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PRODUCT QUESTIONNAIRE – RACHAEL, SEAN, ANDREW 1. Do you prefer spray or roll on deodorant? (Select only one.) Spray Roll on

2. Do you prefer unisex or gender specific scents? (Select only one.) unisex gender specific

3. Do you prefer strong or subtle smells in deodorants? (Select only one.) strong subtle

4. Do you care if your deodorant is for sensitive skin? (Select only one.) Yes No

5. Which of the following scents do you prefer (Select only one.) Lavender Fruit Non specific

6. What font do you prefer? (Select all that apply.) Cursive Bold Comic Sans

8. Do you care for natural ingredients in your product? (Select only one.) Yes No

9. Do you care if deodorant shows on your clothings? (Select only one.)

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Yes No

10. Do you prefer big or small bottles of deodorant? (Select only one.) Big bottles Small bottles

11. Does the size of the bottle of deodorant matter when you’re carrying it to the gym? (Select all that apply.) No Yes

12. What term do you prefer (Select only one.) Deodorant anti-perspirant

13. Would you buy deodorant as a present for your partner? (Select only one.) yes no

14. Does it bother you when someone in your class smalls bad? (Select all that apply.) Yes No

15. Do you care if you smell bad in class? (Select only one.) Yes No

16. How much would you pay for a deodorant? (Select only one.) £0.00-£0.70 £0.70-£2.00 £2.00 +

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Deodorant questionnaire RACHAEL, SEAN, ANDREW  
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