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Springboard 2018

The QUT Law Society’s annual Careers Guide publication would not have been possible without the support of its sponsors as well as its dedicated Media & Communication team. Sponsors: Allens | Clayton Utz | McCullough Robertson Johnson Winter & Slattery | MinterEllison | Thomson Geer QUT PLT | Ashurst | Herbert Smith Freehills | King & Wood Mallesons Acknowledgements must go to: Content Editors: Charlotte Mann [Director of Media & Communication] Zane Jhetham [IT Officer] Visual Design and Formatting: Charlotte Mann [Director of Media & Communication] Article Writers: Anna Wilson [Publications Officer] Rianna Shoemaker [Publications Officer]

Disclaimer: The QUT Law Society apologises for any errors or mistakes which may have been made within this publication and does not take any responsibility for such errors. The QUT Law Society recommends students do not solely rely on this publication for information. Further, the information provided in this publication is subject to change, please take caution and visit the website or contact the source for confirmation and updates.

Welcome to springboard 2018 QUT Law Society’s annual careers guide The purpose of this guide is to help you achieve success, whatever that may mean to you. Whether it’s landing your dream job or perfecting the balance between study and socialising, we are here to help. Studying law can often carry negative connotations of stress, tight deadlines and highpressure environments, but there are infinite positives to completing a law degree. The career pathways are endless, and although Malcolm Turnbull suggested otherwise the majority of people who study a law degree do not end up practicing. Within these pages lies a comprehensive guide for those seeking to further themselves both professionally and personally, especially those in their penultimate or final year of study. Springboard exists to open the eyes and mind of those asking What comes next? Within these pages, you will find a diverse collection of pieces collated to hopefully spark your interest and challenge yourself to move above and beyond. The QUT Law Society aims to challenge the negative stereotypes often associated with the study of Law and instead present varied opportunities to better your future. This guide attempts to offer insight into what is required to achieve this, what you need to do and who you should talk to. We have carefully crafted our Springboard to include many firms (both major and minor), financial firms, government departments, various not-for-profit organisations and other businesses. There is also an article to prepare you for job interviews and how to hopefully nab your dream clerkship.


Introduction 7 From your president 8 clerkship and graduate program basics 9 Comments from clerks & graduates 10 How to ace your job interview 27 Top tips for your CV and Cover Letter Law Firms 14 Allens full profile on pages 30-31 14 Ashurst full profile on pages 32−33 15 Baker McKenzie full profile on pages 34−35 15 BARRY.NILSSON. full profile on page 37 16 Clayton Utz full profile on pages 38−39 16 Colin, Biggers & Paisley full profile on page 41 16 Corrs Chambers Westgarth full profile on pages 42-43 17 DLA Piper full profile on page 44 17 Gadens Lawyers full profile on page 45 19 Herbert Smith Freehills full profile on pages 46-47

20 HopgoodGanim LAWYERS full profile on pages 48-49 20 HWL Ebsworth Lawyers full profile on pages 50-51 21 Johnson Winter & Slattery full profile on pages 52-53 21 k&L gates full profile on page 56 21 King & Wood Mallesons full profile on pages 57-58 23 McCullough Robertson full profile on page 59 24 MinterEllison full profile on pages 62-63 25 QUT PLT full profile on page 64 25 Results Legal full profile on page 65 25 Thomson Geer full profile on pages 67-69 Financial Firms 71 ANZ 71 BDO 71 Commonwealth Bank 71 Deloitte 73 Grant Thornton 73 KPMG 73 Macquarie Group 73 PricewaterhouseCoopers 75 Suncorp 75 Westpac


Other businesses 77 Accenture 77 Ernst & Young 77 Hassell Studio 77 Korda Mentha 78 Lendlease 78 New Hope Corporation 78 Rio Tinto 78 Santos 78 Telstra

not-for-profit 86 Arts Law Centre of Australia full profile on page 90 86 Australian Institute of International Affairs 86 Bayside Community Legal Centre 86 Caxton Legal Centre 86 Community Legal Centres Queensland full profile on page 91 87 Court Network PUBLIC SECTOR 87 Disability law queensland 81 ASIC 87 Environmental defenders office 81 ASIO 87 lawright 81 Australian Signals Directorate 87 Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans 81 Australian Taxation Office Intersex (LGBTI) Legal Service Inc. 81 Comcare full profile on page 92 82 Department of Agriculture, 88 Nundah Community Legal Centre Fisheries and Forestry full profile on page 93 82 Department of Communication and 88 Pine Rivers Community Legal the arts Service 82 Department of the Environment 88 Prisoners’ Legal Service and energy 88 Refugee and Immigration Legal 82 Department of Foreign Affairs and Service (RAILS) Trade full profile on page 94 82 Department of Health 88 Women’s Legal Service 83 Department of Human Services 83 Department of Industry, innovation and science 83 Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 83 Queensland Treasury

Choose a PLT with firm connections. Scott Vanderwolf Stephens & Tozer Solicitors

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice January I February I July I August


Full time or part time online I Full time on campus

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CRICOS No. 00213J

FROM YOUR PRESIDENT To all our members, it is my pleasure on behalf of the QUT Law Society to present you with our annual ‘Springboard Careers Guide’. Inside, you will find a myriad of firm profiles and informative articles which detail the many vacation and clerkship programs on offer. This Guide serves as a career-building toolkit for which you can rely upon and revisit throughout your studies. This year, we have built upon our previous successes by providing even more up to date career and firm resources for you to utilise. We are very fortunate to have a number of articles dedicated to careers outside of the law including those in the not-for-profit, business and government sectors. I implore you, irrespective of where you are situated in your degree, to view each of the programs carefully and consider the various career paths available. Our Careers Guide takes the guesswork out of finding a clerkship and should be your go-to resource when writing your application. It is important to note that many firms are reformatting the day-to-day duties of graduates by better embracing digital technologies. As a result of this change, the work of junior lawyers is diversifying, making it even more important for graduates to have a multifaceted approach in their studies and careers. It is also important to recognise that law students are an incredibly diverse group of people and their careers should be as well. With over 85% completing a dual degree, It seems that for many law students, there is no career that is out of our reach. Whatever your ambitions may be, on behalf of the entirety of our committee, we wish you the best of success with your application. The Guide and accompanying publications such as the First Year Guide, serve as invaluable resources and are must-reads for every QUT law student. This year’s publication would not be possible without the support of our corporate sponsors. Accordingly, I would like to thank our major sponsors, QUT Practical Legal Training, Thomson Geer, Clayton Utz, MinterEllison, Allens, McCullough Robertson and Johnson Winter & Slattery. We are fortunate to be able to work with such an incredible Media and Communications team in 2018 and particular thanks must go to Charlotte Mann (Director), Zane Jhetam (IT Officer), Anna Wilson (Publications Officer), Rianna Shoemaker (Publications Officer) and Wei-Han Chan (Designs Officer) for their tireless efforts in creating our most extensive Career Guide to date. A special and endless amount of thanks must go to, Charlotte Mann, for bringing this year’s Careers Guide to life and ensuring that each of our publications expand and continue to exceed our sponsors expectations. I wish you all the best of luck completing your studies and applying for clerkship and graduate positions. Jake Stacey (President of the QUT Law Society)


clerkship and graduate program basics Clerkships The time (and stress) for clerkships is dawning upon the pre-penultimate and penultimate law students. A clerkship provides these students with the opportunity to equip their professional toolbox through the application and demonstration of their substantive legal knowledge, whilst networking and forming realworld connections with industry professionals. This opportunity expands over the course of around four weeks (depending on the firm). Due to the Queensland Law Society’s Vacation Clerkship Guidelines, the participating top-tier and mid-tier firms (which can be found on the QLS’s website) open applications for their vacation clerkships on 26 February and close the following month on 26 March. If you are one of the successful candidates you will be notified on 14 May. This offer must be accepted or declined by the following day. The application process of clerkships can be described as an educated Hunger Games. Surrounded by fellow, resilient law students whose only instincts are survival and supremacy in the legal industry. The main difference is the fact that our chosen weapons are our resume and cover letter. It is fundamental to be provident when applying for clerkships. As the saying goes, ‘it’s better to be over-prepared than unprepared.’ Preparation can be achieved by beginning the drafting of your applications and resumes early and applying to a wide variety of firms to better your chances of securing a clerkship. Experience over selectiveness is essential, although you may not receive a clerkship at your desired firm, the real-world experience in any law firm will construct a clear path for your long-term career goals. If you are unsuccessful with your applications, there is no need to worry. There are many alternative methods to climb the professional ladder. A congratulation is in order for those fortunate enough to secure such a prestigious and sought-after role. Now it’s time to buckle up for the ride and absorb all the new and exciting opportunities that your clerkship will offer you. Graduate positions After the completion of your clerkship within a firm, the next practical step forward in your legal career is a graduate position. This full-time employment opportunity will only be available to those students in their penultimate year of law school. Most top-tier and mid-tier firms only receive and accept applications from students who have previously clerked within their firm, however, many firms recruit through an open market process as well. A graduate position is the perfect environment to grow as a young professional and expand your legal knowledge as you are paired with a mentor or ‘buddy’ who is there to assist with your transition into full-time legal work.


COMMENTS FROM CLERKS AND GRADUATES Applications for graduate positions open at the beginning of August. The Queensland Law Society’s Legal Graduate Employment Guidelines explains that participating firms open applications for their graduate positions on 6 August and close on 13 August for intake at the start of the following year. The participating firms then make their offers to the successful candidates on 17 September. These offers must be declined or accepted before the following day. Like clerkships, if you don’t receive any offers, there are still many alternative options and opportunities that can help you achieve your professional goals in the legal industry. Both clerkships and graduate programs can be extremely daunting for any law student entering the realworld. You have finally received an opportunity to prove yourself professionally and unlike the televised, unrealistic portrayal of lawyers; graduates and clerks aren’t always prepared for any curveball that may be thrown their way. As mentioned before, it’s better to be over-prepared than unprepared. Here are some tips, tricks and reflections from previous QUT law students who have recently either clerked or completed a graduate position. Comments from clerks and graduates “My best advice would be to ensure that when a lawyer gives you a task, take down all the instructions and attempt the task as best you can first. If you have questions write it down and do your best to finish the task. If at the end of the task you still have questions, at that stage, go back to your supervisor and ask them. The point of this is to show your employer that you are not someone who needs to be spoon fed information.” Michael Davey, 2018 “Beginning my career in the legal industry was challenging and I wish there were certain things I knew before doing so. This is my piece of advice for anyone beginning his or her legal career: take your time, listen and be yourself. Be cautious with complicated matters, don’t rush it, otherwise you may make mistakes. It’s important that you listen to what your co-workers are saying and open yourself up to learning opportunities; be sure to pay attention to details with your clients because every minor detail could change the outcome of the case. Be true to yourself; being a lawyer is stressful and you need to feel comfortable to work efficiently and achieve the best results for your clients.” Giuseppe Cassin, 2018 What I would recommend to new law students wanting to pursue a legal career after graduating, is to create an application that sets them apart from the rest. I don’t believe there is a one size fits all approach when doing this. For every job I have applied for, the cover letter I wrote has been significantly different from the last. What has helped me with my applications, was showing my genuine interest in that particular area of law and applying how my life and work experiences are essential to the job I would be undertaking.

Nicholas Shoenmaker, 2018.


how to ace your job interview (and stress less, too) So, you’ve almost made it to the end of law school. Congratulations! That is no easy feat. Succeeding in the legal profession is all about juggling competing priorities. You have to read (and read, and read), network to make professional connections, moot to gain practical experience. That’s not to mention the heaping mound of assessment you leave until Week 13 and then wonder why you did this to yourself. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to sneak a few hours’ sleep in there, too. I hate to tell you, kids, but graduating is the easy part. Now the real work begins: landing a job. But before you get a job, you have to wow your potential future-bosses in the dreaded job interview. It may sound scary or daunting, but believe me, it’s not. I would go so far as to say job interviews can be fun. In 500 words (or more) I’m going to tell you how to ace your job interview and enjoy the experience at the same time. Step One: Research Success, you’ve gotten the call or email from that law firm. They want to see you next week for an interview. What’s the first thing you do? Prep. Luckily four years in the law school (or five-and-a-half if you decided to do a double-degree) has prepared you for endless, painstaking hours of research. The first thing you should always do when you get That Call is do a deep-dive search on your prospective future workplace. Look at their website, sure, but also examine employee reviews and do a Google search and see what comes up. What is their mission statement, what kind of law do they practice what do they value as an organisation? This will help you focus what you should prepare for your interview. There simply isn’t enough time to write up 100 questions they may ask you on the day. Every firm and organisation is different so try and get to their core and ascertain what they value in an employee. It’s also handy to memorise some specific facts about the organisation as your interviewees will almost always ask you ‘why do you want to work for us?’ And if you don’t have a good answer, you can kiss your prospects goodbye. Step Two: Choosing the right outfit The age-old adage that the first impression is the most important is true. Within three seconds, your interviewees will make an assessment on you based on your presentation. They can’t help it. It is simply a part of being human. We make judgements and assessments, consciously or not, so the better-presented you look, the greater your chances of success. When it comes to interviews, choose something nice but not bold. No bright colours or spangly jewellery. Ladies, if you choose to wear makeup make sure you keep it simple and subtle. The interviewers want to see the real you. That said, you want to wear something the panel will remember because for all you know, they may be interviewing a hundred people.


They’re not going to remember every person’s name, but they may remember ‘the person in a blue dress or tie’ so take that into consideration. Dress smart and dress conservatively. The less skin the better. Ladies, if you choose to wear a skirt or dress make sure it sits no higher than the top of your knee and, if you can, wear stockings. And gents, a suit never goes astray but please, please, make sure your shirt is ironed and your tie is straight. The last thing you want is for the interviewer to be staring at your tie, and not listening to your answers. Rule of thumb for interviews: Would I wear this to lunch with my grandparents? If the answer is ‘No’, chances are it’s not appropriate for an interview. Step Three: The day of This is it. The day you’ve been waiting for. The day of the interview. The night before your interview is equally as important as the actual day so make sure you get an early night’s sleep. You need to have a clear head and look healthy and refreshed so no parties and no alcohol just before, either. Your friends will understand. Hot tip: Lay everything that you need out the night before. One less thing for you to worry about the next day and the physical act of preparing everything is very calming. On the actual day, get up earlier than you think you need to. It is always better to play it safe and allow for things to go wrong. There might be a traffic jam or you’ll forget something at home or sleep in. Do some exercise on the morning of and make sure you get a filling, nutritious breakfast. This clears your head and helps you feel positive and energised. When you get to the interview room, before you go in, take a deep breath and let everything go. My acting teacher once said, ‘if you prepare well and you get rejected, then at least you can be proud you did everything you possibly could’. The same applies to interviews. Even if you get a ‘No’ don’t feel disheartened. Just say, ‘that was an opportunity for me to practise my interview skills and I’ll up my game next time round’. Every interview can be a good one if you prepare well. I’ve given you the knowledge you need. The rest is up to you!

Written by Rianna Shoemaker Publications Officer Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative and Professional Writing)/Bachelor of Laws



Graduates in Law

Aim beyond pure legal knowledge. Beyond commercial advice. Be known for something more: a clarity of thought and an instinct for problem solving that can influence governments and leading businesses the world over. Join us and we’ll help you enrich and expand your worldview, grow your skills and influence new ways of thinking. In other words, we’ll help you move minds.

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Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


As a junior lawyer, your enthusiasm is in overdrive. Everything is interesting. You have a million questions for everyone. You want to be the best. And for me, I wanted to be the best lawyer and leader I could be. Right now I’m a corporate and tax lawyer, buying and selling companies, structuring investments and having the occasional battle with the ATO.


So, a little while after I started at Clayton Utz, I joined the social committee. A powerful assembly fuelled by lunchtime pizzawielding lawyers making important decisions like choosing the Christmas party theme. They knew I liked pizza, but had no idea I was gay. You see, I wasn’t out at work yet and this became a genuine source of anxiety for a good two years. But In May 2015 this all changed... To listen to Luke’s full story, go to: Academic brilliance certainly counts, but graduates who thrive here have something extra – a natural passion for connecting with people and a strong sense of self. That’s what staying true is all about. If you have these qualities, Clayton Utz is for you.

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.



Corrs is a different kind of law firm and a different kind of employer. Our culture celebrates individuals who can bring unique experiences and perspectives to the table. We want big picture thinkers and we invest heavily in our people with genuine opportunities for personal and professional growth. It’s why we’re consistently rated as an award-winning employer. At Corrs, you can make an immediate impact working on some of the biggest deals in the Asia Pacific. And you’ll be guided by some of Australia’s leading lawyers every step of the way.

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.



SHAPE YOUR CAREER Develop strong technical and client service skills, and benefit from professional development programs and mentoring from Australia’s best lawyers.

THRIVE WITH NO BOUNDARIES Collaborate with diverse teams of specialists across the country, and work side by side with experienced partners. Dip your toe in various practice areas, all free of financial targets.

Join our clerkship program and experience a snapshot of your f uture w it h us.

EMBRACE YOUR AMBITION Build relationships with executives from Australia’s most successful companies. Contribute to our reputation for practical commercial solutions and outstanding client service, and play a meaningful role in complex transactions and disputes.

TOP TIPS FOR YOUR CV & COVER LETTER Top tips for your Cover Letter Know what you are selling Before you even put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) you need to decide what you bring to the table. Have a clear idea of three to five key values, these are the basis of your business case that you will deliver to the organisation. You need to be able to communicate this value clearly and confidently so get comfortable with them for your interview! Yes, it is a letter... Yes, this means you need to find the name of the recruiter that you are applying to, all it takes is a quick Google search to make sure that your cover letter looks well researched. After you have their name you might even want to search them on LinkedIn, a little extra knowledge here can be useful down the track. Keep it simple A significant number of great candidates fall down on this section. The clerkship recruitment process is one of the highest (if not the highest) volume recruitment processes that you will ever be exposed to, so you need to make sure that the recruiter is able to distil the most pertinent information as fast as possible. A great way to check this is have someone who has never read your cover letter to look it over, then ask them what they thought were the key takeaway messages. Structure, Structure, Structure Aim to split your cover letter in to three main paragraphs: (1) Initially clarify what role you are applying for and any critical logistical details that are important for the role: "penultimate student, Bachelor of Law etc". (2) If you are applying to a number of firms, this is your chance to tailor your message: Have you interacted with anyone inside the organisation? What specific matters is the organisation working on that resonate with you (and why). (3) This last section is your call to action, the goal is to have the recruiter turn the page to read through your CV. It is time to use the key values that you defined earlier and support them with accomplishment statements.


Top tips for your CV What's relevant? Remember that you don't want your best achievements to get lost in the noise! If your academic achievements list goes back to "Dux of Year 6" it's likely time to find some more recent ones! Again, a three to five rule is useful for these areas of your CV, and will help make sure the recruiter doesn't skim over that section and miss that you won the Deans Award in your second year. Professional! Photos... Please don't! What you look like is not relevant to your ability to do the job and it takes up space that you can use for more useful information. This goes for other information that we just don't need to know (age, height, marital status etc). Email addresses should be kept to first and last name or university addresses, this is your chance to update from the email account you signed up to when you were younger. Your voicemail message should also be active and professional. Employment entries These are vital and you need to make sure the recruiter can pick out all the information that they need: •

Organisation and job title (include area ie. Paralegal - Commercial Disputes).

Clearly defined start and finish dates, along with the number of days per week.

Responsibilities – These are your overarching operational duties (bullet points are good here).

Development – At this point in your career it is important to list what you gained from that period of

employment. What skills do you have now that you did not have when you commenced that role?

References... on request? Outside of a clerkship application "References available on request" is an entirely reasonable entry for this section. However, put yourself in the recruiters shoes and picture gathering referee names and phone numbers for every clerkship applicant (it's a sizeable job). We won't make contact with your referee's without checking in with you first, but making things as easy as possible can only work in your favour! Three pages is your absolute maximum This is non-negotiable (and don't try to circumvent the rules by adjusting the margins on your page). You need to be concise when listing your achievements, this may mean being ruthless when cutting out certain entries. Keep it punchy! Edited by: Eric Norris, MinterEllison


ALLENS Level 26, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18


see website

Who are you and what makes you unique?

that extend beyond technical excellence. And you’ll help others to do

Working together and working together well: there’s an important the same. We’ll make sure that you are ready for each promotion with difference. It’s a given that we work on complex

individual career planning, focused training and a clear view of what

multi‑jurisdictional projects across Australia and the world through needs to be achieved at each level. our strategic alliance with Linklaters. But it’s how we do it that makes us different. We work as one team, collaborating across practice For our legal professionals, careers at Allens are a two-way deal. You’ll areas and disciplines to solve complex problems and build great be expected to work hard, be driven to succeed and committed to relationships. It’s what makes Allens a great place to work.

excellence. We’ll be focused on your development and support your career aspirations in return.

Our people play a huge part in our success. We attract and develop exceptional talent and we welcome diversity and individuality. You’ll What do you look for in a potential employee? be given opportunities to grow, learn and succeed, but it’s up to you to We’re proud that there isn’t an ‘Allens type’. We know that diverse make the most of them. We’re well aware that your job satisfaction and perspectives help solve complex problems, strengthen teams and our success go hand in hand. You’ll be involved in high‑profile, complex enrich client relationships. The more you enjoy working with a diverse work and we’ll provide the very best training throughout your career. range of people, the greater your success will be. We’ll reward your commitment to learning with the flexibility to drive your own career.

While we celebrate our differences, it’s important to understand what unites us. Initiative, excellence, commerciality, flexibility and

The culture of the firm

commitment are all attributes that our people have in common. These

Work with us and you’ll discover it’s our approach that sets us apart as help us to succeed as a team and individually. much as our expertise. We’re supportive, open‑minded and passionate. With a deep understanding of our clients, we tackle problems from Building a culture of inclusion ensures our people can reach their full every angle and we’ll do whatever it takes to find a solution. It’s that potential. For us, this starts with strong leadership. Our inclusion and unwavering commitment that continually builds our expertise and diversity strategy is supported by an Inclusion and Diversity Council, ensures we sustain and enhance long‑term client relationships. While chaired by our Managing Partner. This council provides sponsorship, our history proves what we’re capable of, we’re not complacent. We role-modelling and drives initiatives across our firm. will continue to shape the future with and for our clients, our people and our communities.

What benefits can you offer your employees? We expect a lot from our people, such as real commitment and excellent

It takes determination, energy and talent to make it to the top of the performance. So it’s only fair that we offer a benefits package that legal profession. We’ll give you access to the best training and support reflects your dedication, provides support and allows for development to help you get there. At Allens, there will be ongoing opportunities to inside and outside the firm. Our rewards and benefits package is make an impact and drive your career. It’s up to you to make the most paired with a supportive and inclusive culture to ensure that you have of them.

every opportunity to succeed.

Our lawyers are rewarded on expertise, competence and performance Financial benefits: salary sacrifice; salary continuance insurance; rather than time with the firm. You’ll be encouraged to develop skills Lawyer and Senior Manager incentive plan; novated lease options;


ALLENS Level 26, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18


see website

employee referral rewards; discounted products and services; with different teams. You’ll work on complex transactions with discounted health and travel insurance; charity matched funding leading organisations. And you’ll have the opportunity to apply for an program.

international secondment via our Linklaters alliance. You’ll benefit

from the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice program, practical legal Health and wellbeing: gym membership; subsidised sporting events; seminars during our Cornerstone program, an online learning portal, skin checks; flu vaccinations; emergency child care; employee a personalised induction program, and on‑the‑job training to unlock assistance program; priority access to childcare.

your potential. We’ll work with you to build a strong foundation of

skills and develop the agility needed to become an excellent lawyer and Flexibility and leave: flexible leave options; best practice parental leave thrive in our ever‑changing world. support for primary and non-primary carers; top-down support for workplace flexibility.

The relevant application and recruitment process for clerkship

and graduate position Career development: learning and development programs; secondment Our recruitment process involves an online application, two online opportunities; membership of professional organisations; study leave pre-interview components and one face-to-face interview. and support; promotion conferences to equip you with skills for your next career milestone. What does your Clerkship program involve?

Online application form: The first step in the process is the online application form. This helps us to get to know you and understand what

sets you apart. We will ask you a few questions. It is at this point that You’ll work with some of the most experienced lawyers in Australia you will provide us with your CV, cover letter and academic transcript. and experience first‑hand the type of work you could do as a lawyer with us. You’ll get to work as part of a team on real matters for our The Rare recruitment survey: We are proud to be the first Australian clients. If you’re driven, make the most of the opportunity and get business to launch Rare’s Contextual Recruitment System. It is a datato know our people, you’ll thrive during a clerkship with us. Your driven tool that helps us to increase diversity in our workforce. Part of development supervisor and buddy will be there to support you and your online application will include completing the Rare recruitment

help you grow. Our clerkship program is a stepping stone to bigger questionnaire. Rare allows us to view each candidate in their context. things. Many Clerks go on to become Graduates with us. It offers a more complete picture of your socio-economic and family What does your Graduate program involve?

background, educational experience and performance and culture.

Join our graduate program and embark on a journey of lifelong Online survey: You will be asked to complete an online survey after professional development. You’re in control of your own learning, so you’ve submitted your application form. This helps us to better you’ll have the flexibility to drive your career with your development understand your skills and character traits. supervisor and performance coach as ongoing support. During the

graduate program, you’ll learn from some of the sharpest legal minds The interview: The face-to-face interview is a chance for us to get to in Australia. As a Graduate, you’ll complete two 12‑month rotations in know you and for you to get to know us. During your interview, you’ll

different practice areas. At Allens, we don’t work in silos, so you won’t meet with members of our recruitment panel. We’ll want to hear about be limited to working with only one Partner or by your practice areas. your university and work experiences, extracurricular involvement, There’s no substitute for the depth of insight that comes from working career aspirations and interest in Allens.


ASHURST Level 38, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18


see website

Who are you and what makes you unique?

What do you look for in a potential employee?

As a global law firm with a rich history spanning almost 200 years, There’s absolutely no Ashurst “type”. We want to actively involved a we’ve established ourselves as a leading adviser to corporates, financial broad range of minds with a broad range of backgrounds, all united by institutions and governments, on all areas of the law including finance, a common set of strengths. M&A, disputes and competition. • Excellent academic record and a passion to develop a career We’re renowned for helping our clients navigate through a complex and in an elite international law firm constantly evolving global landscape. With 25 offices across the world’s • Outstanding communication skills leading financial and resource centres, we offer the reach and insight • Analytical ability of a global network combined with deep local market knowledge.

• Motivation • Determination

Our people are our greatest asset. We bring together lawyers of the • Drive highest calibre with the expertise, industry experience and regional • Commercial awareness know-how to provide the incisive advice our clients need. As a global • Teamwork and interpersonal skills team we have a reputation for successfully managing large and complex multi-jurisdictional transactions, disputes and projects, and What benefits can you offer your employees? for delivering outstanding outcomes for clients.

• Competitive salary • Secondments within our global network

The culture of the firm

• Additional annual leave scheme

Open-minded, friendly, considerate – as people and as a firm we’re • Flexible work policies good company. There’s something about how we are with each other • Salary continuance insurance and travel insurance that leads naturally to collaboration. Actually, let’s go further: working • Health and Wellbeing Programs together is how we thrive. We’re a community, and we want you to feel • Subsidised gym membership part of it. What does your Clerkship program involve? Don’t be fooled: this isn’t the place to come for an easy ride. Performing Want to know exactly what our work is like? For many of our future at a high level is important to everyone here, and that can mean graduates, that experience begins with a seasonal clerkship, which

working long hours, under pressure and to tight deadlines. We ask a will give you an intensive insight into life at Ashurst. The aim of our lot of ourselves. clerkships is to expose you to as much real work as possible, to help you make an informed decision about whether this is the right firm We also give a lot to each other. Support is everywhere – from (and career) for you. structured training, supervision and honest feedback. On a personal and professional level, whether you’re a partner or a graduate you For that reason, we’ll allocate you a supervisor and a buddy who can know there’s someone who cares about your wellbeing as well as your explain their work to you, include you in meetings and conference billable hours.

calls, and give you tasks to tackle. Depending on the office you join, you’ll spend time in either one or two practice areas.


ASHURST Level 38, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18


see website

After completing your clerkship, you’ll have the opportunity to express For Brisbane, applications are open between Monday, 26 February and interest in being considered for a place on our graduate programme.

Monday, 26 March 2018.

What does your Graduate program involve?

Graduate positions Graduates are predominantly recruited through our seasonal

Variety is key to developing the kind of expertise that will set you apart clerkship programs. Any additional roles that are made available at – through both the training you receive and the experience you gain.

a later date will be advertised via our website: https://www.ashurst.

A thorough induction will kick off our programme, introducing you to com/en/careers/early-careers/australia/ all the resources you’ll need to support your work and training. Over the course of the 18 month graduate programme, you’ll enjoy a mix of For all enquiries, please contact Kate Medlen, Graduate Programs classroom and on-the-job experience.

Consultant at

In collaboration with you, we plan three rotations of six months each and review that plan at regular intervals. Each rotation starts with a handover and training, complete with technical expertise, so you know exactly what to expect. The relevant application and recruitment process for clerkship and graduate position Clerkship positions What you say in your application is up to you: but be sure to express your personality and tell us why you want to be a commercial lawyer – and why you’d like to join Ashurst in particular. As we offer clerkships in each of our Australian offices, application and recruitment dates are aligned to the respective State guidelines. You’ll firstly need to decide which office you want to clerk in, and only make one application.


BAKER MCKENZIE Angelique Wanner | Level 27, AMP Centre, 50 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Melbourne: opens 9am 9 July, closes 11.59pm 12 August. Sydney: opens 9am 18 June, closes 11.59pm 15 July.

Who are you and what makes you unique?

flexibility within Australia and globally. As the first truly global law firm, Baker McKenzie’s origins are rooted in the respect for and

At Baker McKenzie we are different in the way we think, work and appreciation of difference. Diversity and inclusion are in our DNA. behave. Like no other law firm we were born global. Baker McKenzie Since our beginning, the diversity of our people has allowed us to work has been thinking globally in Australia for over 50 years. In 2014, we fluently across borders, cultures, and practices. opened our Brisbane office making our Australian practice the fourth We understand that organizations work best when people with largest in our network of 77 offices with more than 80 Partners and 185 different backgrounds and multiple points of view are brought lawyers across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In Australia, we act together. Our own diversity mirrors our commitment to exploring for leading multinational and domestic companies on market leading multiple perspectives to develop the best possible solutions for local and global transactions.

our clients and to fostering a culture of respect and inclusion that celebrates diversity.

Founded in 1949, Baker McKenzie is one of the world’s largest law firms by markets, revenue and headcount. We offer our clients and lawyers Our award winning diversity strategy, initiatives and programs are the uncompromising commitment to excellence expected of a leading focussed in four areas, in which all of our people can participate: firm and a distinctive way of thinking, working, and behaving as a passionately global and genuinely collaborative firm. We understand • BakerWomen – gender equality and supporting the progression of the challenges of the global economy because we have been a global law women; firm from the start.

• BakerDNA – ethnic, indigenous, and cultural diversity; • BakerBalance – supporting carers and parents, employee mental

Baker McKenzie Australia offers our people access to complex, market- health and wellbeing, and workplace flexibility; and leading matters for leading multinational and domestic companies • BakerLGBTI & Allies – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and and the ability to work with some of the world’s best legal minds – intersex diversity. people who know the law and who understand business. We have an unrivalled ability to provide training and secondment opportunities What benefits can you offer your employees? across our global network. Locally, we have an inclusive culture of learning, coaching and opportunity where you will work in small At Baker McKenzie, we have a deep commitment to your development. teams on matters that often cross borders. We value people who think We work with each graduate to create a tailored development plan ahead and get noticed.

aligned with the graduate’s career goals. To help you reach your goals, we offer tailored learning opportunities – from seminars on core legal

The culture of the firm

topics to skills development in areas like effective business writing, drafting and presenting.

Our difference is in our unique values: our passion for being global, our culture of friendship, our commercial pragmatism, our support for entrepreneurship, our commitment to development, our focus on contributing to the community, and our genuine focus on maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment for all of our people. Baker McKenzie is committed to diversity, inclusion, and workplace


BAKER MCKENZIE Angelique Wanner | Level 27, AMP Centre, 50 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Melbourne: opens 9am 9 July, closes 11.59pm 12 August. Sydney: opens 9am 18 June, closes 11.59pm 15 July.

We also work hard to facilitate your on-the-job learning and the many Most importantly, as a Summer Clerk we want you to see what life is ways it happens – through informal mentoring relationships, client like as a Graduate and junior lawyer at Baker McKenzie. Right from secondments, involving you in global teams working on international the start, our clerks get involved in real work. You will be exposed deals, or supporting you to run your own file as part of our award- to local and cross-border work for market-leading Australian and winning pro bono program. To make sure you get the strongest international clients through client meetings, shadowing, research, possible start to your career, we invest in your development by and other everyday tasks within your assigned practice group. covering the costs of your Practical Legal Training and through our dedicated graduate professional development program. We also cover Our clerks work closely with other lawyers, are guided by a Supervising the costs of your admission and practising certificate.

Partner, and enjoy the extra support of an experienced Associate “Buddy”. You will develop practical and legal skills through our

Our regional practice group structure means many of our lawyers national learning and development programs. attend regional training in our Asia Pacific offices and, once you finish your graduate program, you will travel overseas to attend a regional The majority of our Graduate positions are offered to former Summer orientation program with other mid-level associates from the region.

Clerks. We offer our former Summer Clerks the opportunity to undertake Research Clerk and Paralegal roles with the Firm. Should

What does your Clerkship program involve?

you accept a Graduate position with us, you will also be eligible to apply for our unique International Clerkship program and the opportunity

At Baker McKenzie, we understand that the transition from university to work for four weeks in one of our overseas offices. to legal practice can be challenging. We provide our Summer Clerks with a comprehensive induction program to help make this transition What does your Graduate program involve? as smooth as possible. Our training program is designed to help you get the most out of your Summer Clerkship and set yourself up for Graduates complete three rotations of six months each, over an 18 success. We consult with our Summer Clerks before they commence month period, before they join a particular practice group as an to understand the areas of practice in which they are interested in associate. This gives you meaningful exposure to a broad range of gaining experience. We structure the Summer Clerkship program legal practice areas. You will be supervised by a senior lawyer and according to these preferences, and Summer Clerks in our Sydney an associate ‘buddy’ in each rotation to oversee your on-the-job and office also complete a one week client secondment.

formal learning.

Throughout the Summer Clerkship, our Partners and Associates run professional development sessions on their areas of expertise. These sessions will give you the chance to: • build your network within the Firm; • develop your legal skills; • learn about our practices, clients and Firm structure; and • hear about our global training and work opportunities.




Be conscious of your surroundings in an open plan environment. If you are on a long phone call or having a lengthy discussion, consider moving to a breakout room. Say good morning to everyone when you arrive. Check-in before you leave to see if you can assist further.

All firms have a style guide. Use it for everything! When drafting, perform a search in the system for similar documents to use as a guide.

Traps In open plan, your team members are more easily accessible. It’s easy to fall into the trap of approaching them for everything – exercise your judgement and only approach when necessary.

E-ETIQUETTE Tips Add addressees last, in case you hit send before you’re ready. Before sending an email, ask yourself, ‘would I be comfortable if the CEO read this?’ Use Instant Messaging (IM) for quick questions to peers and buddies.

Traps Not using an appropriate salutation and sign off. As a general rule, avoid ‘hey’ and ‘cheers’. Beware of ‘reply all’ - we all know someone who has been caught out! Use judgement when using IM for senior lawyers and partners – think, have they sent you an IM before?

RECEIVING INSTRUCTIONS Tips Always bring a pen and paper. Repeat instructions back to confirm you understand the task. Ask questions like ‘how long should this take me?’ or ‘how long should this memo be?’ This will help you to schedule your time and track your progress.


You are expected to have questions, but first consider the answer or solution yourself. For example, ‘I researched X and think the answer is Y, am I on the right path?’ versus ‘I am stuck, what is the answer?’ Not considering context – understanding the context of a task will help you determine your writing style and broaden your understanding of the task. Ask ‘what is the purpose of this memo/email?’ Not being enthusiastic about each task. Enthusiasm about even the most menial task demonstrates your passion for law and that you are a team player.

WWW.CORRS.COM.AU 3460-9074-4067


Traps Trying to sound like a ‘lawyer’. Our clients expect advice in plain English. Not dedicating time to proofread and spell check – don’t let typos bring your quality of work down!

PRIORITISING Tips Communicate your task list to your mentor or buddy; they are aware of the group’s priorities and will help you determine what should be done first. Check-in with your instructing lawyer regularly, eg daily, on how you are progressing with your task. Use your calendar to record due dates and set reminders for yourself.

Traps Not communicating to your mentor or buddy when you feel under pressure. Not being realistic about your own timeframes. If you have many tasks to do, say, ‘thank you for giving me this task, however I do have X tasks to complete by Friday. Can I complete this task for you on Monday?’

FEEDBACK Tips Be comfortable to ask for feedback from your instructing lawyer. You don’t need to wait for them to approach you. It can be as simple as saying ‘when you have a moment, I’d really appreciate feedback on X task’. Source your own feedback by critically reviewing the final version of your work to learn what was changed, and ask why.

Traps Taking constructive criticism personally. Not learning from, or implementing feedback. Create a list of your feedback and review the key points against your work before submitting it.

A FINAL WORD Your fellow seasonal clerks are your allies. Communicate and learn from each other’s experiences – chances are you will bump into your fellow clerks throughout your career!

BARRY.NILSSON. Katie Guarrera | Level 21, 215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000


26/02 - 26/03/18


see website

Who we are and what makes us unique

administrative support.

Established for more than 50 years, Barry.Nilsson. is a national law firm currently comprising over 260 staff. The firm has a national, Our partners also recognise the importance of continuing education award winning reputation for leadership in the areas of: insurance & and development. This is promoted through regular in-house CLE health, property & commercial and family law. Due to our focus on sessions that ensure our lawyers are always at the forefront with three specific areas of law, we can offer you “top tier” work and clients any developments in the industry. All professional staff also receive coupled with “mid tier” individual attention.

guidance from a dedicated mentor.

This structured mentoring

program enables our lawyers to have direct access to clients and dayThe culture of the firm

to-day conduct of files at an early stage of their career.

We are proud of the culture we have developed by living and breathing our core values of Trustworthiness, Dedication, Excellence and About our Clerkship program Loyalty.

Our vacation clerkships are held over the summer and winter university breaks. The program runs for three weeks and clerks spend

Barry.Nilsson. has a very collegiate team environment and all one week in each of our practice areas. Vacation clerks are given a employees are valued for their contribution. In recognition of this, unique opportunity to experience our firm, our practice areas and, and in order to encourage employees to have a good work/life balance, most importantly, our culture. all full-time staff members enjoy every second Friday afternoon off. This displays our progressive approach and is indicative of the culture Please see our website for further information regarding clerkship we promote.

program dates.

The firm also has a strong belief in giving back to the community About our Graduate program and being socially responsible, including initiatives such as our staff Our graduates are our future. With that in mind, we take our attending community legal centres and membership with QPILCH and graduate program seriously. We ensure that our graduates receive their self representation service.

the best possible training so they have a balanced and well-grounded foundation for their legal career.

“Approachable and inclusive, I felt really comfortable with everyone.” Onjawli Chakravarty – Vacation clerk 2017.

Barry.Nilsson. graduates complete a two-year program during which they undergo four six-month rotations. In the first year they undertake

What we look for in a potential employee

a PLT course on a part-time, external basis. Our graduates are admitted

We look for candidates who share our core values, are well-rounded, as solicitors at the end of the first year. However, the graduate program motivated, team-oriented and eager to learn.

continues into the second year with further rotations through different practice groups.

What benefits we offer our employees We’re committed to providing staff with satisfying career paths and we Our graduate program positions are generally filled from our vacation provide all the support required for individuals to achieve their goals clerkship program. Please see our website for further information. and progress within the organisation. This includes access to state of the art resources, high-level work, an “open door” policy and good


CLAYTON UTZ Alicia Pasquini | Level 28, 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18



Who are you and what makes you unique?

What benefits can you offer your employees?

We’re a leading Australian law firm, so we advise many of Australia’s Our people are our business, so it’s only smart business to invest in top financial institutions, multinational corporations operating in a you. When you join our outstanding team, you’ll get some outstanding range of sectors, and state and Australian government departments benefits. Whatever challenge you set yourself, you will find all the and agencies on a wide variety of issues. International work is a really support you need to grow at Clayton Utz. Retail, health and well-being, important part of our practice too. We’ve got strong relationships family care, learning and development opportunities, flexible working with many overseas firms, and we handle both inbound and outbound arrangements and working abroad are just a few of the benefits we matters. We have formal and informal international placement offer CU employees. programs with various leading law firms around the world that see Clayton Utz lawyers living and working in London, New York, Tokyo What does your Clerkship program involve? and Hong Kong. We were the first large Australian law firm to establish The Clerkship Program is aimed at penultimate year law students, our an in-house pro bono practice; the first to appoint a full-time pro bono 4-week program gives you a comprehensive orientation and placements partner; and the first to sign the National Pro Bono Target. Since 1997, in 2 different practice groups. You’ll also get additional training, our commitment to pro bono has helped to shape what it means to be networking opportunities, and be part of our social activities. Practice a leading Australian law firm. In 2015, we became the first law firm groups are allocated based on a combination of your preference and in Australia to provide 500,000 hours of pro bono assistance (and the business needs of the firm. There is no set routine and allocated counting).

work will depend largely on the practice group and its specific needs at the time. However, some common responsibilities include:

The culture of the firm Our culture is founded on the behavioral values of trust, respect and ·


co-operation and our foundation value of highest ethical standards. ·

Writing clients memos/letters;

They underpin everything we do. It affects the way we approach each ·

Attending client meetings with lawyers;

other and our work, our service to our clients and our community ·

Attending court with lawyers;



Pro bono work;


Liaising with internal colleagues; and


Assisting with the preparation of matters for hearings.

What do you look for in a potential employee? We’re looking for people who are personable, practical, commercially-

savvy, as well as flexible. Our lawyers undertake complex and What does your Graduate program involve? innovative legal work, so it’s important that our clerks and graduates Once you’ve completed your studies, our national Graduate Program are motivated individuals who aren’t afraid of a challenge. We are gives you the perfect foundation for your legal career. Our 2.5 week also interested in learning more about your outside interests. You orientation program is designed to ensure that you’ll hit the ground need to be able to balance your professional and personal lives, and running. It consists of PLT+, local training and a national orientation have fun! Most importantly, we are looking for people we’d enjoy week in Sydney. Our rotation program means you’ll discover different working alongside. We want clerks and graduates who embody the areas and find the right fit. From day one you’ll be working on complex firm’s behavioral values of trust, respect and co-operation and our and sophisticated legal issues, and with our innovative approach to foundation value of highest ethical standards in all that they do.

learning & development, you’ll get the support you need to become the best you can be.


CLAYTON UTZ Alicia Pasquini | Level 28, 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18



With our Graduate Program you’ll get…


• 3 rotations of six months in our national practice groups;

Program Dates

• mentoring from some of the best lawyers in the country;

We run three Clerkship Programs every year. The dates of the program

• a buddy who’ll give you the inside information;

this year were as follows (dates for 2018 will be confirmed in January

• meaningful performance feedback so you know you’re on the


right track; • continuing legal education programs and professional development Winter – 26 June – 21 July 2017 support so you can become the lawyer you want to be;

Bond – 21 August – 15 September 2017

• the chance to participate in our Community Connect and Pro Bono Summer – 20 November – 15 December 2017 programs and really give back; and • social and sporting activities, because we know it’s not all work and Recruitment Dates no play.

Applications open: 26 February 2018 Applications close: 9:00am, 26 March 2018

The relevant application and recruitment process for clerkship and Offers made: 14 May 2018 graduate position including key dates.

Offers must be accepted / declined: 5:00pm, 15 May 2018

When screening applications we take into account such things as:

Graduate: We hire most of our Graduates from our Clerkship Programs.


Résumé and cover letter;

Occasionally, additional opportunities may arise. These opportunities


Strong academic results;

will be listed on our How to Apply. Unfortunately, all graduate positions


Extracurricular activities;

for Brisbane 2018 have been filled already.


University involvement;


Work experience – legal or non-legal;


Team work and leadership;


Attention to detail;


Enthusiasm and motivation for a career in commercial law.

We invite our candidates to complete a short “Rare Recruitment” survey. Further details on the Rare contextual recruitment system can be found on our website .We also invite our candidates to complete a Logical Ability Assessment via Talent Q. It is the only online assessment we use during our selection process and completion is required for your application to be considered. Once applications close we review all candidates. and communicate the outcomes of the applications within four weeks of the closing date. If you’re shortlisted, you’ll progress to the interview stage. Successful candidates will be made an offer.




Australia’s fastest R E G G I B N IL O C YWAL YELSIAP growing legal practice 40

COLIN BIGGERS & PAISLEY Julia Paino | Level 35, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:



06/08 - 13/08/18

Who are you and what makes you unique?

• authentic and honest

At Colin Biggers & Paisley, we’re here to make a difference and we • want to be a part of the unique culture that Colin Biggers & Paisley believe in what we do. This applies to the solutions we create for our has to offer clients, the contribution we make to our communities and the careers • who aspire to make a difference, and who want to give back through we build for our people.

the Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation

We are Australia’s fastest growing legal practice. Over the past five What benefits can you offer your employees? years we have more than doubled in size. We have over 460 staff, offices We have a suite of benefits including but not limited to - sports in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, and a record of excellence that is teams, massages, team bonding events, Young Professionals Network, second to none.

flexibility and mobility (currently 38% of our staff have a flexible working arrangement), Wellbeing Program, Formal Mentoring

The culture of the firm

Program, casual Friday and Friday night drinks.

We are proud of our dynamic culture of innovation, opportunity and balance. Our core values of balance, respect, loyalty and integrity What does your Graduate program involve? underpin everything we do.

We offer a 12 month graduate program with rotations so you can explore different practice areas and uncover your passion for a

We believe in a workplace that inspires our people to be creative, preferred area of law. We have 12 different practice groups that you can passionate and innovative. We work hard for our clients but we also be a part of. During this time you’ll work closely with all levels of our take time to make sure our people have everything they need to relax, practice — from solicitors to partners. Our program is full of complex recharge and have fun. We understand the importance of building and and interesting work, opportunities for growth, and the chance to maintaining relationships with our colleagues, and we like to have fun launch your legal career with Australia’s fastest growing legal practice. doing so. The relevant application and recruitment process We believe in equality and provide all employees with opportunities At Colin Biggers & Paisley we only recruit for Graduates. We to build and advance their careers in a way that is meaningful and fair. participate in the Queensland Law Society clerkship guidelines for We foster a diverse culture that’s inclusive of everyone, regardless of dates. Applications for graduate positions open on Monday 6 August race, religion, ability, gender or sexual orientation. Our staff reflect the 2018 and close on Monday 13 August 2018. Once applications are short variety of backgrounds that characterise the Australian population. We listed we hold first round interviews with our Human Resources believe new ideas stem from diverse perspectives. It’s these differences Team and then second round interviews with our Director of Human that help us acquire and retain top talent, build the best teams for our Resources, Managing Partner and a Brisbane based Partner. clients and deliver service of the highest calibre. What do you look for in a potential employee? Our focus isn’t just on people with strong university marks. We’re looking for people who are as ambitious as they are responsible; who want to be challenged and supported in their journey to becoming a lawyer. We want law graduates who are:


CORRS CHAMBERS WESTGARTH Tania Daly | Level 42, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18


06/08 - 13/08/18

Who are you and what makes you unique?

Sport – join the Corrs netball and touch footy teams; take part in the

Corrs Chambers Westgarth is an independent, client-driven Corporate Games; represent Corrs in a fun-run with your colleagues; partnership. We stand for the competitiveness of Australia and our or, participate in the Corrs swim team. clients, and the success of our people – everywhere! Social – our dedicated social club provides our people with Being independent means we control our own destiny and are opportunities to connect. Attend social drinks, morning teas, movie uncompromised and uncompromising in providing commercial and nights, trivia nights, wine tasting events and more! insightful advice to our clients. And to us, a Partnership is much more than a structure. We partner with our people, our clients and our What do you look for in a potential employee? community.

We hire graduates who are smart, determined, innovative and above all curious. We favour ability over experience and potential over

We have a global network of the world’s best independent firms who credentials. work with us to provide the most relevant specialist expertise where and when it’s needed. With 45 firms in 20 countries, we have an Corrs people are individuals, but they do share some traits. extraordinary range of talent at our disposal and are able to create countless international opportunities for our people.

Because this is a high performance organisation, Corrs people are good at what they do. They are team players and bring out the best

The culture of the firm

in the people around them. They want to achieve the best results for

The most important thing that stands Corrs apart from its competitors the client as well as the firm and they take pride in their work and is our culture. Our processes and ideas can be replicated, but it is those achievements. Corrs people are pioneering – they like to find new ways who work here that make Corrs the firm it is.

of doing things.

We invest heavily in our people with genuine opportunities for What benefits can you offer your employees? personal and professional growth. We are not afraid to challenge the way legal services traditionally have been provided and we embrace Here are just some of the benefits Corrs employees are exposed to: innovation. And, most importantly, we have a culture that celebrates • Flexible work practices for all employees individuals.

• Competitive remuneration and bonus program • Corrs Scholarship for Individual Excellence, enabling employees to

Our employees are encouraged to get to know and share experiences take short courses at institutions around the world with each other – here’s how we do it: Our office – described as ‘the workplace of the future’, our open plan office facilitates a collaborative workplace culture and supports a sense of community. Community & Pro Bono – volunteer your time and skills at fundraising events and community legal centres.


• Access to corporate health programs

CORRS CHAMBERS WESTGARTH Tania Daly | Level 42, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18


06/08 - 13/08/18

What does your Clerkship program involve?

The relevant application and recruitment process for clerkship

The Corrs Seasonal Clerkship Program runs for three weeks over and graduate positions winter, spring and summer, and is a great opportunity for you to experience the people, clients, work and culture that differentiates 2018 Corrs Seasonal Clerkship Programs – Brisbane Corrs from other law firms.

Applications open: 26 February 2018 Applications close: 26 March 2018

You’ll have the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s leading lawyers on high-profile work for major Australian and international 2019 Corrs Graduate Development Program – Open Market clients. You’ll soon discover the standards of quality and commitment Applications open: 6 August 2018 required to succeed at this level.

Applications close: 13 August 2018 All applications for Graduate and Seasonal Clerk positions should be

You’ll be exposed to a broad range of interesting matters. You may also made via: conduct research, review and present documents, as well as attend client meetings, mediations and settlements. The variety is enormous, so it’s the perfect way to discover the firm and the areas of law that excite you most. What does your Graduate program involve? Our Graduate Development Program develops world-class lawyers by providing rich, on the job training with real opportunities to work directly with partners and senior lawyers. During our 16 month program, you will complete three rotations through a variety of practice areas. You will be mentored by senior lawyers and partners, and your development is overseen by a dedicated People & Performance team who work to provide you with guidance and support, ensuring your success. The program begins with the Corrs Graduate Academy, a national event that brings graduates together from each office. Apart from training that enables you to hit the ground running, this event delivers professional relationships and friendships that last your years at Corrs and beyond.


DLA PIPER Wendy Yap | Level 9, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18



Who are you and what makes you unique?

What does your Clerkship program involve?

We help the world’s top companies with their business-critical The best way to secure a place on our graduate program is to do a issues. Many of the deals we work on are complex and challenging – clerkship first. Not only will this give you a feel for commercial law in transcending not just practice areas, but borders, languages and legal practice, it will give you an insight into what makes DLA Piper unique. systems.

As a summer clerk, you can expect a varied experience both in and outside the office. You will work in a creative, dynamic environment

As a firm, we never stand still. We think nimbly and seize opportunities. with some of the best legal professionals in the world, gaining firstWe’re ambitious and are never afraid to innovate. So if you possess hand experience doing real legal work. these qualities too, there could be a bright future for you at DLA Piper. The clerkship is four weeks in duration, commencing with a two-day The culture of the firm

induction program in the local office. We offer summer clerkships

We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining the in November and January. The induction program will give you the best people across our practice and business services groups. Our opportunity to hear from the firm’s senior leaders, to participate continued success relies on our ability to provide a supportive, in professional skills training, to attend networking events and to inclusive and motivating environment where everyone has a role to participate in responsible business activities. play in supporting the delivery of outstanding service to our clients. What does your Graduate program involve? We offer exceptional career opportunities to our lawyers, aspiring We offer graduate programs in all our Australian offices and have one graduates and business support professionals, in an environment that intake each year in February. is challenging, rewarding and, we believe, truly different from our competitors.

The graduate program starts with a national induction in Sydney, allowing you to meet and network with graduates from across our

What do you look for in a potential employee?

Australian offices. We will also send you to London in August to

We hire graduates from a variety of backgrounds. Not only does attend the International Graduate Induction, giving you exposure this allow us to serve our diverse client base better; it keeps our to the senior partners and enabling networking opportunities with thinking fresh by opening up a wider range of perspectives. While international graduates. you could be studying from a range of degree subjects, you will need a strong academic record. But it goes further than that. You’ll need You will have the opportunity to rotate in different practice groups. to be naturally inquisitive, have plenty of drive and possess a genuine This will see you work alongside people at all levels of the business, commitment to your career path. Among other things, we’ll be looking including partners. As an integral member of the team, you’ll be ready at your extracurricular activities for evidence of these qualities.

to hit the ground running and make a real contribution from the outset.

What benefits can you offer your employees? We offer a comprehensive benefits package, which includes: While much of your learning will be done on the job, you’ll also receive Community leave days, Employee assistance program, Discount health formal business skills training. This will develop your abilities in areas insurance, banking benefits and discounts, Corporate offers, Employee such as networking, business development, commercial awareness referral scheme, Health & wellbeing program, and Spot rewards.


and financial management.

GADENS Chris Spence | Level 11, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000


26/02 - 26/03/18



Who are Gadens and what makes us unique?

arts include the Museum of Brisbane Gadens Art Challenge and QUT

Gadens is a leading and highly respected independent Australian law Creative Industries Intern placement. We are a collaborative and fun firm. As a federation of partnerships, the history of our predecessors firm, which values high performance and curiosity. Our cohort is dates as far back as 1847. Across Australia, Gadens has over 90 partners, accountable, respectful, and open. We are uniquely Gadens 700 staff and offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. What do we look for in a potential employee? Although technically separate partnerships, we share a commitment At Gadens we think ‘big picture’, so we are not only interested in to the seamless service of our many clients. Gadens Brisbane is a full your solid academic record. We also value your ability to prioritise service commercial law firm and has operated in Queensland for more commitments, and balance study with work and extracurricular than 30 years. Wehave 29 partners, and over 270 staff.


We provide clients with services across an extensive range of areas When you join Gadens, you work in a firm where success is determined of law and sector specialisations including property, construction, by the character and spirit of our people. Everyone has a voice and planning, dispute resolution and litigation, banking and financial

your experiences, knowledge and insight are valued and respected. We

services, insolvency and recoveries, corporate and commercial are a place where fresh thinking and new ideas are championed daily. and tax. Our clients include State and Local Governments, publicly listed companies, major banks, fund managers, investors, start-ups What benefits do we offer our employees? and SME’s. The Gadens Brisbane office is also an Associate office of We offer you an intensely professional, yet immensely nurturing Dentons. This gives our clients access to a global network of over environment. You will find Gadens to be a dynamic firm characterised 7800 lawyers across 65 countries. The offices in the Dentons Australia by a flat management structure with access to our Partners. network include Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Our work is interesting and challenging and, from day one, you will Our firm’s culture

have plenty of responsibility. At Gadens, exposure to clients happens

Gadens Queensland is progressive and results-focused; passionate quickly. You will be able to take the initiative and express your about our service standards and work quality. We strive to deliver ideas from the outset. We want everyone at Gadens to feel they are innovative, client-centric legal services. Gadens has a rich and proud contributing to the success of our firm. We encourage everyone not history in Queensland. Valued people and client relationships will to park their personalities at the front door. We believe that a lively always be the foundation of our success. We are excited by the future workplace reduces stress and and improves learning, productivity and and will seize growth opportunities - we embrace change.


We pride ourselves on our values and creative engagement with our What does our Graduate program involve? clients, our people and also in our support of community and the arts. Our graduate program is tailored to offer comprehensive and forwardGadens has a long history of supporting emerging and established thinking training, in an environment that encourages collaboration artists. Our involvement with the arts extends beyond traditional and openness and values integrity and accountability. forms of corporate support such as sponsorships and corporate art collections, to the integration of the arts into many facets of the If you would like to be a part of a high performing team that provides firm’s operations. Some recent examples of our engagement with the the opportunity to make a real difference, come and join us.


HERBERT SMITH FREEHILLS Emily Gimpel | 480 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000


26/02 - 26/03/18



Who are you and what makes you unique?

Celebrating diversity

As a Herbert Smith Freehills Graduate, you’ll be a part of everything. Diversity can be easy to say, but harder to do. We believe allowing people With 27 offices around the world, we can show you exactly what a to perform to the best of their abilities requires a culture of openness world class law firm has to offer, giving you the chance to work as part and authenticity, one that allows each of us to bring our whole selves of an international team, on high-profile matters, for some of the most to work. We work hard to create such a culture. Wherever you join significant organisations in the market.

us, you’ll find talented people with different views, experiences and backgrounds.

Our focus is on the future: the future needs of existing and new clients, the future of the legal profession and investing in our future lawyers. For more information on our diversity and inclusion program visit: That’s why we aim to attract the best talent from a broad range of backgrounds, ensuring we are optimising our position as a progressive, forward thinking professional services business. At Herbert Smith What do you look for in a potential employee? Freehills, you’ll be given the opportunity to develop the skills you need We recruit people with the desire and ability to be exceptional, to help solve our clients’ most complex challenges in thoughtful and commercial lawyers. This means that we look for more than just a innovative ways.

great academic record and strong technical aptitude. We seek people who are curious, empathetic and understand the importance of

The culture of the firm

building relationships with clients and colleagues. We also look for an

Our work in the community

international mind-set and a desire to work within our global network,

At Herbert Smith Freehills our focus is on using our expertise and not just one office. leadership to increase access to justice and opportunity for the benefit of local and global communities. At the core of Herbert What benefits can you offer your employees? Smith Freehills’ approach is a long-standing and proud tradition of You will experience real responsibility, a flexible career path and an providing pro bono legal services and advocacy. This commitment to innovative, collaborative environment to help you thrive. pro bono legal services for members of the public has developed into a broader program of volunteering and charitable giving that involves What does your Clerkship program involve? a wide range of people across our firm. Many of our vacation clerks There’s nothing more important than finding a role and an organisation participate in pro bono and community work and describe it as one of that’s right for you and there’s no better way to really get to know our the highlights of their clerkship.

profession than gaining practical, hands-on experience. Our vacation clerkships will immerse you in our business, networks and the

For more information about our pro bono and community work visit: international world of law. We encourage students to participate in

our vacation clerkship program and we fill the majority of our graduate positions through this program.


HERBERT SMITH FREEHILLS Emily Gimpel | 480 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18



As a vacation clerk, you will be given extensive training on all aspects a current CV and a recent copy of your academic transcript. We ask of the firm, drafting and research skills. Current lawyers and partners all candidates to answer a few short questions about their interest in will speak to you about what they do and the nature of work in Herbert Smith Freehills and commercial law generally. Candidates who each of the legal sections of the firm. You’ll attend workshops and are invited to interview will be asked to complete an online assessment. presentations that will give you an insight into the depth and breadth We’ve included some information on our online assessment process to of our practice areas and international reach.

help you prepare:

You’ll be invited to a range of events giving you the opportunity to network with partners, associates and graduates, as well as with your We run events throughout the recruitment period, where you can meet fellow vacation clerks.

our lawyers in an informal setting. Chat with our graduates and junior and senior lawyers, and ask any questions that haven’t been answered.

What does your Graduate program involve?

We aim to make the interview as relaxed as possible. It’s less about us

Our structured graduate program is designed to provide the best asking a list of prepared questions and more about giving you a chance foundation for your future success, wherever your career takes you.

to tell us all about yourself. Even so, the interview is your opportunity to present yourself in the best light.

Graduates will have three rotations in different practice groups. During each rotation, graduates are assigned a supervising partner We’ve prepared some more detailed guidance on our website: and buddy. A learning and development program also supports the on-the-job learning to help you to develop your leadership, business development, negotiation and presentation skills. Training takes place during working hours and is delivered by internal experts as well as specialist providers and leading commentators. We encourage students to participate in our vacation clerkship program and we fill the majority of our graduate positions through this program. We do not currently have a separate graduate recruitment program planned. The relevant application and recruitment process for clerkship and graduate positions Applications for vacation clerkships should be submitted via our online graduate portal. Your application should include a brief cover letter,


HOPGOODGANIM Lisa Stockwell | Level 8, Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane City QLD


26/02 - 26/03/18



Who are you and what makes you unique?

week. Being able to connect and form a positive and professional

More than 40 years ago, HopgoodGanim was founded by two great relationship with colleagues and clients is really important. friends with a focus on commercial litigation and family law. Today, HopgoodGanim is a large and fully integrated national law firm Commercial acumen offering solutions to commercial problems across the full spectrum of While good results at university are highly regarded, the ability to legal services. We continue to house one of Australia’s largest and most understand commercial problems is equally as important in the well regarded family and relationship law practices.

people who join our team. Commerciality is something that we train for, but we also look for graduate lawyers who are passionate about

You may have asked yourself what makes HopgoodGanim different to learning about an industry or market sector. any other firm? We believe it is the close relationships we have with our clients and each other. We do our very best work when we know Deliver a real service our clients personally and we know their businesses inside and out. Hand in hand with our relationship culture is the importance of Inside our firm, people genuinely like each other, refer to each other as delivering an exceptional client experience consistently. Every single friends and work collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes possible member of the HopgoodGanim team has a role to play in what our for our clients.

clients experience when they work with us and our graduate lawyers are no exception to this.

Our culture HopgoodGanim enjoys a reputation as a place where people love to Change is coming come to work. We describe our culture as ‘The HG Way’ and central The future of the legal profession is exciting. Our graduate lawyers will to this is a theme of ‘Business Mateship’. Business Mateship was a shape the future of this firm, the services we deliver, how we deliver phrase we coined many years ago to capture the culture of friendship them and how we work, so we’re looking for people who are excited created by our founding partners and to describe how the people of by the changes our profession is undergoing and who are ready to be a HopgoodGanim, our clients and other stakeholders come together and part of this change process with us. interact. That is, we believe in treating each other, and our clients, as we would treat our friends.

What benefits can you offer your employees? Our culture is also very much impacted by the flexible working

What do you look for in a potential employee?

environment we nurture, our genuine commitment to ensuring the

Relationships are crucial

health and wellbeing of our people is taken care of, and our active

We’re looking for graduate lawyers who will thrive in our relationship contribution to the communities in which we’re based. culture. Your training will see you in front of clients most days of the


HOPGOODGANIM Lisa Stockwell | Level 8, Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane City QLD


26/02 - 26/03/18




will undertake real legal work as well as attend client meetings and

• 40% of our people take advantage of flexible work arrangements

court appearances. Vacation clerkships are well suited to those law

• An annual leave purchase scheme to allow you to take longer holidays students in their fourth or penultimate year of university. • A generous paid parental leave scheme • Additional complimentary leave for all staff over the festive season

Graduate Program We offer our graduate lawyers two x 12 month placements during the

Health and wellbeing

program. One placement will be with one of our litigious practices

• Discounted personal training and fitness classes

and the other will be with a non-litigious practice. We believe that this

• Flu vaccinations, eye testing, health and wellness seminars

will allow you to gain a more complete understanding of the important

• Corporate dental program

links between the transactions and negotiations at the front end of a

• Sporting teams

matter or transaction and how they can then form part of a dispute

• Corporate massage

down the track.

• Access to Lawcare for all staff • A signatory to the TJMF Psychological Wellbeing: Best Practice

Your placements in our practice groups are based on the business

Guidelines for the Legal Profession

needs of the firm and your own personal preferences. While we can’t guarantee that both placements will be your first choice, we certainly


try our hardest to ensure that at least one of them is.

• An active pro-bono program and signatory to the Pro Bono Centre of ---Australia’s aspirational pro bono target • A member of the Caxton Legal Centre and Women’s Legal Service • A lead sponsor of the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal • A workplace volunteering program with the Salvation Army • A supporter of numerous other charitable causes including Foodbank and Youngcare Clerkship Program We offer three vacation clerkship programs over the course of a year. The programs run for four weeks in June/July, December and January. Over the course of each program our vacation clerks spend time with two different practice groups (based entirely on their preference) and


HWL EBSWORTH Level 19, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000


26/02 - 26/03/18


06/08 - 13/08/18

Who are you and what makes you unique?

The culture of the firm

HWL Ebsworth is a national full service commercial law firm The Partnership is dynamic, forward thinking and committed to providing expert legal services at competitive rates, focusing on client developing a supportive working environment for our staff. We outcomes. Our point of difference is the inherent trust we develop embrace a culture that is the product of our values - honesty, courage, with clients, which is built upon our understanding of their unique relationships, maintaining high professional standards and a high business needs and a relationship driven approach. This, coupled with performance culture. We practice an open door policy where Partners highly competitive pricing makes us one of Australia’s pre-eminent and Senior Management are available to discuss new ideas and commercial firms. Through our combination of legal specialists and initiatives to best service our clients’ needs. We encourage our staff to industry experience, HWL Ebsworth has established a reputation as maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. a legal service provider of choice for organisations across Australia and internationally. HWL Ebsworth continues to be one of Australia’s What do you look for in a potential employee? fastest growing firms and is currently ranked as the largest legal We seek to attract high quality lawyers and support them with the partnership by Partner numbers in Australia. Having the largest legal best training, knowledge management resources and IT systems. partnership means that we have one of the lowest ratio of Solicitors HWL Ebsworth seek well-rounded applicants for our Law Graduate to Partners than any other major Australian firm which provides Program who espouse to our firm values and are committed to a longenhanced development opportunities for our graduates and greater term career with the firm. client contact. What benefits can you offer your employees? We are the only commercial law firm with an office in every Australian HWL Ebsworth is committed to the ongoing professional development State and Territory. The firm comprises of over 1,000 staff nationally, of our staff and providing the opportunity for employees to progress including over 200 Partners across our 9 locations, operating in the their career at the firm. This is supported by our biannual performance following areas of law:

discussions and merit based Career Development Program initiatives.


Banking & Finance

The firm also runs an internal CLE program which allows staff the



opportunity to deliver seminars on topical areas of which they are a


Construction & Infrastructure

specialist. This ensures our staff are up to speed with industry legal



and regulatory developments and also allows staff the opportunity to



increase their knowledge in an area of law that they may not have been



exposed to. The firm also has a well established pro-bono program and


Planning, Environment & Government

all Law Graduates are strongly encouraged to participate.




Transport & Native Title


Workplace Relations & Safety


HWL EBSWORTH Level 19, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18


06/08 - 13/08/18

What does your Clerkship program involve?

The relevant application and recruitment process for clerkship

The HWL Ebsworth Winter Clerkship Program will provide a 3 week and graduate positions placement with the opportunity to gain experience within one Practice Clerkship Program: Open - 26/02/2018; Close - 26/03/2018 Group of the firm. Clerks will be paired with a Supervising Partner Graduate Program: Open - 06/08/2018; Close - 13/08/2018 and a Mentor who will provide guidance and support throughout the Clerkship and deliver comprehensive feedback at the conclusion of To apply for a Law Graduate position with HWL Ebsworth, applicants the Clerkship. You will participate in a customised induction program are required to complete an online application form and include a that will assist in familiarising you with our systems, processes and copy of their academic transcripts and any additional supporting values. During the Clerkship you will experience what it is like to be an documentation they wish to be considered. Following the submission employee of HWL Ebsworth.

of an application form, shortlisted candidates will progress through a two stage recruitment process including an Information & Assessment Centre and an individual interview with a selection panel. Applications

What does your Graduate program involve?

will only be accepted from recent law graduates or students completing

Following successful completion of the Winter Clerkship Program, their degree in 2018. Clerks will be offered a Law Graduate position for the 2019 Supervised Traineeship Program. The Supervised Traineeship Program provides For further information, please visit the Graduate Centre on our firm you with the opportunity to gain solid in-depth experience while website: rotating through three different Practice Groups to assist you in determining your direction post admission. Our program differs to most because we support our Law Graduates with their Practical Legal Training (PLT) requirements through hands-on experience. This means our Graduates do not need to undertake a full external PLT course in addition to their rotations and full time work. The firm will also support you through your admission to practice and assist with your transition to a Solicitor of the firm. You will be paired with a Supervising Partner and mentor who will provide you with support and guidance throughout your traineeship year. As we only recruit for the amount of graduates we anticipate to employ as Solicitors, you will be part of a cohort of Law Graduates who will progress through the traineeship year in a non-competitive and social environment.


JOHNSON WINTER & SLATTERY Level 29, 111 Eagle Street, Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000


26/02 - 26/03/18


generally acquired through the clerkship program

Who are you and what makes you unique?

The culture of the firm

Johnson Winter & Slatery is a national law firm where young lawyers

We are driven by a desire to build client relationships by providing

play a meaningful role in strategic and complex transactions and

superior service and value, through finding a novel approach. Our

disputes, and build relationships with executives from Australia’s

focus is on clients and what we can do for them – not on financial

most successful companies through close client contact.

targets or internal divisions. Notably beyond these guiding principles

We have an established reputation for providing practical commercial we do not have individual budgets, no fixed workgroups or teams. solutions and outstanding client service. Our role

What do you look for in a potential employee?

Our representation of major corporations in many landmark and

The primary criteria for assessment of junior lawyer applications are

transformational deals and complex disputes positions us as a leading outstanding academic achievement, excellent communication skills, independent Australian firm.

and a demonstrated interest in Commercial Law.

Our approach

We look for candidates that:

With an appreciation of our client’s commercial needs, we blend legal

• are enthusiastic about succeeding in a service driven environment

expertise with commercial and market awareness to deliver high

• have excelled academically

quality legal services. This means working closely with clients and

• are commited to the continual development of their technical

their in-house counsel to understand their commercial objectives,

and commercial skills

and ensuring our approach is tailored to deliver timely commercial

• are excellent communicators


• will thrive in a collaborative environment • demonstrate a genuine interest in the commercial affairs of our

Our difference

clients and Australian commerce

Our higher ratio of senior lawyers means clients engage directly with the tactical minds and industry expertise required to succeed

What benefits can you offer your employees?

in complex and high stakes deals and disputes. A partnership ethos

At JWS all of our lawyers play a meaningful role in strategic and

of service, technical excellence and collaboration ensures the most

complex transactions and disputes, and build relationships with

relevant specialist expertise and experience is brought to bear on

executives from Australia’s most successful companies through close

every assignment.

client contact.


JOHNSON WINTER & SLATTERY Level 29, 111 Eagle Street, Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000


26/02 - 26/03/18


generally acquired through the clerkship program

We are a dynamic and commercial national firm, offering opportunities Application and recruitment process for development and advancement for lawyers at all levels as we pursue a clear strategy for growth in our principal practice areas

Applications open: February 26, 2018

across Australia.

Applications close: March 26, 2018

What does your Clerkship program involve?

All applications must be submited via cvMail.

The clerkship program at JWS includes: • Opportunity to work closely with practitioners across all of our

For more information on what makes JWS unique, our recent work

practice areas

and current opportunities including our clerkship program please

• Structured training program for Junior Lawyers

refer to the JWS website – htp://

• A strong focus on learning and development. • Periodic review of performance • Seeking guidance from a strong support network comprising Supervising Partner / Senior Associate, buddy and the professional development team. What does our client base comprise of? Our lawyers represent major private and public sector organisations in high-value transactional, advisory and dispute work. Our clients typically fall into four broad categories: • ASX listed and foreign corporations • Substantial privately owned enterprises • Not-for-profit organisations such as universities, industry bodies and charitable and cultural organisations • Australian government, government agencies and regulators. We build close relationships with our clients for the long-term and the quality of these relationships is reflected in the complexity and value of the work entrusted to us.


A TRULY DIFFERENT APPROACH AT JOHNSON WINTER & SLATTERY I remember looking through the careers guide a few years ago and, knowing relatively little about major law firms as I did at the time, thinking to myself that they all sound remarkably similar. In fact, you may be reading this and having those exact same thoughts. Many firms trumpet their "culture" and the “work-life balance” which they can provide, however, the reality is that most firms are alike. While JWS is also a law firm, and while I won’t try to convince you that it’s some unicorn of a law firm where you’ll never have to work a hard day in your life, there are some points of differentiation which, to my mind at least, make it a market leader and a very desirable place to be: Low leverage: JWS has the lowest leverage of any major firm in Australia, and it's not even close. But, you're an aspiring lawyer, why should you care about numbers? It’s because the low leverage model at JWS affords you the chance to work closely with some of Australia's most talented and respected lawyers on a daily basis. It also means you will assume significant responsibility very early on in your career. As far back as the commencement of my summer clerkship, I’ve been given the freedom to take charge of matters and see them through to completion, and I believe these opportunities have helped me progress more quickly than I otherwise would have in a more highly leveraged firm. No billable hours: The low leverage model works well to ensure that young lawyers remain fully engaged and there is therefore no need to pay undue attention to meeting arbitrary budgets. Your primary objective as a young lawyer will be to produce stellar legal work, not to bill a target number of hours each day. There is also no "face time" obligation at JWS. If we're busy on a particular matter, we work hard of course, but if things are in hand, there are no sideways glances if you leave at five since everyone trusts that you can manage your workload. No strict rotations: There is no strict rotation policy at JWS for junior lawyers. In your first few years you will work across practice groups and specialist teams and gradually carve out your own niche within the firm as you pursue work that interests you – you truly are the master of your own destiny in this regard. Over the past three years, I've worked predominantly in the corporate and banking and finance teams, but I've also had significant exposure to the property, energy and resources, competition / regulatory and dispute resolutions teams. Not only does this fluid structure assist with spreading work throughout the firm, but it also provides you with the opportunity to become a well-rounded young lawyer in your first few years of practising. Interstate collaboration: The firm has a very collaborative approach to tackling matters and you will find yourself working regularly with interstate offices. In my three years with the firm, I’ve spent at least half of my time working with colleagues in Sydney and I’ve attended deal completions for clients there as well.

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Having said all of that, JWS will not be for everybody. The low leverage model in particular requires you to be a self-starter who is comfortable with assuming responsibility from day one. The reward, however, is that you will of course gain tremendous experience and rapidly improve your legal knowledge and skills without having to compete for work with a large pool of other junior lawyers. You’ll also be working for first class clients along the way – even a cursory glance at the firm's client list confirms this. In recent years we’ve acted for listed domestic companies including Qantas and Origin Energy, foreign household names such as Microsoft, McDonald’s and Unilever, state governments in Victoria and South Australia, and some of the largest domestic and foreign private equity funds such as Archer Capital and Bain Capital, respectively. If you want to be at the coalface on complex matters for well-known clients, you should consider applying for a clerkship at JWS. If you're curious about the firm or what it's like to be a young lawyer at JWS, please feel free to give me a call on (07) 3002 2518 or email me at Greg Travers – QUT graduate, 2014 Summer Clerk and 2016 Law Graduate


K&L GATES Kara Pomerenke | Level 16, 66 Eagle Street, Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000




06/08 - 13/08/18

Who are you and what makes you unique?

What benefits can you offer your employees?

Choosing a career at K&L Gates is choosing to be a part of a progressive and innovative law firm that continues to grow year on year. Delivering K&L Gates is strongly committed to our lawyers’ professional legal services on an integrated and global basis with more than 2,000 development. Partners throughout the firm, together with our lawyers located across five continents, we are located in key capital professional development team, work to create an extensive range cities and world commercial and financial centres. This has enabled of formal and informal professional development opportunities for us to create a worldwide network of lawyers to serve clients’ growing all our lawyers. You will be offered the chance to join our social club, international needs.

participate in one of our sporting teams and take part in our pro-bono community programs. Regular Friday night drinks and whole office

At K&L Gates, we embrace our core values. We believe in hiring lunches provide the opportunity to socialise with your colleagues collaborative, committed, and diverse individuals and teams; using and others outside of your practice area. In addition to this, we fully state-of-the-art




professional support flexible working and offer other wellbeing initiatives to ensure

development training; and promoting pro bono and diversity our staff have a good working life balance. K&L Gates is committed to initiatives. Most importantly, we strive to cultivate an environment diversity, including championing working parents and developing that celebrates and rewards success.

our senior female leaders through our Diversity and Women in the Profession committees. In 2017 we once again received the citation for

The culture of the firm

Employer of Choice for Gender Equality.

We offer a collaborative, inclusive and social workplace and take interest in you as a person, not just an employee. We offer a wide What does your Graduate program involve? range of social, sporting and networking activities you can choose to The graduate program involves rotations through three practice be involved in. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility and groups. You will be exposed to a variety of areas of commercial law in all pro bono work also allows you to give back to the wider community.

rotations. Our graduate program is designed to give you the technical expertise and commercial context to succeed. Throughout the year

What do you look for in a potential employee?

you are supported with a buddy and a supervisor. Partners and senior

We believe in hiring individuals who will become a part of our lawyers will support and guide you through each rotation and support collaborative, committed and diverse team. Solid academic results your career development. Your buddy, a junior lawyer, will help you are important but to be a successful lawyer you need to demonstrate transition into your new role. Your professional development program talent and skill in a variety of areas. In your application to us you will runs weekly. It combines Practical Legal Training (delivered by the demonstrate commerciality, logic and attention to detail as well as College of Law) with sessions presented by partners, lawyers, external enthusiasm for delivering exceptional client service. To be successful presenters and our professional development team. at K&L Gates you will be a self starter, with demonstrated initiative, tenacity and potential. You will be a strategic thinker and have sound The relevant application and recruitment process judgement, excellent people skills and be professional and confident. We run our Graduate application process in line with QLS guidelines. You must also be passionate and enthusiastic about our Firm! You Applications open Monday 6 August 2018 and close Monday 13 August must also possess first rate communication skills and be a team player 2018 at 9am (AEST). Offers will be made on Monday 17 September 2018. who is willing to listen but also willing to share thoughts and ideas.

All applications are to be submitted online by going to the Careers section of our website.



As an elite international law firm headquartered in Asia, we are reshaping the legal market by challenging our people and our clients to think differently about what a law firm can be today, tomorrow and beyond. Exceeding the expectations of our clients is a key priority, and as such the world’s leading organisations turn to us to unlock their biggest opportunities and deliver solutions to their most vexing challenges. With ambitious thinking and innovation in our DNA, we partner with our clients to bring to life pioneering solutions which will help them to adapt, reinvent and grow. We believe innovation comes from giving our people room to grow, and as such actively encourage input and ideas at all levels of the firm. Our people are encouraged to think differently and shape their own career path, supported at every step of the way, with world-class training, coaching and hands-on experience. There is no ‘one size fits all’ career model, and we offer multiple opportunities for our lawyers to gain experience and thrive. At King & Wood Mallesons we provide you with the opportunities to reimagine the law to become what you want to be. Are you ready?

KEY STATISTICS: • Top 15 global brand* • 27 international offices; • One of the largest international legal networks in the Asia region with 500+ partners and more than 2000 lawyers; • Our clients range from a mix of global financial and corporate powerhouses through to new industry-makers and all levels of government • With an unmatched ability to practise Chinese, Hong Kong, Australian, English, US and a significant range of European laws under one integrated legal brand, we are connecting Asia to the world, and the world to Asia.

REGIONAL PRESENCE The King & Wood Mallesons network extends across the following regions: • Asia Pacific (Australia, Mainland China including Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore) • Europe • Middle East • North America

You’ll be allocated a supervisor in each of your practice groups and you’ll work closely with the partners, senior associates and solicitors in that team. It’s a hands-on role, so you’ll not just be watching from the sidelines.

Seasonal Clerkship Program

Our people have the opportunity to get involved in the many social and sporting activities that go on in the firm as well as the broader community in which we live.

Applications open: 26 February 2018

Graduate Program

Applications close: 26 March 2018

We offer a unique training experience with multiple rotations and a comprehensive learning and development program for our graduates. We invest heavily in development to support graduates in fulfilling their potential.


How to apply: Via our online application system at We offer clerkships so that you get a clear picture of what it’s like to be a lawyer at King & Wood Mallesons. You’ll get to know our people, the way we like to work, our culture, practice areas, clients and more. We’ve designed a program to help you make the most of your time with us. During your clerkship, you’ll learn: • The day-to-day skills to get you started – taking instructions, meeting with clients, drafting memos and documents, managing your practice and professional relationships. • The core practice teams at King & Wood Mallesons – who they are, what they do, how they’re structured, the clients they work for, and of course, your role within them. • Our culture – working within your team, you’ll be exposed to (and encouraged) to get actively involved in the many activities and events that help create our unique culture. • Our people – you’ll find that people from every part of the business will help you along, sharing their knowledge, and ensuring you have everything you need to fit in, and do well. Your role Clerks usually work in one or two different practice groups, depending on the length of the clerkship.

*Source: 2017 Acritas Global Elite Law Firm Brand Index

What you’ll learn The program provides a practical business foundation for junior lawyers. You’ll receive: • Meaningful work covering a wide range of practice areas • Client contact and an in-depth understanding of how they operate in a commercial and regulatory environment • The opportunity to work with a range of partners, senior associates and solicitors in different practice groups • A practical understanding of areas of our legal practice • A comprehensive knowledge of the firm, our technology, our resources, our processes and, of course, the people you’ll work with. As part of the Graduate Program, we also offer a Practical Legal Training (PLT) course with the College of Law to our Australian Law graduates, ensuring that you meet the requirements for admission to legal practice. The program also promotes and supports the mobility of our staff across our offices by giving you the opportunity to apply to go on exchange in one of our interstate or overseas offices. Through this, you are able to access a greater choice and variety of destinations and on-the-job experience.

Asia Pacific | Europe | North America | Middle East

Haley Fisher People & Development Advisor, Brisbane T +61 7 3244 8708

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Completing a summer clerkship is an extremely rewarding, exciting and challenging experience which gives you a true sense of what working in a law firm is all about. Read on below to hear about my experience as a clerk at KWM in 2017. THE APPLICATION AND INTERVIEW PROCESS:

CALLUM ALBURY Summer Clerk King & Wood Mallesons SUMMER CLERK INTAKE: 2017/18 AREAS OF ROTATION: Dispute Resolution and Projects & Real Estate UNIVERSITY: QUT DEGREE: Law/ Psychology

For a lot of people the clerkship application process is stressful – it is an intense time where you’ll find yourself updating your CV, preparing for interviews and studying all at once. I found that KWM truly recognised the challenges of the process and sought to make applying as easy as possible. This is shown by the ‘KWM Become’ app which gives you valuable information about the firm and updates throughout the application process. Additionally, the Information Evening had a relaxed vibe and I quickly found that lawyers and staff were not only friendly but genuinely happy to answer my questions about the application process and the firm. The down-toearth nature of the firm left an impression on me, which meant that right away I felt KWM would be a great place to work. THE WORK: Lawyers went out of their way to make sure that I got to work on a range of interesting and varied tasks throughout the clerkship including – research, drafting memos of advice, writing letters and compiling briefs to counsel. One of the things that stood out for me was that lawyers were always on the look out for new and interesting things to do.All the while, I was provided with valuable feedback on my work, which meant that over the course of the clerkship I developed my skills and learnt a lot about how to manage legal work. THE CULTURE: One of the best things about KWM is its culture – the Brisbane office has a great team environment where everybody knows each other and there is a strong focus on getting involved in social events. This focus runs through everyone and I found that both partners and other lawyers were always approachable and willing to offer advice and guidance.

THE SUPPORT: The training and support provided over the clerkship was fantastic. To get started, the clerkship commenced with a range of training sessions aimed at making us ready to use KWM’s systems and processes. Once rotations commenced, there was never a point where I felt alone or unsure of who I could go to for support. During the clerkship you are assigned a buddy who is always there to answer your questions - whether they be big or small. PRO BONO AND COMMUNITY: KWM staff are passionate about giving back to the community and clerks are always encouraged to get involved and lend a hand. I spent an afternoon volunteering at a Legal Clinic and was given the task of assisting the KWM solicitor to take notes and record the client interview. THE SOCIAL LIFE: Doing a clerkship provides you with a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make friends. With the summer clerkship taking place over the Christmas period, there were plenty of social activites happening including practice group dinners, clerk lunches and the Christmas Party (themed ‘The High Seas’!). WHY I CHOSE KING & WOOD MALLESONS: I was initially drawn to KWM because of its highly skilled team of lawyers and the fact that KWM is working on some of the largest and most complex legal matters around. I also admired its vision of innovation, focus on providing high quality client service and commitment to building a strong connection in Asia. Ultimately however, what made me decide to choose KWM was the people. KWM has a great team spirit which made me trust that at KWM I would receive the support I need to become a successful lawyer. WHO WOULD I RECOMMEND A KWM CLERKSHIP TO: If you have an interest in becoming a lawyer and are excited to learn and challenge yourself then a clerkship at KWM is for you. It is truly an invaluable opportunity to engage in high quality legal work alongside a passionate team in an office that goes out of its way to support you.

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MCCULLOUGH ROBERTSON Ashley Moore | Tara Elston | Level 11, Central Plaza Two, 66 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 clerkship:

26/02 - 26/03/18



At MCR we do things a bit differently

our people to get involved and provide plenty of opportunities

Our unique internship program recruits law students in their pre- catering for all interests. If you’re sporty you might like to cycle with penultimate year for an eight week internship program, completed the McRollers or play basketball with the McShooters. If, like us, you over two years.

are community minded, we have a Community Partnership Program which supports community organisations and charities across a range

Our internship program commencing early in your degree gives you: • the opportunity to explore a broader spectrum of legal work,

of areas including Indigenous education, mental health and rural and remote communities.

interests and potential before you decide on your area of specialisation • additional opportunities to develop your technical legal skills, What you can look forward to ---working alongside industry specialists, in a variety of our national

an induction program for interns which introduces you to different

practice areas

practice groups and the work that they do

• early and exclusive access to our mentoring program, giving you

personal and professional development programs including CV

access to a dedicated Senior Associate throughout the remainder of building, interview skills and networking your degree

on the job training with support from your buddy (a junior lawyer) and

• plenty of opportunities to learn and develop. Between your two

your supervisor (a Senior Associate)

internships, you will be invited to attend firm social events giving

the opportunity to work on challenging, high profile matters for some

you rich opportunities to network and continue to build your contact of the biggest organisations in Australia and around the world ---base

subsidised (and good) coffee made by our in-house barista and the

• a strong base to build lifelong relationships and get to know our firm convenience of our in-house café, which offers extensive menu options ---and its culture

for breakfast and lunch

• an early opportunity to apply for our Graduate Program with

heaps of opportunities to give back to the community through pro

established relationships and a more advantageous position

bono and volunteer work

You’ll enjoy our culture

Come on a journey with us

We are down to earth and friendly – a top-tier firm without the big- The program you choose now could define your career so it’s important firm attitude. We focus on collaboration and collegiate relationships you make the right choice. We are looking for students in their prewith our clients, our community and of course with each other. Right penultimate year of study who want to come on a journey with us – from the start as an intern or graduate, you are welcomed into the firm starting with our two year internship program and potentially ending with a hands on role within our practice groups so you are learning, with a position in our Graduate Program. As an intern at McR, your being challenged, and supported from day one. Since 2014 we have two four-week stints in our office are part of a broader development been named an employer of choice in recognition of our commitment program which is rolled out over two years. We are looking for highly to providing a flexible workplace that acknowledges the unique motivated people who understand the value of, and are willing to challenges and circumstances of modern families.

embrace, our ‘#outofoffice’ development opportunities.

We believe strongly in diversity and insist on fostering an inclusive At McR we are renowned for challenging our interns and graduates workplace that allows our people to bring their whole self to work. Last early in their career. We look for confident, independent thinkers who but not least, we recognise that it’s not all about work. We encourage are passionate about providing the best possible service to our clients.


The McR Graduate program provides its graduates with the invaluable opportunity to apply the skills we learn in university to the commercial world. At McR you are more than just a number, but a valued member of a community committed to supporting, guiding and encouraging your personal and professional development.

Bronte Shaddock

2014 – Internship with McR 2017 – Commenced McR Graduate Program

At McR we do things a bit differently Our unique internship program recruits law students in their pre-penultimate year for an eight week program, which is completed over two years.

Work closely with some of the best partner in the industry on a range of complex, high profile matters

Enjoy more opportunities to gain valuable on the job experience, earlier in your degree Stay connected with us between your two internships and benefit from a two-year personal and professional development program


With McR’s extended internship, your supervisors become your mentors. Some of the most valuable learning experiences happen #outofoffice and McR’s internship program offers a constant stream of social events, training and networking opportunities throughout the program.

Enjoy the benefits of working for some of the biggest clients in Australia and overseas at a full service, top-tier commercial law firm

Milan Gandhi

2016 – Internship with McR 2018 – Commenced McR Graduate Program


Emile McPhee - Finance lawyer The program you choose now could define your career so it’s important you make the right choice. I started as a Graduate in 2013 and my first rotation was in our Private Client Structuring team, where I was involved in estate planning and corporate restructuring. While never professing to be a tax lawyer, the time I spent in that team gave me a solid understanding of trusts and companies, which has since proven invaluable. It also helped develop strong relationships and referral networks within that team, which remain to this day.

Importantly, being a junior lawyer at McR doesn’t limit you to just the work. The firm opened new doors for me professionally and personally, and along the way I’ve become heavily involved in a number of special causes close to my heart, particularly in the community partnerships and pro bono space. In 2016 I was appointed to the board of the McCullough Robertson Foundation, and I helped establish McR’s Community Partnerships Program Committee.

I then rotated into the Property, Planning and Finance team, which has become my home. Starting out with financing, conveyancing and leasing transactions with direct supervision from the partners, I was given the opportunity to develop and grow in my key areas of interest, which has been incredibly rewarding.

In 2017, McR announced its first LGBTI Diversity initiative, McColour. This was possible because of the strong relationships I have made with a number of senior partners at McR and the firm’s openness to new ideas and change, which resulted in a great initiative that I am extremely proud to be part of.

I’ve had the privilege to take the lead role in transactions involving the sale of shopping centres and retirement villages, funding for large scale residential developments and receiverships of iconic Queensland assets.

The supportive nature of McR ensures that I am always learning, being challenged and supported, allowing me to flourish as a lawyer and as a result I’ve been fortunate enough to be nominated for a number of awards, including Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 and Australian Law Awards.

Key Dates Applications open 26 February 2018 Applications close 9am 26 March 2018 Offers made 14 May 2018

Lines of Business 1. Capital Markets & Corporate 2. Risk, Regulatory, Insurance & Controversy 3. Infrastructure, Construction & Property 4. Consulting Solutions

Graduate and clerkship launch program For details on our clerkship dates and durations:

You should consider a career at MinterEllison if: „„Your passion for excellence leads you

to winning solutions „„Building relationships excites you – you see yourself partnering with clients to truly understand their needs „„You’re looking for a firm with a clear strategy „„You want to feel empowered and be part of a high performing team „„Collaboration and inclusiveness are principles you value „„You’re a game changer – you think outside the box and embrace new ideas

About the MinterEllison graduate and clerkship launch program

What makes MinterEllison a Game Changer?

The MinterEllison graduate and clerkship launch program is critical to our firm for three reasons. First, the market has changed, companies don’t recognise borders the same way they used to, neither should your career. Secondly we know that graduates entering the job market today have unique career expectations – and we have listened. Lastly the future of legal practice is moving very quickly and we need to be agile to ensure we continue grow as a firm and that our talented people are able to future proof their career

At MinterEllison our aspiration is to be our clients’ best partner. Last year, MinterEllison introduced a new internal structure whereby the firm operates under four Lines of Business. This unique and market facing structure provides opportunity for greater collaboration across the firm and ensures that we are able seamlessly service clients with our solutions-based approach.

Prior to the launch program we will work closely with you to identify areas of the law that you are passionate about. Throughout the launch program we will ensure you gain experience in practice areas, within our Lines of Business, that match your interests and that fit with your career goals. Successful candidates get the opportunity for real life work experience, a supervising partner, career mentor, and a buddy. Our launch program is filled with challenging and exciting work, support and mentorship, as well as professional and personal growth – all the while having the opportunity to develop new networks and friendships. Candidates who complete a launch program often take on the opportunity to continue with MinterEllison in a flexible role throughout their final year of study. Following the launch program, MinterEllison graduates are able to fast-track their full time career in a Line of Business that aligns with their career objectives. MinterEllison’s agile program also provides the flexibility for graduates to move between practice areas and Lines of Business while they are looking for the area of law that they wish to pursue.

This operating model also encourages a broad career path for our people, with increased opportunities to work across multiple practice areas our lawyers have the opportunity to develop a breadth of skills that will future proof their career. MinterEllison lives and breathes the mantra of Innovate, Collaborate, and Inspire; we think beyond the law and apply a commercial approach and creative thinking to some of the region’s most high-profile transactions, projects and disputes.

Your contact Lauren Barker Waterfront Place Level 22, 1 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD 4000

Describe a successful MinterEllison candidate At MinterEllison we are not looking for people to fit a mould. Academics are just one piece of the puzzle, and we recognise the strength that diversity can bring to a team. Work experience, extra-curricular activities, sporting participation, music and travel are all important qualities to us. At MinterEllison we want you to bring your whole self to work, individual strengths and diversity is what builds our teams up to be the successes they are. For MinterEllison, an outstanding applicant will know their application inside and out and be confident in their responses. They need to have thought about their own business acumen and be able to provide real life examples to the questions with which they are presented. A strong applicant has a desire to get to know, not just the business, but also the people at the firm, why they are there, and what they enjoy about MinterEllison. Cultural fit is an important element in deciding on a career path for both the applicant and MinterEllison.

What can a successful candidate expect at MinterEllison?

How does the firm support continuous personal and professional growth?

Be more than just a technically excellent lawyer

At MinterEllison, your ongoing professional development is key to being our clients’ best partner. We have a distinctive learning culture, where all of our people are encouraged to be their own career architect – learning through experience, exposure to others and program participation.

MinterEllison is committed to providing you with the tools to become not just a qualified lawyer, but also empowering you to be a technical thinker and a truly commercial advisor, enabling you to utilise your business acumen every time you interact with clients.

Achieve early success through fast tracked career opportunities At MinterEllison we understand that our people are our greatest asset. We have invested heavily in understanding how best to capitalise on the unique and diverse range of expertise that our people bring to the firm.

Become your clients’ best partner MinterEllison lives and breathes the mantra of our clients’ best partner, through the relationship-driven approach to the way we work. By placing you outside the office you will have genuine opportunities to work hand in glove with clients where you will build enduring relationships both locally and internationally.

Create innovative solutions for clients With our solution focus, we understand that all of our clients have a unique business and to solve their problems in real time we need to be innovative in everything that we do. You will be challenged to think outside the box by a firm that embraces new ideas.

Gain broad exposure through a flexible graduate program We are committed to ensuring that you have the all the information you need to make the right decision about where to focus your career. Our program is designed to give you the critical experiences necessary to become a well-rounded lawyer.

During your career with us you will be exposed to great work with top-class clients whilst being surrounded by supportive teams who are experts in their fields. This experience and exposure provides you with a fantastic opportunity to continue to develop yourself and others throughout your career. Our milestone programs target Graduates, Associates and Senior Associates. All programs offer current thought leadership, focused capability development and networking. Our learning offer is tailored to ensure our people realise their potential, think like leaders and take responsibility for building their own careers. All development is focused around our MinterEllison career framework and development guides.

What is the firm’s position on diversity and inclusion? We believe diversity is about creating a high-performance culture that values individual contribution, teamwork, innovation and productivity regardless of background, ethnicity, disability, gender, faith, sexual orientation or family structures. Diversity and inclusiveness are at the core of our values and we firmly believe our people should be able to bring their whole self to work. We are committed to leveraging the advantage of a diverse and inclusive workforce and actively promote an inclusive work culture through our Empower Program, our Pride Respect & Inclusion at MinterEllison (PRiME) network as well as numerous internal training sessions and related resources.

QUT PLT Liz Clark | C Block, Level 3, 2 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 clerkship:




Who are you and what makes you unique?

Throughout the course you’ll build a portfolio of practical know-

QUT’s PLT will find your placement (if you need one) as part of how and develop professional communication skills and workplace our course. We have relationships with 350 firms, government productivity skills. departments, in-house legal teams and non-profit organisations so you have a good chance of us finding your perfect placement. In the Our course benefits from direct and indirect contributions from past 3 years, 500 of our students went on 4 week placements that we practicing lawyers. You will enjoy the support of staff who have sourced for them, with a growing number of our students receiving practised law as solicitors or barristers. job offers from those placements. We have a full-time work placement coordinator to advise you on your placement options.

The relevant application and recruitment process

QUT PLT’s culture

Start in January, February, July or August. Key dates are on our website

QUT’s PLT is a supportive and driven environment, that has real-world at learning at its core. What does your program involve? You can study full time, part time or online. You’ll learn by working on simulated legal problems and tasks—the type of work that lawyers do in real-world workplaces: • Interviewing and negotiating • Drafting legal documents • Writing legal letters • Executing property and commercial transactions • Conducting litigation


RESULTS LEGAL Regie Patta | Level 4, 183 North Quay, Brisbane City QLD 4000





Who are you and what makes you unique?

that are going to support, enhance and diversify our current team.

Results Legal was founded in 2007 with a clear focus on providing an exceptional client experience in the pursuit and achievement of What benefits can you offer your employees? outstanding results. Since this time, Results Legal has developed into We empower our team members to take ownership of their career. We a highly respected commercial litigation business which has grown at actively support and encourage the development and progression of over 15% every year.

our team members.

Results Legal is an innovative litigation firm with a positive, We provide access to a development plan, day to day mentoring, a hardworking and energetic culture. We are focused on delivering personal development coach, networking opportunities as well as superior outcomes for our clients through engaging the highest quality ongoing education and training. team members and developing and applying the best systems. What does your clerkship program involve? Results Legal practises exclusively in the areas of credit litigation, Our clerkship program is an extensive, structured program which commercial disputes and insolvency law.

We have a strong, provides successful candidates with invaluable practical experience

established reputation and client base in these areas. Our client base and the opportunity to work directly on files. We aim to provide our includes domestic and international credit insurance companies, clerks with the foundations to build and grow their legal skills whilst publicly listed companies, banks, corporate and business clients and providing an insight into our areas of law. Our clerks are allocated a insolvency practitioners.

buddy who is responsible for guiding and mentoring their professional development whilst assisting them through their placement. Further

The culture of the firm

employment opportunities are available for successful candidates.

Our culture is crucially important to us as it reflects our identity as a business. We are focused on discovering what drives our team What does your Graduate program involve? members and assisting them to reach their full potential.

Our graduate program involves high level mentoring, management of a file load and a tailored training program which provides exposure

Our culture is centred around our firm values. These values are:

across our focus areas of law. We want to assist our graduates in

• Exceptional client service.

achieving their full potential by providing exceptional coaching, as

• Go above and beyond.

well as access to our innovative systems and processes. Our open door

• Achievement through teamwork.

policy allows for all members of the team to seek advice from senior

• Embrace efficiency.

solicitors and principals.

• Act with honesty, integrity and respect. The relevant application and recruitment process for clerkship Results Legal has a constructive, rewarding and supportive culture and graduate positions which promotes performance and success.

Clerkship program: Applications are currently open and close at 9:00am on 26 March 2018.

What do you look for in a potential employee?

Graduate program: Applications open 6 August 2018 and close 13

We seek motivated, enthusiastic and hardworking individuals for our August 2018. team. Cultural fit is extremely important to us, so we look for features


Looking back on graduate life: Four lessons from four rotations The challenge of a first rotation is the same for everyone: everything is new, so you have to learn the basics. Fortunately, the team made this easy. They gave me a buddy in their third graduate rotation, a senior associate mentor to meet with regularly, and a partner supervisor. Together they ensured I had the chance to work directly with everyone in the team.


I’m at the end of my graduate rotations and I'm about to settle in the Brisbane Disputes team. It's therefore a good time to reflect on my rotations and what lessons they've each taught me about being a lawyer. I've been in four different teams in two different offices, but three things have been common to each of the teams I've rotated through. Each has challenged me, invested in me, and welcomed me. To develop skills as a junior lawyer, nothing is more important. Having said that, each team I've rotated through has provided unique challenges and taught different lessons.

FIRST ROTATION: BRISBANE DISPUTES TEAM During this rotation I worked mostly on construction and insurance disputes. As a graduate this involved research, preparing briefs to counsel, and drafting the first cut of documents. It included working as part of a team in large ongoing disputes, and working directly with partners or senior associates on discrete advice work. HERBERTSMITHFREEHILLS.COM

Beyond the basics, the lesson from my disputes rotation was the fundamental importance of thinking as far ahead as you can. In a dispute everything you do is informed by a broader strategy. Thinking in that way sounds simple, but is a very difficult skill to develop. A disputes rotation starts that development (though it can never finish).

SECOND ROTATION: LAND ACCESS AND NATIVE TITLE TEAM The work in this area is more varied than I anticipated. Native title and land access issues are important for all major infrastructure and energy projects in Australia. But they can also be at the centre of large and complex disputes. Being a specialist area, the team therefore has to deal with both. As the graduate, this means doing both transactional work (due diligence work such as performing and interpreting searches and mapping) and contentious work (such as considering expert reports, assisting with drafting submissions, and Federal Court procedural work). The team was aware of how such new and varied work could be a challenge for a junior lawyer, and made sure I had everything I needed to learn. With their support, I learnt that in law, no matter how new a task is to you, or difficult it seems at first, you will figure it out eventually. It's just a matter of giving yourself the time work it out.

THIRD ROTATION: EMPLOYMENT, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND SAFETY TEAM In this team, the work I did was mostly contentious or advisory. The distinctive feature of the team is that it often has smaller matters that juniors can take a more significant and

responsible role in. The challenge for junior lawyers is to own the opportunity, and then step up and take on that role. The team was excellent at facilitating this – giving the junior members the scope to figure matters out for themselves and then take them as far as they could. In terms of actual work, this translated to preparing the first draft for all correspondence and court documents for matters, preparing for and attending court, researching and preparing advices from scratch, and being given a lot of client contact. The rotation was invaluable as it taught the importance of taking ownership and responsibility for matters.

FOURTH ROTATION: HONG KONG DISPUTES – CORPORATE CRIME AND INVESTIGATIONS (CCI) TEAM The CCI team focuses on protecting a company whose employees have, or have been accused of, acting corruptly (e.g. fraud, bribery, conspiracy etc.). The team assists by both conducting internal investigations and representing the company in external investigations by regulators. These investigations are complex and often involve interactions between the laws of multiple jurisdictions. The challenge for this rotation was working in a different culture with a different legal system. My work has involved researching various points of Hong Kong criminal and civil law, assisting with privilege reviews of document, liaising with and attending the offices of regulators, and preparing updates about developments in the law of various Asian jurisdictions. Although I have not yet completed the rotation, the main lesson so far has been the significance of considering cross-jurisdictional issues. Advice in one country may have unexpected consequences for the company's interests in another. Being mindful of these issues is therefore important for a lawyer hoping to succeed in working with large international clients.

© Herbert Smith Freehills 2018 NOF176854_Profile_TG_A4 050218

THOMSON GEER Sharon Hiserman | Level 16, Waterfront Place 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000


26/02 - 26/03/18



Who are you and what makes you unique?

The culture of the firm

We are a large Australian Corporate law firm. We have around 500 The Law is an incredibly rewarding profession, however we also people, including approximately 100 Partners operating out of our recognise that it can be demanding. For this reason Thomson Geer offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. By size we are aims to create an environment that is flexible, friendly, personable, one of the 10 largest law firms in Australia. Our industry coverage and collegiate and professionally stimulating. client work is diverse. We work hard to enhance this culture through transparent and SPECIALIST PRACTICE AREAS

authentic communication, and by ensuring we are respectful and

• Advertising & Marketing

• Government

accountable to each other every day to provide an environment where

• Agribusiness

• Health, Aged Care & Retirement

our staff can grow personally and professionally.

• Banking & Finance


• Biotechnology &

• Insurance

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do; so it is not only the


• Intellectual Property

openness we demonstrate in our dealings with each other, but also the

• Competition & Regulation

• Litigation & Dispute Resolution

well-established and trusting relationships we have with our clients,

• Construction & Projects

• Media, Broadcasting &

which make Thomson Geer a great place to work.

• Corporate & Advisory


• Education

• Mergers & Acquisitions

We also have an active social committee with lots of opportunities

• Employment, Workplace

• Property

to develop close relationships with your colleagues. Our lawyers

Relations & Safety

• Restructuring & Insolvency

and other staff also practice their teamwork outside of the office by

• Energy & Resources

• Superannuation & Wealth

participating in various sporting teams.

• Environment & Planning


• Franchising

• Tax

Community involvement and workplace giving

• Funds Management & Financial • Technology

At Thomson Geer, we understand the importance of giving back to


our community. This involves helping to ensure that all members of

• Telecommunications

• Gaming & Leisure

the community have fair access to legal representation/advice. In line with this objective, we actively seek opportunities to provide support

We have access to high quality work for major institutional for worthwhile causes. clients in sectors such as banking, construction, energy, health, telecommunications, property development and gaming and leisure, One of the initiatives our firm is committed to is the provision of pro giving our lawyers exposure to excellent work while maintaining small bono legal advice to marginalised and disadvantaged groups across teams where each lawyer gets to develop and learn from senior lawyers the States in which we operate. We have an established pro bono including partners.

program, with dedicated senior lawyers in each of our offices who take ownership of this program. Of particular note is the pro bono work we do in association with Cancer Council Australia. Thomson Geer provides a free service in assisting terminally-ill cancer patients with their legal needs.


THOMSON GEER Sharon Hiserman | Level 16, Waterfront Place 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000


26/02 - 26/03/18



We also provide pro bono advice to homeless people at St Vincentian A snapshot of some of our benefits: House in Sydney and participate in the FareShare program which Wellbeing provides free meals to the hungry and homeless.

• Access to free, confidential counselling service for employees and their immediate families

Engaging in pro bono work is rewarding for both our communities and • In-house exercise programs such as yoga our lawyers. Those who engage in these activities are often exposed • Corporate health insurance rates to experiences, clients, areas of law, and procedures that are not • Healthy breakfast provisions and fresh fruit accessible in their everyday job.

• Flu vaccinations and skin checks

What do you look for in a potential employee?


We are looking for hard-working and motivated law students who • Ability to ‘purchase’ additional annual leave each year have excelled academically, are client focused, commercially minded, • Generous paid parental leave benefits work well in a team environment and are enthusiastic about growing • Flexible work policies their career with a dynamic law firm. We are especially keen to talk to • Community service leave students who have an additional technical degree!

• Tertiary assistance and study leave

We view all of our clerks as potential graduates, and all of our graduates Fun as potential leaders. We therefore look for the same qualities in our • End of Financial Year and Christmas social functions clerks and graduates that our lawyers need to possess.

• Active Social Club • Discounted goods and services through our clients and commercial

Our lawyers need to be genuinely interested in our clients and their partners businesses. They need a critical and curious mind and be passionate • Friday night drinks about developing solutions for our clients’ legal needs in their • Sporting teams commercial context. What does your clerkship program involve? Our lawyers need to work constructively in diverse teams with both What you can expect senior and junior practitioners across legal disciplines and across We offer a structured program where Clerks learn through a jurisdictions.

combination of hands-on experience, training, coaching and observation.

What benefits can you offer your employees? We support our lawyers with multiple streams of in-house training and development programs throughout their career as well as opportunities to undertake external study. We also know that wellbeing has a significant impact on motivation, morale and performance at work. Our wellbeing@work program supports all our people to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


THOMSON GEER Sharon Hiserman | Level 16, Waterfront Place 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane City QLD


26/02 - 26/03/18



During your clerkship with Thomson Geer you will:

What does your graduate program involve?

• participate in a structured induction program spread out over the

Students who complete a clerkship with the firm will be eligible to

course of your clerkship;

be considered for a position in the firm’s next graduate program,

• undertake meaningful work for real clients, this includes

commencing in 2020. This program runs for 12 months and includes

opportunities to attend client meetings, observe court proceedings, rotations among different practice areas to help determine the area of conduct legal research, draft correspondence and court documents law which best suits you. and develop technical skills in areas such as drafting, due diligence and disclosure;

This program is geared towards growing your skills across a range of

• have the assistance and support of a supervising partner as well as

practice areas. You will be able to express your preference for the areas

a junior lawyer who remembers what it was like to be a new clerk

of practice through which you would like to rotate.

and can act as a buddy and mentor; • have weekly catch ups with your mentor and with People &

In Brisbane, we offer our graduates the opportunity to complete


a Supervised Workplace Traineeship (SWT). The SWT consists of

• have secretarial support and access to fantastic technology and

rotations through core practice groups of the firm. All trainees

research resources; and

complete comprehensive training in-house, as well as structured

• participate in a formal performance review process with your

external training which will allow you to tick off all required

supervising partner and mentor to reflect on your development and competencies to gain admission to practice. capture feedback from your colleagues.


Financial Firms


ANZ Various locations Contact Programs Generalist Bankers Program: Summer Intern Program: New Colombo Plan:

See website for more information and updates. See website for more information and updates. See website for more information and updates.

BDO Level 10, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Contact Programs

Brisbane - Elina Schmith: Graduate Program: Opens 5 February, closes 16 March. Vacationers Program: Opens 5 February, closes 30 March. CA Achiever Program: Adelaide: see website. Cadetship Melbourne: See website. Sydney: See website.

Commonwealth Bank of australia Commonwealth Bank Building, 240 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Contact Programs Graduate Program: Opens 21 February, closes 25 March. Summer Intern Opens first week of July. Program:

Deloitte Riverside Centre, Level 23, 123 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Contact Programs

Heather Hunt: Manager – Graduate Talent Acquisition Graduate Program: Closes 25 March. Summer Vacation Closes 25 March. Program:

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


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mecha intersga


Graduates who join MinterEllison have the opportunity to change the game when it comes to their future and career. MinterEllison minterellisongraduates minterellison

Grant Thornton Level 18, 145 Ann Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Contact Programs Graduate Program: Opens 12 February, closes 2 April. Vacation Experience Opens 12 February, closes 2 April. Program:

KPMG Level 16, Riparian Plaza, 71 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Contact Programs

+61 7 3233 3111 Graduate Program: Summer Vacation Program:

Opens 20 February, closes 6 April. Opens 20 February, closes 6 April.

Macquarie Group Level 16A Central Plaza One, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Contact Programs

+61 7 3233 5333 Graduate Program: Internship:

See website for more information and updates. See website for more information and updates.

PricewaterhouseCoopers 480 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Contact Programs

+61 (7) 3257 5000 Graduate Program: Vacation Program: Trainee Program: Clerkship Program:

Melbourne & Sydney: closes 4 March. Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Perth: closes 25 March. Melbourne & Sydney: closes 18 March. Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, perth: closes 25 March Opens in July. Opens 18 June, closes 15 July.

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Suncorp Various locations Contact Programs Graduate Program: Opens March. IT Scholarship for Opens August. women Vacation Program: Opens August.

Westpac www. Various locations Contact Programs Summer Internship: Opens July. Graduate Program: Opens March.

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


There are PLTs then there’s QUT’s. Meghan De Pinto-Smith HR Law

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice January I February I July I August


Full time or part time online I Full time on campus

© QUT 2017 23263

CRICOS No. 00213J

Other businesses


Accenture Level 30, 10 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Contact Programs

+61 7 3117 4001 Graduate Program:

Phase 1: Opens 1 March, closes 15 March. Phase 2: Opens 1 May, closes 15 May.

Ernst & Young 111 Eagle St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Contact Programs

Graduate Program: Opens 19 February, closes 29 March. Vacationer Program: Opens 19 February, closes 29 March.

Hassell Studio 36 Warry St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 Contact Programs Internship Program: See website for more information and updates.

KordaMentha Level 14, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Contact Programs Graduate and Brisbane: closes 25 March. Vacation Program: Melbourne: closes 25 March. Perth: closes 18 March. Sydney: closes 2 April. Townsville: closes 25 March.

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


lendlease Level 3 Kingsgate, 2 King St, Bowen Hills QLD 4006 Contact Programs

(07) 3027 3000 Aspire Program: Inspire Program:

See website for more information and updates. See website for more information and updates.

New Hope Corporation 3/22 Magnolia Drive, Brookwater QLD 4300 Contact Programs Vacation Work See website for more information and updates. Program:

Rio Tinto 123 Albert Street, Birbsane City QLD 4000 Contact Programs

+61 7 3625 3000 Graduate Program:

See website for more information and updates.

Santos Level 22, Santos Place, 32 Turbot Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Contact Programs

+61 7 3838 3000 Vacation Program:

Opens March, closes May

Telstra Various locations Programs

Graduate Program: Graduate Program in Asia: Summer Vacation Program:

Opens 12 March, closes 26 March. Opens 26 February, closes 19 March. Opens early July, closes end of July.

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Connect with us... Thomson Geer @ThomsonGeer

ADVICE | TRANSACTIONS | DISPUTES Domestic & Cross Border Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Adelaide

ARRIVE... A LARGE AUSTRALIAN CORPORATE LAW FIRM WHY CHOOSE US? We know you’re not just a student on work experience. We want to give you a realistic introduction to the legal profession. How does this happen? From day one, you’ll be an active member of the team, working directly with experienced practitioners. We also want you to enjoy your time with us – there are lots of social events you can join – and what better way for you to get to know your colleagues?

DEVELOPING YOUR SKILLS TO SET YOU UP FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE We will dedicate time to your development as an up and coming lawyer in our team: an investment in you is an investment in our future, and the future of our valued clients. You will find that our partners and staff are approachable and happy to share their knowledge and experience with you. We encourage our clerks, graduates and trainees to get as much exposure to different practice areas and ways of working as they can – this is a reflection of how we work as a wider organisation; a fully integrated, cohesive, national team.

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide

OUR CLERKSHIP & GRADUATE PROGRAM We are looking for law students who have excelled academically, are client focused, commercially minded, and work well in a team environment. We are especially keen to talk to students who have an additional technical degree! Our structured four week program helps clerks learn through a combination of hands-on experience, training, coaching and observation. Students who complete a clerkship are eligible to be considered for a position in our next graduate program, commencing in 2020. This program runs for 12 months and includes rotation among different practice areas to help determine the area of law which best suits you.

APPLICATIONS If your ambition is to develop a career in commercial law and you possess the drive to make your ambitions a reality, we want to hear from you. If you also have a desire to work interstate one day, let us know! We welcome the opportunity to assist our team members with personal career development. Applications open 26 February 2018 via cvMail or our website.

public sector


ASIC Contact Programs Graduate Program: See website for more information and updates.

ASIO Contact Programs

13ASIO (13-27-46) Graduate Program:

See website for more information and updates.

Australian Signals Directorate Contact Programs Graduate Program: Opens 19 February, closes 3 April. Internship Program: Opens June/July. Work Experience: See website for more information and updates.

Australian Taxation Office Suncorp Plaza Opposite King George Square, Albert St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Contact Programs Graduate Program: Opens 1 March, closes 12 April. Indigenous Cadetship See website for more information and updates. Program:

Comcare Level 13, 410 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Contact Programs Graduate Program: See website for more information and updates. Indigenous Graduate See website for more information and updates. Program:

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 80 Ann St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Contact Programs Graduate Program:

Opens March.

Department of Communication and the arts 38 Sydney Ave, Forrest ACT 2603 Contact Programs Graduate Program: Opens 1 March, closes 9 April.

Department of the Environment and energy John Gorton Building, King Edward Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600 Contact Programs Graduate Program: Opens 1 March, closes 26 March. Indigenous See website for more information and updates. Apprenticeship:

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 150 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Contact Programs Graduate Program:

Closes 22 March.

Department of Health 147/163 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 Contact Programs

1800 020 103 Graduate Development Program:

Opens 8 March.

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Department of Human Services Contact Programs Graduate Program: See website for more information and updates. Indigenous Opening soon. Apprenticeship:

Department of Industry, innovation and science Industry House, 10 Binara Street, Canberra, ACT, 2600 Contact Programs Graduate Program: Opens 15 March, closes 30 April. Disability Internship: Email Indigenous Trainee See website for more information and updates. Program:

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 111 Alinga Street, Canberra City ACT 2601 Contact Programs Graduate Program: See website for more information and updates. University Vacation See website for more information and updates. Employement Program:

Queensland Treasury GPO Box 611, Brisbane QLD 4001 Contact Programs Graduate Program: See website for more information and updates.

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.




Arts Law Centre of Australia The Gunnery, 43-51 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes - see website for more information.

See page 90 for a full copy of Arts Law Australia’s profile.

Australian Institute of International Affairs ACU Leadership Centre, Level 3 Cathedral House, 229 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Contact Programs; (Other): Volunteer Opportunities? Yes - see website for more information. Nygh Internship: Open now, closes 30 September

Bayside Community Legal Centre Wynnum Community Centre, 1st Floor 105 Florence Street, Wynnum QLD 4178 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes - see website for more information.

Caxton Legal Centre 1 Manning Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes - see website for more information.

Community Legal Centres Queensland 497 Gympie Rd, Strathpine QLD 4500; 0 Arne Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4120 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities? Yes - see website for more information.

See page 91 for a full copy of Community Legal Centres Queensland’’s profile. Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Court Network The Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law, Brisbane Supreme and District Courts, 415 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities? Yes - in Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Townsville.

Disability Law Queensland 40 Finsbury Street, Newmarket QLD 4051 Contact Programs Volunteer opportunities?

Yes - further enquiries send to

Environmental Defenders Office 8/205 Montague Road, West End QLD 4101 Contact Programs Volunteer opportunities?


Lawright Head office - PO Box 3631, South Brisbane QLD 4101 Supreme and district courts office - Level 1 Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law Building, 415 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 Contact Programs Volunteer opportunities?


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Intersex (LGBTI) Legal Service Inc. Level 2, 725 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities? Yes - see website for more information.

See page 92 for a full copy of LGBTI Legal Service’s profile. Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


Nundah Community Legal Centre 14 Station St, Nundah QLD 4012 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes - see website for more information.

See page 93 for a full copy of Nundah Community Legal Centre’s profile.

Pine Rivers Community Legal Service 3/481 Gympie Rd, Strathpine QLD 4500 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes - see website for more information.

Prisoners’ Legal Service 53 Tribune St, South Brisbane QLD 4101 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes - see website for more information.

Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS) Level 1, 170 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes - see website for more information.

See page 94 for a full copy of Refugee and Immigration Legal Service’s profile.

Women’s Legal Service 8 Ponsonby St, Annerley QLD 4103 Contact Programs Volunteer Opportunities?

Yes - see website for more information.

Disclaimer: Information provided is subject to change. Visit website for confirmation and updates.


GROW YOUR CAREER Looking for a law firm that is defined by its universal experience and unsurpassed commitment to client service? Join us and grow your career.

BRISBANE Graduate applications open: 6 August 2018 Graduate applications close: 13 August 2018

Check out our Facebook page. /klgatesgraduaterecruitingau /klgateslaw Watch our brand video. /klgateslaw

Arts Law Centre of Australia 43-51 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011





Who are you and what makes you unique?

Selection Criteria

Arts Law is Australia’s only national community legal centre for the •

Be in at least the third year of study towards a law degree (essential)

arts. We provide free or low cost specialised legal advice, education •

Have completed intellectual property or media law subjects

and resources to Australian artists and arts organisations across all


art forms, on a wide range of arts related legal and business matters. •

Have a strong interest and/or experience in the arts (desirable)

Arts Law’s Artists in the Black program delivers targeted services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists nationally. Our mission is Application and recruitment process to empower artists and creative communities through the law.

If you are interested in volunteering at Arts Law, please fill out our volunteer application form on our website at

Volunteer Program

volunteer. Arts Law accepts volunteer applications all year round.

Student volunteers play a valuable role supporting the solicitors in We will keep your application on file and contact you when a position the provision of legal advice. They are the first point of contact for our becomes available or when we run our quarterly intakes. clients and are tasked with providing information and taking accurate legal instructions. Volunteers may also conduct legal research for the solicitors, get involved with advocacy projects, sit in on legal advice sessions as note-takers, as well as assist with the general administration of a community legal centre. What’s the commitment? Volunteers must commit to working at least one day per week at Arts Law’s Sydney office for a minimum period of 6 months. Eligibility for a PLT placement will be considered on a case by case basis after completion of the minimum 6 month commitment.


Community Legal Centres Queensland 0 Arne Street, Woolloongabba QLD 4120





Who are you and what makes you unique?

Application and recruitment process

Community Legal Centres Queensland (formerly QAILS) provides Our volunteers assist with a broad range of duties include assisting support and advocacy for the 33 independent, community led with researching legal issues, creating written content for member community legal centres operating across Queensland.

communication and assisting with coordinating events. We provide them with an opportunity to work in a supportive team and gain

We work to achieve sustainable and adequate policy and funding experience working in a not for profit organisation. decisions to ensure Queenslander are able to get the legal help they need and to ensure they get access to justice.

If you are interested in applying send a letter or email and a copy of your CV outlining why you are interested in volunteering with Community

Community Legal Centres help: •

vulnerable people who can’t afford a lawyer and are not eligible find out more about the organisation go to: http://communitylegalqld. for legal aid

Legal Centres Queensland and what you would bring to the post. To

Queenslanders find solutions to everyday legal problems including family violence, relationship breakdown, family law, debt, consumer problems, tenancy disputes, employment issues

prevent legal problems through education and fair laws and policies

local communities and communities of interest

Volunteer Program Volunteers have been involved in almost every area of Community Legal Centres Queensland’s activities. Traditionally the organisation has attracted people with a range of backgrounds and skills, a shared commitment to social justice and a desire to help Community Legal Centres Queensland achieve its goals. Community Legal Centres Queensland recognises and values the reciprocal nature of the relationship and is committed to providing a volunteer program which both supports Community Legal Centres Queensland’s work; and meets the expectations and needs of individual volunteers


LGBTI Legal Service Inc. Level 2, 725 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006





About the service:

client services, legal assistants and law reform. Each division has a

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex Legal Service Inc. is a non- different focus so it is up to the student to decide what area they are profit and unfunded community-based legal service which began on 7 most interested in and whether they possess the relevant skills. July 2010 and was officially launched on 1 December 2010 by The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG.

Client services involves administration work for lawyers during our drop in sessions, legal assistants organise our events and community

The Service recognises the difficulties faced by the LGBTI community outreach and law reform involves legal research, writing and and seeks to assist the Queensland LGBTI community to gain access advocating for the removal of discriminatory laws. to justice through the provision of legal and social welfare services. We also endeavour to provide community legal education activities The most common areas we provide advice for are family law, domestic and resources in order to increase awareness of legal rights and violence, surrogacy and parenting rights, criminal law, discrimination, responsibilities for the LGBTI community in Queensland. The Service victims support, civil matters, legal issues in relation to government includes a law reform division, which is actively involved in advocating decisions, Centrelink matters, and employment matters. Volunteers for law reform and human rights including: •

will have the opportunity to engage with whatever area of law suits

Expunging past criminal convictions for consensual homosexual their interests. relationships;

Advocating for the rights of LGBTI families through surrogacy and Application and recruitment process: adoption reform;

We encourage students to apply the legal service through our website.

Unequal age of consent in Queensland;

After determining their suitability, we will then arrange a casual

The ‘homosexual advance’ factor of the provocation defence;

meeting to explain how the service is run, what is expected of the

Supporting gender diverse people;

volunteers and what benefits we can provide them. We will then assign

Ending domestic violence and supporting victims; and

the volunteer to the appropriate team and conduct training based

Supporting LGBTI students in school and university.

upon the project they will be joining.

The LGBTI Legal Service Inc. has been established by, and continues to Tips for applying: be overseen by a management committee of individuals representing •

Demonstrate your ability to conduct research, assist clients meet

the diverse communities under the LGBTI banner. As a non-profit and


unfunded community organisation, we rely heavily on the support of •

Explain your personal experience and why you care about LGBTI

the community and volunteers.

issues; and •

Volunteer Program: There are a number of ways that you can become part of and assist our organisation. You can apply to volunteer for any of the main divisions;


Tell us what you hope to get out of volunteering and what areas of law you are interested in.

Nundah Community Legal Centre 14 Station St, Nundah QLD 4012





Who are you and what makes you unique?

Volunteer Program/Application and recruitment process

The Nundah Community Legal Service is operated by the Nundah While we have no student employment opportunities, we welcome Community Support Group Inc as an integrated part of the broader volunteers including students. There is now often significant Nundah Neighbourhood Centre. We provide all members of the competition for student volunteer roles and we presently have a community (especially those most disadvantaged and marginalised) full complement. We commence student recruitment towards the broadly based in the Brisbane North area access to justice through a end of the year with an induction to take place in December 2017 for free, quality often “triage” and sometimes “last resort” generalist legal students who will be in at least in second year in 2018. However given service. We do this though a weekly Wednesday drop-in advice service circumstances often change, we entertain inquires at any time by staffed by dedicated volunteer lawyers and students together with an contacting the Administrator Jo Money on 3260 4820 legaladmin@ employed senior daytime solicitor who sees clients by appointment with sufficient time to provide more extensive assistance. As legal problems do not exist in isolation we take a holistic approach and provide effective information on, and practical referrals to, specialist legal and nonlegal services including to financial and personal counselling. We are the only generalist legal service between the Caxton and the Pine Rivers and Moreton Regional Community Legal Centres and while a small service with limited resources, we maintain an active interest and involvement in community legal education and larger issues through our participation in our peak organisations.


Refugee & Immigration Legal Service Level 1, 170 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101





Who are you and what makes you unique?

Application and recruitment process

The Refugee and Immigration Legal Service (RAILS) is the only RAILS receives applications for volunteering in either administrative specialist community provider of free legal advice to migrants and or legal roles (qualified and non-qualified legal roles). The application refugees across Queensland. RAILS’ mission of providing an holistic should be sent by email to including cover and sustainable legal service for vulnerable refugees and migrants letter, resume and academic transcript (for students). Qualified legal through specialist legal assistance, education and advocacy, is achieved volunteers (namely, registered migration agents and/or solicitors who in a highly collaborative and effective way, with support to and from hold a current practising certificate) should provide copy of their more than 20 other service provides.

resume, and practising certificate.

Areas of law: Specific migration legislation, including visas, family People are encouraged to send their application during the month reunion and family violence provisions, onshore and offshore before the first week of February, June and end of November. This is refugee/humanitarian provisions, Immigration Tribunal appeals the time when the selection process occurs. Those people accepted and Ministerial intervention; family and domestic violence laws; then attend an induction session during the second week of February, employment and workplace laws, and legal education identified by July and first week in December. Qualified legal volunteers are communities as needed.

encouraged to apply any time during the year.

Volunteer Program

RAILS requires a minimal commitment of attendance once per week

RAILS recognises and values the substantial contribution made by during a semester. Qualified legal volunteers are recruited all year and volunteers to RAILS and its clients. During your volunteer work you will: •

gain experience in migration law

assist our clients who are experiencing the most disadvantaged conditions and need legal advice

assist our caseworkers with the ongoing workload

gain administrative law skills

make a difference in people’s lives and contribute to social justice.


they are required to attend at least once per month.

QUTLS Springboard Careers Guide 2018  

The QUT Law Society is proud to present our annual careers guide - Springboard.

QUTLS Springboard Careers Guide 2018  

The QUT Law Society is proud to present our annual careers guide - Springboard.