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St. Peter’s Walton Scarecrow Takeover! 20 Tips to Tear Teens Away from Tech Reviewed: Man Booker Shortlister with a local flavour

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Dear loyal readers,

Another month, another issue - this one taking us through to the end of August as the Causeway Volunteers Team take a well-deserved break. DO please keep in touch meanwhile via This month we call out once more for an Advertising Manager to keep Causeway financially viable.

summer - I will be putting him to the test though I suspect it will be a figurative ‘pick and mix’ in his favour!

Perhaps you and another person (your partner or a close friend or neighbour) might step into the role - a team effort would make this a particularly enjoyable bit of voluntary work.

Signing off for the summer I wish you and yours a fabulously sunny and happy few weeks and see you in September.

We’d love to welcome you to the team so please do consider it. I’ve loved putting this issue together especially as I got to take lots of photos of the scarecrows adorning Walton Village!

Your Causeway Editor PLEASE NOTE: Causeway is published 10 times a year monthly, except January and August. Deadline is 14th of the month prior to publication. Causeway is prepared and distributed entirely by volunteers at the beginning of each month of publication.

Our little dog, whilst on her constitutional, was not particularly bothered by the rather unusual collection of additional villagers except for the Kitchen’s Charlie and Lola which she had a good bark at. And she did try to run off with either Bill or Ben’s sock as is her wont… I also enjoyed working with my 15 year old on ideas for things to do instead of gaming this

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Birds in your Garden – The Blue Tit I’m sure pretty much everyone, whether they feed birds or not, has at least the odd Blue Tit passing through their garden - they are the second most common bird after the Blackbird. Blue Tits have long been known as ‘the gardeners’ friend’ due to their voracious consumption of caterpillars, especially when they are feeding their young. Despite this, in the 1950s large numbers were trapped as they were accused of eating the buds on soft fruit farms.

It is a small bird weighing around 11g, so imagine how much calcium is needed to lay a dozen eggs the shells of which are mainly calcium carbonate. Unlike hens they don’t store the calcium but have to find it daily, mainly it seems, from old snail shells. Producing and laying all these eggs needs about 40% more food than normal and caterpillars supply most of the high protein diet needed. Garden Blue Tits tend to nest later and have smaller broods than their country cousins, but this is compensated for by a better survival rate of the young. A garden is a difficult environment for a tit as it supplies less energy rich caterpillars and aphids than the wild, and although sunflower hearts and peanut fragments are useful, they are lower in energy and very different in composition.

By the time you read this, juvenile tits will be appearing as pale slightly fluffy versions of their parents. For anyone not sure which is which, the Blue Tit is slightly smaller, generally paler yellow with a drab top to its head, which soon becomes blue. Some black develops later particularly around the neck, but far less than on the Great Tit which will gradually develop a black chest stripe, especially the males, where is a ‘badge’ of virility.

They are very adaptable birds and used to be seen pecking though the foil caps of milk bottles to get at the cream. This learned behaviour, first widespread by the 1940s, died out in the 80s as doorstep deliveries became less common. Birds are intolerant to lactose, one of the primary components of milk, but the high fat content of cream is an excellent energy source. It’s a habit unlikely to come back, as these days milk is usually homogenised.

They have one brood per year, generally eight to ten, but possibly up to sixteen eggs, which are 16mm long and white with brown speckles. They are incubated for about 14 days. In the wild Blue Tits are cavity nesters but in gardens they are frequent box occupants, which again has increased their popularity, and there are many anecdotes about them taking hair from people and from dogs to line their nests. I have seen them take cat hair which we have left out after a grooming session. Ironic! The nest is primarily moss and grass with the cup placed furthest from the entrance and is lined with hair or wool.

If you find the lives of our garden birds to be of interest and would like to join in and count the feathered occupants of your garden please contact me or visit the BTO Garden BirdWatch website ( If you know of an organisation not a million miles from York which would like a talk on garden birds call: Mike Gray on 07596 366342 or



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York practices and see for yourself.

2/4 North Street, Wetherby. 01937 585742 33 Bishopthorpe Road, York. 01904 611553 5

Open for you Under the new management of new owner Adele, The Pax Inn is now open serving food and drink seven days a week.

Opening hours Sun to Thurs 12 - 11pm Fri and Sat 12 - Midnight Serving food Mon to Sat Sunday

12 - 9pm 12 - 5pm

01937 843183

22 6

News from our Churches

Revd Jane Brown is leaving us to become Rector of Garforth

WE WANT TO GIVE HER A GOOD SEND OFF! Please join us at her Final Service here on Sunday 2nd September 2018 at 10:30am at All Saints’ Church, Bramham followed by lunch in Bramham Village Hall The service will be a Benefice Holy Communion and will be suitable for all ages.

Revd Jane’s Licensing at St Mary’s, Garforth will be on Thursday 20th September at 7:30pm. All welcome. 7

Letter from the Clergy itself, but it does seem as though an essential function of the church is being lost – providing a space for people to come close to God. It matters not if it is only one person a week who finds solace in a church – for that person, the church has met a basic need.

Open Churches – Sacred Space About this time of year, I am often in France – a place that I have visited most years throughout my life, because of family connections. This year, however, I went a little earlier than usual and enjoyed the snow rather than the sun.

We try to keep our churches open and I am pleased to say that St Mary’s, Boston Spa and All Saints’ Bramham are open during the day (see below for approximate timings). It is not unusual to meet people in church, who have just come in searching for something, often in moments of personal difficulty. You are always very welcome – if there is a service going on, and you just want somewhere to sit and pray, you can still do so and leave when you wish.

Of course, now I am yearning for some time in those lovely French villages, enjoying the odd glass of wine and genuine French bread. I am reminded, however, of last year when, cycling in rural France, we noticed an important – and to our mind, saddening – cultural change.

There are times in our national or community life when the church suddenly becomes a focus for collective grief and emotion. Recently we have seen this with the Grenfell fire and the Manchester bombing. Events which are so high profile bring to the fore a collective desire to consider life beyond the mundane and everyday, to search for the sacred, the hope that may be found through our faith. Nevertheless, for most of us our need for this is experienced on a personal, individual or family, level and we may find ourselves drawn – often inexplicably from our perspective – to enter a church and to find comfort there. For me as I visit a new village, I love to escape into the peace of a church, to see the place where so many generations have come together to worship God. It gives me a boost, in a way that I cannot adequately describe in words.

I have always loved visiting the ubiquitous church at the centre of every French village. The attraction began long before I was ordained and perhaps even before I really came to faith. It has never been about the history or architecture of the building for me, rather the sense of peace and sacred space.

Quite a while ago now, I met a little girl, with her father in one of our churches. Imagine my surprise when he told me she loved to visit churches. He didn’t know why, just that she seemed to love the buildings. Perhaps, like me, that little one just experienced something beyond herself, in that space.

Last year I was surprised to find a church locked, then dismayed as we tried the doors of churches in several other villages on the route – very few were open.

Why not drop in to one of our churches? All Saint’s Bramham is open 10am-4pm each day St Mary’s Boston Spa is open 9am-5pm each day

The symbolism of having the church at the heart of every village had now been replaced by a very different symbolism…. I guess it is as much about changing patterns of life as it is about the church


Services Time


Sunday Service, All Saints’, Thorp Arch



1st July

Holy Communion Joint @ Walton


8th July

Group Holy Communion


15th July

Holy Communion

J Leonard


22nd July

Holy Communion Joint

J Gawthorpe


29th July

Holy Communion

S Spurr


5th August

Benefice Service

M Smyth


12th August

Group Holy Communion Joint @ Walton


12th August

Benefice Service @ Bramham


19th August

Benefice Service @ Boston Spa


26th August

Benefice Service @ Walton


2nd Sept

Benefice Service @ Bramham - JANE'S LAST SERVICE



Sunday Service, St Peter’s, Walton


1st July

Holy Communion Joint


8th July

Group Holy Communion @ Thorp Arch


8th July

Holy Communion


15th July

Holy Communion


22nd July

Holy Communion Joint @ Thorp Arch


29th July

Holy Communion


5th August

Benefice Service @ Thorp Arch


12th August

Group Holy Communion


12th August

Benefice Service @ Bramham


19th August

Benefice Service @ Boston Spa


26th August

Benefice Service @ Walton


2nd Sept

Benefice Service @ Bramham - JANE'S LAST SERVICE

St Mary's Holiday Club 30 July to 3 Aug This year the Holiday Club has a sporting theme! This summer sees both the FIFA World Cup and the Hockey World Cup along with lots of other sporting events.

Please let Kate Kennedy know (email below) if you’d like to be involved with the amazing team of volunteers who help make the Holiday Club happen each year.

The TeamBuilders daily programme focuses on awesome stories from the Bible (including Joseph, Moses, Esther, Jesus and Paul) – each one giving children the opportunity to see what life is like on God’s team and inviting them to join his team for themselves! There are two services to introduce and close the Holiday Club – everyone is welcome to come along to these lively and interactive services:

The Holiday Club is for the whole benefice – children are most welcome from Bramham, Walton, Thorp Arch, Clifford, Boston Spa and elsewhere. If you’d like an application form for your child to attend, please email Kate Kennedy via youthcoord.

Holiday Club Opening Service Sunday 29 July 10am Holiday Club Closing Service Sunday 5 August 10am 9

Thorp Arch Parish Council Summer News Bulletin

War Memorial The PC have agreed to improve the area around the War Memorial and green. They have applied for funding and are currently seeking quotes for the work.

The following is a summary of some of the work the Parish Council (PC) has undertaken over the last few weeks. Please see for more information.

Speed Indication Devices (SID’s) Two SID’s will shortly be installed in Thorp Arch, one on Church Causeway and one at the top of Walton Road. The PC hope this will help to slow traffic down and increase road safety for the village.

Police Report One crime was reported for the month of May – Theft from a car on Grange Avenue (a cycle). There were 48 crimes last month for the whole of Wetherby ward, 6 of these were burglary residential. There were 36 crimes in Harewood ward, 11 of these were burglary residential.

New Website The PC has recently updated their website. Please visit at Bridge Closure Please note that the bridge will be closed on Sunday July 22 from 6.30pm until midnight, to undertake investigative work.

Anti-Social Behaviour – Reports of ASB in Primrose Hill nursing home, Stables Lane, Church Fields car park, Wetherby riverside and Clifford Church last month. Please ring 101 if ongoing or log ASB online so we know where it is occurring. The police continue to patrol these and all of the other hotspots.

Date of Next Parish Council Meetings The next meetings will be held on Monday 9 July – 7pm and Monday 13 August at: All Saints Church, Thorp Arch. Yes YOU! Please stop reading and have a think about giving back to your community…we’d L O V E to hear from potential Advertising Managers for Causeway no experience needed just a willingness to learn and a friendly outlook!

You can report ASB and other crimes here - https:// Homes England (HE) Planning Application The application for 23 dwellings remains undetermined and the PC have been advised that LCC are still waiting for the S106 agreement to be finalised.

The clock is ticking as our present incumbent stands down this autumn though is committed to supporting the new Advertising Manager when they step forward. Without an Advertising Manager we don’t have sufficient revenue to keep the magazine running as the printing costs are just covered by the advertising.

LCC Highways department have now made comments on the Application for 119 dwellings which can be viewed online. HE has informed the PC that they intend to submit amendments and the PC are arranging to meet HE prior to the formal submission of the revised plan.

Thorp Arch and Walton residents have a plethora of skilled individuals who may well think that someone else will lean in, that there is someone perfect for the role but what if that person is you?

TATE Appeal The Inspector's Report has been forwarded to the Secretary of State and his decision is due to be made on or before 12 July 2018. Site Allocation Plan Consultation Process (SAP) The PC will be represented at the stage two hearings on the Green Belt Review and the Housing Market Characteristic Area due to be held this summer, as observers.

As a small community we really do need you to come forward to keep Causeway running. We would love to hear from you please via Have a chat over a coffee to find out more.

Parish Heritage Map Final amendments are currently underway on the Parish Map. Locations/points of interest will be identified on the map. It will be located on the Upper Green. 10

TAG report - Anticipation on Both Fronts

mechanism for controlling incremental traffic growth. It would be hard for Leeds to demonstrate (should the appellant appeal against a refusal) that an extra vehicle on Bridge Road every two minutes would in itself cause ‘significant harm’.

Exciting times are just ahead. Let’s deal with the issues one at a time: TATE

However, as we know, Bridge Road is already ridiculously congested and dangerous at peak times. It is a case of ‘straws breaking the camel’s back’. But the system doesn’t cater for ‘straws’. An objection from the officers has to show ‘significant harm’, in isolation. They clearly would struggle to support that position at an appeal, so can’t use that argument.

As you already know, the Inspector’s report, following the Public Inquiry, has been with the Planning Inspectorate since 9 April. They will be preparing their opinions, for presentation and final decision making by the Secretary of State (SoS), now James Brokenshire, scheduled for 9 July. Whether the new SoS will keep to his own timetable is anyone’s guess. Although keen on setting time targets for others, the government does not have a flawless record in sticking to their own.

TAG is expecting the applicant to table a revised planning scheme imminently. They had indicated that it would be submitted by today (written on 9 June), but it hasn’t yet shown up on the public access system.

The new NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) policies on local housing targets could help us, provided the current draft is left largely unchanged in the final version. The draft NPPF proposes increasing the housing target numbers for most areas but reducing those for Leeds. The new NPPF is expected to be finalized in July. If so the SoS should be well aware of targets before he needs to make the TATE decision, and a reduced target would diminish the overall Leeds housing pressure.

However it sometimes takes a day or two to be visible. It is possible that they have done what they promised. We will see. We cannot imagine how a revised application could address the community’s objections. Leeds planners have confirmed that any such revision to the scheme would need to be consulted upon. TAG may need you to put your views on any new scheme in writing to LCC yet again. We will keep you informed. Meanwhile any planning decision is some weeks away at the earliest.

Meanwhile there is not a hint of what the Inspector’s report recommends. No leaks or clues at all. So, we must just wait and hope…fingers crossed.

TAG are continuing to check whether we can use the loss of greenspace as a good planning argument. It does depend on some detailed planning legislation, which we continue to investigate.

Housing north of Wealstun Prison, planning application 17/07970. At last things have moved on a bit. The Leeds Transport Development Department have now submitted their views on the scheme, which are available on the open access planning portal, shown as a ‘Highways’ consultation. Their position is very encouraging. Whilst they were not able to say that the scheme by itself would cause significant harm, they have emphasised that it fails all the Leeds Core Strategy accessibility targets. They make it clear that, in their view, the choice of location needs thorough re-examination. That was as much or more support than we could have hoped for.

Summary: TAG remain very optimistic about the SoS’s decision on TATE. TAG will continue to do everything we can to oppose the ‘north of Wealstun’ housing application. PETER LOCKE, CHAIRMAN - TAG

It appears that the Leeds planning system has no 11

Scarecrows take over Walton!

Dumpty by Randall Brown & family and the B.F.G. by the Harrison family. Reverend Trish chose the names of Mr & Mrs Scarecrow & the winners were Rufus chosen by Chris & Belinda chosen by Sophie.

St Peter’s Walton was awash with flowers - and scarecrows - this June! With a wonderful response from the local community and those coming from further afield (inc Fr Peter Bristow making a flying visit from the North East) the weekend was a huge success.

Doreen Lister & Anne Kilby who masterminded the weekend would like to thank everyone who generously sponsored the event, donated the numerous cakes & buns and the wonderful variety of prizes for the raffle, and not forgetting the amazing flower arrangements in church - we have some very talented people in our community!

Walton Main Street was buzzing with visitors voting for their favourite scarecrow. The most popular was Snow White & The Seven Dwarves exhibited by Kath Appleyard and family, with runners-up Humpty


Thanks goes out also to all the scarecrow makers (30 in total) who made the scarecrow trail so interesting attracting lots of families to Walton Village, and last but no means least all the volunteers who without their help the weekend wouldn't have been such a huge success.

ASB is an incident where the behaviour and actions of an individual or group causes, or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to any person. There are many different types of anti-social behaviour and in some cases, other local authorities are responsible for dealing with anti-social behaviour issues. Please have a look at our checklist so see which organisation would deal with your issue.

The initial reports are that a total of £2,200 was raised in aid of St. Peter’s Church. Well done to all.

Police Responsibility

Walton Village Playground

Begging Dealing/taking of drugs & drinking alcohol in the street Gangs and youths drinking in parks Harassment or intimidation Hoax call to emergency services Misuse of Fireworks Prostitution and indecent behaviour Vandalism

The first step in the next phase of the village plan took place at 08.00 on June 12 when a big hole was made in the west wall of the village hall car park. This will soon be the gate into the playground and before long children’s swings and other pieces will be arriving. The boundary fencing has been specified and will also be arriving in due course. So, the Walton Village Playground is at last happening. The hard work by the Parish Council and the Village Hall Committee is coming to fruition. It is important to say that Leeds Council’s Parks and Countryside Department have been huge supporters of our playground plans and have done everything to assist us - their professional expertise in building playgrounds has been invaluable.

Council Responsibility Abandoned Vehicles Dead Animals Dog Fouling Fly Posting / Graffiti Littering / Fly Tipping / Waste on Land Lost or stray dogs Noise Nuisance / Noise from DIY Syringes or needles

Guy Kitchen, Walton Village Hall Chair.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

ASB in children: What can I do as a parent or guardian?

Walton residents have noticed a re-occurrence of nuisance behaviour, last seen several months ago, involving car wing mirror disturbance and obscene notes left on windscreens. Please do contact the Police if you have suffered the recent spate of nuisance as they need to know in order to take action.

Before they go out, ask them What they are planning to do? Where they are going? Who they are going with? What time, and how they will be getting home?

Causeway asked PCSO 187 Emma Leighton for more information about ASB.

Tell them: To think about what they are doing Not to cause distress or annoyance to others Not to cause damage to property Not to put themselves or others in danger

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) At West Yorkshire Police we take Anti-social behaviour very seriously. Anti-social behaviour can make an area frightening and unpleasant to live, work and relax in. This is not right, which is why the police, councils, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and other public and voluntary organisations use their powers to get to the root of the problem and take action to stop it.

You can report ASB online or through 101 - online visit


HUE Interiors

HUE Construction Ltd

Yorkshire made customised furniture

~ New Build ~ ~Refurbishment~ ~Residential~ ~Commercial~

Call: 07919157087

Kitchens ~ Wardrobes ~


Pantries ~ Boot Rooms ~ Studies

Contact your local legal experts today

We can help with: Family & Child Care Law Conveyancing Wills, Trusts & Probate Clinical Negligence Serious Injury Court of Protection And much more...

call: 01937 845539 email: Highfield House, 179 High Street, Boston Spa, LS23 6AA Also in: York, Leeds, Knaresborough and many more locations across Yorkshire. 15

20 Tips to Tear Teens Away from Tech Recently the media has been highlighting childhood gaming addiction, with the popular ‘video’ game, Fortnite, coming under fire. The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated it had identified online gaming as a medical disorder which will means it may be treatable by the NHS.

of 20 fun things to do instead of sitting in front of a screen the whole of the summer holidays. (I am, of course, going to be quoting these back at the 15 year old when he is nose to screen…Ed). With a plea to parents - be authentic…if the kids are going screen free, make sure you do too - avoid the ‘do as I say not as I do’ scenario!

In spite of the hype, it is a sad fact 4% of youngsters are clinically at risk of internet addiction. Fortnite is certainly not the only game under scrutiny but certainly is the most popular video game in the world with 40 million monthly players.

If you or your kids are especially worried about screen time or things that happen online, here are a couple of useful websites: offers useful advice on all aspects of a kid’s online life. www.

To help prise the kids from their screens, our Editor and her 15 year old son, Evan, came up with a list

1 Play back garden sports - hold your own Test Match, Wimbledon or Football World Cup tournament.

2 Take your dog - or someone else’s - for a walk (ask first, don't just

take them!) or clean pet beds and bowls or simply play with them.

3 Go to the cinema - Wetherby Cinema is a gem - support it this summer.

4 Visit a museum or historical place eg Kirkstall Abbey - free and only 30 mins drive away!

5 Talk to (phone, Skype, Facetime - yes they may need the screen for this one!) or visit a


6 Play a board game like Monopoly…we seem to have a fetish for this board game with about 9

variations! Most of these versions go on, and on, and on…so will keep them busy!

7 Sort out old toys and games and sell them with parents’ help AND PERMISSION! Take a look at Ebay/Gumtree/Facebook selling sites/Schpok/boot or garage sale.

8 Look out for organised events for kids e.g. Breeze or St Mary’s Holiday Club. 9 Visit the library - Wetherby and Boston Spa library hold events and readings for all ages, and advertise what else is going on in the Leeds area.

10 Help with the weekly shop and create their own list (with a little

supervision or their basket will be full of energy drinks and chocolate) When ours were quite little they’d push a tiny ELC trolley to fill from their ‘list’, however once over about 3 feet in height that wouldn’t quite work - not as cute… 16

11 Set up water slide - we use a large bit of plastic sheeting and a water sprinkler. Hill not needed just a bit of a run up…

12 Go out with friends and create mischief - then

the parents will have you back in front of the console! (Hey, how did that slip in…)

13 Use stop motion technology to make a film. There

are fantastic apps for tablets which help with this they’d need their screen, but this is creative…LEGO people are brilliant for this.

14 Get in the kitchen -

bake, cook or make - it will be chaos but think of the benefits - cake and less screen time winner all round…

15 Earn some money! House clean, car washing or lawnmowing (one friend says that since they got a Karcher, the kids LOVE cleaning.)

16 Helping upload photos from phones/

tablets/digicameras to an online photo storage system or order your favourites as prints or a book.

17 Learn to skim stones - being awfully careful of the water

and not hitting other people with the stone of course - the landing by the bridge at Wetherby is a fab place to do this.

18 Set up an obstacle course and time yourself and friends - you could add ‘faults’ like in show jumping for added fun!

19 Put on a play - and of course mum, dad, neighbours, grandparents et al would LOVE to be your audience…

20 Raise money for a

charity - let the kids think up something THEY WANT to do - might be making something to sell or an activity they can get sponsored for the neighbours may be delighted they are doing a sponsored silence! 17


Please check with organisers, especially if you are making a special journey, as things can change.



Friday, Saturday & Sunday 13-15 July Boston Spa Big Weekend Festival. Wide array of activities, including classic cars, music, street food, scarecrows, literary lunch, glider planes, bowls. Walton Group of Artists will be exhibiting on Sunday 15 July at Village Hall.

Sunday 5 August 73rd Tockwith and District Agricultural Show Family friendly event, special children's entertainment and activities for mini festival goers, fabulous line up of local entertainment will entertain throughout the day. Large choice of food and drink options. Tickets £7.50 adult, £2.50 children aged 6-17 years with those 5 and under free of charge.

Saturday 14 July Walton Group of Artists Intro to Line and Wash: Less is definitely more with John Harrison ( at Walton Village Hall 10am to 4pm £35 for non-members and any non-member of the club can register an interest in attending by contacting

SEPTEMBER Saturday 1 Sept Clifford Show Clifford Village Hall Entries to be brought to the Village Hall in the morning and the Show opens at 2pm, for more information or email Entries are welcome from our villages - not just Clifford.

Tuesday 17 July Thorp Arch & Walton Ladies Group (YCA) at Deepdale Community Centre 7.30pm Talk on Stained Glass Trade. All prospective members welcome. Visitors welcome to all meetings contact or 01937 520271.

Sunday 16 Sept Thorp Arch Village Society v Thorp Arch Tennis Club annual cricket match Timings will follow.

Friday 20 July Thorp Arch Annual BBQ at 22 Thorp Arch Park 6pm onwards £10 per ticket all proceeds to All Saints Church, Thorp Arch. Please see Janette West, Yvonne Hetherington, Jane Clayton and Kath Sanderson for tickets.

OCTOBER Sunday 14 Oct Thorp Arch Village Society Bulb Planting Save the date, details TBC.

Saturday 21 to Sunday 2nd Sept Summer Holiday Family Fun: Jurassic Discovery at RHS Garden Harlow Carr Take a step back in time and unearth secrets from the land that time forgot this summer. Families can embark on a Jurassic journey around the garden, discover habitats rich in Jurassic plants, meet prehistoric creatures and earth fossils on the Jurassic dig. Normal garden admission applies.

NOVEMBER Saturday 10 Nov Thorp Arch WW1 Commemorative Fireworks Bonfire Night has been moved this year to reflect this momentous anniversary. Details to follow. Sunday 11 Nov Thorp Arch Village Society lunch to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armistice Details TBC.

Sunday July 22 Thorp Arch Bridge Closure 6.30pm until midnight Please note that the bridge will be closed to undertake investigative work.


Boston Spa Academy Future Secured

June there will be designated time to play golf and association croquet, new members are welcome and newcomers are assured of a very warm and friendly club. Come along and join us on:

Parents, students and the local community were delighted that Lord Agnew has granted Boston Spa Academy the necessary order to join The GORSE Academies Trust (TGAT) marking the end of any Leeds City Council plans to close or merge this school.

Tuesdays 11.30am – 4pm Thursdays 11.30am – 4pm Fridays 1pm – 4pm This tennis club is unique with four grass tennis courts and a boules pitch in one of the most beautiful locations, situated opposite the Admiral Hawke pub on Boston Spa High Street. Throughout the season there is a varied calendar of social events which began with a pre-season supper and will end with an end of season BBQ on Sunday 30 September. The tennis club is holding an Open Day too as part of the Boston Spa Festival so do come along and meet us on Saturday 14 July. Enquiries to: Ann Wickert – 0113 289 2315 Gay Childe – 01937 845519

Though there are several legal processes to complete it is likely that Boston Spa Academy will finally be part of the TGAT family by the early autumn.


Mr Walsh, Headteacher of Boston Spa Academy says, “It is difficult to underestimate how influential our community have been and how much our staff have valued all that you have done. Every kind word, letter or social media post has been appreciated. We have been encouraged, overwhelmed and humbled in equal measure!

THE LITTLE LIFEBOAT STALL It’s official - we now have a new RNLI guild here locally- the Knaresborough and Wetherby Lifeboat Guild. The Knaresborough Guild was founded in 1963, but has now spread its wings. So, have you visited our produce stall on the little green near the entrance to TABS cricket ground yet? Come and have a look. We are selling garden flowers and produce, jams and preserves, plants and who knows what else? And every penny goes to supporting our brave volunteer lifeboat crews.

“The decision of the Minister sets up a whole new and exciting chapter in the history of Boston Spa, not just for the children currently in our school but for generations to come.” Thanks be to God…Croquet is back!

Did you know that the RNLI saves on average 23 lives a day, every day?

A chance conversation at a church event has led to the addition of a new croquet section with a professionally marked out lawn and Croquet Association standard equipment at the Terrace Lawn Tennis club in Boston Spa.

Thank you for your support, Paula and Richard Letts (843888) PS. If you have something which you think might be a good addition to our stall we would love to hear from you.

Croquet Association trained coaches will be offering coaching during the season. As from Friday 1 19

Thorp Arch Retail Park

Visit Thorp Arch Retail Park near Wetherby and enjoy the fantastic play area!

20 2


Book Review Elmet by Fiona Mozley

world. Mr Price detested that which he could not control. We lived here on his doorstep yet he had no access to our lives. We did not pay him rent, we did not work for him, we did not owe him any favours. And so he feared us.”

Once upon a time, around 1,500 years ago, Thorp Arch and Walton would have been in the Kingdom of Elmet - evidently the “last independent Celtic kingdom in England.”

The language is lyrical, with descriptions of their surroundings that border on the poetic. “When we passed evergreen pines the shadows became furry as the light gathered and parted their needles like water soaking into a dog's coat.” Yorkshire dialect comes through in the way words are omitted and the ends of words swallowed, for example “doendt” for doesn’t and “wandt” for wasn’t.

The place, if not the time, is the setting for Fiona Mozley’s debut novel, shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2017. It has been described as, “an impressive slice of contemporary noir steeped in Yorkshire legend,” (Guardian) and, “a novel that straddles the centuries, simultaneously modern and backward-looking” (Literary Review); at its best, it is said to resemble McCormack’s The Road (Metro). It is set in a version of our present day, where trains seem not to run (at all) and roads are in disrepair and there are refugees around.

This is a modern-day fairy tale, a fable. Here is one more quote from the book: “I half listened to the plans that were being made…I could not help but feel that they too were dancing in the old style and appealing to a kind of morality that had not truly existed since those tall stone crosses were placed in the ground, and even then only in dreams, fables and sagas. Only then in the morality of verse.”

While it is, foremost, a tale of family ties, it is also more than that. Daniel, the central character and narrator, lives with his sister Cathy and his father, known throughout simply as Daddy. Daniel most resembles his kind and gentle mother, who had dipped in and out of their lives before finally disappearing for good. Cathy is more like Daddy: strong, fierce – and angry. “I’m angry all time, Danny. Aren’t you?” she says.


They build a house in the woods with their own hands. They make a living from foraging, fishing, and hunting. The latter is with the more humane bow and arrow. Daniel is the most domestic of the three; he cleans, he grows vegetables. Daddy, a huge hulk of a man, fights other men for money. “Daddy was gargantuan. Each of his arms was as thick as two of theirs. His fists were near the size of their heads. Each of them could have sat curled up inside his ribcage like a foetus.” His intimidating presence to others is, however, in sharp contrast to his protective and loving relationship to Cathy and Daniel. Daddy had told them the copse behind their house, which they tended, was theirs alone. Unfortunately, this wasn’t true. Other men had their eye on it, notably Mr Price – as insecure a bully as ever was. It was never going to end well. “Daddy said that Mr Price just hated to feel the weight of helplessness. To interfere with the lives of others was to carve for himself a presence in the 22


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Ladies of the Benefice Annual Retreat 2018 Wydale Hall Each year I and a dozen or so other ladies find just the place to be and it is only an hour and a half’s drive away.

Speaking personally, but also for others whom I know, I come home each year refreshed in mind and body and spiritually uplifted and inspired by what God reveals to me, when I set time aside for myself, to observe and to listen to what He is saying to me.

Formerly the residence of Sir George Cayley, Wydale Hall (Diocese of York Conference Centre), open all year round, and known to quite a few folk as a Rural Retreat, is just the place for that, literally secluded in the foothills of the North York Moors.

Ladies! Were you thinking as you read this, “I could just do to have a break away for some peace and quiet from the everyday chores and obligations of my daily life”? So tempting! Wydale Hall does not disappoint. I can recommend the experience of going on a Retreat to Wydale Hall. For further details of next year’s Retreat, 3 to 5 June 2019, please see the Wydale Hall website or speak with Rev. Trish.

If you so wish, there is the opportunity to listen and to discuss informally with Rev. Trish the life of someone who is recorded in the Bible. Each year, Trish reveals the stories in the context of the times when the person was alive, inviting us to comment, and asking us, as we come home back into the world, to reflect on how we are inspired by what God reveals to us of their examples to use opportunities we have to talk about our Christian lives, warts and all, with others.


Wydale Hall provides en suite accommodation, disabled facilities, full board £142 pp per 2 night stay, bar, tea, coffee, cakes, packed lunch if required, and the opportunity to wander the paths through the private woodland and gardens, retire to one of several summerhouses, put your feet up with a good book…knit blanket squares for Wydale’s chosen charity for babies ‘Bundles of Joy’ (needles and wool provided FOC), or tackle the public right of way on the Ebor Way adjacent, enjoy the spectacular views of the Vale of Pickering and the Wolds beyond, listen to the bird song, breathe some fresh air, or take a trip to the East Coast 8 miles away for some sea air…idyllic!

This year, Trish revealed to us the background details of the life of the man, a devout Jew, Saul, who became Paul when he encountered God, and his life was transformed and he became the Christian missionary we know today as St. Paul. He is perhaps familiar to most of us as the writer of numerous of his Letters published in the Bible and is credited by scholars as having spread the Gospel to the nations worldwide. 25



Volunteering makes a big difference to Martin House

enjoyable experience for them. People volunteer for a huge number of reasons, to support a charity, to make new friends, learn new skills and more.

Here’s an update from the fundraising team at Martin House. Is there anything you might do to help?

Carol, who has volunteered in the kitchen at Martin House for 30 years, says of volunteering: “I adore Martin House. A parent with a poorly child hasn’t always got the time to make a cake at home, so that's where my role comes in. The families can enjoy as many cakes as they like when they visit!

We’ve been celebrating Volunteer’s Week at Martin House – but we value the huge contribution they make to Martin House Hospice Care for Children and Young People all year round.

“I’ve always said that it’s the best day of the week coming to Martin House. It’s lovely to feel useful and I feel greatly privileged to be here as it’s such a happy place to be.”

We have around 400 volunteers who support Martin House in a variety of ways – from helping to keep our chain of 12 shops open, making meals for families, staffing our reception, driving vans to pick up and deliver stock to shops, office admin roles, vehicle and building maintenance, and so much more.

There are lots of volunteering opportunities available at Martin House. Find out more and register your interest at our website: Support-Us/Volunteer

It will cost more than £8 million this year to run Martin House, so every volunteer’s contribution means we have more money to spend on caring for children and young people with life-limiting conditions and supporting their families. As important and valued as the support of our volunteers is to us, it is also an enriching and


White Chocolate and Buttermilk Mousse This was one of those serendipitous things. I was looking for something to go with a punnet of strawberries…I quite fancied a white chocolate mousse, and I had white chocolate in the cupboard but no whipping cream - but I did have some buttermilk. It turned into a lovely mousse, light as a butterfly’s kiss, perfect with the berries. I’ll do it again when the raspberries come on. 150 g. white chocolate 300 ml buttermilk 50 g. (1/4 c.) sugar 2 egg yolks 3 Tbsp. limoncello 1 tsp. gelatine ½ tsp. salt Grated rind of one lemon 3 egg whites Break the chocolate into a microwave bowl and add 2-3 Tbsp. of the whey off the top of the buttermilk. Microwave in 30-second increments until the chocolate has melted. Stir until smooth. In a separate bowl, beat the sugar and egg yolks until very light and lemon-coloured. Beat the chocolate into the eggs, 1/3 at a time. Sprinkle the gelatine on top of the limoncello in a small dish, let stand about 5 minutes for the gelatine to soften, then microwave for 45-60 seconds. Stir to make sure it’s dissolved and add to the chocolate mixture. Add the lemon rind and salt. Chill until the mixture just starts to set. I do this in the freezer - check it every 5 minutes or so and give it a stir. Once it starts to thicken, beat the egg whites stiff and fold into the chocolate mixture. Chill for a few more hours until set. Cut up your strawberries, sweeten with some sugar or agave syrup and add a splash of limoncello. ANNE WATTS



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All Saints’ Church, Thorp Arch Rev. Tricia Anslow 844789. Cluster Office: 844402, parishoffice.bramhambenefice@

St Peter’s Church, Village Church Council Clergy: See All Saints’, Thorp Arch. Church Wardens: Doreen Lister 842344, Bill Kilby : 842561. Secretary: Gay Childe 845519. Treasurer: Fiona Robinson 843338, Flowers & Cleaning: Liz and Geoff Harrison 845978

All Saints’, Parochial Church Council Church Wardens: Kathleen Sanderson 844818. David Spurr 842772, david@ Secretary: Georgina Squires 849747, Treasurer & Covenant Secretary: David Spurr 842772. Flowers: Margaret Smyth 841181

Walton Cricket Club Chair: Caroline Hobson 07860 615154, Walton Parish Council Chairman: David Aspland. Vice Chair: Brodie Clark CBE. Clerk: Helena Buck, secretary@walton-pc. Members: Stephen Sharp, Edward Simpson, Mark Wake, David Taylor.

Lady Elizabeth Hastings School Head: Michele O'Donnell, Friends of the School Chair: Hayley Cullen 07712 175178 TABS Cricket Club Chair: Adam Gough 07725 047555 or Dale Gibson 842642

Walton Village Hall Booking: Helen Naylor 07721 413016,

Thorp Arch Community Association Secretary: Ian Hall 842665,

THORP ARCH & WALTON Wetherby Ward Councillors Norma Harrington via Conservative Group Office 01133 788 557. Alan Lamb via The Fox and Hounds. Gerald Wilkinson via 33 Clarendon Rd, Boston Spa, 07748 941127,

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Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association (YCA) Chair: Barbara Rivington 579833. Secretary: Fiona Spence 520271, Treasurer: Judith Symonds 541799. Leeds City Council


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20 years family ru experien n in pet ca ce re


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Causeway, the Community Magazine for Thorp Arch and Walton, Wetherby, Yorkshire  
Causeway, the Community Magazine for Thorp Arch and Walton, Wetherby, Yorkshire