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APRIL 6 MOSAIC Test Driving Relationships

18 DEVELOPMENT Columbus Gets Greener

32 PERSPECTIVE Honest with Yourself

10 SCENE St. Patrick’s Pet Pub Crawl

20 FITNESS The Kettlebell

34 SCENE AIDS Walk Bar Crawl

12 THE TASTE BUDS Martini Modern Italian

22 FEATURE Quorum: Year One

38 MOVIES Rainbow Cinema Lacks Gold

14 SARA SHARES Let’s Assume We Shouldn’t

28 COUPLE Amy Wallister + McKenzie Spangler


16 APRIL BARTENDER Nicole Lamb, 16-Bit Bar

30 SEXPERT Who Are You Fooling?

45 ADJOURN Isaac Bendele

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CONTENTS On the Cover: Sarah Freytag | Model Marissa Reeves | Model Ray LaVoie | Photographer

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Michael Greenhouse

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Also on the crew:

Ray LaVoie, Photographer Mimi Webb, Scene Alex Copeland, Contributor Clayton Walter, Contributor Clare Hughes, Graphic Designer


Kris Littler

Joshua McCarty


Distribution Coordinator


Welcome to our first anniversary issue. I am proud to say it has been one year since we started this enterprise to celebrate our LGBTQA community and Columbus while we entertain, enlighten and engage readers. I hope you will agree that we have made great strides in doing just that.

ENTERTAIN We covered 87 social, organizational and community events that were depicted in words by 10 contributors and in more than 460 Scene photos taken by 20 talented photographers. We featured one Broadway performer, one Hollywood actor, two musicians and two TV personalities. And we covered a variety of drag, chorus and other entertainment events.

ENLIGHTEN Our team of 14 columnists shared countless ideas and opinions over the course of the year. We invited the leaders of Equality Ohio and FreedomOhio to share their approaches to secure marriage equality for Ohioans. Starting in July, we asked nine trailblazers, news makers and luminaries to write our Adjourn column. (I am highly appreciative of their willingness to share their wisdom – not one of those I asked said no!)

ENGAGE This year we heard from the voices of 72 LGBTQA people in our city and beyond. We also highlighted, reviewed, sampled and promoted 74 business establishments. We brought readers stories about fundraisers, politics, city concerns and community groups. Along the way, we shared many websites and resources to help readers make connections. We did all this and more. I say a huge thank you to each and every person who contributed to the first year of Quorum Columbus. The reception and feedback we have received from readers this year has been fabulous. On behalf of the entire crew, I send a special thanks to our readers for joining the Quorum. As you will see, this month we decided to be self-indulgent; our feature is all about our first year. Bowen Marshall test-drives relationships. Amy Tannenbaum presents a lovely local couple. JM Rayburn shares that with dedicated effort the city is finding that it is easy being green. John Henry Jr. encourages everyone not to be a fool for love. Isaac Bendele, our president and publisher, wraps up this anniversary issue with Adjourn. Year two starts here. Enjoy. Mickey J. Hart Editor


| BOWEN MARSHALL I WAS SHARING a plate of fried green tomatoes with my make-up artist friend at a restaurant in Georgia. This in and of itself is strange because neither of us are from nor live in Georgia. The world just has a way of bringing those dearest to us across our paths when we need it, or at least I’d like to think so. We were just about split the third tomato and order a second round of sweet tea and vodka when the topic of the men in our lives came up. I am coming up on the one-year mark of my first long-term relationship, and she was just beginning a new and exciting “relationship” with a man she called her Latin Lover. As she talked I smiled and lapped up her enthusiasm and hopefulness for the future. She was describing what I think of as the “new car smell,” when a relationship is fresh and unmarred, just like climbing into a new car. The “new relationship smell” can be a powerful and intoxicating aphrodisiac. Every feature of the new relationship, just as in a new car, is bright and shiny and carries with it the unquestioned promise of more to come. After describing in detail all the ways in which she was attracted to the man (albeit mostly physical), she paused, and the conversation turned to the reservations list---that list that makes you wonder if the new car smell is enough to take the relationship lease and drive it off the lot. Her biggest reservation was the degree to which she felt he misunderstood her, which she summed up by leaning back in the booth, waving her hand dismissively, and saying, “Sometimes when you’re a makeup artist, you have to remind people how smart you are. “ I was struck by that comment because it was a completely alien notion to me that someone would not see my friend for the brilliant person that she is. You see, she’s not just smart, but dedicated to using her intelligence to further her craft and create beauty in the world through her art. Why on earth would she have to explain this to anyone, let alone her new beau, when I found this to be self-evident?!


APRIL 2014

Relationships NEW RELATIONSHIPS... ARE FUNNY THAT WAY. THEY AREN’T JUST A “HI. YOU’RE ATTRACTIVE. LETS BE TOGETHER.” New relationships, in my opinion, are funny that way. They aren’t just a “Hi. You’re attractive. Let’s be together!” They are more like an extended introduction, in which you tell the other person truths about yourself and the things you want to be true about yourself … maybe the better person you hope to be as a result of being with them. So how do you know when to sign on the dotted line and take that shiny new relationship car home? I think it’s fairly simple: If they believe and affirm the truths that you tell them, your own features on display, as it were, without feeling like you have to remind them of, or prove those truths then they’re the one. But at that moment, my friend was still just taking a leisurely test drive. There was no need to throttle back the passion or anticipation. At this point in the relationship she is just a girl, heels over head for a boy, asking him to be her lover, no credit check necessary. And I couldn’t argue with that.

Now �at �e shadow of DOMA has lifted...

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Contracts, Business Litigation, Employment Issues, Wrongful Termination, Incorporation & Filings, Sales Agreements 6 1 4 - 8 0 0 - 0 4 7 9





APRIL 2014













Pet Pub Crawl: Good Time. Great Cause! 10


THE OFFICIAL 14th Annual Pub Crawl to Benefit Pets Without Parents kicked off on Saturday, March 15 at Slammers Bar before heading to nine other local bars throughout the Short North, the Southside and neighboring areas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Although much green beer was consumed, participants also turned out big donations for the no-kill animal shelter in the form of food, litter, blankets and monetary contributions. Be sure to put the 2015 crawl on your calendar for next year. It is held the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day most years. Find out more at:

APRIL 2014


Martini Modern Italian Rocks Our World THE TASTE BUDS

| CRAIG CHADWELL & MIKE MOFFO OUR FOOD REVIEWS are often filled with snark and sass. As a reflection of our personalities, we do our best to stay true-to-form. This month is going to be different. It is difficult to be sarcastic about an experience like we had at Martini Modern Italian. The greeter welcomed us to the back dining area where it wasn’t as loud and busy. We were very happy about this. As you will find, Martini isn’t a cheap restaurant. We wanted to be able to relax and enjoy this experience as much as possible. April introduced herself as our server. We knew the moment she spoke that we were going to have top-tier service. She was as professional as we have ever encountered and she knew absolutely everything about the menu. She didn’t come off as arrogant, as many servers can when they are serving that caliber of food. She was real. She was funny. She was fun. The way she described the special made Taste Bud Mike want to get it. It was seafood. Mike doesn’t eat seafood. Pan- seared scallops? EWW! But she had him drooling, almost literally. Alas, we each started with a cocktail: a Dark Cherry Manhattan for Mike and an Italian Grapefruit Gimlet for Craig. These drinks were crafted with love and skill. Manhattans are so difficult to get right, but this was flawless … both times. And likewise, there was perfection in both of the Grapefruit Gimlets, made with Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka, Aperol, hand-squeezed grapefruit and lime. Moving on, we each ordered Filet Mignon and Veal Milanese. Each came with a salad. One salad was comprised of fresh greens, pine nuts, house-made dressing, blue cheese crumbles and the most incredibly perfect tomatoes one could imagine. The other salad was your basic Caesar, but it definitely didn’t taste “basic.” As we were finishing our salads, April came back to let us know that the filet was finishing and gave us the option of bringing it out then or allowing it to rest before final presentation. We chose to let it rest. Normally, a medium rare steak left to rest would chill too much for our liking. Somehow, they flawlessly did so. The steak was the perfect temperature and you could have used the handle end of a plastic butter knife to cut through it. There is a reason this was voted the best steak in the city. Topped off with Cambozolo Butter and lying in a Chianti Wine Reduction, this piece of meat was perfect.


APRIL 2014

The veal was very lightly breaded. The flavor of the meat itself needed no frills to make it delicious. The sauce that graced the plate was tart, full and in perfect quantity. On a bed of fresh (locally purchased) pasta, the only thing wrong with the veal was that it wasn’t another Filet Mignon. We capped the evening off by splitting Tiramisu made in-house by the pastry chef. In the form of a coffee cup, what would normally be the “ceramic” was divine chocolate. The presentation of the dessert made it almost too pretty to eat. But for you, we did. Taking this stroll through food perfection was enough to make us want to go back and visit again and again.

THE STEAK WAS THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE AND YOU COULD HAVE USED THE HANDLE END OF A PLASTIC BUTTER KNIFE TO CUT THROUGH IT. When you go, ask for April. She truly is an asset to the restaurant and a very nice complement to a phenomenal meal. Every restaurant should be so lucky to have an April on staff. We give Martini an overly animated four thumbs up. There is absolutely nothing we would change about our dining experience.

445 North High Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 | 614.224-8259

Craig & Mike have been a couple for more than 11 years and were married in Washington, DC, in 2012. They are the proud parents of three young adults. They appreciate friends, riding their motorcycles, reasonably-priced local eateries, good wine, and a nice IPA beer. With the amazing number of excellent locally-owned restaurants in Columbus, they always encourage you to “eat local” to support local businesses.

superlow 1200T

LGBT GARAGE PARTY! JOIN FELLOW RIDERS AS WE WELCOME OUR MOTORCYCLING LGBT BROTHERS AND SISTERS. FRIDAY, MAY 9TH FROM 6-7PM, come to C&A Harley-Davidson to see vendors, tattoo artists, and riding demonstrations. Then SATURDAY, MAY 10 FROM 6-9PM, join us at Circus Restaurant and Bar, 1227 N High St Columbus, for C&A HARLEY-DAVIDSON BIKE NIGHT.


C & A H ar l e y- Davi ds o n 7 6 1 0 C o m m er c e P l ac e Plain City / Dublin 6 1 4 - 7 6 4 - B I KE 2014 Breakout




ASSUMPTIONS. WE ALL make them on some level. We usually don’t do it maliciously and sometimes, we turn out to be right. This does not, however, mean we are right in making them. There are a number of things that go into the assumptions we make about people. Usually, it’s past experience. Sometimes it is the mood we are in at any given moment. Whatever it is, assumptions can come from places of negativity, ignorance or fear. Recently, I received an email at my day job that was addressed to “Mrs. Ernest.” Some people may find it extreme that a salutation in an email, a common courtesy, would evoke a level of frustration high enough to lead me to devote this month’s column to it. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that the sender was being courteous. It’s the fact that he made the assumption that I am married that speaks to a larger issue. The problem is that the sender made the leap from “woman of a certain age to be in a professional position” to “married woman.” To some, this may seem to be solely a feminist issue. I would argue that this thought process is detrimental to many segments of our society—especially queer people. Do I want to be married? Absolutely. My partner and I are engaged; we just haven’t figured out the way that’s best for us to make everything official. Do I consider myself to be in a committed relationship that is equivalent to or better than many legal marriages that I know? Without a doubt. The recent comings out of Ellen Page and Michael Sam are perfect examples of the varying levels of assumptions that people regularly deal with. There has been talk for years that Page is a lesbian. I’m not sure whether that was wishful thinking or based on solid information, but once it was out there, many people jumped on the bandwagon.


APRIL 2014

Some people were so comfortable with their thoughts about her life that all they could muster was an “it’s about time” and gave a negative reaction to an empowering situation – like they knew better than she did and were more upset about the fact that it “took her so long” than the fact that she was being honest and was now comfortable enough to live her truth. Michael Sam may have a harder road to travel. Why does society assume that just because a man is gay he can’t be in the presence of any other men without allowing his “lustful cockmonster” (thank you Chris Kluwe for that little gem of a phrase) to come out? Some people think that just because Sam prefers the company of men, he won’t be able to get ready for a game without obsessing over his naked teammates in the shower. Oh, my god, what if he turns all his teammates gay just by being gay in the locker room? Seriously, what is that about?

THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS WE MAKE ASSUMPTIONS EVERY DAY. There are so many ways that we make assumptions every day, whether it’s making fun of the obese person who is actually doing everything they can to lose weight, or worrying about that 5-year-old boy who plays with Barbie dolls because he’s obviously going to grow up and become a little fairy who can’t take care of himself. Maybe we should step outside ourselves and our fears and open our minds to the fact that we don’t actually know everything about everyone else’s life. How about we give others the benefit of the doubt every now and again? We might find that the world is a much more pleasant place when we do.

BARTENDER OF THE MONTH VENTURE DOWN FOURTH AVENUE to the hot and happening stretch that includes the El Camino Inn, Dirty Frank’s and Little Palace and you will discover the ‘80s –‘90s throwback fun that is 16-Bit Bar + Arcade. The bar offers a wide selection of beers, an interesting array of cocktails and classic video arcade games (Pac Man, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Burger Time and Frogger). Nicole has worked as a bartender for seven years at very different places, but she has found a home in 16-Bit Bar. In the past, she had to adjust her appearance (and hair color) accordingly to the place. “Luckily at 16-bit, I get to be myself. I am part of the original staff members at 16-Bit and I plan to keep it that way! I feel very lucky to be a part of this crew and company,” she said.


Nicole Lamb


16-Bit Bar + Arcade 254 South Fourth Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 614.222-1616

The bar features specialty cocktails with fun and familiar names. Old School Cocktails include Kevin Bacon (with real bacon jerky garnish!), John Stamos and Patrick Swayze. New Wave Cocktails include Cyndi Lauper, Punky Brewster and Winnie Cooper. Old School Cocktails are discounted on Tech Tuesdays and New Wave Cocktails are reduced on Tiger Beat Thursdays. Stop in from 8– 11p.m. to get these drink specials for $2 off the regular price. The games and drinks draw in people from all walks of life. “We all yell at our favorite games, trash talk to our friends and have big dreams of making the leader board,” she said.


Patrick Swayze Muddled mint + Simple Syrup + Fresh squeezed lime juice + Pinnacle Gin + Gosling’s Ginger Beer *Shake with ice and enjoy


Nicole is a 2008 graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design. Her art training comes in handy when updating the bar’s chalkboards. She has a red Pomeranian named Whiskey, of course. PHOTO | JOSHUA MCCARTY


APRIL 2014


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Columbus has North America’s greenest fleet.

Columbus Gets Greener DEVELOPMENT

| JM RAYBURN RECOGNIZING THE ROLE a healthy environment plays in creating a city in which people want to live, work and raise a family, Mayor Michael B. Coleman established the Get Green Columbus initiative in 2005. The Mayor’s Office of Environmental Stewardship manages the initiative, focusing internally on city operations as well as externally partnering with stakeholders from throughout the community. To assist in guiding the efforts of Get Green Columbus, the Mayor convenes an advisory group of city staff and community members as well as business and environmental experts known as the Mayor’s Green Team. The group meets every other month and is further supported by six working groups: Education and Engagement; Energy; Business; Greenspace and Green Building; Growth and Development; and Transportation. A year ago, yours truly was recruited to join the Growth and Development working group. In this capacity, I have lent my time, effort and skills to such projects as recycling for apartments and condominiums as well as recycling policies at all community festivals. This past January, I was appointed to the Mayor’s Green Team to work on the city’s third sustainability master plan, which will be implemented between 2015 and 2020. Together with the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Stewardship, cabinet members and Green Team identify and implement projects to reduce the impact on the environment through the city’s influence.


APRIL 2014

Why is going green important? It’s important because investments in sustainability lead to long-term costsavings, job creation and economic resiliency to secure Columbus’ continued growth. For example, the benefits of recycling are numerous. They include helping the environment, saving energy, reducing waste buried in landfills and creating and retaining local jobs. In Ohio, recycling is a $22.5 billion business, providing more than 100,000 jobs. Recycling 10,000 tons of waste creates 36 jobs as compared to landfilling the same amount of waste, which creates only six jobs. About 80percent of the materials recycled in Columbus stay within a 150-mile radius and are used by local companies for a second life in the economy. Furthermore, every ton of trash diverted from the landfill saves the city $55.42 in landfill fees and it extends the lifespan of the landfill. These savings enable the city to better fund services like roads, sidewalks, fire trucks, police cars and other community needs. Last May, Quorum Columbus covered another sustainability project. The largest solar project of its kind in Ohio was installed on the roof the City’s Fleet Maintenance facility. The 2,650 panels produce more than 60 percent of the building’s electricity needs. This project was completed through a 20-year power purchase agreement with no upfront cost to the city.


Feel Great Inside & Out

I have given you two examples of how Columbus is benefiting from going green. In reality, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The city is doing its due diligence to improve the quality of life and safeguard our economy through sustainability initiatives. You can do your part to foster a greener, stronger Columbus. This month marks Columbus Earth Week. During the week of April 19 – 26, thousands of our neighbors will volunteer in projects across the region to put in the hard work needed to keep our communities clean and green. Find out how you can give back at








Get Green Lazarus is established building renovation

Central Ohio Green Pact

Green Fleet Action Plan

Audubon Center opens

Big Darby Accord

Greenview Estates

US Climate Protection Agreement

Air quality alert action plan

Paperless payroll

Pedal Instead

Whetstone green roof

Demolition debris recycling

Paper GreenSpot Conservation launched Executive Order Bicentennial Bikeway Plan






Green Columbus Fund

First CNG station breaks ground

RecyColumbus launched

CoGo Bike share program

RecyColumbus expansion

Fifth Avenue Dam breached

Main Street Dam breached

Columbus Blue Print

Main Street Bridge opens with separate bikeway DPU green roof installed

Quasar biodigester

Environ. Mgmt. system established

Hosted Car2go care International sharing EcoSummit program Electric car charging stations

AWARE manual

Alum Creek Trail complete

Groves Road Planning for solar array Green Memo 3

Duramatters Massage Jay B. Stanforth

,, ,,



60 AND 90 MINUTE SESSIONS 614.395.7630

The Power Of

Your Functional, One-Piece Workout:


| MICHAEL GREENHOUSE SPRING IS IN THE air. Hopefully, that also means sunny skies and warmer weather. With the seemingly neverending winter finally ending, it is time to get outside and enjoy the weather! Not only will the warmer weather bring a smile to your face, but it opens the door to your very own outside fitness studio. The grass turns green and the parks fill with fitness fans. The outdoors is a great place to unwind and break a sweat. In the summertime, I do a great deal of my training outside. When training, I have a bag with a few simple pieces of fitness equipment that I carry with me: my own “gym in a bag.” I will focus on one piece of equipment this month: the kettlebell. Lately, the kettlebell has been gaining popularity. Many of my students enjoy working with it. Let’s look at uses for kettlebells. Known as a Girya, the kettlebell is a cannonball with a flat bottom and a molded handle. Throughout history, it became synonymous with strength, so much so that the Russian term for strongman is “Girevik” or “Kettlebell Lifter.” First used in military conditioning programs, it is an excellent tool for improving fitness and performance. The kettlebell training is an old-school fitness tool that holds great promise for current fitness seekers. Movements performed with the kettlebell are groundbased and cause stability on your feet, thus teaching you to use your body to produce and control force. The exercises that can be done with this piece of equipment are limited only by your imagination and strength. Movements done with a kettlebell cause more muscles to fire than a simple dumbbell or machine. Therefore, it is a greater functional piece of equipment. It’s great for stabilization and increasing strength. And it also destroys your core (in a good way). Benefits to Kettlebell Training: • Displaced Center of Gravity – Causes more stabilization muscles to fire • Thick Handles – Increase grip strength • Variety – Endless amount of exercise • Trains Hip Extension – Increase powers • Trains Deceleration – Helps reduce chance of injury • Balance of Tension and Relaxation – Increases movement power and speed


APRIL 2014

MOVEMENTS DONE WITH A KETTLEBELL CAUSE MORE MUSCLES TO FIRE THAN A SIMPLE DUMBBELL OR MACHINE. These science-based benefits will help to develop a strong and stable body quicker. Each one of these benefits cannot be found in a dumbbell or fixed machine, which is why kettlebell training is a type of training that stands alone. Here is a list of favorite kettlebell exercises: • Squat Row • Goblin (Front) Squat • Side Lateral Swings • Single Arm Squat Press with Twist All of the exercises above can be accomplished with just one piece of exercise equipment, so you do not need a full gym. All you need is the cost for a starter kettle-bell (about $25) and some space. The biggest hurdle in using a kettlebell is getting the correct weight. I suggest basing your kettlebell purchase on your current fitness level. If you’re a fitness novice, consider the range of eight pounds-18 pounds. More advanced? Use 26 pounds-56 pounds. And for the fitness elite, try 56 pounds or more. So this month as the weather warms and the sun begins to shine, take your kettlebell and get outside. Start training!

Michael Greenhouse owns Pure Functional Movements and specializes as a personal trainer in the areas of: • Exercise Physiology • Bio-mechanics • Strength & Conditioning • Diet • Rehabilitation Therapy Learn more about his services at:


Celebrating Our

First Year!



Community in Quorum By the Numbers


Scene Photos

Facebook Likes

Condom Images




Pride Photos





| Shaun Whybark, April

Self-esteem, both on the individual and community level, must be and be seen as something of value. Being judgmental is an aspect of the Queer community, an essential piece of our interconnected fabric but so is finesse. Being bitchy is a choice. 22

APRIL 2014


#Wantlocal Places

Community Events


| Josh McConaughy, May Make the rounds. AWOL, Exile, and Union all have great patios that have been recently renovated. Cavin Irish Pub, Club Diversity, and Tremont all offer great outdoors spaces. Best of all, these outdoor spaces will be packed with fun and interesting a choice.

1 President and First Lady City Council member Broadway performer Hollywood star

People in Quorum By the Numbers

Michael J. Willet: Our New G.B.F.

| Isaac Bendele, February “I don’t want to go a gay prom. I don’t want to get gay married. I just want to go to prom. I just want to get married, maybe.” Tanner just wants to be a kid like anyone else.

NFL Player pink bunny man winking dog


| Jim Ryan, July As LGBTQ people, we share something that we may not share with any members of our family of origin, something that spans age, race, ethnicity, gender, and a host of other factors that may otherwise define us as different from one another. Our freedom has been possible because we are part of every community that exists in this nation and world.


| Sara Ernest, June It saddens me to recall conversations I’ve had with bi and trans friends who are not comfortable or able to acknowledge their deepest truths. It frustrates me to think a community like ours, so reviled by some, would turn around and do the same to some of our own. How dare we judge others who are only seeking the equality we fight for so vehemently?


People in Quorum By the Numbers



ol C r


o ay


ot Br

10 t

es W a




| Michael Greenhouse, August

r Ba

Connect with workout buddy. … Having that friend there will not only push you to do better, it will make it entertaining and give you something to look forward to on a regular basis.



i rn

e at Fr





e nd



l up


s er

14 20


p ra g o ot


ag Dr

s en




s ice




Adjourn: Mindfulness and Reflection | Shane Morgan, November

I think back to when I was a kid and my folks would always say that when I grew up, I‘d meet and marry a nice Jewish man who was a doctor, I don’t think anybody got what they necessarily envisioned for me. I mean, they did get the “nice Jewish man,” but I know what they had in mind wasn’t what they got! 24

APRIL 2014

| JM Rayburn, June I view [the LGBT community] as an opportunity to market to the rest of the country, says Mayor Michael Coleman. This is an asset of our city. The LGBT community is a community that is very creative, a community that brings a lot of opportunity with it. When I go out recruiting businesses, I say this is one of the reasons why they should relocate their business to Columbus.

FIRST PERSON: OUR GSA | Lotte Brewer, September At The Wellington School, our GSA strives to protect LGBTQ rights within our community, and it serves as an overall support group composed of LGBTQ people AND their straight allies. To me, it is a place where people can feel safe.

FEATURE: OUT VOICES | Angie Wellman, October

I find that coming to a place of positive self-regard for many LGBTQ people is still a very difficult journey. I don’t care how many episodes of Glee your family has seen; choosing to share this part of yourself with them is still very intimidating. Traffic: Global New Visitors












| Tom Grote, December

In June, I sat at my office desk glued to my computer as I read the blog from the Supreme Court regarding the decisions around the landmark cases on gay marriage. The decisions and applications of those decisions would prove to be more than many would have ever hoped. But the affirmation from the highest court in the land was even more meaningful to me.

CULTURE: CULTURAL BUCKET LIST | Que Jones, January My challenge to you in 2014 is to enrich your life culturally. …It is so easy to find what we like in the world and tune everything else out. These pleasant blinders hide so many wonderful things from us. Be adventurous and try new things.


APRIL 2014


| Dwayne Steward, February

We must remember who we are by remembering those who paved the way. The LGBTQ rights fight isn’t a new fight. It‘s a fight that is well documented by the luminaries of our past, including black gay luminaries.


| Clayton Walter, March

Homophobia didn’t exactly run rampant, at least not in the aggressively hateful style of Westboro Baptist Church and their ilk. Instead, it was a passive, ignorant state of being: out of (immediate) sight, out of mind.


Meetings First Friday of Each Month

Fusion is a social space for the Central Ohio GLBTQ college-age community and their allies. It is a safe place to hang out and meet friends: A place to be.

Hosted by:

CSCC Pride Columbus State Community College Center for Workforce Development Fourth Floor Ballroom 315 Cleveland Ave • Columbus, OH 43215


DJ / Dancing and Photo Booth Light hors d’œuvres and drinks Performances by Alexis Stevens and Selena T. West @StonewallFusion

Fusion is made possible by the generous support of Cardinal Health.

Amy Wallister & McKenzie Spangler COUPLE

|AMY TANNENBAUM WHEN THEY FIRST MET, Amy and McKenzie had to keep their relationship on the down-low – but not for the reasons you might expect. They met while working at a Staples store together, when Amy was transferred to the store where McKenzie worked. In fact, Amy was McKenzie’s boss! Amy first noticed McKenzie at party thrown by a colleague six months before Amy’s transfer took place. When she finally completed her transition to the store, she saw her again and “just got warm fuzzies in my tummy.” Amy jumped at the chance to give McKenzie a ride home from work one night; McKenzie began hitting on her and it was then she knew the feeling was mutual. They agreed to secretly meet at a nearby Starbucks after their next work shift. Fearful that their relationship would affect their jobs, they kept it a secret for a little over a year – save for a select few whom they could trust – until Amy was unexpectedly laid off. After that, “We could tell everyone!” McKenzie exclaimed. Amy was born and raised in Tiffin, a small town in northwest Ohio. Amy came to Columbus to attend OSU, and after spending a few years back home to take care of her mother, she returned to Columbus for good. McKenzie, who grew up in Reynoldsburg, always loved visiting Columbus and knew she’d want to live in a city as an adult. Amy and McKenzie share a love for Columbus – its culture, diversity, and LGBTQ community. They live together just outside German Village.


APRIL 2014

For both Amy and McKenzie, coming out to their parents, which preceded their relationship, had its challenges. Even after having multiple girlfriends, McKenzie’s parents refused to accept her “lifestyle choice.” While Amy has been out to everyone in her life for a long time, she’s never officially told her elderly and religious parents. However, since Amy and McKenzie have become a couple, both sets of parents have come around. When McKenzie brought Amy home to meet her parents, “it was like she was a part of the family right away,” she explains. “They’ve definitely come a long way.” Meanwhile, when Amy’s parents first heard of McKenzie, they were happy to hear that Amy was not living alone. At one of the first holidays they spent together, Amy’s father hugged McKenzie before he hugged anyone else. Amy is one of nine siblings. “We love spending time together,” McKenzie says. They love playing tennis, doing home renovation projects and going on walks with their Chihuahua/German Shepherd/Lab mix Nooner. “There are some days I don’t want to be with anyone else but her, just being goofy and having fun!” says McKenzie. They schedule a date night once a week. Wait, there is some bling on McKenzie’s finger. So how did the proposal happen? “We’d been talking about getting married someday,” Amy says, “but we decided that because McKenzie was much

younger, that she should be the one to ask.” Amy agreed that she’d buy the ring – so she asked for her to just give her enough of a heads up ahead of time so she could save up the money and purchase it. Late last summer, Amy’s friend Toni asked her: “Why haven’t you asked? You guys are so great together.” When Amy explained that McKenzie was going to ask, Toni responded, “If you go ahead and ask, I bet you she will say yes and will not be offended.” Amy gave it some thought, began looking at rings, and finally saved enough money and bought one in November. After thinking of many ways to propose, Amy decided to go back to the site of their first date – at Starbucks. This particular one was inside a Barnes & Noble, and McKenzie went to look

for some magazines. When McKenzie returned, Amy asked, “Did you find anything good to look at while we’re drinking coffee?” Before McKenzie had a chance to respond, Amy said, “Oh yeah, I found something good too!” and lifted her hand to reveal a ring box on the table. “Then I cried, and it was cute,” says McKenzie. Though they have some ideas for their future wedding, McKenzie and Amy have some other things they want to accomplish first; Amy is almost done with school and McKenzie is going back. Ideally, they’d love to get married on a beach somewhere with family and close friends. “We’d love it to be legal here in Ohio when we get married,” says Amy. “But it won’t stop us.”



| JOHN HENRY, JR THE MONTH OF APRIL is framed by two conflicting holidays. On April 1, we celebrate April Fools’ Day by playing practical jokes on one another. The last day of the month is National Honesty Day, which is thought to be a response to all of the beginning of the month’s falsehoods. On National Honesty Day, when asked a question one should respond with a truthful and straightforward response. While I have heard of many people participating in April Fools’ Day, I have never heard of anyone observing National Honesty Day. I think the popularity of these days is reflective of our society’s interest in the ideas they are grounded in. Fooling others for one’s own benefit is much more common than open and genuine exchanges with one another.

WE ARE CONSTANTLY POLICING OUR OWN DESIRES BASED ON WHAT SOCIETY HAS TOLD US WE SHOULD WANT. This is perhaps most apparent in our sexual and emotional lives. Far too often we find out that someone we trusted has deceived us and hurt us in the process. Sometimes, deception is very straightforward and malicious. More often, it is the result of a lack of communication and expression of needs and desires. Whatever the cause, I assume that most of our readers can relate to playing the fool at some point in their life. Maybe some would even admit to fooling someone else.


APRIL 2014

So why is honesty so difficult? Many are not honest with themselves, so being true to someone else is almost impossible. We are constantly policing our own desires based on what society has told us we should want. If you don’t want to be in a committed relationship, why make someone else think that is what you want, only to hurt them in the end? Why continue to have one-night-stands and casual hook-ups if what you want is a committed relationship? Figure out what you desire and then work on finding someone in a similar place. The second aspect of honesty is being real with others. Express what you want clearly without hurting the other person. Don’t pretend to be in a relationship with someone in order to get sex on a regular basis. If you are looking for a “friends with benefits” situation, let that other person know. It will save both of you a lot of pain, frustration and anger in the long run. Some people feel that being too honest can hurt other’s feelings or make them feel objectified. While this is true, hurting someone before they really know you and become attached is much better than revealing yourself later on and making that person feel like a pawn in your game of deception. Strive for more open and honest connections and don’t let yourself become the fool. Free confidential HIV and STI testing is available at ARC Ohio’s locations. Anonymous HIV testing is available. For more information call 614-299-2437 or visit

SouthBend "Still Your Favorite Corner Bar!"

*The Ukulele Cowboy Society Sun April 6 - 6 to 8pm

*Mr Southbend Pageant Sat April 26 - 6pm

*The Blackburn Project Sun April 13 - 6 to 8pm

*Sharon Snatch Sun April 27 - 8 & 10pm

*Bobby Hamlin Sun April 20 - 6 to 8pm

Hours: Mon / Sat - Noon to 2:30 / Happy Hour Noon to 8 / Sun 12 to 12 Nightly Events call for more info or visit us at 126 E. Moler St. Columbus, Ohio (614) 444 - 3386

Free WiFi * Free Parking * Never A Cover


| ADRIAN NEIL, JR AS MANY OF YOU know I am new to being a columnist. Sure, I have written essays, theses, etc., but I have never written a column for a magazine; it’s very intimidating. Each month, so many thoughts run through my mind: What will people think of my column? Will they enjoy it? Will they even read it? Am I good enough for this? When thinking about what to write for this month, I had a totally different topic. I had about two and a half paragraphs written and then I stopped. I started to question my topic and I started to doubt myself. I was stuck. I realized for the majority of my life, I have always wondered and worried about what people thought of me, and because of that, I have missed out on some awesome opportunities. I was a dance major in college, and even now, I find myself wishing I had joined a dance company. Then I, without fail, doubt my abilities. As I thought about the numerous times I have allowed myself to either get stuck or quit some-thing, I wondered how many others do the same. How many of us strive to be perfect and then go into a depression or feel as though we have failed when we realize we aren’t perfect? My mom always told me practice makes perfect. She was wrong. Practice makes persistence. There is no such thing as perfection.



APRIL 2014

As you may have read in John Henry’s Sexpert column, the last day in April is National Honesty Day. It is a day that is dedicated to telling the truth. On this day you can walk up to anyone and ask them a question and they have to be honest (assuming that they know it’s honesty day). This day was created because the first day of April, as we all know, is April Fool’s Day, a day dedicated to falsehoods. How many of us are honest with ourselves? How many of us can look in the mirror to point out our every flaw but, most importantly, to point to all the wonderful aspects of ourselves that make us who we are? Often the word “honesty” can have negative connotations. When you tell someone you need to be honest with them, they often prepare themselves for some bad news. I would like to change that. I wish everyone could get honest with themselves and each other in order to share some-thing positive. Walk up to someone and say, “Can I be honest with you? You have an amazing smile.” I will start by being honest with myself. Adrian Jay Neil Jr., you may not be the best writer in the world or the best dancer in the world, but you have something inside of you that no one else does: your voice. Your words are unique and as important as anyone else’s. Now it’s your turn.

Crab Races

with Kris



Crabalanche; I’m not Irish, but my Crab is; Capt. Americrab; Iron Claw, Purple Nerple; G - Moll - Lee; King Vitamin; Ermagerd; Athena; Clitter Box; Semen Demon; Liza with a “Z”

The crabs have been tearing up the racetrack since returning from their recent vacation. The races have been full of fun, laughter and winners; the only thing missing is you.



Fred; Tom; Missing People Eater; T; Jayne; Kevin; Steve; Turbo; Kim and Rick Crabshley.



The annual Easter Crab Race will be held on ThursdayApril 17 at Exile. Join us!

Come join the race! Local Bar: Mondays at 9:30 p.m. Exile Bar: Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. FASCINATING FACT

The Hermit crab is a decapod crustacean. It belongs to the Paguroidea superfamily.

Until then, S t a y C r a b b y !

FOLLOW THE CRABS /CrabRacingwithKris


| JOSH MCCONAUGHY THE THIRD ANNUAL AIDS Walk Bar Crawl took place on Saturday, March 8. The crawl is the kick-off registration event for the Dr. Robert J. Fass Memorial AIDS Walk. Attendees on both the Short North and the German Village routes appeared to have a blast. This year’s AIDS Walk takes place on Saturday, April 19 at 10:30 AM at McFerson Commons in Downtown. The walk is the biggest HIV/ AIDS fundraiser in Central Ohio and benefits the AIDS Resource Center Ohio, Camp Sunrise, Montaña de Luz, FACES at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Ohio AIDS Coalition. I classify this as a MUST ATTEND event! It’s a fun experience that is very well attended by the LGBTQ community, as well as, many of our straight friends. This year’s goals are to raise $233,000 in funds and to involve 1,500 participants. Whether you can raise $2,500 or $25, everything counts! The proceeds go to directly raise awareness and fund HIV/AIDS service organizations in Central Ohio. For more information visit:

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l a W 34

April 2014

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Columbus 2043 — The Next Thirty Years May 31, 2014 Archie Griffin Ballroom of the Ohio Union

Attend the 31st Annual HRC Columbus Gala The Human Rights Campaign represents a force of more than one million members and supporters nationwide. As the largest national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights organization, HRC envisions an America where LGBT people are ensured of their basic equal rights, and can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in the community. Join HRC Columbus at its 31st Gala held at the Ohio Union for a chance to support a worthwhile cause, enjoy great entertainment, and celebrate with the HRC community!

Rainbow Cinema MOVIES

| CLAYTON WALTER HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS ONLY want a rainbow if they know there’s a pot of gold to be found at its end. This year, April marks the beginning of blockbuster season for Hollywood, with Captain America: The Winter Soldier getting the popcorn parade started a month earlier than usual. Hollywood is sure to fill our screens with plenty of explosions, car chases, and steamy (straight) romances over the next few months, as the moneyhungry studios always do. Studios tend to target young men with their tentpole releases (a term referring to those huge movies that serve as anchors for a studio’s slate), and sadly, that focus excludes depictions of homosexuality and queerness. Why is Hollywood so shy to go gay? At the movies, every decision is about the money, but even so, history suggests that studios should take a chance on an LGBTQ movie once in a while. While movies that specifically target queer audiences tend to lack box office traction – a certain level of camp turns off more casual movie-goers – certain prestigious titles break out, especially when they garner Oscar love. While not blockbusters by any stretch of the imagination, movies like The Kids Are All Right and Dallas Buyers Club are huge profit-makers: both quintupled their production budget in domestic grosses. Brokeback Mountain was extremely buzzy upon release and considered edgy, given its release predated the surge of greater tolerance and acceptance the LGBTQ community has received in recent years. The modern classic grossed more than 150 million dollars worldwide, against a measly 14 million dollar budget (according to Box Office Mojo). That’s incredible.


APRIL 2014

Lacks a Pot of Gold And then there’s Frozen, Disney’s mega-hit animated musical that became one of the highest-grossing animated offerings from the House of Mouse. The tale of Elsa’s quest for self-acceptance versus society’s fear of the outsider can be read as a thinly veiled allegory for coming out of the closet. As such, Disney could claim Frozen as the highest-grossing LGBTQ movie ever. But of course they won’t, because who knows what outcry would ensue? For now, queer stories on the big screen are left to specialty distributors, such as Sony Pictures Classics, which is releasing Ira Sachs’ latest gay romance, Love is Strange later this year. Other notable releases usually hail from other countries (this year’s well-received Stranger By the Lake, for instance), are little-seen documentaries (such as God Loves Uganda, about the plight of the LGBTQ community in the eponymous nation) or barely make it to theaters at all. Even James Franco’s involvement couldn’t help Interior. Leather Bar. make a splash earlier this year, though the hardcore quasidocumentary was never destined to be widely seen. As the face of our country changes, we must be patient for Hollywood to catch up. Hopefully the days of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans characters being used as punchlines are largely behind us, though disgusting examples do still occur. Shedding bad habits doesn’t mean the show business bigwigs know how to treat our community, how to appeal to us, how to celebrate us or how to depict us. As tolerance increases and equality spreads, hopefully that progress will be reflected on the silver screen with more nuanced portrayals of sexual minorities. For now, Netflix and specialty theaters are the bastions of such cinema.

Disney could claim Frozen as the highest-grossing LGBTQ movie ever.


Gallery Hop Open Shoot: Project Fight AIDS & AIDS Walk Central Ohio D: Saturday, April 5 T: 6:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. L: ARC Ohio Medical Center & Pharmacy, 1033 N. High St. Three Ring Drag Brunch D: Sunday, April 6 T: 11 a.m. L: Circus Restaurant and Bar The Ukulele Cowboy Society D: Sunday, April 6 T: 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. L: Southbend Tavern BRAVO’s LGBTQ I Community Self-Defense Course D: Wednesdays, April 9, 16, 23, 30 (and May 7) T: 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. L: Columbus Public Health, 240 Parsons Ave. LGBTQA PROM Dance Party! Attire: Thrift-Store Formal D: Saturday, April 19 T: 10 p.m. - 2:30 a.m. L: Wall Street Nightclub Alternative Fashion Week’s Grand Finale Runway Show D: Saturday, April 26 T: Doors open at 7 p.m. / Show at 8 p.m. L: Strongwater Food & Spirits

Plenty O’Solutions A Gay Guy's Guide to DIY


| ALEX COPELAND IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN. Time for Spring cleaning out your kitchen cabinets. Organize your spices in a fun fashion and be the envy of your handy friends. Learn to use mason jars as an easy access spice rack above your stove. Break out the tool box and turn your kitchen into craft central. Watch the video at:

APRIL 2014

Inventory ReductioN Now Serving All Credit Types

Grand Opening 2815 Stratford Rd. Delaware, Ohio 740-369-9611


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Neil Ave

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13 11 21 2 18



E 5th Ave

E 1st St

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4 Club 20 Old North Columbus 20 E Duncan Ave 614.261.9111 8 Exile Italian Village 893 N 4th St 614.299.0069 10 Wine on High Short North 789 N High St 614. 294.8466 13 Local Bar Short North 913 N High St 614.670.8958 14 Slammers Downtown 202 E Long St 614.221.8880

2 Axis Short North 775 N High St 614.291.4008 22 Wall Street Night Club Downtown 144 N Wall St 614.464.2800 27 Garage: Resurrected Downtown 40 E Long St 614. 205.4317

EAT + DRINK. 11 12 21 23 25 28

La Fogata Grill Short North 790 N High St 614.294.7656 Level Dining Lounge Short North 700 N High St 614.754.7111 Union Short North 782 N High St 614.421.2233 Circus Short North 1120 N High St 614.421.2998 Barrel 44 Short North 1227 N High St 614.294.2277 BossyGrrl’s Pin-Up Joint Old North Columbus 2598 N High St


SHOP. 9 The Garden Short North 1186 N High St 614.294.2869 18 Torso Short North 772 N High St 614.421.7663 19 Torso (in Exile) Italian Village 893 N 4th St 614.299.0069

ENGAGE. 5 ARC OHIO Clintonville 4400 N High St 614.299.2437 24 ARC OHIO Medical Ctr + Pharmacy Short North 1033 N High St 16 Stonewall Columbus Short North 1160 N High St 614.299.7764




DRINK. 3 6 15 17 20

26 Explorers Club Merion Village 1586 S High St 614.725.0155

Cavan Irish Pub Merion Village 1409 S High St 614.725.5502 Club Diversity Brewery District 863 S High St 614.224.4050 South Bend Merion Village 126 E. Moler St 614.444.3386 The Toolbox Saloon South Side 744 Frebis Ave 614.670.8113 Tremont Brewery District 708 S High St 614.445.9365

DRINK + DANCE. 1 A.W.O.L. Bar + The Barracks Olde Towne East 49 Parsons Ave 614.621.8779



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Stonewall Columbus 614-299-7764 This local community and resource center serves the Central Ohio LGBTQ community by providing programs and services that enhance the well-being and visibility of a diverse

GLAAD A national organization that promotes fair, accurate, and inclusive media representations of LGBTQ people. as a means of challenging discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Additionally, Stonewall Columbus hosts the annual Pride Holiday.

Human Rights Campaign The nation’s largest gay and lesbian political organization.

ARC Ohio 800-252-0827 Fights the spread of HIV, works towards reducing its transmission, stigma and the resulting discrimination through education and awareness, and provides quality services to BRAD (Buckeye Alliance of the Deaf ) Protects and promotes the interests and well-being of deaf and hard of hearing LGBTQ people while increasing awareness about the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing community. BRAVO (Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization) 614-294-STOP Works to eliminate violence perpetuated on the basis of prevention, advocacy, violence documentation and survivor services. Equality Ohio 614-224-0400 A statewide lobbying organization working to secure equality for LGBT Ohioans. FreedomOhio 614-246-3807 The Freedom to Marry Ohio movement is dedicated to ending marriage discrimination in Ohio. Kaleidoscope Youth Center 614-294-5437 Provides advocacy, education, support and a safe environment for LGBT youth in Central Ohio. P-FLAG Columbus 614-806-8025 awareness and understanding for Central Ohio’s LGBT citizens and our families, friends and allies. Rainbow Sisters A social and community-oriented group for lesbian women age 40 and over.

NGLTF The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is a leading progressive civil rights organization that has supported grassroots organizing since 1973. The National Coalition for LGBT Youth A wide range of resources available for youth and educators. ARTS & MUSIC Capital Pride Band of Columbus 614-325-1590 A statewide LGBTQ organization of instrumentalists promoting the joy of music, friendship, and personal growth. They provide a variety of performances each year. Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus 614-228-2462 Singing out since 1990, this chorus presents a series of concerts each year. Open auditions held prior to rehearsal for each show. Evolution Theatre Company 614-233-1124 A semi-professional theatre company that presents musicals, dramas and comedies that have not been seen in the area well as new works and world premieres. Imagine Productions 614-398-1110 entertaining and educating community stakeholders. They recognize that empowerment and growth occurs for both the audience and performer. Wexner Center for the Arts 614-292-3535 Internationally known contemporary arts center at OSU, programs, as well as a store and a café all under one roof in an architectural landmark. COUNSELING

Sisters of Lavender


A social/support for women 40 and over. S.O.L. is the oldest lesbian organization in Columbus.

A center for psychotherapy and growth with a long history of working with LGBTQ clients.

TransOhio 614-441-8167 Serves the Ohio transgender and allied communities by providing services, education, support and advocacy.

Randi Cohen, LPCC-S 614-267-1993 Helping adult clients to create a strong sense of self, learn good communication skills, and gain a clearer sense of how others see you.

Why Marriage Matters Ohio A marriage equality education campaign supporting the right for any loving, committed Ohio couple to marry.

Shawn D. King, PhD., LISW 614-655-3554 Providing individual, family, and group counseling services to the LGBTQ community. Specializing in relationship issues, anger management and mental health services. HEALTH & WELLNESS AHF Wellness Center & Out of the Closet Pharmacy: 614-732-5947 Wellness Center: 614-223-1532 The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) operates Out of the full-service pharmacy, and HIV testing at the corner of N. High St., Suite 350. CHOICES 614-224-4663 Since 1977 they have provided counseling, shelter, crisis intervention, education and community and legal support and advocacy to central Ohio residents facing domestic violence. Columbus Public Health LGBTQ Health Initiative 614-645-1493 As part of the department’s mission to protect health and cultural competency trainings to health care and other service providers. Additionally, their LGBTQ Health Advocate manages The Crystal Club 614-214-4828 female impersonators, and other transgender individuals. Huckleberry House 614-294-5553 Established in 1970 to provide a safe place for runaway youth homeless or runaways. NetCare 614-276-CARE Provides 24 hour mental health and substance abuse crisis intervention, stabilization and assessment for Franklin County Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio, Inc. 614-224-2235 The nation's oldest and largest sexual and reproductive health care organization. Trevor Project 866-4U-TREVOR Determined to end suicide among LGBT youth by providing nationwide, 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline.

Why Quorum? | ISAAC BENDELE IT IS NOT ENOUGH to simply do something again; we must do it better. Quorum Columbus is entering its second year and I wholeheartedly believe it comes from the determination of the staff to make this statement a reality. We are members of the community wanting to provide others with something uniquely LGBTQA and wonderfully Columbus. Some have asked about why we chose the name Quorum. When companies set out to make a premium brand, the goal is often to create an exclusive image, an image of only the wealthiest people wearing their brand, or only the most popular people are good enough to be included. Our staff wanted to make a premium product, but one that is for the entire community. To have “a quorum” refers to having sufficient members of an assembly present to make a meeting valid. Those present and engaged in the meeting are the decision makers. Impactful change is driven by those willing to challenge themselves to participate in the discussion. From the first interaction with our brand we want you to feel a connection, which invites you to be an informed decision maker in our community. With this invitation, we have created an inclusive group in which everyone can participate.

There are many plans for the coming year to continue our mission. I have learned a lot and promise to continue learning. We want to highlight unique stories that are looking for a voice. I welcome ideas to guide us to diverse topics and content. My favorite moments are when we are able to highlight individuals who happen to be LGBTQ who are doing amazing things. We are many things beyond our sexuality, and through education and exposure we will continue to contribute to progress. Telling the story of LGBTQ successes is our way of building the community up while moving our image forward. Thank you for letting us entertain your social side, enlighten you with perspectives, and for engaging with us through this tool of connection. We still have a lot to do, but your outpouring of generosity lets us know that together we can and will do much more! Isaac Bendele President & Publisher Quorum Columbus

I personally have loved watching the evolution of the design and content of each issue. While we’ve gotten many things right, we have missed a few along the way. We are humbled when comments come in from our website. We even love the negative ones! If someone is passionate about our product enough to write a stern multi-paragraph e-mail about a comma choice or letting us know a layout was distracting from his or her enjoyment of the article, it means people are engaged! It means our readers are invested in being part of the quorum for the community and they too are excited about making our product better. We do our best to answer each comment from our website. We were, admittedly, not equipped to respond to each comment at some points in the year but took each one seriously. Keep them coming!

Isaac Bendele has been a resident of Columbus for nearly nine years. In addition to his work with Quorum Columbus, he works for a national children’s publishing company and is finishing his MBA. Isaac finds inspiration from working with passionate, creative and positive people. His main drivers are figuring out the most efficient and productive ways to enable those same people to do more together. Public relations and marketing allow him to combine his two passions of people and process.

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Quorum Columbus April 2014  

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