paranormal investigators and will visit "supposed" haunted places, urban legends and cursed objects. They plan to begin shooting

star honored Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" star, Germar Terrell Gardner, was honored by Mayor Bill Finch and City Council members in Bridgeport Connecticut on March 2. A Bridgeport, CT native and current resident, Gardner joined the Emmy Award-winning show in 2014, at the start of season 2. His role as C.O. Charles March 28 in Florida. Ford was supposed to be a one-time performance, but ended up as a Cast includes the following recurring character. paranormal investigators: Stephanie Ezekiel, Marquies Introduced to the arts by his father, who loved reading stories and poems to Wilson, Jessica Fleming, Megan Zwaans, Ana Vargas, his children at an early age, Gardner originally planned to pursue football, Mayte Arce, Katana Malone, but a high school creative writing class changed his mind. He went on to Michael Nouri, Daniel graduate from college with a double major in print journalism and television Correga, Elsa Naranjo, Vania production. Eventually, he landed a job with New Haven's ABC affiliate WTNH Vieta, John Morris, Darci Dixon, Mario Xavier. News Channel 8. Besides "Orange is the New Black," he has also been in "Louie" with Louie C.K., and "Standing8."

Find the show on Facebook. Look for more on the show soon!

"Orange is the New Black" can be seen on Netflix.



Apr il 2015

Rena i ssa nce wom a n & Rock St a r Sh ayne Lei gh ton rel eases h er new EP By Rachel Galvin Not content to just be an actress or just be a director, or just be a model, or just be an author, or just be a singer, the 24-year-old redheaded spitfire and Lighthouse Point, FL resident Shayne Leighton has to set the world on fire. That's her secret intention and she is making good use of her time on her way to the big time. In addition to penning a trilogy of very popular vampire-themed "Of Light and Darkness" novels and writing/ co-directing/ starring in her own film "Incubus," she has been picked up by Spectra Records for her amazing voice and is releasing her first EP, "Invincible," April 7. This throwback to 80s glam sound includes a cover song of Pat Bentar's "Invincible" that will make you want to play it again and again. She also includes original songs. She explained, ?It is heavily inspired by classic ?80s rock anthems, like the ones from Pat Benatar, but with an edgy, modern flair."


She added, ?All of my songs are very personal and stem from real life experiences. That?s what makes good music memorable ? when other people can relate to what you?re feeling.? The album was produced by Rob Roy, the protege of legendary producer Tony Bongiovi. Leighton, who spends a lot of time in the magical land of the Czech Republic, her husband's homeland, is hitting the road very soon. "I will be going on tour with the internationally renowned beauty brand, How To Be A Redhead, on their national Rock It Like A Redhead tour. We will be traveling to five major cities including, Austin, Nashville, Chicago, Seattle and New York. I will be putting on one hour concerts at each event for an audience of over 400 girls between the ages of 18 to 46. I will also be visiting high schools during my tour to participate in book signings and lectures with students," said Leighton. She added, "Last year, I was also part of a major anti-bullying music collaboration called 'Remember.' It is a single and music video, which features myself, Quinton Aaron (star of 'The Blind Side'), and several artists who appeared on NBC's 'The Voice.' We plan on taking our anti-bullying message to Memphis this year as well." Her advice for would-be writers or entertainers? ?You can?t be disappointed in the success you don?t have for the work you don?t do. It takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Do it for the love, and not the fame or money. Don?t look at other people?s journey. Everybody?s success is different. If you feel you have accomplished what you set out to accomplish, you are successful. Jealousy will get you nowhere.? Her EP will be available worldwide in "Brick and mortar" stores, as well as online in places like Amazon. To find out more about her and her projects, visit www.shayneleighton.com.


Apr il 2015

2015 STUDENT SHOWCASE OF FILMS AWARDS On March 12, The Palm Beach International Film Festival (PBIFF), in collaboration with the Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission, announced the winners for the 2015 Student Showcase of Films at Lynn University?s Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center in Boca Raton, FL. Frank Licari hosted the event and the legendary Burt Reynolds presented a scholarship. Vanilla Ice also participated, as well as numerous dignitaries. The finalists were selected out of 251 eligible submissions and 1,070 overall submissions. For more information about the Student Showcase of Films, please visit pbfilm.com or Facebook.com/ StudentShowcaseOfFilms. Photos courtesy of Film Commission.

2 1

"While We're Young"

7 6

1) Alcee Walker with Commercial PSA winners. 2) Host Kevin Licari creates "Star Trek" vibe. 3) Audience Award Winner Dave Merrill & singer/ songwriter/ host Vanilla Ice. 4) Producer/ Director Marci Gorman 5) Burt Reynolds. 6) Cristian Aguiar, 1st Place Music Video Award winner 7) VFX guru Dean Lyon






Apr il 2015

"A ssumed Killer" on Lifetime Congrats to local Florida filmmaker Barbie Castro for getting her film "Assumed Killer" on Lifetime, on April 17. The film, which stars Castro, as well as Casper Van Dien (who plays her husband), Armand Assante, Christie Lynn Smith and Eric Roberts, is directed by Bernard Salzmann. Could her husband be the notorious serial killer? or is her mind playing tricks on her?

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Apr il 2015

Tom Arnold Talks "A ny Day" By Rachel Galvin Long-time actor, stand up comedian and writer Tom Arnold put on the charm on the red carpet for the Palm Beach International Film Festival (PBIFF) premier of his film "Any Day, " in which he plays Roland, a man who befriends Vian (Sean Bean) an ex-fighter seeking redemption. He gives him a chance and a job working in his pizzeria. Regarding obtaining the role, Arnold joked, "I found out about the part when I was in the hospital for a hernia operation [and a little out of it]. My agent called me. I thought he asked me if I wanted to do a movie with Mr. Bean. [the British comedian]. It turns out it was Sean Bean." He added that he was curious about working with Sean Bean and appreciated the passion of the crew. "I wanted to do it," he said. "I love Eva [Longoria] and Kate [Walsh]. It became a great group of people to work with." Writer/ Director Rusty Branaman said the shoot took 18 days, and a lot of blood sweat and a little tears. He attended the fest, along with producers Andrew Sugerman, Darryl Marshak and Jeanette Zhou. Branaman added that before getting into directing, he began as an actor

and really learned after reading "thousands of novels, watching thousands of films" and basically spending a lot of time studying before working hands-on. Evidently, he is doing something right because many of the guests who had seen the film commented on how "Any Day," a film much about second chances and never giving up, touched them. Arnold added that writing is one of the best things an artist can do, creating their own work. Speaking of writing, he said that writing a thank you letter in this business goes a long way. Arnold, who also received a Showman Award at the fest, added that acting is not about being famous or being a star; it really is about doing the work. He also commented that he believes in supporting others and that festivals such as PBIFF are a great way to see films you might never see. "Any Day" will be released May 1. Pictured: (L) Tom Arnold on the red carpet, (R) Producer Darryl Marshak with director Rusty Branaman.



Apr il 2015

Hi d d en A sset s By Rachel Galvin


What begins film noir complete with mood lighting and emphasis on character reaction and exposition turns into an extremely tense conflict between multiple characters in "Hidden Assets." It starts with Ava Town, played by Jacqueline Journey, who is also the director, asking ex-cop Benjamin Grady (Steve Daron) to get back money stolen by her husband. But her husband (Eli Zen) has more secrets, which will be revealed. This film, which also stars Chris Marks, Alexander Leaty, Orfelina DeLeon, Roberto Escobar and others, is jam-packed with twists and turns. As soon as you

think it is going in one direction, it rapidly zigs and zags to a new revelation, one after another, all wrapped up full-circle in a tight little bow with a satisfying conclusion. This is Journey's debut in directing, but she has been an avid producer, as well as a host and long-time actress. Her film was shown twice at the Palm Beach International Film Festival (PBIFF) to sold-out houses. Asked how she handled wearing the hat of director and actress at the same time, she said, "Having a lot of people on set helping is invaluable. I couldn't have done it without them." "I've always wanted to do a psychological thriller. It was important for me to portray a strong woman. I love the idea of putting a woman in a position of power. " Filming took 16 days, but the first draft of the script actually began 4 1/ 2 years ago. And filming was not devoid of excitement. In fact, one night when Daron escaped the heat of the warehouse (where most of the action takes place, in Lake Worth), he had an encounter with a SWAT team, who assumed his bloody wound (from the film) was a real one and that he has been shot by the thugs they were chasing. Keep an eye out for Ms. Journey's next creation. In the meantime, visit www.HiddenAssetMovie.com. Pictured above: Steve Daron, Jacqueline Journey, Karen Chimato and Chris Marks at premier at PBIFF. (Left): Eli Zen, Steve Daron and Jacqueline Journey.


Apr il 2015

"We l co me t o Me " By Rachel Galvin

"Hilarious" was the most used word when people commented about the Palm Beach International Film Festival's (PBIFF) opening night film "Welcome to Me." The film, directed by Shira Piven, starred funny girl Kristen Wiig, who is known for her work on Saturday Night Liive, but also her prowess in films like "Bridesmaids." She was the perfect choice in this motion picture about a girl who has Borderline Personality Disorder winning the lottery and using her proceeds to buy her own talk show. Piven loved working with Wiig and dicovering the character together in the process. Piven said, "Kristen doesn't like to prepare too much. She said this was the most prep. she had ever done. For me, it was the least." Knowing her background, Piven allowed this comic actress free reign to improv. "In the editing room, there were lots of choices," she said, " a bunch of emotional takes and dialogue takes." Being that Wiig is best known for comedy, Piven wasn't sure if she could handle the more emotional scenes at first. "I wanted an actress who was comic in approach but could do drama. The idea of Kristen Wiig came up. It was not until 'Bridesmaids' that I knew she could do it. She didn't see this as a comedy. She wanted to play her very real [which is what I wanted]>."

Of Joan Cusack, another comic actress who had a role as well, Piven said, "I grew up with Joan. she has great vulnerability and the ability to do drama, but you don't see it a lot." Keeping a straight face during filming the funny scenes, which are pretty non-stop, could be difficult at times, said Piven. "It was hardest doing the scene in the hotel room. Eliot [Laurence, the writer] was on set. We were laughing and crying at the same time." She wanted to ensure that the film was not coming across as making fun of Alice, Wiig's character, and mental illness. She walked a fine line. "I think with mental illness, you have to separate the illness from the human being. [Alice's] actions might make us frustrated and angry, but we feel for her," she said. "When I read this script, I felt it had to be a movie," said Piven. "I spent a year giving it to anyone who might be a producer or know a producer." Piven's daughter sang a song in the movie and Josh Salzberg, who also screened his film "Walking Man" in the fest, which won a Best Documentary award, edited her film. "Making movies is like working in a mini city," she said, thanking her cast and crew, including Wiig, who she termed as 'death defying.' It took 25 days to film "Welcome to Me," which also stars James Marsden, Tim Robbins, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Linda Cardellini. Look for the film next at Florida Film Fest (April 10-19). Pictured above: Director Shira Piven on red carpet at PBIFF.


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Independent Streak Magazine -- April 2015  

Within these pages, find info. on independent films like "Any Day," "Hidden Assets," "Welcome to Me," "The Lost Key" and more, as well as in...

Independent Streak Magazine -- April 2015  

Within these pages, find info. on independent films like "Any Day," "Hidden Assets," "Welcome to Me," "The Lost Key" and more, as well as in...