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Internship Files Series of drawing completed during internship at Studio 69, Bangalore and CRN Architects, Chennai. This includes working drawings, sections, electrical layouts, details and more.

When Heavens Bleed: Collaboration Studio Collaboration studio with Production design where the book “Farewell my Concubine� by Lillian Lee is deconstructed and analyzed to create seven major events. These events were then translated into an architectural piece through set design.

Chair Transformation Project Exploration of the elements of design by manipulating a chair and attaching a background story to it.

Production Design Production design for two short films; Nya and Strings

Photography Perspectives and textures explored in travel.

Travel Sketches Sketching iconic elements from various destinations of travelogue.

01 Internship Files Project 01 Working drawing, sections, electric layouts, detailing and other drawing prepared during internship at Studio 69, Bangalore, India. Studio 69 is a small sized firm that primarily designs high end residences in Karnataka. CRN Architects in association with ITDP collaborated with the Municipality of Chennai, India took initiative to introduce proper urban streetscape design throughout Chennai city. Several major roads were selected for the project. The internship dealt with preparing presentations, guidebook, standard details, contacting vendors and attending meeting with Government officials.

Autocad, Revit, Photoshop Software Skills

02 When Heavens Bleed: Collaboration Studio Project 02 “Farewell my Concubine” is an emotional story by Lillian Lee that follows the life of Dieyi, Xialou and Juxian inter-relating Beijing Opera with the political scene of China of 1900s and how their personal lives are affected by it. Through this studio, the story was deconstructed to seven major events. A thread was added to the story to dramatize it. “When Heavens Bleed” is an exhibition piece which defines the story as if it took in the heavens and the struggles of the characters are re-written as the struggle of man between mortality and immortality.

3dsMax, Sketching, Model Making Conceptual Design, Model Making

Exhibition: Set design of the seven events of the story

03 Chair Transformation Project Project 03 Chair is used as a foundation to understand the various elements of design. Given the theme as water, the chair is manipulated in each stage to change one single element of design. For each stage, it is associated with a background story to experiment and understand how changing one element can attribute to the character of an object.

Model Making Model Making

Original Chair Theme: Water

Element: Line Theme: Water

Element: Form Theme: Water

Element: Color Theme: Water

Element: Pattern Theme: Water

Detail of pattern Chinese water ripple pattern

Element: Ornamentation Theme: Water

04 Production Design Project 04 Production design for two short films. Nya is a short film by Wilson Randall Jr., an alumni of Savannah College of Art and Design. The film is about an eight-year-old girl who reconnects with her parents after a space exploration with her teddy bear Nya. It required resetting an entire house to create spaces for the family with strong African themes and designing a space shuttle. Strings is an experimental student short film by Ranjit, which explores the differences in society and how everyone are tied up by the constraints defined by the society.

Set Design, Conceptual Design, Model Making Production Design

Set Designs for Nya: Attic

Set Designs for Nya: Dining Room

Set Designs for Nya: Elora’s Bedroom

Set Designs for Nya: Hallway

Set Designs for Strings

Set Designs for Strings

Set Designs for Strings

Set Designs for Strings

04 Photography Project 04 Exploration of views, textures and light-shadow elements through photography.

Photography Photography

05 Travel Sketches Project 05 Experimentation and Analysis of surfaces, lights and shadows through a series of black and white pencil drawings.

Sketching Sketching


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