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smART SmART Thinking Thinking Rachel Darville Storyteller | Creative Strategist

What you could expect if we were stuck in an airport together?

I come from musical theatre. I’ll entertain the hell out of you.

I’m small in size. You can have the armrest.

I love a good Bloody Mary The airport bar is calling.

I’m an avid yoga goer. Let’s chill. Namaste

I’m a former cheerleader. You want to talk football?

I’m an empathizer. I was born and raised in the South, am a recent Penn State Graduate, and worked as a travel promoter in Spain. No matter your roots, I’ll bet we have something in common.

I’m a visual mind mapper, or what I like to call, smART thinker.

Contents Case 1: Cheesecake Factory (2-9) Case 2: YouTube (10-19) Case 3: HIV Oakland (20-25) My CV & CONTACT (26-27)

Cheesecake Factory


A continued business success story in upscale casual dining, the brand is known for providing quality meals and desserts to thousands each day. But with so many loyal customers, at peak meal times there are simply too many mouths for the Cheesecake Factory to feed at one time. Therefore many must wait for a table to open before they can eat. Depending on the time of day and size of party the wait can turn into what feels like days with nothing to do.

Business for Cheesecake Factory seems good. So what’s the problem? Well, it seems customers are choosing to go elsewhere to eat due to the long wait for a table.

Account Planning Partner: Renata Martinez, Copywrighter: Racheal Sterling, Art Direction: Racheal Sterling & Myself



Get current and prospective Cheesecake Factory customers to choose to stay at the restaurant and dine instead of heading for other options elsewhere.


We went to the nearest Cheesecake Factory around 7pm and talked with others waiting. We found that many felt the same when it came to the amount of time spent waiting around for a table: Bored | Annoyed | Ready to Eat

Ticked off by the long wait which they had to suffer through for a table, many customers at Cheesecake said that they’d hang around longer if they were entertained in some way. 4


The overall wait experience at the Cheesecake Factory doesn’t offer much. Everyone can agree that time goes by faster when occupied. Why not keep customers entertained while they wait?


We propose the Cheesecake Factory introduce a new waiting lounge. Getting customers engaged and excited about the brand, it will entertain them from all angles.

Business Cost

We propose introducing the lounge in 15 to 20 of the restaurants with the most foot traffic, urban and suburban. The new lounge will grow in popularity through word of mouth. Traffic of customers will increase as more people choose to stay and wait. Implementation costs are worth it when you consider the impact the lounge will have on the restaurant experience as a whole.


Bringing the idea to life: The Factory Lounge

Once inside, you’ll be asked to join the Factory network on your smartphone. After downloading the application, you can then browse the menu, make e-Card creations, snap photos or answer trivia questions via twitter. Have fun and watch the time fly by!

While you sit and wait for a table, let us entertain you. 6

Join along in the conversation with the interactive screen. Test your Cheesecake Factory trivia knowlege to questions posted each minute. Be the first to tweet the correct answer to @cheesecake and win a free slice!

Hit the mobile games feature on the app menu and you’ll find restaurant themed interactive games. Dive in and do things like make faces out of your food, create songs with silverware on dinner table rockband, or send e-Cards to friends and family.


Bringing the idea to life: After the Wait After leaving the lounge, there will be other times in life where we will find ourselves waiting again. While waiting with a magazine, our interactive print ads will entice you to get out your smartphone and watch a video highlighting the new Factory Lounge. While waiting for a download, sponsored commercial free breaks will be provided by the Cheesecake Factory to you on While waiting for a bus, the bus stop interactive touch screen will allow you to explore the new features offered in the lounge.


For a preview of what it’s like to kick back in our new interactive lounges, place smartphone here and visit: lounge

Bus Stop Ads

Interactive Print Ads

Sponsored Commercial Free Shows


YouTube Claimed Best in Storytelling by Client


Moms today are raising their kids with more advanced technology than moms before them. Logging on, tweeting, blogging, and posting, these moms are creating a new dialogue online.


Get young Facebook Friendly Moms to think of YouTube as a site that offers them more than just funny videos. Get these Moms to go to YouTube more often, and create personal YouTube accounts.

YouTube wants new moms to become as loyal to their site, as they are to facebook. However, besides funny videos, YouTube hasn’t given these moms any reasons to stay.

Account Planning Partner: Fabrice Maurel, Copywrighter: Diana Castillo, Art Direction: Meg Gallagher


Human Truth

Every parent is a storyteller. They love sharing experiences with others about their kids. However some new moms fear they won’t be good enough moms to their kids.


Every mom doubts herself. I mean there’s no manual when it comes to raising a kid...


Research: Moms Online

We talked talked to moms in person, as well as conducted an online survey with 30+ mom respondents

2. What are Moms watching on YouTube?

1. Do Moms even have YouTube accounts?





1. Funny videos 2. How To videos 3. News Related videos Security is important 4. Videos for Kids

Have HaveaaYouTube YouTube Account Account

3. What are moms doing online?



giveadvises advice Regularly give advice Regularly give other moms to moms totoother other moms



Regularly seek advice Regularly seek advice from Regularly seek advises from other moms from other moms other moms

We found that new moms today tend to give and receive advice to other moms when they are online.


The Big Barrier in this case is that for moms: is the world, and it feels too large.

is a community.

The Big Idea Embrace the amount of people on YouTube, and show mom that she can ask any question and get real advice from real moms. - Advice via video assures her she’s not alone. - There are moms out there that relate to her. - She just has to go to YouTube and find them.


invites moms to:

Share their Stories Ask their Questions Help out other Moms Join the online Generation

15 17

Bringing the idea to life: Generation Mom

A YouTube channel for moms of this generation that acts as a safe space to give and receive advice. Tell the stories you don’t read about in parenting books. Become a friend to other online moms. Learn from the experiences shared by other moms about what to do in similar situations. Join the hottest conversation for new moms today through the power of online video sharing. Join Generation Mom.



Bringing the idea to life: A Day in Mom’s shoes


Step into the shoes of a new mom and walk through all the things that Generation Mom has to offer her.

Early Morning News Search & Update

Expandable Rich Media Banner



Walks to work after saying bye to the sitter and her new baby.

Footprints in Concrete Ambient (City streets)

Waiting in line at the store, she flips through magazines


Interactive Print Ad

Gets out smartphone on her way home and checks out the YouTube app she has seen in ads all day.


YouTube Generation Mom Smartphone App

After putting the baby to sleep, she finally goes on YouTube. From there she clicks on a link for a Google+ Hangout & chats with other Moms. Google +

5. 17 19

HIV Oakland

Background The city of Oakland, CA is also home to one of the largest populations of people living with AIDS. In a recent study by the CDC it was found that African American Men who seek Men (MSMs), ages 40 to 49, make up 51% of new HIV Infections each year. These African American MSMs are also the least likely of all gender and social classes in the Oakland area to know their current HIV status.

Raising awareness to get tested for HIV seems like a never ending objective. But without awareness of what’s going on, people won’t think to question their own HIV status.

Account Planning Partner: Renata Martinez, Copywrighter: Racheal Sterling, Art Direction: Daniel Bajusz


So we went on an ethnography expedition to find out what the HIV testing process was like and tried to tap into the minds of these MSM.



Get Screened Oakland, a non-profit health clinic came to us with a challenge: Get these African American males who seek males (MSMs), ages 40 to 49, to come in and get tested for HIV. Not an easy task when most of these men seem to turn to denial and avoidance of the issue.


Current HIV advertising doesn’t speak the same language as these MSMs. Getting tested for HIV doesn’t seem like a sexy thing for these MSMs to do. Their social image amongst others, as well as MSMs, seems more important to them then their HIV status.


After visiting Oakland, we realized how dirty and run down the city seemed. These MSMs are dirty too, figuratively speaking, sleeping with a wide variety of different men. So let’s dare these MSMs to confront their avoidance and get tested for HIV. Let it be a way to prove to their future partners that even though they are being “dirty” they know that they’re clean.

We found that these men aren’t going to listen unless the message speaks their language and confronts them head on. 23

Bringing the idea to life: Maintain Your Man Muscle

We thought it’d be fun and innovative to use the idea of reverse graffiti within our campaign. It’s created by spraying the desired image or text onto dirty concrete surfaces with a power washer and stencil guide. The CTA on the ads informs MSM to go to to learn more.

Reverse Graffiti on city walls

Bus Stop Ads & Sidewalk Graffiti

Billboard Ads

Urinal Ads

Urnial ads will catch MSM at bars where the act of sex is top of mind. Messages will also be displayed on Oakland city sidewalks, bus stops, walls, and billboards. These ads will reinforce how quick and easy getting tested can be.


Although many of these MSM meet other men in bars, they more often go online where it is a judgement free space. So how would we bring the message alive online? Why not use porn stars as the spokespeople for GetScreenedOakland! It’s an angle many clinics have never taken before, and a big statement we think MSM will notice. So let’s run a commerical on porn sites (like the story below) and use the audio as radio spots for those MSMs out driving around the city of Oakland.

“Hello there, I didn’t see you. I’m Jack Napier, big time porn star.”

(Hear a slap on skin) “You’ve probably seen me in the film, There’s Something About Jack”

(shower starts) “Throughout my career I’ve been with a lot of different ladies. If I can bend that way, I’ve probably shagged that way. ”(shower stops)

“If we want to get down and dirty with these beezies, the porn industry requires us stars to get tested regularly. It’s the only way to insure you spread the lust and nothing more.”

“If you plan on getting dirty, plan on getting tested too. It’s a simple 10 minutes out of your day. Then you can go back to %#*ing like a porn star.”


Rachel Darville Storyteller | Creative Strategist

940 Leavenworth St. San Francisco, CA 94109 | (501) 940-1604 site |


May 2011 | The Pennsylvania State University | Schreyer Honors College | University Park, PA Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Bachelor of Arts in Art (Honors concentration in painting) Cum G.P.A. 3.56

October-December 2011 | Miami Ad School | San Francisco, CA Account Planning Boot Camp - Awarded Top Dog Runner-Up and Best Storytelling at Final YouTube Client Pitch

Study Abroad Spring 2010 | Universidad de Sevilla | Sevilla, Spain Advanced Liberal Arts CIEE Program; classes and experiences in Spanish

Professional Experience

Campus Involvement | Penn State University

Researched spanish study abroad student consumer base and used findings in creative strategy for eight new expansion company logo designs. Created new official logo for the branch travel company Leap Abroad. Gained experience in Spanish speaking environment and insight into business culture outside the U.S.

Conducted ethnographic research both abroad and at home on the cultural connections and differences which people experience when at ‘the fair’. Wrote a thesis research paper and created 30 final art works centered around this idea. Presented thesis and work in final show at the Borland Gallery on the Penn State Campus.

Spring-Fall 2010 | DiscoverSevilla Travel Agency (DS) Sevilla, Spain- Creative Design Intern

Fall 2009 | Center for Amazon Community Ecology (CACE) State College, PA- Marketing Intern Researched online competitors and planned the design strategy for 10 weekly photo shoots of the handicrafts. Synergized ideas and collaborated with fellow interns on the final work, resulting in a unified campaign for CACE that year. First to position handicrafts at State College’s Fall Festival, which introduced CACE to 4,000 Festival attendees within the community. Summer 2009 | Mattress Factory Art Museum (MF) Pittsburgh, PA- Marketing Intern Built and designed a new paperless file archive on FileMaker Pro, allowing access to previous and recent media publications of the museum. This was the first installment of MF’s history recorded on-line. Assisted in museum PR strategy of annual MF Garden Party, which drew in 1,000 attendees. Gained experience in marketing strategy, research, and museum event planning.


May 2011 | Schreyer Honors College (SHC) Thesis Show “Meet Me At the Fair: At Home & Abroad”

2010-2011 | American Advertising Federation Competitor Strategist & Presentation Board Art Director Led Competitive Strategy for team in the National AAF Student Campaign Competition, NSAC. Placed 2nd in New York City Regionals. Led design of presentation boards and was inducted into the NSAC Alpha Delta Sigma Honors Society. 2008-2011 | GlobeMed at Penn State Executive Director of Marketing & Outreach Led strategy for GlobeMed at Penn State’s 4th Annual Global Health Conference, Possibilities & Limitations of Global Health, drawing nearly 300 attendees. Organized marketing efforts for all Health Conference events and on-campus awareness. Helped raise $8,000 for our global health partner. Gained insight into the student consumer base for cause marketing and global health awareness.

Computer: Adobe Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Final Cut | SPSS | Microsoft Office | Mac & Windows OS Other: Spanish speaking and writing | Tap dancing | Oil Painting | Musical Theatre

Thank you Please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to chatting about planning with you soon!

Rachel Darville


Storyteller | Creative Strategist 501-940-1604 | 1 27

“Imagination is the power that enables us to empathize with other humans whose experiences we have never shared.� -J.K. Rowling

Storyteller | Creative Strategist Portfolio  
Storyteller | Creative Strategist Portfolio  

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