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Long time gallery director and private art dealer Chris Quidley opened Quidley & Company on Nantucket in 2006. Two years later, a second gallery was opened on Boston’s Newbury Street. Mr. Quidley, the son of a fine art painter father, and a frame-making mother, has literally grown up in the business before working at Christie’s auction house and multiple galleries before opening his own. The gallery was an instant success built upon strong relationships with clients and artists based on integrity, transparency, and discretion. The Nantucket gallery represents the finest traditional painting by contemporary artists.

The addition of a Boston location allows Quidley to better serve its clients year round, as well as host exceptional exhibitions in the spring and fall seasons. Over the years, the direction of the two galleries has become varied, the Nantucket gallery remains traditional, while a contemporary flair drives Boston’s curation, while remaining committed to the finest in realism. In 2012, Art Resource Boston was formalized to serve the needs of our clients and design partners. This division focuses on offering a broader selection of work in both style and pricepoint, while also providing an active partner to design professionals.


Doug Brega

Michael Lynch

l Landscape

Sergio Roffo

TM Nicholas

Traditional Marine Painting Tim Thompson William R Davis Michael Keane Don Demers

Joe McGurl (left) Wm Davis (right)

Janet Rickus

Sid Willis

Peter Quid

Traditional Still Life


Contemporary Still Life

Robert Stark III

Steve Smulka

Sean Beavers

Evan Wilson

Traditional Figurative

Peter Quidley

Dan Graves

Duncan Hannah

Contemporary Figurative

David Graeme Baker

Tracey Harris

Lu Cong

Shaun Downey

TS Harris

Gary Ruddell

Abstract/Transitional Landscape

Doug Freed


nne Packard

Philip Buller

Hooper Turner

Abstract and Non-Objective

Hunt Slonem

Jane Booth

Mark Rediske

Harold Hollingsworth

Julie Weiman

Keith Johnston


l Shemchuk


Phyliss Rosser

Brade Howe

Hilario Gutierrez

Gail H


Qco ARB  

A sampling of artwork available through Quidley & Company Fine Art

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