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16 PARENTING From Confusion to Clarity 38 FITNESS All Calories Are Not Created Equal

20 BARTENDER OF THE MONTH Paul Michael Armentrout 42 SCENE Grilled Cheese Fest

22 FEATURE Pride Guide: Events, Maps & More 44 SEXPERT HPV: Types, Transmission & Treatment

28 DEVELOPMENT A City of Pride 49 ADJOURN Brian Shinn, Stonewall Columbus

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PEOPLE: the countless attendees, participants, vendors and volunteers who take part. RIGHTS: the core cause of the celebration and the potential for full equality. INDIVIDUALITY: the self-expression that is on display for all to see during Pride and beyond. DIVERSITY: the community aspect that continues to grow each time someone comes out and joins in. ENLIGHTENMENT: the impact Pride events have on the city and the growing support it engenders.

Quorum Columbus is bursting with Pride! This issue is a guide to Columbus Pride events, parade, festival and more. It includes profiles of LGBTQ young professionals making a difference in Columbus, a rainbow #wantlocal selection, heroes of all shapes and sizes, and summer fashions. Plus, our Scene team shares the story of our community in pictures and words. All this and we adjourn with Brian Shinn, the hard-working board president of Stonewall Columbus. On behalf of the entire Quorum Crew, I wish you a most fabulous Pride month! Mickey J. Hart Editor


THE OUTCOME OF COMING OUT: Celebrating Out Celebrities MOVIES

| CLAYTON WALTER WHEN OSCAR-NOMINATED actress Ellen Page came out at an LGBTQ conference on Valentine’s Day, the internet exploded into its usual flurry of commentary, observations and overwrought think pieces. Whenever a celebrity of any stature – and especially when one as well-respected and well-liked as Page – comes out, it’s news, which irks some and thrills others. There are a few typical responses one finds from the masses when a celebrity comes out. There are those who are quick to spout “I knew it,” thus, demonstrating a frustrating bit of arrogance that suggests sexual orientation can be determined by a stereotypical checklist. There are those who (hopefully) jokingly proclaim that they now have a chance to become romantically involved with said celebrity, while others mourn the loss of their prospective partner. I find this group adorable; so long as they aren’t tweeting in earnest. Yet the loudest group tends to be those who bemoan the fact that a celebrity coming out is “still considered news.” I completely understand the sentiment, and in my musings on it, there have been times when I share it. People long for the day when being homosexual isn’t so much a mark of important difference as it is a casual distinction: a day when it no longer “matters.” But the world doesn’t work that way, and minorities likely always will (and probably should) celebrate the achievements of their communities. Many would make a distinction between the news of someone coming out and, say, a member of the LGBTQ community being elected President of the United States. One has a historical, widespread impact, while the other is a personal matter. But what happens on a personal level can also speak to a larger context, a historical moment, a shift in a better direction.


JUNE 2014

Anyone coming out is cause for celebration. Any time someone feels confident, bold or happy enough to live in a more honest, open way; to claim a facet of him- or herself that was previously a carefully guarded secret; to let others know something that was previously unknown, is an amazing, newsworthy moment. Even if it’s only published on said person’s Facebook page.

ANYONE COMING OUT IS CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION. So when a celebrity comes out, and provides an example of tolerance, love and self-acceptance, it’s an incredible bit of news that has the power to inspire downtrodden spirits and soften hard, hateful hearts. An A-list actress has a lot to lose, so to see Page proudly come out of the closet when, truly, there’s much at risk, is an exciting testament to a relatively new age of tolerance. So long as anyone remains in the closet, scared at the outcry or rejection he or she might face upon coming out, any high-profile announcements that might provide a ray of hope are newsworthy in my eyes.

SARA SHARES | SARA ERNEST PEOPLE TEND TO think they can’t make a difference, so they don’t try. They go about their lives taking care of the bills, walking their dogs and calling their parents a couple times a week, not realizing how little it takes to make a difference. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not judging anyone for not trying to make a difference. We all have our reasons. I definitely do. Sometimes just getting through the day is such a chore that we don’t have anything left to give. Other situations burn us so badly that we don’t see how we can contribute without being made to feel stupid or worse. It could be that the people around us have no interest in making a change, so we just go with the flow. One of the things I find fascinating about the human race is our capacity to mess things up. On the flip side of that though, is the type of people who are molded by those mistakes or less-than-ideal situations. Heroes are born out of some really undesirable situations.

HEROES ARE BORN OUT OF SOME REALLY UNDESIRABLE SITUATIONS I’m not talking about the Wonder Woman or Captain America types of heroes. I’m talking about people like my friend Brent. He was at lunch the week after Michael Sam got drafted into the NFL. He had just settled in for some much anticipated pizza when he overheard a bunch of apparently straight men talking who seemed to have a problem with Sam getting drafted and then kissing his boyfriend on ESPN. Never one to shy away from confrontation, Brent couldn’t take the homophobia and negative comments these men were making and stood up in the middle of pizza joint and said, “You go girl!,” then quietly sat back down. The other patrons in the establishment no longer had anything to say about Michael Sam, his crying or his big gay kiss. Brent’s actions may not qualify as heroic, but they sure made a difference.


JUNE 2014

Sometimes we run across people and stories that were never intended to really be stories. My partner Lori and I were recently watching a story about a skateboard company that made me sit up and take notice. The piece focused on a man named Will Anderson. Anderson and his business partner Jacob Henley opened a skateboard company that sells 100 percent handmade skateboards in a part of Nashville that they describe as being underprivileged. They call the company Salemtown based on the Nashville neighborhood where their shop is located. According to their website, the goal of their company is simple, “We build handmade skateboards, and employ, train and mentor urban youth in Nashville, Tennessee.” At the end of the interview, Anderson implied that he didn’t think that what he was doing for the youth he employs was necessarily that big of a deal. He just hired some kids knowing that they may not have another chance at a good job or learning a skill. For the young men who work for him, I think this may be the biggest deal. It doesn’t always take the strength of Thor, or volunteering as tribute to take your sister’s place at the Hunger Games to change the world. Sometimes all it takes is standing by the courage of your convictions and knowing that no matter how small the effort, if it made a difference to someone, it could very well have changed their world, or even the world.


SCENE | MIKE LOVETT WHEN WAS THE LAST time you read a Choose Your Own Adventure book? Honestly, I’d forgotten all about them. Those memories came flooding back at Axis Nightclub thanks to Nina West and her ensemble cast including the high-kicking Virginia West. At several points during the show, the audience was given the power, via mobile app or text, to choose the direction for the show. But with this power came the warning: If you choose incorrectly, the consequences could be fatal. For those who took part in one of the 10 varied performances, I’m sure you’re not surprised that I give Nina West’s Excellent Adventure two thumbs up for its stellar cast, set design, (ever-changing) costumes, music selections and creativity – which was hilariously offensive at times.


JUNE 2014




JUNE 2014



   

 

  

SouthBend "Still Your Favorite Corner Bar!" *The Royal Court Sat June 7 - 7pm / Benefit *The Blackburn Project Sun June 8 - 6 to 10pm / Farewell Performance / Prizes *From California / "Good Land Tour" Leah Jee / Sun June 15 - 6 to 8pm (pop rock with a twist) *Gay Pride Fri / Stars of Pride Fri June 20 - 10 & Midnight / Host: Hellen Bedd *Gay Pride Sat / Sat June 21 - 10 & Midnight / Darah Landon, Sonya Ross, Vee Love and Denise Russell *VA Benefit / Hosted by Joey / Sun June 29 - 5 to 7pm Hours: Mon / Sat - Noon to 2:30 / Happy Hour Noon to 8 / Sun 12 to 12 Nightly Events call for more info or visit us at 126 E. Moler St. Columbus, Ohio (614) 444 - 3386

Free WiFi * Free Parking * Never A Cover


| JUSTIN KORNICKI WELCOME TO Columbus’ festival season! Now is the perfect time to enhance the summer wardrobes. With outdoor gatherings, weekend getaways, first dates and, of course, festivals, this is my favorite fashion time of the year. Such a festive time requires the appropriate outfit … or several.

I was born and raised on the East Coast; therefore I am regularly inspired by Columbus residents’ enthusiasm for fashion. This month I offer my take on the “Gays of Summer.” All items were selected from local designers, artisans and stores, so the combinations and individual pieces are very accessible.

The First Date

The Lake c

c a

d a


b a. camo + gold belt $78 (torso) b. andrew christian summer denim $87.95 (torso) c. native youth button down $50 (tigertree) d. toms in burlap $54 (tigertree) e. goorin bros. straw fadora $55 (tigertree)


JUNE 2014

b a. mr. nice knit button down $84 (tigertree) b. altru flamingo shorts $52 (tigertree) c. multicolor fadora $12.95 (torso) d. ben sherman tanks $30 (tigertree)


The House Party b c a. floral printed jersey $36 (royal factory) b. minnetonka classic fringe $42 (tigertree) c. floral snapback hat $15 (royal factory) d. distressed denim shorts $18 (royal factory)



The Festival a


772 n. high street #100 614.421.7663



787 n. high street 614.299.2660

royal factory atelier 1209 n. high street 614.754.1061




a. poler backpack $50(tigertree) b. lollipop speakers $20.95 (torso) c. aqua pouch speakers $20.95 (torso) d. ohio til i die tank exclusive $22 (tigertree) e. andrew christian drop crotch shorts $58.95 (torso)


From Confusion to Clarity | MEG ALLEY WHO ISN’T CONFUSED sometimes? We all want answers. I want answers. Is gender a state of mind or the state of our parts? Is there a choice in being transgender? Is it permanent? What does the future hold and am I making the right choices as a parent? I’ve chosen to write about confusion: the confusion that continually surrounds my experience with my 7-year-old transgender offspring. I want answers to these questions so I can feel confident in my decisions. Generally speaking, I think we all want to “do it right,” particularly in the realm of parenting. I become, so I’ve set out to extinguish my confusion on the World Wide Web. The Internet, a seemingly endless array of theories and data and opinions, can be a very scary place to try to find answers. The best I could come up with is that our gender has very little to do with our assigned sex. We need a uterus to create a baby and our parts determine if we offer an X or a Y chromosome to the process of procreation. Beyond biological function, our assigned sex doesn’t dictate if we feel like a boy or a girl. So why do some connect with a gender opposite their assigned sex?

FOR BRAELIN, BEING MALE JUST IS If I look no further than my own home, I can state with complete confidence that gender cannot possibly be defined by our parts. My kid has the parts that make him a girl, but he doesn’t “feel” like a girl. When his hair was long and I forced him to wear girl clothes, he didn’t feel less like a boy. He felt like a boy playing dress-up. Changing his wardrobe and cutting his hair changed what he saw in the mirror, but this also gave him the confidence that comes when the outside matches the inside. Braelin doesn’t want to play with Spider-Man or run around with his shirt off so people will think he’s a boy. He isn’t trying to convince anyone of who he is. He is a boy, not a girl doing boy things. For Braelin, being male just is. He isn’t confused at all. So if it’s not biological and isn’t based on our parts, does that mean it’s a choice? I am doubtful.


JUNE 2014

And just when I’m confident in my confusion, Braelin decides to put on girl clothes. On picture day in kindergarten Braelin wore a pink flowery outfit. My curiosity was piqued and he said he wanted to “look beautiful” for his pictures. It made made perfect sense. After all, girls are beautiful and boys are handsome, right? A friend recently asked, “What if Braelin changes his mind?” to which I emphatically replied, “That won’t happen.” On the very same day, I came home to a frantic Braelin searching the bin of “girl clothes” for a girlie swimsuit. (I’ve held onto some girl clothes just in case.) The kids from the neighborhood were playing a “gender opposite game” while running through the sprinkler. We found a suit that fit and Braelin raced back out the door. I watched from the window with dismay waiting for the reaction of his friends. To my surprise, not a word spoken about the frilly pink swimsuit. The kids weren’t confused at all. In fact, they barely noticed. The confusion was all mine. Braelin wore a princess nightgown to bed that night and snuggled with his pink baby blanket. I watched him sleep and pondered what it could mean. I’m pleased to report that I have absolutely no idea what any of it means. I can’t predict his future and I can’t explain why he’s transgender. I don’t think it’s a choice, but I can’t say for sure. I don’t know how we got here or what this will look like for our family in a decade. What is crystal clear is my love for Braelin. I am in deep and immutable love with my spawn. I’ll never do everything “right” when it comes to him, but with a compass like unconditional love, we will always find our way. While in the car and discussing the topic of shaving his head for the summer, Braelin said from the back seat, “Mommy, you love me no matter what. What I wear or how I cut my hair doesn’t even matter to you. What’s inside or out, you love me anyway.” That’s all the permission I need to let go of “am I doing it right.” I don’t have to get it and I don’t have to understand it. I can embrace him and love with complete abandon. To the confusion I answer, “I have NO idea…but wow, isn’t he awesome?”


1777 East Broad Street | Columbus | 614.715.8100 Indoor & Outdoor Venues Select 2014 Dates Still Available


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| MICKEY J. HART PAUL HAS BEEN A BARTENDER for eight years and has proudly worked at Columbus’ only gay Irish pub for over four of those years. While at work, the patrons become part of Paul’s extended family. “My favorite thing about being a bartender is being able to serve friends and make new ones along the way,” he said. When not at work, much of his time is spent with his three children. Paul also makes time for the many sporting options the local LGBTA community offers. “I love the fact that there are all kinds of leagues such as softball, darts and bowling to get involved in. I’ve made many new friends this way,” he said.





Paul Michael Armentrout

Cavan Irish Pub 1409 S High Street Columbus, Ohio 43207 614.725.5502


June 2014

Paul welcomes everyone to stop by Cavan during their extended Happy Hour each weekday from 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. for $2.00 domestic beers, $2.00 well options and $3.00 call drinks. Stop by Cavan any night of the week and you will find an interesting mix of events and drink specials including karaoke at 10 p.m. on Tuesdays with $3.00 Absolut vodka drink specials. If you are in town for Pride, Paul reminds you there are plenty of Pride festivities (and Irish whisky) down on South High Street.

Vegas Bomb: Jack Daniel’s whiskey + Peach + Red Bull + Schnapps.

Paul has the need for speed. He loves racing cars and motorcycles – especially drag racing.



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WELCOME TO PRIDE 2014: A Letter from Stonewall Columbus’ Executive Director It is with great excitement that I write to you about a subject that is very dear to me, Stonewall Columbus Pride. I began volunteering for Stonewall Columbus when I moved to this city in 1994. In 1998 my life partner, Linda Schuler, and I were asked to join the Pride Committee as the chairs of the parade. That year, the march and festival combined had approximately 15,000 people in attendance. It is hard to believe that it was 16 years ago that we began working on the team that produces this amazing event. Now in 2014, Stonewall will most likely host 300,000 people and touch the lives of countless others who believe in and hope for fairness and equality for all. This year’s Pride theme is “Created Equal.” The logo is the rainbow flag torn apart in the outline of our state symbolizing that we are far from treated equally in Ohio, and it is time for change. We will honor actor and social justice activist, George Takei as our Grand Marshal. He will participate in the parade, address the crowd from the stage at the festival and receive his award at the Pride Brunch on Sunday, June 22 from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Columbus Athenaeum. Our Pride committee, board and staff consists of 45 of the most highly professional and skilled individuals that I have ever met. Each of them brings a unique skill set to their area of responsibility and they work hundreds of hours to produce Pride 2014. They and another 500 volunteers make this event a success and do so with a mix of grace, precision and humor. Thank you VOLUNTEERS! We could not do it without you. I want to encourage all of you to come out, bring your families, volunteer, have fun and raise money for a good cause. Stonewall Columbus serves the Central Ohio LGBT community by providing a community center and offering programming and services that enhance the well-being and visibility of our diverse community through discovery, affirmation and celebration. Dollars raised at the annual Pride Celebration go right back in to the community center to support individuals and families all year long. Happy Pride, Columbus!

Karla Rothan Executive Director Stonewall Columbus, Inc.


JUNE 2014

June June 6

June 8

June 13

June 14

June 15

June 19

Dance for Pride D: Friday, June 6 T: 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. L: Wall Street Nightclub

Pride Bicycle Ride & Poker Run D: Saturday, June 14 T: Bike Ride at 9:30 a.m. T: Poker Run at 11:30 a.m. L: Club Diversity R:

Pride Film: The Case Against 8 D: Sunday, June 8 T: Reception at 5:30 p.m. T: Film at 7 p.m. L: Movie Studio Grill - Arena District

Pride Gospel Service D: Sunday, June 15 T: 11:30 a.m. L: Driven By Purpose, 459 E. Hudson St.

Pink Party: A Benefit for Stonewall  D: Friday, June 13 T: 8 p.m. L: Axis Nightclub

Mary Ann Brandt’s Songs Gays Like D: Thursday, June 19 T: 9 p.m. L: Level Dining Lounge


Stonewall’s Pride Festival D: Friday, June 20 T: 4 p.m. – 11 p.m. L: Goodale Park Betty Who & Swimwear Fashion Show D: Friday, June 20 T: Gates at 6 p.m. L: Axis Nightclub Columbus Urban Pride’s Rainbow Bash D: Friday, June 20 T: Happy Hour at 6:00 p.m. T: Door at 9 p.m. L: Park Street Saloon/The Social Lounge Run For Pride 5K  D: Friday, June 20 T: Registration at 7 p.m. L: Goodale Park R:

June 21 Stonewall’s Pride Festival D: Saturday, June 21 T: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. L: Goodale Park

2014 Pride Parade D: Saturday, June 21 T: Step-off at 11 a.m. L: High St. from Broad St. to Buttles Ave. Dragapolooza D: Saturday, June 21 T: 6 p.m. – 2 a.m. L: Axis Nightclub KIGO Entertainment: Main Event 2014 D: Saturday, June 21 T: 9 p.m. L: Park Street Saloon

June 22

Pride Brunch D: Sunday, June 22 T: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. L: Columbus Athenaeum Advance Ticket Sales Only CLGSA’s Bat n’ Rouge D: Sunday, June 22 T: Gates at Noon / First Pitch at 3 p.m. L: Dodge Park, 667 Sullivant Ave. Urban Pride Film: Gun Hill Road D: Sunday, June 22 T: 4 p.m. L: OSU Multicultural Center, Ohio Union

There are many more Pride-related events at your favorite bars and venues in addition to those listed here.

Thank you for voting us one of the






20 LUNCHES $6.99 AND UNDER HAPPY HOUR M-F 3-6PM 790 N. HIGH ST. | 614.294.7656

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A City of Pride: Building a Better Columbus DEVELOPMENT

| JM RAYBURN MANY LGBTQ community members take great pride in bettering our city. This month Quorum Columbus spotlights seven LGBTQ young professionals who are actively developing Columbus’ future.

Jess Mathews

Bryson Cole

Development work Consider Biking’s outreach coordinator Transit Columbus board member Columbus Parklet Project co-founder

Development work Mayor Coleman’s Green Team Columbus Green Business Committee SWACO Business Roundtable

Why development matters People love walking in the Short North or the Grandview area. Why? These areas are packed with street life. I want to live in a city that has areas of street life, where people WANT to enjoy being outside and interacting with one another. When you give people a good place to stay and hangout, they’ll stay and hangout.

Why development matters As an environmentalist, I enjoy making Columbus beautiful. When a community is healthy, it provides a platform for all people to grow. The work I do is tied to environmental stewardship and protection, so that all residents and visitors, current and future, have a place to enjoy themselves and what the city has to offer. My dream is that Columbus is viewed as a vibrant, exciting place to work and play.

The benefit to the LGBTQ community My work benefits the LGBTQ community because a great sense of place affects everyone. There are many LGBTQ people who ride bikes. I want us to have safe spaces to ride. That goes for walking, too. The necessity of having “transportation choice” available to people is becoming more and more of a nonnegotiable issue. People are becoming thoughtful about where they want to live based upon access to multi-modal options.

Ryan Kovalaske Development work Community Shares of Mid-Ohio Forge Columbus SNAP Performance Group Why development matters Columbus is at a time in its history that we can prevent creating the same problems that have caused other cities to stumble. Nonprofits operate as the safety net for the city and provide voices for those who often go unheard. I want to be involved in not only creating solutions to existing problems but also devising ways to prevent future issues from arising in our city.


JUNE 2014

The benefit to the LGBTQ community As a member of the LGBTQ community, I think it is important that we provide a positive influence during the development and implementation of Columbus projects. As a gay black man, I have an opinion, I have a perspective and I have a choice to impact the community in which I work and play. Coming to the table shows that I want to be a part of this community.

The benefit to the LGBTQ community My work at Community Shares involves us fundraising for 62 local nonprofits including, several that serve the LGBTQ community. Our goal is to advance and enrich the community as a whole. In this day and age, the issues plaguing our communities are running interdependent, which is why the fight is harder and lasting longer. Equal rights, fair housing, access to food: they are all entwined. We can advance the city for all, including the LGBTQ community, by collaborating and working on these issues simultaneously.

Tera McIntosh, Ph.D. Development work’s City Manager GayforGood co-founder Project Coffeehouse’s Executive Director Antioch University - Affiliate faculty member Why development matters Creating safer and stronger communities is a passion that has fueled me since I was 18 years old. After losing a family member as an innocent victim of gun violence, I often found myself wondering how I could make this community better. From there, I found myself immersed in education that supported creating stronger communities, working in positions within the mayor’s office in Pittsburgh to combat gang violence and starting service organizations in Columbus, Ohio. The benefit to the LGBTQ community When we create a relationship with people before we have the opportunity to dissect our differences, we often forget those very differences that might have separated us in the beginning. By building relationships in our community among the LGBTQ population and the greater community, we are assisting in breaking the “mental models” others might already have imprinted in their minds about the LGBTQ population.

Josh Lapp Development work Homeport Transit Columbus Italian Village Commission Columbus Parklet Project


More than 300 fine art and fine craft artists Live performances on 4 stages New and exciting events! VIP package available Adult and Children’s Hands On Activities Art Demonstrations YOUR GUIDE TO CULTURAL EVENTS, ORGANIZATIONS, CLASSES AND ARTISTS IN CENTRAL OHIO

Why development matters Development matters to me because place is humanity. People fall in love in with, fight wars over and are emotionally inspired by places because our lives are fundamentally connected to the places we inhabit. To have a chance to impact development in Columbus, to help bring positive change to the places and lives of my fellow citizens is something that I’m thankful for every day.


The benefit to the LGBTQ community The LGBTQ community, more than many others, have been intrinsically tied to place. ‘Gayborhoods’ allowed our community to come out of the shadows, to live openly and happily and to band together along with our allies to fight for equality. By improving our urban areas, I can help to improve the lives of my fellow LGBTQ Columbusites with better public transportation, more affordable housing and a better built environment. Supporting arts. Advancing culture.


A pride exclusive

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” — Anna Lappé



PM Gallery, opened in 1980 by two artists attracted to the area with the potential to become an arts district. In 1984, the gallery helped start the Gallery Hop, which was-and is-an amazing tool for promoting the Short North. In 2012, PM Gallery relocated from the intersection of Buttles and High Streets to just south of Fifth Avenue at 1190 N. High Street. Over the years the gallery picked up more artists, from all over the country and Canada. To this day, over 300 artists and craftmen are represented. The gallery has many wonderful rainbow-colored items and just recently began producing rainbow necklaces in-house. Pay homage this Pride season to this stalwart art gallery that helped change the Short North forever.


Big Fun is a must for people of all ages. They have a great assortment of retro toys, games, cards and even hard-to-find candy and gum from “back in the day.” There is a Columbus Pride section in the store so you can stock up on your favorite parade accessories. I cannot neglect to mention the friendly and knowledgeable staff, too!

DOWNTOWN Spoonful Records

Spoonful Records is a great little vinyl record store in Downtown Columbus. They pay top dollar for rock, punk, jazz, indie, metal, experimental, soul and garage LPs and 45s. Decked out in impeccable mid-century modern furniture mixed with 60s era pin ball machines, this place is a chill spot to spend hours on end flipping through vinyls. Spoonful Records also gets creative with old vinyl. They have many unique products made out of records by a local artist.

ARENA DISTRICT Destination Donuts

Heather Morris is the mastermind behind the delicious donuts creations offered at Destination Donuts. The journey for this “donut queen” was paved by working many years in some of this city’s best restaurants, and her passion and dedication for crafting a unique, decadent donut using quality ingredients is what shines through. For example, only organic milk, free range eggs and, whenever possible, locally-sourced ingredients are used to make these treats. If you are into trying new things, these donuts are for you. Treat yo’ self for Columbus Pride!

2014 JUNE


LEVEL D i n i n g L o u n g e | CRAIG CHADWELL & MIKE MOFFO FOR THE TENS OF THOUSANDS of visitorsdescending on Columbus for Pride this month (or for any other purpose), welcome to Columbus! As The Taste Buds, you can consider us your cuisine connoisseurs of local eateries. We will never steer you wrong, nor will we ever steer you toward predictable, mundane chains. So while you’re in the Short North – whether for l unch, dinner, drinks, or any combination thereof – you’ve got to make your way to the corner of North High and Lincoln Streets to LEVEL Dining Lounge. For atmosphere, service, food or booze, you won’t be disappointed. We routinely visit LEVEL for quiet date times, family dinners with the kids, larger group gatherings and special occasions. Even with larger groups they are flawless. We’re always impressed they can offer the variety of menu items that they do, create each one to order and present them all simultaneously at the right serving temperature. For lighter fare, the California Cobb is filling and impeccably presented every time. Though the regular dressings are delicious, we suggest checking the seasonal menu. If there’s a salad there, they’ll serve your salad with that seasonal dressing, and it’s always something unique and tasty. Presently, the Cherry Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing offered on the seasonal Poached Pear Salad goes quite well with the Cobb.

So about the booze? Oh yes, it’s here and with great specials many nights of the week. ($4 Three Olives Vodka mixers on Friday are a favorite.) Our far-and-away favorite drink (if you’re not driving home) is the Silver Cosmo: Patron Silver Tequila, Cointreau, white cranberry juice and lime juice.

IF YOU’RE FEELING LIKE A SPLURGE MEAL, THE DEEP-FRIED BUFFALO STYLE RAVIOLI IS A CAN’T-MISS COMBINATION Lest we forget appetizers: Olive Tapenade and Tuna Tartare are our first choices. But when it comes to food, drink, service and atmosphere, you truly can’t go wrong at LEVEL Dining Lounge. There’s not enough space to cover the selection. If in doubt, ask your server or bartender for their choices. Brent, Steven, Josh, Ken or any others are all well-trained, personable and are great at offering suggestions.

In the mood for meat? No worries! LEVEL always satisfies. The Bourbon-Glaze Pork Ribeye, Flat-Iron Steak, Pork Cacciatore and Honey-Soy Salmon are not only favorites of ours, but give a good indication of the variety offered here. Side dishes range from rices to potatoes to pastas. None are mundane; each is prepared with a great deal of attention and is unique. If you’re feeling like a splurge meal, the deep-fried Buffalo Style Ravioli is a can’t-miss combination of breaded, Florentine-style raviolis with a creamy buffalo sauce and (just to make it all feel healthy) some spinach cooked in. This is Taste Bud Mike’s goto-favorite. Taste Bud Craig’s go-to-favorite is the Tofu Curry. It’s great with chicken, too, but the dish includes garbanzo beans, asparagus, red onions, and tomatoes in a curried coconut sauce served over basmati. 32

JUNE 2014

700 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214 614-754-7111


PERSPECTIVE | ADRIAN JAY NEIL-HOBSON I RECENTLY WATCHED the YouTube video Look Up. It is about how we as a society now spend more time on social media via technology then we do with our family and friends. Verbal face-to-face interaction has been substituted with text messages, Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets and Instagram posts. We are now more likely to stay updated with our friends and families via social media instead of gatherings or phone calls. We rely on technology so much now that we often miss precious moments. In my experience, dinners are no longer focused on spending time with family and friends around the table engaging in conversation with one another. Instead, people text or update their social media accounts. We have become afraid to approach someone for conversation or even befriend someone while waiting for a bus or striking up a conversation at a coffeehouse for fear of seeming weird or intrusive. All of this leads me to believe that social media isn’t really all that social. There are many people who defend social media and technology, and I can agree with some of their arguments. Social media allows us to keep up with the lives of our friends and families in a more simplistic and convenient way. Instead of making a long distance call to a relative just to see how they are doing, you can simply look on their Facebook page. Social media also enables us to share some of our most special moments with our families, friends and the world.



JUNE 2014

I will admit it is great to have the opportunity to share so many special moments in our lives in a broadcast manner, but how special are these moments if we are ignoring those who are with us in those moments? I hear more and more people say they feel alone. I can understand this sentiment because the norm is to not be fully engaged in a conversation or fully connect. Instead, the norm is to be texting or updating a social media status as you are talking to others. Likewise, the norm is parenting through social media or some type of electronic device. Social media is not totally negative. There are many positives and many ways in which it makes our lives more convenient, but where is the line? Even though we are able to capture and share many important moments, not every little moment needs to be shared with the world. Let’s try putting cell phones, laptops and iPads away to really enjoy life in the moment. Instead of texting during an intimate dinner, let’s stare into each other’s eyes. Rather than relying on an iPad to entertain the children, let’s take them to the park and allow them the joys that we had as children. It is time for some balance. Let’s stop being a generation of smart phones and silly people and start learning to coexist.

LET YOUR SMILE SHINE Cleaning/ Exam/ X-Rays Whitening Tooth colored Fillings (Bondings) Dental Implants Invisilign / Six Month Smiles Crowns P artials / Dentures


for an appointment

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Ian & Stephen



LONG BEFORE THEY WERE LEADING a charge for marriage equality and other civil rights in Ohio, Ian James and Stephen Letourneau met at a social event in 1999. Ian, who describes himself as gregarious, started up a conversation with a friend of Stephen’s. “I was talking to this girl who I just met, and she introduced Stephen to me,” says Ian. “Next thing you know, we have a dog and a house.” But their journey together wasn’t quite that simple. Stephen had been through a bad relationship and was cautious about jumping into something new. “I went on a date with Ian, and he was different from anyone I had ever dated,” said Stephen. On the first date, Ian arrived late and was dressed in yellow swim


JUNE 2014

trunks and a Motocross t-shirt. On other dates, Stephen suffered through a migraine and accidently stepped in dog poop. These crazy events continued to follow them through their lives, and Stephen took these as signs that he was a new person who was able to make it through these events. Ian, who grow up in Athens, Ohio, and Stephen, who grow up in Mentor, Ohio, then in upstate New York and finally in Cincinnati, Ohio, both came from supportive families that encouraged them to help others and “do good” in life. It is no surprise these two would go on to lead Freedom to Marry Ohio, to fight for marriage equality, to consult on monumental political campaigns and organize civil rights ballot measures. However, long before Stephen and Ian met, coming to terms with being gay and coming out to their own families still presented a set of challenges. Though Ian realized he was gay at age 5, he didn’t come out until age 27. “You can either come to

grips with who you are and be happy, or you can continue to be in denial and be unhappy,” explains Ian. “I chose happiness.” Stephen, who attended school and worked in John Boehner’s district in West Chester, Ohio, describes his experience: “You had to be Republican or straight, and it was easier to be straight.” His family was accepting of gay people, but the model they knew didn’t involve having gay people having a family. “With all the role models out there, they don’t make it easier to come out to your family,” says Stephen. “When you’re sitting with your parents, you don’t know what is going to happen.” Though their relationship suffered initially, he and his parents worked hard to stay close. Now Stephen’s parents love Ian. “Hands down, he’s their favorite son-in-law,” says Stephen. During Christmas of 2000, Stephen’s car stalled while returning from Cincinnati after a difficult visit with his family (involving an argument about gay marriage). Ian rescued Stephen and brought him back to their Columbus home. Stephen was not in a good mood, but Ian decided to move forward with his plan to propose that evening. They walked upstairs to find shreds of Tiffany blue from the ring box that had been attacked by their puppy, Waverly. Stephen immediately assumed the box contained a keychain and declared, with his back facing Ian, that he just wanted to go to bed. Ian inspected the chewed up box and found the ring intact. He decided, “No, I am doing this.” With Stephen’s back still turned to him, Ian got down on one knee and asked Stephen to marry him. Stephen responded, “If that is a keychain, that is not funny;

I am going to kill you.” Ian remained quiet, and Stephen, realizing this was the real deal, said, “Oh, say it again!” They returned to Cincinnati the next day to celebrate Christmas with Stephen’s family, and just 36 hours after their argument, they all celebrated the news of their engagement. Initially, Stephen and Ian planned a “big crazy wedding” in Columbus. Soon, the celebration started to become so overwhelming that they decided to postpone the wedding and put the money toward a business opportunity. Two years later in 2003, they were following Canadian marriage law and were prepared to make the trip as soon as they made their ruling. After Canada legalized gay marriage, the couple traveled to the country with plans set for the marriage process and the officiant, but figured out the details upon arrival. They married on a boat fittingly called “New Beginnings.” Befitting their early dates, they recited their vows while someone was trying to start a sea plane nearby. “It was actually great; our first big wedding got too big and out of control and didn’t feel like us,” explains Stephen. “We were fortunate that we had the opportunity to step back.” Ian and Stephen, who have been married for 11 years, were the first gay couple from Ohio to get married in Canada. When they returned from their trip, people questioned why they got married. “We just got married because we were in love,” Stephen explains. “We weren’t trying to change the world; it was a natural progression for us and our family.” To this day, they continue this message in communicating about marriage equality as a family protection issue. “It’s marriage, not ‘gay marriage,’” says Ian. “We didn’t get a free rainbow unicorn when we got married – sadly.”

2014 JUNE






Created Equal

| MICHAEL GREENHOUSE Calorie restriction doesn’t work – that is the reason most diets fail. Dropping extra pounds is not a simple matter of eating less – in fact, if you don’t eat enough, you set off a chain of molecular events inside your body that will actually cause you to gain weight. This is the term many call the starvation mode, where your body holds onto every bit of calories and substance as possible. It’s not as important with the amount of calories you consume as much as the type of calories. To know how to use calories correctly, you first must understand what a calorie is and where it comes from. A calorie is simply a unit of energy – it is defined as the quantity of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius. Our metabolism breaks down food and turns it into energy that gives us the will to move. Food is our fuel, but fuel is not created equal – that is well-known at the gas pump. You do not put 86 octane into a sports car that needs 92, but every day we put poor chemical-filled calorie foods into our bodies. Every day a new diets comes forward and every day another person fails on it. The reason is because most of these diets are based around one common rule: RESTRICTION. These diets restrict one of the three major forms of substance the body needs. Restriction not only causes your body to stockpile calories, it becomes harder to lose extra weight.

Deep down your body does not want to burn calories; that goes back millions of years ago to when our bodies did not know from where the next meal was coming. Eating more throughout the day allows your body to burn the extra calories because it will adapt to getting calories every few hours, thus burning what it doesn’t need. I educate all my students to schedule eating times; the reason for this is because over time your body will learn these refueling times and you will become hungry at those times as your body welcomes more calories.

IT’S MIND NUMBING TO THINK ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF FOODS THAT HAVE BEEN CHEMICALLY ALTERED. Now we know how to eat – but what to eat is the next hurdle. The food industry is becoming our worst enemy. Going into the grocery today is filled with reduced this, reduced that, and free that. It’s mind numbing to think about the amount of foods that have been chemically altered. If the food has been changed, so has the nutritional substance and calorie make-up. Thus the term “not every calorie is created equal” must be used. Humans are not made to eat chemically engineered foods and processed meats, but every day we scarf down these foods without a second thought. We as humans are biologically made to eat animals, plants and fruits. In other words, if you can catch it, plant it or pick it, then you eat it. If it’s made or modified in a lab, stay clear of it. Your body will not react the same by eating chemicals. They are foreign substances. Eat clean, pure foods that our bodies have been craving for the last 2 million years. It’s that simple. Learn more about Michael Greenhouse and Pure Functional Movements by visiting us at: 38

MAY 2014




George Takei

at Goodale Park

Friday, June 20 • 4 PM - 11 PM Saturday, June 21 • 11 AM - 8 PM

Saturday, June 21

Step-Off at 11am on Broad & Front


Photo Credit: Adam Bouska


PRIDE BRUNCH Sunday, June 22 11am - 1pm The Columbus Athenaeum


DJs and Dance Floor Friday and Saturday!

Alex Newell

Crystal Bowersox

Photo Credit: Michelle Rop



Entrance Donation Dog Tags and Wristbands Now on Sale!

Beverly McClellan

Vicci Martinez

For the full schedule of events visit: or call (614) 299-7764






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SEXPERT | JOHN HENRY, JR IN MY ROLE AS AN HIV test counselor and educator, I tend to focus heavily on HIV. When I talk about safe sex, whether expressly stated or not, I’m usually talking about reducing the risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV. I always add “and other STIs,” but what about those other sexually transmitted infections? There are so many “other STIs” that it is often hard to keep them all straight. Additionally, many are easily treated with antibiotics or tend to run their course without any serious complications. However, there are several exceptions to this rule, and we all could learn more about the “other STIs.” This month, just in time for the social and sexual festivities of Pride, I will address a biggie – human papillomavirus (HPV). According to the Centers for Disease Control, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. The virus is so common that most sexually active men and women will get at least one type of the virus at some point in their lives. While the virus is most commonly linked to genital warts and cervical cancer in women, there are many different types of HPV, and men are not immune from HPV-related cancers. The virus can also lead to cancers of the penis, anus and throat.


JUNE 2014

The risk of anal cancer is about 17 times higher in sexually active gay and bisexual men than in straight men. The scariest part is there is no real test for HPV other than routine pap exams that can check for the abnormal cells that could lead to cancer. Many women get pap exams regularly, but it’s not really happening for men. Even for you gay and bisexual men who are upfront and honest about their sex lives with their doctors, you probably won’t be tested, unless you specifically ask for the exam. Given the rate of HPV transmission across the country, what can we do to protect ourselves and our loved ones? Fortunately, there is now a vaccine that can protect us from four of the most common types of HPV, two of which are known to cause cancer. Gardasil® is now recommended for all 11-12 year old girls and boys. While most are not yet sexually active at that age, prevention is the objective here. It is best if young people can complete the series of three shots before they become sexually active for optimal protection. The vaccine is also recommended for young men and women through age 26 who were not vaccinated when they were younger. Through the Affordable Care Act, the vaccine is now covered by most private insurers and all those who are part of the exchange. The vaccine is also covered by Medicaid, and there are vaccine assistance programs for the uninsured. If you are over 26, you still may be eligible for the vaccine, but if not, it is important to have regular pap exams to check for abnormal cells. As always, the most important thing is to talk openly with your medical provider. Having a frank discussion with your doctor about your sexual health and habits can make all the difference and could potentially save your life. Free confidential HIV and STI testing is available at ARC Ohio’s locations. Anonymous HIV testing is available. For more information call 614-299-2437 or visit:


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4 Club 20 Old North Columbus 20 E Duncan Ave 614.261.9111 8 Exile Italian Village 893 N 4th St 614.299.0069 10 Wine on High Short North 789 N High St 614. 294.8466 13 Local Bar Short North 913 N High St 614.670.8958 14 Slammers Downtown 202 E Long St 614.221.8880

2 Axis Short North 775 N High St 614.291.4008 22 Wall Street Night Club Downtown 144 N Wall St 614.464.2800

EAT + DRINK. 11 12 21 23 25

La Fogata Grill Short North 790 N High St 614.294.7656 Level Dining Lounge Short North 700 N High St 614.754.7111 Union Short North 782 N High St 614.421.2233 Circus Short North 1127 N High St 614.421.2998 Barrel 44 Short North 1220 N High St 614.294.2277

28 BossyGrrl’s Pin-Up Joint Old North Columbus 2598 N High St

614.725.5402 00


SHOP. 9 The Garden Short North 1186 N High St 614.294.2869 18 Torso Short North 772 N High St 614.421.7663 19 Torso (in Exile) Italian Village 893 N 4th St 614.299.0069

ENGAGE. 5 ARC OHIO Clintonville 4400 N High St 614.299.2437 24 ARC OHIO Medical Ctr + Pharmacy Short North 1033 N High St 16 Stonewall Columbus Short North 1160 N High St 614.299.7764





DRINK. 3 6 15 17 20

26 Explorers Club Merion Village 1586 S High St 614.725.0155

Cavan Irish Pub Merion Village 1409 S High St 614.725.5502 Club Diversity Brewery District 863 S High St 614.224.4050 South Bend Merion Village 126 E. Moler St 614.444.3386 The Toolbox Saloon South Side 744 Frebis Ave 614.670.8113 Tremont Brewery District 708 S High St 614.445.9365

DRINK + DANCE. 1 A.W.O.L. Bar + The Barracks Olde Towne East 49 Parsons Ave 614.621.8779





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Ce C e Ceremonies & Weddings Corporate Retreats Reunions & Gatherings Anniversary Celebrations


rustic with breathtaking views The Grand Barn Barn n offers offers off ers r an atmosphere am at mo mos o osphe ph p h re e of of upscale, up cal ups ale le classic cllassi cla ss s s c romance rroma omance oma nce combined with the best amenities to make every event a success. A winding spiral staircase with woven grapevine railing to the upper loft/bar area is one example of the exquisite detail you will experience. Separate dressing/meeting areas are ideal for bridal party preparations or, in a corporate retreat setting, for smaller sessions or classes.


• Four well-appointed, Amish-built cabins sleep 8 to 15 • Charming White Oak Treehouse sleeps 4 • Famous Brew Haus Treehouse featured on Animal Planet’s “Tree House Masters” sleeps 2 • Cabins are walking distance to zip line and adjacent to mountain bike trails

CONTACT ME, OWNER KEVIN MOONEY, OR MY STAFF. WE WELCOME ALL PEOPLE TO BOOK EVENTS, WEDDINGS, CEREMONIES, & CELEBRATIONS! Home of The Grand Barn at The Mohicans • 22650 Vess Rd, Glenmont OH 44628 • 440-799-3419 • Find us on Facebook at The Grand Barn Wedding Center • Find us on Facebook at Mohican Cabins

| BRIAN SHINN AS WE EMBARK on Pride season, it is important to remember the path that each of us took to be where we are today. My coming out journey began in 1990, at the end of my freshman year of college at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. Being an openly gay man was a scary concept in small-town West Virginia at that time and certainly would subject me to ridicule and the risk of physical harm. However, I had accepted my status as a gay man, and I was ready to seek the comfort of other people who were feeling the same way. I started attending the meetings of our LGB student organization. For the first time, I met other people who were like me and who sought to live their lives openly. It was both terrifying and exciting. Eventually, the ability to share my experience with others in a safe and comfortable atmosphere made me more confident about being open about my sexual orientation. I took a leadership role in the student organization and became more willing to be an advocate on campus. My coming out at WVU reached its zenith on National Coming Out Day in 1992, when I gave a speech on campus about gay rights to a small gathering of students and university officials. There was no turning back after my picture and an article about my speech landed on the front page of the student newspaper above the fold the following day. I participated in the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation the following spring. It is estimated that approximately 800,000 to 1,000,000 people attended the march. It was the first time that I was in a large crowd of LGB people who were open about who they are, celebrating their individuality, and seeking government recognition of their civil rights. For a young activist, it was an extremely empowering and motivating experience. It inspired me to move forward to law school and to a career that has included significant political and social activism for the LGBTQ community. The sense of community and empowerment that I felt that day is the same experience that many people have at Pride festivals. Pride is both a personal celebration of who we are, as well as, a group celebration of our community and our common experience.

Brian Shinn is president of the Stonewall Columbus Board of Trustees. He serves as Chief of Staff to Franklin County Recorder Terry J. Brown, the first openly - LGBTQ county-wide elected official in Franklin County. Brian served on the Columbus Community Relations Commission for ten years. He and his partner Andrew Farmer live in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus.

Stonewall Columbus’ Pride 2014 is a great opportunity for LGBTQ individuals to come together to celebrate the vibrant and diverse LGBTQ community in Columbus and Central Ohio. There are many activities during the weekend of June 20 – 22 for all ages and interests, including the Pride Festival, the Pride Parade, and the Pride Brunch. The board and staff of Stonewall Columbus are very excited that we will be joined this year by George Takei as our Grand Marshal for the Pride Parade and our featured guest at the Pride Brunch. George has been an outspoken activist for LGBTQ equality and for social justice, and he is one of the most brilliant social commentators of our time. Every dollar raised from Pride assists Stonewall Columbus in providing programming and services to the Central Ohio LGBTQ community throughout the year, as well as maintaining our community center, The Center on High. Please support Stonewall Columbus by purchasing a dog tag or wristband, donating at the festival gates, donating to the Spirit Team along the parade route or donating at Happy Pride!

2014 JUNE


Quorum Columbus June 2014  
Quorum Columbus June 2014  

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