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Representing Canadian Tennis and Inspiring Youth Across Canada

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Milos Raonic Photography Š KC Armstrong

Milos Raonic

Born in Podgorica, Montenegro, Milos Raonic moved to Canada at age 3 and began playing tennis five years later. Following years of success and development, Milos had his first breakthrough on the ATP Tour at the 2011 Australian Open. Since then, he has been a consistent contender on the tour. He led the charge of the ATP “young guns�, becoming the first player born after 1990 to enter the ATP Top 10. Milos is the most successful Canadian singles player, with a career-high ranking of #4, and 8 ATP tournament titles to date.




“Because I love that game.” That was my answer when someone asked me when I was twelve why I played tennis. I wanted to be playing it all the time. It appealed to me because it was an individual competition. It’s you. You’re responsible. That’s it. My family moved from Montenegro to Toronto when I was young. By age six, I was already hooked on tennis and played whenever I could. When it came to balancing school and tennis, we worked out an arrangement so I could do both and excel at both. In fact, through a combination of classroom and online studies, I completed high school in two years and made a tough decision against college and decided to turn professional in 2008. Being ultracompetitive has always kept me focused on one goal: winning. I hate to lose. So I am relentlessly driven to always play better today than I played yesterday. As basketball great Kobe Bryant once said, “Be willing to sacrifice anything, but compromise nothing in your quest to be the best.” That’s me. What will it take to get better? Show me and I’m there. To be the best at something – not just tennis – it takes a lot of work and dedication and professionalism, and it doesn’t happen quickly. The one thing that really keeps me motivated, waking up early and having long days of training is that I feel that I can improve everywhere. So we work on everything. At 24, I feel that I have so much more to achieve so that keeps me very eager and very hungry to get out there and make sure I’m doing the right work.

Being a professional tennis player has brought me many great things in my life but the opportunity to travel has always been one of the greatest gifts. Getting to travel all over the world and to see all of my fans has really been one of my greatest joys and led to some of my favourite memories. It has also been truly remarkable to be a part of the growth of Canadian tennis over the last few years at home. The hard work has really shown great progress at the grassroots level and to be the highest ranked Canadian in history really encourages me to keep growing and challenging myself for bigger and better things. No matter how good it gets, I know I have to keep working. In 2011, after I got hurt in Wimbledon, I really had time to sit down and think while I did rehab ten hours a day. I started to think how I could grow something alongside my career and help kids who are physically disadvantaged. So in 2012, I started the Milos Raonic Foundation, not only for the kids, but also every parent should be able to help push their kids to get to those goals. The Milos Raonic Foundation supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to remove economic, physical and other barriers that might prevent them from becoming healthy, productive members of society. This includes providing kids who need them, with prosthetic limbs to help them reach their full potential. In both my tennis game and my life off the court, I constantly strive to get better at everything I do every day. It’s an ongoing goal. I’m never satisfied with just enough. That’s not how I think. Whether it’s on the court or off, good enough isn’t good enough. I can always do better and I work hard to make that a reality every day.


Photography © KC Armstrong

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Pop Bottle Board Shorts are your “go to� shorts for comfort and function. 14 inch inseam. Drawcord tie. Loved by snowboarders and hikers. Known for their comfort, Pop Bottle Board Shorts are perfect for everyday lounging, walking, hiking and camping...


Four Iconic Stops Along

The Great Trail

There’s no shortage of incredible sights to see along The Great Trail, which can make for a difficult decision-making process when it comes time to choose your route. We’ve rounded up five of our favourite excursions, with a little something for every set of tastes—whether you’re a thrill-seeking daredevil, a seasoned oenophile or a local history buff.

Live It Up on the Banff Legacy Trail If it’s breathtaking views you seek, then look no further than the Banff Legacy Trail. Favoured by cyclists and hikers alike, this scenic mountainside route stretches from Canmore to Banff, where fine dining, shopping and nightlife awaits. Watch for the big-horned sheep that dot the surrounding mountains and elks that may be posing as lawn ornaments. Vistas like these are too grand for words, so be sure to pack a camera.


Indulge in an Urban Escape in Edmonton Follow The Great Trail along the Saskatchewan River and experience all that the Gateway to the North has to offer. The Trail crosses the river six times by pedestrian and traffic bridges, so you’ll have a chance to explore both sides of the city. Get a taste of local culture and head toward Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona for an interesting blend of historical properties, quaint theatres, restaurants, bars and shops. Need a dose of culture? Hit up the newly renovated Art Gallery of Alberta, home to over 6,000 works of art. If you’d rather spend your time outdoors, head to the outskirts of the city and revel in bucolic landscapes, aspen parklands and golden wheat fields.


Feed Your Inner Foodie on the Cowichan Trail

Brush Up on Your History in Thunder Bay

Just thirty minutes north of Victoria, nestled between majestic mountains and calming bays, the Cowichan Valley is packed with farms and vineyards to fulfill all your foodie fantasies. From cheese-making courses to wine-tasting tours, this stretch of the Trail is abundant with sensory delights. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to take the 15-km route, which crosses eight restored wooden trestle bridges. Looking for the ultimate thrill? Test your bravery on the Kinsol Trestle—one of the world’s highest bridges—and take in spectacular views of rivers and rainforest while you’re at it.

Crossing the isolated city of Thunder Bay, this mostly urban section of The Great Trail runs through some of the city’s most popular historical and cultural attractions. Plan a stop at the Fort William Historical Park for a trip back in time with the help of the world’s largest reconstructed fur-trading post. The century-old Thunder Bay Museum is another must-see stop, offering a glimpse at 10,000 years of local human history. All that walking is bound to leave a time-traveller hungry, and, thankfully, the city is home to a host of culinary delights, from European delis to gastropubs and market-fresh fine dining.


Cabins at the Domain

Tranquility in Nature

This beautiful property, formerly the Domain of Killien, is under new ownership and is part of the Thurston Wildlife and Forest Reserve, a family owned venture dedicated to protecting the environment and nature. The Reserve includes rental cabins on Drag Lake with clear velvety water for swimming, canoeing and kayaking, as well as access to walking trails through some 4,500 acres of pristine forest, private lakes, rivers and streams, awe inspiring rock faces and sandy beaches. It is open from the May 24 weekend till Thanksgiving weekend. booking@cabinsatthedomain.com Make a reservation now 1-705-457-1242 (on site) 705-457-7510 (mobile)




Film Star

Pom Pom Chewy Travels Canada

At the end of July, I went up to Tobermory with my family and friends for two nights. We stayed at the Blue Heron Co. cottages, which were the cutest cottages I’ve ever stayed in. They were very well run and maintained and the service was excellent. From the beginning the staff and other occupants were very lovely. Not only was Blue Heron Co. extremely dog friendly but so was all of Tobermory. All the patios were dog friendly and most businesses were accommodating. The cottages had a beautiful setting, a place to barbeque and a �ire pit with benches and precut wood for us to use. There was lots of space for me to run around, we were right on the water and there was a small pond to the other side of our cottage.

Tobermory had the most wonderful wild �lowers that were all in bloom when we were there. Blue Heron Co. also runs ferries to the local islands, on our �irst day we went to Flower Pot Island which had beautiful rock formations in the shape of �lower pots. We visited Cypress Lake in the Bruce Peninsula National Park. I wore my trusty Coyote Vest which kept me safe from all larger wild animals (I’m only 5 pounds you know!) and made every person who saw me smile, some thought I should be in the next Mad Max �ilm! The town of Tobermory was very quaint and had a nice assortment of shops and restaurants, including an adorable local library. We visited the Tobermory Brewery which brews their own beer on site (my daddy loved it) and tried the local �ish and chips spot. The weather was so nice, people were happy and smiling, there was nothing more I could ask for.



Four Seasons Of Adventure Algonquin Provincial Park

by Randy Mitson





Do you have a great summer tradition that you’re family has been doing for generations?

For many it might be their summer vacation to Algonquin Park or Cottage Country. Packing the kids and the dog up in the station wagon to visit one of the many campgrounds, or maybe the cottage, has long been a tradition for many families. For the more adventurous families, like mine, it’s been planning our Algonquin Park backcountry canoe trip. Taking the time around the kitchen table, sometimes months in advance, to talk about where we will go this summer has always been a great first step to planning a summer canoe trip. If you’re like me, there’s many, maps, gear lists, and research online that happens even before our permits are booked. There’s some great sites online like: www.ontarioparks.com/park/algonquin www.algonquinpark.on.ca www.algonquinmap.com www.algonquinadventures.com www.myccr.com/content/algonquin-provinci al-park www.algonquinoutfitters.com For many, summer is the only season they have ever considered for Algonquin Park. I think they are missing out on some of the best times to visit Algonquin. Although most of the campgrounds and buildings close after Thanksgiving in October, several continue to operate all winter long, making Algonquin Park one of the few destinations for great outdoor adventure in Ontario.


What you may not realize is the opportunities that exist for great outdoor winter adventure in Algonquin Park. Every trail becomes either a great place to snowshoe, cross country ski or fat bike. Mew lake campground is open and offers heated washrooms, and even some heated yurts that you can book online through the Ontario Parks website. The visitor centre is open on weekends and there’s even a Winter in the Wild Festival every February. Link to the Algoqnuin Park Winter in the Wild Festival: www.algonquinpark.on.ca/news/winter_in_the_wild.php

Fall is my favourite time to visit Algonquin Park. With the shorter days you’ll find the climate is perfect for sleeping out in a tent well into October, if you’re just prepared for a little cooler nights. For the most part of the fall you’ll find that there are less people visiting the park and exploring any of the hiking trails you’ll feel like you’ve got the whole park to yourself. Every fall there’s one or two weekends that get really busy around the peak of the fall colours. Recently, they have been peaking later than the normal late September and when this happens on Thanksgiving weekend, I actually suggest you avoid the weekend.


Planning a trip to see the fall colours mid-week means you can avoid the crowds, line ups and traffic. Here’s a map for the best fall colour locations: www.algonquinoutfitters.com/maps/ algonquin-park/ best-fall-colors/ Winter is the most beautiful time to visit Algonquin Park, and I highly recommend it. Unlike back in the city, a beautiful layer of crystal-like snow covers everything in Algonquin Park, making it truly a winter wonderland.

Although early spring is still cold, by the end of April many people love to head to Algonquin Park for the spring trout season that opens on the last Saturday of April. Lake Opeongo, Algonquin’s largest lake, becomes the spot to fish as soon as the ice is clear off the big lake. Algonquin Outfitters operates a water taxi service to safely and swiftly shuttle you to any spot on the lake to try to reel in this year’s trout catch. Spring is also the best time to view moose in Algonquin Park, as they often come to the roadside along Highway #60. So the next time you’re planning your summer trip to Algonquin Park why not stop and ask yourself why you haven’t explored the other seasons this great park offers?

Algonquin Outfitters www.algonquinoutfitters.com

Algonquin Provincial Park

Bull Moose In The Meadow Photography by Steve Elms

Rattle Me Bones The 1km–JiggleBone Run (Family Run), 5km-FunnyBone Run and the classic accredited 10km-WishBone Run, Sunday October 30, 2016

Founded over 20 years ago, Rattle Me Bones has raised well over $1M dollars for musculoskeletal and bone cancer research. The three runs start and finish at the General Campus of The Ottawa Hospital. All funds raised will support world class research at The Ottawa Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, specifically, research into new treatments for Bone Cancers and Cancers that affect mobility, and new treatments to make these bones healthy again.

Hold onto your head, THE ZOMBIES ARE BACK!! Yes, it’s true, this year in addition to the three great runs listed above, we are bringing back the ZOMBIE RUN. Being held later in the afternoon at the Proulx Berry Farm / SKREAMERS HOME, participants will have the chance to run through fields and haunted trails escaping the grasp of ZOMBIES who will be eagerly awaiting you. Challenge yourself to keep at least one of your flags to be considered a true SURVIVOR. Choose the run that best suits you, raise funds through online pledges and help us raise much needed funds for bone cancer research and malignancies that affect mobility, and for new treatments to make diseased bone healthy again. Rattle Me Bones is proudly presented to you by The University of Ottawa – Faculty of Medicine, The Division of Orthopaedic Surgery at The Ottawa Hospital and CHEO, and Valérie’s Flutter Foundation.


SUP Yukon Fitness & Yoga

Paddle-Yoga Flow is a paddle class that incorporates yoga postures and sequencing on a paddleboard, providing a calming, connected and balanced yoga practice. Develop better balance, strength coordination and endurance by linking Ujjayi breath to asanas, through a series of sun salutations in this energizing Flow class. Come Flow with the best instructor Jessica Read who has over 10 year experience as Yoga instructor and business owner of Breath of Life




Come Experience the Yukon! The Yukon River runs through Yukon and Alaska and is the third longest river in North America. It was one of the key transportation corridors during the Klondike Gold Rush using paddle-wheel riverboats. The historic riverboats continued to supply residents along the river until the 1950s when the Klondike Highway was completed. We will explore part of the Yukon River that riverboats traveled during the Gold Rush days! Where are we going to get a paddle wheel riverboat in the 21st century? Thankfully all we need is a stand up paddle board to enjoy this adventure.

This SUP adventure, starts at 30 mile on the Yukon River, and ends in Carmacks. The Yukon River presents a minimal challenge and our experienced guides will help you every step of the way. We will explore this historic river together and experience the Wildlife and Beauty of the Yukon.

For more information please call: (867) 335-9787 or email us: info@supyukon.ca 29

QC ESSENTIALS For the Travelling Man

-A good old 10lb leathered/weathered man bag. Not the small purse type, but one you could pack a BBQ in. -Brown leather belt with a brass buckle to keep your pants up when running away in bear country. -Clean underwear for after you encounter that bear. -Your favourite plaid dress shirt. To blend into your surroundings and feel like a retro outdoors man, from the city. -Organic lip balm to keep you smooth for talking your way out of confusing situations. -One Canadian quarter. My dad always said “keep money in your pocket, even if it’s a quarter. You’ll never be broke.” -A wallet for looking the gentleman. -Cell phone with a good plan. Not the ‘pay as you go-so you run out of minutes and can’t complete your call for help’ plan -Finally, your flask. When all else fails, sit, breathe and have a wee sip. 32

Cabins at the Domain, Drag Lake, Haliburton ON

Coming Summer 2017

Looking for inspiration for your next outdoor adventure? In Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures you’ll find ideas that will take you across the country - hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, cross-country skiing and even skating. Get your discounted copy ($20 + tax and shipping) here

OCT 21 – 23

The International Centre, Toronto

Get away from it all. Whether your escape is a cottage, cabin, camp or country home, this show is for you! Come and meet hundreds of high quality exhibitors, and make your getaway great for family and friends alike.


We’ve got expert builders waiting to talk to you about your next big project or renovation. It’s never too early to start planing your next retreat, let our experts turn your vision into a reality.










7 Y. 2

427 AI


409 RP RT








The International Centre, Hall 5 6900 Airport Rd. (at Derry Rd.), Toronto.


Find some great deals on boats now and be ready to hit the open water next spring. Meet more than 225 exhibitors featuring the latest building products, water toys, decor solutions and more.



Friday, Oct. 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 am – 8 pm Saturday, Oct. 22 . . . . . . . . . . 9 am – 6 pm Sunday, Oct. 23 . . . . . . . . . . . 10 am – 5 pm

Adults . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15 Youth (13 – 17) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$8 Kids (12 and under) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Free Weekend Pass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $22







Find out about hibernation and migrations habits of snakes, frogs, turtles and big birds from all over cottage country. Our wildlife educators will be on site to answer all of your questions.Sponsored by Subaru.

Our parking is always


$10 for Seniors all day Friday (box office only) $10 after 4pm Friday (box office only)


Check out the Main Stage for expert advice on cottage ownership, buying and selling, alternative energy, and cottage design tips.

Buy tickets now! cottagelife.com/shows

Cabins At The Domain Tranquility in Nature